"I could not have asked for a better experience from the office staff, the techs, and the doctors! I am mad at myself for not bringing our animals to you sooner!! I look forward to bringing my other 2 in when it's time for check ups. Thank you for everything."
- Stephanie Cates
09/22/2020 02:15:57
"Dr. Irene is the best"
- Cheryl Croxton
09/22/2020 00:38:32
"I'm very pleased with your thoroughness. Everyone is pleasant and helpful "
- Michele Froyd
09/21/2020 22:00:13
"So far, our first visit was great!"
- Stuart Jersky
09/21/2020 20:26:17
"Nothing but good things to say. Loved the overall experience and the care that was brought to my kitten"
- Rebecca Garcia
09/21/2020 20:12:45
"My other dog has been to a different vet where all the staff seemed to be dog adverse. No one ever talked to my dog, or commented "cute" or "how ya doing pup" . no interaction with the dog at all. So strange. Your office is on the opposite end of that spectrum. Everyone liked my dog and verbalized it (or memorialized it with a photo!). Thank you! I also greatly appreciate the Covid precautions. Nemo was a few months late in getting his shots because I was worried about going to a vet and interacting with people. Had I know you had systems in place to provide safe care I would have made an appointment earlier."
- Kelly Nolan
09/21/2020 17:29:50
"Everyone was nice and friendly. I was glad to hear how my cat Oreo was doing in the clinic :)"
- Quynh Le
09/21/2020 03:18:53
"Consult ability is appreciated "
- Cynthia (Miki) Teixeira
09/20/2020 20:14:00
"Absolutely zero complaints! Even with the new (necessary and appreciated) COVID procedures, it was still easy for me to schedule an appt, talk to the doctor, and get the same level of service and care for my dog. I also really appreciate how on-time everyone was - at other vet hospitals/clinics I have had to wait for 20+ minutes for a scheduled appt even before COVID, but I've never had that issue with Country Oaks."
- Allison Bayless
09/20/2020 02:05:37
"Great service with the current restrictions. I wish it would of been in person with the vet."
- Michael Powers
09/19/2020 22:36:42
"You came recommended by neighbors, and I’m glad you did. I liked that when I called the office each time, I was able to talk to someone and feel like I was listened to. I was very nervous starting my dog somewhere without being able to go in with her but the verbal reassurance you provided me and the little things like bringing her a muzzle with whip cream and reviewing her medical history with me was nice. I also like the recommendations for health care products without feeling pressured to buy and the reviews of her bill for the day. When I picked her up, she looked happy and my family loved her little handkerchief she was given. I also appreciate receiving medicine that would make her next visit easier and help calm her down. I feel like every step you all took made a big difference and a great impression on us. Thank you!"
- Sarah Montenegro
09/19/2020 16:02:09
"This was my first visit with my ~2.5 year old herding mix. As far as vet visits in the time of COVID, well, this was still better than any other vet visit, ever! I felt the staff cared about my dog in a more meaningful way than most vets and staff have conveyed at other clinics - perhaps because they were considerate of his behavior and state of mind (which is at the top of my list since he exhibits so much reactivity) just as much as his physical health. I just felt a lot of empathy and genuine care. I got a thorough and sensible report about the exam and next options from the veterinarian herself, and had personable interactions with every staff person involved. I loved that his new vet thought of improvements in his mental health when I told her about recent upgrades in living arrangements... we’re just on the same page! I’m excited to have this new clinic on my “team” for my dog’s care!"
- Kaitlee Venable
09/19/2020 01:02:23
"I called roughly 15 different vets in the area to get my dog seen before October for something that was a non emergency and they were able to get me in and they were wonderful to my dog. During these challenging covid times they are doing their best! They listened to the input I had in terms of previous care and the prices were better than my usual vet. I plan on switching both dogs over for routine care and vaccinations."
- Rachel Agutos
09/18/2020 03:52:45
"Pepper has anxiety issues and you are always so helpful and accommodating with her needs. You keep me posted on her visit and always take such good care of her. "
- Leti Morales
09/18/2020 00:19:14
"Excellent care for animals and great customer service "
- Eddie Long
09/17/2020 22:53:36
"Well first of all I have seen no bad . Nothing but good from your team. You are compassionate caring and understanding . But most important profeshional. I am very happy with my visits with you and the treatment that sadie has gotten by you"
- Raymond Spicer
09/17/2020 22:23:41
"You guys are always amazing! I only wish I had switched to you sooner."
