"Hands down the best vet we have been to. We’re so happy we found Quail Hollow!"
- Lydia Sergent
02/02/2019 00:43:06
"Very professional and friendly. Just moved to Charlotte and would recommend this veterinary clinic. Thank you."
- Penelope Deas
01/31/2019 02:50:49
"Visit went smoothly. We're glad to have a reliable, clean, friendly vet's office in the area. "
- Kelsey Seidler
01/30/2019 21:17:44
"We've been going to Quail Hollow for the past several years. Love the doctors, and care given to our cat. The doctors are patient, answer your questions and very forthcoming of information."
- Scott Stipek
01/18/2019 22:38:13
"Our family loves Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital. We have only had exceptional service from everyone at the clinic, even Zeus loves going there. His tail is always wagging and he loves seeing all the staff. We are so happy that we found a clinic that is filled with loving and attentive staff. "
- Roselle Sherriff-Shuping
01/16/2019 14:39:01
"We had a great visit. Dr Berman is always so patient in answering my questions. I also really appreciate the staff being so patient with my dog since he can’t see. We recommend Quail Hollow Vet all the time. "
- Kristin Payton
01/16/2019 13:28:17
"Everyone is wonderful, I couldn’t be happier that I switched vets!"
- Barbara Brosnahan
01/08/2019 14:36:44
"The entire staff went to great lengths to make Max feel safe and comfortable. He was very nervous, but everyone got on the floor with him, offered treats and spoke in soothing voices. The office was clean and very pet friendly. The staff carefully explained the treatment options and ensured I understood the costs prior to doing anything. I also appreciate the time spent to talk through potential next steps depending on test results. Overall, I felt much better after the visit knowing that no matter what the test results are, Max will receive wonderful care. THANK YOU!"
- Staci McBride
10/17/2018 03:11:17
"We LOVE Quail Hollow! Always welcoming us and treating our dogs like their own. "
- Lauren Edmiston
10/13/2018 13:40:11
"We are glad you are here to help us with our dogs. It’s nice to have someone we can count on. "
- Brian Hatem
10/10/2018 21:19:37
"My experiences with your office are always exceptional! Staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, and I always feel my dogs are getting the absolute best care here. "
- Sarah LeStrange
10/07/2018 11:51:23
"Dr. Whitlark is absolutely amazing!"
- Liz Dawson
10/04/2018 18:28:15
"Wonderful team! Very experienced, efficient, and kind staff. I bring both of my fur babies to them and trust that they are provided with the best care. Thank you for keeping this fur mommas heart at ease!"
- Courtney Marcum
10/03/2018 18:50:20
"Always a great experience for me and my pets. Staff is glad to see us and always friendly and accommodating. Doctors take a true interest in my pets and my concerns."
- Stephen Coen
10/03/2018 10:12:38
"Very attentive and they have an excellent service. I’m glad I found them and I’ll definitely bring my Lizzy again."
- Rosalba Bustos Lopez
10/02/2018 19:14:16
"Quail Hollow always takes care our needs! We're very happy with the care of our cat, Cupcake :)"
- Scott Stipek
10/01/2018 16:15:00
"Great experience. Bobby and Lisa are great!! "
- Kevin Plate
09/28/2018 23:19:53
"Ella hates going in but is wagging her tail when she comes out. Some one is doing something right.🐕"
- Carmen Walker
09/28/2018 13:28:32
"We loved the experience. The explanation and plan of care!"
- Liz Aguilara
09/27/2018 13:55:29
"Dr. Berman is the best! I feel comfortable and confident with him taking care of Cotton. (Bobby ain't half bad)"
- Karen McPhaul
09/25/2018 10:35:43
"Everyone from front desk tech to vet was amazing! I will forever come to Quail Hollow for my pets."
- Chantelle Simpson
09/22/2018 06:25:41
"We were worked in due to an “urgent matter “. Everyone was very helpful and accommodating. A wonderful experience!"
