"I'll miss Dr Bolinger...hope the next vet we see keeps up her standard!"
- Cheryl Drake
05/30/2018 20:07:05
"No problems. Just came in to pick up refill on prescription for Miss Annie. "
- Patricia (Patty) Gilbert
05/30/2018 20:06:43
"Dr. Cornell and Dan have taken very good care of my dogs for several years"
- John Bueckermann
05/29/2018 19:08:30
"No issues. Always good about getting us in. Thorough examination and effort to help our dog."
- Kenneth & Peggy A. Martinez
05/29/2018 01:04:07
"Everything went fine. "
- Bud Currey
05/28/2018 17:51:43
"Dr Cordell always treats our black lab, Nate, with the utmost care. He has been treating Nate for 9 years and has consistently given us complete confidence that our sweet Nate is getting the best care possible. Yesterday he diagnosed Nate with diabetes, which was hard news for us, but we left feeling very optimistic about Nate’s treatment moving forward. I recommend Arrowhead to all of my friends, we wouldn’t dream of taking our pets anywhere else!"
- Gregory & Diana Neece
05/27/2018 21:12:19
"Greeted immediately! Such caring and professional staff."
- Daniel & LeeAnn Krigbaum
05/27/2018 15:59:28
"The docs are very personable /dogable and caring. Just wish some of the services like the dental cleaning Weren’t so expensive."
- Lucy Sieber
05/27/2018 14:10:12
"Tucker did well at the vet. He doesn't mind going. He was really thirsty when he got home! He probably barked his head off though!"
- Kelly Butler
05/26/2018 14:19:16
"We have never had a bad experience at Arrowhead. The staff is always extremely helpful and friendly."
- Doug & Mary Drake
05/25/2018 18:22:40
"Very pleased, thank you"
- Holly Cerretani
05/25/2018 18:02:37
"Just went in for a shot! It was quick!"
- Deanne Murphy
05/25/2018 02:16:06
"Every thing went well with Dr Todack. we really enjoy her and I know Shea does as well. Shea is very protective of Heather and myself, but with Dr. Todack, she let's her guard down a little bit."
- Richard Hamilton
05/24/2018 23:51:34
"Everything has been great so far!"
- Michael Hoffman
05/24/2018 21:07:29
"Dr T Listen to my concerns and gave me excellent advice. "
- Philip & Pamela Darula
05/24/2018 21:01:01
"Great - Dr. Cordell always takes the time to answer my questions."
- Peg Perreault
05/23/2018 17:14:04
"Our experience with Arrowhead Animal Hospital is always excellent. Dr. Todak has been wonderful without fail. Thanks!"
- J.D. Frew
05/21/2018 15:11:45
"Baxter has returned to normal. He is not demonstrating any negative symptoms "
- Judy & Howard Shuster
05/21/2018 00:44:23
"Your team is always wonderful. Dr Cordell is a fun, helpful guy. The tech and front staff are super sweet. I love this office. Thanks for all you do!"
- Raven Boyd
05/20/2018 16:56:32
"Best care anywhere"
- Jim Wanek
05/20/2018 13:11:13
"It was great. No issues and Dr Cordell was caring and attentive as was the whole staff. "
- Jack & Sheila Drew
05/20/2018 02:53:05
"I love you guys. Your staff is amazing and caring. You guys take the time to listen to my concerns and to explain to me what I can be doing differently at home. But most importantly the staff listens to Moose. Thank you for everything you guys do."
- Cory Brunk
05/19/2018 23:09:04
"Awesome! :)"
- Pamela Earnshaw
05/19/2018 18:28:39
"Overall great experience from all the staff at Arrowhead. I have been a client for over 20 years, and have always been satisfied with the professionalism from all the staff. Dr. Cordell has treated all my animals and I couldn't be happier with the way he explains the treatment options available to my pets."
- Charles E. Hoelzer
05/19/2018 12:30:29
"Great. "
- Gary Hale
05/19/2018 02:48:46
"I am always pleased with the care received!"
- Dianna Wedding
05/19/2018 01:55:06
"We appreciate your help on watching Colt. Thanks for helping out on the food for Colt while we were gone! I’m very pleased we are able to find a place that we really trust.😌"
- Ronnie Hodgson
05/18/2018 18:28:06
"Great and friendly staff! "
- Robert & Shelly Landgraf
05/18/2018 18:04:00
"I think you all are doing fine. I do have to say though at one point in the past I was seriously looking for another vet, but as it turned out your facility was the better choice, and that your service became better over that time and now."
- Darrell Eson
05/18/2018 16:24:56
"I absolutely love the Doctors and staff at Arrowhead Animal Hospital. They are compassionate, talented in the care of our animals. Excellent listeners with great interaction with pet parents and pets!!"
