"Front office staff were friendly and helpful . Vet assist also friendly and helpful. All seemed to be very caring and great with Dottie. Oh yes and the Dr. Was excellent too :) all around a great experience. "
- Stephanie Cyr
12/11/2017 17:54:59
"I have no complaints, your staff is excellent in support, advice, and all out friendliness . they have always been there Thanks for your service"
- Elaine Gossett
12/11/2017 15:27:29
"Our first time there was a pleasant experience for me and my pup"
- Melissa Jackson
12/10/2017 18:37:14
"Always received excellent care"
- Nancy & Dave Higgins
12/10/2017 00:48:50
"Cant wait until you move into your new vet hospital! You accommodate our needs well."
- Erin Healy
12/09/2017 20:11:55
"Everyone was so kind and just loved on my baby Lulu. It means the world to see how much they love all animals that walk into their office!"
- Alexandra Legendre
12/09/2017 18:32:35
"Very friendly staff "
- Dalma Hegedus
12/08/2017 19:09:32
"I have to say that Daisy and I were treated with the utmost love and care."
- Sara & Steve Dunn
12/07/2017 20:45:47
"We have only brought our cat Tyler to you and no one else. Your staff provides exemplary service and care!"
- Eric & Karen Mandell
12/07/2017 00:44:30
"No complaints. Always friendly helpful and good to our animals,"
- Paul Watwood
12/06/2017 23:50:15
"I am pleased with your service. I have recommended three of my neighbors who are also happy with you."
- Marjorie Marquardt
12/06/2017 23:26:10
"You guys are doing great. Pumpkin needs prescription cat food and it’s always quick and easy to pick it up for him. "
- James Laughridge
12/06/2017 18:45:56
"Informative on the care on my pets"
- Wanda Mozdy
12/04/2017 18:06:49
"Good. "
- Nancy Chevreaux
12/03/2017 00:45:16
"Excellent care for my pets."
- Jo Lamb
12/02/2017 21:32:02
"I have been coming here for 30 years now, and never have I been disappointed with anything. The staff and the doctors all have been so careing to all of my extended family."
- Dorothea Russell
12/02/2017 06:50:21
"Everyone was extremely nice to myself and my animal. I felt like I was in good hands and well taken care of. "
- Hannah Pendell
11/30/2017 15:46:45
"You all took great care of Moki and she is so much better off today! Happy with all of the expert care. "
- Kara & Bryan Turner
11/30/2017 01:06:03
"Our first visit with Scout. Everyone was professional and helpful. "
- Nina Blaylock
11/29/2017 22:27:01
"Staff are courteous and friendly and provide excellent care. They seem to genuinely love our pets!"
- Kathie & Joe Ramos
11/29/2017 03:43:26
"I think you are doing a great job! The staff was very attentive and answered all of my questions. Chewie was particularly happy because she didn't get any shots!!! "
- Jan & Karin Rosati
11/29/2017 02:36:28
"The staff took great care of our dog Pete! "
- Mary Jo & James Ford
11/29/2017 00:04:20
"Cooper seems to be comfortable each visit. So that makes us happy "
- Chad & Kati Ensey
11/28/2017 22:12:37
"You guys are the BEST!!"
- Cathy & Scott Nelson
11/28/2017 21:00:29
"Staff is always amazing, friendly, and accommodating... and it helps that my Zoey loves them. We can’t wait for the remodeling to be complete!!"
- Elaina & Charles Garcia
11/28/2017 20:13:26
"Very good"
- Roy Brazell
11/28/2017 06:23:18
"You are awesome. Dr Johnson is the kindest dr my pets have had. Wish he took care of humans. "
- Fran & David Allen
11/28/2017 01:34:40
"I was so glad to be accommodated with a last minute appointment on a late Saturday afternoon. I thought the staff and doctor were very kind. I felt very welcomed and my puppy was very relaxed, which was surprising. He received an injection while there and still didn’t seem distressed or upset when he was brought back out to me. I appreciate that my puppy was treated gently. "
- Nicole Northern
11/27/2017 23:37:19
"Great docs and staff. Cannot wait until the new facility opens,. Love the 7 day availability."
