"You guys have been great for every visit."
- Josh Luttrell
03/08/2019 18:25:07
"Great nothing to add."
- Reid Miller
03/08/2019 02:03:13
"We were very pleased with the care and attention paid to our cat Max. We checked out many references for a veterinarian, since Max is fairly new to our family and Arrowhead Animal Hospital was very favorably recommended. We were able to get in to see a doctor very quickly (the next day). The vet techs and the doctor were very kind and caring and knowledgeable regarding Max's exam. We were not pressured into getting unnecessary tests which has happened in the past. I'm very happy to have found this clinic and it's close to home. Thanks to everyone."
- Susan Niles
03/07/2019 19:47:53
"It Was Wonderful Overall. Awesome Vet Doctor With Lots Of Knowledge. Everyone Is Friendly. You Guys Are Doing Great. "
- Summer Gallegos
03/07/2019 08:06:04
"Brookie and I had a wonderful experience. Dr. FIELDS and the entire staff were professional, caring and kind."
- Juanita Razo
03/07/2019 05:35:59
"Everyone at Arrowhead has always been wonderful with Nate."
- Gregory & Diana Neece
03/06/2019 23:15:16
"We just recently switched to your practice and we have been very happy."
- Shannon Wheat
03/05/2019 15:07:36
"I'm fortunate that Missy doesn't need medical care very often except for her yearly exam. When she does need it, you take good care of her tho SHE doesn't appreciate it!"
- Faye Christensen
03/04/2019 15:27:59
"Very good service and nice people taking care of our 4 legged kids!"
- Chuck Slusser
03/02/2019 20:51:24
"All seamed ok. Zuri seamed will cared for and that’s what we wanted"
- Rhonda Springer
03/02/2019 18:24:27
"The Vet was wonderful. He gave me options for treatment. I did not feel pressured to pick any of them. Just to pick the right option for my pet and me."
- Chanin Wilson
03/01/2019 18:37:08
"This is the only place I trust boarding my dog. I have tried so many other things and this is the only place he doesn't freak out about. Thank you! "
- Sunflower Beahm
03/01/2019 18:32:52
"Everyone was really nice, I felt very comfortable and coconut was a lot more comfortable with the service than I even thought she would be. "
- Maria Garcia
03/01/2019 17:09:52
"We love Arrowhead! The staff and care has always been wonderful. Unfortunately our senior dog is suffering from vestibular disease (diagnosed at an emergency care) and transporting him to the vet is difficult and traumatic for him at this point. We have had to find a mobile vet for follow up at this point. We are trying Golden Paws in Golden- the people have been great over the phone. Perhaps we will be back if Shaggy gets his sea legs again. "
- Cheryl Lammers
02/28/2019 21:52:26
"Very good."
- Kent Gorham
02/28/2019 20:32:37
"Prompt service at the agreed upon appointment. Caring spirit from all the staff. I really appreciated Dr. Fieldso input and assessment of our situation. "
- Patrick McAteer
02/28/2019 06:01:22
"We have always had a good positive experience at The clinic. The staff are all very wonderful. I recommend this place to anyone. "
- Amelia Hoffarth
02/26/2019 14:41:41
"The veterinarian was very kind and knowledgeable . Experience in office very good."
- Shelley Diegel
02/25/2019 15:14:40
"The Dr. And staff are wonderful. Couldn't ask for better quality care. "
- Shari Darmer
02/24/2019 20:14:25
"This was my first visit with Dr. Todack and I really like her and her approach with Hobbs."
- Amy Lodes
02/24/2019 19:46:38
"They don't have to change anything. The people are so nice and very very good with my dog."
- Sheryl Smith
02/23/2019 19:46:38
"We are very happy with the care you guys provide to Lucy and Tortis. We appreciate not feeling rushed through our appointments and the docs willingness to answer all questions and put us at ease. "
- Ana Nguyen
02/22/2019 19:04:01
"Doing great. I appreciate all the care and love you show Ellie any time we need to come in."
- Ashley Severance
02/21/2019 19:11:22
"You are doing welL All my questions were answered to my satisfaction."
