"I would like a single visit charge for 3 pets at a single visit. "
- Linda McFarland
12/11/2017 11:20:41
"Very Nice Pet Hospital. My cat got great care and is now doing better"
- Marjorie Fries
12/10/2017 00:02:00
"Your techs are wonderful with the dogs. Managing to get Jack's nails trimmed was a feat! Overall, we had a good first time experience with our pups. We will definitely be bringing them back!"
- Chris Blakeslee
12/04/2017 13:06:05
"The wait time this visit was minimal...often there's an initial waiting period in the waiting room, then again in the exam room then again afterwards waiting to check out but this time it wasn't bad at all!"
- Lisa & Greg Rubino
11/23/2017 20:56:45
"Izzy is a serious challenge (fearful and so defensively violent), and everyone at Animal Ark has been very helpful in giving us strategies to get him the care he needs. Oh, and the care had been pretty good too! "
- Bradley White
11/23/2017 18:42:47
"I think you are doing a fine job of caring for all animals. You are a friendly and a polite place. A convenient place that is close to where I live. Keep up the good work that you all do."
- Raymond Fogle
11/23/2017 00:06:10
"As you know, Rose is a challenging patient. We appreciate your understanding and willingness to make her visit as easy and painless as possible. Dr. Jung was very gentle and kind throughout her exam while Rose is hissing, biting and clawing her way through his attempts to examine her. I was so embarrassed at her behavior and felt bad for Dr. Jung and the staff. Through all that, I left your office feeling that Rose received good care and that was the goal of Animal Ark's staff. On her next yearly exam, I will be sure to administer Gabapentin, as suggested by Dr. Jung. Hopefully, it will help keep Rose calm so her visit isn't as emotionally traumatic for both of us, and is less challenging for her Veterinarian Team! Thanks again for all you do to provide excellent care for the furry animals of our family."
- Patti Rogers
11/22/2017 15:36:42
"I have been taking my pets to Animal Kingdom since it opened and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. "
- Judy Freeman
11/21/2017 20:51:16
"Missy's visit was well taken care of, and I was glad to receive your knowledgeable help. The liquid steroids you sent home with us was not closed properly, so when I got home there was liquid inside the bag and the jar was wet. I think there's probably enough left, so that is a minor disturbance."
- Andrew Hosie
11/19/2017 22:52:04
"your front desk staff is wonderful! I appreciate the text reminders to get my boy's poop checked! I also had the results on my home phone before I got home! Easy peasy. Thank you!"
- Kristen Swanson
11/19/2017 20:09:27
"I am happy with the care my Gracie gets from the phone call for an appointment or advice to when I bring her in. I can see everyone loves there job. Thank everyone!"
- Tess Fusco
11/19/2017 19:43:19
"Thank you so much for getting me in so quickly. I just walked in without an appointment because Jackson had a bone stuck in his mouth. You helped us out immediately and I cannot thank you enough!! "
- Heather Filson
11/18/2017 19:14:21
"Wonderful treatment and very caring staff!"
- Kelly Hewitt
11/18/2017 16:15:45
"Abby just loves Dr. Jung."
- Janet Klempay
11/18/2017 15:16:31
"Dr. Murphy always treats Ted & me with the best of care and sincerely answers all my questions...just wish Ted had better teeth!"
- Marilyn Russell
11/17/2017 21:47:25
"My 2 cats have been seen by various vets at Animal Ark over the years. I've been very satisfied with the veterinary care provided. Also, the office staff is friendly and efficient."
- Sharon Davenport
11/17/2017 03:39:24
"Always a good experience, friendly staff and nice facilities"
- Brandon Thomas
11/16/2017 21:50:50
"Everyone is extremely friendly. The vet who saw my dogs was exceptionally good with them. She made them very much at ease, and it in turn made me feel more at ease."
- Kristen Ottena
11/16/2017 20:27:25
"My dog has always been aggressive and you guys have made him feel comfortable enough where I don’t have to worry about him biting the staff "
- Jeff Pianta
11/16/2017 19:19:41
"Great care"
- Emily Dickson
11/16/2017 18:38:55
"I always appreciate how fast you get us in when our pets are in distress."
- Crystal Whaley
11/16/2017 16:28:19
"After 30yrs I would not go anywhere but here."
