"The staff was great and very knowledgeable and friendly. Will recommend this hospital to others who n need a vet."
- Jennifer Lafoon
10/14/2019 23:01:57
"We are doing great. "
- Jennifer Moss
10/10/2019 16:14:04
"Best ever !"
- Jen Strawn
10/09/2019 23:40:29
"Really great! Appreciate being open on Sunday and having available appointments same day. "
- Deyna Montes
10/09/2019 02:35:11
"Amazing experience for us all! Harry HATES riding in the car and going the 50 mile round trip to his old vet! Country Oaks is 5 minutes from the house and he did not mind that at all! Our vet tech was simply awesome!! In fact I am moving our dog's records to you as well!! THANK YOU!!"
- Brenda & Donal Davis
10/08/2019 23:34:27
"Very good your tech was prompt and took great care of Tina and Tina does not mind coming there that is a good thingi"
- Darrell & Christine Mann
10/08/2019 01:22:33
"For our first visit you guys were amazing. You made Uli feel very comfortable. You gave me all the information I asked for and full explanation of all procedures and treatment plans. It's really nice to come to an office that really cares about the animals needs. Thank You and I look forward to future visits. Uli thanks you for all the nibbles she got. Allison Boon"
- Allison Boon
10/07/2019 15:03:16
"I'm totally happy with my experience at Country Oaks. The doctors are excellent, the staff very helpful and able. I've been coming to Country Oaks with my dogs since about 1968, and it is still as wonderful as ever."
- Shirley Nelson
10/06/2019 22:15:40
"Excellent service from the get go. Warming welcoming and thorough service throughout. This will be our vet home for Armi. "
- Kristina Arnold
10/06/2019 18:31:21
"margo seemed happy and well taken care off-i know she was loved and spoiled while i was gone-good job"
- Lois Davies
10/06/2019 03:00:05
"I CAN'T be more pleased ,Thank you for everything!!!"
- Tamiko Hill
10/05/2019 20:42:17
"I was very impressed with the service I received "
- Vanessa Favero
10/04/2019 23:27:23
"You are doing a great job."
- Vicki & Tom Corda
10/04/2019 22:40:49
"We always have a good experience! "
- Jarmila & Steve Carrie
10/04/2019 18:35:27
"Friendly, helpful staff. "
- Raelynn Sharp
10/02/2019 18:39:37
"Really am impressed with your entire team. "
- Kurt & Marta Schmal
10/01/2019 18:08:28
"You all are Great! Thank You!!!"
- Petra Martinez
10/01/2019 18:07:28
"All is well so far."
- Kurt & Kathy Lauer
10/01/2019 17:51:16
"Great! Dr. J was on vacation and Hatley saw Dr. Chiu twice and she’s terrific! We love everyone at Country Oaks - Harley thinks it’s SO FUN to go there, even when he’s going for his monthly allergy shots! 😊"
- Christine & Todd Sanfilippo
10/01/2019 17:23:14
"Easy to access "
- Geraldine Jimenez
10/01/2019 17:16:04
"Very efficient, super clean and terrific advice for taking care of my older dog"
- Mary & Jim Ray
10/01/2019 16:58:49
"I love how all the staff treated Joey like family! "
- Madison White
10/01/2019 15:46:45
"Great first visit, Dr. Imig was so friendly and knowledgeable. She took so much time with Sage and I during her visit. Thank you Country Oaks for having an exotic veterinarian on staff."
- Diane & Richard Hall
09/30/2019 14:10:46
"Always a good visit "
- Dan Howard
09/27/2019 23:53:30
"Zoe and I had a great experience, I know the news were not the greatest but our experience definitely was! Keep up the excellent work to keep our pets healthy and happy!"
- Marita Pardini
09/27/2019 22:56:16
- Denise Cummings
09/27/2019 16:59:54
"Excellent care and very patient with my anxious dog."
- Leticia Dickinson
09/25/2019 15:48:11
"A+++ :)"
- Nathaniel Gessner
09/24/2019 17:24:05
"First impressions- everyone was very nice and the facility was super clean. One of Country Oaks priorities is ensuring our pet is comfortable - super important to me as my dog gets very anxious. Being roomed and seen before my appointment time was amazing!! Chad was great, gave my dog a treat as soon as he walked in. Dr. Imig was really nice and really listened to all my concerns. So far, very happy with our first appointment and experience. Only “bad” thing I would mention is I would like to see a trash bin outside somewhere. Luckily my dog didn’t have any business to do but if he did, I would bag it up but don’t have anywhere to toss it. "
- Betty Chan
09/24/2019 00:19:49
"We are delighted with this new version of Country Oaks. It has never been better!"
