"Everyone was awesome for our visit . My cats are 100% indoors and I didn’t even have carriers for them . You guys made Callie and Bella as comfortable as they could be AND let us borrow carriers to bring them home for their comfort. Awesomeness is all I can say and thank you for helping me with my fur babies ❤️"
- Jana McFarland
06/23/2019 02:36:25
"Dr , is my fav of course she is very Cerro easy to talk to treats animals as I do and always comes out on top the 2 girls in the France are special people they are always meeting with a smile Im thankful for my fur babies dr and statff Thank yall Mama of the girls "
- Donna Rudolph
06/22/2019 21:37:32
"I have no complaints. Everyone is wonderful."
- Christine Ducote
06/22/2019 14:49:38
"The staff know when I walk in the door who I am, by calling my dog's name (without the dog being with me) when I go in to pick up her medicine. "
- Marlea Bynum
06/22/2019 13:57:13
"Definitely doing an awesome job. Always very caring, very friendly staff and always take such good care of our two furbabies. "
- Debra & Kenneth Angelle
06/21/2019 17:23:03
"Great "
- Alexis & Joe Richard
06/21/2019 15:36:39
"Doing better on antibiotics "
- Kitti Johnson
06/20/2019 21:00:28
"Dr. Willie has always explained any details about our baby dogs health. Our oldest baby dog is 13 years old. Dr Willie has been her doctor all her life!"
- Kathy & Harold McGowin
06/19/2019 15:43:29
"Great staff with an awesome doctor."
- Earl LaGrappe
06/19/2019 15:24:54
"Doing a great job, nice and courteous staff."
- Randy Parks
06/19/2019 15:04:57
"I have been very happy with the entire staff and experience when visiting with Law"
- Andrew Holland
06/18/2019 21:25:35
"Always enjoyable every time we visit"
- Jeff & Lori Smith
06/18/2019 18:36:57
"Fantastic "
- Tina Bearden
06/16/2019 23:11:52
- Joshua Nyholm
06/16/2019 21:27:41
"I was totally pleased with my visit"
- Mark & Sandra Hockett
06/14/2019 01:13:50
"Y’all are wonderful!!! "
- Mondi Hebert
06/13/2019 17:59:01
"Dr Wille and staff provide great care for my Gracie. I can always depend and trust their judgement! "
- Peggy Cowart
06/12/2019 22:21:43
" I have absolutely no concerns at all! I will gladly refer your office to anyone I find in the need. "
- Llyod Haggard
06/11/2019 21:43:03
"We are very well pleased with the staff of the office. They don’t treat us like a number. They really like our pets. "
- Pierce & Carolyn Newsom
06/11/2019 17:47:43
"Staff is very friendly and professional. Takes interest in pet's health"
- Robbie Richards
06/11/2019 17:23:55
"Everyone at the clinic here makes all of their furry patients feel loved and welcomed. The pet parents are treated the same. The entire staff is very nice listens to all questions and concerns. The facility is always clean and tidy and gets a five star rating from me. "
- Mary Cascio
06/11/2019 03:03:17
"My dog Daisy Mae is a big dog. Dr Willie and his staff are always courtesy and friendly. They accommodate me with appoints and if we have an emergency they are always on top of it. BEST VET IN TOWN!!"
- Tracie Updike
06/10/2019 13:56:37
"Yall have been a blessing to me and Nala I can't think yall enough for saving her life when she was just a little girl. And the care yall have showed her in the time I was working in the area. Its sad that she will not be coming back I have moved jobs. Thanks for everything yall did for Nala Raynes. Irene "
- Irene & Ronnie Raynes
06/09/2019 15:00:07
"I think you are fantastic!"
- Amber & Jonathan Blake
06/09/2019 00:30:18
"You staff was fantastic my grand dog was sick and you took total Care of him like he was your family. Awesome "
- Nancy Conly
06/07/2019 19:52:23
"My family has gone to Dr Wille since I was a kid. I wouldn’t consider bringing my pets to anyone else. He and his staff are unmatched."
