"Thanks for rearranging my appointment because I couldn’t get him in his crate in time for my first appointment."
- Polly Davis
10/10/2018 21:36:46
"Excellent service. Just moved to the area and I couldn't be happier with the care my Sam received. From the staff at the front, to the assistant and Dr. Pfretzschner made us feel welcomed and the care was superior. We will be coming back for sure."
- Ginger Schutz
10/10/2018 20:17:14
"Thank you for helping us with Skyy... she has been sick for about 4 days now and I was getting very concerned. We ended up having to bring in a stool sample and as it turns out she needs meds to recover. I am always appreciative of your caring staff. Thank you!"
- Jesse Lieberth
10/09/2018 17:41:27
"We had a great experience!"
- Laura Shipley
10/09/2018 03:23:30
"Dr P is always great with our pets"
- Mike Heaston
10/09/2018 00:25:21
"Love the honest straight forward approach. "
- Patrick Esser
10/05/2018 23:41:50
" Very professional support staff and Dr. Cordell is gentle and caring to our GR. "
- Eileen Ruscetta
10/05/2018 17:11:37
"Doing great"
- Steven & Jeanne Parsons
10/05/2018 15:43:28
"Doing great."
- Ted Hooshmand
10/05/2018 07:41:59
"Always have had good experiences at this vet clinic. Especially dealing with my overly anxious retriever mix. "
- Katie Jones
10/04/2018 00:13:05
"You're doing great! I wouldn't trust my dog family with anyone else. Special thanks to Dr. Cordell."
- Patrice Scott
10/04/2018 00:01:36
"Great staff very helpful "
- Cyndee Little
10/03/2018 17:51:23
"I had a good first visit. The staff was very friendly"
- Cathy Mealey
10/03/2018 15:35:22
"Thank you so much for taking so much extra care when Auggie is there for boarding. I know he is as finicky as a cat (or worse!) so it means a great deal to me that you take the time to attend to his peculiarities. "
- Sunflower Beahm
10/02/2018 02:04:38
"We love bringing Scout to Arrowhead. Everyone is very friendly"
- Lisa McGee
10/01/2018 20:32:46
"The staff at Arrowhead does a fantastic job. I would not change anything."
- Edward Cistola
09/29/2018 17:23:16
"I have been coming here for over 20 years and I think it is the very best! Kudos Arrowhead"
- Sue Anderson
09/27/2018 02:38:57
"We used to always ask for DR Jim but we have come to the realization that all of the Vets at Arrowhead are wonderful people and doctors. We will always choose you for our pets health needs"
- John Leiker
09/25/2018 21:31:24
"I have no complaints. 30 minutes from start to finish for two shots and a check-up, reminder emails with more than enough time to schedule appointments, friendly staff....Keep up the good work!"
- Aaron Bagwell
09/24/2018 17:46:34
"I think you are doing fine. I don’t have anything else to say. "
- Constance Buffum
09/23/2018 23:11:05
"We love you guys! The front desk is always kind and courteous, the vet techs are sweet, and the vets are knowledgeable and caring."
- Elizabeth Parrish
09/22/2018 15:03:08
"I think the staff here is always attentive and professional. The staff and Doctors really care about our pets. "
- Pam Barnett
09/22/2018 15:01:32
"The experience was great. Dr. Fields and the vet tech were great with Duchess. "
- Jill McGinnis
09/21/2018 22:37:37
"Nikki gets so excited when she goes to see her care givers at Arrowhead! Thank you for the excellent care you always provide. The help with clipping her weird toe nails is so helpful!!"
- Sharon and Doug Boilesen
09/21/2018 21:16:19
"I am so glad you are my veterinarian office. Dr. Cordell is amazing. My dog Gracie is terrified when we visit but it amazes me how calm she gets with Dr. Cordell. And all the staff is wonderful and so friendly. I love you guys!!!!"
- Lynneah Langdon
09/20/2018 20:13:47
"Great and quick experience"
- John Hildebrandt
09/20/2018 14:53:29
"You folks are great and you take very good care of my dog. He loves to go to Arrowhead!"
