"I loved the service that we got at the hospital. I would like to see a more clear listing of savings that I got by being on the pet care plan. Thanks for taking good care of Phoebe!"
- Mike Christiansen
08/20/2021 21:03:59
"Thank you for being there for us! "
- Cynthia Radler-Okby
08/18/2021 17:25:41
"Kenny as always is the super friendly, and very informative when we take our old boys in! Dr. Sanchez was very thorough in her rundown of the boys' health and I appreciate that she gives options without pressure. I always recommend AAMC to people that are looking for a new vet. Thanks so much! Liz "
- Elizabeth Clark
08/14/2021 16:34:23
"Helpful over the conversation by phone."
- Carmine Federico
08/14/2021 03:28:52
"Everyone is very courteous and friendly, Kinney was very helpful when needing to get Charlie’s medication refilled. Made it less stressful. "
- Teresa Braund
08/13/2021 18:12:30
"I love you guys! All the staff is so friendly and treat miss willow so great! I have nothing to say that is bad. Thank you for being so wonderful "
- Bonnie Cleveland
08/11/2021 18:39:18
"You have been taking care of pets for over 22 yrs and it’s been a blessing to us. Great love and care always exhibited . Thx O"
- Paula Cardona
08/10/2021 18:49:42
"We've always had good service, the staff is always friendly & helpful. Kenny & Dawn are exceptional! I appreciate them both & hope they are always there to help all "moms & dads". 🙂"
- Brenda Furr
08/10/2021 18:11:45
"My kitty needed to get his teeth cleaned and the staff helped eased my nerves so quickly! I’ve been going to you guys for about a couple years and y’all have always been kind but this time around really stuck out!! I also really appreciated how you guys called a week later to get an update about kitty, I really liked that and made us feel special. Thank you all for what you do!! "
- Renale Encabo
08/04/2021 04:39:27
"Dr Thompson is a good communicator and has a great presence with my pet."
- Bob Strader
07/30/2021 01:05:46
"Dr. Thompson has always been wonderful with my cats. He takes the time to talk to and let them get to know him before he starts his exams which includes touching them in places they aren't used to having a stranger touch. He is very gentle. He also explains everything well and answers all questions. Kenny, the offices admin is a pleasure to work with. "
- Jeanette Hoffman
07/30/2021 00:26:39
"There is nothing bad at this point. Everybody is always respectful and very helpful. Thanks for everything!"
- Gloria Nunez
07/27/2021 17:44:53
"Called in for food and flea supplies. Paid when we called in. And had help from the staff bringing the items to our car. That was very nice! The canned food ended up being about four cans shy of what we ordered, but that was only thing that wasn’t exactly correct. So not a big deal. Ashley was the one that took care of all of this, including bringing the items out to the car. She had a big smile on her face the whole time and was so nice and even made sure that we knew the items in our order had been placed in the backseat! She was great!"
- Lori Wilson
07/25/2021 03:11:22
"Everyone is friendly and great to work with."
- Deborah Herbert
07/24/2021 15:50:43
- Nadine Johnson
07/23/2021 00:37:56
"I’ve only been once to make a first appointment for my dogs. The gentleman at the front desk was very friendly and helpful."
- Derin Scofield
07/22/2021 23:30:57
"very good service, friendly people who really care about your pets."
- Judy Jones
07/22/2021 20:48:00
"We have always been pleased with the care that our animals have received at your facility. The staff is always kind and gentle with our animals."
- Carol Butcher
07/21/2021 23:04:44
"The care and handling of Grayson, my tuxedo cat, was perfect. "
- Roberta Sargent
07/21/2021 18:18:25
"We've always enjoyed attention and good service. Keep it up."
- Claire Johnson
07/17/2021 16:38:45
"Every one was great and engaging with my pup and myself. Friendly, helpful and easy informative. I was giving several options of care with cost of each and pros and cons of each. Wonderful first experience. "
- Edith Walsh
07/16/2021 01:02:03
"I called to get some sedatives for my dogs for the 4th of July, and expected to recieve only enough for one night. I recieved enough for before the 4th, the night of the 4th, and after the 4th as well. It was a very understanding position for them to take. Getting the prescription was fast, and easy, inexpensive as well. I greatly appreciate that the staff of Aloha Animal Medical Center makes this stressfuil time easier."
- Katherine Simkins
07/02/2021 19:14:05
"It was the fastest appointment that I ever experienced. The speed was really impressive especially since I had shown up early. I had expected to wait. And since I'm responding to the survey, I was also impressed by getting emergency service quickly for Ruthie when she had to have stitches. That was also impressive."
