"Everything was great and everyone was nice!"
- Marina Cast
02/19/2019 19:21:35
"This was our first experience and have no complaints. We really appreciate their sensitivity to cash being a scared pup, they went above and beyond to make it as easy on him as possible. We Look forward ot working with you again."
- Sue Parse A Tail of 4 Paws Animal
02/16/2019 17:47:25
"All the staff were friendly and very helpful"
- Lindsey and Chris Chojnicki
02/15/2019 18:39:51
"Brought in a new pet and she received great care. Was a first visit to determine if this wood be the place that I could feel assured that my Dog would get the best care without getting things she did not need. I was very impressed and will continue to go to Crest Hill Cat and Dog."
- Michele Kaiser-Hust
02/13/2019 22:10:28
"We had such a great experience. The staff is super nice and friendly, and they’re very cost friendly as well. "
- Nichole/William Cheek/Naughton
01/18/2019 20:06:00
"Great service from the beginning to the end, everyone answered all my questions and conserns. What we loved the most was we were not rushed out the door and the Vet was amazing!"
- Felicia and Emmanuel Rodriguez
12/28/2018 17:43:49
"Wonderful experience! Clean facility, friendly and helpful staff, enthusiastic doctor. "
- Cynthia Page
12/21/2018 13:05:38
"Dr. Walley and staff were wonderful with our newly adopted dog, Penny. Thank you for being so nice and caring. Merry Christmas!"
- Katie & Bob Camardo
12/20/2018 12:40:29
"This was our first visit and I was so happy we made the switch! Wish I’d found you sooner!!"
- Allison Barrett
12/05/2018 23:54:08
"Everyone was very friendly and loved their caring attitude towards Rizzo. "
- Linda Hunter
11/29/2018 04:19:31
"Loved the follow-up we received the day we took Atari in and the following day. The fact that y'all went above and beyond your close time so Atari could get a couple of shots meant the world to us! Thank you!"
- Miriam Bly
11/27/2018 18:43:21
"Everyone was very informative, patient and kind to not only us but also to our dog."
- Debbie Vasilescu
11/27/2018 02:59:11
"Today, Frankie and I was taken care of by Dr. Ling. She gets an A+++. Dr. Ling was so very caring and thoughtful with the care for not only Frankie, but also for me. This was an excellent appointment. I also want to compliment the front desk folks. Good job."
- Joni Seminary
11/27/2018 02:53:51
"Dr. Horton has been absolutely wonderful. I can't say enough good things about her. She took on my cat as a new patient with multiple medical problems and has patiently worked with me to sort things out. She has spend time with me on the phone and been very patient with my questions. The staff has also been very kind and helpful. "
- Shauna Gunnink
11/26/2018 22:23:41
"You guys are amazing truly one of the most caring clinics I've ever been to... especially with my situation you didn't even hesitate to help out and I am eternally grateful and so is Maple Pickles and the triplets... I honestly don't have anything negative to say from the beginning to the end of my experience with you guys you made everything so easy and I was not worried about the care my cats were receiving at any point.. Thank you again! :) "
- Haley Cugier
10/07/2018 08:04:23
"I could not have asked for a better first experience. We were welcomed with opened “ paws” and it was felt!!"
- Julie Marzano
09/25/2018 11:44:58
"I can't even begin to describe how happy I am that we found you. Dr Ling took the time to get on the floor with Diesel and get to know him. The staff (every single one of them) were kind, pleasant, helpful and caring. I did not feel like just a number, I felt like family. My puppy is my child, not my pet, and they treat him as such. Dr, Ling took her time to explain everything to me and I didn't feel rushed. I could tell she truly cared about and wants to help my pup. Keep doing what you are doing ya'all!! When you love animals it shows...and you guys genuinely do! Thank you!!!"
- Lisa Tadej
09/25/2018 11:29:54
" I love the whole experience. Very kind and thoughtful doctors as well as staff. I can only say good things, no negative experience."
- Angie Borzym
09/17/2018 21:05:08
"I called out of the blue to see if I could bring my 4 month old cat in that was sick and they were able to squeeze me in that day! I saw Dr. Reed who is VERY nice and was attentive to my questions and concerns. I've been to a few other vets and she is by far the best! I will be going to Crest Hill Cat and Dog from now on."
