"I love bringing my dog to Radnor. Never in my life have I had a dog drag me INTO the vet!"
- Terri Morrow
05/04/2019 11:51:21
"I needed an emergency visit and they took me right away!! The vet was amazing as were the assistants. Great place . "
- Amy Brown
04/28/2019 17:27:41
"We have been coming to Radnor Vet for over 20 years ... through 4 dogs and 1 cat. The reason for such a long relationship is the people there. From the front desk to the technicians, to the students shadowing the vets, to Len and every other Dr. there, we could not ask for anything else. Even when we had to put our beloved dogs dow, the compassion and comfort by everyone helped to ameliorate the pain. Continue doing what you do ...."
- Debbie Chiaradonna
04/24/2019 00:00:23
"It took quite a few visits to determine why my word dog kept having issues but radnor was wonderful not charging for follow up care needed and made appointments completely around my schedule. I was well informed on potential problems with surgery and future medical procedures that will be needed for my dog. I drive 100 miles round trip for his care because radnor had always stood behind their quotes and the Drs know more about all animals than any vet I know......and I know a lot. Personal calls. Emails. And texts I am always kept informed. "
- Carol Bourdon
04/23/2019 23:59:36
"Sorry, at this time I can't remember Blue's doctor's name. It'll come to me. Always the best treatment for my birds and chickens over the years...probably 20+ years by now. Keep up the good work. "
- Pam Sedor
04/19/2019 22:10:50
"Dr. Donato is amazing and so caring. The place is clean and comforting. We started going there 19 years ago. My daughter was 5, now she's 24 and in her 2nd year of vet school at Upenn. We started with a goldfish ho had swim bladder disease, then turtles, guinea pigs, Two cats. Wolfie has inflammatory bowel disease age 11 and he is doing well. thanks Radnor vet. Alexandra Mclean"
- Alexandra McLean
04/19/2019 19:59:56
"I have been to many vets this one is my favorite, why because they don't take unnecessary blood work , On a healthy animal. And they handle birds well. I feel blessed."
- Rita Kheny
04/13/2019 12:17:40
"I appreciate that you run on time for appointments and that there's follow through when I am told that I will receive a call to check-in. "
- Elizabeth Norris
04/11/2019 22:02:57
"Visiting Radnor Vet hospital is always a pleasant experience. Their appointments start right on time with no wait. All of the vets are friendly, very thorough, but above all else, caring."
- Richard Comroe
04/11/2019 17:30:37
"Grateful for our visit and the doctor’s expertise. She seemed caring and was very patient with our questions. "
- Jim Morley
03/31/2019 18:04:40
"Greeted warmly; appointment was on-time and my pet was treated extremely well"
- Karen Kelly
03/27/2019 17:41:34
"I love the the vets at Radnor Vet. They take excellent care of our fur babies no matter the issue. The staff is kid and considerate in all situations. From kittenhood to saying good bye. This is one very special place. I can't say enough about Dr. Meister! He has such a way with cats. We have a very fearful kitty. No problem for Dr. Meister. Love, Love, Love Radnor Vet!"
- Jane Galli
03/25/2019 16:59:42
"Staff is professional and friendly. I always feel that my pets are well taken care of. There is very little wait time involved, and they are good with humans too."
- Linda Y. Leonard
03/20/2019 17:53:51
"Great to have a vet office that takes care of so many different types of pets! "
- Mary Lou Kolowitz
03/11/2019 21:10:58
"We always love coming to Radnor Vet. Everyone is always so kind and helpful! It is so nice to work with an incredible staff that cares so much about our animals. "
- James Doling
02/26/2019 03:09:55
"I’m very pleased with the care my cats receive at Radner. Everyone is very helpful and courteous. The facility is very clean and well maintained. And I have full confidence in the vets and th care they give to my pets."
- Mary Hickey
02/24/2019 20:11:13
"I have been coming to your vet for a long time. I love your new space. Your front desk folks seem to be very friendly. Over all you have taken great care of our pets."
