"Lovely facility with good location and parking. Friendly, knowledgeable staff."
- Ginger Cooper
01/20/2019 20:55:30
"Great care! Awesome office!"
- Mike & Glenda Hebert
01/18/2019 00:58:05
"Everyone is always very friendly and ready to answer any questions I may have. We appreciate the treatment our dogs get during treatment!"
- David & Eyde Devillier
01/17/2019 16:17:41
"Awesome staff!"
- Karyn & Ernie Crochet
01/16/2019 18:32:27
"Bud loves coming in, he feels like it's his second home. I fully trust my pet with the entire staff. "
- Dorian Johnson Jr.
01/16/2019 01:46:43
"Very professional & caring."
- Willa McDaniel
01/15/2019 21:03:04
"I love the way they took care of Bailey, she received a great check up! "
- Silvia Mercado
01/14/2019 04:18:09
"Everyone is very friendly and informative, as well as making Pointer Girl feel loved. "
- Valinda Parrish
01/11/2019 15:30:33
"My kitten had surgery and the care she received was excellent. The staff and doctor were pleasant and helpful. I received update and follow up calls. "
- Rhonda Franz
01/11/2019 12:25:48
"Ya'll are great "
- Charles Burns
01/11/2019 03:01:52
"Great "
- Valerie English
01/11/2019 00:08:50
"Princess was very good this trip. I had to bring her back today because she was sleeping and not eating and running a little fever. She was taken care of and now she is doing better."
- Jackie Lancon
01/10/2019 20:20:10
"Very friendly and flexible."
- Marlee & Danny Smith
01/10/2019 19:51:42
"Service was great Beau is doing good "
- Bonnie Snelson
01/09/2019 01:48:16
"We always receive excellent care. the staff are all very friendly to me and my pets. "
- Charlene & Jason Sweeney
01/06/2019 20:31:34
"We have received only excellent care from Dr. Wille and his staff. Inez Robbins "
- James & Inez Robbins
01/05/2019 21:55:47
"No complaints "
- Alan & Trisha Kelley
01/05/2019 01:02:29
"Always so accommodating, easy to get an appointment and always so caring to our dogs. "
- Cara & Kip Hamilton
01/04/2019 23:53:49
"I love Dr. Willey and all the staff. Everyone is always friendly, helpful, and understanding. They take excellent care of my Border Collie Tucker, and my Max before. Bring your pets here, you'll be very happy with their care."
- Bradley Achord
01/04/2019 00:49:15
"Service was fast and the workers very polite. Long time user of the Animal Hospital even before they moved to Nederland Ave. "
- Ruth & Chris Stewts
01/03/2019 23:07:21
"Great! We love Animal Hospital of Mid County! "
- Amber & Corey Smith
01/02/2019 04:29:52
"Yall were perfect and don't recommend any changes. Thanks for everything you've done for my baby and have a bless New Year!!!"
- Algerita Landry
01/02/2019 01:31:48
"We love the doctors and staff. They treat my babies like their own and that is the reason we will keep coming back! "
- Tami Goss
01/02/2019 00:35:30
"Always provided with exceptional service by phone or in person"
- Joi & William Dinolfo
12/30/2018 22:28:43
"Excellent staff"
- Mary Baird-Luce
12/30/2018 03:45:53
"We have always had a good experience when using your service for Ginger. Her health is important to us and we feel comfortable in knowing she is in good hands there. "
- Lorena & Alvin Stockman
12/28/2018 23:08:21
"Staff is always so polite and feels really good when you walk in and they greet you by your name :) "
- Patrice Soileau
12/28/2018 18:54:17
"Everything is great everybody takes good care of all my babies thank you so much"
- Dianne Wolfford
12/27/2018 19:27:26
"Love the experience "
- Joseph Griffith
12/24/2018 19:13:58
"Great service!"
- Annette Bailey
12/21/2018 19:10:35
"Great! We are very happy "
- Wendy Harrington
12/20/2018 01:17:26
"The lady at the front desk was warm and welcoming, though the staff was short handed due to illness. She was quick to handle the meds and food that I was picking up. All supplies were available. Thank you all for the great care that you give to our little fur babies throughout the year! Merry Christmas! - Doreen"
- Doreen Badeaux
12/20/2018 00:39:37
"Cinnamon has been in you all's care for at least a year. I made the right choice! The staff are friendly and patient. My dog usually has some anxiety but I see she more at ease with the staff here compared to the other clinic she attended. I have no complaints. "
- Trenida Lewis
12/19/2018 20:13:13
"I have never had a bad experience at the Animal Hospital. I have complete confidence in the Veterinarians and their very competent staff.They have taken excellent care of our furry family members ."
- James Sutphin
12/18/2018 01:17:47
"We appreciate the care and concern that you always show our pet."