- JoAnne Weed
02/21/2019 06:30:52
"Dr. Todack did a wonderful job with our dog and explained things very well. The follow up call the next day was prompt and helpful. thanks for all your hard work"
- Richard & Nancy Santala
02/20/2019 22:30:44
"Thank you for the quick support, you all are doing a fantastic job. "
- Tyler Morley
02/20/2019 20:39:57
"Very personable and professional service"
- Ken A. Dockus
02/19/2019 23:14:09
"Dr. Todak went the extra mile and lifted our Zada into the car for me when I left. "
- Rebecca & Christopher Muniz
02/19/2019 14:41:36
"I have always been treated very well and I get the feeling that the doctors and assistants really care about the animals. I’m glad I chose Arrowhead when I moved here from out of state!"
- LeeAnn Looman
02/17/2019 01:02:07
"It was my first time here (you had seen 1 of my dogs before but with her dad). It was just for a general check up and shots."
- Sheri Anderson
02/16/2019 23:22:20
"I appreciate everything you do - especially how I feel so comfortable with letting you take Kittles to the other room."
- Rebecca Whittington
02/16/2019 18:31:47
"You always do well"
- Alice Potter
02/16/2019 17:42:07
"Everybody was really nice and caring. They took great care with Rico."
- Janice Cook
02/16/2019 16:09:48
"I have been very happy with Arrowhead Animal Hospital. They offer excellent care for my dogs and cat. They always get us in on short notice, and never rush us through an appointment. Their diagnoses have been spot on, with excellent explanations of my pet's problem and my options for treatment. Their prices are reasonable, making maintenance visits much more affordable. My dogs actually enjoy their visits. Sandy Quintana"
- Sandra Quintana
02/15/2019 23:04:04
"I love the care we get at Arrowhead."
- Janet Bax
02/15/2019 22:34:45
"This is an excellent provider! I would recommend them to anyone and have many times. I use them not only for vet care, but also for boarding of my 4 fur babies. The Arrowhead Staff treats your animals like they are their own pets. "
- Kim Rego
02/15/2019 15:51:24
"Our experience has always been warm, friendly and helpful even going through the horrible process of putting our first dog down. We would recommend Arrowhead to any animal owner."
- Steve & Julie Jung
02/15/2019 00:52:46
"Doing a great job. I've never had to worry about Arrowhead Animal Hospital's people or how Mattie is treated."
- David Bartmess
02/14/2019 23:22:42
"Love the staff at Arrowhead, and feel my dog gets good care."
- Susan Long
02/14/2019 20:41:31
"Love your follow up and reminders about needed medical and/or pharmaceutical attention!"
- William & Karen Greer
02/14/2019 15:16:03
"Your staff is the best! We love coming to you because you offer such great care to our pets. We can tell you really want to help them be in the best health they can be in without offering unnecessary treatments or products. We appreciate all you do for us and our fur babies! "
- Kaleigh Draper
02/14/2019 15:13:19
"You are doing great!"
- Carolina Lau
02/14/2019 06:14:41
"Very happy with Arrowhead. From reminders to the service itself, I couldn't be more satisfied."
- Penny L. Chaney
02/14/2019 05:20:23
"We have only had one visit but it was a good one."
- Beth Paddock
02/14/2019 01:12:02
"The facility is nice and it is staffed with professionals. "
- Brenda Martinson
02/14/2019 00:39:41
"Every time I have come to your office the help and caring has been do special. Thank you for all that you do for our pets and their owners."
- Terry & LuAnn Cessna
02/14/2019 00:12:01
"You all treat our dog like she's royalty!! She's spoiled and she loves it! We appreciate the compassionate & affective care given to our dog while boarding! "
- Emily Cox
02/13/2019 21:36:54
"We love Dr. Todack. She helped us when we had to put down our first dog. She was very compassionate. She has been great with our second dog and vet visits."
- Laura Burton
02/13/2019 21:19:37
"Dr Curtis Cordell, Vet could not be more professional or compassionate. He treats are golden, Cooper like one of his own."
- Eileen Ruscetta
02/13/2019 16:19:00
"Everyone did a great job with Franklin."
- James Chmielowiec
02/12/2019 13:49:27
"I’m very happy with my interactions with the tech staff and Dr. Cordell. Every one is so pleasant and Dr. Cordell is always great with my animal companions. Dr. Cordell is the best veterinarian I’ve ever had and probably the smartest person I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. It’s comforting to bring your pets to a place where you can trust they’ll receive the best care possible."