- Ruth Lowers
11/16/2017 11:42:12
"doing well"
- Michael Koncewicz
11/16/2017 00:38:08
"The staff is always nice and the care is good. I would recommend to anyone who has a pet. "
- Dave Bevevino
11/15/2017 16:57:03
"My dog is anxious and nervous and was in pain . It would have been a better situation if it had taken a little less time"
- Mary Breckur
11/15/2017 08:22:52
"I just came to pick up dog food. However the staff couldn’t have been more kind and eager to please"
- Mary Fiorenzo
11/13/2017 21:35:15
"I've been bringing my guys to your office for many years and have been happy with the experience at least 99% of the time."
- Pam Miller
11/13/2017 15:47:29
"I was nothing but impressed!"
- Kathleen Fleming
11/13/2017 13:50:51
"I think you do an amazing job. The staff is very friendly,helpful. You get us in for appointments quickly. The doctors are very friendly and well trained. We have been coming to yours and animal kingdom for many years. (16+) I’ve recommended you to many people and would never consider going any were else. Thank you and your staff. Michael Thomas "
- Michael Thomas
11/12/2017 21:18:38
"I was very pleased with Coco's care. Dr. Ramey and the rest of the staff were compassionate and efficient. "
- Bryan Stillman
11/12/2017 20:49:16
"I thought the front end staff, the tech that help us and Dr. Jung were great. When Dr. Jung was dealing with an emergency the tech came to tell us it would be a few minutes--and that is all it was!! I was impressed with Dr. Jung--Not only did he answer my questions but I felt he took time with us and was concerned."
- Barbara Burton
11/12/2017 19:54:57
"The people working the front desk are always welcoming and informative. I always choose to have my pet seen by Dr. Campbell. He is so caring when handling and examining Petey. He always has great patience for all my questions and I always trust his advice and answers."
- Loretta Nesselhauf
11/12/2017 16:53:10
"Dr Davis takes the time to explain everything thoroughly and helps to ease the worry I’m sure every pet owner has when their fur child isn’t feeling well. Staff was informative and very polite. "
- Heather McGlynn
11/12/2017 15:48:22
"Always a good experience at Animal Kingdom. Staff is always friendly and helpful."
- Scott Simonsen
11/12/2017 15:27:44
"Very friendly staff, comfortable environment."
- Kathy Bussiere
11/12/2017 15:20:07
"Probably the most expensive veterinarian in Erie. I felt really bad, self conscious, and cheap because of the upsell tactics used. I could barely afford the minimum."
- Ray Johnson
11/12/2017 14:38:56
"We love Dr. Davis and so does Maggie (most of the time). She hates having her temperature taken and having her back messed with but she feels better after we get her home. She has been seeing Dr. Davis since she was a puppy along with other pets while we were living in Meadville. I first met Dr. Campbell & his wife while I was working at Dahlkempers in 1989. I had just moved back from West Chester PA and I believe He and his wife were coming back from Phila. where I think he went to Veterinary School. Don't know if my facts are correct, it's been 28 years. I always look for him while in there but never get to see him. He's a great Vet who saved one of my puppys' life back in 1995 when "Banjo" was only 5 months old and lived to be 14. We Would never take our "Kids" to any other Veterinary Hospital or any other Vets."
- Susan Farrell
11/12/2017 04:17:18
"Love the staff! Honest and friendly! "
- Jennifer Bane
11/12/2017 00:00:27
"No problems with anything except the cost. We have trouble keeping up with exams and shots because we have multiple pets, one of which needs special care. Sometimes we get behind in their shots, but we love them and they are happy and healthy. "
- Gregory Kiddo
11/11/2017 18:29:11
"I have not had a problem when brining my dog Mickey to Animal Kingdom but I have had a few problems when brining my dog Opal to Animal Kingdom. "
- Galiena Rae
11/11/2017 03:38:24
"No problems always trated great"
- John Stevenson
11/10/2017 23:39:23
"things seem to running pretty well,keep it up."
- Cathy Stephenson
11/10/2017 19:29:45
"Visits have always been good. Never have to wait to see Dr. Visits are informative, pleasant. "
- Jo Cuzzola
11/10/2017 13:25:00
"Excellent customer service!"
- Christine Dance
11/10/2017 01:16:10
"Dr. Campbell & his staff always gives excellent care & service"
- Philip Slomski
11/09/2017 23:43:06
"The staff is always friendly and courteous. They do a great job booking appointments. I always have an appointment that works for me. They treat the animals with love and care. I wouldn't go anyplace else."
