"Came in for a rabies shot. It was a success."
- Joe Wanner
06/24/2019 18:01:15
"I am a long time client of Country Oaks and my vet is Dr. Johnson who is the owner. I am extremely happy with his care and concern for my cats and with his vast medical knowledge. The staff is very caring too and are always so helpful and knowledgeable. Since they are a Fear Free vet, the only one in Sacramento I believe, the atmosphere is very peaceful and calm which works well for my cats."
- Nancy Cowan
06/24/2019 06:40:51
"Very personable and caring"
- Ken Noack Jr
06/24/2019 03:19:44
"Country Oaks gives our pets the best care! "
- Jarmila & Steve Carrie
06/23/2019 19:32:34
"You are doing outstanding!"
- Lynda See
06/22/2019 18:48:22
"The fecal test process was painless. Since I didn't need to bring in Sam just the sample. Thank you."
- Linda Foster-Hall
06/21/2019 20:52:24
"My dog was relaxed with all the no fear instructions. I thought I was buying heart worm meds but actually bought a vitamin for joint health. It was an overall very good experience. "
- Julie Lewis
06/21/2019 17:37:59
"Love this clinic. Will definitely come again."
- Leah Dresser
06/21/2019 17:37:43
"Service and goods are excellent quality."
- Marshall & Marie Milne
06/21/2019 15:07:42
"Front desk person was very welcoming and very tech and very knew their stuff. They helped calm gypsy down and took good care of him. He's doing so much better now and thanks to them, he's got another day to live. I'm more than grateful for the people that helped my kitten when no one else would. "
- Darcy Salvotti
06/21/2019 14:24:00
"Good people."
- Ginnette Glover-Harris
06/21/2019 04:36:45
"I've been satisfied with answers to my questions and by Dr Chiu's continued support and willingness to keep looking for answers to problems."
- Michele Froyd
06/21/2019 01:34:17
"Your office is amazing! I loved everything about it!"
- Sara & Steve Dunn
06/19/2019 17:21:06
"I love how caring and friendly your staff is! "
- Wendy Hopkins
06/18/2019 21:11:25
"Always been great to my dog and I."
- Kristopher Sawyer
06/18/2019 20:44:32
"This is an excellent Veterinary Hospital !"
- Melinda Hayden
06/18/2019 18:41:39
"The pet care and atmosphere are amazing! I know you don't control the prescription food pricing and that's my only complaint =) "
- Lindsay Campos
06/18/2019 18:29:27
"Great first visit! Chad and Dr. Johnson were amazing. It was only our first time there but we are excited to establish with a Vet with such wonderful support staff and a beautiful facility. The only very minor piece of feedback is that there was no one at the front dest when we walked in. We waited a few minutes kind of wondering what was going on, but when the front desk staff did come out they helped us very quickly and got us back to our exam room in a flash."
- Michelle Green
06/16/2019 21:20:02
"Best vet I've been to."
- Eddie Candelieri
06/13/2019 02:06:11
"The Doctor was very knowledgeable and personable. We especially appreciated her being straightforward with her assessment of our cat's prognosis based on a short examination and not an expensive blood work panel which was suggested elsewhere. The staff was very polite and thorough with their information and handled our 20 year old cat with firm care. "
- Sharon Kilgore
06/11/2019 05:36:43
"My first visit was wonderful. "
- Donica Wilson
06/10/2019 20:57:50
"There is definitely "nothing bad" to say about your wonderful team at Country Oaks Pet Hospital. My little Cookie was treated like a princess during her lengthy stay with you! I was in a difficult medical situation and needed a good place for my fur baby to stay. Thanks to you folks, I never worried one second about her care and, evidently she was totally content. From the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you for all the care you have given her and we look forward to continued care from now through the distant future."
- Donna Campbell
06/09/2019 21:55:58
"Kind and caring! Plus Ginger my Dog she loves going to your place!"
- Shawna Virga
06/09/2019 18:11:46
"It was very easy to buy a he medicines. I appreciate this."
- Geraldine Jimenez
06/08/2019 20:17:03
"Everyone is so great!"
