"Love the way the staff is with my pet and treats her with care and respects her and us also. They treat her as if she was their own. Will not go to another vet "
- Theresa Gary
11/21/2020 15:44:54
"Great service no long waits always great with our dogs"
- Earl Hoffpauir
11/21/2020 00:19:29
"Very helpful and friendly "
- Kathy Cooley
11/21/2020 00:18:41
"Duke was well cared for and post surgical instructions were very clear. "
- Valerie Crouch
11/05/2020 02:30:06
"Excellent service, very professional and friendly. I'm not just a number but part of a family."
- Ronald Dotson
10/29/2020 21:56:30
"I am so happy that the care that all of your staff gives to your clients is so wonderful. Lily is doing so well under your care that I hope that she will be living for many more years. "
- Tere Riley
10/28/2020 00:24:18
"Bailey got her nails trimmed. I was excited to get to go be with Bailey in a room & to meet the doctor. The staff was very nice, informative, & friendly."
- Janet Dowden
10/27/2020 20:27:04
"I was very happy with how quickly my dog was cared for. Your staff was kind and courteous. Thank you for your expertise in caring for my dog. "
- Kathy Morton
10/27/2020 18:18:40
"Very professional staff, Remarkable service from small animal cattle dogs to big animal Horses and cows. Are our RANCH loves the team spirit. I feel like we’re family sure appreciate it"
- Brent Easter / Rabbits Ranch
10/17/2020 00:40:07
"Excellent care of pets. Staff very friendly. "
- Stacy Skaggs
10/16/2020 20:20:07
"Excellent treatment by professional staff and office workers. Glad we have you here in DeRidder to take care of our pets. "
- Wendy Scibelli
10/15/2020 19:06:30
"Yall are doing great. My babies have always gotten the best care possible."
- Alton Richard
10/08/2020 23:05:21
"I’ve always had a pleasant experience. Everyone is friendly and genuinely cares about our pets. "
- Amanda Streams
10/08/2020 20:18:17
"Although my mare is a handful, Dr. Robbie was patient but stern with her. I appreciate him coming out to my place on short notice when she got hurt even though I had never been a client. That shows that he really does care about animals and I sincerely appreciate that! "
- Michelle Bond
10/08/2020 19:40:09
"good care of my horses"
- L D Spears
10/06/2020 03:37:23
"I appreciate that when I have an appt that I don’t have to wait well past my time. We are always in and out. I also appreciate reminders for my sweet girl, when she has vaccines due and when it is time to pick up her flea meds every three months. "
- Tammy Good
10/06/2020 02:08:36
"Friendly, helpful, very professional. Feels good to be a part of the family and know my furry kids will be taken care of."
- Ronald Dotson
08/29/2020 17:47:27
"Service and care for my pet is fabulous!"
- Ginny Brand
08/25/2020 17:50:23
"The best veterinary care in southwest Louisiana!"
- Ellen Naquin
08/17/2020 16:14:30
"It's always been a pleasure to use your vet clinic very friendly and helpful staff."
- Kathy Cooley
08/17/2020 02:34:03
"Lucy is better this am, so happy you all took us in so fast. That means so much to me. Thank you so much🤪🤪🤪"
- Shirley Stewart
08/13/2020 15:56:07
"Great office ! Nice friendly staff. Keep up the good work!! "
- Vivian Howell
08/11/2020 14:24:56
"I was very pleased with the courteous help I received, especially being from out of town. The young lady went out of her way to help and I definitely appreciated the the call back after the visit. Overall I was very pleased."
- Eileen Swann
08/08/2020 19:00:10
"Dr. Hooks is very attentive, great care for all of our animals!"
- Jessica LeJeune
08/07/2020 13:49:13
"They recognized me even with a mask. They love my dog and she loves to go see them too."
- Doug Fetters
07/20/2020 01:38:21
"We LOVE y’all. Y’all have taken great care of our pets as well as us!!!"
- Glen Bruce
07/17/2020 22:18:02
"The front receptionist is always so nice and polite. Thank you so much. 🥰🙇🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️💕"
- Tammy Good
07/08/2020 17:16:03
"You all are very considerat, helpful and Very Knowledgable in taking care of my fur babies. I can't thank you enough for the insight on Lily's condition, which has almost healed up. Lily has gained her weight back and is back to her normal self. "
- Tere Riley
07/04/2020 21:12:27
"Always an excellent experience. Great Quality care at a very reasonable price."