- Linda R. Miller
09/22/2019 19:59:25
"Everyone from the docs to the techs is very courteous and great with my dog."
- Christiane & Steve Heckeroth
09/22/2019 17:35:42
"I like that every thing is taken care of in the examining room. That’s efficient. "
- Judy & Norman Reyes
09/22/2019 14:34:48
"Always happy with our visits with Delta and Jude. My experience with the staff from the front desk to the vet techs has always been positive. Since Dr Johnson’s arrival at Country Oaks I can’t imagine going to any other pet clinic. "
- Janice & Dennis Emerson
09/22/2019 14:26:47
"I love how quickly Hansi can get an appt. I love the care he gets and how my concerns are addressed ."
- Linda Larkin
09/22/2019 14:13:47
"Outstanding care as always. No complaints!"
- Monika Wilson
09/20/2019 05:16:23
"Awesome -when I call you are patient and listen to What is going on and getting my kids in as soon as possible (non -emergency) do not do unnecessary tests and are up front and honest "
- Nancy Kidd
09/20/2019 02:15:38
"We think you are doing fantastically and thank-you! We are always so pleased as to how not only our pets are cared for but also how we are treated. Kudos!"
- Roch & Bonnie Brunson
09/18/2019 20:21:09
"We love you! We are so happy with the way you deal with our “not so easy” dog! We appreciate your help and support! We love your flexible hours, which makes it so much easier to access the best care for our pets!"
- Jill & Eric Nakagawa
09/18/2019 04:41:49
"Great snacks, environment and amazing mindfulness for our furry babies calm states and wellbeing in the entire process!! "
- Erika & Jason Hopper
09/17/2019 22:32:05
"Polite staff, DVM was receptive to client related issues. We believe the needs of our pet were addressed with a prompt, thorough, and fiscally responsibly."
- Katherine Parker
09/16/2019 21:15:23
"All went well Greeted at reception, the Garden room worked well for Finn and so appreciate Jesse and Karen they work so well with Finn and explain details. "
- Linda Grant
09/15/2019 19:29:40
"I felt that Dr. Chew was very experienced & kind to my dog."
- Cheri Zine
09/13/2019 20:59:04
"Wonderful customer service! I appreciate the care and willingness of staff to accomodate all types of animals, especially if they are nervous or calm. I have no complaints!"
- Erin Philleo
09/12/2019 21:56:28
"Best vet I have been too, and believe me I have been to them all. I am recommending you to everyone who asks."
- Katherine Nolan
09/11/2019 23:30:54
"You are doing fine"
- Mary Gilbert
09/11/2019 17:08:57
"Everyone was so nice! And the environment is so welcoming"
- Autumn Wagoner
09/10/2019 19:57:10
"We love the kindness and compassion Country Oaks Pet Hospital staff always shows us at every visit. Keep up the great work!"
- Seidy Godinez
09/10/2019 17:59:49
"We felt very welcomed. The doctor and the RVTs made an effort to calm down my anxious cat. "
- Rachel Rojas
09/10/2019 16:15:59
"This was my first time in the office. I was very happy with Marley and I’s treatment. The staff was friendly and helpful. I was surprised how nice the exam rooms were. Marley was very happy which is unusual for her at a vet office. I will happily be bringing my other pets in soon."
- Angela Lyle
09/09/2019 21:28:37
"First let me say the new place is amazing! I started going to Country Oaks in 1983 and ended going there about 3 years ago (moved to southern edge of area and went to a VCA near my house. That pooch passed and when I got a new one I went to a different VCA near my house but I wasn't happy there. I am now back with COPH and am so pleased. Everyone was/is so kind and caring at COPH and I am so pleased my newest dog (new to me - she's almost 13 years old) is receiving attention from Dr. Johnson and the wonderful people there."
- Roanna Krisko
09/09/2019 19:53:17
"Extremely happy to have found a pet hospital with affordable prices, excellent quality services, educated staff and passionate doctors."
- Jessica Nguyen
09/08/2019 18:03:59
"Staff is very helpful and responsive."
- Marshall & Marie Milne
09/08/2019 00:37:59
"We love you! and Pele and Aiko seem to also like it. They are no longer stressed by their visits to the vet. j Everyone we've met have been so caring. "
- Kathy & Ken Mack
09/07/2019 17:44:59
"No improvement needed --- all 5 star ---- receptionist Patrice, vet assistant Vicki, & Dr Imig"
- Judith Thompsom
09/07/2019 16:04:48
"We love your clinic. We bring Madam MiMi our German Shepherd to your office to see Dr Johnson. We are especially impressed by his professionalism and kindness. The staff is very nice and knowledgeable."