- Kelly Hudson
02/21/2019 17:55:27
"The experience was excellent as always. The doctor was unbelievably helpful and we felt our turtle was in excellent hands. The tech was also very friendly and helpful. It was just a great experience overall as a always. "
- Richard Barrett
02/15/2019 03:16:35
"Every time I come to Radnor Vet, my experience is above and beyond. I’ve been bringing my rabbits here for over a year now. They can handle everything & anything. A very knowledgeable staff that is willing to answer any and every question you’ll have. It’s hard to find a great specialized exotic pet team, and as far as I can tell, it’s here! I’ll continue to take the 30 minute drive to them any day. I’ve also been to other vets, and the price point for exotics can be unreasonable. Not that exotics are ever cheap, but Radnor Vet makes it more affordable, for sure."
- Mary Komisar
02/14/2019 23:49:42
"The vets are WONDERFUL! They treat your animal as if it were their own loved pet. "
- Constance Culpepper
02/13/2019 23:46:59
"Whenever I bring Bingley (our 3 year old Airedale) to daycare I am greeted by friendly, welcoming staff."
- Domenica Rafferty
12/18/2018 01:31:54
"I think you are doing great you can tell you really care about Deuce and your office never recommends unnecesary procedures."
- John McGlade
12/18/2018 00:21:31
"We decided to make Radnor our primary vet because of our interactions with Dr. Ehrlich. She treated our bearded dragon and was very warm and friendly. I feel like our pets are in good hands whether they’re receiving treatment or being boarded. "
- Nedra King
12/13/2018 03:36:48
"Keep up the good work. Visits are easy and comfortable for all family members"
- Donna Heller
11/16/2018 17:47:43
"Dr. Principati was amazing! Thanks so much for your help!"
- Daniel Zinn
11/14/2018 13:54:41
"In the course of past 12 months, I boarded my pet rabbit at Radnor Vet seven(7) times, totaling about 120 nights. I wouldn’t have made those overseas trips without the peace of mind that my pet was in excellent and loving hands. That speaks volume about the superlative boarding care provided at Radnor Vet. "
- Ruby Lau
10/10/2018 21:30:54
"I had a very welcoming experience at your place! The doctor was very caring and loving toward our bird, Blu! "
- Gulrashk (Gul) Kazmi
10/09/2018 14:16:48
"I love bringing my pets to Radnor Vet. Dr Donato saved my 22-year old cockatiel's life this year when I was sure he was beyond help. Thank you Dr Donato!"
- Margaret Filman
09/01/2018 03:51:04
"Everyone is really nice. I appreciate being able to get a same-day appt. I also like that I see different doctors but everyone reads our notes before the appt so I dont feel like we are starting from scratch. "
- Laura Getty
08/30/2018 18:57:04
"Kitty nail clipping. Availability of appt’s excellent. I was a bit early but tech came and took kitty immediately. Appt quick. Check out quick. Super visit. "
- Renee E. Robbins
08/28/2018 23:57:02
"Receptionists and assistants are professional and friendly. Their love and respect for animals is obvious. Dr. Len Donato has taken my Umbrella Cockatoo through two successful operations. He was eager to explain the procedure and show me the X-ray. He is my Dr. Doolittle."
- Janet Sadler
08/23/2018 02:04:47
"The staff is excellent and the overall experience is personalized. FYI, the last 2 extended stays. Our did did come home with a stomach bug which lasted a couple days. Could be the nature of the stay as she is settled after 48 hours. We will keep an eye on it and we have medication as necessary "
- Julie Opet
07/23/2018 21:21:17
"Dr. Meister has been very accommodating with Buttyns' ongoing ear issue. He knew that I was "price-sensitive" and he helped me make the best decision for Buttyns while staying within my budget. "
- Jamie Adler
07/12/2018 20:00:29
"Doing Great. Carson is well cared-for by the Vets and loves going to day care and playing with his friends!"
- Charles Reid
07/12/2018 14:09:13
"One of the things I most appreciate is the fact that since Buddy is a regular in the doggie day care, so many employees know him and say complimentary things about him (even when he opens doors)."
- Carol Kangas
07/11/2018 22:11:45
"I recommend you to anyone that needs a vet!"
- Jeanie Hubach
07/09/2018 19:47:01
"Professional, team really care about our pets!"
- Laura Vague
07/02/2018 20:19:25
"The care provided by the Vet and Technicians is always amazing!"
