"Been our vet for 28 years. I trust the doctors. "
- Beth Sistrunk
04/07/2019 19:27:29
"Everyone was excellent! Dr. Andy and the nurse were very helpful at helping my cat and being gentle to my cat. Thank you!"
- Holly Radwin Mazer
04/07/2019 09:17:01
"This was my first time visiting and from the moment I walked in the door I knew I was in the right place for my dog Hawkins. Brittany was fantastic and Dr. Ham was wonderful. I am glad this place was recommended to me."
- Bragg Scroggins
04/06/2019 23:48:52
" Great care and service no problems"
- William Taylor
04/06/2019 16:29:41
"Great! Gus Gus loves y’all too!"
- Stephanie Steele
04/05/2019 19:48:07
"All doctors and staff have been extremely patient and kind each time we have visited. We have had some tragedy with our young kitten and everyone was so helpful and compassionate. They seem like family and love pets unconditionally no doubt. "
- Shaun & Ashley Cosby
04/04/2019 12:56:17
"Everything went as planned, no surprises. "
- Craig And Brandi White
04/01/2019 18:34:25
"Great and helpful staff! Our dog loves it and so do we!"
- Malinda Henderson
04/01/2019 14:23:26
"Great. Really appreciated the call after her dental procedure. Pics too. Sincere caring from the staff. "
- Joe and Leslie Roberts
04/01/2019 00:44:28
"Had a dental for my rescue Cavalier. I scheduled on a day there were no other dentals. I did this because my dog hates to be crated, actually freaks out. After his dental, when he was awake and upset to be in crate, they let him out and let him sit with them. I’m so appreciative to them for being considerate of these poor rescue dogs that have been so scared from their past."
- Lisa & Danny Bentley
03/31/2019 18:42:57
"Everything was great! Dr. Ham is amazing and everyone took such great care of my girl. "
03/31/2019 17:40:05
"Louie seemed to love it! Thanks so much! ❤️"
- Renee Davis
03/30/2019 20:39:13
"From the time we entered until we left all the staff took great care! Thank you"
- Sherri Rodgers
03/30/2019 00:37:05
"Everyone was very nice and helpful. The crew, from front desk to the Techs to the Doctors are all excellent."
- Donnie Donahoo
03/29/2019 21:22:13
"I love coming there every one is so nice and my dog is very happy when she leaves 😃"
- Lindia Brown
03/29/2019 14:06:51
"For a first visit, it was pleasant. I have no reason to complain at all!"
- Freddie Tezak
03/27/2019 19:52:56
"Indy is always happy when we log-in to check on him when we are away on vacation. His room is always clean, the food and water bowls are filled; and at night, it looks like he is sleeping like a log. We laugh at his barking/pawing at the door to get out at noontime, which tells us that he obviously loves bark zone and doesn't want to be in naptime!"
- Dennis Rother
03/27/2019 17:38:20
"My dog wasn’t acting like her normal playful self one day and I was worried it was something serious and we got in at CMAC right away and was able to see a doctor within minutes and they took care of my dog like it was their own!"
- Karen Cook
03/25/2019 15:36:54
"Dr. Ham is the best! Everyone there is super nice and Hudson (pup) seems to love going. Couldn't ask for anything more!"
- Harry Mathews
03/25/2019 05:54:54
"We were very pleased with our experience! "
- Bill & Jenny Wortman
03/24/2019 21:34:10
"Very friendly front desk staff. "
- Mary Jane LaVecchia
03/24/2019 18:34:47
"I was thankful to get a call from the vet herself on my puppy’s first “sick” visit. Also for the first groom I was thankful the groomer actually came out and talked to me about the cut we wanted "
- Amy & Jason Edwards
03/24/2019 11:39:01
"This was our first time at CMAC. Thanks for taking such good care of Bo and Katie!"
- Vicki Ethridge
03/23/2019 18:05:41
"You all are doing GREAT!!! "
- Jeanie Patterson
03/23/2019 15:50:36
"Fantastic experience! Everyone was friendly and helpful. Sarah and Dr. Ham were lovely and made us feel at home."