- Casey & Yea-Mei Sauer
06/06/2019 19:39:24
"Bogie always gets excellant care"
- Rose & Marvin Powell
06/06/2019 19:19:36
"I loved the convenience of dropping off and picking up. My pets are always in the best care with the staff"
- Jennifer & John Hays
06/05/2019 15:43:28
"Everytbing is top notch"
- Sally Stump
06/05/2019 15:05:24
"You guys are the best. You get us in whenever we need to come by and you treat Buddy like he’s your own!"
- Diana Meredith
06/04/2019 20:44:58
"Always friendly and professional service!"
- Doreen Badeaux
06/03/2019 15:59:54
"I absolutely love Dr. Clements! She is very attentive and thorough with her exams. I am very comfortable knowing that my little pups are in good hands when we bring them to her! The support staff is also amazing. Most of the time when I go in to the clinic to pick up our dogs monthly meds they do not even need to ask my name. They recognize me and are ever so helpful, these little things go a long way and ensure that we'll continue to come back. Thank you for all that your team does for us!"
- Tami Goss
06/02/2019 03:08:48
"Great experience from the minute you walk in the door. The staff welcome your pet like a human patient. "
- Cynthia Courts
06/02/2019 00:40:00
"We love Dr Willie. You guys always accommodate our crazy schedule. "
- Carol & Randy Riley
06/01/2019 21:56:56
"Doing great. Very nice and polite."
- John & Kelly Cormier
05/31/2019 17:46:51
"my sassy and rusty always get the best care"
- Mary Baird-Luce
05/26/2019 00:44:09
"Really great service. Great staff. Bipartisan was treated very well. "
- Chelsie Scott
05/25/2019 21:35:51
"Doing great! Friendly staff and an awesome doctor!"
- Cynthia Huebel
05/23/2019 14:36:45
"My dog gets unusually happy whenever we pull in. She loves everyone here and so do I!"
- Emily Stanford
05/23/2019 14:18:55
"No complaints! Great staff and excellent service! we are treated like family. Wouldn’t take Mollie any where else."
- Jackie & Gary Toups
05/23/2019 00:06:55
"Very polite and informative. "
- Debra & Troy Watts
05/21/2019 03:08:21
"Never been disappointed at this clinic.They take excellent care of my animals and are very courteous and accommodating."
- James Sutphin
05/20/2019 21:12:28
"You guys always do great. Always welcoming and are caring. Leia is always very nervous on her visits and you guys are always extra caring with her. "
- Kassandra & Robert Dancel
05/18/2019 00:42:46
"the only thing that would have made the rating excellent was if someone would have been at the front counter when I arrived.....I understand everyone was busy and it was late in the day.....I love the care Rosco receives"
- June Williams
05/16/2019 21:36:31
"We love it here. Keep up the great work!"
- Edward & Leia Bandeau
05/16/2019 20:17:42
"Amazing. All the ladies were nice and polite. Made me and Major feel right at home. "
- Haylee & Chandon Hartje
05/16/2019 14:09:03
"Best office crew & docs ever"
- Jamie & Brian Gaudet
05/16/2019 02:30:09
"Always so good to Prescott. I never worry about leaving him in your care."
- Jackie Grissett
05/16/2019 00:27:41
"I like the way everyone seems to know me and my dog. I never have to wait long. I feel that the staff is thorough and sensitive to both me and my dog. I would give some negative points, but I am unable to think of any."
- Deborah Mahan
05/15/2019 15:31:04
"We are always greeted with a smile and our dog is treated with wonderful care. Thank you for all you do for our family!!!"
