"Love Dr. Campbell. He always gives Baxter a hug and talks to him. He always explains what is going on. "
- Nancy K. Fries
02/15/2019 14:48:36
"Always friendly on the phone and willing to work with you regarding scheduling appointments. You make us feel welcome when we are there."
- Donna DeMarco
02/15/2019 13:23:27
"No complaints. We have always been treated with respect and efficiency."
- Elizabeth Sotus
02/14/2019 01:27:20
"I am very pleased with the care that Dr. Simon gave Jenny and explained her care to me. I am very happy to have Dr. Simon take care of Jenny and Merlin in the future."
- Diane Vollbrecht
02/14/2019 00:01:02
"Dr Craig was wonderful and caring. Spent time explaining things to me. Prognosis, blood work and X-rays. I didn’t feel pushed or rushed to make decisions. I appreciated her experience and advice on how to move forwardward with my pup’s care. "
- Kelly Barton
02/13/2019 23:57:58
"Bailey was having a problem an you got him in the next morning. He received the upmost care. Bailey is 13 years old an I have been bring him to you from the start. Your professional care an advise means the world to me!😊"
- Penny Gotham
02/13/2019 23:19:08
"Everything is always clean and the staff is friendly. Most important I feel they really care about Kitty!"
- Eileen Crandall
02/13/2019 22:53:46
"speeedy service, everyone is so nice. just a little pricey "
- Dale Ann/Ronald Szymanski
02/13/2019 22:48:55
"I get my Maggie’s nails cut here because the price is so reasonable. Very friendly staff also"
- Bonnie Dearbeck
02/13/2019 22:31:51
"Everyone is so kind, from the front desk to the Vet. Love this office!"
- Emily Suckitsch
02/13/2019 21:52:39
"We are very pleased to have found you to care for our birds Your office and staff are wonderful! The office is clean, your staff very friendly and your appointments are kept on time This is the first vets office that I have ever been to with timely appointments The most important part though is the vet, Dr. Ramey is great! He is so kind and patient with our birds and we really feel like he is giving them exceptional care We would highly recommend Animal Kingdom Vet!"
- Laurie Miller
02/08/2019 17:47:58
"Everyone was friendly and patient. I truly appreciated how genuine everyone is!"
- Dawn Wasyl
02/08/2019 17:01:51
"As the owner of an unpredictable pet, I have always been pleased with the care you guys provide. Friendliness of the staff also a huge plus"
- Jeff Pianta
02/08/2019 14:54:03
"Seemed a little pricey, but everyone was very nice, personable, and approachable. Doctor gave ideas for keeping kitty calmer for next visit. Much appreciated!"
- Mary Szpara
02/08/2019 00:27:22
"Everyone was very pleasant and helpful. Very good with our dogs and provided excellent care to them."
- Sue Zondlo
02/07/2019 22:41:24
"I would not take my dog anywhere else. Animal Ark is the best place ever!"
- Denise Gibson
02/07/2019 13:24:52
"I am very happy with Animal Kingdom......I've never had an issue with getting an appointment or the care received. Keep up the good work!"
- Sandra & Dan Ebert
02/07/2019 01:54:24
"Check out could be improved. Takes way to long. Vets are awesome."
- Judy Johnson
02/06/2019 23:17:39
"Person el is always friendly and helpful."
- Olga Guidry
02/06/2019 22:45:13
"The exam and doctor visit is great. However at end of appointment it take a very long time to get meds and check out. This has happened each visit. "
- Ali McGuire
02/06/2019 20:22:33
"Very attentive to my phone call and filling my prescription ASAP....very happy with service!"
- Elaine Kern
02/06/2019 19:23:05
"The staff and veterinarians are always upbeat and kind to my pets, showing genuine concern for their well-being"
- Leigh-Ann Bedal
02/06/2019 17:08:43
"Very happy with the service. All the Vets are friendly, knowledgeable and take the time to make the experience very comprehensive. We never feel rushed. Also find the front desk staff, vet techs, etc. to be the same. My only complaint is the price of drugs. My pet is on one that started out apprx 2 years ago at $65 per mo and is now $80. May try on online pet pharmacy for a better rate."
- Janet Fowler
02/05/2019 20:11:51
"I have noticed that all of the staff are more friendly, which is a big plus"
- Pat Saccamozzone
02/05/2019 07:03:47
"Good. I like how the Vet and the Technician did their work at the same time. This makes for a much less stressful visit!!"