- Maggie Wiley
06/25/2020 19:38:54
"Had a great visit. Prices we affordable. Friendly staff and the veterinarian was friendly and very well informed. "
- Debbie Pool
06/15/2020 18:23:06
"We love this office. Our pets are always given the best care. "
- Troy E. Hudson
06/13/2020 17:45:22
"Thank you so much Dr. Robby for being so attentive and great with Jake. I appreciate it more than you will ever know!"
- Jeannice Mann
06/10/2020 23:51:06
"Everyone was kind and professional "
- Billy White
06/05/2020 22:51:21
"Y’all are the best ! "
- Raven Bailey
06/03/2020 16:00:48
"Your genuine care and concern for my animals means a lot! I’m always happy with the level of care they have are given. "
- Donna J Kinsey
05/28/2020 13:45:47
"5 stars. They are always great with my animals. "
- Alana Nalley
05/24/2020 01:35:30
"Very pleased with the outcome on surgery"
- Earl Hoffpauir
05/23/2020 00:52:53
"Very good care"
- Charles Hoffpauir
05/22/2020 18:18:27
"Called to pick up our dog’s medicine. Receptionist gave me directions to follow for curbside delivery. I followed her directives, everything went smoothly. I felt completely at ease, no worries at all. Everyone is always very pleasant and supportive."
- Molly Poe
05/01/2020 13:12:11
"Doing awesome!! I love the care that my pet gets. Thank you "
- Celestine Lynch
04/28/2020 15:18:02
"Yall have done an amazing job with all my pets. And cant wait to bring my future pets to yall as well."
- Blaire Brown
04/22/2020 02:31:38
"Great service, will always take my pets there"
- George Good
04/21/2020 21:21:55
"Amazing as always. I appreciate that you allow me to ask questions about things unrelated to why I'm there or about my other animals. The fact that you remember the little things about them and show that you truly care about them. It also helps when your staff is just as nice and cares just as much. "
- Vanessa Mink
04/18/2020 17:32:01
"The best vets around! Won’t take my furry friends anywhere else!"
- Ellen Naquin
04/18/2020 13:45:55
"Quick response to emergent situation. Great service. Very much appreciated. "
- Shannon Hanks
04/17/2020 14:38:10
"I know because of this pandemic that I could not go in with my pet, but he was nervous and I wanted to be there with him. I was very pleased in the way everything was taking care of though. "
- Carlene Ford
04/16/2020 17:37:15
"Love the curbside service!!! Fast and convenient to pick up flea meds for Slim. "
- Brittany Chaumont
04/16/2020 02:10:01
"You guys are awesome! Ive been taking my dogs here for the past 11 years and the love, care and understanding is amazing! It is like an extended family! Keep up the great work an awesome staff!"
- Felix Perez
04/15/2020 21:21:47
"Appreciate the kindness in which our pets are treated. The office staff is friendly."
- Wendy Connally
04/15/2020 19:15:19
"We have been a long time customer and wether it was horses, goats, or dogs you have always given us the best of care."
- Dennis Ansetta
04/10/2020 14:52:53
"Wonderful, as usual! "
- Melissa Thibodeaux
04/09/2020 18:14:41
"Excellent treatment for our puppy Waylon. Especially everyone worked hard to handle the challenges of limitations of COVID19 restrictions. We felt safe and knew Waylon was well cared for during his visit. "
- Troy E. Hudson
03/28/2020 20:52:20
"The staff is always helpful and professional. They truly care about the well-being of our pets. "
- Tammy Derosier
03/26/2020 00:11:08
"Office is always clean Great Staff and Veterinarian. I bring all my Pers Large and small. "
- Natasha Johnson
03/25/2020 06:02:24
"Y'all are doing great. I love the personal service we get every time we need you."
- Donna Powell
02/13/2020 18:41:48
"We are doing great! My dog have to go make a emergency visit on Sunday and Dr. Robbie Hooks was wonderful and took care is a crisis situation. "
- Amelia Washington
02/13/2020 16:49:17
"I love Beauregard Vet for my fur babies!"
- Terry Jopling
02/12/2020 23:43:28
"You guys are awesome! We love u all! Prices are a bit high, but we know they are high everywhere, so not much we can do there... keep up the good work and your attention to details! Details do matter!"
- Felix Perez
02/11/2020 05:56:07
"Love Beauregard vet clinic! Will not go anywhere else for my pets care!"
- Ellen Naquin
02/11/2020 05:08:41
"Always the BEST!!! Highly recommended from me to everyone."
