"The Rx refill by phone and with outside pickup could not have gone more smoothly."
- Lindsley Cross
06/06/2020 20:08:11
"We don't have any suggestions for improvement. Your staff is competent and always friendly."
- Brian & Janet Davis
06/05/2020 23:21:46
"Everyone did great. We are all working on Cap being more comfortable at the vet. When COVID is over I plan on bringing him for a walk around so he can see it’s not scary there. Thank you for being patient with him. "
- Ashley Mockett
06/04/2020 23:59:19
"Curious, caring, efficient. And loved that I was given info for potential products, but not pressured "
- Kate Myers
06/04/2020 22:28:12
"You are wonderful with my dogs, I would never trust someone taking my dogs out of my site, but I completely trust leaving them with all of you, your kindness and concern for there well being is wonderful, thank you ."
- Kim Wagener
06/04/2020 02:52:44
"You did a good job. Thank you. "
- Angela Cabral
06/02/2020 16:29:21
"I was very pleased with the efficiency of the curbside service. It looks to be more effort on the part of the techs and I certainly appreciate all that the team does to take care of my babies! Although I miss the one on one with the staff, I understand why visits need to be conducted this way for the time being. Thank you for all that you do!"
- Marjorie Marshall
06/01/2020 21:42:44
"We like the calm and gent are provided by the associates at Country Oaks. Our kitties don’t get stressed during their visits. Thank you."
- Lisa Walker
06/01/2020 19:10:12
"The way you all handled the COVID safety precautions is better than the other vet that I have went to during this time. I felt you really took care of my dog and made sure he got quick and effective treatment as well as making sure we saved money on the treatment. "
- Jetai Lawson
06/01/2020 17:11:55
"This was our first visit and we were so impressed and happy. Thank you "
- Steve Grialou
05/31/2020 20:41:32
"You are wonderful and your caring for Aiko and Pele has changed our entire vet experience in a good way!"
- Kathy & Ken Mack
05/31/2020 00:05:55
"I could not get my large dog to get out of car but your tech was very helpful."
- John & Sharon Winkel
05/30/2020 16:03:54
"Thanks for keeping our Holland Lop bunny healthy and happy."
- Colin Spears
05/30/2020 13:23:25
"My first impressions of Country Oaks were nothing short of amazing. The attention they paid to my pet was great. We will be transferring all of our pets over. "
- Jane Jacklin
05/28/2020 21:34:34
"Did not receive the news I wanted but appreciated Dr. Johnson's honesty. Because of this we did not put my cat through tests that aren't going to prolong her life. Thanks for the honesty Dr. Johnson. We have a lot of other critters we will be bringing to you."
- Sally Medina
05/28/2020 19:42:55
"Always pleased with our visits there."
- Samuel & Marilyn Allison
05/28/2020 17:57:24
"Simple checkup was simple"
- William Stark
05/28/2020 15:27:11
"Posey is doing great! Thank you for being so attentive! Nicole"
- Nichole Minor
05/27/2020 16:34:31
"First time bring my 5 month old frenchie to the vet. It was tough not being able to go in with her due to the COVID-19 but they took great care of her and i was very pleased. "
- Angelica Apruebo
05/26/2020 22:11:54
"Every bit of the visit was pleasant and easy. Thank you! "
- Angie & Greg Sahnd
05/26/2020 19:44:34
"I had a pleasant experience visiting this pet hospital and will definitely be recommending and coming back. The visit was quick, thorough and insightful."
- Brandi Autor
05/26/2020 19:01:44
"I felt that Luna was in safe hands. You guys were also very accommodating when it came to budget! I was EXTREMELY pleased and relieved with the visit. "
- Brittany Moore
05/26/2020 17:18:16
"Everyone from scheduling to the pre-appt call and then through checking in were Profesional, efficient, kind and helpful. Dr Williams was so loving, kind and knowledgeable, as well as, considerate and professional! "
- Colleen & Larry Riley
05/26/2020 15:16:29
"Easy pick up of meds."
- Heidi Epling
05/25/2020 23:50:52
"For a first time customer and during these most challenging times, I was impressed by the professionalism and concern to keep us humans and our pets safe"
- Michelle Connor
05/25/2020 23:08:45
"Just miss being with my dogs while there. I understand why but feel for Luca as he is very scared. Dr. Johnson is wonderful. Jessie is great too. Thank you for taking such good care of them both. Angel is alive because of your wise protocols and treatment plan. ♥️"
- Jennifer Sadugor
05/25/2020 21:40:15
"Service is always excellent! I really appreciate the extra precautions in place because of COVID. The staff is always great too. They always listen and work well with both my dogs."