- Tracie Estes
09/05/2019 21:27:53
"I thought everyone was professional and efficient."
- Colleen & Larry Riley
09/05/2019 19:05:19
"I just love the atmosphere that you've created there and so appreciated the care Gus was given when he was feeling so unwell. Having the vet tech come out to the car to check on him while we were waiting for his appointment time in case he needed emergency care was so appreciated. I feel so confident that Country Oaks is the best place for his care. Thank you!"
- Melinda Stawicki
09/05/2019 15:06:53
"The setting is so comforting inside. The special touch with the calming oil bandanna and the tongue depressor treat was very special. This is not my primary vet but in the future I will definitely be coming back. Thank you for a wonderful experience, Tracy Henry"
- Tracy Henry
09/03/2019 22:10:54
"I couldn’t be happier with the care we received "
- Randi Knott
09/03/2019 18:15:25
"My dog doesn’t seem to be anxious when he meets with his vet"
- Patricia Rosser
09/03/2019 17:39:54
"I had a great experience bringing Macaroni in! We both felt very comfortable and I appreciate all the distraction treats given to him when he received his shots :)"
- Elena Ortiz
09/03/2019 16:15:55
"I know it's so simple, but even just having the little welcome sign for Artemis with the bow and arrow drawn on it was an attention to detail that was surprisingly sweet. They took gentle, patient care of my kitty and the diagnosis was made in an upfront, professional way. I appreciate everything! There were so many things to comfort my distressed cat and I also took comfort in knowing that you guys actually care! I will recommend you guys to everyone!"
- Kelly Lorah
09/03/2019 16:15:28
"I truly like that clients can pay their bill in the exam room. It totally cuts down on the animal's anxiety. I was unsure how the "no fear" model would work. But both of my dogs seem to be responding in a positive way. Thank you."
- Linda Foster-Hall
09/03/2019 16:09:47
"All the staff were fantastic! I loved that the environment is like being in a nice home rather than a typical hectic, loud vet clinic. Also, it's common sense to have a separate side for cats vs. dogs as this place does. My sheltie was totally calm & stress free. This was my 1st time using this vet & I will definitely be back!! Thank you!"
- Bonnie Andrade
09/03/2019 16:05:45
"The receptionist, ver technician and doctor were all wonderful. I loved how thorough our doctor Is and how she would explain each area that was examined including us in the journey. Our new puppy loved our doctor immediately giving her big kisses. That’s always a great sign. We also love how they go out of their way to make your pets feel comfortable with soothing music or Ocean Sounds and finding their favorite treat. The remodel that they did is amazing. I have never seen such a aesthetically pleasing vet that makes you feel at home and comfortable "
- Paige Tiffany
09/03/2019 16:02:33
"Loved everything about our first visit. "
- Nancy Reid
09/02/2019 17:13:30
"Excellent care! Thanks for seeing us on short notice. Foxy is doing great!"
- Adam Heinicke
08/31/2019 02:30:04
"So grateful I found country oaks. Genuinely cared to help my kitty. Explained the treatment plan and cost. Even went above and beyond the plan out of the kindness of their hearts. Can’t thank you all enough. "
- Victoria Flores
08/30/2019 21:19:54
"You guys are the best! "
- Vanessa Reinhardt
08/30/2019 18:17:28
"I love the personal touches in the exam room when we walk in. The fun pup treat (whip cream in a cone) and the care the team takes with each dog. The wait times once you get into the room are a little long. "
- Elizabeth Ross
08/28/2019 22:12:41
"Karen was the tech that gave Andy his shot. She was very kind, soft spoken and gentle. It was a very satisfactory visit. Karen also took the time to answer my questions and explain things to me."
- Cheryl Starr
08/28/2019 18:25:24
"Took care of my dogs issue . He is better now😃"
- Tim Doda
08/27/2019 16:08:18
"I love the experience here. Lily my pup loves you guys too you all do so well at handling her "
- Hannah Yang
08/27/2019 05:23:25
"It was my first visit, and I was really impressed with the staff, as well as how accommodating they are to all of our beloved pets. The hospital is beautiful as well."
