"You go above and beyond to help me and my fur kids and I appreciate you...every single staff member. "
- Marsha Hamacher
02/10/2019 00:02:52
"Dr Clark was amazing. She answered all our questions. She was very skilled in exam and assessment . She followed up with good information and gave us resources to read and better understand how we can help Bo have healthier senior years. "
- Kacey Trapp
02/09/2019 11:48:33
"Lulu was a rescue and in poor condition when we got her.She was around 9 months old. With our love and help from Chimacum Valley veterinary doctors and staff she has just turned ten and is a very healthy and happy dog. Thank you."
- Marianne Lehsten
02/08/2019 20:15:15
"This was my first visit to the Chimicum Valley location. The staff was very nice and punctual. The woman who cut our dogs nails was kind and obviously in the right profession. We were very satisfied with the treatment."
- Diane Ellis
02/08/2019 17:29:04
"Good communication. Very friendly staff. Explined concerns. "
- Josie Rhodes
02/07/2019 23:11:12
"Everyone is always so friendly and greets Cadie so warmly. "
- Debbie Reid
02/06/2019 19:57:23
"I called around opening seeking a same day emergency but non-life threatening appointment for my dog. I left a voicemail and someone called me back within a half hour to get me in that morning as soon as I could make it in. I was so relieved to hear back so quickly and to be scheduled as early as I was. The staff is amazing here, professional and very thoughtful and caring. I always feel taken care of here with my dogs. The care for their patients is detailed and as non-invasive as possible. "
- Sarah Henneford
02/01/2019 21:58:06
"We were very pleased with the interaction of Dr. Highbarger and his staff with our lively sixth month old lab for a wellness exam. "
- Bob McDaniel
01/29/2019 20:15:05
"I have only good things to report about your service -- from the clerks who schedule the appointments to the vets themselves."
- Charles Kraus
01/27/2019 18:58:48
"The staff were friendly and couteous to me, and, our dog :). The facility is clean with a warm comfortable feel. "
- Chuck Forster
01/26/2019 22:02:28
"The love and enthusiasm that the front office staff share with my dog is really heartwarming! And Dr. Frank’s kindness and expertise are the winning combination of why I’ve been bringing my dog(s) to your clinic for seven years. Thank you. "
- Beth Bradley
01/26/2019 18:22:20
"You are a great place to take a pet to. Caring, paying attention and very professional. Keep up the good job."
- Lilo Pritchard
01/26/2019 00:54:19
"Dr.Clarke was kind, explained everything, and was very sweet and slow. I couldnt ask for a better interaction. Skittsy is very trusting and Dr.Clarke kept it that way "
- Karynna Eichmann - EMPLOYEE
01/24/2019 21:20:00
"The staff makes us feel like they really care about our Goldens. And we appreciate the follow-up calls the next day."
- Art Greenlee
01/24/2019 19:05:06
"I believe you've served our pets and us very well. No complaints here, just complements!"
- Joe Brandt
01/24/2019 16:26:30
"Staff very kind ,helpful and took great care of Baby"
- Joellen Baham
01/22/2019 22:38:38
"The care Echo has received thus far is excellent. From the DVMs, vet techs, and the front desk reception team are polite, personal about the pets they serve, and efficient. I know Aleta and Tiffany beyond the walls of the clinic as we all have our cadre of dogs and felines. Those two are excellent and knowledgable worthy of distinction. I hope the vets appreciate their employees as this will translate to make a well honed team. I do have the sense that all individuals seem inclusive and integral part of "patient care." Great job done by all! Thank you. "
- Brooks McMillan
01/20/2019 15:36:41
"The tech was very confident with our nervous dog and did a great job"
- Steve Elliott
01/20/2019 00:37:40
"The tech was so fantastic—she was very skilled and even came outside and gave my dog his Cytopoint injection when the waiting area was a little crowded (for my dog’s taste ;)"
- Kelley Swanstrom
01/19/2019 01:02:32
"Everyone was so nice and caring. Our Mosey is eating again, quite a bit so far today. Right now he is chowing down on chicken breast!"
