"Was able to get an appointment quickly. The doctor was very thorough and explained the issues with the concerns I had with my pet and offered a few options to consider. Staff was friendly and the facility was very nice. I would definitely refer Veterinary General to anyone looking for a good vet to go to. "
- Kathi Strace
10/10/2017 14:59:44
"I truly feel everyone on your team cares about my dog....I won't go anywhere else...thank you!"
- Kevin Bayless
09/29/2017 02:11:02
"Dr. Barta and staff are always courteous and caring and go out of their way to accommodate me!"
- Susan Wnetrzak
09/28/2017 20:11:11
"The entire team at Veterinary General is wonderful. Myself and my pets are very comfortable coming here. "
- Laura Deutsch
09/25/2017 19:23:25
"I'm so glad that I found a holistic vet, Dr Barta "
- Donna Eplett
09/21/2017 23:24:12
"You have always given jazz excellent care. more importantly you give the owner good understandable advice."
- Patricia Waligore
09/21/2017 22:55:16
"Always very caring and considerate. Usually good listeners. Overall very excellent customer service. "
- Joan Lybeer
09/21/2017 15:47:56
"Dr Barta and Staff are amazing. The level of compassion and professionalism by all have made our recent visits with Rasha much easier for all of us. We could not be more grateful for the time and attention from all of you on our journey with Rasha Too. She is doing so well in large part because of all of you!"
- Kristin Zimmerman
09/21/2017 14:32:26
"We recently changed vets to your office and we love you! Every staff member is excellent! You treat our fur babies like your own!"
- Carrie Cercone
09/21/2017 14:30:44
"Very impressed how professional and pleasant the staff is. Glad to have Dr. Lisa to care for Chloe, she helped me decide to have Chloe get that operation. I think if I waited any longer Chloe wouldn't be around to make us laugh as she does!"
- Julio Ruvolo
09/21/2017 14:20:24
"I think your office, the docs, and all your techs and office workers do an incredible job! I'm happy to be a customer/pet patient owner that comes to your veterinary practice!"
- Joseph Goff
09/21/2017 14:16:46
"Love the staff. I always get in right away. I feel like Koda is one of their own"
- Gloria Botaletto
09/21/2017 14:14:44