"Country Oaks Pet Hospital Team, You guys are amazing. Your team is so compassionate and understanding. I came in yesterday with my cat Moose beyond worried about him because VCA has been giving me conflicting info on his treatment and plan. You went out of your way to let me know it was going to be alright. ..the bedside manner you had with my moose was indescribable...you even dimmed the lights to make moose more comfortable. Your team didnt force a bunch of tests on him. Your team requested him medical records before my same day appointment. Your welcome sign for moose was so cute. And I look forward to working with your team to facilitate his care. Dont worry when I have a free moment I'll be posting a YELP review!"
- Annee & Rene Corea
04/19/2018 02:49:11
"We love the office help and Dr. Johnson who has treated one of our Yorkies with an infection"
- Wanda Mozdy
04/19/2018 02:38:24
"I love Country Oaks! You guys always make room for our appointments and treat my dog like she is yours. My dog literally pulls on the leash to get inside! The whole team is outstanding. We appreciate your care! "
- Margot Cutter
04/19/2018 00:31:38
"Everyone in the office was so friendly and helpful. I felt like my concerns about my dog’s health were heard and considered."
- Patricia Rahrer
04/18/2018 20:20:28
"This was my first time here and I loved the care here! I haven't received care from a veterinarian and it's office staff like this in forever! It was friendly and caring and I found where I will be taking Joey and any other pets, for a long time to come."
- Connie McCulloch
04/18/2018 16:39:21
"Very patient and wonderful care. Love how you have separate entrance and rooms for cat. The pheromone blanket, separate rooms, and gentle care by the techs and doctor really helped my cat who is very afraid of the vet. Couldn’t be happier."
- Julie Koo
04/18/2018 16:06:56
"I love the facility, it was so clean, and wonderful, the vet was wonder and staff was amazing.. Although a little far from where we live we still love it. Prices was slightly high , but amazing staff made it worth it. "
- Tammy Tran
04/18/2018 15:59:05
"I love this office. Everyone is caring and friendly.z"
- Fran & David Allen
04/18/2018 15:57:55
"I really liked having a nurse come in before I see tha vet. Your decor in the office is lovely🤗"
- Vicki Giannetti
04/16/2018 14:31:17
"Always there to take the time to listen. Never rushing through an office visit or phone call. Will always return calls in a timely manner."
- Linda & Dan Landerholm
04/16/2018 12:10:40
"Clean, quiet, calm experience. Everyone very nice and professional. I liked the little chalk welcome board with your pet's name on it in the exam room. Very cute and personalized! "
- Mary Porter
04/15/2018 22:25:25
"Your care for our Yorkies is always exceptional - timely, professional, friendly, and reassuring!"
- Michael & Kathe McCormick
04/15/2018 18:42:47
"I had a big problem with the puppy, without an appointment they accepted me and they solved"
- Kanellos Papagiannis
04/15/2018 13:42:07
"You Rock!! Everyone from front office to the techs and the doctors are fantastic! "
- Jeff Knight
04/15/2018 02:49:31
"The front desk staff is friendly and seem to be familiar with our pet. We appreciate the spacious and clean cages and cat room. While Chester hasn’t said much about his stay he seems to be very calm when we pick him up and very much is usual self (maybe it’s the classical music)."
- Terry & Lori Moler
04/14/2018 23:45:06
"We have considered you as one of our families’ medical providers. We are “ fussy “ about all our families medical providers and given our specialized knowledge in medical matters, believe we can determine who are the most knowledgeable in their profession and have a passion for providing the highest care available in our community. We thank you for being in our community to provide you services to our MIA. Sincerely, Gary Callahan, Mia’s adoring family. "
- Gary & Sally Callahan
04/14/2018 03:09:30
"Doing great! Friendly staff, excellent Doctors, relaxing and inviting interior. It was worth the wait, congratulations!"
- Bette Burrows
04/12/2018 15:27:25
"Millie and Sunny get excellent care at your facility. Your remodeled office is beautiful."
- Linda Anderson
04/12/2018 02:11:41
"Visit went great, just a quick on for vaccinations and heart worm test. Employees were professional and kind"
- Judy & Norman Reyes
04/11/2018 21:26:36
"Couldn't be happier with the services and the staff. Love your new building!"
- Beth & Greg Buderus
04/09/2018 18:08:35
"We've been using CO for almost twenty years - always great service. "
- Kolleen Ostgaard
04/08/2018 22:16:26
"All the staff is so wonderful, speaking for myself you all spoil Precious as much as I do. And you always remember which treats she likes. You do a GREAT JOB. That is why I have been going there for over 30 years."
