"Christine, Brooke and Dr K all went over and above in treating our new puppy as well as reassuring us."
- Paul And Theresa Fink
05/08/2019 22:37:26
"Everyone is always pleasant and really very concerned about Charlie. Dr. “K” is thorough and takes time to discuss everything so even I can understand. Glad to have chosen Capitaland Animal Hospital."
- Gloria DiBlase
05/07/2019 21:22:41
"I feel so comfortable when we bring Socks for a checkup. No being rushed through. Plenty of time to ask questions and receive answers. We love it there. "
- Edrie Pregent
05/07/2019 18:29:54
"The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. K. spends a huge amount of time with us, and is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. "
- Teresa And Stan Stoklosa
05/06/2019 23:03:43
"Fantastic staff and care! "
- Barbara Boudreau
04/25/2019 09:51:31
"I wouldn't change a thing. We always feel that when we walk through the door, Bailee is in the best hands possible. We never feel rushed to explain our situations, both doctors always explain what we need to know. When meds are given the staff explains it again, we receive a print out the same day. And one of the things I like (because Bailee is an older dog) is the follow up phone call; when you say you will call.... you call. It is a calming effect to know that there is that call which says "How is she doing?" That one follow up call tells me that everyone at CapitaLand cares. I think everyone is doing a great job "
- Elizabeth And Ken Durrant
04/24/2019 22:43:40
"Dr Kazinski is the best veterinarian we have ever had. She is caring and concerned. She takes time to put our animals at ease during the exam. Our dog, Lady doesn't even know she is having blood drawn or vaccinations administered. Her staff is also exceptional in their treatment of our pets. We would not trade them for any other vet and staff"
- Linda and Joseph Paruszkiewicz
04/22/2019 23:15:57
"I always feel that Zeke is in the best care as everyone is always so nice and understanding"
- Deborah Hill
04/20/2019 17:12:20
"Hannah was so nervous but you helped her be calmer. "
- Gail and James LaBoissiere
04/19/2019 20:28:56
"Everyone is great over there! Very friendly and very helpful. I feel Tootsie is in good hands when we come in. :-)"
- Theresa Ricciardone
04/12/2019 16:56:50
"It's obvious that you care about our cats as much as we do! Keep it up!"
- Robert Markham
04/09/2019 20:10:02
"I was very pleased with my first visit. Dr. Zaber is very caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. As are her staff!"
- Diane Seypura
04/07/2019 20:11:43
"We appreciate your time and thoroughness. We know our kitties are in your good care and we have complete trust in your service and recommendations. "
- Ricki And Michael (Consolo) Shapiro
04/05/2019 20:14:13
"I love the personalized service I get for my pets, I always feel welcomed, and feel the whole staff truly loves what they are doing."
- Suzanne DeMuth
04/05/2019 19:31:37
"I am very pleased with the service and we have received. Everyone is very kind and polite. We don't have to wait very long to see a tech or the vet. I feel they care about my pets and we get great service."
- John Biskup
04/04/2019 19:01:53
"Everyone that we interacted with was incredibly helpful. We are first time puppy parents and had a bunch of questions. It was so wonderful that everyone was willing to take as much time as we needed to talk through everything with us. We were happy to see how kind everyone was to us and our puppy. Our puppy didn't even notice when he got a shot, and it's really wonderful that a Vet visit won't be seen as traumatic to him. We feel like just in that one visit Capitaland Animal Hospital has earned our trust, and become a great resource for us. The email after our visit with all the information was great too!"
- Jessica And Brian Culligan
03/22/2019 18:08:49
"Dr. Pam was terrific with Baby. The front staff are excellent. Thank you."
- Bonny Curry
03/16/2019 20:18:58
"Started coming here years ago, staff and service have always been friendly and professional, never felt as if my pet or I were being judged, as was my experience with other practices. Explanations are given in terms pet owners can understand along with helpful hints with pet care."
