"Dr. Timberlake is always helpful and shows genuine interest in our dog and spends any additional time necessary to answer our questions. "
- Brad Evans
11/12/2018 16:14:24
"The vet tec that worked with Toby was very good with him! I also really liked the lady vet. She was good with Toby, and explained things really well! Thanks Barbara S."
- Barbara Shearer
11/09/2018 02:15:37
"We are extremely happy with the service and attention give to us and especially to my pet."
- Jose Astacio
11/09/2018 02:09:50
"Everyone at the clinic takes such good care of both Bella and us. I implicitly trust you all to give her the best care. "
- Mary, Jay Foulks
11/09/2018 01:40:02
"All who assisted made my day from the greet to care to pay to goodbye. Love your staff"
- Paula Birch
11/08/2018 15:50:51
"The staff is very friendly and always very helpful We appreciate their smiles and the way they make you feel comfortable in sometimes Avery stressful situation."
- Connie Chrenko
11/07/2018 18:57:17
"I am so happy I found this AMAZING place...every single interaction was, caring, loving, professional!!! Thank you🙏 Dottie Johnson"
- Dottie Johnson
11/02/2018 00:09:13
"Jessica always is wonderful.always has smile on her face. very helpful.Dr.T went above and beyond for the care of Bear"
- Jacqui Souza
11/01/2018 16:06:25
"Dr Timberlake is awesome with my dog. We have extra confidence in him being the first vet to ever know exactly why my dog has a crooked face and explained to us the first time we ever saw the dr. Also always remembers us and details about our sons sports. These small things really make a difference. "
- James, Nicole Martin
10/31/2018 00:33:27
"Everyone is incredibly nice and great to my Luke Duke Rose ( rescue bloodhound )"
- Deborah/Edward Rose
10/28/2018 23:57:34
"You are the GREATEST "
- Julia DiPianta
10/25/2018 17:27:44
"Your staff is wonderful. Jessica and Daisy helped me this time around."
- Kate Masters
10/25/2018 16:27:01
"Everyone is attentive and professional. Jessica is a great asset to your business (and to our family). I am biased."
- Jenny Harker
10/23/2018 03:10:14
"Tater loves it there. I have not seen him smile outside of our house before! I have already recommended Southeast Veterinary Hospital to my friends."
- Debbie Hampton
10/17/2018 14:19:43
"Dr Janine Bradberry suggested I come and I’m so glad I did. I only wish I was local to you and could have your clinic as my everyday place to bring my dogs"
- Cynthia Springer
10/17/2018 12:31:29
"Overall, I was very pleased with our visit and the attention given to the animal and myself. You are all very thorough and have produced a very relaxed atmosphere which makes the experience better for the client. "
- Holly Morrow
10/16/2018 12:22:09
"Not thinking I could get a same day appointment, I asked for an appointment two days out, on my day off. The receptionist called back, almost immediately, due to the symptoms, arranged for a same day appointment. Thankfully everything was alright with Rusty, but the concern for his well being impressed me."
- Ric Giumenta
10/08/2018 12:37:41
"Dr. Timberlake explains well and is knowledgeable and kind "
- Carolyn & David Mueller
10/07/2018 02:55:17
"You made boarding my cat Mosby very easy. It's only the 2nd time in 13 yrs that she has been boarded. You were very nice when I called to check on her. Thank you."
- Judy Davis
10/05/2018 11:17:41
"Yes. Dr. T (Mr.) was compassionate to the needs and condition of my senior cat, Bosco, he cancelled me on options, and did not make me doubt my choices. The assistant, who's name I didn't note REALLY made my day when, upon handing me the antibiotics for Bosco, said "...most are flavored, but I haven't tasted this one yet." I had been crying and she made me laugh - and again later when I shared that experience with family. You guys are wonderful!"