- Michele Lubke
06/29/2021 22:20:37
- Mindy Cowan
06/28/2021 20:04:11
"You guys do an awesome job! Anytime my fur babies need to be checked you guys always make sure to get me in right away! "
- Daniel Diaz
06/28/2021 19:19:00
"No bad report, the staff was wonderful and kind and caring."
- Sandra Jordan
06/22/2021 03:08:39
"It's difficult to give an opinion since I didn't get to go inside with Sorcha. Everyone was very polite and friendly. I appreciate how Sorcha was treated with care. And Dr Thompson being thorough in treating her eye, that was very important to us. And a kudos to Kenny! He's such a nice and talented guy! "
- Jeri Miller
06/16/2021 16:58:03
"Vivienne returned from her dental cleaning without incident or extractions!- this is when we really appreciate Dr. Thompson’s recommendation to feed Rx ‘dental crunchies’ for healthy teeth. And my fav - her nails could be clipped while she was asleep. We trust that our kitties (3 of them) are in good hands here, and feel we are all well treated. Also, Covid protocols have been appropriate and appreciated, even if they were a cumbersome pain sometimes. Thanks, y’all."
- Jan Warner
06/15/2021 06:40:34
"Pet parents: Good care. Happy with the service. Thanks for getting us in same day. Phinda: not happy at being kept indoors😀"
- Dianne Eardley MD
06/10/2021 02:12:17
"Hands on care and we always trust you guys! It was great to be back in the exam room with him! "
- Autumn Sexton
06/06/2021 23:22:31
"Everything was explained well, all questions answered. Would recommend!!"
- Siru Knox
06/06/2021 15:11:46
"I have a new puppy and lots of questions. The staff is always so kind and answers all my questions. Thank you!"
- April Mertens
06/04/2021 17:03:52
"Since I wasn’t able to be present with my dog during her first appointment with you, I appreciated the amount of phone time Dr Thompson allowed for. "
- Cheryl Hemenway
06/04/2021 00:19:29
"We had a great experience. You got her in promptly. Treated her with kindness. You gave me lots of information, which was really helpful in understanding her problem. She is doing really well. She really likes the Wellactin supplement."
- Julie Stout
06/03/2021 03:43:27
"I wouldn't take my cat April to any other place for her care. You truly love animals. Thank you. Oh and PS: I apologize in advance for when April probably tried to bite you. She does that all the time."
- Judy Spelce
05/30/2021 19:42:34
"Exceptional customer service!"
- Salisa Williams
05/30/2021 01:34:35
"You are the best for caring for my cats as much as I do. They are getting older and things are starting to go wrong. You caught Polly's internal issues early enough to give her a good chance at many more years. Same with Hagar's diabetes. I'm just grateful to be at a point in life where we can afford the care they need. "
- Denise Gossnitzer
05/24/2021 21:01:54
"The entire staff at AAMC is amazing!! Care with compassion, knowledge and expertise. I won’t take my puppy anywhere else. I tell everyone about you and recommend your clinic. "
- Theresa Graham
05/18/2021 23:23:46
"You have always taken good care of our furry family members. I am hoping, with yesterday's announcement, that you will soon allow human customers inside again."
- Ruthanne Roussel
05/14/2021 22:30:05
"Despite Covid you have provided me with reassurance and knowledge about my pup. I can't wait to meet in person after the pandemic is under control!"
- Sara Doig
05/11/2021 19:40:29
"Dr. Sanchez is great"
- Carmen Ballagan
05/08/2021 20:05:52
"I honestly have nothing negative at all, everything is great, from staff to the Vets, all wonderful, pleasant, helpful people! My cat has become a celebrity at your office and he's always been treated like one :) "
- Aida Farr
05/06/2021 17:35:44
"I travel from Willamina because I trust you with my fur babies."
- Camille Cantrall
05/01/2021 16:36:33
"Great getting a call from the vet and various procedures explained. The girls who took both of my cats into the clinic were very nice and friendly. "
- Daniela Pamfilie
04/22/2021 18:29:54
- Verna Lewis
04/22/2021 18:10:41
"Upbeat staff and great at communicating by making sure to get in touch with us about what was happening during our cat's appointment! Thank you for taking care of our cat."
- Karen Anderson
04/21/2021 03:10:57
"Kenny the receptionist was so helpful getting food for our cat. Her typical medical diet was on back order and he had lots of suggestions for us. Thanks Kenny!!"
- Patti Hanson
04/17/2021 22:19:24
"Love all you do - Great caregivers. Dr. Thompson is the BEST!"