- Jeremy Wingert
09/17/2020 21:34:44
"Everything went well. "
- Emily Wilson
09/17/2020 19:32:26
"Great first experience. Vet and staff were very nice and helpful"
- Lauren Morgan
09/17/2020 18:27:31
"The staff was very conscious of my dog’s anxiety and it made the process much more pleasant. The vet was super thorough on her recommendations and didn’t make me feel pressured to make a decision on the spot. We will happily be lifelong patients here."
- Jazmin Perez
09/17/2020 17:09:46
"I recently went to another vet with my new rescue doggo and had a horrible experience. I decided to try Country Oaks Pet Hospital and was so impressed! All the questions the other vet didn't have answers to or didn't seem to care about, you answered in seconds! Everyone is SUPER friendly and so caring! Not only did you provide a very detailed estimate (both on the high and low ends of the spectrum), you also scheduled surgery for the following week! That OTHER vet didn't provide any pre-op care instructions or antibiotics/pain meds, and couldn't even schedule the surgery for another MONTH! I'm so happy I found COPH :)"
- Kelly Valentine
09/17/2020 17:03:23
"I was looking for a new vet for my cat, Shadow. Called Sacramento Cat Hospital and asked for an appt with Dr. Irene. SCH said they weren't accepting new patients owing to Covid. Worse, that Dr. Irene had left their practice. I was fortunate enough to learn that Dr. Irene is now at COPH...words cannot convey my utter relief and joy! Shadow's appt was on Mon., 9/14 at 3pm. Elvis came out to pick her up...couldn't have been friendlier. He is sharp...pays attention and is detail oriented. I told him Shadow had scratched me and drawn blood while I was trying to get her in her crate. He immediately asked me if I wanted to have her claws trimmed. I told him it was already on my "to do" list I had prepared for Dr. Irene. I also brought all of the paperwork from previous vets for Dr. Irene to review and Elvis asked whether they were arranged from the most recent on top to the latest in back. Very impressive! I am truly looking forward to meeting Dr. Irene. She is phenomenal! While Shadow's previous vet didn't seem to care about coming up with a Plan B for her dandruff, Dr. Irene came up with great suggestions which I've begun implementing. Further, she called me yesterday with the results of Shadow's blood panel. Dr. Irene is extremely gracious, easy to speak to, and never makes me feel that she's in a rush to get off the phone. I feel SO BLESSED that she is Shadow's vet and have total faith in her ability to keep my munchkin healthy and on track."
- Heather Evans
09/17/2020 00:11:50
"Country Oaks takes very good care of Mick and my other dogs Nell and Norman."
- Marlene Palmer
09/16/2020 23:23:10
"I like the new phone system to expedite the check in process. I also appreciate being able to get information from the vet herself as sometimes at other offices it is very difficult to actually talk to the doctor. "
- Allison Evans
09/16/2020 22:29:42
"Hard not seeing a vet. in person, but that will get better."
- Beatrice Pifer
09/16/2020 20:45:06
"You make it so easy to contact you when we arrive for our dog’s appointment. The Technician is fully covered when she comes out to the car. It was a very easy , convenient appointment."
- Dana Whalen
09/16/2020 00:14:50
"Picking up prescriptions for Coola"
- Samuel & Marilyn Allison
09/15/2020 23:32:08
"All was great. I met with the Tech to pick up Gracie from my car. She was thorough with providing me how Gracie was. The next day I received a call from one of the Vets to discuss Gracie's blood work results. I feel comfortable bringing Gracie here to be seen and have peace of mind she is in good hands and being taken care of. "
- Elizabeth Dill
09/15/2020 23:09:57
"Your the best"
- Steve Kutler
09/15/2020 21:16:34
"Friendly staff, great communication."
- Ashrith Amarnath
09/15/2020 20:12:47
"I’m so pleased that your office knows how to treat fearful and anxious dogs. Your staff is so accommodating and careful. And Dr. Johnson is the best. "
- Maria Farr
09/15/2020 19:45:20
"You guys were great! I felt like you provided us with excellent service all while respecting social distancing. We will definitely be back. "
- Amanda Poe
09/15/2020 03:06:42
"You're great! Aiko and Pele even enjoy there visits. Your caring is shown throught out the visit. Thank you."
