"I can get piece of mind knowing that the staff and IT systems at Country Oaks keep me in the loop regarding my dogs annual exam and vaccines. Additionally, they were able to accommodate me on Saturday. My pup doesn't have a fear of going to the vet and seemed to enjoy his pupcicle. "
- Molly Munz
05/10/2021 19:47:13
"Country Oaks staff staff has been great to my pup. He is leash reactive and they are nice and gentle ensuring a fear free environment."
- Camila Espinola
05/10/2021 18:11:55
"Always the best of care from you! My dog LOVES going to the vet! It cracks me up. He, of course, only goes when you have to poke or prod on him. But, the love (and likely cheese and whip cream) that he gets there, makes him (and me) feel that it is the best outing ever! Thank you. You are appreciated!"
- Kelly Pemberton
05/10/2021 00:54:14
"You are doing great you got Ginger in on a cancelation wonderful she is a very elderly dog and your staff have treated her with such care and compassion. "
- Darrell & Christine Mann
05/09/2021 23:20:23
"May 4th was Jimmy Deans' first visit COPH. Dr. Irene (your new veterinarian) treated him. It was an excellent visit for him. Dr. Irene and her staff were wonderful. He had to return today for another visit and was treated by Dr. Imig for a bilateral ear infection. She and her staff were also wonderful. I think Jimmy has been given excellent care both times. The staff always demonstrates professional and compassionate care. Thank you"
- John & Keri Stevens
05/07/2021 22:48:32
"Everyone was prompt and very communicative the entire time. It was obvious they know what they're doing - very streamlined. It was our first visit and I (and pup) appreciated the little whipped cream cone. Dr Chu and the technician were able to answer my questions and explained everything thoroughly so that was appreciated."
- Bridgett Von Kahle
05/07/2021 22:32:58
"Very nice visit. You were able to take care of my German Shepard who has stranger issue. I was very grateful and will use your services as my primary vet."
- Gus Benavidas
05/07/2021 22:17:21
"The cold laser treatment for Mattie is very effective. The meds prescribed are working. Clair's personal concern and touch is wonderful. Front desk when called is cheering and personal. Dr. Chiu's attention and follow through are comforting and so helpful."
- Chuck Schaller
05/07/2021 17:59:02
"Country Oaks is great! "
- Michael & Lisa Koewler
05/07/2021 16:59:27
"I love this bet! I have taken my dogs here for years and always have a wonderful experience. In the past my dogs hated going to the vet but they actually seem excited to come here. I love the bandanas and they treat people and pets right. "
- Amelia Miles
05/07/2021 16:21:48
- Robert Mireles
05/07/2021 15:37:30
"Appreciated the photos of Poppy when she was examined....as it was difficult not being with her. She is only 3 months old. "
- Nikke Sosnick
05/06/2021 21:07:46
"You are the BEST. . Have had many dogs and visited many vets for their care. Country Oaks Pet Hospital is the best. Ty is always happy and relaxed when we arrive and when we go home. This is the first PET FRIENDLY VET hospital Ty and I have used. The care Ty has received would be listed at the very top of any list of Pet Hospitals. The staff and vets REALLY care about their patients."
- Emily Armond
05/06/2021 19:11:13
"This is the first vet that I’ve taken any animal I’ve ever owned to where I actually felt like they cared and wanted what was best for my pet rather than just a paycheck."
- Larissa Madruga- Jimenez
05/05/2021 20:53:06
"I have always been very happy with the service that i have recieved here..."
- Maryanne Rodden
05/04/2021 19:26:01
"Really sweet staff and fast service"
- Arielle Baker
05/03/2021 16:29:22
"An awesome first visit for Chula! The staff where nice and even thought my dog was a bit nervous, they took care of it with love and calmness. "
- Martha Zacarias
05/02/2021 19:09:56
"FANTASTIC, Professional Staff, helpful & my STELLA is happy & doing good 🥰"
- Petra Martinez
05/01/2021 19:16:03
"My dog Mia loves going to the vet. The technicians are all very gentle and show Mia much love. When Mia is returned to the car she is always smiling and wagging her tail."
