"Service was right on time! Cooper looked calm and pleased. The staff members were friendly and helpful."
- Stephen & Mirta Rhoads
06/17/2021 19:46:07
"What can I say? Dr. Irene is excellent. I am very happy she came to COPH. Chewy loved the vet tech that came out to the car. I don't know her name, but she was very professional and kind. His ears are already improved. He's not shaking his head anymore."
- Beau Stevens
06/16/2021 22:32:59
"Everything went well. "
- David Lopez
06/16/2021 19:57:27
"My first visit was delightful. The staff asked if we would like refreshments while we waited in the car. All staff was very friendly and were able to answer my questions. The doctor was thorough and updated me on the vaccinations needed for my new pup. My puppy came out with a cute neckerchief and made my day. "
- Susan Saechao
06/16/2021 02:47:29
"I was there to pick up meds for my cat Maggie and was treated with courtesy and kindness."
- Nancy Cowan
06/15/2021 22:58:54
"We have had you as our Vet for about one year. We find your staff very easy to work with and they treat Lucy beautifully. Thank you for your wonderful service."
- Beverly Hutchens
06/15/2021 20:45:11
"Dr. Irene was professional, compassionate & thorough in her care & communication."
- Gayle Stimack
06/15/2021 16:58:18
"Everyone I've dealt with at Country Oaks has been great. My Cassy is getting more and more comfortable during her visits and that's due to all of you!"
- Christine Riddle
06/13/2021 19:34:51
"Care and compassion are excellent. Staff are knowledgeable and kind. We received unexpected bad news about our dog and we could really feel how much everyone cared about her and us. It will be nice when the curbside ends but we totally understand why it is necessary."
- Marchel DeMersseman
06/12/2021 22:26:20
"Service was fantastic, staff was great, wait time was not too long"
- Vivian Luong
06/12/2021 19:12:40
"Always pleased!"
- C.Thad & Jacqueline Szymanowski
06/10/2021 23:27:40
- Janice & Richard Clack
06/09/2021 20:19:33
"I’m extremely happy with your customer service and the care you give my puppy Ace! Ace loves the care he get from you guys and he doesn’t fear the vet which is great! Thank you for your guys amazing service! "
- Destiny Poole
06/09/2021 01:54:33
"I brought Petey in for a senior exam because you guys made me feel so good when dr. Irene nine months ago had to put my little Abbey Rose to sleep. Your staff sent me a beautiful card that was signed by all of the staff and you also gave me a picture of Abbey's footprints. It warmed my heart."
- Rhonda Monteiro
06/08/2021 19:55:16
"Right upon arrival we we asked if we wanted any refreshments while waiting in our car(COVID protocols) the hospital reassured us how long the wait would be and what they would be doing for our baby cat. They go above and beyond for their patients, very welcoming and positive experience."
- Kyylei Hernandez
06/08/2021 19:16:53
"As always great service under extreme conditions of the pandemic. "
- Steven Marks
06/07/2021 21:10:32
"The team always has a smile and comforting greeting"
- Kathie Campbell
06/07/2021 20:36:34
"Was called to get Stanley in earlier than scheduled b/c of a cancellation. Always get seen promptly when arrive. "
- Elizabeth Dankof
06/07/2021 18:24:13
"You’re always great with our pets. It will be nice when we can finally resume in person visits. My animals are much less nervous when we are with them. Thank you for the care you always give them."
- Catherine Lewis
06/06/2021 20:40:12
"You are doing everything our Roddy needs. I think the aroma/ionised ? therapy that is on the scarf you put around his neck helps him relax and feel in control when he is in the clinic. He does enjoy the treats and as you have found out he is very responsive to that. Thank you for your through and quick attention to his healthcare. His quality of life is as important to you as it is to us. "
- Shirley Tellington
06/06/2021 19:21:02
"I am so happy with the empathy and affect that the techs show at this pet hospital. You can tell they love animals and truly want the best care for them. I feel comfortable asking questions and not being judged which is really important to me! Especially when it comes to my fur babies. I have no negative feedback."
- Brianna Brothers
06/04/2021 02:57:32
"I was very pleased with the cost of treatment."
- Don & Melva Bonacci
06/03/2021 21:09:37
"You’re doing great. Gilley doesn’t even look back when your techs collect him. Be glad when we can do this face to face, but until then, thumbs up,"
- Richard Slinn
06/03/2021 18:52:06
"You are so caring about animals, including my violent twerp of a cat. Tysm, I really appreciate you. "
- Yelena Koval
06/03/2021 16:25:16
"I was very pleased with your services "
- Elisabeth Baratta
06/03/2021 15:30:56
"First experience with Dr. Chiu was great!!"
