"The first time I came to Veterinary General, Dr Barta met me outside and helped my dog into the exam room. My dog is older (14) and that was very helpful to me. All of the staff members were very helpful and friendly. My dog had blood work done and Dr. Barta called the next day with the results. I was very pleased with the first visit and will be taking my other two dogs there as well."
- Vickie Rolling
05/22/2018 21:26:04
"Doing a great job. Office and rooms are clean. Very professional and helpful. Keep up the good work."
- Barbara Teholis
05/22/2018 17:48:45
"Did not have appointment for pet. Other facilities said we had to wait up to two weeks for an appointment. The vet and staff were able to see my pet, Nelson. Staff is excellent. Facility was very clean. I found a vet and staff that I feel very comfortable with . Nelson was very happy that they were able to diagnose his eye problem and now we are on the road to recovery"
- Judith Sievert
05/11/2018 23:21:38
"Dr Barta is very professional and compassionate. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Prompt service. Easy to get appointments. Very good office hours, even on the weekends "
- Sherrie Mijal
04/08/2018 17:42:16
"You guys are all wonderful and I'm so grateful for Dr Barta and Dr Lisa. They are so thorough and caring. The staff is what makes Vet General stick out. The techs, the front desk staff, the assistants....They're all wonderful! So helpful and kind. "
- Chelsea Houthoofd
04/04/2018 14:50:34
"Great experience,All the way from making my appointment for Sparky, taking Sparky to the exam room promptly on time, the friendly and professional help , the clean room, AND the friendly and experienced service of Dr. Barta, he was the best! The service of paying the bill right from the room is a wonderful service. I give you a 5 star rating! Thanks for your wonderful service. In love, pray and peace, Yvonne"
- Yvonne Muszynski
03/28/2018 12:42:01
"Your hours of being open are very good . The staff imparts a happy atmosphere , and are very helpful."
- John Glover
03/27/2018 03:14:32
"Well, I changed vets recently due to the high costs involved, and not being able to diagnose my problems with Gideon. I found a great vet who understands my financial needs, yet is still able to provide answers to my guys weird skin issues."
- Kimberly McMurray
03/23/2018 11:46:12
"I absolutely love Veterinary General. The staff is very sweet and knowledgeable! Dr Barta is so great and and gentle with our dog. I have referred several people to your clinic. Thank you for everything you do! "
- Kristi Maitland
03/20/2018 02:38:34
"This is an office of caring, loving professionals. I am confident when I bring our pet here that everyone will care for her in the best manner possible. "
- David Klida
03/12/2018 15:12:06
"We drive for almost an hour to come to Veterinary General because I trust the people who care for my animals. The service is excellent and procedures are explained to me thoroughly."
- Kimberly Hibbard
03/11/2018 16:05:32
"I'm very pleased with the care Rocky receives at Veterinary General. I love the way you try to alleviate as much stress as possible for the animals by getting them into rooms quickly. The care is top notch and everyone is super friendly."
- Larry Koczab
03/09/2018 15:55:46
"Dr. Barta and his staff are always very helpful and very caring. Our pets have been going to Vet General for several years. Dr. Barta is very honest and he is very patient. He listens and gives great advice. Everyone that I have spoken to has been friendly and professional. My dogs are my life and their care is very important to me. I wouldn't take them anywhere else. "
- Jennifer McCallum
03/09/2018 02:05:55
"Veteranary General is the third vet we've been to since we've adopted our beautiful dog/son. They have hands down been the most caring and accommodating veterinary clinic and they pretty much saved our dog's life through the care they have provided! Thank you so much for your weekend/extended week night hours!"
- Joe Guastella
02/26/2018 04:25:35
"Very friendly staff, I loved that there was no wait to get into a room and see the vet. I felt like everyone was very genuine with caring for my dog. I felt good when leaving, feeling my dog was in good hands."
- Stephanie Gray
02/26/2018 03:38:41
"You all do a wonderful job! You are always able to fit me in for appointments even on short notice. The wait times are short. Everyone is so nice and personable. I've had nothing but great experiences here. Thank you!"
- Jillian Shekoski
02/13/2018 14:26:22
"Love the personal care my dog receives from everyone. Feel very blessed to find such a great vet."
- Mark Maciasz
02/13/2018 01:01:24
"Always excellent care! Everyone is very friendly and helpful!! Highly recommend Veterinary General!"
- Laurie Syropoulos
02/10/2018 22:20:46
"It was a great experience for Candi and I. I love the fact that you have weekend hours to offer. Dr. Barta was warm and thorough with the services offered. The receptionist was pleasant. The overall cost for services was outstanding. As long as I stay in this area I will continue to utilize your services for Candi."
- Fabian Torres
01/30/2018 01:40:19
"Dr. Barta and Dr. Lisa are consummate professionals. They are patient with not just their pet clientele, but with pet owners as well. All of the vet techs are personable, kind, and take time to explain preventative care and provide upcoming vaccination reminders. I feel I'm in good hands entrusting the care of my dog, Harper, at Veterinary General. "
- Cheryl Ferguson
01/27/2018 02:56:29
"I love you all!! Everyone that has helped me & Stella have always made us feel special & well taken care of!! I can't even think of going to any other place for my babies! Thank you so much!"
