"Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. Pennie and I got right in for her appointment and finished in about 15 minutes. Perfect as she always gets nervous being at the doctor. Thank you!"
- Jim Anthony
11/06/2017 16:24:43
"Always very good customer service. "
- Chris Tillman
11/05/2017 18:08:01
"Always appreciate how thoughtful everyone is, listens and then follows up with suggestions and help. Thanks for taking time with us, giving options, and understanding our needs as well as the needs of our pets. "
- Deric & Dawn Rachjaibun
11/03/2017 11:17:03
"Very good. Got an appointment the same day we called. Less than 10 minutes in the waiting room. Caring technician and Veterinarian. The only negative comment naturally is pricing. We love Arrowhead."
- Guy Brouillette
11/01/2017 13:57:38
"Everyone at the front desk is very friendly. "
- Vincent & Tanya Frank
10/31/2017 13:12:41
"Love the doc and he treats my Josie in the best way"
- Elayne Reichard
10/31/2017 05:28:33
"Excellent help in getting our dogs in and out of the office. We appreciate that so much along with all the smiles and wonderful Veterinary care!"
- Wanda Dienst
10/29/2017 17:10:33
"Very friendly... "
- Martha Labadie
10/29/2017 13:17:57
"Everyone on the staff is always great. Very accommodating and they always put my dog in a comforting mood. "
- Christopher Sharp
10/29/2017 01:53:57
"Was easy to refill dog RX "
- Chanin Wilson
10/27/2017 18:33:42
- Michelle Santistevan
10/27/2017 01:15:04
"Everyone here is great from the techs to the vets. We have brought our dogs here from the time they were puppies. "
- Matt & Kim Maras
10/26/2017 14:25:08
"All staff are excellent as well as the service I have received.."
- Janice Coble
10/25/2017 19:36:22
"I love all the ladies and Dr's. What a great CREW "
- Bridget Hahn
10/25/2017 16:12:30
"Dr. P saved our cats life 30 years ago when another vet told us to kill him over infected claw removal. He is our hero!"
- Wayne & Vicki Clements
10/25/2017 14:41:37
"I really like my vet. She was very thorough and understood my situation. "
- Gregory Snyder
10/25/2017 14:28:24
"You guys are wonderful! Jennifer has wonderful bedside manner with the animals. We love her."
- Tom & Lysa Sermak
10/25/2017 13:13:19
"The techs and Dr were both terrifically friendly and helpful towards both me and my dog. I feel comfortable putting my golden retriever's care in Dr. Houchens hands. Arrowhead has taken great care of her for years now. "
- Todd Christy
10/25/2017 04:18:54
"I love that you make it fast and easy to get care. "
- Michelle Udy
10/24/2017 20:07:13
"As usual the visit went very well. The staff at the desk were welcoming and friendly. The vet tech asked questions and made note of the answers. Dr. Bolinger greeted the dogs asked more questions and took care of concerns"
- Beverly Baldwin
10/23/2017 20:15:04
"You saved the life of our precious Mercedes. We can't thank you enough. What I love the most about Arrowhead is that you are a TRUE neighborhood vet. I have had a lot of pets and been to a lot of vets. Arrowhead is like coming home. Everybody there really cares. It's not just a patch and fix and on your way. We have only been coming here a little over a year and haven't seen all of the vets as of yet. But....everybody has always been thoughtful and caring and that is what matters the most to me. Thank you all!!!"
- Linda Washington
10/23/2017 15:28:15
"I just came in for one dog to get a shot for his allergies and both of them got nail trims, the vet tech I worked with wsa friendly and fast. Even answered a question for me completely unrelated! Great, easy trip!"
- Tiffany Leck
10/23/2017 15:17:37
"I feel like the techs and vets listen to me and not make general assumption about my dogs. "
- Elizabeth Darling
10/23/2017 01:30:31
"As nervous pet parents, we both felt that everyone was very patient and informative about everything. "
- Sarah Johnson
10/22/2017 18:11:07
"Rafa is doing much better with his L ear infection and cruddy nose problems. Thank you for taking time and helping Rafa!"
- Susan Haley
10/22/2017 17:03:08
"Doing a great job!"