- Ed Courson
05/01/2021 08:23:52
"I'm anxious for the COVID protocols to be abandoned but feel that your hospital really implemented them well. I have been to other vet's but feel that I am provided with the best care at Country Oaks. Dr. Johnson understands my very old dog and every person at your hospital has taken terrific care of him."
- Laurie Miller
04/30/2021 21:51:41
"You all made a stressful experience go as well as possible. The vet seemed very caring about my dog's anxiety needs. So glad we chose COPH!"
- Aviel Haberman
04/30/2021 19:47:35
"I've been to a few vets in my lifetime and the staff at country oaks are by far my favorite they're transparent and make me feel very comfortable leaving my fur babies in their care."
- Lincoln Taylor
04/30/2021 16:57:13
"Love, love, love the service! Everyone cheerful and kind and SO SWEET to my 14 year old lab. Best thing is the sheet you fill out about what your pet pet does and doesn’t like, scares them etc. love that! "
- Susan Doris
04/29/2021 04:07:35
"I am so happy with the care my elderly cat received and that I didn’t feel shamed because it took me too long to get her into the vet. This was my first visit and then followup next day for this Pet Hospital and I love it. I thanked the friend who referred me to it. My cat Emily is SO HAPPY. She is exploring the backyard like the mini lion she now like with her trim, and she was only sleeping all day before she got onto the thyroid meds and got her hair mats removed. It’s like we got a new cat. And we love that she looks like the troop carrier in Star Wars with her long legs and skinny body and lion cut."
- Nancy Fellmeth
04/28/2021 19:42:01
"Doing great! No complaints. Happy there were so many covid precautions and things were being done safely. "
- Lilith Carr
04/28/2021 19:34:45
"We have a rescue dog who is very anxious and the fear free methods are very helpful with dealing with our dogs anxiety towards going to the vet. It’s still a battle to get him in to the building but we know the vets and the staff will be patient and nit push him—which leads to more reactivity and anxiety. So I feel that is very helpful. "
- Nate Orman
04/28/2021 13:45:26
"I so loved that you guys took a photo for me, it was my puppy's first trip to the vet and I want to make sure it was positive so he doesn't have issues down the road 😀"
- Rebecca Munson
04/27/2021 21:08:00
"Had a really positive experience from start to finish, staff was super friendly at all contact points. "
- Andrew Lausmann
04/27/2021 20:19:02
"Great communication. My review is only based on phone and email communications since in-person is not yet allowed due to COVID. I picked this vet because they had great reviews and seem organized and have a vet that is ABVP Feline Specialist. Always quick to call back and address any concerns I may have. Country Oaks understands how important our fur babies are to us and to me that is priceless!"
- Patricia Chairez
04/27/2021 15:24:10
"You all are so great at COPH!"
- Kristan Schoel
04/27/2021 00:17:16
"Country Oaks has always been very responsive whenever we have called. And if the receptionist does not know the answer - they are quick to find out and give us a call back. We have only needed to visit the office a few times (thankfully just for shots) and all the visits that we have had have been great! Staff is wonderful and very friendly. Thank you!"
- Nathalie Gayton
04/26/2021 18:16:02
"This visit was very smooth. No suggestions. Thank you!!"
- Holly Krieger
04/26/2021 17:07:18
"the best vet i've found in sacramento. my cat doesn't even complain anymore "
- Ken Fox-Magri
04/26/2021 16:37:19
"I truly appreciate the service and concern I received as well as getting all of my questions answered. Finding a good Vet close to home that treats reptiles was exactly what I was looking for and I am so happy I found you. The information pamphlets provided to me were very helpful because I had no idea Red Eared sliders required specific care. Since I am taking care of Tungey during the cold weather, I am relieved that I don't have to worry about making mistakes. Thanks so much!"
