"It was very nice experience. Staff was very nice and the cost was very reasonable. Enjoyed coming in "
- Chris Youngs
05/25/2018 10:47:31
"Stellar service, knowledgeable and caring staff! So blessed to be a “ patient/client” with this facility!"
- Bonnie Tarcia
05/24/2018 14:04:33
"Love the office, love the staff, love everything except visits, dental cleanings, etc expensive. I know this is industry wide and prices may be in line with other vet offices but it is still expensive to pay out of pocket."
- Thomas Johnson
05/24/2018 13:25:59
"Best care in Erie."
- Ruth Lowers
05/24/2018 11:57:36
"Dr. Jung is the best. We have been customers for over 19 years. We always have had excellent care from Animal Kingdom. Thank you."
- Derek Haraldson
05/24/2018 03:02:54
"I always feel very comfortable bringing Gordon to get his nails trimmed. I know he’s in good hands even though he tends to be a little fiesty. "
- Katlyn Roginsky
05/24/2018 02:59:00
"No concerns. Staff are excellent and very caring of the animals!"
- Barbara Harris
05/24/2018 01:19:53
"So far everything seems good there. Got seen really fast and staff are friendly ."
- Ryan Habas
05/23/2018 22:15:40
"I am very pleased with Animal Ark and Animal Kingdom, they always meet the needs of my pets wether healthy or sick!"
- Julie Laird
05/23/2018 11:42:35
"WE always get prompt service, girls at front desk ALWAYs helpful and very friendly. Thanks Animal Ark."
- Terry Miller
05/23/2018 11:23:08
"I don't think e have ever had a bad experience there"
- Kay Kitch
05/23/2018 10:41:12
"I like how you treat my animals but it’s always been so expensive that I can only bring one of my dogs at a time . I’ll be bringing my other dog Gracie for her shots too. It’s very important Bella gets her shots . Thank you !"
- Terry Thayer
05/23/2018 08:14:05
"You are kind and caring to your clients and supportive to their "parents.""
- Joann Lamb
05/22/2018 13:37:37
"The visit went great and I will be back for future pet care."
- Shawn Waddell
05/21/2018 23:35:36
"Always have been great to Sophie and friendly staff."
- Patrick Wroczynski
05/21/2018 10:40:34
"The technician was very kind and overall very welcoming. Dr. Reamer was as always very helpful and got our Adelena back into action again. "
- Dorotha Argaez
05/18/2018 13:37:13
"Sorry...no bad. Everyone was not only kind but also very efficient!"
- Carol Maxwell
05/16/2018 21:34:41
"Very welcoming and professional doctor and staff! We were clients of Amimal Arc more than 20 years ago before leaving Erie. We will be back!"
- Carolyn Lashinger
05/15/2018 21:04:53
"I called early Monday morning about our parakeet who became ill over the weekend. Though Dr. Ramey did not have an opening until Tuesday evening, I quickly received a return call telling me that he would see our little girl before his first appointment Monday morning. We are so very grateful for the compassion shown by the Animal Ark staff and for Dr. Ramey's expertise and caring heart. Over the years, our pets have received excellent, compassionate care from Dr. Campbell and other vets at Animal Ark ...thank you for your wonderful services!"
- Carol McCall
05/15/2018 14:59:19
"Nothing bad. I love the new VIP plan. Great idea!"
- Debbie Lewis
05/13/2018 02:27:46
"Dr and tech were very understanding and compassionate about my very anxious dog. We couldn’t complete the visit but made a plan for the next one to prep. I felt attended to and reassured. I really appreciated that. The only part of our visit that wasn’t great was the wait time to check out. We stood in line for a good while. Check out lady forgot to give me an estimate for a procedure but called me before I even get home and emailed it to me right away. Impressive!"
- Amanda Ward
05/13/2018 01:04:47
"I had ordered some pills that apparently did not reach the correct contact and were not ready when I came to pick them up. The receptionist quickly rectified the situation and I had my pills within 5 minutes. "
- Fred Ralph
05/12/2018 21:07:50
"All staff that l encountered were welcoming and informative as to how to administer my pet's medication. Always very pleased with Gabriel's care!"
