"You are doing great"
- Vicki & Tom Corda
01/22/2020 20:15:59
"Very friendly at the front desk. Always happy to see us. Caring with our puppy. Answers all our questions and gets secondary professional’s opinion if they don’t know the answer. We love you guys!"
- Samantha Bosio
01/22/2020 19:41:01
"I was glad to hear that my dog's weight is on point! Everyone here is helpful and not judgemental."
- Lance Medlin
01/21/2020 21:46:31
"Very welcoming staff. I really like the new facility. The Doctor's are very caring about my babies. Very quick at getting blood and fecal results for my senior fur baby "
- Phanice Woodrow-Henry
01/21/2020 17:27:58
- Carolyn Shadinger
01/21/2020 06:04:46
"I always have a great experience when I bring my cat, Gracie for a an appointment or if I am.stopping by to pick up her prescription food."
- Elizabeth Dill
01/20/2020 22:56:53
"We have been nothing ,but pleased with the service we have received from Country Oaks veterinary hospital. The staff veterinarians included, their first goal is to put the pets, and owners at ease and give them the best care they possibly can. "
- Wendy Olver
01/19/2020 16:50:52
"I think you guys do a really good job overall. Uli loves the staff and I appreciate the care you have given her. Thank you for all you do."
- Allison Boon
01/19/2020 14:46:03
"My experience has been wonderful from the first visit till now thank you so much for your caring and taking care of my dog"
- Lynda See
01/19/2020 01:22:34
"Absolutely phenomenal service!!! I usually dread taking pets to the vet, but you all made the experience so amazing! So glad I found you all. Keep up the great work. Callie and I will see soon (but hopefully not super soon!). "
- Nicole Ortega
01/18/2020 05:26:51
"Cassidy is kind, helpful and gentle with Baby Girl. He asks good questions, gives good answers and makes me feel like I am being a good "mom" to my kitty. BG and I appreciate that a lot! "
- Carla Vincent
01/17/2020 21:02:19
"The interior design is beautiful. Everyone working the day I went was kind and helpful. My pet felt very relaxed and wasn't stressed out at all. I have told everyone I know with pets how wonderful my experience was."
- Liesl Schultz
01/17/2020 16:54:38
"It was a very relaxing atmosphere for both of us. "
- William & Carla Dillinger
01/17/2020 05:57:00
"My puppy came in for her first vet appointment after having a bad potty accident in her crate en route. The staff did an excellent job helping mom clean her up and not making her ashamed. The staff were wonderful with my pup and prices were good as well for the level of care. The waiting area was spotless and puppy was happy to be inside. "
- Jade Mickelson
01/17/2020 02:02:11
"Had a emergency in that my dog could not walk. You took us in ASAP. While issue is still undiagnosed, drugs given are making my boy feel better. "
- Linda Foster-Hall
01/17/2020 00:12:43
"I am always happy to use this vet as they put in the extra effort to make sure my pet and my family are comfortable and cared for. Honestly, nothing bad to report. "
- Sam Davis
01/16/2020 21:31:52
"I love this vet office. They always find a way to be flexible with my busy schedule. The staff is amazing, so friendly and good with my cats. From check in to cashing out, my experience is always great."
- Kaanela Amamalin
01/16/2020 19:32:31
"It was a great visit. "
- Katy Justice
01/16/2020 17:08:54
"Felt very comfortable walking in for first visit. Vet tech was professional and friendly. Doctor answered all my questions, and was gentle and caring with my puppy. "
- Shirley & Frederick Arguello
01/16/2020 06:26:42
"Excellent in every way. Don't change a thing. So much nicer than VCA."
- Beverly Ollinger
01/16/2020 02:14:41
"This was our first visit. We were very impressed, and we have already recommended you to our friends. "
- Victor Cervantez
01/15/2020 22:12:09
- Maryanne Rodden
01/15/2020 21:15:58
"Great job from entry to exit!!!"
