"Lovely and comfortable office, staff eas very kind, and the Doctor was very attentive. I plan to take all my dogs and cats to Country Oaks. Very impressed."
- Kimberly & James Gillies
12/13/2018 07:10:40
"I have nothing but the best of care for my four legged family member. I feel like all of my questions get answered and people care and seem to love what they do."
- Jennifer Mackinnon
12/12/2018 23:50:31
"Your service and responsiveness are incredible. The entire staff is very helpful and should be commended. "
- Sean Mullen
12/12/2018 22:14:35
"You’re doing just fine. My last visit was simply to buy Greenies. Mission accomplished in the most pleasant way possible "
- Kathy Waugh
12/12/2018 17:35:26
"My cat Bello “Bell” is doing extremely well!! During our last visit on Labor Day he sustained a spider bite above his left eye his eye lid to droop and swell significantly. We were new to the neighborhood and did not have a primary vet for Bell. I found Country Oaks Pet Hospital on Yelp (which had great reviews) and decided to bring Bell in for treatment. The staff was very friendly and caring which I appreciated. The doctor was attentive and knew exactly what treatment method was needed to cure Bell’s eye. After 7 days the swelling went down and Bell looked as though nothing was ever wrong with him. Keep up the great work Country Oaks Pet Hospital!!!"
- Trishka Lampkin
12/08/2018 04:45:57
"Buster is in need of a check up but right now.........no can do.........he is doing fine, maybe next year we will be in.........."
- Carolyn Keaton
12/07/2018 23:47:51
"The vet was very kind and patient with my dog"
- Samantha & Michael Nunez
12/07/2018 00:01:52
"The staff is always friendly and makes you feel welcome. So glad we choose you guys "
- Michael Labelle
12/06/2018 04:11:44
"The staff is very friendly and efficient. The appointment ran on time but still gave us time to ask questions, etc. The hospital atmosphere is wonderful. We made a great choice!"
- Patrick & Sherry McFarland
12/06/2018 02:28:03
"Everyone is great and I know Murphy receives the very best care."
- Donna Baker
12/05/2018 21:19:37
"I always feel so well cared for - so imagine how Daisy must feel."
- Sara & Steve Dunn
12/05/2018 18:16:21
"I loved everything about your office from the moment we saw the outside. It is absolutely beautiful and the inside is warm, welcoming, and very comfortable. Receiving the pheromone calming bandana was such a sweet gesture and I can really see how it helps so many pets. When we walked into the room and saw the customized sign it made us smile so much. We love the extra touches. The ball you gave my dog to keep her happy and playful during wait times made it so much easier and more fun. Everyone was so kind and welcoming and it truly feels like a safe place I can trust with the health of my service dog. Thank you for treating her how I would treat her. We can really tell you care about the dogs. "
- Helena & Ryan Beal
12/05/2018 17:59:09
"Great! I loved the fear-free environment"
- Milo Cho
12/05/2018 06:20:29
- Shirley Nelson
12/05/2018 01:54:16
"Staff was friendly, cheerful and knowledgeable. "
- Raelynn Sharpe
12/03/2018 05:54:42
"Great! So happy with your service!! Happy to have found you guys and so impressed you were able to get us in on late notice !! "
- Breeona Bush Whitaker
12/01/2018 22:31:24
"I have always had a wonderful experience with the staff and the veterinarians. I only have positive things to say at this point. Keep up the great work. I know it's hard at times, but it will be worth it in the long run. I learned early in my career that the customer is always right, even when the customer is wrong. I never challenged what a patient was telling me. And I see that in the staff at Country Oaks. They are respectful, professional, courteous, knowledgeable and kind. Keep up the great work."
- John & Keri Stevens
12/01/2018 04:11:16
"Very very good I am so happy with the care All of U give my Scarlet ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗👍👍👍"
- Mike & Joyce Voth
11/29/2018 16:20:32
"The staff there is always fabulous we always appreciate them when we come in"
- Lou & Izetta Spinazze
11/28/2018 21:25:42
"Coola is always a bit nervous on the way over, but does calm down when there, and is fine on the way home. You offer a very "homey" setting for your 4 legged clients."