- Amy Norman
09/21/2018 19:59:34
"Great service from the Doctor as usual."
- Audrey Matthews
09/18/2018 15:50:58
"Very pleased with front office and vet tech at my last visit. Both polite and professional."
- Janet Grier
09/18/2018 09:25:55
"I was in from out of town and treated like a regular patient! So appreciate you working me and Ollie in and making him feel better. "
- Carol Beard
09/14/2018 14:22:30
"I love how friendly the staff always is with our dogs. "
- Chelsea Rousso
09/06/2018 19:40:26
"Excellent visit. Staff and Doctor made my dog and cat (and me) feel comfortable. Glad we found QHVH. Much better than the large clinics. Very happy."
- Stephen Coen
01/31/2018 23:03:23
"Wonderful! The staff is always so pleasant and efficient."
- Amy Leggat
01/31/2018 19:50:17
"I was very impressed with each staff member on my visit. All were friendly and interested in meeting Houdini. The doctor and vet techs were great listeners and excellent communicators."
- Brian Russo
01/26/2018 17:36:27
"We were very pleased with our visit and the information the staff and doctors provided us with. We look forward to bringing both of our dogs here."
- Randalle Creagh
01/24/2018 17:33:21
"The care and attention to my lil buddy Dewey was just outstanding. "
- LeeAndre Coltrane
01/23/2018 18:06:41
"We loved Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital!! The staff (from reception to tech to vet) were all friendly, the office was clean and best of all everyone was very patient with shy little Norma! Thank you!!"
- Megan Norris
01/23/2018 14:04:52
"We appreciate how well Frankie is treated and having patience with his fear of nail trims."
- Donna Stucker
01/21/2018 22:56:04
"Always so pleased when i bring Tex for grooming. Everyone so pleasant and friendly. Taken care of quickly. He is beautiful when I pick him up!"
- Wendy Blight
01/20/2018 04:10:01
"Both the tech & vet were VERY friendly, patient with my questions and helpful in regards to making treatment decisions."
- Debbie Foster
01/18/2018 22:57:48
"Sadie had a grooming appointment, and the groomer did a wonderful job! Her haircut is beautiful! Very pleased. "
- Terri Gill
01/17/2018 22:24:46
"I was so impressed that you were able to get us in for our emergency visit. The care and the time you took with Moose was amazing and very comforting to me. "
- Kim Hollis
01/17/2018 10:45:12
"Everyone was fantastic on our first visit. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you so much! "
- Sandra Karasiewicz
01/17/2018 04:40:25
"Very friendly staff. Doctor was attentive and understanding to my needs and the needs of my dog. Clean facility. Everyone was very professional."
- Sabrena Robinson
01/11/2018 08:22:08
"Got a last minute appointment to address an eye issue with our dog, staff was excellent, also were able to fit in an nail trim."
- Tom Boston
01/11/2018 01:55:51
"Everyone was great and felt like he was cared abouy. This is where I will be bring Angus in the future when he needs it. Thank you!"
- Christina Kelley
01/09/2018 02:48:55
"Very good experience highly recommend."
- Marion Powell
01/09/2018 01:40:41
"Both of my dogs LOVE coming here! Dr. Berman is very knowledgeable and everyone is super nice!"
- Alison Hux
01/09/2018 00:26:13
"We have had many animals in the 57 years we have been married and you are truly the best we have ever had. Your clinic is sparkling clean, the staff and the vets are friendly and have the knowledge to proform their duties with care and efficiency. Also your prices are fair and showing the owners the prices of your procedures in advance is one fantastic business plan. I would say you rate at least six stars."