- Colleen & Larry Riley
01/15/2020 20:03:49
"First off, your staff at Country Oaks is wonderful. From the moment I stepped into Country Oaks Pet Hospital, I felt that the staff cared about my dog, Yoda. The support staff and Vet, explained what was going to happen. After Yoda's exam, his problem was explained to me and I was given Yoda's medications with verbal instructions along with written instructions of how to give him his meds. The people I spoke with on the phone on Saturday and Sunday were very helpful. I felt that Country Oaks was there for Yoda and me and that we would be seen asap. Country Oaks Pet Hospital is immaculate. We and our dogs have been with Country Oaks Pet Hospital since the Peterson's owned it (30 years?) I think that says it all. "
- John & Joan Lenk
01/15/2020 19:59:51
"The experience was amazing. I was so appreciative of the care that goes into making each pet feel as safe and comfortable as possible. I also thought the sign and treats were so cute and I'm glad that you were so thorough with your evaluation. "
- Regina Humenny
01/15/2020 19:00:47
"The team is so helpful and awesome. They came to my car to get my dog as it was difficult for me at this time. It was a fast and easy trip because they knew my needs and were willing to help!!"
- Carrie Brewer
01/15/2020 18:28:14
"The employees are friendly and helpful. "
- Stephen & Mirta Rhoads
01/15/2020 17:49:11
"You guys were fabulous to fit us in on an emergency basis and can’t thank you enough for the care you gave Simon."
- Suzanne Erne
01/15/2020 17:35:53
"My dogs vet for life. Excellent care"
- Paulette Kelley
01/15/2020 17:23:39
"We love how friendly the staff is. Our pup, Bear, had a growth on his elbow, and he was able to be seen the same day we called. It was such a relief to be seen immediately."
- Janeen & Josh Anderson
01/14/2020 22:53:44
"Thank you for always being patient and understanding with my anxious and challenging dog. "
- Sharon Nelson
01/14/2020 02:31:48
"Great welcome - love the touches with the chalkboards and soothing music."
- Jessica Miles
01/13/2020 22:12:25
"Your doing a great job, love how friendly and helpful you are. Keep up the great work!"
- Bette Burrows
01/11/2020 17:28:37
"Excellent "
- Jill & Marcus Davis
01/11/2020 14:38:01
"You guys were awesome dealing with our very nervous dog!"
- Katherine Wiesenfarth
01/11/2020 01:48:11
"We love you guys! Hands down the best vet we've ever been to, we're so happy we decided to start going to Country Oaks. We really loved our technician this most recent visit, she was so thorough and kind to our pup. "
- Susan Cain
01/10/2020 20:34:58
"Always very friendly and helpful, even just coming in to get gus/Gus prescription drug,pharmaceutical gentleman very helpful getting my order and young lady at desk really pleasant."
- Gary Gshwandtner
01/08/2020 18:33:18
"Honestly I haven’t had a bad experience at all This has been the best vet place I’ve ever taken my huskies to "
- Anthony Oregel
01/07/2020 19:04:47
"I always have a great experience when I bring my special needs dog in. The scarf that is sprayed with the calming phermone really works and they take pride (as they should) in making the visit stress free as possible."
- Melinda Hayden
01/07/2020 18:20:27
"I enjoy bringing my pets to your office. "
- Vicki Giannetti
01/07/2020 17:03:23
"Every one is courteous and helpful. Can not offer any suggestions for improvement ."
- Glenn Chambers
01/07/2020 16:54:21
"Really like the care my dog receives. Technicians and support staff are friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable."
- Dennis Valentine
01/07/2020 16:31:57
"So great! Winter and I both felt confident and comfortable during the visit -- from arrival through departure, all the staff were so kind. Winter's condition and all of his treatment options were thoroughly explained to me. I really appreciate everything and we'll be coming back for all of his veterinary needs."
- Kelsey Lawson
01/06/2020 21:50:43
"Zero complaints or suggestions. I wish CO was my healthcare provider too:). "
- Erin Levi
01/06/2020 20:49:59
"Very happy with your care for my dog."
- Dana Whalen
01/04/2020 16:13:26
"I was on vacation, so my friend brought my sick cat in for me. She said everyone was very nice, helpful and compassionate."
- Lauriane Tondow
01/04/2020 05:49:28
"Karen was very gentle and thoughtful in setting up the vet visit for our dog."
- George & Mary Ellen Kassotakis
01/04/2020 01:06:28
"My fur babies and I are very pleased with the care and love they receive. Excellent caring techs, doctors and receptionists"
- Patricia Rothenbush
12/28/2019 16:51:02
"I was extremely pleased to get an appointment for the same day I called."
- Claire Gaebler
12/27/2019 00:01:47
"So far, so good."
- Mark Blum
12/26/2019 23:59:14
"We couldn't have asked for better care in a scary situation. Thank you!"
- Joe & Dawn Curtis
12/26/2019 19:51:46
"You are doing great !"
- Yvonne Au
12/24/2019 22:20:02
"Overall, great experience from check in to check out."