- Kathy Pino
05/10/2018 20:43:16
"Staff listened to concerns that brought me to bring pet in for evaluation and treatment. Clearly explained plan of treatment, and scheduled us for follow-up in two weeks. All good! Hoping she will respond to treatment. :)"
- Vicky Schwabenbauer
05/10/2018 20:06:11
"I cannot say enough about how kind your staff is. I was seen with my senior pup who is not doing well so it is a very difficult stage but your staff helps with the kind words and smiles. It is greatly appreciated"
- Amy Machinski
05/10/2018 13:02:12
"Great job, the staff is just wonderful. "
- Patricia Carolus
05/10/2018 01:19:06
"Always a great experience when my two boys and I visit. Pleasant staff."
- Ric Giles
05/10/2018 01:00:58
"Since the Animal Ark's very beginning...and five family Airedales in succession over those years...we've always been exceptionally pleased with the great care, attention, advice and service that Dr. Campbell and all of the AA staff has provided. Thank you many times over! "
- Pat Davis
05/09/2018 23:49:18
"Always pleased with the care and Dr. Murphy gives our pets."
- Patty Schoening
05/09/2018 18:11:11
"My pets and I are always treated professionally, and the staff is very pleasant and responsive."
- Joyce Gunter
05/08/2018 13:46:10
"The care my dog received was excellent. The staff was friendly and very kind and patient with the dog. Dr Ramey was knowledgeable in regards to Jackson’s current condition, as well as informative regarding additional interventions that could be done at that visit, but was not pushy about them. Overall great experience, very timely and reasonably priced."
- Paula Gatenby
05/08/2018 11:49:57
"My dog loves getting his nails clipped at Animal Kindgom. He's so much more relaxed there then other places we've tried. Dr. Jung is fantastic. We love how dedicated he is to his patients and you can clearly see how much he cares for every animal he treats. "
- Jennifer & James Swoger
05/07/2018 19:53:31
"My experience is always good. I never have any problems getting in, everyone is always polite and you can tell everyone loves their job from the affection they show toward our fur babies. "
- Tess Fusco
05/07/2018 16:04:46
"Very impressed with facility and staff. Dr.Nestor is the reason we chose Animal Ark. Very happy that we did."
- Joanna Cherpak
05/07/2018 14:33:05
"Excellent care friendly staff, knowledgeable Doctors. Bad thing is myself. I failed to remember Lily got her meds every 12 hours and I was giving every 24 hours. I have a terrible time getting her pills down, she keeps spittinmg them out, therefore not getting what she needs to get better. I wish all her meds were liquid in a dropper. I pray she gets better!"
- Nancy Dash
05/07/2018 13:48:10
"I think your staff is great. We really appreciate all the help Dr. Jung and his staff has given us. Dr. Jung had helped us immensely with Casper (our pom) and his collapsed trachea and the surgery on his rectum. Annie (our mini doxie) has gained from Dr. Jung's expertise as well. She has many allergies. Finally I have been able to to make her food and her soap. I purchase her cloth incontinent pads at the DME store so she can avoid the environmental allergens as well. Thank you again for all your help. I can never thank you all enough. Kudos to a job well done. "
- Judy Crissman
05/07/2018 01:53:02
"You've always been proffessional and provide great service"
- Brian Thornton
05/06/2018 20:53:51
"There are no bad comments! The entire crew from the greet to the meet is perfect. Everyone especially Chris and Dr Bean are exceptional!"
- Carol Galdon
05/05/2018 01:18:02
"I am very pleased with everyone at Animal Kingdom, everyone was very helpful and professional! I can really tell that you really care about my Tinkerbell! Thank you!"
- Kim Collarile
05/04/2018 19:34:30
"The tech that took care of my cat is fantastic! She's been terrific with all of my cats."
- Tracy Black
05/04/2018 18:10:29
"Dr. Murphy is amazing and I would recommend him to anyone! Very considerate, thorough and kind. "
- Kelly Bucci
05/04/2018 17:59:07
"We have no complaints. Missy has been there since she was a puppy. Everyone is so good to her."
