"Your staff are amazing. They love animals and it shows. They are courteous and kind. A pleasure to be there. My vet, Dr Longhofer is wonderful. She always has the health of my special Piper at the forefront of the visit. And she doesn't mind her kisses! "
- Donna Davis
12/21/2017 21:28:59
"Always scary to take our 60 Lb chow to new vet. We have seen vets back out of room after seeing our chows.. our visit on Tues with Plaza Pet was more than we expected. The tech was professional, knowledgeable and not intimated by “Oliver”. Dr. Longhofer Was amazing. She was very patient, sat on floor to bandage Oliver’s paw who was NOT cooperative. We feel very comfortable now to take our other 2 dogs and Oliver for all their health care to Plaza Pet. We were referred to Plaza Pet by Dr. Marcelo who had taken care of our dogs for 12 years."
- Sandra Shumaker
12/21/2017 19:05:43
"Very caring and professional staff. We always have a positive experience."
- Salcor Quines
12/21/2017 16:43:27
"We love Plaza Pet Clinic."
- Jeff McCray
12/20/2017 21:01:34
"always a good experience "
- Chris Kourtsis
12/20/2017 18:35:22
"I’ve brought my kiddos there for years and am always pleased."
- Lori Boswell
12/20/2017 16:25:29
"Very friendly and caring."
- Kim Rosenberry
12/20/2017 15:48:42
"Your front desk lady, Ellen. is the nicest person. She treats our dogs as if they were her own. She is always very personal with us and our dogs love her to pieces. The vets are always so thoughtful when dealing with their shots and answer any questions we may have. Thanks so much to all of you at Plaza Pet Clinic!"
- Debborah Hamilton
12/19/2017 21:25:58
"Everyone is always so friendly and nice. The ladies that cut Smash's nails did an amazing job. He isnt the easiest dog to handle, but they did amazing. My experience has always been positive! Thank you so much. Happy Holidays. "
- Felicia Medina
12/19/2017 16:58:46
"I have never had a problem with Plaza Pet Clinic. The staff is caring and the groomer is excellent with my baby. I would recommend Plaza Pet Clinic for both medical and grooming to my friends. "
- Mary Kuykendall
12/16/2017 15:31:17
"They were well organized, courteous and on time. Dr. Longhofer was thorough and took all the time that was necessary to assess Remington's progress. It's why we've been with them for almost 30 years. "
- Lucinda Mullett
12/16/2017 03:33:12
"You guys are always wonderful and I have recommended multiple friends to your office!"
- Lauren McKenzie
12/16/2017 01:18:28
"Totally satisfied"
- Weezie Wallace
12/15/2017 18:56:02
"Recent visit brought me in to buy Lovey's prescription food. The woman at the front desk looked up Lovey's file to make sure the correct food was purchased. Got it off the shelf and carried it to the car. Great service."
- Martha Worley
12/15/2017 13:15:54
"We were presented with options and allowed time and space to reach a decision. When we decided to NOT treat Louie and take him home, this was graciously accepted and every effort made to make his remaining time with us comfortable. End of life euthanasia options were explained with sensitivity to our overwhelmed emotions. Thank you for loving the animals that bring joy to our lives by showing compassion to us all."
- Cindy Toy
12/14/2017 18:11:34
"Wonderful! "
- Vickie Trenary
12/14/2017 15:36:18
"Very good experience, clean office, courteous staff who helped out our dog. "
- Michael Day
12/13/2017 19:48:46
"I have been going to Roseville and Plaza for 25 years with my family pets. That should say enough on how I feel about the Doctors and staff there. They have always been there when I needed them and have pulled some of my pets through some terrible illnesses. Some they could not help but were so supportive and we knew they did what they coulld. I would and have always reccomended these two clinics to my friends and family. Two of my daughters bring their pets there as well. They tryly love animals."
