"The only thing that I can suggest you do better is the check in process. Since I had 2 puppies to check in it was hard to control them & check in with no help. A nice lady that was a client of yours helped me but I was unable to bring some one to help me with them that morning. It was a bit chaotic with so many other other dogs around on such close quarters & trying to talk to your staff about the paperwork. It would have been nice if one of the staff could have either helped me with them or taken them to the back so I wouldn't have had to stand there so long with my 2 large puppies going crazy. Not complaining....just sayin'. "
- Kelly Blair
12/01/2018 09:12:33
"You're doing great. I will let you know when you aren't. "
- Rick Moy
11/30/2018 21:07:19
"Everyone is very sweet and professional at Cypresswood. The thing I see is the hold time. I know the front desk is very busy. The receptionist is always very pleasant and helpfull"
- Roger Mullin
11/30/2018 18:14:51
"I would suggest a swing gate near the front door , in order to block off exiting pets from the incoming ones. It would deter aggressive issues between large dogs."
- Tammie Snook
11/28/2018 21:35:36
"Went in to buy some Revolution for my cat the frount desk lady was very welcoming and answered all my questions. She also had me in and out which was a plus. "
- Rachel Scott
11/28/2018 04:20:37
"Very attentive staff, very kind and patient with my wormy pup. "
- Veronica Ortiz
11/27/2018 02:42:25
"Everyone in the office is very friendly and i love they way they treat my zack "
- Mayra Manzano
11/26/2018 21:58:03
"I was very pleased with the care my dogs got on their last visit. The staff seemed to generally care about their health and treated them with kindness"
- Nancy Miller
11/26/2018 21:18:41
"Excellent and friendly service"
- Randy Caldwell
11/26/2018 20:52:41
"I haven't been a client long, but my experiences have all been good when I visit."
- Dora Raup
11/26/2018 19:16:14
"The wait was not long and the Doctor addressed my concerns."
- Anna Morris
11/26/2018 18:23:26
" Very caring. Felt comfortable with the doctor."
- MaryLou Murphy
11/23/2018 16:29:37
"I would like the Doctor to stay little longer at the room, I got the impression that they were very busy that day."
- Mauricio Coto
11/21/2018 15:30:29
"Awesome experience "
- Lynn Kovar
11/18/2018 13:55:43
"Always a pleasure to come to see y’all. Thank you for everything "
- Craig Rowell
11/16/2018 17:50:04
"Thank you for always following up. It is very appreciated "
- Isaac Soliz
11/09/2018 21:25:33
"I got a same day appointment for my very sick baby and was very pleased with the service across the board. From the receptionist to the nurse, and Dr. Hildebrand everyone wasvery nice and patient to questions and my baby. They even followed up with a phone call the next day which really shows they care for their patients. Thank you! "
- Veronica Mendez
11/09/2018 00:33:37
"The front desk was attentive the assistants took good care of Rilo and were professional. Appreciated the extra time the Dr took to explain a few things in more detail"
- Nancy Hauglie
11/01/2018 21:47:44
"Very well everyone is professional and has a vas knowledge of animals"
- Travis Hoover
11/01/2018 17:03:55
- Beatrice Cummings
10/31/2018 13:20:40
"I love how you guys call several times to check on my pet after her care and not just one call the day after. Staff is always friendly and helpful. "
- Stephanie Furlow
10/30/2018 20:11:45
"I was pleased by the friendliness of everyone I dealt with. I also appreciated the follow up phone calls to check on both my cats."
- Shanan Meyers
10/26/2018 22:39:17
"Great experience. Front desk extremely friendly and helpful. "
- Blanca Sarrach
10/25/2018 14:21:54
"Good, and Thank you all for taking care of my Odin . :)"
- Linda Miller
10/24/2018 15:44:20
"There was a confusion on the scheduling of appointments this time, but it was also acknowledged and fixed the same day. I'm really glad I made the clinic switch a few years ago. Cypresswood Animal Clinic has always been compassionate, professional, and exceptional in taking care of my family and we appreciate everyone there."
- Tammy Giron
10/23/2018 17:22:55
"You all are doing an amazing job keep up the good work and thanks again."
- Shawn Jones
10/23/2018 16:50:44
"The staff are always friendy and attentive. Exams are quick, thorough and gentle. Have loved beinga client of Cypresswood animal clinic for over 6 years now! "
- Greg Davis
10/23/2018 13:33:32
"2nd furbaby to be spayed/neutered there. My little Chi didn't like being neutered and is doing fine. Appreciate the calls to check on his well being and advise. A+ "
- Eugene Hughes
10/23/2018 02:13:03
"Very caring staff!! Couldn’t ask for better for my animals! Thank you, jami borden "
- Jami Borden
10/22/2018 23:48:29
"everything was good you have been great with my pets and you know how to keep them clam to care for the"
- Patricia Pearson
10/17/2018 03:43:39
"Friendly staff, knowledgeable vets Have 2 cats that go here."
- Angel Erickson
10/16/2018 03:14:17
"Always taken great care of my dog. The staff is friendly and very competent."
