"I was very impressed to get an appt. the same day I called Dr.Leahy was great took the time to explain things helped reduce my bill greatly appreciated will definitely make you my vet for Fluffy"
- Nan Keckley
10/12/2017 15:00:37
"Obviously a very caring and competent staff, who are thoughtful of and courteous to their clients and their pets."
- Connie Fisher
10/10/2017 16:34:09
"The Plaza Pet Team was exceptional. I called in first thing in the morning to get an appointment for my dog, Covington, who had a splinter lodged in he chest. He was attended to the same day and was home that evening recovering. "
- Steven Pebler
10/09/2017 18:15:00
"Bringing BB to the clinic was a great experience, everyone treated my dog great! Everyone ther clearly loves animals. I will continue t bring me pet to the Plaza."
- Bill Garth
10/09/2017 11:31:45
"It was our first appointment and we were treated so nice. Lily was treat gentle and kind. "
- Robin Nunan
10/08/2017 23:34:59
"All ways kind, respectful, and professional. I love the doctors and staff-keep up the good work!"
- William Hargis
10/08/2017 21:54:25
"Dr. Wartluft and assistants are terrific with our kitty, Mr. Scruff!"
- David Newton
10/08/2017 13:27:42
"I was taken in right away.my dog was not afraid of the people that worked with her.the Dr was very good at explaining all that we would be doing,kind and gentle "
- Dena R Gardner
10/08/2017 11:28:05
"Thoughtful and caring staff. "
- Georjean Coco
10/08/2017 02:48:39
"I am very pleased with Dr. Wartuff and with Lisa the groomer.....excellent staff. "
- Mary Kuykendall
10/05/2017 18:34:58
"Have been a client for over 25 years and always feel they treat my animals as if they were their own. They also have excellent resources available when a diagnosis requires a referral."
- Lucinda Mullett
10/05/2017 01:17:43
"Good caring people!"
- Donna Jones
10/04/2017 20:49:20
"Your staff is first.-rate! Tanner has always been boisterous, but your staff seems to keep him under control. We will no doubt be using your services again should we have a need."
- Clint Jones
10/04/2017 20:38:50
"So far very satisfied with the care that both of my kitties have received. "
- Lynne Steltzer
10/03/2017 18:02:58
"Dr Kristen Longhofer is your biggest asset and the best vet for me and my growing pack!"
- Cynthia Anderson
10/03/2017 16:45:32
"All the vets we have seen there are all very compassionate and experienced. We feel our animals are always taken good care of. The price for service is sometimes hard to swallow. "
- Anita Markle
10/03/2017 16:44:12
"You are great. I always feel like the technicians and Drs. Listen to our concerns and help us to take care of our pets."
- Catharine Thieme
10/03/2017 16:25:40
"Easy to get an appointment. Staff always pleasant and accommodating. Technicians & veterinarians show kindness and concern for our cats and other animals I have observed in the facility. I feel like there is a solid interest in the pets health and the parents understanding of all care and treatment options discussed. "
- Donna Cates
10/03/2017 16:24:18
"Everyone there is great! Always very helpful and all the doctors are amazing!"
- Vicki Vardaro
10/01/2017 17:50:27
"Love you guys! Always accomodating with scheduling, questions, etc. Wish coming to the vet wasn't so expensive but that is pretty much everywhere!"
- Shannon Trout
10/01/2017 12:21:22
"We love the Doctors and Staff at Plaza! They are always so happy to see you and more than happy to help. They truly care about the wellbeing of our pets and of their humans. Thank you for all you do. "
- Jennifer Largent
09/30/2017 19:52:39
"Dr. P is amazing! My puppies love seeing her! "
- Melanie Woodbury
09/30/2017 18:52:11
"Knowledgeable, professional, accessible - and very friendly."