- Samuel & Marilyn Allison
11/28/2018 21:12:13
"All's good with Harley's care. "
- Fran & David Allen
11/28/2018 20:05:51
"GiGi my cat was sick and everyone were very caring and concerned for her. She got the best treatment and was treated very well by everyone. I couldn't ask for a better pet hospital for my fur babies. Thank you all so much"
- Patricia Rothenbush
11/28/2018 00:29:41
"I loved the new pet relaxation technique."
- Leticia Farris
11/27/2018 16:37:50
"So far so good. Very pleased "
- Steve Kutler
11/27/2018 06:31:59
"Sadie doesn’t pull to get back to the car, instead she pulls to get in the door to get her treats."
- Wanda Mozdy
11/27/2018 04:01:06
"I LOVE the staff here. They are so thoughtful, patient and kind. I reccomend all my friends to this vet."
- Kaanela Amamalin
11/27/2018 01:38:44
"Everyone was friendly and helpful. An appointment was scheduled quickly and we were in ahead of time. Toby is progressing nicely. "
- Glenn Chambers
11/27/2018 00:49:54
"We could not have been more pleased with the services we recieved. From the initial phone call and request to the appointment and treatment, we are very satisfied. Staff are all personable and professional. The cost seemed reasonable as well."
- Robert Bohn
11/27/2018 00:06:27
"all good. No complaints"
- Robert & Ilisa Wolf
11/26/2018 21:00:36
"Very good treatment "
- Carl & Jini Bauer
11/26/2018 18:03:51
"It is always very comforting when we come in. Everyone is so friendly and concerned. Cookie and I really appreciate your wonderful staff and look forward to seeing you soon! Thank you so much. Donna and Cookie Campbell"
- Donna Campbell
11/21/2018 19:12:48
"Love the new office and service is always great"
- Nancy & John McDougall
11/21/2018 19:06:53
"Nothing bad. Everyone shows they love the Dogs and Cats brought in for care and try to put them at ease."
- Bonnie Bozich
11/21/2018 03:10:17
"Everytime I come it is a great experience. Everyone there is so nice to me and especially my giant maine coon. I got so lucky finding them!"
- Hailey Gorman
11/21/2018 03:09:23
"Everyone is very nice and i really appreciate the garden settting because my dog has a bad hip and knee and slips and falls. she is afraid to walk on non-carpeted floors."
- Melanie Hatzakos
11/19/2018 21:04:40
"We love the excellent customer service that your team provides us every visit! Thank you. "
- Seidy Godinez
11/17/2018 13:39:06
"Very pleased with every visit and all contacts. Glad we switched to you're care from our old vets of 15 years. "
- Ginnette Glover-Harris
11/16/2018 18:28:38
"Every time we bring Atticus we feel like family. Jeff always welcomes us, shares a ball and/or treat with Atticus. Chad loves on Atticus as we update notes about our pup. The lobby and pet rooms feels warm and cozy, very welcoming."
- Kori & Shawn Moore
11/16/2018 18:01:01
"Great, never have any issues. Every staff member is so helpful and responsive when I need help for my pets or questions answered. Best vet office I have been to in California!"
- Kathy & Louis Gragnano
11/13/2018 08:46:03
"i feel you really took good care of us."
- Rob Scherer
11/09/2018 05:22:33
"Bentley was visibly shaking when we came in and you immediately put a calming scarf around his neck and talked to him. He soon got comfortable. Thank you for your gentle care."
- Kathie Campbell
11/08/2018 15:15:34
"Daisy was scared of the stethoscope so your tech had a plan for how to handle it next time. I liked the handkerchief they gave her with the aroma therapy or whatever it is called."
- Penny Westfall
11/07/2018 21:52:24
"Front desk people are excellent"
- Donal Janes
11/07/2018 20:03:40
"Received compassionate care"
- Sachi Kageyama
11/07/2018 19:36:17
"Absolutely fine. Willingly trying to consolidate our visits instead of being spread out all over the calendar"
- Katharyn Cooper
11/07/2018 18:19:38
"Simply super ... front desk staff, vet tech, vet were excellent, location convenient, loved philosophy and WOW on the remodeling - superb."
