"Excellent service.... you’re doing above n beyond protecting your patients and their “parents”... feel so safe n secure in your hands! Thank you! Be well n be safe "
- Gail Shaffer
07/02/2020 17:25:09
"Though it is strange to bring my cat to the vet, but never meet the vet, I did appreciate how caring she was to me over the phone. The techs were very nice as well."
- Kathleen Conner
07/01/2020 21:33:32
"I always get excellent (and friendly) service from all personnel....but especially Dr. Rich Johnson!"
- Rusty Barnett
07/01/2020 21:09:29
"Thank you for helping us stay safe and taking excellent care of Daisy!"
- Xana Macias
07/01/2020 20:03:52
"All good"
- John Johnson
07/01/2020 19:12:12
"The staff makes us feel like our puppy is the most important pet they treat! Although we miss going into the office with our dog,the staff has made us feel very comfortable and we feel like our dog is well cared for and safe when out of our sight. "
- Anna Boone
07/01/2020 16:42:30
"Love bring Lolli in . Everyone is so nice and helpful"
- Jill & Marcus Davis
07/01/2020 14:46:20
"Great experience considering the current conditions (not being able to come into the office with the pet). Everything was timely and well explained, I could ask all the questions I wanted and didn't feel rushed (a new puppy is always a challenge), and my pup came out happy with an adorable Fourth of July bandana."
- Nicole Thompson
06/30/2020 20:53:11
"Wyatt and I had a great experience! The staff was great making sure my anxious pup was comfortable being taken away from me and into the clinic! Dr Williams was very kind and explained everything thoroughly to me on the phone and made sure Wyatt and I had everything we needed before finishing our visit. After just moving out from Colorado, I’m so relieved to have found a great vet here we can trust! "
- Allyson Grieco
06/30/2020 17:17:02
"Very good care, attentive and helpful"
- Susan Vega-Garcia
06/29/2020 23:15:44
"Thank you so much for taking care of my baby boy!"
- Sara Coffill
06/29/2020 19:46:44
"You are all awesome, the experience has been great. You are all very informative, thank you"
- Salvador Ordonez
06/29/2020 01:07:56
"I really like your pet are. My dog actually enjoys going to the vet."
- Vicki Giannetti
06/28/2020 17:18:55
"We always feel like you treat our dog special"
- Jen Strawn
06/28/2020 16:40:17
"I feel very lucky to have found a pet hospital that takes such great care of my pets that mean the world to me."
- Michelle Day
06/26/2020 19:54:19
"The appointment was very quick. We had been told to expect an hour wait and it was really only about 25 minutes."
- Jean Roche
06/25/2020 21:01:57
"Everyone that I have met there makes me feel that our pets are their primary concern and focus. Since I wasn’t able to go inside due to the pandemic I can’t verify what happened however Zoe was prescribed NSAIDS, and after one dose she was back in action the next day. Thanks for all you do! "
- Kathy Rhodes
06/25/2020 02:26:10
"Your Covid 19 protocol works well"
- Stephanie & Joe Peterson
06/24/2020 17:13:59
"Always receive great care from Dr. Johnson and the Staff. "
- Angela & Michael Justice
06/23/2020 17:10:35
"Felt safe and easy. And thank you for squeezing us in at the last minute on a Sunday! World of difference for our pup!"
- Peter & Shannon Foucault
06/23/2020 04:14:16
"We were very happy with the care Suki received on Saturday. We are new to the area and had heard that a lot of vets are currently unable to take new clients, so we were very happy to find a clinic close to where we live! Our cats are due for their annual physicals in another few months and we will be scheduling those with you as well. "
- Lauren Cappiello
06/22/2020 18:41:06
"I think you guys are doing great! "
- Claire Beezy
06/22/2020 18:31:03
"This was our first visit with our new guinea pigs. The curb-side service and call with the dr. went very well. Excellent service so far. I feel very confident about bringing our guinea pigs here."
- Ardith Richardson
06/22/2020 16:37:35
"You all guys did ever good job on my cat jewels ok "
- Keri Cummins
06/22/2020 14:32:29
"Excellent customer service "
- Eddie Long
06/21/2020 22:25:23
"The staff was great. Very friendly and helpful. Elvis made the curbside situation very seamless and didn’t make me or anyone else feel rushed and answered all of my questions. I really appreciated Dr Johnson’s thoroughness when explaining what was done and all of our results. He answered all of my questions and I never felt rushed or dismissed. Dr Johnson called when he said he would, the follow up really makes a difference and makes me feel like I made the right decision in choosing to change vets. "
- Amber Rasmussen
06/21/2020 16:44:00
"I think that all you've done during COVID-19 has been very reassuring. Taking all the precautions that you have have made me feel safe and comfortable taking my animal to you. "
- Sandi Lange
06/21/2020 16:05:55
"Great! Safe interactions given COVID, caring handling of my beasties."