- Amy Schysm
01/26/2020 18:58:08
- Lisa Lee
01/25/2020 18:16:18
"Perfect! Thank you. "
- Nicole Beckord
01/24/2020 23:12:52
"Always great service and advice on treatment options for health and financial"
- Earl Hoffpauir
01/24/2020 14:03:54
"Our dogs always receive great care!"
- Betsy Whorley
01/21/2020 15:22:31
"Y’all are doing great!"
- Klancy Wood
01/17/2020 01:45:24
"The people at the Beauregard Vet Clinic are always friendly and efficient. My dog and I are glad they are near where we live."
- Michael Tritico
01/11/2020 03:08:28
"We find the clinic to be very accommodating to our needs. Friendly and professional is excellent. "
- Danny Simmons
01/10/2020 20:17:04
"Thanks for the friendly, professional service."
- Todd Burnaman
01/03/2020 20:12:38
"I have no issues with your office or the care my animals have received there. I absolutely love that y'all stay on top of current research to make sure we get the most up to date help we can. "
- Melissa Thibodeaux
01/03/2020 19:37:26
"Y'all are doing great"
- Alton Richard
12/10/2019 02:58:48
"I love u guys! You have become part of my family too. I was able to find an appointment for the time/date I wanted/needed and as always, you guys were able to help Zeus with all his needs (no matter how grouchy he could be at times) THANKS!"
- Felix Perez
12/08/2019 17:32:28
"Awesome, caring staff:)"
- Scott Quibodeaux
12/06/2019 17:24:30
"Always very helpful with all my pets big and small... very friendly "
- Shawnette Welch
12/05/2019 19:56:29
"As always, great service from Beauregard Vet Clinic."
- Terry Bearden
12/01/2019 20:19:42
"Always great service and work with our critters"
- Earl Hoffpauir
11/26/2019 00:48:40
"Friendly, professional, caring"
- Philip Istre
11/24/2019 23:55:22
"Doing a great job taking care of our animals needs. "
- Wade Harper
11/17/2019 21:54:40
"Great Job"
- Danny Demeritt
11/12/2019 14:49:30
"Awesome care provided to my dogs. Would not take my dogs anywhere else!"
- Ellen Naquin
11/10/2019 04:11:09
"Everything went very well. Renegade's condition and care was thourghly explained to me. All my questions I asked was explained clearly. "
- Tracy Delome
11/08/2019 01:57:46
"I really appreciate all the knowledgeable caring and I like how you strive to keep up to date with the newest techniques and technology. I mostly like the fact that you genuinely care for my animals! God bless you!"
- Gary Morrison
11/04/2019 15:22:48
"Great job 😊"
- Judy Boycher
11/01/2019 19:58:10
"Perfect! Called and got appt. Same day. Everybody is friendly and caring."
- Sharon Moore
10/31/2019 04:32:50
"I am very happy with the staff and Dr. also."
- Shirley Stewart
10/18/2019 23:00:45
"Great "
- George Good
10/15/2019 19:34:19
"Doing great keep up the good work!"
- Ann Coleman/ Monica Miller
10/11/2019 16:01:22
- Kim Craft
10/10/2019 10:27:12
"awesome service each time everytime!!"
- Bull Taylor
10/07/2019 12:20:07
"I was not here for the visit, but my neighbor spoke very highly of the experience."
- Sean Chisholm
10/07/2019 10:52:35
"You were fast and gave excellent advice. Thank you!"
- Darren Guidry
10/04/2019 20:31:29
"Super friendly staff. Fast and excellent service. "
- Kasie Falgout
09/24/2019 20:38:57
"I love the care my pets get here!"
- Terry Jopling
09/21/2019 19:30:19
"Excellant, thank you"
- Debbie McLain
09/18/2019 17:42:57
"Dr Robbie is always great with my horses ! Thanks again."
- Carlos Nichols
09/13/2019 21:03:33
"You guys are amazing. I have nothing but good experiences when I stop by. I feel like any questions or worries I have for my pets I can trust you guys to help with. "
- Kennedy Denmon
09/10/2019 22:02:10
"great job"
- Danny Demeritt
08/26/2019 18:01:50
"Very good visit, gave lots of information on what was going on with our horse."
- Wade Harper
08/26/2019 15:29:06
"Love y’all!! Always enjoy and appreciate the visits"
- Julia Smith
08/22/2019 21:24:13
"Dr. Meghan and Robbie are so friendly and helpful. We love bringing our pets to see them! "
- Michelle Lestage
08/18/2019 18:48:46
"Our visit was just great!!"
- James/Bonny Ray
08/15/2019 04:32:09