"Wouldn't change a thing for us our experience is always wonderful!!!! "
- Jessica Enoingt
02/17/2019 23:56:26
"We are very happy w the care and attention our pets get from the doctors and staff."
- C.Thad & Jacqueline Szymanowski
02/17/2019 18:55:54
"The moment I stepped into the office it was so visually and physically appealing it had a very calming relaxing, non clinical feeling. Also the staff was very welcoming and friendly."
- Daneanne McHale
02/17/2019 16:39:23
"This is the best vet hospital. I totally trust bringing my furbabies here "
- Michael Labelle
02/17/2019 01:35:00
"Dr. Johnson and his staff at Country Oaks are awesome! I would never consider going anywhere else with my cats as I feel they are in the best hands there."
- Nancy Cowan
02/16/2019 22:10:38
"All of the staff are great with the animals. Dr. Johnson is Amazing! We won't be going anywhere else. "
- Tammy Sanchez
02/15/2019 20:49:38
"Over the last twenty years, I’ve lived in three states and have had a variety of experiences taking my different kitties to the vet . Country Oaks was far and away the best veterinary experience I’ve ever had! Everyone I encountered there was caring and responsive. Between the pheromone covered blankets to calm my kitty, the peaceful videos(ocean, rainfall, etc) playing in every exam room, and the obvious love shown to my baby, I was beyond satisfied with my experience! I also really appreciated how quickly she was able to be seen. Additionally, the pricing was more than fair. Country Oaks turned a really stressful experience into something positive! Thank you!"
- Molly Helkow
02/15/2019 19:44:26
"Vet assistants very knowledgeable and developed excellent rapport with our two cats. Covered their crates w felliway blankets and let them walk around room. Cats not traumatized, very calm. Vet exam went well. Good advice about feeding cats. Shots and flea med application went well. Had questions about Buster our puppy, who apparently became vicious at the groomers. Prescribed anxiety med for next grooming appointment. "
- Dewey & Jeanette Willis
02/15/2019 17:33:32
"We had a good experience. The new facilities are lovely and the exam room was very comfy and welcoming. Both the vet and tech were gentle and caring with my cat. "
- Kathy Albiani
02/15/2019 01:29:51
"Everything was great!"
- Haleigh Scott
02/14/2019 17:33:32
"I had to bring my pup Laker in for a dental cleaning and to get some teeth extracted. The staff at Country Oaks is so nice and professional they made me feel comfortable with the whole procedure and process. It’s hard to find a great vet office but so far my experiences with Country Oaks has been second to none. I want to give a special shout out to Karen for taking extra special care of Laker on his day of surgery. She was outstanding the whole day and kept me updated with what was going on so I didn’t worry. She’s a huge asset to the office with her calm, professional demeanor. "
- Robert Foltz
02/14/2019 00:58:11
"Friendly and professional with a devoted policy of making Our pets as comfortable and stress-free as possible. This is very impressive."
- John Hunter
02/13/2019 23:13:31
"Front office is terrific, as is the tech staff. My first encounter with Dr Katie was very reassuring, she will be my dog’s vet from now on. Don Janes and McCovey and Burton "
- Donal Janes
02/13/2019 22:12:24
"Great 👍🏽 "
- Marta Williams
02/06/2019 20:45:38
"They remember Hops’ temperament, and handled him with care and empathy. Thanks for helping us work on his fear of the doctor!"
- Tracy Wong
02/05/2019 03:52:15
"The entire staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. We love bringing our doggies here. All of our questions are answered quickly and completely. "
- Joshua & Krista Brand
02/04/2019 23:06:06
"Very nice, calm staff and environment. I love the little doggy scarves to calm them down - it worked perfectly on my dog. I’m very happy with our visit and with the vet."
- Victoria Vryonis
02/04/2019 19:02:12
"Good service. Lily our cat came away in very good mood. "
- Carl & Jini Bauer
02/04/2019 18:14:16
"Everyone is so helpful and determined to make our visit a good experience, thank you!"