- Scott Allen
09/18/2018 20:53:30
"Everyone is very nice"
- Mindi Landon
09/18/2018 19:35:27
"Very good "
- John Bueckermann
09/18/2018 00:38:09
"Everyone is honest and caring and nice! We feel very comfortable bringing all our pets to AAH."
- Aaron Furey
09/17/2018 17:20:16
"Doin good!"
- Marilyn LaRocca
09/17/2018 16:38:27
"Scooter is still scooting across the carpet. His anal gland is the problem and we just emptied is last Friday. What can be done as he is miserable. "
- Nancy Mardick
09/17/2018 16:00:14
"Always take care of us and our fur babies!"
- Keely Garcia
09/16/2018 17:28:07
"Arrowhead has always given my dogs the best care and answers my questions."
- Bonnie King
09/14/2018 01:32:28
"everyone was great!!!!"
- LaJene Tanner
09/12/2018 18:35:53
"I just brought my kitten in for her last round of shots. But since this is the first kitten I've had since I was a kid, I got some very helpful advice on keeping her happy and safe. Thank you "
- Andrea Sachs
09/12/2018 04:13:27
"I really appreciated Dr. Todacks honesty and caring concern about Pocket. I came in expecting to have a minor surgery done and she told me she didn't think it was in Pocket's best interest to do so . "
- Joan Klein
09/11/2018 22:39:42
"Crosby LOVES going to get his nails trimmed and of course a treat from the staff!"
- Robert & Shelly Landgraf
09/11/2018 17:39:23
"The staff always make me feel important the moment that I enter the office. I have noticed that even when there are numerous people and their pets in the office, the staff go out of their way to acknowledge each visitor!"
- William & Karen Greer
09/11/2018 14:14:46
"Love Dr Todack (and Dr Bollinger) "
- Patrick Zoghby
09/11/2018 01:07:57
"Dr. Todack is amazing. She is so concerned and sincere. I trust her implicitly. "
- Joe & Judy Svec
09/10/2018 20:22:46
"Beau had a good stay this time. Only time he didn't was when there were a bunch of big noisy dogs boarding as well. He got the runs!!! You do a good job with him. "
- Leah Begalle
09/10/2018 18:30:19
- Becca Bunning
09/10/2018 17:50:00
"Really appreciate the help with our two goofy dogs! They were so relaxed coming home that you wouldn’t have believed it was the same dogs. Enjoyed meeting our new veterinarian and getting her insight on some issues."
- Wanda Dienst
09/10/2018 17:09:32
"I always have a nice experience when picking up my dogs medications. Dr. Toddack is a very good vet. She's compassionate and you can tell her love of animals. She does house visits for us and i appreciate that so so much."
- Ralph & Dawn Sneyd
09/10/2018 17:03:13
"My appointment was on time. Dr was very good and figured out my dogs issue without doing unnecessary testing. We went home with a plan and by the next day he was feeling much better. Staff is always friendly. "
- Suzie Johnston
09/09/2018 15:29:41
"It was a quick visit to pick up Gracie’s dog food. AAH’s staff, as always is the best!"
- Drex Disbrow
09/09/2018 14:30:39
"Just came in for a quick nail trim and gland squeeze. Staff was very friendly. "
- Lindy Cain
09/09/2018 05:02:26
"We always have a great experience at Arrowhead. The staff is respectful and friendly. Dr. Pfreschner (sp?) clearly explained the procedure he performed on Snow and his care instructions for when we got her home."
- Cindy L. Ecker
09/07/2018 17:34:04
"I have no negative comments. All the staff is doing a great job."
- JoAnne Weed
09/07/2018 16:39:48
"The staff loves our Benni girl so much! She loves going to 'camp' :) "
- Emily Cox
09/07/2018 16:02:18
"I have been bringing my fur babies to you for the past 18 years! You have been wonderful thru our entire journey! Keep up the great work"
- Sue Crawford
09/07/2018 03:04:59
"Your two vets, Dr Pfretzschner and Dr Cordell are by far the best! Knowledgeable and caring. We are very happy we have a choice with who we see for Rafa and Chunko! I would recommend either of these two doctors to my friends."
