"Your response and expediency in seeing my cat was great. All were caring. "
- Nancy Welsh
03/21/2019 20:34:13
"Thank you for helping my fur baby feel better!"
- Gina Liscinsky
03/20/2019 01:24:43
"Chad really take care of my cats"
- Ken Weaver
03/19/2019 16:59:15
"Everyone there made our day, from the receptionists to the Veterinarians Assistant, to the Vet Himself. We knew our pets were in Great hands"
- Barry Reyelts
03/17/2019 14:14:50
"We are so happy with all the staff! Kelly won the gold star from Belle and I today. Belle doesn't like to leave her home and Kelly is always so kind and tolerant of her pulling and bossypants ways. I couldn't be happier with the service everyone provides for our babies. "
- Dorothiea Spencer
03/16/2019 20:14:53
"Best vet I have ever used!"
- Owen Schrum
03/15/2019 18:33:31
"All staff were exceptional! Thanks for all you All do!"
- Bill Haddox
03/14/2019 02:56:09
"I called a few vets before booking an appointment with SEV, Daisy was the nicest receptionist and basically why I booked the appointment. She had all the time to answer my questions and a great attitude. All the staff was very nice. "
- Jenny White
03/12/2019 16:23:45
"Jessica has us on her egg delivery run. Fantastic! Dr. Chad was informative and enjoyable to interact with. Dr. Brittaney was joyful exuberant outgoing fantastic self when we arrived. The dogs settled in quickly and were comfortable with the hospital's layout and grounds. 10 out of 10 *********"
- George, Peggy Linardos
03/08/2019 20:09:48
"The entire staff. Especially the kind gentleman that let me drop off patches early"
- Melissa Renfroe
03/08/2019 18:13:22
"My dog and I were treated like family, much appreciated!"
- Jill Trevallion
03/08/2019 14:22:23
"Was just there for a follow up visit after dental cleaning."
- Andrew Catlett
03/07/2019 10:33:37
"Everyone is so nice and accommodating! We are very glad to bring Buddy here and he seems to like it too :-)"
- Amy Whiteside
03/02/2019 19:36:31
"I love this place. No waiting and the staff are very friendly and the vet explained everything in laymen’s terms. "
- Portia Smallwood
03/02/2019 15:36:39
- Paul Steinke
02/28/2019 00:39:20
"Everyone very professional and courteous."
- Martha/Robert Lee
02/26/2019 18:01:46
"Great first experience. I’ve already referred my friend to Dr. Timberlake. Everyone I spoke to during our emergency visit was amazing."
- Ann Prater
02/25/2019 15:21:57
" All the staff is wonderful "
- Michelle Cosmato
02/25/2019 13:21:49
"I love ur clinic. Everyone is so friendly and so good with my doggies. Thank u."
- Chris McDaniel
02/24/2019 16:57:53
"Tech and vet answered all my questions and planned for a follow up of my question about Qinn’s Eyesight"
- Toni, Ron Covato
02/16/2019 18:13:55
"Everyone is awesome!!!"
- Curt & Darlene Osteen
02/16/2019 18:02:17
"My dog, Missy, recently spent time with you while I was in the hospital. Although I missed her terribly, I never once was concerned about her care. I know from experience how competent and caring ALL of you are. Thank you."
- Ann Brogden
02/15/2019 14:42:32
"The staff and doctor are conscientious and professional. My 12 year old Sheltie has several health issues and I am pleased with the options and directions of care offered. "
- Beverly Blunck
02/15/2019 12:32:01
"The staff is amazing! I am thrilled we are partners together in the care of my many animals!! Shout out to Jessica, Kelly and Dr. T!!"
- Kelly McDonald
02/14/2019 19:27:05
"Everyone is so kind, helpful and informative! We are so thankful we found this wonderful place for our dog Henry!"
- Dottie Johnson
02/13/2019 21:29:55
"I am very grateful for your ability ti fit my little Mickey in and to refer him to Capital Vet Specialist...they are certainly impressive and easily accessible via US 1 or Hywy 95 and their hours or wonderful. Thank you so very much."
- Mary Gerling
02/12/2019 01:36:57
"Thank you for the care you gave Honey in a very stressful situation. "
- Sue Butler
02/11/2019 15:31:26
"Thank you for treating my dog's like they are my family, and for ALWAYS explaining everything to me and for not trying to sell me something else. You are really prompt on setting appointments and replying to emails. I feel very comfortable and confident with your hospital.😊"
- Tina Mudge
02/08/2019 17:45:55
"Staff and doctor meet all expectations!!"
