"Everything is good"
- Alona Sazonova
02/24/2018 07:03:27
"We really appreciate the amount of time the vet spends with Theo. He explains everything and is not in a hurry. He obviously cares about our dog and so does his assistant. The staff in the front office is very courteous as well."
- Treasa Patterson
02/22/2018 04:11:16
"It was great having Maggie's prescription waiting for me when I arrived, very efficient"
- Ray Merlino
02/20/2018 21:10:20
"Thank you guys for your service. It was a pleasure to be in your office and got a great care for our puppy. Doctor Natalia and all your staff are just amazing and so professional. See you soon. Thank you. "
- Irina Ostapenko
02/20/2018 01:37:28
"I love the lobby space in the new building. Staff is very friendly and always try to make my anxious pets comfortable. Great job!"
- Latisha Farris
02/20/2018 00:42:57
"Country Oaks Pet Hospital is fantastic. I love bringing Murphy here, he is always given the best care. Everyone is very helpful, considerate, just great people. Thank you for all you do."
- Donna Baker
02/19/2018 23:44:17
"We had a good experience."
- Richard & Kathy Grabowski
02/19/2018 20:58:18
"You are always professional, helpful, friendly and provide great care for my dogs. "
- Jodi & Madelyn Hallerman
02/17/2018 03:44:17
" My experience with your clinic was fantastic, i’m really glad you were patient with my little dog, it was also really nice that you work with me financially that’s a big plus ."
- Linda Barnes
02/16/2018 22:45:11
- Steve Fernandez
02/16/2018 21:53:53
"The staff continues to show they really care about the well-being of pets. Additionally, I truly appreciate that they do run on time and will listen to pet parent concerns."
- Ron Kingston
02/16/2018 21:33:59
"Yearly check to keep my little girl healthy. Made suggestions, I took their advice, nothing more to say..Ask questions receive a response, that was pretty much the visit.."
- Marsha McHugh
02/16/2018 02:37:20
"I was there for annual shots. I did have a wait but overall the experience was good and the puppies were seen"
- Maureen & Alan Lancaster
02/16/2018 00:45:21
"Love EVERYONE at Country Oaks - you take very good care of Harley and treat us so well! Thank you! Love the new "dogs" as well! "
- Christine & Todd Sanfilippo
02/15/2018 22:11:37
"Both "Coola" and we are very pleased with your new facility and services offered."
- Samuel & Marilyn Allison
02/15/2018 20:06:42
"The front staff and technicians are great. I had not met Dr Land she was very nice and informative"
- Elaine Gossett
02/15/2018 19:30:52
"Great, caring people. Love the new space."
- Linda Hobson
02/13/2018 19:20:13
"Front office staff was very welcoming. Vet tech was friendly and seemed to really like our pet. Very clean & neat front office. It was really nice to know that Chester had the run of a few cages and you supplied him with a "cave" bed, which he seemed to prefer to our own bed (per staff report). Thank you very much, since he tends to get a bit grumpy when he's boarded out. It's nice to know that your staff takes a little extra time to make him as comfortable as possible."
- Terry & Lori Moler
02/13/2018 15:53:32
"Staff was friendly and helpful, office and exam room was VERY clean and organized, and our Veterinarian was so kind to Isobel and our family. We all left very happy! "
- Stephanie & Eric Becerra
02/12/2018 20:05:16
"Always caring and very helpful."
- Iris & Roger Baccigaluppi
02/12/2018 20:00:52
"Everyone was very nice and friendly. I liked how I was asked a lot af questions about Luckie’s health since this was his first vist. I love the remodel. The clinic is very welcoming. "
- Karen Quidato
02/12/2018 19:46:06
"You are all so amazing and very sympathetic to our pets! We love you guys!"
- Kim & Justin Greene
02/11/2018 02:05:22
"Dogs are happy to go to the vet, they are always treated well and with compassion by the entire staff."
- Vondra Doherty
02/10/2018 16:39:46
"The new facility is lovely, and everyone was friendly. All is designed for comfort and calmness. Clean. Dr. Natalya and the technician were good with our kitty. "
- Tom & Linda Sweetman
02/09/2018 14:16:33
"I was very impressed with the service and help offered to Toby and I. Your facility is great and everyone was sooo helpful and pleasant. Glad we switched!!"
