"Brought my dog in after having a cluster seizure episode. It was during COVID-19, so I did not get to meet with the Dr face to face but was very happy that she suggested to start on Keppra in addition to phenobarbital for seizures. My Lily has been doing very well with the combo so far. Very thankful! "
- Debby Mahoney
04/14/2020 15:32:13
"Thank you for being there for us and kash and Kaine during a very scary unexpected situation. I'm hoping they bounce back quickly. "
- Michelle Stappert
04/10/2020 22:41:40
"I can't imagine a human getting better treatment in the hospital than my dog Dancer did with you! The staff couldn't have been more helpful, especially with follow up calls telling me how Dancer was doing after surgery. This is a first class clinic. No one was rushed, including Dr. Sobernagle, in explaining procedures and the surgery itself. Thank you for your wonderful service. The hardest part was when I cried leaving my dog! Judi Haag"
- Judi Haag
04/10/2020 16:56:25
"Visited the clinic on Sunday 3/29 during COVID and everyone was extremely friendly, professional, and courteous. I knew what to expect, was given clear instructions, and felt like my pet still received top care. I truly appreciate MVS being open and available to helping our pets during this time- thank you for all you are doing! "
- Kate Kurek
03/31/2020 16:43:12
"We were uncertain and extremely concerned about Jack’s injuries. Dr. Tuttle addressed our concerns and calmed our worries about what to expect with the procedure and Jack’s recovery. Dr was pleased with Jack’s 8 week post-op visit today and we were just as pleased to know that he’s healing nicely. Thank you MVS for all you do for the pets we all love!! Be well and continue the great work!! Renata & Scott Sturtevant and of course Jack!! "
- Renata Sturtevant
03/26/2020 23:32:28
"Dr. Jenkins and team members were very informative and accommodating, and answered all my questions so that I could make informed decisions. "
- Darra Porter
03/22/2020 15:47:47
"I so appreciate Dr. Pauli's advice and expertise, and Danielle was so friendly and welcoming. My Sicily Rose went with her, and her tail was wagging like crazy when we were talking. Sicily is a rescue, and that doesn't happen very often! Debra Strick"
- Debra Strick
03/19/2020 18:34:37
"The staff here are always so friendly and listen to every concern when it comes to your pet during their treatment, and they always gives their best option for their recovery. I highly recommend MVS to all my friends and family. "
- Nichole Tofte
03/16/2020 22:06:28
"Thank you so much for being so calm and compassionate during a tough time for everyone. I feel much better about Pimento after your exams and care. "
- Ken Flanagan
03/16/2020 20:52:04