- Honey Norlander
02/07/2019 17:54:44
"Yes there was a new girl helping the doctor give missy her shots and taking care of missy I’m sorry I forgot her name but she was amazing with missy I really like her. And all the other girls are great too everyone is so nice thank you"
- Michelle Sousa
02/07/2019 02:33:57
"The people there are kind and considerate. We love you!"
- Julie Taylor
02/06/2019 21:37:18
" Dr Timberlake and staff were so pleasant and informative made the visit great for my dog."
- Andrea Dengler
02/06/2019 14:09:29
"Dr T has been or vet for 14 years and he has been fabulous. He is why we make the 40 min drive to St Aug. Jessica is always helpful, positive and sweet and has made us feel very special. Thank you all for being wonderful!!"
- Shelby Ratchford
01/31/2019 19:30:58
"I have had pets my whole life and several different vets. I am so grateful that I found this vet for my animals. I honestly feel like they are the best I have ever been to. I will be staying a customer as long as they are available. Best experience all around. "
- Jennifer Taylor
01/30/2019 20:11:28
"It’s nice in this day of computers and all electronics to have a staff of humans who really care and it shows!"
- Patty Keister
01/30/2019 02:34:45
"Jessica at the front desk is a true gem! She is professional, friendly, helpful, and a wealth of knowledge. Give her a raise! My dog received very good care, but I felt like if I didn't ask the right questions I wouldn't get the information I need to understand diagnosis & medications. I would like to see improved education for pet owner, "
- Jean Tretler
01/30/2019 01:53:03
"Jessica is a special lady and I always look forward to speaking with her. She and the rest of the staff are very friendly and helpful. Just a pleasure to be there and so appreciated."
- Jean Ritenour
01/29/2019 23:07:36
"Everyone seemed concerned about Oscar's problem and were creative in trying to help me. With him. They called 3 times in the following days to check on him. "
- Yvonne Giberson
01/28/2019 03:47:00
"We are so happy our neighbors pointed us in your direction. Our new German Shepherd puppy was so happy during his appointment. All of the staff was so welcoming and helpful, the doctor answered all of our questions and helped us feel good about adding our sweet guy to the family. We are even looking forward to our next visit. "
- Geena & Jason Marquis
01/27/2019 16:22:13
"The tech staff is always very friendly and energetic, and our dog loves them too!"
- Kristy Allen
01/26/2019 00:38:12
"EVERYONE at your group did! Thanks for all that you do!"
- MaryAnn Caldwell
01/25/2019 22:04:26
"Jessica was not there the day I went in. The technician that was, was very nice and helpful. But I had a question that she did not have an answer for. Jessica called me the next day and pointed me in the right direction. That is the way it is here, your questions and concerns are always taken seriously and addressed, if not that day very soon after."
- Jay Gurr
01/25/2019 20:20:15
"Such friendly staff and great doctor! "
- Heather Hill
01/24/2019 18:48:13
"Everyone there is helpful, friendly and pleasant. I think the girl in the front wad named Jessica and i don't remember the techs name but they both were great. "
- Eyleen Willow
01/23/2019 18:09:36
"You guys always rock! We send everyone we know to ya'll! "
- Crystal Carter
01/23/2019 13:02:05
"Everyone did"
- Teresa, David Brown
01/19/2019 03:00:58
"I enjoy talking to all of the doctors and workers"
- Ken Weaver
01/18/2019 14:57:23
"Felt comfortable with friendly staff & casual environment, as well as the doctor."
- Ray & Lissa Palombo
01/13/2019 00:56:21
"Barbie was treated so amazingly well. Thank you!"
- June Clemens
01/11/2019 12:52:52
"We are so glad we picked you over some of the other Vets in the area. You are convenient to the campground too. Thank you for the immediate attention you gave to our babies. We could tell you take your business serious and care about your patients. God bless you all!"
- Linda Young
01/08/2019 12:57:42
"All were friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. Even staff walking by smiled and acknowledged us. Jessica,our daughter-in-law, went above and beyond coming by our house twice on Sunday, feeding our sick cat with a syringe."
- Jenny Harker
01/08/2019 12:14:59
"We love our vets! Office staff is awesome!!"
- Richard & Stacy Swan
01/05/2019 12:59:06
"Dr. Timberlake really cares about the well being of our dog Olive. He assured me that her ear infection wasn't as bad a I had assumed and quickly administered the necessary swabs and drops to treat her condition. He and his staff know Olive when she arrives and everyone makes our visit a pleasant one. She's not afraid of the doctors."
