"Dr. Remy, who took care of the stray kitten we brought in, was wonderful. He helped us with what to do to care for him and explained everything for us to keep him healthy and safe. Dr. was very helpful and we really appreciated that."
- Patricia Lawson
12/13/2018 00:03:16
"I was very pleased with the care provided to Sugar. "
- Bryan Stillman
12/12/2018 22:45:32
"We brought our two cats in for a nail trimming. We were thrilled that there was no wait (in fact, took us early) and the receptionist cashed us out while the tech had the cats. By the time we paid, the cats were done. Frankly, it took us longer to drive there than the time spent in the office. Thanks!"
- Susan & Scott Hicks
12/12/2018 22:13:42
"Very friendly and knowledgable. Doctors are great. They really do treat you and your pet like family. Highly recommended. "
- Steve Long
12/12/2018 22:10:41
"Very pleasant workers...my dog is happy every time we visit "
- Anna Sowa
12/07/2018 19:03:51
"Your vets are the best in the business. So much compassion."
- Noel Bonnell
12/07/2018 16:31:09
"The wait time is usually pretty short. Everyone is very friendly. All the doctors are very thorough and explain things well. "
- JoAnn Woinelowicz
12/07/2018 11:58:51
"Great treatment of Sheila and you guys are the BEST!"
- Julie Ann Keiser
12/06/2018 20:03:28
"your doimg a great job thank you"
- Karen Yakoweloff
12/06/2018 13:52:35
"It is a well-oiled machine - everyone does their best."
- John Baker
12/06/2018 07:16:17
"Your veterinarians, support staff and facility are fantastic! I wouldn’t change a thing."
- Laurie Gressler
12/06/2018 04:27:29
"We were given an appointment as soon as we called and were seen quickly. The vet was very thorough and we appreciated her care and concern for our pet."
- Krista Gray
12/06/2018 03:06:45
"Awesome! I love coming here, and so does Neville. Thank you!"
- Kristen Swanson
12/05/2018 23:35:11
"Your front desk staff are getting better at recognizing me and my animals. "
- Karen Grettler
12/05/2018 17:48:13
"Our dog needed surgery and we were glad that she could be scheduled right away. All receptionists and technicians were kind and informative. The surgery was successful but not all stones were removed from the bladder. Blood work was elevated in calcium. These 2 items indicate more x rays and blood work on return. This of course will increase the cost. Of course we all love our pets and will do all that they need. Veterinary costs have become excessively high. We do appreciate the 10% decrease in price for retired seniors. Still there needs to be some changes other than insurance for puppies, to be able to continue to enjoy the love of a pet. At the same time, we do also appreciate the expertise of the veterinary care. "
- Catherine Brandon
12/01/2018 14:29:39
"I like Dr. Nester. She was good with my dog and thorough. I would recommend her to my friends."
- Betty Duffrin
12/01/2018 05:07:36
"My visit was simply to pick up medicine. In the past it has often taken a long time, even when I've called ahead. It was nice and quick this time. Surprised me; pleasantly surprised me. :-)"
- Diane Guthrie
12/01/2018 03:03:34
"So far I have been very happy with our experience there. During Harper's time there, I called a couple times to check on her. Everyone was very nice. I appreciated the detailed instruction we received for her at-home care. I absolutely loved the Certificate of Bravery that she received. That was a nice touch!"
- Brenda Boccio
11/30/2018 19:12:36
"I like that you call and text to remind me when the medication is ready for renewal. I like that I get emails to remind me when its time for Jewell to come in for a visit (not that I necessarily remember to schedule anything...) The staff is very friendly and helpful and I never have to wait long on the phone or for an appointment. Plus you were the only vet in the area that was able to help when my guinea pigs were ill. When my cat needed to be put to sleep, staff treated me and my cat as if we really were family. It made putting her down easier knowing that you cared so much."
- Karen Shor
11/30/2018 03:35:36
"good and friendly employees"
- Tracy Black
11/29/2018 23:46:16
"While this was not a normal visit and Sophie was dealing with an injury, it was still excellent. I was listened to and everything was explained and options given. Trully helped to set my worries at ease. The only suggestion, if small water bowls could be kept in the examine rooms. Staff was very busy and I had to bother them to get Sophie a bowl for some water. They got one without any complaints, it just would have been easier if the room(s) already had access to one. Thank you for always treating myself and more importantly Sophie with the greatest of care."
