"I feel very confident that I am obtaining the best possible veterinary care for my two dogs."
- Lucy Sieber
06/24/2020 14:30:39
"We have really enjoyed being patients here. With so many animals it can be hard to find someone trust worthy and we’ve seen some pretty money hungry vets. We do not feel that way here and the level of care is really appreciated. We’re again just really happy to have found this vet office and Dr Cordell specifically. The front desk staff are great as well, always nice and extremely helpful. "
- Alyssa Redenius
06/23/2020 15:15:29
"My cats have been seen by Dr. Todack and Dr. Cordell and I found them both very personable and kind to my pets. The rest of the team is also friendly and efficient."
- Leslie Wharton
06/19/2020 18:11:46
"Truly appreciate Dr. Cordell's "bedside manner". He always makes an effort to get to know my dog."
- William Mason
06/19/2020 14:47:26
"Dr. Cordell did a wonderful job with Foxy's dental procedure. Thanks for taking such good care of our fuzzy baby."
- Rachel Parmenter
06/19/2020 12:56:55
"We love this place and will never go anywhere else. Dr Cordell and Kim jumped into action and saved our dog! Wonderful staff. Thank you All!!!"
- Jan Hartman
06/19/2020 00:37:06
"Great service from beginning to end. "
- Heather Aites
06/18/2020 22:14:24
"Everything's great. So glad I switched to your practice a couple of years ago. My kitty is doing good in spite of her advanced age."
- Peg Wirt
06/18/2020 20:27:06
"Our experience at your facility was wonderful; from the Ladies at the front desk, to the Veterinarian Assistant & the Dr. whom our cat Tito saw! Thank you so much for your kind, Caring & knowledgeable service! "
- Diane Cooksey
06/18/2020 19:18:21
"We took our puppy there for his first puppy exam and he was so comfortable! The nurse was great and so loving on my boy he sat with her while she talked with us and the doc was the same way. I was worried he would leave traumatized because he’s a big old baby but that was definitely not the case! "
- Marina Soto
06/18/2020 12:18:59
"We have been taking our pets to Arrowhead for over 25 years. We have always been treated professionally and have received excellent care for our pets. We recently had our dogs teeth cleaned. Dr. Cordell did an excellent job. My dogs teeth look great and no more bad breath."
- John Calkins
06/18/2020 03:36:31
"You all are great, taking care of Stewie while I was recovering from surgery I knew he would be well taken care of and he was. Thank you!"
- Christine DiCarlo
06/18/2020 00:08:09
"The visit was perfect."
- Linda Amore
06/17/2020 17:03:49
"Always friendly. They took great care of Lilly."
- Ben Boltz
06/17/2020 15:53:08
"Thank you for going above and beyond with cutting Vaders nails. He is big and a fighter, thank you again!"
- Pat Minor
06/17/2020 14:31:36
"I usually see Dr. Todak but because she was out of town at the time, my mr. old pup, Rocco and I ended up seeing Dr. Cordell. Not only was he just as sweet and caring with my Rocco as Dr. Todak is, but he was also just as reassuring, calming and helpful. The BEST part of it all was the caregivers up front got us the same day, in-between appointments because I was so worried. Thanks Arrowhead! "
- Amber Hamed
06/16/2020 19:13:00
"I was very pleased with the care my dogs received. I got all the information I wanted and was very satisfied with my visit. "
- Chad Klements
06/15/2020 03:47:45
"I appreciated the direct and honest approach regarding all the possible diagnoses and options for assessment and care. I haven't found another office with this level of professionalism and honesty, which is why we decided to bring our dogs back to you after many years. "
- Amelia Spann
06/14/2020 02:34:52
"Everything was good!"
- Patrick Ray
06/13/2020 16:02:01
"Excellent care from staff, great experience thank you! "
- Elizabeth Robertson
06/11/2020 19:08:11
"Arrowhead is the absolute best! My pup has had stomach issues for a little while and the girls in the front along with multiple vets have gone above and beyond when it comes to figuring out what we need to do to help her ASAP. Highly recommend this vet."
