"We’ve always had positive experiences at Arrowhead! Even when it involves our crazy Dog Sam!"
- Peg & Melvin Thompson
06/10/2019 16:00:09
"I can't say anything bad about my experience staff and Dr where all great"
- Lisa Klein
06/07/2019 19:21:02
"The staff was good at finding a next day appt for my kitty with Dr.. C. "
- Shari Darmer
06/06/2019 17:37:14
"There are absolutely no complaints from us. Not even a recommendation! You all give the upmost care to our furbabies. You give us tremendous number of ways to reach out as well (Phone, email, etc). We couldn’t be happier. "
- Dale C. & Suzan See
06/06/2019 16:59:23
"We have been taking out pets to you for year and years. 100% every time your service from start to finish is amazing! "
- James Kramer
06/06/2019 16:31:14
"Really great first visit. Very thorough and explained things in depth. I will be coming here from now on for my pets."
- Charles Fisher
06/05/2019 17:28:21
"I think you are doing a great job of caring for our new puppy. "
- Mark Balderston
06/04/2019 03:01:06
"Great-always get what we need. Vets are great about returning your call"
- Paula Padilla
06/03/2019 12:31:31
"Everyone in the office was very professional and helpful. The vet answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns."
- Zachary S. & Andrea R. Jones
06/02/2019 02:39:03
"Doing great"
- Kristi & Aaron Cohrs
06/01/2019 01:16:30
"The last two times I wasn’t given a remember that Tucker was past due for vacations. Maybe the application should do that?"
- Evan Diegel
05/31/2019 21:24:48
"Every time I come in I’m very pleased with the staff and how they treat my babies! It’s obvious they truly care about our dogs and their wellbeing. Even when I have questions for the vet, they make sure someone is available to take the time to answer them. I appreciate the excellent customer service!"
- Tania Hollrah
05/31/2019 20:54:07
"Service is always good "
- Michelle Santistevan
05/31/2019 18:36:33
"Prompt care. Love Dr. FIELDS! "
- Sondra Conrady-Doty
05/31/2019 18:31:09
"I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Arrowhead, the staff and facility are top notch! I never have to worry taking my fur babies here for care or leaving them in boarding. "
- Kim Rego
05/31/2019 18:23:19
"Providers @ Arrowhead have always taken compassionate, thoughtful care of my golden retriever. I'm happy with them, and the services they provide. "
- Todd Christy
05/28/2019 15:51:16
"It was great to schedule our appointment a few weeks in advance via the app. I always appreciate the reminder phone call and of course we were greeted in a professional and friendly way. Dr. T always rocks it. She demonstrates every time that she cares for our "kids." We appreciate you guys caring for our animals."
- Brian Garrett
05/27/2019 21:43:43
"Dr. Todak and staff is great. They inform us of everything (the pros and the cons) and never pressure us into doing anything. They are very caring and friendly to our dogs. They always keep us in the loop ."
- Kelly Butler
05/27/2019 21:32:22
"Our visit was blood work follow up for our Labrador. Unfortunately, the outcome of her blood work was not positive. Due to the uncertainties, Dr. Todach took her time to explain what our options were and what to expect in the future. She was very caring and made us feel a little better about our beautiful Ruby. "
- Anne Mummert
05/26/2019 12:53:07
"Had an emergency with Khloe and Kim told us to come right in and the Doctor would help."
- Joan Calcagno
05/26/2019 03:50:15
"super people, super service and a very knowledgable staff. Doctor Cordell is one of the best."
- Larry Gappa
05/24/2019 13:49:13
"Everyone is so patient and kind to myself and my cats (despite how stressed we are). Thank you so much."
- Jennifer Chulski
05/23/2019 23:58:53
"The care that our dogs have received for over 30 years speaks for itself. Love the staff, including the front office gang to the vet techs. We love the vets we have encountered in all of the years we have been clients. Keep on doing the great job that you all do!"
- Scott Shelton
05/23/2019 18:49:41
"As always FANTASTIC!! "
- Shelly Landgraf
05/22/2019 18:36:44
"Always friendly and thorough. You are so kind and gentle with my little Buddy."
- Sheila McDaniel
05/21/2019 19:30:04
"Great service as always from the folks at Arrowhead Animal Hospital! "
- Rob Marrs
05/21/2019 16:47:18
"Always friendly and helpful."