- Dorothea Russell
04/08/2018 06:31:02
"First visit was perfect. Our dog was looked at for infected hot spot and all staff was very professional and thorough with a dog"
- Patrick & Lisa Fitzgerald
04/06/2018 23:35:41
"like the new waiting room. very comfortable"
- Bob & Caron Ramsey-Lewis
04/06/2018 20:31:01
"Loved this place, everyone was very welcoming and answered the million questions I had about our new dogs. "
- Carson Meyer
04/05/2018 16:28:55
"I was there to pick up a refill only, the receptionist was very courteous and professional"
- John & Keri Stevens
04/05/2018 02:35:31
"the staff were incredible as always, felt like crosby would be well taken care of while having surgery."
- Cathryn Rivera
04/04/2018 20:25:32
"Thank you so much for getting me in right away and helping my dog - he already feels better. The staff, techs and Vet are always so friendly and welcoming."
- Carrie & Chris Engh
04/04/2018 18:26:08
"The staff, service are always 5 Star!!"
- Stacey Medinas
04/04/2018 18:10:07
" I am so happy with the new owners of Country Oaks as well as the wonderful staff they have there. Everyone I have encountered are just great and very knowledgeable. The receptionists are the best ever and I love them all. Dr. Johnson is such a good vet I can't say enough good things about him. The Techs are outstanding! All of them who I have encountered which is probably most of them are fantastic. I am sorry but I can't think of anything bad to say. "
- Nancy Cowan
04/04/2018 03:01:23
"Everyone is very nice and very helpful. They always remember my puppy Oscar, and he's amazingly comfortable with the vet. It is especially helpful that Country Oaks is so accommodating with cost and payment."
- Susan Crowther
04/03/2018 20:39:07
"We've been nothing but happy with your service! Every employee we have interacted with has been great!"
- Julie & Dave Ranker
04/03/2018 20:12:35
"Never had a bad experience! Everyone is friendly and helpful and puts up with me being an overbearing pet mom :)"
- Tagan Burton
04/03/2018 16:56:48
"We love Geff "
- Carrie Brewer
04/01/2018 22:03:31
" We had a great experience Dr. Johnson‘s bedside manner is warm and friendly."
- Cathy Tsakopoulos
03/31/2018 17:32:01
"I have no complaints. All the staff are friendly, helpful, and professional. Thank you for understanding my doggie is my child and I want the best care for her. That's why I bring here to you, Country Oaks Pet Hospital and have since you opened 1960's. "
- Petra Martinez
03/30/2018 22:52:51
"The site is beautiful and everyone is so kind. "
- Pam & Doug Elmets
03/30/2018 14:36:27
"I'm so glad I found a great vet and clinic! The new remodel is beautiful as well. Thank you for taking care of my favorite family members. Peanut is thankful!"
- Natalie Jaggi
03/29/2018 22:27:02
"my experience was excellent.i thought it was cute to have my dogs name on a tablet on the table"
- Hans Shulz
03/29/2018 15:05:54
"On my recent visit I had a great experience and the staff there are all so helpful. I unfortunately locked my car keys inside my vehicle along with my phone and purse. Just min before I had my appointment scheduled for my dog. I had no way of contacting my insurance for road side service. But, luckily I was able to ask the receptionist for help in getting me in contact with road side service, while my dog got taken care of with his shots. Everyone there I have come across have been so warm and welcoming. That is one of the main reasons I continue to take my fur baby to get treated by your lovely staff! "
- Elvira Sanchez
03/29/2018 06:01:37
"We are new the to Country Oaks Pet Hospital and are quite satisfied! Everyone who has helped us has been very efficient, knowledgeable and kind. We thank the staff the we have encountered for doing such a get job for not only us but our loving pets ~~ Kudos to all of you!!"
- Roch & Bonnie Brunson
03/28/2018 22:38:56
"Employees are friendly and helpful. It seems unfortunate that a new building has such a narrow walkway to enter the building as walking with a dog on a leash is barely enough room and if encountering another guest, there isn't enough room to pass without feeling like tumbling over the walkway. "
- Anita Pane
03/27/2018 23:42:09
"Everyone is warm ad very caring about their clients---the fur babies as well as their parents. I would never go to another pet hospital with my kids unless referred. "
- Patricia Rothenbush
03/27/2018 12:52:38
"Great and friendly staff. The facility was gorgeous!! Location was nice. It was very homey and welcoming experience. "
- John O'Sullivan
03/27/2018 02:44:28
"All good. Consistent level of care after being clients for 20+ years. "
- Brian & Mary Jane Boxer
03/26/2018 15:17:06
"This was a great experience. I have been having a hard time finding a vet that I really felt comfortable with. The technician was great, so friendly and good with my crazy lab. The vet was great too, although I did not spend to much time with him. Overall, my experience was really good."
