"The nurse that worked with Tipper is excellent, she calmed me down when I was not feeling well and started to leave. This nurse was very loving with Tipper and held her calmly and you could tell Tipper was not concerned being held by a stranger. "
- Donna Corley
07/15/2019 10:40:12
"All of the staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful. "
- Kathy Miller
07/15/2019 00:17:59
"Dr. Brittany Timberlake as well as the tech on Friday the 12th. Just can’t recall her name. Both were so wonderful to Jack!"
- Gerri Gass
07/14/2019 15:54:17
"I’ve already sent clients your way. Great group of staff and docs. "
- Paula Birch
07/13/2019 00:52:20
"Love Dr. MRS. T"
- June Hill
07/12/2019 19:06:46
"Thanks so much Dr. T. You’re awesome! Everyone there is so nice and does a fantastic job with the pets. "
- Jenna McFee
07/12/2019 17:43:43
"Everyone! You are all fantastic and continue to be fantastic "
- Sara Bloomberg
07/12/2019 15:20:56
"Top notch, Staff is very friendly and professional. I have recommended you to all my neighbors. Thank you"
- Jeff Kozdron
07/12/2019 01:44:26
"Especially impressed with the friendliness of the staff? Happy voice answering the phone and prompt attention to the time of our appointment. Very pleased."
- Loye Merwin
07/11/2019 23:53:35
"Everyone is always so great! You guys are an amazing team!"
- Robyn Rhodes
07/05/2019 10:35:24
"Eric, Dr. Brandenburg and all staff were very helpful and supportive which made a stressful situation, more for me than Connie my Shepard, a positive and illuminating experience. They have been as loyal as my Shepard and that is invaluable."
- Gregory Fox
07/05/2019 05:44:00
"Drs T's have an awesome sense of humor about each other! All the staff is great. Such an encouraging place even with my two crazy beast's!! "
- Tina Mudge
07/05/2019 00:07:11
"Best vet experience I’ve had - and Butters agreed!"
- Rachel Cremona
06/23/2019 22:23:32
"Had a very good experience at the clinic. Will be back soon for follow up."
- Sheree Marks Kline
06/21/2019 04:01:38
"Eric is great! He is very helpful, always courteous and invites questions to help understand the treatment or medications."
- Ellie Ortega
06/20/2019 17:49:11
"Husband and Wife team are great people very knowledgeable the entire staff was very kind."
- Jane Nyberg (Rath)
06/19/2019 15:51:08
"The staff and doctors that I have had contact with have been very helpful, professional and treated our cats Bandit and Ozzie with great care and gentleness. "
- Sheila Mohan
06/18/2019 02:20:35
"I’m very thankful for the information and medicine for taffy. The second day on Sunday she improved 90% I am very pleased with the feedback for her"
- Patrick Petrick
06/16/2019 22:02:04
- Fran Charlson Ayla's Acres
06/16/2019 09:50:30
"This was by far the best experience I have ever had a a vet. Everything was explained and my questions were answered. I always knew what was going on and what procedures were being done. I loved getting a follow up call to check on Aggie after getting her shots. Keep doing what you are doing!"
- Kathy Ebbers
06/14/2019 20:55:41
"Had a great experience for our first visit. Keya went out of her way to answer our questions and make Jake comfortable. She is a great asset to the office. Thank you, Mary Healy"
- Mary Healy
06/13/2019 18:51:19
"Nora running through the hallway making our dog tilt his head at the door towards where he heard her. Adorable! Nora needs to greet everyone <3"
- Kara Bacon
06/12/2019 21:10:57
"I was very happy with my first experience with your facility. Savannah means the world to me and I need to know that she is well cared for and that I have a vet that anticipates any issues that may be of concern. The office staff is very attentive but it would be helpful if people would introduce themselves to newcomers. All in all, I am pleased with the staff and the doctor and her understanding of my need to consider alternatives to medicine. I look forward to a long relationship with this facility "
- Susan Reed
06/09/2019 00:18:19
"Our dog was extremely ill. She is slowly gaining some of her strength back. Thank you! "
- Jean Spencer
06/06/2019 14:46:45
"Eric was great. He took a lot of time with us and was very caring when I got emotional. I truly appreciated everyone’s patience "
- Laureen Daskalakis
06/06/2019 11:11:22
"Darla is always greeted like family which makes her visit a happy one. Thank you for your generosity!"
