"Everything is great."
- Joann & Ronald Thompson
08/09/2018 18:18:59
"U were understand of my situation and tried to help me the best. You could I just wish I had the funds to pay for the test that need to be done for pita. She never acts nice to. Strangers but she did. With you guys. Now I just need. To see if I can find her a better home then me that can pay for any medical treatment she may need."
- Cynthia Ibarra
08/09/2018 12:22:20
"You are all doing great work. Everyone has a very caring attitude toward the animals. They are treated as if they were your own. Keep up the great work. :)"
- John & Keri Stevens
08/09/2018 00:47:28
"Had a semi emergency and the staff did great in fitting me in quickly. They were very kind to both my dog and me to calm our nerves."
- David & Michaeline Veden
08/08/2018 16:52:32
"Great, staff was friendly and helpful."
- Daniel & Brittany Parra
08/08/2018 16:02:14
"I was really worried about my kitty and the staff was very supportive and caring to us both when I had to bring her in for an emergency visit. "
- Holly Wroblicky
08/08/2018 15:58:18
"Tec & vet dr answered all our questions and more not having puppy in many years wasn’t sure what to ask. Hopefully on next follow up we will have more questions, thanks."
- John McCraw
08/08/2018 03:29:44
"I was very pleased with everyone!"
- Tericia Andresen
08/08/2018 02:37:01
"This visit was excellent. I really appreciated Dr. Johnson’s one on one with."
- Roger Purdy
08/08/2018 01:22:05
"The staff are very nice and welcoming! "
- An Lam
08/06/2018 21:16:48
"Very refreshing of the great service, knowledge, professionalism, awareness of customer's worries, and that a vet was in room as i entered ready to help instead of waiting 15 -20 minutes before a vet would come in. Maybe, just maybe, the rooms could be a little cooler especially for heavy furry dogs? This vet experience was the best i ever had, and I've been to alot of vets. Do doubt."
- Don Santos
08/06/2018 20:59:29
"it was a pleasant experience"
- Bill & Sally Vanderveer
08/06/2018 19:57:16
"I love bringing our pets, Lily and Lacy, to your pet hospital! Not only is your hospital aesthetically pleasing but all of the employees are truly wonderful and always so very helpful! Kudos to all and thank-you for providing such great services for my pets ~~ it's sincerely appreciated."
- Roch & Bonnie Brunson
08/06/2018 18:39:10
"Office is inviting and spacious and clean! I loved the personal touches like the mini chalk board with my dogs name on it ... super cute. Everyone is knowledgeable and nice and I enjoyed the visit and the coffee and juice boxes for my 3 y/o! "
- Kristin Stoffel
08/06/2018 16:55:48
"The lobby was very nice and we were greeted with warm faces. Charlotte was treated very well and was comfortable. We had a great first visit "
- Ku & Tim Chung
08/01/2018 04:16:05
"Great place. I’m so glad I found you "
- Philp Welch
08/01/2018 02:00:56
"The building, the decor, the atmosphere, all the attention to details is beautiful. Staff friendly and very kind to Cooper. The Doctor thorough. and explained everything. We went with the treatment plan of an antibiotic and cortisone shot. Cooper was back to being himself within 24 hours. "
- Doug & Lucy Stewart
08/01/2018 00:20:18
"I am very satisfied with my experience at Country Oaks. More importantly I have confidence in Dr. Johnson and his staff."
- Diane Yapundich
07/31/2018 21:58:29
"Fantastic. You always call to let us know when he’s ready, when Rx is ready, give us reminders and the nice doctor goes over with us the results. Your iPhone app is awesome. So easy to re-order Rx"
- Paul & Georgette Ketchum
07/31/2018 20:41:43
"You’re staff was amazingly supportive. They treated the kitten I had found, and taught me how to care for lt. when I needed something to take it home a carrier was lent me. Everyone was extremely kind though I had never been into your hospital before. Much time was taken to provide me with all the info needed and the kitten seems to be doing well so far. The KMR you mentioned was not available at Pet Smart so I found it inLoman’s Plaza. Many thanks to each person on staff!"
- Ken & Kathleen Jones
07/28/2018 21:01:43
"I greatly appreciated that you were able to help my fearful dog Bates handle his vaccine appointment "
- Anne Webb
07/28/2018 12:37:06
"I just picked up some more dog chews but the front counter staff was friendly, well prepared, a,d professional in general. The facility itself is state of the art and clean!"
- Alex & Liz Shaw
07/28/2018 05:23:21
"Fantastic! I knew he would be well taken care of by doctor and staff. They are very committed to helping pets as well as informing the pet parents and treatments. "
- Patricia Rothenbush
07/27/2018 23:21:42
"Always friendly and timely."