- Petra Martinez
02/03/2019 06:44:51
"Everything went so smoothly and I love how all family members including our dog were treated with respect. They took into consideration how our dog reacts to strangers really well and got on his level to make everything more smooth. As it was our first time at Country Oaks, I was a bit nervous from previous vet encounters, but the place was so welcoming, I calmed down quickly. The vet and tech were really knowledgeable and explained everything very clearly, I did not feel the need to ask many questions. I had no bad experiences to report."
- Client New
02/02/2019 08:29:14
"Everyone is always so kind and considerate. I really appreciate all you do. :):):):):):)"
- John & Keri Stevens
02/02/2019 03:14:05
"We always enjoy the care our pets receive."
- Joseph & Michele Rovito
02/01/2019 18:04:38
"I love this office. Everyone is so helpful, on time and office is beautiful. The vet techs and vets are so kind and knowledgeable!"
- Amy Drobny
01/31/2019 22:39:17
"Very friendly staff. Nice follow up call from the actual vet. Nice!"
- Raelynn Sharpe
01/31/2019 19:45:28
"Xander had an amazing visit. The care was excellent, staff incredible and Xander is doing much better. Thank you! "
- Erin Norwood
01/31/2019 18:12:37
"Everyone from the front office staff to the veterinarians have always been wonderful. So, thank you. "
- Beau Stevens
01/31/2019 01:16:34
"Our experience was very satisfactory in every way, both with the vet teck and with Dr. Johnson"
- Elaine Weihman
01/31/2019 00:13:54
"Dogs enjoy the attention they get. The staff is friendly and courteous."
- Stephen & Mirta Rhoads
01/30/2019 18:50:37
"I was so pleased that you trimmed my cats nails in the exam room instead of taking them to the back room. They were so much more relaxed. Thanks for the positive change."
- Linda & Dennis Shannon
01/30/2019 17:05:30
"All great!"
- Mary Fugere
01/30/2019 02:11:30
"Dr. Johnson and his staff were great with my little nervous kitty Sassy. She was feral when I found her at 10 weeks old and she's still afraid of strangers but she was very calm with them. Thank you !"
- Beth & Greg Buderus
01/29/2019 19:27:12
"Golden had a serious surgery and is doing well"
- Cynthia (Miki) Teixeira
01/29/2019 17:53:21
" Country Oaks Pet Hospital are very kind and gentle with my little babies . They are extremely thorough . They are always on time ! Country Oaks Pet Hospital is one of the best In Sacramento !"
- Cathy Tsakopoulos
01/29/2019 17:29:15
"Everything was great except the price! "
- Julie Tait
01/27/2019 21:17:29
"It’s all great..."
- Jon & Paula Beck M. D.
01/27/2019 03:23:53
"It is great that everyone knows us. Last year there were what seemed like long waits but you have taken care of that. Your technician is very good with the dogs. People at desk are always cordial. "
- Valerie & Vincent Zukowski
01/26/2019 20:45:03
"My little Sadie gets so excited when she comes in to see you, she loves her treats that Jeff and all the front desk give her."
- Wanda Mozdy
01/26/2019 20:09:54
"I really like that all of the staff loves your pet. It is easy to get an appt and the wait is not long. "
- Bonnie Bozich
01/26/2019 15:23:41
"Everyone is very professional and easy to deal with from the ime we come in the door to final payment. Very nice clinic."
- Glenn Chambers
01/26/2019 00:08:44
"Very impressed compared to the old location - my family has been bringing our pets here for over 25 years. New ownership and management has gone above and beyond to provide an upperclass experience and go the extra mile for our pets."
- Shannon & Teddy Morrow
01/25/2019 21:25:31
"I love the friendly atmosphere and calm environment. I've never been worried about my cat's stress levels while I'm there, even when you're busy. I am very happy with the quality of care received. I can be rather picky when it comes to vets, but I'm happy here."