- Robert & Shelly Landgraf
10/22/2017 14:04:25
"I am very pleased with the care and service provided and the compassion that your staff has for my pets. I have had nothing but great experiences since i started coming to Arrowhead."
- Cheryl & Jerry Croley
10/22/2017 13:02:23
"I only wish you could move your clinic closer to our house....we are a good 30 - 40 minute drive from you! Otherwise, its all good!"
- Maggie King
10/21/2017 21:13:34
"You're doing great. Everyone is helpful and friendly. It's expensive, but I'm sure most good vet clinics are. "
- Karen Moyer-Trinidad
10/21/2017 19:56:19
"Everyone was nice. "
- Julie Coffman
10/21/2017 17:50:55
"It's always a great experience. "
- Mike Rozek
10/20/2017 15:39:05
"my dogs were just scheduled to get shots on our visit, but my older dog was having some anal gland issues. I asked if they could be checked and it was no problem- the Doctor even came in to explain what he saw. I really appreciate that- I know that you all genuinely care about my pets."
- Gerhard Leicht
10/20/2017 13:08:24
"I called in the morning and was taken on the same day. The appointment was on time, staff was friendly and professional, pricing was fair, outcome was excellent, and thank you for great service. Happy Customer "
- Jennifer Gilmore
10/19/2017 01:30:09
"Very much enjoyed our Vet and Vet tech! Very personable, thorough and explained everything very well."
- Claire Young
10/18/2017 01:07:25
- Bob Loveridge
10/17/2017 23:20:56
"Everything was perfect. Arrowhead always takes such good care of Harley. It is obvious the entire staff actually likes animals and it just isn't a job. Everyone cares. Thank you."
- Bradley Frederick
10/17/2017 18:48:17
"Everything was great! Clean, professional, friendly!"
- Kathy Walter
10/17/2017 18:07:17
"I have known Dr. P for so many years and have always trusted him with all my dogs. I know no other than Arrowhead and do not intent to change Vets. Mary"
- Mary Jones
10/17/2017 17:03:58
"Great in my book "
- David Bishop
10/17/2017 17:02:17
"Awesome as always!"
- Alex Kalivas
10/17/2017 16:46:16
"Was a good visit - everyone was kind to myself and my dog. I would really like the ability to pay ahead or while the dog is being worked on (nail trim in this case) so that I can be in and out quick or can manage the payment without the dog on the leash. Easier to juggle."
- Elizabeth Malagisi
10/17/2017 16:40:41
"You guys are great, I recommend you to everyone."
- Shad Tischer
10/17/2017 15:57:08
"I always feel welcome when I come into Arrowhead and since Fletcher is always super excited he must be feeling welcomed also."
- Jeffery E. Jones
10/17/2017 15:52:14
"everyone very pleasant and helpful.... .helped me carry my animals to car."
- Sheila Sannes
10/17/2017 15:44:06
"We always have a great experience and as always this one was great too."
- Kirsten M Mills
10/17/2017 14:50:46
"Arrowhead has been the care-giver for a number of pets in our families. Currently, Arrowhead is caring for Sassie and Lacey in our home, along with Buca, Teewee and Izzy in our daughter's home, and Kona and Sugar in our niece's home. Clearly, Arrowhead is our "Family Vet", and will continue to fill that role. Arrowhead is a Family Affair!"
- William & Karen Greer
10/17/2017 13:58:53
"Very pleased with the care given to my cat. My cat is a sphynx, and not all vets know much about the breed. But Dr. Bolinger was very knowledgeable. I didn't need to explain why his eyes tear a lot or why he has lots of earwax buildup. Thank you!"
- Sarah Starr
10/17/2017 13:41:48
"No complaints. We always receive great care. "
- William & Marjorie Mason
10/17/2017 13:39:13
"You all are great and have all dialed in very well. Visits are efficent and on time. I appericate not being upsold on things that Gus does not need. "
- Jasun Wurster
10/17/2017 13:11:24
"I walked in with Luna and was greeted immediately. She needed 6mos Bordatella. After a very short wait, Luna was taken by a Vet Tech and I proceeded to schedule an appt for my other dog, Nod. Luna quickly reappeared and the Vet Tech said she did great. We paid and we're back out the door. I also noticed the receptionists up front working together to speedily get me on my way. "
- Kate Carter
10/17/2017 13:07:32
"As always, you guys have been amazing with both of my dogs. We really appreciate all the follow up calls after visits, to make sure they are doing well. "
- Jennifer O'Bryan
10/17/2017 11:55:48
"You guys are the best! Very professional. We just love Dr. Hitchens too!!"