- Deanna Fulton
01/05/2018 18:05:49
"Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of Pogie. I was never worried for a second when I dropped her off to get spayed because I knew she was in great hands! She is recovering well and already feeling back to her silly self. "
- Alison Rafoth
01/04/2018 21:49:30
"(First time pet owner.) I am very happy with the care my dog receives. I feel the drs address my concerns and spend sufficient time with me/my pet. Highly recommend this office. Btw reception and nursing staff are friendly and helpful also. Office is always clean and welcoming. "
- Kris Caponigro
01/04/2018 02:38:02
"I was very impressed with the level of care and time spent with our dog and family. We even received a follow up call three days after our visit to check on our dog. The attention to detail and the extra touches made a huge difference in our experience. "
- Jessica Smith
01/03/2018 01:41:15
"We felt that Oreo got the best care and were relieved that she was seen so quickly without an appointment as this was an emergency. "
- Katherine Sherry
12/30/2017 12:09:34
"Love this Vet. Dr Berman and all the staff are so caring and competent. "
- Libby Nurkin
12/29/2017 18:45:03
"Everyone was very attentive and patient, all the staff made sure Lucy was calm and comfortable before any exam or vaccine. She was nervous but everyone helped calm her down. Thank you! "
- Megan Nixon
12/19/2017 17:31:58
"Was very impressed with the office. I was greeted at the door and right away 2 assistants/techs came and loved on my dog. They took us back to the room and continued to love on my dog to get her confidence before they started the exam. Dr Ellis was wonderful. Explained what was wrong with Molly's leg and what we needed to do to resolve the problem. Very pleased with first visit. "
- Susan Layman
12/08/2017 23:14:09
"Love the staff. Everyone is always so nice and helpful. I actually look forward going to the vet so I can catch up with all my friends at the office!"
- Tanya Ormand
12/08/2017 19:34:50
"I really appreciated the patience and understanding you had with Chloe coming there for the 1st time. She doesn't get along well with other animals, and going in and coming out y'all made sure to have the coast clear from other "patients". Chloe is also not always great with men, and I appreciated how calm and gentle the Dr was with Chloe,and she was a great patient after getting comfortable with everyone! "
- Laura Schiefer
12/07/2017 00:57:38
"Friendly people and amazing service"
- Megan Snyder
12/05/2017 19:24:20
"I think you're doing great. Dr. Berman was super nice about Leo's aggressive/fearful reactions. Vanessa was also very sweet. I didn't feel like they were judging my child based on Leo's vet anxiety. Super quick and got the job done. Spent time with me - I didn't feel like just another number. "
- Heather Roberson
12/04/2017 01:55:39
"This was the first time I took a pet to see a vet, and I can't imagine it could be any better than this. The front desk staff was very efficient. The Doctor and medical assistant were incredible, not only the treatment they provided. but the way they treated Cooper in the process. The follow up call (which I missed) was also a nice touch. We will be back. "
- Donald Helms
12/02/2017 14:22:20
"I was very happy with the greeting when we arrived. We felt so welcome. Dr. Berman was wonderful and helped us to understand what was going on with Tiger. I feel very good about changing our vet and coming here. We did the right thing. "
- Pam Cosper
11/24/2017 02:48:37
"Fabulous - very friendly staff, knowledgeable veterinarian and assistants, overall great experiences"
- Cindy Kennedy
09/15/2017 20:42:04
"This was my first visit. I was greeted by Bobby from the front desk. Very friendly and happy which always makes it a lot easier for the parent. Victoria was seen by the technician before her actual appointment time and we were in and out very quickly . staff was very pleasant and I look forward to working with you going forward"
- Harriet Thomas
09/15/2017 20:18:23
"You have always accommodated me no matter when I call. Your staff is excellent. Compassionate, knowledgeable and happy. That says a lot. "
- Caron Lerner
09/13/2017 16:43:59
"I have nothing but good experiences and care for my pets."
- Mary Geraghty
09/13/2017 00:06:52
"I am so glad I chose Quail Hollow Vet! I know I have a difficult fur baby and was so relieved when the entire staff was understanding and accommodating."