- Viviane Maxwell
04/26/2021 02:49:15
"Caring and patient and mindful of both our pets well being as well as progressive care. "
- Erika & Jason Hopper
04/24/2021 22:03:26
"Every thing has been good."
- Michael Keddy
04/24/2021 20:07:44
"Your staff is awesome!"
- Matelle Goldstein
04/24/2021 20:04:23
"Great! People were on time and always willing to answer my questions, no matter how basic or complex "
- David Granicher
04/24/2021 19:15:26
"It was my first visit but the COVID procedure ran very smoothly with a very short wait time. The technicians and the vet were friendly and caring. "
- Elizabeth Sacco
04/24/2021 15:44:10
"Doing great!! Thank you so much for loving Baby Tofu"
- Dabie Shimoum
04/22/2021 20:23:23
"This was our first visit to Country Oaks. We were pleased with the experience. And very happy to find Dr. Irene again. Poppy was her normal self when we got home which tells me she felt safe. I will be happy when the COVID crisis is over. It is difficult, though understandable, to have to hand our baby off to another person. "
- Pattye Lemmon
04/22/2021 02:27:20
"The system seems to work great, Very pleased!"
- Julia Reardon
04/21/2021 17:28:59
"We were seen quickly - no waiting. The appointment was also quick. I appreciate that you did what was necessary- and didn’t try to create extra costs with things she didn’t need."
- Amie & John Stevenson
04/20/2021 23:49:25
"Since COVID happened this will be the 2nd time that I’ve had to bring in Eeyore for a yearly exam. I recently moved here from New York, so my last vet exam for him was there. I am new to the practice. It is hard for me to sit in the car while the vet does an exam and vaccines for my cats, but I felt very comfortable with Dr. Irene and the vet tech who spoke with me. I am very happy with the overall service that I received as a new client."
- Gina Guerriere
04/20/2021 22:39:53
"I am always impressed with how well you take care of our fur babies. We feel safe coming to our appointment based on the new arrangements due to the pandemic. Thank you!"
- Corey & Wendy Ebro
04/20/2021 16:27:22
"Been here multiple times and staff has always treated us so kindly with welcoming arms. They do their best to help us out whether with simple advice or more options when it comes to finances."
- Timothy Tobias
04/19/2021 19:44:15
"Easy to book appt, safe and efficient check in, good communication with vet."
- Jennifer Ellwanger
04/19/2021 16:22:31
"Handle the pandemic version of pet care professionally and with some humanity. Took 10-1/2 week old pup for our 1st visit. Suggested stool test which found Giardia. Thanks guys. Now our little pup will not have to get sick before we learned of the parasite. "
- Andrew Mantell
04/19/2021 01:28:27
"COVID precautions make it difficult for everyone. Country Oaks has done a good job in providing care for our pets while taking good care of their pets families. "
- Frank & Mary Awender
04/19/2021 00:09:33
"All good!!"
- Carol Jones
04/18/2021 18:47:19
- Madelyn Vacheron
04/15/2021 17:17:14
"Very good and patient."
- Destiny Berches
04/14/2021 20:47:04
"Everything is just fine."
- Christine Riddle
04/14/2021 18:18:47
"Staff is very friendly even offers juice or water while I waiting . I feel very confident and comfortable taking my baby there. "
- Jessica Gueyger
04/14/2021 17:13:14
"Everything went smooth and on time. Everything was discussed prior to proceeding with a treatment plan or plan of attack. I was provided with options and received follow-up calls from the doctor. I really like the staff and services they provide."
- Ingrid Sedlar
04/14/2021 16:24:06
"You're doing great. We started during Covid, so we haven't had a chance to get to know the staff. But we'll follow Dr. Irene anywhere. "
- Richard Davidson
04/13/2021 18:55:31
"We were warmly greeted, well treated, and Charley the standard poodle loves you all!"
- Linda R. Miller
04/11/2021 19:35:53
"I love it that Dr. Chu contacts me directly with an evenhanded assessment of Winston. We love our medical staff at Country Oaks!"
