"I have been bringing my 20 year old Siamese, Austin, to the Animal Kingdom since she first came into my home when she was a few months old. I have always been pleased with the care she has received and especially with the fact that the doctors give a clear explanation of any concerns and make recommendations, but, are never pushy."
- Olga Guidry
12/13/2019 00:28:33
"Thank you for taking such good care of my baby boy, Jasper. With tiny lil pieces of cheese to keep him focused, he’s letting us clean & medicate his ears daily. I can’t thank you enough for seeing him on such short notice. Merry Christmas!"
- Noel Bonnell
12/11/2019 19:39:09
"We've been going to either the Ark or Kingdom for 15ish years. The staff is great, Dr Campbell rocks!"
- Becky Denial
12/11/2019 16:43:17
"Professional and empathetic"
- William Lamont
12/11/2019 11:24:48
"Hello Everyone at Animal Kingdom Pet Hospital, Everyone is doing just awesome, I`m so happy my sweet little pups have very caring professional people in their lives, Katrina Craig .DMV, Curtis Murphy. DMV , Vet Technicians, everyone in office personnel . My Mudd Patch and Onna Waggs are a large part of my family, I love them very much, I`m happy they are receiving the best care ever from all of you. patience, kindness and love you have for everyone's little furry fluff balls of joy, Shows!! Thank you very much The Adolphson Family. "
- Shelley Adolphson
12/10/2019 23:29:17
"Our experience was very good overall!"
- David Motily
12/08/2019 20:32:13
"Amazing! Everyone was very professional and helpful with our girl. "
- Jeff & Debbie Barger
12/07/2019 23:35:24
"Dr. Simon is concerned, knowledgeable and loaded with common sense when dealing with your pet. The vet aides and front staff are helpful and pleasant."
- Barbara Burton
12/06/2019 20:38:22
"It was fine. The doctor answered our questions and addressed our concerns."
- Galynn Rossiter
12/06/2019 11:09:25
"All staff do a great job at whatever job they have. I appreciate short wait times. All of the docs are thorough and explain observations and recommendations in easy to understand language"
- Kathy Goodiel
12/04/2019 22:49:23
"We enjoy the service and staff Dr Murphy took time to explain the question we had about r fur baby Thank you "
- Jennifer Lytle
10/28/2019 21:14:54
"I wish it was so expensive to take care of the animals. I wish prices of medicines and services would go down. Dr Ramey is the best doctor Paris could ask for. Dr Campbell was so nice and he treated my 16.5 year old cat. I’m so happy to say my cat is happy and is now 17. "
- Tracy Titko
10/28/2019 19:56:06
"Staff was great. Dr. Campbell presented the problem clearly and options"
- Joan Edenfield
10/28/2019 17:56:01
"I have no complaints"
- Gary Viebranz
10/28/2019 17:51:14
"Always have had very good/excellent care @ the Animal Ark. Thanks!"
- Pat Davis
10/28/2019 12:07:15
"My pets always get the best care with you and your staff is amazing"
- Ronald Wingerter
10/26/2019 21:14:51
"always the best"
- Joanne Stancliff
10/25/2019 21:14:38
- Christopher Barnett
10/25/2019 17:00:09
"You guys are great. The girls at the front and the vet techs are always top-notch and super friendly"
- Susan Chase
10/24/2019 21:53:46
"always have a good experience - everyone seems genuinely concerned with all animals"
- Kevin Tome
10/24/2019 20:05:24
"Doctor Nestor is TOP NOTCH!!! The front desk staff (especially Colleen) are phenomenal. It gets really busy up there with incoming, outgoing, phone calls, order pick up, etc. and they handle it beautifully! I think by adding staff at the desk you will be able to keep the customers content as they all have animals that are upset and just want to go home!!"
- Sharon & Chuck Bond
10/24/2019 19:02:42
"Dr Pearsol is wonderful, very caring. It really shows she loves her job and the animals in her care."
- Kathy Blossey
10/24/2019 18:20:26
"Everyone there is fantastic from the front desk to the techs and doctors."
- Tracy Black
10/24/2019 15:04:17
"you are doing great, thank you"
- Shelley Adolphson
10/24/2019 01:25:09
"Great visit with Dr. Campbell "
- Karen and Jim Caldwell
10/23/2019 13:11:25
"Dr Ramey is always thorough, patient with questions, and knowledgeable with our birds. "
- Carolyn Taylor
10/21/2019 14:31:10
"Staff is always friendly."
- Debbie Liegl
10/21/2019 12:17:37
"As always I felt like my questions and my dogs well being were top priority. Always friendly and pet and owner focused."
- Karry Camp
10/20/2019 23:23:17
"I Love animal Kingdom because they are really great with our animals. "
- Susan Osborne
10/20/2019 02:08:25
"The staff was friendly and helpful. Dr. Murphey is so good with our cats."
- Gloria Armstrong
10/19/2019 18:50:34
"I was very pleased with all the help I received. Miranda was especially wonderful. Dr. Reamers assistant. I hope I have her name correct."
