"Overall we have been pleased that is why we keep coming back."
- Richard W. Jr. Robertson
01/15/2019 21:35:14
"Excellent care and boarding! Theo is always happy to go and stay!"
- Lindsay Roybal
01/14/2019 19:42:45
"Fantastic visit as always! Everyone is super helpful and wonderful!"
- Jessica Bell
01/14/2019 01:43:14
"Very nice staff. Doctor and assistant took very good care of my cat. Very gentle. "
- Michael & Cathy Goetz
01/13/2019 22:03:29
"Great care"
- Cinnamon East
01/13/2019 20:35:52
"Great Veterinarian. Nice staff. Clean facilities. Reasonably priced. There is a good reason you've been around as long as you have. Thanks for all your hard work! We look forward to being long time clients..."
- Max Armstrong
01/13/2019 19:47:55
"Dr. Todack is so wonderful. She is caring and has a wonderful bedside manner. She doesn't push things that aren't necessary. The front office staff and veterinary assistants are very helpful and friendly as well. To be honest, I left Arrowhead years ago because of the lack of care/concern that was shown for my dog that has since passed on. I was apprehensive about returning, but was encouraged by my dog sitter. I am so glad to be back with Dr. Todack being a part of the practice."
- Shawn Tanaka
01/13/2019 03:01:41
"All good"
- Linda Jo Wilson
01/12/2019 00:56:44
"when I went in, I was expecting the worst with snow, and the assistants and the dr. were super nice and very knowledgeable and did everything in their means to get her the best care possible!!"
- Phillip Merlino
01/11/2019 21:55:15
"Doing great!"
- Wayne Middeker
01/11/2019 13:53:43
"Your facility is so caring and wonderful, we think Dr Cordell is fantastic!"
- Deb Grassi
01/11/2019 02:47:46
"The whole area is clean and smells good when you walk in. The desk staff are extremely friendly, accommodating and efficient. Of course, Dr. Cordell and his assistant are top of the chart fantastic1 They have a great way of making the animals feel less stressed and the humans appreciate that immensely! We couldn’t be happier with this facility and its people!"
- Heidi Langdon
01/11/2019 02:20:02
"Wonderful facility with caring staff"
- Robert Grigsby
01/10/2019 12:20:46
"Jist love the caring staff so much. They actually make you feel like your baby is also their baby. "
- Tiffany Cummings
01/09/2019 22:23:45
"I just want to give a BIG shout out to Dr. Todak! She took time out of her busy day to have a long phone conversation about our Libby! That meant the world to me and my husband! We love her! Thank you Dr. Todak."
- Joseph & Karen Vance
01/09/2019 04:17:54
"We've always had a good experience at Arrowhead."
- Gene Jensen
01/08/2019 20:36:20
"Great experience - friendly and knowledgeable Tech, office staff kind and friendly, and Dr. Todack - competent, caring and upfront!"
- James & Ruthie Koontz
01/08/2019 03:03:27
"Dr. Tadack is excellent. Really listens to me as the pet parent. I just wish as many others probably do that follow up care e.g. surgery would not be such an expensive option. Nothing you can control I’m sure"
- Lucy Sieber
01/06/2019 21:44:32
"You are a good vet"
- Karen Hobbs
01/06/2019 21:17:59
"Great experience "
- Reid Miller
01/06/2019 03:52:29
"I had a very pleasant experience!"
- Nicole Johnson
01/06/2019 01:05:44
"Dr. Cordell is just outstanding. Love his demeanor, wisdom and professionalism. "
- Aaron Schlechter
01/05/2019 20:10:16
"We love that the vets and vet techs are always so nice to our black lab, Nate. Dr. Cordell has been Nate’s vet for almost 10 years and we are always confident that he has Nate’s very best interests at heart. Everyone at Arrowhead is wonderful!"
- Gregory & Diana Neece
01/05/2019 18:39:42
"You guys are great! We are happy to have found Arrowhead. Been bringing all of our cats and dogs there for 6 years "
- Dustin Travis
01/04/2019 03:13:09
"You guys are doing great! Kaleesi had to have surgery at another vet place but you still followed up with me the next day to check on her. I really appreciate that!"