- Jason Bojanowski
09/13/2018 21:17:03
"Everything is perfect! Gunner was very nervous but you guys made his experience remarkable! "
- Kandyce Perteet
08/21/2018 20:12:05
"We are doing well Mumue is feeling better and I am very happy with our visit . I felt a lot better after our visit everyone was very nice and warm welcoming I feel we have found ourselves the best of care. Thank you for everything sweat our next visit love Mumue and her mommy "
- Rebecca Garcia
08/18/2018 06:38:48
"Your doing a great job. Our overall experience was very satisfying. The rooms and lobby were very clean which are very important to us. We had visited the previous location in the past years before you guys relocated across the building and it was nice to see the staff was just as pleasant."
- Sue Ellen Damato
07/26/2018 02:32:35
"I love how polite and professional the staff were."
- Roslynd Fuller
07/25/2018 21:52:17
"One of the most amazing vets I have been too. Very compassionate, and very patient! Dr. Walley is truly amazing! I’ve never had a vet call and follow up with me about my pet. Truly amazing. Very very kind. Love this new app but I’m new to it so I am trying to figure it out! What a great idea launching an app for your customers! And also a beautiful facility. Very clean and overall great location! "
- Tara Deliberto
07/18/2018 21:00:24
"The experience was great with a warm clean atmosphere, and large enough of place without feeling too big. Dr. Horton was very informative and was willing to work with me to the costs in check. Very pleased."
- Dennis Cygan
07/11/2018 08:10:03
"Dr. Ling was great! Being a former vet tech I can truly say the prices are very reasonable. I love that there is a groomer on site as well. She did a great job with my cat shadow. "
- Mandi Filas
07/10/2018 21:34:51
"Everyone was very nice. It was a pleasant trip to the vet. My cat is doing well and I am very happy with my choice. Thank you everyone who had anything to do with Kriya’s surgery especially Dr Horton."
- Karen Koval
06/27/2018 01:40:26
"I was only there for a short visit, everyone was very nice and helpful and your prices are reasonable. I will definitely be bringing my other cats to your office when they’re ready for their next check up. "
- Kaelie Mitchell
06/26/2018 00:20:20
"Thank you so much for the quick service for my new rescue, Frankie! Even though you were booked you were able to squeeze him to make sure his transition was more comfortable. The communication and service I received from the ladies at the front desk as well as the tech show that they love animals and only want the best! Thank you so much for everything!"
- Carrie Salamone
06/16/2018 12:00:38
"Originally popped in to get a feel for the clinic. The welcome feeling from the girls at the front desk and no hesitation answering all my questions made me book an appointment for Al the Dog. Vet techs and Dr Ling were great with Al the Dog . Definitely found a caring place for my buddy"
- Susan Larson
06/08/2018 22:52:02
"I was referred by a friend who spoke very highly of your facility. I was extremely pleased with my entire visit and care for my Dog. Kind, courteous and caring. I could not ask for more. "
- Anthony Seminary
04/21/2018 04:33:15
"I was feelimg so bad about my cat's eat infecting and was dreading the outcome, but the doctor and the vet tech were so kind and really seemed to care about how my cat felt and was responding. The doctor was thorough and I felt like they really cared about my cat's well-being rather than just treat him like any other cat. The only thing I'd request is background info on what's wrong. I had to ask what might be causing his ear infection rather than being offered ideas as to why this was reoccurring, or happening at all. But that's a small request; overall I felt really well informed when I left and felt like - ok, there's a solution and we have a plan! We will return and are happy to call you guys our vet!"
- Michelle Cunningham
04/20/2018 02:20:07
"AMAZING CLINIC!!!!!!! We have just adopted a puppy and I was frightened by a cough he had. I called and made an appointment and off the bat, the girl on the phone was so nice, funny and made the process of finding an appointment with my hard schedule, easy! I showed up late to top it off and everyone acted like I was on time. It made my initial impression of the clinic much more enjoyable. Dr. Schey was hands down the best vet I've ever been to! Right away she got on the floor with the puppy and talked to me about vaccines, neutering, things to look for and insurance. I would recommend her to anyone! Your animal is the patient and Dr. Schey made sure they get the attention. "
- Jessica Kasmer
04/16/2018 15:09:50
"I thought everyone was very friendly and informative, which as a first time puppy mom I really appreciated! I had previously called to ask some questions and your phone staff was so amazing i knew right then that this was the right place to take my new baby. "
- Samantha Mack
02/24/2018 12:52:52
"Excellent service... since our newly adopted dog is not very social we truly appreciated being moved directly into a room upon our arrival.. Thank you so much!!"