- Gene Jensen
05/20/2019 23:16:05
"You guys are the best! Thank you for everything you do. "
- Martine O'Keeffe
05/20/2019 22:22:22
"Now that I found you I would not take Shasta ant where else. The staff and the doctors are always great with me and especially with Shasta. Thank you every one so much."
- Tina Pino
05/20/2019 21:55:46
"We feel very comfortable bringing Rascal to Arrowhead. The entire staff and vets are so wonderful and patient. Thank you."
- Jodi & Tom Bullock
05/20/2019 21:08:30
"I honestly have only had really good experiences :) "
- Lacy Ludwig
05/18/2019 14:23:51
"You guys are always great, we drive from the east side of Thornton past st least five vet offices to come here cause we know you will treat our fur babies great"
- Cara Carlson
05/17/2019 21:40:05
"Always very carrying and helpful!!!"
- Peggy Arambarri
05/17/2019 17:44:51
"The technicians were amazing but the doctor came in and talked through things very fast. It just made it seem a little impersonal. Otherwise, we both had a good 1st experience."
- Nicole Bartel
05/17/2019 17:24:12
"I really like that the problem is listened to and if your pet needs to come in that day I am squeezed onto the schedule. I know that some people may abuse this but I have always had a legitimate issue with a pet that was brought in right away and I'm always glad I was able to get relief or attention for my dog as quickly as necessary."
- Cindy Correa
05/17/2019 03:37:22
"We had a very positive experience. The Dr was great. We felt he really cared about our dog and did not try to sell us up on any unnecessary treatments. The staff was super friendly and the appointment availability was great too."
- Agnes Jackman
05/15/2019 16:02:18
"Exam was very thorough. Knowledgeable staff. Friendly and caring staff."
- Julie & Rich Clift
05/13/2019 02:51:07
"Great Experience with the vet ! He was the first time to see Sissy - Dr. Johnson!! Very very helpful ! Very exceptionally Impressed!! "
- Gary and Terri MD Schuchman
05/12/2019 20:01:19
"Everyone is so nice. They were helpful when I had questions about my four legged babies. "
- Cathy Mealey
05/11/2019 23:53:04
"The staff have been so kind and accommodating at both of my visits. I never have waited long. I have seen all three of my dogs with Dr. Todak and she is just so caring and relatable. Excellent and timely follow up on lab results. I am exceptionally satisfied with our experiences so far. "
- Whitney Adair
05/11/2019 20:18:55
"No problems. "
- Bud Currey
05/11/2019 13:42:41
"Thanks for taking the time to answer questions and making us not feel rushed. "
- Melinda Armstrong
05/10/2019 20:44:21
"I think you are doing great, We have been patient for 20 years through 1 dog and 3 cats. Dr. Cordell has been great with our cat and Aragorn likes him too, :)"
- Doug Drake
05/10/2019 20:27:40
"Humphrey loves seeing you folks. You are always patient with my questions. Humphrey is healthy and happy due to your care."
- Scott Allen
05/08/2019 17:37:03
"We love how you love our dog Bambi too!!!! It is our first dog ever and we are all do in love with her. Thanks for coaching us on what to do and what not to do. ~ Shelley Jicha"
- Richard Jicha
05/08/2019 17:30:28
"You guys are always so helpful!!"
- Laura Burton
05/08/2019 02:28:18
"You're doing great. I've never had a bad experience with any of my furry friends, and the care given is excellent."
- David Bartmess
05/07/2019 20:40:29
"Our dog has always received very good care at Arrowhead. We started there because of Dr. Houchens. I’ll be honest and say that we do miss him. We do like Dr. Todack. It feels as though the prices have gone up."
- John Renicker
05/07/2019 18:38:56
"Very attentive to our dog and our need for answers "
- Mary Anderson
05/06/2019 22:18:03
"You guys are great!"
- Michael Trowbridge
05/06/2019 20:24:13
"When bring our little dog for care we have always been treated very good and fairly."
- Russ Wargin
05/03/2019 23:59:35
"Doing well"
- Paula Plambeck
05/03/2019 20:03:18
"Our dogs got great care from Dr. Cordell and the staff. All my questions were answered. "
- JoAnne Weed
05/02/2019 03:09:22
"The tech Taylor was really sweet and personable. Dr. Field was great as well. Actually all of the staff including reception was very nice and sociable. Overall a great atmosphere. The hospital was clean and well kept. I also appreciate that the reception team was able to go over costs with me on the phone letting me know what to expect. "
- Sara Calkins
05/01/2019 19:08:41
"I have nothing to complain about. Only good things happen when I need to take my girl in for a visit."
