"Lou always gets the best care. I really do t have any complaints with the exception of the cost, but that’s how it would go anywhere. You are all great!"
- Carrie Murphy
04/17/2019 20:00:40
"This was my first experience and I was very impressed on the attention to my puppy to make sure she was comfortable. Everything was explained to me in detail and the staff spent a lot of time answering all of my questions."
- Leti Morales
04/16/2019 22:19:28
"I love how caring and gentle the staff is with my pets. The customer service is amazing as well!"
- Seidy Godinez
04/16/2019 05:13:13
"Friendly people, quality care, fair pricing. If I could take my pets to you every time, I would. It is painful taking my dogs to VCA for emergencies. Customer service and pricing are horrible there."
- Audrey & Chris Stevens
04/15/2019 19:37:34
"You are perfect."
- Jennifer Moss
04/15/2019 18:59:51
"Your pet techs were outstanding. I was very pleased with the service."
- Joy & Peter Slater
04/15/2019 17:57:47
"Excellent, prompt and courteous care provided."
- Kathie & Joe Ramos
04/15/2019 17:35:52
"I liked your facility and the veterinarian and assistant. I also greatly appreciated the lack of cleaning product smells. I am highly sensitive to perfumes and cleaning products and having what seemed to be a scent-free exam room and lobby will keep me coming back to Country Oaks. Eagerly awaiting Dorrie's test results. She is eating her new food so hoping that will eliminate her intestinal problems. Bonnie Stewart"
- Bonnie Stewart
04/15/2019 17:34:16
"I loved the new focus on comfort and relieving stress for the dogs since my girl is a very high strung GSP. Plus the no temperature taking and no pushing for dental work and other expensive, unnecessary procedures. Dr. Chu was AWESOME!! It was the most relaxing vet visit both Fin and I have ever been to!"
- Katie Schlofner
04/12/2019 16:42:41
"I have nothing adverse to say. Everyone was very kind. friendly and professional. Dr. Chiu was very good with Indy, Jr., this was his calmest visit to date. I appreciated the technicians offer to carry him to my car afterwards. We will return, hopefully not for a long time and I will recommend you to friends and family. Kudos on the new building!"
- Carole & Richard Chacko
04/12/2019 16:34:12
"You guys are amazing!! Felt very comfortable and confident with the vet. "
- Katie Morrison
04/12/2019 16:23:34
"I think you guys are fabulous! I hope that Obi’s leg is a sprain that will heal as mentioned. His skin condition is worse today but I’m going to give it a solid week before I call as I know antibiotics take time."
- Joy Shaffer
04/12/2019 02:15:30
"It was my first time there. Everyone was really nice and efficient! Dr. Chiu explained everything clearly. I’ll definitely switch vets now. The office is adorable as well. Thank you for helping my puppy out and on the road to finally healing! :) thank you! "
- Karla Jimenez
04/12/2019 00:35:47
"Call was made to me when meds were ready for pick up and were ready when I stopped by to get them. Thank you. "
- Robert & Tami Doyle
04/11/2019 07:26:45
"Doing Great, thank you!"
- Petra Martinez
04/10/2019 20:52:59
"Country Oaks is a "class act" veterinary practice...... not only for the pet owners but for the animals too! You have made going to the Vet an easier experience for both owners and pets. I have always found taking my animal to the Vet to be difficult in that my cat was traumatized with the loud barking of dogs, loud noises, and disruption with loud conversations at the reception desk with telephones ringing, and disjointed quick conversations. Next, the long wait for the Dr. and sterile smelly exam room..... I love the quiet separate waiting rooms for dogs and cats, the special relaxing videos, the cute name statue, the quiet atmosphere......your desire to keep the stress low for both.....Your employees are calm and pleasant. The practice is small enough that everything is more personable, Jocelyn at the front desk remembered my name, Jessie the Vet Assistant obviously loves cats and was patient and kind when asked numerous clarification questions. Dr. Johnson was efficient, and I so appreciated his call after Bobo's neutering just to tell me he was fine. The photo sent from the Vet Assistant after Bobo's surgery was much appreciated. I really have no complaints.......you accommodated my request for an early surgery even though Bobo was a new patient, the communication was excellent, and the bill collected in an easier way than standing at a front counter.....I love your practice and know you will take good care of Bobo in the future. The only improvement I can think of is that a handout sheet on home care after the operation would have been a great help. I know neutering is a simple procedure yet a brief explanation of what to expect, home care, etc. etc. could be useful. Even though Jessie answered my questions in the office an overall explanation of the procedure and possible problems with a telephone number to call (who you recommend) for emergency assistance would be helpful for after hour care. "
- Dorothy Pisani
04/10/2019 00:33:23
"It was fine. I just picked up a refill"
- Lauriane Tondow
04/09/2019 20:54:27
"Truly great! Roscon as he is getting older he is getting a little more shy so everyone being aware to make him feel at ease is been great"
- Ximena & Brandon Gnekow
04/09/2019 17:22:34
"My experience at your clinic was perfect! I really appreciate the kindness of the staff, the beautiful facility, and most importantly, the care given to my kitty. Coming to Country Oaks will be a game changer for me and my pet when it comes to the vet. Thank you so much."