- Glenn Chambers
02/08/2018 20:55:19
"I love this place. Everyone is the best and they truly care for your furry children."
- Fran & David Allen
02/07/2018 22:19:53
"Beautiful new building! All staff is super welcoming and friendly to both my pet and me. They take time to explain everything thoroughly. And best of all, they seem to really like my dog:) "
- Elizabeth & Mark Rodgers
02/07/2018 20:19:31
"We are really happy with our experience at Country Oaks. All three vets give our dogs the most personal attention possible. All the illnesses have been well-diagnosed and the health and activity of our dogs, especially the two older ones, are a tribute to the treatment you have given them. A+"
- Valerie & Vincent Zukowski
02/02/2018 03:56:04
"I always have a very good experience. The staff is always professional, courteous and friendly. The veterinarians are very caring, compassionate, and encourage but not too pushy with recommendations, and they give great care to the animals."
- John & Keri Stevens
02/01/2018 23:10:06
"We were very happy with our visit. Dr. Nataya and Chad were great and we were happy that the "upselling" that seems to occur at some vets didn't occur. "
- Nick Ewing
02/01/2018 15:19:48
"As always, you treat us and the Justice Pride like we are family"
- Angela & Michael Justice
02/01/2018 02:47:42
"Love the Big Sur feed in the exam room and the really beautiful surroundings."
- Jenny Smith
01/31/2018 21:23:15
"All staff were friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Doctor Johnson was able to explain an 8 year condition in my beagle that other vets identified but could do little but control her discomfort. I have hope, based on his recommended treatment ,that she will be on the way to a more comfortable life."
- Dennis Valentine
01/31/2018 01:37:39
"When I bring my baby in we are treated like family. They may not always remember my name but they always remember "Precious". You not only treat us with respect, but you treat our babies with respect. This is why I have been coming there for 30 + years. So keep up the good work."
- Dorothea Russell
01/31/2018 00:51:48
"Everyone is always very nice."
- Jim Hollenback
01/30/2018 16:19:29
- Jose & Beth Olagues
01/29/2018 17:56:35
"I won't take my pets anywhere else."
- Diane Yapundich
01/29/2018 05:14:45
"I'm so happy I found you! My experience was amazing. I came home and immediately praised you on Yelp. This is my first dog. We started at a different facility - which was fine. But it was just that ... fine ... nothing good/nothing bad. You guys really go the extra mile in your facilty, your staff, you doctors and your procedures. Thank you for being so friendly, kind, professional and accommodating. "
- Carrie & Chris Engh
01/28/2018 21:54:08
"Great staff, available same day appt., relaxing music for the animals, genuine pet care"
- Shelby Moyer
01/27/2018 19:55:59
"I love the new renovations. It was calming and comforting. Also everyone we dealt with was friendly and reassuring, and they explained things well."
- Dawn & Robert Hutchison
01/27/2018 16:59:30
"Doing great! Friendly staff, beautiful new digs! Congrats!"
- Bette Burrows
01/27/2018 16:45:10
"Love the new place. Staff are top notch, worked hard to make my 15 1/2 year old fur baby comfortable."
- David & Michaeline Veden
01/27/2018 16:23:12
"Everything was fine. I liked the dr. your new facility is quite nice. "
- Carolee & Douglas Kilduff
01/27/2018 00:07:27
"The people are great"
- Cynthia Dean
01/26/2018 21:18:08
"So far we've only have had one visit but we are quite impressed with your facility and our new Vet! Thank-you all for being so very welcoming and helpful. We look forward to a lasting relationship with Country Oaks Pet Hospital for all of our animal needs."
- Roch & Bonnie Brunson
01/26/2018 19:26:29
"I enjoyed my visit!! They treated lil b like it was their own!!! "
- Victoria Gallego
01/23/2018 19:40:42
"Our vet is the best - caring, considerate, always helpful. Staff is friendly."
- Susan Crowther
01/23/2018 18:59:45
"We were very pleased with the care Luther received on his annual visit. Staff was welcoming and knowledgeable. "
- Katherine & Doug Brandenburg
01/22/2018 23:02:13
"We love Country Oaks. First place we've been where the veterinarians are actually trying to help Remy out! Thank you!"
