"Honestly just keep doing what you’re doing! I accidentally found this place about 3 years ago, and it’s the only place I take my pets. Dr. Moses is perfect at what he does and I honestly do not mind driving from SW Albany to Corvallis for my cat’s vet visits "
- Sabrina Assiri
03/07/2018 16:51:55
"The staff is kind, caring, and attentive. They listen to your questions and do not push unneeded services on your family member. I appreciate the service and love bringing my dog to the clinic. "
- Chris Sherrod
03/07/2018 16:46:18
"We always enjoy our visits and the special attention given to Sophie. "
- Carol French
01/10/2018 15:51:44
"You have always given great professional and compassionate care to myself and my family. Lucy & Ellen sister mini DAUCHSHUND ‘s you helped all their lives. Now my sweet Bonnie Lass. I know she is in good hands. Thank you."
- Lynn Taylor
01/05/2018 19:28:49
"The vet and the veterinary assistant I saw were both phenomenal. They not only listened to me, but they communicated with each other so I wasn't repeating myself the whole time. As normal as that sounds, it might have been a first for me. They also addressed my concerns and things I should be concerned about with empathy and clear, understandable explanations. "
- Liz Alperin
01/04/2018 18:43:55
"There was a genuine interest on what they would do to keep my pups calm and happy during their stay."
- Becky Butler
01/04/2018 02:04:35
"You guys are always so accommodating and help to make Boomers experience a good one. I have never had a bad visit. From your receptionists to doctors it is overall tremendous in service "
- Kassi Mccabe
01/02/2018 16:44:04
"You saved Hershey. You're doing great!"
- N/A Senior Dog Rescue
12/30/2017 16:55:38
"The care on our visit was informative and timely."
- City of Corvallis Parks & Recs N/A
12/30/2017 16:33:45
"I really appreciate being able to get an appointment quickly. Your staff is always very compassionate."
- Teresa Welch
12/30/2017 04:49:40
"You guys are amazing. I’ve never had so much confidence in vet services as I do you all. All of the nurses, staff, and Dr. Lewer are so friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and professional. I know that I will always receive the best service and care for my pets when coming to you. Keep it up and thank you for everything you do! :) "
- Ruth Fore
12/20/2017 21:43:15
"The office and staff are always welcoming when we arrive. We are treated as much more then just clients, and it’s refreshing to be around the staff who enjoy their jobs. "
- Keolani Kahler
12/20/2017 01:51:18
"All I know is that Sydney went with the caregiver willingly and was happy when I picked her up. That is what matters to me!"
- Linda Holloway
12/04/2017 23:21:19
"I had the best experience I have ever had at a veterinary hospital or clinic in my life. The staff cares so much about the health of your pet it’s crazy. They consider your pet as an extension of your family, just as it should be! They went above and beyond when caring for my snake Minerva, and made sure she was feeling safe at all times. The care here is amazing and the staff is so kind and caring. The prices are reasonable, and the exotic vet (Daniel Lewer) did an amazing job in helping my Minerva. I am so ever greatfuk for this hospital and will be sure to extend a reference to everyone I know. I am so happy to be apart of the Willamette Veterinary Hospital today, and will continue to see them for all my pet needs in the future. "
- Mattie Stivers
12/04/2017 21:48:06
"Everyone there went out of their way to make sure that both Hunter and I were well cared for and that he would be able to make a full recovery!"
- Bobbi Finch
10/11/2017 20:33:58
"Best vet service and customer service. Especially the emergency night crew so nice and kept me informed the whole time. I felt like my furry baby was in good hands"
- Ashley Barger
10/11/2017 17:19:05
"You guys are doing Great ~ I have been bringing in my grandsons cat named buffy for yrs , we adopted her from heartland & brought her in for her 1st check up & for some emergencies that have occured , Doctors & staff are very caring We appreciate that~ We adopted a small dog just recently & she had her 1st physical also ,my grandson & I will continue to have our pets treated by Willamette Veterinary hosp Thank you "
- James Berghoffer
10/04/2017 18:29:00
"Amazing! Very helpful and great advice."
