"Barney has gone from being completely scared of everyone in the office to absolutely loving everyone! The fear free “happy visits” have helped tremendously! This visit was a little chill and still a bit hands off, but such an improvement! "
- Ashley Mould
12/12/2019 20:45:43
"Excellent care! We brought our cat in recently and he was so relaxed in the exam room! He is usually very anxious at the vet. He seemed to really enjoy the ocean wave video. And the staff was so kind and gentle with him. "
- Paula Kenney
12/10/2019 19:13:03
"Friendly, helpful staff. The office is very clean. They do all they can to make my dogs feel safe and welcome. "
- Raelynn Sharp
12/08/2019 17:13:16
"Karen spent lots of time with me covering my concerns, looking at Hobbit & connecting with her. Karen was kind and personable and I felt like she really cared about me and hobbit. It was nice to not feel rushed because I even had time to remember another concern I had. Also, the treats were a great distraction for hobbit as she got shots. "
- Emily & Tim Oldenkamp
12/08/2019 16:26:14
"Jesse was very good with Indy."
- Alene & Bruce Aldrich
12/08/2019 01:20:31
"You are always wonderful!"
- Shirley Nelson
12/06/2019 04:19:41
"Love that the first exam fee is waived. Staff takes time with pets and parents and make sure everything is understood. No pressure at all. Front desk staff is great and friendly. Like the app / point system too :)"
- Lauren Hall
12/05/2019 00:05:53
"We could not be having a better experience with Country Oaks. Your professionals are extremely responsive, courteous, knowledgeable, and caring of Margot our bull mastiff. We say - thank you, your entire team is terrific."
- Mark Tamblyn
12/04/2019 22:42:30
"Your doing great "
- Elizabeth Minnis
12/04/2019 22:21:54
"I brought Rafa in for vaccinations and a nail trim. You called the day before to remind me to give Rafa gabapentin. Unfortunately, the gabapentin was not sufficient to calm his nerves for his nail trim and blood draw for a heart worm screening. I appreciate that you did not proceed, and you were so concerned about Rafa being free from fear. It gives me peace of mind to know that you are so concerned from him. I will be bringing him back with the tramadol alternative. I hate to drug him, but I would rather he not be in fear. Thank you. "
- Matthew Miller
12/04/2019 02:33:35
"Ozzie doing well. Thank u"
- Steve Kutler
12/03/2019 07:06:55
"I was very impressed with the facility and the service we received. The office and treatment rooms are awesome."
- Gina Martini
12/02/2019 21:01:51
"I'm very happy with Country Oaks Pet Hospital. They have taken great care of my two rescue kitties and created a relaxed pleasant atmosphere for them to visit. My dogs love it too!"
- Joan Simental
12/02/2019 20:45:06
"Fantastic, best experience ever! Thank you so much for all you do!"
- Rochelle Wulf
12/02/2019 18:32:04
"You're doing just grrreat! Thank-you very much for such wonderful Veterinary care for our animals. "
- Roch & Bonnie Brunson
12/02/2019 17:39:24
"I only came in to pick up a refill for Samantha. It was a very quick in and out visit, and the staff at the front office was very pleasant as usual."
- John & Keri Stevens
12/02/2019 17:34:53
"We had a great first time experience!"
- Jennifer & Jeff Pasquetti
12/01/2019 21:19:34
"I felt that the Vet was very thorough informative with option's for my cats care as well as the staff being very helpful and caring."
- Dyanne Murray
12/01/2019 21:00:16
"Always have a great experience, all the tech's are friendly and helpful. Dr is always very informative!"
- Amber Silva
11/27/2019 23:53:48
"You let me know of all vaccinations Izzy needed and gave them to him. Thank you"
- Juli Van Dermoer
11/27/2019 22:27:38
"We appreciate all the staff who take great care from our very 1st visit when Chloe was 3 months old, she will be 1-year old in a couple of days. When we drive up to her appoint she is excited to see her vet and all the wonderful staff. We appreciate everyone. "
- Michael & Tee Stierwalt
11/27/2019 21:31:56
"No complaints yet. Everythings been great. So much so that I keep driving 20 minutes just to go to yall.."