- Brian & Janet Davis
06/07/2019 19:04:19
"Great Vet and extremely friendly staff!!! Such good care and got all kinds of medicine for our best fury friend... Thank you"
- Bonnie Nelson
06/07/2019 05:45:44
"Well taken care of, very nice people and surroundings. "
- Tina Ingram
06/06/2019 21:57:14
"Been going to Country Oaks for a decade and it was by far the best experience. The no fear program is fantastic. "
- Randi Knott
06/06/2019 14:38:52
"Im glad the technician and doctor were very forward about what was the best option after talking to us."
- Amy Lacombe
06/05/2019 17:30:23
"Bella and I enjoyed our visit this week. She was well taken care of and she was handled like a family member. Even though she was a little scared we were all comfortable. It was so cute when she was wrapped as a Purrito by the vet tech Jesse. We recommend Dr. Chiu to anyone in the area looking for a kind and understanding vet. Thank you! "
- Sylvia Berg
06/05/2019 16:33:22
"I’ve found the best vet in Sacramento.. "
- Dennis Valentine
06/05/2019 00:26:15
"Your staff was all very considerate and aware of Dixie’s anxiety issues. She was treated so kindly and appropriately. Thank you!"
- Patricia Rahrer
06/04/2019 18:35:11
"I love country oaks, there’s no other place I would go. Everyone is so kind and attentive to my fur baby and also myself. Staff never makes me feel like I’m a bother and they are always ready to greet me and Rex with a small. Everyone is great! "
- Tavy Long
06/03/2019 19:32:44
"I always enjoy my dog check-ups at the clinic. Your staff are so kind and compassionate, and they think of my needs before I've even realized them myself. You're the example that all other vet (and physician) clinics should follow!"
- Marci Littlefield
06/01/2019 20:45:10
"Very calming and helpful !"
- Jen Strawn
06/01/2019 17:36:58
"I was just there to pick up a bag of dog food....."
- John & Susette Drewes
06/01/2019 14:34:00
- Sarah Corcoran
06/01/2019 00:11:54
"As always, we receive great care and concern for our dog Jimmy."
- Laurie & Paul Miller
05/31/2019 21:54:26
"Awesome. My pets love going to the vet. They love the attention and treats they get."
- Cynthia Compton
05/31/2019 18:37:24
- Wanda Mozdy
05/27/2019 17:51:08
"We always feel cared for when we come. Dr. Johnson is extremely patient, with my seemingly endless questions about my pup's health. My dog absolutely loves going, even when he has to get a shot - which he doesn't notice because he is busy eating his whip cream ice cream cone. Thank you!"
- Kelly Pemberton
05/26/2019 23:27:34
"Nothing but genuine, gentle, good care."
- C.J. Romero
05/26/2019 21:31:24
"Luigi received excellent care from your team. Thank you."
- Kate Worledge
05/26/2019 18:36:31
"You’re always pleasant and helpful"
- Kathy Waugh
05/26/2019 02:59:57
"Wonderful "
- Mike & Joyce Voth
05/26/2019 02:00:57
"You are doing great."
- Vicki & Tom Corda
05/25/2019 20:43:08
"Everyone and everything about Leonard’s first visit to Country Oaks was great. Valuable information was given and Leonard was treated like a rockstar. Thank you!"
- Elizabeth Lee
05/24/2019 14:40:06
"Always friendly and efficient!"
- Kimberly Knapp
05/24/2019 02:05:26
"I came in just to deliver a specimen for a fecal test. You have an excellent way of keeping up to date on Charlie's needs. Thank you. "
- John & Anita Bell
05/24/2019 01:34:42
"You’re doing amazing! Everyone was so sweet and helpful. They were willing to take my questions and really answered my questions! "
- Sofia Grimenstein
05/23/2019 20:41:02
"I absolutely loved the facility. So clean, very peaceful and comfortable. The staff was very accommodating and friendly . Definitely will continue to return to Country Oaks Pet Hospital."
- Rita Rau
05/23/2019 16:31:15
"It was evident that you had Roddy’s best interest and wellness as your primary focus. Thank you. "
- Shirley Tellington
05/23/2019 15:58:09
"My cats visit was excellent. Staff and Dr. we’re fantastic. My cat was at ease the entire visit and all options for my cat’s wellness were explained."