- Joseph Hickey
04/15/2021 03:48:22
"Our experience has always been excellent. You showed so much compassion in taking care of our senior dogs, Woody and Buster. And showed so much patience with the million questions we had. You’re now taking care of our new pups. They actually get excited to come up there. Thanks for all you’ve done! Kelli and Chuck"
- Kelli Elfers
04/11/2021 01:01:14
"Your stuff was friendly and the doctor has a excellent sense of humor. I was feel welcome with Max and I appreciate for a great awesome customer service you guys provide. You all Rock ❤️"
- Setaita Asi
04/06/2021 22:55:39
"Ok so far "
- Larry Nixon
04/03/2021 23:20:51
"Was able get my cat in same day. I was in and out in about 30 min. Staff is friendly and caring!"
- Teresa Mills
04/03/2021 20:55:17
"I have lived around the corner from you for 30 years, and have come in to purchase dog chews quite a few times. You have always been so helpful and kind. When I had this current problem with my dog, I couldn't get in right away with my regular vet or the emergency Vet clinic. I was in panic mode, but remembered that you were close by and decided to call. I am so glad I did. Not only did you get me in right away, but you were so kind and professional. I will not forget that! I look forward to seeing you on the 8th to finish up the followup medical appointment that is scheduled. "
- Judy Jones
04/03/2021 19:27:41
"Everyone was awesome as usual. Easy to get an appointment, and my dog doesn’t exactly like going to the vet but he’s always in a good mood afterwards. "
- Chris Miller
04/02/2021 19:22:27
"Staff seemed caring about my pet. Knowledgeable. Nice to have the doctor talk directly to me about what was wrong with my pet and informed me what exactly I needed to do without using 10 dollar words. When this virus is over it'll be nice to take her in."
- Gordon Kemmer
03/31/2021 21:12:33
"No complaints, curb-side service is good, and the dogs are doing well."
- Bernie Blazek
03/29/2021 18:14:02
"It was a great experience! Since we’ve never had a car before, I really appreciated the extra advice! Thank you!"
- Susan Burke
03/28/2021 20:52:33
"Happy, happy, happy"
- Margaret Eagle
03/25/2021 02:51:18
"Keep up the good work. The whole staff has been great--always helpful and professional."
- Claire Johnson
03/23/2021 22:23:02
"Everything ran quickly and efficiently like a well oiled machine."
- Katherine Simkins
03/22/2021 00:32:49
"Dr Sanchez was kind, informative, concerned about our cat’s well-being. The treatments resolved our cat’s issues. Cecelia was great; had helpful suggestions. Very pleased and Jasmine has recovered well:)"
- Marolyn Blaylock
03/16/2021 21:51:37
"Dr. Sanchez is caring and thorough. I’ve been impressed with her since our first appointment. "
- Kim McLaughlin
03/14/2021 05:20:58
"Always great service for our pets"
- Kathi Hampton
03/13/2021 20:04:02
"If there was a 1,000 percent I would make that my rating! You all were so kind to Artie and we humans! "
- Susie Lewis
03/12/2021 01:17:44
"The kitty is not afraid to come visit, so you must be doing something right!"
- Amy McMaster
03/11/2021 17:29:22
"Absolutely my favorite vet clinic! I miss them so much since I moved to Washington State. But when I travel to the Beaverton area, you always manage to fit my dog in when I have a need for her to be seen :)"
- Lisa Jech
03/11/2021 00:54:12
"We especially appreciate the time Dr Thompson gave us on the phone after Jubi's appointment. We did not feel rushed because he took a lot of time to explain things and answer our questions. This was exceptional! Jubi went into the building without seeming too nervous so we appreciate that smooth transition from the car to the building. We felt that Dr Thompson's advice was clear and reasonable. It all made sense to us. Thanks for the good visit! "
- Judy Bissell
03/10/2021 16:55:42
"I appreciate how concerned all the vets and staff are about my pets, and how much effort Dr Thompson put in to make sure that I understood what is going on with both of them, and what needs to be done going forward"
- Timothy Hardin
03/09/2021 20:10:54
"We truly appreciate your clinic. We have had 3 pets in your care, and trust they are always well taken care of. Recently, our cat Jasper was seen and had to be put down and the compassion from all the staff was so nice. Thank you for adding heart and a human touch to your practice-we will continue to trust your office with our fur babies! "
- Andrea Bates
03/05/2021 00:51:58
"Great service during these hard times! Your team is doing great!"
- Alli Houghton
03/04/2021 21:52:08
"I really like the steps you’ve taken to protect everyone during the pandemic. The curbside service seems to be working well for us. Nugget is always well treated and quickly in/out for her (mostly) monthly nail trim. Kinney is always super helpful and polite!"
- Katrina Almanza
03/01/2021 19:42:49
"I very much appreciate the doctor and staff working with what my finances could provide. I received excellent care for my senior cats, and no judgements when having to put off a couple of things until next time. Thank you for making a stressful situation easier on me and my old men."
