"I appreciated the communication regarding my pets well being and how happy everyone looked to be at work."
- Jenica Presley
05/13/2019 13:25:31
"Great first visit!!! Everyone was exceptionally nice and welcoming!"
- Matthew Davis
04/26/2019 18:38:45
"Very happy with our visit - very clean facility (did not smell)! Entire staff was very nice and welcoming. Appreciate that I was able to get in so quickly for an urgent visit since we had just moved to the area. "
- Stephanie Angle
04/25/2019 19:14:28
"My dog is recovering on schedule and as explained by your competent employees. Your staff was more professionally purposeful and precise then any other veterinarian I have used. I doubt that you would need it, but feel free to use me as a reference."
- Pope Jones
04/12/2019 13:52:00
"I had my cats spayed when your clinic first opened years ago. I have been moved away a long while but remembered it was a good clinic and called to see if they had time to spay a stray cat since my local vet was totally booked and I suspect someone dropped it out here in the country because it was pregnant. Everyone was very professional and I could tell they care about animals. "
- Carolyn Williams
04/07/2019 18:23:03
"My dog has had back/hip issues for years. He got down in the ditch (full of mud) and couldn't get back up. I came in expecting to be told I needed to have him euthanized, but that was not even mentioned. Based on the way he looked when I brought him in (not able to walk, covered in mud, and in need of grooming), in the back of my mind, I wondered how I would be perceived as an owner. I did't feel judged. Dr. Moore was very caring. She showed me the radiographs, explained his situation, and prescribed medications to hopefully help him improve. "
- Julie Buffington
03/26/2019 20:13:35
"You are great . I had no problem. First visit was good. Took good care of Stella. I am so glad that I picked your vet clinic for stella. Very close to my house around the corner. I will tell my friends and family to bring their pets to your clinic. keep up the good job. very good experience. "
- Angela Rizzo
03/26/2019 18:46:31
"Doing GREAT. I was very impressed with everyone from the receptionist to Dr. Dave. Even Lucy liked him. Telling everyone about how great you all are. Thanks for everything. "
- Nancy & Joe Blair
03/21/2019 21:01:05
"Dr Moore was awsome, as well as all the other staff!! They really cared about my puppy and took great care of him!!!!"
- David Hicks
03/19/2019 23:21:11
"I just adopted a kitten, the experienced staff at CCW animal clinic taught me so much about my kitten that I never even knew. They were very helpful with me and my kitten I will definitely be back for more visits."
- David Cordeiro
03/14/2019 23:23:15
"Couldn’t have asked for a better visit. "
- Lee Molock
03/10/2019 17:56:43
"Thank you so much for the thorough exam and kindness for our baby. I really felt like you guys treated us like family. "
- Amy Braden
03/02/2019 23:39:22
"Dr. Caldwell did a very thorough exam on Dixe and we were pleased with the office staff as well. Bad news for Dixie, as she needs to go on a diet. :("
- Laurie Schreier
02/20/2019 21:29:27
"Staff was very nice."
- Terry Gore
02/17/2019 14:27:16
"Nice people and easy to talk with. Nim seems happy after his surgery. Thank you. "
- Todd Corbett
02/15/2019 18:16:49
"This was my first visit. It was wonderful!! I have absolutely no complaint. This will be my dogs vet from now on. "
- Jason Whittenburg
02/07/2019 01:22:24
"Our good friend Melissa Dobson brought our Camo into your clinic for a small lump on her neck. They saw Doctor Warren. Melissa was very pleased with Doctor Warren. I was very impressed also wth her after talking on the phone. Camo will continue with Dr. Warren and we will all do what is best for her."
- Terri Arthur
02/02/2019 17:39:56
"I was very pleased with Dave and Hannah. They were very nice and explained everything clearly. Thank you!"
- Rhonda Nowlin
01/25/2019 18:10:11
"A friend referred this practice to me and I was very pleased with the service and quality of care. Dr. Dave did an excellent job explaining my dog’s diagnosis, gave me useful information, and planned next steps. "
- Caley Reeves
01/24/2019 23:27:09
"I was very impressed with both the professionalism and tender treatment that Meadow received on her first visit. "
- Eric Emmet
01/20/2019 18:22:44
"The staff is very good at calming Elsa’s anxiety level. "
- Lavina Akins
01/16/2019 23:25:26
"Experience was good. Everyone was friendly and efficient. Kind to my dog and took their time to explain and give us good care."
