"We've had nothing but good experiences since moving to Westminster and transferring the care of our two dogs. We have no issues calling and getting scheduled for an appointment. The staff is always courteous."
- Jennifer O'Bryan
07/17/2017 16:11:27
"Appreciate your staff not being pushy like a car salesman - why I left my last vet and came to you!"
- Janell Horton
07/17/2017 15:27:54
"Dr. Cordell was very good with Madison. His assistant was excellent. She listened and gave us some good pointers. "
- Bill Smith
07/17/2017 12:16:38
"My experience has been great. Dr. Todack is a very compassionate and kind doctor. I have recommended her to friends and will continue to do so. The front desk staff is also very helpful when calling in to get my dogs prescriptions re-filled. "
- Ralph & Dawn Sneyd
07/17/2017 10:02:03
"I love Dr. Cordell ! He really knows how to handle my cranky, diabetic cat! I love that he usually doesn't need to take him away to deal with him. I know sometimes it's necessary that we don't always see everything. Everyone is so helpful and very nice. nicki is great too. I also have had other vet techs and can't say a bad thing about anyone. I even had help bringing out both my cats to my car. "
- Brad & Dineen Emms
07/16/2017 22:56:01
"Needed an Rx refill fast and you guys came through. Thanks "
- Sharon Jubb
07/16/2017 21:00:48
"Happy with the service you provide and the good care my pets receive."
- Sue Giacoma
07/16/2017 19:19:08
"All around good experience for me and Rocky"
- Mary Pizzuto
07/16/2017 18:23:09
"We've always been happy with Arrowhead with the friendly staff and excellent care"
- Kelliann Ryan
07/16/2017 14:40:12
"I absolutely love this clinic and the clinicians. We have been going there for years with all of our pets. While we miss Dr. Hrenchir, we are absolutely THRILLED WITH DR. TODAK. She is wonderful -- competent, caring and first rate."
- Raymond & Pat Luzier
07/16/2017 13:19:12
"Always friendly "
- Jenny Worek
07/16/2017 10:30:33
"Love this place, love the people, love the new rewards app"
- Cara Carlson
07/15/2017 21:24:58
"Everyone at Arrowhead cares for our pets and are very attentive to their needs. Dr Bollonger is very knowledgeable and provides that knowledge to help us determine what is best for Phoebe and Cooper. We board Phoebe and Cooper with Arrowhead. The Kennel staff provide excellent care and understand the needs of our older 12-year old shih tzu dogs. We wouldn't take them anywhere else! Thanks Arrowhead staff for all you do! Chris&Tim Carter and Phoebe and Cooper 🐶🐶"
- Chris & Tim Carter
07/15/2017 13:16:12
"Everyone in the front are wonderful - friendly and helpful. Have experienced several doctors and all great"
- Brenda Martinson
07/15/2017 09:22:55
"We had our appointment right on time. The vet and tech were very good with our 2 dogs."
- Matt Porta
07/14/2017 18:57:14
"Very good. Love the vet. She takes very good care of the pets. Very caring. All the stuff is very helpful and caring. "
- Harold Rader
07/14/2017 14:34:29
"You are the most friendly and caring veterinarian office I have been too! I feel fully confident in you caring for my dog Gracie. I recommend you to everyone I know. "
- Lynneah Langdon
07/12/2017 19:12:51
"Dr Cordell has help extend Molly's life a little longer. I didn't think she would see 2017, but she is doing much better now. "
- Dennis & Janet Oltmann
07/12/2017 15:05:24
"We waited in your comfortable waiting area, we were seen promptly, and treats at the exit were all positive."
- Annette & Burt Charron
07/11/2017 15:01:17
"You guys are great"
- Elayne Reichard
07/11/2017 13:15:19
"We have been taking SnowBall to Dr. Todak since we got him when he was 8 weeks old. Arrowhead has gone out of their way to accommodate him. Occasionally, she may have thought we had Dog Hypochondria, but they never shook their heads or made us wait. "
- Susie Noland
07/11/2017 11:05:14
"I have you look after my small dog when I am out of town. He is 15, and his eyesight and hearing are both diminished. I'm one of those people who have never had children. My dog is very important to me. I trust you to take very good care of him, to make sure he is walked frequently, and fed via my instructions. I have no reason to suspect that you are not meeting his needs, and that is why you are the only place that kennels my dog. Also, due to his age, I am delighted to leave him in the hands of a vet, so if he has a medical problem, I am confident that he will get the care he needs. "
- Richard L Hodge
07/10/2017 22:54:06
"Everyone is always so friendly. Our cat, Cloud, is a rescue and very afraid of most males. Dr. Cordell is so good with her and she just loves him. When he examines her, he is gentle and playful and eases her anxieties."