- Janet Kenna
12/12/2017 23:32:57
"I appreciate the compassion the staff has for the pets and families. "
- Michelle Doleman
12/10/2017 13:38:37
"Great visit. Everyone was very kind and thorough in helping us."
- Elizabeth Green
12/09/2017 18:07:05
"This being my first time at Plaza Pet Clinic, I wasn't sure what to expect but I have 0 complaints. All the staff was extremely friendly to us and our pup Henkel, the facility was very clean and our vet, Dr. Papier, was able to help Henkel with the problem we had immediately. "
- Morgan Giangola
12/08/2017 19:38:27
"We're new to Plaza Pet Clinic and we're very pleased so far. Our sweet pup has some anxiety in new places so we appreciated the professionalism of your staff! "
- Diana Crowley
12/08/2017 16:09:34
"Professional, friendly, knowledgeable and readily available."
- Barbara Guidry
12/08/2017 02:53:48
"I was so pleased with my latest visit to Plaza Pet Clinic. The staff was so kind and the office was cleanand had no odd smell. I look forward to future visits and would highly recommend."
- Gina Wilson
12/07/2017 18:09:57
"I absolutely love this clinic. The evening/weekend hours are really amazing for those of us who aren't able to take off work during normal week day hours. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and the vet and her assistants do a great job on educating about pet health/safety without making the pet owner feel judged or criticized. It truly feels like a great group of people who just want to help your pet be the best they can be!"
- Kristi Strong
12/07/2017 16:50:01
"you do a wonderful job with the pets an owners great job lots of compassion "
- Sharlene Harris
12/07/2017 03:11:44
"I haven’t had any issues. Everyone is extremely nice!"
- Amanda McManaway
12/07/2017 00:42:00
"Super friendly staff, from the time you enter to the time you leave you feel like family! I have had all types of services for my dogs from puppy care, surgeries, allergies, to end of life care and I can not say enough on how well you and your beloved pets are cared for here. "
- Mark Furtner
12/06/2017 21:50:35
"It has been great dealing with your professional and friendly staff"
- Jeffrey Davis
12/06/2017 15:41:15
"All personnel are so friendly and honest! Don’t find that too many places anymore. Thanks!"
- Donna Paulson
12/05/2017 14:29:29
"You did great. Did not have to wait very long. Doc and staff were very professional. Most important, our dogs problem seems to be improving."
- Paul Batten
12/03/2017 13:41:44
"The Vet tech we had was extremely helpful and very friendly....."
- Susan Rodriguez
12/03/2017 03:01:53
"We love Sr. Wartluft."
- Michael Yannello
12/02/2017 23:06:29
"Dr Longhofer is amazing and the entire team from techs to front office are terrific and caring always....it is like taking my family of pets to our extended family of surrogate loving mothers....my dogs and I depend on all these wonderful people and they never disappoint "
- Bette Hagan
12/02/2017 15:20:36
"Great experience but trying to keep a puppy quiet post surgery is a nightmare. Very happy with the whole staff!"
- Paul Szarowicz
12/01/2017 19:14:36
"I really enjoy bringing my dog here. I am a new puppy owner and I am loving it."
- Arielle Jordan
12/01/2017 18:17:14
"Our trips to Plaza Pet Clinic are always nice...even when under less-than-pleasant circumstances (sick dog, etc.)."
- Brad Derrick
12/01/2017 15:04:50
"Quick appointments and good doctors. "
- Anne Ambrose
12/01/2017 01:52:14
"I was a few minutes early but my dog was taken in to have his nails clipped prior to my appointment time. The lady that clipped them took the time to tell me that he had been very good and if I needed anything else. It is always a good experience at the clinic."
- Sandra Lehrer
11/30/2017 19:00:36
"I have been bringing my pets to Plaza Pet Clinic for a few years now and can't say enough about the good care they have always been given."
- Susan Gore
11/30/2017 18:26:54
"All there is great!! Thank you guys for everything!!"