- Kim Schwab
07/27/2018 22:32:23
"We had a wonderful experience! My “big nervous to go to the vet” dog, was much more relaxed in the new waiting room and exam room. Everyone was very kind and Ellie was on to that! 👍"
- Phil & Lisa Geremia
07/27/2018 16:13:50
"Great staff and attention to detail. "
- Linda Cutler
07/26/2018 07:17:44
"As always everyone was great and help my pet. "
- Kathy & Louis Gragnano
07/26/2018 04:51:44
"The staff is great and really cared of us and our pet. We travel a distance of this clinic and they are awesome "
- Ellie & Kevin Vierra
07/26/2018 04:35:59
"Thursday morning, 7/19/18, I called to order two tubs of Ultra Concentrated Omega 3 Chews for my Malamute TULE. The attendant said I could pick it up the same morning (sorry, I don't remember her name). When I arrived, she told me that one tub would expire way before I would have used it up for one dog and asked if I would just want one tub in that case, which I agreed on. She was very astute and observant and saved me from having an out-of-date supplement at a cost of approximately $60. I really appreciated her interest and suggestion. "
- Judy Verhaag
07/24/2018 01:47:13
"I Love the new remodel!! very charming! I also Love the added touch of when Brodie is called to go into office..there's a sweet chalk board sign that says Welcome Brodie!...adorable!!"
- Julie Wilson
07/21/2018 15:43:35
"I have nothing bad to say! The staff is always more than welcoming and are dedicated to the well being of our fur babies! "
- Amanda Harlow
07/20/2018 17:58:43
"I had a very pleasant visit and I was treated with courtesy. The people who helped us are very friendly and knowledgeable."
- Alma & Paul Janssen
07/14/2018 23:14:34
"Great experience and your new facility is fabulous. "
- Julie Rainwater
07/13/2018 23:58:24
"Excellent, very professional, knowledgable, clean and beautiful facility."
- Kristan Schoel
07/13/2018 11:15:52
"Always Good!"
- Thomas & Dianne Blazowski
07/12/2018 21:37:21
"Have only had one visit, 2 phone calls and all is good. I am starting my relationship with Country Oaks and my new, 2 month old kitten and am looking forward to working with you for many years to come. I am very happy with everything so far"
- Sally Dowdle
07/12/2018 21:21:37
"Friendly, organized and prompt"
- Brian & Mary Jane Boxer
07/12/2018 21:16:13
"I think you guys do a great job. I haven't had any problems with anyone on your staff. They are all friendly a welcoming and it's very comforting. "
- Pamela Coleman
07/12/2018 20:32:26
"Always a great job and your staff could not be better! They are always so kind and loving toward our dogs and they make us feel at home. Keep it up!"
- Mike & Tracye Foley
07/12/2018 18:17:26
"I really like the cat door and dog door, so the pets are in different areas. The little dog behind the reception desk was adorable. I liked the email about how to take care of pets when there are fireworks. "
- Rachel Deriso
07/12/2018 00:48:06
"The staff did an excellent job of taking care of Randy while we were away. The instructions were followed to the letter!"
- Edie & Dianne & Chris Cassidy
07/11/2018 21:18:02
"I do feel the employees care about our dog, which is important to us!"
- John & Tina Gerges
07/10/2018 17:58:28
"I love the check in staff. Always friendly"
- Fran & David Allen
07/10/2018 16:16:12
"The entire staff is fantastic in all aspects!"
- C.Thad & Jacqueline Szymanowski
07/10/2018 16:16:00
"No complaints so far"
- Mike & Heidi Turpen
07/10/2018 15:43:24
"Staff is friendly and helpful. "
- Mary Jo & James Ford
07/10/2018 14:32:26
"I love the efficiency and upbeat staff and how everyone is so nice and especially so loving with Baby boy."
- Melinda Hayden
07/10/2018 14:29:11
"Every time we bring one of our pets into your establishment, both us and our pets are treated so well! Friendly staff. Quick appointments. And I love Dr. Johnson! Friendly and knowledgeable. We love you guys. "
- Kristin & Jason Teramoto
07/10/2018 14:28:57
"We love the treatment our dog MiMi is receiving."