- Melani Scott
02/04/2019 19:04:08
"Every visit goes well. We love It. Reamer and everyone on staff!"
- Melany Kramer
02/04/2019 16:06:46
"We were glad that we could take both our cats at the same time instead of having separate appointments for them and that we even got a discount for taking them both in. The technician was very nice and gave our cats treats. She was able to quickly give each cat their dosage of pills. The vet was very nice as well and gave us lots of advice on what we can do at home to help our cats get better as well. Our cats each have very different personalities and she attended to each one as such, especially Sam who is senior and didn't want to get out of his carrier. Another technician came out to explain everything about the pills we had to give our cats which was very helpful. We left relieved knowing knowing that the appointment went so well in terms of the help we received, how our cats reacted to being examined, and how nice everyone was."
- Kelsie Sackett
02/04/2019 15:43:07
"it was an overall great experience. very friendly, caring, and professional staff."
- Jo DeMarco-Graef
02/04/2019 15:31:33
"Your staff and doctors are amazing! I wouldn’t change a thing!!"
- Laurie Gressler
02/04/2019 03:31:16
"Maybe write down how to implement the treatment. Sometimes when there is a lot of information all at once it is hard to remember everything especially with a sick pet "
- Keith & Marcia Forbes
02/03/2019 20:32:06
"The staff members are very personable and helpful. They have a smile on their face and answer all questions about my pet. I appreciate that the facility is clean. "
- Ellen DiSanti
02/03/2019 17:39:08
"You guys are doing good and are every understanding when it comes to our pets and the bills. "
- Dana Bahm
02/03/2019 15:13:30
"No complaints. Everything was fine."
- Mary Pasqualicchio
02/02/2019 22:02:49
"Staff was very friendly and helpful at our visit. "
- Angelic Wodarski
02/02/2019 21:07:47
"efficient, cheerful, accommodating"
- John McClester
02/02/2019 20:34:10
"As always, my Roadie received the best care."
- Joanne Albaneze
02/02/2019 20:21:05
"Always so kind and gentle with my kitty."
- Lisa Villa
02/02/2019 14:41:43
"I love Animal Ark. I wish you had better seating in the exam rooms."
- Jan Henry
02/01/2019 23:37:53
"Everyone is so nice. I feel real good putting my Gracie in your hands. Thank you all for what you do."
- Tess Fusco
02/01/2019 22:51:23
"I got in the day I called, saw the vet on time, who took care of my pet's problem."
- George Espy
02/01/2019 21:44:09
"Della is pet aggressive. It is upsetting for her and other dogs that she glares or barks at. I wish there was a way to keep her away from that situation while waiting for our appointment and checking out. That said, the reception and care givers could not be better. We were very anxious about Della and left comforted and hopeful. The Dr was amazing and took all of the time we needed. The suggestions for diet for Della were very helpful. If it weren't for our shortcoming with the dog aggression - well any creature but human - aggression, a10 out of 10 every time!"
- Jodi Fairchild
01/31/2019 00:10:57
"I’m always very satisfied with the care and treatment received at Animal Ark. The doctors and techs always make sure my questions are answered and provide exceptional care when dealing with my dogs."
- Mike Nawrockyj
01/30/2019 03:02:30
"I was very pleased with my visit. The vet tech, Sam was very efficient, kind, and thorough. The receptionist was friendly and quick. Wonderful visit!!!"
- Edgar Schmitz
01/29/2019 23:12:38
"Sorry to hear Dr. Davis has left but I love Dr. Nestor who has been treating my Doxie, Maggie at Balance for her back. She is the Vet who saw Lucy, my cat and she was great with her too. She treats my pets as though they were her own. At the end of Lucys' Appt., I requested that Dr. Nestor be my pets' Vet from now on. I Love that she Loves being a Vet & Physical Therapist as well as her patients."
- Susan Farrell
01/29/2019 22:44:57
"You guys are doing an excellent job. "
- Colleen Cubitt
01/28/2019 23:04:13
"Everyone is very nice and explains things so I can understand."
- Jennifer & James Swoger
01/28/2019 20:27:34
"Thanks for taking extra steps to help calm our anxious large breed fog. The sedatives helped and Dr Reamer handled her excellently"
- Marlene & David Kosobucki
01/28/2019 02:04:15
"Your personal working we’re all very pleasant and gave a voice of re-assurance.It was very clean and fresh which isn’t easy working with animals.Overall very satisfied."
- Mike Federowicz
01/27/2019 17:31:56
"I had just stopped to pick up a refill on a prescription, which I had called in. It didn't take long from the time I called in until I could pick it up."
