"We have always been happy with the care Arrowhead has given our furry family members. Your staff is kind and competent, and obviously loves animals. We have recommended you to quite a few other people!"
- Douglas & Jessica Lindell
05/15/2017 09:03:09
"all staff always welcoming and kind to my furry "kids""
- Susan Morrill
05/15/2017 08:13:32
"Excellent office, tech and doc staff. I moved back to your office after your emergency care of Snoopy last November. Only vets for us now."
- John & Sally Harris
05/14/2017 16:36:19
"You guys take great care of our dog - thanks!"
- Michael Young
05/13/2017 14:58:06
"Talking here about myself, I have been at a number of vets and have experienced a wide range of vet business culture. I do have to say the last couple of times it seems to me the culture at your vet business is better. The two times I have been in contact with the doctor for my dog has been very helpful. He seems to have the talent to not only have the expertise, but to interface with both the animal and the human. I will be continuing to bring my dog for check-ups and treatments."
- Darrell Eson
05/12/2017 10:27:24
"Dr Cordell and Dr Bollinger gave our cat Molly another one of her 9 lives. "
- Dennis & Janet Oltmann
05/12/2017 09:02:17
"No complaints! Very attentive staff. Dr. took the time to answer all of our questions and gave us great information. Very thorough. Great care! "
- Dana Watt
05/11/2017 14:59:51
"You're doing fine. My last visit was to pick up a prescription - it was ready when I arrived."
- Robert & Barbara Gilman
05/10/2017 19:01:14
"I have been going to Arrowhead for many years and have never had a bad experience. The Doc's are the best and the staff is great."
- Dan Courtney
05/10/2017 14:29:16
"Don was on vacation so Figaro saw Dr. Cordell. It was Figaro's first visit with Dr. Cordell and he was great with my nervous senior cat. Thanks so much! "
- Linda & Wayne Skinner
05/09/2017 22:23:18
"We love Arrowhead! Dr. Cordell is awesome & it was a delight seeing Taylor (a former student) as my Vet Tech at our last visit. We really appreciate the care our animals receive at Arrowhead!"
- John & Lori Buechner
05/09/2017 10:04:52
"Love the care we receive when we go! Everyone from the front desk to the back office has been so caring and wonderful. Found a life long place to take the little one's I love."
- Sarah Butler
05/08/2017 13:26:42
"We've been coming to Arrowhead for many years and have always received excellent service, from the front desk to the Veteranarians. Love Arrowhead"
- Denise & Mike Beyer
05/07/2017 18:59:11
"your practice is outstanding, ive been coming here for 13 years and have always had wonderful caring service."
- Paige MacEwan
05/07/2017 10:49:50
"Great service from the entire staff! Very attentive to my dog's emergency!"
- Dianna Wedding
05/06/2017 19:38:31
"It's great care, very thorough "
- Janet Stevens
05/05/2017 21:16:18
"I am glad to be able to see the same vet on each visit. Dr. Cordell is always so friendly and helpful."
- Patricia Callaway
05/05/2017 13:10:55
"Very pleasant atmosphere friendly staff and very greatfull for Dr. Jim H."
- Rita Echterling
05/04/2017 20:59:50
"We always get excellent care for our black lab, as well as our previous dogs. Arrowhead has been caring for our dogs since 1993."
- Gregory & Diana Neece
05/04/2017 11:43:34
"We love our Dr Jim,he takes such a good care of my little girl,takes time to answers all my questions . And stuff always nice and professional :)"
- Agata Skowronek
05/04/2017 03:59:51
"We have been clients since 1999 and have had nothing but exceptional experiences with you and recommend you to all our friends. The compassion and care you have for the animals is remarkable and the sensitivity you show toward us humans in difficult situations, is wonderful. We can't thank you enough for all the staff at Arrowhead Animal Hospital."
- John Farley
05/02/2017 14:33:52
"Dr Todack consistently provides the most informative & understanding care for our pets & we greatly appreciate her compassion & expertise. The staff is genuinely attentive & professional as well!"
- Randy & Sue Kelly
05/01/2017 22:06:42
"We always appreciate your quick responses to questions and we've never had a problem getting an appointment quickly. Dr. Todak always gives us honest opinions and takes very good care of our cats. She is also great responding to questions quickly. We also love the new app! "
- Bethany Levin
05/01/2017 16:32:46
"Great! I like the vets and staff and my pets receive great care."
