"I had a very enjoyable experience. Everyone was so nice and welcoming as well as patient with my dog."
- Cortney Lenardson
07/26/2021 01:23:47
"My visit to Country Oaks was the best vet experience I've ever had. You guys handled my beardie Ziggy with respect and care, and really went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable throughout the whole process, including with administering medications. I'm excited to continue seeing you guys and am hoping that Ziggy will make a speedy recovery under your care!"
- Ashley Morrison
07/26/2021 00:09:17
"Prompt & pleasant ! No complaint. "
- Olivia Rhee
07/25/2021 19:12:16
"Excellent COVID protection. Make pet parents and pets calm and relaxed during stressful vet visits (for the dog haha). Very good job. "
- Jenn & Seth Taylor
07/25/2021 00:25:40
"From coming into the room and seeing a sign with my pets name to the friendliness of everyone including phone, assistant and vet- it was a wonderful experience but perhaps the part I liked the most was when the assistant Brita went over estimate line by line with me explaining the purpose of every cost/procedure. It left me feeling like I had a very clear understanding of the services and I really appreciated that- thank you!"
- Lindsay Ransom
07/24/2021 23:56:54
"Excellent care and service!"
- Stuart Jersky
07/24/2021 20:33:52
"Great employees! Appointment was on time. Appointment room was really clean. Very impressed for my first visit. "
- Brandie Wallace
07/24/2021 10:18:46
"All staff was friendly and provided excellent service."
- Abby Knight
07/23/2021 21:26:19
"Fast and easy to refill his prescription. "
- Roni Stover
07/23/2021 03:20:37
"So appreciate the professionalism and efficient service"
- Gus Benavidas
07/23/2021 02:09:45
"The “right on time service” and the kind and professional treatment of my dog and answering my questions . You are five star in my book!"
- Don & Rhonda Scheppmann
07/22/2021 23:56:05
"The way your staff handled Nala during our appointment was amazing. They were great at keeping her as calm as possible during her sanitary clip and vaccine and were kind and friendly towards me as the owner. Keep up the great work! "
- Safiya Vonbrandt
07/22/2021 20:16:35
"I was very pleased with the entire visit. "
- Sharon Mix
07/21/2021 23:25:25
"They were great with our cat. Very patient and great at getting the job done in a way that was as calm and gentle as possible."
- Aaron Boyer
07/21/2021 20:08:09
"Chloe and I had a great visit! I was so happy to go in with her. I brought my vaccine passport. She has never seen me leave my home without a mask on, being a pandemic-born kitten. Everyone was very friendly and professional. A very great visit!"
- David Evpak
07/21/2021 05:29:17
"it was so great to be able to call on a Sunday afternoon and have medication prescribed so my pet was able to get relief from several episodes of vomiting. so thankful to have vets who understand my pets needs and are there to help and not just make money by making me make an appointment for a known condition. everyone was very helpful, polite and supportive on Sunday. Our poor Max was so sick and is now feeling so much better! thank you "
- Patty McNamara
07/20/2021 22:01:09
"Pet rooms were beyond expectations (pristine and beautiful)! Vet techs were super friendly, capable and efficient. Perfect first noncurbside visit! "
- Sonia Kang
07/20/2021 20:46:23
"Our Yorkie must go in every month for allergy shots…she lives her treats and she knows she will get several while visiting Dr. Johnson "
- Wanda Mozdy
07/20/2021 03:13:50
"Visit was great. Treatment plan was clear with estimate. I guess if I had any critique it would be that the time we had to wait for the estimate and flea meds was a little longer than I would have liked. Otherwise, great visit!"
- Elisha Grow
07/19/2021 20:02:09
"Wonderful loving kindness from the assistant and the veterinarian. Me and my babies feel well cared for here."
- Teresa Cordova
07/19/2021 18:36:24
"Everything was fine. Zoe was attended to quickly. We were permitted to come inside in the air conditioning. Cost was reasonable."
- Betty Wilhelm
07/19/2021 16:14:17
"Exam of our Ozzy was great!!! When our piggy came home he was stressed a bit but settled down the next day. He did cry a bit loud when getting his nails clipped but he was ok. "
- Jennifer Lafoon
07/17/2021 16:50:12
"Best experience we have had with a very in years. Personable, professional, attentive, NOT PRICE GOUGING or upselling."
- Celia Coronado
07/16/2021 04:50:29
"Love Country Oaks Pet Hospital!"
- Noemi Esparza
07/15/2021 16:22:43
"Good care even with the Covid 19 restrictions in place."