- Hannah Orlando
01/25/2019 18:51:29
"Teddy is pretty nervous when we come to the office, but the Vet Techs are always very good with him. I think the calming scarf really helped Teddy. He wouldn't even lick the cheese before his shot, but afterwords he loved the treats."
- Cathy & Norman Nickeson
01/25/2019 16:14:38
"Our pets have never received anything but excellent care from Dr. Johnson and his wonderful staff. Dr. Johnson and his wife Lisa have been by our side in happy times and sad times. They are caring and compassionate, and I know our pets are receiving the best care possible. All of their staff are great, and we love that Chad has also been there for us for years. The new facility is breathtaking and their treatment of pets and customers is exemplary. We love Country Oaks!"
- Ron & Deborah Childs
01/25/2019 06:31:38
"Luther had a wonderful experience."
- Katherine & Doug Brandenburg
01/24/2019 21:26:39
"The technician that came in and first looked Rojo over was very friendly and took steps to ensure he was comfortable with what she needed to do to check him over. Overall experience was a positive one. Everyone was professional and we would definitely be coming back for future needs."
- Sylvia Rojas
01/24/2019 18:59:07
"We have been very happy with country oaks since moving into the area. Last week was very hard for us as we had to let Jasper go Tuesday and then had an appt for tracker Saturday. When walking in I did not consider that walking into the clinic would be hard for me. all of the staff was very helpful and caring during the visit and made me feel comfortable. "
- Jose & Beth Olagues
01/24/2019 18:53:08
"We just moved here from TN and were very impressed with the overall experience at Country Oak Appliance. The staff was great and facilities top notch! The receptionist and the techs went above and beyond to make sure that all needs and wants were met! "
- JP and Bethany Watson
01/24/2019 06:35:48
"Very impressed with all employees and the new facility is beautiful. Loved the little chalk welcome sign in the room and the menu of treats and viewing options. "
- Randy Rinehart
01/23/2019 19:51:12
"We have been pleased with the care of our pets (Sammie & Diego) have received. The staff is very caring and I can tell they want to provide the best, least traumatic visit possible. I liked the way the tech got down on the floor and just opened the carriers to give them their rabies shots."
- Kathleen Rodriguez
01/23/2019 18:52:12
"We think you are all doing AWESOME!! Your process for bringing pets in to private patient area, visiting with us in the room about our pet, taking our pet for vaccinations or whatever medical care is needed and then checking us out and delivering prescriptions while still in the private patient area, lead to LESS DRAMA in the waiting area and LESS STRESS on pets and owners. We have always received the highest quality of care for our dog and we are grateful because she is a healthy, happy 12 year old!! THANK YOU!!"
- Steve & Jane Ridenour
01/23/2019 16:54:23
"Everything was great! "
- Heather Robertson
01/23/2019 16:43:15
"Great job! My dog, Tia was especially glad she was brought into the room right away, which was lovely to be greeted with a personalized welcome sign. The entire hospital is clean and very inviting. The technicians were friendly and helpful and Dr,. Johnson knowledgable and kind. Keep us the good work!"
- Bette Burrows
01/17/2019 02:06:36
"Beautiful hospital, Great staff"
- Randy & Teresa Genis
01/16/2019 06:37:17
"The rooms were very clean and the tvs were a cool touch. The staff were very warm and friendly, you can tell they really enjoy what they do."
- Timothy Watts
01/16/2019 03:40:53
"All staff is super friendly and helpful. I brong Gracie in once a week to get Sub-Q fluids. Sometimes when I am walking in the staff is already prepping the room for Gracie. Although, going to the Vet isn't Gracie's favorite time. I know and trust she is in good hands. "
- Elizabeth Dill
01/15/2019 20:45:14
"Entire staff was friendly and welcoming. Very calm environment for our cat. We love the place!"
- Terry & Lori Moler
01/13/2019 23:32:33
"Everything was great at our visit, from every effort made to making Posey comfortable to the easy checkout in the “cat condo”, which was like a spa!"
