"It's hard to find a good vet. For me, I'm a breeder. I feel like most vets don't like that. This was my first appointment through your vet and it was wonderful. Although I did not get to go inside due to the coronavirus, from what I did experience it was great. The doctor was great. The staff was great. "
- Danielle Hoenicke
03/31/2020 18:28:29
"I love the no fear policy. I live the compassion of all the staff."
- Katrina Barch
03/31/2020 00:55:18
"Very kind and cooperative. Great customer service and very communicative. "
- Lauren Hall
03/29/2020 18:19:54
"Went during the coronavirus shelter in place so I didn’t actually get to go in as a typical appointment. The tech who greeted me at my car was super sweet and can tell she cares about the patients, doc was great too. No complaints here. Prices were decent. "
- Maria Ramos
03/28/2020 05:17:31
"I have never had a bad experience with the care of my cat Precious and the staff is great."
- Dyanne Murray
03/27/2020 21:32:46
"This was my first visit and it was after you've put covid-19 measures in place. I thought everything went very well considering the humans have to stay outside, etc. Thanks."
- Elizabeth Dankof
03/27/2020 21:01:05
"Your protocol during this quarantined time is seamless. I couldn’t be happier with your hospital. I have a very high energy/high need/anxious dog and honestly I am so grateful for you facilities. My dog loves it there and I think he has a little crush on Dr. Chiu. Thank you for taking such good care of our family!"
- Chenelle Doutherd
03/27/2020 16:35:12
"Cannon had surgery yesterday on his right eye and he’s doing great. Thank you for the timely referral to UC Davis small Animal hospital Dr Stephen Barnes "
- Stephen Barnes
03/27/2020 16:31:39
"Everything went great. Quick and efficient "
- Jeff Richard
03/27/2020 00:14:12
"With only two visits so far it's hard to say much, but we have enjoyed the experiences and trust the staff."
- Paula Boghosian
03/26/2020 23:12:32
"Your precautions that are in place for COVID 19 I found to be excellent. Thanks!"
- Scott & Theresa Wells
03/25/2020 22:44:09
"great fast service, great receptionists and all other staff!"
- Linda Larkin
03/25/2020 22:03:57
"Everything you have put into place worked well for me. Bear was too large to be carried so the tech had to lead him inside. Doctor communicated well with me. Important thing is Bear seems better already."
- John & Sharon Winkel
03/25/2020 15:31:16
"Quick and easy getting her meds. Thanks. "
- Kolleen Ostgaard
03/24/2020 22:27:15
"everyone was so nice and helpful in this difficult time...nothing like a doggie "emergency" to complicate everything. Thank you all so much for your assistance and kindness to Durce, she is happy again...not thrilled about the cone, but adapting :) see you in about 10 days! Stay healthy!"
- Alvaro Rodrigues
03/24/2020 18:24:27
"One of the best vets I have ever encountered. Very knowledgeable and also caring. "
- Sue & Tim Coyle
03/24/2020 04:17:36
"Country Oaks Pet Hospital staff always delivers excellent customer service, thank you!"
- Seidy Godinez
03/24/2020 04:15:07
"Excellent care, even though things are crazy with Covid-19 the staff were very accommodating. "
- Angela Cabral
03/24/2020 04:08:56
"The best. My puppy wasn't eating and had bad stomach problems. They gave him some good food and probiotics and he's eating now. Gotta go back for a biopsy but for the first time, my puppy is happy to go to the vet. "
- Eric Han
03/23/2020 18:15:05
"it was my first visit and they were very welcoming and considerate of my kitty. they were able to determine her issue an provide both medicine and a temporary diet for her while she recovered. "
- Chelsea Borba
03/22/2020 18:47:32
"Curbside pick up was smooth and easy! "
- Paulette Kelley
03/22/2020 01:28:42
- Jillan Vang
03/21/2020 23:46:06
"My last visit was picking up meds only. The person at the desk was very pleasant. "
- Richard & Kathy Grabowski
03/21/2020 16:21:21
"Called around to quite a few clinics before finding this one that treats lizards! I'm so happy I found this place. They made my beardie feel special! From the moment we walked in, to the separate room we got to see the Dr in. This pet hospital is absolutely amazing! First time visiting any kind of pet hospital and dont plan on seeing anyone else now!"
- Anna Chipak
03/21/2020 03:12:20
"My experiences have always been very positive and staff very helpful!"