- Kayla Netherland
01/02/2019 17:37:48
"We have been coming to Arrowhead Animal Hospital for over 30 years. We have always received personalized, professional service for our pets. The vets are friendly, understanding and professional. We trust Arrowhead to provide our pets with the best service and care."
- John Calkins
01/02/2019 03:26:35
"My sister was visiting with her dog from Kansas. Everyone was extremely helpful and pleasant."
- Kathleen Kava
01/02/2019 01:44:21
"Love the staff and the doctors! "
- Troy Segal
01/02/2019 00:50:11
"I love you guys, nothing to improve on!"
- Lisa McGee
12/31/2018 18:41:54
"The genuine care from the entire staff is why I continue to bring my animals to Arrowhead. "
- Robert Whitehead
12/31/2018 16:20:19
"Very thorough and great overall discussion on Kodiaks overall health and care"
- Gigi Healy
12/31/2018 05:33:31
"We were t your location for Luke’s yearly checkup. All was good and shots were given. We talked with the vet, all was good. Very professional atmosphere. "
- Tom Rotar
12/31/2018 02:39:29
" There is nothing negative to say I love taking my dogs to your clinic it’s always clean and the people are always friendly "
- Billy Adamson
12/30/2018 14:30:31
" The last time we were there we saw a different vet and we were not happy. We decided to give Areoehead one more try and we are so glad that we did. The vet this time, Dr. Todack, was awesome! She was very knowledgeable and spent plenty of time with us. Also, we didn’t feel like she was trying to upsell treatments that we didn’t need. We will definitely be back to see Dr. Todack in the future! "
- Melvin & Amy Borelli
12/30/2018 02:06:02
"Have always had great care and service for my cats "
- Sheila Sannes
12/29/2018 18:09:49
"Love the attention and care my dogs receive.. the vets spend the amount of time to explain what treatments are needed and why and the cost related to them. Most of the front desk staff know you by name and are always willing to address questions help carry out food or help in anyway they can . Vet care costs are slightly on the higher end of the spectrum but worth the quality care."
- Martha Labadie
12/28/2018 03:05:14
"You guys are doing great, as always! Even after moving 10+ miles away I still bring Moose back to you."
- James Buff
12/27/2018 20:45:14
"Dr. Todak has been invaluable to us and our cats. Thank you so much!"
- J.D. Frew
12/25/2018 17:49:14
"Doing good. Was very helpful with how nervous my dog get."
- Ann Holly
12/24/2018 23:16:36
"Wonderful people took excellent care of our sweet Gidget. We will use Arrowhead for all our dog boarding needs!"
- Stan Karlin
12/24/2018 19:49:53
"The last time I had to take one of my kids to the hospital, I had to have that pet put to sleep, and as heartbreaking as that was, both me and my Little Man were treated with respect and dignity, and a gentleness that made me glad I had chosen Dr Todack as our Veterinarian. This visit, although we just sent samples of fluids for in house testing, we got results, and treatment, on Christmas Eve, all before noon, when they closed for the holiday. I'm good with that, and glad my pet didn't have to wait until after the holiday to start her treatment, and I don't have to worry about her quite as much, and we ALL can enjoy our holiday!! Thank you Dr Todack, and my family hopes your family has a wonderful holiday season! Ours will be better because of YOU!!!!"
- Victoria Maclaren
12/24/2018 18:43:14
"everything was good."
- Harold Rader
12/22/2018 17:48:52
"Dr. Cordell worked us into his morning and spent a great deal of time with us. "
- William & Marjorie Mason
12/22/2018 03:04:25
"It was great. Waiting time was minimal, they allowed me to go with my dog into the back room so that he wouldn't resist them, and they were very good with him. When we picked him up, they were prompt and the Dr. explained well what was going on,"
- Paula Padilla
12/21/2018 22:39:09
"Dr. Todak is an excellent vet. "
- Allen & Sheila Campbell
12/20/2018 20:41:39
"Very helpful, caring staff, and very informative "
- Carol Rogers
12/20/2018 19:19:57
"We love Arrowhead Animal Hospital!"