- Lisa Quinn
02/10/2019 01:52:35
"I am very honest in my feedback. I was super happy with every person I encountered on our visit. Nic and courteous. Keep up the great customer service and concern for animal. "
- Mary Bonneau
02/09/2019 02:15:51
"The doctor takes time to answer any and all questions."
- Lindsay Cullen
02/08/2019 17:47:12
"The vet was really good and she listened to me about my dog which I’m so grateful for however the staff up front maybe could be a bit more friendly "
- Denise Elliott
02/07/2019 21:44:00
"we have always received the best of care. we appreciate the they way Dr.Cordell treats our pets as if they were his own. very friendly and out going."
- Vickie Trumbo
02/07/2019 03:40:45
"Every vet we have had contact with here is great ! We have a problem child that ends up needing emergency help often and they always accommodate us by seeing her as soon as possible. "
- Matt Maras
02/06/2019 21:50:23
"I have never had a bad experience with anyone at Arrowhead. Love the fact that the vets come to our house for Kobe and Marleigh!!!! "
- Sheree Baumgartner
02/06/2019 21:40:36
"Katie and Mink came home looking very good and seemed so much more relaxed than after I have picked them up from other boarding facilities in the past. They didn't seem at all stressed out by their boarding experience at Arrowhead and don't seem to have the need to "sleep off" their boarding stay for about three days as they have needed to do in the past before resuming their usual lifestyle at home. I'm very pleased with how well Arrowhead took care of them and it gives me peace of mind to know that Arrowhead is a good choice for future boarding needs. "
- Sue Giacoma
02/06/2019 21:40:10
"I’m happy with your office. "
- Kathleen Sugarmann
02/04/2019 20:14:27
"always polite, caring and professional"
- David & Karen Shomler
02/04/2019 16:29:33
"All of the employees are very helpful. We say Dr Field this trip. She was a joy along with her assistant (who I have forgotten her name) and took great Sassy! She is feeling much better now. I am happy she is doing she well. I thank these two ladies for their expertise,"
- Pat & Steve Mayo
02/04/2019 01:05:47
"I feel like you guys do a great job. "
- Carly Younkerman
02/04/2019 00:15:08
"Great experience!"
- Brett Ligrani
02/03/2019 20:53:29
"Harley has a few "Issues" that Dr. Todack and the staff were very intune with, such as being abandoned at a vet clinic, not liking strangers and not liking men at all. Taylor and Dr. Todack made Harley feel very comfortable which in turn made it so much easier for me. I was referred to Dr. Todack because of her compassion and I'm so glad I found her. "
- Paula Armstrong
02/03/2019 20:34:09
"You have taken such good care of Cujo. I would recommend you anytime. "
- Jim Remines
02/02/2019 20:45:19
"You are very attentive and compasssionate when dealing with our pet. We appreciate how we were able to schedule an appointment at such short notice. "
- Karl Wilmes
02/02/2019 01:35:18
"Our pup Sugar has had 2 TPLO surgeries and they both when amazing. We couldn’t have hoped for a better vet to take care of her!! "
- Anna Lathem
02/01/2019 22:52:31
"You are doing great! I fully trust you with our pets' health."
- Patrice Scott
01/31/2019 21:25:36
"Very happy with service."
- Lloyd Gullett
01/30/2019 23:35:05
"Wonderful care for both my dogs been coming to you guys for over 20 years now and will continue to!"
- Michael Trowbridge
01/29/2019 15:49:55
"Really excellent doctors and staff"
- Heather Aites
01/28/2019 20:49:12
"I've always had a good experience - Everyone is willing to spend time talking about our concerns - Never rushing us in and out"
- Phyllis Cole
01/28/2019 16:03:39
"Omar's ears have improved dramatically. Thank you."
- Douglas Risch
01/27/2019 23:40:23
- Melissa Martinez
01/27/2019 19:45:33
"love everyone in the office - front office staff, techs and doctors- and I love the honest, straightforward answers and followup. No upsells."
- Melissa Dallum
01/26/2019 22:07:20
"You have been taking care of my dogs for 18 years! I have only had post it every experiences - keep up the great work!"