- Robert Schamberger
10/17/2017 11:36:22
"When an injury occurs to our furry family member, we sometimes have to weigh the costs to help determine our action plan. We were so pleased that the vet expenses at our last unscheduled check was much less than we anticipated. We love the care that you give our fur kids and really love that we can afford it, too."
- Annette & Burt Charron
10/15/2017 20:23:26
"We came to Arrowhead because of our past (now current again!!!) relationship with Dr. Houchens. We were greeted by your friendly staff, the facility was very comfortable and clean - and - no surprise - the visit was very nice. Loved being connected with Dr. Houchens again!"
- Debby Stark-Curtis
10/14/2017 14:02:43
"Great! I researched in hopes of finding the best office around for my pet, and I was not disappointed. Thank you for making it easy for us to find an honest and pleasant office!"
- Kristie Covey
10/14/2017 03:55:46
"Everything was great. Prices are high but I feel like we are getting quality care. I'm sure all vets are expensive. "
- Janet Stevens
10/12/2017 04:48:08
"The atmosphere was great. Everyone remembers colt and so it was an in and out precedure. I'm very comfortable taking Colt there. Thanks for everything you guys have done!"
- Ronnie Hodgson
10/11/2017 22:44:47
"Great service and caring people"
- David & Coleen Miller
10/11/2017 20:51:45
"We LOVE Dr Todak. Period."
- Raymond & Pat Luzier
10/11/2017 14:28:39
"fantastic! I couldnt imagine anything better!"
- Dan Lichtenwalner
10/10/2017 17:39:51
"We always are treated well at Arrowhead AH, and my pups, though somewhat nervous at the Vet's, always wag their tails while there! If they were terrified, that would not happen!!"
- Victoria /Timothy Maclaren
10/10/2017 11:22:42
"Great teamwork and I appreciate the flexibility the team used since I wound up bringing in both my pets."
- Donna Herman
10/09/2017 16:30:58
"Everyone is always so friendly and treat our dogs like their own, which means a lot!"
- Janette Fellows-Papak
10/09/2017 16:27:20
"I love Dr Todak. She is so great and has taken great care of my pets. I also really like the desk staff!!"
- Debbie Veltri
10/09/2017 07:03:39
"Overall we are very pleased with the Vet care and service. The staff is excellent and seems to know us and our dogs. All of the vets are very caring. I have no complaints. I am very grateful for the care of our animals. We are very satisfied with our vetrinary care and recommend them to our friends."
- Bruce Eigenberger
10/09/2017 05:02:15
"I am very happy with Arrow Head Animal Hospital. Everyone there understands my concerns for the overall health of my dog. "
- Barbara Glaser
10/08/2017 22:29:36
"Cinnamon loves Dr. Jim❤️"
- Bill Akerson
10/08/2017 19:01:59
"Jennifer was excellent with the care she offered and excellent at explaining everything to us. We are grateful. "
- Paul Dahlgren
10/08/2017 15:17:14
" Just needed to pick up some meds for my dog. They were ready and Marilyn was great. "
- Sharon Jubb
10/08/2017 13:25:50
"You all do a wonderful job of working in "unexpected" appointments and spend time to help us better understand the situation at hand. "
- Rollin Craft
10/07/2017 23:28:45
"Had an awesome experience, they treated my puppy wonderful and now they have my other dog too"
- Mary Sausman
10/07/2017 21:48:04
"The office experience was fantastic. I was anxious about my pup and was put totally at ease. I felt listened to and understood and like the staff really cared about my concerns for my dog. I was given a prescription and advised to go to any pharmacy...it turns out that Walgreens want $150 for a 1 mo th prescription (I found it online with pet meds for under $30) so I would have appreciated a little more/better advice on best value for my prescriptions (especially since this medication will be somewhat long term). I have been advised today by pet meds that I need to call the practice to discuss/confirm the prescription which I will do on Monday 10/9. Aside from the prescription issues everything was great and I would have given a 5 if it were not for that. "
- Natalie Wheeler
10/07/2017 21:28:46
- Margaret Newberry
10/07/2017 20:23:22
"Very courteous staff, always greeted with a smile."