- Vicki Vardaro
11/30/2017 18:21:25
"We absolutely love Dr. W and staff! We are always given lots of attention and Daisy gets lots of love!"
- Pattie Tetreault
11/30/2017 16:46:50
"Dr . longhoffer is the best . My dogs like her and she is very respective of all of us and explains things so I can understand."
- Sandal LaRose
11/29/2017 20:13:02
"I had a great experience!"
- Ethan Kibler
11/29/2017 17:59:01
"You provided very friendly, comfortable and helpful setting in the exam room. The dog was relaxed and you provided information about the services that could be beneficial to Linus's health. You answered questions thoroughly. You exhibited that you really like providing service to animals. "
- Beth Smelser
11/29/2017 04:38:29
"Great. So happy we started bringibg our dogs there."
- Sonya Reed
11/29/2017 00:35:31
"We love all of the Vets and staff at Plaza; they always make us and our fur babies feel welcomed and show genuine concern for their well-being!"
- Jon Bechtle
11/28/2017 17:41:57
"I really liked the service my cat received. He's feeling much better now! The vet was very clear and thorough. "
- Bieby Lopez
11/28/2017 02:46:14
"Excellent! I am always able to get Bear's medications filled very quickly and the front office staff are wonderful!"
- Irene Nasar
11/27/2017 21:20:40
"First of all, let's talk proximity. You are about 4 minutes away from my house, barring viscous traffic signals - You are available by phone quite easily and when I bring Duffy to you for examination, sickness, needed shots, etc., I'm greeted by smiling, friendly faces and my dog gets treated as quickly as possible. When I come to think of it, Plaza Pet Clinic is a very fine place and my dog gets professional help, when needed. Mighty good care, I'd say!"
- William P. Stewart
11/27/2017 20:13:20
"My dog is 18 and I appreciate the care and understanding she gets as an old girl!"
- Susan Lehrer
11/27/2017 19:33:57
"Everyone is always very friendly, helpful and attentive."
- Alyssa Adams
11/25/2017 13:21:30
"This was my first visit to Plaza Pet Clinic. Was a great experience! We were actually seen before appointment time, no waiting. Vet took time to answer all questions and concerns, was not rushing to see the next patient. "
- Robert Sweeney
11/23/2017 16:27:43
"From the techs to vets, there is always consistently good care."
- William Walker
11/22/2017 21:24:25
"I have been going there for awhile and so has all of my family. They remember my animals and do actually make them feel welcomed and are really friendly. Always has my animals best interest "
- Brady Rannells
11/22/2017 20:53:56
"All the vets and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly. I am lucky to have found such a great office for my fur babies. "
- Kari Nichols
11/22/2017 18:01:44
"i truly enjoyed the visit, even though i was in with a sick kitty, everyone was very kind and helpful and took amazing care of momo. "
- Patricia Olenyn
11/20/2017 23:19:46
"We are very happy with the care our pets receive at Plaza Pet Clinic."
- Bill Ebersole
11/20/2017 13:56:48
"I was very pleased with Our experience! It seems everyone genuinely cares about actually caring for my animals and not only about making a profit. I will definitely keep coming back for my pet care needs."
- Matt Sirbaugh
11/20/2017 13:07:13
"I love y’all. Front desk is wonderful and caring and every vet I’ve worked with has been great. I like that it’s obvious everyone really cares for our pets and wants to do what’s best for them without making us go broke. "
- Lauren Morris
11/19/2017 02:50:02
"I think you did an excellent job caring for my 3 dogs. You always gently examined my dog then listened to me. You would give me a couple treatments options. I never felt pushed to make a decision I wasn't comfortable w/. When applying a treatment I often had questions. I knew I could call w/ questions. The vet on call was always available to answer my questions. You were emphatic when I had to put two down."