- Robert Lewis
10/01/2017 02:52:51
"Best vet experience ever. And I've had many cats over 50 years!"
- Jennifer Svec
07/15/2017 15:45:48
"We have been to your facility twice and found your staff to be very professional and showing the utmost concern for our pet. It is awesome their is a place we can take our pet when an emergency occurs. Thank you to your staff for being there when we need them most!! We truly appreciate all that you do."
- Milo Weber
07/11/2017 12:11:24
"Got the emergency care I needed for my dog on a holiday. Vet is knowledgable and staff is considerate."
- Sheila Sousa
07/07/2017 17:52:08
"I really liked the way the staff treats the animals. You picked the perfect animal lovers for their jobs. Also, that cheese is clever! "
- Catelin Rosenbalm
07/01/2017 13:03:03
"Everyone was very caring and professional, and accommodating."
- Marianne Novotny
06/13/2017 22:34:45
"I appreciate how every staff person from front desk, to tech, to vet are so friendly and professional and engage in such a positive way with me, as well as my pet. "
- Tessa Isett
06/04/2017 23:59:25
"We were there due to an emergency with Ivy and you were able to get her in quickly and when it was determined she needed more specialized services were able to get that arranged in a timely manner. Everyone showed great love of animals. "
- Candy Vinson
06/04/2017 10:07:40
"One of the better experience with a new puppy at a vet. Lisa did great greeting us and treating Koda as her own. Gave us great advice and an idea about insurance. Payment went through in a timely manner. The nurse and Dr. Cathy steered us in the right direction for preventative measures and knowledge about the different shots. Koda was cared for so well he didn't realize the shots. Thank you!"
- Larry Schrock
05/29/2017 14:46:31
"Thanks for being so helpful for us Alaskans passing through. See you for boarding in July!"
- Bridget Machida
05/25/2017 12:40:39
"Wonderful service! Both Dr. Carter and nurse were happy and helpful. Loved that I got a call back from the doctor herself. Very pleased."
- Parker Weide
05/25/2017 11:26:27
"I went there for a health certificate. First, they were very helpful squeezing me into their schedule the next day. They performed a good check up of my dog and issued a very pro certificate. I didn't have any problem at the airport and customs. Thanks"
- Alex Medina
05/25/2017 10:42:21
"Willamette veterinary hospital is a great place to. Board our dog, we know she's safe and well cared for. Wish there were more places like this!"
- Letha Crocker
05/22/2017 14:04:42
"The best part: I was able to get our dog in quickly. Also, our doctor (dr. Porter) went ahead and contacted OSU before we even made it in for our second visit. She knew it was important to get the ball rolling on a potentially emergent issue."
- Debby Gerdes
05/20/2017 14:42:48
"Abby and I have been very well treated each time we have been. Your staff is wonderful - very friendly and very kind to my sweet dog."
- Pamela Leonard
05/18/2017 13:28:16
"Good, excellent, and friendly service at the desk."
- Mike Hinton
05/16/2017 17:14:33
"The visit was great! Dr. Carter was knowledgeable, skilled, and professional. I have no complaints at all."
- Pieter Waldenmaier
05/16/2017 14:00:28
"When I moved from California, I left a veterinary hospital that we had used for 30+ years and I didn't expect to find one that compared. I am happy to say that Willamette offers everything that my previous vet provided. I love that you are opened on Sundays and holidays and that you board pets. I love that the entire staff, from doctors to nurses to "babysitters", cares about the animals. I am very happy with Dr. Moses - he is the best! I can't say anything bad about Willamette except that sometimes your boarding facility is full, but that just proves that point about how wonderful the care is that you provide! My girl, Sydney, is definitely family and I don't take that lightly."
- Linda Holloway
05/15/2017 13:02:18
"All information for current visit was quickly asked with a pleasant smile when entering, and promptly informed appropriate staff personnel that their client had arrived. Pleasantries were exchange while waiting, and then informed by staff what steps and/or procedures were to take place. Waiting time was short, but while waiting I was invited to have coffee, cocoa, or water, located near by. Staff was courteous and pleasant."
- Allen Cross
05/14/2017 23:16:29