- Tobais Mueller
11/26/2019 16:32:55
"Everything is great, no complaints! I was so happy to hear that Vasher had a calm nail trim experience - taking him outside was a clever idea. Thank you for all that you do!"
- Julie Garcia
11/25/2019 19:55:09
"Amazing service! Always helpful to take Berkeley through the side door as he is scared upon arrival. "
- Julie & Dave Ranker
11/25/2019 18:57:44
"Everything was wonderful "
- Mike & Joyce Voth
11/25/2019 15:59:26
"Nothing bad."
- Leticia Dickinson
11/24/2019 22:42:02
"WE really liked that everyone was patient and took their time. Never felt rushed. Pacing was excellent to get our nervous cats more familiar with the surroundings (one stalked the room; the other hid in his carrier). Everyone was informative and gentle with the cats. The vet and the tech also treated the shy cat in his carrier rather than have him taken out. Really appreciated that. Tech went over the charges and estimate carefully and answered all our questions. Very nicely maintained and impressively clean facility and room. Excellent team and will not go anywhere else in the future. No improvements to be made other than to keep up the great work."
- Hellen Lee
11/21/2019 19:42:30
"The ambiance is perfect from the private room and decorated waiting area, to the soothing soundscapes. We love how much care the technicians and doctors give Mitzi. They talk to her with a loving tone, give her treats to earn her trust, pet her to giver her love, and play with her to give her fun. Keep up the fantastic work team! "
- Junelle Basler
11/21/2019 15:49:18
"I have taken my dog to three other vets throughout the country and found Country Oaks to have been the best (and I liked the other ones!). The staff are incredible and the general vibe is affirming and pleasant. Country Oak really goes the extra mile. The ambiance and decor is first rate. "
- Andy Barnes
11/21/2019 06:28:30
"Ginger loves it there! Keep it going!"
- Shawna Virga
11/20/2019 21:20:26
"All good!"
- Matelle Goldstein
11/20/2019 19:46:00
"You were all fabulous from my first call to your office to the last goodbye out the door! Thank you Country Oaks for caring so much about your pet patients and their parents that you take all the extra step to make us so happy and satisfied. The girls at the front dest are outstanding in every way and the veternarian that we saw was the BEST! Thank you all again and we look forward to many years with you. Best always, Jim and Angie Andres"
- Angie Andres
11/20/2019 01:58:50
"Everyone was great!"
- Courtney Morgan-Voyce
11/19/2019 22:36:31
" Staff was friendly and timely. There was no warming pad for my cat on the exam table. The tech clearly loved cats and cuddled him."
- Diane Asmuth
11/19/2019 13:52:09
"Staff is amazing. Friendly. Helpful. Kind. Engaging. HUMAN. Vets are good too. Ha. Love Country Oaks Pet Hospital"
- DJ Waldow
11/18/2019 19:11:36
"The staff is super friendly and nice. I am at peace when I bring Gracie in for her checkups, sub-q fluids, or a nail trim. "
- Elizabeth Dill
11/18/2019 00:49:06
"Great job, "
- Matt Flynn
11/17/2019 23:15:46
"Excellent care and very clean facilities. "
- Samuel & Marilyn Allison
11/16/2019 18:00:51
"Very nice facility, and the staff was much more friendly than before. "
- Steve Ashe
11/16/2019 17:56:57
"Dr Cole listens and understands. The front desk workers are welcoming and my room has always been ready to hurry to, so much nicer than waiting in the waiting room. The techs are kind and knowledgable. Thank you. "
- Frederika Alan
11/14/2019 03:12:56
"Everything was really good."