- Donna Richmond
11/19/2017 00:42:24
"We have taken our entire family of pups to your clinic and we have always been extremely happy with the care, advice and attentiveness of the amazing staff! "
- Larry Cain
11/18/2017 21:29:13
"My dogs Azuma, Athena, & Copper as well as my cat Audrey all had wonderful care before they crossed the rainbow 🌈 bridge and now my dog Luna is receiving the same wonderful care . Thank y’all so very much 💞"
- E. Therese Golden
11/18/2017 20:52:51
"I have nothing bad to say. I wouldn't take my dogs anyplace else. The best care ever!"
- Michele Farrell
11/18/2017 19:07:21
"Your service is great."
- Ray Derby
11/18/2017 17:54:58
"We've been bringing our pets to Plaza Pet Clinic from their beginning and, from puppy hood to the tragic last goodbye, we have always been treated with respect and compassion. I believe everyone who works there genuinely loves animals."
- Sherry Wise
11/16/2017 19:42:59
"Everyone is always so friendly and good with Molly who is always so afraid. We have never had to wait more than a few minutes. I also like that the doctor explains things and doesn't just give her pills and say come back in a week. I would recommend Plaza Pets to everyone."
- Teresa Olson
11/16/2017 12:45:12
"Everyone is always so kind and helpful. I’ve had to move Tootsie’s appointments around a lot lately and even though I know giving her fluids doesn’t take long, staff always working with me and I appreciate it so much."
- Linda Carey
11/16/2017 12:22:06
"Your staff is great. Always a friendly greeting when I come in. Dr.Wartluf is wonderful, she always takes her time with my animals and really seems to care. I do wish you had a mulity pet discount it does get expensive. None the less I will keep bringing my pets to you. "
- Barbara Blincoe
11/15/2017 21:58:31
"Dr Longhoffer always takes excellent care of our dogs and cats, doesn't just attend to our pet's problem but does a mini overall exam. And discusses any problems with us fully."
- Judith Williams
11/15/2017 02:21:01
"Friendly, accurate and prompt"
- Barbara White
11/15/2017 01:08:47
"I think you do a great job and are very emphathetic regarding my dog's so issues. "
- Sally Hutchins
11/15/2017 00:44:13
"I personally can't say enough good about all of you from the front desk to the techs and the doctors!!!! ALWAYS there when we need ya and most of all with a smile!!! The care and concern for my animals is top notch!!!! Thank you!!"
- Valerie Yonley
11/15/2017 00:40:59
"Always happy with the way Abbey is cared for by Plaza Pet Clinic. The staff is friendly and helpful!"
- Genoa Allen
11/14/2017 21:43:51
"The care provided to our animals is always great and we appreciate that. The office is in need of some cosmetic updates. Example- There are ceiling tiles with brown stains "
- Michael Bozeth
11/14/2017 19:15:08
"Dr. Wartluft is the best! I try to see only her for all appts. She is professional and caring. You can sense that she truly loves our animals. The staff are also very kind and helpful."
- Anne Ryan
11/14/2017 01:40:19
"Roger & I have had great Vet experiences at Plaza Pet Clinic but our dog Saxby is not a big fan & knows he's at the Vet office the moment he hears the door bell to enter!!! We both love Dr. "P" & have always appreciated her general knowledge about dogs. Keep up the good work. Jill & Roger Younker"
- Roger W Younker
11/13/2017 16:12:04
"Ive been very pleased with my visits to plaza pet to pick up diet food for my diabetic cat, Peanut. The ladies alwsys go out of their way to be helpful. They even try to answer some off my questions. I love my vet to no end, Dr Wartluft! "
- Suzanne Lynn
11/13/2017 00:59:49
"You are doing great, thank you for everything."
- Jeffrey Merryman
11/12/2017 21:28:01
"Great! Dr. Wartluft was wonderful with Wilma, my Sheltie's recent surgery. I appreciate the compassion shown by her and the whole staff with all my babies that receive their care there!"
- Gary Carpenter
11/12/2017 19:48:40
"As always, this is truly the BEST place to take my dog. I have asked around to get a place closer to our home but there is just none better than your clinic - thanks!!!!"
