"This was our first visit. No complaints or suggestions. "
- Holly Krieger
10/27/2020 21:41:20
"Your friendly staff respond quickly and efficiently!"
- Rebekah Branaman
10/27/2020 15:29:16
"Everyone was pleasant, helpful and friendly."
- Leslie Leyte
10/27/2020 13:48:42
"Pick for meds was quick and easy!"
- Andrea Naten
10/26/2020 20:46:32
"I always have a great experience at country oaks. I wish I could have gone inside with Herbie at his last appointment but I understand why you’re taking precautions!! "
- Jessi Gunn
10/26/2020 16:32:34
"My first visit was excellent. Everyone one I had any contact with seemed to enjoy working with the owners and the patients. They sent me pictures of my bird enjoying himself in the room with the tech."
- Veronica Cofer
10/26/2020 04:32:25
"You are doing great! Your phones are answered promptly by knowledgeable staff. Everyone I've spoken to has a positive attitude and obviously cares about animals when I see their interaction with my pup. After the appointment Dr. Chiu called and explained everything and asked if I had any questions. I did not feel at all rushed. Very pleasant experience."
- Jaklyn Moran
10/25/2020 21:24:37
"Great service!"
- John & Susette Drewes
10/24/2020 19:48:42
"I think you all are providing a valuable service during a challenging time. I appreciate you all!"
- Karen Quidato
10/24/2020 19:40:10
"My pet's first visit went amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better experience."
- Jacqueline Bryant
10/24/2020 19:33:10
"Wow...congrats all...what an amazing visit. From your tender loving care of Bella, the pictures you sent of her in treatment, the comprehensive exam, the artists rendition of her on the take home bag to the great communication between Dr. Imig explaining everything in detail, I am so grateful. Bella is doing well...her nail trim ...great...the shot for itching worked immediately and she is much happier now. Great work by your technicians and receptionist too...a beverage for me ...much appreciated. The best Vet appointment ever. You should feel proud of how perfectly detailed your system works and a great staff!!!"
- Ruth & Bill Barnard
10/24/2020 18:51:01
"I’ve always been very happy with my experiences at Country Oaks. I have a skittish dog, and the techs and vet always do well by him. People are friendly, service is timely."
- Michele Fisher
10/23/2020 19:11:38
"I liked that the doctor called me, the staff were friendly and informative. I’m glad I found a good vet hospital for Kiki. I had an overall good feeling after my visit. "
- Cheryle Hart
10/23/2020 01:14:04
"Typically, I would have been uneasy about not being present for the exam, but having been very impressed on my last visit, I was comfortable waiting in the parking lot, knowing my pets were in good hands. Covid procedures were very reasonable & well-handled, & I appreciated that I was still able to speak with the vet directly, even if I couldn't be in the room. I honestly can't think of anything critical to say! :)"
- Matt Szymanski
10/22/2020 21:21:58
"I love Dr Irene. She is so compassionate and caring, she has cared for out cat for 18 years, and now, at the end, she is stepping up in her usual way. Your lab results came back quickly and eveything has been on the schedule you told me. "
- Kairi (Pronounced Carry) Clark
10/22/2020 19:26:18
"Dr Irene is the best! So glad she moved to Country Oaks"
- Paula Kilgour
10/21/2020 23:00:20
"We love the care and attention we get from the staff and Dr. Johnson. Hope the COVID protocols end soon...."
- Angela & Michael Justice
10/21/2020 20:30:37
"Always good service, particularly liked the Covid-19 protocols. "
- Bob & Caron Ramsey-Lewis
10/20/2020 19:55:02
"I always have such a great experience at your facility. My two cats were seen here last year. The staff is always very friendly and has a smile on their face. I never feel worried handing my puppy over to you as we cannot come inside. I know even though I’m not with Bella that she is still in very good hands. The staff and doctor are always kind and caring. I also like that things are explained before hand and I know how much will come out of my pocket so as there is no unexpected costs. Thank you for all you do!!!"
- Pratch Stone
10/19/2020 20:27:34
"Everything went well. Bear does not like to come in but your staff was great."
- John & Sharon Winkel
10/19/2020 19:30:12
"Everything was find."
