"Have had nothing but a good experience since I switched from Wilson. I love that the vets give options to help with cost."
- Ben Petrous
10/25/2017 11:11:54
"Very friendly, compassionate staff (especially most recently, Dr. Lisa and Kristen). Knowledgeable, and very courteous to both pets, and their caregivers and owners."
- Marianne Abele
10/24/2017 14:33:41
"Very caring and thorough care In depth explanations of care Excellent veterinarian"
- Kristy Page
10/18/2017 14:44:42
"I'm very pleased with the service. Everyone there always makes my dog feel very welcome, which makes it a pleasant experience for both myself and Sapphire. Many people turn away from her because she is a Bull Terrier, and the stigma that goes with this breed. She is a very loving dog, and responds well to positive attention, which this office always does. Thanks for making a trip to the Vet a pleasant experience."
- Mike Minjoe
10/17/2017 15:26:58
"When entering the building, you are confronted with cheerful, and helpful personnel. "
- John Glover
10/11/2017 23:12:37
"Dr.Barta and the entire staff have been wonderful from the very first appointment with my Spanky. You all have provided our Spanky with the utmost care and we are very grateful. The hours are more than accommodating, the fact that I live minutes away, priceless! "
- Anica Srbinovich
10/11/2017 21:28:49
"I can’t think of anything negative I can say. All the positive would take too long!!!!"
- Joe Guadagnino
10/11/2017 17:18:14
"always great and concerning care. Special thanks to Natalie, who is so caring. "
- Laurie Fanfalone-Gladysz
10/10/2017 22:03:58
"Was able to get an appointment quickly. The doctor was very thorough and explained the issues with the concerns I had with my pet and offered a few options to consider. Staff was friendly and the facility was very nice. I would definitely refer Veterinary General to anyone looking for a good vet to go to. "
- Kathi Strace
10/10/2017 14:59:44
"The visit was really informative and I felt like the employees geniuinely cared about my pet."
- Stephany Harbison
10/09/2017 18:38:35
"Had a good first visit with our new puppy. It had only been a month since we lost our dog of 17 years, and having a puppy is new all over again. So, all the information you gave us was very informative & helpful!"
- Bill Cavataio
10/08/2017 21:16:48
"I took my four dogs, Dolce, Davey, Simon and Bentley in for their regular nail trims. The girl did a wonderful job as usual on their nails, and you got us in and out quickly, which is so important because Dolce gets upset so easily inside the vet. Thank you again!"
- Lindsey Orkis
10/03/2017 23:06:55
"Whenever you open the door you are greeted with a smile and welcome. Our Cricket hates the smell of the clinic but once she gets to the staff she's one happy little girl. We are so pleased we found all of you and we would never think of letting anyone else take care of our fur baby. I know we are in good hands and health when we leave."
- Peggy Wagner
10/02/2017 01:50:13
"Our girls love seeing Dr. Barta, they are always at ease in the facility!"
- Amanda Wolan
09/29/2017 17:40:15
"Dr. Barta and staff are always courteous and caring and go out of their way to accommodate me!"
- Susan Wnetrzak
09/28/2017 20:11:11
"The entire team at Veterinary General is wonderful. Myself and my pets are very comfortable coming here. "
- Laura Deutsch
09/25/2017 19:23:25
"Thank you so much for always taking such great care of Milo! He is a nervous Pit mix and the staff at your clinic is always so patient and kind to him. It is very refreshing coming from our old vet who was always in a rush and frequently muzzled him making things worse. We have recommended your office time & again!"
- Jessica Giacona
09/22/2017 18:07:55
"I'm so glad that I found a holistic vet, Dr Barta "
- Donna Eplett
09/21/2017 23:24:12
"The front office people are always pleasant and helpful in every way. The tech's are fully educated in what they do, and the vet's are the best. "
- Rosalie Dickerson
09/21/2017 21:50:01
"Dr Barta and Staff are amazing. The level of compassion and professionalism by all have made our recent visits with Rasha much easier for all of us. We could not be more grateful for the time and attention from all of you on our journey with Rasha Too. She is doing so well in large part because of all of you!"
- Kristin Zimmerman
09/21/2017 14:32:26
"Very impressed how professional and pleasant the staff is. Glad to have Dr. Lisa to care for Chloe, she helped me decide to have Chloe get that operation. I think if I waited any longer Chloe wouldn't be around to make us laugh as she does!"
- Julio Ruvolo
09/21/2017 14:20:24
"I think your office, the docs, and all your techs and office workers do an incredible job! I'm happy to be a customer/pet patient owner that comes to your veterinary practice!"
- Joseph Goff
09/21/2017 14:16:46