- Donald & Barbara Tonn
12/20/2018 16:45:14
"I have always had great as t experiences at arrowhead that's why I've stayed with you since you were in the trailer. Lol"
- Debbie Veltri
12/19/2018 23:06:12
"Good experience!"
- Valerie Lohnes
12/18/2018 00:31:29
"Nothing comes to mind. Keep up the good work."
- Juanita Razo
12/17/2018 21:27:41
"You are doing great. We always feel that you do what's best for our pets."
- Maggie Hough
12/17/2018 21:04:22
"You’re doing great! I’ve always had good experiences at Arrowhead (except when it’s Sam we’re bringing cause he’s crazy!). But I always know everyone really loves animals and does their best to care for them."
- Peg & Melvin Thompson
12/17/2018 20:15:25
"Our senior dog Jimmy was treated very nicely and we got a couple of tips how to make his live easier. Thanks Arrowhead team!"
- Juergen & Karin Kliem
12/17/2018 19:06:55
"I am very happy the way Halo is treated."
- Anita Quintana
12/17/2018 18:56:23
"We are very happy with Arrowhead, we have gone there for years. Everyone is always friendly and caring. Thanks for the good care you give Mitzi. "
- Charles Abeyta
12/17/2018 18:15:03
"As new clients, I was pleased with the attention that was paid to our pet and to us. I felt reassured that all was being done for him. The B12 shot does seem to help his appetite. Thank you, Judith Ward"
- Douglas Ward
12/17/2018 17:25:46
"You guys are great - always friendly and helpful. Your suggestions about diet for Humprey have helped him lose 2.5 pounds."
- Scott Allen
12/17/2018 17:18:27
"We love Arrowhead!! Always great advice and we never feel like we are being sold on something our dogs don’t need."
- John Leiker
12/13/2018 03:12:42
"they got all 3 dogs in at once and did a great job while we were there!"
- Starrlet Rogers
12/13/2018 01:31:14
"The front desk personnel are always friendly and knowledgeable. It’s especially nice to be recognized as a long-time customer/“patient”."
- William & Karen Greer
12/13/2018 00:38:38
"pretty good is a good evaluation. staff remains knowledgeable."
- Penny Landuyt
12/10/2018 02:55:39
"Everyone is wonderful!"
- Kerri Ungerland
12/08/2018 07:52:50
"The staff is always so friendly!!"
- Shelly Landgraf
12/06/2018 22:56:36
"You guys are the best!"
- Kevin Steward
12/06/2018 16:41:12
"Everyone was friendly and the visit was quick and easy!"
- Sarah Present
12/05/2018 23:18:28
"Cleaned carrier after cat peed in it on the way there - definitely above and beyond service! Everyone treated our pet with great care, explained all options for care and was actually very reasonably priced. Room was very clean. Everyone was very helpful including from initial phone call to check out. Thank for taking care of our baby!"
- Joyce Garcia
12/03/2018 01:22:04
"The staff is amazing!!"
- Sandy Murphy
12/02/2018 23:50:10
"I am extremely pleased with the care my pets receive."
- Patrice Scott
12/02/2018 17:24:18
"Even though you had closed for noon I arrived just at 12:00 and was able to purchase prescription dog food."
- John Neale
12/02/2018 14:09:26
"Arrowhead has been our family vet for nearly 40 years, through two cats, and 8 dogs. They are the best."
- Debbie Fisher
12/01/2018 03:50:09
"The poor girl at the front desk was trying to everything she needed help! Somehow the text reminders for vaccine updates don’t coincide with the date you get the vaccine done. Still getting texts after the vaccine was given. No biggy just FYI 😊"
- Debra Iverson
12/01/2018 00:58:43
"your doing well"
- LaJene Tanner
11/28/2018 15:35:09
"Charlie and Nicky seem to love it there. I've never seen the places the dogs are kept, but I presume they are warm and clean. Charlie sees to be sick now, but I don't know what the problem is. He won't eat."
- Gary Hale
11/27/2018 18:07:50
"Dr C was terrific! He was kind, caring and informative as always. He’s a terrific vet. ❤️"
- Susan Dorsey
11/27/2018 16:06:38
"I called and explained what was going on with our pup and we were so thankful you had an idea of a treatment plan without having to make an appointment and be charged a fee for a simple/treatable issue. We are so thankful for everyone at Arrowhead and their commitment to helping our furry family members. "
- Marc Faluotico
11/27/2018 15:56:29
"Doing great!"