- Barbara Guidry
09/30/2017 16:08:07
"My senior cat is always treated kindly. Thank you. "
- Joyce Poe
09/30/2017 14:12:49
"As always, staff and doctor were excellent! Everyone came to see my two new precious darlings. I can't say enough about the staff at Plaza as they have gotten me through the loss of prior precious pups!"
- Jon Bechtle
09/29/2017 23:26:35
"Got in quickly, vet and nurses showed that they cared and offered a lot of help. They took good care of us!"
- Molly Majher
09/29/2017 16:48:02
"Donut is doing great! I love this place. Everyone from the front staff to the veterinarian was wonderful. I also noticed how nice you all treated my 7 year old child. He felt very included with the care of his new kitten. I've already been recommending pet plaza! Thank you!"
- Lauren Miller
09/29/2017 00:37:47
"You are doing a great job, we would not consider going anywhere else"
- Albert Owens
09/28/2017 22:14:42
"Love you guys!"
- Nancy McConville
09/28/2017 19:07:25
"Love Dr Longhoffer. "
- Cindy Toy
09/28/2017 10:16:58
"No complaints, my pet is always treated well."
- Yvonne Braithwaite
09/28/2017 00:33:28
"Everything was great! Have never had any bad experiences at Plaza Pet. Plaza Pet took great care of my dog Zoie before she passed on, and both of my cats (Stinky & Baby Kitty) have been well taken care of. I plan to adopt another dog in the future and we'll be coming to Plaza Pet. "
- Jacquelyn Green
09/27/2017 22:48:42
"Dr Longhofer is the best all around vet that I have ever known . She is very compassionate and caring with the dogs . I have had many dogs and she has always treated them and myself with great respect. I will continue at Plaza Pet as long as she is there . Thank you for having her on your staff !!"
- Sandal LaRose
09/27/2017 18:47:48
"The kindness n care my animals n myself have received is fantastic. Staff at desk always is concerned n very helpful in every way. Dr Longhoffer who sees Carmella is so gentle n kind with her. Can truly tell she loves her patients. My Zack who is now in Doggy Heaven was seen by Dr Wartlufft and I have the same comments as listed about Dr Longhoffer. Both Drs treat my furry family with such patience and love as they were their own"
- Debra Fantino
09/27/2017 01:04:53
"Everyone is always friendly. Also Dr Longhofer took her time with Missy and explained everything very well ."
- Marcia Stickley
09/26/2017 19:41:53
"Olivia gets the best loving and medical care from Andrea and her very super staff. Olivia loves her special team. They make me happy to! SUPER SUPER TEAM. Conroy"
- Penny Wilson
09/26/2017 17:18:54
"I have been bringing my pets to you for a long time. I have never left your practice unhappy. Your staff is very friendly and the Vets take their time and do their best to answer any questions I may have. "
- Susan Lombard
09/26/2017 17:00:15
"The staff was very informative. Handled my dog very well. Always caring and patient with them. "
- Barbara Largent
09/26/2017 10:09:56
"My last appointment was a false alarm with one of my dogs, seems he knew I called the vet for appointment and got well all of a sudden so I called ahead and cancelled my appointment last week. I have to mention that Dr. Andrea Wartluft, and the great staff saved two of my dogs previously, one with Parvo and the other with unknown, possibly lime disease. She reminds me of Dr. Jeff an tv and is very kind and considerate to my dogs and me. I would recommend her and the wonderful staff to everyone !!!!!!!!! They all work together to form a great team.."
- Charles Lewis
09/25/2017 15:07:18
"You do a great job of getting us in whenever we call for an appointment, and treat us with great care when we arrive! Thanks."
- Kelly Dawson
09/25/2017 13:22:34
"No objections everything is great you all provide great care"
- Sandra Bologna
09/25/2017 11:15:45
"It was a great experience. Nothing to complain about."
- Tina Williams
09/24/2017 19:18:06
"I would not take my pets anywhere else. All of the staff at Plaza Pets treat all of my pets as if they were theirs."