- Erin Brubaker
06/28/2018 20:56:58
"The doctors are always very thorough and take the time to listen to all of our questions and concerns. We never feel rushed."
- Shelby Frankel
06/24/2018 13:45:13
"I was happy to get an appointment for Blue on the same day that I called. Very happy to be greeted by Leigh since I knew her before she was born and know what an animal lover she is. I have been bringing parakeets and chickens to Dr. D. for so long now that I find myself telling people in the waiting room about the good care my birds have received for over 20 years now."
- Pam Sedor
05/15/2018 15:35:24
"My dog and my daughter's dog and cat stayed with you for 8 days. They came back healthy, happy, glad to be home! We had a wonderful vacation and our pets did too. Thank you and your wonderful staff for taking such good care of our babies."
- Dale Keshishian
05/07/2018 16:50:48
"While the circumstance of having to find a vet hospital equipped to do surgery on rabbits wasn't ideal, I'm glad it led me to Radnor Vet. The attention and care that I get with even a phone call is above and beyond. "
- Mary Komisar
05/07/2018 14:30:54
"The vets (Drs Meister and Donato) are fabulous. The rest of the staff are delightful."
- Barbara Miller
04/15/2018 20:04:40
"My first time there. Brought my African Grey parrot for a check up and grooming. Not many vets take care of birds. They were very knowledgeable and took excellent care of my bird."
- Cynthia Bunim
04/13/2018 11:37:50
"Great experience. Much appreciate the fair pricing as well!"
- Jeannette Colgan
04/13/2018 00:34:01
"All of our visits with various Veterinarians at RVH have been excellent. Everyone there is caring and very understanding when our last pet developed what turned out to be terminal liver failure. Our first visit this week with our new dog was great."
- Ed Novak
04/10/2018 19:15:34
"Excellent experience, my family has been using this veterinary hospital for years. Thanks again"
- Harrison Platz
04/09/2018 16:11:46
"I love Radnor Veterinary Hospital. I have been bringing my dog Barkley to Dr. Donato for probably at least 12 years. I moved out of town for a bit and there were a couple of things that many vets couldn't figure out. I moved back to Pa and brought Barkley here and his ailments were fixes that day. This office is very accommodating. The staff is tremendous and absolutely wants the best for our pets. They are very patient and thorough as well. There are many vets in my zip code but I don't mind travelling from Roxborough to Radnor for the exceptional care my pets receive here"
- Melissa Stauffer
04/07/2018 13:15:46
"Easy to schedule appointment. Received answers via email prior to visit. Accomodating hours of operation. Appreciated dedicated service line for rabbits & boarding area. Excellent staff & veterinary care. Great communication. Exceeded our expectations overall excellent experience."
- Anita Ankola
03/31/2018 17:45:56
"Easy to get appointments, staff caring and great docs! You can tell you all really love your jobs!"
- Rhonda Mordy
03/27/2018 03:09:52
"We could not ask for any better treatment for Body I. Dr Dinoto is just great. He is great with Bodhi and always gives us all the info we may need for him. The facility is always very clean and the girls at the desk are always very friendly and helpful. Always a great experience for us and Bodhi. Rick Barrett"
- Richard Barrett
02/23/2018 13:20:48
"Great! Excellent care for my rabbit and foster rabbits. "
- Animal Coalition Of Delaw
02/20/2018 19:19:29
"Everyone that I encountered was super friendly and very helpful!"
- Danica Satell
02/20/2018 16:51:43
"We know that Oliver & Phoebe are always in good hands and receive the best care. What we also like is the fact that all vets at Radnor Hospital are involved so that we have more than one contact person."
- Stefan Detemple
02/20/2018 01:54:13
"Very friendly staff and caring vets!"
- Sean Gill
02/19/2018 22:15:17
"From the receptionists to the techs to the Veterinarian (Dr Donato) this is a caring practice. Everybody seems to love animals as much as we do. We have not really had a bad experience with this practice although Fiddles and Doodles may not agree - they've never said anything. Seriously though, this is a excellent practice run by people that want to provide excellent care. "
- David J. Weiner
02/18/2018 18:00:47
"You are doing great. The whole experience was fantastic from reception to your wonderful doctors"
- Janus Stefanowicz
02/17/2018 19:32:05
"Never any complaints!"