- Marjorie & Lewis Bell
01/17/2019 18:52:39
"We thank you for taking care of our family!"
- Mike Bishop
01/17/2019 02:30:44
"We have always experienced excellent care for our pets. We cannot think of one bad incident."
- Tom Seavoy
01/16/2019 18:54:01
"I have always had great pet care and experience. When I moved to this area, two years ago, my biggest concern was finding a doctor that was caring professional and personal for my animals. I found that compassion with your doctors as well as your office."
- Sue Piotrowski
01/15/2019 23:54:37
"This is the best vet experience that I have had in a long time. Dr. Lauren is wonderful. We are very pleased with the service of all of the staff. Everyone is very caring. Our dog, Leon, always needed to be muzzled at our old vet office. Dr. Lauren, and the entire staff at both Chimacum Valley and Pet Townsend, have made Leon feel so comfortable that he no longer needs muzzling. "
- Shelley Jaye
01/13/2019 20:55:34
"100% 10/10 "
- Steven Gossette
01/13/2019 06:19:11
"Very pleased with the care and service you provide to my dog and myself."
- Jodi Morrison
01/12/2019 18:24:15
"My pets always receive excellent care at Chimacum Valley."
- Brenda Taylor
01/12/2019 13:39:48
"The staff stayed past closing time to give my puppy the care that she so desperately needed. They were very kind, answered all of my questions, and were wonderful explaining my dogs care plan to me before I left for home. We love this vet clinic"
- Dave Moore
01/11/2019 06:32:56
"Wait time was under 5 minutes, all techs were cheerful and helpful, Dr. Jeff asked if I had any questions... an excellent experience."
- Kate Madson
01/11/2019 01:49:21
"Dr. Webb & his assistant were very sensitive to my dog's nervous sensitivity, and quickly overcame his resistance with kindness and dog candy. Dr. Webb provided clear explanations of all procedures, and answered all my fool questions with reassuring professionalism."
- Richard Carlson
01/10/2019 22:45:33
"I do not have any complaints. Staff has always been accommodating and the clinic is clean and without pet odors. The staff has always made me feel that Benji is important and they want to make sure he is well taken care of. Thank you"
- Judy Meyers
01/09/2019 04:30:01
"I feel that the vet that examined Izzy was very thorough in her exam. I appreciated that she wanted to eliminate possible causes of our dogs eye irritation before settling on a diagnosis."
- Marie Van Aart
12/31/2018 02:08:09
"I love everything and everyone there. Always a very caring facility. I'll certainly miss all of you when I move to Albuquerque. "
- Kathy Conway
12/30/2018 04:07:19
"Everyone is always so positive and helpful. All the vets are extremely knowledgeable and educate as well as treat. Couldn’t be more delighted with our pets care!"
- Lyndi Radmilovich
12/28/2018 22:12:56
"you all are the best, from the receptionists to vet assistants to the doctors. we feel so well cared for. "
- Shannon Hughes
12/27/2018 19:20:00
"I appreciate the time Dr. Webb spent discussing the medical issues my dog is facing. Unlike people doctors who spend 30 seconds, he was quite thorough and patient. Much appreciated!"
- Judson Haynes
12/26/2018 19:56:35
"We are new to your office and very pleased! Ruby has gotten excellent care. Dr. Webb and offfice staff etc are very caring."
- Diane Pettis
12/25/2018 00:19:38
"The vet and the assistant were very patient with Clara. I felt that they both took time to thoroughly check her out and did a good job diagnosing her. "
- Sue Essmyer
12/24/2018 04:49:20
"I like the service I received at your office. Everyone was great! My bird even seemed fine but he is a very good patient!! Hehe."
- Linda Roylston
12/22/2018 08:33:39
"Always very helpful and the staff takes the time to explain things so I understand them. Also very helpful with ordering on-line meds I was stressed out and was glad they did this for me."