- Kathy Price
11/10/2017 18:08:33
"We had an absolutely wonderful experience with Plaza Pet. I was so impressed with how they took care of my dog like they really cared. They even got down on his level (laid on the floor) because he was too scared to get up on the table. They took the time to answer all our questions and really made us feel like we were important, instead of what most vets/drs do and just take the 3-5 minutes and shoo you out the door. "
- Teresa Crawford
11/10/2017 12:49:42
"I’m very happy. With your service. I will bring my other dog. Dixie thanks again"
- Jason Hernandez
11/09/2017 21:52:08
"I really appreciated your understanding when I was running behind. Your staff helped me with my kids as they became impatient waiting for test results for our dog. The doctor was very thorough and talked me through an upsetting diagnosis with patience and optimism."
- Meghan Strozeski
11/04/2017 17:17:19
"Thank you for seeing Frankie on such short notice! loved the Dr"
- Mary Wilson
11/01/2017 14:48:56
"This place ROCKS!!!! I have never been more satisfied with a Pet Clinic and I have had several veterinarians. You all are professional, caring, and give quality care and advice. I love it here!!!! WES DICK (Jimbo's dad) :)"
- Wes Dick
11/01/2017 13:35:29
"I've always had good service for my pets here even when the news and outcome have not always been good. Dr. Warluft is the best!!"
- Ron Werdebaugh
11/01/2017 02:28:22
"I was so impressed with the whole experience. You came highly recommended by family and friends. You definitely lived up to the hype. I will be glad to be a return customer!"
- Kristen Lewis
11/01/2017 01:18:32
"I am a retired Customer Service Manager, THE STAFF AT PLAZA PET IS VERY PROFESSIONALAND COURTIOUS ALL THE TIME. I've had to put 3 of my loved ones down , and every time they have gone the distance to ensure that both the patient and the Parent are totally comfortable with the process. I would not and could not image taking my children(pets) to any other Drs. "
- Linda Garman
10/31/2017 17:39:53
"My visit there reminds me of my previous vet I went to for 28 years in Maryland. I am so glad I found this Clinic."
- Deb Moore
10/30/2017 20:26:24
"Crunch and Maggie always get the very best care and they usually get to see Jenifer when they visit, which gets their tails wagging. The doctors and support staff are always very attentive and professional."
- Russ Fowler
10/30/2017 15:48:09
"I love coming there. The staff is friendly, my pets get the best care"
- Dawn Meier
10/29/2017 11:55:40
"Very happy with the staff and Vet. Could not ask for any more. "
- Patrick Heidenthal
10/28/2017 15:10:25
"I have always loved coming to Plaza. Your treatment of my pal Mack, especially how compassionate and kind you were when it was time for us to say goodbye to each other still moves me. Plus the way you have treated my new pal Cloud has also been excellent beyond measure. I have recommended Plaza to several of my friends."
- Bob Denton
10/27/2017 22:01:55
"Best care for my pets. Thank You"
- Angie Zeigler
10/26/2017 13:12:13
"Fabulous. Your aromatherapy for pets is brilliant. I've never seen pets so relaxed when going to visit the vet. Absolutely brilliant and I said as much on social media. "
- Carolyn Thompson
10/25/2017 11:43:16
"I really appreciate that my pets are able to get in ASAP when they need medical attention and that when I've called with questions I always get a call back quickly. My vets and vet techs are always so patient and kind even my pets are at their worst because they don't feel well which is really all I can ask for!"
- Lauren Furey
10/24/2017 17:25:15
"Very friendly and efficient staff. "
- Vikie Constantino
10/21/2017 20:14:34
"I was very happy with everyone. I will recommend this place to friends going forward. Thank y'all very much. "
- Christina Whetzel
10/21/2017 15:19:39
"friendly, professional and thorough. Thank you!"
- Lavern Carroll
10/21/2017 10:42:52