"Due to the COVID-19 constraints all visits are done curbside so two of the questions could not be answered truthful as I didn't enter the building. But the outside was clean and appointment was met promptly. Darla loves her people!❤"
- Diane Boone
10/26/2020 20:18:17
"I contacted Southeast Veterinary Hospital when my dog became sick while we were at a nearby campground. My dog received thorough and excellent care. He's well on his way back to good health."
- Barbara Mansolino
10/23/2020 21:04:53
"The staff was extremely professional and compassionate when it came to taking care of Auggie "
- Richard Santos
10/23/2020 16:11:11
"All of you.🙂🙂"
- Steve Magargle
10/21/2020 15:33:53
"Whether I am bringing my dog in, picking up meds, or calling with a question, every person is always kind, helpful, knowledgeable, and makes me feel like me and my dog are precious family. In June, I brought my 14 yr old Sheltie in and you helped her take her final breath. I thought the pain was too great and I would never get another dog. The emptiness was too great and I bought a Havanese puppy. For a few days I thought it would be too painful to come there with my new pet so I would find another Vet. Then I decided that walking away from all of you and entrusting my beautiful new puppy to someone else was a foolish thought. The first drive to bring my Sadie to you was an emotional one but, as soon as I spoke to your staff, I knew I would be ok and Sadie was in wonderful hands to give her the healthiest life! Sorry I sound so melodramatic but I trust and appreciate eaxh and every one of you. Thank you for being the best!"
- Peggy Kilmartin
10/21/2020 10:00:28
"Everyone has been super duper helpful that I have dealt with so far!"
- Tori Christensen Swamphaven
10/18/2020 18:34:23
"First time meeting and having Tia taken care by Lea - she is great. As always -- great to see Jessica, Eric & Dr. Brittany :-)"
- Teri Austin
10/17/2020 20:15:39
"Love all of the staff there! You guys are great!! Thanks for taking such great care of Duke and Maddie."
- Robyn Rhodes
10/15/2020 19:19:31
"Love everyone at SEVH!!"
- Mel and Lori Lewis
10/15/2020 15:38:15
"Everyone I came in contact with was very professional and pleasant to talk to!!"
- Kaitlyn Thomas
10/11/2020 18:49:51
"Dr of course. And also Jessica always knows everything about our boys when we call. "
- Tiffany Lyon
10/11/2020 15:07:36
"The fur babies love doctor Timberlakes and Eric and Jessica . "
- Patty Keister
10/10/2020 13:04:41
"Kina and Eric greeted me this morning with smiles always a great day to start the day."
- Ana & Brian McDowell
10/09/2020 23:42:00
"Everybody there is fantastic! Dr. Chad and Dr. T, Jessica, Daisy, Kina, Eric, Laura, etc..."
- Carol & Steve Hageman
10/09/2020 13:36:28
"The entire staff at SEVH are amazing and caring. Would never go anywhere else. "
- Robin Cacchio/Toton
10/09/2020 13:15:03
"Dr Chad, even though he didn’t specifically diagnose Olive’s itching jowls malady, he felt the steroid regimen would alleviate her problem."
- Roy Jones
10/06/2020 14:24:28
"You all make my day! Bella and I always love visiting. "
- Mary, Jay Foulks
10/04/2020 17:02:57
"OMG I forgot her name but she was a cute young girl with long dark hair. She was so sweet and very knowledgeable. Everyone there is awesome. When I call or have a problem. I am so sorry I forget names. I know Daisy was one girl too. But honestly everyone is great. Thank you all again for helping me out so much. Sally Walsh"
- Sally Walsh
10/04/2020 16:40:14
"Everyone! :)"
- Barbara Galambos
10/04/2020 12:14:16
"Everyone is top notch and Christine was super thorough! Thank you!"
- Christine Molinaro
10/01/2020 15:09:14
"We will be back. I actually would like to be in the vet but due to Covid I know that was impossible as the only thing I missed."
- Sally Hagan
10/01/2020 13:08:31
"Everyone is always kind, helpful, and courteous. "
- Margaret Ditusa
09/30/2020 15:56:06
"Christina always goes above and beyond with explanations and customer service. Your staff here are top notch "
- Joanne Tyler
09/29/2020 23:44:22
"Thank you so much!!!"
- Eve Symons
09/27/2020 15:41:05
"The employees that work here are always pleasant and very caring. We love Dr. T"
- Carol Eichelberger
09/27/2020 11:28:37
"Lea was absolutely amazing! We love her❤️ She is fantastic with people and fur babies!"