- Roy Jones
01/04/2019 11:14:02
"First class service and very informative. Will definitely be bringing our other family member for care also. Thank you!"
- Audrey Bello
01/03/2019 11:59:10
"Jessica is always a star. She really cares about my pets and me. She is very knowledgeable and people friendly as well as pet friendly. I can't say enough good things about her. The Doctors are awesome and would go no where else if they are open. Mr. Dr. T went above and beyond to help me with my cat Cruiser. As well as Mrs.Dr. T and Jessica,but Mr. Dr. T. really went out of his way to help. You just don't find that kind of professionalism everyday."
- Jacqui Souza
12/30/2018 19:54:12
"The reviews from others about this vet hospital was a determining factor for us to bring our pet here. What was most impressive was the reviews matched the actual experience we had. Thoughtful, caring, courteous treatment among all involved; from the time we entered the office through the checkout. "
- Alexandra Sills
12/30/2018 14:01:59
"They app make my day! I had no idea having my St. Bernards would be so drastically different but from the first visit, they've done nothing but help me with things from getting insurance to finding specialists to make sure my babies get what they need and in the way that's most convenient for me! I love the Timberlake's and their entire staff!!"
- Jasmine Proff
12/29/2018 14:33:45
"Jessica is a super nice person and the Doctor is really caring. Really a caring team!♡"
- Szilvia Sara
12/28/2018 21:13:59
"Everyone there always makes my day"
- Deborah Johnson
12/25/2018 16:27:11
" out of the three vets I have used in the past did not have time or medical staff to see one of my four dogs, you all took us in with out a problem and ran all the necessary tests and in my mind treated the problem correctly in a professional medical manner. Thank you."
- Julie Clay
12/22/2018 15:37:56
"Everyone helped make my day. The entire staff is top notch. "
- Paul Steinke
12/22/2018 13:03:01
"All of them they were all friendly and smiling "
- Mark, Sue Smith
12/18/2018 13:54:39
"I looked for a week for a vet to help out with Jaz. I knew it was urgent to get her help but financially we were limited. You gave us options so our fur baby could get the help she needed so badly. For that I will forever be grateful. There is nothing worse than the helpless feeling watching as your dog gets worse every day and you can do nothing to help. And then watch my child worry and wonder why we can't help! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the rest of my family!"
- Kim Mickey
12/18/2018 11:27:07
"Thank you for you kindness. You obviously love your animals!"
- Dianna Twombly
12/16/2018 03:13:31
"Friendly, informative & professional."
- Deborah Zagorski
12/08/2018 00:13:13
"Love the staff! "
- Carol Dubray
12/06/2018 14:41:50
- Warren Cassirer
12/05/2018 23:23:12
"Everyone is wonderful. My pets always receive compassionate care. The vets are awesome, knowledgable, and understanding. "
- Leah Carroll
11/30/2018 16:02:54
"I really like Dr Bradbury"
- Tina Mudge
11/29/2018 15:04:18
"Jess always makes my day! She’s awesome!! "
- Kimberly Reese
11/29/2018 04:46:55
"This vet stepped in with my pregnant dog when another vet failed. My dog produced a beautiful healthy litter. Love this vet. "
- Jennifer Taylor
11/28/2018 11:23:45
"Very nice place "
- Sheila Clark
11/28/2018 10:33:31
- Pamela Loescher
11/27/2018 23:03:16
"I was very satisfied with the care and thorough exam given to Casper, the facility was very clean and Doctor Bradberry was very attentive to Casper's situation."
- Andrea Dengler
11/27/2018 17:49:02
"Eric and Jessica both were really caring and informative which was really impressive to me."
- MaryAnn Caldwell
11/27/2018 11:57:36
"Every time I visit this Hospital with my cat he is always treated with exceptional care and attention. Dr. Timberlake is an amazing vet and I would recommend him to anyone who asks. "
- Alycia Sikes
11/27/2018 06:53:51
"This was an emergency visit for my elderly Pom, Gigi who stopped breathing. Jessica is always outstanding every single time I deal with her & today was no different. She offers the highest level of customer service & care. The newer, tall male vet tech is extremely personable & clearly loves animals. I look forward to seeing him again caring for my other dogs. This time it was Mr. Dr. T that I was most relieved to see! He is so very thorough with all components and factors in his exam. He listened to what was my primary concern and addressed it with respect. I very much trust his expertise as a vet. Very knowledgeable yet, quick to relay that knowledge in a practical way to me the “owner”. Very very grateful!"