- Rebekah Walker
01/10/2019 22:56:55
"This was by far the best vet experience I’ve ever had. My dog was distracted with treats the entire time which made him love and trust the staff. They was fast and very Thorough with their exam. Ghost will be returning ! "
- Matthew Mullinax
01/09/2019 21:31:40
"Dr. Watson was very professional and knowledgeable. He took excellent care of our dog and was very personable and relatable. I would trust him with any of my fur babies. Thank you, Dr. Watson"
- Catherine Welsh
01/08/2019 03:20:17
"Dr Caldwell was awesome! He explained everything and was great with our big boy Beren! "
- Sheri Grant
01/04/2019 18:54:00
"Very carrying and compassionate. "
- Sandy & Stan Froslan
01/04/2019 00:26:50
"My experience today was very pleasant. You answered all my questions to a high standard. Thank you for taking care of our newest member Larkus!"
- Delana Dowdy
12/31/2018 20:42:06
"Great first visit ! "
- Peggy Kornegay
12/17/2018 23:29:43
"Everyone has been great. I really appreciate Dr. Hooper & your staff's time & attention. I feel very confident that my baby is getting the best care possible. "
- Leanna Sabin
11/17/2018 00:55:08
"You all are amaze balls!!"
- Kelly Diodati
11/07/2018 16:33:07
"We had an emergency with our baby nova and they made time for us even though we didn't have an appointment. They were super friendly and made sure she received the care that she needed! Now Nova is doing better than ever and you could never tell she was in the trouble that she was. So thank you!"
- Breanna Crowder
10/15/2018 04:14:10
"I had a perfect experience no complaints. Everyone done exactly as they should and they where very nice."
- Joseph Geiger
10/11/2018 20:14:42
"Very welcoming and super sweet to my pups. "
- Elizabeth Tucker
10/03/2018 19:22:30
"Everything was great! Loved how caring and willing they were to work with us on finding the best options for us and our puppy. "
- Kaitlin Dodd
09/29/2018 20:07:01
"Dr. Watson was amazing! Thank you!"
- Carolyn Mcfry
09/13/2018 20:56:20
"My first impression was of the lobby. I was impressed by the style of the decor and the cleanliness of the area. I was greeted by smiles and a friendliness of the reception staff. As I walked to the exam room I noticed computer systems mounted professionally on the wall. My puppy Finnley was treated so sweetly. The canned cheese distraction idea was amazing. Dr Martin was nice and also knowledgeable. He explained everything in a way that I could understand and could remember to be able to put it into practice at home. I have not been to a vet that has checked all my boxes for great care of my baby. "
- Cyndi Guy
09/11/2018 22:54:32
"I felt very comfortable leaving Pablo there, I felt Dr. Caldwell and everyone else there was looking out for the best interest for Pablo! "
- Amanda Mitchell
09/11/2018 02:57:33
"Wonderful experience, from the ladies at the front desk to the vet and knowledgeable staff, everything was handled professionally and kindly. "
- Rachel Hokanson
09/07/2018 03:38:29
"Very good job with my dog. Everyone so nice and informative. "
- Terry & Malessa Dubois
09/05/2018 00:23:41
"We loved the care yall provided! "
- Ansley Arredondo
09/04/2018 14:42:16
"You guys are the absolute best! Wouldn’t take my babies anywhere else!"
- Harley Greenleaf
08/25/2018 09:02:56
"I've had previous experience with your clinic and was always pleased. Not just pleased, but impressed. You care for the animals and the people. Thank you for what you do."
- Faye Dawson
08/23/2018 12:14:10
"i absolutely loved everything about my visit! you guys were extremely thorough. the vet and tech went through every possible illness he might’ve had and every treatment. i was given so many options for treatment for my dog, jake. they reassured me constantly that they would take good care of him and he LOVED them so that’s always a plus!"
- Jessie Rogers
08/21/2018 04:34:10
"Easy to make an appt, friendly staff, clean facility & gentle with my furbaby. "
- Misty Copeland
08/21/2018 03:28:54
"Having just moved from Florida and having a great Vet I was so nervous to have to find another Vet to take care of our 7 fur babies. I was worried for nothing. Even though we have just had Penny in the office so far, we are really impressed with the atmosphere in your clinic. Everyone was so nice, they listened to what we had to say about our girl Penny. They ordered us the medicine we needed to continue her treatments even though it was a treatment they do not usually do. Thank you so much for being everything we wanted in a Vet office!"