- Kevin Wolcott (Lea's Dad)
09/25/2020 14:28:37
"Friendly, Fast, Helpful and Thorough"
- Bri Geer
09/25/2020 06:10:30
"Excellent service with the drive up because of COVID. Thanks "
- James Bosworth
09/22/2020 23:52:20
"Jessica is alway very helpful and very understanding. Dr. T is wonderful. I am so glad my animals are patients here. "
- Kelly McDonald
09/18/2020 21:48:27
"Christine, Dr. Timberlands, Jessica "
- Mick Barnes
09/16/2020 22:29:34
"The professional and personal care and follow up was beyond expectations, and for this I would suggest a five star rating and a number one rating for saint Augustine finest veterinary clinic and hospital, thank you, Smokey DeLong"
- Robert Delong
09/16/2020 02:31:39
"Love this place. So glad we found it. "
- Anna McElhenny
09/15/2020 20:27:09
"My tech and Dr/Mrs Timberlake were so Helpful and put me at ease. "
- Gina Kans
09/14/2020 10:02:49
"I was very happy ☺️ an pleased with everyone that helped me they explained everything to me from the moment I got there.lil bitty is doing so much better thanks to all 💋🐾"
- Brenda Belson
09/11/2020 20:25:45
"I was told to pick up Dixie Woltner at 5:00. My daughter arrived, called to say she was there, no one came out to greet her & she sat for 1 1/2 hours for someone to bring Dixie to the car. She called 2 or 3 times to say that she was still in the parking lot with her 1 year old son waiting. "
- Vickie Woltner
09/11/2020 19:13:55
"Jessica always makes our day!!! "
- Kim Sweat
09/09/2020 15:38:36
"No matter who answers the phone or who comes out to pick up Buster ... everyone there is amazing , knowledgeable and kind . "
- Gayle Walls
09/05/2020 20:14:16
"I am so happy with SEVH. All the techs, office personnel and doctor were wonderful. They answered all my questions and spent a lot of time with me. I feel like Sam( my labradoodle) and I have found a new family and I would recommend this practice with no hesitation knowing you are going to get excellent care for your pet."
- Genell Shouse
09/02/2020 15:06:15
"All went well can't complain about anything It was a good experience "
- John & Mary Burzo
08/30/2020 15:02:55
"Very pleased. Thank you."
- Pete Mecca
08/27/2020 12:35:53
"All the staff are charming and very, very kind."
- Julie Taylor
08/26/2020 22:18:53
"The doctor and his staff seem very well educated and well trained. I felt like their primary concern is the health of the pet. "
- Bill Enos
08/26/2020 20:23:32
"Cannot adequately rate cleanliness.....unable to come in secondary to COVID restrictions. Impressed that staff knew our dogs and were so happy to see them again"
- Mary Snyder
08/26/2020 19:33:50
"Always feel welcomed. Since this was a COVID impacted visit I was thrilled with the curbside service. I couldn't be more pleased. The first attendant took his time getting to know Lucy Lou and gain her trust since she was in her car and she is very protective. "
- Kathy Hagy
08/14/2020 19:42:51
"All the staff @ Southeast Veterinary Hospital are great. "
- Sarah Baker
08/13/2020 17:22:30
"Great vet hospital. "
- Chris McDaniel
08/13/2020 04:02:12
"Very caring"
- Donna Blauser
08/11/2020 20:02:56
"I always have a great experience from beginning to end. "
- Shirley Edwards
08/11/2020 16:53:38
"Daisy was very empathetic and hepful"
- Sue Paul
08/11/2020 16:30:46
"Dr Timberlake & Staff, Thank you all so much for taking such good care of Tucker on August 7th. From scheduling the appointment to the prompt diagnosis everyone went above and beyond! Dr T was Tucker's first doctor 5 years ago in Jacksonville. We had a very active aka WILD puppy at the time and didn't think that making a 2 hour round trip commute would work for our schedules. However, we always said if we decided to change or needed a second opinion we would contact Dr T. We contacted Dr T's office and they got us in right away. As always Dr T did an amazing job! Our Tucker boy is shy/skittish at first, but within few short minutes Tucker warmed up to Dr T and his staff. I cannot recall the Vet Tech's name, but he was AWESOME and was very patient with me and all of my questions. Thanks to all and we look forward to seeing you all soon. Christi & Jason Powell"
- Christie Powell
08/10/2020 21:57:44
"Lea is awesome and Dr. Brittany always makes me feel like my Mizi is my human baby. Jessica and Daisy are always so helpful on the phone and I worked with Megan for the first time yesterday and really appreciated her caring, courteous attitude"
- Hillary Hooser
08/09/2020 01:06:04
"We LOVE SEVH! While I'm sure that the entire staff is lovely, I can only speak to those that we've interacted with. We love Christine, Daisy, Erik, Jessica, Laura & both Drs. Timberlake!"