- Marissa Hernandez
06/11/2020 16:04:25
"The experience was wonderful. They were attentive to our golden pieranese. Every time we go she is very well taken care of. Customer care is wonderful also. Thank you so much."
- Michael Bowden
06/11/2020 14:36:24
"First visit. Met Dr. Johnson. I appreciated his taking time to to clearly explain in detail ( with a hand drawing) what was happening to my dog and the several treatment options that I could choose. I also liked that he followed up later to ensure I picked up my dog and to ensure I understood what to expect at home after the procedure he performed."
- Norman Siler
06/11/2020 13:51:38
"Everyone was kind and helpful and I was in and out in a very short amount of time. It was very pleasant. =)"
- Lesley Joseph
06/10/2020 23:04:45
"We love Arrowhead. All of the techs and vets are outstanding. My only helpful thing is that I wish Arrowhead had a "quiet room" to use when you have to euthanize your pet. I have been to veterinarians who have one and it is so nice to be able to spend time with your pet and be in a quiet, home-like environment instead of an examination room. It would be nice if they converted the "store area" to a small room for this purpose. "
- Linda Washington
06/10/2020 20:51:59
"It was a little chaotic at first. Possibly a new person was being trained. "
- Pam Barnett
06/10/2020 18:14:53
"Great job!"
- James Darlinger
06/10/2020 14:48:09
"Been using Arrowhead for about 20 years. "
- Linda Jo Wilson
06/10/2020 14:47:43
"The vets at Arrowhead have provided excellent care to our dog Miska."
- Kim Vail
06/09/2020 17:50:42
"I have been with this vet for a few years. I am happy with everything that is done."
- Anita Quintana
06/09/2020 17:35:18
"My experience has been excellent through the many years (and dogs) that I’ve been a client. The care and concern displayed is always displayed. I appreciate you. "
- Ronald Faillaci
06/05/2020 21:34:22
"fitted me in for an early (7am) appointment at the last minute. Took good care of Maxwell (who was Most Unhappy)."
- Charlene Erickson
06/05/2020 18:55:04
"Overall - a great experience!"
- Christy Hepp
06/05/2020 17:27:39
"I always love the care and service my fur babies get from Dr. Todack, and the staff is always helpful and treat me kindly. I highly recommend Arrowhead to everyone who needs a great veterinary service."
- Judy Pace
06/05/2020 02:57:06
"I've been taking pets to Arrowhead for at least 20 years. The vets are skilled and experienced and have always provided excellent care."
- James Boschert
06/05/2020 00:31:01
"Harper usually hates going to the vets but the quick service and great vet made this visit painless. Really happy with our visit."
- Emily Cunningham
06/04/2020 21:52:50
"I absolutely LOVE the staff and the care here. Friendly...professional...caring... Just a few words that come to mind."
- John Morrissey
06/04/2020 21:23:26
"Great experience! Love Dr Todack and how knowledgeable and caring she is!"
- Janet Cammack
06/04/2020 15:16:52
"Great you guys let me know what was wrong with my dog pricing on the meds are a little high but overall fastest I’ve been in and out of a vet with the right info and first time I set a appointment at a vet and I actually get taken in at that time and not 45 min to a hour later "
- Irvine Porras
06/02/2020 00:03:04
"Excellent care as always!"
- Marsha Kratzer
06/01/2020 21:41:25
"The care we get is excellent."
- Ann Holly
06/01/2020 21:16:33
"Always take good care of my fur babies "
- Mary Betz
05/31/2020 22:08:38
"The staff were excellent. Especially doctor Todack is the best!"
- Grant Diegel
05/31/2020 17:48:06
"Keeping our senior cat going with quality RX food is our main priority keeping our senior cat going with quality RX food thankfully is Your Main Priority too thanks a bunch"
- Ronald Machnik
05/31/2020 16:39:12
"We have been with Dr Johnson since 1992. We had just a short time trying several other clinics & were very irritated. He gives us great service & he knows his animals. Very happy to have him back. "
- Ann Clark
05/31/2020 00:03:16
"As always, the front office staff are pleasant and greet us by name. Dr. Todack is a wonderful caring provider, and it is clear that she cares about both our pets and the humans. "
- Rollin Craft
05/30/2020 22:09:22
"Great. Always an easy visit. Nice staff, on time what more could you ask."
