"Everyone we interact with does! On this visit Jessica, Christine, and Daisy were all amazing. "
- Angela Shields
01/24/2020 00:38:20
"You are all great!"
- Steve & Cecilia Mavroudis
01/23/2020 21:14:33
"All the staff They are amazing "
- Scarlett Martinez
01/20/2020 17:38:16
"Jessica is always amazing and thorough."
- Kara Dinkla
01/20/2020 16:42:54
"Everyone, I love all of you."
- Cheryl O'Connell-Butler
01/19/2020 21:35:30
"The whole staff is great!"
- April Fitzsimmons
01/19/2020 15:43:23
"Everyone does they are always smiling"
- Carol Eichelberger
01/16/2020 21:22:52
"Everyone I have had contact with at this facility has been extremely welcoming, warm and able to answer all my questions. Thank you so very much!"
- Kathy Shapiro
01/16/2020 19:51:09
"I think everyone fell in love with Kira and everyone was extremely nice and helpful! Sorry everyone was great which is a sign of a good team!! Everyone stood out!! Ty. Kira and her Mom Robin. ✔️👍🏻😊"
- Robin Hart
01/11/2020 18:08:47
"Eric did outstanding job, including the follow up. "
- Richard & Stacy Swan
01/11/2020 00:51:59
"First visit. I hope the results for my shepherd tell the story. Thanks"
- Bob Jones
01/10/2020 21:48:09
"Daisy !! "
- Paul Steinke
01/10/2020 21:09:31
"Each time my husband, Charlie or I come in, we always feel like we are being listened to and heard. Our questions (and with Stella's heartworm diagnosis, there were many)were answered with clarity and compassion. Each one of you helped us at different steps."
- Debbie Carubia
01/10/2020 20:58:29
"Miss Daisy at front desk and also the young man who came out into the front yard where we waited and checked our Daisy's ear to see if she was contagious. "
- Dawn/Lonnie Brown
01/07/2020 19:58:32
"As always, Jessica is amazing. She's always smiling and greets each patient as though they were the only patient the office has. Don't ever let her get away!"
- Sue Butler
01/06/2020 15:46:26
"We are new to the area, and loved our first visit to Southeast Vet Hospital. The entire staff was helpful and informative. Dr. Mrs. Timberlake spent the better part of 2 hours answering our questions - from dog food to obedience training. We are so happy to have found this wonderful place."
- Joi Straaten
01/04/2020 03:51:25
"We can't thank you enough for the attention you have given Charlie especially since it happened right around the holidays and your vacation. We wish humans could have the same attention in a doctor's office :-) All of our love, Teresa, Dave and Charlie Harris"
- Teresa Harris
01/03/2020 20:26:40
"The Dr was great. Jessica put up with me and all my questions very politely and informative. Thanks to the entire Staff and Merry Christmas 🎄 "
- Betty Adams
12/23/2019 01:28:52
"I was very pleased with the overall experience. Even better is Polsons skin seems better already!!!!"
- Gretchen McGlory
12/20/2019 21:10:13
"I was thankful the the clinic called me so quickly after leaving a message and was able to see my dog that very afternoon to address the problem and get him started on the proper meds quickly. Very professional and courteous staff . Would very highly recommend this clinic to everyone..."
- Peter Debevc
12/20/2019 20:31:18
"As usual, everyone was great! Jessica always goes above and beyond and makes every visit a breeze! "
- Geneva Loudermilk
12/18/2019 01:53:08
"Everyone always treats us well. Answers all questions and seem genuinely concerned for our pet.Great service. "
- Angie O'Brien
12/17/2019 02:28:58
"Keena maybe small, but she handled Lucky with a smile. 🤣🤣"
- Tina Mudge
12/12/2019 19:16:50
"Daisy and Jessica are outstanding!! However, Dr. And Mrs. Dr. T are the best I have EVER experienced!!! Truly the BEST EVER!!!"
- Pamela Loescher
12/12/2019 01:00:21
"Everyone I deal with is kind, considerate, knowledgeable , and shows that they care about me and my dog! The standard is set at excellent and every staff member seems to try to exceed that excellence! A wonderful group of professionals!"
