"Your quality care and attention towards my Roxy girl saved her life. The staff here paid very close attention to our concerns and was always so helpful in providing us updates on Roxy's progress in a way anyone could understand. This agency went above and beyond for my baby before referring us to UGA for further assistance. I will be using this agency as Roxy's primary vet for any future concerns- I won't go anywhere else. "
- Elise Arnold
12/03/2020 20:31:21
"Excellent service felt like I knew the workers for years. Very patient."
- Temeka Roberts
10/31/2020 18:24:48
"We had a very good experience! I like the set up as far as waiting in your car & filling out all of the paperwork before coming inside, great for no contact & keeping pets away from each other. We will be back! "
- Karis Riddle
10/25/2020 16:57:11
"Great experience! It would be cool if there were pet treats but definitely not a must "
- Brazil Remani
10/08/2020 19:40:40
"Everyone was very professional. First person I spoke to was Briana from the front desk, extremely polite and gave detailed answers to my questions. Trisha, the nurse was gentle with my pup and explained the bill well. Dr Odom was also gentle with my pup and was honest with his diagnosis and treatment plan, letting me know 1 route will cost more and he was helping me to avoid that. I really appreciate the service and am grateful I found this clinic. Thank you!"
- Nichol Gonzalez
09/24/2020 20:29:39
"Everything was great! Thank you."
- Briana Tarver
08/10/2020 05:55:12
"This was me and my puppy first visit and i was very impressed.....animal amour will be teddys permanent vet. Dr Odom and his staff was great !!!!!"
- Cheri Dickinson
08/09/2020 14:55:46
"Enjoyed so far, I need to be cost effective, with my pups care too."
- Colleen Fryza
07/25/2020 22:59:42
"Everyone was super nice, caring and knowledgeable . Real animal lovers."
- Fae Smith
07/20/2020 08:41:59
"Everything was excellent "
- Kawana Gosier
07/17/2020 14:50:38
"You're great! I'm pleased with your Vet care."
- Jane Dubson
06/29/2020 22:15:34
"Great experience having my dog spayed and very thorough on aftercare treatment. Took the time to explain everything to us. "
- Dean Dymond
06/25/2020 13:47:53
"Excellent "
- Deondre Pitmon
06/22/2020 21:19:15
"I thought y’all did everything perfectly. I loved that y’all kept me updated throughout the day on how my animals we’re doing and I loved that y’all did not perform a service without calling me and asking me first. I felt comfortable to leave my animals there and I knew they were in good hands. The staff was very friendly and took the time to answer all of my questions and I think that is awesome. It was a wonderful experience! "
- Jessica Mehaffey
06/14/2020 14:17:19
"Excellent job, everyone was very kind and professional "
- Adrieanna Thorpe
05/29/2020 16:23:42
"Excellent! I could not have been more pleased. Will be scheduling yearly check ups soon."
- Anita Nation
05/21/2020 02:50:15
"So far, just GREAT!"
- Raquel Whitfield
05/16/2020 00:06:20
"You guys did an awesome job."
- Demetrice Dennis
05/02/2020 17:27:55
"I called and made an appointment. My cat had fleas. As soon as I arrived, I called and a nurse came out and took my cat. During the visit, the veterinarian called me and suggested an injection to help her stop scratching. The whole process was excellent!! Everyone took good care of my cat. I was very pleased with every aspect of the visit. A very professional and kind staff!!!!! "
- Jeanine Conkle
04/30/2020 14:47:38
"I think this office is great. When I had to put my boy Meiko down the Doctor and nurses were great and understanding. Lady and Zeus were both happy after their exam and I love this office. Thank you all!"
- Monica Baker
04/26/2020 02:34:39
"Everything was great! Taylor was amazing! "
- Bianca Hairston
04/26/2020 01:43:43
"I am very happy with the service. I have come to you twice for Rhino and was greeted with a smile both times. The first time was a rainy day and the nurse still took the time to explain everything to me in spite of standing in the rain. Second nurse was fabulous as well and even listened to my children’s stories while outside. I’m sorry I don’t remember names very well. It they both deserve special recognition. Vet came outside as well and was more than happy to answer any questions. Very happy with the staff, knowledge and care provided. "
- Dawn Baldwin
04/23/2020 00:41:57
"The bad not really bad we just have some questions about the final bill. Everything else is simply the BEST!My Penelpope is alive. Taylor, the night vet tech was wonderful. She actually cleared up space in her phone do that she could send me not just a picture but also a video of my sweet girl. Of course I would have been devestated if Penelope had died but at least the last images if her would have been normal looking instead of her in shock, dead and very scared. Thank you guys for rushing out to take her from me. Thank you for saving her. Thank you for continuously reaching out to reassure me that she was doing well."
