"Had made an appointment weeks in advance, but was not on the calendar when arrived. They squeezed us in anyway. Thank you, as I took time off work to make this appointment:) All was good:) "
- Ginger Dally
02/23/2018 06:33:08
"I absolutely love coming to this office when I have to have my pets taken care of. All the technicians and the doctors are wonderful and take such good care of my animals. The only downfall to this Clinic is I wish you guys dealt with reptiles because when I had an emergency with my pet snake I had to go all the way down to Hampton and I-25. Otherwise it has been a wonderful experience and I thank you guys for the continuous care you provide for my animals."
- Raven Boyd
02/22/2018 23:28:53
"Very informative, fast, and friendly!"
- Amy Ladtkow
02/22/2018 14:07:20
"Excellent staff and facilities. Great personal service."
- Mark S. Jensen
02/22/2018 08:01:38
"My dog is a little drama king and you guys take great care of him. Thanks!"
- Helen Stella
02/22/2018 02:31:52
"Great communication and excellent services & care"
- Ryan Warfield
02/22/2018 02:09:15
"I wouldn't change a thing! The vet techs, veterinarians and staff are all phenomenal!"
- Nadia Morales
02/21/2018 23:07:27
"Great. I was seen on time. The doc took plenty of time to explain everything to me. "
- TJ Treichel
02/20/2018 18:05:41
"The staff is always very friendly and kind to my dog."
- Elyse Barnette
02/20/2018 03:03:58
"You are great! Friendly when we step in the door and it continues from there. Trust Dr. Bollinger with all our animals. She is so knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to determine the problem. Thank all of you so much!"
- Pat & Steve Mayo
02/20/2018 02:10:10
"Very happy that we could have Bailey checked at the last minute. Thank you for the care you have given our Bailey. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK THAT YOU DO."
- Rick Reese
02/20/2018 01:44:15
"I came in for a Doggie influenza shot. He had been limping, I mentioned it and they found out his toe was broken, so they bandaged it and put a boot on. He hates the boot but they were amazing and called to check on him Saturday to see how the bandaging held up."
- Erin Thompson
02/19/2018 22:04:40
"you are always great. I trust arrowhead, all of the docs, have the best interest of my furry children in mind."
- Ronald L. & Tammy Mitchell
02/19/2018 19:14:02
"I loved that they explained everything to us about the procedure and took the time to answer our questions. We felt Bailey was in the best possible care."
- Cathy Barnes
02/19/2018 16:14:15
"I just love the staff at arrowhead. They treat you like family. Dr. Bolinger is amazing and is there to answer any question for you. Vet tech Tiffany my dogs just love her espically my male husky. "
- Susan McAllister
02/18/2018 19:56:21
"Always very helpful"
- Lynn Kelso
02/18/2018 14:15:22
"The visit was fine, my only quibble would be that I was not told in advance that Cammie was going to be given a three year rabies shot, rather than the one year I'm used to. No problem except for the extra expense that I wasn't expecting."
- Sheila Chapman
02/18/2018 00:29:08
"We always feel well taken care of here."
- Cheryl Barton
02/17/2018 20:27:45
"Everything was fine. No complaints. I recently switched from another veterinary office and I am so glad I did. I feel my pet is getting excellent care from Arrowhead Animal Hospital."
- Peg Wirt
02/17/2018 03:50:32
"I LOVE this place and Dr. Cordell. Everyone is so pleasant and make each visit enjoyable. Thank you everyone for the love you have for our pets. I recommend you often...best veterinary I have ever experienced."
- Michelle Langdon
02/17/2018 03:13:21
"You told my wife that Beethoven is fat. That really hurt his feelings!"
- Albert & Mickey Hoke
02/16/2018 05:37:45
"Great service and we know our dogs will get the best care. Appreciate your genuine concern for our pets and willingness to answer all our questions. "
- Jack & Sheila Drew
02/16/2018 05:25:04
"Our pet have always been treated very well and so have we"
- Russell Strobridge
02/16/2018 01:57:45
"My dog's needs and care is always a priority at Arrow Head. The vets and staff are smiling every time we walk in! They know how to keep our pets healthy and wagging! "
- Lena DelaFuente
02/15/2018 22:15:08
"Nothing bad to discuss...our visits are usually satisfying and productive. I appreciate being recognized when I go to Arrowhead."