- Jean Cordalis
01/13/2019 02:53:28
"We love your Loyalty program, as we have been going to country for over 10 years. All Staff as so nice. Chad did a great job with our Hunter. ❤️Country Oaks. The Carries"
- Jarmila & Steve Carrie
01/13/2019 01:35:14
"No complaints what so ever. Staff very competent and CARING, also, excellent communicators. "
- C.J. Romero
01/11/2019 04:55:51
"Excellent care of Archer, who can be uncooperative. All staff are courteous and caring."
- Regan & Scott Johnson
01/11/2019 04:07:03
"Lola’s visit was wonderful. Such a calm relaxing experience. And the care was excellent. Thank you "
- Susan Fisher
01/11/2019 02:45:49
"You guys are amazing! The fear free is really working, styks wasnt scared at all! Best team ever!"
- Annee & Rene Corea
01/10/2019 04:25:30
"WE found that your entire staff was extremely helpful, pleasant and easy to talk to. Our best experience taking our pet to the Vet!!!!! Enjoyed the visit and loved Dr. Chiu!!!!"
- Patt & Don Oyen
01/10/2019 02:27:42
"I feel that Ruby is extremely well cared for and respected when we’ve had appointments at CO. For example, Karen and a male tech (sorry I’ve forgotten his name) took every precaution and when entering the room, getting a blood draw, giving her her shot, explaining all information to me, etc., etc. it’s better care than my kids get at the pediatrician! "
- Christina Victor
01/10/2019 01:18:51
"Just came in to buy dog food and heart worm/flea meds - everyone was very helpful - the woman who helped me (don't know her name) helped me to carry the dog food to the car."
- Maxine Wreden, M. D.
01/09/2019 05:11:25
"Seems like some new and up to date methods are being used along with the new physical atmosphere. I like the in-room check out procedure rather than having to wait at reception."
- Christine Greve
01/07/2019 21:43:46
"Just a prescription pick up. Fast and friendly service. "
- Heidi Epling
01/07/2019 18:18:12
"I was totally impressed with their compassion and professionalism. As a physician, I wish my office ran as well. This was my best vet experience in over 40 years of having dogs. "
- Gary Incaudo
01/07/2019 03:47:52
"You are doing great. You are best facility I've ever used!"
- Pamela Coleman
01/07/2019 01:48:44
"I just came in for meds but the gentleman was friendly and helpful with all My questions "
- Katherine Wiesenfarth
01/06/2019 07:46:18
"My entire visit was amazing. I haven’t experienced such genuine kindness from a veterinary office, ever. I have no negative comments about my recent visit. "
- Mackenzie Haskill
01/06/2019 05:47:25
"It was much nicer this visit to be roomed so quickly and to have all procedures done in the room. Even though my cat is very timid, she did well. "
- Silvana Volpe
01/06/2019 01:16:53
"Best pet care in all of Sacramento!"
- Theresa Hancock
01/05/2019 00:25:43
"We have a follow up in two weeks. Our first visit was very professional and warm. I was referred to you by a co worker Jodie Travis. I will also refer potential patients to your facility. Thank you"
- Joeseph & Yvonne Mzlatunich
01/02/2019 01:15:33
"Great *****"
- Jiri & Natalia Najman
01/01/2019 10:37:20
"I was at first concerned because I wanted to try filling my prescriptions at an online pharmacy, and I had previously had some trouble doing that with Country Oaks. But this time it was no problem, and the vet wrote me out a prescription. I may just get the meds at Country Oaks in the future if the online experience is too inconvenient. Now I feel more inclined to get them from Country Oaks because the vet was so accommodating, which inspires loyalty."
- Melanie Owens
12/31/2018 16:56:09
"Great service from front desk to checking out, always feel so comfortable bringing my fur babies here!"
- Brittany Billmaier
12/31/2018 04:19:09
"I wish you had been Shadows Vet all along. He would not have to go through all his stress. You are ALL awesome and I appreciate you"
- Tammy Dyer
12/31/2018 00:50:24
"The office looks very nicely and appropriately decorated. Large video screens provide visuals and sounds to help one relax and feel welcomed. The staff was very friendly and cordial and very willing to meet our pets needs, including a new therapy that helped our 13 year old dog feel more relaxed. They also discouraged the use of muzzles with a more sensitive hands on approach."