- Debra Nasser
12/20/2018 20:44:47
"You guys are the best I wouldn't trust my babies with anyone else"
- Julia Ulrich
12/20/2018 18:54:14
"We are happy to have CVVH in our lives. "
- Suzanne Cunliffe
12/20/2018 18:13:09
" I really appreciate the care and concern the staff made in getting our dog in to be seen."
- Elaine Kaare
12/20/2018 17:39:44
"Your facilities are always clean and staff are friendly and kind to our dog."
- Trisha Romel
12/19/2018 19:00:28
"We appreciate the care that our animals receive; same quality whether big or small. I trust judgements on care and procedures and really appreciate time spent to research an issue if the answer is not immediately at hand. Staff from A to Z Wonderful!"
- Shannon Meehan
12/19/2018 18:37:03
"Everyone is always so friendly here! The techs are all great, and we really love how caring and loving they are! We really like Dr. Clarke a lot! She is excellent with our two furbabies!"
- Jo-Ann Nossek
12/19/2018 05:02:49
"Nullah enjoys his visits immensely! And the staff is always wonderful!"
- Frank Kam
12/19/2018 02:04:18
"Very helpful. Answered all my questions about flee treatments. My dog is now flee free."
- Inger Rankins
12/18/2018 21:49:21
"We have never had a problem. You do only the necessary tests and call promptly with the results. That's why we keep coming back."
- Kate Marshall
12/17/2018 20:20:44
"We’ve always had a great experience with both our dogs. Everyone is always very friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating with our older dog who is nervous when going places."
- Stephanie Shorr
12/17/2018 17:31:53
"You are doing an excellent job! Having just picked up our wee chihuahua from oral surgery today, we could not be happier with how you handled everything. From easing fears, to the service, to the clear and thorough explanation of the ‘what and why’ post surgery, it could not have gone smoother. We knew she was in good hands. Both offices were also very helpful in guiding me to care credit, which has made a very expensive procedure doable. Thank you!"
- Jessica Wedmore
12/15/2018 05:44:32
"Tiny and felt very welcome and comfortable. Thank you."
- Kriss Edwards
12/13/2018 06:00:44
"We were SO grateful that you were open on SATURDAY!!! All of your staff that we encountered were very helpful, kind, understanding, and most of all helped understand what was going on. Thank you SO much!!"
- Janette Hammond
12/12/2018 22:20:56
"we are always greeted when we arrive, and have been very pleased with the staff and the way they treat Toby."
- Diana Triplett
12/12/2018 17:09:50
"The receptionist are wonderful and caring, as are the technicians. Thank you for your warm kindness to our animals past and present."
- Barry Birch
12/06/2018 21:05:01
"Always cheerful and talkative and making things convenient when possible."
- Michael Swartout
12/06/2018 18:14:35
"We were able to make a next day appointment and we were not left waiting at all. LeO is doing very well. "
- Katie Sweeney
12/05/2018 18:29:32
"Customer service is great, everyone who works the phones are helpful and polite. Lots of new techs but all very nice. Dr. Frank is always patient and generous with his time. I appreciate everyone's help with my geriatric pets. "
- Rebecca Parkin
12/04/2018 13:35:35
"It's all good. Always."
- Richard Fenley
12/02/2018 04:00:17
"I asked for attention to my concerns about a vaccination for Bordotello, and Dr. Clarke was totally informed and upfront with information and knowledge, thank you! Her assistant was totally engaging and kind to my dog, Kulu, and we departed safe and happy "
- Katherine Muzik
12/01/2018 04:15:27
"We are very pleased with your excellent care and service. Keep up the good work!"
- Dean Hunter
12/01/2018 03:38:51
"All the staff were amazingly sensitive and kind, not just to my little puppy but to her distraught owner. And the care she received was topnotch. We're very lucky to have such dedicated staff in our veterinary clinic."
- Hannah Russell
12/01/2018 03:00:24
"Excellent patient teaching and tender loving care for my dog. Dr Frank spent 15 minutes on telephone call after office hrs explaining my dogs lab results and new new diagnosis of diabetes."
