"Superb staff, top of the line facilities and life-saving expertise. Incredible professionalism, candor, respect & compassion; your team (particularly Nurse Abbey!!!) must have angel wings hiding under their scrubs! We love you all, Jami, Joe & Giugilina"
- Jami Koch
05/22/2019 01:49:13
"I was recommended to your guys emergency department by my family vet. I dealt primarily with Dr. Jennifer Steele and she was AMAZING. She went above and beyond to ensure my cat was receiving the care he needed as well as making sure I felt comfortable continuing his care while at home. As expected, I was quite emotional during the process and she was amazing at reassuring me that we are doing what needs to be done. She continued to ensure I had no concerns while at home on the weekends as well. She is so knowledgeable is what she does and it shows. I am so grateful I was referred to your facility and even more grateful that my cat has such an amazing veterinarian to oversee his care!"
- Nicole Becker
05/21/2019 02:34:13
"The staff including the technician and vet were very friendly and knowledgeable. They explained things well and truly wanted the best for Scooby. They didn’t charge me to keep him over night to get a urine sample and I greatly appreciated that. I will recommend you guys to anyone! Thanks. "
- Emilie Predl
05/18/2019 19:45:25
"Everyone was wonderful and helpful. Our questions were answered and Dr. Calhoun thoroughly explained to us what she'll be doing for our dog. Great facility and very comfortable waiting area. "
- Khanh Tao
05/18/2019 15:56:11
"Emergency surgery was completely unexpected, but I can't thank MVS enough for their speed of service and professionalism."
- Jackie Sandberg
05/17/2019 04:40:40
"Wonderful staff and Dr. Amy Pauli is the best!"
- Pat Lawlor
05/15/2019 19:03:40
"good service from receptionists doctors nurses and very good waiting area and the machine and coffee that offer very good tubimos a very good experience thanks to all the hospital my pet recovered soon and now is very happy ... 😉 🐶🐾🐾🐾🐾"
- David Luz
05/13/2019 17:50:44
"I had a great experience when I brought my dog in for emergency care. The staff did a great job of explaining everything that was happening and what would happen next. They were very efficient! I barely waited in the waiting room before I was brought back! The staff was very calm and made me feel better in the stressful situation I was going through. Definitely would come again and refer people there! Thank you! "
- Caitlin Meyer
05/08/2019 17:56:59
"Thank you so much for participating in the ACVO Service Dog eye exam event. We love you guys and you take such good care of my little Waggles."
- Kim Virden
05/08/2019 17:34:48
"During a very scary time for myself, Dr. Maller was patient and kind with my family and I. She never stopped advocating my kitty, especially when I began to lose hope. She always kept me informed. I knew my cat was in the best hands with her. Dr. Maller saved my little buddy’s life. "
- Janell Picciolo
05/06/2019 23:23:37
"We initially headed to the other ER place just 7 minutes away. Upon arrival, they said they tried calling us to divert us to you guys but I had no missed calls. They were backed up. We called you, you said come on over, we did and Sophie was seen almost immediately. We would have waited a couple of hours at the other place. We appreciated that they mentioned you as an option and we have talked about making you the primary care for our dogs because of the great service! Sophie is doing MUCH MUCH BETTER! THANK YOU!"
- Rochelle Price
05/06/2019 20:25:59
"Thank you for all of the extra help from your friendly staff. I came in with a post op dog and two little kids. It was obvious that I was trifling and you front desk staff jumped right in to help. It is very much appreciated!"
- Aimee Muchie
05/05/2019 15:07:56
"Your entire staff was very thorough and polite. We were very impressed with the fact that Oreo could have surgery the next day and the care she received was beyond excellent. "
- Darci Nowak
05/04/2019 19:37:31
"Immediate friendly greeting and service. The front desk staff was attentive and caring! The nurse and doctor also were very caring and knowledgeable. We were incredibly thankful for all of your staff! Thank you! "
- Sue Russell
05/01/2019 15:15:53
"Dr. Bates is not only a good doctor, she has empathy and compassion for her clients and I greatly appreciate it. She took the time I needed to understand my pet's problems and she answered all of my questions. Thank you, "
- Alina Castaneda
05/01/2019 00:40:40
"I greatly appreciate the time, attention and concern that was shown for me and my dog. I also was reassured that even though she would need additional testing and surgery, she was not in immediate danger."
- Jackie Cox
03/31/2019 03:04:44
"I was very pleased with this experience. Was at Madison Vet Specialiasts on Rimrock Rd years ago when you saved my cocker spaniel's life from heat stroke. It was a week long wait with many ups and downs but that too was an excellent experience and a good outcome. So thank you for continuing your good work and for being there when we needed you. "
- Janet Adams
03/28/2019 20:42:49
"We've seen Dr. Silbernagel for two hip replacements and one ear ablation and wouldn't go anywhere else for the expertise and compassion that he provides. He's the best."
- Bill Bradish
03/28/2019 14:41:21
"The entire staff was amazing and so patient with us when we had questions regarding NayNay. I feel that he was in the best hands possible for the condition he had and I can't thank the team enough for taking such good care of him. <3 <3 <3"
- Hailey Endres
03/27/2019 19:57:44
"The staff was outstanding. When we walked in there it felt like we knew each other for years. Super personable people especially when we were dealing with a sick dog. They answered all our questions and went through the options for treatments. Thank you!"
- Ray Peterson
12/21/2018 13:57:59
"We drove all the way from Green Bay and we are very pleased with the care we received. We saw Dr. Bates and she was very through. We only wish she worked closer to Green Bay"
- Denise Harrison
12/19/2018 02:46:48
"Everyone was very nice and professional. They were happy to listen and answer my questions "
- Cathy Link
12/18/2018 03:23:50
"Staff was very courteous and kind, especially Becky and Dr. Bates."
- Mike Schmeltzer
12/03/2018 16:27:15
"My puppy recently broke his leg. When we arrived at the hospital we were immediately greeted. We were seen by a triage nurse within 5 minutes. They had my puppy in x-ray within 10 minutes of triage. We were put in an exam room as soon as it was available. The doctor came in to explain the x-rays and what surgery was needed. The estimate was accurate and clearly explained everything my puppy needed. This was all great. However, the piece I appreciated the most were the updates. Every time I was told someone would call, they did. They had answers to all my questions and kept me informed the whole time. It was a horrible accident but it went better than I expected. "
- Julie Drew
12/03/2018 16:23:28