- Bill & Sharon Mitchell
02/19/2018 19:39:43
"Very thorough and positive visit. Everyone was very friendly and it was just a great overall experience. "
- Annette & Ralph Loritz
02/01/2018 12:45:45
"I was so happy with my first experience! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming! Thanks so much for taking care of my baby :) thanks again! "
- Michelle Monday
01/31/2018 08:07:10
"Dr. Ling, Dr. Wally, and the staff at Crest Hill Cat and Dog Clinic are nothing short of exceptional. They are so kind and caring to my 2 old chihuahuas. They take the extra time to make sure you and your pets are truly taken care of. I would recommend the clinic to anyone looking for veterinary services. "
- Danielle Horyn
01/22/2018 13:46:22
"The clinic was very impressive. Clean & huge. The staff was very helpful & friendly. The doctor was very informative. I️ believe Abby Sausage was very comfortable w/the doctor & staff. All in all a great experience."
- Amelia Mejia
01/14/2018 18:44:07
"I had a great experience with Dr. Horton. She really listened to the issues my dog was experiencing and gave a couple of options to try. She was practical in her approach and wants to follow up to be sure the plan we are taking to end the ear infections is successful. I appreciate her thoroughness."
- Tina Shanahan
01/10/2018 13:57:54
"The service here is wonderful! We always brought our family pets here and so when I got a puppy of my own, I knew this was the vet I would be going to. The vets and workers are so nice and I know my furry baby is in great care."
- Gabrielle Schalk
01/03/2018 17:33:02
"The whole experience was great! Everyone that comes near my dog is usually so afraid of him because of his size and it breaks my heart that they don’t want to play with him, which is why is was so refreshing and lovely to see how friendly everyone at the clinic was with him. It definitely made things easier for us and Bentley loved the attention and the treats! thank you for being so caring! "
- Maria Diaz
01/03/2018 02:22:26
"Service was excellent and so was everyone. Very caring staff and willing to help you with finance when your on a fixed income like I am. Wouldn't have been able to get the help my Diablo needed otherwise."
- Terry Pierce
12/30/2017 02:31:53
"First impressions are everything to a business. Your staff was inviting and caring from the moment I walked in. it's obvious they are there because they truly care for the pets, not just because you had a job opening.... Keep up the great work."
- Rich Reichenberger
12/17/2017 14:41:07
"The whole experience was fantastic. From the time we walked in the door until the time we left we were treated like we mattered and that Bear was the main focus. Dr. Meno was informative and fully answered all questions, no matter how trivial. I have found a new vet and am recommending your facility and staff to anyone who has furry babies."
- Mikki Sadowski
11/15/2017 04:53:28
"It was a very pleasant experience. Everyone associated with chunks care that day made us feel at ease and explained wth was going to be done for chunk that day and explained future things to consider. Was very glad that they took their time with us , the didnt run in shoot us a price and then run back out. I have had chunk to several places for care e and was looking for a place to call home and I believe we found it with you folks. Thank you."
- David Patterson
11/14/2017 23:06:17
"I have been very happy with the facility and staff. Everyone is very nice and made us feel comfortable right from the start! When a pet is sick, it is very important to have someone who truly cares. I will send as many folks there as I can! I'm so glad we switched to you. THANK YOU!"
- Sandy Avery
11/05/2017 14:22:05
"I’m so grateful for the excellent professional care extended to my beloved Maltese Molly who suffered with cardiac distress . The entire staff had been amazing!"
- Peggy Chandler O'Brien
10/28/2017 00:16:33
"My experience here was great! Everyone was very friendly and answered all of my questions happily and thoroughly. While visiting with the actual Vet and the Vet tech, I expressed all of my concerns and requests and they were very patient and listened well. They explained everything to me in layman’s terms, I felt very knowledgeable of what they were doing and explaining to me, which definitely made me feel much more comfortable. "
- Cassidy Mitchell
10/25/2017 13:44:08
"I've been bringing my pets to the clinic for over 10 years and have nothing but good experiences, otherwise I wouldn't bring them there. The staff is friendly and they make sure you understand all instructions given for your pets. They also understand that even though you love your pets sometimes finances are an issue they do their best to help out."
- Nicole Grabenhofer
09/27/2017 16:21:30
"I absolutely loved the service. The doctor went over every possible treatment and approach to getting my pup better and she tailored it to for the safest, best route without being too expensive. I really appreciate the time she took with me during the visit. "
- Joe Kot
09/16/2017 17:13:29
"Everyone was very nice to both me and my dog. I felt welcome and you could tell that they really love animals. I didn't have to wait very long either which was nice. I'll be coming to Crest Hill Cat and Dog Clinic for a long time."