- Melissa Dean
01/21/2018 18:38:44
"I loved how they all loved on Tex..."
- Cynthia Compton
01/20/2018 18:39:03
"Staff are friendly and courteous! The new building is amazing and I know Dr. Johnson cares about my pets. "
- Kristina & Andrew Mckee
01/19/2018 18:03:51
"Great experience. Kitty feels much better!"
- Laurie Simmon
01/18/2018 02:55:18
"Excellent quick service. Love your new place.... "
- Ken Forsyth
01/18/2018 02:52:12
"Everyone was very friendly and helpful."
- Brian & Janet Davis
01/18/2018 00:46:32
"Every visit is a wonderful experience. Your staff are professional, nice, and compassionate. They make me feel like a family member. The office renovation is gorgeous!"
- Marci Littlefield
01/17/2018 23:08:18
"We always feel that Teddy is getting excellent care when we bring him in."
- Cathy & Norman Nickeson
01/17/2018 20:02:47
"I love the new facility! Everyone Charlie and I met were pleasant and professional, especially the dvt,Karen, who took care of Charlie."
- Kathy Waugh
01/16/2018 04:26:34
"We just moved to the area, glad we chose you folks. Everyone was helpful and professional."
- Laurie Hopkins
01/15/2018 21:20:35
"We know our cats are in more than capable hands when using the veterinarians at Country Oaks Pet Hospital. Love your new clinic, the remodel and expansion are amazing."
- Beth & Greg Buderus
01/15/2018 21:15:57
"So far, my experience with your hospital has been excellent! The staff is very friendly and I love how the assistants and doctors treat my dog (and me, too). Years ago, I stopped by the facility to ask about bringing my dog in for future check ups, and the lady behind the desk was extremely unfriendly and rude. I didn't go back again until I was told by my neighbor (over a year ago) that there was a new owner. So, I gave it a try and have really been impressed with the service. I think the new facilities are great and very comfortable."
- Julia Kelly
01/15/2018 19:56:53
"Fast, courteous service: can’t ask for more!"
- Dawn Boyd
01/15/2018 05:16:49
"Love your office !!! Everyone is extremely nice and helpful "
- Jill & Marcus Davis
01/11/2018 14:08:14
"Absolutely great"
- Mike & Joyce Voth
01/08/2018 23:08:40
"I always have a pleasant time when bringing in my fur babies. Everyone there is always very friendly towards everyone. Very beautiful place to visit."
- Patricia Rothenbush
01/08/2018 22:25:46
"Call around professional and courteous"
- Chuck & Denise Skewis
01/05/2018 20:52:22
"I have no complaints & think you all do a great job! It was a little more challenging in the temporary trailers but that is understandable! The new facility is beautiful!"
- Mike & Tracye Foley
01/04/2018 19:27:30
"fast, loving and professional"
- Denise Grinzewitsch
01/04/2018 17:57:43
"Everyone at Country Oaks Pet Hospital are wonderful and the service is great. I love bringing my pets there."
- Kathy & Louis Gragnano
01/03/2018 20:27:35
"You’re doing great! The staff is so friendly."
- Mark & Jennifer Sheffield
01/02/2018 21:28:50
"We love Country Oaks staff!! The new facility is unbeleivable."
- Stacey Medinas
01/02/2018 20:40:56
"Staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. Always a comfortable visit for both furbabies and parents."
- David Good
01/02/2018 19:05:58
"Love the new place and the separate entrances "
- Steven & Nicole Martell
01/02/2018 15:34:10
"Casper Rygg's check-up was efficient and painless. We did not have to wait long for our appointment - everything was timely! We have been taking our dogs to Country Oaks Pet Hospital since 1973! We had a Collie and many Dachshunds before Casper who we adopted. The staff was friendly and efficient. Thank You!!! Dorothea (Thea) Rygg."
- William & Thea Rygg
01/02/2018 01:57:36
"You all are awesome! We are on a retirement budget so you have worked with us on the best, affordable options to offer our kitty, Peeta. Thank you so much for that. We love our animals but don't have a lot of extra money. He is doing so much better by the way!"
- Cynda & Charles Dart
12/31/2017 17:17:08
"Thought everything was great!"