- Diane Boone
06/06/2019 09:08:34
"Thanks for being so good with my anxious dog."
- Mary Anne Parks
06/05/2019 17:55:58
"The whole staff always is on the top of their game. We were scheduled in last minute after my GSD Bruce was having a few health issues. From walking in to walking out we felt at home and as though Bruce and I were part of the family. A great visit with the doctors, a round of medications and a handful of instructions and my boy is healthy and feeling great again. I love the next day phone calls and the way everyone at Southeast Veterinary Hospital truly cares about my pup. We feel so lucky to have found the Timberlakes as our doctor. Daisy and Jessica are also two of the staff members that make every visit a happy visit and make sure my pup looks forward to his next trip to the doctors. "
- Geena & Jason Marquis
06/05/2019 16:40:01
"Appreciate letting us stay in our car with our two kitties until a room for us was available. All so kind and helpful."
- Sylvia Swindull
06/03/2019 23:48:50
"I loved the staff so much. It was our first time and I know for sure that we will be sticking with y’all. I was a bit surprised by how long we had to wait in the room before anyone came in. The whole appointment was an hour and I’d say only 15 mins of that was spent with the vet or tech and the rest of the time we were just waiting. This won’t stop my from coming back because I feel confident in the care she is receiving, I will just have to plan to be there longer. "
- Allison Atkinson
05/29/2019 01:54:29
"All the staff, professional, friendly, helpful. "
- Barbara Slifer
05/25/2019 19:29:08
"Absolutely everyone is amazing at the hospital. Daisy is always so wonderful and helpful when I bring my herd in. (Human baby too!) hands down best animal hospital I have been to. "
- Heather Hill
05/25/2019 18:25:53
"Willingness of Vet to answer related questions and explain!"
- Yvonne Giberson
05/25/2019 14:39:05
"Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Happy I chose to bring my new pup here. "
- Brian Walker
05/22/2019 16:46:52
"We were delighted to find such a caring vet! We are new to the area and switched from another vet that had seen our Diesel since he was 12 weeks old. Transition is huge but we have found our new home 🤗🤗🤗"
- Vickie Tiffany
05/21/2019 14:39:24
"The whole staff is great but Jessica is Fantastic. She is always pleasant and treats Bear like family. She needs a raise...lol!"
- James Giammarinaro
05/21/2019 09:34:46
"Daisy was awesome "
- Julia DiPianta
05/20/2019 23:32:36
"No everyone was awesome"
- Karen Hilditch
05/20/2019 20:48:27
"Everyone was extremely nice and you can tell they enjoy what they do. "
- Sue Butler
05/20/2019 20:25:54
"Jessica always makes my day😊"
- Cindy Tessmann
05/17/2019 16:33:40
"Everyone there is especially cheerful and helpful. They never show signs of frustration from having to answer my same questions almost every visit. I rate them 10 out of 10 !! "
- Paul Steinke
05/17/2019 13:03:06
"Dr. Chad & Keena"
- Nancy Beaudoin
05/10/2019 23:08:38
"Very friendly.close to home.clean.staff was wonderful.call to check on cooper .I know we found the right vet.thank you it was a great experience."
- Jacquie Taylor
05/10/2019 16:58:18
"Jessica and Daisy are always a ray of sunshine when we bring Shiloh and Rica in, as Jessica always was with Chinook and Tasha. Upon moving to St. Augustine nine years ago we tried other Veterinary Hospitals prior to finding Drs, Chad and Brittany. None have shown the compassion, knowledge and expertise when it comes to dealing with Siberian Huskies. George and Peggy "
- George, Peggy Linardos
05/08/2019 14:19:12
"The young lady and young man that helped cut Jack's nails, the large German Shepherd, more attentive funny and very nice. Thank you for your service with our furry Babies!"
- Marianne Cooper
05/07/2019 18:10:43
"I LOVE ALL of the STAFF! Although output Jessica it would defiantly not run as smoothly. She is worth her weight in GOLD"
- Charmaine Felguth
05/06/2019 17:28:41
"Daisy "
- Connie Chrenko
05/05/2019 16:46:26
"It's so nice to meet caring professionals! Thank you."