- Kathy Rhodes
08/27/2019 02:32:46
"Very relaxed stress free first visit. Staff very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. "
- Terrence Soohoo
08/27/2019 01:32:33
"My dog was treated with love and respect. I appreciated the time the Dr and assistant spent with us. Very knowledgeable and caring"
- Carl & Jodi Simmons
08/26/2019 20:33:16
"Excellent care and customer service when ever we are there. We feel like part of the Country Oaks family"
- Angela & Michael Justice
08/26/2019 20:29:13
"Winnie wags his tail from car exit to car entry when he visits! Doesn’t even slow his tail down when getting a shot!! Everyone is his friend, even when treating him"
- Katharyn Cooper
08/26/2019 19:08:06
"I love bringing my kitty to Country Oaks. The technicians and the veterinarians are wonderful. You can feel the love they feel for all the animals that come into the facility. "
- Madeline Spitz
08/26/2019 16:16:05
"I'm grateful there are vets who understand and care for anxious, aggressive dogs without judgment. I love that Lita can start with the outdoor exam room and work her way into the building in the future without being rushed. Jesse, while under threat of my dog Lita, did a great job of getting us set up and being very understanding. Dr. Chiu was amazing! I have never had such a relaxed experience with a vet. Even with dogs I've had over the years who didn't have fear problems. I'm used to being part of my own health care treatment team but never my dog's. Dr. Chiu respected me and Lita as members of Lita's treatment team. I was happy to see Lita walk over to Dr. Chiu and ask for more treats. Loray (spelling?) started us all off by allowing me to visit the practice and took the time to answer my questions. Relaxed owner = relaxed dog. I'm going to let Dr. Stelow and Michelle over in Behavior at UCD to recommend more clients/patients to Country Oaks! Thank you for respecting me and accepting Lita."
- Florence Soares'Dabalos
08/26/2019 15:50:24
"So awesome that you have early morning appointments and you place is immaculate "
- Lori Porter
08/22/2019 20:50:08
"It was a wonerful experience. I will be returning."
- Meagan Anderson
08/22/2019 17:44:21
"We were so thankful you were able to fit us in on short notice. We appreciated the warm welcome and the attention our boy received!"
- Angela Murray
08/22/2019 16:45:15
"I really enjoyed our first puppy visit. The place smelled wonderful, and they really took their time with my shy puppy."
- Sharon Binau
08/21/2019 23:10:11
"Simply GREAT!"
- Patt & Don Oyen
08/21/2019 19:46:36
"Everything was great. Love the calming scarves 🧣 "
- John & Susette Drewes
08/21/2019 03:32:27
"I think Dr. Johnson is a wonderful vet and I trust him completely with Bobby's care as well as with my other cats' care. He is extremely knowledgeable. The staff is very helpful and caring and they make you feel very welcome there."
- Nancy Cowan
08/20/2019 22:07:04
"best care ever !"
- Randy & Teresa Genis
08/20/2019 18:20:36
- Mike & Heidi Turpen
08/20/2019 14:35:44
"Always very efficient and friendly!!"
- Melinda Hayden
08/19/2019 14:14:01
"I was a new pet parent. I was completely impressed with the decency, effectiveness and talent of your staff. My dog is now improving"
- Dean Conrad
08/18/2019 20:30:33
"I think you guys go above & beyond the usual Vet experience. I’ve never been to a vet like this. Tessa was excited for the rest of the evening. She actually had fun, no poking or holding down. I’ll definitely be back."
- Sean Crosby
08/18/2019 03:49:15
"Doctor Johnson and his staff take excellent care of our fur babies Scout and Bella."
- Lou & Izetta Spinazze
08/14/2019 20:48:51
"I love how gentle you guys are with my cat and how you all do your best to keep her comfortable. I was also pleased that you guys went above and beyond to help me when I had issues with my CareCredit. The only complaint I have is that the prescription food is a bit pricey but I also understand that you all aren't really in control of the pricing. Overall, though, I'm always pleased with my experience at this office!"
- Belinda Armstrong
08/14/2019 20:04:37
"No waiting when arriving for an appointment and am able to get appointments for my schedule Love the TLC you give my cat and how everyone talks to him, as he is very communicative."
- Jodi Dorsey
08/13/2019 21:06:13
"Positive for the first time visit, thank you for taking Chocolate as a walk-in. Great appreciation and touch with the personalized dog name signage and the bandana. We have seen good ratings on Yelp."
- Michael Lee
08/12/2019 21:04:29
"Overall better than my last vet place , great customer service ,nice staff and tech , seems caring to my fur baby , pleasant visit . "
- Meuy Saeteurn
08/12/2019 19:48:27
"Everything was great. It was the perfect environment for my anxious dog. Everyone was so nice and my dog was much calmer than usual due to the atmosphere there. Being taken right into the exam room without having to wait in a waiting room with other dogs made a big difference"
- Debby Brown
08/12/2019 17:26:44
"I appreciated the lady carrying the 20 pound bag of food to my car. I have a disability that you can't tell so it was greatly appreciated."
- Cheryl & Nathan Sherman
08/12/2019 17:26:36
"All went wonderfully. We and Sugar were comfortable with all information and treatments."
- Maureen & Alan Lancaster
08/12/2019 17:18:28