- Meredith Lee
07/10/2017 22:38:06
"I have always felt that everyone that works at the clinic, from office staff to vet, has been genuinely caring, supportive and knowledgeable. "
- David & Clea Kessner
07/10/2017 22:11:30
"We love Dr Todack, she is great with Folsom! Thank you!"
- Mandy Moorer
07/10/2017 22:03:55
"Dr Jen Bolinger is awesome and so wonderful. All the vet techs involved in our dogs care were wonderful. Your reception staff is also wonderful. Everyone is timely, and very pleasant to work with. Thank you. "
- Brian & Steph Krouse
07/10/2017 22:03:13
"Always great care! "
- Gina Urbine
07/09/2017 22:40:26
"You make us feel like family and that you really care about our feelings! There is more, but I gotta go. Thank you so much for all you do for the animals and their owners! Lots of love to you!"
- Suzie & Michael Holtz
07/09/2017 20:56:34
"We've used Arrowhead Veterinary Clinic for years through the life of several dogs. They have always been very knowledgable, kind and reliable. This applies to any of the doctors there, we use whoever is open when we make an appointment. Even though the front desk seems to have a high turn over rate, anyone working there seems well trained, professional and helpful."
- Doug & Linda Jewsbury
07/09/2017 11:27:44
"This was our 1st experience with you, and it was wonderful. The vet was able to tell me what was wrong with my dog and send me home with answers. "
- Chanin Wilson
07/07/2017 17:36:38
"Everyone at Arrowhead is terrific!"
- Mary Ellen Morici
07/07/2017 16:52:44
"Our vet, I don't remember he name which is a shame, was wonderful. She was extremely caring and answered any and all questions we had. Koda and I thank you guys very much and we will see you very soon for her spay."
- Mitchell Marquardt
07/07/2017 12:39:16
"Our experience at Arrowhead Animal Hospital has always been very good. The staff is always very friendly and professional. Arrowhead Animal Hospital has an excellent staff and vetinary doctors. They are very informative when you ask questions and make suggestions that are helpful. I would recommend people with their pets to this place."
- Amelia Hoffarth
07/07/2017 10:32:43
"I can't remember a time where I didn't feel comfortable at Arrowhead. We've had many dear pets pass through those doors and they have been awesome to each and every one (big to small). Thank you!"
- Jim Anthony
07/06/2017 22:11:03
"I went in for a new puppy check up & everything went easy & quick. Dr Bollinger answered all my question and I appreciate that she cares and loves the animals. Thank you"
- Jack & Sheila Drew
07/06/2017 20:53:40
"Very friendly staff and loved our VET."
- James Kramer
07/06/2017 19:18:16
"Everyone is pleasant and very welcoming. My pets are never afraid to accompany the doctor, or let him/her examine them!"
- David Bartmess
07/06/2017 17:26:27
"Excellent. Dr. Bolinger was sensitive to my aging dog's condition and needs. Very caring and asked if I had any questions."
- Judy McLean
07/06/2017 16:57:15
"Thanks for your great care."
- Thora Brylowe
07/06/2017 16:42:00
"I like the practice. Every time we come in our experience is very good. "
- Judy & Howard Shuster
07/06/2017 16:40:04
"Doing a fabulous job, love Dr. Todack"
- Paige MacEwan
07/06/2017 16:32:54
"Arrowhead is a great place to take my pets. Even after moving farther away, I continue to come visit for the expert care that the staff gives my pets and me."
- Erin Sobon
07/06/2017 15:51:07
- Robert Williams
07/06/2017 15:49:34
"We recently switched vets and I'm very happy with choosing you! I really appreciate the staff taking the time to get to know my dog( talking to him, petting, giving treats) before just jumping into your work. Also giving him the time to warm up. He is a very nervous guy so it means a lot that we have your patience. Thank you! "
- Lyndsey Brewer
07/06/2017 15:46:22
"Best veterinary care in Colorado, wonderful staff. "
- Ginger Stein
07/06/2017 10:53:12
"Sparky received excellent care and is recovering very well. I am very thankful for your excellent and timely service. I couldn't ask for better service and results. Thank you very much."
- Michael Diehl
07/03/2017 18:11:41
"Great! Easy to work with for setting up appointments and excellent service from the entire team. I really appreciate Don's tips on Cabo as I sit on my deck overlooking the ocean."
- Steven & Gina Malecha
07/02/2017 20:00:03
"Great overall service. Professional and curteous staff. Accomadating to the customer. I feel comfortable taking our dog to your office. "
- Vincent Feil
07/02/2017 08:35:24
"Dog just needed a nail trim & that worked out perfectly! Thanks."
- Lee Pierce
07/01/2017 20:05:14
"We wouldn't trust anyone else with Daisy and Shiloh."