- Sara & Pete Arner
03/22/2019 17:43:20
"Love the vets and Bark Zone!"
- John & Debbie Slawinski
03/21/2019 01:37:09
"I love Dr. Ham and feel like she really knows my pet."
- Jennifer Slovensky
03/19/2019 13:34:35
"I called Saturday morning to see if they had any availability to bring my cat in to be examined. They did not have any scheduling available but they allow me to drop our cat off and they would work her in. It means a lot to be able to serve when there is a need so we were grateful that the clinic took time 2 help us with our need."
- Kathlene Harper
03/18/2019 16:36:12
"we loved DR. HAM!!! :) "
- Jacob Fox
03/18/2019 16:17:56
"dr. sokol is the best. he has taken special care of our dogs, even the one rather difficult pet. he is great."
- Rochelle Green
03/18/2019 04:20:45
"We boarded Rosie at Caldwell mill for the first time. I was so pleased with how well Hannah communicated with me via email. I feel that she was well taken care of. She smelled so good at pick up after her bath. "
- Susan and Mike Tate
03/18/2019 02:41:38
"I'm a long-time client of CMAC. I've always been impressed by the smiling greeting I receive. I feel that CMAC cares for my pet as though it was theirs. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else for my veterinary care. Thanks so much!"
- Michael Barrett
03/16/2019 18:47:19
"It was a wonderful experience and made us feel very comfortable considering we were taking our senior dog in for a first visit at a new vet."
- Sara Beasley
03/15/2019 17:52:11
"We have only had great experiences. Every doctor has been so great with McGee and I can tell they love the animals as much as we love ours. "
- Shelby Waddell
03/15/2019 00:37:02
"Everyone was kind and helpful"
- Matt & Stephanie Cottingham
03/10/2019 18:01:18
"We loooove y’all! Always amazing and so compassionate. 💕"
- Lisa Thompson
03/09/2019 18:59:03
- Jody Bishop
03/09/2019 18:52:25
"This was my first visit and everyone exceeded my expectations! The staff is friendly, caring, understanding, and truly concerned about the issues at hand. Thank you, and keep doing what you are doing "
- Jennifer Elkins
03/08/2019 23:16:32
"Dr. Sokol is the BEST! Very informative! We needed puppy care reminders ! "
- Steve & Lori Dearwent
03/08/2019 22:32:10
"Everything was great at our visit. Thanks Dr. Sokol. "
- Amanda Bates
03/06/2019 22:04:20
"We really love Caldwell mill. Friendly staff. Always a pleasure"
- Ryan Blackmon
03/06/2019 20:21:58
"I had a very pleasant experience at Caldwell Mill! My kitties and I will be back!"
- Destiny Perkins
03/06/2019 20:20:09
"Staff did a wonderful job!! very friendly polite and helpful."
- B.J. & Diane Humphries
03/06/2019 02:12:48
"Fast friendly courteous service!!!"
- Sheila Magnusson
03/04/2019 19:22:27
"I think everyone is always so nice. When I call you always go above and beyond to help."
- Sonja Purvis
03/04/2019 18:42:22
"Dr Sokol is a wonderful vet. I moved to b’ham 9 years ago and he has taken great care of my fur baby. To me he is the “dog whisperer”. The clinic is clean and staff is friendly and professional. "
- Dorothy Little
03/02/2019 22:26:22
"We had a great experience!"
- Wes Johnson
03/02/2019 19:19:24
"Always great care"
- Bruce Gamble
03/02/2019 17:42:22
"The staff and doctors are always very pleasant and nice to accommodate us. Dr.Ham always takes extra time for us and our pet."
- Wayne Reed
02/25/2019 17:24:59
"Y'all are doing a terrific job. I have a lot of confidence in the doctors and staff. I recommend Caldwell Mill Clinic to all my friends."
- Joann Agee
02/24/2019 22:38:50
"Always professional and caring!"