- Sheila Thomason
04/19/2020 20:10:48
"My 1st experience, my 1st dog....Animal Amour made me feel so comfortable. The location is great for me. Im so happy I was able 2 find them & who has the compassion & years of experience."
- Frances Hopkins
04/18/2020 15:10:16
"I really liked how the vet was too worried about babygirl and called as soon as she found something wrong to let me know and she already has a treatment plan with the next steps to take. Any question I had between my itchy and scratchy with my baby girl she had a answer for everything I asked. Thank you so much for that here soon baby girl will be back to start the next steps for her. 😍😍😍"
- Jenny Golden
04/16/2020 18:15:55
"Awesome customer service and very caring. "
- Rhonda Norvell
04/09/2020 21:12:11
"Very friendly staff from the appointment setting to the overview of Butter’s exam and recommendations. Appreciated the social distancing care the practice has implemented and everything was timely and orderly. We’ll definitely return. "
- Lionel Myers
04/09/2020 17:37:30
"We had a wonderful first appointment and experience. Look forward to continue care for koda at animal amour. "
- Jenay Russell
03/16/2020 19:19:48
"You did a great job taking care of Belle"
- Tim Welch
03/06/2020 17:38:27
"It was an excellent visit. I came in twice before I got my new puppy and the front desk ladies were very friendly and informative. "
- Veronica Rayford
03/03/2020 18:33:36
"You’re doing good. I walk-in and I seen by doctor right way. Everyone in the office was so helpful . Thank you"
- Martha Anderson
03/01/2020 00:59:34
"My cat Kirby was seen quickly (called for an appt, squeezed in), thank goodness. He had a bad infection and a fever. Everything was taken care of and I was kept informed. They went above and beyond for a pet that they didn't know or had seen before. I will definitely switch all my vet need to Animal Amore. I have 3 cats and a dog."
- April Love
02/24/2020 21:15:44
"Everybody was caring and friendly - I felt very comfortable with the Dr. - I am happy to be with this clinic! Jax and Peaches seem very happy too! Thanks so much!"
- Tiffany Wallis
02/18/2020 03:47:54
"My experience was great, nothing bad to say"
- Madison Cooper
01/25/2020 19:27:40
"great job to the entire staff, see you again shorty. My German Shepard is a hand full to handle....u guys did a fantastic job? 5 stars. Great start to 2020!!!"
- Annie Hill
01/06/2020 23:11:46
"Everything was good overall, the price was a Little more than I expected but everything else was good. "
- Cynthia Cruz Cabos
01/03/2020 19:34:15
"You guys have done very well, were patient and friendly, my cat felt good stay there, thank you so much! "
- Mengping Li
12/19/2019 16:41:29
"Overall experience was good"
- Sally Beresford
12/04/2019 16:31:51
"You all are WONDERFUL!! I feel Rocky has received awesome care and attention. Im glad we chose the best new family we could ask for. Thank you!!"
- Collene Dukes
11/17/2019 20:22:46
"Your staff was great when checking cats in and out of boarding."
- Deborah Howard
10/21/2019 16:21:21
"You guys are amazing and we are so glad that we are apart of the family, we feel that Pebbles is in great hands "
- Chaka Puckett
10/17/2019 14:21:20
- Karla Alcantar
10/14/2019 10:16:03
"I had a great experience with awesome staff. They was able to squeeze me in on a busy day to get my dogs taken care of. Will definitely be back"
- Blake Mayfield
10/09/2019 19:35:14
"excellent work , i will return "
- Alexis Petion
10/04/2019 20:50:37
"Simon was Very Well taken care of at Animal Amour! He is feeling better and the next time he needs help we will definitely visit you again!!"
- Dawn Jackson
09/09/2019 23:27:13
"Referred by Lake Harbin Vetinary Clinic which has recently closed. Everyone we saw was friendly and welcoming. We will definitely use again!"
- Gina Riffey
08/23/2019 01:53:24
"Frank and I had a great experience with you on August 20. We are glad to be with you. Bootstrap will love you too!"
- Patriica Walker
08/22/2019 20:53:18
" I was very impressed with the Dr. & staff. The Dr. took a lot of time with me and my pet. I have tried a couple of other vets in the last year and this one was the best in my opinion. "
- John Edwards
08/19/2019 22:02:55
"Taylor is the best nurse ever!! "
- Taylor McMorris
08/19/2019 19:59:41
"I having nothing to complain about. Best vet ever"
- Robin Holman
08/10/2019 18:33:56
"We love you guys! "
- Sarah Guadiana
08/02/2019 14:48:21
"Very pleasant experience "
- Haydon Hobby
07/29/2019 18:49:38
"Great job fixing my pup and thanx for the extra care after"
- Kyle Spann
07/29/2019 18:36:43
"Friendly, thoughtful staff."