- William & Karen Greer
02/15/2018 21:18:32
"Very friendly and kind. Less waiting time."
- Junko Billheimer
02/14/2018 01:58:59
"Pleasant and non stressful visit for woody,vet tech and doctor were great with him."
- Dominic Jenkins
02/13/2018 23:26:25
"Just fine!! We are always happy to visit Arrowhead!"
- Victoria Maclaren
02/13/2018 01:11:51
- Michelle Santistevan
02/12/2018 16:59:43
"Always able to get an appointment within a reasonable time. Dr. Todack takes good care of my CatChildren... :)"
- Charlene Erickson
02/10/2018 18:09:35
"You are all wonderful. We needed a prescription refill and cat food. Ilene and Marilyn were both great about taking care of the request on the phone. The refill was ready for us when they said it would be. Kim took care of our bill while Ilene got our food. They are all so friendly and make us feel welcome."
- Orville Wright
02/10/2018 17:35:23
"I'm extremely pleased with the care that Dr. Cordell gives our pets. He is very thoughtful, professional, thorough, knowledgeable, and courteous. He has worked with us extensively to make sure that Ed's seizures are more rare and of less severity. The front desk employees are also very friendly, professional and helpful. The wait times are very short, and the facility is clean and well kept. I have recommended Arrowhead Animal Hospital to anyone who is looking for a veterinarian."
- Patrice Scott
02/09/2018 17:26:20
"Instruction on my pets health/needs are always clear and very helpful"
- Robert Grigsby
02/08/2018 18:41:21
"Always wonder if all of the labs/tests are necessary or just a way to increase the bill."
- Jeffery E. Jones
02/08/2018 18:10:29
"Everything was great, as usual! Dr. Todak is very thorough, never in a hurry, and always takes the time answers all my questions!"
- Brian Donohue
02/03/2018 19:08:30
"It was great. The doctor - whom I REALLY liked - took the time to answer all my questions. "
- Paula Padilla
02/01/2018 03:26:48
"I’m very happy with Arrowhead. My boy was sick and I was able to get in fast, without an appointment. Also, everyone one of the staff that I interacted with was professional and more importantly, very kind and friendly. "
- Scott Kolowitz
01/31/2018 17:08:40
"Had excellent care for Cosmos."
- Joyce Barbour
01/31/2018 15:35:13
"Everyone...from the front office, vet techs and Dr Todack are friendly, compassionate and professional. I've always had a very positive experiences."
- Jyl Nieto
01/31/2018 15:17:47
"I had a great experience. Everyone was friendly. I love that you greet my dog by name when we walk in."
- Connie Wall
01/31/2018 12:10:21
"Excellent customer service from check in to check out. The vet tech that gave my dog his vaccinations was very professional and answered all my questions. I have taken all my animals to Arrowhead for over 20 years, and will continue to be a client because of the outstanding staff you have."
- Charles E. Hoelzer
01/31/2018 07:53:47
"Dr Cordell and the entire staff at Arrowhead are caring professionals who have never let me down."
- Eileen Ruscetta
01/31/2018 04:53:49
"We have been with Arrowhead for over 25 years. I am partial to Dr. Pfretzscher for he has been wonderful and took care of our first cat who lived to be 21 years of age. The front office staff has always been friendly and the clinic itself has always been clean. I would recommend this practice for it is professional, knowledgeable, and they care."
- Corinne Sewald
01/30/2018 19:04:17
"I was very impressed at the flow of the office when I went in this last Saturday. There were a lot of dogs coming & going, but the team got everyone in quickly and I was out in a flash. I know Saturday's are extremely busy days. The team did great!"
- Jim Anthony
01/29/2018 17:40:57
"Nothing but good! Everyone is wonderful from the office to the doctors, thank you so much! "
- Robert Schamberger
01/28/2018 14:22:52
"I really appreciate the fact that the doctor showed me the cells under the microscope to show me that my dog had no problems. They take the extra time. Thanks, "
- Melinda Armstrong
01/26/2018 15:31:10
"Staff was very nice, even though they were short handed we were in and out very quick."