- Susan Haley
09/06/2018 19:29:31
"Bruce LOVES coming here and is very comfortable with all doctors but really loves Dr. Cordell. We definitely chose a friendly place for all of our pet needs. Everyone is very kind and knows our pup by name when we come in and remembers things we have told them in the past."
- Kayla Green
09/06/2018 18:35:18
"everything was good."
- Harold Rader
09/06/2018 15:50:44
"Dr Don and staff were excellent as always!"
- John Neale
09/06/2018 13:39:35
"Pretty great but thin walls make for a stressful appt for my cat. Otherwise no complaints. You guys are very nice and efficient. "
- Carly Younkerman
09/05/2018 15:52:36
"My fur babies always receive the best care, and I am treated with respect. I am on a fixed income and they are always trying to help with that. I just love Dr. Todack, but everyone in the office is great."
- Judy Pace
09/04/2018 18:59:57
"Awesome. We love Dr Todak!"
- Sally Jones
09/04/2018 16:55:04
"Your team is the VERY best! Caring informative and as much concerned about our fury friends as we are."
- Ed M Casey
09/04/2018 15:59:52
"I think you're doing very well. All the vets I've encountered at Arrowhead have been very good with our pets."
- Robert & Barbara Gilman
08/30/2018 21:50:13
"Everyone is always nice"
- Mary Betz
08/30/2018 01:15:50
"Everything was ver smooth and easy. The only think that could have made it better was a Sunday pick up"
- Rebecca Carrillo
08/29/2018 18:26:42
"We have always received excellent care."
- John Renicker
08/29/2018 18:12:14
"Your staff and doctors are top notch. We feel all our questions are answered. Thank you for your professional service over the years. It's hard to believe our mutts are 5 years old."
- Joyce Scherlong
08/25/2018 17:20:57
"I am glad someone listened to my concerns about my dog's health and provide effective alternatives for me to consider. Thank you."
- Susan Long
08/24/2018 04:39:31
"Everyone at this office is wonderful to us and our cats. Dr. Todak has been an invaluable resource."
- J.D. Frew
08/23/2018 15:41:39
"The staff is always wonderful. Kim and Ilene are so friendly at the front desk."
- Orville Wright
08/22/2018 23:53:23
"Perfect Professional experience Always!"
- Gary and Terri MD Schuchman
08/22/2018 22:35:08
"The front desk, technical and veterinary staff are excellent. Always very professional and courteous!"
- Jyl Nieto
08/22/2018 20:17:09
"Wish I had some constructive criticism but we love the service you provide and have had only good experiences with you."
- Maggie Hough
08/22/2018 18:17:29
"Matty seems happy when she goes to vet. We have always had good care at Arrowhead. "
- Scott & Deann Davidson
08/22/2018 18:03:29
" very good experience, which is why we keep coming back for over 20 years. Dr. Cordell is great with our pups."
- Bill Smith
08/22/2018 15:36:02
"I've seen several doctors over the past couple of years & they've all been excellent, caring & knowledgeable. The staff is equitably good...every single time. I can usually get an appointment quickly, especially if the need is there. I will never go anyplace else & highly recommend Arrowhead to all. By the way...I have a large dog & 4 cats :)"
- Ann Moon
08/21/2018 22:25:51
" Things with Bridgett are doing very well, she's playing and running around like a puppy. Both Toby and Bridgett love the food they are now on. Thank you all for your wonderful care and concern.. The Dr's are Terrific! an so are the front desk ladies!!"
- Terry Thomson
08/21/2018 21:47:41
"There is nothing to improve. From our opening the door to enter to our closing the door to leave, your staff was outstandingly pleasant, efficient, and right on top of everything needed to give our Titus and excellent experience. He's a bit of a cranky cat and both Dr. Todak and her assistant were especially kind in trying to keep him calm while they investigated an issue. I do think Titus was spooked by the sight of a needle coming at him from the front as Dr. tried to aspirate a bump on his face. Perhaps bringing that needle toward his face from the side may have kept him just a little less cranky. But that is such a minor issue in a great overall event, we have no complaints at all."