- Isidro Garza
10/14/2018 11:50:01
"Love you guys. You always take great care of our furbabies"
- Amy Lewis
10/13/2018 03:50:22
"Happy with the care Laney received. I have another pet I will be bringing to you for spay. "
- Jana Willis
10/12/2018 14:42:50
"Thank you for fitting me into your schedule on a late notice Friday. Special consideration was given because of her condition to get her in. Parking was minimal and difficult for a larger vehicle. I dropped Laila off an hr early (because I had a small window of time) and you guys were able to accept and hold her until her appointment. The wait for her to get seen and inform me of recommendations was fair and timely. I was a bit concerned about the overall cleanliness, but I understand you have a lot of pets and your more robust cleaning efforts are probably at the end of the day. Over all a very pleasant experience 8/10"
- Victor Adams
10/10/2018 14:25:20
"I wouldn't change a thing!"
- Charles Goodson
10/09/2018 21:44:24
"Great place! Very friendly. Definitely bringing my cats here :)"
- Jessica Hernandez
10/08/2018 17:22:53
"Worked me right in and got everything done in one day. Doctor is great about calling and explaining as day goes on really like her a lot."
- Rhonda Fletcher
10/02/2018 15:55:29
"Staff is always helpful and friendly."
- Diana Diaz
10/02/2018 04:00:21
"Always kind and courteous. My pets are in great hands"
- Katherine Montes
10/02/2018 03:04:24
"Everything was great. Honestly. My dog was spayed. They explained everything thoroughly. They called the next day to check on my dog "
- Kenneth Lawson
10/01/2018 02:12:30
"Satisfied. Have been going there for years. "
- Jan Winn
09/29/2018 13:01:10
"I’ve always had a good experience bringing my pets to Cypresswood Animal Clinic. I have several closer places I can go where I live but I choose to travel here. I was referred a few years ago by my sister in law who also trusted her pets care here. "
- Maria Cearley
09/26/2018 14:52:03
"We have gotten very good care there for our dogs as well as follow ups after Peanut’s surgery. I feel good about bringing the dogs there and feel like they are well cared for."
- Sheila and Todd Patterson
09/24/2018 16:08:54
"The team that worked with me on Saturday morning was fantastic. Considering it was walk in with 3 anxious dogs I assumed I would be there for hours but you guys took care of of quickly and made the dogs feel as comfortable as I’ve ever seen them. From receptionist to Vet, everyone was fantastic. This is our new go to clinic for at of our needs! Thanks (: "
- Natalie Bello
09/24/2018 15:43:58
"Very friendly and informed staff. "
- Deborah Bryant
09/23/2018 20:37:44
"I love how courteous everyone is from being greeted at the front to being taken cared for in the back. Each appointment we're always in & out in no time."
- Fallon Bulli
09/22/2018 16:32:29
"You all were wonderful and very friendly. I will definitely refer you all to my family and friends. Please keep up the good work! "
- Mike Cueto
09/21/2018 19:44:50
"The staff was friendly and helpful.The vet took the time to inform me properly and answered my questions with patience."
- Leslie Avilez
09/20/2018 18:42:09
"Very friendly staff. We didn't have to wait at all. Very affordable too. "
- Scott Faulk
09/18/2018 14:22:19
"So far everything has been great. Our dog is scheduled for surgery this Thursday. Cypresswood animal has the most reasonable prices around and have enabled us to be able to afford this surgery for our pet. The staff is kind and been very helpful. I know the outside of the facility seems a little older looking but everything is ship shape on the inside and that's all that matters. As in people, it's what's on the inside that matters most!!"
- Lori Thompson
09/17/2018 16:28:20
"We loved our first visit at Cypresswood Animal Clinic. The entire staff was welcoming and caring. Dr Hilliard took her time with my baby. Her staff called the next day to check how he was feeling. Dr Hilliard personally called to give me lab and test results. I will definitely be bringing my baby back to see her. Pleasant atmosphere and kind staff."
- Patrica Salazar
09/14/2018 01:05:17
"Your Staff And Dr's have Always Treated Us With The Utmost respect and care, Always get a Speedy response to any Emails with any concerns or Questions...Over all, I Am Very Happy With Cypresswood Animal Clinic"
- Theresa Mitchell
09/12/2018 19:04:53
"Came in for my pets pills and was given a very friendly experience. I recommend your clinic to any one who asks me for a pet place to go."
- Adam Langan
09/08/2018 02:39:04
"I had to buy Harvey his 3 month pill for fleas and ticks, the first time I was not sure of my dogs weight so the lady in the front advise me to get his correct weight because she didn't want to sell me the wrong dose, I really appreciated her honesty and the fact that she wasn't trying to sell me something just to sell. The second time, different lady she reminded me about Harvey's shots coming up and gave me lots of information. I was finally able to buy Harveys Pill since I finally had the correct weight. I appreciated both of their services and honesty. "
- Sonia Chavez
09/07/2018 22:34:45
"The neuter that was performed on my cat was amazing! He was acting like himself the moment we picked him up and you can barely tell anything was worked on. The only thing I didn’t like was the total breakdown of the cost, I wasn’t aware that pain medication was mandatory for my cat considering there wasn’t any notice on the presurgical form we were to fill out and it seemed optional. Other than that ( and now that I have a better understanding of the cost ) I will definitely be taking any other animals I have to this clinic without a doubt!"