- David & Coleen Miller
07/01/2017 17:29:52
"Vet techs and staff were very friendly and efficient."
- Jane S. Harris
07/01/2017 16:34:37
"We have always had excellent service and care for our animals at Aarowhead! "
- Daniel McKinnon
07/01/2017 15:00:28
"The front desk was great! The vet was great answering all my questions and taking good care of Jackson. Great phone call followup. Thank you "
- Keith & Beverly Kelly
07/01/2017 14:08:43
"The staff is always very friendly and takes the time to answer all of our questions. "
- Robin & Luke Kelley-Buchholtz
07/01/2017 12:17:56
"I feel that we always get professional and curteous care at arrowhead. Biscuit actually loves going to the vet."
- Imri Morgenstern
07/01/2017 11:02:45
"You have the best doggie day and night care we have used. "
- Gary Hale
07/01/2017 10:45:20
"Dr. Bolinger is amazing with Eva. I love that we can sit down on the floor together to examine her. Dr. Bolinger explains everything in a way that I can understand. The rest of the staff has an incredible bedside manner as well. "
- Randi Willmann
07/01/2017 10:29:38
"Best care I've ever found "
- John & Elaine Neale
07/01/2017 10:28:11
"Dance loves to see everyone at Arrowhead. She looks forward to her treats above all!!! thank you for being so welcoming to us. Dr. Houchens takes wonderful care of her, and everyone who does her nails is very careful and realize it takes two of you to do that! "
- Judy Swank
07/01/2017 10:27:49
"I like that the doctors and staff seem to actually care about me and my pets. The wait time is acceptable."
- Jeanne Hartfelder
06/30/2017 21:52:34
"I can't think of anything negative. Everything went very well and all my questions answered. Always know I can call if any questions"
- Cindy Callow
06/29/2017 21:30:52
"Arrowhead Animal clinic is always happy to see us! They accommodate my schedule and "problem child" dog. They take their time and my individual dog's needs in mind and always show compassion and warmth towards my "best friends". Every vet there is wonderful! We will be here as long as we have furry children :) "
- Lena DelaFuente
06/28/2017 13:03:47
"I have been to your facility twice within two weeks with our new rescue. I am incredibly impressed by how much time and patients your staff always take to answer all my wuestions and to make sure my dog is getting the care and instruction that I need to care for her. Your team is doing an excellent job. "
- Becky Tipton
06/28/2017 11:06:49
"Kona and Sugar see two fantastic doctors there regularly Dr. Todack and Dr. Bolinger they are professional , friendly and knowledgeable . I think they are both wonderful Doctors! I have also seen the Dermatologist and he I believe saved my Sugar from a miserable life of itching. The office staff is personable, professional and friendly I usually talk with Eileen , Kim and Marilyn they always remember me, always have my requests ready. Really love this practice I have been bringing my little puppies for over 15 years."
- Brian Phillips
06/28/2017 10:36:34
"Dr. Jim Houchens is excellent in his profession. He is extremely skilled, compassonate, and caring. Together we devised an action plan on how to treat and care for an aging dog and give him the best possible remaining life. "
- Dara Haase
06/27/2017 10:59:10
"Showed concern, examined thoroughly and explained everything. "
- Thomas & Beverly Baldwin
06/25/2017 12:00:56
"I love taking my pets to you guys. "
- Susan Beckerman
06/23/2017 09:02:17
"Frank has been in your care for 12 years and I've always been more than happy with the doctors, staff and the service we receive. Thank you for all your help over the years."
- Bonnie King
06/22/2017 12:40:06
"Always fantastic- helpful and kind"
- Robert & Shelly Landgraf
06/21/2017 18:05:07
"As always everyone was very nice and very helpful! "
- Breean Mosier
06/21/2017 17:12:25
"The care my little puppy received was excellent. He is doing so much better. See you next week for his shots "
- Leah Begalle
06/14/2017 08:41:41
"Great care by everyone. "
- Terry Voorhis
06/13/2017 20:21:02
"Staff has a great rapport with my pets."
- Manuel & Deborah Manigault
06/12/2017 09:53:02
"You're doing great although Bradford is not always as pleased as I am. Still, he's not afraid, which is good."
- Charlene Duran
06/11/2017 16:10:29
"I always have a great experience here! My dogs are calm and happy and relaxed and that's all I could ask for when I take them to get poked and prodded at the vet's. The wonderful ladies up front are always so helpful and nice and they make everything very easy. Thank you!"