- Renee Leigh
10/04/2018 12:13:56
"All of the staff are absolutely amazing! I will never go anywhere else! They have my total trust with my pets"
- Renee Gurr
09/30/2018 02:47:41
- Curt & Darlene Osteen
09/29/2018 21:56:51
"I appreciate your care and concern!"
- Alton Dunn
09/28/2018 14:08:49
"I have a very difficult cat and the doctor and staff were amazing. Thank you."
- Mary Sanders
09/27/2018 15:11:29
"Dr. Mrs. T and Jessica!!"
- Pamela Loescher
09/24/2018 18:31:52
"All of the staff ! But Jessica definitely makes my dogs 🐶 tails wag😄"
- Sare Deome
09/23/2018 01:50:00
"We are soooo pleased with all the attention we received from you! We are singing your praises all over town~ Therese & Roger Dry"
- Therese Dry
09/22/2018 21:14:43
"Daisy made a follow up call to see how Prince was doing - that was very much appreciated. Thank you."
- Jean Rushworth
09/19/2018 21:37:36
"Staff so pleasant and helpful. Really like how the hospital is set up as I have a difficult pet and it was not stressful coming or going for us. I really like how I could walk my dog before entering the clinic to calm him. Staff really works to be stress free for all concerned."
- Tina Mudge
09/18/2018 22:08:19
"I did not get names but all from the Dr to the staff displayed a concern for my dog DUKE. I did appreciate that concern."
- George McCrea
09/16/2018 17:54:00
"We had a great experience. The vet tech as well as the veterinarian was wonderful with not only my pets, but my small children as well. We will definitely be back!"
- Sarah Huber
09/13/2018 16:08:48
"Staff seemed to truly love animals."
- Sharon Hinchman
09/09/2018 13:57:57
"All did"
- Carol Sellers
09/07/2018 21:02:44
"Everyone there is great!! They treat my dog as if she is their own! "
- Karen Tyler
09/07/2018 18:42:35
"Drs. Chad and Britany Timberlake and their staff are one of the most family oriented practices I’ve ever taken my pet to. Their caring and expertise are phenomenal! "
- Chris/BK Tenaro
09/07/2018 17:59:55
"Dr. Brittney is Awesome!!! And so was Brandi :)"
- Bill and Rena Schmelz
09/07/2018 16:49:11
"All of the staff were great, I worked with Jessica mostly. I thank them all for taking such good care of our foster Lily"
- (Vivienne Rowe) United Yorkie Rescue
09/07/2018 16:33:20
"all the ladies at the front desk"
- Veronica Guckiean
09/07/2018 16:19:59
"Jess, Daisy and Jordyn Brody and I wish Jordyn the best and she will be greatly missed. 🐶😢"
- Nancy Beaudoin
08/30/2018 19:03:20
"Jessica, always pleasant!!"
- Bob/Terry Eldridge
08/29/2018 13:16:11
"Dr. Brittany Timberlake always takes the time to sit down and ask if there is anything she can help with. She takes an interest in the owners as well as the pets. "
- Jennifer Karley
08/29/2018 12:04:34
"Very happy we found out about your place. We are very pleased with the service we received. "
- Kenneth Price
08/23/2018 23:30:39
"Everyone there was extremely friendly and helpful. "
- Michelle Jacobson
08/23/2018 13:09:45
"I appreciate the calls made on my behalf to get me fast service and questions answered, even calling another vet office so I felt comfortable with making the decisions I needed to make. The staff went above and beyond. "
- Kimberly Cook
08/23/2018 12:11:59
"All the staff is excellent"
- Steve & Cecilia Mavroudis
08/22/2018 14:43:49
"We are very thankful to have found Dr. T. It is apparent that all of the staff love animals and take their job seriously. Very positive experience even considering the circumstances. Thank you for the excellent care! "
- Courtney & Austin Gaver
08/20/2018 22:32:15
"All staff are wonderful."
