"Our experience was great. You took great care of my dog and explained the situation clearly."
- Russell Howard
02/15/2019 13:24:44
"Excellent experience!!"
- Abbey Wagner
02/14/2019 21:04:30
"I was just dropping in to purchase Advantage Multi for Izzy and Elody (cats), but my experience at the front desk was great."
- Cathy Merrick
02/14/2019 20:40:15
"You were willing to see us as a new client on short notice and we were so pleased with everyone we came in contact with. "
- Stacie Berck
02/14/2019 02:37:00
"I left Misty with you because she had a tail injury which was bleeding a lot. The dr called me to let me know what she needed to do...then called me afterwards to tell me how it went, how Misty was doing, and how to care for her. She was very thorough and Misty also received excellent care. I would recommend you guys to anyone:)! And I have before:). Love the drs there:)"
- Danny & Michelle Hyde
02/14/2019 02:28:18
"Always nice and helpful "
- John Bistritz
02/14/2019 02:20:09
"The veterinarian and tech were knowledgable, courteous and very good to our Charlie."
- Keith Roberson
02/14/2019 00:33:25
"Everyone is very helpful & friendly. They seem to really care about your pet. Especially liked Dr. Martin. She called to see how my cat was doing the next day. "
- Alynn LeBerte
02/13/2019 22:01:57
"I’ve always gotten the answers I needed on the phone and prompt customer service. Everyone is very kind and respectful."
- Anne Wagstaff
02/13/2019 19:17:52
"I truly don't have anything to say you need to improve. We were assisted very efficiently and loved the way our vet walked us through the treatment our cat needed. Great job and outstanding service as always! It makes the drive from Homewood totally worth it!"
- Mohana & Jared Shull
02/13/2019 03:32:52
"This was my first visit to Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic. From the time I walked in, my dog and I were treated so kind and everything was explained. I have a 120 pound golden doodle and he is scared to get groomed and doesn’t like anybody to touch his feet. Dr. Sokol explained to me what he was going to do to with the groomer to help my dog relax. Dr Sokol and the groomer called to keep me posted on my dog during the day. I have 2 additional dogs and I will be transferring all my dogs to Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic and Dr. Sokol for their care. I have already told my dog living friends they should consider changing too. "
- Kim Foster
02/07/2019 23:51:37
"Excellent. Thanks for all your help over the years. "
- Tanya & Rick Britton-Rell
02/07/2019 21:50:07
"All was great! Dr. Martin is excellent!"
- Kim Wise
02/07/2019 16:37:49
"The staff at Caldwell mill animal clinic were friendly and attentive, and made me feel that my dog was safe and secure under their care!"
- Leta Sue Bone
02/07/2019 04:27:52
"Dr Ham really takes care of our cats. Support staff is very good and helpful."
- Ben & Denise Troncalli
02/07/2019 00:43:31
"We had the best appointment! Everyone we met was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and so helpful. We left feeling so much better about how we’re training/caring for our puppy. And we were able to be seen the morning of our appointment request! We’re incredibly happy with our choice to use Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic for our puppy. "
- Casey and Chase Bluemly
02/06/2019 17:58:36
"Fantastic visit as always. Dr Andy and his staff are great and we trust his knowledge and experience. We recommend him to everyone we know."
- Tom & Lauren Millard
02/03/2019 19:33:17
"Mac came in on an emergency visit with an irritated, swollen red eye. He loved all of the attention he received, and was feeling better by the same night. Will be returning for routine shots. Definitely made us feel like family on our first visit. "
- Taylor Walton
02/03/2019 06:00:06
"The ladies of Wet Nose rock! Bobbie and Molly take awesome and precious care of our sweet baby Dude. The ladies at the front desk are always so kind and helpful. We wouldn’t go anywhere else. "
- Missy Moon Burchart
02/03/2019 00:17:23
"F or 9 years you have taken great care of Gracie "
- Martha Stone
02/02/2019 20:35:03
"Everyone is very caring about fur babies. Dr. Wentworth explained everything she did and gave her thoughts on further care for my aging kitties. I love the entire office. "
- Donna Williamson
02/02/2019 20:12:19
"Im always greeted immediately and everyone is friendly."
- Connie Hardin
02/02/2019 12:58:48
"Dr. Tolbert and tech Kayla took all the time with us we wanted. We had a new rescue that was healing from some severe wounds and they were patient and answered all of our questions. "
- Nancy Morgan
02/02/2019 03:34:18
"I always get great service when I come and you always take such great care of my dog and cat."
- Emily Dubay
02/01/2019 22:10:24
"Greeted when I walked in clinic. Picked up heart worm medicine. Staff friendly "
- Brenda Nola
01/31/2019 21:17:52
"No complaints, totally satisfied. Vets are very compassionate and caring."