- Cheryl & James Dyer
01/27/2019 16:51:47
"Everyone at Animal Ark is pleasant and welcoming to my puppies. They are positive and answer all of our questions. We are so glad to have joined Animal Ark."
- Heather Kimball
01/27/2019 16:22:55
"The girls at the front desk were very nice. I was worried about my cats surgery. "
- Tracy Titko
01/27/2019 13:03:59
"The quality of care given by the doctor and staff is wonderful."
- Susan Lamm
01/27/2019 04:47:41
"Waiting time was minimal. Staff was courteous. Dr. Was caring and asked questions."
- Steven Goozdich
01/26/2019 22:43:15
"Your staff offer great care."
- Bridget Barber
01/26/2019 18:19:56
"Always receive the best care. Dr Murphy is the best as well as all of the rest of the doctors "
- Patricia Cimino
01/26/2019 15:27:48
"Our appt. was set for 10:00 am, we arrived earlier and was accommodated almost immediately! The staff assistant was very good, handled her procedures and within a very short span of time, the doctor also came in; very congenial and caring; answered our questions and the "visit" went very well. "
- Garrett & Georgeann Antalek
01/26/2019 14:23:23
"It was a very good experience. The only negative( and I remember this from the past also) is After you see the vet and complete visit, it takes way to long to get a medication and pay to check out. "
- Bethany Fried
01/26/2019 13:11:11
"We have always been happy with the care and concern shown by all levels of staff. This visit was no different."
- Tracie Lossie
01/26/2019 02:00:09
"We appreciate the prescription food coupons and veterans discount."
- Lura Jane Yerkey
01/26/2019 00:08:36
"You are doing great - as always! I've gone to Animal Ark since it opened and Animal Kingdom since it opened. I wouldn't go any place else!"
- Noel Burgoyne
01/25/2019 20:54:14
"We got an appointment right away with short notice. We really liked Dr. Bean. He is very kind and gentle with our elderly dog and explained things well to us."
- Diana Collins
01/24/2019 23:30:34
"Doing excellent. I have been bring Rocky there for over 16 years and he always gets great care. "
- Paul Fries
01/24/2019 21:39:31
"Everything was good. BonBon received what seemed to be a very thorough checkup. Dr. Ramey and the tech (unfortunately I forgot her name already) did an excellent job and were gentle with BonBon. BonBon is still scratching, but I hope and expect that the ivermectin injection will start to clear things up soon, if BonBon has mites. All in all, I was very pleased with the attention that BonBon received. Thank you. "
- Amanda/Francis Orzechowski
01/24/2019 21:13:20
"As always we were treated like the most important dog and dog mom on the schedule, and we were just in for a nail trim. The staff always goes above and beyond to assure a great experience."
- Karry Camp
01/24/2019 11:49:42
"Since we have a bearded dragon it can be difficult to find a vet that knows much about them. However, I was really impressed by Dr. Ramey and I felt comfortable in the information he gave us. I also have to add that he was very patient in answering our questions and taking the extra time to also include my son in the conversation. "
- Karen Hadley
01/24/2019 05:38:25
"Every time we come to Animal Ark, my dog is happy. Bella loves coming. Further, anything that needs to be done, you folks thoroughly explain it. In addition, I am always told that I can call if there are any problems. You guys are awesome."
- Diana Ames
01/23/2019 19:31:22
"No complaints, everything went as planned. Only thing was I had to call to get an update on my cat after work (around 6pm) when he'd had surgery very early in the day. But otherwise, everyone was very professional, thorough, and eager to help."
- Amelia Leone
01/23/2019 17:53:21
"I have never had a bad experience at Animal Kingdom. I have brought my pets there since you opened and would not go anywhere else. I have recommended you to my friends and family for their pets as well. "
- Judy Freeman
01/23/2019 17:36:50
"We got a room quickly nd the nurses and doctors were quick as well, did a great job explaining things and making sure we understand whatever they were saying. Check out was a little confusing and slower then normal, but overall a great trip. "
- Brittney Heath
01/23/2019 17:25:37
"Doctor and staff very friendly and cared about my fur baby."
- Jeanette Rizzo
01/21/2019 23:15:51
"A wonderful veterinary hospital. No complaints."
- Joe Varo
01/20/2019 20:05:03
"As I always say in this survey, Dr. Campbell is the best!! Lucinda was very compassionate and efficient."