- Donna Cobb
07/12/2019 16:47:19
"Everything was perfect!! "
- Larissa Scott
07/12/2019 00:00:44
"Good job providing us with options. Fast diagnosis, excellent communication."
- Tom Abarr
07/05/2019 13:26:43
"it was good.if ul are hiring at all in any position could u send me the link.thank u,timothy williams"
- Theresa William
06/13/2019 16:12:02
"The appointment went well."
- Danielle Robinson
06/10/2019 19:52:23
"Staff was very professional and caring."
- Ella Tharpe
05/21/2019 12:42:15
"Excellent service!!! The whole staff and Doctor Quesada was very friendly. My rabbits are in great hands :-)"
- Jasmine Sawyer
04/27/2019 00:42:41
"You guys are doing a grate"
- Jesse McLeod
04/25/2019 19:48:42
"I chose this Vet because of the reviews i read were all positive and that was important to me. I brought my dog in because she had been hit by a car. They were so nice and considerate of my budget by giving me options for my dog. I loved my visit and this will be my go to Vet and I would recommend them to all my pet lovers."
- Deborah Cross
04/25/2019 03:09:53
"Great staff. Great doctor. Love her. She breaks down and explains everything. Everybody very nice there. Makes you feel very comfortable "
- Roderick Starr
04/16/2019 16:20:23
"Thank you for the excellent care and attention that you all gave Micro, he is feeling so much better now. I am sure , with your help we will be able get him past his problems! Thank you, Max and Jo Barozzi."
- Max Barozzi
04/15/2019 18:52:18
"Very professional staff "
- Randy Cowan
04/13/2019 10:51:58
"Hans recieved the best care and promptly. He is doing well on the meds and I have an appointment for follow up."
- Gayle Powell
04/11/2019 19:55:04
"Excellent service. Friendly and helpful staff. Warm,clean environment for our babies. I'd give the team at Armor 5 stars"
- Mary Pierce
04/06/2019 18:31:06
"excellent "
- Deborah Booth Mitchell
03/25/2019 12:23:40
"We very recently bought our Rottweiler in for his annual shots and was very pleased with the service we received. Our dog has severe anxieties when visiting the vet and it is comforting to know that Animal Amour was sensitive his needs and handled him well. So far so good. Thanks-"
- Yvette Usher
03/20/2019 22:34:06
"Dr. Sasha is the best. Our Thor loves her. He gets so excited when we tell him we are going to see her. Where ever she goes we will follow."
- Jose Ramirez
03/07/2019 18:10:12
"Every thing was excellent for my first time there I would tell a lot more people about this place thanks for a job well done "
- Deborah Archie
03/06/2019 21:12:34
"Excellent service wow thank you see you soon"
- Carmen H Ginorio
02/26/2019 01:25:17
"Thank you for your quick attention to our family pet. Thank you also for calling to check up on him. You guy/gals are Great!!"
- Christy Duffie
02/22/2019 23:08:19
"You made me feel very comfortable.I had so many questions,the staff was very informative. I will be returning and I would recommend you to friends.Also was very clean.I love that you called to check on us after visit.🤗"
- Kenya Henry
02/10/2019 15:03:33
"Searching for CoCo's Dr. Sasha! I found her at Animal Amour through the internet. Thank heavens! Dr. Sasha has been a blessing for us to give CoCo a quality of life for our pretty sick little puppy, she would have never had, if, not for Dr. Sasha. From my 1st contact with Rebecka to Dr. Sasha's assistant, Brandy, we were very well received and given "the best of care"! I am thrilled to have found Dr. Sasha and meeting your staff. I would highly recommend Animal Amour with confidence. Thank you!"
- Lorraine Hoover
02/03/2019 03:49:52
"I think our visit was quite good. Everyone was friendly which I super important when you are dealing with an ill pet. They are our babies and we want them treated with the same care that would be given to our human babies. I absolutely adore Dr. Grammer. She was so kind, patient, and helpful. I do, however, think she was a little reluctant to tell us that my baby won’t be around much longer. Although, I would’ve preferred to hear it straight out, I love the fact that her heart was in the right place. You don’t find that too much anymore. I especially like the fact that they were honest enough to tell me about a discount and that I had paid too much money. You can’t get better than that. "
- Sandra Chatman
02/02/2019 18:37:50
"Professional and friendly. Me and my puppy's first visit and we both felt comfortable😍👍🐶"
- Fiona Buckshot
01/29/2019 17:31:04
"ya'll doing a good job I was very happy and this is diamond new home for her heath."