- Pam Hess
08/19/2018 01:26:12
"Great first experience. Youpi will be happy to see everyone again soon. :)"
- Katelen & Jake Forrister
08/15/2018 17:46:17
"Culbreth Carr and Watson is an excellent animal clinic that really cares for the furbabies. Thank you"
- Barbara Jane Hackney
08/09/2018 16:41:17
"Everyone was awesome! I loved how you were upfront about charges and how you don't want to put the pets through anything unnecessary."
- Cori Pope
07/31/2018 23:36:56
"Everything was great! The doctor and nurse were both very nice."
- Charles & Virginia Champion
07/20/2018 21:05:25
"I’ve had a great experience so far. Thank you. "
- Jody Petro
07/20/2018 20:57:07
"I have known about the clinic for years. I grew up with Lee Watson and Jeff Culbreth. I was VERY impressed with the clinic, its facilities and workers. I just wish you could get Lee to work more !!!!! :)"
- Hal Storey
07/20/2018 17:44:33
"You all were amazing! I have nothing bad to say. "
- Samantha & Lukas Janda
07/11/2018 22:11:12
"Very friendly and personable staff ....Made us comfortable and Welcoming.....Thanks for a great experience!!"
- Kevin Fountain
06/16/2018 03:43:52
"Loved my experience and the way you treated my Angel! "
- Robin Wallace
06/04/2018 20:40:21
"It was a great experience visiting your facility! The Dr. was terrific with Riley! She was comfortable with him and the Assistant! I'm also confident with your services! I will be returning! Thank you for making Our visit pleasant........😊😊😊! "
- Stephanie Whatley
05/26/2018 02:51:14
"It was a great experience, I felt like they took their time ensuring that my pets were happy and not stressed."
- Kaylie Clapp
05/16/2018 13:25:46
"Y’all always make us feel welcome every time we’re there and I completely trust you with all of my animals. Thank you for being so great!"
- Samantha Silvey
05/09/2018 22:28:25
"It was the most pleasant experience we ever had bringing our Punkin to get treated. The staff was superb!"
- Vonda Szczepaniak
05/02/2018 19:07:31
"Readily explained and discussed options. Nice staff."
- BJ Williams
04/30/2018 15:49:39
"Great experience"
- Sherry Blankenship
04/25/2018 23:30:03
"I couldn't have asked for a better experience! You made this stressed, scared dog mom feel completely at home. Every single person I encountered was kind and professional. If anyone asks for a referral, I'll definitely be sending them your way. Keep up the good work! "
- Laura Beth Davis
04/21/2018 21:17:05
"Molly did an ultrasound on Boss. She was very kind and very helpful in getting us referred to BluePearl for further testing Everyone in your office was kind and helpful. Thank you. "
- Amy Arwood
04/14/2018 02:42:52
"Great experience. This was George’s first vet visit. He was not stressed. The staff is wonderful. "
- Tammy Rogers
04/06/2018 22:18:59
"Everyone was very considerate from the time we walked in till we checked out. Made me feel very comfortable. "
- Angie Cornwell
03/13/2018 00:43:38
"Excellent experience even from even the initial phone call about services. Staff spent extra time on the phone to assure all of my pets records were transferred and called within the same day to set up appointments. At appointment, was provided assistance with transferring my dogs from the car to exam room. Each member of the staff was very helpful and generous of nature. Moving to a new city provides a great security in knowing this will be my dogs new veterinary home! Thank you for a great experience!"
- Angela Ewing
03/10/2018 13:57:58
"It was everything I expected fantastic customer service. I left another vets office here locally because they were dirty and very rude."
- Andrea Sisk
03/09/2018 21:56:22
"Very pleased to have found you. Everyone is kind & professional ."
- Heather & Wiley Cain
03/04/2018 10:43:31
"Awesome! I was so afraid I wouldn’t be able to find a vet I could afford to take my kitty too that would treat us like we mattered! I have since bought pet insurance for him, but I will definitely be back if anything is ever wrong with my pet!"
