"Jessica always makes our day. We enjoyed meeting Daisy as well"
- Carol Dubray
06/30/2018 15:27:37
"Everyone there always makes the visits pleasant!"
- Kim Merckling
06/30/2018 02:11:34
"Very sweet Group of females. And Chad too. "
- Blaine Johnson
06/23/2018 12:26:28
"The doctors and staff made my day."
- Barbara, Ron Delisle
06/22/2018 00:06:18
"I felt so at home there. We were with another vet but the office was too cool and clinical. It sounds odd, but I dont like that. I want cozy and comfortable. All your staff are so kind and helpful. I immediately felt like we had come to the right place!"
- Julie Taylor
06/21/2018 18:35:18
"All the staff is great"
- Tom Garcia
06/21/2018 15:37:28
"All that help with lily. Lily seem quite comfortable with Dr. T and Jessia. I know there was another lady that took care of her too."
- (Vivienne Rowe) United Yorkie Rescue
06/21/2018 14:59:37
"Brian and I can’t thank you all enough for your support, help, and passion with Brody! "
- Melissa Mulvaney
06/18/2018 00:49:22
"Everyone was great"
- Judith Mele
06/17/2018 00:27:30
"Jordyn & Jessica always are very personable and eager to help. "
- Nancy Beaudoin
06/15/2018 20:40:40
"Jess and Jordan are always welcoming, friendly and happy to see my dogs "
- Linda Marimpietri
06/10/2018 01:55:01
"Everyone "
- Carol Sellers
06/09/2018 14:49:11
"Dr. T.... and my favorite receptionist... "
- Charlene Martin
06/07/2018 03:27:54
"Jessica was very helpful and above/ beyond! Dr Was excellent and did her research with Chinchilla to provide best care in situation"
- Michelle & David Casto
06/06/2018 12:24:25
" Just picked up a heartworm pill, but everyone asked about Olive...great to feel they really care."
- Roy Jones
06/06/2018 11:41:47
"Jessica at the front desk is awesome. She’s very attentive and helpful. "
- Vicky Carregal
06/05/2018 20:37:36
"Thank you all for sincerely caring about my pets. Dr.Timberlake, Thank you for taking time to answer my questions and explaining my pet’s condition. I appreciate your educating me about my pet’s condition & discussing his management. Thanks to all."
- Dixie Thompson
06/05/2018 11:42:28
"The Vet, tech, and front desk were amazing!!! They took their time with us and were very helpful. They went above and beyond the quality of care we expected. Our pet and family are very pleased. "
- Liz Descar
05/31/2018 16:47:16
"Great experience for Bailey and us! "
- Dennis & Darla Christian
05/31/2018 02:22:42
"Staff very courteous.My bank not so much!"
- Guy, Maureen Tomasello
05/28/2018 21:37:45
"I was very grateful that the vet could see us at such short notice. Our vet was closed and recommended you. The vet and staff helped us get our dog stabilized and comfortable. Thanks again!"
- Jill Scott
05/24/2018 18:20:51
"While I am a new patient, your staff made me feel like one of the family. Went above and beyond all my expectations. Thank you for your service to the citizens of St. Johns County! "
- Gayle Webb
05/23/2018 17:15:27
"Everyone made my day. I left with a smile on my face and Louie left with his tail wagging and a spring in his step. He likes going to the vet. "
- Kay Lee
05/23/2018 12:38:19
"Yes all the staff "
- Ken Weaver
05/23/2018 12:27:23
"All were pleasant"
- Alice McCoy
05/19/2018 15:45:54
" Dr. T and Jessica have been excellent to work with "
- Jeannette Ashton
05/18/2018 12:16:27
"Dr Chad Timberlake Makes an effort to talk and make us feel welcome"
- Angie O'Brien
05/14/2018 19:28:44
"Hoping this is our permanent care facility! Had a great first visit. Dr. T diagnosed a previously misdiagnosed skin condition which is a great relief. Very friendly and knowledgeable group overall from greeting to good bye. "
- Danielle Mayoros
05/13/2018 14:54:58
"Both Chad and Brittany made my day thank you very much. They were courteous, friendly, calm natured, straight forward and blatently honest. It was great to see them again and they were very thorough. The best. I love them and I value their experience. Furthermore I appreciate their friendship and appreciate the fact that they went out of there way for me as a client, and over extended their dedication to treating small animals to treat a slightly bigger than small animal. That, in my opinion, is going above and beyond. They what they did, and did it well for and for one reason and one reason only..... because they care. In todays world that means something. Again Thank you."