- Martin Burg
02/24/2019 07:24:59
"No complaints. Casey always does well with you guys "
- Vanessa Barlow
02/24/2019 04:59:29
"Awesome grooming service"
- Tracy Duncan
02/23/2019 21:26:52
"I did have to wait a little while, but there was some sort of emergency surgery going on (completely understandable). The staff did a great job of checking in on me and keeping me updated while I waited. Once they were working with me, everyone was professional, nice, and more than helpful."
- Johnathan Barnett
02/22/2019 21:38:42
"I was only there to pick up pricilla's food. the girls at the front desk treated very well and they were prompt , all smiles, they and answered all my questions about the food I was picking up. Overall it was a great experience as it usually is."
- Whendy Durham
02/22/2019 21:21:09
"We will never go anywhere else! We are treated with respect, care, and feel our baby is safe!"
- Tom Bishop
02/22/2019 00:42:17
"Y’all are the best and our chihuahua agrees!"
- Terri Vu
02/21/2019 23:19:53
"Been using these doctors long before the move to current location. Can truthfully say that I have never been unsatisfied with the service I received. Keep up the good work!"
- Jim & Candy Weems
02/21/2019 14:00:06
"Everything went smoothly "
- Ken Elmer
02/21/2019 04:38:32
"Doing great. No complaints whatsoever"
- Patsy Topazi
02/21/2019 00:51:20
"Everyone is nice & friendly. I really have no complaints."
- Michael & Gina Flack
02/20/2019 19:34:28
"We love everything about Caldwell Mill! Dr. Sokol is the best! We are so blessed to have him as our vet for over 20 years! "
- Michael & Barbara Brickner
02/20/2019 03:10:24
"Excellent care"
- Rene' VanGiessen
02/19/2019 20:07:00
"Love this vet practice. Our 9 mo old English cream Golden retriever, Finley, has had just about everything wrong with her over the last 6 months. We have seen just about every vet in the practice and they could not Be nicer, take so much time with us, and are extremely knowledgeable about issues we have encountered. They never give up and we always feel listened to and they are always available and will even call us personally to update us about whatever may be going on with Finley. Dr Tolbert and Dr Martin have been absolutely incredible. We Couldn’t be happier and recommend Caldwell Mill Animal clinic to anyone/everyone that will listen. We also use them for boarding and the staff treat our dog As if she were their own. Love this place!!! "
- Cheryl & Grant York
02/17/2019 00:55:14
"You are doing great! I love being able to check out in the exam room."
- Richard Stone
02/16/2019 23:22:55
"Always a pleasure. Never a long wait. Everyone is very friendly and personable. "
- Roland Lewis
02/16/2019 20:22:50
"Love the staff & know my pets are getting the very best care in town. :)"
- Shannon White
02/16/2019 14:53:14
"Everyone there is a blessing! Thank you - "
- Anne Marovich
02/15/2019 21:27:37
"Our experience was great. You took great care of my dog and explained the situation clearly."
- Russell Howard
02/15/2019 13:24:44
"Excellent experience!!"
- Abbey Van Wagner
02/14/2019 21:04:30
"I was just dropping in to purchase Advantage Multi for Izzy and Elody (cats), but my experience at the front desk was great."
- Cathy Merrick
02/14/2019 20:40:15
"You were willing to see us as a new client on short notice and we were so pleased with everyone we came in contact with. "
- Stacie Berck
02/14/2019 02:37:00
"I left Misty with you because she had a tail injury which was bleeding a lot. The dr called me to let me know what she needed to do...then called me afterwards to tell me how it went, how Misty was doing, and how to care for her. She was very thorough and Misty also received excellent care. I would recommend you guys to anyone:)! And I have before:). Love the drs there:)"
- Danny & Michelle Hyde
02/14/2019 02:28:18
"Always nice and helpful "
- John Bistritz
02/14/2019 02:20:09
"The veterinarian and tech were knowledgable, courteous and very good to our Charlie."
- Keith Roberson
02/14/2019 00:33:25