- Jenny Worek
10/07/2017 17:12:14
"Excellent care and follow up. "
- Jack & Sheila Drew
10/06/2017 04:12:37
"I am very hesitant and reluctant to take my animal to a veterinarian unless absolutely necessary so I appreciate the fact that I was made to feel heard and be a part of my beautiful Serenity's care"
- Kimberly Diaz
10/06/2017 03:01:52
"Always feel welcome at Arrowheaad! "
- Jennifer Larkin
10/05/2017 22:21:20
"My interaction at the counter provided helpful information."
- Amy Thrall
10/05/2017 22:00:42
" It was just for a nail trim. In And out very quickly. And it’s nice that the techs also inquired about my other dog checkers. Very friendly. "
- Lucy Sieber
10/05/2017 18:49:03
"Our French Penelope had the hives and was throwing up. Even though it was a Sat. Morning and all appointments were booked Dr. P worked her in, then kept an eye on her for a couple of hours to make sure she was getting better. Turned out she probably tangled with a wasp. We have been going to Arrowhead for over 20 years through good and bad times. Thank you for your help, and for being supportive with our older girl that has cancer."
- Bill Smith
10/05/2017 15:22:47
"You are excellent! Doctor Houchens has been amazing to us and taking care of Jericho."
- David Jones
10/05/2017 14:33:34
"The front office staff is very professional and kind. Dr. Cordell delivers great care "
- Doug & Lisa Zwiers
10/05/2017 14:16:47
"Check in was great, checking no so much."
- Mary Williams
10/05/2017 13:44:52
"I had an emergency and you saw my pup right away. That is awesome"
- Jane Brueckner
10/05/2017 04:30:55
"Absolutely great, I love bringing my babies there"
- Cara Carlson
10/05/2017 03:48:31
"We love Dr. Houtchens!!"
- Dennis Perlmutter
10/05/2017 02:29:52
"Phoebe and Cooper get great care and we appreciate knowing they are safe when we are out of town. "
- Chris & Tim Carter
10/05/2017 02:28:55
"I appreciate the entire staffs' attentive caring attitude toward Nikita and to me. Thank you."
- Lin Cressey
10/04/2017 20:28:08
"Everything was wounderful. Everyone was very friendly and took excellent care of Kaia "
- Doug Pearce
10/04/2017 20:24:12
"No complaints!"
- Katie Link
10/04/2017 20:17:11
"Everyone was so nice and accommodating. Dr. Todack explained things clearly and was wonderful. "
- Rhonda Rogers
10/04/2017 19:36:13
"You are all wonderful. Our pets are getting superb care. The front desk staff is so friendly and always smiling. The Drs. are the best. "
- Orville Wright
10/04/2017 19:28:58
"Have no bad. We always find the care excellent."
- Maggie Hough
10/04/2017 18:40:42
"I think everyone is fantastic!!!!!"
- Anita Quintana
10/04/2017 17:09:37
"I appreciate Dr. Cordell's thoroughness in diagnosing Ollie's condition."
- Magda Altmann
10/04/2017 16:22:55
"Everyone was friendly and helpful. The vet techs seemed well-informed and genuinely interested in the care of our cat, and the same was true of the doctor herself."
- Jared Wilson
10/04/2017 16:17:27
"Dr Todack is wonderful, as all your staff is. Thank you so much for all you do for our fur-babies!"
- Brian & Steph Krouse
10/04/2017 16:16:22
"Everyone is always friendly and helpful. I feel like the vets don't jump to conclusions and don't charge for tests that aren't really needed which is great! "
- Breean Mosier
10/04/2017 16:13:31
"The doctors and staff are excellent at the overall care of my pet. "
- Vincent Feil
09/01/2017 14:56:09
"Dr. Jennifer and her assistants are always so patient and caring! They all listen to my paranoid concerns and offer knowledge and reassurance regarding my kittens."
- Jeanne Hartfelder
08/31/2017 21:47:32