- Mark Meyer
05/30/2020 17:38:25
"Our first time in this clinic, needed somewhere closer for his check ups and shots! The front desk ladies were super kind to me and Riku! Appointment was quick and easy! Dr. Johnson very knowledgeable and helpful with all questions! We will be back for a neutering and dental work! :) "
- Rene Avila
05/30/2020 14:40:06
"Have had nothing but excellent service with staff and Dr.Todak."
- Sheila Sannes
05/30/2020 00:09:59
"Dr. Cordell was super nice and professional. He and the tech were able to give my dog shots with ease. She didn't yelp at all. When I arrived we waited outside until we were called because some dog was howling after waking up from surgery. Unfortunately we saw a van pull up to unload the dead pets into his truck. I know this is part of the practice but a sad reminder. Maybe the hours for this pick up service could be before or after open clinic hours to help reduce client grief for those who have recently lost pets. Thank you for your care!"
- Kirsten Coplans
05/29/2020 23:39:11
"I appreciate that everyone there is friendly and helpful, along with providing good care for all of my pets!"
- Julie Mecklenburg
05/29/2020 18:42:55
"doing great as always. just came in to pick up pills and no issues"
- Vickie Trumbo
05/29/2020 00:53:42
"We love you guys, and always feel our pets are in good hands!"
- Julie Burton
05/28/2020 22:49:47
"We appreciate your help with our new puppy!"
- Kendra James
05/28/2020 17:48:35
"I appreciate the great care everyone provides. Dr. Todack is the best!"
- Evan Diegel
05/28/2020 00:04:25
"Picked up prescription during COVID crisis. Quisk and easy."
- Kent Gorham
05/27/2020 22:09:43
"Love all the vets and techs at arrowhead. Have used them for about 11 years and wouldn’t go anywhere wlse"
- Bill Strong
05/27/2020 21:50:01
"Dr. Today explained everything more than once and could tell we were stressed and had her assistant call us half way through the procedure. We are very happy it all went well and our furry child is home safe and sound."
- James Neville
05/27/2020 00:01:14
"Jim and I thought that our services were clear and understandable. The tech and Dr Johnson were easily understood and very empathetic for Hannah. Cit seems like his recommendations were right on! She is much better today! We were a bit worried about being in the waiting room considering the current circumstances."
- James Verretta
05/25/2020 00:14:54
"All of you continue to amaze us!Always helpful and friendly, you are out partners in keeping our pets healthy."
- Kathryn Parrish
05/24/2020 23:12:59
"Everyone there is fantastic and considerate. I love taking TooF there whenever necessary. "
- Michael Sirianni
05/24/2020 20:20:28
"It was all good"
- LaJene Tanner
05/24/2020 01:38:33
"The best staff and Dr.'s are found at Arrowhead! "
- Vincent Feil
05/23/2020 23:43:14
"Always happy with the folks at Arrowhead."
- Bonnie King
05/23/2020 22:45:19
"Always very nice to work with and remember who we are even over the phone which makes a person feel like they care to remember their clients"
- Brett Marcheso
05/22/2020 22:01:01
"Our visit was great"
- Angie Hirsch
05/22/2020 20:03:22
"Awesome. Dr Todak is the best!!"
- Priscilla Hurley
05/20/2020 15:02:15
"Great ~ always helpful and attentive with us and other patients "
- Patrick Zoghby
05/19/2020 22:17:52
"I have always had a good experience here. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Never had a problem getting an appointment either, even in emergency cases."
- Deana Shappell
05/18/2020 20:35:25
"Wonderful visit -- everyone is so kind and friendly! "
- Saskia Young
05/18/2020 16:09:22
"Arrowhead is providing very good care for my pets and also we love Dr. Cordell. He is calm, he listens, and he displays care and love for our pets. I would say at this time, don't change a thing, just keeping being personable. Thank you and hope you get a sense of pride from this review."
- Mary Bonneau
05/18/2020 13:37:20
"Our visits are pretty much always great. No complaints! "
- Leah Rotert
05/17/2020 19:32:08
"I have no complaints. Great care from Dr. Johnson for my Taz. Every since his recent dental you can tell he feels sooooo much better. I appreciate you all."