- Steven & Ellen Egan
01/24/2018 23:24:15
"I really enjoy be there for frist time with Buddy "
- Mary Bila
01/24/2018 15:25:47
"Calm atmosphere, very sweet & caring staff. "
- Ashia Jacobson
01/23/2018 00:54:25
"It has been a pleasure working with the staff. Everyone is very polite and caring. My dogs will continue to go to AAH whenever it is required."
- Elena Thompson
01/22/2018 04:42:16
"Excellent availability for appt (derm) for my dog. Front staff nice/friendly Vet tech was also friendly - I did not see the vet during my visit but I'm not sure if that's standard practice as he was only in for vaccine overall, I had a good experience with my 2 appts. "
- Ray Sirak
01/22/2018 02:42:05
"Love the clean and friendly atmosphere. Everyone is knowledgeable. We are always seen quickly and the best part, our fur baby is well cared for."
- Melissa Loats
01/21/2018 19:33:04
- Marilyn LaRocca
01/20/2018 19:42:28
"We are with "Arrowhead" for 14 years. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. We have mainly be with Dr Pfretzschner and Dr Bollinger. Both are very caring and nice with our boys. Our old dog is 15 years old and Dr Bollinger has been able to make his life easier. All the people at Arrowhead Hospital have done a wonderful job for our two dogs throughout the years. Thank you so much! "
- Juergen & Karin Kliem
01/20/2018 16:06:06
"We have always had a great experience whenever we have brought our dogs in for an appointment."
- Gene Jensen
01/20/2018 13:00:42
"Very kind and professional helping Clarice to the rainbow bridge"
- Cheryl Meaney
01/20/2018 08:48:49
"Great. I like Dr. Todack. She doesn't push treatments I don't think we need. She knows my pets' history and seems to care. "
- Joan Klein
01/17/2018 22:17:22
"I'm very pleased with the care and attention given my furry children. I would change nothing!"
- Sandra Myers
01/17/2018 21:14:09
"You are doing great. The staff is so friendly and the doctors are so easy to talk to. I really like this clinic."
- Sheryl Smith
01/17/2018 19:35:20
"Wonderful staff from the time you arrive until you leave. Dr. Houchens is great with his care and concern for our dog and takes the time necessary to explain everything. Thank You,"
- John Renicker
01/17/2018 15:03:48
"Dr. Todak is knowledgeable and caring."
- Debbie Kriz
01/16/2018 17:39:53
"Excellent experience. After getting over charged and under aided at another vet your clinic was a wonderful change. Thanks so much for helping our furry family member."
- Tod Barry
01/16/2018 17:11:50
"Got excellent care"
- Debbi Swofford
01/16/2018 14:50:20
"Very expert, gentle and genuine care for our new cat. "
- Michael & Cathy Goetz
01/16/2018 00:27:25
"I love this clinic because you have amazing doctors who really care about our pets. "
- Nancy Mardick
01/13/2018 20:00:40
"Dr. Cordell is great, no nonsense, gets right down to business but also is a realist with respect to pet care. There are no “Sales” pushes, just common sense approaches to your individual pet care. "
- Bill Dunning
01/13/2018 19:15:58
"doing a great job."
- Harold Rader
01/13/2018 18:25:33
"I feel that you all are doing a Great Job!!! Oreo and I will be back soon!"
- Bonnie Soucek
01/13/2018 05:08:20
"Great experience. No concerns"
- Marilyn Deal
01/12/2018 19:51:43
"From the front desk you know right away they are glad to see the client and their pets. The techs and boarding kennel assistants assure the client that they care for their pets and know all about their dog right down to favorite treats. There is spot on communication between the front desk and the back office. Dr Bolinger is professional, very sincere when she explains to you what is taking place, what needs to be done and she is a very good listener. "
- Chris & Tim Carter
01/12/2018 18:53:27
"We are so happy with the care our Beagle Kalani gets at Arrowhead that we wouldn't even consider going elsewhere."
- Donald & Barbara Tonn
01/12/2018 16:18:15
"love the front desk folks and the doctors are always readily available for questions. a very nice vet practice"
- Brenda Martinson
01/12/2018 02:39:43
"I always receive the most professional, courteous care for my fur baby Tazzy. Everyone there is so compassionate and caring!"