- Ann Hughes
05/05/2019 11:28:45
"No, everyone was polite and courteous. Outstanding bunch of young and caring individuals from the front desk to the Dr's."
- George Hargrove
05/04/2019 15:12:13
"I've already referred two friends I was so impressed. You brought an itemized list of procedures before you did them and asked for my approval. That never happened with my vet of 16 years. I would get to the front counter and be shocked by a huge bill for things I didn't know he was charging for. This in itself is a huge differrence. Also my dog stopped being afraid and shaking. Another mystery of 16 years not having her like the staff at my vet. I kept telling myself to switch or find another. I am so glad I did! Dr Timberlake and his staff are friendly and professional. I appreciate the fact that they also seemed concerned with my needs financially and my dog's best care. I can see why they have a 5 star rating. I am now only going here for my animals care. Wish I had done this sooner. "
- Karin Boyles
04/30/2019 04:37:05
"I was extremely happy with the facility and the people. "
- Scarlett Martinez
04/28/2019 23:46:41
"I felt like my pet was treated very well and the staff was very courteous. "
- Rosemary Sanders
04/28/2019 20:14:36
"You all Took such good care of Piper!!! I do not worry when I leave her there because you all remember her and love her and know all she’s been through And like the Military Discount. I never heard of another vet offering it 👍"
- Kris Farrlley
04/28/2019 19:15:36
"The entire staff is wonderful! They all treat our babies with love 💕 & caring!!"
- Sare Deome
04/27/2019 21:15:28
"Howard!!! 😊"
- Stacey Davis
04/26/2019 00:03:44
"Visit was great, Macha likes the staff very much!"
- Randall Smith
04/25/2019 05:14:21
"Eric and Daisy are awesome!!!"
- Tina Mudge
04/23/2019 14:36:32
"Everybody was nice like always!"
- Sarah Baker
04/22/2019 21:16:15
"You guys are the best. Look forward to bringing Linkin there on the future."
- Micheal Doss
04/22/2019 19:24:12
"The whole staff has called us to check on our dog and her new puppies. It has been amazing to feel everyone cares. "
- Sabrina Derome
04/19/2019 20:23:54
"You guys all rock!"
- Robyn Rhodes
04/16/2019 14:42:49
"The best vets in Florida. I always recommend The Southeast Veterinary Hospital to all my friends and neighbors. They always go above and beyond..... And Jessica is a treasure. Every one there is."
- Jacqui Souza
04/08/2019 14:56:16
"I am bad with names"
- Julie Clay
04/08/2019 13:40:55
"No one in particular...everyone treated me (us) great. Thanks, and keep up the good work."
- Roy Jones
04/08/2019 01:50:00
"Jessica! She always goes above & beyond to be so very helpful and follows up!"
- Candy Rettich
04/07/2019 00:20:36
"Daisy, Jessica and a newbie (Lindsay?) who cut Sarah’s nails"
- Carol Dubray
04/03/2019 21:21:30
"Chad & Brittany were fantastic. We were camping down the road and one of our 3 dogs developed a cyst which needed to be removed. I called on a Friday AM at 0900 and they saw our dog at 1030. The dog stayed and the cyst was removed and we picked him up at 5pm. Awesome!"
- Joseph Capalbo
03/31/2019 22:37:15
"Excellent service"
- Karen Beck
03/31/2019 21:02:48
"Both the “nurse” and the vet!"
- Gerri Gass
03/30/2019 21:51:40
"We are staying at the Compass rv resort and our dog was in need of immediate bladder surgery. The staff were exceptionally professional and we're very compassionate towards our concerns. The Drs were exceptionally concerned, very professional, and explained thoroughly how they would proceed with the surgery and the follow up care. If we lived here, we definitely would take our animals here."
- Gary Noordahof
03/27/2019 22:27:59
"Your response and expediency in seeing my cat was great. All were caring. "
- Nancy Welsh
03/21/2019 20:34:13
"Thank you for helping my fur baby feel better!"
- Gina Liscinsky
03/20/2019 01:24:43
"Chad really take care of my cats"
- Ken Weaver
03/19/2019 16:59:15
"Everyone there made our day, from the receptionists to the Veterinarians Assistant, to the Vet Himself. We knew our pets were in Great hands"
- Barry Reyelts
03/17/2019 14:14:50
"We are so happy with all the staff! Kelly won the gold star from Belle and I today. Belle doesn't like to leave her home and Kelly is always so kind and tolerant of her pulling and bossypants ways. I couldn't be happier with the service everyone provides for our babies. "
- Dorothiea Spencer
03/16/2019 20:14:53
"Best vet I have ever used!"