- John Hunter
11/27/2017 20:51:20
"Great 1st experience. Very friendly staff. Look forward to future visits and keeping Mack well. "
- Maria Stites
11/24/2017 00:06:18
"Great. Bailey loves being there. Even if she is getting a shot"
- Sarah Corcoran
11/22/2017 22:18:17
"Everyone was so nice - especially in light of our cat carrier catastrophe!"
- Deb & Bruce Steubing
11/21/2017 03:09:03
"We're excited to be a part of your practice. I know it will be amazing when the building opens. I don't think there is anything you can improve upon now. Waiting area a little crowded with so many animals coming in and out, but that will be solved shortly."
- Mike and Ann Casentini
11/19/2017 15:49:01
"You guys work hard and accommodate, as much as you can...given that I showed up a day early for her appt. You guys never let on to the flap, and just worked her in."
- Sharon & Marc Aprea
11/16/2017 22:56:15
- Jean Cordalis
11/15/2017 03:01:21
"Chad us terrific! He helped me the week before our visit to scan the stray pit bull found at Mariemont Elementary school. He came out to my car so I did not have to get him out. He also called to follow up on what happened with Petey, as we named him. During our visit (same pit bull I brought in for a rabies shot) he answered lots of questions. I could tell he loves what he does and is very knowledgeable. We still have Petey and are looking for his family or a rescue to keep him from the shelter. Thank you Chad, Dr. Chayasriwong and the rest of the staff for your help. :)"
- De Ovonne Gillan
11/14/2017 19:14:00
"We're very happy with you."
- Brian & Sue Oslin
11/13/2017 21:47:31
"Very great service the staff were pleasant to deal with and I literally seen everyone in there smile. They definitely love what they do. Dr. Johnson is awesome and caring. I won’t take my dog anywhere else"
- Jose Alvarez
11/13/2017 18:51:31
"Great pet care. Professional & Friendly staff."
- Diana Dean
11/13/2017 16:20:49
"Excellent services "
- Robert White
11/13/2017 14:50:39
"It was great. Karen, vet tech was both helpful and knowledgeable! "
- Penny Westfall
11/13/2017 03:52:09
"Friendly staff, quick service. No complaints at all."
- Keith & Sabrina Pound
11/12/2017 04:11:03
"Everyone there was very nice it's kind of difficult since it's in the trailer I'm sure we'd better when you're in your new building I felt very comfortable and the prices were very reasonable"
- Cynthia Dean
11/11/2017 17:59:44
"No bad. All good. Bet, technicians, receptionist most helpful."
- Mark & Janet Warren
11/10/2017 04:36:42
- Denise Cummings
11/09/2017 18:51:01
"Great job. Every appointment has been awesome. Vet techs are nice and knowledgeable."
- Pamela Coleman
11/07/2017 21:02:35
"The vet was thorough and thoughtful. Everything was great! "
- Kathryn & Brett Scott
11/06/2017 16:39:05
"Two of your employees helped me by carrying Missy's carrier into the waiting room and out. MANY THANKS! This was greatly appreciated. Missy sends her thanks,too. Ann Louise Kinnison"
- Ann Kinnison
11/04/2017 20:46:59
"I just stopped in for treats and food. Staff was friendly and helpful. "
- Dianne Benton
11/04/2017 15:46:55
"I have been coming to Country Oaks for 12+ years. I like everyone there because they take interest in your babies. Since it is under new ownership it is a much warmer and happier place. People coming in aren't treated like objects and their fur babies aren't with anything but respect and love. I will continue to use this facility. "
- Patricia Rothenbush
11/03/2017 12:11:13
"questions asked are thorough. Front office staff is very friendly"
- Dianna Poggetto
10/30/2017 14:41:45
"Nala and I received excellent care. Staff was friendly and very helpful. "
- Michel & Fletcher Carlyle
10/30/2017 03:34:44
"Dr. Nataya was fantastic. She had the best bed side manner of any Dr. I have taken Brody to. My wife and I plan on changing Brody's primary care to Country Oaks solely because of how Dr. Nataya handled our situation. The rest of the staff was friendly and I got a really good vibe the entire time. "
- Peter Mahrle
10/28/2017 17:57:19
"Excellent experience yesterday "
- Katharyn Cooper
10/25/2017 23:31:57
"Good service at a reasonable price."
- Thomas & Dianne Blazowski
10/25/2017 15:20:50
"I appreciate that you take the time to answer questions, and provide clear information about my pet's condition, and things we can do to help him live a healthy life."