- Darlene Nelsen
10/19/2019 18:37:19
"No issues. "
- Bryan Rall
10/19/2019 18:15:11
"They got me in immediately for an emergency visit, that was great! Dr. Simon is the best and most knowledgeable I have ever experienced! Her technician was very friendly as well. "
- Chuck Janicki
10/19/2019 15:41:10
"We are so happy to have Dr Simon as our Vet. She is amazing and our pets love her. We are happy to be back on the East side and look forward to our visits."
- Christine Froess
10/18/2019 14:46:54
"Great job! I had to change the appointment and staff was very friendly, helpful and I was very appreciative."
- John and Peggy Allin
10/18/2019 09:05:34
"Great! "
- Frankie & Dennis Vonhof
10/17/2019 23:43:46
"Excellent. The staff is always courteous and polite."
- Lisa Filipski
10/17/2019 21:12:48
"Stellar Customer Service-Compassionate & Caring"
- Bonnie Tarcia
10/17/2019 21:08:31
"I did not have to wait as long as I had to in the past: I did not feel like I was pressured to gets shots, meds etc as I have felt in the past."
- Laurie Scutella
10/17/2019 19:24:54
"I’m very happy at Animal Kingdom. I’ve been coming there since 1999 (20years!). The vets, hours and location all meet my needs "
- Diane Johns
10/17/2019 16:30:01
"Efficient and friendly Staff! I just had to stop in to get meds for my kitty, and they were great! "
- Mary Sirak
10/17/2019 14:38:25
"Really nice people in reception, short wait time, clean facilities. It was a good experience. "
- Ruth Benner
10/17/2019 13:01:55
"I like how the people are always so friendly and helpful."
- Mary Anderson
10/17/2019 00:26:49
"Every time i have been there my experience has been good"
- Ellie Ducharme
10/16/2019 17:17:23
"The techs are always amazing! Caring for my old girl like she was their own..."
- Julie Blackman
10/16/2019 14:08:43
"Our visit was excellent Dr. Reimer and the tech were wonderful. Our wait time was short. The office staff were pleasant and courteous."
- David Billingsley
10/15/2019 22:17:31
"i have never had a bad experience. All the employees and Doctors are well informed and very personable."
- Pat Dunnabeck
10/14/2019 19:27:21
"Mia gets the best care and attention that is possible each time she is at Animal Ark and that is frequently!! We are appreciative and pleased that her vet has helped us keep our little friend so long!!"
- Catherine Brandon
10/14/2019 18:56:50
"Very pleased"
- Trish & Donald Bennett
10/14/2019 15:47:37
"Visit took too long"
- Patrick Hart
10/14/2019 15:26:30
"Always courteous and so helpful. Thank you for the loving care you are providing for ERIE!"
- Becca Swick
10/14/2019 12:52:15
"I have always loved the care and service I receive there. Some services can be a bit expensive but I really like the level of care the Drs. provide. I recommend your business to everyone I know. "
- Steven Grappy
10/13/2019 23:05:10
"Love love love Jerry Campbell "
- Judy Kosik
10/13/2019 23:00:34
"Everything and everyone is great LOVE my Vet! But checkout process is ALWAYS super slow. Takes longer than the appointment most of the time"
- Ali McGuire
10/13/2019 18:47:31
"Everyone was caring and very kind to Rosie."
- Bruce Hall
10/12/2019 20:07:52
"Pleasant and knowledgeable staff. "
- Kristin Maguire
10/12/2019 18:35:57
"You were wonderful with Cricket’s recent dental procedure. I appreciated you explaining the procedure at drop off and all the post-op info at pick up. First time dog owner, so this is all new to me!"
- Rachel White
10/12/2019 18:30:22
"I was very pleased at how gentle Dr murphy was with maxi. He is on the mend and there was no pressure in doing anything. "
- Christine Lutz
10/12/2019 18:05:03
"The teeth cleaning experience went as expected and explained. I knew what to do and not to do. "
- Lainie Addessi
10/12/2019 01:21:04
"The tech was so very nice to my dog Levi and the office girls are always so thoughtful-Heather even gave a coupon without my even asking!!!"
- B.J. Spitzig
10/11/2019 22:58:29
"All staff very caring, friendly and knowledgeable."
- Lora Hills
10/11/2019 18:36:28
"Vet was great and person who showed us to the room as well. The front desk was too busy to answer a quick question since it was only our second time there and we were unsure of procedures . "
- Margaret Frezza
10/11/2019 17:50:43
"What can we say, very attentive and personable care for our kitty."
- Janice Skolnick
10/11/2019 12:49:03
"Doing great!"
- Patty Santos
10/11/2019 02:32:01
"Everything we’ve experienced with both of your offices has been positive."
- Melissa Bauman
10/10/2019 21:37:53
"I was happy to get a doctor who explained the best ever of what goes on with Khloe and her ears. No mites, just infection from glands. Meds. going well so far."
- Mark & Marcy Rutkosky
10/10/2019 20:11:00
"Luv Dr Nestor"
- Cindy Kimes
10/10/2019 20:07:58
"Everything when good."