- Madeline Spitz
04/09/2019 16:40:44
"Wonderful experience! Chad and Dr. Chiu were extra sweet with Nicky. Since I just adopted him we're still learning about each other."
- Marshall & Marie Milne
04/08/2019 20:24:42
"I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Country Oaks at all, everything was top-notch! The facility itself is beautiful and well-kept, the staff are attentive and professional, and the little touches like calming scarves, welcome signs with your pet's name on it, and soothing music really help set Country Oaks ahead of the rest. A+ all around, you folks are great!"
- Jason Feil
04/08/2019 17:32:35
"Very welcoming, made my dog and I feel safe and cared for. My dog loved the treats and the kindness from the staff. "
- Jorge Salinas
04/08/2019 16:26:39
"It was a good experience for all of us. Our cat is an inside/outside rescue cat. The injury was treated quickly and appropriately. He liked being able to "hide" along the bench in the room. Your staff was very good about rescheduling when we couldn't catch him the first day."
- Jan Fleming
04/07/2019 21:58:17
"I am really happy with my visit there. Bodhi is laid back with most situations. I am looking forward to taking my dog Nyima who is not a fan of the vets office and not nearly as laid back as Bodhi Sattva. I know you will treat her gently and with kid gloves. Thank you!"
- Kelly Ancel
04/07/2019 15:02:58
"Chad and Dr. Chiu were very patient and understanding with me and my very anxious dog. They made her feel comfortable and happy as they worked. I appreciated the extra time and consideration they provided for my dog."
- Patricia Rahrer
04/07/2019 00:35:10
"We LOVE this veterinarian! Our pup loves to visit. Zero anxiety. We moved here from another state and this is the first practice we’re encountered that uses this model. Everything in one exam room ~ checking out too! It’s great because you’re not trying to wrangle your pet and pay at the same time! "
- Brenda Franklin
04/06/2019 20:22:06
"The staff at Country Oaks is amazing. So kind to both my dog and me! Follow up phone calls from the Vet were done the next day and he took a great deal of time to explain everything to me. I appreciate you all very much."
- Elizabeth & Mark Rodgers
04/05/2019 19:11:05
"Fabulous "
- Helen Hammer
04/05/2019 18:07:07
"Gus loves coming to Country Oaks! Never any fear, only excitement. It’s a calming experience for me. I liked moving right into an open exam room (sometimes sitting in the waiting room with other animals can be a challenge), all staff were very professional and efficient, and I really liked taking care of payment in the exam room as well."
- Heidi & Alex Taghavian
04/05/2019 14:50:15
"I was in for a rx pick up only for Samantha and everything was great :)"
- John & Keri Stevens
04/04/2019 00:15:31
"Good experience. Everyone was friendly, professional, and helpful "
- Carolyn Billings
04/03/2019 02:28:17
"I love Chad. He takes such good care of my animals"
- Fran & David Allen
04/02/2019 16:17:47
"Excellent called to remind of appointment and to do sheet for Tina got her right in for that appointment she got her shot and we got right out in a timely manner very pleased "
- Darrell & Christine Mann
03/31/2019 15:14:36
"Everything and everyone was superb "
- Maureen & Alan Lancaster
03/29/2019 22:28:08
"Always good care"
- Jon & Paula Beck M. D.
03/29/2019 21:29:30
"Fantastic my fur babies are treated like royalty and us parents couldn't be happier. The doctors and staff are warm caring people."
- Patricia Rothenbush
03/28/2019 23:24:11
"Great care!"
- Leticia Dickinson
03/28/2019 15:56:16
"We were very well taken care of and this is a HUGE change from where we were previously. I’m grateful to be at a place that seems to care about my dog as much as I do! "
- Lindsay Klemin
03/28/2019 04:20:39
"No wait appointments, staff loves every patient and strives for stress free appointment. Genuine concern is shown for why pet there."
- Bonnie Bozich
03/27/2019 21:18:27
"Great facility- they went above and beyond to personalize the appointment and made sure my cat was calm and comfortable.!"
- Amber Silva
03/27/2019 17:47:12
"I have no complaints and can't think of anything you could do to improve. I am very happy with my Country Oaks visits and think my cat Diego would agree."
- Sally Dowdle
03/26/2019 17:54:14
"My visit, and most importantly, Dixie's visit, went very well. Each staff member we encountered was pleasant and professional. All my questions were answered and all of Dixie's needs were met."