- Jeff Clayton
10/24/2017 15:47:41
"Gentle kind thorough and supportive, are all words I would to describe our visit!!"
- Erika & Jason Hopper
10/24/2017 15:29:42
"We love coming here. Everyone is warm and welcoming! "
- Amy and Andrew Blunk
10/22/2017 16:28:38
"You took good care of Petie! Thank you!"
- Corey & Wendy Ebro
10/21/2017 22:47:19
"The staff at Country Oaks Pet Hospital are so professional, helpful, and friendly. Their actions are why I continue to come to County Oaks Pet Hospital. STELLA and I are treated with wonderful kindness and concern. Thank You!!!"
- Petra Martinez
10/21/2017 17:58:44
"You're treatment and friendliness with my dog has been great"
- James Turner
10/21/2017 16:00:29
"Staff friendly and knowledgable. Honored my request to have two meds for Sammie run out at the same time saving me a trip to,pick up meds."
- Anita Pane
10/20/2017 19:07:12
"I like that Dr. Johnson shares medical information with me (research, protocols, etc.) because I am interested in understanding all my pets' care and what I can do to assist their veterinarian."
- Diane Yapundich
10/20/2017 18:01:56
"Prompt attention. Caring and straightforward. Very knowledgeable and accurate about diagnosis and treatment. Front desk is personable and very helpful. Refill meds are ready and just take a few minutes. "
- Kathleen M.D. & Robert Quadro
10/20/2017 03:43:13
"I feel that you're very thorough and suggest several plans of actions for my pets. I feel that it comes from compassion & caring instead of a hard press sale. This keeps me coming back to you time and time again. "
- Laurie & Paul Miller
10/18/2017 18:57:05
"The office was warm and engaging in the midst of construction chaos. The tech I met with was very thorough and informative and gentle and caring with my dog."
- Brian & Mary Jane Boxer
10/18/2017 15:12:31
"Holly and Gio are always treated with kindness and care during their visits. All of our pets, past and present, were Country Oaks " patients!" "
- C.Thad & Jacqueline Szymanowski
10/18/2017 04:01:40
"Evelyn is terrific and everyone seems like they really care about Logan. "
- Barbara & Ron Reagan
10/17/2017 15:52:48
"From office was friendly and helpful. Dr. Johnson was wonderful with Niko and got us and and out quickly. Thank you!"
- Kristin & Jason Teramoto
10/17/2017 15:36:56
"Every visit we receive excellent care. "
- Ricki Stevens
10/17/2017 14:35:52
"I felt very well cared for and Bowie was so loved! Vet answered all my questions. "
- Lisa Lundholm
10/17/2017 13:04:00
"Always helpful and an easy process to make an appointment."
- Iris & Roger Baccigaluppi
10/12/2017 02:00:55
"Your staff is always very welcoming and friendly! Thank you!"
- Julianna Ernst
10/11/2017 23:05:41
"I had a great experience. Office staff were very friendly and obviously love working with animals."
- Rachel Deriso
10/11/2017 03:06:13
"always friendly and helpful. amazingly convenient hours. can't think of even one negative."
- Steven Kelly-Reif M. D.
10/09/2017 20:47:08
"Great. Glad there is now a cat specialist."
- Linda Hobson
10/08/2017 17:20:18
"Very friendly from front desk to veterinarian"
- Diane & Eric Freund
10/08/2017 16:52:20
"Rory and Bella are precious to us. We know taking them in for checkups can cause a fair amount of anxiety. Your staff understands that too. Both of dogs were greeted, pet, given treats, and engaged by staff. "
- Faith Galati
10/07/2017 22:13:09
"Always a great experience at Country Oaks!"
- Stephani Coss
10/07/2017 18:36:31
"We are relatively new clients - but you all treat us like family. It's so nice to be recognized on the phone by someone who even knows who our pets are (thanks, Jeff!). It's wonderful to be welcomed by everyone in the office with love for our pets - and to have them recognized by name - and by a whole office full of people who remember their health histories and personalities. It makes us feel special - even though we know you must treat everyone that way. We have had great vets for our past pets - but have never been recognized, welcomed, and helped in the warm, positive way you all have. Also, we re thrilled with the outcome of Mitch's orthopedic surgery on her knee. Better than we ever expected, and we feel like she got the best possible care. THANK YOU."