- Marshall & Marie Milne
03/21/2020 01:25:17
"I love the environment there. Always friendly, welcoming, and empathetic. You guys always have open arms for my Lily and I really appreciate that. "
- Hannah Yang
03/20/2020 19:47:36
"The hospital is immaculate. I was taken to our room right away. I brought both dogs and they were both comfortable and relaxed."
- Maria Farr
03/19/2020 19:54:21
"It was easy and good with great information provided by the tech staff re:heart worms. "
- Brian & Mary Jane Boxer
03/19/2020 16:48:59
"Pete got in for his bath and was able to have his ears checked and get a vaccine at the same time. It was nice not to have two separate appointments."
- Cynthia (Miki) Teixeira
03/17/2020 21:24:38
"The doctors and staff are the best. They treat my dog and myself with excellent care and compassion"
- Steve Murakami
03/17/2020 21:09:46
"Dr Chui has been great. Taking time and answering all my questions and seemingly concerned. "
- Gail Deback
03/17/2020 16:23:27
"Absolutely the BEST pet hospital I've ever experienced. Clean, Clean and Clean. Staff goes beyond belief.... Professional, most important of all. The animal sense No Fear. That's the report card for sure. "
- Rita Rau
03/17/2020 00:59:49
"Absolutely the BEST!"
- Gabriel Capote
03/16/2020 23:31:30
"I just feel the staff is happy to be at work. Y’all must be doing something right but I bet the front desk could still use a pay raise! Honestly they are so sweet to customers, go the extra mile with car pick up prescription and Facebook posts. "
- Carrie Brewer
03/16/2020 20:18:13
"Excellent service and ability to get additional appointments. Friendly staff all around. Wonderful calming and soothing music for both the animals and people. "
- Denise Sansone
03/16/2020 20:03:59
"We're very happy with the care and medical treatment of Scout and Daphne."
- Angelo & Katerina Tsakopoulas
03/16/2020 19:12:45
"Sara was our Vet Tech. I asked her many questions about the rabies injection, which she answered. I felt very comfortable with her as my puppies caregiver. "
- Shirley & Frederick Arguello
03/16/2020 19:11:39
"Was totally pleased with the care. Felt that all the staff listened carefully and Ivy had great care. "
- Laurie Barron
03/16/2020 18:07:42
"They were super thorough in the examination room, more so than I was used to with other vets I went to with my first pet. All of my questions and concerns were answered and discussed so that I fully understood what was happening with my cats. "
- Chelsea Hebert
03/13/2020 19:18:50
"Dr. Great about getting back to me. Staff handles my pet great also. Front desk not so good with commutation. "
- Gale Hart
03/11/2020 16:08:57
"Took care of our dogs emergency visit right away. "
- Jacqueline Martinez
03/10/2020 21:11:54
"I really appreciated the care that went into the human and animal experience, top to bottom. My first thought was that things seemed as comforting as possible, not so clinical. I appreciated the pheremone bandana. The human vibes were easy and friendly. It really permeated the place. Great job, care team!"
- Michael Lindsey
03/10/2020 17:57:28
"This is the best vet I have EVER been to.. from beginning to end! "
- Lisa Gull
03/10/2020 17:27:32
"Amazing, best Vet place. Caring, quick, thorough."
- Alexis Nixon
03/10/2020 01:07:09
"You guys are awesome "
- Ellie & Kevin Vierra
03/10/2020 00:55:45
"Very caring staff an vets"
- Lane Phillips
03/10/2020 00:34:52
"We had a great experience and I loved how gentle and attentive everyone was with Alaska. "
- Terasita & Kevin Cortopassi
03/09/2020 23:37:03
"All good "
- Jeff Daft
03/09/2020 23:35:34
"All of our visits go very well to extraordinarily well. Your staff are so kind and knowledgeable. The only small issue was a slight wait in between various services of the visit. All in all, still a very good experience."
- Marci Littlefield
03/09/2020 23:33:12
"Everyone was great,caring, and proce conscious. "
- Cynthia & John Thornburg
03/09/2020 23:11:13
"I would not take my companion animals any where else. "
- Diane Yapundich
03/09/2020 23:06:17
"Your whole staff is extremely professional, courteous and truly seem like they care. I feel like they know me and my pets, even if they don't - I would never know. I appreciate knowing I can always call and get an appointment when necessary, or a quick response."
- Jodi & Madelyn Hallerman
03/06/2020 00:37:17
"we love Country Oaks Pet Hospital ... I picked up meds yesterday ... I forget the young woman's name who helped me, but she is JUST THE VERY BEST !!! She immediately knew who I was and grabbed my meds ... very impressive ... she asked about my dog ... so sweet. I was there around 12:30 PM on 03/04/20 ... figure out WHO she is and GIVER HER A RAISE !!"
