"Very friendly staff and Dr.Timberland was very helpful in answering my questions and concerns. "
- Robert Sanzone
06/06/2020 21:27:03
"Jessica is always so helpful and caring. "
- Judy Campbell
06/06/2020 19:02:05
"We liked the Dr. and the staff, very friendly and caring. I assumed the office was clean I never was inside."
- Nancy Clark
06/05/2020 11:06:12
"Dr Chad & Eric Are always so helpful and caring. All of the staff is amazing. "
- Carol Herforth
06/04/2020 23:43:49
"Looks like you all will be our go-to vet moving forward! Glad we found you!"
- Nevin Thorpe
06/03/2020 18:32:26
"We LOVE SEVH! Everyone is fantastic. The staff that we interact with the most and are always professional, courteous, helpful and kind are, of course, both Drs. Timberlake; also Laura, Christine, Daisy and Eric. Special shout out to Jessica - she is the ideal person for the 'face of SEVH'. She embodies kindness and compassion, but it's her enthusiasm for animals that is so delightful. The first time we were in your office, she sat right down on the floor to meet our pack, and we knew right then that we were in the right place. "
- Joi Straaten
06/03/2020 17:36:37
"Overall amazing team!"
- Gina Liscinsky
06/01/2020 02:14:30
"Thank you for your kindness and caring staff! It was my first time to a vet in a very long time and everyone made it enjoyable for me as well as my fur baby! Thank you again!"
- Mary Day
05/30/2020 11:47:48
"Your staff explained the new check-in & pick-up procedures, during this Covid crisis, & greeted my cat & me outside. It all went ok. Thank you!"
- Hary Nunnemacher
05/29/2020 01:50:13
"very satisfied!"
- Wendy Rodgers
05/28/2020 22:17:21
"I didn’t “enter the reception area” nor was I in the hospital due to COVID restrictions. I couldn’t skip questions that I couldn’t honestly answer so below is what I was referring to for those particular questions... When I called, my call was answered promptly and the greeting was warm and welcoming. While I waited in my car I observed that the outside of the building was neatly kept so I wouldn’t expect anything less of the inside. 😊 Thanks for taking such great care of my pup, Banjo!"
- Laura & Joey Summa
05/26/2020 16:12:52
"Daisy always has a very positive attitude!! We love her!! Kira and her mom and dad"
- Robin Hart
05/26/2020 12:09:10
"Couldn't see inside, assumed it was clean"
- Lenny & Maria Wilcox
05/25/2020 01:54:29
"We are so grateful for everyone that helped Penelope! She came into your office in pretty dire straits and with all of your amazing work came home well on the road to recovery:-). I can’t tell y’all how much we appreciate your kindness and dedication in the way you care for your patients and their parents. "
- Jennifer Lebron
05/25/2020 01:34:46
"Everyone I talked with was extremely polite and helpful. I interacted with 5 staff members and think they all go above and beyond what would be expected."
- Linda Evans
05/24/2020 00:46:47
"Sorry hit the wrong button not dirty , I waited in my car.meant next. Good visit. Maggy is doing well. Thank you!!"
- Judith, Jean Mele, Singer
05/23/2020 02:50:33
- Scott Leavens
05/22/2020 19:14:12
"I called in to pick up Brevecto, paid for my order, drove to SEVH, called and got my order ASAP. I did not speak to a DR or come in so I cannot really answer everything but I am very happy with SEVH. Thank you, Rebecca"
- Rebecca Elliott
05/20/2020 16:29:09
"Everyone here has been absolutely amazing and always make the fur baby and my day! Thank you for all you do!"
- Megan Theodore
05/19/2020 00:19:57
"So glad to have found you. Can feel everyone’s passion for the health of our pets. I’ve already been telling friends how lucky and pleased we have been. Thank you. "
- Linda Drozd
05/17/2020 12:10:23
"Everyone is equally very courtesy, knowledgable, professional and above all very friendly. Don't know how they came up with this group of individuals but I promise that is few and far between. "
- George Hargrove
05/17/2020 00:01:42
"I wasn't sure what to expect with curbside appointments, but I was very pleased! I didn't feel like the service I received was any different than if I went inside the building. Each person who came out to speak with me answered all my questions and didn't make me feel rushed at all. Even Dr. Timberlake came out and went over everything with me about the allergy shot that my little Ramona needed and answered my questions. As usual, I am very pleased with the care my dog and I were given. Thank you all, you're the best!! "
- Karen Tyler
05/16/2020 22:24:15
"Excellent service although outside due to Covin19 but all was great. "
- Dion Moore
05/15/2020 21:06:57
"Jess and Dr. T are always amazing! There is a reason we drive 45 minutes to bring our pets to your facility."