- Denise Blake
09/24/2017 17:15:24
"Every time I go, I feel very welcomed and am very confident that the best place to have my pet cared for is here, no complaints from me."
- Trent Bennie
09/24/2017 16:14:44
"I have been using plaza pet clinic for years. I have never had any complaints. You are always willing to spend as much time with me and my pets as needed and always have quick and easy answers to all of my questions. You staff is always so happy to see Willow as they were with Betty and Abby. Thank you."
- Kathy Alsberry
09/24/2017 13:56:25
"We like your clinic very much. No problems getting appointments, wait time is minimal, and care for my elderly dog has been wonderful."
- Peggy Ronan
09/24/2017 11:44:14
"Everything was great! I particularly liked not having to wait in the waiting area. We were shown straight into an examining room and quickly began the procedure to get my dog's shots up to date. We finished quickly and were out the door."
- Tom Robinett
09/23/2017 19:52:50
"I trust you with my animals which is saying a lot. They are my fur babies and you treat them like they are my kids. I appreciate all you. Keep up the good work! Thank you. "
- Victoria Harmon
09/23/2017 18:30:52
"Lilo and Batman get so much love and care every single visit! All of my questions and concerns are always answered. Everyone is so nice and caring! ❤️"
- Stacey Kielbiewicz
09/23/2017 17:18:03
"I simply wouldn't go anywhere else. The staff is super friendly and helpful every time I go in. I trust the veterinarians completely with the well being of my beloved Chihuahua. Best pet clinic EVER!!!"
- Brian Williams
09/23/2017 10:21:46
"Plaza Pet Clinic is fantastic! Always clean, neat, tidy and welcoming. My dog is so very comfortable in your office where as the first place we went to in Winchester she was hiding behind me shaking before anyone even spoke to her. We've happened to only see Dr. Longhofer and am very grateful for the time and patience she has for us. She genuinely cares for my dog and is considerate of cost effective methods of treatment with thorough explanation of all options. I greatly appreciate her advice, knowledge and kindness. Thank you to all the staff for being so awesome! "
- Karin Lazzell
09/22/2017 19:24:12
"Love the doctor that takes care of my pet. You can tell she truly cares about the pets health"
- Nate Hillyard
09/21/2017 16:03:05
"always a pleasure to come and see the people I consider friends! I just referred two more people to you....and will continue to refer people. It was great to be able to introduce Jack to all of you, even if it was because he had worms....Baron said to tell you to make sure the Lean Treats jar is full when he comes in....he enjoys snacking when he comes along to provide moral support to his new brother....have a greyt day!"
- Anne Sendecke
09/21/2017 15:02:18
"My experiences with Pet Plaza Clinic - even during very trying times with sick or terminal pets - have always been very positive. The staff is very supportive and eager to help, and take a genuine interest in our furry little family members. "
- Brad Derrick
09/21/2017 14:38:58
"Dr Longhofer is the best."
- John Wentz
09/19/2017 18:07:58
"Doing great! Such a friendly staff, always polite, professional and helpful!"
- Donna Paulson
09/19/2017 14:39:49
"I thought the staff were very thorough and compassionate. I was also able to make an appointment the same day I had concerns about my dog. And that means a lot to me. "
- Sheila Harden
09/19/2017 14:11:50
"Very appreciative that Pexie was scheduled for an appointment immediately. We also appreciative that you see humor in her personality."
- David Sowers
09/18/2017 14:01:26
"I feel very fortunate to have Tootsie under your care. You guys are so good with her and have pulled her through some rough times. And your staff has been so flexible with my schedule changes. I have nothing but good things to say about your company "
- Linda Carey
09/18/2017 00:05:08
"Always a great experience "
- Jessica Perloff
09/17/2017 18:44:09
"Very friendly and caring staff"
- Amelia Bess Shane
09/17/2017 15:20:00
"The staff is always sweet to Cocoa and helpful to us."