- Peter Redman
03/13/2019 19:59:30
"Both veterinarians and the staff are interested in providing the best of care for my pet. I appreciate their thoughtfulness and tailoring compassionate treatment for each pet according to existing medical conditions. "
- Janet And Joseph Juras
03/09/2019 14:15:32
"Love the staff. They are always great. "
- Cindy A. And Jim Welch
03/09/2019 02:21:41
"My cats and I appreciate the gentle approach of all the staff. "
- Bernie LaGoy
03/02/2019 22:18:02
"Very attentive. Made it very comfortable for my cat."
- Joseph And Jodeana Ruzza
12/03/2018 05:17:49
"Have been bringing my dogs here for over 20 years and have experienced nothing but friendly, extremely competent and compassionate care from everyone on the staff from the vets, the techs, the receptionists and people behind the scenes."
- Rosemarie Pepicelli
12/02/2018 15:27:17
"Personal service, professional care and genuine caring! "
- Tim And Jessie Flynn
12/01/2018 16:58:41
"I love the personal feeling I get from the staff here. My dog is extremely anxious and they were very accomadating to make sure Indigo was as relaxed as possible. Its important to me that they think so highly of dog. I'll never go to another vet as long as this one is running. Thank you so much "
- Jillian Rogers
11/29/2018 20:42:51
"Thank you so much for being so good with Gretchen. She can be a handful but she was so calm with everyone. "
- Morgan Finegan
11/28/2018 22:37:31
"I chose capital care because off the reviews that they were cat friendly! I was not disappointed! Doctors and staff were very kind , not rushed and thorough. Highly recommend!"
- Jaqueline Wayne
11/26/2018 21:54:45
"We’re so happy that you could help poor Caesar right away. And that you kept following up. Thank you!"
- Sandra A And Richard Dietlein
11/21/2018 21:51:17
"Another great experience. Thanks for always taking great care of Toby!"
- Colleen Babowicz
11/02/2018 22:34:59
"Dr. K. and her staff are the best!🐶"
- Janice Rubino
11/02/2018 22:22:32
"We've been going to Capitaland for 7 years and couldn't be happier with the care you show our cats. A good vet is hard to find and we recommend Capitaland every chance we get. Thank you for being so wonderful to our pets!"
- Britney And David A. (Banks) Summit-Gil
11/02/2018 16:21:33
"Always friendly & staff good with Ruby."
- Michelle And Stan (Mlodzianowski) Erlach
11/01/2018 20:37:47
"Autrey's blood work went very smoothly. Brook was great as was all the staff. Staff was very professional and helpful. and everyone treats Autrey like she were a queen."
- Donna And Patrick Ross Whalen
11/01/2018 01:18:45
"You are all awesome and take such good care of my babies (and me). Thank you bunches and bunches!!!"
- Alysa Stringer
10/31/2018 16:12:54
"Pooh came in for Rabies shot. Everything was quick & easy. Follow-up call next day was appreciated. "
- Sandra And Frank Kiepura
10/31/2018 04:02:50
"Staff are friendly, punctual, thorough, and very competent and professional. They care about my dogs."
- Elizabeth Bouchard
10/30/2018 22:03:33
"I thought the overall care and experience that I had with my dog with Capitaland Animal Hospital was excellent. I will most definitely bring my other (3) Boston Terriers to see Dr. Karzenski for future care."
- Stephen and Shari Gleason
10/24/2018 00:17:07
"All of you Love what your doing and it shows. Thanks"
- Brooke And John Hauf
10/24/2018 00:13:13
"Evie’s first visit was the best experience I’ve ever had at a vet. Every person was friendly, knowledgeable and patient with me and Evie. I learned so much and felt very welcomed. Dr. Stacey is wonderful and explained things perfectly. It was fantastic!"
