"Everyone was so nice considering that my dog can be difficult. "
- Penny Hanes
09/20/2018 00:49:30
"Awesome friendly staff and caring people"
- Ronette Schneider
09/19/2018 23:14:17
"I like that the front office staff always acknowledges every person that walks in. The vet techs that take you back are very knowledgeable and helpful. I love that my dog actually loves to come to animal ark"
- Elizabeth Hokaj
09/19/2018 23:12:16
"Pleased with the entire staff and would recommend to anyone. Always keeping Bogies health at the forefront. Thank you for taking care of all our concerns "
- Patricia Cimino
09/19/2018 22:12:54
"Friendly greeting by receptionists, short wait for tech, short wait for doctor. The doctor spoke about treatment plan in clear, easily understood terms. Every person encountered was warm and complimentary to Mabel."
- Elizabeth Raco
09/19/2018 21:48:07
"From Colleen to the vet assistants to the Vet I have been treated like family. We had Dr Murphy for first time and I was so pleased how he handled my fur baby. Thank you to all that work there. I’ve been with the west side earlier on so you know I am with you guys for my duration! Good luck to Dr Jung. "
- Tess Fusco
09/18/2018 23:56:44
"Always good. Plus, Roadie likes everyone!"
- Joanne Albaneze
09/18/2018 22:33:46
"We were seen quickly and got what we needed to help Violet feel better quickly!"
- Krista Stauffer
09/18/2018 21:15:53
"I am always happy with the care that you give to my cat even when she is a grumpy old lady. "
- Joe Dill
09/18/2018 19:09:27
"We received the best care for our pets each time we visit. The staff is courteous, caring, and professional. "
- Matthew Sanfilippo
09/18/2018 17:15:49
"Basic general explanations of why appointments are running late, eg "We had an emergency" or "appointments are running longer than expected" would assist in decreasing the anxiety of waiting to be called when a pet is I'll."
- Faye Markovich-Fox
09/18/2018 01:38:53
"I like bringing Dutch in to see Dr Nestor. She has been spot on with Dutchs care."
- Desiree Hanzelik
09/17/2018 21:10:31
"We always have a wonderful experience. The technician and doctor who took care of Gracie were both amazing. It was a great visit!"
- Patricia Lawson
09/17/2018 17:42:51
"Dr Bean was helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you for getting us in and out quickly. "
- Marnie Mead
09/14/2018 00:37:43
"Animal Kingdom is staff is always professional, quick and make it easy to get a refill or make an appointment! Always a good experience!! "
- Courtney Mannarelli
09/12/2018 02:33:28
"We brought Remy in to have her nails trimmed. She will come in for her yearly shots next month. The staff at Animal Kingdom is always so friendly and gives good care to our pet."
- Linda Pikiewicz
09/12/2018 01:15:55
"Dr. Murphy and the staff were great! Jeremiah was in bad shape when we brought him to the Animal Ark. He is doing much bettet! Thanks to all!"
- Cathy Barrett
09/12/2018 01:12:47
"We were extremely pleased with the care. The staff was very friendly & helpful. We transferred care with Dr. Simon so going to a new facility was a little anxious for us but the staff made the transition seamless. Thank you!"
- Sue Zondlo
09/11/2018 16:51:56
"I was a walk in that needed heart guard, nextguard and gycloflex for my dogs. They filled my order pretty quickly"
- Melissa Tuszynski
09/11/2018 04:42:48
"You guys are great. Professional, thoughtful, and know how to love a bulldog."
- Dylanna Jackson
09/11/2018 00:57:45
"I like how the veterinarians treat my pets. They treat all of them as though they are their own. Just as I would hope. "
- Elizabeth Wygant
09/11/2018 00:22:55
"I really like that you have a separate entrance for dogs and cats, but when I entered the checkout area there were two large noisy dogs in the cat section. This with my cats first trip to the vet and she was very scared. I had to turn her cage and put her up on the counter when the dogs passed. "
- Beverly Wells
09/10/2018 23:14:51
"I think you are doing very good and as of now you don’t need to change anything. "
- Debbie Tuzynski
09/10/2018 22:50:18
"You always go above and beyond any time i have ever been there. I appreciate it and appreciate the extra mile you always go to make us feel good "
- Amy Machinski
09/10/2018 18:32:16
"Stellar care and service"
- Bonnie Tarcia
09/08/2018 11:49:15
"Staff very nice. Really liked the new Dr. wait time was much better than the last few times in.. Prices are a little high. "
- Nancy Johnson
09/08/2018 00:29:47
"Excellent, the staff at the front desk is always friendly, recognizes me and my dogs by name, and the techs are very good. Dr. Bean and Dr. Jung are two of the best vets I've ever had, and I recently moved from Pittsburgh. I could not be more pleased and would not go anywhere else with my fur kids."