- Tim Smith
10/10/2019 19:15:42
"everything was fine"
- Janet Grunzel
10/10/2019 18:44:15
"The Dr was kind, attentive and quite helpful. Couldn't ask for more!"
- George Espy
10/10/2019 18:36:54
"your doin' just fine, cinny sez no problem over here "
- Rosemary Kidd
10/09/2019 10:33:40
"Just picked up one Heartgard dose for my puppy. Called earlier in the day and was not ready when I went to pick it up a few hours later. Did not wait long, however, when I was there to get it and check out. "
- Christine Kujan
10/08/2019 20:31:02
"Everyone is great there at Animal Ark. Been going there for over 20 years. Dr. Campbell is our hero! The other Vets are wonderful as well!"
- Helen Jackowski
10/08/2019 13:10:51
"I had to wait longer than I would have liked and the check out process is pretty slow but the service was good."
- Marilyn Binney
10/07/2019 21:43:57
"Everyone was awesome when I brought my dog for an emergency visit, from office staff to everyone in the back. "
- Linda Albert
10/07/2019 20:24:57
"Everyone was wonderful"
- Lisa Stanton
10/07/2019 15:47:28
"Was a good experience. "
- Andrea Moran
10/06/2019 22:59:02
"What I experienced from the time I checked in and the time I was checked out was great care from a team of professionals! "
- Carol McErlane
10/06/2019 20:54:14
"My visit was to purchase Molly's cat food. The associate (Lisa) was pleasant, professional and efficient. "
- Barbara Burton
10/06/2019 17:06:10
"Dr Reimer answered all my questions and offered a few options yet stayed conservative and that’s what worked for my cat ..she changed her food, gave rx and she’s doing better"
- Dottie Bernatowicz
10/06/2019 13:46:05
"All our pets have some sort of specific ailment and the staff and vets have been very helpful in diagnosis and treatments. It can get expensive when there are multiple pets involved, I like the multiple pet discount. "
- Jackie Kiddo
10/06/2019 03:13:20
"The veterinarian explained every test that was done to my satisfaction. I’m very happy that Peanut’s medical records were emailed to the office establishing continuity of care. "
- Diane Rustand
10/06/2019 00:31:14
"Excellent! Very professional, caring and friendly!"
- Laurie Gressler
10/04/2019 23:12:19
"Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The vet treats you and your pet with care and respect. I’m very pleased with my kitty’s veterinary care at Animal Ark !"
- Brenda Jones
10/04/2019 19:54:14
"You guys were great! Everette does not like the vet but everyone we came in contact with was so helpful and kind!"
- Alyssa Shuffield
10/04/2019 18:57:20
"I have only good to say about Dr. Campbell and his staff. "
- Monica Concilla
10/04/2019 18:04:51
"Greatest pet care."
- Ruth Lowers
10/04/2019 12:08:38
"Dr. Campbell is wonderful- takes great care of Lexi. Appreciate Colleen at the front desk- very professional and organized. She is very sharp and an asset to Animal Kingdom!!"
- Ann Downing
10/03/2019 22:22:26
"My dog Annie and I were both happy to see Dr. Campbell at our last visit - he is great! The only 'bad' was that we had to wait for some time to have our Rx brought out at the end, but it was really no biggie since I wasn't in a rush to get somewhere else (which I am sometimes)."
- Pat Riley
10/03/2019 20:49:08
"Great care for all of my pets, very flexible scheduling - thank you!"
- Jody Dixon
10/03/2019 10:28:09
"The office staff was welcoming and provided good service."
- Pat Saccamozzone
10/03/2019 00:38:10
"Received the results of a culture within hours of bringing it in. Good news and very little cost. You provider necessary services in a professional manner. "
- John Baker
10/02/2019 20:19:34
"Doing fine!"
- Don Shriver
10/02/2019 16:49:46
"So far i have no complaints. We do have to be cautious when Rugby gets hie yearly vaccines. Last time he had a bad reaction in the office & passed out. Dr. Said she would give him an allergy injection first next time."
- Patti Finke
10/02/2019 10:03:20
"Overall experience was very good! Wait time was short, tech was very nice and loving. Doctor did a thorough exam and left me feeling satisfied. Check out was simple. "
- Debbie Hauk
10/01/2019 22:50:47
"LOVE, LOVE Dr. Christine Nestor, we can't thank her enough for her help with Claire!!!"
- Kathy Bindeman
10/01/2019 03:20:29
"Great job, knowledgeable staff, friendly "
- Joe Luciano
10/01/2019 00:59:11
"You’re doing great. Our pets are in good hands always"
- Julia & Steve Gilman
09/30/2019 14:48:07
"Love coming here with Jasper. Everyone is so kind. No long waiting period. "
- Christine & James Wozniak
09/30/2019 12:04:59
"Vets and techs are excellent. My yearly appointment took about 20 minutes. An uncomplicated Check out took 25 minutes ."
- Judy Johnson
09/29/2019 17:27:51