- Samuel & Marilyn Allison
07/14/2021 21:21:23
"Customer service is always impecable here and I have the utmost trust in the staff when it comes to caring for my dogs"
- Karina Callazo
07/14/2021 19:10:54
"I had a great experience. From the personalized chalkboard welcome to staff engagement, everything was really good."
- Steven Miller
07/13/2021 16:25:09
"The whole staff was amazing! They kept us updated, got us in quick, and took amazing care of our pup while in surgery and made us feel like she was their own! "
- Kyla Hammer
07/13/2021 15:55:45
"Everything was great. The tech was amazing and I really liked our vet."
- Kory Lee
07/12/2021 17:50:23
"Excellent service and very much appreciate your accommodating my appointment time error."
- Katherine Nolan
07/12/2021 17:31:16
"You are all the best. Moved up here from San Diego a couple of years ago and you have made the transition much easier for not only us but Cain as well. Thank you!"
- Mason Gatti
07/12/2021 17:06:22
"Very welcoming staff and appreciated that they made my puppy comfortable."
- Michelle Campos
07/12/2021 02:31:34
"The visit took a little longer than usual, we were there for 2 hours total with lots of waiting in the room alone. However, everyone was really nice and great with our dogs and we got everything done that we needed. Happy overall. "
- Sabrina Joy
07/12/2021 01:22:55
"Friendly staff, Caring and gentle and on time. Nice calm environment "
- Jamie & Mark Nichols
07/11/2021 13:51:02
"The experience for JoJo and for me was superb. Every question answered with kindness and intelligence and knowledge. The clinics is spotless and welcoming. We are extremely happy and have referred you to others."
- Ronald & Joan Klafer
07/09/2021 21:55:57
"Always excellent. The staff who represents the practice including especially receptionists, techs, and pharmacy all go above what is expected. "
- Richard Rodieck
07/09/2021 21:16:53
"I’ve had nothing be great interactions with staff here!"
- Terasita & Kevin Cortopassi
07/09/2021 19:54:05
"We are always so grateful for the gentle and loving way everyone at Country Oaks interacts with our dog Rosie. She is quite fearful, which means she sometimes growls or barks. But she is always treated with so much care until she relaxes and her visit can be completed. Thank you for taking such good care of our girl! Our rating would have been Excellent, except for the long wait time in our care before anyone came to get us. I think it was busy morning."
- Michelle & George Mills
07/09/2021 00:09:54
"I was welcomed warmly by the staff, and everyone involved was very sweet and patient with me. They had handled my bearded dragon with care, and clarified any questions I had. Most definitely coming here again for my Chai!"
- Susana Navarro
07/08/2021 22:11:25
"This was my first visit inside the facility since I only experienced the curbside service on prior visits. The office is like a spa for pets. I love it. Staff was very nice. I like being able to go in with my dog so I was very happy."
- Crystal Roberson
07/08/2021 20:18:55
"Very pleased with the care for my new kitten. Appreciate the attention to making her feel very safe and comfortable during the visit. She did not feel well after her first vaccine shot and I felt very supported by the vet staff with being able to squeeze her in the next day for a follow up. "
- Angela Deakyne
07/08/2021 19:13:13
"Wait time for someone to answer the phone was a little long. "
- Dolores Ortiz
07/08/2021 16:41:59
"You are doing ok so far. "
- Anita Llamas
07/07/2021 19:28:42
"I think your all doing an awesome job with our pets. We’re so glad that your open again, so that we can come in with our fur babies to the office visits! They are happy too! 🥰 Dr. Johnson is the best!! "
- Mischele Bramble
07/06/2021 22:58:43
"Great service and really appreciated you squeezing us in on the weekend. Disappointed to hear that your Dr. does not provide home visits. However, it doesn't appear many places offer that wonderful service. If you change your policy on home visits it would be greatly appreciated and supported! Thanks again! Goku "
- Ray & Karina Weiss
07/06/2021 18:08:50
"The Country Oaks Vet Hospital team is great!!! I have had a pleasant and professional experience with CO staff team member every time I drop off my little fur baby for whatever is needed!!! I couldn't ask for anything more. Most importantly, I have confidence in CO team that she is getting the best care!!!! Thanks to ALL at County Oaks Hospital!"
- Michele Plath
07/06/2021 16:50:18
"Everyone is always helpful and polite."