- Timlynn Babitsky
08/21/2018 18:37:32
"Such a great experience! We feel very comfortable and trust your knowledge regarding the health of my dog!"
- Mary Ellen Morici
08/21/2018 00:12:02
"At present time we are very satisfied with the service we receive at Arrowhead. "
- Tom Rotar
08/20/2018 23:41:33
"Last visit was simply for a couple shots, not much involved but certainly everything was smooth and no complaints."
- Steven Smith
08/20/2018 22:43:46
"I appreciate that the office and doctors never make me feel rushed out the door. I am comfortable asking questions and know the answers are thought out and complete. "
- Melissa Dallum
08/19/2018 15:03:17
"Dr. Todak is an excellent vet! The staff is great too!"
- Allen & Sheila Campbell
08/18/2018 16:33:31
"Love your office. Have been working with you all for over 20years. Staff always kind. Doctors listen and are knowledgeable. Love the way you take care of our furry family! Thanks "
- Elena Castor
08/18/2018 13:41:02
"All good"
- Kent Gorham
08/18/2018 12:44:08
"We felt that you really were concerned about Pyewackett we understood our frustration with our old get clinic. Good bedside manner from the vet. Thank you for the care. Judith Ward"
- Douglas Ward
08/18/2018 04:45:26
"As always everything was the best. Loved that Dr. Todack was able to see us. She is one of the best vets I have had over the years. Barney tends to be a bit goosed but he seemed to relax quickly. All in all I am delighted to have Arrowhead be our vets."
- Pat & Steve Mayo
08/18/2018 04:45:22
"You’re doing everything right!!! Very attentive, caring and I trust my pets with you. Thank you!!!"
- Lisa Hofer
08/18/2018 04:23:27
"Arrowhead is fantastic"
- Kerri Ungerland
08/18/2018 03:47:05
"appointment on time and every efficient service "
- Marilyn Deal
08/18/2018 03:34:02
"Great.....always has been the only place I would take my loved pets."
- Gail Eberhart
08/18/2018 02:57:30
"You always are smiling, and ready to help! My pup Mattie loves the folks at Arrowhead!"
- David Bartmess
08/18/2018 02:51:46
"The care and kindness you show our fur babies helps us feel sure they are receiving the best care possible. "
- Karen Gurgel
08/16/2018 16:26:18
"I love Dr Todack. She always takes time with my animals and is very informative. I never feel rushed eventhough I know she has a full schedule. Thank you for all the kind words from the ladies at the front desk. I love the simple help, like holding the receipt so I can sign while trying to hold a leash. Thank you"
- Haig & Kristi Assadourian
08/16/2018 00:00:13
"Always caring! I totally trust having my dogs taken care of here at Arrowhead"
- Raymond & Pat Luzier
08/15/2018 17:38:35
"It's a great place to board our pets when we travel. Charlie and Nicky don't give us any problems getting into the car to come there. They are always well taken care of, so we really like Arrowhead."
- Gary Hale
08/15/2018 17:04:10
"Have visited with three different vets over the last approximately two years. Great info about aftercare. All very personable and caring with an honest, straightforward approach. Cognizant of respecting financial considerations."
- Lucy Sieber
08/09/2018 01:07:34
"Dr.T is great with Tucker and Jack. She takes time to explain things and doesn’t rush us."
- Kelly Butler
08/08/2018 20:32:02
"Everything went very well, and the cost was right in-line with the estimate given to me ahead of time. That's always nice."
- Brian Overholser
08/08/2018 20:06:14
"We always enjoy your pleasant employees and lots of smiles when we come in. "
- Dean Paredes
08/08/2018 19:31:29
"always great. Thanks Dr. P"
- Ronald L. & Tammy Mitchell
08/08/2018 17:48:13
"Dr. P and all the techs/office personnel were wonderful! I felt very welcome and knew that my dog was in good hands."
- Susan Venters
08/08/2018 16:53:44