- Angie & Jeff Guidry
05/13/2019 12:31:53
"I couldn’t ask for better care than what the staff does for our animals, the care we get is excellent. "
- Lewis & Kerri Sneed
05/13/2019 11:06:23
"I think everyone there is so caring and pleasant to all my dogs. Wouldn't take my pups anywhere else. "
- Valerie English
05/12/2019 15:50:09
"Every person we spoke to was wonderful. They were patient with me when I was so stressed, and incredibly caring towards my dog. Prices were broken down upfront, no surprises, and his issues and ongoing care were explained clearly and with kindness. It made a huge difference to me that Dr. Carrington came down on the floor to me to show me x-rays and explain so I didn't have to step away from Q when he couldn't move. It means a lot to me that I was able to stay with him. Thank you!"
- Delayna & Joesph Keller
05/12/2019 14:53:18
"Y’all are always so friendly and truly seem to care about each and every animal. "
- Rachael Broussard
05/11/2019 11:01:13
- Cheryl Harper
05/11/2019 00:02:43
"Excellent service, staff excellent!!!!"
- Kimberly Mueller
05/09/2019 13:11:29
"Great :) Absolutely love the staff and Dr. Wille always friendly and caring. Recommend to anyone I know that has animals to come to Animal Hospital of Mid County."
- Jana Prather
05/07/2019 17:18:09
"Everything has been great."
- Jerri Stewart
05/06/2019 19:05:49
"The good, is that I'm always very pleased with the service my furry children receive when I take them there for any reason. Also, I adore the entire staff there. The bad? I can't think if anything. : ) "
- Sherry Streetman
05/06/2019 18:12:20
"Y'all are always nice and very helpful if have Questions"
- Susan & Christopher Pinder
05/06/2019 17:47:52
"Excellent care and friendly staff. "
- Ashley & Eric Thomason
05/05/2019 14:15:00
"Clean and friendly. "
- Faith & Anthony Garcia
05/04/2019 15:36:05
"Love this place. Never trust anyone else with my babies. All of them have loved it here. During one of the hardest times of losing my dog years ago, the staff and Dr. Willie were absolutely the sweetest and most caring people to help me through it. Every visit has been exceptional."
- Alisha Talley
05/03/2019 21:29:24
"It was a great visit! No complaints. "
- Jamie Miller
05/03/2019 20:27:19
"Staff is incredibly nice and helpful."
- John Tatroe
05/03/2019 20:12:26
"Always a good experience, whether it's a routine visit or urgent care. Staff and doctors are always fantastic!"
- Kirkland & Debbie Nesbitt
05/03/2019 16:27:39
"All good, no bad! "
- Jeanne & Todd Hamilton
05/01/2019 19:09:36
"Everyone is nice and friendly especially towards our Piper! They are gentle with her and compassionate always answers any questions we may have and are convenient with appointment times! We love our vet!"
- Carl Zumo
05/01/2019 14:12:02
"PennyLane loves y’all and you treat her well. We’re grateful for your attentive care for our big baby!"
- Stefan Ong
05/01/2019 03:39:08
"Doing great as always have no problems love everybody would highly recommend both Doctors they are great "
- Dianne Wolfford
04/30/2019 19:26:53
"Dr. Clements and the staff have always been very compassionate to Sophia and I. Sophia has been very ill for the past 3 years and they understand. I know when I bring Sophia into the office she will get the utmost care. It is also nice to know I can call or text Dr. Clement if Sophia is in need of immediate care and attention. We appreciate everyone there!!! Thank you all, Crystal Kibodeaux"
- Crystal Kibodeaux
04/29/2019 19:55:46
"I don't have one bad thing to say about my experiences there, yall have been amazing, helpful, always been very caring towards all pets that have come through your door. I would and do recommend yall."
- Jessica Carroll
04/29/2019 09:53:27
"Dover has been going to Dr.Willie for 3 years now. He loves everyone there and I wouldn’t bring him any where else. Everyone is always welcoming and super loving. Best Vet around!!"
- Shelly Sponsler
04/28/2019 20:13:49
"I am so glad we have you guys taking care of a very special person in my life. Thank you for all you do."
- Sherry Harmon
04/25/2019 19:22:11
"The technician was awesome, she put Allie to ease just entering the room. and Dr Willie is ALWAYS awesome. He handles her with care and gave her a shot and she was back to normal that night!"
