"Loved the literally "hands on" experience. We have been to several vets who gave our dog a cursory overlook, hardly running their hands on him at all. Barely listening to me, and not really answering my questions or addressing my concerns. Our latest visit with our now former vet resulted in us taking our dog to AVS who administered high cost tests that didn't give us any information. Dr. Walker took time with us, really listened, and addressed my worries. I left confident that I understood what the medication was for and what was going on with our dog. She was down on the floor with the dog. The techs were wonderful with Casey (our dog) and he was comfortable with them, allowing them to do what they needed to do with only a little bit of mischief on his part. Teresa at the desk was SO helpful and took time to really help when I called. Plus, she asked me what if my collie was a sable. tri,... We've owned 2 collies, and NEVER had a vet office ask that! I am SO impressed. It's a little thing, but it showed knowledge and made me feel better about coming to visit a new Dr.'s office. I'm really happy I took Casey to your office. Thank you!"
- Tanya Fay
07/28/2017 14:22:48
"They have been our family since 2003. We love them!!!! Plain and simple they are the best and an integral part in our family's health and happiness!!!"
- Suzy Hudgins
07/20/2017 12:32:00
"It seems these last couple months there have been a lot of pop up things going on with my dog. Whenever I have come in or called last minute for an appointment, everyone has been wonderful in helping to accommodate my schedule. I could not ask for more than that and am truly appreciative. The front office staff are always friendly, very helpful and extremely patient with me. Especially when I was convinced that a product I was buying was not the prior product I had purchased before. They took the time, on a busy Saturday, to look at my account, explain things to me and never once, made me feel rushed. My dog looks forward to the visits every time we come. Thank you all! "
- Paula Gray
07/15/2017 11:02:08
"We love you all! We feel so good about leaving our precious Lillipup with your staff and doctors. "
- Alissa Moy
07/12/2017 15:34:42
"You guys are always amazing, from calling in to schedule last minute and getting in the door. We love coming to your office, and we actually refer other pet owners to visit as well. (They loved you guys too!!) DR Walker is amazing!! "
- Danielle Schetrompf
07/11/2017 19:06:28
"Gunny has been coming to see Dr. Williams ever since we adopted him probably close to eight years now. We have always been happy with the service we have received there. The staff is very friendly and helpful and Gunny responds well to Dr. Williams. Recently Gunny has been diagnosed with a nasty tumor that unfortunately was cancerous. Dr. Williams was very helpful and kind as he explained what our options were and how we could handle this condition. We followed his advice and now are hoping for the best. So far so good. Thank you Dr. Williams and Seminole Trail Animal Hospital staff."
- Barbara Everett
07/11/2017 15:32:37
"When I think ABout this office, I am so grateful for the concern that they held for me and my previous toy poodle, Penny, who died September 2015. Summer worked so hard to save penny, who had a heart condition. I now trust ur office with my toy poodle, belle. When we adopted belle, we went to a clinic closer to our home. That was a mistake and we have been back at ur clinic ever since., for the last year. Little belle turns 2 next month. Dr walker has seen her thru lots of gi problems and was so reassuring when belle was so sick last summer. The staff has shown me so much compassion and they all remember penny. We all refer to belle as penny sometimes and I think that is wonderful. The staff makes me feel penny is not realLy gone. I treasure the staff that remember pennyso well. These toy breed Dogs are so fragile that we need to treat them as human babiEs since they are just as helpless. Thank you to the Staff and dr walker for being my partner in keeping belle happy. "
- Suzanne Lobb
07/11/2017 11:55:34
"Dr Williams and Dr Walker are great Vets. The staff is the best. Even in the worst of times they are there for their fur baby patients and their parents."
- Susan (Evelyn) Allen
07/11/2017 11:11:36
"Everyone always goes above and beyond. On my last visit I forgot a video reflecting Lily's symptoms. Dr. Walker said no problem and told me to text it to her later. I did and she was quick to call and offer advice. The staff is always very sweet to Lily and treat her kindly. "
- Jean Ostrofsky
07/11/2017 04:23:07
"No problem scheduling an appointment, Dr Williams examined Charlie, took time to address all of my concerns, explain a therapy plan, and personally followed up on Charlie's progress throughout his treatment. You can't get much better care than that. "
- Barbara Myslinski
07/10/2017 21:25:00
"We've been using your services for about 10 years and in all that time I can't recall a time when we weren't happy with the way Max comes home. I think he really enjoys visits to your office."
- Edward Dieppa
07/10/2017 21:12:45
"I absolutely love bringing Lucky here! The entire staff is super friendly and helpful! Dr.Walker is amazing and patient! She listens to all of our concerns and gives us all the time we need to discuss anything we'd like to discuss. Thank you!"
- Meagan Hunter
07/07/2017 12:32:44