- Sandy Shostek
05/03/2018 01:11:27
"Absolutely love dr piersol; very warm, compassionate, and competent veterinarian. Takes time with each pet and addresses all questions and concerns thoroughly. "
- Paul Kelley
05/03/2018 00:40:43
"Shadow always gets a little nervous but everyone is so nice he calms down. We are very happy with the service there and have recommended it to others."
- Darlene & Clark Leasure
05/01/2018 20:02:52
"The doctors always seem to be very well informed and sensitive to both pet and owners concerns. They are busy but spend enough time with me to review concerns well. The office staff are thoughtful and kind, that has improved over the years, in my opinion. I have been a client a long time and there have always been nice staff, and kind techs, but the office (desk staff) seem more consistently pleasant to me now which is appreciated, esp. when a mom is worried about her pet :) The costs seem fair but it is sad to me that owning a pet can be prohibitive for many. I would be interested in lifetime care plans if the clinic had them via the practice (like a set fee for annual visits and shots and HW/flea tx). It would be nice to be able to plan/budget for checkups, annual care/shots, monthly routine meds (HW, flea) etc. and just pay a set fee. Not knowing what the bill will be gets stressful. Maybe a basic care plan for like $400/year for pets (I am pretty sure we pay more than that per pet a year?) not including acute care visits would get more people to use regular preventive care and consider things like dental... just a thought... thanks! "
- Rebecca Woods
05/01/2018 14:40:17
"We always have a positive experience. "
- Jo Ann Lanzillo
04/30/2018 22:04:29
"Great! You were very caring, patient and honest about how to treat Finley and what to expect. The very next day after the eye drops he was back to being a happier dog. Thank you"
- Britt Schumacher
04/30/2018 19:18:31
"Really great facility doctors take time out of day to really go over all of baileys labs and options great staff!"
- Diane Zollner
04/30/2018 14:13:00
"Finding Dr Craig has been a blessing! Prior to that multiple visits with no real results."
- Maureen Sidelinger
04/29/2018 17:26:49
"We were so happy with the way the surgery and everything turned out! "
- Noelle Iadeluca
04/28/2018 19:10:47
"The vet assistant who cared for my dog and administered Cocoa’s shot was very kind and gentle with her. "
- Krista Gray
04/28/2018 12:27:18
"This was my first visit and I was completely happy with your staff, facility, and thorough printed statement/receipt. I especially appreciated the help carrying both pet carriers back out to the car. I had no concerns at all."
- Joanne DeCarlo
04/28/2018 06:42:00
"From the receptionists to the assistant to the Vet. to the Vet herself, everyone was Fantastic."
- Sue and Tom Smith
04/27/2018 18:33:28
"My cat hasn"t been happier, staff was very courteous, prices were great, overall 4 star "
- Raymond Cain
04/26/2018 13:03:20
"As always Dr Jung and staff were kind, conscientious and helpful"
- Mary Fiorenzo
04/24/2018 16:43:30
"Dr. Jung and his staff are great! Everyone is so friendly! My cat has a serious heart condition and Dr. Jung has worked with him to get his meds right and he has always been honest with me. I trust him to care for all my fur babies. "
- Jana Anderson-O'Camb
04/22/2018 02:01:08
"Ease of scheduling appointments and picking up meds"
- Carrie Duffin
04/21/2018 22:25:51
"You're doing just great no matter when I call I'm always assured a timely appointment for Bruiser and I'm sure he appreciates it too so thank you all for your kindness, support and caring manner. Keep up the good work!"
- Joan Malinowski
04/21/2018 15:25:49
"Everything the staff did was fine. I just felt bad that Boots had an accident on the floor."
- Charmayne Snyder
04/20/2018 13:04:19
"It was a great experience! Keep up the good work!"