- Steven Volpicelli
11/13/2019 20:16:12
"It was such a great experience when we visited Country Oaks Pet Hospital!!! From the moment we walked in we were greeted with a smile and made to feel like we were at home. From the kind staff, to the welcoming feel of the office, and all of the little things that were done to make our doggie and our family feel comfortable, I can't say enough. You guys have an amazing place and exceptional staff-thank you!"
- Shamon & David Manlowe
11/12/2019 18:51:14
"I have only been there once and the experience was great. My kitty wasn’t too happy to see the vet but she handled her very well and didn’t seem scared at all. "
- Danae Snell
11/12/2019 18:22:23
"This was my first visit and I was very pleased with all of the and staff with the concern over the health of my cat buddy Sid. Even the environment has a calming effect. I will definitely make this my clinic of choice for all my cats."
- Bob Ramsey
11/11/2019 22:10:05
"My daughter and I have been to Country Oaks twice with two dogs, a Pom and a Pitbull. Each time we were admitted quickly. The vet techs are very efficient and knowledgeable. Both doctors were excellent. We appreciated the attention to our dogs and the detailed explanations. Eric and Jalissa Nellen Max and Winston"
- Eric & Annette Nellen
11/10/2019 18:17:54
"Very nice facility. Staff was pleasant. "
- Tina Rhoades
11/09/2019 22:56:03
"Your staff, technicians and Dr. Cole were so friendly and knowledgeable and calming for Elke. The whole environment was spic and span and comfortable. Your costs were fair and competitive. We'll be back. No negatives that I can think of."
- Barbara Crandall
11/08/2019 23:16:48
"Honestly, there is nothing I could suggest. You guys go above and beyond what we expected at a veterinarian hospital. Outstanding customer service. Outstanding pet service. Five stars all the way! Keep up the good work"
- Janna & Ryan Swarts
11/08/2019 20:28:31
"Mochi and I felt very welcome by all the wonderful staff and Dr. Imig. I also was so impressed by the lack of “scary Vet smell” in the office. It was the first time I’ve ever walked into a vet office that didn’t smell like one. Great office!"
- Terri Barrett
11/08/2019 15:53:53
"Awesome! Friendly staff! A comfortable environment, especially when I am checking out. I love that I don’t have to go to the front desk, hold my dog, while attempting to get my wallet out all at the same time. :)"
- Nina Mendia
11/07/2019 23:14:21
"You guys are amazing! Loved every part of our vet visit!"
- Peter & Allison Allen
11/07/2019 00:43:32
"The attention to detail is amazing from the welcome Luna sign in the room to the friendliness of the staff. Truly enjoy coming to your place and will happily be back the next time I need something for Luna. Thank you for your service!"
- Edmond Yaghoubian
11/06/2019 16:39:14
"Really good! I felt valued and heard about the fragile condition of my pet and next steps."
- Denyne Colburn
11/05/2019 18:22:35
"Excellent experience. "
- Brion Maciel
11/05/2019 16:35:16
"I have no issues with the service or standard of care. "
- Diane Yapundich
11/05/2019 15:51:31
"Rosie loves coming to the vet. We really appreciate the time and attention she receives at the Hospital. "
- Janice & Larry Galizio
11/04/2019 21:52:12
"Great customer service and patient care. We had a poor experience at Broadway Vet so we were very relieved with the care received here. The vet tech and doctor were very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. "
- Samantha Bosio
11/03/2019 21:22:17
"Your staff do4s an excellent job."
- Vicki Giannetti
11/02/2019 20:50:50
"Everything about our visit was calming for us and lucky. We received sad news about his health but we appreciate they help you are providing. "
- Cristal Miguel
11/02/2019 20:42:06
"Chad is great. My dog is very skittish and shy and Chad always handles him perfectly."
