"I greatly appreciate the time, attention and concern that was shown for me and my dog. I also was reassured that even though she would need additional testing and surgery, she was not in immediate danger."
- Jackie Cox
03/31/2019 03:04:44
"I was very pleased with this experience. Was at Madison Vet Specialiasts on Rimrock Rd years ago when you saved my cocker spaniel's life from heat stroke. It was a week long wait with many ups and downs but that too was an excellent experience and a good outcome. So thank you for continuing your good work and for being there when we needed you. "
- Janet Adams
03/28/2019 20:42:49
"We've seen Dr. Silbernagel for two hip replacements and one ear ablation and wouldn't go anywhere else for the expertise and compassion that he provides. He's the best."
- Bill Bradish
03/28/2019 14:41:21
"All of the staff were very attentive and compassionate. I cannot express how pleased I am with the care of my cat (Larry). I can tell that everyone there really loves what they do. Thank you so much!!!!"
- Jessica Ackerson
03/27/2019 23:24:50
"I feel like a have a lot of support while going through this tough time with Honey. Also, Honey is doing much better than I anticipated with her cancer. "
- Kathy Koenig
03/27/2019 21:31:44
"The entire staff was amazing and so patient with us when we had questions regarding NayNay. I feel that he was in the best hands possible for the condition he had and I can't thank the team enough for taking such good care of him. <3 <3 <3"
- Hailey Endres
03/27/2019 19:57:44
"Really nice facility and the staff was very professional and friendly. Great experience! "
- Suzi Mulholland
03/26/2019 20:22:53
"Wonderful staff and love the new facility "
- Tammy Johnson
03/23/2019 10:31:53
"Dr. Bates with our previous dog and Dr. Silbernagle with our current dog are experts. We trust and appreciate all the staff at mvs. Always a good experience even in difficult situations. We recommend you all over the place. Caring, competent and thoughtful professionals all "
- Heather Weaver
03/22/2019 14:06:15
"Matilda and I are so grateful to MVS, and Dr. Pauli especially. Dr. Pauli's willingness to put Matilda on an experimental dose of eye medication has saved Matilda from discomfort, and from losing her eyes. At this point, Matilda is living like a normal dog, and her eyes are doing so well, we were told yesterday that we will not have to come back for a whole year for a check up! Thank you, Dr. Pauli! We are so lucky to have MVS here in Madison. - Katy Nelson"
- Katy Nelson
03/21/2019 16:33:21
"The staff, especially Dr. Maller and Dr. Steele, were so caring and understanding while my Wilma was staying there. I cannot express my gratitude to everyone that helped my little girl. The vet technicians were also wonderful while we were visiting her. Top notch clinic with exceptional techs and veterinarians."
- Leah Rittenhouse
03/13/2019 23:55:12
"Wow what an incredible improvement from your old to your new building. Your staff are all just super nice caring people, knowledgeable, polite just a great group to work with. The way they cared for my dog you’d think they were taking care of one of their own family members. What a great experience. Thank you "
- Daniel Haak
03/13/2019 23:09:11
"Dr. Chon did an excellent job explaining our options. The oncology nurse was also very good with our dog. Really appreciated how they both handled our dog. Thanks!"
- Susan Crowson
03/13/2019 16:36:33
"A big "thank you" from our family to yours........I've had some "not so good" experiences with Vet Clinics before, so I was a little skeptical about the original diagnosis on my dog. However, the Dr. that helped us was very knowledgeable and patient when explaining her diagnosis and the necessary procedure(s). In the end, my dog walked out healthy which is all we could ask for. Thanks so much for being so attentive to our furbuddy!"
- Ryan Lang
03/11/2019 18:49:46
"Every one treated us in a very warm and compassionate way. Dr. Chon was wonderful, explaining and educating us about our dog's condition. She was also very kind and compassionate in a stressful time . We felt informed and hopeful."