- Nancy & Charlie Ridenour
03/25/2019 23:28:05
"WE LOVE YOU GUYS ... you take GREAT care of our beloved Lola ... lost without Y'all ... especially Dr. Johnson!!"
- Steve & Jane Ridenour
03/25/2019 20:14:40
"Wonderful job in every way."
- Sarah Blackwell-Simon
03/25/2019 17:41:46
"From the moment we walked in we felt welcomed and taken care of. The technician in the room was polite, knowledgeable and loved Tucker, too! The doctor did a thorough examination and discussed weight loss plan with us. I will be bringing our other two cats here very soon."
- Lindsay Campos
03/25/2019 17:11:52
"Most personable staff , assistants and doctors I’ve ever had had the pleasure to be served by(says Annabelle) and my mom thinks they are terrific too!!!woof! "
- Don & Rhonda Scheppmann
03/24/2019 18:31:26
"Thank you for accommodating our request to enter your side door for our dog with an auto immune disorder. The staff friendly and prompt. "
- Andrew & Lindsey Sackheim
03/23/2019 19:34:28
"Your office is awesome"
- Scott Aitken
03/22/2019 19:19:51
"Great, competent staff, and excellent customer service."
- Brian & Victoria Hanly
03/21/2019 16:53:43
"Jill and everyone else was amazing :D "
- Jilliane De Leon
03/19/2019 20:09:50
"We always receive top-notch care for our dog, Sophie. It's always a pleasure to speak with your receptionist when scheduling an appointment, to the medical assistants are always friendly and kind and when necessary, your physicians are always very patient and informative and willing to listen to concerns about our pets. I was referred by a co-worker and I will continue to refer friends to your facility. Thanks for all you do!"
- Stephanie Thurtle
03/18/2019 18:47:49
"Seems to be efficient and complete services and very friendly. No complaints! "
- Marty & Scott Peck
03/18/2019 17:55:02
"You all are amazing. We are so glad we found you."
- Jeremy Wingert
03/18/2019 11:25:02
"I love the vets and the tech staff at Country Oaks because they fully relate to my dog and try to find the best course of treatment."
- Regan & Scott Johnson
03/17/2019 21:29:51
"Very caring atttude from front desk to doctors"
- Diane & Eric Freund
03/17/2019 19:02:53
"Everyone is friendly, kind, and helpful. When I enter, I am greeted and the staff know who I am and check Gracie in. The staff always offer to help to my car and typically I decline unless I really do need help to my car. :)"
- Elizabeth Dill
03/17/2019 17:45:05
"On time, friendly"
- Katharyn Cooper
03/16/2019 21:31:17
"Murphy and I love Country Oaks Pet Hospital. Everyone is so helpful and nice."
- Donna Baker
03/16/2019 20:50:01
"Nick is afraid of other dogs he doesn't know. So your staff made sure that the "coast was clear" when we came in and left Thank you."
- Linda Foster-Hall
03/16/2019 17:46:34
"All good. The upgrade to the office is really nice. "
- Brian & Mary Jane Boxer
03/15/2019 21:01:06
- Vicki Schultze
03/14/2019 18:30:29
"Our Holland Lop 1-yr old bunny returned from her week at Country Oaks calm, happy, clean and no changes in habits, as if she never left our loving home. We are so grateful to have this resource when we travel, knowing of the Country Oaks resource, they are the best!"
- Colin Spears
03/13/2019 00:14:11
"You are doing fine. Sammie is still experiencing thirst, etc. The care he gets at Country Oaks is great. I just have to be careful of costs as I'm on a very tight retirement budget. "
- Elly Thomas
03/12/2019 17:01:13
"We love Country Oaks! The staff is so kind and patient with the entire family. Thank you for helping Charlie. He was so uncomfortable with ear pain. He is already back to his spunky, playful self. Thank you."
- John & Anita Bell
03/11/2019 01:34:15
"My beagle, Mollie, has never been healthier. Thanks to DrJohnson and the staff."
- Dennis Valentine
03/10/2019 15:21:51
"All the people were very helpful. They provided me with all the answers."
- Marcia Shepler
03/10/2019 05:33:29
"Very caring and calming environment. Daisy and I felt very welcomed the moment we arrived. Lots of very sweet touches- the blanket over her carrier, warmed exam table, relaxing music, cute personalized welcome sign and a menu of treats and services. This office and exam room felt like a day spa rather than a vet’s office. Daisy seemed much calmer than her previous visits to a vet’s office. Jill the technician was very sweet and caring. Dr. Chui was also very pleasant and knowledgeable. "
- Joanne & Don Hufford
03/08/2019 03:02:13
"very satisfied with the love and attention given to my Kitten Twoie for her worm treatment. the caring is very obvious. "
- Donald Luke
03/07/2019 20:06:30
"Excellent service, I like the short wait time, I was in and out within 30 minutes...."