- Mark & Vickie Krudwig
05/18/2018 08:22:34
"You are doing great."
- Ted Hooshmand
05/17/2018 10:01:15
"I've been bringing my pets to you since 1996, even though it's now an hour drive instead of a 5-minute one. The front office staff are always friendly and helpful and creative, even when they're crazy busy. The doctors are always attentive to our pets and to our observations/concerns about them. The tech staff is clearly committed to each pet. The only thing I wish is that the tech staff had nametags, to make it easier to learn their names and use their names when I thank them."
- Leslie Hartten
05/17/2018 02:53:56
"I wouldn't change a thing. the staff and doctors are all awesome."
- Lynn Bruner
05/15/2018 20:49:19
"I have taken my Dog here since he was a puppy. Dr. Cordell, remembers him, his health and provides solid health care for my dog. "
- Aaron Schryer
05/15/2018 18:50:54
"Great staff and great Dr.s have been taking my pets there for 11 years. They’re the best!!"
- Christine Stanley
05/15/2018 13:25:33
"I enjoyed our last visit. Friendly and accommodating, caring staff."
- Rita Kunz
05/15/2018 04:56:32
"Dr. P. takes the necessary time to explain things, from avaiable remedies to preventative measures. It's nice not to feel rushed."
- Brian Overholser
05/14/2018 18:47:13
"I think you guys are great. I’m taken care of right away. The girls in front are friendly and courteous. I think all around it’s a great place."
- Antoinette Cuccia
05/14/2018 14:30:21
"I have a 16 year old Bichon named Casey. He’s in good health physically, but if almost blind, and nearly deaf. He means the world to us, and I wouldn’t think of boarding him anywhere other than Arrowhead Animal Hospital. Where else can you have confidence that he’s being very well cared for, at the same time that, if he has a health emergency, there is a knowledgable, experienced veteranarian to ensure that your pet gets the best medical care available? This is a first class care facility, and I am a devoted, long-term client. All the best to the staff at Arrowhead who looks after my best friend when we go out of town!"
- Richard L Hodge
05/12/2018 22:19:09
"Very kind and knowledgeable staff! "
- Jocelyn Kasza
05/12/2018 16:30:23
"Humphey loves you guys and over the past 18 months you have helped to keep him happy and healthy. What else could I ask for?"
- Scott Allen
05/11/2018 21:33:01
"Everyone is so nice and took good care of us. "
- Rhonda Rogers
05/11/2018 21:08:19
"Just recently switched to your practice and everything is going well. I feel like you treat my kitty just like you treat your own. Nice feeling. "
- Peg Wirt
05/11/2018 18:02:30
"We returned to Arrowhead because you previously provided such good care for our Golden Lab Lexi, even on her last day. We love Arrowhead and thank you for your service!"
- Duane Knight
05/11/2018 14:32:47
"Great service as usual. We love you guys, and thank you for taking such great care of our fur babies."
- Kristina Stutler
05/10/2018 17:07:05
"Everything was great. "
- Mary Oswell
05/10/2018 03:45:50
"I think Dr Todack is the best. Amazing bedside manner and compassion. The staff is always very kind and treat my pets like they are their own. I appreciate them."
- TJ Treichel
05/10/2018 03:27:50
"Great service. I coould tell that the staff cared as much about my pet as I did!"
- Melinda & Barry Smith
05/10/2018 02:53:18
"Our dog had surgery there wehad excellent care with doctor Cordell Moses and his staff."
- Dee Hoelzle
05/10/2018 02:51:55
- Manuel & Deborah Manigault
05/08/2018 20:55:35
"Love you guys - always treated well and furry kids are well taken care of! "
- Keeley Garcia
05/08/2018 20:49:43
"I don't have anything bad to say. We've been taking our Harley to y'all for 10 years. She has received the best of care and the entire staff has always been nice, helpful and knowledgeable. "
- Bradley Frederick
05/07/2018 18:45:33
"Always the caring professionals!"
- David & Karen Shomler
05/07/2018 17:39:15
"I love how all the staff love on my pet and truly cat about her. I also appreciate how they take their time and answer ask my questions and concerns. "
- Lori Gamboe
05/05/2018 02:47:15
"Waited 20 mins to be taken into exam room but doctor apologized and was very friendly and knowledgeable"
- Allie Halligan
05/04/2018 18:05:27
"We have been bringing our dogs to Arrowhead for many years. The staff are friendly and attentive, and Dr. Cordell is awesome. I highly recommend this practice."
- Ingrid VanDenAbbeele
04/30/2018 22:46:49
"Love this Vet hospital. Very caring and gentle with my pets."