- Owen Schrum
03/15/2019 18:33:31
"All staff were exceptional! Thanks for all you All do!"
- Bill Haddox
03/14/2019 02:56:09
"I called a few vets before booking an appointment with SEV, Daisy was the nicest receptionist and basically why I booked the appointment. She had all the time to answer my questions and a great attitude. All the staff was very nice. "
- Jenny White
03/12/2019 16:23:45
"Jessica has us on her egg delivery run. Fantastic! Dr. Chad was informative and enjoyable to interact with. Dr. Brittaney was joyful exuberant outgoing fantastic self when we arrived. The dogs settled in quickly and were comfortable with the hospital's layout and grounds. 10 out of 10 *********"
- George, Peggy Linardos
03/08/2019 20:09:48
"The entire staff. Especially the kind gentleman that let me drop off patches early"
- Melissa Renfroe
03/08/2019 18:13:22
"My dog and I were treated like family, much appreciated!"
- Jill Trevallion
03/08/2019 14:22:23
"Was just there for a follow up visit after dental cleaning."
- Andrew Catlett
03/07/2019 10:33:37
"Everyone is so nice and accommodating! We are very glad to bring Buddy here and he seems to like it too :-)"
- Amy Whiteside
03/02/2019 19:36:31
"I love this place. No waiting and the staff are very friendly and the vet explained everything in laymen’s terms. "
- Portia Smallwood
03/02/2019 15:36:39
- Paul Steinke
02/28/2019 00:39:20
"Everyone very professional and courteous."
- Martha/Robert Lee
02/26/2019 18:01:46
"Great first experience. I’ve already referred my friend to Dr. Timberlake. Everyone I spoke to during our emergency visit was amazing."
- Ann Prater
02/25/2019 15:21:57
" All the staff is wonderful "
- Michelle Cosmato
02/25/2019 13:21:49
"I love ur clinic. Everyone is so friendly and so good with my doggies. Thank u."
- Chris McDaniel
02/24/2019 16:57:53
"Tech and vet answered all my questions and planned for a follow up of my question about Qinn’s Eyesight"
- Toni, Ron Covato
02/16/2019 18:13:55
"Everyone is awesome!!!"
- Curt & Darlene Osteen
02/16/2019 18:02:17
"My dog, Missy, recently spent time with you while I was in the hospital. Although I missed her terribly, I never once was concerned about her care. I know from experience how competent and caring ALL of you are. Thank you."
- Ann Brogden
02/15/2019 14:42:32
"The staff and doctor are conscientious and professional. My 12 year old Sheltie has several health issues and I am pleased with the options and directions of care offered. "
- Beverly Blunck
02/15/2019 12:32:01
"The staff is amazing! I am thrilled we are partners together in the care of my many animals!! Shout out to Jessica, Kelly and Dr. T!!"
- Kelly McDonald
02/14/2019 19:27:05
"Everyone is so kind, helpful and informative! We are so thankful we found this wonderful place for our dog Henry!"
- Dottie Johnson
02/13/2019 21:29:55
"I am very grateful for your ability ti fit my little Mickey in and to refer him to Capital Vet Specialist...they are certainly impressive and easily accessible via US 1 or Hywy 95 and their hours or wonderful. Thank you so very much."
- Mary Gerling
02/12/2019 01:36:57
"Thank you for the care you gave Honey in a very stressful situation. "
- Sue Butler
02/11/2019 15:31:26
"Thank you for treating my dog's like they are my family, and for ALWAYS explaining everything to me and for not trying to sell me something else. You are really prompt on setting appointments and replying to emails. I feel very comfortable and confident with your hospital.😊"
- Tina Mudge
02/08/2019 17:45:55
"Staff and doctor meet all expectations!!"
- Honey Norlander
02/07/2019 17:54:44
"Yes there was a new girl helping the doctor give missy her shots and taking care of missy I’m sorry I forgot her name but she was amazing with missy I really like her. And all the other girls are great too everyone is so nice thank you"
- Michelle Sousa
02/07/2019 02:33:57