- Mike & Diana Allen
12/24/2019 15:57:04
"I love this place! Very friendly, great parking, beautiful waiting room that's nice and roomy! The vet tech was outstanding! Overall, it was a wonderful experience. I am so happy to change vets!!!"
- Cindy Scott
12/23/2019 20:54:33
"No complaints. "
- Ken Nord
12/23/2019 19:46:31
"You are all doing great. Keep up the good work."
- Dolores Ortiz
12/22/2019 20:16:39
"Doing a great job. Every interaction with the staff has been great, because of how welcoming everyone is. My dog has only had one highly stressful visit bc of a cyst but other than that, she has been great during and after every visit. Thank you for helping in every way you can!"
- Tia Cooke
12/22/2019 19:03:05
"We brought our new puppy Aydin in. He is a Pembrook Welsh Corgi! We are extremely happy with the care we get from Country Oaks Pet Hospital! Dr Chew is the best! Stephanie the Tech took a lot of time explaining puppy care and early training tips. Your staff is so kind. We will never go anywhere else and highly recommend your business. Thank you, The Carries "
- Jarmila & Steve Carrie
12/22/2019 17:14:29
"Did not see a veterinarian, in for a tech appointment. Technicians and front desk staff were helpful and attentive. We were taken into a room quickly and my pet was treated with kindness and patience."
- Denise Anderson
12/20/2019 18:32:33
"very happy with staff as well with the Vet!"
- Patt & Don Oyen
12/20/2019 17:53:39
"My dog Scout loves coming to this vet hospital. He gets lots of love and treats from the staff. I enjoy the service, too!"
- Patrick Carroll
12/20/2019 01:45:39
"I can’t think of anything to do differently "
- Helen Hammer
12/19/2019 23:57:52
"Came in to pick up meds and everything was ready and check out was very expedient. Great front staff!"
- Brian & Victoria Hanly
12/19/2019 17:18:09
"I like your procedures on getting my dogs attended to personally the private rooms are very convenient for me and my dogs. Your staff is really good and caring. Thanks for everything Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"
- Elaine Gossett
12/19/2019 14:26:29
"Always a friendly staff and fast service."
- Dan Howard
12/18/2019 02:23:28
"A very pleasant and experienced staff. They strive to make your pets visit as relaxing as possible."
- Martha Collura
12/18/2019 01:47:19
"Winston has no hesitancy coming in to the office. He is perfectly comfortable with the surroundings and people. He doesn't hesitate if he needs to be taken for treatment and is happily wagging his tail when he comes back. I’ve always been pleased with the care he had received over the years, and he’s much happier in the new facility with the new approach."
- Katharyn Cooper
12/17/2019 23:36:56
"The place is super clean & has a very calming environment. Staff are always friendly & courteous. It's our new go-to vet for our 3 pets."
- Bonnie Andrade
12/17/2019 21:00:40
"Doing good!"
- Wanda Mozdy
12/17/2019 01:36:51
"Great staff 👍😊"
- Jennifer Lafoon
12/16/2019 23:44:28
"You guys are wonderful. Beyoncé came through with flying colors. Thanks for taking care of my babies."
- Randi Knott
12/16/2019 23:11:06
"Best customer service among clients and pets. The weekend availability fits our busy schedules align with onboarding services "
- Eddie Long
12/16/2019 23:02:31
"My pup has never been afraid to go to a vet, but she has never been so relaxed and happy to be at one as she was here. She was given the best kind of attention and such great care, which is something a lot of the vets we have seen lack. Country Oaks is absolutely amazing and I’ve been raving about it since we left. Thank you so much for being such compassionate people. I would also like to add that the prices were fairly competitive and the whole experience makes all of it well worth it."
- Mia Esche
12/16/2019 22:08:49
"I love how thorough you all are and you guys take this time to make our pets feel comfortable. Whenever I bring Lily she always has a great experience here and she isn’t sacred to come to the vet. The environment that you guys create as well with relaxing music and a nice opened space is very nice as well. Most vet clinics aren’t like that but you guys are so it helps pets become more comfortable and it DOES make a difference. Thank you for all you guys do for us! "
- Hannah Yang
12/16/2019 19:42:51
"It went very well they were very patient with me and worked with me and my dog is feeling much better and wereall happy"
- Kelly Carrell
12/16/2019 19:13:14
"Everything was great! I felt like you truly cared about my pet. Facilities were clean and bright, people were all very welcoming."
- Dan Ott
12/16/2019 18:56:42
"Love the friendly staff and great care for our pup!"