- Tammy And Michael Volans
10/24/2018 00:01:01
"We are so grateful that friends (Marcie Benjamin and Bahram Moasser) recommended Capitaland Animal Hospital 20 years ago, for our kitties Max and Diva. We trust them, and especially Dr. Karczynski, completely to take care of our babies...now Mozzie and Sheva...so that we can provide them the best quality of life. "
- Ricki And Michael (Consolo) Shapiro
10/23/2018 14:02:23
"You guys do a great job accommodating schedules and getting the pets in ASAP "
- Tara And Sheryl (Guidi) O'Keefe
10/10/2018 03:04:24
"I love the personalized service and they both myself and my dog are made to feel welcome and cared for. "
- Suzanne DeMuth
10/03/2018 20:43:01
"You always have what the cats need in stock, or receive it within a week. Your staff know me and my cats by name with little to no prompting. The office is always clean and staff promptly greet & assist you. And you always have coupons for the food! "
- Jessica Fowler
09/28/2018 20:36:03
"I am very pleased with my visit. Even though I am unhappy my cat isn't feeling well, Capitaland got me right in and helped me get the care that Chastin needed. Dr. Zaber was kind and professional. The front door staff was outstanding, compassionate and kind to me at a difficult time. "
- Jennifer Christiano
09/24/2018 18:18:57
"Everything was great! You had no hesitation to help my cat right away when I needed. Thank You"
- Donna and Richard Condon
09/22/2018 20:01:28
"Prompt service and very knowledgeable staff and compassionate doctors"
- Karen A. Danish
09/21/2018 20:41:21
"I like Dr K. She is vet empathetic and professional. She gave us a lot of details and suggestions "
- Gina Lumia
09/20/2018 22:55:17
"We had a wonderful experience at your facility and so did our kitten. He didn't even flinch when he was getting his booster shot. The vet was also very knowledgeable and passionate about animals. All in all, not a single complaint. "
- Cuba and Dalton (Swearingian) Tejada
09/10/2018 12:16:32
"My doctor was very helpful in answering all of my questions. I could tell she had the best interest for me and my new kitten."
- Lucy Hoffman
09/09/2018 23:33:56
"My two kitties were there for most of the day. They needed examinations, vaccinations and a medicated bath with flea medicine. I was very happy with the entire Capitaland staff!!! Dr. K was terrific and was so patient with my kitties. I will definitely return and refer my pet parent friends. Thank you for taking such good care of Poochie and Boo Boo! "
- Mary Shelton
09/09/2018 21:17:52
"I’ve never been even remotely dissatisfied. You’re all great. Super responsive, answer my millions of questions even during non-office hours, put Mooch and Comet at as ease as they’ll ever be at the vet. Nancy, thanks for administering the worm meds to Comet so I didn’t even to think about it. I also appreciate how empathetic you all regarding Mooch, the emotional strain that has left on me, and that no one seems to mind that I’m a super intense helicopter mom to my boys. "
- Holly O'Brien
09/06/2018 18:56:37
"The care is always excellent and everyone is friendly and caring of both Faith and me. "
- Lana Cassidy
09/01/2018 18:07:37
"You are doing a great job, you work with us in the best interest of out kitty, and we really appreciate your follow ups"
- Sara and Robert (Vojnar) Richards- Vojnar
08/31/2018 00:38:20
"My dog was treated just like he was family. The whole staff was welcoming and helpful. I was more than impressed with the care he recieved "
- Jillian Rogers
08/30/2018 21:01:18
"We have always had a very positive visit. We like that you have always listened to our views and responded. We like that we are always able to reach you in an emergency. And Bailee loves to visit and kiss your vet tech. Seriously, we wouldn't change anything. Good job...every time."
- Elizabeth And Ken Durrant
08/30/2018 18:13:13
"I have brought all of my dogss, all five over the years and have been extremelly satified with thw vets, vet techs and reception staff. One of my rescue pups was seen the first week I got pnly to have doible pneumonia yhe next week! Dr. K nursed her back week daily IVs for a week - she is my precious docile Honey to this day! My nine pound Yorkie comfronted a bany raccoon this week! Thank Hod he is fine but they took hom to be checked right away. I can't say enough about how happy I am with Capitaland."
