"Beauregard Vet is the best!!! I love bringing my babies here they are like family...."
- Susan Guzman
08/25/2018 00:02:28
"Y'all are doing really good. As soon as we walk in we are welcomed. Its a friendly atmosphere and will continue to go as long as we have animals."
- Alton Richard
08/24/2018 23:22:38
"I find that Dr Rob & Dr Meghan are very compassionate when treating our loved ones!"
- Ginny Brand
08/22/2018 00:13:20
"Thanks for a very clean clinic and courteous staff. "
- Todd Burnaman
08/22/2018 00:03:49
"I have never have any problems when I bring my Jazzy in! Y’all are doing Great!!"
- Crystal Carlisle
08/21/2018 20:07:57
"Very quick service and very knowledgeable personnel..."
- Michael James LeBlanc
08/20/2018 01:08:47
"Good always there for us"
- Earl Hoffpauir
08/18/2018 14:10:20
"I love Beauregard veterinary clinic and especially Kiki. Thanks for always being available for my Charlie."
- Lisa Levy
08/03/2018 23:18:04
"Came in for flea medication. Receptionist very knowledgeable of products! "
- Karson Laughlin
08/01/2018 01:39:25
"The whole staff was very pleasant and always makes us feel comfortable!!"
- Vivian Hickman
07/27/2018 12:44:34
"Every one was great "
- Willie Westmoreland
07/26/2018 13:18:12
"Everyone there are very sweet & helpfull. They love Zeta!"
- Missy Franklin
07/25/2018 21:33:03
"Great customer service and cares for pets like their own. Thanks in advance for everything!!! "
- Kenderick Johnson
07/14/2018 15:35:00
"As always Dr Hooks is pleasant, treats all my animals as if they were his own, explains what is going on with my pets in a manner which is understandable and performs a thorough physical exam each visit. I wouldn’t take my fur babies anywhere else!"
- Ellen Naquin
07/11/2018 09:43:36
- Debbie Safe Harbor Rescue, Inc.
07/10/2018 14:20:43
"Always helpful"
- Mana Spell
06/25/2018 17:58:40
"Everything was good first visit there plan to take all 12 dogs there when need too."
- Robert Tyson
06/19/2018 23:07:28
"Great job"
- David Cole
06/18/2018 15:41:38
- Ginny Brand
06/14/2018 12:30:30
"Great care for our horses. Thanks!"
- Terry Bearden
06/14/2018 02:56:39
"Y’all are doing great. Dr. Robbie saved my mares life and has been very helpful to get her recovered! "
- Michael Broussard
06/14/2018 00:05:54
"Very good "
- Barbra Rhame
06/12/2018 14:36:46
"Thanks so much for your prompt visit and your assistance with our horse."
- Terry Bearden
03/28/2018 04:04:48
- Brian Broussard
03/27/2018 16:05:14
"Thanks for your availability. I needed a late afternoon appointment with short notice. I appreciate the personal time Dr. Hooks takes to explain treatment plans. "
- Todd Burnaman
03/27/2018 03:21:42
"You guys are always great and compassionate"
- Earl Hoffpauir
03/22/2018 23:46:43
"Y’all are awesome. We love y’all. "
- Raven Bailey
03/22/2018 18:00:24
"You guys really care for all my animals and those I bring in off the streets. Thank you so much for all your help and support. Great team! God bless you ALL!!! Thank you!"
- Gary Morrison
03/12/2018 15:38:58
"Absolutely the Best!"
- Michelle Crain
03/05/2018 15:11:19
"Awesome experience "
- Crystal Floyd
03/03/2018 01:23:28
"Super "
- Freddie Thompson
03/01/2018 15:40:08
"Dr Hooks and his staff are incredibly caring, gentle, and respectful with both the patients and their people. The clinic is clean throughout—reception area, exam rooms, cattle & horse shoot, and outdoor dog runs. Special diet & medicine shelves are organised & tidy."
- Gary McGough
02/20/2018 03:38:13
- Dwayne Boyd
02/20/2018 00:11:43
"We love the staff, they are always helpful and informative."
- Molly Poe
02/10/2018 17:04:11
"Everything was great. I wouldn't change anything."
- Regina Dowies
02/05/2018 13:55:05
"Friendly and fast "
- Alan Cross
02/03/2018 23:35:02
"Always pleased with the care our baby receives."
- Elizabeth Wiley
02/01/2018 13:02:25
"Dr Hooks and his Assistant were great with my Horses and always have been "
- Natasha Johnson
02/01/2018 03:23:33
"we are so grateful to you for saving mattie is the last of our years of raising great dogs ,we hope to keep her with you always .thank you very much Martha tyndall "
- Martha Tyndall
01/26/2018 21:22:35
"Your clinic is always helpful. Always easy and quick to help"
- Mana Spell
01/24/2018 22:11:02
"I really appreciate the safe unloading area where I can safely bring our horses there and don't have to worry about them getting away and into the highway. I also appreciate the friendly, helpful staff."
- Terry Bearden
01/20/2018 15:15:48
- Sam Iles
01/17/2018 18:57:39
"Staff is very friendly and I have been please so far with the services. Do not have anything else to add at this time."
- Betsy Whorley
01/16/2018 20:29:10
"Every thing was good "
- Poppy Granger
01/14/2018 17:35:51
"Always have great service our pets treated wonderful vets and assistants are knowledgeable and love animals very satisfied"
- Earl Hoffpauir
01/11/2018 13:10:01
"Very good and to seem to really care about us and any problem we have Thanks"
- Barbra Rhame
01/10/2018 18:01:45
"Love it when we can get in right away if we need it."