- Peggy Kilmartin
12/04/2019 19:54:23
"Eric and Jessica are awesome "
- Patty Keister
12/03/2019 17:49:33
"Eric & Jessica"
- Joanne Tyler
12/01/2019 22:45:03
"Daisy is always helpful. She made us an appointment for an annual visit and refilled our Bravecto meds. Above and beyond she cleaned a scratch on my girls' side from the dog park and put an antibiotic ointment on it. Jessica and Daisy have helped us most of the time since we got our dog 14 months ago. Wonderful people."
- Nancy Holdsworth
11/26/2019 19:28:23
"very difficult to park as there were so many cars"
- Phyllis Miller
11/22/2019 21:18:46
"Jessica, Eric and Dr Britany Timberlake were so good to us and we appreciate everything they do!!"
- Scott Leavens
11/22/2019 18:40:59
"Thank you again for taking Piper on such very short notice. I was so worried about her but not after I left. I felt so much more relieved when I got back home. Awesome staff everyone. Thanks again."
- Sally Walsh
11/17/2019 21:01:58
"Yes...the tall guy with dreds...Rosie loved him and actually calms down around him!"
- Ann Hughes
11/15/2019 01:07:47
"Yes the sweet grey cat that chose my lap. She was so sweet and comforting."
- Jonnetta (Jaye) Gelwicks
11/14/2019 13:56:57
"Each time I visit I am met by gentle, compassionate people, each one of them. Everyone speaks so sweetly and calmly to my cat and they are very gentle with her. I think that is why she wasn't mad at me when we got back home. Thank you."
- Sara Cooper
11/13/2019 20:52:59
"Daisy & Jess are spectacular! "
- Sharon Kramer
11/07/2019 23:11:37
"Great Service, thank you!"
- Michelle Brueckheimer
11/06/2019 17:29:27
"Love everyone there and the women up front really seem to enjoy their jobs. The happiness they put out and the care and concern from Dr T who really went above and beyond to solve my fur baby’s issues was touching. I love you guys! "
- Cynthia Briere
11/03/2019 22:15:34
"Really like the office people and the vets that worked with Toby. Great attitudes. "
- Barbara Shearer
10/24/2019 18:52:10
"I find your practice exceptional! Of course I wish the prices could be a lot less, but that won't deter me from coming back. Thank you for your service to our furry family members! God bless you all!"
- Marianne Cooper
10/21/2019 04:58:22
"The Dr’s always do, but we also love Erik. He is so good with our boys and they love him!"
- Tiffany Lyon
10/20/2019 22:39:08
"Eric, so sweet very informative and made me feel calm. Always Jessica, she is a gem. Staff amazing just love Drs and their staff"
- Alice McCoy
10/19/2019 12:55:16
"I was very happy with your service, the only thing was I wasn't able to stay with my cat as there was no table in the room. "
- Shiffawn Roberts
10/19/2019 00:00:58
"All of you "
- Linda Haas
10/17/2019 17:02:27
"Dr T made Sarah’s day😄"
- Carol/Carroll Dubray/Phillips
10/16/2019 16:12:37
"Like the follow up call the next day , makes us feel special "
- Chad Hanson
10/15/2019 19:58:38
"A month ago my husband and I noticed the Southeast Veterinary business vehicle. Then we notice the same across the street from us! The Veterinarians happen to be our neighbors!! We were looking for a good veterinary hospital for our pet since relocating back to Florida~ Great that we have found one now!! John & Brenda Graves"
- Brenda Graves
10/13/2019 11:33:46
"Daisy is always so cheerful and she does an awesome job with the board"
- Tina Mudge
10/12/2019 18:39:35
"Jess is always very helpful and always so cheerful. Darla really loves the entire staff, which of course makes me happy! 😊"
- Diane Boone
10/06/2019 11:12:51
"Everyone was very friendly and supportive "
- Amanda August
10/06/2019 00:37:26
"A big THANKS!"