- Kelli & Matt Brogan
03/25/2018 15:15:56
"You guys were awesome"
- Michele & Matt Comach
03/21/2018 17:11:20
"Love that you are open on Sunday!!!!! Everything was wonderful and you are now our new vet for all our animals!"
- Ruth & Mark Redd
03/19/2018 21:44:27
"I loved how clean and proper the lobby was. My only complaint is that I wish the wait time was quicker. We were the only ones on the cat side waiting."
- Alyssa Oliver
03/19/2018 21:05:45
"Always a good experience"
- Samantha Schneiderman
03/16/2018 01:46:19
"we LOVE Country Oaks Pet Hospital and Dr. Johnson ... we have always had the best care for our pets, particularly Lola!! We have been patients for many, many years and are grateful for COPH's service and care!"
- Steve & Jane Ridenour
03/15/2018 15:16:49
"It was our first visit. Everyone was very friendly. "
- Vangie Merrill
03/15/2018 03:44:23
"I LOVE the new offices! And ...I happen to have a cat that needs medical care on a regular basis. She means the world to me and it warms my heart to walk into Country Oaks knowing that my little one is in the best hands possible. Everyone always takes good care of me and my pets. Thank you. "
- Jim & Terilynn Diepenbrock
03/15/2018 02:45:50
"I appreciate Dr Johnson's kindness to Leo and for his follow-up calls."
- Jan & Larry Hupp
03/14/2018 22:09:21
"Satisfied with my experience from the front office to the back with the veterinarian.. "
- Marcie Phan
03/13/2018 23:07:16
"Called and was able to get appt. same day. Service both st front desk and pet care technician was great"
- Lori & Tim Murchison
03/13/2018 22:10:38
- Summer & Tim Schaedler
03/13/2018 20:03:15
"The girl at the front desk was very nice and efficient! "
- Laree Lottermoser
03/13/2018 17:49:33
"Thank you for not overselling me on medication my pet doesn't need."
- Molly Munz
03/13/2018 16:31:55
"I think the newly remodeled building is amazing and very comforting even for my dog. She had a great time and everyone was so good to her."
- Brian Galloway
03/12/2018 05:15:52
"Friendly, knowledgeable service very. Staff Took great care in interacting with Gus. Explained everything thoroughly."
- Heidi & Alex Taghavian
03/12/2018 04:49:13
- Sharlene Andrews
03/12/2018 04:07:41
" The new building is beautiful and the staff is friendly too!"
- Corey & Wendy Ebro
03/12/2018 02:08:40
"U Doing great we always have excellent care for our starlet keep up the good work"
- Mike & Joyce Voth
03/10/2018 13:41:56
"Vet was very thorough and provided all options available."
- Kim Schwab
03/09/2018 22:20:01
- Katharyn Cooper
03/09/2018 17:02:29
"The technician who returned my call regarding the refill on the special urinary cat food was particularly sensitive to my need to schedule my dog's appointment when no other dogs would be in the clinic. Thank you! My dog was checked in rather quickly and it was not long before the doctor came in to see him. He was checked out and possible appropriate medications were discussed. I felt like I had the option to pass on some of the medications but ultimately I chose to get most of them anyway. The medicines were expensive but I'm assuming the cost to Country Oaks is just passed along to the customers. I appreciate that Country Oaks had all the medications on hand to start treatments right away."
- Marla Tjoelker
03/09/2018 04:06:28
"I think all staff are very kind and caring."
- Christiane & Steve Heckeroth
03/08/2018 20:28:00
"All staff was very friendly, personable and helpful to me - this is unlike the "old" hospital where I felt the vets were trying to sell me more and more tests just to make money rather than caring for my pets (clean teeth, cut nails, selling me arthritis medication for urinary incontinence). This time I felt like what I wanted was being heard and respected. And I appreciate that I did not have to pay for an office visit (see the vet) for a vaccination. "
- Lynell Heaps
03/08/2018 02:44:07
"The front desk person was extremely helpful in explaining and showing me the "end of life" options. That was really appreciated. When the time comes I will be a little more at ease. I do prefer to go back to the exam room with my cat to discuss things with the Dr. or technician. It helps me understand the traatment better and it makes me feel more involved and I like to comfort my fur baby."
- Melissa Smith
03/08/2018 02:35:33
"You guys are doing awesome. First time here, appreciate the respect and honesty"
- Monica Quinn
03/05/2018 21:26:29
"Excellent. Nothing negative to say."
- Stephanie & Mark Madsen
03/05/2018 16:25:28
"Friendly, caring, thorough, knowledgable."