- Jane Christian
05/01/2019 17:22:37
"Always get great care"
- Cheryl Meaney
05/01/2019 02:35:59
"I've been bringing my dogs here for over 14 years. Have never had a bad experience. The vets and staff are very caring and take good care of my pups. Great place!"
- Bonnie King
04/30/2019 20:26:52
"I would appreciate written instructions. "
- Elizabeth Scott
04/30/2019 20:17:27
"I sincerely appreciate the time and empathy the Vets show at this location. We have seen multiple vets and all are great."
- Amanda Duran
04/29/2019 17:57:32
"Petey and I look forward to our visits. It is important to me that he trust the staff and he does!"
- Robert Grigsby
04/26/2019 21:20:28
"I’m grateful for the time and attention given by each of the staff members. Leaving my injured pup in your care was a tough descision to make however your staff made me feel comfortable and confident about leaving her. The receptionist was great at answering all my questions. I would love to be able to see her while she’s boarding via video camera but I know I’m a crazy puppy mom. Thank you. "
- Brenda Smeltzer
04/26/2019 20:28:20
"No complaints. Dr. P. and his assistant were very timely, efficient, and thorough. I appreciate how they listen to my questions and concerns."
- Brian Overholser
04/26/2019 18:42:38
"Slick vaccination! Sassy has a very low pain threshold and shrieks at the least provocation so the faster, the better. "
- James Darlinger
04/26/2019 17:46:36
"You’re doing great and you’re nice people. That’s why I bring Kalani to see you."
- Donald & Barbara Tonn
04/26/2019 17:41:24
"Great job! Everyone was so helpful. The doctor was great explaining Baker’s procedure."
- Michelle Bass
04/25/2019 20:24:35
"Reign had a rough time and the care and follow up that your practice provided was spectacular."
- Raymond & Pat Luzier
04/25/2019 14:18:05
"The very best. Always great care and very helpful with everything. Dr's are very professional along with the girls in the front. Top notch from every aspect"
- Dave Doty
04/25/2019 07:35:39
"Very good with the animals and gentle with them. "
- Jim Remines
04/24/2019 17:31:50
"Always friendly and concern...can’t really think of anything that needs improvement... "
- Larry & Kathy Krenk
04/23/2019 03:37:35
"You are all doing great! Glad we are now having you treat our dogs!"
- Philip Fischer
04/22/2019 22:03:27
"Always the best care."
- Dan Courtney
04/22/2019 19:50:42
"Always a good experience!"
- Beth Paddock
04/22/2019 18:40:16
"So glad all Blues tests turned out to be good, He is doing fine, will bring him in for his yearly shots, etc next. Had a good experience with Dr Johnson"
- Pamela Stuemky
04/21/2019 19:32:54
"All four dogs treaded as required. Dr. Cordell and Assistant were very good to work with. "
- James Mielke
04/19/2019 21:11:22
"Attentive and we'll organized!"
- Jason Stanley
04/19/2019 18:25:45
"I have been coming here for 25 years with my many different animals and I continue to love every visit. Staff is very professional and the clinic is spotless. Thank you!!!!!"
- Sue Anderson
04/19/2019 01:39:49
"Thank you Dr. Todack for your kind and warm personality, and for putting me at ease about my Siamese cat's dental surgery. I also appreciate your office manager's clear concern for me as a customer. The clinic was very clean. Appreciate all of the help. Kaia is recovering nicely and already back to her naughty self."
- Emily Smith
04/18/2019 23:22:16
"Doctor was thorough and friendly and was great with my puppy."
- Cinnamon East
04/18/2019 20:38:09
"You all are doing great. The staff is so nice to me and Rosie."
- Sheryl Smith
04/18/2019 18:29:09
"Love, love, love Dr Todack!"
- Jyl Nieto
04/17/2019 21:45:13
"Your team is incredible! I could not ask for a more caring group of people to have taken care of Appa. I look forward to working with you in the future for all his puppy care needs."