- Judy Pace
01/11/2018 19:43:43
"very good.. you listened to my concerns and treated my dog according to them.. she has already started feeling better"
- Jeremy Wilkinson
01/11/2018 18:58:39
"I love this office. The staff is friendly and the doctors are extremely knowledgeable. "
- Cassandra Nelson
01/11/2018 16:28:00
"Arrowhead Animal Hospital has always take excellent care of Jasmine and Joey!"
- Denise Lenhart
01/11/2018 15:14:06
"We absolutely love Arrowhead! They have been nothing but spectacular since we started going there. I feel safe bringung my fur babies here. Dr. Bolinger is amazing and is always patient and understanding. I feel like my pets Bou and Rox recieve the best care at Arrowhead. I feel confident bringing my pets here and have been overwhelmingly pleased!"
- Kaeli Weber
01/11/2018 13:49:40
"Always attentive, always a pleasure to bring Bella (dog) and Jake (cat)."
- Tonya Mecum
01/11/2018 12:41:11
"Everyone was friendly. Both humans and cat were treated well. "
- Karen Hannum
01/11/2018 05:39:45
"Doing Excellent."
- Ted Hooshmand
01/10/2018 01:56:51
"Staff was very friendly and helpful...answered all of my questions and took good care of my cat."
- Norman Bell
01/10/2018 01:04:10
"Vet was very friendly and took the time to explain answers to all of our questions. The Tech was very nice and made our dog feel right at home."
- Tyler Walker
01/09/2018 19:48:22
"Everything is always great with you guy's"
- Dave Doty
01/09/2018 19:15:24
"She's doing much better. Thanks for fitting us in on such short notice."
- Randy Butler
01/09/2018 18:50:47
"I think you're doing a great job. I like the doctors and the staff. I can't think of anything negative."
- Robert & Barbara Gilman
01/09/2018 16:21:59
"We have been so thrilled with the staff and doctors there. Our dog Zoey has never gotten such wonderful care. Thank you for all you do!!"
- Stephanie Gray
01/09/2018 15:47:29
"I ask Scotty and he said everyone treated him like he was top dog, although he said getting his teeth pulled wasn't any fun. He promised to brush his teeth more often. All in all he said he was happy with his visit."
- Ron Deitchler
01/08/2018 22:42:19
"Been coming to your practice since approximately 1999. I am very happy to the service you provide. "
- Sandra Blain
01/08/2018 20:13:24
"Everything has been great for us! We always feel welcomed and our needs have been addressed. Our pets get the care they deserve!"
- Stanislav Stantchevski
01/08/2018 19:20:08
"No bad to talk about. Always get good care ."
- David Bishop
01/08/2018 19:14:58
"You guys are great every time I come in! I feel better knowing you are there for my pups!"
- Tiffany Leck
01/08/2018 17:42:38
"Nice facility and staff. Dr. Jim Houtens (sp?) was thorough, knowledgeable, and caring."
- Michael Warner
01/05/2018 21:38:56
"Doing what I have come to expect from everyone at Arrowhead. "
- Jean A. Wendell
01/05/2018 21:22:54
"I really like Dr. Cordell. He treats the animals with great kindness while being medically thorough. "
- John & Carol Grudis
01/04/2018 22:54:07
"Everyone is friendly helpful and efficient."
- Jane Christian
01/04/2018 22:50:04
"Staff is very friendly and professional. The dr is very up front with what going on with our pet and has helpful suggestions. "
- Amelia Hoffarth
01/04/2018 21:16:19
"We have been coming to Arrowhead Animal Hospital since 1988, Nero is our fourth "fur kid" (dog) and enjoy everyone! they always provide the best care - also treat our kid (dogs) like family !"
- Kevin Stewart
01/04/2018 21:11:26
"How can we thank you for the wonderful care you provide Molly Brown. Dr. Houchens and the caring staff are the very best. Would not trust anyone else with our beloved, spoiled family member. We recommend Arrowhead to all our friends. "
- Sandra Hoblit
01/04/2018 19:45:22
"Good job"
- Clifford Cordell
01/04/2018 19:27:10
"Top notch over the years... thank you"
- Dirk Baysinger
01/04/2018 18:05:07