- Danielle Diperna
12/30/2017 15:24:28
"Everything was great! Everyone in the office was so helpful and loving with Bowie. Particularly was impressed with the way Dr. Johnson has periodically checked in with me by phone about Bowie’s health. Thank you"
- Lisa Lundholm
12/30/2017 02:38:05
"I really like bubuds new vet. He knew right away what was wrong. Thank you. We will definitely come back"
- Becky Emert
12/22/2017 17:17:56
"Cookie and I have never had a bad experience since we first came to you on our first of many visits last summer (2017). Cookie is a rescue and needed everything a neglected dog needed. Everyone at your wonderful facility has treated us like family and Cookie has turned into the happy, healthy and loving pet I was searching for thanks to Doctors Johnson and Nataya and each and every one of your entire staff!!! We look forward to a long, loving and healthy relationship with Country Oaks Pet Hospital. "
- Donna Campbell
12/21/2017 21:30:35
"Professional staff are very knowledgeable and communicative. I trust the staff with my elderly dog - who remains in wonderful health. "
- Brian & Mary Jane Boxer
12/21/2017 03:56:57
"We love you guys!..Looking forward to the completion of the construction so you have more parking again..."
- Anthony & Carol Albanese
12/21/2017 00:27:37
"We came for a nail trim. The young tech who came out to the lobby to get Bella was very dear. He was so kind and loving to all of us. The nails look great and even more important she is walking better. We love you folks. Thanks"
- Ruth & Bill Barnard
12/20/2017 17:12:13
"I was happy that you could see Chuey so quickly, and it put my mind at ease."
- Joe Wanner
12/19/2017 01:01:56
"Staff was friendly and professional. "
- Alex & Liz Shaw
12/15/2017 02:30:50
"I think Country Oak Pet Hospital is the best. All of you are very friendly and helpful. Murphy loves to go there. "
- Donna Baker
12/14/2017 17:44:46
"Your staff is very friendly and professional. Our pets were seen in a timely manner and left happy. We are looking forward to seeing your new facilities. "
- Ned & Anne Strong
12/14/2017 04:06:40
"We just moved to the area and had to take our cat in due to an infected bite. Country Oaks Pet Hospital was able to accommodate a same day appointment, provided great service and had reasonable prices. I am very happy with them."
- Colleen Wink
12/14/2017 03:09:30
"Pet care was very good. The temporary quarters has been a difficult experience since cats and dogs are combined. Once the remodeled building is opened should solve the issue."
- Michael & Judy Profumo
12/13/2017 22:20:58
"we love Dr. Johnson ..."
- Steve & Jane Ridenour
12/13/2017 21:57:57
"Front office staff were friendly and helpful . Vet assist also friendly and helpful. All seemed to be very caring and great with Dottie. Oh yes and the Dr. Was excellent too :) all around a great experience. "
- Stephanie Cyr
12/11/2017 17:54:59
"I have no complaints, your staff is excellent in support, advice, and all out friendliness . they have always been there Thanks for your service"
- Elaine Gossett
12/11/2017 15:27:29
"Our first time there was a pleasant experience for me and my pup"
- Melissa Jackson
12/10/2017 18:37:14
"Always received excellent care"
- Nancy & Dave Higgins
12/10/2017 00:48:50
"Cant wait until you move into your new vet hospital! You accommodate our needs well."
- Erin Healy
12/09/2017 20:11:55
"Everyone was so kind and just loved on my baby Lulu. It means the world to see how much they love all animals that walk into their office!"
- Alexandra Legendre
12/09/2017 18:32:35
"Very friendly staff "
- Dalma Hegedus
12/08/2017 19:09:32
"I have to say that Daisy and I were treated with the utmost love and care."
- Sara & Steve Dunn
12/07/2017 20:45:47
"We have only brought our cat Tyler to you and no one else. Your staff provides exemplary service and care!"
- Eric & Karen Mandell
12/07/2017 00:44:30
"No complaints. Always friendly helpful and good to our animals,"
- Paul Watwood
12/06/2017 23:50:15
"I am pleased with your service. I have recommended three of my neighbors who are also happy with you."
- Marjorie Marquardt
12/06/2017 23:26:10
"You guys are doing great. Pumpkin needs prescription cat food and it’s always quick and easy to pick it up for him. "
- James Laughridge
12/06/2017 18:45:56