- Lizzette Rivera
12/17/2018 23:35:05
"You are doing an excellent job. We got there for Lucy's appointment and we were called back immediately. The front office personnel & veterinary assistant were very pleasant and helpful."
- Audrey LeDay
12/17/2018 21:43:43
"We are very satisfied with the care Bandit gets and the way we are treated by all the staff."
- Laura & Ricky Mullins
12/17/2018 20:28:28
"Always kind "
- Sherry Harmon
12/17/2018 20:20:23
"We've always loved bringing our furry kids to ya'll. We always feel welcomed and get quality care."
- Misti & Tim Hill
12/17/2018 20:14:58
"Meets my expectations every time. The employees are warm and comforting. "
- Todd & Elizabeth Anderson
12/17/2018 17:42:53
" My dogs love it there And I’m very satisfied "
- Susan Adaway
12/17/2018 17:06:51
"Very quick service. So friendly and caring staff "
- Jason & Amber Dickerson
12/17/2018 16:59:58
"Absolutely great experiences each and every time!!"
- Lisa & Clifford Crenshaw
12/06/2018 00:03:16
"You all are doing great, your all so caring, and kind to everyone's pet's. Cuddles gets treated gently, and lovingly at all her appointments, and Dr Wille is a very good veterinarian, Cuddles always gets the best treatment for what she's being seen for. Your all doing great you don't need to improve, because your already doing it."
- Cathine Harrell
12/05/2018 23:22:08
"My experience went very well.no additional comments my pet was given quality care.."
- Angela Jones
12/05/2018 18:45:04
"You all are the best!"
- Carol & Oscar Ortiz
12/05/2018 04:50:38
"I've had good care with Dr. Willie and staff. The are professional in all aspects of job performance."
- Patricia Bourque
12/03/2018 02:13:52
"The staff is always friendly and attentive."
- Marlea Bynum
12/02/2018 22:19:15
"Everyone is always so friendly and cody is always excited to see yall. "
- Heather Wheeler
12/01/2018 17:10:59
"Y’all have been amazing! I’m so grateful to find someone who truly cares about the well-being of Apollo. "
- Amber Brown
12/01/2018 00:14:54
"Things we love about Animal Hospital of MC: Always Clean Always Positive Staff Easy Appointments Convenient Location Knowledgeable Thanks for all you do! "
- Melanie & Ryan Guest
11/30/2018 15:38:36
"The experience was good very kind and attentive to Sam and myself. Thank you. "
- Thalia & Tim Russell
11/30/2018 12:04:05
"Excellent as always!"
- Irene DeLaRosa
11/30/2018 01:15:26
- David & Sue Garcia
11/29/2018 19:10:58
"awesome as always!!"
- Jay & Christine Hanson
11/29/2018 19:05:52
"Take great care of our dogs!!"
- Gisele & Jimmy Moss
11/28/2018 03:21:09
"We always get excellent care. "
- Carolyn Hinton
11/28/2018 00:28:04
"Have no complaints, staff is knowledgable, friendly helpful."
- Sally Stump
11/27/2018 18:28:24
"Love the Dr. and staff! Quick and always kind and sweet to my fur babies. "
- Melissa Miller
11/26/2018 20:37:53
"Great... have been for 14years "
- Janet Sanders
11/26/2018 20:11:22
"Great service!"
- Randy Parks
11/26/2018 13:58:31
"Your doing good taking her back when we get there"
- Judy & Mark McDougle
11/24/2018 22:42:23
"Fantastic! I would not consider taking my fur babies anywhere else!"
- Martha & Richard Gay
11/21/2018 16:52:23
"I have only brought Dream to one other vet and that was to get her fixed, as I couldn’t afford your price. Other than that I she feels like home at your place "
- Christy Bryant
11/21/2018 10:59:33
"Just great!##"
- Beverly McCall
11/12/2018 17:03:52
"Always awesome!"
- Gene Kowalik
11/10/2018 16:59:00
"Excellent customer service and Excellent care and concern for both of my dogs. I will truly miss y'all"
- Jennifer & Tracy Newman
11/09/2018 17:46:59
"Happ with the care my Gracie gets."
- Peggy Cowart
11/09/2018 15:32:25
"There is no "bad"--You've taken care of Adam for 11 years now, and neither he nor I could be happier with the treatment. You always accommodate my schedule, and Adam is always glad to see you, a clear indication that you treat him well when he is under your care. Thank you!"