- Kathy & Ken Mack
09/15/2020 00:09:54
"I am a new client to the hospital so wasn't sure about the protocol at arriving to the appointment. Staff very friendly and helpful. I did let them know when I arrived that the battery on my phone was very low. The staff was very understanding of the situation. So happy to have found Dr. Irene! She has been my cats' veterinarian for 19 years!!! "
- Sandra Olszewski
09/14/2020 22:39:36
"Very satisfied, Staff very friendly and helpful. "
- Marlene Benthien
09/14/2020 17:42:34
"Awesome "
- Karin Richardson
09/13/2020 21:32:43
"MJ was happy to be there, I can't think of anything negative to say"
- Tom Privett
09/13/2020 21:30:45
"Every time we come, the staff is so friendly! They really go the extra mile. Our baby is just a puppy, so we’ve had to do social distanced drop-offs and pick-ups but I really can’t wait to meet all the staff! Minnie loves it there. I even recommended you guys to my friend! I’m so lucky we found you!"
- Angela Laird
09/13/2020 21:24:09
"Always good!"
- Rusty Barnett
09/13/2020 21:13:37
"My cat hates car rides and being in unfamiliar places but when they came out the get her they had a blanket with calming pheromones which was a relief. I really appreciate the patience everyone had with her. All my questions were answered and they gave me clear info about the test results "
- Alicia Allen
09/13/2020 16:43:04
"Wonderful care! Good communication. "
- Lori Delappe
09/13/2020 15:37:38
"Thank you for handling my pup with care and respect. I appreciate so much that your staff is trained in fear-free interactions because my dog has anxiety, especially about going to the vet or meeting new people. I was waiting until I could come in with her to the vet but couldn’t put it off any longer. I was embarrassed that I let my dogs health get so out of hand. Your staff treated us both so kindly and warmly. I didn’t feel judged, only helped. She is on the path to healing now, thanks to your care, and I’m SO thankful!!! "
- Teresa Carmichael
09/11/2020 23:04:54
"Country Oaks Pet Hospital is absolutely awesome! I was referred by a friend when I got my puppy a couple months back and they do not disappoint. From shots, to check ups to calls with questions, they are always friendly, respectful and ready to help. They are also amazing at getting my pup scheduled with barely any notice. The accommodations during Covid have been extremely smooth and easy. I am very glad I found them :)"
- Hannah Lopez
09/11/2020 00:02:16
"We had a great visit at Country Oaks today. Izzy was not anxious at all thanks to the calming bandana and medication. I was happy to see all of the protections in place to minimize the spread of COVID-19. And, finally, even though I did not get to chat with the vet in person, she was very helpful on the phone and provided excellent care for Izzy. Thanks, Country Oaks!"
- Richelle & Nick Graham
09/10/2020 22:39:45
"You are doing very well in the difficulty of the pandemic circumstances. Thank you for being open and being there for us."
- Chuck Schaller
09/10/2020 22:26:09
"I didn't have a visit with Precious I was picking up her cat food and the staff always offer to bring it out to my car. I have always felt that you have a great group of staff working for you it really makes a big difference."
- Dyanne Murray
09/10/2020 18:39:14
"Prompt in coming out to my car. The appointment took less time than told! Thorough phone update from Dr.Johnson. Kind tech on the phone with visit recap and payment."
- Anna Boone
09/10/2020 14:58:56
"Really appreciated the TLC given to our two cats by Dr Irene"
- Tina Ingram
09/10/2020 04:23:48
"Everyone did an excellent job! They got my cat’s records from the previous place and I could tell by the questions that the records had been reviewed. Thanks!"
- Jaime Lee
09/10/2020 02:32:19
"I had a good experience with you when I brought Ruby in for a problem with licking her paws and a growth on her side. Everything went well."
- Debbie Hodge
09/10/2020 01:14:49
"You are ALL doing great !! "
- Dennis Valentine
09/09/2020 19:17:06
"You are doing excellent! You all are always so helpful and I’m happy to recommend you to all of my friends!"
- Elena Ortiz
09/09/2020 16:53:50
"Our first visit for our Jack was great. The doctor called to follow up and the techs were very nice and friendly. We will be bringing our dog back again for their next visit."
- Mario Gonzalez
09/09/2020 08:12:58
"It was our first visit. And obviously the pandemic has made the process so much more complicated and distant. We would have loved to meet our new doctor in person and have real conversations. But in the meantime, we felt like we had thorough communication with all the staff - from initial tech call, to dr follow up, the pick up tech in the parking lot, and the receptionists. Our cat was well cared for, was not upset after the visit, and we have a very positive treatment plan for her."
- Heidi Risse
09/08/2020 19:31:34
"Fantastic I won't trust any other vet hospital with my fur babies. Everyone is polite and gentle."