- Mary-Frances, Thomas Mitchell
10/04/2019 21:05:58
"Everyone there is awesome!"
- Robyn Rhodes
10/04/2019 17:37:00
"Everyone there is so awesome! They make us feel at home and really care for our dogs and puppies!"
- Debra Savage
10/01/2019 03:21:31
"Jessica and Daisy were very welcoming and even thru checkout thorough and informative. Eric and Dr Timberlake were top notch, they answered all my questions and the entire staff is hands on. Their love and compassion make this an easy choice for the care of our animals. "
- Rebecca Kent
09/29/2019 18:14:07
"Y’all were all great. Thanks for all you do for me. "
- Betty Adams
09/27/2019 18:19:39
"Jess always makes my day and Mrs. Dr. T is just the best! I love this vet practice and recommend them to everyone."
- Kimberly Reese
09/27/2019 17:50:08
"Jessica Eric and Daisy"
- Charmaine Felguth
09/25/2019 17:34:20
"Honestly I think all of the staff is extremely Courteous and professional. Dr. Timberlake makes you feel so welcome and I know our little Apollo is in very good hands. I feel very confident in all of the staff. I am happy to have found Southeast Animal Hospital. "
- Carol Herforth
09/24/2019 21:44:43
"Staff is Always wonderful!🐶"
- Richard & Stacy Swan
09/23/2019 00:44:53
"Best Veterinarian hospital I have visited ...thank you sharon shupe "
- Sharron Shupe
09/20/2019 19:13:55
- John Fender
09/19/2019 20:05:10
"Yes, the vet tech was amazing with Loki and Lilly. Loki has taken to her and he pretty much does not trust any one. All the staff are amazing!!! As I was checking out, the young lady looked at when Lilly’s shots were due and went to talk to doctors to see if she can get them so both dogs can be on same schedule. I didn’t think I could find a vet here in St. Augustine that would be as amazing as my last vets. Was I ever wrong. Thank you to the whole staff and team there at Southeast Veterinarians because you all rock! Thank you, Tracy Kendall "
- Tracy Kendall
09/12/2019 02:11:24
"I really like the new nurses that oversaw the care of my cats the past few times I've been in."
- Jacqui Souza
09/12/2019 00:58:33
"Daisy is always the sweetest when I come in with my pups and toddler. She comments on how much he’s grown and is so helpful in walking me to my car every single visit since I have my hands full. Jessica is always such a warm presence as well and remembers all of my fur children. Dr. Britany Timberlake was super awesome this last time with my older dog, and let my son play with/destroy the tissue box!! LOVE this amazing facility. Thank you so much. "
- Heather Hill
09/11/2019 19:53:17
"Jessica front desk and Tina the tech"
- June Hill
09/11/2019 17:22:00
"They were so considerate of my upset about my Sabina. I am really glad l choose SEVH! Thank you for caring "
- Doreen Phillips
09/11/2019 03:48:04
"Jess and Daisey as well as Eric...but the entire staff is terrific."
- Debbie Mays
09/08/2019 16:54:40
- Deborah Johnson
09/03/2019 15:49:01
"You all make our visit special."