- Caitlin Ellis
09/15/2017 16:21:59
"I am absolutely in love with this place. I have been bringing Rocky here for the last two years. Rocky is a handful and the staff helps me calm him down. Staff always friendly and happy!"
- Olga Avila
09/12/2017 03:26:25
"I had an amazing experience for my first time with Boomer. This is definitely going to be the vet we go to from now on 😊 "
- Tara Kubistal
08/26/2017 16:13:25
"I really appreciate the way your staff handled my dog, especially in surgery being a mushy face I really appreciate your staff took their time and not rushed though everything or got heavy handed on the anesthetic , your compassion through out your staff is well appreciated , your place is well worth the long travel I have to go but well worth the experience and knowledge of your staff, thank you again "
- Karen Labrec
08/20/2017 16:22:10
"I always have a good experience at Crest Hill Cat and Dog Clinic. They are so helpful and if they don't have the answer I need right away they will find out as soon as possible. Don't have enough good things to say about them! And the best thing is they are so good about letting my dog warm up to them. He's super skittish around new people but they don't force themselves on him or hurry just so they can get on to the next patient. "
- Roberta Benzschawel
08/15/2017 18:50:32
"I am very happy that I can be with my dog during shots/physical now as she is a very nervous dog and could tell she was very happy me being in the room. Thanks!"
- Brian Schuster
08/15/2017 17:22:07
"Everyone is so nice and caring. Our experience has always been great."
- Peter & Barbara Bauc
08/09/2017 01:20:16
"Every one is professional and attentive to clients needs. All the doctors are very knowledgeable and treat my pets as if they were their own. I try not to have a favorite, but Dr. Walley is one of the best! Under his leadership, along with Dr. Ling, they have assembled a fantastic group of veterinarians! Thanks to everyone at your office for all the care and concern that you give to our pets! "
- Loretta Furlane
08/09/2017 01:07:23
"The staff, vet tech, and vet were all very helpful when I brought Lilly in for her visit last Friday. The staff was very friendly. The vet tech was great with Lilly. The vet was very informative and had great bedside manner. You can tell the place is ran by people who are doing what they are doing because they really love and enjoy being around animals and they are not just doing it for a paycheck. "
- Alexandra Wyss
08/08/2017 18:54:42
"We have been bringing Shiloh, Carson and Zoey there for so many years. We also used to bring our Mindy and Gizmo there until there untimely deaths. We enjoy the care and service you all give to our dogs . You are the best. Your staff doesn't get enough recognition for there great dedication to their job. Thank you all so much ."
- Wayne Howard
08/08/2017 18:29:32
"Hello, Trooper's first visit was a great experience. Dr. Schey took the time to answer all of my questions. We look forward to seeing you again! Sincerely, Christopher Pistorio & Trooper"
- Christopher Pistorio
08/04/2017 13:44:34
"Thank you so much for your kind hearts and love for animals. Vets and staff are friendly, nice, and knowledgeable. It makes taking my much loved dogs and cats to your clinic a pleasure."
- Susan Pratl Angels on Wheels
08/03/2017 12:44:22
"Honestly I have nothing negative to comment on. The entire staff are very helpful, knowledgeable, sincere, and this is why I keep coming back."
- Michelle Tucker
08/02/2017 22:08:11
"We have our personal and rescue pets at Cresthill and we are very pleased with the service that we receive. We appreciate the advice and education that helps us make better decisions for our personal pets and our rescue organization."
- Rhonda Heddinger
08/02/2017 17:53:33
"You guys are amazing!! You did everything possible to save Rascal's leg and I could never thank you guys enough. Her recovery is amazing! "
- Allie & Alex Munoz
07/29/2017 09:26:38
"The staff was very pleasant from the time that walked in to make the appointment to the service I received for my pet. "
- Jose Prado
07/29/2017 05:22:13
"You guys are wonderful. Thank you for caring so much about our dogs. Thank you for your calls and your sincere interest in their wellbeing. "
- Elizabath Lake
07/28/2017 21:08:31
"We have had many dogs and many vets. Crest Hill Cat & Dog is far above the rest! From the front desk....to Margaret (we love Margaret)....to Dr. Ling! Actually, EVERYONE! Wouldn't go anywhere else 🐶🐶🐶"
- Pam & Joe Degliomini
07/28/2017 20:38:36
"Quality and compassionate Care. I love the new facilities. Having a groomer onsite is the best. The staff are wonderful. Keep up the good work."
- Charles Harris
07/28/2017 14:49:50