- Joe Lienert
11/02/2019 20:18:32
"I appreciate that you folks focused on my DOG and not my wallet. I liked that you offered extra services and vaccinations, but when I said no you didn't argue with me or try to get me to pay for more services than I wanted. I liked the little touches of the welcoming sign for Esteban and the ice cream cone treat you used to distract him when you removed his stitches. I also like the professionalism and courtesy of your staff."
- Mary Hanson
11/01/2019 19:20:18
"Both Murphy and I enjoy going to this Vet. The staff is so nice and caring. Murphy has no fears when he sees the building."
- Nancy & Dave Higgins
11/01/2019 01:25:12
"Appreciate the promptness. Usually we don't have to wait much or at all."
- David Safdy
11/01/2019 01:08:45
"You guys are WONDERFUL. My husband was concerned that you'd be overly priced because of how lovely and plush your offices were - he was happily surprised at your competitive pricing and how accommodating you all were. We received a very sad diagnosis for our elderly Lab. We were given various treatment plans and chose to go with palliative care. We weren't shamed or made to feel like we weren't performing enough treatments. Thank you for helping us during this very difficult time and we look forward to many years of prime veterinary care for the rest of our pack. I know when the time comes for our Lab to cross over, we know that we'll be well taken care of. Thank you again."
- Stephanie Trabucco
10/31/2019 19:43:06
"Great first experience with the doctor and the staff. Very welcome and reassuring. Looking forward to visiting again"
- Steve Murakami
10/31/2019 16:14:53
"I raved about your office to everyone the next day. You were able to get me in so quick. The new office looks amazing! The staff is always so friendly and comforting. It was so personalized from my dog's welcome sign in the room to the treat menu and peanut butter to the bandana given to him to relax. Then, checking out in the room was so easy. My bill was less than I had expected. I got his results right away. All in all a great experience. "
- Nicole Sapio
10/30/2019 22:49:50
"I was so impressed with everything. Everyone I spoke with was kind & helpful. The effort made to help my two cats feel comfortable & safe was such a contrast with previous experiences of trying to hold a struggling animal on a cold, stainless steel table in a room that reeks of antiseptics. The vet & vet tech were wonderfully gentle & caring with them. Thank you so much!"
- Matt Szymanski
10/30/2019 22:17:02
"Both Poppy and I enjoyed the visit."
- Alice Templeton
10/30/2019 17:57:21
"If you have a special needs dog this is the place to take your furbaby. They make the whole experience stress free for your animal and yourself."
- Melinda Hayden
10/30/2019 15:59:53
"You’re awesome. We’ve never been treated better or with greater consideration. And I’ve been frequenting vet practices for many years."
- Gigi Collen
10/29/2019 20:15:43
"I love how special my pets are treated at your facility. Thank you"
- Michelle Day
10/29/2019 02:31:54
"Your care and concern for our pups is awesome You helped us through the loss of our Cat Tori and as sad as that experience was you made it respectful and bearable. You are doing an amazing service"
- Maureen & Alan Lancaster
10/28/2019 18:26:09
"It was an outstanding experience! From the phone to make the appointment - exiting the facilities, everyone was incredibly nice and helpful. "
- Scott Swanson
10/28/2019 17:59:40
"I like you are open 7 days a week. I needed a refill on Arico's medication and missed picking it up on Saturday. I was able to do it Sunday. "
- Bonnie Bozich
10/28/2019 16:59:54
"Love your hospital, staff is helpful and friendly, reception and rooms, relaxing and beautiful!"
- Bette Burrows
10/28/2019 16:59:35
"Like the new zero stress process, paying in the exam rooms and the staff are, as always awesome. Also like the separate pharmacy phone line and pick up. "
- Diane & Gary Carlin
10/28/2019 16:58:30
"All very positive. "
- Brian & Mary Jane Boxer
10/24/2019 23:15:38
"Very good. You identified a possible heart problem in our dog which we didn't know existed."
- Marlene Palmer
10/22/2019 15:02:58
"Dr Johnson takes great care of my cats and I trust him completely and appreciate his extensive knowledge. He is a wonderful vet."