- Candy Rettich
11/27/2018 02:46:41
"I was very impressed!!"
- Carole Smith
11/27/2018 01:47:36
"Everyone was great!"
- James & Linda Carnall
11/27/2018 00:17:13
"The young lady who is the receptionist, Jessica I think is her name, is just one of those people that seem to be able to put you in a good mood no matter how you are feeling. "
- Jay Gurr
11/27/2018 00:08:25
"Dr. Timberlake is always helpful and shows genuine interest in our dog and spends any additional time necessary to answer our questions. "
- Brad Evans
11/12/2018 16:14:24
"The vet tec that worked with Toby was very good with him! I also really liked the lady vet. She was good with Toby, and explained things really well! Thanks Barbara S."
- Barbara Shearer
11/09/2018 02:15:37
"We are extremely happy with the service and attention give to us and especially to my pet."
- Jose Astacio
11/09/2018 02:09:50
"Everyone at the clinic takes such good care of both Bella and us. I implicitly trust you all to give her the best care. "
- Mary, Jay Foulks
11/09/2018 01:40:02
"All who assisted made my day from the greet to care to pay to goodbye. Love your staff"
- Paula Birch
11/08/2018 15:50:51
"The staff is very friendly and always very helpful We appreciate their smiles and the way they make you feel comfortable in sometimes Avery stressful situation."
- Connie Chrenko
11/07/2018 18:57:17
"I am so happy I found this AMAZING place...every single interaction was, caring, loving, professional!!! Thank you🙏 Dottie Johnson"
- Dottie Johnson
11/02/2018 00:09:13
"Jessica always is wonderful.always has smile on her face. very helpful.Dr.T went above and beyond for the care of Bear"
- Jacqui Souza
11/01/2018 16:06:25
"Dr Timberlake is awesome with my dog. We have extra confidence in him being the first vet to ever know exactly why my dog has a crooked face and explained to us the first time we ever saw the dr. Also always remembers us and details about our sons sports. These small things really make a difference. "
- James, Nicole Martin
10/31/2018 00:33:27
"Everyone is incredibly nice and great to my Luke Duke Rose ( rescue bloodhound )"
- Deborah/Edward Rose
10/28/2018 23:57:34
"You are the GREATEST "
- Julia DiPianta
10/25/2018 17:27:44
"Your staff is wonderful. Jessica and Daisy helped me this time around."
- Kate Masters
10/25/2018 16:27:01
"Everyone is attentive and professional. Jessica is a great asset to your business (and to our family). I am biased."
- Jenny Harker
10/23/2018 03:10:14
"Tater loves it there. I have not seen him smile outside of our house before! I have already recommended Southeast Veterinary Hospital to my friends."
- Debbie Hampton
10/17/2018 14:19:43
"Dr Janine Bradberry suggested I come and I’m so glad I did. I only wish I was local to you and could have your clinic as my everyday place to bring my dogs"
- Cynthia Springer
10/17/2018 12:31:29
"Overall, I was very pleased with our visit and the attention given to the animal and myself. You are all very thorough and have produced a very relaxed atmosphere which makes the experience better for the client. "
- Holly Morrow
10/16/2018 12:22:09
"Not thinking I could get a same day appointment, I asked for an appointment two days out, on my day off. The receptionist called back, almost immediately, due to the symptoms, arranged for a same day appointment. Thankfully everything was alright with Rusty, but the concern for his well being impressed me."
- Ric Giumenta
10/08/2018 12:37:41
"Dr. Timberlake explains well and is knowledgeable and kind "
- Carolyn & David Mueller
10/07/2018 02:55:17
"You made boarding my cat Mosby very easy. It's only the 2nd time in 13 yrs that she has been boarded. You were very nice when I called to check on her. Thank you."
- Judy Davis
10/05/2018 11:17:41
"Yes. Dr. T (Mr.) was compassionate to the needs and condition of my senior cat, Bosco, he cancelled me on options, and did not make me doubt my choices. The assistant, who's name I didn't note REALLY made my day when, upon handing me the antibiotics for Bosco, said "...most are flavored, but I haven't tasted this one yet." I had been crying and she made me laugh - and again later when I shared that experience with family. You guys are wonderful!"
- Renee Leigh
10/04/2018 12:13:56