- Jennifer Harmon
10/07/2017 18:29:22
"I found everyone friendly and helpful. Everything was explained to me, which I greatly appreciated. Murphy and I had a wonderful experience. Thank you very much, Donna"
- Donna Baker
10/05/2017 04:56:56
"Awesome! Even during construction you guys are keeping it going. Can’t wait to see the new place."
- John & Carole Bennett
10/04/2017 18:20:22
"I was greeted by the nice receptionist upon walking through the door, which made me feel very welcomed into the establishment. The nurse who helped prep my cat, before the doctor came in, was very sweet and made my cat feel very comfortable. When Dr. Johnson came in, he knew exactly how to tend to my cats needs and was able to identify quickly what I had made the appt for initially and assured me I had nothing to worry about. This place is very professional and I would recommend this place to any other pet owners, because, they know what they are doing, and they know how to make the animals feel comfortable, which isn't always the easiest thing to do. Thank you again. "
- Bethany Murillo
10/04/2017 16:51:14
"I really appreciate the philosophy of Country Oaks. Staff are friendly, appointments run on time. We have had many vets over the years with our pets and I am very happy bringing our dog to your hospital."
- Kelly & Pat Sullivan
10/03/2017 02:45:12
"I just love the weekend attention and communication from the Doctors, etc. cant wait until the new bulding is ready."
- Melissa Smith
10/01/2017 22:44:33
"I really appreciated how kind the technicians and veterinarian was. I was really impressed that they understood reactivity and made sure to avoid my dog running into other dogs in the waiting room, etc. When I had some questions the next day about my dog's case, the technician was really helpful and gave me a copy of my dog's test result, which really helped me understand what we were dealing with. She also didn't seem annoyed by any of questions, which made me feel really comfortable and thankful for finding you guys! It was so nice not be shamed for my dog reacting towards other dog's and the veterinarian was really compassionate and took her time given my dog's needs. "
- Belinda Breen
10/01/2017 20:16:33
"everyone is so nice and compassionate towards the pets and people "
- Chad Craggs
10/01/2017 16:31:25
"Everyone at the hospital, Dr Johnson and all the staff, are always so ready to help. I appreciate the follow-up calls to check on my dogs and see how our current problem is responding to treatment and if there is anything they can do to help."
- Vondra Doherty
09/30/2017 18:35:09
- Wanda Freitas
09/30/2017 01:22:02
" Everyone was very nice and caring and conducted themselves in a very professional way ."
- James Dean
09/29/2017 20:43:52
"We love coming to Country Oaks Pet Hospital. Our family can fully trust all of you, to take care of our Fur-babies! We love how detailed and personable each experience is. "
- Kim & Justin Greene
09/29/2017 20:43:30
"The bad-construction. It did not impact any part of my visit but if I had to pick a bad that would be it. The staff to include DR Jonson was awesome as always. Thank you all!!"
- Jacqueline & Ray Le Loup
09/29/2017 20:32:56
"We have been with Country Oaks for many years. Many years ago we found a injured bird by our place and didn't know where to take it. Country Oaks took it from us and helped it. Since then and three pets later we are still coming for their care. "
- Patricia Rosser
09/29/2017 14:54:39
"This has been hard on me to watch my precious Newman waste away. The staff and especially Dr. Johnson have been the best and made it so much more bearable. They truly care about Newman and it shows each and every time I go in. Thank you!!!"
- Fran & David Allen
09/28/2017 17:25:37
"Love the docs and staff here."
- Samantha Schneiderman
09/28/2017 04:49:58
"You are awesome"
- Kim & Whitney Davis
09/28/2017 03:27:04
"Everyone at Country Oaks always makes that trip to the vet much less "difficult." Thank you for treating my cats over the years with compassion and understanding! Namaste. 🙏"
- Jim Hollenback
09/27/2017 14:25:44
"Jeff at the desk is so great! A+"
- Carrie Brewer
09/26/2017 21:17:52
"Everything was great. Can't wait for the new building to be finished."
- Paul Edelman
09/25/2017 01:43:59
"Vets, techs and front office are all very friendly, professional and prompt. "
- Mary & Jim Ray
09/24/2017 15:40:39