- Nancy Cowan
10/21/2019 02:04:26
"We LOVE coming to you guys - although, not when our little one has a bunch of owies, of course. Your facility is always clean, staff is always friendly and knowledgeable, and your little touches are the BEST - personalized sign in the exam room, pheromone-sprayed bandana and treats! I tell everyone how much we love it there. "
- Nathan & Courtney Dilly
10/19/2019 21:36:33
"Very good experience. Took very good care of Lilly."
- Carl & Jini Bauer
10/19/2019 20:36:52
"Always incredibly kind and caring for my pup. 11/10 would recommend"
- David Burke
10/19/2019 18:41:34
"Everything went very smoothly. So glad to meet Dr. Chou and find out about Bogart’s weight issue........"
- Helen & William Bassett
10/19/2019 18:24:05
"You are kind and patient and friendly and always have a smile"
- Ginger Stegemon
10/17/2019 18:40:37
"Very good service staff spoils Gus Gus, and are very patient with his 75 year old owner!"
- Gary Gshwandtner
10/16/2019 22:35:54
"Best Vet ever, Dr Johnson!!"
- Michael & Deb Quessenberry
10/16/2019 21:00:19
"You guys are phenomenal! Thank you for the amazing care! I’ve moved a lot and been to tons of vet hospitals and you guys are the top by far!"
- Alix Volsansky
10/16/2019 16:49:31
"You are doing great! Caring Veterinarians, support staff, and great facilities. And an independent business rather than a corporate entity -- much appreciated. Thank you for helping my pet."
- Chuck Nozicka
10/15/2019 22:53:41
"I don’t have complaints really? I just moved to Sacramento a couple months ago and it looks like this place is the one i like the most. The staff has been friendly to me and my three huskies Even giving them bandanas every visit because they get anxious and stress out and put us in a private room. No complaints from me from my 3 visits "
- Anthony Oregel
10/15/2019 18:42:32
"The staff was great and very knowledgeable and friendly. Will recommend this hospital to others who n need a vet."
- Jennifer Lafoon
10/14/2019 23:01:57
"We are doing great. "
- Jennifer Moss
10/10/2019 16:14:04
"Best ever !"
- Jen Strawn
10/09/2019 23:40:29
"Really great! Appreciate being open on Sunday and having available appointments same day. "
- Deyna Montes
10/09/2019 02:35:11
"Amazing experience for us all! Harry HATES riding in the car and going the 50 mile round trip to his old vet! Country Oaks is 5 minutes from the house and he did not mind that at all! Our vet tech was simply awesome!! In fact I am moving our dog's records to you as well!! THANK YOU!!"
- Brenda & Donal Davis
10/08/2019 23:34:27
"Very good your tech was prompt and took great care of Tina and Tina does not mind coming there that is a good thingi"
- Darrell & Christine Mann
10/08/2019 01:22:33
"For our first visit you guys were amazing. You made Uli feel very comfortable. You gave me all the information I asked for and full explanation of all procedures and treatment plans. It's really nice to come to an office that really cares about the animals needs. Thank You and I look forward to future visits. Uli thanks you for all the nibbles she got. Allison Boon"
- Allison Boon
10/07/2019 15:03:16
"I'm totally happy with my experience at Country Oaks. The doctors are excellent, the staff very helpful and able. I've been coming to Country Oaks with my dogs since about 1968, and it is still as wonderful as ever."
- Shirley Nelson
10/06/2019 22:15:40
"Excellent service from the get go. Warming welcoming and thorough service throughout. This will be our vet home for Armi. "
- Kristina Arnold
10/06/2019 18:31:21
"margo seemed happy and well taken care off-i know she was loved and spoiled while i was gone-good job"
- Lois Davies
10/06/2019 03:00:05
"I CAN'T be more pleased ,Thank you for everything!!!"
- Tamiko Hill
10/05/2019 20:42:17