- Lori Thompson
09/07/2018 20:28:22
"Colleen at the front desk is wonderful! Such great interpersonal skills. Calls everyone by name. Polite, outgoing. She should do orientation for all new employees regarding sustomer service."
- Ann Downing
09/07/2018 18:11:11
"Waiting time was acceptable. Dr was very good exclaiming Teddi's problem. Good experience overall."
- JoAnn Woinelowicz
09/07/2018 17:30:48
"Have always had a good relationship with the vets and staff at both locations. Although I wish the staff and Doctors were assigned just one hospital. "
- Diane Kwiatkowski
09/07/2018 17:15:01
"I've always been trated well. All the Doctors and staff are very helpful and caring. "
- Carol Monocello
09/07/2018 14:34:11
"I really like Dr. Bean. Easy to talk to and great with my kitty who was being a little difficult. The vet assistant was also great. "
- Barb Zimmer
09/07/2018 00:29:00
"Dr Reamer was wonderful with Niki. He loves her! In fact he laid down most of the time. Lol! "
- Virginia Haraldson
09/06/2018 23:47:23
"We love how great you are with our dogs. They actually like going to the vet. I would love for the individuals out front to be a but more responsive and vocal."
- Danielle Taft
09/06/2018 18:38:59
"The waiting time prior to the appointment was a bit long especially with a dog who does not like to go to the vet but I understand some time that can not be helped. The staff and doctor could not have been any nicer and gave us all the time and attention that we needed. "
- Pat Schwabenbauer
09/06/2018 18:37:14
"Sydney and I are very satisfied with our experience at Animal Kingdom. Thank you for taking good care of her."
- Patricia Mayer
09/06/2018 17:19:18
"I think the BEST veterinary care business in Erie"
- Rita Guenther
09/06/2018 16:44:22
"Service was great (not too long of a wait) and Dr. Reamer was excellent with Dora."
- Cheryl & James Dyer
09/05/2018 17:33:12
"Friendly and very thorough. Lola wasn't stressed out. She is very comfortable when she sees the vet."
- Lisa Crncic
09/05/2018 14:13:28
"I have always had a good experience at Animal Ark and Animal Kingdom."
- Nancy K. Fries
09/04/2018 23:17:39
"Staff is professional and personable from the office to the Docs! Don't change a thing!"
- Michele Knauer
09/04/2018 21:48:11
"Dr. Campbell is a caring individual to both our dog and to our family. He has given only excellent care to our dog."
- Faye Carrig
09/04/2018 21:13:43
"With trusted vets and professional staff Animal Ark is always the preferred place for my furkids care."
- Carol Tonn
09/04/2018 18:53:01
"Dr Cambell was great!"
- Robert Scholl
09/04/2018 16:29:22
- Mindy Kessler
09/01/2018 15:30:07
"Always get the best of care at Animal Ark"
- Julia & Steve Gilman
08/31/2018 20:42:25
"Always great, no complaints! And I think it was a smart move for both the business and for customers to offer the new wellness plan."
- Elizabeth Freitag
08/30/2018 01:39:32
"The Doctors are the best"
- Karen Yaple
08/29/2018 22:28:20
"I have always had positive experience at Animal Ark. Even when it wasn't good news. The staff cares about their patients and the patients' families. We have been clients for over 25 years."
- Terry Sweny
08/29/2018 21:01:29
"I am always pleased with my experiences with your office. The front desk staff is always friendly and helpful. The vet techs and veterinarians are always kind and considerate. I would recommend Animal Ark to anyone looking for a local vet that takes the time to treat your fur baby with care! "
- Amy Ecke
08/29/2018 17:39:57
"Staff was very welcoming and informative! "
- Katie Howland
08/29/2018 16:57:02
"Techs so far have been very personable -- just like the girls at the front desk. I'm new to your facility, so I've been very happy to discover this sort of treatment!"
- Patty Doss
08/28/2018 13:30:38
"We are very happy with Animal Ark & Kingdom. The vets we have dealt with have been great. Thank you for your caring of our 4 legged family members. Although...we are going to miss Dr. Jung."
