"I didn't wait long for the Tech to come out to the car to take in my cat. The doctor called after she had examined and treated my pet to explain the treatment. The vet was very easy easy to understand and she asked me to be sure to call again if I noticed the same symptoms reoccur. The visit was easy and satisfying. Everyone was very pleasant."
- Sandra Cavey
01/18/2021 21:27:44
"Like always, I had a great experience. My dog loves the staff and so do I. They always answer all of my questions and are very helpful, kind, and understanding."
- Evelyn Reyes
01/18/2021 19:40:14
"Nothing bad to report! I took our newly acquired Papuan in for a look over with her scales and possible RI, everything checked out fine and Dr. Imig was very kind and knowledgeable! I'm glad to have found a reptile vet!"
- Noel Hairrell
01/18/2021 19:18:24
"Very organized during the pandemic keeping the services going. The entire staff is friendly and caring."
- Nancy & Dave Higgins
01/18/2021 00:27:52
"We appreciate the kind, compassionate way our Sam is cared for when visits are necessary. The staff is always professional and caring and during the time of the pandemic, you have truly made it safe and easy considering the situation to take care of our family with his care. Thank you"
- Tamara Spears
01/17/2021 15:02:30
"My pets always receive wonderful care from Dr. Johnson and his team at Country Oaks. We've been coming to Country Oaks Pet Hospital since we moved her 12 years ago and always know that our pets are in great hands. "
- Laurie Miller
01/17/2021 01:28:22
"The vet technicians are wonderful! My dog has severe anxiety and they are always so patient with him. "
- Jazmin Perez
01/16/2021 17:17:26
"I find your practice competent and caring. "
- Dean Conrad
01/16/2021 16:38:11
"You take care of Cassie so well! She loves you as much as you love her."
- Patrick Gabbett
01/16/2021 06:39:35
"I appreciated your care and attention during the difficult logistics of the pandemic. Your staff should be commended for their efforts."
- Mark Carper
01/15/2021 22:32:13
"Had the best experience getting all of my shots taken care of for my puppy. The staff was so friendly and professional for every single appointment. I can't thank Country Oaks Pet Hospital enough for taking care of my fur child. "
- Mirna Lovos
01/15/2021 19:37:24
"Everything was fine. My cat was taken in on time and was promptly cared for. "
- Christine Riddle
01/14/2021 21:32:42
"Country Oaks has done an amazing job during the pandemic. The car service is wonderful and they are always so sweet to my dog who gets extremely anxious at the vet."
- Robin & Marc Jakary
01/14/2021 20:21:15
"I was concerned about Boots & was told a doctor would get back to me. When the Dr called with concerned questions it was such a relief to have everything addressed caringly & an appointment made to bring him in for a checkup & tests! So thoughtful!"
- Bud Applegate
01/14/2021 18:20:40
"You are doing a great job. I love the bandanas and so do they"
- Linda Wilson
01/14/2021 17:27:08
"Under the current circumstances of Covid-19, I think you’re all doing a great job. Kindra Curley and I agreed Skywalker needed to see Dr Irene and I’m glad I made the decision. She was his doctor at the Cat Hospital and loved him, cared about him; I trust her as she took care of a prior sickness. Also, I find each person I talked with personable, efficient and welcoming. Thank you!"
- Ruth Reynolds
01/13/2021 21:26:53
"I really appreciated how i was treated and therefore how I extrapolate Vega was treated. Since I didn't get to go in with her. People were courteous. The procedures and processes were explained without taking forever, or treating me like I was dumb, or like they were reciting a script, you know like when you call AT&T. The price was explained before so I could consider it in making my decisions, I was presented with options of care and the differences explained. And Vega came back more calm than when I gave her to the tech, so I know she wasn't mistreated. that is always paramount for me. Thank you. "
- Sonnett Peterson
01/13/2021 20:54:15
"Making the best of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns. Since our dog is very fearful of the vets, I appreciate the "safe zone" yard in the back...it is very hard to get a muzzle on our dog while still in the car! Thanks"
- Jill & Eric Nakagawa
01/13/2021 20:48:57
"Overall great experience. Happy to see that everyone is following COVID protocols! "
- Rachel Rodrigues
01/13/2021 01:08:39
"I appreciated the precautions taken so we can still care for our pets during the pandemic. Petie was well cared for during his nail trim. Thank you!"
- Corey & Wendy Ebro
01/11/2021 22:42:53
"Everyone was extremely communicative - both the vet and the vet tech when we brought Jovie. They were patient as I asked questions, and were so helpful in making Jovie feel comfortable. I loved that they gave her a calming bandana - that was a thoughtful touch and made me feel like they truly care about my dog's experience."
- Angela Milinazzo
01/11/2021 20:33:34
"Very happy at this juncture with Indys care."