- Tracie Estes
07/06/2018 06:31:23
"everything was great your staff, the tech helpers, doctor thanks for just caring"
- Elaine Gossett
06/30/2018 16:05:52
"each staff was so friendly and made my pup feel very comfortable. love the warm and inviting feeling. if they knew my pup was uncomfortable they did not force anything on him. will definitely recommend to family and friends"
- Donna Nanthasai
06/29/2018 04:41:20
"Dr Johnson and the staff were excellent listeners and gave us options when it came to Lucy’s care and surgery. Also, the recommended Antinol for her stiffness in the morning has worked wonders. She became like the puppy she once was. Of course the new hospital is gorgeous but we would have chosen Dr Johnson if he was still in the portable. I had lost trust with an earlier local vet and knew I was in the right place at Country Oaks"
- Brad & Pat Bates
06/29/2018 03:17:12
"You guys are awesome!"
- Janice Fitch
06/29/2018 01:42:04
"This was my first visit and I was very impressed. The entire staff was very nice and attentive. I will be boarding my cat with you next month and your boarding facility is very impressive. Frisco and I are glad to have found you!"
- Paula Cadloni
06/28/2018 23:39:22
"Staff was great. Not too much wait time. Nothing bad to say. "
- Jenni Plane
06/28/2018 23:29:23
"We think you guys are the best! "
- Josh and Vanessa Emmett
06/28/2018 22:00:11
"Everything exceeded my expectations. Thank you : )"
- Matt Kirson
06/28/2018 20:48:31
"Everyone was very respectful and caring!"
- Kimberly Knapp
06/26/2018 22:49:56
"I am always impressed with the helpful staff and the care that they give my cat."
- Julie and Dennis DeBacker
06/26/2018 00:46:25
"Everyone is so friendly. Very accommodating on phone when trying to schedule appointment or ask questions. And all are incredibly kind and patient and caring with my pets (2 cats and a dog). I was a little skeptical when the hospital transitioned to new owners but I love what you’ve done and the philosophy of pet care you promote. Very pleased. "
- Miriam Mayer
06/24/2018 23:39:13
"You are the kindest people that waffles Capri and I have ever met and we feel very fortunate."
- Cathy Tsakopoulos
06/24/2018 19:00:08
"Very good experience. I get the feeling that country oaks has Izzy's best interest in mind. Thank you!"
- Matt & Joy Drake
06/23/2018 17:02:46
"The office is beautiful and airy, the relaxed setting for a cat. I put his cage on the window sill, and he seemed relaxed by looking out the window. The tv in the room also gave him something to focus on. As did the welcome to walk around and explore the room. Putting down a towel and sprinkling some catnip on it was also helpful. I’m not sure if it was set up for me to do that before the assistant came in, but that would have been a good idea. All in all, it was about the easiest vet experience we’ve had, thanks to your thoughtfully designed facilities and friendly staff. Thank you!"
- Jennifer Quinn
06/22/2018 19:57:20
"Love you guys!!"
- Kristina & Andrew Mckee
06/22/2018 02:23:15
"we love Country Oaks … all the folks are particularly kind to US and our dog, LOLA, whom we ADORE. Grateful for ALL your care and concern. "
- Steve & Jane Ridenour
06/21/2018 20:19:39
"You guys are the best!!! Our dog can be very anxious and you all do the most you can, to make him feel comfortable. Thank you!"
- Kim & Justin Greene
06/21/2018 19:56:21
"All of the staff are amazing! They remember my pets, even when they aren't with me....."
- Michelle & James McDonald
06/21/2018 18:19:48
"I think you guys do a great job! Tex loves to visit."
- Cynthia Compton
06/19/2018 20:47:49
"This is the first time we used your clinic for actual vet services. I could not have been more impressed! From the front desk staff who kindly recommended using a blanket sprayed with pheromones in the waiting room, to the nice soft blanket on the exam table (WITH heated pad underneath), to Dr. Land sprinkling catnip down - the overall experience was incredible. The entire staff seemed to go out of their way to make Chester as comfortable as possible - and we really appreciated all of the effort! A+++ in my book!"
- Terry & Lori Moler
06/18/2018 13:43:49
"Cali seemed less anxious for her visit with you than another vet hospital. You are all so friendly and good information was given too."
- Dana Whalen
06/14/2018 23:43:40
"•Very clean waiting room and vet rooms •Caring vet •friendly staff •lots of parking"
- Dana Dickison
06/14/2018 15:22:31
"Staff handled my unclear prescription request with patience and competence."
- Anita Pane
06/13/2018 21:20:36
"Pleasant & friendly greetings from all reception staff. A 20 minute wait before seeing Dr. Land but not bad at all since we were the last appt. of the day. The new hospital/clinic building is fresh & tastefully decorated with lots of seating. The Veterinary Technician was very friendly and helpful."