- Ginger Davis
04/30/2017 09:36:26
"I would like to thank you for a very wonderful experience. Skyy is like my child and I love her dearly... it's very important for me to find a comfortable place that we can go for her needs, especially now that she is starting to get a little up in age. We met Dr. Pfretzschner and I went over all of Skyy's history and needs with him. I feel very satisfied with our visit and hope that nothing serious comes up in the near future... but I will most certainly be bringing Skyy to see you for her meds and any other needs that she might have. Thank you once again for your kindness and thoughtfulness. "
- Jesse Lieberth
04/29/2017 15:00:39
"love you guys, always think of the animals health first , have helped me thru 2 of my kids cross the rainbow bridge. "
- Kathleen Silvestri
04/29/2017 00:44:56
"Everything has been great from calling to getting an apt next day, To Jim Houtchens being the best. Nugget apologizes for potty on your floor. "
- Mary Williams
04/28/2017 15:03:00
" I was very impressed with the process of taking care of Cooper. Of course, it helps that Jim Houchens is my vet, who has taken care of Cooper since he was little!!"
- Cecelia Hartman
04/28/2017 12:35:41
"We love working with the team at Arrowhead! Everyone is so kind and we feel the vets really care about our pets. We would love it if there were more specialized services more often - such as a dermatologist more than 1 day a week, but we understand this is based on demand. great job and great people "
- Elizabeth Malagisi
04/27/2017 15:08:30
"You guys are always great. I have been a customer of Dr. P's for over 30 years. Thank you for your great care and service. Ron and Tammy Mitchell"
- Ronald L. & Tammy Mitchell
04/27/2017 12:57:46
"We have no complaints. Casey gets excellent care. Thank you!"
- Mary Ellen Morici
04/27/2017 12:04:57
"I came in a day early (accidently)for a scheduled appointment and I was still welcomed and worked in for my dogs Bordatella appt. Also the Dr. came out to upcoming schedule of shots my Dog will need. "
- Pam Barnett
04/27/2017 11:44:47
"First visit, will have more to say alter I try the boarding!"
- Kim Stueckrath
04/26/2017 10:55:17
"Very pleased overall, just sorry that Bella and Max are not very cooperative. They have always been that way at the vet's office so it's nothing against you!"
- Elizabeth Bugay
04/25/2017 16:00:41
"Dr. Cordell was great at answering all my puppy questions and I had quite a few."
- Valerie Lohnes
04/24/2017 13:33:26
"The staff was wonderful. The set up is wonderful. Baron is home and doing well and is wanting to do what he normally does. Dr. Houchens has been my fur babies for over 35 yrs and if and when he retires I'm glad I found a home with Arrowhead. "
- Michelle McCallum
04/24/2017 13:10:35
"We always feel that Dr. Jim as the best interest of Lexi in mind."
- David Bishop
04/24/2017 10:59:43
"Always above and beyond in service, knowledge, and friendliness. Always accommodating and helpful. I really appreciate the staff and Dr. Cordell."
- William & Marsha Kratzer
04/24/2017 09:19:05
"In office care was fantastic and it was clear that he was loved while staying overnight!"
- Jonathan Schwietert
04/22/2017 12:31:41
"I love you guys! You always accommodate me and with 3 rowdy dogs and living across town that means alot! Plus you're very pet friendly!"
- Debra Nordberg
04/22/2017 12:08:50
"You guys are great. We usually see DR Jim but this time we saw DR Bollinger and she is also great!"
- John Leiker
04/22/2017 12:08:08
"Dr. Cordell & staff are great. They all listen intently & patiently. Thank you!!"
- Gina Coufal
04/21/2017 13:01:33
"Couldn't get any better."
- Wanda Dienst
04/20/2017 19:27:00
"All going well. Appreciate patience Dr. and assistant had with Missy."
- Faye Christensen
04/20/2017 17:22:15
"You're the best!"
- Donald & Barbara Tonn
04/20/2017 16:50:28
"Dr Houchens has been caring for Bandit quite a few years. Bandit is doing great as a result and I am grateful for the conscientious care he receives...by the staff as well."
- Lois Knudson
04/20/2017 16:06:11
"I have been with Arrowhead since 2003 I love my pets and would not consider having them go anywhere else:: Most of my trip i return on Sunday I would like to pick up but know they are in good hands."
- Theresa Sharron
04/20/2017 09:56:32
"Everyone at Arrowhead is helpful and kind!"
- Alicia King
04/19/2017 14:41:03
"The people were very friendly and caring about Lucy and that included other customers who came in with their pets. The employees seem to enjoy their work. Dr. Todack is the best and when we have seen the other vets at Arrowhead, they are great too."
- Shelley Diegel
04/19/2017 14:28:43
"Lester and I were treated respectfully and compassionately, and the issue was resolved. The cost was very reasonable. I appreciate that Dr Todak will give me a reminder call for a weight recheck for Lester. "
- Jackie Dawson
04/19/2017 11:33:50
"Outstanding job.Custmer and pet are professionally taken care. "
- Cyndee Little
04/18/2017 16:41:28
"We have been very happy with both vets we've seen and also very happy with the clinic in general!"