- Joi Straaten
08/07/2020 19:44:02
"Everyone is always friendly and helpful."
- Joni Cichra
08/03/2020 00:10:42
"I’m new to this vet but I say so far it has been very good with this bad weather coming in will I be able to bring spooky in Monday for laser treatment and on wed as well if I understand this you must have all 6 in order but I’m glad to have a vet that will answer my questions as my Spooky is my sweet baby "
- Charlotte & Donald Ferguson
07/31/2020 21:09:33
"Incredibly friendly and helpful staff. I appreciated all the time spent explaining and thoroughly discussing options for treatment. "
- Jesse McCaleb
07/30/2020 17:22:19
"Christine, Eric & Jessica"
- Joanne Tyler
07/26/2020 20:41:12
"Jessica is simply "The BEST". "
- Therese Dry
07/26/2020 16:52:01
"I love everyone at SEVet! Jessica is wonderful and always helpful when I call. Dr. Chad always listens and explains clearly everything I need to know about my 19 year old dog. I appreciate all of you and I'm so glad to have you all taking care of my pets! Thank you!"
- Daphne, Eddie Kimberly
07/23/2020 16:28:11
"Given the "unusual" situation, the curb-side service was exceptional! Really appreciated the prompt attention and care for our "girls". Thank you."
- Barbara Slifer
07/20/2020 12:28:51
"The staff and doctors are all caring and knowledgable."
- Angie O'Brien
07/19/2020 00:20:23
"The staff and drs very good "
- Alice Roberts
07/17/2020 19:16:57
"Jessica always calms me when I am concerned about one of our fur babies."
- Jeanne Hutson
07/14/2020 14:07:41
"My first visit was awesome! You’re Covid protocol must be very difficult. It was so hot out, yet the tech and doctor took their time—sorry you must have been so hot! Looking forward to a long relationship caring for our Andy!"
- Karli Kroeger
07/13/2020 02:11:07
"I came to your hospital feeling defeated about how to help my dog based on my prior vets responses. I asked a ton of questions and probably seemed alittle crazy but everyone at your hospital was so patient with me and explained everything with great detail. And then to top it all off the Dr. and Tech stayed late to get X-rays for Zeus’ surgery consult! Above and beyond! I feel so grateful for you all!"
- Nicole Monroe
07/08/2020 19:55:12
"Jessica and Daisy always make my day! "
- Angela Shields
06/30/2020 19:43:20
"Surgical nurse Leah, Dr M, everyone we encountered! Love out vet's office, the staff and the excellent care they take of my furkids!"
- Michelle, Scott Rose
06/29/2020 21:58:47
"We actually only had to pick up meds for Stella, but we appreciated not having to come into the office as a precaution. I answered the questions as I did due to our past experiences. You've always been so informative, helpful and friendly.We are thankful to you all for all you have done for Stella. She's in great shape."
- Debbie Carubia
06/27/2020 00:28:12
"Eric the vet tech was superb. Answered all my questions and was very positive."
- James & Carey Cramer
06/26/2020 17:14:16
"Everyone is always so nice and welcoming. Daisy is always so sweet to ask about Fin even if im just picking up meds. "
- April Fitzsimmons
06/23/2020 18:34:24
"Yes, Dr. Timberlake was nice enough to take the time to discuss the importance of diet and caloric intake."
- Joseph Sappington
06/21/2020 17:43:30
"Very kind....techs and the dr. Very concerned with the health of my bunny. "
- Jean Wagner
06/20/2020 00:41:03
"Everyone is always wonderful when we go to the vet. They take the time to greet you and your pet, they accommodate all your needs, and they give you options on what you feel comfortable with doing. They never force treatments or procedures that are unnecessary and costly and they always try the least invasive options first. I love this animal hospital and eveyone that works there. We will never go anywhere else with our pets!"
- Liz Descar
06/18/2020 11:58:30
"Very kind and considerate staff and Doctor took the time to explain things as clearly as possible. Would have appreciated a few more Avenues to explore for treatment. Overall very positive experience"
- Brian Pruegger
06/13/2020 16:59:38
"Dr Mrs Timberlake is so great with my dog and always makes me feel like my pet is in excellent hands. She tells me little things that my dog does and also the staff. They are not only professional but warm and welcoming. "
- Karina Boyles (Dove)
06/12/2020 15:33:27
"Great experience during my first visit. I highly recommend Southeast Vet hospital!!"