- Christopher Howard
12/16/2019 18:45:56
"Had a great experience checking in and having a nice room to take my dog for an exam. Appreciated the cleanliness of the facility. Keep up the good work."
- Jon Sou
12/16/2019 18:41:56
"Barney has gone from being completely scared of everyone in the office to absolutely loving everyone! The fear free “happy visits” have helped tremendously! This visit was a little chill and still a bit hands off, but such an improvement! "
- Ashley Mould
12/12/2019 20:45:43
"Excellent care! We brought our cat in recently and he was so relaxed in the exam room! He is usually very anxious at the vet. He seemed to really enjoy the ocean wave video. And the staff was so kind and gentle with him. "
- Paula Kenney
12/10/2019 19:13:03
"Friendly, helpful staff. The office is very clean. They do all they can to make my dogs feel safe and welcome. "
- Raelynn Sharp
12/08/2019 17:13:16
"Karen spent lots of time with me covering my concerns, looking at Hobbit & connecting with her. Karen was kind and personable and I felt like she really cared about me and hobbit. It was nice to not feel rushed because I even had time to remember another concern I had. Also, the treats were a great distraction for hobbit as she got shots. "
- Emily & Tim Oldenkamp
12/08/2019 16:26:14
"Jesse was very good with Indy."
- Alene & Bruce Aldrich
12/08/2019 01:20:31
"You are always wonderful!"
- Shirley Nelson
12/06/2019 04:19:41
"Love that the first exam fee is waived. Staff takes time with pets and parents and make sure everything is understood. No pressure at all. Front desk staff is great and friendly. Like the app / point system too :)"
- Lauren Hall
12/05/2019 00:05:53
"We could not be having a better experience with Country Oaks. Your professionals are extremely responsive, courteous, knowledgeable, and caring of Margot our bull mastiff. We say - thank you, your entire team is terrific."
- Mark Tamblyn
12/04/2019 22:42:30
"Your doing great "
- Elizabeth Minnis
12/04/2019 22:21:54
"I brought Rafa in for vaccinations and a nail trim. You called the day before to remind me to give Rafa gabapentin. Unfortunately, the gabapentin was not sufficient to calm his nerves for his nail trim and blood draw for a heart worm screening. I appreciate that you did not proceed, and you were so concerned about Rafa being free from fear. It gives me peace of mind to know that you are so concerned from him. I will be bringing him back with the tramadol alternative. I hate to drug him, but I would rather he not be in fear. Thank you. "
- Matthew Miller
12/04/2019 02:33:35
"Ozzie doing well. Thank u"
- Steve Kutler
12/03/2019 07:06:55
"I was very impressed with the facility and the service we received. The office and treatment rooms are awesome."
- Gina Martini
12/02/2019 21:01:51
"I'm very happy with Country Oaks Pet Hospital. They have taken great care of my two rescue kitties and created a relaxed pleasant atmosphere for them to visit. My dogs love it too!"
- Joan Simental
12/02/2019 20:45:06
"Fantastic, best experience ever! Thank you so much for all you do!"
- Rochelle Wulf
12/02/2019 18:32:04
"You're doing just grrreat! Thank-you very much for such wonderful Veterinary care for our animals. "
- Roch & Bonnie Brunson
12/02/2019 17:39:24
"I only came in to pick up a refill for Samantha. It was a very quick in and out visit, and the staff at the front office was very pleasant as usual."
- John & Keri Stevens
12/02/2019 17:34:53
"We had a great first time experience!"
- Jennifer & Jeff Pasquetti
12/01/2019 21:19:34
"I felt that the Vet was very thorough informative with option's for my cats care as well as the staff being very helpful and caring."
- Dyanne Murray
12/01/2019 21:00:16
"Always have a great experience, all the tech's are friendly and helpful. Dr is always very informative!"
- Amber Silva
11/27/2019 23:53:48
"You let me know of all vaccinations Izzy needed and gave them to him. Thank you"
- Juli Vandermoer
11/27/2019 22:27:38
"We appreciate all the staff who take great care from our very 1st visit when Chloe was 3 months old, she will be 1-year old in a couple of days. When we drive up to her appoint she is excited to see her vet and all the wonderful staff. We appreciate everyone. "
- Michael & Tee Stierwalt
11/27/2019 21:31:56
"No complaints yet. Everythings been great. So much so that I keep driving 20 minutes just to go to yall.."
- Tobais Mueller
11/26/2019 16:32:55