- Diane Riley
06/22/2018 00:01:27
"It was a great experience. Love the staff. Kind, courteous and knowledgeable"
- Karen A. Danish
06/21/2018 23:33:51
" Everything went well with Akira’s surgery. Very happy to be back with Dr. K at capital land. She takes the time to explain things to me and what to expect."
- Arlene M. Jackson
06/21/2018 21:39:50
"We have had nothing but amazing experience here. Every time every staff member has been so friendly and helpful. There was even one time when we showed up right as they were closing (we had the hours mixed up) to just buy flea, tick, and heart worm medicine and they still let us in to purchase it. It has a small town feel, we walk in, they all know Jackson, say hi, and spoil him with treats. So it makes it easy for Jackson to love going to the vet!"
- Crystal and Brian (Masterson) Riordan
06/21/2018 14:25:01
"Love you all! Even though I didn't pick my stuff up for WEEKS, it was still ready and available! I even got a pleasant reminder! :-) There's a reason I've been travelling 15+ miles in each direction for all these years! "
- Susan Anderson
06/14/2018 19:05:01
"You guys are the best! "
- Julie Cleghorn
06/14/2018 01:43:14
"I think you guys are fantastic!!! You make the visit as stress free as possible for my fur baby, always follow up on how our kitty is doing. I love how you guys stay on top of all the new research and information to provide the best care possible!!"
- Sara and Robert (Vojnar) Richards- Vojnar
06/07/2018 23:31:53
"Everyone was very friendly and caring and took their time with max! I had a great first visit!!!!! "
- Lori and Eric Allen
05/28/2018 15:05:39
"It is obvious that staff loves their patients. A Vet visit is sometimes painful, but Zoe enjoys the visit."
- Holger And Marilyn Lukas
05/25/2018 19:36:06
"Dr. Zaber did an excellent job with Tater Tot. He is always nervous at the vet's office and she was very patient and kind during her exam. I know that Tater Tot will always get top notch care here!"
- Andrea Maciejczak
05/20/2018 09:12:08
"Staff is always pleasant and great to deal with. Dr. K is also pleasant and explains things clearly."
- Gloria DiBlase
05/17/2018 21:46:24
"Thanks for taking such good care of Oscar all these years. "
- Mark And Johanna O'Connor
05/16/2018 21:43:10
"This was our first visit. I liked your cat care and Ella did too."
- Linda G. Peterson
05/16/2018 12:20:44
"Nothing but good things to report. Me and the dog were seen in a timely manner, discussed health options with the vet in an intelligent way, we also discussed how to monitor his health. Next steps and plan of care were clear from the appointment."
- Nicholas Dorando
05/06/2018 11:25:21
"As always, I feel perfectly comfortable entrusting my pets health to the staff at Capitaland Animal Hospital."
- Bernie LaGoy
05/05/2018 00:45:09
"Not a single complaint. Totally satisfied in every way."
- Patricia Ashline
04/30/2018 13:51:25
"All the Guests are happy campers!"
- Nancy And Harry Guest
04/29/2018 21:38:31
"I was recommended by my vet back home. The ladies at the front desk were super friendly, welcoming, and helpful. My pup was able to be seen within one day of me calling, and the doctor was very thorough and helpful"
- Jennifer Cole-Hatchard
04/23/2018 23:07:19
"I appreciate the friendliness of the entire staff. I don't feel like my pets and I are just a number, that the staff care about them."
- Barbara Diamond
04/22/2018 14:22:28
"Staff is always so knowledgeable and courteous. Follow up calls show you care so much!"
- Kathy And John Pfaffenbach
04/18/2018 21:23:54
"The visit was great.......staff was very friendly/personable......Sammy was treated very well!."