- Kathy Hagy
08/31/2019 18:01:43
"The staff were all very nice and helpful "
- Marklyn McCready
08/27/2019 21:37:32
"Everyone that works there, is very attentive with Luke Duke Rose. "
- Deborah/Edward Rose
08/26/2019 20:58:53
"I couldn’t be happier with my experience at SE Animal Hospital. I’ve told everyone that will listen. You guys took your time, asked questions, listened, and answered all of my questions. I never felt rushed or judged like I have at other places. We are so glad to be apart of your family. "
- Jessica Allee
08/26/2019 20:25:48
"Jessica is always great. Made my day!!! "
- Sandra English
08/26/2019 18:53:43
" "
- Dawn Roland
08/26/2019 18:14:57
"Everybody there is very nice, knowledgeable, and professional. "
- Sarah Baker
08/26/2019 16:32:19
"yes- your assistant. very patient with my neurotic fur baby. "
- Juanita Latham
08/22/2019 22:20:50
"Jessica, Christine, Daisy, Eric, and Laura have always been great when I come in. "
- Brian Walker
08/22/2019 17:29:59
"Everyone is always so friendly and genuinely cares about Remi. Dr. Brittany remembers details about him and the staff remember the puppies he sired. "
- Jennifer Karley
08/20/2019 16:30:32
"This is the best office I have ever been to. Not just for a vet but as far as doctors offices go as well. Your office is set up soo nice. There is a calm that I have never seen in an office. The staff goes above and beyond. Both friendly and extremely helpful!!! Thank you for making our experience so great! "
- Erin Metcalfe
08/19/2019 13:51:54
"Many thanks for the warm welcome Pete and I received as new patients. Normally I would’ve made an “interview” appointment, but had a possibly sick pet so it was great that the staff and Vet made us feel at ease. I’m so grateful that home visits aren’t off the table as with an aging crew their comfort is important. My only suggestion would be better air circulation it that front exam room for pet parent comfort. "
- Angela Shields
08/14/2019 22:10:29
"Everyone at the office is very friendly and always helpful. Buddy loves coming to the Vets as they treat him with such love and caring."
- Jean Rooney
08/09/2019 20:46:49
"Everyone”s smiling face"
- Carol Eichelberger
08/09/2019 20:23:24
"P.A. Told me he could tell I loved Oscar🥰"
- Yvonne Giberson
08/08/2019 21:57:18
"Extremely kind,professional staff and Dr... will refer friends... "
- Susan Manning
08/07/2019 17:33:27
"Drs. Timberlake Jess Eric Daisy Lauren and other staff always caring and professional."
- Martha/Robert Lee
08/01/2019 20:15:51
"The entire staff is great. "
- Tracie Spooner
08/01/2019 20:08:20
"The staff is always friendly and helpful "
- Connie Chrenko
08/01/2019 20:05:28
"The entire staff is kind and makes me and my Bonnie feel important and like a family member. My Bonnie is an elderly dog and all of you are so supportive through my journey with her. "
- Peggy Kilmartin
08/01/2019 17:38:29
"love all of you guys!"
- Deborah Sanderson
08/01/2019 15:21:36
"The staff cared very much about my dog! I was very pleased by the service I received. A big thanks to the team! "
- Benjamin Schau
07/30/2019 03:07:44
"Everyone was lovely and kind. I never feel pressured to do any sort of procedure to my pet. I never feel judged like I was at my last vet. Everyone is amazing here. And vary helpful even offering to carry my carrier out for me. That says a lot. I appreciate all they do"
- Tessa Ladner
07/29/2019 19:02:12
"Enjoy the way the front office staff makes me feel like my puppy is their favorite patient."
- Sue Butler
07/29/2019 18:53:22
"I just love the staff and Dr. T! Everyone is so helpful! "
- Debra Savage
07/29/2019 17:25:07
"No not really, I appreciate and like all the employees. I love bringing my dog to Southeast vet"
- James Giammarinaro
07/20/2019 18:02:11
"Daisy is always very helpful & always very friendly."
- Deborah Zagorski
07/20/2019 16:48:38
"The nurse that worked with Tipper is excellent, she calmed me down when I was not feeling well and started to leave. This nurse was very loving with Tipper and held her calmly and you could tell Tipper was not concerned being held by a stranger. "
- Donna Corley
07/15/2019 10:40:12
"All of the staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful. "
- Kathy Miller
07/15/2019 00:17:59
"Dr. Brittany Timberlake as well as the tech on Friday the 12th. Just can’t recall her name. Both were so wonderful to Jack!"
- Gerri Gass
07/14/2019 15:54:17
"I’ve already sent clients your way. Great group of staff and docs. "
- Paula Birch
07/13/2019 00:52:20
"Love Dr. MRS. T"
- June Hill
07/12/2019 19:06:46
"Thanks so much Dr. T. You’re awesome! Everyone there is so nice and does a fantastic job with the pets. "
- Jenna McFee
07/12/2019 17:43:43