- Mary Olson
11/09/2017 22:42:17
"We had a great experience! Dr. Campbell is always very friendly and easy to talk to. He’s very good with Louie. "
- Mary Rutkowski
11/09/2017 22:10:36
"Sadie is doing much better, just one day after being in to see the doctor. It's comforting, knowing that if I have an issue with my pet, I can get her any appt on the same day and be informed throughout the appt of what is happening every step of the way. Thank you. "
- Sean Dawson
11/09/2017 18:14:01
"Dr Nestor and staff are excellent!"
- Aimee Smith
11/09/2017 16:56:50
"I love that I was able to stop in to visit Taz and all involved, from the phone call to the actual visit, were more than accommodating. Taz has a bit of a reputation at your office and he was named for his spirit! I was asked to give him his medication while visiting and was delighted to do so. I'd be happy to do so any time and live and work within 10 minutes of your office. Please just ask and I can be there. My one suggestion is to have better lighting outside and on your sign. As I said, I'm back and forth across E 38th Street and almost drove right past last night since it was dark. "
- Marcia Gensheimer
11/09/2017 13:41:44
"We were in and out in less than 20 minutes but I didn't feel rushed at all."
- Cindi Spero
11/09/2017 01:54:13
"Everything was great! You guys saved Benny’s life! Couldn’t ask for better people."
- Barb & Bruce Frick
11/08/2017 21:42:09
"Minimal wait time in waiting room, friendly staff."
- Peg Muck
11/08/2017 20:50:36
"Everything was great. So appreciated Dr. Watts kind, gentle manner with Lexi and his explanations for her issue and different options on treatment. He was great."
- Ann Downing
11/08/2017 19:50:09
"Loving and thorough visit!!"
- Tara Carrara
11/08/2017 19:25:06
"Your the best "
- Linda McLaughlin
11/08/2017 16:18:45
"Awesome caring people. Keep up the good work!"
- Denise Ciacchini
11/07/2017 19:50:12
"I think you are all doing a great job! The staff are very friendly and have always been helpful. We love Dr. Nestor and the treatment she provides our dogs. I did call once for an emergency situation that required my dog being seen immediately. I was initially told I couldn’t come to the office. After going back and forth the front desk spoke to the doctor and the doctor said bring the dog in. When I showed the vet said it was a good thing she was brought to the office when I did. Front desk needs to be mindful of emergency situations."
- Stacey Green
11/07/2017 15:57:48
"My pups always are treated well by all the staff."
- Jo Ann Lanzillo
11/06/2017 12:00:57
"Every time we need anything for Misty and Mallie, the staff and doctors couldn't be more kind and efficient. Our Misty and Mallie are getting older and are like our family. Thank you for helping us have them as long as possible!"
- Patricia McLaughlin
11/05/2017 19:04:02
"The ladies at the front desk are very nice and welcoming! The vet was caring and informative when it came to my cat. Answered my questions thoroughly. Only "bad" I have to say was that I waited a half hour past my appointment time til I was seen. "
- Renee Letkiewicz
11/05/2017 12:39:37
"Very satisfied with Remy's care on her yearly visit last week. The vet tech and the vet both took good care of her and spent time with our questions. The tech even carefully removed a tick, taking time to remove the entire bug. Another tech trimmed her nails. Everyone put Remy at ease and she was very cooperative."
- Linda Pikiewicz
11/04/2017 20:28:56
"Angel was in distress and the entire staff helped us to get Angel in the building and looked at. You are the BEST!!!!!"
- Jodi Sando
11/04/2017 14:40:20
"I am always impressed by Animal Ark and Animal Kingdom. Dr. Craig is my vet and she does a phenomenal job with Max every time we come and the staff does a great job as well. "
- Rachel Zavasky
11/04/2017 13:08:33
"Staff was great and caring. Doctor was very informative to my cats overall health. Will definitely be back."
- Dan Anysz
11/04/2017 04:08:14
"Compassion and Care was outstanding"
- John DeVies
11/03/2017 21:55:01
"Excellent visit for wellness checks. Thorough Dr. Jung!"
- Herbert Down
11/03/2017 19:48:49
"No complaints!"
- Erica & Nick Handley
11/03/2017 16:26:54
"Dr. Jung is so nice and took the time to answer my questions and get to know my fur baby."
- Amanda Austin
11/03/2017 12:59:43
"This was our first visit to Animal Kingdom. We were very pleased with the care Pieter received and the friendliness and professionalism of the staff."
- George Espy
11/03/2017 12:34:31
"Staff is friendly. veterinarians are caring. my dog loved the treats too!"