- Kathie & Joe Ramos
12/29/2018 16:45:31
"We were greeted promptly, taken into a room after a very short wait and the technician was professional and friendly. No complaints!"
- Shari Lasher
12/29/2018 12:54:27
"Ur facility was very clean "
- Lyndsie Ingebretsen
12/28/2018 01:06:49
"Excellent, best Vet experience!"
- Shawna Virga
12/26/2018 22:42:35
"New customer experience was very good. I would like to be able to see labs, test and labs online if possible someday. Paperless..!"
- Robert & Tami Doyle
12/26/2018 20:06:14
"The service and caring support your team provide make each visit a positive experience. I truly love this office."
- Marci Littlefield
12/24/2018 21:08:30
"Love the new stress free environment. Dr. Chieu was great at answering questions and Giggles was very comfortable with her. The tech was great as well. We appreciate the Saturday appointment so that my wife could come to the appointment. "
- Ae & Thomas Glasheen
12/24/2018 20:02:19
"Dr Johnson, Lisa, Chad, and the healthcare team have been part of the Justice family for 18 years. The most compassionate care that is scientifically based. We wouldn’t go anywhere else "
- Angela & Michael Justice
12/23/2018 15:01:09
"So happy we switched vet clinics to Country Oaks "
- Dan Howard
12/22/2018 01:30:26
"Excellent staff that was genuinely caring for our dog! You can tell that everyone loves pets and what they do. Very good experience!"
- Brian & Victoria Hanly
12/22/2018 00:45:06
"I am a new client at Country Oaks and so far I am more than pleased. Most importantly there was very short wait times, little to no chaos in the waiting room with other animals, and the veterinarian was exceptional in handling my dog. I have a large breed Akita and she can be fussy at times and the staff recognized this and were accommodating. Compared to the last veterinarian clinic for which I was a 12 year client; Country Oaks by far surpasses the level of service. I love their online app too !! "
- Peter Connelly
12/21/2018 17:01:38
"Nice that appointments were running on time, as my cat needs t be in and out as quickly as possible due to his stress level gong to the vet. Sweet that the vet got on the floor with him to complete his exam. :)"
- Anthony & Michelle Coss
12/20/2018 22:49:10
"We luv Dr Johnson and his care of Rumi he does what’s best for my pet and family considering the expense of dog care "
- Patricia Rosser
12/19/2018 05:04:43
"You folks are the best ever"
- Kim & Whitney Davis
12/17/2018 23:54:45
"I couldn't have asked for a better vet for Keiki"
- Janice Shatz
12/17/2018 23:42:21
"You have taken wonderful care of Maggie and my other cats and I am more than pleased and happy. I have several older cats and they are doing very well thanks to Dr. Johnson and his great staff! Both Maggie and Lotus have been there within the last couple of months and both 15 year olds are thriving. "
- Nancy Cowan
12/17/2018 23:01:28
"Got in right on time with Garth. A quick blood draw and we were out of the exam room. Great job !"
- Scott & Kathy Nichols
12/17/2018 22:29:15
"Our experience was very good. Its just that the outcome of our pet isn't. I did appreciate everyone's compassion and care they took with Onyx."
- Gina & Paul Moore
12/17/2018 22:24:43
"Just great"
- Lynne Tracy
12/17/2018 20:58:06
"Everyone is so friendly and gentle with Darcy. I had a bad cold and you offered tea that really "hit the spot." I love the homey decor."
- Kim Schwab
12/17/2018 20:50:26
"Very thorough and mindful of owner and dog issues. "
- Xana Macias
12/17/2018 20:26:57
"No complaints. If you could teach Sammie to be more cooperative, that would be nice :)"
- Elly Thomas
12/17/2018 20:26:00