- Jeff McCray
09/16/2017 21:23:58
"No complaints, very nice considerste employees seem to sincerely care about our pets (family members :) )"
- Kelly Hairston
09/16/2017 20:22:22
"Great clinic!! We love Dr. Kristen!"
- Doris Brennen
09/16/2017 19:52:33
"My dog, Lady loves your staff. "
- Ray Derby
09/16/2017 17:36:52
"Everything is great with my pets care. They treat the animal as if it was their own. I have nothing negative I could say about how me or my dog are treated."
- Wayne Hardesty
09/16/2017 09:59:48
"No complaints. Everyone is friendly and this visit was very timely. "
- Jody Bursey
09/15/2017 23:08:51
"Pretty well, I like this vet because it is right down the road from me and has a vet that looks at rats. No complaints "
- Veronica Larusso
09/15/2017 20:06:56
"Have always been very happy with your office! The care we've received for all of our pets has always been outstanding. Everyone we interact with is always friendly and helpful."
- Chip McConville
09/15/2017 19:47:24
"There is nothing to improve, everyone there and the system is perfect."
- Nic Celina
09/14/2017 12:49:34
"Everyone is friendly and the last visit everyone was very quick to see the animals"
- Charisa Flaherty
09/14/2017 11:30:39
"We have been using Pet Plaza for 10 years. Our first experience was an accident with our male cat that had been caught in the fan of our truck. An action that he had never done. It was a new home for him and I'm sure he was confused. Bottom line, Dr. Wurtluft examined him quickly and prepared him to go to a surgeon in Berryville and staff transported him there. It was a good outcome. Three cats latter we have the same good experience. Dr. W is friendly, thorough, and explains problems clearly. The veterinary and desk staffs are friendly and well informed."
- Martha Worley
09/14/2017 11:29:37
"Friendly, helpful staff...feel I can call there anytime and will be helped"
- Katherine Shriver
09/13/2017 23:43:58
"You have taken good care of all our pets, during happy times and sad. You have always been there for us. Keep up the good work."
- John Barwick
09/13/2017 22:20:54
"We were seen on time. The Dr. took the time to answer all my questions. The staff is always pleasant and helpful."
- Teresa Olson
09/13/2017 20:02:41
"You are the greatest"
- Jack Lillis
09/13/2017 17:14:09
"Doing great, excellent care. "
- Elizabeth Green
09/13/2017 16:53:43
"Doing great! No problems. Very caring and careful of both my dogs. "
- Griselda Levi
09/13/2017 16:16:57
"You guys are awesome!! For me, I would love to see more hollistic alternatives offered, but that's my only suggestion. Thank you for all you do!"
- Kathi Hall
09/13/2017 14:59:17
"Always glad that I know you're so close and that I can drop by whenever I need to pick up Peanut's diet food our ask for advice on how to handle my diabetic cat."
- Suzanne Lynn
09/13/2017 14:54:04
"always been happy with the care provided to our 4 danes.... the friendliness of the people who work there as well as not having to wait for ever to be seen! "
- Dean Williams
09/13/2017 14:41:12
"Fantastic...as always. Thanks!"
- Larry Holmes
09/13/2017 14:26:58
"Everything was great! Everyone was extremely helpful from start to finish."
- Lisa Kloo
09/13/2017 14:25:44
"I always feel that my pet is important to both the receptionists and the vets. He is a senior dog and needs that gentle care which I feel he always receives. When a vet will sit on the floor and talk to him that in my opinion is remarkable. Only one other pet clinic in my experience has done that since I have owned a pet and that is since I was a child. Thanks to all of you who care for my guy."
- Sandra Lehrer
09/13/2017 14:25:16
"Always friendly service! Very happy with experience. "
- Cynthia Coe
09/13/2017 14:22:43
"Every thing has been fine and staff very helpful"
- Anna Painter
09/12/2017 23:22:12
"Great first visit for our kitten. Our past two cats also received great, caring care."
- Penny Gale
09/12/2017 22:22:26