- Alicia Staggers
09/12/2017 22:56:40
"I just moved to the area in August from NJ. I walked in one day to ask about medicine for my dog and the front desk was so helpful and friendly! I went back this week for an unexpected appointment and was very pleased with my experience! Dr. Berman spent a lot of time with my dog and me and he explained everything thoroughly. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable as well. We already booked our teeth cleaning for this month! I am so happy we found a vet we love...only the best for my little Sophie!🐾😊💕"
- Mary Turturro
09/08/2017 15:59:52
"Scullys teeth look amazing. He is going to be on star search next week! Thanks guys!"
- John McNeill
09/08/2017 00:00:41
"This was hands down the best veterinary experience I have ever had. Dr. Berman was extremely knowledgable, answered all of my questions and covered all bases with my new pup. His assistant, Britt, was absolutely wonderful as well. Very upbeat, bright and made sure that we were well taken care of. They are very organized, provide you with tons of info/resources and spend a lot of time with you and your pet. Very impressed with Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital - thanks to all!"
- Tami Watras
09/07/2017 20:58:28
"I appreciate the attention to detail and the follow up."
- Rachelle Rice
09/06/2017 16:08:12
"Staff is great! Everyone is very friendly and helpful. We enjoy our visits there!"
- Donna Stucker
09/05/2017 19:47:57
"We have been so thrilled with our move to Quail Hollow. Top notch service and a wonderful staff who do all they can to put our very anxious pup at ease. "
- Meredith Jeffries
08/23/2017 16:19:27
"I had Maggie Mae groomed. This was a new groomer that I had not used before. She did a great job and I would recommend and go back to her!! "
- Rosemary Findley
08/22/2017 20:11:15
"My pups love coming, and I think they get great care."
- Candice Cashman
08/20/2017 17:04:22
"As usual, front office, back office and Dr. Berman are all terrific! Very patient with my large, happy boy."
- Franki Beattie
08/19/2017 16:49:13
"Very caring staff. I feel 100% confident bringing my pets here. "
- Dawn Emery
08/19/2017 16:24:39
"Always wonderful. I send all of my friends your way. Friendly staff. Lucas LOVES to go to the vet. Enough said. "
- Lori Walker
08/10/2017 18:57:26
"Everyone is so wonderful and caring. You take excellent care of Lanie and I'm so grateful to all of you. You are always there for her (and me). I don't know what I would do without you. And, Lanie feels the same way too!!! "
- Grace Schankweiler
06/27/2017 16:44:21
"Love the service we get! Everyone is so friendly. "
- Kristin Payton
06/27/2017 14:57:04
"I could not be more pleased! You are so caring and patient with Penny. You answer all our questions. You call to follow up after her appointments. I have told all my friends how happy and relieved I am that we came to you. "
- Fran Smith
06/21/2017 17:06:08
"The whole staff is awesome! Thanks for accommodating us and not only making it a great experience for our pup, but also an awesome learning experience for our 2 year old too!"
- Louise Sullivan
06/16/2017 08:17:34
"The visit with my 9 week old puppy was wonderful! Everyone was so friendly and Dr. Berman was very knowledgeable. I am happy to know my puppy is in such great care with you guys."
- Jena Coen
06/11/2017 09:50:53
"Absolutely the best veterinary appointment ever! Dedicated, professional, friendly staff, clean well presented office. I was personally greeted by each staff member and my dog was welcomed and handled by personnel expertly! Dr. Ellis is great, his love for animals is only surpassed by his compassion for their well-being!! I appreciate the hands on, down to earth, common sense care and discussion regarding my dog. Ya'll are the best!!"
- Mona Wanlass
05/17/2017 12:28:55
"I was in and out who quickly with what I needed "
- Wanda Howard
05/14/2017 14:30:39
"It says a lot when your dog is so excited to get to the vet that he drags you through the door, tail wagging and wimpering to see his best friends... the staff seems equally as excited to see him too :) Everyone is always very professional and very loving to the animals. "
- Leah Rausch
05/10/2017 11:52:13
"I love taking Lucky to Quail Hollow Vet. The staff is absolutely lovely. Always a great experience!!"