- Kim McNamara
04/17/2019 17:33:09
"It would be helpful if waiting times can be reduced, both in the waiting room and the exam room. A routine annual physical took a full hour of time, most of it spent waiting in the exam room with my pet, on top of travel back and forth. The protracted time is stressful for my pet. "
- Matthew Seaton
04/17/2019 16:27:44
"Our 6 year old GR looks like a show dog after his “spa day” with Shelby at the Groom Closet. "
- Eileen Ruscetta
04/17/2019 14:43:17
"Doing good! "
- Carol Mandarich
04/16/2019 16:44:52
"I love Arrowhead! I have literally brought every pet in my life to Dr P, and that’s 36 years! Every doctor that he has had there has been wonderful in my experience. From the staff up front to each Vet, I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my pets. The personal attention and TLC provided to both animals and their humans is exceptional. Thank you"
- Eryn Balding
04/15/2019 19:11:00
"the best care possible was given to Max. "
- Linda Amore
04/15/2019 17:54:21
"We are very happy with Arrowhead Animal Hospital and their wonderful doctors and staff. We have several pets, so we make several visits to Dr. Pfretzschner, Dr. Cordell, and Dr. Todack. Whether it's getting vaccinations, teeth cleaning, spay/neuter, or something more serious, we've had it all done there. They're always there for us, and they are the most attentive, caring and professional veterinarians we know. "
- Lisa Hofer
04/13/2019 16:27:00
"Everyone is very friendly and helpfull"
- Tommy Shepard
04/12/2019 20:06:56
"Great experience! It was Teds first vet appointment and the doctor was friendly and very knowledgeable. Ted loved the visit abnd I feel like we got all the help and advice we were looking for! "
- Kate Erkoboni
04/11/2019 20:26:24
"Love the care provided. Very costly though in comparison to other vet clinics. "
- Larry Arnold
04/10/2019 18:46:07
"No complaints. Everyone is very nice. We don’t feel rushed. Keep up the good work of being personable. "
- Mary Bonneau
04/10/2019 02:33:58
"Feels like taking our animals to family!"
- Susan Beckerman
04/08/2019 02:00:15
"Our dog had a cancerist growth on her belly and had the 6 upper and 6 lower teeth in front were missing, except the roots were still in the gum.We received our dog from a Lab rescue so it came with some issues. But we didn't expect the growth to occur nor did we expect her roots of her missing teeth to still be there. The staff at Arrowhead were very efficient and knowledgeble about both of our dog's issue and they put together some options for us to consider. They explained everything in a detailed mannner that we could understand and we rere about to make a decision about having her items taken care of within a week's timeframe, we didn't expect that both procedures could be done so quickly. Kudos to the team!! To start with we were able to get her in to see the Vet and get thiese items diagnosed right away on Saturday morning and within 15 minutes of our call have her examined. We are very pleased with the service and quality work Arrowhead has given us so far, not to mention the courtesy and caring the staff are."
- Dennis Mullen
04/07/2019 19:18:00
"We always kennel our Bichon, Casey, with Arrowhead whenever we travel. Casey’s nearly 17 years old. He’s blind and deaf, so he needs special care. We know from past experience that the people who operate Arrowhead’s kennel (Loren, Yolanda and Gia) always look after him as is he were their own. That gives us enormous piece of mind. Also, due to Casey's age, if he were to suffer a medical emergency, the Vets are there to step in at a moment’s notice. We wouldn’t consider leaving Casey in the care of any other facility. Thanks to everyone at Arrowhead Animal Hospital. We are one of your long-term, loyal customers. Rick & Mary Hodge. "
- Richard L Hodge
04/07/2019 16:42:19
"Great service always"
- James Neville
04/07/2019 15:26:10
"Happy with the service we receive."
- Lloyd Gullett
04/06/2019 23:50:29
"The vets have been very good at explaining everything, & taking time to listen to questions. I would recommend them for sure."
- Delores Holmes
04/06/2019 17:36:07
"Dr. Cordell is a great Vet, and the office staff are nice."
- Ingrid VanDenAbbeele
04/06/2019 00:56:21
"Our little Boston terrier had a through exam.. we were told what the problem was and given options to make it beteer"
- Bill Smith
04/05/2019 22:17:13
"Honestly no problems ! Great staff and Dr. Johnson was awesome, he's very thorough in explaining things, which was much appreciated."
- Jennifer Redford-Davis
04/05/2019 18:54:42