- Joann & Ronald Thompson
10/19/2020 18:29:23
"I found this veterinarian practice off of Yelp after a list from the House Rabbit Society list of vets were unable to take me. McBun’s current vet moves to a better job so unfortunately, they couldn’t get us in until December. I wasn’t going to wait that long for care so it made sense to have two vets (local in SF) and in Sacramento, where my family lives. I was impressed with the level of service and approach during these uncertain pandemic: steps to ensure safety, social distancing, all the while maintaining the level of excellence seeing the furry members of our family. The check-in process was smooth, as was the clear and concise directions from the staff who spoke to me over the telephone, handled McBun’s carrier to/from the car, and the veterinarian’s diagnosis/treatment plan moving forward. I can only imagine what McBun must have been like (I know how he can be) but had utmost trust in the staff and practice here. Thank you for making his/our first visit seamless, I’m so happy to be a client here!"
- Mayyko Morita
10/19/2020 15:22:05
"Great communication, SUPER friendly tech, and fairly timely considering all the changes and new processes. "
- Lauren Hall
10/19/2020 13:27:54
"The people working there are always pleasant and caring. I feel like they are kind to the animals and that makes me feel better about trusting them to care for my kitty. I’m so happy I decided to bring her here. The Dr.’s are knowledgeable and have answered all my questions. "
- Laura Cheah
10/18/2020 18:43:10
"Customer service was great and the doctor who saw chubby was amazing. She was informative, empathetic and listened to what I had to say. I truly appreciate her and I wish there were more vets like her. "
- Diana Gonzalez
10/18/2020 17:38:21
"Friendly professional staff. Great first experience."
- Susan Shellooe
10/18/2020 17:10:49
"Great experience! Can’t think of any way to make it better "
- Cameron Rinetti
10/18/2020 01:40:36
"This is our first time using your facility, and I really liked the experience of it. Oynex seemed content after coming back from getting her shots. I will continue to use Country Oaks Pet Hospital for my baby Oynex. Great job, and the doctor was very informative with everything."
- Teresa Paysinger
10/18/2020 01:16:50
"You were recommended to me by the Clifton-Loper family and what a blessing that was😀 my little Rusty means the world to me and whatever happened to get him in such bad shape so very quickly ( still leaning towards a spider bite) we all don’t know but you treated him immediately and so gently and so kind to me in my anguish I can’t thank you enough. We have found a new vet!"
- Cindy Belmain
10/17/2020 20:13:18
"Outstanding service"
- Sandy Lanz
10/17/2020 19:24:50
"Amazing! I love this place so much! I’m so lucky to have found them because they truly treat your dogs like family! One of my dogs is super scared of the vet but when he goes here, he does so much better! I can go on and on about how top notch this place is! I highly recommend them! "
- Jacqui Curtis
10/17/2020 17:31:18
"Everything was great."
- Gail Miller
10/17/2020 05:23:57
"You’re doing well. The online appointment works fine. Safety concerning COVID-19 is great. Also, staff are professional and friendly with my pet. I appreciate your services and support. "
- Sima & Abdul Nafiz
10/17/2020 04:51:32
"Loved your streamlined process given covid for dropping pets and picking them up. Super easy!"
- Alexxa Debenedetti
10/16/2020 18:31:50
"From the time I made the appointment to the time of the exam, the experience was great! The veterinarian listened to my questions and answered each one thoroughly. The staff was helpful and compassionate. I felt that every person I interacted with was helpful, patient, and not rushed--I appreciate that very much. The process was efficient despite the necessary COVID protocols. We are happy that we selected Country Oaks Pet Hospital for our babies, Agate and Franklin. Thank you! "
- Katrina Dolenga
10/16/2020 17:21:53
"I will bring Punkin to Country Oaks from now on."
- Thomas Stevens
10/16/2020 17:18:36
"OMG!!! You are the very best vet we have ever had, and I cannot thank you enough for the care, concern and respect you show our furry family members. Roxanne absolutely LOVES Claire, and thank her and Dr. Imig from the bottom of my heart for everything. So long as we continue to receive this kind of care, we will be with you until our doggies take their last breaths, and beyond!!! Hugs and tail wags, Debra, Dan, Roxanne and June Buggies."