- Peter Connelly
03/07/2019 19:05:43
"I was happy with our visit. 😊"
- Lynn Smith
03/07/2019 16:34:46
"Good follow up. Called after routine vaccinations and Billie had an allergic reaction. Got right in, no waiting and on our way home in 30 minutes. Excellent."
- Thomas Nelson
03/07/2019 04:26:07
"You guys took care of the issues with Hunter and listened to us when we explained his reaction to the last rabie shot. We really appreciate and know that he was good hands. We trust you with our babies. "
- Cynda & Charles Dart
03/07/2019 00:56:10
- Cynthia Compton
03/05/2019 20:50:19
"Staff and vet were courteous, helpful and on time. No waiting Vet’s explanations were clear and called when she said she would"
- Bob Lauer
03/05/2019 15:52:36
"It was so awesome how everything was geared toward cat anxiety relief! "
- Patricia & Gail Anderson
03/04/2019 22:19:00
"Your staff and services are excellent! "
- Phanice Woodrow-Henry
03/01/2019 21:35:38
"Personable and super friendly. It’s very tranquil and they take great measures to make our pets comfy."
- Stephanie & Eder Flores
02/28/2019 20:25:21
"I couldn’t think of anything else. Everyone was nice from the receptionist to the other staff that looked at my dog. Friendly, professional and most especially caring. Thank you!"
- Maria & Terry Moore
02/28/2019 03:28:58
"Everyone is very nice, efficient, and good with my pets. Dr. Johnson takes the time to explain his concerns and really listens to yours. "
- Diane Yapundich
02/26/2019 16:55:01
"Wonderful office with comfortable and clean amenities for your animal patients and their owners! Friendly and professional staff."
- Allison Bullock
02/26/2019 15:50:19
"Ozzy and I enjoyed our last visit we will definitely return. And I will spread the word to my friends with pet to visit there."
- Jeff & Kim Olafsen
02/25/2019 23:38:57
"I like your new procedure of putting us directly into a room it is more personable and the animals are more confortable thanks"
- Elaine Gossett
02/25/2019 14:39:34
"Thank you so much for helping us with our less than sociable dog! You are so willing and able to accommodate her less than willing demeanor. Not an easy patient! We are so aware!!!! Much thanks for your amazing handling."
- Jill & Eric Nakagawa
02/24/2019 22:20:29
"Always a great experience."
- Dan Howard
02/24/2019 18:10:22
"Our visit went great and nala seems to not be scratching her ear as much which is awesome!"
- Joshua Bateman
02/24/2019 17:32:08
"Was surprised as to how good everything was. So many pet comfort, feels like home"
- Diane and Francis Harlan
02/23/2019 22:39:44
"I really like Dr. Chiu. Shes an amazing addition to your team and makes me feel comfortable with my decisions. "
- Kristina & Andrew Mckee
02/23/2019 15:12:04
"Absolutely no complaints. Always greeted by your caring and cheerful staff. Looking forward to seeing all of you March 4th."
- Donna Campbell
02/23/2019 06:11:18
"All of U are great with our Scarlet "
- Mike & Joyce Voth
02/23/2019 01:58:07
"Very friendly and professional office. "
- Sharlene Andrews
02/22/2019 21:15:22
"Great customer service! "
- Keith & Sabrina Pound
02/20/2019 22:33:38
"Prescription pick-up. Filled timely. Transaction accurate and efficient."
- Rayma Forrest
02/20/2019 17:48:12
"I had a great experience! My pet came in for 2 vaccinations. She was greeted and given a treat (she loves cheese whiz). I think this helps ease her vet anxiety. That and the relationships she builds with the people here. I really appreciate the technicians and staff at this office!"
- Joshua Oseguera
02/20/2019 04:55:39
"From the moment I walk in the door to the time I exit. There is nothing but top quality care for my furry babies here : )"
- Janice Shatz
02/20/2019 02:06:49
"You are doing fine."
- Mary Gilbert
02/19/2019 01:21:42
"Wouldn't change a thing for us our experience is always wonderful!!!! "
- Jessica Enoingt
02/17/2019 23:56:26
"We are very happy w the care and attention our pets get from the doctors and staff."
- C.Thad & Jacqueline Szymanowski
02/17/2019 18:55:54
"The moment I stepped into the office it was so visually and physically appealing it had a very calming relaxing, non clinical feeling. Also the staff was very welcoming and friendly."
- Daneanne McHale
02/17/2019 16:39:23
"This is the best vet hospital. I totally trust bringing my furbabies here "
- Michael Labelle
02/17/2019 01:35:00
"Dr. Johnson and his staff at Country Oaks are awesome! I would never consider going anywhere else with my cats as I feel they are in the best hands there."
- Nancy Cowan
02/16/2019 22:10:38