- Carl & Jodi Simmons
03/05/2018 13:08:24
"I am pleased with the care and service. Everyone seems to really care for my dog."
- Marjorie Marquardt
03/04/2018 15:33:13
"Country Oaks Pet Hospital Staff has always treated our pets the best. Thank you. "
- Jarmila & Steve Carrie
03/04/2018 08:46:09
"I was able to get a same day appointment. The Vet was terrific! I didn't feel as if she was trying to "sell" me anything. I will be switching all my dogs to Country Oaks when they are up for their next set of shots. The facility is beautiful & the front office staff was excellent - very welcoming!! "
- Jeralyn Fleig
02/28/2018 05:34:39
"You guys always do a great job, I've never had a bad experience there "
- Mike Taylor
02/28/2018 04:26:05
"Everything is good"
- Alona Sazonova
02/24/2018 07:03:27
"We really appreciate the amount of time the vet spends with Theo. He explains everything and is not in a hurry. He obviously cares about our dog and so does his assistant. The staff in the front office is very courteous as well."
- Treasa Patterson
02/22/2018 04:11:16
"It was great having Maggie's prescription waiting for me when I arrived, very efficient"
- Ray Merlino
02/20/2018 21:10:20
"Thank you guys for your service. It was a pleasure to be in your office and got a great care for our puppy. Doctor Natalia and all your staff are just amazing and so professional. See you soon. Thank you. "
- Irina Ostapenko
02/20/2018 01:37:28
"I love the lobby space in the new building. Staff is very friendly and always try to make my anxious pets comfortable. Great job!"
- Latisha Farris
02/20/2018 00:42:57
"Country Oaks Pet Hospital is fantastic. I love bringing Murphy here, he is always given the best care. Everyone is very helpful, considerate, just great people. Thank you for all you do."
- Donna Baker
02/19/2018 23:44:17
"We had a good experience."
- Richard & Kathy Grabowski
02/19/2018 20:58:18
"You are always professional, helpful, friendly and provide great care for my dogs. "
- Jodi & Madelyn Hallerman
02/17/2018 03:44:17
" My experience with your clinic was fantastic, i’m really glad you were patient with my little dog, it was also really nice that you work with me financially that’s a big plus ."
- Linda Barnes
02/16/2018 22:45:11
- Steve Fernandez
02/16/2018 21:53:53
"The staff continues to show they really care about the well-being of pets. Additionally, I truly appreciate that they do run on time and will listen to pet parent concerns."
- Ron Kingston
02/16/2018 21:33:59
"Yearly check to keep my little girl healthy. Made suggestions, I took their advice, nothing more to say..Ask questions receive a response, that was pretty much the visit.."
- Marsha McHugh
02/16/2018 02:37:20
"I was there for annual shots. I did have a wait but overall the experience was good and the puppies were seen"
- Maureen & Alan Lancaster
02/16/2018 00:45:21
"Love EVERYONE at Country Oaks - you take very good care of Harley and treat us so well! Thank you! Love the new "dogs" as well! "
- Christine & Todd Sanfilippo
02/15/2018 22:11:37
"Both "Coola" and we are very pleased with your new facility and services offered."
- Samuel & Marilyn Allison
02/15/2018 20:06:42
"The front staff and technicians are great. I had not met Dr Land she was very nice and informative"
- Elaine Gossett
02/15/2018 19:30:52
"Great, caring people. Love the new space."
- Linda Hobson
02/13/2018 19:20:13
"Front office staff was very welcoming. Vet tech was friendly and seemed to really like our pet. Very clean & neat front office. It was really nice to know that Chester had the run of a few cages and you supplied him with a "cave" bed, which he seemed to prefer to our own bed (per staff report). Thank you very much, since he tends to get a bit grumpy when he's boarded out. It's nice to know that your staff takes a little extra time to make him as comfortable as possible."
- Terry & Lori Moler
02/13/2018 15:53:32
"Staff was friendly and helpful, office and exam room was VERY clean and organized, and our Veterinarian was so kind to Isobel and our family. We all left very happy! "
- Stephanie & Eric Becerra
02/12/2018 20:05:16
"Always caring and very helpful."
- Iris & Roger Baccigaluppi
02/12/2018 20:00:52
"Everyone was very nice and friendly. I liked how I was asked a lot af questions about Luckie’s health since this was his first vist. I love the remodel. The clinic is very welcoming. "
- Karen Quidato
02/12/2018 19:46:06
"You are all so amazing and very sympathetic to our pets! We love you guys!"
- Kim & Justin Greene
02/11/2018 02:05:22
"Dogs are happy to go to the vet, they are always treated well and with compassion by the entire staff."
- Vondra Doherty
02/10/2018 16:39:46