- Debra Keirsey
10/16/2020 10:07:27
"They took great care of my little fur baby :) "
- Erika Rodriguez
10/15/2020 16:31:17
"I think you guys are doing great"
- Vicki Giannetti
10/14/2020 21:30:07
"Very smooth and professional process Staff was incredibly helpful and courteous "
- Maureen & Alan Lancaster
10/14/2020 16:49:31
"I had a very pleasant first time experience. I brought in my dog, Tamale, for basic grooming (nails and glands) as well as microchiping. Everyone on staff was really friendly, knowledgeable and I didn’t feel rushed over the phone with any of them. Everyone answered my questions thoroughly and let me take my time. This is always impressive to me, for I know veterinary professionals are busy people. Glad to have this establishment as Tamale’s new veterinarian. "
- Jessica Fleming
10/13/2020 23:13:29
"I like that I was able to speak with Dr Irene even though I wasn’t able to be with my cat during the exam. I appreciated the update on how he’s doing "
- Susan Geiger
10/13/2020 22:51:27
"I just went by to pick up a prescription but the process was easy and staff are very friendly. "
- Julie & Jeff Sauls
10/13/2020 15:24:27
"So glad you are taking Covid precautions. Quick, friendly service. Seems like staff really care about my dog. Weekend appointments make it so much more convenient."
- Jennifer Ellwanger
10/13/2020 15:16:36
"Excellent communication and show you love pets"
- Brenda Miller
10/12/2020 22:09:13
"We love that you guys do your best to minimize trauma of a vet appointment for our furry family! It’s always been a thoughtful experience and thorough. "
- Shauna Riedel-Bash
10/12/2020 21:31:20
"Excellent! Felt like the vet tech really listened to me and cared for my dog."
- Rachel Rojas
10/12/2020 17:00:42
"Even with the Covid restrictions going on, you guys always provide great service! I was able to schedule an appointment quickly over the phone. We were met outside quickly, where an employee asked us all about Aurora and why we were there. They took her inside and did a very thorough examination and called us with the news. Aurora was actually in a great mood when they brought her back out to us, and they gave her a calming wrap. There's a reason we come all the way from Orangevale for Country Oaks! Thanks for taking such good care of us and our pets :)"
- Behrad Ghomeshi
10/12/2020 14:58:43
"I'm glad you were able to see our older dog. We thought she had a urinary infection and you gave her an antibotic and she seems to be better. Thank you Dennis and Dianne"
- Dennis Mccart
10/12/2020 04:01:05
"So glad i bought rocky to u guys to care for. He’s been doing so much better n u guys r the best i so far experienced. I’m looking forward to bringing rocky back ! Thank you !"
- Mandy Liao
10/11/2020 20:54:06
"I loved how even though it was curbside service I still felt like me and my cat where very important. It didn’t feel like just another client, it felt very personal. All the staff on the phone and in person where extremely nice and helpful! "
- Kaitlyn Calderhead
10/11/2020 20:20:55
"You guys are the best! So glad we found you last year when we moved to the area. Wouldn't go anywhere else, always a great experience at your office and you guys make covid regulations really easy and simple and seamless. Keep doing what you're doing, we always highly recommend you to our neighbors and friends!"
- Susan Cain
10/11/2020 17:09:12
"Very prompt, reliable, skilled and animal-loving staff and doctors."
- Colin Spears
10/11/2020 14:08:17
"No complaints. Staff always friendly and on time. "
- Veda Hart
10/10/2020 19:13:06
"The team was transparent on what to expect, the costs, and the timing of the appointment. It all went seamlessly. "
- Diana Britton
10/09/2020 19:25:09
"I loved my first experience at Country Oaks Pet Hospital! Scheduling an appointment was prompt and conveint. All staff were very professional and friendly. I also loved the care my guinea pig got from Dr. Imig. She took the time to talk to me about every aspect of my guinea pigs exam along with answering all my general guinea pig questions. I also really appreciated that the first exam was free! Thank you Dr. Imig and Country Oaks staff! I will definitely be coming back for any future help needed with my pets! :)"
- Melia Miller
10/09/2020 18:11:38
"Your attentiveness was very warming for me. Bear’s an easy patron and I appreciated you telling me he behaved well. "
- Jeane Ming
10/06/2020 21:36:44
"My father and grandfather were both veterinarians, and I worked my way through undergrad and grad school as a vet tech in laboratory settings and exotics and small animal practices. I have to say that you guys are the best veterinary practice I have ever encountered - your professionalism, your attention to detail, the skill and compassion of all of your staff members, the fact that you are Fear-Free Certified - and all of this provided at what I consider to be very reasonable cost. Your expert staff can not only treat my 'typical' small pets, but you can also treat my exotics! I am very, very lucky to have you nearby."