- George Kostyrko
04/11/2021 19:02:02
"I continue to use this vet as they have been the best choice for my pets! The staff is very helpful and friendly, gets on our pets level to follow their fear-free certified practice. The vets and techs always answer our questions and help us understand things in an easy way."
- Sam Davis
04/11/2021 18:00:50
"I called Country Oaks Pet Hospital recently when I wasn't able to obtain the Royal Canin Feline GI Fiber Response dry food Cricket has been eating for many years. She has "an over-abundance of a naturally occurring gut flora" that causes diarrhea (per testing with a former vet). She's done BEAUTIFULLY on the Royal Canin RX diet. I'm almost out of that food for her and didn't know what other brand to replace her current dry food with. Your Pharmacy/Food Dept. was WONDERFUL consulting with Dr. Chiu & returning my call QUICKLY with alternate recommendations for Cricket's specific needs. I'm really impressed and grateful for that help! And I was able to purchase & pick up a small-sized bag of what I wanted to try Cricket on within 2 days from your office, before I ran completely out of the last of her Royal Canin food. I've been slowly incorporating some of the new food as instructed, and so far.....she seems to be tolerating the Hills brand well. What a HUGE relief! As always, THANK YOU!!! "
- Lisa Scarabino
04/11/2021 17:30:52
"I’ve been coming here for a year now and was blessed with Dr. Johnson. He so far is great! I love that he has giant breed of his own so he’s more experienced in the breed. Can’t wait til the day we can actually come inside with our pets. "
- Jessica Hogan
04/10/2021 23:44:41
"We think you have the parking lot service down and convenient. Everyone from assistants to docs are very kind, helpful and professional"
- Mary & Jim Ray
04/10/2021 15:57:13
- Janice & Richard Clack
04/09/2021 22:15:11
"Miss boarding LuLu at your facility 😿"
- C.Thad & Jacqueline Szymanowski
04/09/2021 21:44:58
"Meds were ready, took all of 5minutes, perfect!"
- Richard Nuner
04/07/2021 23:11:33
"No issues here! Thank you!!!"
- Bethney Bonilla
04/07/2021 22:41:54
"Rascal has only had 1 visit with his Vet and the rest have been vaccination appointments. I have been happy with the care and service with each appointment. "
- Crystal Syas
04/07/2021 21:15:05
"This was our first visit and you made us (and our dog!) feel so welcome. We were so impressed with how thoughtful the attention and communication was, even with COVID challenges making face-to-face not a possibility. We really appreciated how the first visit was all about getting our dog comfortable, and we never felt judged for his anxiety/our concern about him :) The only negative was the wait time in our car for various phone calls and for him to come in and out, but understand that just comes with the territory these days! "
- Mandy Sanders
04/07/2021 20:02:41
"Claire was very good!"
- Maureen Howard
04/07/2021 17:25:34
"I have been really pleased with care you have provided Bradley. We are relatively new to your clinic and we plan to continue to use your services for all of Bradley’s needs!"
- Kara Kelley
04/07/2021 16:52:46
"Claire is the BEST!!! Your staff are polite, friendly and knowledgeable. Elvis, Claire, and Dr. Imig are my favorites, always go above and beyond, treat my pets with care, respect, love and concern, and all our treatment options and pricing are always explained in full. This is why we drive 40 minutes each way to you, passing many vets on the way. You are sooo worth it! Thank you 1,000 times."
- Debra Keirsey
04/06/2021 10:45:19
"Friendly staff, good communication"
- Jensen Richert
04/05/2021 11:53:20
"You’re doing a great job! Thank you for always going to the extra mile for our fur children!"
- JP Watson
04/05/2021 01:13:04
"Everything was great! "
- Angela Cabral
04/04/2021 21:18:38
"You guys were great! Super informative, willing to answer even the silliest questions, and so kind to my boy 😊"
- Mike Dalstrom
04/03/2021 23:51:47
"I’m learning along with you how to communicate without seeing the vet in person, and it’s getting much easier. The techs and Dr. Chiu have been great!"