- Pamela Coleman
05/25/2020 19:11:58
"You all are doing a great job, especially with the circumstances! "
- Tracee Morgan
05/25/2020 14:57:14
"Our experience this time was so different, but couldn't have gone better! Our tech (Claire I think?) was soooo nice and thorough coming out to our car to get our pup. It was easy to sit and wait in the car and then take our payment over the phone while we waited. Thanks for prioritizing the health and safety of your staff and patients during this crazy time we're in - we love you guys! "
- Susan Cain
05/24/2020 22:39:23
- Cindy Scott
05/24/2020 16:08:08
"I truly feel my boy is getting the best care here, not to mention lots of yummy treats. At the previous vet, he would never go back willingly with a vet tech. With the current situation and animals being taken inside by a vet tech while we wait in the car, I wasn’t sure how willingly he would go. To my surprise, he went without hesitation! That says a lot! Country Oaks has done a phenomenal job continuing the care of our pets while keeping not only themselves but us customers safe as well. The building, inside and out is always well kept and clean. The staff is ALWAYS friendly and helpful. "
- Betty Chan
05/23/2020 22:36:21
"Prompt service fantastic. The vet explained things very well."
- Scott Aitken
05/23/2020 19:54:16
"Very good. Your new facility, protocols, and customer relations are great!"
- Chuck Schaller
05/23/2020 15:34:01
"Easy and comfortable for both Bailey and myself"
- Sarah Corcoran
05/23/2020 10:18:52
"That was my first time in the clinic and I loved it! Very friendly staff, great communication (via text message too, staff sent me a picture of my dog during the appt), the doctor was super friendly, very different than all the other experiences I had in other locations. "
- Monica Thomasini
05/22/2020 12:38:18
"Your being available to us is appreciated. I believe you have worked out a way to offer service in this restrictive period. Of course it is not the same as being face to face with Dr. Johnson. I’m thankful for all of the staff. I’m looking forward to getting back to normal."
- Vicki & Ross Robinson
05/20/2020 16:13:19
"Your virus protocols are excellent. Felt very safe and easy to communicate with staff. Our timid dog appreciates your gentle approach."
- Carolyn & Barry Martin
05/19/2020 19:20:52
"I appreciate the safety protocols and te service to my car! Thanks for all you do to keep us and our pets healthy!"
- Jackie & Nate Simon
05/19/2020 18:05:50
"Phenomenal visit! I’m a new customer and I was flabbergasted when my dog walked into the office with no fear, he didn’t even look back. I needed a new vet because my last one overcharged for unnecessary costs, sometimes he would up charge $90 for pointless services! I had the complete opposite experience here, I even received free goodies! My dog will have surgery this week, and I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t fully trust the staff and veterinarian. Thank you so much for caring about your patients and clients, I will most assuredly return! "
- Laura Dayton
05/19/2020 17:36:14
"Great customer service and always treat my pup and I so kindly. Top notch service!"
- Brittney Lightfield
05/19/2020 05:32:18
"Felt like they took excellent care of my dog... who isn't the friendliest when he visits the vet. "
- Marshall & Marie Milne
05/19/2020 03:16:59
"Very Good service I am pleased with my visit so much so thinking about changing vets"
- Susan Ferguson
05/17/2020 17:28:59
"Doing well given the ever changing and confusing COVID restrictions that are placed on people and businesses. "
- Kris & Erika Frank
05/16/2020 23:23:42
"Great curbside appointment! Thank you!"
- Heidi & Alex Taghavian
05/16/2020 00:10:25
"We think you're the best Pet Hospital we've ever been to. Friendly, and knowledgeable while putting the Mamas and Papas at ease. Just a great experience all around."
- Kenneth James
05/15/2020 22:56:39
"I like the way you have adapted to social distancing and keeping us safe while providing the best service to our pets! "
- Jarmila & Steve Carrie
05/15/2020 20:17:55
"Country Oaks is the best vet that I've ever been too. Everybody is so kind and helpful. I really like the happy dog kit. It made the visit stress free for me and my dog. "
- Brittainy Scott
05/15/2020 19:36:50
"I'm very impressed by the efficiency of how you handled my prescription order and delivery to my car!"