- Charles Hoffpauir
01/10/2018 01:07:00
"I am very satisfied with Dr Meghan and Dr Robbie. The staff is always very nice and very polite. The office shows complete compassion. I’m so glad we have all of you here in DeRidder. Thank you for all of your hard work. "
- Michelle Crain
01/03/2018 03:26:21
"Listens to client, very thorough, very patient with pet and explains everything"
- Patricia Henry
12/17/2017 01:08:59
"Very happy with the service we receive. Always friendly and informative. Thank you."
- Vince Martin
12/14/2017 14:19:59
"Very good customer service"
- Crystal Floyd
12/13/2017 19:57:15
"I have no complaints. Great service!"
- Jessica LeJeune
12/09/2017 20:00:03
"Every time I've needed something you and your staff have been there to work my horses in. Nice to know if I need help in an emergency you are there. Thank you"
- Billie Cooley
12/05/2017 23:18:21
"Excellent care for my dogs!"
- Ellen Naquin
11/30/2017 23:26:43
"I love this place so much, they put Charlie at ease and Kiki is amazing! Very knowledgeable about animals. "
- Lisa Levy
11/21/2017 18:46:05
"This is a great office people are friendly and eager to please"
- Becky Andry
11/15/2017 18:34:05
"We thought everything was great! Reasonable pricing and exceptional care from the tech, receptionist and Doctor. "
- Jayme Buxton
11/15/2017 01:30:37
"You are all doing great. I love bringing our pets to you. I feel like my pets are apart of your family. Thanks for caring."
- Susan Guzman
11/10/2017 16:38:10
"we are very grateful to you for your great care of mattie thank you very much"
- Martha Tyndall
10/27/2017 20:38:20
"Very good. Great Drs and staff always caring for animals and easy to get in appts"
- Earl Hoffpauir
10/25/2017 14:27:54
"Employees were very nice. The appointment was on time. Clinic was very clean."
- Regina Dowies
10/24/2017 14:23:39
"Everyone is wonderful! I have no trouble getting the supplies I need for my two cats and I know that the staff are genuinely interested in their well-being. "
- Perri Misenheimer
10/11/2017 21:27:30
"Great doctors, friendly staff."
- Lifeline for Canines
10/09/2017 14:05:29
" Great ! Always helpful with questions and the care of my pet family is awesome"
- Shawnette Welch
10/03/2017 20:56:39
"Very professional. Listened intently to the problem our horse was having. "
- Keith Fontenot
10/03/2017 19:48:11
"Was very pleased with how they handled my horse that doesn't like the vet they where very easy with her an made her fill comfortable "
- Poppy Granger
10/02/2017 14:38:24
- Brian Broussard
09/27/2017 18:55:54
"Your doing great!! Every time I bring my pet the staff and veterinarian is very respectful and knowledgeable. The office is always clean and welcoming "
- Celestine Lynch
09/08/2017 16:13:56
"100% pleased with Drs. and staff. A welcome relief. They take extra time to explain and are very patient answering our questions."
- Bill Cryer
08/31/2017 16:19:01
"Quality care easy to access, friendly staff."
- Michael Licare
08/26/2017 00:11:15
"I think y'all did a fantastic job . Buster was calmer than he has ever been when he goes there. Thanks for great service."
- Alton Richard
08/24/2017 21:21:44
"The front staff and atmosphere of the office was incredible. "
- Brian Fontenot
08/23/2017 17:01:38
"LaRoux is a healthy happy pup! Thanks for the excellent care given to him at your clinic."
- Molly Poe
08/22/2017 18:48:23
"I'm so very happy with your office staff KiKi is always very sweet kind, makes you feel very comfortable upon entering the office. I'm so happy that Dr Robert and Dr Meghan are here in DeRidder they both are excellent and both are compassionate and kind. I pray they never loose the compassion for our pets or us pet parents. I also pray they stay right here in DeRidder. My rating is excellent overall! Thank you All for what you do!"
- Michelle Crain
08/19/2017 14:06:08
"Dr. Hooks was great with Sassy. Took his time and answered all our questions."
- Ethan Wilson
08/18/2017 19:14:25
"I have always had excellent service. All questions and concerns are always addressed."
- Mayna Taylor
08/16/2017 02:15:06
- G.J. Abdalla
08/04/2017 18:17:43
"My Shadow is so well cared for! Couldn't ask for a better place for my furbaby!"
- Elizabeth Wiley
08/03/2017 02:46:13
"Y'all are doing great. "
- Donny Luebbers
08/02/2017 19:55:02
"I love the fact we are seen right away and everyone is friendly. Thanks 😊"
- Kayla Young
07/31/2017 16:21:15
"we are very pleased to have your help with our sick dog thank you so much"
- Martha Tyndall
07/29/2017 16:52:28
"Y'all are amazing. Y'all have always been welcoming and helpful even when I bring in 6 dogs at once. Thank You for all that y'all do!! "
- Raven Bailey
07/29/2017 13:08:58
"We think you're doing a great job! "
- Kathy McGee
07/29/2017 07:43:35
"I appreciate everyone at the clinic for their care of my animals! Being able to discuss their care with solid feedback is very important. "
- Perri Misenheimer
07/28/2017 16:58:51