- Madison Rupp
04/20/2018 01:12:36
"Dr. Piersol was very kind, informative and made Cookie McVey's visit so pleasant during his visit. She was also patient and thorough with his mommy and her questions and concerns. We thank you so much for loving care and time.😸"
- Molly McVey
04/19/2018 18:00:55
"Getting to know Dr Andrew, best experience ever!!! He has met both of our "boyz", very professional and caring!!!"
- Kathy Lastowski
04/19/2018 13:13:01
"You were very good with Peaches thank you"
- Darlene Henderson
04/19/2018 12:28:03
"Was happy with the care Charlie received."
- Claudia Woodard
04/19/2018 02:18:39
"I had called ahead and the food I asked for was right there on the counter ready for me. I was in and out very quickly."
- Sue Yarnell
04/15/2018 23:35:26
"The staff is always amazing with our girls. They treated Sandy amazingly, and made sure she was extremely comfortable. Everyone there is extremely understanding and they take the time to explain everything to you. They get that our two girls are our children. Amazing experience as always! "
- Amber Dunmire
04/15/2018 13:11:39
"We have no suggestions. Check in and check out was acknowledged pleasantly and efficiently. Care from the vet assistant was done personably and supported our animals needs. Of course as always, we respect, trust and appreciate Dr. Jung's attentiveness, knowledge and skill as well as his warm personality."
- Jill Gottesman
04/14/2018 21:00:44
"I had a great experience with Dr. Bean and Sam. Very patient with all my questions and thorough. "
- Jennifer Hoffman
04/14/2018 18:04:42
"Very accommodating with scheduling. Love Dr Nestor. Technicians and girls at front desk at Animal Kingdom are Great! "
- Judy Miller
04/14/2018 14:47:35
"We are totally satisfied with the care you all give to our Zayda. The Doctors are excellent and the techs are all so caring. Thank you so much. Michelle Billingsley."
- David Billingsley
04/14/2018 11:23:04
"You're doing fine. We love Dr. Davis and so do Maggie & Myah"
- Susan Farrell
04/14/2018 03:33:23
"Sammy is an older dog. I was concerned he would not be able to handle surgery. He went through the surgery very well due to the expert care of Animal Ark. I am VERY grateful!"
- Joan Lasher
04/13/2018 14:45:30
"Great! We love Dr piersol and her ideas fpr jetsons care are working well!"
- Lisa Yan
04/13/2018 00:22:04
"We had a good and informative meeting. Keeta got an exam and we hope the new plan will help with the feather problem."
- Frank & Nancy McWilliams
04/12/2018 19:16:43
"So kind and loving to my boy Bandit. They respect the fact that for him at age 15 we need care that is appropriate to make his final years comfortable, enjoyable and active. His treatment plan has allowed him to be able to continue long comfortable walks and even a bit of running. We love our team at Animal Ark and Kingdom!"
- Karry Camp
04/12/2018 15:36:31
"I am a worry wart when it comes to my dog. I appreciate the time that everyone spends with me even (I can imagine) that there thinking 'here she comes again". The staff is extremely polite, caring and patient. The only thing I can say remotely negative is that I don't get a call back sometimes after x-rays etc. that take a while for the results to get back. I assume that everything is ok if I don't hear from you. I know you are awlfull busy and I am the one that may worry for nothing. Thanks so much for caring."
- Liz Geanous
04/09/2018 18:42:56
"Doing great! Everyone at Animal Ark is always friendly and extremely helpful."
- Deanna Laser
04/08/2018 15:11:26
"I understand the importance of accreditation since I worked with it for nine years and defended medical programs in Harrisburg. Also, the tech that was with us before Dr. Campbell came in was great. I wish I got her name. She hurried us through with our very fearful golden, yet gathered all the info she needed. And, Dr. C is just awesome. We've been with him since he started his practice. "
- Cheryl Bricker
04/07/2018 19:23:27
"Everyone is so kind and efficient. We have never had a bad experience! "
- Louanna Donajkowski
04/07/2018 14:37:00
"Great! All the Drs. are caring and compassionate as are the vet techs. Great staff!"