- Robyn Winchester
01/24/2018 23:07:28
"Always an excellent experience... been going to Dr Barta for 10 yrs ... he’s the only vet I would have take care of my dogs ,,, His staff -nurses are top rate ,,, overall I’ve been extremely happy for years ..thank u for your Loving care of max an chico 😉"
- Sharon Balabuch
01/21/2018 14:55:03
"Wouldn’t change a thing! Have given many referrals!"
- Julie Blanchard
01/19/2018 19:09:33
"Love this office! Very easy to get an appointment and I feel everyone loves my babies, Laney and Leo, as much as I do. Thanks for all the great service from everyone!!"
- Leslie Osterland
01/16/2018 13:49:39
"The staff is so wonderful and they are so kind to our cat! Dr Barta is so nice to my cat and takes so much time with us so I never feel rushed. He always tells me how much something will cost before I agree to it so I never have a surprise at the checkout. I really appreciate the genuine staff and will continue to bring my pets here. Also, I love how clean it smells from the diffuser at the front! "
- Brianna Johnson
01/15/2018 20:37:47
"From reservation to check-out, first class, thank you!"
- Shawn Cosgrove
01/14/2018 12:00:09
"So glad I was referred to Vet General. From the front desk to the doctor to all the other people in the back everyone is pleasant and caring. I always leave feeling better and confident that my dog's best interest are considered. I like the fact that the doctor takes his time explaining different options so I can make the best decision wen it comes to the care of my pet. "
- Kathi Strace
01/08/2018 22:49:46
"Great experience. Fit us in on the same day as calling. I especially loved the spa-like music piped into the rooms. It was very relaxing for me which makes for a more relaxing experience for my dog. The service on my dog was super fast and professional. Thank you!"
- Linda Balice
01/08/2018 22:11:40
"We love bringing our pets into Veterinary General. You guys are compassionate and attentive to the needs of our animals each and every time we walk through the door. We wouldn’t take our 4 pooches anywhere else! "
- Sandra Adams-Dupuis
01/04/2018 18:43:06
"Dr. Barta was extremely helpful in providing me with a thorough explanation on my dogs skin condition. He went over all alternative treatment options with me including fees from most expensive to least. Being in the medical field myself I found this to be a great approach as it helped me make an educated decision on how to approach my dogs condition. He payed attention to details about my dog and addressed all findings. I'm happy to say in just 5 days I already see a huge improvement with my dog and would definitely recommend him. "
- Jennifer Iacobelli
12/31/2017 22:15:58
"Every time I am at Veterinary General I have a wonderful experience. Every staff member is friendly and helpful. Dr. Barta is great with the animals and provides a wealth of knowledge to how to help them. I recently came in because my dog Zoey had a skin infection and a large hot spot, I am following Dr. Barta's strict regimen and she is getting better fast. "
- Tanya Tepatti
12/30/2017 20:08:45
"I’m very happy that I found Dr Barta because he saved my Emma six years ago. He also is taking such good care of my “grand dog “ Morgan Becker. Both Jill and I are so grateful."
- Donna Eplett
12/30/2017 03:19:35
"Doing great! No wait, quick service and reasonable pricing....you're the best"
- Dave Kaminski
12/30/2017 01:57:05
"Best experience at a vet I've ever had. "
- Emily Griffor
12/06/2017 18:38:06
"I couldn't be more pleased with Veterinary General. I feel the doctors and the staff are very pleasant, professional and go out of their way to make sure the animal is helped. I have had emergency calls, without a previous appointment, and have never been refused to have my pet seen. The care has been exceptional and I am very grateful. Without the doctors at Veterinary General I wouldn't have my little guy today."
- Patricia Smith
12/03/2017 05:25:35
"After dealing with Wilson's, coming to Veterinary General is a refreshing experience."
- Donna Zauner
11/28/2017 13:17:24
"I love the Sunday appointments!"
- Melisa Scarcelli
10/23/2017 16:36:40
"Dr.Barta and the entire staff have been wonderful from the very first appointment with my Spanky. You all have provided our Spanky with the utmost care and we are very grateful. The hours are more than accommodating, the fact that I live minutes away, priceless! "
- Anica Srbinovich
10/11/2017 21:28:49
"I took my four dogs, Dolce, Davey, Simon and Bentley in for their regular nail trims. The girl did a wonderful job as usual on their nails, and you got us in and out quickly, which is so important because Dolce gets upset so easily inside the vet. Thank you again!"
- Lindsey Orkis
10/03/2017 23:06:55
"Very impressed how professional and pleasant the staff is. Glad to have Dr. Lisa to care for Chloe, she helped me decide to have Chloe get that operation. I think if I waited any longer Chloe wouldn't be around to make us laugh as she does!"
- Julio Ruvolo
09/21/2017 14:20:24