"Always a wait and sometime that is tough with two dogs...but really liked the tech we had and I give Dr Simon an A+. "
- Pete Zaphiris
07/14/2019 19:01:36
"I was pleased with the service that was given to Sebastian during his stay at your facility."
- Deanna Baker
07/14/2019 10:39:46
"Never had a bad experience:)"
- Gloria Morell
07/13/2019 15:19:55
" Very satisfied. Attentive, prompt attention. Our Beaners was treated as gently as possible. She has been doing well at home."
- Millie Theuerkuf
07/12/2019 20:42:54
"Wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!! Staff and vets are wonderful and very knowledgeable "
- Joan Dumond
07/12/2019 15:31:16
"You have been awesome from day one of being “Blackee’s” doctors!!"
- Jane Drumm
07/12/2019 09:20:53
"our favorite Vets office, everyone genuinely cares about both the animals and the humans who bring them in"
- David Hubbell
07/12/2019 02:38:46
"I like that there is a separate area for dogs and cats. I like that there is generally no one else in the waiting room while we wait. I love our vet, Dr. Simon!"
- Kierri Cox
07/12/2019 01:37:24
"The staff makes me feel that our animals are a high priority. "
- Gideon Peters
07/12/2019 01:34:40
"I think that you are doing a very good job with my care of my pet Simba. I am very happy with your services."
- Raymond Fogle
07/12/2019 00:15:21
"You are doing extremely well. Dr. Murphy is the best and all of the girls are so nice and accommodating. My dear little cat and I wouldn't go any place else - and I've been saying that for 43 years through 9 dogs and 8 cats"
- Noel Burgoyne
07/12/2019 00:08:55
"I appreciate the opportunity to bring in all three of our doodles at once. While we don't bring all three in together, it was very easy to run dogs back to the car (where my husband waited with the AC running) and bring in the next dog. They are a lot to handle all together and they feed off the anxiety of each other, only escalating their behavior. Everything went smoothly and it was another good experience."
- Sandra & Dan Ebert
07/11/2019 23:40:39
"Always friendly, courteous and willing to answer any and all questions I may have....No complaints"
- Elaine Kern
07/11/2019 11:59:26
"On time appointment. It was nice meeting our new vet."
- Lainie Addessi
07/10/2019 22:57:04
"Our dog Blake has been seeing Dr Murphy weekly for the last 7 weeks as he recovered from his injuries of being attacked by another dog. Dr Murphy has been absolutely amazing to Blake and our family through all of this. He’s the best vet we have ever seen. We are so thankful to have such a caring and great vet!"
- Katelyn Greene
07/10/2019 21:11:57
"Great care for my dog. I wish you had drs listed as who is best with each type of pet, for example - cats, small dogs, large dogs"
- Kim Dahlkemper
07/10/2019 14:21:55
"Our dog was brought in for aggressive behavior which ended up being due to a sprained leg muscle. The vet was amazing with our dog as we needed to muzzle him just in case. He handled our dog without any reservation. The vet tech that evening could have used a bit more care. The vet tech sets the tone for our dog before the vet even comes in. She was timid and didn’t know how to handle a larger breed very well. She made a few negative comments about his energy and size, because she was nervous. The vet on the other hand, had no issues and his attitude almost calmed our dog down. Overall a great experience though! "
- Jennifer Schriefer
07/10/2019 13:07:25
"This was Bentley 's first visit and everyone treated him with excellent care."
- Joanne Albaneze
07/10/2019 11:36:36
"Very good services over great"
- Margaret Baxter
07/08/2019 17:39:06
"We took our elder cat to Animal Ark for a checkup. The vet was very thorough and very compassionate with our cat, Belle. The very nest dat she had the results of our Belle's blood test. She had some suggestions on how to give her the meds that are prescribed for her. She was very thorough and friendly. "
- Joni Vatavuk
07/05/2019 00:45:09
"Everyone is so nice and caring!!!! Mommy Kitty can be a bit ornery but from what they said she was a good girl!!!"
- Mary Plaza
07/01/2019 01:30:29
"Was a good experience with my new kitten."