- Carol Crump
10/06/2020 20:43:02
"We are thrilled with Chloe's care at Country Oaks Pet Hospital. And she wore her outfit after her spay surgery so happily that we were afraid she'd want several in different colors! We look forward to being able to come into visits with her when this pandemic is finally over! You are all wonderful! Thank you! "
- David Evpak
10/06/2020 04:31:52
"Everyone we spoke with was cheerful, understanding and very well organized. Thank you for being such a great organization. And thank you for dealing with my difficult cat: Jubilee!"
- Susan & John Myers
10/05/2020 23:39:15
"It was our first visit with a brand-new family member (we had adopted our dog, Gemma, from a shelter only one week earlier). Everyone was incredibly thoughtful, kind and patient. Dr. Johnson took time with me on the phone to go through all of my questions. I was very impressed with the level of care. "
- Becca Whitman
10/05/2020 23:00:50
"Excellent care from all staff members."
- Jenny Farrar
10/05/2020 20:26:08
"The team at Country Oaks did a great job from start to finish! This was my first visit with my two new kittens and I felt comfortable through the whole process and confident my boys were being well taken care of. The vet did a great job of communicating what was going on, what made sense for my little guys, and what options I had. I will definitely be returning! "
- Lindsay Wilhite
10/05/2020 12:39:09
"We are great full that your COVID protocols are outstanding! Thank you for your service. "
- Jarmila Carrie
10/03/2020 18:14:45
"I only came to pick up a medication and it was quick and easy."
- Sabrina Joy
10/02/2020 20:25:26
"The animals were taken care of. I had no worries when they were in the vet, since I couldn't go in due to Covid. I am looking forward to being able to go in, since this is a new vet hospital for me. I came here because Dr. Irene is my cat's doctor (I have 4 cats), and I will follow her anywhere she goes. I have complete trust when they are in her hands, and know that no matter what good or bad news I will get, she will deal with it in a professional but compassionate way. She truly loves the animals, and it is evident when you see her come in to the room and cuddle up to the animals. She saved one of my cats lives a few years ago, and I will always go to her from now on. If she chose this vet hospital to work at, I trust her judgment and trust them as well!!"
- Holli Reich
10/02/2020 18:01:51
"Great costumer service got my puppy right in same day for the best price in town I will definitely be back! "
- Ashley Pudlo
10/02/2020 17:37:56
"friendly, professional and on time service "
- Michelle Touw
10/01/2020 21:09:03
"I was greeted right away and everyone was kind and gentle with my sick puppy"
- Kathie Campbell
10/01/2020 18:56:37
"My first visit with my 10 year old lab. My family went to CO years ago, until our dog passed in 2004. Our usual vet told us we’d have a 2 week wait, so I was thrilled to only have a 2 day wait. It’s been 48 hours since our appointment & my dog is doing SO much better. And everyone was so sweet to her! I love the bandana, too."
- Julie Ueltzen
10/01/2020 04:06:41
"Always caring, polite and professional!"
- Mary & Jim Ray
10/01/2020 04:00:51
"Dr.Johnson and his staff are by far the most professional , kind, animal loving people that I have experienced. We could not be happier. We would not leave even if we got free care somewhere else."
- Tracie Estes
09/30/2020 23:04:15
"This was my first visit to Country Oaks (following Dr. Irene to new clinic) and it was easy and completely fine, but i am looking forward to being able to go inside the building and actually talking to the vet and techs in person after the pandemic."
- Lois Richardson
09/30/2020 18:28:08
"You are all great!!!"