- Cosette Ladine
05/03/2020 03:10:11
"You guys are the bomb! We appreciate you taking great care of our fur baby. The process you have to handle social distancing protocols is perfect, and we look forward to coming back. "
- Jake Watkins
05/02/2020 19:19:13
"Great service, great advice and we really appreciate you giving the best care to our Lucas, even if he was pretty stubborn. "
- Nicole Ortega
05/02/2020 01:16:58
"Excellent service by staff. Doctor was so nice. Didn’t meet her of course but over the phone she was wonderful. I felt confident my lil girl was in perfect hands. "
- Susan Gray
04/30/2020 21:00:39
"Under the circumstances Of not be able to be with Holly ~ the technician was great I think his name was Justin ~ Holly seemed to like him🐶 The follow up call and diagnosis was prompt and the Vet explain everything thoroughly! So I was very pleased ~ great team and I thank you all 🥰🐶 Pam "
- Pam Estrada
04/30/2020 20:49:05
"Polite prompt practicing social distancing. Patient in answering questions. "
- Anna Boone
04/30/2020 16:40:47
"Thank you for handling this trying moment in our lives so expertly . I miss the interaction with your staff and personal time with the technician and vet, but things are as they are. Thank you "
- Elaine Gossett
04/30/2020 13:15:49
"Always get good care and friendly service."
- Rusty Barnett
04/29/2020 18:22:15
"You are doing great! especially considering the difficult times out there!"
- Roch & Bonnie Brunson
04/29/2020 18:11:40
"You've been great!!"
- James & Joyce Loehr
04/29/2020 17:59:45
"Last visit was just to get Mia’s nails did. Technician promptly came out to get Mia when I phoned on arrival. He didn’t just grab her through the window...he pet her first so she knew he was ok. Returned shortly with beautiful nails. All indications were that she enjoyed her visit."
- Ed Courson
04/29/2020 02:33:07
"Very happy place to come with my kids. Everyone is very nice and helpful."
- Patricia Rothenbush
04/28/2020 22:48:52
"Excellent communication with Dr. Friendly staff. Feeling of confidence high. "
- Kathie Pardi
04/28/2020 21:46:11
"With everything going on with covid 19, country oaks took extra precautions to ensure my pet Zoey and our family remain safe. The doctor called us and gave us a detailed report on Zoey’s allergies and provided us with steps to care for her"
- Sarah Rico
04/28/2020 20:22:27
"Everyone did their best under the difficult current circumstances. The vet tech who picked up the cat and returned him was very friendly and professional. "
- Janice Bowen
04/28/2020 03:32:59
"Amazing experience. You were able to get us in for a new kitten visit same day. Distancing procedures were explained clearly on the phone and couldn’t have been easier. Staff even texted me a photo of my kitten during the visit. I’ve already recommended Country Oaks to two friends. "
- Christie Hamm
04/27/2020 19:49:56
"Simple easy process especially during this COVID19 ordeal "
- Christopher Kershaw
04/27/2020 18:28:31
"I really appreciate how you are handling still being able to see pets during this Covid craziness. It was a relief to have my dog seen rather than needing to wait until the quarantine advisement relaxes."
- Ivy Williams
04/27/2020 17:07:55
"This is seriously the best Vet I’ve ever gone to. I moved here from Solano County and was worried about finding a new Vet but I could not be happier! I tell everyone how great you guys are :)"
- Brooke Knowles
04/26/2020 20:40:31
"You are doing very good. "
- Jennifer Moss
04/26/2020 17:14:57
"Excellent service, really impressed with how well you're handling covid-19 guidelines and happy to have been recommended to you :)"
- Eric Miskovic
04/26/2020 03:54:47
"I really appreciate your expertise and caring attitude. My dog isn't easy to handle, but you guys manage him very well. Special thanks to Dr. Imig!"
- Eric & Annette Nellen
04/26/2020 02:06:59
"The carsode service was great. Very friendly, concerned ,prompt ...."
- Stacy Williams
04/24/2020 16:10:27
"You were recommended by a friend, Mike Pryor. We have brought 2 animals in so far and both received excellent care. Reggie had to be referred to UCDavis as he had a cancerous tumor in his eyelid. The process was so efficient and your office did some of the aftercare. They coordinated very well with UCD. Your entire staff are very empathetic and caring and gentle with the animals and the owners! Your Covid-19 procedures are generous and very much appreciated."
- Sharon Kilgore
04/23/2020 23:26:40
"The staff are always very friendly and helpful. Quick service. Vet explained everything well and took time to answer my questions. Environment is very calming and always very clean; like an upscale vet but without the price gouging. Recommend this vet to anyone who asks. "
- Kylie Taylor
04/23/2020 21:20:45
"Very pleased with service received to date. "
- Mignon & Chris Nance
04/22/2020 21:23:59
"I appreciated the curbside pet dog off and that all staff were geared up with protective gear. "
- Peter & Shannon Foucault
04/22/2020 18:23:50
"Was wonderful experience! Beginning with scheduling and the friendly and accommodating front office staff, the technicians who gently guided our senior dog from the car and thorough and compassionate examination given by Dr Chiu. The friendly and fear-free approach was just what we were looking for!"