- Megan Jenkins
05/15/2020 19:59:51
"Taking good care of Oscar made my day. He’s feeling a lot better. Thank you so much."
- Yvonne Giberson
04/23/2020 00:22:52
"Everyone was great that I spoke with, I was extremely happy with your service & how you treated Duke. Everyone was super friendly & made me feel very comfortable, I'm so happy I came to you. "
- Debra Castellano
04/14/2020 23:34:20
"Thank you Daisy for making my visit fast and easy! "
- Kelly McDonald
04/14/2020 23:06:36
"Curbside service was great, very safe , good job"
- Chad Hanson
04/14/2020 19:46:20
"Thank you to the staff team. We appreciate everything you done. Big Thanks to Daisy for my crazy phones calls, Jessica for listening and helping me with ordering meds. AND Mr and Mrs T. for helping this last year on are ups and downs with our fur family. THANK YOU AND WE APPRECIATE SOUTHEAST TEAM!!!!"
- Carol & Steve Hageman
04/13/2020 16:25:16
"Approved of way they met patients at the door to take pet in for service during the Coronavirus pandemic. Very professional while protecting staff and pet owners. Great vet"
- Toni, Ron Covato
04/09/2020 17:02:53
"Due to the fact it was during the virus pandemic. This facility had excellent service. Didnt get to see office but I have no doubt it was clean. "
- Karen Restoule
04/09/2020 16:42:05
"The entire staff is great!"
- Bob Skadsen
04/09/2020 13:40:39
"Yes, Cameran, was wonderful. answered every question. Was so good to Lucy. Thank you for taking such good care of her."
- Barbara, Ron DeLisle
04/09/2020 12:40:14
"Dr.B Timberlake is so compassionate with not only animals, but humans. I never hesitate to ask questions. "
- Angela Shields
04/09/2020 00:01:26
"Everyone always makes my day"
- Deborah Johnson
03/28/2020 16:03:22
"Didn't get the technician's name, but she was very courteous and knowledgeable."
- Roy Jones
03/27/2020 00:01:27
"Jessica-she is the best!!! "
- Kim Sweat
03/26/2020 22:52:46
"Jessica, is always sweet & professional 😊 It would be nice if the staff that came into the waiting room introduced themselves so we know who they are! Even the this doctor who we met for the first time."
- Sal & TerryAnne Sorrentino
03/24/2020 23:24:45
"The staff was friendly, helpful and efficient. The hospital was immaculate."
- Irene Chapman
03/23/2020 12:13:00
"They all do Eric Cameron Daisy Isa Jessica Laura Al the employees "
- Scarlett Martinez
03/22/2020 00:57:39
"Jessica and Daisy are always welcoming, friendly, helpful and informative."
- Linda Evans
03/21/2020 14:01:10
"Long time patients! Everyone is excellent. Best care my fur babies have ever had!"
- Sharon Dean
03/20/2020 21:39:04
"Jessica!!!! She is an amazing office manager. She is always positive, eager to help and she goes above and beyond!!!! Definitely a kick ass employee in my book! She is very easy to talk to and is extremely professional. I love how she also stays calm in crisis."
- Amanda Hoskinson
03/20/2020 18:19:27
"Please check your schedule to see who worked with us on our visit. Jessica is perfect as your front line "face". Not sure of the name of the tech that worked with us, but she was super with Gabbie and myself. Two excellent employees!"
- Terry Dollinger
03/13/2020 03:34:10
"All the staff makes my day"
- Melissa Renfroe
03/11/2020 00:07:04
"You guys are the best. I always refer you on Facebook. "
- Chris McDaniel
03/06/2020 02:33:43
"whiskey is part of our family much more than just a dog she was treated with amazing care and compassion by everyone the treatment was spot on and price very reasonable could not ask for more many thanks "
- Paul Roach
03/03/2020 23:53:56
"Drs. Timberlake Jess Lauren Daisy Eric and others always appreciated."
- Martha/Robert Lee
03/03/2020 18:43:32
"Everyone at the Hospital are friendly to us but most important, friendly to our pets. They treat them as if they were part of their own family. What a Great Staff. "
- Barry Reyelts
02/29/2020 23:32:24
"Welcoming, family-type atmosphere. Answered each of my questions thoroughly and kindly. Treated my dog as your own. Patient with her and me. Thank you!"
- Amy Robinson
02/29/2020 14:49:01
"I always share with people how much I like your Vet Practice. You have saved 2 of our dogs by referring Lucie, Dalmatian & Dixie, Yorkie to First Coast Vet Hospital. By you making the proper referral both dogs are healthy & well today. I speak so highly of all the staff & those follow up calls are so appreciated. WELL DONE!"