- Andrea Serber
02/17/2018 14:43:11
"You were very responsive to our requests (Heartguard Plus prescription, and filling out microchip portion of dog license form). You also truly seem to be concerned with our pet's health and welfare, even giving us a "cone" when our dog was biting at his stitches when leaving your facility."
- Susan Adams
02/14/2018 05:36:26
"I feel that the care you have given my animals over the years is the best they can get! I just love Dr. Donato he is very caring and helps you understand any issue you may have. I wouldn't go anywhere else!!"
- Deborah Stead
02/10/2018 19:55:24
"Great experience - everyone was very nice."
- Nancy Carden
02/10/2018 13:58:33
"Great staff. Great care and compassion for my pets. Very knowledgeable."
- Barbara Francis
02/08/2018 10:10:17
"We can always get an appt when we need it. Love how the doctors call us for follow ups. "
- Jamie Forman
02/03/2018 03:20:23
"Great care and customer service. Really glad to have an affordable avian veterinary practice with experienced avian vets!"
- Victoria Fleck
01/30/2018 14:24:25
"Everyone is so clearly concerned about both my pet and my well being - its clear that you understand the role that our animals have in our lives and how anxious we get when they aren't well. "
- Maggie Juliano
01/27/2018 22:01:09
"Highly professional. Dr. Ehrlich displays a genuine appreciation of reptiles. I was nervous about bringing snakes to a veterinarian office but the doctor and staff made me feel very comfortable. "
- Gregory Plover
01/21/2018 03:54:07
"This time everything was perfect! From the receptionists to the actual procedure, everything went so smoothly and quickly that I left feeling extremely satisfied."
- Nina Forssell
01/20/2018 16:07:06
"I am so please with this vet hospital. They have treated 2 of my boas with such care, very much like they were family. They always are excited to see my snakes. The prices for both visits were very reasonable and I never felt worried about cost or treatment. They explained everything to me and showed me how to administer at home antibiotic. They made sure I was comfortable before sending my boas home. The wait time was less that 5 minutes which is another plus. They also explained a new laser treatment to help speed up recovery time, which we did, but they didn't pressure my fiance or I into it like some vets do. This is definitely going to be my main reptile vet. "
- Jessica Hehl
01/17/2018 04:47:27
"Your vets have always been thorough and taken the necessary time to explain what is happening with my pets."
- Julia Freedman
01/16/2018 12:40:54
"Everything went quite well. My bunnies just needed to have a wellness check. Dr Donato said they were in good health."
- Deborah Bone
01/15/2018 01:44:36
"I love you guys. I always have a great experience. Everyone is helpful & very nice."
- Rose Mary Aquilino
01/11/2018 05:56:33
"Always great care and prompt appointments "
- Nancy N. Kneeland
01/08/2018 23:28:20
"Everything was great. We got in right on time and everyone was friendly and professional. "
- Sarah Sullivan
01/08/2018 18:59:53
"My pet gets excellent care from Radnor Vet, condition and options explained, follow up calls, etc. It's why I continue to come."
- Jennifer Thomas
01/08/2018 18:05:12
"Staffed by veterinians and techs who are are obviously concerned about giving your Pet the best care they can deliver. "
- Robert Lamley
01/04/2018 20:50:36
"Radnor Vet is doing a terrific job with compassion and kindness for both pets and the owners. Always thoughtful and careful to explain alternatives and costs associated. I always refer them to everyone."
- Bobbie Lane
01/04/2018 00:48:04
"I cannot recall nor even name a bad experience at Radnor EVER and that’s in reference to the hospital and doggy day care. Everyone have been so accommodating and helpful!! A shout out to Dr. Meister, you’re a ROCKSTAR and to the staff at the doggy daycare....PLEASE continue as is because Raven is always happy and tired when I pick her up. Happy dog, happy pet parent! Thank you, ALL!!"
- Liz Pontrelli
12/22/2017 23:49:45
"No negatives plus appreciated your care and cooperation in keeping him the night before given our horrendous experiences at home when he is deprived of food and water overnight before procedures requiring same."