- Jennifer Yamamoto
06/03/2021 04:27:04
"It was our first visit. It was a little harder because of COVID and not being able to see the office and the doctor. I was impressed by everyone, start to finish. I was appreciate the doctor called me to give an overview of Maggie's state of health. Thank you."
- Judy Link
06/02/2021 20:37:39
"Very very good"
- Maria Martinez
06/02/2021 18:44:37
"Every person I spoke w wonderful and so helpful. Amazing how patient the ladies were in coaxing Stevie into the office. "
- Sally Hencken
06/02/2021 01:29:26
"I have no complaints! I was very please with the care you gave super, he has been a very healthy dog so very few visits to the vets. He showed no sighs of stress and you also completely relieved any stress that I had Thank you."
- Tracy Strain
06/01/2021 20:12:46
"Communication and feedback is great! I’m a new pet owner so I appreciate when the staff takes the time explain everything that occurred during the visit. "
- Rebecca Mendoza-Jimenez
06/01/2021 16:32:52
"I love that we don’t have to go inside anymore and wait in a waiting room now so dogs don’t have to be around other dogs. They were friendly and helped my dog with her limp. Thankyou"
- Antonio Decesari
06/01/2021 16:18:00
"The vet seemed knowledgeable and caring, the staff was extremely patient and kind as well."
- Heather Galloway
06/01/2021 15:00:57
"Our experience was fabulous. Everybody was professional, organized, friendly, and punctual."
- Jennifer Nunes
05/31/2021 17:16:16
"When the tech came out they were so kind and explained the process and time frame and even brought my dog a whip cream cone that helped my dog that’s always anxious. The doctor was swift with a phone update. Loved my experience "
- Anthony Oregel
05/31/2021 05:06:26
"Very thorough and timely. "
- Stacy Williams
05/31/2021 00:20:24
"When I called the pharmacy, the person I talked to was helpful and very kind. When I picked up the prescription it was quick and easy, and check out was the same."
- Randy Anderson
05/29/2021 07:51:07
"My waiting time before tech arrived to get dog was a little longer than I would have preferred, but it was not unreasonable."
- Sylvia & Douglas Enoch
05/28/2021 21:08:41
"I have zero complaints! We were scheduled and seen quickly, followed by an excellent, affordable plan for our dog. "
- Tammy Pittman
05/28/2021 16:20:57
"We thank you for trying to make this as low stress as possible for our pup. She is a love but has a lot of anxiety with the vet."
- Erica Bishop
05/27/2021 23:23:13
"I personally had a great experience. The staff were all very warm welcoming, thoughtful, & kind. "
- Vanessa Ureno
05/27/2021 23:10:51
"Your Country Oak Staff is beyond Amazing!! I appreciate everything you all have done through the years for our fur babes . "
- Adrienne Reiner
05/27/2021 06:30:04
"Dr. Johnson and all staff - Jessica, Jesse, and ___?(Sorry!)___ were professional, kind to our anxious Isa, and timely."
- Tony Manzanetti
05/27/2021 01:07:32
"Gus loves to visit you guys! You provide comprehensive care and also don’t pull the guilt-card if there’s something we decide to forego. Curbside visits have been very helpful 😊"
- Heidi & Alex Taghavian
05/26/2021 17:47:01
"No complaints! I have a fearful dog, and they handle him with care snd compassion."
- Michele Fisher
05/26/2021 16:26:23
"They were very nice to Hammy and I and cared for Hammy very well. I'm glad my fur baby is okay thanks to them"
- Katlyn Riffey
05/26/2021 03:58:06
"You were able to see Marty within an hour of a phone call. Marty was seen promptly and we received a phone call very shortly after he was taken inside telling us your initial findings and suggestions for treatment. "
- Ned & Anne Strong
05/26/2021 01:45:01
"This was our first visit. Everything went smoothly and timely. I am wondering when you will open face to face again?"
- Patty Suter
05/26/2021 00:52:10
- Stuart Jersky
05/25/2021 18:42:24
"My fur baby loves your vets. I am very pleased with the check in procedure and the final check out."
- Cheryl Croxton
05/25/2021 18:09:42
"The pick up of medicine for my dog was quick and easy."