- Pam Stewart
04/24/2019 21:03:05
"We LOVE Dr. Willie and his staff!!! You guys are always available and genuinely care about our pet. When Dr. Willie, himself, calls to tell you about your animal, now that’s going above and beyond the call of duty. You guys treat us like family. You guys are AMAZING!!! Thank you!!! 🐶❤️☺️"
- Ashley & Jessica McGlothin
04/24/2019 17:57:13
"It was greatly appreciated that we were able to get Sasha in as soon as we did. Dr. Wille was very thorough and explained everything in ways that we could understand. We also brought Rita in just to have her weighed and he did a thorough exam on her as well. We always appreciate the great care that our pets receive from Animal Hospital of Mid County."
- Eva & Jeb Watts
04/23/2019 19:14:52
"Yall are the BEST! "
- Lori & Sam Hudgins
04/19/2019 12:30:20
"Y’all allow us to go out of town without feeling (too) guilty!! We know you take wonderful care of our dogs!"
- Gisele & Jimmy Moss
04/18/2019 22:24:33
- Cindy & Mark Boyd
04/18/2019 01:30:43
"Dr willie and his staff are wonderful! I love bringing my cat there and getting the best service for my fur baby. "
- Deanna Hodge
04/17/2019 19:55:59
"I think you all already know how I feel about your staff and clinic. Thanks for making us feel like we matter! Crap...that sounds sarcastic. It's not, I promise."
- Heather & John Ford
04/17/2019 19:49:56
"Very caring people and a very nice and clean facility. "
- Ethan & Sabrina Meadows
04/17/2019 16:58:17
"The staff always show great care for our sweet dog and are concerned that I am receiving the information regarding our dog's health."
- Marlea Bynum
04/17/2019 16:15:28
"Great customer service!"
- Mister Thibodeaux
04/15/2019 18:26:41
- Joshua Nyholm
04/12/2019 19:32:32
"I absolutely love this facility! I love how amazing the staff is and I feel very confident in letting them touch one of the most precious things to me. I can tell that they truly love what they do and that gives me peace!"
- Heather Miller
04/12/2019 16:37:53
"Love your office! Always friendly and helpful, y’all take amazing care of my fur babies!"
- Nichole & James Blanco
04/12/2019 14:25:12
"Everyone there is super. Very friendly staff. Extremely clean and organized. "
- Pam Zak
04/12/2019 01:08:48
- Gary Terrell
04/11/2019 19:21:25
"I appreciate your feelings to my baby. Your concern shows. "
- Pierce & Carolyn Newsom
04/11/2019 18:23:18
- Melanie & Robert Stehle
04/11/2019 17:36:12
"I had a great experience, Rusty didn’t want to leave! The vet and technicians as well as reception were super friendly and even ran pricing on different meds to see which was cheapest for me. "
- Sarah Forrester
04/11/2019 14:11:18
"Everything has been GREAT! "
- Gretchen Jeffcoat
04/09/2019 16:53:17
"I wouldn't consider going to any other vet. The care and attention given to my pets under Dr Wille and associates are superior. The front staff is always friendly and personable."
- Audrey & Tim Mitchell
04/08/2019 19:23:31
- Betty Watson
04/07/2019 21:23:43
"Was in a bit of a rush so didn’t get to completely check things out like I usually do. Everything seemed great and people were nice. Didn’t get to meet the vet. Only boarded, but my dog did need 2 shots in order to stay. Everything was good. "
- Dezaray & Scott Thompson
04/06/2019 18:53:53
"have no concerns about the care experienced, just excellent. they care about your animal"
- Sally Stump
04/06/2019 15:53:47
"Love that you remind me when bo needs to come in"
- Sherri Causey
04/05/2019 18:43:21
"We are pleased with all aspects of Dr. Wille’s practice. "
- Lisa Sparks
04/05/2019 18:32:58