- Alene & Bruce Aldrich
01/11/2021 19:29:59
- Martha Paige
01/10/2021 20:35:12
"Excellent customer service!"
- Javier Bravo
01/10/2021 18:50:00
"You guys are fast efficient and safe. Great service."
- Joy & Peter Slater
01/10/2021 16:23:25
"The staff and doctors have been excellent on each of our visits. I couldn't ask for a more caring place to take my babies. "
- Patricia Rothenbush
01/09/2021 19:04:11
"The attendants were very knowledgeable and knew how to get a stressed cat out of my car without getting injured. Procedure was efficient and safe. "
- Carol Fox
01/09/2021 18:38:07
"I am happy with the care that my cat gets with you. I feel totally comfortable when you take him back because I know he will be treated very well! I appreciate the fear free approach, especially since my cat is so anxious."
- Lexie Clark
01/09/2021 00:09:15
"Another great experience at Country Oaks. The Dr. and staff were great and very calming to me. "
- Steve Murakami
01/08/2021 23:31:51
"I have been to all kinds of vets all over California with my dogs and I unquestionably think you're the best. It comes close between you guys and the Pleasant Valley Pet Hospital because they are pretty good but I'm going to say you're the absolute best because you're helping my dogs during a difficult time in the world and doing it so efficiently and so friendly. I appreciate it and so do my puppy dogs :) Thank you-- Jessica Orlandi"
- Jessica Orlandi
01/08/2021 23:07:49
"I love bringing Chloe to Country Oaks Pet Hospital! And she goes happily! Thank you for being our happy animal place!"
- David Evpak
01/08/2021 06:51:30
"Love the free first exam. Staff was very kind and doctor Irene really cared"
- Eric Pristupa
01/07/2021 20:20:46
"You guys always do such a great job caring for Momma Hams and my other robos. I love having a vet office that loves hamsters. Momma Hams is never stressed or upset when she leaves the office. I have nothing bad to say! "
- Julie Kraus
01/07/2021 18:47:32
"As always you guys are doing a great job I have no complaints 😁"
- Dyanne Murray
01/07/2021 18:36:53
"Always so friendly and on time with appointments. Never a long waiting time and that is much appreciated with a busy schedule. Wells is always so happy when he is brought back out to the car. We love going to the vet. : ) "
- Debbi Whiteside
01/07/2021 02:40:35
"You answered most of my questions. One question I have is can you suggest an insurance provider? If not, no worries. I have several cats as well as Shelby so having insurance would be great."
- Sally Medina
01/06/2021 23:16:47
"I get feedback on my cat's health from staff"
- Susan Geiger
01/06/2021 20:11:04
"Everything was great!"
- Cristal Miguel
01/06/2021 02:46:10
"Great! Frank loved everyone "
- Amy Marks
01/05/2021 22:54:55
"Dr Irene is amazing! I came in with my dog who started having seizures and Dr Irene assessed her quickly and gave me several options for treatment. When I had a hard time decided she gave me a recommendation where to start. The vet techs are compassionate and helpful. I don’t trust anyone else with caring for my pets."
- Donna Matthews
01/05/2021 13:48:09
"So far so good. It’s weird handing my puppy over to people I have never met. I fully understand the circumstances but it’s still awkward."
- Janean Curnutt
01/05/2021 02:11:29
"All of the staff that we encounter at Country Oaks makes us feel that our animals are well cared for and that we are not judged for their natural fear responses. We became very self-conscious at our last vet because we felt judged by our pets behavior despite taking all the steps recommended to correct it, the way we were treated changed after we had adopted more difficult to treat animals. We do not feel this way at Country Oaks. We are apologetic that we do have difficult animals, but we have always felt respected by the staff and recognized that we are doing our best to help with these behaviors and take good care of our animals. More importantly, we deeply appreciate that our animals receive excellent care here and their fears are understood and worked around despite them being difficult. Thank you! "
- Darling Sawyer
01/04/2021 18:46:14
"Well coordinated drop off and pick up! The staff is always professional and compassionate. We did ask for a mail trim that didn’t happen tho.."
- Shelly Prahl
01/04/2021 17:37:50
"Everything went great! I really liked Dr. Chiu as she has a wonderful way of explaining things to me that i can understand and make sense. The young lady that came out to get Dilly could not have been nicer and so sweet. It was a wonderful experience... thank you!"
- Maryanne Rodden
01/04/2021 00:02:33
"Country Oaks Pet Hospital is amazing! The staff there are so friendly and helpful, and they care for my guinea pig like their own! I take Boba there every month for nail clippings and they always do a splendid job. "
- Ashna Chetty
01/03/2021 23:20:23
"Great communications, friendly and answered all of my questions."