- Diane Chidlaw
04/21/2020 22:10:09
"My baby girl is very sweet and mellow but I have the dog Paw Paw it's a bit angry snipper and I thank and appreciate tender you guys are with him we always feel special when we leave thank you so much"
- Kelly Carrell
04/21/2020 17:54:33
"We love Country Oaks Pet Hospital! We drive all the way from Natomas to visit your hospital, we love the way you treat our fur baby and are so happy with the service of all staff members. Thank you!"
- Chalena Guinn
04/20/2020 21:15:42
"I only had one visit but it was a great experience everyone was nice keept me inform and explain everything verry thougroly and answered all my questions they provided me with all the info I needed at home I had to call the after hours number and they were great answering my questions and easing my fears "
- Kenneth Myers
04/20/2020 17:37:16
"Service was excellent"
- Scott Lippi
04/20/2020 17:23:55
"Couldn't be happier with the service and care we've received."
- Ken Fox-Magri
04/19/2020 23:49:29
"Excellent process for animal care while maintaining social distancing."
- Kevin Hopkins
04/19/2020 21:18:12
"Very good!"
- Emily Carter
04/19/2020 21:13:43
"Considering this was my first time here. And we couldn’t go in with our dog because of the covid situation. We had an amazing experience. Everyone was nice and took their time with my anxious pit bull. It’s always a worry that people will judge my baby because of the stigma of having a pitbull. But they made us both feel comfortable. I appreciate that so much. "
- Luz Vazquez
04/19/2020 20:55:39
"Always so helpful with all I've been through with my pets. They understand that my pets are family and do everything to make them comfortable at every visit. They are the best pet hospital I've ever used. Thank you "
- Michelle Day
04/19/2020 20:15:17
"Thanks for adapting to the current situation. We appreciate knowing that our fur children will continue to have their needs met."
- David & Michaeline Veden
04/18/2020 19:49:43
"Very professional, love the nurses they are very easy to talk to and just super awesome! The vet/Dr. is super helpful and didn't seem like other vets that I have gone to who seem like they just want your money! i appreciated the extra time taken to answer questions and call back with updates in a timely fashion. 10/10 will definitely continue to use country oaks pet hospital for future needs."
- Carly Dingler
04/18/2020 19:47:09
"I think all of you are doing an excellent job during this pandemic that we’re having. Keep up the good work all of you! Chad is the best. :)"
- Mischele Bramble
04/18/2020 19:21:26
"Everyone is so friendly and professional, and I absolutely love the adorable bandanas provided for each pet."
- Karen Kan
04/18/2020 18:40:50
"Everyone I encounter here is so nice -- and genuinely so! I appreciate the care, concern for my pup and the exceptional customer service for us humans."
- Kelsey Lawson
04/18/2020 17:54:41
"Team was kind, courteous, and professional. Best experience I have had at any vet in town"
- Dustin Lindgren
04/18/2020 17:38:52
"The curbside service, was great!"
- Frederick Doka Jr.
04/18/2020 17:17:13
"Doing fine, no need to change"
- Sally Erickson
04/18/2020 16:37:49
"I think you're doing a great job pivoting during this pandemic and adapting to new ways in customer service. I was able to pay over the phone for my pet medication and was told to call once I arrived and the medication would be brought out to my car. The service worked perfectly and the PPE clad representative was kind and nice. Great job!"
- Laurie Miller
04/17/2020 19:32:38
"You all are SO incredibly friendly, caring and transparent. I really appreciate how quick you all work and answer all questions easily. I know providing care has become a bit tricky during this pandemic but you all are doing a wonderful job. Thank you for taking care of our puppers. "
- Maddie Dart
04/16/2020 21:22:45
"Nothing bad to report. Just excellent care."
- Melissa Schirmer
04/16/2020 19:17:04
"Curbside pickup/care is working great. Thank you!"
- Silvana Volpe
04/16/2020 18:20:29
"Just had the first visit and very impressed with the care and follow up, as well as open communication "
- Steve Traversi
04/15/2020 22:26:25
"The team here is awesome, so excited we were able to be a client "
- Andrew Thomas
04/15/2020 22:17:05
"You are doing great! Louie is recuperating slowly but well.He’s eating a little and sleeping a lot. In addition to your great care for him, I have to thank three of your young men for taking care of me when my car died in the parking lot. A push, a jump-start with cables are surely above and beyond the job specs! Thank you; keep up the great care!"
- Kathy Waugh
04/15/2020 18:15:58
"Even with COVID precautions in place, the staff did a terrific job taking care and comforting our dog and us. They knew their protocols and information and seemed to carry out tasks efficiently."
- Dori Anne Alpert
04/15/2020 16:01:34