- Beverly Zarella
06/29/2019 23:14:01
"You guys do a great job. That's why I continue to take my pets there."
- Rochelle Wager
06/29/2019 13:38:34
"The office people and your staff are great"
- Valerie Bayhurst
06/28/2019 18:16:47
"Very personable office staff. Always willing to answer my questions. "
- Ellen DiSanti
06/27/2019 21:19:55
"All the staff is amazing, couldn't ask for more."
- Tammy Young
06/27/2019 19:26:12
- Kathy Salzer
06/27/2019 19:04:02
"I've had all positive experiences at Animal Ark and Animal Kingdom. I'm so glad that I'm taking Samson to you :)"
- Pamela Davidoff
06/24/2019 11:32:16
"Always a good experience at Animal Ark."
- Melinda Carlson
06/23/2019 04:17:22
"Nick has been a menace for years, but you have always been great to us! He’s healthy and happy thanks to all of your efforts. Staff is great!!!!!"
- Jeff Pianta
06/22/2019 17:30:13
"Always pleasant and willing to go the extra mile "
- Tracy Alexander
06/22/2019 00:00:56
"Our 1st experience here was amazing! Thanks for all your help. "
- Ashley Froehlich
06/21/2019 18:57:18
"no complaints -- this was just picking up flea medication.....we ordered it one day and picked it up the next"
- Mary Beth & Marc Hamm
06/21/2019 17:25:06
"Excellent as usual"
- Jodi Sando
06/20/2019 12:02:09
"Efficent very helpful were able to work us in with no appointment. Very happy witth service"
- John McClester
06/19/2019 23:36:24
"Overall good. "
- Carol Neil
06/19/2019 18:36:37
"The staff and Dr’s. All seem well suited for their occupations. Always friendly and caring. "
- John Hromyak
06/19/2019 18:01:34
"No complaints. "
- Dot Darold
06/18/2019 19:12:09
"Please update your automatic reminder system so that once I have an appointment scheduled, I don't continue to get text messages and emails that my pets are due/overdue for appointments!"
- Jennifer & James Swoger
06/18/2019 10:34:02
"I cannot say anything bad, The care has been excellent"
- Ruth Randall
06/18/2019 00:05:59
"We appreciated the friendliness of the staff and the vet was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She was able to present us with different options for treatment and help guide us to a decision that works best for us and for our dog. Thank you!"
- Amber Stilwell
06/17/2019 14:42:31
"Our visit went pretty well. We think that the care you provide is excellent. However, we did have some concern when we were not informed of a cost change in a blood test (Zayda had blood work done. When we came to pick up her prescription we were told there was a balance due. No one informed us of this prior to coming in for the medication)."
- David Billingsley
06/17/2019 01:05:36
"We have had nothing but positive experiences with animal ark. We have experienced the regular check ups, stressful appointments and not knowing the outcome for our furry pets, and even had great comfort as we were helping our furry kids at their last moments! Nothing but great support and comfort from animal Ark! "
- Sharie Moore
06/17/2019 00:53:28
"The vet that we saw listened to my concerns about giving Sophie her vaccinations and treating her with oral heartworm and flea medications. I expressed my concerns about thrombocytopenia with the medications and our other cocker spaniel. The vet took a lot of time and made me feel I made the right decision. She never discounted my feelings and completely understood. Never made me feel inferior for questioning the drugs. Very professional and kind "
- Debbie Duris
06/17/2019 00:44:33
"Friendly staff "
- Mary Ellen Cook
06/16/2019 23:38:23
"Everything is ok. The newer receptionists are not like Colleen. Colleen made us feel welcome. "
- Marie Olsen
06/16/2019 22:50:07
"No complaints, you're doing great!"
- Cheryl & James Dyer
06/16/2019 21:49:40
"It was great!!!"
- Mindy Kessler
06/16/2019 13:09:58
"The vet was so gentle with my little one!"
- Cecily Gingrich
06/15/2019 15:02:33
"They were very good with Lola. I didn't have to wait long this time"
- Karen Milewski
06/14/2019 19:02:35
"We love animal ark the only place we take our babies it’s very clean we love all the doctors and staff and you always know your pet is getting the best care without any ridiculous requests for hundreds of dollars unless you are aware ahead of time and planned it. Everything is upfront and honest"
- Nicole Torres
06/14/2019 00:19:27
"We have taken our dog Casey there for 15 years now and they do a wonderful job we have always been very pleased with their service."