- Sue Crawford
01/26/2019 19:48:58
"Dr Cordell is great!"
- John Heitert
01/25/2019 23:41:17
"I have had positive experiences at all my appts. Y'all go above and beyond to help me. "
- Jen Rahn
01/25/2019 20:54:37
"Good facility, great staff."
- Rita Kunz
01/25/2019 19:48:56
"I love everything about you guys and have no complaints what so ever!!!"
- Lynneah Langdon
01/25/2019 19:39:56
"To be totally honest I was very happy with my dog’s thorough examine and consultation going over risks and benefits of doing a dental on my 14 yr old dog. Dr C took his time and discussed all my concerns so that I felt I could make the bet decision for my pet and her ongoing healthcare. The techs and office stsff are always very friendly and handle my dog with TLC. The office is clean and free of odors which is a plus! "
- Nancy Hedberg
01/25/2019 18:22:25
"Helpful in every way to make sure Rafa gets the best care. Kim goes above and beyond and Dr Kordell is a great, caring vet! Susan"
- Susan Haley
01/25/2019 18:02:27
"The tech that took my dog was very nice and seemed genuine. I feel other staff could display better customer service. "
- Debbie Biegger
01/24/2019 23:55:28
"We had a great experience as always! The team was so helpful when I had to reschedule our original appt and even though we saw a new Vet, he was so nice, helpful and answered all my questions with professionalism and care. Can't say enough good things about Arrowhead! "
- Jeni Fleck
01/24/2019 22:12:03
"You guy's are the best. Great staff "
- Dave Doty
01/24/2019 19:13:40
"All of the staff are amazing."
- Mindi Landon
01/23/2019 17:39:08
"Very friendly personnel, a positive experience all around."
- Steve Miller
01/23/2019 17:02:15
"Great experience with arrowhead vet!"
- Kelly Butler
01/22/2019 04:51:03
"I think you always do a great job. We never wait long, sessions go smoothly, and the vets are friendly."
- Robert & Barbara Gilman
01/19/2019 00:15:46
"Dr Todack is an exceptional veterinarian....always caring and compassionate! Very helpful and competent front desk staff."
- Jyl Nieto
01/18/2019 17:46:58
"your staff shows a genuine interest in our pet, whenever we come to your place. Appears the staff is knowledgeable about their their process for accessing problems with their pets. Too early to tell right now, hae only two visits"
- Dennis Mullen
01/16/2019 02:04:03
"We were very pleased with our visit. It was shocking to learn Teddy had diabetes but we were treated so kindly and given plenty of time to process his diagnosis. Taylor was excellent in giving us a demo on how to give Teddy his injections and answered all of our questions. Dr. Cordell was so good to us and made us feel very at ease. Never easy to go to a new vet clinic and receive news like this. We look forward to working with your clinic to give Teddy the best possible care. "
- Cyndy Ellermeier
01/16/2019 01:53:37
"Overall we have been pleased that is why we keep coming back."
- Richard W. Jr. Robertson
01/15/2019 21:35:14
"Excellent care and boarding! Theo is always happy to go and stay!"
- Lindsay Roybal
01/14/2019 19:42:45
"Fantastic visit as always! Everyone is super helpful and wonderful!"
- Jessica Bell
01/14/2019 01:43:14
"Very nice staff. Doctor and assistant took very good care of my cat. Very gentle. "
- Michael & Cathy Goetz
01/13/2019 22:03:29
"Great care"
- Cinnamon East
01/13/2019 20:35:52
"Great Veterinarian. Nice staff. Clean facilities. Reasonably priced. There is a good reason you've been around as long as you have. Thanks for all your hard work! We look forward to being long time clients..."
- Max Armstrong
01/13/2019 19:47:55
"Dr. Todack is so wonderful. She is caring and has a wonderful bedside manner. She doesn't push things that aren't necessary. The front office staff and veterinary assistants are very helpful and friendly as well. To be honest, I left Arrowhead years ago because of the lack of care/concern that was shown for my dog that has since passed on. I was apprehensive about returning, but was encouraged by my dog sitter. I am so glad to be back with Dr. Todack being a part of the practice."
- Shawn Tanaka
01/13/2019 03:01:41
"All good"
- Linda Jo Wilson
01/12/2019 00:56:44