"I do not have any complaints. The waiting area is always clean and not any bad odors. The service was prompt and friendly. The young ladies at the front desk are always friendly and efficient. Everyone makes me feel that they have Benji's interest as a priority. Benji is always shyly difficult and they deal with that very well. We are fortunate to have Chimacum Valley Hospital in our community. I want to thank them all....."
- Judy Meyers
08/04/2018 14:49:06
"Everything about our last visit was perfect. No stress for ourselves and most importantly B, our dog. "
- Sherry Justis
08/01/2018 05:38:56
"so good to have health , treatments, new ideas given/discussed, and the time to do so. And to take into consideration financial situations, and offer alternative ways. appreciate so very much the caring, sincere care with handling my cat. "
- Yvonne Otterness
07/27/2018 19:55:47
"Loved the exam room with no table. The vet and the assistant on the floor with Lilli. She didn’t shake or exhibit any signs of stress. Happy dog...happy us!"
- Helen Williams
07/27/2018 02:57:45
"All positive. My dog, Lil Buster, had diarrhea and I hoped to be able to see a vet soon. He was seen on the same day, with lab tests and results. He is doing much better, thansk to the appropriate treatment applied immediately. Thanks so much for fitting him on the same day without an appointment. "
- Robert Vondelys
07/26/2018 01:56:13
"I love the care my Titus receives here"
- Teresa Calisesi
07/25/2018 22:32:46
"I so much appreciate the caring that everyone in staff has for Magic and Lola and me. We’ve had nothing but the best experience at Chimacum Valley. "
- Marsha Hamacher
07/22/2018 23:08:58
"Very happy with responsiveness to my dog’s immediate needs & very satisfied in her treatment! "
- Janie Kimball
07/20/2018 17:53:17
"No complaints about anything. You are all a really great vet practice!"
- Brian Vervynck
07/20/2018 17:51:31
"I love your clinic. Better, my dogs love your clinic. You have made our trips to the vet as painless as possible. Thank you so much"
- Gwen Brody
07/20/2018 17:32:43
"Your hospital receives a 10 out of 10. We had an emergency that was taken care of immediately. Your staff and veterinarian are first class."
- Andy Koosman
06/21/2018 22:24:14
"CVVH took our dog in on an emergency basis last week. They offered immediate and competent care. Dr Lauren Clark is calm and thorough. I especially appreciate how she follows up with a phone call to convey test results and answer questions. The front office staff is also courteous and organized~they obviously care very much about their doggie and human clients! It is a relief to know that CVVH is available 6 days per week. Thank you!"
- Laura Ovette
06/21/2018 18:43:12
"I have always had a good experience coming into the office, with the techs and all the vets I have had a time to meet. I recommend you on a regular basis."
- Linda Dexter
06/18/2018 15:51:51
"The entire staff is excellent. You care for pets and humans in exceptional ways."
- Laura Tucker
06/16/2018 05:22:34
"With the doctors help we sent our 18 year old pug over the rainbow bridge last night. They came to our house and were so wonderful with my daughter who grew up with our dog and was her best friend. They were gentle with our old girl even telling my daughter that she would be held in the lap of the assistant when they took her away."
- Robyn Lynn
06/16/2018 01:31:12
"I appreciated Dr. Lauren's willingness to answer questions and talk about the issues. I also appreciated that they offered a spectrum of options for treatment."
- Amy Howard
06/14/2018 00:01:11
"I've been to both locations and always have a great experience. The staff is always friendly and happy to answer our questions. "
- Gina Corsiglia
06/13/2018 16:49:56
"Our experience was great! My cat Frost was very difficult and she required a sedative. Dr. Jeff and his assistant were very patient and calm when helping her. "
- Tabitha Miller
06/12/2018 12:35:49
"Very attentive staff. Dog likes to go visit the vet. Vet always explains treatment and why . "
- Nancy Reasoner
06/05/2018 14:12:29
"Our experiences have been positive in that the staff really seems connected to Izzy. Izzy came to us from an abusive situation and she can be easily overwhelmed but the staff has been very warm and patient with her"
- Marie Van Aart
06/03/2018 05:10:47
"Great experience! Couldn’t have had more attentive care. Dr Dana was very thorough and her explanations and directions clear. All the staff did a great job. "
- Teri Persen
05/27/2018 20:28:49
"It took us some time to find a vet that we were comfortable with and trusted after moving here almost five years ago from the Maltby area (2 vets actually); as the survey stated our girls are our family and chimacum vet is/has always been amazing, I would not change a thing!!! Thank you 🙏 "
- Chari Clark
05/26/2018 15:03:58
"Absolutely no complaints. I am grateful for the services the entire team provides."