- Patrick Wroczynski
11/29/2018 14:25:45
"You are doing excellent as always, that is why I come there...."
- Janet Bailey
11/29/2018 13:41:27
"We love the new towels sprayed with the scent for kitties who are afraid!! so sweet! We absolutely adore Dr. Craig!!!"
- Shari Longo
11/28/2018 23:44:35
"all we encountered on this visit were pleasant and helpful"
- David Hubbell
11/28/2018 23:12:14
"We Love Animal Ark"
- Patrick Hart
11/28/2018 21:46:17
"Very professional and friendly staff at reception. "
- Susan Weber
11/28/2018 15:50:54
"I love Animal Kingdom....Dr. Campbell, Colleen and everyone else are all FABULOUS!!!!!!!! "
- Liz Wolfe
11/28/2018 12:48:56
"It was ok. The checkout part always takes forever! "
- Tammy Humphrey
11/28/2018 05:17:16
"We always have had good experiences at Animal Ark. "
- Candy Bukowski
11/28/2018 03:34:09
"We were unable to complete our exam, as my dog was too overly anxious . We were prescribed a sedative for her next rescheduled appointment "
- Marlene & David Kosobucki
11/27/2018 23:45:32
"Vet tech that took Tiger in the back to clip nails was very friendly and understanding that he is very old and has specific needs. He had matts in his fur and listened to everything we told her about the situation. When she brought him out she told us they just combed out the matts because they werent very bad and didnt even charge us for that. The wait was the only thing that was off putting because we had an appointment at 6 and they didnt take him in the back until at least 6:20"
- Laura Horstman
11/27/2018 20:01:36
"We were very pleased with Bailee Rose's visit with Dr. Davis - the tech took excellent care of her when taking her blood for the SNAP test and blood pressure; making sure that she had time to calm down and relax before taking the pressure. All of her test results (urine, fecal, heartworm, etc.) came in quickly while we were there for her visit. Dr. Davis was very compassionate in caring for our 14 1/2 year old sweet furkid! "
- Darlene Beganics
11/27/2018 16:40:36
"Dr Bean is exceptional, the fact that he follows up with answers to questions discussed and pertinent information. "
- Lori Thompson
11/27/2018 14:23:15
"You guys are awesome with how you treat my fur babies"
- Mary Anderson
11/27/2018 09:49:11
"I think Izzy's care was fine - but the scented plug-in kicks up my asthma something fierce, and unplugging it when I get there (or soon after) helps, but not much. That oil is meant to permeate a space, and all the furnishings therein, so it lingers. I'm actually very surprised that you subject your stronger- than- human- smelling patients to that, um, stuff. I've been bringing my pets to Animal Ark for almost 25 years, but am considering whether I need to change vet practices for my own health. "
- Bradley White
11/27/2018 04:36:09
"I'm very happy with the treatment of my pets and how I'm treated when I come in."
- James Kwiatkowski
11/27/2018 04:25:46
"we are frequent visitors to Animal Ark and everyone is always is very helpful and friendly."
- Cheryl Baldwin
11/27/2018 03:42:04
"The Vet we had was excellent with our dog! He was the first one who knew how to handle a nervous rescue dog. I was very impressed by his skills and professionalism!"
- Monica Pitzer
11/27/2018 00:28:23
"I love that Roadie is so comfortable coming to the Ark."
- Joanne Albaneze
11/27/2018 00:17:01
"Animal Kingdom is fantastic. Dr. Katrina Craig is fantastic, and she’s very caring. The rest of the staff are wonderful to work with, as well. "
- John Milewski
11/26/2018 21:22:43
"As always Sadie received excellent care from Dr. Campbell & staff"
- Philip Slomski
11/26/2018 20:45:55
"Very satisfied. No complaints."
- Linda Padget
11/26/2018 20:35:42
"I have been there twice with each of my cats and both experiences were wonderful. I can't thank you enough. "
- Jo DeMarco-Graef
11/26/2018 20:10:01
"great group at the office. I trust your care for all my pets."
- Mark & Marcy Rutkosky
11/26/2018 19:35:15
"Just great! Keep up the good work"
- Rita Guenther
11/26/2018 18:42:43
"The veterinary assistant applied our veterans discount even though I forgot it."