- Bobbie Whitman
05/11/2018 02:50:07
"All are very helpful and caring exam rooms could use a little sweeping Buster told me that."
- Gerry Carmine
05/07/2018 18:06:13
"All the staff are very polite and pleasant."
- Jean Rushworth
05/05/2018 20:06:25
"Dr T (we fondly call him JT) and Jessica, who Daisy loves❤️"
- Carol Dubray
05/04/2018 11:42:53
"Lovely staff and vet . Took great care in helping our sick dog. We love our dog dearly and they were very comforting and helpful. "
- Jackie Galea
05/02/2018 20:25:24
"Great staff and completely knowledgeable "
- John Fender
04/28/2018 20:47:32
"Question about interacting with the Dr. is irrelevant, we were there for daycare. Will use again if needed. "
- Gregory Agosto
04/26/2018 13:59:43
"Everyone from the receptionist to the tech to the vet was wonderful to Jack! Thank you all for being so kind to him every time we visit!"
- Gerri Gass
04/24/2018 13:57:00
"All techs are great!"
- Sharon Dean
04/24/2018 13:29:22
"Jessica always makes my day😊 She is so sweet, kind, friendly & helpful!"
- Cindy Tessmann
04/23/2018 22:59:49
"Very pleased with the people and facilities. Happy to have found you. Our friend, Bob Martin, referred us to you."
- Kathy Larue
04/23/2018 16:07:37
"The entire staff at SE Vet is wonderful. We have a couple of difficult dogs, in their own ways, and we are always greeted and treated wonderfully. Always made to feel like we are part of the family. "
- Daphne, Eddie Kimberly
04/21/2018 08:07:44
"Karen answered the phone with my request for an appointment for my pet with an upbeat, sincere, caring voice, Jessica was so sweet when we arrived--very friendly and warm, Dr. Timberlake had a great manner with our pet , his sense of humor was appreciated and answered all our questions and concerns. Jordan was a doll and did a superb job grooming our fur baby, Benny. "
- Sandra Yelle
04/14/2018 18:44:52
"Thank you so much for your valued time, patience, and kind demeanor from you all with my puppy Ollie! It's the small things that make all the difference! I especially appreciate the distraction technique that was used by Dr. Chad Timberlake during Ollie's vaccination. He didn't have to take the extra time and attention to my 19 month old anxious Labradoodle, however he did! His tech was very kind and professional as well. Also, the two ladies up front were wonderful! I had a great experience on the phone w/ Jessica (I believe was her name) answering all of my questions with patience and kindness regarding vaccinations and ofc. procedures/info. And, Karen really went above and beyond regarding puppy challenges/training info. I will definitely take advantage of her training skills/coaching soon. She eased my tension with my overly excited puppy, in a calm/kind manner after our office visit...I can only imagine what she is capable of out in the training field! You guys are all a true gift to the Saint Augustine area! Thank you for what you do so well! I'm glad to say I found a new partner/Vet family with Ollie in which I feel confident! I trust you all for the needs and health of my sweet Ollie boy!"
- Kelly Keltner
04/13/2018 17:10:16
"We were very pleased with the care, expertise and service demonstrated by the entire staff. We were there to have exams done on 2 puppies we were purchasing and everyone was wonderful. We are only sorry we don't live in the area so that we can continue to have our pets cared for by this group. Thank you for everything!"
- James Wallace
04/10/2018 14:43:19
"No one particular person...just everyone."
- Roy Jones
04/07/2018 12:13:15
"I am so glad that my Facebook post asking for recommendations for a vet led me to you guys. I can see a wonderful future with your hospital. Thank you so much!"