- Toni, Ron Covato
08/17/2018 18:22:48
"I had a medical emergency with my Chihuahua while away from home and camping near the Southeast Veterinary Hospital. The campsite listed them in their handout of emergency numbers. I called them and they had me bring my dog in within 2 hours. They provided the examination, diagnosis, and medications all within 1/2 hour after arriving at their office. I couldn't ask for anything better occurring with my emergency. They recommended a close emergency veterinary office in case my dog's condition worsened during the night. They also did a follow up call to me the next day to see how my dog was doing. If I was living closer to their office I certainly would continue to use them for all my veterinary needs."
- Brenda Roberts
08/16/2018 21:57:46
"The staff is wonderful, so accommodating. Thank you!"
- Judy Ross
08/16/2018 21:13:46
"Everyone was very pleasant, courteous and helpful"
- Larry Walker
08/16/2018 20:19:34
"Provided confidence in the service and the importance of the process."
- Sarah Santiago
08/14/2018 21:27:33
"Daisy is certainly a pleasure to deal with at the front desk. As usual, Jessica does a super job and I always enjoy interacting with her--good sense of humor and she really seems to care about our pets."
- Toni Merilatt
08/14/2018 21:26:57
"Everyone I dealt with was great"
- Brenda Jordan
08/14/2018 20:03:41
"Yes !!!!"
- Paul Steinke
08/04/2018 12:49:56
"All staff are friendly and professional. "
- John Fender
08/03/2018 21:37:04
"No. They all rock "
- Bob & Yvette Jonis
08/03/2018 21:03:12
"Jessica is awesome!"
- Dorothiea Spencer
08/03/2018 20:57:54
"The whole crew is amazing. "
- Renee Gurr
08/01/2018 02:39:21
"Jessica is amazing! Actually all the girls are! I wish there was less turnover (but I am sure you do, too!)"
- Pamela Loescher
07/29/2018 18:32:03
"Jessica is fantastic. Always greets you with a smile, and very knowledgeable."
- James Kendra
07/25/2018 02:52:05
"I look forward to years of service for my dogs."
- Jennifer Taylor
07/24/2018 21:18:23
"I recently moved here and recently got a puppy, So finding you guys is a blessing, and a worry off my mind. Thank You all"
- Joe Cascio
07/23/2018 12:57:43
"Everyone there always makes my day. Also make my dogs feel so welcome and spoiled. I love everybody there. I am very thankful for you guys"
- Deborah Johnson
07/21/2018 18:16:12
"Jessica is AMAZING......"
- Jacqui Souza
07/15/2018 11:14:07
"Very expensive when you are retired and on a fixed income. "
- Dana Drake
07/14/2018 01:15:01
"Jessica was so helpful, she made a stressful situation much easier to deal with. She went out of her way to help and I appreciated that"
- Eyleen Willow
07/12/2018 20:51:08
"Fantastic experience and I am moving all care for Maddie my setter to you! Thanks for taking care of her. Owen Schrum"
- Owen Schrum
07/12/2018 14:51:52
"Jessica is always kind and caring. She is attentive to the animals and owners. She makes the experience at check in and check out flawless."
- Rayleen + Nicholas Caggiano
07/12/2018 02:42:07
"Jessica helped me when I was out of town and my dog got sick. She told me what to do until I got home "
- Linda Haas
07/11/2018 23:41:23
"Love the concern and genuineness Dr. Brittany shows and compassion she has."
- Judy Campbell
07/11/2018 20:46:10
"Daisy, Jessica, and I believe her name is Laurie??? They were all amazing. Kudos to all of you. Y'all are awesome. I have a large family so its a lot to bring them in and they made it painless. Thank you!"
- Katie Watkins
07/11/2018 19:53:36
"Everyone- always a stellar experience "
- Kate Mehl
07/11/2018 19:38:31
"Jessica always makes our day. We enjoyed meeting Daisy as well"
- Carol Dubray
06/30/2018 15:27:37
"Everyone there always makes the visits pleasant!"