- Carol Goss
05/14/2018 18:22:10
"Great doctors and caring staff"
- John Connolly
05/13/2018 19:41:52
"we were pleased how well you listened to our concerns .. and treated both our pets gently and with great care ... we are very satisfied with the results and the price ..thank you !"
- Ann Owsley
05/13/2018 13:36:49
"I appreciate your conservative approach in treatment of an oldster Sadie. Aging brings many physical deficits, so targeting those most critical and immediate seems appropriate."
- Kate Anderson
05/12/2018 14:46:45
"Scarlett loves spending time with you happy people. I think she bonded with you when she had pneumonia and now would love to spend all her days with you. Really for the most part, I'm really pleased with every aspect of the service we have been provided. Receptionist staff is pleasant and welcoming when we arrive. They always give a time update, for example they'll say if the doctor is just finishing up or if there was an emergency and he's running a little late. These updates help so I know how long we'll be in the waiting room. Once in the exam room, technicians are polite and professional. Scarlett is a little ham so people always love on her, which makes me feel more happy. Dr. Webb asks questions, listens to the responses and actually takes my opinion into consideration. I appreciate when I feel like a part of the diagnostic team - as I'm the one actually seeing all of the symptoms it makes sense but hasn't always been the case with other vets. Truly, I feel like my animals and their health is important, I couldn't be happier."
- Melissa Love
05/12/2018 02:21:50
"Very grateful my cat could be seen right away by Dr. Frank & fit on his surgery schedule for the next day! "
- Laura Vilage
05/11/2018 20:36:43
"Staff are always helpful and upbeat, sometimes going the extra distance to check and see if you have the cat food I need before I come to pick it up. They are always kind and gentle with my senior cat, Giggles. Love you guys—"
- Christine Blondino
05/11/2018 14:36:04
"Our dog received very good care! I appreciated how calm both the Dr. and the technician were. Since our dog is pretty anxious when coming to the vet, that really helped."
- Claudia Pieper
05/10/2018 05:55:07
"Everyone was so kind to Jethro and I know he can be a challenging cat."
- Kathy Krause
05/10/2018 03:37:52
"Everyone there was just awesome, so friendly & helpful. All my concerns were answered and I'm so glad to find such a good clinic to bring my pets to."
- Marcia Foster
05/10/2018 00:14:37
"I think Bella's care at your clinic to be excellent. I'm very happy with your service."
- Charles Kraus
05/06/2018 17:59:54
"Sara assisted us today and was personal and friendly as always. We appreciate the personal relationship we have with the front desk personnel and their great service. "
- Dennis Tucker
04/25/2018 03:03:36
"You have an outstanding and compassionate staff. "
- Gary Usa
04/22/2018 18:12:26
"We were greeted pleasantly, and did not have to wait for our appointment. Our dog Toby does not like to be there and shakes (nervous behavior), however by the time he was done with his appointment he was talking to the tech and leaning in to her affection. This is a good testament to the quality of care he receives even when taken to another area for treatment. "
- Diana Triplett
04/21/2018 18:02:45
"We were treated with wonderful kindness and respect. Having the special room set up for our needs was an unexpected accommodation for our needs."
- Barb Peterson
04/21/2018 03:29:11
"I travel 30 miles and pass dozens of vets between Chimicum and Hansville. I think that says it all. It would be nice if you had chocolate in your candy jar, though."