- Susan Beckerman
04/30/2018 19:54:15
"Theresa is compassionate and caring. She is an awesome vet!"
- Rick Rose
04/30/2018 17:28:07
"Everyone at Arrowhead truly cares about the animals that walk through their door. I feel very confident in the care they are giving our dog!"
- Jenny Coleman
04/30/2018 16:13:56
"You guys are great! There’s a reason we have stayed with you for over a decade and several pups!"
- Douglas & Jessica Lindell
04/29/2018 03:40:17
"I've taken my dog to you for 6 years. I have been so happy with your care of my dog. "
- Kimberly & Jacob Milner
04/29/2018 03:17:45
"Would not take my pets anywhere else."
- Becky Powell
04/28/2018 16:50:39
"Everyone is always polite, friendly and professional. I feel very comfortable bringing my fur baby and soon to be fur "babies" in."
- Judy Pace
04/28/2018 04:45:58
"Thank you for getting me in on short notice, for not making me wait for more than a couple of minutes with two big dogs, for your excellent explanations of what you are doing, for not pushing a lot of tests and procedures even if I suggested them, for keeping your prices reasonable so I can afford to see you whenever I need to for maintenance and not just for emergencies"
- Sandra Quintana
04/28/2018 00:15:58
"I have always had a positive experience. And hopefully Rocky feels the same."
- Mary Pizzuto
04/27/2018 21:44:00
"Arrowhead Animal Hospital is great.I appreciate getting a appointment the same day that I call.The staff is fantastic. Keep up the great work."
- Rick Reese
04/27/2018 21:14:39
"Terrific animal hospital. All the staff is caring, competent & efficient. "
- Ann Moon
04/27/2018 20:13:44
"We’ve never had a cause to be critical of Arrowhead. Over the years we have always been greeted by friendly people with a desire to be helpful."
- William & Karen Greer
04/27/2018 15:41:36
"We came to Arrowhead for our favorite long time vet, Dr. Houchens. When he took a leave, I wasn’t sure we would continue driving the distance (we are quite a distance from the facility); however, our last appointment with Dr Bowlinger (spelling?) was wonderful. She listened to my concerns, addressed all of my issues quickly and the techs who trimmed Shaggy’s nails were so caring and competent- it went better than I expected. Shaggy gets very anxious at the vet and staff get us in and out quickly and do what they can to minimize his stress. The front desk staff are always helpful and pleasant- even if they are super busy! I have never had a bad experience at Arrowhead. I love the spacious waiting area so I don’t have to squeeze in with other pets and owners. There is always room to sit apart or walk Shaggy around a bit if he gets too fidgety. This large area makes a huge difference in comfort! I also have never been pushed to purchase services or products, as was the case with some of our past vets. Options are offered when needed or in response to my inquiry. I am so glad Dr. Houchens brought us to this facility and I am glad we met Dr. Bowlinger- I will continue to make the drive for the personalized care and great staff AND the great reception area!!! Thanks!"
- Cheryl Lammers
04/27/2018 06:13:19
"Our first experience went very well. No concerns at this time."
- Chantal Anderson
04/26/2018 16:50:11
"Great! !"
- Anne Conry
04/25/2018 00:53:59
"Dr.Todack listened to our concerns and answered all of our questions."
- James Neville
04/24/2018 14:02:11
"we have been bringing our fur "kids" dogs (4 total) to Arrowhead Animal Hospital for 30 years & all has been well with their care"
- Kevin Stewart
04/22/2018 00:15:12
"I appreciate being able to bring my kitty in at any time for a weigh-in. "
- Jackie Dawson
04/21/2018 22:33:28
"Great Experience! Everyone so professional, helpful and friendly!"
- Gary and Terri MD Schuchman
04/21/2018 15:45:01
"everything was great"
- Linda Bryant
04/21/2018 02:52:29
"Everything was great! All my questions were addressed and I feel that my dog received full attention during his visit. "
- Sunflower Beahm
04/20/2018 17:24:07
"Cooper loves Dr. Cordell. The front office is so pleasant, professional, and accommodating. Good job guys!"
- Eileen Ruscetta
04/19/2018 17:31:28
"Everyone was so helpful in taking care of Bear yesterday! I regrettably don’t remember everyone’s names, but the woman who answered the phone was patient and helpful in deciding whether he needed to come in for an emergency appointment or if I should wait it out. She was abke to get me in quickly and I was surprised by how fast we were seen by the vet given it was not a scheduled appointment. The vet was incredibly thorough and was also super great about explaining what she was thinking and her rationale. She was super supportive and patient with me and Bear. One of my favorite things about any vet at Arrowhead is that everyone seems to try lower interventions first. The vet yesterday did a great job if explaining what we should try for now, but also next steps that we could take if we need to. I love Arrowhead and I had the oerfect experience yesterday. Thank yiu so much to everyone involved!"