- Maudestine Gresham
01/29/2019 03:48:38
"Everything was good but Assassin said you can get better Dog Treats..."
- Daniel Gill
01/26/2019 17:37:35
"very good and helpful."
- Jeanne Starr
01/15/2019 17:11:04
"Dr. Grammer is an excellent addition to the staff. In December she performed Destin's annual exam. I felt informed and with the addition a different medication (Apoquel) Destin is more like her old self."
- Harry Nutter
01/15/2019 15:06:01
"Sasha and her assistant were very patient and loving to my cat and to me. I had to work on a limited budget, so they worked with me to develop a plan I could afford. It’s hard when money comes into the picture of caring for a pet you love, but we have a limited income. They didn’t shame me but rather worked with me."
- Christine Long
01/12/2019 16:13:44
"Wonderful place, location, & excellent staff of doctors & nurses. Always recommend by me. You are the star in Sassie Blu eyes."
- Sharon Harris
01/12/2019 13:23:31
"I have been going to Animal Amour for nearly 23 years. Through these years, my babies and I have always been treated with the utmost concern and care. I must confess, I was a little skeptical when the practice changed hands as I do not handle change too well. but I must also confess that I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of care and attention that the new practice has given us. The Doctors and staff are always so kind and compassionate. I will continue to place my trust in their able hands, and will not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family. I must admit though, I am having a little trouble keeping up with all the new names!"
- Pam Hall
01/10/2019 19:48:42
"The doctor was really caring"
- Linda Glowa
01/10/2019 15:26:20
"There's nothing that I would change. Although I had blood work done and a different doctor called me with results and I was supposed to have those total results the next day I've been anxiously awaiting so I'm anxiously waiting out today from the vet that I did say because if it's her thyroid is low I need to get her started on medication but now I would not change anything"
- Patricia Godman
01/10/2019 14:37:54
"Always available when needed."
- Wesley Reagin
01/09/2019 23:27:16
"I haven't experience nothing bad over the years. The staff our friendly and professional. The appearance is nice and clean. I like the communication between the doctors and the staff."
- Felecia Perkins
01/05/2019 12:38:55
"Everyone was great. There was no long wait. I typically hate when I arrive at my scheduled time and have to wait forever but that did not happen here. Everyone was very nice to Apollo and treated him with care."
- Kimberly Ligon
01/05/2019 08:45:45
"Everyone is so nice and welcoming. You can tell they truly love animals which is what I want in anyone taking care of my babies"
- Jennifer Engel
01/04/2019 11:49:48
"I'm so grateful that we were able to find this vet. They treated my guinea pig Yuki with the best care. They even called us the next day to see how she was doing. I am so thankful for the care they have provided for my little one! "
- Kimberly Stovall
01/03/2019 19:45:51
"This place is wonderful. It's always clean and the stuff are always nice. My pet love this place. She start going crazy soon as we pull in the parking lot as if she's pulling up at home. The stuff calls to check on your pet after each visit. I could not have asked for a better Pet Hospital and Lodge."
- Michelle Wright
01/03/2019 17:50:24
"we've been going to Animal Amour for over 30 years now and have always been happy with staff and Doctors."
- Niles Baker
01/03/2019 14:23:21
"I feel so happy that we have found a place for our little Peppa! We wanted to make sure she was loved and taken care of the proper way. Thanks to your special team who even took pictures for our children while we were away."
- Erica James
01/03/2019 14:03:51
"It is comforting to come to a place where staff is so caring. I get tickled every time when my dog is recognized and see her wagging her tail and feeling comfortable with staff."
- Marlene Torres
01/03/2019 09:09:39
"One word, "GREAT"! Maggie and I both love coming here."
- Phyllis Scott
01/02/2019 15:34:20
"Wish the vet would come in sooner to evaluate my puppy. "
- Marcus White
12/30/2018 22:20:11
"Doing so good. Made JW feel so loved. You can tell you really care about our Pets. Thank you so much ."
- Joyce Goodman
12/29/2018 18:08:07
"The staff was very friendly. The prices are reasonable. Our pet was happy to visit and seemed happy and healthy when we picked him up after 11 days of boarding. "
- Shannon Damazio
12/29/2018 13:40:03
"Y’all guys always do a great job "
- Petra Estrella
12/28/2018 22:04:35