- Allison Allen
07/06/2021 01:07:17
"Everything about our visit was amazing from the friendly staff to the extremely clean and sanitary office. When I arrived I was offered water or juice while I waited which was something no other vet office that I have been to has ever done. The quality of care my pet received was exceptional. I felt that he received the best care and everything about his treatment was explained thoroughly to me. The entire office and rooms were all so beautiful and clean, and the calming music on the tv was perfect. A lot of vets in the area only see dogs and cats, so I was so thankful for the fact that I was able to make an appointment for our pet hamster. I appreciate and am so grateful for everyone who helped make it an enjoyable experience. "
- Kim Jordan
07/06/2021 00:32:50
"Had a wonderful experience! The whole place was very nice and clean. Staff was super friendly and helpful. Definitely will be my go to vet now!"
- Gianna Morabito
07/05/2021 19:53:19
"Everything was great from the vet tech to the veterinarian took superb care of our girl! The waterfall tv put her to sleep it was so relaxing of an environment. I will be bringing Minnie back!"
- Kristen Wingate
07/05/2021 19:16:42
"Everything was great. Having the ability to actually be in a room to talk directly to the doctor ia a great feeling."
- Steve Murakami
07/04/2021 21:01:44
"Our last visit was great! I was really happy to meet Dr.aiming in person and I am so happy that she has been our dogs vet since he was a Puppy. "
- Rebecca & Jeremy Hughes
07/04/2021 02:51:20
"Very kind and caring staff. Very professional and helpful. I have a shy and anxious dog and they’re great with her. "
- Renee Renwick
07/03/2021 22:51:41
"You all are great! thanks for taking care of the puppies :) Amazing that when we were growing up you were our vet for the pups...and the tradition continues!"
- Alvaro Rodriguez
07/03/2021 21:30:59
"We always receive excellent care form Country Oks Pet Hospital. All of the staff are helpful and nice and you can tell that they sincerely love animals. "
- Laurie Miller
07/03/2021 20:44:03
"Great first time experience for our new puppy Luna. The staffs were super friendly and helpful. Expect us for another visit for our puppy’s vaccine :)"
- Anna Honey
07/02/2021 22:05:34
"I had a great visit because the technician was very kind and informative. She answered all my questions and checked all of my concerns. "
- Xana Macias
07/02/2021 18:37:43
"I just ordered a refill for my dog. Everything was perfect. "
- Judy Farmer
07/02/2021 18:30:01
"Outstanding service. Love that you are open 7 days a week!"
- Susan Doris
07/01/2021 21:03:39
"I love and trust doctor Irene. Thanks for being kind to my babies. "
- Launa Rich
07/01/2021 16:23:57
"I loved the tech and doctor who helped me with Lulu. "
- Heather Reeves
07/01/2021 03:51:00
"I’m here every week for B12 & fluids for my cat. Vet tech Claire is always so good with my cat, despite the kitty’s dismay & crankiness at being at the vet. The staff is very efficient but still sympathetic & sensitive to both the cat’s needs & mine. Dr. Irene is terrific & thorough. I really appreciate everyone’s efforts!"
- Polly Murphy-Jones
06/30/2021 22:10:35
"Country Oaks Staff .. has always treated my fur family with excellent care"
- Georgette Ketchum
06/30/2021 16:26:06
"Excellent medical care. Beautiful office.very caring staff. They have it all."
- Martha Collura
06/29/2021 21:10:38
"Okay "
- John & Sue Vroman
06/29/2021 17:54:58
"I will be honest, I really love that you are so close to where I live. But more than that, you are on time with appointments, and always always happy and friendly. We always feel that our pets are being loved! Thank you!"
- Tori Lee
06/29/2021 14:31:49
"Dr Irene was great. I was in and out in a half hour or so. The staff was professional and kept Marlena calm. They addressed her issue, and she was noticeably much happier on the ride home."
- Rita Crove
06/28/2021 23:32:32
"Your curbside service worked out well, but we miss talking face to face. Hope you can return to in-person service soon."
- Michael Green
06/28/2021 22:51:14
"My care is anyways good and very helpful "
- Rhonda Eells
06/28/2021 22:04:23
"Everything went well. No delays and professional customer service and it was a very quick appointment. Thank you! "
- Sue Ranatunga
06/28/2021 20:48:00
"Everyone is so helpful. "
- Mark Romney
06/28/2021 20:31:12
"Norman is a very anxious dog. I felt the staff did a great job in taking precautions to reduce his anxiety while in their care."
- Dave Sanderson
06/28/2021 20:04:55
"Fabulous very caring from everyone"
- Brenda Miller
06/28/2021 19:34:47
"We have been exceptionally happy with Baylys care!"