- Angie & Tommy Coker
01/31/2019 21:12:59
"Always so professional,gentle and kind. My dogs love everyone there as do my wife and I. "
- Doug Lewis
01/31/2019 12:37:05
"She did great and was very pleased."
- Jeremy Stephens
01/29/2019 21:44:33
"I absolutely loved the video feature in the luxury suite option. I was able to view my dog the entire time. I also love that you guys offer the Bark Park outdoor play. I felt better knowing my dog wasn’t cooped up the whole time. During her stay, I noticed she wouldn’t jump up onto the cot you guys provided. I called to ask if you’d remove it and just spread her blanket down on the ground. Instead, y’all brought her a small sized plush dog bed! How sweet! Thank you so much! I also noticed the people who came in and out took the time to let her. That meant a lot!"
- Erica McCoy
01/28/2019 22:12:53
"Welcoming office staff! Best grooming experience and team I’ve ever encountered in all my years of owning dogs!"
- Angela Scharf
01/28/2019 04:41:04
"I really loved how accommodating y’all were of our new rescue Freya and her fears of being in a strange place - taking time to get her used to grooming is so helpful. And the dogs also look great! "
- Doug & Nicole Watkins
01/26/2019 20:27:28
"Everyone was helpful. I was greeted quickly. Sadie was taken care of. So glad I asked her to be checked by the vet because she did have an infection behind her ears. Thankful she is on the mend and seems to feel good today. And after being groomed she looks beautiful!!! "
- Jonathan & Sherri Dunn
01/26/2019 20:15:50
"Dr. Hamm is the only person outside of my family that Lily let pet her! I've seen how amazing she has been with my mom and sister's dogs and I knew that was the right place for my fur baby as well! She is truly an amazing person and compassionate veterinarian."
- Brittany Muncher
01/26/2019 20:11:47
"You take great care of Cam when I have to board him. Thank you!"
- John Shaw
01/26/2019 06:27:49
"Great! Always eager to meet the patients needs! I was just coming in for some refills and Bravecto. "
- David Walsh
01/26/2019 01:13:39
"Reilly looked the best he has ever looked after this grooming, and got his shots updated also. I appreciate it. Kathleen"
- Kathleen McBride
01/25/2019 21:35:22
"Always great"
- Heidi Holladay
01/25/2019 11:46:11
"The staff at CMAC is amazing and work wonders at making a visit as smooth and pleasant as possible!"
- Margie Hanna
01/24/2019 21:52:13
"Lovely staff, very welcoming and make you and your pet feel comfortable!"
- Cami Westervelt
01/24/2019 20:55:22
"The front desk team always greet my pet and me by name, which is such a treat! The tech listened to my special instructions to cut Tup's nails, and let me know that one of his nails had almost gotten too long but that we were okay. We love the team at Caldwell Mill and the care and attention that is provided! "
- Anna Read
01/24/2019 20:54:01
"Both my dog and I were very pleased with how we were treated. The vet was quite helpful as were the ladies that checked us in. "
- Michelle Brewer
01/24/2019 20:08:02
"No worries, Ya'll are the BEST!!!! We just had our annual check-ups and Dr. Christenberry spent about an hour with us going over all of my girls' issues from food to asthma!! Thanks SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!"
- Honey Miller
01/24/2019 19:57:08
"I had a good experience. Thought very professional "
- Carolyn Goslin
01/24/2019 19:39:08
"I came around lunch for a nail trim, so I expected to wait a while. Luckily I didn't have to wait! Wilbur gets more nervous by the minute, so short wait times are important."
- Stacey Jenkins
01/23/2019 19:07:03
"I did not have a single bad thing happen to me or my dog. Everything was great and the staff was super friendly. "
- Lindsey Jesperson
01/23/2019 18:07:38
"I just picked up flea and heart medication. Fast and easy."
- Gay & Alex Cotten
01/23/2019 17:33:34
"Check in staff are always super nice and polite even when the office is busy and hectic. They always greet you with a smile and know your pet’s name. Doctors, groomers, and barking zone employees are also great."
- David Wilson
01/23/2019 17:01:17
"I am very thankful to have Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic for my miniature poodle, Copper. The staff of CMAC and Wet Nose Dog spa is a wonderful blessing! Their care and expertise are beyond excellent and I know when I bring Copper in for whatever reason, he will get the best care available. Thank you!"
- Deborah Hollingsworth
01/19/2019 14:31:48
"Brigitte feels so much better now that she is being taken care of by Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic. She may need surgery in the near future and I know she will be in great hands if your clinic does the surgery. Thanks for being there when we needed you most."
- Debbie Kelsey
01/18/2019 19:20:20
"My experience with all the staff was wonderful. I am very pleased with Dr. Christenberry, so glad I chose this clinic."