- Judy Anderson
11/30/2018 20:37:00
"Everyone that greets you at the front are always friendly and helpful! The techs are always kind and make us feel welcome!! Dr. Webb is who I stick with cause he was the one that went above and beyond to help us find out why our little Vinny was so sick in his first year on earth! Our appointment yesterday was for a ear infection and nutrition talk! He didn’t hesitate to jump on the internet to do some research on dog food brands I had questions about! He treats us like family!"
- Cheri Venneman
11/30/2018 03:50:18
"Your staff is very friendly and make an effort to take care of what ever problem we may be having. We have not had a bad experience so I am happy to take Emma to you when she is having an issue or for routine care."
- Pam Marks
11/29/2018 22:33:58
"Your front end staff are very pleasant to work with. I feel like a "regular" and my pug loves going to the vet."
- Sophie Nordstrom
11/29/2018 04:01:20
"There are so many things that have impressed me with your service: availability, your facilities, knowledgeable and cordial staff in all functions, genuine concern for the welfare of my animals and your kindness and patience when addressing my concerns."
- Jean Hodges
11/29/2018 03:36:40
"My husband took the dog in. She is a scavenger and despite our best efforts, she has gained weight. The vet gave my husband helpful hints to bulk up her food with veggies, etc. My husband was delighted to have helpful advice rather than judgemental remarks. We are very happy with this vet and Gypsy was ecstatic!!"
- Gail Moa
11/28/2018 23:17:50
"Xrays were looked at with great care and knowledge by Dr Clarke. She gave me lots of information. And some options and acupuncture. "
- Renee Galmukoff - EMPLOYEE
11/28/2018 22:51:15
"Josie cut her neck. They got her in right away and took care of her. Luckily her regular our vet was there Dr Lauren!"
- Scott Patterson
11/28/2018 22:07:07
"Had dentistry done on our Labrador and we were very pleased the Doctor (Webb) kept us fully informed of problems he incurred and actions taken to correct them. Comforting to know you have such a knowledgeable and experienced doctor on your staff. The Vet technicians we dealt with also were very knowledgeable and reassuring of our situation. Tiffany Sullivan is the best all around technician we have ever dealt with. She has been involved in the care of our dogs for many years."
- George Ayers
11/27/2018 15:03:14
"Quality of care and caring for the patients seems excellent and real. "
- Laurie Riley
11/27/2018 02:41:30
"Friendly staff, caring techs, knowledgeable vets...great care for Wilson."
- Nancy McDaniel
11/27/2018 00:04:53
"You guys are great! I've always received friendly help from your front office staff and everyone in the back with how you treat me and my dear dog Jai Jai. Thank you all!"
- Maryann Tapiro
11/26/2018 20:53:50
"VERY surprised I received a call on a Saturday about the Radiologist report assumed I would hear during the week sometime. Nice to know that you took the time to call me on a weekend. "
- Sue Jorgenson
11/26/2018 19:08:30
"Greeted upon arrival. Notified of approximate wait time. Offered a beverage. Dr Clarke is awesome. Gives estimates prior to treatment. Answered all questions demonstrating her extensive knowledge. Very effective visit conducted with kindness and gentleness for my elder dog."
- Jan Stein
11/08/2018 15:23:49
" Your vets are very caring and we are happy to know you are there for our dog."
- Glenn Norcross
11/08/2018 14:52:22
"I think the entire team is a HIT!"
- Carol Goss
11/07/2018 20:00:55
"We have been very pleased with both locations; the one in Port Townsend is just down the street from us. The doctors and staff are always kind and helpful. No complaints - I’ve recommended you to friends!"
- Barb Remington
11/07/2018 20:00:04
"Great staff, caring staff and friendly staff"
- James Norman
11/07/2018 19:54:27
"Tika May loves her new aunties. The staff is always cheerful, helpful and professional. Thank You."