- Eric Curran
04/17/2017 18:28:40
"There's nothing to add, except I believe Maia was in very good hands."
- Peggy & Eugene Murphy
04/17/2017 15:01:07
"everyone here is friendly and very helpful."
- Michael Riker
04/17/2017 10:56:53
"Everyone was great. Patient with letting my pup warmup to them. They even got down on the floor and let him kiss them and played with him until he felt good about the environment. Dr. Cordell is wonderful and takes the time to explain things and truely cares about his patients and their wellbeing."
- Andrew & Andrea Smith
04/17/2017 07:23:48
"Love the staff and especially Dr Jim! It's not a place you really want to visit but when we are there, we feel the love. "
- Jessica Maliszewski
04/16/2017 20:36:01
"Exceptional experience! I had to see Dr Todak and I felt she really cared about Bogey.Dr Houchens was not in but her bedside manner was much like his. Dr Todak was very thorough. Price somewhat high but I was prepared for that. The follow up call was a nice touch"
- Debbie Biegger
04/16/2017 13:19:32
"My fur babies always receive the best care from you all."
- Judy Pace
04/15/2017 20:19:37
"Dr. Beardsley was so caring & gentle with Sophia. She is from a stray Mama & therefore, is untrusting of people, except me. Besides with her 2-year-on-going problem, she has had to endure way too many vet visits for her comfort! He fully explained every option for her & once decided on a medication & diet, explained how to give the meds & what to expect in the future. Very comfortable with him & this facility."
- Jackie Lorentzson
04/15/2017 19:32:49
"We appreciate Dr. Cornell's manner with our pets. It is obvious he enjoys animals and our pets do not seem to be anxious during exams."
- Bruce & Janet Miller
04/15/2017 15:42:18
"Always great. I recommend you to everyone I know is looking for pet care. "
- Cheryl Meaney
04/14/2017 13:37:59
"You all are great"
- Jeanne Cross Jr.
04/14/2017 12:13:16
"Every employee I've had honor to work with has been extremely knowledgeable, courteous, caring, and has always gone above and beyond to ensure my and my pets' needs are met, and often exceeded. "
- Dominique Smith
04/14/2017 11:38:11
"We enjoyed our visit. Everyone was friendly, helpful and had answers or pamphlets for all of our questions. Of course any place we bring our Pomsky to its always a pleasant visit. Glad they are just a mile down the road from our house. We are glad to have them as our Vet. Will be back in a few weeks for more shots."
- Joseph Smith
04/14/2017 11:36:54
"You have taken very good care of Molly. When she has needed attention, I was always treated with kindness, and kindness for Molly as well. She being the goofball that she is, the way you all work with her makes it easier, I think, for her to receive your care. Effin' Bubba Chicago Bear the great grey cat became Molly's best bud after my first semester in seminary when Molly began to get the mopes. He came home with her when I graduated. He is also a dear companion. This is not to compare the Hyde Park Vet folks to you. It is simply to say that you have been consistently available, kind, and gentle with my 4 legged buds. Bear and Molly are both sturdy critters, and when I've needed care for one of them, you have always been there with grace in your hands and your hearts."
- Kathi Worthington
04/13/2017 22:50:50
"Your staff is always friendly and helpful. If they can get me in that day they will if not it's as soon as possible and gives me a choice of seeing someone else"
- Cindy Callow
04/13/2017 20:14:29
"I have always been pleased with the way Stormy is taken care of. He has been coming there for over 12 years now and I hve no complaints."
- Jean A. Wendell
04/13/2017 15:25:18
"Always able to get in same day I call. Staff and vets are always​ happy and accommodating. Worth the 20 min drive :)"
- Lena DelaFuente
04/13/2017 13:51:03
"All is just great. Enjoy visiting with your front desk staff too."
- Maggie King
04/13/2017 13:38:30
"Very accommodating with scheduling appointments! Loved how the doctor remembered to ask me about things I forgot to ask her, like special diets. "
- Eric Aitken
04/13/2017 13:00:23
"Been a customer for 24 years. I have loved working with the caring people at the clinic. Thank you!"
- Valerie Chase
04/13/2017 11:36:11
"I shopped around before picking a vet. Your prices were great and the people at the desk were friendly when I went to visit! "
- Beth Vaiana
04/12/2017 17:10:19
"Everyone takes such good care of Dance when we come in for appointments. Know it's not easy to do her nails, and Dr. Houchens, thanks for watching her walk and your suggestions. "
- Judy Swank
04/12/2017 16:26:09
"Short wait before rooming. Tech was professional & friendly. Vet explained treatment plan well."
- Kristine Opas
04/12/2017 13:36:35
"We have been going to arrowhead since 1995 when we moved into the area. Alway been professional and good with our pets"
- Steve Brewer
04/12/2017 12:07:02
"The doctors and staff are kind and caring and definitely have the owners and their pets best interest in mind. I would not go anywhere else."