- Kim Merckling
06/30/2018 02:11:34
"Very sweet Group of females. And Chad too. "
- Blaine Johnson
06/23/2018 12:26:28
"The doctors and staff made my day."
- Barbara, Ron Delisle
06/22/2018 00:06:18
"I felt so at home there. We were with another vet but the office was too cool and clinical. It sounds odd, but I dont like that. I want cozy and comfortable. All your staff are so kind and helpful. I immediately felt like we had come to the right place!"
- Julie Taylor
06/21/2018 18:35:18
"All the staff is great"
- Tom Garcia
06/21/2018 15:37:28
"All that help with lily. Lily seem quite comfortable with Dr. T and Jessia. I know there was another lady that took care of her too."
- (Vivienne Rowe) United Yorkie Rescue
06/21/2018 14:59:37
"Brian and I can’t thank you all enough for your support, help, and passion with Brody! "
- Melissa Mulvaney
06/18/2018 00:49:22
"Everyone was great"
- Judith Mele
06/17/2018 00:27:30
"Jordyn & Jessica always are very personable and eager to help. "
- Nancy Beaudoin
06/15/2018 20:40:40
"Jess and Jordan are always welcoming, friendly and happy to see my dogs "
- Linda Marimpietri
06/10/2018 01:55:01
"Everyone "
- Carol Sellers
06/09/2018 14:49:11
"Dr. T.... and my favorite receptionist... "
- Charlene Martin
06/07/2018 03:27:54
"Jessica was very helpful and above/ beyond! Dr Was excellent and did her research with Chinchilla to provide best care in situation"
- Michelle & David Casto
06/06/2018 12:24:25
" Just picked up a heartworm pill, but everyone asked about Olive...great to feel they really care."
- Roy Jones
06/06/2018 11:41:47
"Jessica at the front desk is awesome. She’s very attentive and helpful. "
- Vicky Carregal
06/05/2018 20:37:36
"Thank you all for sincerely caring about my pets. Dr.Timberlake, Thank you for taking time to answer my questions and explaining my pet’s condition. I appreciate your educating me about my pet’s condition & discussing his management. Thanks to all."
- Dixie Thompson
06/05/2018 11:42:28
"The Vet, tech, and front desk were amazing!!! They took their time with us and were very helpful. They went above and beyond the quality of care we expected. Our pet and family are very pleased. "
- Liz Descar
05/31/2018 16:47:16
"Great experience for Bailey and us! "
- Dennis & Darla Christian
05/31/2018 02:22:42
"Staff very courteous.My bank not so much!"
- Guy, Maureen Tomasello
05/28/2018 21:37:45
"I was very grateful that the vet could see us at such short notice. Our vet was closed and recommended you. The vet and staff helped us get our dog stabilized and comfortable. Thanks again!"
- Jill Scott
05/24/2018 18:20:51
"While I am a new patient, your staff made me feel like one of the family. Went above and beyond all my expectations. Thank you for your service to the citizens of St. Johns County! "
- Gayle Webb
05/23/2018 17:15:27
"Everyone made my day. I left with a smile on my face and Louie left with his tail wagging and a spring in his step. He likes going to the vet. "
- Kay Lee
05/23/2018 12:38:19
"Yes all the staff "
- Ken Weaver
05/23/2018 12:27:23
"All were pleasant"
- Alice McCoy
05/19/2018 15:45:54
" Dr. T and Jessica have been excellent to work with "
- Jeannette Ashton
05/18/2018 12:16:27
"Dr Chad Timberlake Makes an effort to talk and make us feel welcome"
- Angie O'Brien
05/14/2018 19:28:44
"Hoping this is our permanent care facility! Had a great first visit. Dr. T diagnosed a previously misdiagnosed skin condition which is a great relief. Very friendly and knowledgeable group overall from greeting to good bye. "
- Danielle Mayoros
05/13/2018 14:54:58