- Bonnie Ford
06/13/2019 17:51:44
"Prompt service and all questions answered"
- Brandon Kudasik
06/13/2019 00:01:56
"no complaints"
- Kathleen Baldwin
06/12/2019 16:38:54
"Excellent and caring service "
- Bernie Slomski
06/11/2019 21:58:05
"I have no complaints at this time. I called in a prescription and it was ready when I arrived to pick it up."
- Jim Welka
06/11/2019 19:45:24
"Thanks never have a problem with my care at vet! I can call and they answer my questions with care as well! "
- Jill Robinson
06/10/2019 18:47:55
"I'd love to see an automatic door at the entrance."
- Laura Suroviec
06/10/2019 17:40:24
"Precious is my Pooch !! Yes indeed."
- Frank Buczek
06/10/2019 17:15:45
"They were very nice, answered all my questions about Harper, and they fit her in quickly and at a convenient time. "
- Brenda Boccio
06/10/2019 14:08:03
"Had a wonderful visit at Animal Ark. Dr. Simon was thorough and shared my concerns about my dog, Woody. She (and the vet tech) listened and addressed the issues he is having. "
- Edgar Schmitz
06/10/2019 11:28:33
"All the staff is very kind- our little guy gets extremely nervous there/around strangers, but the staff handles it well."
- Jennifer Butters
06/10/2019 11:26:22
"We didn't have a long wait for our appointment. Check out was quick "
- Joan Blackman
06/10/2019 11:01:13
"I was super nervous to bring my older cat in for updates on his vaccines and a general, very overdue checkup. Everyone I dealt with put my cat and I at ease and the entire experience is something I told multiple friends about as it was so overwhelmingly positive for us. My sister had recommended Animal Ark as she used to live in Erie and always brought in her 2 dogs. The staff is super friendly and always treat pets with great care."
- Melissa Cihon
06/10/2019 04:26:38
"Dr. Simon was so kind and knowledgeable. She answered our questions and gave our dog, Slash, the best of care. This was our first visit with Animal Ark and the staff was welcoming."
- Robert Johnson
06/10/2019 00:48:21
"The tech took my dog in to trim his nails, he was very happy when he came out!"
- Christine Schafa
06/09/2019 22:29:32
""Everyone" is wonderful and very compassionate. Been going there for 20years and always a good experience. Thank you everyone "
- Tom Morris
06/07/2019 22:55:22
"Love the separate cat and dog entrance. Staff is wonderful and dr Simon is the best!"
- Michele Murzynski
06/07/2019 21:47:53
"Great,everyone is very caring and understanding.Never feel like our appointment Is being rushed through."
- Bonnie Smith
06/06/2019 18:22:15
"I love the great attitudes of everyone you encounter from the moment you walk in the door. I appreciate the help and in detail answers I get when I ask questions concerning my pet as well. And lastly when I lost my girly a couple years ago I will never forget the kindness and compassion of everyone we worked with that day and even now when it comes up."
- Maria Wilfong
06/05/2019 17:50:26
"Tugger is doing better now. It took a little while because he's so hard to contain. He gets very excited over the mailman and when daddy comes home from work (or anywhere for that matter)."
- Rhonda Pooler
06/05/2019 14:50:08
"Visit went fine. Lacey was checked over--very thorough. Got her shots. All went well. Satisfied with visit."
- JoAnn Woinelowicz
06/05/2019 11:45:19
"I brought in a stool specimen because I saw a worm crawling on the surface. I wanted to know what was it. The report said “no parasite eggs” without any mention of the parasite on it. They recommended Drontal for tapeworm from my description. "
- Delores Tavares
06/05/2019 02:50:00
"I had no problems everything was good "
- Tracy Titko
06/03/2019 16:14:58
"I love Dr. Campbell! He's providing the best care/advise to keep my senior gal, Miss Kitty, comfortable and happy."