- Vicki Andreotti
06/13/2018 21:17:25
"From start to finish, the hospitality for my fur baby and myself was top notch. Great care for my new kitten and explained everything so well. I know my kitten and I are in amazing hands!"
- Kristin Johnson
06/13/2018 17:31:43
"I don’t know how you do it, but Country Oaks always finds a way to minimize the “drama” of bringing my cats in! "
- Jim Hollenback
06/13/2018 03:04:38
"I appreciate the personalized service that we receive at each visit."
- Nancy & Dave Higgins
06/11/2018 03:12:30
"The service was quick. We got Gus in right away and everyone was helpful and kind to Gus."
- Heidi & Alex Taghavian
06/10/2018 21:24:00
"This was our first experience with Country Oaks Pet Hospital. We are grateful for your advise and help with our girl Dingo. We know that she doesn't have much time left but your advise will help us make the most of our remaining time. Thank you. "
- Jason Smith
06/10/2018 19:37:51
"I was impressed with the carefulness of the techs. They were very attentive to how she felt. I expected her to be very upset. She was content. In fact your tech encouraged me to be more patient. "
- Treva Kelly
06/08/2018 04:47:29
"No complaints, everyone is always really nice and helpful."
- Carson Meyer
06/07/2018 21:05:33
"I cant say I love coming to the office, cuz that means I had to get my kitty in his crate. What a chore! But once I am there, the staff and atmosphere are awesome. And the Drs care soo much for my furbaby. Top notch and I have recommended you to friends."
- Melissa Smith
06/05/2018 00:35:49
"Everything was just great, don't have anything negative to say. Staff is awesome, Dr Johnson is awesome."
- John & Keri Stevens
06/05/2018 00:01:21
"Everyone was pleasant and professional."
- Erin & Freddie Toles
06/03/2018 14:30:14
"Care by the doctor and entire staff has been excellent and supportive. No complaints not suggestions. "
- Valerie & Vincent Zukowski
06/03/2018 13:01:17
"Very kind and caring doctors and staff. Always on time!"
- Amy Moore
06/02/2018 21:41:42
"Great Veterinary hospital. The staff is very warm and friendly and the vets of been terrific. The new facility is amazing and we love it. We’re big fans. Thanks."
- John Hunter
06/02/2018 17:49:07
"Best visit I've ever had to a veterinary office"
- Scarlett Carmona
06/01/2018 23:09:09
"The office is very welcoming and relaxing. The staff are the same. Just had my first visit and don't plan on seeing anyone else for my dogs needs. "
- Eriq Perrault
06/01/2018 20:06:50
"Everything is wonderful, service is professional and friendly. The staff is always helpful and loving! Thank You!!!"
- Petra Martinez
06/01/2018 16:48:42
"Very relaxed atmosphere, very attentive and personal care. Even the various other pets people brought in were relaxed, some were excited to be there. That’s a first. "
- Scott & Susana Haggard
05/30/2018 18:21:22
"Everyone was so nice and helpful! "
- Emma Porter
05/30/2018 17:25:43
"The vet tech's were so friendly and loving. Great experience!"
- Linda & Dennis Shannon
05/28/2018 18:15:52
"Our experience was very good, we will bring our 15 year old Ruby back for a visit soon !"
- Mike & Kate Prado
05/27/2018 15:38:39
"I love the staff!!!"
- Heather Reeves
05/26/2018 21:12:56
"Fantastic Everyone is very nice, friendly and very helpful"
- Patricia Rothenbush
05/26/2018 18:39:06
"Everything was great. I felt that my dog was getting all of the attention he needed"
- Gabrielle Hawkins
05/26/2018 17:52:09
"You guys are AWESOME! I seriously have never had a better experience at the vet. As a first time puppy parent (I have always been a cat parent :-), I left your office feeling relieved, prepared, and totally excited about taking care of Freya. I appreciated your calm and competent approach and advice re: grooming, training, and healthcare. And, your office is BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for everything!! Paula"
- Paula Kenney
05/26/2018 17:51:59
"Great facility. Doctors are great. Quick to check in. No waiting around. Very nice!"
- Pamela Aguilar
05/26/2018 02:58:11
"Charlie was anxious so dr and vets helper could not see his ear issue bc he was Ansy and would not cooperate. I was sent home with earache medicine, anxiety medicine so he would be mellow next time he visits the vet and also ear cleaner. It was very thorough and helpful. Really like Dr Nataya"
- Bonnie Nelson
05/25/2018 04:58:41
"Staff helpful and caring"
- Tina Ingram
05/25/2018 03:47:11