- Andrea Lundquist
05/08/2017 21:25:15
"Wonderful care for Prada. Lisa, Britt and Dr Ellis were perfect. Caring, concerned and reassuring. They made me feel so much more comfortable and took care of my baby. Thank you so very much."
- Jill Pickett
05/06/2017 19:04:16
"Everything was great! Thank you for caring for Sasha!"
- Erin Gallashaw
05/06/2017 15:18:37
"I really appreciate your concern for Buddy. I have referred several friends to your practice because of your kind and caring ways towards me and him. This teacher gives you an A plus!"
- Emma (EJ) McGee
05/04/2017 22:39:14
"I am 100% happy with the care and treatment I receive at Every visit. The Doctor's and Techs and Bobby are incredible and seem to really care about me and my cat who is unfortunately getting older. She was VERY sick last year around this time and they literally brought her back to life. I am forever grateful. "
- Kelli Anderson
05/04/2017 09:51:25
"Everything was great. Everyone was very kind and caring. Especially for zoey. We felt welcomed and will definitely becoming back when needed. Thank you so much "
- KD Urbelis
05/03/2017 12:07:55
"Y'all are doing an amazing job! You always make my dog feel comfortable and welcome!"
- Dori Slutsky
04/29/2017 19:35:48
"Satff were all professional, friendly, and skilled at handling my dog who was quite nervous to be there. "
- Kimberly Christy
04/29/2017 18:08:13
"Good experience. Thanks for getting us in and out. Luna now loves her cat toys she took home. "
- Jacob Robinson
04/29/2017 17:48:15
"We love Dr Berman and his staff!! Ashley gives Cooper the cutest haircuts and Bobby is a joy to chat with! "
- Ashley Reynolds
04/29/2017 16:21:19
"I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate the care that is given to my fur babies from everyone in this office. You all just get it. You know that our pets are our family and they are treated as such. And I feel like Im always given all the information I need to understand everything... from the hard problems to the fun facts to make the best decisions for my family. We had to make some hard decisions about a 15 year old pup, and I was shown so much grace and understanding from every single person in this office and I will forever be grateful for that. The nurses kept my kids busy while I spoke to the Dr about options, and on the day we all dreaded everyone was so kind and caring and truly understood the big life moment we were in the middle of. With so many patients Im just astounded by that level of personal care, and so grateful that we have a place to bring our pets with such a caring staff. We will never go anywhere else. Thank you for all you do. Jayme Downey"
- Jayme Downey
04/24/2017 11:43:23
"We take our dog here for grooming. Always greeted with a smile and everything runs efficiently. It's always clean. "
- Wendy Blight
04/23/2017 10:17:08
"Looking for a new vet is not easy but coming here yesterday was great! Everyone was very nice and loved on Ms Piper. I felt extremely comfortable with Dr Berman and appreciated the time he took with Piper and I. Loved all the attention Stephanie gave Piper while Dr Berman and I talked. So happy we've found a new vet!"
- Shirley Wheeler
04/21/2017 12:53:02
"It was convenient and the care was great. Everyone was very nice and knowledgeable. So glad I found them. 5 star treatment. Marion Powell "
- Marion Powell
04/19/2017 18:15:04
"Love that the staff knows gus by name. Everyone is so friendly and patient with my questions. I really appreciate the follow up to every visit to make sure he is okay. "
- Kristin Payton
04/19/2017 08:32:31
"The entertainment at the reception desk is always a favorite part of our visit. Our dog is well and we are thankful to the entire QHVH staff for that. "
- Carl Robie
04/17/2017 16:53:55
"Very good experience. Really appreciate Bobby and the girl who assisted Dr Berman and Dr. Berman."
- Joey Thomas
04/09/2017 20:10:47
"A pleasant experience from start to finish, from front desk to tech to Doctor!"
- Joanne Stegall
04/06/2017 14:59:05
"Every visit is always a pleasure. Bobby is amazing. Both Abby and me are so happy to be part of your family. "
- Elmie Rabe
04/06/2017 12:16:52