- Elizabeth Hughes
05/25/2021 17:15:38
"Appreciate not feeling hurried and that they truly care about my buddy. Thank you! "
- Rene Bisnett
05/25/2021 16:24:06
"The Rx refill was much smoother this time"
- Sandro Fusco
05/25/2021 01:12:23
"Everything fine. "
- Kevin West
05/24/2021 23:57:37
"The staff members are kind, easy to work with, caring and do what they can to answer questions and concerns. Of course, they love my kitty and treat her so lovingly. Would not go anywhere else. "
- Carla Vincent
05/24/2021 21:42:18
"The staff and doctors were amazing, surgery was a success and the relief this hospital provided was insurmountable. "
- Alfredo Lopez
05/24/2021 20:27:42
"Always feel happy to have my pet visit this hospital. They are good with her even though she can be a bit shy and scared."
- Karen Chen
05/24/2021 18:46:21
"You provided all the information and more about Oscar to help us care for him"
- Ray & Anne Jacobson
05/24/2021 04:42:58
"Super efficient visit with very professional staff that clearly loves animals."
- Brian & Victoria Hanly
05/23/2021 18:43:36
"Staff is very friendly and answered all my questions "
- Janet Thiel
05/23/2021 16:53:22
"Friendly and communicative, and my dog was at ease. "
- Molly Platts
05/23/2021 16:33:17
"Dr Johnson did a great job. He communicated well the issues with Leo and answered all questions to our satisfaction. "
- Rigel Spencer
05/23/2021 04:29:15
"I love that everytime we take our dogs in, they're treated as if they're special and important, not just another patient. "
- Nicole McGlashan
05/22/2021 19:56:19
"I was very impressed by the kindness and compassion of your staff. My dog was so relaxed and happy immediately after his appointment. I have been telling all my friends about what a wonderful experience it was."
- Jude Lemons
05/22/2021 02:31:43
"This was just a medication pickup but the service was quick and friendly."
- Diane Christian
05/21/2021 23:00:08
"All of the staff i have dealt with are great! You can see the passion they have for animals."
- Alfonso Espinoza
05/21/2021 19:10:09
"Stella is much happier now. The heart meds are working. Thank you"
- Collette Schulke
05/21/2021 06:38:16
"From what you told me Annie was very good with you and you handled her with love and care and got the job done. You didn’t even need to sedate her to get all the difficult matting out. Thank you for being gentle with our Annie."
- Laura Courson
05/21/2021 01:52:18
"Thank you so much! Orchid had a great visit! "
- Julia Miller
05/20/2021 17:07:31
"I think it's wonderful you don't try and sell pet maintenance plans and that you offer med refills without an office visit"
- Allegra Colgrove
05/18/2021 21:14:17
"It was great. Easy pick-up and drop-off. Friendly staff."
- Darcy Grieve
05/18/2021 21:01:22
"This was our first office visit at this hospital and staff were so friendly and welcoming . We will definitely be coming back to this vet"
- Cecilia Pimentel
05/18/2021 19:14:17
"I’m perfectly happy, and more importantly, Winston (Winnie) loves you all to pieces (of cookie - but still real love!) His treatment has always been on time, appropriate and professional in all respects."
- Katharyn Cooper
05/17/2021 23:11:15
"Pickup and dropoff was seamless. Oscar seemed happy. I appreciated the phone conversation with the doctor."
- Scott Folland
05/17/2021 19:07:28
"I think you all are doing a great job. Thank you."
- Helene Rothman
05/17/2021 17:50:29
"The drop-off was very convenient. The doctor was very professional and informative as to the diagnosis of my pet's issue."
- Donna Windmiller
05/17/2021 16:24:02
"No complaints. Love the hours and days open. Curbside service is quick. Doctor was through. "
- Nancy Hernandez
05/16/2021 23:25:32
"Not only do they care for our furry friends but they also give as much care to their human clients too! I was surprised when they offer refreshments while I waited for my pup during his routine appointment. They even offered tips to help alleviate the stress of my pup getting his nails trimmed. Definitely a place that goes beyond!"
- Melanie Bustamante
05/16/2021 18:40:12
"I appreciated how kind and friendly every person i spoke to was and i also appreciated how the vet was very transparent with me not only about the risks involved but also the cost and didn’t pressure me one way or the other. Also they texted me pictures of s’mores after and told me she was sweet and honestly it made my entire day. Great service and they saved my baby. "
- Alicia Craft
05/14/2021 19:10:23
"We were picking up our pets ordered meds with no problems."
- Samuel & Marilyn Allison
05/14/2021 05:53:06
"Great communication, very nice and hospitable nurses."