- Sarah Stecker
04/06/2018 02:46:33
"Jordan is always kind and welcoming..but everyone there is very nice. "
- Linda Marimpietri
04/06/2018 01:40:11
"The staff was friendly and professional. Facility was very clean but most importantly I got a very good vibe about everything. "
- Rosemary Costa
04/04/2018 16:00:22
"Everyone was so kind and knowledgeable! I felt so welcomed as soon as I stepped in the door. They very thoroughly checked out and took care of my new puppy. "
- Beth Guthrie
04/04/2018 10:40:54
"Everyone always makes us feel special."
- Kathy Hagy
04/03/2018 11:43:45
"Everyone was exceptional. Just need to change my cat's bday date and call me back with blood results please. "
- Elizabeth Widlak
03/28/2018 22:04:48
"Front desk very courteous"
- Guy, Maureen Tomasello
03/28/2018 03:12:59
"Eberyone is always so friendly. I didnt actually see the dr today, just the techs. "
- Corey Clement
03/28/2018 02:23:47
"Love everyone at the practice. They always make me and Buddy feel very welcome!"
- Jean Rooney
03/26/2018 16:29:43
" I am grateful to all the staff for being so great with Ramona when she is there. Thanks for providing the drop off service so I do not have to miss work and for helping her be comfortable when she is there for the day."
- Karen Tyler
03/22/2018 22:20:33
"Jessica is always smiling and very helpful!"
- Julie Parker
03/19/2018 15:07:55
"Dr. Timberlake and both front office personnel-I feel like family whenever I come and so does Maggie! I love coming for our appointments!!!!!"
- Pamela Loescher
03/17/2018 16:03:52
"Dr. T and staff are why we trek down to St. Augustine for our dog. "
- Andrea, Charles Benson
03/12/2018 22:08:04
"The whole staff, takes great care of my pet, and myself. I am very particular as to who I leave my big guy with, and I am completely at ease leaving him and having them take care of him."
- Jose Astacio
03/10/2018 21:41:58
"I was very happy with my experience at the vets. Dr. Timberlake was caring and thorough. Hanna was okay. My other dog, Jake, went here and my daughter was happening the services."
- Donna Scott
03/10/2018 02:27:18
"From the moment I walked in with Sandi, I was treated like we were the only ones there. The compassion from the nurses all the way to Dr. Timberlake was amazing. Sandi is my 5th Golden, and I have never been treated with such concern for her health as well as being informed in all that was needed to get her better. I have voiced my delight to all my friends about Southeast and The Timberlakes. We started a go fund me for Sandi's medical expences and I am bragging about how Southeast is the best there is. I truely hope the Timberlakes get many new babies in their practice because all dogs should be treated as Sandi was. Thank you from the bottom of my heart"
- Lisa Kilbride
03/08/2018 17:00:20
"I have already told a couple of my friends how kind and helpful your office has been "
- Becky Dyer
02/28/2018 17:37:07
"I love that u have a special cat room with a window and treats ive never been to a vet with cat treats before this made pheebs very happy"
- Patti Kulesz
02/24/2018 13:23:50
"The whole staff are wonderful an caring people. They are so loving to our kittens. Highly recommend them ."
- Ken Weaver
02/23/2018 18:24:38
"Love Stella!"
- Valerie Day
02/23/2018 15:51:40
"Vet Chad displayed the Unleashed Magazine with the story I wrote about my dog, Lucie. After all that Lucie has gone through since the 1st day I got her your entire team has been supportive in saving Lucie’s life. I am so grateful that we changed from another Vet to Southeast Vet Hospital. You have excellent, friendly, helpful staff at the front desk. Your team rocks !!!"
- Vickie Woltner
02/23/2018 15:02:10
"All the techs were very informative , kind, patient and warm. Felt very secure in leaving my beloved dog in there care. First time client that will be returning. Vets were also very easy to talk to and took the time to explain my many questions. Thank you for a carefree good experience. "
- Jody Gerrmann
02/23/2018 03:11:35