- Michael & Lisa Koewler
09/30/2020 17:46:04
"Great experience. All very nice Staff. In and out very quick. "
- Danielle Good
09/30/2020 17:45:52
"First experience was positive"
- Margo Hocking
09/29/2020 17:29:39
"With this being our first experience with a vet for bear, we were very happy and satisfied. "
- Matthew Yee
09/29/2020 14:41:03
"It was a great visit. I felt that my anxious dog was well cared for and really seen. I enjoyed my first visit so much I already referred a friend! "
- Hara Pauly
09/28/2020 22:37:04
"I am a big fan of Country Oaks and have been a client 35 years or more. My vet is Dr. Johnson and he takes great care of my cats and always follows up after a visit. I do miss going inside to be with my cats when I bring them in. I understand the precautions but apparently some vets are allowing that as long as masks are worn so I'm looking forward to that restriction being lifted someday. The staff I have interacted with are wonderful, kind and knowledgeable. "
- Nancy Cowan
09/28/2020 17:09:24
"Everyone I talked to were super friendly and caring. Great communication and seem to love what they’re doing. "
- Amanda Hoang
09/28/2020 16:28:52
- Leta Forland
09/28/2020 07:06:19
"We were extremely impressed with the customer service, from our first call to set up our wellness appointment for our new puppy, the follow up emails and phone calls and great care they took. We noticed the little things, like putting our pets name on the bag for his meds. We were also really impressed with all the safety precautions in place. It shows that you take things seriously for the pets and their owners. Thank you! "
- Joe Cadelago
09/28/2020 04:08:32
"You guys are awesome. Happy customer here!"
- Shanna Hunt
09/27/2020 22:12:32
"Excellent customer and dog service and super personality."
- Steve Murakami
09/27/2020 01:39:17
"Great service and care"
- Brandi Harkness
09/26/2020 19:30:10
"Great service. I am happy."
- Robert Mireles
09/26/2020 18:52:04
"You are doing a good job under these circumstances. You will do A great nub when we can come back inside and have a face to face discussion with the Drs. and staff. "
- Vicki & Ross Robinson
09/26/2020 17:01:40
"All the folks who come to get my Boston Terrier Oedipus has been professional and courteous. They are well organized and brought out my dogs prescription when I arrived instead of it being an afterthought. I never had to wait more than 10 minutes for them to get my dog and never had to wait long for him to return. Parking is great. Prices is about $30 less than My last vet!"
- Brie Oliver
09/26/2020 16:04:09
"Great service, friendly staff, no complaints. Great to have an independent vet again, really disappointed with corporate care."
- Richard Nuner
09/24/2020 21:05:30
"The technician who came out to greet us was so sweet and kind! He was very good with my dog, Eddie. I was also pleased with the phone call from the vet, who was very thorough and clear in his explanation of everything. I have nothing negative to say about the experience! "
- Tracy Hale
09/24/2020 17:20:39
"Always very helpful and joy to talk to...."
- Marshall & Marie Milne
09/24/2020 15:09:37
"No complaints at all. Your staff make me and my cat feel like family and well taken care of. Thank you!"
- Alicia Veloz
09/23/2020 22:21:46
"This is the best vet i’ve ever taken nietzche too! so kind and efficient "
- Elizabeth Leach
09/23/2020 19:20:17
"Awesome!!! New patient and wonderful experience. My Lola came out the office happy, so I know she was treated well! Thank you!+"
- Anahi Armenta
09/23/2020 17:23:41
"My experience with your facility exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be a life long customer. You guys were organized, efficient, took the time to answer all my concerns, and provided the best medical recommendations for my dog. I feel the vet was very detailed in assessing any potential health problems for my dog. All vet bills and medicine were affordable and decently priced as well. I have already recommended Your facility to my brother and he will bring his dog to see you guys too! "
- Allyson Garcia
09/23/2020 16:39:31
"I could not have asked for a better experience from the office staff, the techs, and the doctors! I am mad at myself for not bringing our animals to you sooner!! I look forward to bringing my other 2 in when it's time for check ups. Thank you for everything."
- Stephanie Cates
09/22/2020 02:15:57
"Dr. Irene is the best"
- Cheryl Croxton
09/22/2020 00:38:32
"I'm very pleased with your thoroughness. Everyone is pleasant and helpful "
- Michele Froyd
09/21/2020 22:00:13
"So far, our first visit was great!"
- Stuart Jersky
09/21/2020 20:26:17
"Nothing but good things to say. Loved the overall experience and the care that was brought to my kitten"
- Rebecca Garcia
09/21/2020 20:12:45