- Lura Jane Yerkey
11/25/2018 07:39:43
"Between our two dogs we have been coming to Animal Ark or Kingdom for more than 25 years. We would never consider changing. "
- Shelley Wroblewski
11/19/2018 19:58:06
"Excellent as usual"
- Jodi Sando
11/17/2018 10:27:56
"My only thing, is I would like the vets to dedicated to either Ark or Kingdom and not rotate. Would like to know what vets I can expect to see. Obviously, the partners would go to both."
- Diane Kwiatkowski
11/16/2018 17:39:41
"Good experiences. We do miss Dr. Jung, though!"
- Anita Bolla
11/13/2018 20:08:10
"I have had the best experience at Animal Kingdom with Dr. Campbell and BiIli Jo. I could feel how much you both care about our animals. I know Sydney felt so secure even though she didn't feel well. Thanks you for your concern and knowledge. Sydney is doing well thanks to both of you. "
- Patricia Mayer
11/13/2018 00:01:40
"Very good "
- Patricia Ortiz
11/12/2018 23:12:18
"Visit was good. Very informative "
- Sandy Vercillo
11/12/2018 17:02:43
"I think that all the vets that I had recent experiences with were kind and compassionate. They listened and answered my questions. I am still saddened by Dr Jung's departure to Seattle, I believe. He left big shoes to fill. "
- Cheryl Boyce
11/12/2018 16:56:30
"cat was treated gently by her vet"
- Oleh Kosenko
11/09/2018 13:58:27
"Very easy to get a same appointment."
- James Nesgoda
11/08/2018 12:15:14
"Always super friendly and I can tell you really know my dogs :)"
- Elizabeth Freitag
11/08/2018 02:06:11
"Animal Kingdom has always been very friendly and at the same time very professional. The staff is very courteous and the doctors have always taken the time to explain medical issues and answer any question."
- Patricia Dahlkemper
11/08/2018 01:46:29
"I've had one bad experience there when staff forgot about me, even though I had signed in. That was a couple of years ago. Overall, I think you guys are doing great. This time, the front desk staff "suggested" an owner with an out-of-control dog put him in the car while he paid. I thought they did a great job with that. Very tactful, yet firm. "
- Gary Viebranz
11/07/2018 18:07:08
"Dr. Nestor is the absolute best. I trust her and have for over 15 years!!! Always a great experience here. "
- Shari Robinson
11/06/2018 16:22:49
"The staff and veterinarian are always very nice to both me and my animals, thank you!"
- Alison Walsh
11/05/2018 23:16:11
"We really have no complaints. Animal Kingdom has always been good to us and with us. "
- Derek Haraldson
11/05/2018 17:44:04
"I love Animal Ark. I love that you have later hours. The staff is always so friendly. "
- Jan Henry
11/03/2018 20:10:07
"Everything was great! "
- Erin Currier
11/03/2018 02:41:12
"Good visit. We did not feel rushed."
- Susan Cunningham
11/01/2018 23:12:16
"I was pleased with Ruby's checkup. The tech was very thorough and the Dr. did a great job with her shots. I was also pleased about getting the credit on my bill for my sr. discount. Thank you for a pleasant experience."
- Susan & Richard Crabb
11/01/2018 20:42:27
"No changes needed from my standpoint. I asked you to fax Thor's vac status to a prospective boarder and you did!"
- Brian Hart
11/01/2018 20:22:41
"We love Dr. Craig! Our fur babies always feel welcome and although the kitties are often scared, Dr. Craig is caring and patient! "
- Amanda Ulrich
10/30/2018 16:33:22
"I have been using Animal Ark for many many years for my pets over those years and I have always been very please with how my pets and myself have been treated."
- John Hromyak
10/30/2018 16:24:30
"Come all the way from FL to visit AA."
- Deborah Bovee
10/30/2018 15:26:48
"Staff is always friendly. I’m never have to wait long."
- Kelly Drelick
10/30/2018 14:18:50
"A tad pricey but they always take care of my little man and take the time to listen to all concerns ."