- Louis And Karen Soltys
04/16/2018 11:53:12
"Thank you for making my little pet comfortable during our visit. Everyone was wonderful . Thank you"
- Mary Leonard
04/12/2018 23:08:47
"I always recommend Capitaland to pet owners it’s truly an amazing place from staff to Vetertrinarians. "
- Kari And John Pepe
04/07/2018 15:48:19
"I'd be hard pressed to say that Cooper enjoys his trips to the Vet's office, but he always gets VIP treatment. The staff is great, friendly and knowledgeable."
- Peter And Kimberly Ellenwood
04/06/2018 12:58:02
"Love you all! Always great care and friendly staff! If I had one complaint... nope, I don’t! :-) "
- Susan Anderson
04/05/2018 04:25:13
"I am very pleased that I can have an appointment and be taken right away .. Benny is very happy and everyone treats him like a "king". Everyone is so kind and caring ....it is hard not to have a good experience..."
- Bobbie Young
04/04/2018 20:58:42
- Michael And Shoshanna Frank Rausch
04/04/2018 20:46:24
"Quick Processing In and Out. Very thorough on explaining the issues, treatment, etc. "
- Kenneth and Amy Brooks
04/02/2018 20:44:39
"All the staff seen to really enjoy their duties and are always friendly and accommodating "
- Donna Connelly
04/01/2018 13:30:32
"My dogs are well cared for and treated kindly!!"
- Elizabeth Bouchard
03/28/2018 01:42:04
"Thank you for the same day appointment for my Dakota. The care she received was great. All the staff members we dealt with were friendly and professional, as always. Thanks. "
- Eric and Zory Schlachter
03/22/2018 01:51:16
"We’ve never had a bad experience here. Everyone has been very professional and kind to both of us and our Lucy. We can’t imagine going anywhere else!"
- Karen And Diane (Brundige) Feiden
03/21/2018 14:03:18
"You're doing great. Everyone always makes us feel like family."
- Wendy And Peter Carey
03/19/2018 20:05:51
"As always, fabulous care!!!"
- Kevin And Andrea Barnhart
03/17/2018 17:49:26
"Joba is always welcomed with open arms and hugs by the staff. Thank you for that attention."
- Patti-Jo And Daniel Ferraro
03/16/2018 14:18:28
- Alysa Stringer
03/14/2018 23:45:42
"Everyone was wonderful. Jamie was in kind caring hands!"
- Diane Lemieur
02/19/2018 20:13:19
"Great care for our dog and compassion and understanding. Health concerns were addressed and explained in a professional manner."
- Peter Redman
02/15/2018 21:13:33
"We were very pleased with our visit to Capitaland Animal Hospital. The Vet and all the employees were very friendly and treated our cat Fluffy like she was their pet. They explained everything they were doing as they did it and answered any questions we had. They called the next day to give us the results of the tests they did on her. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. "
- Patricia And Matt Robinson
02/10/2018 01:32:25
"Excellent service. Compassionate, caring and hard working staff. "
- David And Tracey Twarog
01/28/2018 23:50:59
"Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable. They squeezed me into a busy day due to an unexpected accident with Reese. I am very pleased with the experience especially on my first visit! "
- Cody And Scotia (Farrell) Kilcoyne
01/28/2018 18:42:34
"I (we...I'm sure Murphy feels the same) am always extremely happy with the entire staff. You are always so kind and caring. Thank you for everything and your attention to detail."
- Jennifer Hathaway
01/27/2018 20:35:13
"I think you guys are absolutely fantastic!! Every time !!! You really show that you care, are up to date on the latest best practices, and I appreciate how you call and check on our Abby after her shots or procedures,!"
- Sara and Robert (Vojnar) Richards- Vojnar
01/27/2018 04:01:37
"I feel good about the care my dogs receive here. Everyone, from the receptionist to the technicians to the docs, is thorough."
- Elizabeth Bouchard
01/26/2018 19:00:16
"Your staff is wonderful and your facility is spotless. Very impressed!"
- Kimberly Kennedy
01/24/2018 14:36:47