- Mark Barabasz
04/21/2018 03:11:14
"There is no bad to tell! We love you guys! All the staff and Doctors are so loving and caring! Y’all make us feel like a part of your family! Dr. Webb went above and beyond to help figure out what was wrong with our Vinny when he was such a sick puppy! Thank you all! 😍"
- Cheri Venneman
04/21/2018 02:25:11
"You've always given great service. The employees are very kind. "
- Sue Johnson
04/20/2018 02:25:10
"the staff makes you feel as if your pet is the most important client in the practice "
- Josiah Marcum
04/20/2018 01:45:37
"We were very pleased with the tech and Dr. Webb. They both were very knowledgeable about cats and reasons for bringing JR in. We were really pleased to hear Dr. Webb's opinion that JR didn't need any tests taken and that feeding regime should help his overweight problem. The charges were reasonable as well. Overall, we were very pleased and will continue to utilize Chimacum Valley as our pets' "family" doctors. Bonnie"
- Bonnie Herner
04/20/2018 01:12:48
"While I've yet to bring my normal pets in (cats and dogs), Dr Webb has been amazing with my hen and rabbits. What a delight to work with someone who is willing to treat the more unusual creature, and with great care as well."
- Carol Brewer
04/19/2018 22:44:34
"We have nothing but good things to say. I felt like we had been long time clients and Sadie was treated with care. Highly recommend this clinic "
- Cathy Hawkins
03/12/2018 02:41:17
"The friendliness and professionalism are awesome and I really like Dr. Dana!"
- Val Anne Welch
01/19/2018 20:55:04
"Our experience was very pleasant. The vet tech and Dr Webb were proficient and friendly and gave very helpful advice. They handled Pippin very gentlely."
- Ann Bethel
01/15/2018 17:16:26
"You are great at communicating and being available. We have nothing but good things to say. You obviously care."
- Glenn Hartmann
01/03/2018 02:05:06
"There was no negative. We were pleased at the lack of any unpleasant odors. It was just a first rate facility and first rate care."
- Anna Lange
11/27/2017 20:22:47
"Everyone was very kind to our family and did what was needed for Storm. I will be bringing my new dog in soon. I appreciated that you could work with us with payments. Thank you for your genuine care."
- Bret Bittner
11/01/2017 22:17:39
"Doing great for Sammi!"
- Rosemary McClintick
10/22/2017 00:22:14
"Everyone was very helpful."
- Patti Smith
10/21/2017 03:34:45
"Dr. Webb is awesome!! Its thd second kitty we have taken there for care, and both times he has been wonderful. I recommend you guys often!"
- Michelle McCormick-Dougherty
10/20/2017 18:45:27
"I am very pleased with the service from the receptionist, to the vet tech, to the veterinarian. Thank you for you support!"
- Leslie Lusk
10/20/2017 18:06:27
"Dewey was running out of his medication, I had an injury that left me unable to drive, so they sent me the pills in the mail. Such a relief!"
- Marcia Foster
10/20/2017 17:42:03
"In addition to having caring, knowledgeable veterinarians, the techs and front desk staff go above and beyond to accommodate clients' schedules and special requests "
- Leonard Stanley
10/20/2017 17:16:45
"I selected your clinic from the recommendations of a friend. I was not disappointed. The staff is professional and friendly. The veterinarian's that have taken care of my dog Teddy are top-notch in my opinion. They have always addressed my concerns regarding his health. "
- Sharon Jackson
10/20/2017 16:54:04
"Overall our visit was very good. Dr. Webb explained Siri's ear problem and treatment very clearly. He answered our questions and concerns. We felt very good about our visit and Siri was also treated kindly and in a caring manner. "
- Nancy Reasoner
10/20/2017 16:17:53
"Great staff take great care of our, "Family Members.""
- Mike Bishop
10/20/2017 14:55:02
"The doctors and the staff are all very kind and professional. I appreciate the follow up phone calls each time to see how my pet is doing."
- Michelle West
10/20/2017 13:23:34
"Very caring staff! Very good Doctors! I feel my pet is in good hands."
- Cynthia Davis
10/20/2017 12:06:29