"Blue LOVES to come there.... she gets excited when we pack her food, she knows where she is headed. That is enough for us to know all is very good... thanks much, the Siekielski's"
- George & Diane Siekielski
04/20/2017 15:01:07
"It looks like Buddy has found a new friend! We look forward to a long association!"
- Pat Hart
04/20/2017 14:39:57
"Ya'll are awesome! Always working us in to get seen the same day, issues occur. I really appreciate every one of your Employees."
- Joseph & Joy Reavis
04/19/2017 07:45:27
"I have always been impressed with the kindness and care that you give to my dog Millie. I am confident that she is getting the very best veterinarian care possible and that is why we would never consider using the sevices of any other clinic."
- Mike Burton
04/18/2017 12:04:09
"Absolutely love y'all! Dr. Quirk was able to diagnose Dude within a few minutes without running any costly tests which was greatly appreciated. We had already spent hundreds of dollars at our previous vet who still couldn't figure it out. I love Vicki as well. She is always very welcoming, helpful and sweet every time I come in to pick up Dude's medications which is often. She even helped me figure out how much medicine to get so that I only have to come in once a month instead of every other week. I am extremely thrilled to have a vet that really cares. Thank you!"
- Tanya Groves
04/18/2017 07:50:19
"Great job. My dogs are well cared for and happy to come. Vicki makes us feel welcome and wanted. She always listens to any concerns. The Docs are the best!"
- Becky Butscher
04/17/2017 13:05:34