- Jessie Burkle
11/09/2018 13:16:02
"I think you are doing an excellent top notch job. All of your staff are so very friendly, welcoming and inviting. The facility is a very nice and pretty clinic, very clean environment. I can tell all pets that are brought there are well loved and have the best care. The staff and drs. always take their time in answering all questions. "
- Mary Cascio
11/09/2018 01:26:59
"Love animal hospital. Great staff great doctors. "
- Elizabeth Lacy
11/06/2018 14:38:17
"No problems- Vet tech and Vet doc were great"
- Kathy Vargas
11/02/2018 20:57:12
"Yall were amazing..thank yall"
- James & Misty Vellon
11/02/2018 10:05:50
"Dr. Willie, as well as his entire staff, is very considerate, knowledgeable, helpful and loving. "
- Valinda Parrish
11/02/2018 00:18:59
"As always, the care Prissy received was excellent & the caring & love were evident. "
- Willa McDaniel
11/01/2018 20:44:30
"I can said nothing bad excelent.. "
- Carlos Pereira
11/01/2018 04:16:34
"We feel so welcome every time we walk in the door. The ladies are so glad to see Mio and me. They are a very caring group of people. The nurse and Dr Wille are so good at what they do and put Mio at ease when they work on her. It is a great place with great people, it has to be, because Mio drags me in the door every time we go there. She loves it there and all the people there. Keep up the great work. 👍(me) 🐾(Mio)"
- Adam Boudreaux
10/31/2018 01:38:00
"So happy to have a vet and staff that love our Pepe’ like we do!"
- Holly Killingsworth
10/31/2018 00:13:15
"The staff is wonderful "
- Tracy & Robert Henry
10/30/2018 23:26:44
"Good "
- Gary Thibodeaux
10/30/2018 22:51:40
"loved our first visit!!! "
- Nikki & Rolando Vaquera
10/30/2018 19:29:15
"Veey helpful in answering my question concerning pet travel on the airlines thx"
- Joe Rodriguez
10/27/2018 23:42:51
"No problems just pricing is a little higher than other clinics."
- Alan & Trisha Kelley
10/27/2018 17:29:17
"Everyone is friendly and helpful "
- Syndey & John Allen
10/27/2018 15:53:35
"We absolutely love y'all!! Thanks for always making our visits awesome!!"
- Stacie Shaw
10/26/2018 22:43:23
"Y’all are amazing...your front desk staff is friendly, kind and efficient. Dr. Clements is the best bet I have ever dealt with! Her gentleness, kindness and knowledge of poultry is refreshing! I will be bringing all of my animals to her and recommending her to everyone I know!"
- Holly Matherne
10/25/2018 17:58:07
"Everything goes smooth and in a timely manner. Thank you very much for your great service."
- Ruth & Chris Stewts
10/25/2018 13:27:22
"The only negative thing about my experience, when taking any of my furry kiddos to the vet, is the high cost . Other than that, everything is 100% perfect. "
- Sherry Streetman
10/24/2018 21:30:10
"You guys have always taken good care of my babies!"
- Koy & Angela Mason
10/24/2018 00:54:11
"Everyone there has treated me with respect from the moment I walked in each and every time I have a dawn battek dog and it's always at the book most urgent they take care of her and they always do thank you so very much"
- Donna Rudolph
10/24/2018 00:09:15
"I love visiting Animal Hospital everyone is so friendly and I love the facility is so very clean. I appreciate how Dr. Clements handles my 2 animals (gentle) and informs me of everything she is doing as she performs the check-up."
- Tandi & Eddie Waite
10/23/2018 16:22:57
"The staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Clements shows a lot of compassion for our pets and is extremely knowledgeable. She gives options and explains why the treatments are important. "
- Diane & Reagan Bray
10/23/2018 01:52:39
"Everything is good. Love the staff and doctors. Bogey isn't the easiest of patients, so I would make allowances. However, there's no need. My dogs are treated very well."
- Jalynn Rosetta
10/23/2018 00:59:34
"Awesome experience as usual. Love how much time Kathleen takes with us. "
- Laura Callahan
10/22/2018 21:31:58
"Everything is always great love everybody you always take great care of all 5 of my babies Thank you very much"
- Dianne Wolfford
10/22/2018 21:22:03
"Staff and doctors were great and very friendly. Did a good job of helping out with stella."
- Robert Davenport
10/19/2018 00:03:23
"I love Dr. Clements, she always makes me feel comfortable with asking questions about Jazzi. All of the girls are wonderful there. Very friendly and kind. I do wish the waiting wasn’t so long. Jazzi won’t stay still because I’m sure she is just nervous but it’s sure hard to hold her for a long period of time. We waited over thirty five minutes and my back was killing me. But that’s the only thing I would change if I could. Thanks for asking. We are happy here."
- Shirley & Dale Stagg
10/18/2018 15:44:43
"Great service! We trust the staff with our babies!"
- Jeannie & Johnny Darcey
10/16/2018 23:10:32
"I think you are doing a great job. Everyone is so nice. I never have to wait for my animals to see the doctors. They are kind and compassionate and I would recommend them to anyone."
- Kim Busceme
10/16/2018 20:33:37
"Y'all make me and my puppies feel like family. Wish y'all treated humans."
- Price Youngs
10/16/2018 16:44:05