- Mandy Plate
04/19/2018 17:16:01
"I love bringing our furry family to Arrowhead. We have always had great experiences with all staff."
- Brenda Shore
04/19/2018 00:46:37
"Everyone at the front desk was super sweet and friendly! They made Artemis feel like a superstar. The doctor and assistant that examined my dog were also very helpful and courteous. Couldn’t ask for a better experience for our first visit. We will definitely be back with our other fur baby! Thanks guys :) "
- Elizabeth Salas
04/18/2018 22:08:04
"We always receive great care at Arrowhead!"
- Darrin Slusher
04/18/2018 16:50:50
"Loved that you recognized that Woody needs another allergy shot and the details I need to look for in the future."
- Dominic Jenkins
04/16/2018 16:21:07
"Great first visit!"
- Ashley McKillop
04/14/2018 20:27:58
"The front area staff were great as usual, the tech was probably just having a bad day but she was rude, she seemed upset to have to trim our cats nails and our large puppy was freaking out and we couldn't get him in the room, the front staff ladies were great and suggested getting a towel to put under him to scoot him in the room and she said no in a snotty tone and crossed her arms looked at us like we were wasting her time, I get our dogs behavior is our problem but no one else was rude and she was from the very beginning, she has trimmed our cats nails before and always has a comment, obvioudly this isn't a duty she enjoys, either way it was awkward "
- Cara Carlson
04/14/2018 15:44:57
"Im very satisfied with experiences at arrowhead. "
- Kathleen Sugarmann
04/13/2018 13:31:13
"Marilyn was very friendly when I called to order a refill on medication. We also needed a case of food. When we arrived at the clinic the medication and food was ready and waiting for us. Ilene checked us out and was so very friendly. Always enjoy going to Arrowhead."
- Orville Wright
04/12/2018 18:43:36
"Arrowhead is a wonderful vet clinic! I always feel my pet's best interest is at heart and that the vet's take the time to listen to my concerns and explain things."
- Erin Sobon
04/12/2018 16:40:11
"Changing Veterinary care folks is just a bit stressful, so I am glad to have a new vet who is knowledgeable and kind."
- Wanda Dienst
04/11/2018 06:37:44
"My dog has a complicated diagnosis so we are just doing what is best for her and taking it day by day. The doctors we have seen have all been wonderful and worked with us with our dog and she has been doing surprisingly good for about 3 years now, and going strong!"
- Deana Shappell
04/10/2018 15:56:37
"Dr Todack is so compassionate and caring! She doesn't judge and always has the pet's best interest at heart. Front office staff is wonderful."
- Jyl Nieto
04/10/2018 00:53:14
"I called was so upset about my dog the woman on the phone was so sweet and got my dog in that day the vet was so nice and explained everything made me feel at ease about my dog thank you and see you soon"
- Denise Elliott
04/09/2018 23:39:52
"I always seem to have a positive experience whenever I bring my animals in for care."
- Scott Shipman
04/08/2018 16:21:26
"Everyone is very nice & caring to our dogs & is! "
- Cheryl Land
04/06/2018 23:35:58
" We love you guys! Dr. Todack is amazing; as are all the techs and all the ladies out front! Kudos to all of you!"
- Richard Waters
04/06/2018 16:22:00
"Thanks so much for all of your support. I was out of town when Elliot got sick. You took him right in because he had eaten an unknown amount of Advil. Then everyone that answered the phone was kind and took extra steps to give me and my husbands update. Each person made at least two phone calls to keep us to date. You also followed up with us after Elliot was released. This type of service is so important especially since I was out of town, "
- Elena Castor
04/06/2018 14:20:17
"Every time I visit it’s wonderful! I fully trust all the staff and they are so friendly to me and my dog! I recommend Dr. Cordell to everyone! "
- Lynneah Langdon
04/05/2018 22:04:09
"I take Buddy and Oscar to see Dr. Cordel because the staff and doctors are excellent."
- Pierrette Ray
04/05/2018 16:17:54
"Appreciated getting my cats in the next day after my call. They were cared for just as I would have expected - with lots of TLC. "
- Stacy Downing
04/05/2018 14:08:16
"Fantastic place to trust for Mister. I appreciate it that after examining Mister, you saw no reason to do follow up blood work suggested by the ER vet. At every visit, however, I always feel that Mister's best interest is at heart - not selling an upgraded service. Thanks!"
- Melissa Dallum
04/05/2018 13:19:32