- Peggy Kistler
12/22/2017 18:01:28
"I always have great experiences with the staff and vets at Radnor! Everyone is always so nice and caring and willing to help. "
- James Doling
12/22/2017 05:31:31
"Everyone there is so nice!!! Very knowledgable about rabbits!!"
- Ashley Lepera
12/22/2017 01:25:59
"Dr. D was wonderful!! She was thorough in her exam and put Riley at ease, provided excellent care."
- Annette Nagle
12/16/2017 15:07:39
"We are very happy with Radnor veterinary hospital. Been visiting them for years with our two doggies. They were extremely helpful, kind and caring last year when we lost our little Buddy."
- Patricia Cleveland
12/14/2017 22:29:19
"Dr. Delozier went above and beyond in identifying everything that could be going on with my dog Scout, and took the time to explain everything to me. The check-in process was fast and we were seen shortly after arriving. The availability of evening hours was also extremely helpful."
- Andrew Keller
12/13/2017 19:46:21
"We have a bunny and value seeing a vet who is a bunny owner and lover. We learn more about our bun every time we’re in for a visit because she is so knowledgeable and shares her knowledge with us. We appreciate that. "
- Constance Culpepper
12/06/2017 21:28:10
"My experience was great . I received a call back on Monday morning from a message I left in the mail box and was in seeing the doctor by 10am. The waiting time was minimal and the appointment was good. Thank you"
- Amy Hartsock
12/06/2017 13:07:52
"I have been quite happy with you - fortunately I have a very healthy pet, but the one time she had an emergency she got in very quickly and it was handled well. "
- Deborah Forte
12/06/2017 00:36:13
"You have always been a great help keeping Oliver healthy "
- Harry Petrecz
12/05/2017 13:49:22
"Wonderful! I needed special care for my rabbit and the doctor seemed very experienced in caring for bunnies. The place was clean and provided lot of room for hopping and exploring while waiting. I have confidence going to get my bunnies fixed here!"
- Noelle Ash
12/04/2017 21:06:49
"So far so good with Abbie! We have been using RVH from the beginning when Jeff first opened his doors across the street. I have always felt our pets were in good hands so I don't mind driving from Berwyn for her care. We did live less than mile away for years!"
- Liz Mayer
12/02/2017 18:36:52
"Everything is always top notch. Appointments on-time, get done what needed and we are on our way - not without leaving a bunch of fur behind however!"
- Ted Pastva
11/30/2017 19:06:11
"I'm not shy........but you are all THE BEST! Never have I had such wonderful care for my best buddy, Boomer the bird. Thank you, Thank you!!!"
- Mary Wagner
11/30/2017 17:02:11
"I was able to make the appointment quickly, he was taken for services with very little wait time and he came back to me happy. Desk staff were friendly. Thanks!"
- Kay Kurbjun
11/30/2017 12:55:45
"Had a great visit,didn’t wait long to be seen, our vet & tech were pleasant to speak with"
- Lisa Patterson
11/30/2017 12:36:21
"Great experience! Doc was great. Very thorough and answered all my questions. Front desk staff was very nice. Facility was clean. Overall a wonderful experience!"
- Mara Thur
11/29/2017 20:10:59
"My dog was boarding with you and I was so excited that they took her to the hospital to get her annual check up and heartworm test. That was so convenient. Luna loves it over there!"
- Diane Walton
11/29/2017 12:08:03
"I am so impressed with the level of professionalism and care at RVH; it’s so good to know my puppy is in such good hands!"
- Morgan Dysinger
11/28/2017 03:08:54
"I’ve only had good experiences."
- Cynthia Munger
11/26/2017 13:27:37
"Very good!"
- Mary Ellen Balchunis
11/24/2017 18:56:13
"We are extremely happy with the care we have received. The staff is extremely friendly and courteous. The appointments are always on time. "
- Robert Gorman
11/24/2017 14:32:57
"Everything was great. Dr. DeLozier took the time to thoroughly examine Max and answer all my concerns. Through the years, you have been a comfort to me knowing Max's health is in caring hands."
- Kevin Light
11/23/2017 16:11:37