- Fae Wood
02/26/2021 19:56:31
"Problem was diagnoised quickley and medicine was prescribed the same day. Cat is feeling much better as a result."
- Caroline King
02/24/2021 06:58:28
"excellent care and communication on our first visit"
- Kelly Reagan
02/24/2021 06:57:11
"Doing fine. Discussed Ruthie's health issues (her weight gain). Got some good advice about dealing with my neighbor's feeding her."
- Michele Lubke
02/15/2021 22:21:29
"You provide great customer service on every visit. Your frontend staff is amazing!"
- Steve Romero
02/11/2021 06:42:46
"Alway great care & service"
- Kris Hill
02/09/2021 23:54:22
"You guys are great!"
- Mindy Grover
02/09/2021 18:08:43
"I always appreciate the care you give to our pets, especially since we can't go in to appointments with them!"
- Marika Keister
02/07/2021 22:09:05
"I have had nothing but a great experience with my cat. the only thing is that you guys are so popular, it's hard to get an appointment, especially when there's an emergency. Had to wait one time 4 hours in my car with a restless cat waiting his turn, otherwise, you guys rock! "
- Aida Farr
02/03/2021 21:54:06
"Customer service was excellent, especially during these COVID-19 times. Very friendly and positive attitudes from everyone I interacted with."
- Alonzo Sherrell
01/23/2021 19:15:05
"Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff."
- Amber Young
01/23/2021 19:09:08
"Dr Thompson had seen my pets for years. He's honest about end of life issues, which unfortunately I've had to deal with this past year, and he takes good care of them. The staff are all friendly, knowledgeable and know my pets. "
- Kim Lawler
01/21/2021 16:04:48
"Everything was done well."
- Cherie Johnston
01/20/2021 22:05:26
"I was impressed at how quick the visit was."
- Don Nowlin
01/06/2021 19:27:43
"I always appreciate how Kenny is polite and professional and compassionate and knowledgeable all at the same time. Going to the vet scares my dog so I’m worried and stressed out but I trust Kenny and the rest of the staff to take good care of my dog and cat and get them in and out as quickly as possible. I wish there were more appointments available sooner but I’m not sure anything can be done about that."
- Lea Krueger
01/02/2021 06:37:30
" We have a lot of confidence in Dr. Thompson and his staff.. Dawn Kenny et al "
- Lori Hinrichs
12/31/2020 22:15:04
"I really appreciated the last minute work in for my furry son, especially since he was a new patient. I understand it can be a busy time and during the holidays and working a patient in when there isn’t a slot can be difficult. I know it takes a team to make it happen and I’m very grateful that Dr. Thompson and Kay (sp?) made it happen. 🙏🏼❤️😺"
- Leanne Pfendler
12/25/2020 06:17:20
"Service and all was great. "
- Thomas Law
12/09/2020 20:28:51
"Violet has stopped the chronic licking, scratching and misery. She is resting comfortably on the hot air vent right now."
- Lamar Johnson
12/09/2020 20:12:17
"I thought the care overall was good. "
- Shalleen Adams
12/08/2020 01:47:11
"Thank you for always taking care of my fur babies!"
- Daniel Diaz
12/07/2020 04:13:32
"My experience with this practice has always been very positive. The staff are very dedicated and every time I have taken my cat for check- up etc, the staff have been brilliant with my cat and myself. "
- Karen Foster
12/05/2020 00:51:44
"Super customer service and professionalism."
- Wallace Dunn
12/04/2020 22:54:10
"The staff are very nice and kind great with Brownie "
- Desiree Urbina
12/03/2020 20:14:23
"i had called in for an appointment for my new puppy. never had a puppy before but the lady on the phone put me at ease."
- Paul Jacobellis
12/03/2020 12:26:56
"Nice to have Dawn bring the shot outside and we were done and on our way in a good time. Very efficient, all of you.🙂"
- Jim Hodsdon
12/01/2020 23:12:17
"Thank you, each of you, for all of your support over these years! We always felt confident we had the best care. From the front office, to doctors and assistants, you are amazing! We appreciate the longer evening and Saturday hours and the ease in getting appointments and getting prescriptions refilled. The app makes things super easy, too! "
- Cynthia Radler-Okby
10/31/2020 21:01:01
"I'm very much looking forward to time changing, and being able to go in with him to his appt. I completely understand that it is due to covid and I am not complaining at all, I fully trust you guys. "
- Autumn Sexton
10/31/2020 17:22:01
"Our first visit was great. I was impressed with the amount of communication i had from the reception to the doctor. Despite not being face to face. My fur baby came back to me in good spirits. "
- Melinda Pedroza
10/28/2020 05:09:49