- Maggie Marshall
06/20/2020 02:31:04
"Casper is feeling better. Not itching like crazy. However he still has a itch once in a awhile. He is having a bath today with his new shampoo. Thank you for taking Special Care of Casper. enjoy the text of him eating ice cream with Helpers.' Billie Hardy"
- Billy Hardy
06/19/2020 17:58:50
"Everyone was really kind and efficient. The wait time was more than reasonable."
- Christine Riddle
06/19/2020 17:36:58
"No complaints. Especially like the curbside services during these times."
- Paul Smilanick
06/19/2020 16:16:57
"Your staff are all so kind and helpful. We appreciate your extended hours and ability to get us in quickly. "
- Thomas & Dianne Blazowski
06/18/2020 22:19:11
"I am happy to have found your clinic. All your staff were very friendly and helpful. My dog was not anxious at all after his first visit. Dr. Johnson did an excellent job communicating options and making recommendations. Overall, it was a top notch experience and I would not recommend any changes. I give you all kudos for operating effectively under such trying circumstances. "
- Aimee Kratovil
06/17/2020 00:13:45
"It was a very nice visit. The vet was very helpful and talked everything over with me. "
- Sarah Jones
06/15/2020 21:45:50
"Had a good experience with you all! Loved that you sent me a picture of Blue during her check up. "
- Kasandra Cobb
06/15/2020 20:09:31
"No complaints. You guys are the absolute best. My pups adore the whole team and I wouldn’t take them anywhere else "
- Stacy Hunter
06/14/2020 02:39:29
"Dr. Chiu is so caring and professional. I always recommend her to my friends. THANK YOU"
- Gail Deback
06/14/2020 00:13:21
"I appreciate the Rx basket outside. It saved us a lot of time and probably helped save you time too! I also appreciate all of the precautions being taken to maintain social distancing. "
- Erin Philleo
06/13/2020 18:17:31
"The best veterinary clinic around."
- Melinda Hayden
06/13/2020 16:39:52
"So far your service and communication is above standard and, appreciatively, quite excellent! Thank you!"
- Wendy Wiseman
06/11/2020 18:24:22
"Very satisfied with service and appreciated the offer of water or juice during wait time"
- Lenore Schmidt
06/11/2020 17:24:41
"Great! Always professional, knowledgeable and kind."
- Paula Kenney
06/11/2020 14:44:45
"I appreciated the signs in the parking lot, paying for meds over the phone and picking up at the front door. The only negative is poor phone quality the couple of times I've called. "
- Debbie Arnold
06/10/2020 16:36:13
"Everything you are doing to keep us safe and yourself is great. You keep us as parents informed as to what is going on with our babies."
- Dorothea Russell
06/10/2020 14:36:34
"Keep up the good work. I really appreciate the extra effort to get Brody his shots for our trip. I apologize for his anxiety, he is a great dog except for going to vets and going to grooming. Apparently he is a very sensitive doodle and doesn’t even like it when I work on getting a sticker out of his foot. Thanks again!"
- Robert Baker
06/10/2020 13:35:35
"I was so happy to get an appointment quickly for my new puppy. The doctor was very helpful and communicated with me clearly. I appreciated the follow up call to make sure all was going well."
- Shirley Bunnell
06/09/2020 16:46:04
"Very nice facility and genuine, caring staff. Customer service a plus! My dog is well treated "
- Paulette Kelley
06/08/2020 21:19:14
"What a wonderful experience. Even though I had to remain in my car while Ty was taken inside to see the Doctor. I was kept up to date of what was going on. A picture of Ty and a caregiver that was texted to me while I was waiting. So reassuring to see Ty sitting calmly and smiling. When he was finished with his appointment the doctor called and shared her finding. I appreciated the time spent detailing Ty’s health and being able to as questions. "
- Emily Armond
06/08/2020 18:01:31
"no I think you guys have been great my sister and I both bring all of our animals to you and so far even during the coronavirus you guys have been great"
- Doreen Wagner
06/08/2020 15:02:33
"Appreciated the care you gave our Sam on his first visit. We have already recommended your office to others and they have joined your facility for their dog. Thank you"
- Tamara Spears
06/08/2020 13:29:46
"Came to pick up pre op package. It was delivered to my car. Had a reassuring talk with Heather . She answered all my questions and concerns about dropping off and picking up our dog. "
- Dave & Tracy Sanderson
06/08/2020 00:35:29
"Great, communication about treatment and fees with no drama. Service at the appointment was timely and friendly."