- Jamie Michalski
11/27/2018 05:37:38
"I am so happy that we found y'all. My dogs and I are glad that we are now part of the family and look forward to many dentals, vaccinations, happy visits. "
- Jen Rahn
11/27/2018 02:51:39
"They are always pleasant and helpful. The vets do a great job ! "
- Patrick Zoghby
11/27/2018 02:00:41
"Love this practice! You always take such great care of Boomer."
- Mike & Paula Valenta
11/27/2018 00:12:16
"My fur babies always receive the best service, and I totally trust and respect Dr. Todack. She is very professional , yet friendly, and makes me feel comfortable concerning my babies!"
- Judy Pace
11/26/2018 21:00:51
"I have always trusted you guys to stitch up my crazy Daisey."
- Greg Buck
11/26/2018 20:13:10
"I feel like my pets are well taken care of by the Staff."
- Anne McDonald
11/26/2018 19:48:50
"I’m always greeted with a smile when in your office. Each time I call in for a prescription request it is handled professionally and ready within a few hours. "
- Patricia (Patty) Gilbert
11/25/2018 17:58:00
"I’ve had a regular exam appointment as well as an Emergency appointment. Both visits were handled professionally. There was much love and care shown both times."
- LeeAnn Looman
11/23/2018 15:36:02
"Have always had a really good experience, no complaints "
- Michelle Santistevan
11/21/2018 18:44:24
"No excessive waiting. Help from assistant and vet to address our pet's issue. Pricing seems a little high. "
- Scott Crabtree
11/21/2018 18:16:13
"The entire staff is always friendly and nice. I really can't think of anything that needs to be improved."
- Peg Perreault
11/21/2018 17:09:46
"As always, a great experience. Fun and attentive team. "
- Kerri Tuttle
11/21/2018 16:29:39
"We are very pleased with the care and service we are receiving at Arrowhead. We have nothing for improvement to mention yet. "
- Timlynn Babitsky
11/21/2018 02:54:10
"It was just an initial visit, so it was brief, but it was a great experience. Haven't been a pet owner in about 13 years, so it's all kind of new to me again."
- Caroline Joy
11/19/2018 17:19:04
"I am happy with the service and notices that I get from Arrowhead Animal Hospital. Helpful keeping up to date. Friendly staff an good doctors."
- Westen Hahn
11/16/2018 19:07:39
"From the time we walked in until we left, we felt welcome. Everyone was so friendly. Dr. Cordell thoroughly checked Sam before giving him his shots. Sam has an eye condition and his eyes were checked completely. Kim is always so friendly at the desk. Dr. Pfretschner was outside and we had a nice visit."
- Orville Wright
11/16/2018 17:54:23
- Cheryl Meaney
11/16/2018 17:33:04
"My dog is always excited to see her vet, Dr. Todack."
- Bryanna Stewart
11/08/2018 23:40:02
"You guys are always amazing, and my dogs are very healthy. One of our dogs can be some trouble with anxiety and what not but she does well, and you guys handle her amazingly. "
- Erin Thompson
11/08/2018 20:29:53
"I have been satisfied with my dogs care overall"
- Dina Flores
11/07/2018 19:38:41
"Overall, a good visit. It was our first time in the office to resolve an ongoing issue, so we'll be back next week to continue care."
- Chris Johnston
11/06/2018 15:48:06
"Everything was fine. The doctor is so caring "
- Aimee Campanella
11/04/2018 14:33:43
"I've been taking my dog to you for 7 years. Thank you for taking great care of my baby."
- Kimberly & Jacob Milner
11/03/2018 00:37:36
"I have absolutely no complaints. I have been going to Arrowhead for years and, with the exception of how expensive it is, I have always had pleasant and professional experiences there. Doctors are kind and listen well. Then they are wonderful at explaining what is wrong and what can be done. They've offered advice regarding food, training and anything else I have questions about. All in all always a pleasure to deal with doctors and office folks. "
- Jane Christian
11/01/2018 22:22:42