- Missy Bohun
10/30/2018 14:07:57
"You are doing great I would not change a thing"
- Ann Munsinger
10/29/2018 12:41:32
"Experienced pleasant helpful staff when we first arrived. Very short wait time no more than 5 minutes before escorted to exam room. Vet assistant was friendly and efficient. Can’t remember the name of the female Veterinarian we saw but she was terrific and offered options and treatments for chronic ear problems and allergy we had not been informed of before. Will request her again. "
- Jan Dean
10/28/2018 20:55:07
"All GOOD!!!!! I tell everyone about this place. Always having a friendly and loving Heart. My 3 boy cats(Fluffy,Jordan,Panda).Thank you for Caring so much. Ruth Bridgett"
- Ruth Bridgett
10/27/2018 12:24:30
"You are great with Jack. He is healthy as a horse. Just don’t take it personally that he would rather be somewhere else. "
- Linda & Bob Sensor
10/25/2018 04:47:32
"Dr. Campbell was wonderful. The staff is great and for the nearly 20 years I've gone there I have had no complaints. (With my two dogs)"
- Sharon Edwards
10/24/2018 18:18:59
"Check out could be quicker"
- Judy Johnson
10/24/2018 17:45:31
"We have never had a bad experience at Animal Ark. "
- Melanne Page
10/24/2018 12:51:46
"Dr. Gerry was awesome as usual. "
- Kellee Ertl
10/23/2018 23:38:43
"Dr. Campbell is fabulous. He inspected my dog’s injury and quickly administered his advice and follow through. His assistant was pleasant and professional. The front desk staff was also pleasant and proficient. I think you are all doing a terrific job."
- Karen Cafferty
10/23/2018 18:11:30
"Friendly staff, veterinarian was very nice and caring with our cat. "
- Frank Kwitowski
10/23/2018 16:22:15
"I have no complaints about my recent visit. Doctor Nestor was late with appointment but for a very forgivable/understandable reason. She had an emergency case to deal with. I always try to put myself in that pet owners position when that happens and know that I would expect and get the same attention if it was me and my pet in that situation. Hope the bulldog was OK. "
- Sherri O'Connell
10/23/2018 15:02:55
"Animal Ark "Simply the Best!!!""
- Kathy Lastowski
10/23/2018 13:03:45
"Animal Arc is awesome! "
- Stacey Henry
10/23/2018 09:09:15
"Great staff"
- Lisa Montgomery
10/23/2018 01:12:12
"I have been to see you quite often in the last three weeks. Service has always been excellent from the staff up front to the techs and docs. Everyone seems like they really care!!"
- Debbie Hauk
10/23/2018 00:00:39
"The staff at animal ark always takes care of our kitties as if they were their own. Dr. Bean has been very helpful in helping treat and care for our cats."
- Colleen Gaeth
10/22/2018 22:53:06
"At first staff forget to take off the VIP discount but now it’s good!"
- Claudia & Anthony Pasquarette
10/22/2018 22:38:34
"Your doing great,love dr craig!"
- Robin Brown
10/22/2018 21:45:37
"The waiting room smells better than my house."
- Mary Porreco
10/18/2018 18:37:51
"I love Dr. Campbell! He's so personable and makes each visit enjoyable. "
- Kim & Wes Palmer
10/18/2018 10:43:20
"I had to bring Remi in for an issue with her left eye. The entire staff was welcoming and friendly. Dr. Murphy took real good care of Remi and answered all my questions."
- Ann Marie Johnson
10/18/2018 00:42:23
"Everything is always picture perfect!"
- Jane Drumm
10/17/2018 20:41:09
"We are very happy with the care our dog receives there. Especially from Dr Campbell and Dylene."
- Laura Benson
10/17/2018 20:11:34
"Everything was wonderful. One of our cats peed in her carrier and the staff offered to clean it up for us!"
- Mary Lasher
10/17/2018 00:32:57
"The staff does a great job! You have smart people that show compassion and the customer service is first class. "
- Ric Giles
10/16/2018 14:53:08
"Was as good as could have hoped, and was glad they weren't pushy about doing more stuff."
- John Frederick
10/16/2018 12:03:58
"It was a very good visit. The girls at the front desk we very helpful. The vet assistant was super nice and caring. Dr Simon is amazing and she is the reason that we switched to your office. We came from Twinbrook and our visit to your office was very refreshing. We know that we are receiving the best care for our Maddie."
- Christine Froess
10/16/2018 01:05:56
"I have no complaints even took of me mentally when my dog euthanized 2 years ago I had major support. I thank u very much for the care my babies have gotten from Animal Kingdom"
- Stacy Sharples
10/15/2018 23:13:15