- John & Cynthia Davenport
06/07/2020 23:39:41
"I sincerely appreciate the effort that was made to get my dog, Opie, in to see a doctor right away. When I called regarding some drops of blood in his urine and, after many questions, the front desk determined his condition was not life threatening and that the earliest appointment was Monday. I was calling early Saturday morning. I was concerned because I was afraid it might be a urinary tract infection and I didn't want Opie in pain or severe discomfort for so long, but I took the appointment with the thought if things got worse I could go to an emergency room. About 10 minutes later your office called to say they would find some time in the next hour. I can't tell you how grateful I was for this. It was going to be a long, unhappy weekend. Opie, I am glad to say, is now on the road to recovery. And I am a very appreciative dog mom."
- Betsy & Fred Weiland
06/07/2020 21:28:52
"Everyone is professional and made the social distancing a less painful experience "
- Patricia Rosser
06/07/2020 20:21:27
"The Rx refill by phone and with outside pickup could not have gone more smoothly."
- Lindsley Cross
06/06/2020 20:08:11
"We don't have any suggestions for improvement. Your staff is competent and always friendly."
- Brian & Janet Davis
06/05/2020 23:21:46
"Everyone did great. We are all working on Cap being more comfortable at the vet. When COVID is over I plan on bringing him for a walk around so he can see it’s not scary there. Thank you for being patient with him. "
- Ashley Mockett
06/04/2020 23:59:19
"Curious, caring, efficient. And loved that I was given info for potential products, but not pressured "
- Kate Myers
06/04/2020 22:28:12
"You are wonderful with my dogs, I would never trust someone taking my dogs out of my site, but I completely trust leaving them with all of you, your kindness and concern for there well being is wonderful, thank you ."
- Kim Wagener
06/04/2020 02:52:44
"You did a good job. Thank you. "
- Angela Cabral
06/02/2020 16:29:21
"I was very pleased with the efficiency of the curbside service. It looks to be more effort on the part of the techs and I certainly appreciate all that the team does to take care of my babies! Although I miss the one on one with the staff, I understand why visits need to be conducted this way for the time being. Thank you for all that you do!"
- Marjorie Marshall
06/01/2020 21:42:44
"We like the calm and gent are provided by the associates at Country Oaks. Our kitties don’t get stressed during their visits. Thank you."
- Lisa Walker
06/01/2020 19:10:12
"The way you all handled the COVID safety precautions is better than the other vet that I have went to during this time. I felt you really took care of my dog and made sure he got quick and effective treatment as well as making sure we saved money on the treatment. "
- Jetai Lawson
06/01/2020 17:11:55
"This was our first visit and we were so impressed and happy. Thank you "
- Steve Grialou
05/31/2020 20:41:32
"You are wonderful and your caring for Aiko and Pele has changed our entire vet experience in a good way!"
- Kathy & Ken Mack
05/31/2020 00:05:55
"I could not get my large dog to get out of car but your tech was very helpful."
- John & Sharon Winkel
05/30/2020 16:03:54
"Thanks for keeping our Holland Lop bunny healthy and happy."
- Colin Spears
05/30/2020 13:23:25
"My first impressions of Country Oaks were nothing short of amazing. The attention they paid to my pet was great. We will be transferring all of our pets over. "
- Jane Jacklin
05/28/2020 21:34:34
"Did not receive the news I wanted but appreciated Dr. Johnson's honesty. Because of this we did not put my cat through tests that aren't going to prolong her life. Thanks for the honesty Dr. Johnson. We have a lot of other critters we will be bringing to you."
- Sally Medina
05/28/2020 19:42:55
"Always pleased with our visits there."
- Samuel & Marilyn Allison
05/28/2020 17:57:24
"Simple checkup was simple"
- William Stark
05/28/2020 15:27:11
"Posey is doing great! Thank you for being so attentive! Nicole"
- Nichole Minor
05/27/2020 16:34:31
"First time bring my 5 month old frenchie to the vet. It was tough not being able to go in with her due to the COVID-19 but they took great care of her and i was very pleased. "
- Angelica Apruebo
05/26/2020 22:11:54
"Every bit of the visit was pleasant and easy. Thank you! "
- Angie & Greg Sahnd
05/26/2020 19:44:34
"I had a pleasant experience visiting this pet hospital and will definitely be recommending and coming back. The visit was quick, thorough and insightful."
- Brandi Autor
05/26/2020 19:01:44
"I felt that Luna was in safe hands. You guys were also very accommodating when it came to budget! I was EXTREMELY pleased and relieved with the visit. "
- Brittany Moore
05/26/2020 17:18:16
"Everyone from scheduling to the pre-appt call and then through checking in were Profesional, efficient, kind and helpful. Dr Williams was so loving, kind and knowledgeable, as well as, considerate and professional! "
- Colleen & Larry Riley
05/26/2020 15:16:29
"Easy pick up of meds."