- Lucy Karpik
11/03/2017 00:18:00
"I was very pleased with my recent visit. I was giving an appointment same day even though I was not an urgent case. We were seen promptly (no long waiting in office).... Vet tech was so sweet and understanding as she took down my concerns for my elderly kitty. Dr Ramey was just as nice and professional. It means a lot to come in and have understanding and compassion for my pet and not being shamed because of financial limits. I am looking forward to making Animal Ark my vet for all my fur babies. Thank you so much!"
- Genevieve Marcy
11/02/2017 17:38:02
"We love Dr. Nestor! No complaints... you guys and gals always do well by us. "
- Nancy Daniel
11/02/2017 15:01:41
"We have been using Animal Ark for years for our pet care. The care has always been great, especially the help with end of life issues for a valued pet."
- Conrad Stachelek
11/01/2017 14:28:34
"A wonderful veterinary hospital. And they have evening and Saturday appointments available."
- Joe Varo
11/01/2017 13:14:40
"Dr. Jung is exceptional in his care and compassion. Lately the front desk seems a bit chaotic and slow, possibly that is due to new employee training - Colleen is exceptional. "
- Donald Cousins
11/01/2017 12:37:43
"Wonderful staff and veterinary doctors"
- Joanie McCoy
11/01/2017 01:55:29
"I love taking both my cat and dog to Animal Ark. You have great, expert veterinarians who really know what is wrong with my animal and how to care for the problem. We have always been treated really well and my animals are healthy thanks to you guys. You give our loved ones a voice when we have no clue what is wrong with them. Thanks for all that you do. "
- Kayla Fatica
10/31/2017 17:32:04
"Dr.nestor is awesome, great to us, great with our cats!!"
- Dawn Hamilton
10/31/2017 16:56:15
"All providers attending Willy were most competent ; Dr. Piersol being most recent."
- Robert Walker
10/31/2017 15:09:23
"You're all doing great!"
- Ellen Leonard
10/30/2017 14:00:26
"My recent visit met all my expectations. The doctor took her time answering all my questions. The only negative would be that it seems every time I have an appointment we are not seen by the dr until about 30 minutes after our appointment time. "
- Dorotha Argaez
10/30/2017 02:33:44
"You too excellent care of our car you are professional and kind. Thank you. "
- Roberta Carlson
10/30/2017 01:36:34
"I like that Dr. Watts gives us options and is willing to test before we have to make decisions. No matter what the results turn out he gives options on medications [ or not] and some insights on behavior patterns."
- Karen Gourley
10/30/2017 00:34:22
"my on brought Nutmeg in and said how good you were"
- Ruth Randall
10/29/2017 22:38:51
"Always greeted warmly and taken care of promptly. "
- Lynn Goettman
10/29/2017 21:38:32
"I feel that Walter is very well cared for by Dr. Watts"
- Timothy Thompson
10/29/2017 10:59:19
"Wonderful experience! Office staff and medical staff were pleasant and helpful. "
- Jamie McKinstry
10/28/2017 20:56:28
"We had a great experience with Sr. Murphy. He took great care of Fluff and the office staff was just as kind."
- Jennifer Santos
10/28/2017 13:12:22
"I love you guys! Excellent group of docs and additional staff."
- Debbie Lewis
10/28/2017 09:25:13
"Every time I call or visit and ask all those annoying animal mom questions everyone takes their time and explains everything I ask. You guys are great! "
- Shelby Abner
10/27/2017 20:05:00
"Woody(maybe not) and I had a wonderful experience. Dr. Watt and the staff kept me informed before, during and after his dental cleaning and tooth extraction. Kudos to the excellent care Woody received. Thank you so much!!"
- Edgar Schmitz
10/27/2017 18:10:07
"The doctor and assistants really care about the dogs. Could improve throughput with use of digital charts"
- Michael Donikowski
10/27/2017 11:44:56
"doing great"
- Cathy Mufich
10/24/2017 20:25:33
"Animal Ark has a clean, bright entry waiting room which I appreciate immensely. (Erie Animal Hospital is dim, dirty,and makes me think their care of their charges might be slipshod as well, no matter how accomplished their Vets are.). The staff at the desk are patient , cheerful,and kind. Everyone seems to smile and really like their charges! The dog space outside with the station for getting poop bags is a well thought out idea-so often this is overlooked. The doctors themselves have helped me so much at the end of my dogs lives when it is a difficult decision to know are they in pain?Is it time to let them go? I like coming in at each holiday to see the cheering decorations for each season. My dog likes his Vet caretakers and that says it all to me!!!"
- Patricia Barzyk
10/20/2017 21:24:51