- Angelo Hinojos
05/13/2021 14:55:17
"I'm impressed with you all and thank you for the good care for my dogs! "
- Jessica Orlandi
05/12/2021 19:12:59
"Hope we can come into the facility soon. You are doing a good job with the restrictions you are dealing with. "
- Barbara Nicholoson
05/11/2021 23:24:29
"My husband and I thank you, Dr. Johnson, for accepting our Mia as your patient. I appreciate his clear and honest appraisal of her poor health. We say thank you again. Joan and Ron Klafer"
- Joan and Ron Klafer
05/11/2021 21:29:18
"Kali my cat was in pain from her bites. You helped her out and she is taking her medicine and recovering. Thank you for your help. We will return for future visits. Sandy"
- Sandy Mcnulty
05/11/2021 18:38:26
"Honestly, I have been to a lot of veterinary offices over the years with a few different furbabies. This is the only one I have not been let down by. Your staff was so kind to my sweet girl and had nothing, but sweet things to say about my little booger. With Covid, this is the first time I have ever not been able to accompany my pet into the office, which would make anyone nervous, but she came out happy. Thank you for making my baby comfortable. I will be returning!"
- Kenna Payne
05/11/2021 17:53:21
"You're doing great."
- Vicki & Tom Corda
05/11/2021 16:45:24
"I can get piece of mind knowing that the staff and IT systems at Country Oaks keep me in the loop regarding my dogs annual exam and vaccines. Additionally, they were able to accommodate me on Saturday. My pup doesn't have a fear of going to the vet and seemed to enjoy his pupcicle. "
- Molly Munz
05/10/2021 19:47:13
"Country Oaks staff staff has been great to my pup. He is leash reactive and they are nice and gentle ensuring a fear free environment."
- Camila Espinola
05/10/2021 18:11:55
"Always the best of care from you! My dog LOVES going to the vet! It cracks me up. He, of course, only goes when you have to poke or prod on him. But, the love (and likely cheese and whip cream) that he gets there, makes him (and me) feel that it is the best outing ever! Thank you. You are appreciated!"
- Kelly Pemberton
05/10/2021 00:54:14
"You are doing great you got Ginger in on a cancelation wonderful she is a very elderly dog and your staff have treated her with such care and compassion. "
- Darrell & Christine Mann
05/09/2021 23:20:23
"May 4th was Jimmy Deans' first visit COPH. Dr. Irene (your new veterinarian) treated him. It was an excellent visit for him. Dr. Irene and her staff were wonderful. He had to return today for another visit and was treated by Dr. Imig for a bilateral ear infection. She and her staff were also wonderful. I think Jimmy has been given excellent care both times. The staff always demonstrates professional and compassionate care. Thank you"
- John & Keri Stevens
05/07/2021 22:48:32
"Everyone was prompt and very communicative the entire time. It was obvious they know what they're doing - very streamlined. It was our first visit and I (and pup) appreciated the little whipped cream cone. Dr Chu and the technician were able to answer my questions and explained everything thoroughly so that was appreciated."
- Bridgett Von Kahle
05/07/2021 22:32:58
"Very nice visit. You were able to take care of my German Shepard who has stranger issue. I was very grateful and will use your services as my primary vet."
- Gus Benavidas
05/07/2021 22:17:21
"The cold laser treatment for Mattie is very effective. The meds prescribed are working. Clair's personal concern and touch is wonderful. Front desk when called is cheering and personal. Dr. Chiu's attention and follow through are comforting and so helpful."
- Chuck Schaller
05/07/2021 17:59:02
"Country Oaks is great! "
- Michael & Lisa Koewler
05/07/2021 16:59:27
"I love this bet! I have taken my dogs here for years and always have a wonderful experience. In the past my dogs hated going to the vet but they actually seem excited to come here. I love the bandanas and they treat people and pets right. "
- Amelia Miles
05/07/2021 16:21:48
- Robert Mireles
05/07/2021 15:37:30
"Appreciated the photos of Poppy when she was examined....as it was difficult not being with her. She is only 3 months old. "
- Nikke Sosnick
05/06/2021 21:07:46
"You are the BEST. . Have had many dogs and visited many vets for their care. Country Oaks Pet Hospital is the best. Ty is always happy and relaxed when we arrive and when we go home. This is the first PET FRIENDLY VET hospital Ty and I have used. The care Ty has received would be listed at the very top of any list of Pet Hospitals. The staff and vets REALLY care about their patients."
- Emily Armond
05/06/2021 19:11:13