- Patricia Rothenbush
09/08/2020 17:03:27
"Very professional and caring. Outstanding customer service. "
- Lynnette Solorio
09/08/2020 16:54:23
"Seems like you’ve got it all dialed in during these weird times. "
- Brian & Mary Jane Boxer
09/08/2020 01:43:30
"Always excellent care at this veterinarians office! I would not take my beloved doggie anywhere else. Thank you for being so caring and loving to our animals! "
- Rachelle Woolley
09/08/2020 00:16:56
"I had planned to switch to Country Oaks for awhile, based on advise from some friends. When Dr. Irene left the former vet office I knew it was time to make the switch to Country Oaks. I was so delighted to find that Dr. Irene is now working there! She has been caring for my cats for 13 years & it means a lot to me for them to continue with the doctor that they already know. I found my experience at Country Oaks to be comfortable & friendly. I trust the care of my cats with Dr. Irene & appreciate the personal call regarding my cats."
- Betty Wilhelm
09/07/2020 23:47:35
"Everyone is always cheery and helpful We appreciate the kindness shown to Jazzy. "
- Katharine Lewis
09/06/2020 00:47:52
"As always, very pleased with everyone and everything! Especially the very special care that Karen gave our dog, Lily, on September 4th. A wonderful bathing experience ~~ or, I truly should call it a "Spa" experience the way Karen took such loving care with our tremendously frightened Lily of being picked up and of bathed. It showed in Lily's eyes and facial expression when we picked her up. She was so very happy and you could tell felt GREAT! after what could have been a disastrous experience. Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts. Roch and Bonnie Brunson & Lily too!! "
- Roch & Bonnie Brunson
09/05/2020 20:50:31
"Very responsive, was able to set appointment the same day. Very efficient and convenient especially given new pandemic guidelines for handling outside business. Very affordable, even waived initial exam fee since our dog was a new patient. Excellent service overall!"
- Andrew Powers
09/05/2020 20:15:42
"You are handling the pandemic procedures really well "
- Linda Cutler
09/04/2020 19:32:18
"Great care! Max isn't easy to handle. "
- Eric & Annette Nellen
09/04/2020 16:50:02
"You guys were amazing and Winston came back happy. Very very sweet doctors and staff. Thank you guys so so so much💗💗"
- Kate Shill
09/04/2020 16:15:15
"The vet tech who greeted us in the parking lot was friendly and professional. I felt that our cat was in good hands with her. I only wish I knew her name, so I could thank her specifically. "
- Anita Williams
09/04/2020 02:43:49
"Wonderful experiences with you all."
- Ruth & Mark Redd
09/04/2020 01:40:20
"Dr. Irene has been kind and quickly informative in developing the care of my cat. Dr. Irene also listens to you giving and taking scenarios of future care. The office staff is professional and was sympathetic to my circumstances. "
- Carole Chacko
09/04/2020 00:26:44
"Very thoughtful and convenient "
- Gail Bakewell
09/03/2020 18:13:51
"I had a wonderful experience at Country Oaks. I loved that after I dropped my dog off I received a text with pictures of him eating treats. Thank you for caring and listening. "
- Taylor Kane
09/03/2020 07:26:01
"Great experience! I was very nervous about taking in my best bud, but the experience was really great. Really quick, great communication and everyone was very kind. Prices were very fair as well, which is important to us all in these uncertain times. Lou Dog says thanks folks!"
- Courtney Card
09/01/2020 22:31:11
"Great communication and customer care. "
- Robert Bohn
09/01/2020 19:11:48
"Dr Irene was very thorough and I immediately felt comfortable after speaking with her. "
- Dannika Talaska
09/01/2020 17:40:34
"Great job! I appreciate the communication and thoroughness!"
- Leigh Osterhage
09/01/2020 14:26:41
"Friendly people and really good service. My cat who generally doesn’t do well with strangers was treated well and had no issues at all. I’ll continue use their services. "
- Amy Burnside
08/31/2020 16:14:44
"I appreciated the pre-visit call to get as much information about my cat as this was my first visit. Everyone was friendly, professional and informative. "
- Jill Welsh
08/30/2020 23:20:12
"We have been to MANY vets and ever since coming to you folks, haven't gone back to any of the others. The vets are all incredible (though Dr. Johnson is my favorite), the staff are fabulous and the caring environment is extremely comforting to both us and our four legged fur persons. : ) thank you all for doing what you do and even more importantly, how you do it!"