- Mary Kay Ring
03/09/2019 20:31:21
"This was my first experience with Madison Veterinary Specialists and I was very happy with the experience. I appreciate very greatly the flexibility in squeezing us in on such short notice for our ophthalmology appointment!! Thank you to the doctor and the receptionist who helped make that happen! All staff with whom we interacted were very professional, courteous, helpful, and attentive. I appreciated that the room was quiet and both the assistant (Danielle) and veterinarian (Dr.Pauli) were very observant and calming in their tone and demeanor with my little old lady cat- something that's not always a given everywhere, but which counts for a lot and surely helped to minimize any stress of the visit on Princess. Also, apparently this new location has only been open for a matter of a few days!? I'd have had no idea if not for someone mentioning something as we were leaving. Kudos to all the staff for getting it up and running smoothly! While I'm sure there have been hiccups, as there always are for that sort of thing, it truly looked great! Nice set-up and a fairly convenient location to the beltline and downtown (for those that live near). Based on my experience, I will not hesitate to recommend Madison Veterinary Specialists to any friends in need of these services."
- Katrien Werner
03/07/2019 21:46:46
"Caring, professional staff!"
- Kristanne Stone
03/07/2019 17:47:43
"The new facility is awesome, and very well laid out. The outlets in the waiting room benches is a nice touch. Everyone was very pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable. Dr. Steele gets an A+ for her vast knowledge and personable manner. She took time and answered every question. Our news was encouraging, but even if it wasn't, we would have a clear conscience that we had brought our fur baby to the right place. Thank you all."
- Wade Sapp
03/06/2019 21:51:30
"We were really worried about our dog when we came in but the staff’s calm and compassionate approach really helped put our minds at ease. Everything was handled very quickly and professionally. Would definitely recommend to other people in need of an an emergency vet visit!"
- Joann Reynolds
03/06/2019 18:20:38
"I loved the vet assistant who spent time working with Gus- her positivity and compassion were so appreciated!"
- Christina Frank
03/06/2019 17:47:01
"I was really a wreck when I brought my cat in, because we had been dealing with her chronic congestion for many months, and at the time I brought her in to the clinic, she hadn't eaten in three days and I was very worried. I appreciate how ALL of the staff were very compassionate and patient with me in my less-than-best-self state. In particular, Dr. Steele was very patient with my defensive attitude, which I had developed over many visits to various veterinarians with no resolution to my kitty's problem (which is not the veterinarians' fault--chronic congestion is tough to diagnose and treat and I was initially unwilling to pay for expensive "next steps" tests--but which nonetheless left me feeling exhausted and stressed out and taking out my frustrations on the veterinary staff I worked with). I'm really glad for the patience of your staff and for my finally agreeing to the tests that have led to what is likely now the resolution of kitty's problem and her getting back to a good quality of life. Thank you!"
- Amy Gribb
03/05/2019 18:50:01
"The staff was outstanding. When we walked in there it felt like we knew each other for years. Super personable people especially when we were dealing with a sick dog. They answered all our questions and went through the options for treatments. Thank you!"
- Ray Peterson
12/21/2018 13:57:59
"We drove all the way from Green Bay and we are very pleased with the care we received. We saw Dr. Bates and she was very through. We only wish she worked closer to Green Bay"
- Denise Harrison
12/19/2018 02:46:48
"Everyone was very nice and professional. They were happy to listen and answer my questions "
- Cathy Link
12/18/2018 03:23:50
"Staff was very courteous and kind, especially Becky and Dr. Bates."
- Mike Schmeltzer
12/03/2018 16:27:15
"My puppy recently broke his leg. When we arrived at the hospital we were immediately greeted. We were seen by a triage nurse within 5 minutes. They had my puppy in x-ray within 10 minutes of triage. We were put in an exam room as soon as it was available. The doctor came in to explain the x-rays and what surgery was needed. The estimate was accurate and clearly explained everything my puppy needed. This was all great. However, the piece I appreciated the most were the updates. Every time I was told someone would call, they did. They had answers to all my questions and kept me informed the whole time. It was a horrible accident but it went better than I expected. "
- Julie Drew
12/03/2018 16:23:28