- Ronald L. & Tammy Mitchell
05/17/2020 16:40:59
"Your vet was excellent. I enjoyed the bedside matter in which she warmed up to Samson first by talking and petting him and then started the examination. Good job doc. There is nothing negative to say, she engaged in small talk with me to make me comfortable. Again no negative comments!"
- John & Pat Pisani
05/17/2020 00:49:23
"I have been bringing my pets to Arrowhead Vet since before the temp building. Dr Pfretzschner was at Broomfield Vet when I first met him. Since he has retired I’ve been very happy with the way the pet hospital treats my pets."
- Steven & Alonda Panck
05/16/2020 03:21:09
"Great. Tyson went in for a shot. He also had his nails cut and looked at for a very minor nole. I was in and out very quick. "
- Pavel Homola
05/16/2020 02:42:55
"Dr. Todak has been so kind and gentle with my very anxious dog; vet tech. assistants have been great as well. THANK YOU all! "
- Rebecca Wanek
05/15/2020 19:42:12
"Great. Dr. Todack is awesome!"
- Brady Bjornson
05/05/2020 04:15:42
"We love Dr. Cordell and Dr. Todack!"
- Colleen Williamson
05/04/2020 17:49:16
"Arrowhead staff always provide friendly and professional service!"
- Brent Barker
05/04/2020 14:36:53
"The staff was very efficient, safe, and fast in their service. The dog medicine I came in to purchase was reasonably priced as well. Overall great! "
- Chris Neal
05/03/2020 01:53:20
"Y’all are always amazing. Friendly and efficient! "
- Amanda Hartwig
05/02/2020 23:07:46
"every thing is great"
- Mike Hamby
05/02/2020 20:12:41
"Went well Handling the Virus protocol very well also"
- Mark Balderston
05/02/2020 18:57:59
"I just came in to pick up some heart worm medication for my dog. The front desk lady who helped me, was so so lovely. Made me feel very welcome, especially given all this Covid crazy."
- Angela Richburg
05/02/2020 16:33:24
"Always great"
- Cheryl Meaney
05/02/2020 03:06:33
"Had great experience love Dr Cordell"
- Debbi Swofford
05/02/2020 01:56:10
"From stitches to annual check-ups Arrowhead Animal hospital has always treated us well and provided great care. "
- Jessica Soloway
05/01/2020 15:22:23
"Service was great, it was a simple med refill so quick and painless."
- Kelly Collins
05/01/2020 15:02:02
"I’m always confident coming into Arrowhead! Everyone is so nice and patient and gracious and I’m so comfortable bringing my pups there. I know they’ll be taken care of. "
- Ashley Hegel
05/01/2020 04:32:45
"Everyone is so friendly!!"
- Jim Anthony
04/29/2020 21:07:31
"Everything was great"
- Ryan Warfield
04/29/2020 20:44:26
"Always great response times and helpful answers to costs."
- Westen Hahn
04/29/2020 19:46:21
"I really appreciate AAH calling me a day after getting my cats spayed to check on them. "
- Rachel Beizer
04/29/2020 17:29:59
"Despite all the uncertainty and chaos and unusual way of having to handle things staff was very kind and friendly. Even waved when they left the medication on the bench for me. In these times of fear and panic many places have become very uptight and impersonal but the staff here is wonderful and friendly despite it all"
- Sara Calkins
04/28/2020 19:18:07
"Y'all are amazing, I love you guys and recommend you to every with a furry baby"
- Kevin Crane
04/27/2020 16:21:41
"You went over and above for Daisey and I with a curbside drop off and return. Thank you."
- Greg Buck
04/26/2020 21:43:27
"The doctors and staff are always very attentive and willing to listen!"
- David Bartmess
04/26/2020 20:16:16
"I always have a great time when I come here. The nurses and vets are always so kind and gentle with my fur babies. "
- Sage Benenati
04/26/2020 18:54:40
"As always, excellent visit with Dr. Todack. She is so very caring and knowledgeable."
- Linda Priesmeyer
04/26/2020 16:45:48