- Warren Thompson
05/23/2019 14:53:33
"Such an amazing experience. It was friendly place. Prices that fit my budget. "
- Amber Roberts
05/21/2019 18:34:04
"Awesome —had to call back later in the afternoon about my senior -Starr —they took care and would highly recommend"
- Nancy Kidd
05/21/2019 01:38:20
"Everyone is very friendly and always makes us feel welcomed. Our dogs love coming into the office because they get so much love and attention from the staff. "
- Alexandra Legendre
05/20/2019 20:22:23
"We had a wonderful experience for our first visit to Country Oaks! I am excited about our new vet for our kitties :)"
- Alicia Watts
05/20/2019 20:14:02
"We had a great experience and we liked the fact that a tech even brought out a bandanna with a calming spray which helped our dog for a little bit. The techs went over our options and we understood everything, very efficient and friendly service."
- Richard Quiroz
05/17/2019 18:14:27
"Your decor is beautiful. The welcome sign in the exam room with Freya's name on it was so much fun. Freya and I felt like we were at a spa. She especially liked your treat jars that she could see....she is a big fan of treats. Thank you for sitting on the floor with us for her exam to make it feel normal for Freya. "
- Kelly Hughes
05/17/2019 14:30:05
"Doing great. Always a pleasure to come to the vet. "
- Marty & Scott Peck
05/16/2019 20:44:24
"Beautiful facility, friendly staff, I love it!"
- Aaron & Katie Porter
05/14/2019 20:18:02
"All is excellent. Thanks."
- Robert Mireles
05/14/2019 19:13:12
"I have been bringing my dogs to you guys for decades and I can't say anything poor about your business. Thank you for always providing the best service possible. "
- Joshua Kirk
05/13/2019 20:15:57
"I loved the experience I received here. My kitty had never been to a vet with me before and I was surprised how calm she was throughout the whole process. The receptionist, technician, and vet were all so calm and professional, and provided such a great atmosphere! I love the attempts to make it a peaceful experience for the animals, such as the separated lobby, calm music, heating pad, and calming blanket. Phoebe received flea medication and a vaccination and she was perfect the whole time. Thank you a Country Oaks!!"
- Katherine Wright
05/13/2019 20:13:25
"Office visits are always on time. Facility is very nice and clean. Most importantly, the staff /assistants/doctors are very warm and calming to my dog,"
- Julia Kelly
05/12/2019 20:41:20
"Um, this was amazing! From the moment we walked in, I wanted to visit for myself! It felt more like a spa experience for Finn. Everyone was very sweet and considerate!"
- Marcie Dart
05/12/2019 17:40:57
"Our appointment was efficiently handled. "
- Janice & Kevin Simoni
05/11/2019 01:46:40
"Everything was great!"
- Nick Ewing
05/10/2019 23:26:20
"Everything went well "
- Laura Cannon
05/10/2019 22:27:14
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Finally a vet that understands interacting with anxious pets. From the moment we walked in, every interaction was intentional and relaxing."
- Jennifer Miller
05/10/2019 15:22:27
"very nice employees-ease of getting appt"
- Lois Davies
05/08/2019 22:42:04
"Very nice and friendly "
- Chris & Stephanie Hees
05/08/2019 16:04:19
"Very nice and helpful😁"
- Marlene Benthien
05/07/2019 22:42:25
"My cowardly canine appreciates the tender, quiet care you provide"
- Carolyn & Barry Martin
05/07/2019 20:14:25
"Chad took a long time with us and gave clear and complete explanations to my questions. I really appreciated the time and effort made to making our experience fear-free."