- Vickie Woltner
02/27/2020 02:24:13
"Christine was very helpful and everyone seemed to really like my super precious and beloved fur baby. Like Redford and we will like you!!! "
- Loye Merwin
02/26/2020 17:58:54
"Daisy! She’s amazing and kind and always takes time for chitchat no matter what and that helps when mama is stressed out. She is so sweet. Lauren too she remembered buzz even though he wasn’t there! Basically everyone is beyond amazing but they just stood out on that vist. "
- Jo Ekern
02/25/2020 20:59:17
"The best Vet we have ever used and we do refer you!"
- Owen Schrum
02/24/2020 14:13:20
"Embra and I felt very welcome. Everyone we came in contact with was very warm and friendly. I feel that Embra got excellent attention and service. As an aside, I will say that after the nasal spray he had horrible gas for several hours, lol."
- Rebecca Elliott
02/23/2020 23:40:45
"The front desk, technicians, and dr went above and beyond to take care of my 15 year old girl with seizures. We’ve tried other offices but will be your patients for life. 11/10. Outstanding."
- Josh Tankersley
02/23/2020 18:21:07
"Daisy always makes my day. Christine and Jessica as well"
- Carol/Carroll Dubray/Phipps
02/23/2020 12:40:31
"Jenny was excellent she was excited to see Sam & made feel welcome!"
- Joy Eberly
02/19/2020 11:28:50
"From being greeted by the front receptionist to Laura, their nurse, and Dr. Timberlake, I felt our kitties were in great hands. All of our questions were answered, especially since we had just found a cat that we had no information on. We would highly recommend Southeast Veterinary Hospital to anyone looking for animal care."
- Karrie Fox
02/18/2020 18:54:36
"I can't thank you all enough for your care for Java!! Even tho it was just getting his nails cut' you all went above and beyond what any other vet I have taken him to has! ERIC you are the best, he loved and trusted you. We will be back with the rest of the family, and many of my friends will be coming too❤"
- Peggy Clark
02/18/2020 01:16:03
"Every one was great"
- Ken Weaver
02/16/2020 12:44:26
"We were travelling from Canada and needed to have some tests done on our Yorkie. We got an appointment quickly and were greeted warmly. The staff treated us professionally and in a timely manner. We were very pleased with their services and would highly recommend them."
- Robyn Rood
02/13/2020 21:08:32
"We were very happy with our experience there!"
- Thomas Kranz
02/12/2020 23:36:44
"Everyone is happy to be there , very comfortable."
- Chad Hanson
02/12/2020 06:14:47
"I could not be more pleased with the wonderful and caring staff and Dr. Timberlake (what a gem!) at Southeast Veterinary Hospital. After scheduling a new patient appointment online and receiving a call back within minutes, I felt certain this was going to be a great experience and it has been! Our cat's first appointment went so well and we felt very informed when we left. The follow-up has been amazing. My only regret is that I didn't know about Southeast Veterinary Hospital sooner. "
- Terri Graham
02/11/2020 19:55:19
"Cameron really is great with my two crazy dog's. Even when Lucky howled as he barely touched his foot. He tried to tell me about the incident professionally, but I was laughing hard. "
- Tina Mudge
02/11/2020 02:25:14
"The lovely lady who greets me as soon as I walk in ... I could stay and talk to her for days. The pictures she makes on the chalk board are so beautiful. But everyone there is so kind and knowledgeable. Thank you all so much! Buster and Thomas thank you ♥️🐾"
- Gayle Walls
02/11/2020 02:13:15
"The whole crew. A-1."
- Joseph Sappington
02/11/2020 01:15:45
"Eric and Dr T always great!"
- Bob/Terry Eldridge
02/11/2020 00:27:50
"We brought our pug mix Grisham, who is 14, in for a visit after he knocked some teeth out in a fall. The veterinary technician and the doctor were amazing with him, making accommodation for me to be with him during the examination. The doctor was candid and gave me advice that made perfect sense given Grisham's age and condition. We are from Canada and I can honestly say I have never felt more comfortable and confident with a vet during a visit that was, although not really an emergency, an urgent visit for us. Not only that, but they called us this morning to check up on him! What caring and wonderful people!"
- Kim Emmerson
01/28/2020 21:01:42
"Every time we come in every person we come in contact with is so friendly and helpful. Bella loves everyone here! As do we!"
- Mary, Jay Foulks
01/27/2020 13:53:54
"Everyone we interact with does! On this visit Jessica, Christine, and Daisy were all amazing. "
- Angela Shields
01/24/2020 00:38:20
"You are all great!"