- Heidi Epling
05/25/2020 23:50:52
"For a first time customer and during these most challenging times, I was impressed by the professionalism and concern to keep us humans and our pets safe"
- Michelle Connor
05/25/2020 23:08:45
"Just miss being with my dogs while there. I understand why but feel for Luca as he is very scared. Dr. Johnson is wonderful. Jessie is great too. Thank you for taking such good care of them both. Angel is alive because of your wise protocols and treatment plan. ♥️"
- Jennifer Sadugor
05/25/2020 21:40:15
"Service is always excellent! I really appreciate the extra precautions in place because of COVID. The staff is always great too. They always listen and work well with both my dogs."
- Pamela Coleman
05/25/2020 19:11:58
"You all are doing a great job, especially with the circumstances! "
- Tracee Morgan
05/25/2020 14:57:14
"Our experience this time was so different, but couldn't have gone better! Our tech (Claire I think?) was soooo nice and thorough coming out to our car to get our pup. It was easy to sit and wait in the car and then take our payment over the phone while we waited. Thanks for prioritizing the health and safety of your staff and patients during this crazy time we're in - we love you guys! "
- Susan Cain
05/24/2020 22:39:23
- Cindy Scott
05/24/2020 16:08:08
"I truly feel my boy is getting the best care here, not to mention lots of yummy treats. At the previous vet, he would never go back willingly with a vet tech. With the current situation and animals being taken inside by a vet tech while we wait in the car, I wasn’t sure how willingly he would go. To my surprise, he went without hesitation! That says a lot! Country Oaks has done a phenomenal job continuing the care of our pets while keeping not only themselves but us customers safe as well. The building, inside and out is always well kept and clean. The staff is ALWAYS friendly and helpful. "
- Betty Chan
05/23/2020 22:36:21
"Prompt service fantastic. The vet explained things very well."
- Scott Aitken
05/23/2020 19:54:16
"Very good. Your new facility, protocols, and customer relations are great!"
- Chuck Schaller
05/23/2020 15:34:01
"Easy and comfortable for both Bailey and myself"
- Sarah Corcoran
05/23/2020 10:18:52
"That was my first time in the clinic and I loved it! Very friendly staff, great communication (via text message too, staff sent me a picture of my dog during the appt), the doctor was super friendly, very different than all the other experiences I had in other locations. "
- Monica Thomasini
05/22/2020 12:38:18
"Your being available to us is appreciated. I believe you have worked out a way to offer service in this restrictive period. Of course it is not the same as being face to face with Dr. Johnson. I’m thankful for all of the staff. I’m looking forward to getting back to normal."
- Vicki & Ross Robinson
05/20/2020 16:13:19
"Your virus protocols are excellent. Felt very safe and easy to communicate with staff. Our timid dog appreciates your gentle approach."
- Carolyn & Barry Martin
05/19/2020 19:20:52
"I appreciate the safety protocols and te service to my car! Thanks for all you do to keep us and our pets healthy!"
- Jackie & Nate Simon
05/19/2020 18:05:50
"Phenomenal visit! I’m a new customer and I was flabbergasted when my dog walked into the office with no fear, he didn’t even look back. I needed a new vet because my last one overcharged for unnecessary costs, sometimes he would up charge $90 for pointless services! I had the complete opposite experience here, I even received free goodies! My dog will have surgery this week, and I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t fully trust the staff and veterinarian. Thank you so much for caring about your patients and clients, I will most assuredly return! "
- Laura Dayton
05/19/2020 17:36:14
"Great customer service and always treat my pup and I so kindly. Top notch service!"
- Brittney Lightfield
05/19/2020 05:32:18
"Felt like they took excellent care of my dog... who isn't the friendliest when he visits the vet. "
- Marshall & Marie Milne
05/19/2020 03:16:59
"Very Good service I am pleased with my visit so much so thinking about changing vets"
- Susan Ferguson
05/17/2020 17:28:59
"Doing well given the ever changing and confusing COVID restrictions that are placed on people and businesses. "
- Kris & Erika Frank
05/16/2020 23:23:42
"Great curbside appointment! Thank you!"
- Heidi & Alex Taghavian
05/16/2020 00:10:25
"We think you're the best Pet Hospital we've ever been to. Friendly, and knowledgeable while putting the Mamas and Papas at ease. Just a great experience all around."
- Kenneth James
05/15/2020 22:56:39
"I like the way you have adapted to social distancing and keeping us safe while providing the best service to our pets! "
- Jarmila Carrie
05/15/2020 20:17:55