- Patt & Don Oyen
06/28/2021 19:13:27
"I love every time I have come here. The last time I had an appointment for a vaccine I was called into a work meeting and informed you. The person on the phone told me I could go in earlier to accommodate my schedule, it was very kind and excellent customer service. Also my dog came out with an adorable bandana! Thank you for great service "
- Maria Pulido
06/28/2021 18:58:04
"Great experience! Friendly staff and knowledgeable vet! Thanks"
- Makenna Gilbert
06/27/2021 02:14:03
"Everyone was very kind. COVID procedures were clear and well explained. My dog was made comfortable rather than forced into the exam. The Dr. was very informative during the visit. And even reached out to behaviorists and other vets to gather a full picture of my dog's complicated little life. She personally looked for external resources while the office is not available for boarding and has followed up with me very quickly, multiple times since our first visit. I only wish I'd found you sooner."
- Linda Ford
06/23/2021 14:36:57
"Your nurses are patient and your doctors are responsible"
- Cici Li
06/22/2021 16:06:47
"Prompt to answer phone and respond. Appreciate this as we are sitting out in the heat. Friendly. Always make me feel like my dog is the most important animal you care for!"
- Anna Boone
06/21/2021 16:43:12
"Jessie and dr chu showed a lot of care for my dog. My dog is mean. "
- Brad Hager
06/20/2021 23:18:20
"Very kind and always super friendly, love taking my dog there, he’s always happy even though I know I know his procedure is not very fun, thank you all for all that u do, great job!!!!"
- Diana Hernandez
06/20/2021 22:06:45
"Doing great considering the shutdown this past year and a half. Can’t wait to go back in and meet face to face"
- Nancy Kidd
06/20/2021 20:22:09
"I brought in my guinea pig and was very pleased with the service I received."
- Anita Lopez
06/20/2021 18:39:59
"Everyone is awesome!! "
- Kaitlyn Crimmins
06/20/2021 16:46:01
"Staff and doctors were very kind, friendly, and explained things in a way that I could easily follow. Great service as well, even if it has to be curbside!"
- Gloria Rodriguez
06/20/2021 01:15:58
"Great service. The vet gave me the total cost (including tax) before the shots and bloodwork."
- Amber Williams
06/19/2021 22:08:27
"One of the best vet experiences I have ever had. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive a short video clip and photo after the appointment. Definitely glad I chose Country Oaks."
- Mindy Keck
06/19/2021 19:20:39
"I thought it was a good experience and simple. Your team seems knowledgeable and was able to help me with my questions and guide me in the right direction with my birds care."
- Dominic Nunley
06/19/2021 19:09:40
"Very good. Friendly, on time, and the staff is great. Doctors are clear and thorough in explaining what you animal needs."
- Jane Mallory
06/19/2021 18:12:03
"Everything was great I’m always very pleased with your staff"
- Mike & Joyce Voth
06/19/2021 16:29:29
"Great! Everyone is always friendly, helpful and provides excellent communication on treatment and options. "
- Jill Joaquin
06/19/2021 16:18:17
"Service was right on time! Cooper looked calm and pleased. The staff members were friendly and helpful."
- Stephen & Mirta Rhoads
06/17/2021 19:46:07
"What can I say? Dr. Irene is excellent. I am very happy she came to COPH. Chewy loved the vet tech that came out to the car. I don't know her name, but she was very professional and kind. His ears are already improved. He's not shaking his head anymore."
- Beau Stevens
06/16/2021 22:32:59
"Everything went well. "
- David Lopez
06/16/2021 19:57:27
"My first visit was delightful. The staff asked if we would like refreshments while we waited in the car. All staff was very friendly and were able to answer my questions. The doctor was thorough and updated me on the vaccinations needed for my new pup. My puppy came out with a cute neckerchief and made my day. "
- Susan Saechao
06/16/2021 02:47:29
"I was there to pick up meds for my cat Maggie and was treated with courtesy and kindness."
- Nancy Cowan
06/15/2021 22:58:54
"We have had you as our Vet for about one year. We find your staff very easy to work with and they treat Lucy beautifully. Thank you for your wonderful service."
- Beverly Hutchens
06/15/2021 20:45:11
"Dr. Irene was professional, compassionate & thorough in her care & communication."
- Gayle Stimack
06/15/2021 16:58:18
"Everyone I've dealt with at Country Oaks has been great. My Cassy is getting more and more comfortable during her visits and that's due to all of you!"
- Christine Riddle
06/13/2021 19:34:51
"Care and compassion are excellent. Staff are knowledgeable and kind. We received unexpected bad news about our dog and we could really feel how much everyone cared about her and us. It will be nice when the curbside ends but we totally understand why it is necessary."
- Marchel DeMersseman
06/12/2021 22:26:20