- Debra & Carl Hadigian
05/07/2019 14:58:11
"We have been coming here since we moved from the east coast in August. The team at Country Oaks does a wonderful job and goes above and beyond for there clients. You make everyone feel like family. "
- JP and Bethany Watson
05/06/2019 20:29:09
"The vet visit was probably the best part of our dog's weekend and the weekend was good. Kelly and Dr Chui had a great "bedside" manner. I love how everything was personalized to make our pet feel happy. "
- Jennifer Suszycki
05/06/2019 20:27:49
"I brought my shy, anxious dog to Country Oaks, so going to the vet isn't traumatic for her. We've only had a "meet & greet" appointment, but she seemed very comfortable with staff and the setting. We'll see how she does when she needs shots or a procedure."
- Sharon Nelson
05/06/2019 18:18:48
"Everything was great!"
- Madison Hall
05/04/2019 16:49:29
"Lovely! Everyone was so sweet! I also loved the pharamone bandanas!"
- Alix Volsansky
05/02/2019 03:26:55
"I would have no reservations saying whatever negative things might be necessary to help you improve, but we have honestly never had anything other than excellent experience at Country Oaks -- whether it's bringing our dog for treatment or general exam, ordering prescriptions, or just asking a question on the phone. We are exceedingly happy with the care Frank has received and our personal experiences. "
- James & Leilani Collins
05/01/2019 22:20:12
"Love all the personal touches and I never feel rushed. It is nice to be listened to as well as have my critters get such loving attention. "
- Rachel & Ryan Nickel
05/01/2019 21:05:38
"Always a friendly staff!"
- Dan Howard
05/01/2019 18:20:18
"It was a great visit. Both dogs were attended to perfectly. We got right in and were home in short order"
- Robert & Barbara Wells
04/30/2019 21:03:23
"We absolutely love bringing our kids there and feel confident they are in good hands , and it appears that they actually don’t mind going there .. they enjoy being told what good kids they are ❤️🐾"
- Richard Rodieck
04/30/2019 20:32:27
"My animals are always treated well when they come here. "
- Diane Yapundich
04/29/2019 20:47:27
"We've always been very happy and satisisfied with Country Oaks and Dr. Johnson and staff. You sincerly care about our pets which is very important to us for their our kids."
- Steve Coury
04/29/2019 18:24:25
"Everything was great. "
- Pamela Coleman
04/29/2019 17:09:56
"Friendly, helpful staff. Beautiful and relaxing rooms, very welcoming. Dr. Johnson is wonderful! Keep up the great job!"
- Bette Burrows
04/28/2019 16:05:29
"I love how you make me and my kids feel like were at home."
- Annee & Rene Corea
04/28/2019 13:57:28
"Just needed some medication...fast and efficient service."
- Heidi Epling
04/27/2019 23:54:38
"It is a pleasure to bring Chloe to see everyone at Country Oaks. Your office is the first time we have felt the staff give the necessary time, don’t rush you, listen to concerns and/or offers options and willing to show you best method for grooming. We have had many loving pets over the decades have had many office visits, Country Oaks if the first we feel very fortunate to have found a wonderful group of staff who truly take the time and care deeply. Thank you. "
- Michael & Tee Stierwalt
04/27/2019 12:05:45
"Stella is great. I’m a happy mom. You guys are great. "
- Collette Schulke
04/27/2019 00:27:42
"You guys are awesome. My pets always feel like a priority. Thank you for all that you do!"
- Heather Oborn
04/26/2019 20:18:38
"Very good, fast, and helpful service."
- David Gay
04/26/2019 19:06:49
"Very informative and gentle with my little dog"
- Linda Barnes
04/26/2019 14:28:04
"The efficiency of the emergency/trauma staff was amazing. I’m sure it’s why my Terrier is doing so well now. Thank you for scanning his microchip so quickly. The whole system worked the way it was supposed to, and we have our happy ending. "
- Kathyne Lee
04/25/2019 21:45:54
"We receive the best care from Dr. Johnson and his staff. The facility is gorgeous, and the staff is very caring and professional. We would follow Dr. Johnson anywhere. "
- Ron & Deborah Childs
04/25/2019 16:50:39
"Calming bandanna nice touch. Works well with Buster, We were seen promptly. Assistant got detailed info and Dr examined Buster. All good."
- Dewey & Jeanette Willis
04/25/2019 05:24:46
"Excellent, responsive care and customer service!!"
- Daneanne McHale
04/25/2019 02:09:04