- Robyn Street
11/05/2018 08:15:11
"I really enjoy taking my pets to the vet because of the atmosphere and the doctors. Thank you"
- Vicki Giannetti
11/03/2018 20:11:14
"I love the little things..like the little sign with the pets' names. That Dr. Johnson is so friendly with my dogs and he seems to still love his job!"
- Patti Orma
11/02/2018 20:39:41
"My friend came with me when Ace had gotten into fresh cement, and he thought he was in a day spa for real people! He may change vets!"
- Carolyn Fischer
11/02/2018 19:19:09
"My first visit. Absolutely no complaints. Experience was great."
- Rickie Brown
11/01/2018 23:58:50
"Short wait, friendly staff. Thanks!"
- David Safdy
10/31/2018 00:20:12
"I liked the personalized care offered. The cleanliness of the lobby and staff are welcoming. Even though Zuri left a bunch of fur there. "
- Sylvia Paden
10/30/2018 14:37:23
"Very friendly staff and always put Romeo first!"
- Rachael McKinney
10/30/2018 14:14:35
"The staff are great very friendly ready and willing to fill your every need. Dr Johnson is very helpful and caring with my dogs. I have been a loyal member of Country Pet Hospital for a very very long time. I have no complaints."
- Elaine Gossett
10/25/2018 13:15:20
"I have no complaints or suggestions and have recommended you to several friends"
- Sally Dowdle
10/24/2018 15:53:43
"Service is very good. Staff is considerate and friendly and premises are spotless. "
- Bob Lauer
10/24/2018 00:07:02
"I love that we get to go right into a room, that your vet techs really love our pups & play with them which puts them at ease in a bad situation. And that you thought of giving Bentley a calming bandana which worked great! His name on the little name plate... just everything!"
- Maryam Mehrkhast
10/23/2018 02:19:41
"Great experience! Our pups were well cared for! Thank you!"
- Sharlene Andrews
10/22/2018 21:35:14
"Awesome! Tex loves to bisit❤️"
- Cynthia Compton
10/22/2018 21:27:17
"Fast service good vet care"
- Daniel Bell
10/22/2018 21:22:31
"very good we had a good experience at your hospital "
- Darrell & Christine Mann
10/18/2018 23:25:32
"I'm very happy with Country Oaks and feel that my dogs and I get great care."
- Marci Littlefield
10/18/2018 18:14:01
"I was blown away by your new facility. I had not been here since probably 2003 with my basemji as I had moved out of state. I have no complaints. The visit was spa like and Loki love his whipped cream cone!"
- Katherine Coberly
10/18/2018 16:24:50
"It was my first visit with Dr. Johnson. He was not only sweet with Luna and Willow, but I liked dealing with him. "
- Jobi Marchand
10/18/2018 16:12:23
"The clinic is beautiful, and all the staff was very friendly. I also appreciate the 7 days a week office hours. "
- Mike Flaningan
10/18/2018 04:39:07
"Well I'm sorry but I can't think of anything bad to report but there is lots of good. You have been providing all my cats with excellent care for years and I am extremely happy with the new ownership, Dr. Johnson and Lisa, and the whole staff. You have a wonderful staff both at the front desk and behind the scenes with the vet techs. Dr. Johnson is my vet and I am so pleased with everything he has done for my cats. He goes more than the extra mile. Your remodeled hospital is beautiful with very soothing surroundings. "
- Nancy Cowan
10/17/2018 03:16:24
"Made us feel welcome and relaxed "
- Ginger Stegemon
10/17/2018 01:00:45
"The front desk person responded quickly and politely to my query. "
- Janice Bowen
10/16/2018 21:14:06
" Best experience at a vet I’ve ever had. Chad especially made my kitten, Sprite, feel very at home and everyone was so nice. All of my questions were asked & this is where we will be going for all of my baby’s needs!"