- Shirley Edwards
06/12/2020 14:30:02
"All the staff is very pleasent"
- Nancy Nock
06/11/2020 12:00:56
"Dr Bradberry is awesome. She has a great attitude and sense of humor. But, she is efficient, effective and communicates well. "
- Tina Mudge
06/11/2020 00:44:29
"Dr. Timberlake (Mrs.) Was very helpful in answering my many questions about my dog's health and behavior. I appreciate her genuine concern and expertise and the time she spent on the phone with me. Her love for the animals in her care shines through! ❤️"
- Kerry Prodromides
06/09/2020 15:32:01
"Process worked well with current coved restrictions"
- Sue Paul
06/08/2020 08:13:33
"Very friendly staff and Dr.Timberland was very helpful in answering my questions and concerns. "
- Robert Sanzone
06/06/2020 21:27:03
"Jessica is always so helpful and caring. "
- Judy Campbell
06/06/2020 19:02:05
"We liked the Dr. and the staff, very friendly and caring. I assumed the office was clean I never was inside."
- Nancy Clark
06/05/2020 11:06:12
"Dr Chad & Eric Are always so helpful and caring. All of the staff is amazing. "
- Carol Herforth
06/04/2020 23:43:49
"Looks like you all will be our go-to vet moving forward! Glad we found you!"
- Nevin Thorpe
06/03/2020 18:32:26
"We LOVE SEVH! Everyone is fantastic. The staff that we interact with the most and are always professional, courteous, helpful and kind are, of course, both Drs. Timberlake; also Laura, Christine, Daisy and Eric. Special shout out to Jessica - she is the ideal person for the 'face of SEVH'. She embodies kindness and compassion, but it's her enthusiasm for animals that is so delightful. The first time we were in your office, she sat right down on the floor to meet our pack, and we knew right then that we were in the right place. "
- Joi Straaten
06/03/2020 17:36:37
"Overall amazing team!"
- Gina Liscinsky
06/01/2020 02:14:30
"Thank you for your kindness and caring staff! It was my first time to a vet in a very long time and everyone made it enjoyable for me as well as my fur baby! Thank you again!"
- Mary Day
05/30/2020 11:47:48
"Your staff explained the new check-in & pick-up procedures, during this Covid crisis, & greeted my cat & me outside. It all went ok. Thank you!"
- Hary Nunnemacher
05/29/2020 01:50:13
"very satisfied!"
- Wendy Rodgers
05/28/2020 22:17:21
"I didn’t “enter the reception area” nor was I in the hospital due to COVID restrictions. I couldn’t skip questions that I couldn’t honestly answer so below is what I was referring to for those particular questions... When I called, my call was answered promptly and the greeting was warm and welcoming. While I waited in my car I observed that the outside of the building was neatly kept so I wouldn’t expect anything less of the inside. 😊 Thanks for taking such great care of my pup, Banjo!"
- Laura & Joey Summa
05/26/2020 16:12:52
"Daisy always has a very positive attitude!! We love her!! Kira and her mom and dad"
- Robin Hart
05/26/2020 12:09:10
"Couldn't see inside, assumed it was clean"
- Lenny & Maria Wilcox
05/25/2020 01:54:29
"We are so grateful for everyone that helped Penelope! She came into your office in pretty dire straits and with all of your amazing work came home well on the road to recovery:-). I can’t tell y’all how much we appreciate your kindness and dedication in the way you care for your patients and their parents. "
- Jennifer Lebron
05/25/2020 01:34:46
"Everyone I talked with was extremely polite and helpful. I interacted with 5 staff members and think they all go above and beyond what would be expected."
- Linda Evans
05/24/2020 00:46:47
"Sorry hit the wrong button not dirty , I waited in my car.meant next. Good visit. Maggy is doing well. Thank you!!"
- Jean Singer
05/23/2020 02:50:33
- Scott Leavens
05/22/2020 19:14:12
"I called in to pick up Brevecto, paid for my order, drove to SEVH, called and got my order ASAP. I did not speak to a DR or come in so I cannot really answer everything but I am very happy with SEVH. Thank you, Rebecca"
- Rebecca Elliott
05/20/2020 16:29:09
"Everyone here has been absolutely amazing and always make the fur baby and my day! Thank you for all you do!"
- Megan Theodore
05/19/2020 00:19:57
"So glad to have found you. Can feel everyone’s passion for the health of our pets. I’ve already been telling friends how lucky and pleased we have been. Thank you. "
- Linda Drozd
05/17/2020 12:10:23
"Everyone is equally very courtesy, knowledgable, professional and above all very friendly. Don't know how they came up with this group of individuals but I promise that is few and far between. "
- George Hargrove
05/17/2020 00:01:42