- Lana Mode
10/30/2018 21:28:33
"I was able to get an appointment quickly, and follow up appointments were also immediate. My kitty was treated very well by all staff. The dr. communicated clearly every step of the way. I felt like a part of the process. Treatment was done in steps as necessary, with careful monitoring in between, which I appreciated. Kitty spent a day at the vet and was clearly well cared for. I feel so grateful for the care all around. Thank you."
- Jenny Grout
10/30/2018 14:24:07
"Excellent care in all aspects. Love the vet and all the staff"
- Georgia Arrow
10/29/2018 18:01:40
"I absolutely have no complaints at all. Since I moved here in 2015 I have loved all the courtesies and services provided. The staff in both of your locations has always been so helpful. I really miss Connie but I still receive the same excellent service from your staff. No one has ever been in a bad mood or discourteous in any way. I wish I could work there!"
- Kathy Conway
10/27/2018 04:27:33
"Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital or Pet Townsend in Port Townsend, you will always receive professional and friendly service. "
- Cathy Rensi
10/27/2018 01:23:06
"No complaints! Staff was very friendly and welcoming and accessible. Clean offices! Peaches felt comfortable there. Thanks!"
- Bethany Mahaffey
10/26/2018 22:35:38
"Leila, Uma and I absolutely love you all. Thank you for helping these pups"
- Rebecca Doolittle (Corchado) - EMPLOYEE
10/16/2018 05:22:51
"Excellent care, yet again! Thank you so much for taking such good care of our animal family members! We have been clients of yours since 2000."
- Jennifer Drop
10/14/2018 15:37:59
"I had a very good experience. I fell that Dr. Ramage is very professional and knowledgeable as well as her assistant and staff. I will always use Chimacum Valley Vet. Thank you! "
- Jeff Hart
10/14/2018 04:21:04
"Quick appointment time. Lori scheduled. Dr. Dalton Webb saw both parrots for annual exam and nail grooming. Dr. did an excellent job."
- Gale Holbrook
10/14/2018 02:42:22
"I needed my cat to be seen right away because he had fallen ill overnight. They got me in immediately and they quickly figured out what was going on with my cat. He seems to be on the mend."
- Val Anne Welch
10/12/2018 19:51:33
"I love Dr. Lauren. Her bedside manner is lovely and she allows me to be a part of the health care decision making. She is truly great. "
- Hadley Nye
10/09/2018 00:26:35
"Very accommodating to put my large Newfoundland in a room so he wouldn't get too excited greeting others. He is a friendly dog, but as I said large, 185lb."
- Joan Reynolds
10/08/2018 22:32:43
"You guys are the best! I haven't found a thing to complain about. In fact, when you discover that my dogs are more comfortable with things done a certain way (Magic always loved his little bed on the exam table), you remember and make them happy every time they come in. Thank you!"
- Marsha Hamacher
10/04/2018 19:43:27
"Reception good, Vet tech's do a good job of explanation of procedures to you about your pet!"
- Barry Birch
10/04/2018 15:04:39
"I have every faith in your staff to provide the best appropriate care for my animals. Your support staff are super friendly and knowledgeable and we find your prices to be be fair. I love that you guys know that ‘I don’t know’ is a perfectly valid answer when followed by research or a recommendation for a specialist :)"
- Jane Nelson
10/04/2018 04:29:59
"Your staff is attentive and very informative. "
- Brooks McMillan
10/04/2018 03:58:45
"Everyone, from the front desk and on, is very friendly and helpful."
- Jane Navone
10/03/2018 19:38:03
"I find the clinic clean, orderly and free of any bad odors. They respond on time and promptly was seen by the assistant and Veterinarian. Everything was explained well and I did not feel any pressure to do anything. They did give me the options and time to think it over. They were very caring with my pet and I appreciate that above all..."
- Judy Meyers
10/02/2018 18:13:06
"You guys are doing great! Dr. Webb and your staff have been great with my Eclectus. I am feeling very optimistic that his health will continue to improve. The suggested webinars have been great too. My husband, and my bird are getting along better. "
- Brittany Boeckl
10/01/2018 20:30:47