- Joe & Karri Kent Jr.
04/12/2017 11:05:12
"Everyone is so kind and helpful. Thanks!"
- Debbie Griffin
04/12/2017 08:09:00
"Very caring staff, from the ladies at the front to our vet. Dr. Cordell, and other vets we have met there."
- Ronald Alford
04/12/2017 07:04:14
"Was very pleased with my visit. The staff was very freindly and accommodating. The doctor was very thorough and treated me like family"
- Jared McDaniel
04/11/2017 22:00:30
"You guys are great! It doesn't take too long to get in. You are all so wonderful with my 2 cats. One is a bit fussy and cranky and can be difficult but you all know how to handle him and are so patient with him. You make it easy to get insulin and needles for him too. I never feel rushed either. I know how appointments can run long or fit us in when there is a sick pet but you never make me feel I'm an imposition. Thanks for being so helpful and wonderful! Dineen Emms"
- Brad & Dineen Emms
04/11/2017 20:08:28
"Dr. Cordell gives our pet family the best, most loving care we could ever expect. Your fees are not the smallest, but I do appreciate the discount you provide us and intend to remain loyal clients."
- Patrice Scott
04/11/2017 13:53:37
"I appreciate the caring attitude towards my pet and how you listen to and address my concerns. "
- Karl Wilmes
04/10/2017 21:15:36
"Dr Houshin's is the very best vet. I'm am moving to the mostrose area and will drive my dogs down here to have him continue to take care of them."
- Kim Kratochvil
04/10/2017 13:26:23
"An employee of mine referred me to Arrowhead and I couldn't be happier. Dr. Teresa (sp?) is absolutely wonderful, along with everyone else in the office. "
- Tony Corona
04/10/2017 04:34:01
"Bradford and I are very pleased with our experiences at Arrowhead. (Bradford maybe not so much at times.)"
- Charlene Duran
04/09/2017 14:44:23
"We've have been bringing our fur baby to Arrowhead since 2008 and have had nothing but good experiences. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The doctors give wonderful care. I really don't have anything bad to say."
- Bradley Frederick
04/09/2017 12:21:11
"Very informative and understanding!"
- KayDe Abel
04/09/2017 00:59:03
"I have had nothing but good experiences. My girls have the best care they've ever had and I can't give enough praise."
- Meredith Fickes
04/08/2017 19:37:23
"I just dropped off a fecal/stool sample for Nero's annual test. we have been coming to Arrowhead Animal Hospital since 1987 with all our fur kids (four dogs so far) & always receive the best care!"
- Kevin Stewart
04/08/2017 18:13:11
"I LOVE your office. I started going to Arrowhead after a referral from a friend several years ago. I have never once regretted the decision."
- AnneMarie Harper
04/08/2017 14:07:57
"We enjoy bringing our dogs to this veterinary hospital. We consider our pets our family and the vets there always make sure to address all of our concerns. We like the friendly and professional staff. Our vet Dr.Bowling(sorry if mispelled) is the best she is very nice and treats our family well. She always provides us with multiple options and never seems like she is just trying to sell us services. We have been to many animal hospitals/vets but we have chosen to continue to come to Arrowhead Animal Hospital. "
- Stephanie Plumley
04/08/2017 12:43:17
"I can't find anything bad with Arrowhead in fact I tell everyone how nice everyone is to all of my babies including my self. I am very satisfied with the service I receive"
- Shirley Howze
04/08/2017 11:27:07
"We've been bringing our dog to Arrowhead for years. She is well treated by staff--we appreciate this. "
- Leland Dong
04/08/2017 11:01:27
"As always a great job - thanks!!"
- Robert & Shelly Landgraf
04/08/2017 10:21:30
"Everyone does a great job - that's why I've been taking my fur babies there so long!"
- Kerri Ungerland
04/07/2017 22:46:34
"Poppi has always had good care there...Dr. Cordell is extremely good at explaining issues and treatment. Everybody has been very helpful and knowledgeable about what's going on as far I'm concerned. No complaints."
- Dodie A. Persichetti
04/07/2017 17:42:39
"It was great! Dr. Todack is caring and thorough and delightful."
- Janet Cammack
04/07/2017 14:30:36
"Dr P and staff figured out what was going on and we now have a plan. We always come to Arrowhead, from puppy to the end (when needed) Everyone is very caring. "
- Steve Rondinelli
04/07/2017 13:31:37
"Dr. Houchins is and has been a very knowledgeable and kind vet. We will continue to uuse him as our vet."
- Jerry Jaggers
04/07/2017 08:39:49
"Lago has received great care at Arrowhead."
- Sara Martin
04/07/2017 00:45:14