- Penny Sparks
01/18/2019 16:32:06
"I felt the entire experience was great. We are new to the area and very happy to have found a vet facility we feel we can trust."
- Robert & Ashley Wilks
01/18/2019 14:20:06
"Great experience. Loved being able to check on Lily via the web cam."
- Martha LaCroix
01/17/2019 04:19:43
"Wouldn’t go anywhere else, you make me feel like you love Walter as much as I do"
- Jordan & Holly Cox
01/17/2019 03:10:31
"The service and care provided to my senior dog was and is amazing. Dr. Ham is the best!"
- Patrick Garaca
01/17/2019 00:01:13
"Never had a complaint"
- Nick Holloman
01/16/2019 22:05:15
"I didnt have an appt but stopped by anyway to have Stellas toenails clipped as well as anal glands expressed. I was greeted as soon as I walked in even though there were 5 other guests there. After explaining what I needed I sat down but less than 5 mins later I was called back to take care of my requests. Not only did they take care of me, while i was in the exam room the front desk asked if I needed anything else which I did. So when I went to check put our 6 mo supply of nextgaurd and heart guard were waiting for me. We were in and out within 15 mins. Couldnt have askwd for a better experience. "
- Thomas & Staci Torgerson
01/16/2019 22:00:09
"Really happy with overall experience. The wait was short. I came in for an annual checkup. The Doctor was very thorough."
- Kathy & Ted McLaughlin
01/16/2019 19:18:36
"Dr. Martin and Dr. Sokol and occasionally Dr. Cristiansen have provided our past pets, particularly Iguanas in years past, Pockey the bulldog and Leo the Presa Canario with the best of care through thick and thin times - more than I care to remembers, not to mention past cats, Bomby and Jelly and Nelly - a daily delight. We brought the neweest member of our pack family, Dudley the rescue boxer-pitbull?/mastiff? Mix in and it was a delightful experience from the front desk to the vet tech to Dr. Martin to the back-office crew. Your team combines professionalism, efficiency, empathy and even the soft touches like remembering our past dogs in a way that touches me. THANK YOU!"
- Laura & Chris Magyar
01/16/2019 03:03:50
"Did not have a long wait once I was in the room. Big improvement . Really liked the young man, who I guess was the tect. "
- Dot Kuester
01/15/2019 17:38:49
"Pleased With all services!!!"
- Russ & Allison Ward
01/15/2019 02:50:09
"you always take good care of Bo"
- John & Stacy Herring
01/14/2019 20:19:37
"Love CMAC and Dr Sokol!"
- Jodi Benck
01/14/2019 00:40:45
"Every aspect of our visit was excellent!"
- Colette Muncher
01/12/2019 05:25:03
"Always greeted with a smile and prifessionalism"
- Brent & Amy Hamilton
01/12/2019 00:12:24
"I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Martin. She is excellent as is the staff. "
- Danielle Nall
01/11/2019 21:59:08
- Terri Ruffino
01/11/2019 21:48:43
"I had a Wonderful experience with Brittany and Dr. Tolbert! They both were incredibly friendly, nice, caring and kind! They figured out what causing my dog to chew/bite too much. Within 24 hrs she is feeling much better! This is the second great visit at Caldwell Mill Animal Hospital that I got solid answers and positive results! Thanks for the consistent EXCELLENT care! I canceled my monthly petcare membership with Banfield becauseat Caldwell I get much better caring service, i’m not pressured to get unnecessary tests, I get great information and my dog is happy, which makes me Happy!"
- Heather Castronova
01/11/2019 21:45:13
"Everyone is so helpful and kind. You not only take care of people’s pets but you take care of their owners in regards to their pets needs and special care if needed. It has meant so much to me how caring everyone is especially when I have lost pets due to their sickness. I will never go anywhere else. Dr. Martin, I appreciate you so much and your staff."
- Pam Barcroft
01/11/2019 21:34:57
"Doing good "
- Ed Patridge
01/11/2019 16:46:43
"It's been great. No complaints. Most of our experience is with Molly at Wet Nose Dog Spa and Rick with the Barking Zone. Both are top notch and excellent at what they do! So thankful to have so many great services in one location! "
- Amy Quispe
01/11/2019 03:05:06
"Excellent. Very satisfied. Great vets. "
- Faye Monk
01/10/2019 23:22:01
"Excellent, professional and efficient staff. I wouldn’t take Jack or Lacie anywhere else! "
- Janie Fordham
01/10/2019 21:30:10
"Never had a bad experienxe"
- Jan Arledge
01/10/2019 20:45:35
"The vet that took care of our Max, was very nice and answered all of our questions very well."
- Anna Goldman
01/10/2019 14:49:10
"Everyone greeted me with smiles and saw to my needs with promptness! Very friendly establishment and I’m so glad I started using you:)"
- Susan Speer
01/10/2019 02:14:46