"Dr. Silbernagel gave me a clear explanation of what was going on with my dog and what the surgery would involve. Very good experience."
- Laverne Russomanno
03/14/2020 23:22:24
"Everything single time I called or received a call from the surgeon team, each member was amazing! They were kind and most importantly extremely compassionate to me while updating on my dogs status. They gave great detailed updates, to ensure that our dog was getting taken care of. Thank you to everyone for taking such good care of our dog!"
- Kelsey Kober
03/13/2020 13:01:35
"I'm not even sure how to find the right words to say thank you. We brought our dog Barley to you last summer as a last hope you would be able to save our sweet girl. It was a long road but you saved her. I'm 100% certain without you all she wouldn't be here today. As a pet owner it was incredible to me every time we walked through the door everyone knew Barley right away and her favorite people would all come say hello. I genuinely can't thank you enough for everything you have done for us. It was an incredibly emotional year and I'm so thankful for every single one of you. "
- Caitlin Schwandt
03/08/2020 01:49:07
"Everybody was extremely nice and compassionate in a very stressful situation. "
- Nancy Metcalf
03/05/2020 13:22:41
"We’ve needed the services of MVS more times in the past few years than we would have liked to need them- emergencies, cancer, other surgery, etc... Each experience with our dogs has been amazing. Staff and services provided have been wonderful. We will not go elsewhere for emergency or surgical needs. We are happy to say we’ve already referred a few others to MVS, and we know they have been extremely happy with the care they have received as well. We can’t thank the MVS team enough, we are truly so appreciative of everything. "
- Kelly Koglin
03/04/2020 19:52:10
"Everyone I had contact with was very professional and also very compassionate. Everything went quickly with no long waits. Great experience all around. Thanks to all!"
- Rana Ruegsegger
03/03/2020 22:45:45
"Thank you for helping us! It was a stressful experience prior to coming in, but felt comfortable and relaxed once we met staff."
- Robert Stefl
03/02/2020 23:37:44
"So glad we brought him in, I just could wait until Tuesday to see his Vet in Sun Prairie. "
- Jeff Suchomel
03/01/2020 23:10:29
"Thank you for taking such good care of my kitties!"
- Michelle Nilsestuen
03/01/2020 17:09:23
"Through 2 surgeries for Molly at MVS we have received exemplary care. I never worry about leaving her behind for a couple of days both in terms of the attention that she will receive and the quality of the work being done by Dr. Silbernagel. While I hope to never have to see any of you ever again, I definitely will come back if the need were to arise. "
- Tony Gebben
01/16/2020 18:43:42
"The new facility is absolutely stunning! I have a lot of follow up care to do with my pup, but I appreciate Monica and Dr. Silbernagel! "
- Savannah Boerst
01/16/2020 00:10:09