- Steve & Cecilia Mavroudis
01/23/2020 21:14:33
"All the staff They are amazing "
- Scarlett Martinez
01/20/2020 17:38:16
"Jessica is always amazing and thorough."
- Kara Dinkla
01/20/2020 16:42:54
"Everyone, I love all of you."
- Cheryl O'Connell-Butler
01/19/2020 21:35:30
"The whole staff is great!"
- April Fitzsimmons
01/19/2020 15:43:23
"Everyone does they are always smiling"
- Carol Eichelberger
01/16/2020 21:22:52
"Everyone I have had contact with at this facility has been extremely welcoming, warm and able to answer all my questions. Thank you so very much!"
- Kathy Shapiro
01/16/2020 19:51:09
"I think everyone fell in love with Kira and everyone was extremely nice and helpful! Sorry everyone was great which is a sign of a good team!! Everyone stood out!! Ty. Kira and her Mom Robin. ✔️👍🏻😊"
- Robin Hart
01/11/2020 18:08:47
"Eric did outstanding job, including the follow up. "
- Richard & Stacy Swan
01/11/2020 00:51:59
"First visit. I hope the results for my shepherd tell the story. Thanks"
- Bob Jones
01/10/2020 21:48:09
"Daisy !! "
- Paul Steinke
01/10/2020 21:09:31
"Each time my husband, Charlie or I come in, we always feel like we are being listened to and heard. Our questions (and with Stella's heartworm diagnosis, there were many)were answered with clarity and compassion. Each one of you helped us at different steps."
- Debbie Carubia
01/10/2020 20:58:29
"Miss Daisy at front desk and also the young man who came out into the front yard where we waited and checked our Daisy's ear to see if she was contagious. "
- Dawn/Lonnie Brown
01/07/2020 19:58:32
"As always, Jessica is amazing. She's always smiling and greets each patient as though they were the only patient the office has. Don't ever let her get away!"
- Sue Butler
01/06/2020 15:46:26
"We are new to the area, and loved our first visit to Southeast Vet Hospital. The entire staff was helpful and informative. Dr. Mrs. Timberlake spent the better part of 2 hours answering our questions - from dog food to obedience training. We are so happy to have found this wonderful place."
- Joi Straaten
01/04/2020 03:51:25
"We can't thank you enough for the attention you have given Charlie especially since it happened right around the holidays and your vacation. We wish humans could have the same attention in a doctor's office :-) All of our love, Teresa, Dave and Charlie Harris"
- Teresa Harris
01/03/2020 20:26:40
"The Dr was great. Jessica put up with me and all my questions very politely and informative. Thanks to the entire Staff and Merry Christmas 🎄 "
- Betty Adams
12/23/2019 01:28:52
"I was very pleased with the overall experience. Even better is Polsons skin seems better already!!!!"
- Gretchen McGlory
12/20/2019 21:10:13
"I was thankful the the clinic called me so quickly after leaving a message and was able to see my dog that very afternoon to address the problem and get him started on the proper meds quickly. Very professional and courteous staff . Would very highly recommend this clinic to everyone..."
- Peter Debevc
12/20/2019 20:31:18
"As usual, everyone was great! Jessica always goes above and beyond and makes every visit a breeze! "
- Geneva Loudermilk
12/18/2019 01:53:08
"Everyone always treats us well. Answers all questions and seem genuinely concerned for our pet.Great service. "
- Angie O'Brien
12/17/2019 02:28:58
"Keena maybe small, but she handled Lucky with a smile. 🤣🤣"
- Tina Mudge
12/12/2019 19:16:50
"Daisy and Jessica are outstanding!! However, Dr. And Mrs. Dr. T are the best I have EVER experienced!!! Truly the BEST EVER!!!"
- Pamela Loescher
12/12/2019 01:00:21
"Everyone I deal with is kind, considerate, knowledgeable , and shows that they care about me and my dog! The standard is set at excellent and every staff member seems to try to exceed that excellence! A wonderful group of professionals!"
- Peggy Kilmartin
12/04/2019 19:54:23
"Eric and Jessica are awesome "
- Patty Keister
12/03/2019 17:49:33
"Eric & Jessica"
- Joanne Tyler
12/01/2019 22:45:03
"Daisy is always helpful. She made us an appointment for an annual visit and refilled our Bravecto meds. Above and beyond she cleaned a scratch on my girls' side from the dog park and put an antibiotic ointment on it. Jessica and Daisy have helped us most of the time since we got our dog 14 months ago. Wonderful people."
- Nancy Holdsworth
11/26/2019 19:28:23
"very difficult to park as there were so many cars"
- Phyllis Miller
11/22/2019 21:18:46