- David Mason
01/03/2021 21:16:17
"Excellent. Everybody was nice and our cat was seen on time for her appointment. She was finished and brought back to our car very quickly."
- Nicholas Antonelli
01/03/2021 20:21:07
"It was our puppy’s first visit, and it couldn’t have gone better...I think he wanted to stay for another whip cream cone lol"
- Nick Liuzzi
01/02/2021 21:19:46
"Great, thank you"
- Emily Jones
01/02/2021 01:56:56
"I love your staff and the care you take to treat my pets. My pets were being at a vet in my neighborhood however I feel your level of care and thoroughness is worth my drive for Elk Grove to your clinic. You made sure that I completely understood my dogs condition and how to care for him. "
- Jetai Lawson
01/01/2021 22:39:14
"I’ve been really happy with the level of care for my pets. No complaints. "
- Laura Curran
01/01/2021 18:18:27
"Even though you are an extremely busy vet, every person I have dealt with, on the phone as well as in person (front office, technicians, and Dr.’s) have shown care about my concerns and a compassionate, kind and loving attitude towards my fur baby (Allison Grace). I am grateful for that! "
- Laura Cheah
01/01/2021 17:27:12
"Excellent!!! "
- Emily Armond
01/01/2021 04:02:09
"I'm very happy with Country Oaks and the care they are giving my Nicky. Cannot wait until the virus is under control and owners are allowed to enter in hospital with our pets! It's an important relationship we, Nicky and I, need to have with our veterinarian. Thank you for caring!"
- Marshall & Marie Milne
01/01/2021 02:12:16
"I just moved here from the Bay Area. I was concerned about finding a good Vet. I could not have been more pleased with everyone that I talked to and helped me. Very comfortable and Happy that Buddy has a great new Vet. Thank you Jane Mallory"
- Jane Mallory
12/31/2020 23:09:20
"Love it here. I’ve referred everyone I know with a nervous dog or an animal at all. Best vet experience I’ve ever had "
- Hara Pauly
12/31/2020 18:05:40
"I think Dr. Johnson and staff are wonderful and doing the best they can under our current circumstances."
- Jennifer Sadugor
12/30/2020 18:51:13
"Everyone is always so helpful and friendly."
- Erin & Freddie Toles
12/30/2020 18:19:08
"All good experiences. Thanks!"
- Noemi Esparza
12/29/2020 19:13:51
"Only been there twice now and the experience was very good. Dr.Irene is awesome. She took care of our last kitty, Taz. She did everything she could to save our girl but it wasn’t meant to be. We know she will take good care of Luna. The techs coming back and forth to the car are so caring to our Luna. The girls on the phone have been very helpful."
- Mary Yung
12/29/2020 03:42:03
- Lorry Marvin
12/29/2020 00:01:34
"Ashland who helped us check-in was fantastic! Sweet, personable and very understanding, as well as following safe protocol. It's difficult to let our pets be seen without being there to comfort them and see how they are being treated but the Dr answered all of my million questions and I was happy to know my cats were comfortable during their appointment. "
- Rachel Knight
12/28/2020 21:06:23
"just picked up my dogs meds "
- Valerie & Sheldon Christensen
12/28/2020 20:51:49
"We are incredibly pleased with the full service- the staff are kind and thoughtful- the Doctor was excellent! Detailed , we didn’t feel rushed- the prices are reasonable! We are very happy to have found our forever family Doctor!!!!!!"
- Erin Nichols
12/28/2020 17:16:43
"I loved the care Gravey and I received! The vet and techs were so caring and explained everything in detail. Thank you!"
- Danielle Schneider
12/28/2020 16:28:55
"Dr Chui is the best! She shows concern and professional expertise. Thank you"
- Gail Deback
12/27/2020 18:59:44
"Thank you for caring to deeply about your customers and their pets. I felt that your team strives to give the best advise regarding concerns about my pet and Dr. Johnson’s care and encouragement is reassuring and comforting."
- Kristina Hall
12/27/2020 18:17:07
"We’ve had excellent service and care for our pet family. All good experiences. "
- Noah & Cathy Saeteurn
12/26/2020 18:18:08
"You’re doing a great job!"
- Joe Vansickle
12/24/2020 17:42:55
"Everyone I’ve encountered, whether on the phone or in person when they come get my dog, has been great! They are patient and understanding of my anxious dog and relay the necessary information to me. "
- Gina Yang
12/24/2020 17:37:22
"Admittedly, with curbside there isn’t as much to review, but everyone there is always so nice to interact with. Keep up the great work!"
- Diane Christian
12/24/2020 04:53:36
"I never feel anxious about bringing my dog to Country Oaks. The visits aren’t rushed and everything is explained thoroughly."