- Steve & Jane Ridenour
03/05/2020 21:25:20
"Rocky and me had a great experience. The staff was friendly and they did not push anything on us. They let us make decisions on our own without feeling rushed. My dog is big and gets excited really easily but they handled him great. "
- Mark Lujan
03/05/2020 18:54:21
"Friendly staff at the front desk. Dr. Johnson is knowledgeable and compassionate."
- Lauriane Tondow
03/04/2020 04:51:44
"Staff is excellent, reassures me about the care my dog will get when they take her."
- Lindsley Cross
03/03/2020 05:34:58
"This was the first time to country oaks pet hospital and I was super impressed with the whole experience. It was also the first time I have ever brought in a pocket pet to a veterinarian. Thank you for being so gentle with my baby guinea pig, clementine."
- Samantha & William Flemming
03/03/2020 00:47:18
"This is the nicest veterinary office I’ve ever been in. It was so clean, and the atmosphere was so pleasant. I’d definitely come back here. "
- Robisha Collins
02/29/2020 03:02:44
"very happy with your customer service and pet care."
- Diane & Gary Carlin
02/28/2020 22:08:43
"Very good care"
- Steve Kutler
02/28/2020 19:20:32
"Everyone was so wonderful and kind to our Zoe and to us on our visit."
- David Evpak
02/28/2020 06:17:17
"We think Chad is the most patient and impressive individual and you’re very lucky to have him working for you. Bogart gets extremely stressed going to the vet’s for his shots, and Chad makes it all happen. Thank you Chad!!!!"
- Helen & William Bassett
02/28/2020 02:34:59
"Fantastic. You got me in right away and didnot charge me extra for emergency visir"
- Juli Vandermoer
02/27/2020 23:27:06
"Wonderful. My pups always feel at home and calm when visiting "
- Karynsue & Lawrence Rose-Thomas
02/27/2020 21:36:43
"I love this vet. office "
- Valerie & Sheldon Christensen
02/26/2020 19:34:19
"Great. Country Oaks identified a serious illness, Mitral valve Disrder, of which we were unaware,"
- Marlene Palmer
02/25/2020 20:13:21
"Your hospital was very clean and calming. All staff and technicians were friendly and polite. My animal was loved while she was there. "
- Aurora Flanagan
02/24/2020 18:22:58
"The communications with staff and care provided were great. Please keep up the good work."
- Joy & Peter Slater
02/24/2020 17:20:47
"You are doing just great! Thank-you."
- Roch & Bonnie Brunson
02/24/2020 01:21:15
"All great! Last two visits in last month - one was an unexpected illness. Tech and DVM both excellent. Tech and pharmacy on last visit - great. Also noted new curbside pick up for meds. Nice!!"
- Lynette Scherer
02/23/2020 21:14:36
"We had the best experience with Huckleberry for his first vet visit! Everyone was so kind, considerate, and made us feel comfortable and right at home. We look forward to having him grow up with Country Oaks."
- Miranda Nelson
02/23/2020 19:13:21
"I brought my new dog Lola a shelter rescue, in for her first visit to the vet. The entire staff was very welcoming, putting Lola at ease and making the visit enjoyable (even her shot) for the both of us."
- Chris Clark
02/23/2020 17:09:55
"doing great"
- Elaine Gossett
02/22/2020 17:09:49
"It was a great experience! Fast to get an appointment, parking was easy, receptionists were very kind and welcoming, office was calming, clean, and relaxing. Vet tech and Vet started appointment punctually. We loved the custom name tag, and the heating pad was very comforting for our guinea pig. They were caring for our guinea pig, seemed to care greatly. Vet seemed very smart and gave us a good rundown of everything going in with our animal. Vet tech was very informative about how to give our pig their antibiotics. Prices were fair and different plan options were given. Had an excellent experience "
- Zoey Zhang
02/22/2020 04:36:58
- Calum Campbell
02/21/2020 21:41:30
"Very thorough and caring"
- Cosette Ladine
02/20/2020 22:13:50
"Everything was great. Techs and vet were super nice. Love how clean the office was and the personal touch they put into the visit by putting beau's name on a welcome sign"
- Michelle Raber
02/20/2020 21:40:44
"Love how well the staff cares for pet, extreme patience and ever so nice! Always there to great us with a warm smile and caring hello!"