- Michele Knauer
04/06/2018 20:02:42
"The doctor covered all the options and was not pushy as to what we should choose. "
- Sue Wisniewski
04/05/2018 22:25:21
"We love how great every single vet, tech, and receptionist has been with both Loki and Freya! You are all so welcoming, kind, and friendly to us and show so much love and compassion for our pups! We always have tons of questions, but everyone always takes the time to explain things to us so that we know we are doing the best for Loki and Freya, and no one has ever treated our questions as though they are stupid or silly (even though some of them probably are.) I am very happy that we chose Animal Kingdom to be our vet!"
- Joshua Myers
04/05/2018 20:10:46
"We had an excellent experience! We will definitely be making this vet our go to vet for everything. "
- Amanda & David Armand
04/05/2018 12:35:15
"We gave been coming there for years! You have taken care of two dogs, a bird and hamster and never had we had any complaints. The staff and doctors have been great especially Dr. Campbell. When we had to put Smokey down he took the time to call me and express his sympathy. We want to thank you all for all you do!!!"
- Ed/Diane Angelotti
04/05/2018 01:32:01
"I have nothing to say other than I have always had a good experience at your facility."
- Marilyn Kacprowicz
04/05/2018 00:21:22
"We have been visiting Dr. Campbell since 1999...and we haven't had a bad experience yet! We will continue to use your services as long as we have pets:)"
- Tony Noble
04/04/2018 18:21:44
"Office staff showed a genuine concern for Gino."
- Amanda Zielewski
04/04/2018 18:20:59
"We had a 10:15 am appt. & arrived @ 10:05 am. Right on "schedule" we were called into the exam room; very friendly staff person did the preliminary and even accommodated Bella with a quick nail trim!! (Merci!!) The doctor came in shortly thereafter, again very at ease & friendly; inquired as to our Cat's behaviors etc., of course no problems. The exam went very well and we were on our way no later than 10:30-ish! Unbelievable. The staff at the front desk are very friendly and polite took care of payments and we were gone!! Highly recommend your services to other pet owners."
- Garrett & Georgeann Antalek
04/04/2018 15:05:21
"We were seen very close to our appointment time. The Dr arrived quickly and answered all my questions. Checkout was a bit backed up so that was our longest wait. "
- Brenda Good
04/04/2018 14:48:39
"Love, love, love that I can wait in the car with my dogs until a room is ready. My dogs aren’t mean, they are just not socialized so this saves me a lot of anxiety. "
- Lisa & Dennis Zeiber
04/03/2018 21:57:27
"Things were fine as best as I can tell from one visit.... Thank u for taking us in..."
- Laterrian Poole-Wood
04/02/2018 16:44:00
"Service is good. This visit was just to pick up medicine for Missy. Called in my request about 8am and got a call back that same morning that it was ready to be picked up. Thank you."
- Shirley Hubbell
04/01/2018 23:29:13
"Care and professionalism are top notch! Wouldn’t go anywhere else for Nikki’s care!!"
- Carol Gilson
04/01/2018 17:22:51
"Great helpful and informative staff always"
- Erin & Matt Marucci
04/01/2018 17:15:53
"We always receive great service. We have nothing to complain about."
- Jim Welka
04/01/2018 15:58:08
"Can’t say enough about how wonderful Dr Davis is and her tech . All the staff is friendly and helpful."
- Jane Bridges
03/31/2018 13:49:41
"I have no complaints. The staff is always friendly and accommodating. Sometimes I need to call and switch appointments according to my changing work schedule. It's never an issue. I would highly recommend this place to my friends. "
- Shannon Richardson
03/30/2018 14:55:21
"I’m so glad I chose to bring my doggie to you ! I get wonderful care for him and every question is answered . Excellent care for my doggie even thought he’s a big dog. They have great patience with him . "
- Linda Smith
03/29/2018 20:41:48
"No changes needed. Keep doing what you're doing."
- Theresa Perry
03/29/2018 20:19:02
"We waited kind of a long time but once we got into a room, the vet was fantastic and we can't say enough good things about him or Animal Kingdom."
- Lisa & John DePaul
03/29/2018 18:43:52