- Patricia Rahrer
04/03/2021 16:21:09
"I love you all. You are so great, wonderful with all my animals thank you"
- Maria Martinez
04/02/2021 18:03:15
"I was pleased with the care and efficiency we received yesterday. The only thing I would change is the inability to accompany Lilly for the exam but I realize the current COVID restrictions prevent that."
- Gayle Stimack
04/02/2021 16:37:58
"I don't know how you've done it through covid but you have and it is really really appreciated. I think you all are excellent!"
- Jenny De La Vega
04/02/2021 14:25:46
"Great experience everyone that works there is sweet"
- Desiree Ibarria
04/02/2021 05:42:35
"Reba is fine. Fortunately she didn't come in because she was sick. Just needed lab work and Heartworm, flea meds, I was surely surprised when after Reagor couldn't see Reba til 4-19 ( Been a client now 32 years with them) Country Oaks could see a new patient within a matter of hours. Getting her Labs done is very important to her since she had heartworms last year . So I am forever grateful. Can now sleep better Sincerely, Reba's Mom (Mollie) A new Client"
- Molly Romero
04/01/2021 20:53:22
"Great!! My bird is not stressed when he comes back from a visit with you."
- Veronica Cofer
04/01/2021 20:53:07
"I appreciated the calls for Zoe's dental cleaning. It was a scary process for us, but the Country Oaks team did a very good job of keeping us calm and updated. We felt better with her care."
- Jon Sou
04/01/2021 17:46:50
"We appreciate everyone there. The service provided is excellent! "
- Michele Werlang
04/01/2021 16:21:49
"My first visit! Everyone was amazing! The curbside process was easy and i wad kept informed of everything going on with Shmoo. I'm so happy to have found you guys!"
- Kristina Golden
04/01/2021 03:07:18
"Always a great experience "
- Kelle Porter
03/31/2021 22:18:39
"You all are great!"
- Jane Mallory
03/31/2021 01:20:27
"The whole experience was awesome from beginning to end.. My puppies were treated great.. Couldn't ask for better.. Glad I took them here and will be a regular with my puppies as they grow older..."
- Jeffrey Holman
03/30/2021 22:13:10
"You’re the best "
- Catherine Lewis
03/30/2021 21:45:10
"The staff & Dr. Johnson, are outstanding! Best decision I have ever made becoming part of your business. "
- Ann Steinke
03/30/2021 17:23:11
"The Visit was quick and very well done"
- Carol Hancock
03/29/2021 21:20:17
"Staff very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and especially kind to my poor frightened puppy. In fact I think he’d like to move in because he was so comfortable!🤣"
- Vickie May
03/28/2021 22:36:40
"Brandi’s first experience was awesome 👏 "
- Marta Williams
03/28/2021 21:25:05
"Rx pickup only. Service was great!"
- Richard & Kathy Grabowski
03/28/2021 16:40:54
"Efficient - texted on arrival, my dog was picked up, vet called in about 30 with re a ults, recommended action and I was on my way after treatment within hour."
- Patrick & Lisa Fitzgerald
03/28/2021 15:35:05
"I appreciate the caution taken in light of COVID-19 and do not feel it has hampered my pet's treatment in any way. Staff is professional and demonstrate a deep commitment to caring for each animal as they bring them in and out of the facility and talk to the pet owners. "
- Barbara Reynolds
03/28/2021 00:20:49
"My 1st experience was good friendly staff and took care of my pets need"
- Christa Erlank
03/27/2021 20:57:50
"It has been great so far. We love the service and feel like our dog is getting the best care."
- Nicholas Knittle
03/27/2021 20:41:44
"Excellent and clear information! Great care of Posey!"
- Nicole Minor
03/26/2021 22:28:01
"I appreciate all the help from the vet tech that stayed with Oliver and explained every question i have. Ashlyn was by far amazing and i have nothing but good feedback because of her and thank you Jocelyn for all your help as well"
- Anthony Oregel
03/26/2021 22:00:22