- Christopher Kershaw
02/20/2020 18:52:41
- Sharon & Rick Pillado
02/20/2020 02:37:11
"I’ve been to several vet offices throughout the years, with different dogs and this place is by far the best. From being able to schedule an appointment quickly, to being roomed and seeing the vet. I also love the fear free environment. "
- Betty Chan
02/19/2020 22:00:59
"This was an amazing vet visit! I have taken my dog to a few different vets and this has been the most welcoming and gentle appointment I have attended. Thank you for all of your research and the effort you put into making the dogs comfortable. I have never seen that level of care at a vet in Sacramento."
- Jennifer Belke
02/19/2020 18:40:15
"Nothing but great report!"
- Christine & Todd Sanfilippo
02/18/2020 17:35:20
"The care and concern for Lilli was excellent. Your staff is wonderful and it's great to be back. Your new facility is unbelievable!"
- James & Joyce Loehr
02/18/2020 15:28:53
"Excellent customer service and great Vets"
- Eddie Long
02/18/2020 04:09:48
"Great competent and friendly staff! "
- Brian & Victoria Hanly
02/18/2020 03:00:02
"Awesome customer service. Staff is so friendly and outgoing. Facility is always clean. We have never had an issue and we love the way our furry family members are treated."
- Kelly Ancel
02/18/2020 02:14:26
"We love your practice. It’s such a good fit for us. Your fees are competitive with the community, your service is focused on kindness and healing. And you have a conveniently huge parking lot. Each interaction with your staff and techs has been delightful. Love your hours and accessibility. "
- Kathryne Lee
02/18/2020 00:29:47
"Great vet, a little out of the way, but that doesn’t matter."
- Matt Flynn
02/17/2020 23:19:32
"I loved the atmosphere, it was very calming and my dog seem to notice that too. I liked the treats, the calming music and TVs. The technician was very nice and knowledgeable. I nervous about having my senior dog getting his teeth cleaned and maybe have to have teeth pulled. I don’t want for him to be in pain. I’m hoping they do as good a job as when we visited and things go well. "
- Grace Varrelman
02/13/2020 22:11:18
"I appreciate that you present options but let me choose what I specifically what I want. The facility is clean and calming and the technicians are very accommodating. I will be back."
- Rolf & Judy Achermann
02/12/2020 06:28:28
"Gibson's experience went pretty well. Only growled once when the tech tried taking his blood pressure. She had to do it digitally, taking it 5 times to get an average. He did very well with the xrays. Got his favorite treat - an "ice cream" cone. Though the visit took 30 minutes, I was very pleased with the experience."
- Melissa Schirmer
02/11/2020 20:09:40
"Country Oaks is a beautiful facility which feels more like visiting someone’s home. The decor is cozy and welcoming. It is a fear free practice, which truly caters to pets and their families. The care provided is outstanding and encompasses the newest technologies. There is compassion in the hardest of situations, and celebrations in joyful visits. Dr. Rich Johnson, Lisa Johnson and their staff are amazing. We will only bring our pets to Country Oaks, even though we are about 45 minutes away. Country Oaks is the best!"
- Ron & Deborah Childs
02/11/2020 05:52:03
"My first time here, I was a little hesitant because i had been to many vets previously who I wasnt really comfortable with and were not straight up with me when it came to serious situations with my cat. However, after coming here I dont think I will choose anywhere else. The staff is so kind and responsive to both mine and my companion's needs. They are so friendly and compassionate and I love how the vet actually spent time on my babygirl! Thank you for a great experience and I hope to bring my whole family there for anything they need. Thank you guys!"
- Illiana Castaneda
02/11/2020 05:39:45
"It was a really good visit"
- Kate & Dave Kaufman
02/11/2020 03:26:47
"Everyone is friendly and efficient! "
- Alix Volsansky
02/11/2020 00:49:30
"I love your practice. Every staff member is friendly. The doctors are kind and informative. I love all the calming efforts. Thank you! "
- Aaron & Katie Porter
02/11/2020 00:42:29
"We like receiving reminders."
- Mark & Janet Warren
02/11/2020 00:24:18
"Love Country Oaks! Everyone has been so patient with my difficult fur baby. "
- Michelle Vick
02/11/2020 00:16:14
"A+ My pitbull puppy Max is full of energy and your team is able to handle him without upsetting him. I'm very impressed."
- Eric & Annette Nellen
02/10/2020 20:07:22
"Other than keeping the 2 other cats out of Samantha’s food, she seems to like her new food and is not having problems pooping. "
- Janine Gentry
01/30/2020 02:57:53