- Shirley Hubbell
08/27/2018 11:43:34
"Still takes too long to check out. Very happy that 2 employees helped with my dogs to get them weighed and in a room since they get so excited. "
- Trisha Dubowski
08/26/2018 18:05:06
"Never happier with a vet facility! "
- Sharie Moore
08/24/2018 02:02:24
"It's all good! That's why I take all my pets to Animal Ark on W. 12th Street."
- Bonnie Carrick
08/24/2018 01:39:47
"Great as always."
- Paul Acks
08/24/2018 00:00:35
"Friendly and knowledgeable staff"
- Samantha Courteau
08/23/2018 23:45:43
"My dog recently had surgery at Animal Kingdom and had to spend two days. The staff was absolutely wonderful. They even allowed and encouraged me to call and check on him each morning to give me a piece of mind for the day. I so appreciated that. "
- Stacey Henry
08/23/2018 22:52:44
"tech greeted both cocoa and I and asked if i wanted to go with her when she gave cocoa her heart worm shot. i declined thought i would cry. tech weighed her and to my surprise whe gained weight. when checking out the bill did not show my senior discount, apoligized and credited my account as my credit card had already gone through. i like that they were truthful when i asked if her flea and tick medicine would take care of the new east asian tick. Vets have not seen any in our area but they couldn't say 100% if the medicne would handle them as enough information is not out on the tick. the staff is always friendly and couteous and if they don't know any anwer, they ask a vet."
- Chris Kozik
08/23/2018 18:17:54
"Everyone at Animal Kingdom is very friendly. any time I have an appointment there is very little wait time before we are taken to an examination room. Recently my dog was attacked by another dog and injured, I called and got an appointment to take her in the same day. Great job by all employed there."
- Doug Heitsenrether
08/23/2018 17:21:20
"Only our first visit, but everyone was very pleasant and helpful."
- Christina Pude
08/23/2018 15:31:37
"I am pleased that I was able to get an appt. so quickly. Dr. Murphey was thorough in examine Ruby and explained how he was going to determine her problem. Ruby is a little better, she is able to go up and down steps (very slowly). "
- Susan & Richard Crabb
08/23/2018 01:09:18
"Great customer service! Friendly staff and doctor"
- Bob Means
08/22/2018 21:11:31
"Dr. Murphey is our favorite Vet and this was his first exposure to my cat Jordy. He took the time to give him a thorough exam and to explain what we needed to do. The office personnel was helpful as they always have been with our other pets."
- Bill Davenport
08/22/2018 15:00:34
"Visit was good and did not have to wait long to get seen."
- Patrick & Michelle Healy
08/22/2018 13:53:30
"Love the customer service the Dr is friendly an seems to really care about my dog"
- Becky Tarasovitch
08/22/2018 09:36:22
"Great Care. Treated us like family. Very helpful and comforting to all our questions about our new family member. "
- Steve Long
08/22/2018 02:39:06
"Issues addressed clearly, questions answered to our satisfaction & more than - we feel that we've been heard. When one doesn't know an answer to a question, s/he acknowledges such & gets back to us with the info. Techs, vets & desk staff treat us & our pets with kindness, compassion & respect. Follow up phone calls regarding issues, meds, tests by vets/staff are made in a timely fashion; a couple of times after office hours concerning a concerning blood work. Love for animals is evident "
- Kathleen & James Ziegenhine
08/21/2018 23:27:40
"Very good. Have always been pleased with Animal Ark. "
- Pat Capito
08/21/2018 11:12:48
"The service was excellent. There was only a small wait time before the vet saw us and she treated Browine great"
- Zack Prokocki- Loomis
08/21/2018 00:06:10
"Excellent, you have been very good to us and out pets over the years."
- Bill Nichols
08/20/2018 21:32:03
"Excellent care and excellent stsff."
- Nancy Marzka
08/20/2018 21:06:22
"Your staff is so friendly and accommodating. I have nothing negative to say what so ever."
- Becky Deiner
08/20/2018 20:52:28
"Sometimes you have to wait at the counter for awhile when picking up pet food or meds even when you call ahead"
- Sherry Szoszorek
08/20/2018 20:47:25
"Jerry Campbell is the BEST"
- Jason Porreco
08/20/2018 18:17:03
"Very good. The wait on this visit was not very long. My dog does not do well waiting in your office. This last visit was fine."