- Jennifer Bangs
03/01/2018 16:34:09
"My kitty was put at ease within seconds of us walking in the door! The lady showed me how to calm my very nervous kitten and treated us like VIP customers. All of the staff was very personable, yet professional. The next time I rescue a fur baby I will certainly be using this clinic again. I appreciate the time and care my kitten and I were given. I will be sharing the great experience with my friends and family."
- Tina Mullis
02/09/2018 20:37:09
"I honestly have no complaints. Everyone was sweet and made sure that I was comfortable. It wasn’t easy bringing my puppy to a new environment , but y’all made it an amazing experience and I had no worries at all. "
- Haley Reynolds
02/08/2018 02:12:56
"From the phone call till walking out the door, every single member of the staff and medical personnel were friendly, attentive, listened to my concerns, and we're super helpful. It meant the world to me that even as my first time bringing my dog to you, you were willing to take her as a walk-in as she'd had a severe limp-inducing injury out of nowhere and that you'd didn't make me schedule a visit weeks out was so very appreciated (and I know she's beyond thankful to not be hurting)! I tried you guys after my normal vet of 4 years wouldn't bother with walk-ins anymore and the receptionist I'd spoke with that day had quite the horrible attitude. After my experience with your clinic, I don't have a doubt in mind that you'll be my new go-to Vets in the future and I thank you for your great, prompt service and compassion and affection you all gave my dog. Thank y'all!"
- Brent Anderson
02/07/2018 22:27:02
"I am so grateful for the 8 am appointment time as well as Dr. Caldwell’s gentle handling of the bitty kitten. Thanks for getting us off to a great start!"
- Meggie Lasher
01/31/2018 00:17:28
"Wonderful care especially with a rescued dog "
- Tiffany Compton
01/19/2018 18:02:03
"All of your employees are so caring and loving with the animals. It is great to know that your pet is being cared for by people like you."
- Cheryl Gray
01/13/2018 04:09:26
"Excellent! Keep up the good work "
- Philip (Todd) Smith
01/06/2018 16:20:34
"I was encouraged to call if I had any questions or concerns. All of the people that I came into contact with were very nice and friendly. "
- Ben Harrison
12/30/2017 11:26:21
"First time there and all the staff were very helpful and friendly!"
- Bryan & Melanie Harwell
12/18/2017 17:56:59
"Felt very comfortable. Everyone was friendly, helpful and made us feel welcome."
- Kathy Lindsey
12/02/2017 04:02:57
"Wonderful care !!! Very personal ❤️"
- Melanie & Jeremy Willis
12/01/2017 21:28:31
"The staff was great. It's been a long time since I have had a dog and since she is a rescue, I have lots of concerns and questions. They were very helpful. "
- Leean Keanum
11/30/2017 02:06:54
"Everyone was wonderful and took care of us in a very professional manner. Thank you!"
- Cheryl Smetts
11/13/2017 13:18:00
"Awesome service! Very caring team and so helpful for me and my baby. They were upfront about costs and kept me informed on the day of surgery. "
- Kimberly Exford
11/10/2017 12:08:45
- Meleia Chafin
11/09/2017 16:21:55
"I was very anxious and worried about my Bella. I was immediately greeted by the friendly staff and the wait to see the Dr. was very quick. I felt comforted with explanation of her problems and everything was explained throughly. The office and care rooms were very clean and no smells that often come with any animal care facility. I would most definitely recommend Culbreth Carr Watson Animal Clinic without hesitation. "
- Cathie Hendrix
11/04/2017 19:05:15
"In my experience on my first visit your staff has made a life long costumer with me. Dr Dave was courteous to the point and answered all questions I and my wife had. Don’t change a thing loved the experience and will not be using any other vet"
- Amanda & Terry Hall
10/25/2017 19:35:13
"Excellent first visit. Dr. Watson is the best!"
- Stewart Duggan
10/25/2017 13:03:25
"Everyone was very sweet and helped me with the little orphaned kitten that I brought in. There is really nothing to improve on in my opinion. It takes special people to care for animals and I appreciate everything. I will always come here."
- Darcie Roberson
09/26/2017 04:01:21
"The visit went very well. I felt like my little rescue kitty got the treatment she needed to get her started on a healthy lifestyle from. All the staff I meet were very nice and helpful. Will be my pet vet for sure."
- Nina McConnell
09/24/2017 01:27:37
"Excellent, caring service. Very different from where we came from. "
- Janet Poplin
09/22/2017 23:00:49