- Eva Richards
09/06/2018 18:37:27
"We have had 3 cats spayed, 1 cat neutered and brought our dog up for a check up and vaccines. The staff and Dr. Hilliard are great. Everyone has been always very friendly, welcoming and we’ve always had all our questions answered and have never left feeling like we had been rushed in and out. Thank you for the excellent care and compassion y’all show to my fur babies! "
- Dianne Battershell
09/06/2018 18:37:26
"I was extremely impressed with the service and the quote I received for Midnight. I will definitely be bringing her in for dental work and a cleaning. Thank you for providing such great care for my fur babies!"
- Dalana Bryant
09/06/2018 15:50:36
"I have been very happy with our last several visits. Keep up the good work! I really appreciate the follow-up after our appointments."
- Christine Banitt-Arndt
08/30/2018 20:45:45
"I stopped in after work to pick up my pups heart worm/flea pill and was greeted as I walked in the door. We are so happy to have been sent to Cypresswood Animal Clinic by the S.P.C.A. of Polk County!! The next time I am in there, I will ask the friendly person at the front desk what her name is. Thank you for all you do for the furry friends that bring smiles to our lives:-) Have a blessed day! Tillie thanks you, too!! "
- Tony Carnell
08/28/2018 20:32:02
"I have been pleased with the service each and every time I have brought one of the cats to the clinic. When Atticus was ill and needed a fast appointment, they got him in fast. The staff and Doctor are all very nice."
- Dana Bounds
08/26/2018 20:11:52
"I am very happy with Cypress Road animal clinic. I really like the fact that you register the dogs microchip as soon as it is implanted in the dog. That can save so many dogs lives as many people do you not think to register the dogs mucrochip themselves. Thank you!"
- Ann Berndt
08/25/2018 01:49:05
"I have used this facility for over 35 years with both Dr. Thomas and the current vet and staff. And have been very pleased with the service I have received for all my pets both while living and when their time on earth was done!"
- Barbara Manchester
08/22/2018 02:02:19
"I Have never had a bad experience with them."
- Linda Rhymes
08/20/2018 12:08:19
"I had a really great experience on my visit. The receptionist was very friendly and polite, the Vet. was very carefull with my og and showed that she cared about my pets health and well being. I will definantely recomend this clininc to all my friends and neighbors"
- Jose Carcamo
05/02/2017 16:59:06
"You guys were very helpful and patient with me! Not only did you fit me in at the last minute- you had patience with my two young boys also having to be there and gave lots of helpful information! Thank you! "
- Nicole Owens
05/02/2017 12:48:42
"Our vist was a really good one. The staff took very good care of us, and let us know exactly what was going on, and what we needed to do to take care of it."
- Angelo Haney
04/30/2017 12:35:23
"Your people have been very good with Zeeke! I enjoy getting the e-mail information. I feel we are getting the best care we can get from this Vet. clinic , and at a very god price for vaccinations !"
- Kirk Robertson
04/27/2017 12:41:04
"This is a great clinic I have been coming here for years. They are not afraid to handle a large dog and show compassion for any situation. I appreciate them being there for the strays picked up who need medical care. They are a neighborhood institution!!"
- Beth House
03/14/2017 11:44:23
"Thank you so much for your additional support when I was shorthanded and needed a little extra help bring my "herd" in all together. I also really appreciate the way you refer to the animals as "kids". It is really sweet."
- Dylan Good
03/13/2017 20:46:01
"The care and professionalism shown by all staff members creates an atmosphere that exceeds what customer service is all about and then goes a step further in the handling of my pets in a manner consistent with the way I love and care for them my self. In this day and age it is refreshing to have people that place the care of your pet over "what's in your wallet". They provide outstanding service for your hard earned money. But keep in mind it is not fast, as proper care and diagnosis takes time. Something I appreciate and so do my pets. "
- Robert Cool
03/06/2017 06:45:42
"I recommend you to everyone! My pets are not easy to deal with, but you always have a smile when we show up and treat both humans and furry ones with respect. "
- Mary Abbott
03/03/2017 17:51:29
"CAC was wonderful with Brandy and Susie including 2 check up calls to see how they're healing. Thank you for all y'all do!"
- Nysa Roberson
02/27/2017 14:10:56
"Love the people and the quality of care is amazing! Love the low cost vaccinations and spay/neuter! And I love that me and my pets are greeted by name! My only suggestion is possibly consider a multipet discount. I have 4 animals on flea and heart worm meds so it adds up quickky. "
- Stephanie Flores
02/26/2017 19:13:56
"You guys are doing great!"
- Maureen Hueneke
02/26/2017 11:41:18
"Excellent! All staff is very courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. I am impressed that one person at the front desk juggles multiple tasks and is so polite. I left after my first visit feeling like my baby is in good hands. I was also very pleased to learn that the very best veterinarian is on your staff...Dr. Hilliard. Please thank Stephanie Flores for the referral and kind words she had for your staff as well."
- Patty Harris
02/26/2017 09:22:58