- Nancy Fuchs
06/03/2019 12:44:17
"I wish there was more comfortable seating in the examine rooms."
- Jan Henry
06/01/2019 19:52:47
"Great Staff"
- Jeremy Totleben
06/01/2019 17:34:18
"No complaints here."
- Sherri O'Connell
05/31/2019 19:20:59
"Dr Murphy and everyone else were wonderful "
- Linda Beliveau
05/31/2019 18:22:19
"Always do a great job."
- Debbie Liegl
05/31/2019 18:14:07
"You surely care for our pets. I do feel some costs are really alot."
- Joyce & Tom Grandinetti
05/30/2019 18:52:00
- Mary Anderson
05/26/2019 22:52:06
- Christina Pude
05/26/2019 19:54:23
"Our beagle had a very severe reaction to his vaccines! Thanks to quick attention and emergency actions, he his perfectly fine now."
- Kathy Marther
05/26/2019 17:45:17
"Dr. Piersol is awesome to work with. She explains everything to me so that I understand. I was a bit upset when we discussed Ozzy's prognosis. She had informed me in Dec. 2018, that the radiologist readings showed that he had lung cancer, but now she said that it might have been pneumonia. Not sure how I feel about that. I have been walking on eggshells for six months waiting for something bad to happen. He did get very spoiled, because I thought that he was at the end. The girls at the checkout were very speedy and courteous. That was the quickest that I ever got out of the office."
- Lynn Larson
05/26/2019 16:30:43
"Very nice visit , nice people , very easy and quick , I forgot to ask a question when I was with Vet , but thats my fault. Good customer service."
- David Rinn
05/26/2019 05:42:18
"You are at the "Head of the pack" as far as I am concerned!"
- Carol Ford
05/26/2019 02:51:05
"Great as always! I always feel like I'm the most important pet mom no matter how busy the office is. "
- Karry Camp
05/25/2019 23:46:25
"Initial check in was the only phase of the visit where I felt I waited a bit longer than I should have. Every other aspect was ideal - efficient in terms of time but still feeling that my pet got the attention he needed."
- Paul Comi
05/25/2019 18:00:30
"We waited longer in times past for simple nail trimming appointments. At present, that doesn’t seem to be a problem😀"
- Carol Carlucci
05/24/2019 20:49:08
"was very pleased. Benson felt so comfortable he continued to sit on the scale as he waited for the doctor. He got plenty of treats for being a good patient!"
- Carolyn Lauer
05/24/2019 19:52:55
"Everything was wonderful - thank you."
- Mark Hatheway
05/24/2019 02:47:15
"All if th Drs we have seen have been great! "
- Stefany Bissell
05/23/2019 20:27:49
"Excellent care and service"
- Richard Runstedler Sr
05/23/2019 19:50:10
"Always takenen care of fast. Like how things are explained. Very good service. Friendly."
- Beth Bross
05/23/2019 17:12:29
"Stellar service! Caring and competent staff!"
- Bonnie Tarcia
05/23/2019 16:33:31
"Reilly started limping, unable to bear weight of her hind leg, I called then next morning,& she was seen within 1 hour, to my relief!"
- Barbara Cesare
05/23/2019 00:43:58
"The staff is great. I trust my beloved dog with them so you know that I think they are great. Thank you for many kindnesses. "
- Candy Bukowski
05/22/2019 22:46:33
"Most of our experiences (after 15 yrs.) have been good. My one frustration is that we have a cat (Pepper) who takes medicine twice a day for his thyroid condition. I always ask that the new prescription being sent to Pharmacy Innovations has a couple of refills but that is not always done. It is frustrating to have to call monthly to have a new prescription faxed to the pharmacy for a prescription that Pepper takes daily. "
- Linda Carlson
05/22/2019 14:23:47
"I love how understanding and compassionate everybody there is. We have difficulty because our dogs are not well socialized. We recently git neighbors who have dog aggressive dogs and this has had an impact on our dogs. Everybody there is amazing at how accommodating they are in helping us navigate in and out for appointments without making us feel as if we are asking too much. This means a lot because we do want the best care available for our dogs. "
- Lisa & Dennis Zeiber
05/21/2019 17:12:24