- Lauren Marks
12/23/2020 22:13:59
"The doctor was very helpful. He gave us all the options for the care of our dog. At 8am on a Monday morning the staff was incredibly busy. We observed them while we waited in the parking lot for our appointment. They were calm and professional and worked with their clients so easily."
- Debra Barnard
12/23/2020 02:44:18
"All is good during these though Covid times and we are happy that you are able to continue with our pet (Jake) needs. "
- John & Cynthia Davenport
12/23/2020 02:38:52
"Dr. Irene is great with my cats"
- Candi Stafford
12/22/2020 21:41:20
"All good and I thank you for making all of this so easy during the pandemic. I feel very fortunate that our family has your business to take care of our loved ones. Thank you. "
- Jim & Terilynn Diepenbrock
12/22/2020 21:14:41
" Phoebe was taken in soon after we arrived for our appointment. Dr. Irene was very caring and helpful regarding the follow up visit with Phoebe. She was clear in giving instructions regarding what we need to do next. "
- Cynthia Ferguson
12/22/2020 21:03:33
"We are forever patients with Country Oaks Pet Hospital, Dr. Rich and Lisa Johnson. We KNOW our pets are in the very best hands. They were already amazing, but the beautiful new clinic, the fear free practice and going above and beyond to provide the best care (including end of life care) makes them the very best. We are forever grateful."
- Ron & Deborah Childs
12/22/2020 02:21:27
"I was very pleased to receive a complimentary new client exam. It was a pleasant surprise."
- Sue Ziegert
12/22/2020 00:03:14
"We were very pleased with the customer service and speed of the check-up. It was thorough and everything was well-communicated. We had a horrible experience at our old vet and this was our first time here and we’re so pleased!"
- Kaysie Pino
12/21/2020 22:05:23
"Everything went well. I was very pleased with the service and care. "
- Nate Orman
12/21/2020 21:12:10
"I was very pleased with how the whole appointment experience! This was my first visit to Country Oaks and the service and care were above my expectations. The technician and doctor were great! They spent quality time talking with me about my new puppy. Thank you very much!"
- Christine Fraser
12/21/2020 18:19:48
"You have always been professional and caring."
- Peter & Allison Allen
12/20/2020 20:17:27
"Love you guys- Thank you"
- Brad Sanborn
12/20/2020 19:24:39
"I think you are doing fabulous! Everyone is always very nice and willing to help."
- Kelly Ancel
12/20/2020 02:11:42
"Great! "
- Lauren Hall
12/20/2020 01:34:45
"From my experience with Country Oaks, you all have made going to the vet a completely easy process. Commuting from Elk Grove, the only thing I’ve ever dreaded was the drive. And even that isn’t enough for me to consider any other vet. You all have an amazing and caring staff and every time I go in, I always feel good about the vet tech that takes my dog’s leash. Thank you all for continuing your services during this time of pandemic. It has been beautiful to see you all grow and expand but keep the same helpful and caring attitude towards patients. "
- Jorge Quintana
12/19/2020 20:33:32
"Service and care of the dogs is always great here."
- Alfonso Espinoza
12/19/2020 19:26:23
"I felt my dog Gigi was very well taken care of. She has been in multiple times and just had to have surgery and everything went well and all staff, docs and tecs, were very nice, helpful, and always answer my questions its kindness."
- Sam Ezratty
12/19/2020 03:59:45
"Thank you for fitting me in on emergency. I've been wanting to establish my kitties with you, so I'm glad that you had an opening for me!"
- Tristen Billerbeck
12/18/2020 21:35:28
- Cristina Ibarra
12/18/2020 21:20:35
"We always appreciate the way in which everyone takes care of Frankie. He is fearful of the vet and everyone who has worked with him seems patient and caring. Thank you."
- Eric Bakke
12/18/2020 18:42:41
"Vet tech was amazing! She was professional, Uber friendly, and kind and loving. "
- Sonia Kang
12/17/2020 22:13:52
- Betty Louie
12/17/2020 20:53:24
"You guys do an awesome job in taking care of pancakes and I am so thankful that you guys love what you do and that you’re great at it. Thanks! "
- Jenna Smith
12/17/2020 20:30:56
"We’re very pleased with your service - professional, caring and helpful."
- Victoria Vryonis
12/17/2020 17:50:41
"I’m impressed with the care and attention that was given to our sweet Baxter. Upon hearing that this is a certified fear-free vet, I appreciated Country Oaks even more. "
- Jana Moore
12/16/2020 23:36:42
"I feel it was a great experience!"
- Sue Couture
12/16/2020 20:31:10
"Everything went well "
- Vicki & Tom Corda
12/16/2020 19:10:38
"Very personable staff and my dogs seem to be in good hands."
- Brad Bell
12/16/2020 18:16:59