- Lisa Toof
08/30/2020 20:22:23
"Great experience. Very friendly. I really appreciate late hours."
- Claire Loomis
08/30/2020 01:22:02
"I arrived a little early, but was accommodated as soon as was possible and it was greatly appreciated. The person who came out to get Mataya was amazing and made the whole experience of having to drop off our pets during this challenging time so comfortable, Dr. Imig, as always, through her great knowledge and explaining things to include me in Mataya's health decisions, gives me the confidence that the care she is receiving is the best."
- Elissa Hackett
08/29/2020 20:48:32
"Everything is great"
- Pat Smith
08/29/2020 18:27:24
"Staffs are very friendly. They truly care for our Dog Timber.. They are also very considerate of costs.. very honest Vets and highly recommended.. "
- Mitchell Silos
08/29/2020 17:43:58
"Appreciated the promptness--didn't have to wait in our hot car. All my questions were answered and Mazy was treated appropriately. Everyone was friendly and helpful."
- Janet & Phil Sipiora
08/29/2020 17:12:19
"You’re great. I don’t have any complaints "
- David Christensen
08/29/2020 15:57:27
"Everybody did great! I'm actually kind of jealous that my Roxy acts better with you guys than she does with me!"
- Misty Drew (Shelly's sister)
08/29/2020 02:33:57
"It was wonderful, Dilly and I felt very safe and well cared for...Thank you!"
- Maryanne Rodden
08/28/2020 20:08:44
"I appreciate the messages and instructions regarding the visit, and the way you handled the visit. I felt my pet was cared, and I felt safe during my visit. "
- Ikuko Miyazaki
08/28/2020 05:02:13
"I just switched over to your practice (following Dr. Irene) and I was very impressed with it. So much so that my mother is going to start bringing some of her fur babies to your practice. "
- Desiree Austin
08/27/2020 19:18:57
"I’m happy I choose the right vet. You never know when you move to a new city if your fur babies are in the right hands. I can tell you they definitely are!"
- Virginia Graydon
08/27/2020 16:45:01
"Service has always been excellent and friendly. "
- Cyndi Lee
08/26/2020 23:55:05
"Great first experience. Thanks for the ice cream and the pictures."
- Jamie Easley
08/26/2020 23:41:16
"Our cat, Tyler is a longtime client, 9 years 9n fact, as long as we have had him, He was throwing up and totally miserable when I brought him in yesterday morning. Dr. Fujishima- Nakaoka and the staff at Country Oaks were so kind and caring and thorough. They even called in the evening to follow up on our cat's progress. Today, Tyler is recovering beautifully. So grateful for the outstanding and compassionate care!"
- Eric & Karen Mandell
08/26/2020 23:37:08
"Curb side service was great. Didn't wait long, simple process. "
- Nick & Camillle Piotrowski
08/26/2020 20:32:50
"The experience was really great! I felt comfortable leaving my cat with you. I would in the future like a printed after visit summary of what I need to do for my pet, it's hard for me to remember after just hearing it over the phone"
- Rachel Schott
08/26/2020 20:19:13
"Everything was great! Cassy was treated quickly and efficiently. No complaints at all."
- Christine Riddle
08/26/2020 18:54:42
"great service overall, very responsive and attentive to questions. Will continue coming here!"
- Alondra Martinez
08/26/2020 16:53:04
"Everyone was extremely professional and helpful. The recommendations from the doctor were sincere. I felt like lando and I were really cared for. He is my first pet, and a puppy at that, so it means a lot that I have a vet I am confident in and comfortable with. We are happy to be clients here and look forward to more check up to make sure lando is is always healthy. The precautions taken for covid are well thought out and it kept me at ease knowing the right people were taking care of my puppy. "
- Lynn Le
08/26/2020 16:40:53
"The process to collect my dog from the vehicle and handle her appointment and then bring her back we very smooth and easy for both me and my pet. Remote payment was also easy."
- Kelly Hughes
08/26/2020 16:28:42
"There is no bad. Our little puppy had serious issues and country oaks was able to schedule her in within a day, she is now scheduled for surgery and service has been prompt professional kind and very caring and we appreciate it very very much."
- Marie Powning
08/26/2020 16:26:55
"I just enjoy every I come in contact with. Everyone cares for all my pets, as much as I care for my babies. "
- Phanice Woodrow-Henry
08/26/2020 16:07:35
"Appreciated the clear directions for drop off and everyone was very helpful and attentive. "
- Lara Caruthers
08/26/2020 16:04:54