- Anne O'Neill
08/20/2018 16:43:25
"Doing great with them"
- Mary Anderson
08/20/2018 02:24:22
"I appreciate the extra care and help I get since attending appointments is very difficult for me. I am handicapped and even walking into the building is painful. Every one is very kind."
- Darlene Nelsen
08/19/2018 17:45:55
"On time Love Dr. Campbell!"
- Barbara Harris
08/19/2018 16:44:49
"Every time we take Romeo they take good care of him"
- Vicki & Bob Baker
08/18/2018 16:28:45
"Everything was great. I'm very pleased with Dr. Bean. I never feel rushed and both my cat & dog love him. "
- Jennifer Hoffman
08/18/2018 15:26:49
"I've had Dr. Murphy as my preferred vet for close to two decades. One of the things I like about him is that he lets me be VERY involved in my pets' care. I don't feel like he's trying in ANY WAY to just get money for whatever COULD be done. He always leaves it me to decide after giving me my options and answering my questions. I had an emergency this week and couldn't see him. I saw Dr. Jung. I found him to be the exact same way. That approach is sincerely appreciated. Thank you."
- Nancy Roebke
08/18/2018 14:38:57
"Took my cat from exam room to back for added blood work. Thought it would be a few minutes but felt more like 15-20. Overall experience is always good."
- Brian Martin
08/18/2018 12:11:56
"We've been bringing all of our dogs to the Animal kingdom for over a decade now. The staff here has always gone above and beyond for my dogs. There aren't words to express my gratitude I have for all you guys and what you have done throughout the years. Keep up the good work!"
- Beverly Davis
08/18/2018 11:41:49
"Everyone was very nice and caring. They were very sweet to our puppy and very informative."
- Lori Rogers
08/18/2018 03:27:28
"We love Animal Ark and Kingdom. We wouldn’t trust our princess to anybody else!! "
- Jane Drumm
08/18/2018 02:45:49
"I was very pleased with my puppy's first visit."
- Cecilia Muhanna
08/16/2018 20:15:47
"I feel that all the employees from the front desk to the doctor are genuinely concerned for my pet and they offer the best care possible."
- Susan Lamm
08/15/2018 01:44:00
"Love the doctors and staff. Everybody is so kind and patient. It is awesome that we can wait in the car with our dogs until a room is available for us. It would be great if there was a way to leave the exam room without having to pass other pets. "
- Lisa & Dennis Zeiber
08/10/2018 18:08:19
"You are doing very well."
- Father William Miller
08/10/2018 17:22:54
"My daughter from out of town brought Loki in and she said the vet tech was great and the vet herself, gave him a very thorough exam from top of his head to his paws!. She said that the vet was very reassuring with him and this made her feel confident about his care."
- Cheryl Martin
08/07/2018 20:27:20
"I have just changed my "kids'" to your care in the last couple of years, and they have been well cared for and treated very kindly and professionally. Your staff is attentive to me also and wants me to understand how to care for them better at home, because we do over-pamper them, but we can't seem to help it! And you understand that. Thank you so much for understanding that these sweet little fun balls are our babies!"
- Peggy Gavin
08/07/2018 15:57:12
"Dr. Bean is really good with our doggies. He's very receptive to questions and answers them so that we understand what we need to know. Very gentle with the doggies. Reception staff is very helpful and friendly."
- Sue Ellen Wojciechowski
08/07/2018 12:30:55
"Always have caring, efficient service for my dog at Animal Ark Hospital. "
- Linda Gamble
08/07/2018 12:16:58
"All the staff--at the front desk, the vet techs, and the vets are all very friendly and knowledgeable. I've been to other vets, and I used to question what the vet was saying at times, but I never have here. And it always smells like the whole office is scrubbed to sparkling every time I go in. I've never gone into a place with tons of animals, and it smells so clean! Good job!!!!"
- Michelle Brown
08/07/2018 12:13:44
"no problems. doing great. vets and other employees seem to genuinely care about dogs"
- Rose Koehler
08/07/2018 11:29:53
"Dr. Nestor did an awesome job a thorough exam. Thorough recommendations explain the medications. Check out was very quick unfortunately I sat for over 20 minutes in the lobby waiting for my medication. Left a bad first impression"
- Thelma Kraut
08/07/2018 01:34:38
"You are all friendly and professional! Thanks for your excellent care of my cat. "
- Melany Kramer
08/07/2018 01:15:13
"I love yhe way you treat my Raider like one of your own. Also,when I call to ask a question I always get a immediate response. Thank You, Raider and Patty"
- Harry Shelander
08/07/2018 01:02:57