- Ashley Hegel
06/11/2017 15:54:20
"I noticed the tech didn't do a TPR on my cat before the Dr came in. Odd. The Dr did hear a heart murmur in my cat. I had forgotten to ask him about her slight cough that has just started. I was there because my cat is having skin issues. Kudos to the vet!!! Great AAHA hospital!! Very clean and doesn't smell of animals or disinfectant. Staff is very friendly! I definitely will return! "
- Mandy Church
06/11/2017 13:09:07
"Doing great. Dr. HOuchens is the best!"
- Jerry Jaggers
06/10/2017 22:24:49
"We see you annually and as needed. Too many years to count really. Always feel our pet is greeted and treated with love and expertise. Thanks!"
- Kathleen Garrison
06/10/2017 21:30:40
"Prompt, courteous, professional service."
- Ken A. Dockus
06/10/2017 21:09:53
"Thank you for filling Riley's prescription of heartguard so quickly, the staff at Arrowhead animal hospital is simply the best ! "
- Rochelle Domenico
06/10/2017 20:55:51
"Techs and the vets are always great - listen to our concerns. Recently had to bring our girl in on an emergency. They got us right in. Easy to make appointments and usually can get the vet you want. Used Arrowhead for more than 18 years."
- Matt & Kim Maras
06/10/2017 19:43:59
"I have no bad everything that I experienced has been good not just for Daisy but for Shep and Sassy.I recommend everyone to use Arrowhead everyone is so nice I have no complaints"
- Shirley Howze
06/10/2017 17:34:27
"I'm very happy with the attention and care Annie and I receive when we are at the office and in the exam room."
- Jane Christian
06/10/2017 16:46:16
"You guys were great thank you. I definitely felt like you cared about my little guy"
- Keith Thums
06/10/2017 16:29:17
"Arrowhead had been our vet for 20 years. Always happy with the great care you provide!"
- Graham Squire
06/10/2017 15:46:52
"This wasn't a scheduled check-up or visit for Daisy. I stopped in to pick up a prescription. Dr Cordell wanted to ask me some questions about Daisy's meds, and I visited briefly with the girls at the front desk They are so friendly and helpful every time I am in. "
- Peggy England
06/10/2017 13:46:51
"I have only positive feedback. The technitions and counter staff are always pleasant and we love our vet Dr. Cordell. It's nice that the practice checks up on its patients after they've been seen and we will continue to refer Arrowhead to our family and friends. Being from out of state we are so lucky to have found a vet where we feel comfortable taking our fur babies."
- Lisa Quinn
06/10/2017 13:00:10
"The entire staff does a great job at fulfilling our needs when it comes to Cisco and Logan . Even when the front desk has several things going on at once. Dr. Cordell is Awesome! "
- Barbara & Dan Doyle
06/10/2017 12:09:37
"You are great!!"
- Cheryl Dial
06/10/2017 11:56:26
"We have trusted Dr. P to care for our 4-legged family members for nearly 35 years. Would not go anywhere else. ."
- Kimberly Matzdorff
06/10/2017 10:51:54
"My pups are happy to visit, because everyone is always happy to see them, we get great Veterinary care from Dr Jennifer Bolinger, and our 4 leggers are as healthy as they can be thanks to all of the above! What more can you ask for??"
- Victoria /Timothy Maclaren
06/06/2017 06:34:41
"Always treated great. Great doctor and great staff. No issues though the years you have taken care of our pets. "
- Vickie Trumbo
06/05/2017 21:49:04
"Always love coming here, honestly can't think of anything to improve on. Front desk, visits, calling, the docs and prices - all excellent value and customer service. "
- Keeley Garcia
06/05/2017 21:37:04
"I am very happy with the care that my dogs get at your clinic. All of the staff are great people!"
- Pierrette Ray
06/05/2017 09:32:35
"My dog issue was reacted to and researched. Solutions were provide. Excellent service."
- James Mielke
06/05/2017 01:42:43
"I think all the staff members are great!"
- JoAnn Marshall
06/04/2017 10:33:11
"My kitty gets so scared when I bring her there and we always leave early since I do not know how much wrestling I will have to do to get her into the carrier so I appreciated the person at the front desk letting us go into to an exam room and wait for the doctor to come in."
- Patricia Fisher
05/30/2017 18:56:57
"I was feeling bad because I knew my dog had something wrong. I have had terrible traumatic experiences at another vet related to the fact that my dog gets so very nervous when we're at the vet or groomer. You treated me very nice and helped me get my dog the care he needed as well as brought him up to date on his shots. But what I didn't expect is when we came back to pick him up, you had groomed him and cut his toenails. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. That meant a lot to my husband and I. "
- Jannette Long
05/29/2017 03:45:59
"Everyone was so friendly and the entire visit went by so fast. All of our questions were answered and we were given great suggestions for our dog's picky eating. :)"
- Laura Romero
05/28/2017 22:24:47
"Excellent care !"
- Shari Bradley
05/28/2017 20:01:50