- Nancy Fuchs
01/18/2019 20:24:03
"Due to a previous appointment I had that ran late, it caused me to run late for my appointment at Animal Ark. I called to see if I needed to reschedule but they said it would be fine. I was grateful for their understanding."
- Jodie Parkin
01/18/2019 18:14:18
"I love Animal Kingdom! I always receive great care for my pets."
- Jennifer Neely
01/17/2019 20:08:57
"This visit was for Bart’s spa treatment, in other words a haircut and nail trim. He will not cooperate with us, even allow a comb near him, but Chris Wilcox does a great job! He is never sedated, just looks like a lion when done."
- Kathleen Jones
01/16/2019 18:52:20
"Dr. Campbell was very thorough. We thought he was wonderful "
- Michael Finotti
01/16/2019 00:39:45
"Good I like dr Ramey he has always taken good care of my dogs"
- Dorothy Thomas
01/16/2019 00:06:45
"I am very pleased with the services of Dr. Campbell, the technicians and assistant. My experiences have been very positive and I've learned a lot about what to do to keep my dog healthy. Thank you."
- Patricia Mayer
01/15/2019 00:24:12
"The prescription wa ready as promised"
- Timothy Thompson
01/14/2019 22:15:50
"Everyone is very helpful at Animal Ark. My only complaint is that checkout can be a little slow at times. Many times I have to wait for my prescription to be filled before the front desk will check me out. It would be nice to have my billed pay for and then wait for my prescription. "
- Debbie Krause
01/14/2019 03:18:53
"Great! Friendly and caring staff. Compassionate doctor...answered all our questions and concerns"
- Maryann Borowy
01/14/2019 02:35:39
"I have always enjoyed my service at the kingdom. The vets have always worked with my needs as a pet owner. Thank you"
- Melissa & Rob Miller
01/13/2019 23:11:06
"Dr. Bean was very helpful and personable. We didn't have a long wait to be seen."
- Cheryl & Ed Brzezinski
01/13/2019 22:53:44
"Everyone was pleasant and professional. "
- Sandy Bussiere
01/12/2019 21:43:35
"Good service and nice nail trim."
- Jeannie Schroeck
01/12/2019 19:41:09
"Dr Simon was terrific explaining Peanuts diabetes and tests needed to determine kidney disease. It was wonderful to speak withher directly twice. She is also helping us choose new food to help Peanut. This is excellent service but more importantly very caring for Peanut and fir her family. Thank you! Staff and techs are always so nice! We also have had Dr Craig. We loved her too. Thank you all. "
- Carney Vensel
01/12/2019 05:02:01
"You made my cat feel comfortable, despite his fears. I appreciate the fact that they made a note in his file last year, indicating how they kept him calm through the appointment. They used the same strategy this year to help him calm down during his appointment. This little detail meant a lot!"
- Erica Ratowski
01/12/2019 03:52:37
"Stellar service! Sherry is terrific-very “ patient” oriented-she really cares!!! Superb customer service skills!!! "
- Bonnie Tarcia
01/12/2019 01:28:56
"The people are friendly! "
- Doris Marshall
01/11/2019 21:36:27
"Staff is very friendly and helpful ."
- Mary Fran Palmatier
01/11/2019 20:49:15
"Only complaint is that when I call I always leave my cell number to call me back at and they always call the house and no one is home. I leave my cell number for a reason. "
- Derek Haraldson
01/10/2019 19:57:58
"The staff here are the most caring and experienced people you want to have to care for your fur children. The veterinarian was open and kindhearted and willing to discuss any concerns."
- Martin Fox
01/10/2019 17:15:55
"On time for appt. very friendly staff. Excellent visit with vet - informative and answered all questions"
- Kelly Hayes
01/09/2019 23:01:41
"Very good care from the vet tech and doctor. They made everyone feel very welcome."
- Jane Piontkowski
01/09/2019 22:10:04
"Very happy with services. I Am handicapped and appreciate all the physical help I am given."
- Darlene Nelsen
01/09/2019 15:02:23
"Happy with the care, the explanations from the doctor were clear, and the follow up was also very good. "
- Jennifer Catellier
01/09/2019 02:24:28
"Dr. Craig was very informative and treated Mia very nice."
- John Modzelewski
01/09/2019 01:45:46
"Great Experience"
- Ryan Doyle
01/08/2019 13:55:18
"I was only there to pick up a prescription and it was ready and did not take much time."
- Sheila Wagner
01/07/2019 11:30:32
"great thank you! Always friendly and helpful"
- Sandra Cranston
01/07/2019 10:27:32