- Siobhan Williamson
10/13/2018 17:18:56
"Everything is really great, especially the office. Your staff is very caring with my cats and I get in our very quickly. "
- Nanci Smith
10/13/2018 15:38:39
"Staff is excellent. Very caring and knowledgeable techs and doctors. "
- Jennifer Dietvel
10/11/2018 13:30:17
"I was very happy with my experience at your veterinary hospital and so was my cat. Thank you. "
- Mary & Charles Sowell
10/11/2018 00:40:39
"Staff was very nice and helped keep my cat calm. I’ll definitely make this place my regular vet "
- Ashton Hinkle
10/10/2018 18:32:05
"I am happy with your office and staff. "
- Karen Soskin
10/10/2018 15:32:52
"Doing great! Whenever i call whoever answers is very polite and helpful whenever i have questions, whether it be about pet meds or my pet in general! "
- Chloe Reyes
10/09/2018 04:04:17
"We appreciate the kindness of your staff—always compassionate, knowledgeable, and willing to accommodate our requests. "
- Kathie & Joe Ramos
10/09/2018 00:11:41
- Russ & Linda Johnson
10/08/2018 20:44:58
"We loved the care Rugby got and were thrilled with the new office space!"
- John & Eva Lisle
10/08/2018 17:06:08
"I am very happy with your service to my doggie Izzy."
- Barbara Tindell
10/05/2018 22:19:29
"You’ve always done an excellent job of taking care of Buster. "
- Peter & Christina Hall
10/04/2018 15:11:33
"Doing great"
- Michael A. Davis
10/04/2018 02:24:18
"Luther’s trip to country oaks was very enjoyable. He looks forward to seeing everyone at country day. "
- Katherine & Doug Brandenburg
10/03/2018 22:16:36
"Always provide exceptional care for our boys"
- Angela & Michael Justice
10/03/2018 21:55:25
"Everything was great."
- Vicki & Tom Corda
10/03/2018 17:20:59
"Last visit was to refill medications. Very quick getting back to me with refill and office staff very friendly"
- Diane & Eric Freund
10/03/2018 17:06:47
"Love you all. Best vet in Sacramento, hands down "
- Stacy Hunter
10/01/2018 20:33:25
"Very pleased with the facility and services."
- Karen & Rick Nelson
10/01/2018 17:15:02
"Fantastic service. The vet tech and veterinarian were both fantastic with Xander! And the new remodel is amazing! "
- Erin Norwood
10/01/2018 16:57:13
"I loved how welcoming the staff were. I really appreciated the calming bandana, they toys and the cute little treats to distract Elli with while she got her shots. I felt that staff there all loved animals and cared for their well being and it made me feel safe to trust Elli in their care. I thought the cute little touches like writing her name on the little chalk board was very charming. I felt Karen really took into consideration my concerns and was very helpful in answering my questions. I have no complaints!"
- Tiffany Tran
09/29/2018 20:20:45
"I had an amazing experience with country Oaks Pet Hospital. The staff was very vice and warm to receive us. I would highly recommend."
- Andres Ruelas
09/29/2018 17:35:07
"Wonderful and Fabulous! Very loving and caring with animals as well as with pet parents."
- Patricia Rothenbush
09/29/2018 01:14:47
"We're very pleased with all the veterinary pet care we have received at Country Oaks. We feel that Archer's needs and conditions have been fully explained."
- Regan & Scott Johnson
09/28/2018 17:47:06
"I am very happy overall. "
- Fran & David Allen
09/28/2018 16:17:29
"We love Dr. Johnson! As always!"
- Kristin & Jason Teramoto
09/27/2018 18:54:22
"You are amazing!!! You saved my bulldog's life and I couldn't be more grateful. I love the new team and it's such a relief to have you in the neighborhood. Thanks!!!"
- Eileen & Eric Edelmayer
09/26/2018 16:42:51
"I call once a month to get my puppy his deworm and flea medicine and they are always friendly on the phone. "
- Chris Brown
09/26/2018 03:57:36
"Without a doubt the best place to bring your pet. All of the staff is really nice and helpful. Everyone tries their best to make sure your animal is the most comfortable. Am making this my regular vet! Also they’re prices are very reasonable and affordable "
- Antonio Monaco
09/25/2018 22:19:28
"I waited 15 minutes in the exam room waiting for the vet. I know you are busy but so am I."
- Mike & Tracye Foley
09/23/2018 18:20:41
"Doc Johnson and the rest of the staff at Country Oak take amazing care of my Boxer Scout."
- Lou & Izetta Spinazze
09/20/2018 16:22:26
"Fantastic job! I was promptly checked in and the services were performed in a timely manner. The staff was, as always, professional and polite. "
- Terry Feil
09/20/2018 15:55:24