- Billy & Kelly Buck
11/20/2020 18:00:30
"I thought that our visit was just as good as could be! Dr Martin was very helpful as was the tech who helped her! "
- Lin Halbrooks
11/20/2020 13:25:47
"Love the staff and the receptionists"
- Elizabeth Felder
11/19/2020 19:27:22
"Excellent service and care for my two dogs. The ladies at the front desk are very helpful and kind. Dr Jordan is an excellent veterinarian. I highly recommend this wonderful veterinary practice. "
- Florence Jackson
11/18/2020 19:05:06
"Everything was great!! Brody was well taken care of and his issue was resolved quickly with the recommendations and medications given. Thank you Stephanie Wehby "
- Stephanie Wehby
11/16/2020 18:09:35
"Dr. Hamm was amazing as usual! Always thorough and puts my dog Ash at ease during the visit. "
- Nicole Brogden
11/16/2020 17:02:46
"Great experience every time. Molly is attentive to my requests!!"
- Peggy Shaw
11/15/2020 01:20:45
"I love CMAC. They give excellent care to Stella. I also really like that everything from care to prescriptions to payment is taken care if I’m the exam rooms. "
- Katie Burnett
11/14/2020 15:04:58
"We love CMAC!"
- Josh Caldwell
11/13/2020 18:09:55
"We moved from another vet very recently and I'm so thankful for Dr Sokol. He is AMAZING!!! My sweet Bella had several issues to discuss and he made a list and very methodically walked us through each one. I cannot rave about him enough. His knowledge and kindness and FOLLOW UP has been such a welcomed change. Thank you to everyone at the clinic. You guys are truly a God-send to us!"
- Kim Stewart
11/10/2020 21:35:56
"Dr Cleary was extremely thorough and pleasant to deal with even while doing curbside service in the rain."
- Suzy Sanders
11/10/2020 16:45:28
"We know our pets are in the best hands!! They seemed happy like they really enjoyed their stay when we boarded them. ❤"
- Pete Gelsinger
11/10/2020 02:15:15
"I loved seeing everyone in masks, being careful with both people and pets. All the front office staff seemed interested in me and our cats. Good job!"
- Jim Cook
11/10/2020 00:06:02
"Dr. Cleary was extremely patient and answered all of our questions. We hated not being inside with our pet, but we totally get the clinic's emphasis on everyone's safety."
- Kelsey Waldrep
11/05/2020 18:39:18
"Met with Dr. Ham and had an excellent experience. Thank you for allowing us to come inside for an in-person visit. Amalfi was very comfortable after a few minutes. I appreciate all of the time that was spent with both Amalfi and us. I felt that Dr. Ham took the time to learn about Amalfi and to treat her holistically. Amalfi has a new vet!"
- Mary Reagan
11/02/2020 20:54:38
"Excellent! No problems, I was picking up a med, I don’t think it even took 5 minutes!"
- Phyllis Haynes
11/01/2020 12:24:40
"Our first visit for our 2 year old pup, Candy, was a great experience thanks to BOBBIE! She really was professional while being warm and caring! We’ll be back. Thank you!"
- Carl & Lyn Hayes
11/01/2020 12:10:37
"The vet (Dr. Sokol), the tech and the girls who gave me forms to fill our, etc., were all exceptionally nice and attentive."
- Dotsie Nelson
10/30/2020 23:59:26
"I will be changing to your clinic. Dr. Jennifer was caring and thorough. She made me feel better about leaving Fiona in your care. The techs were also caring and gentle. Sooo important!!!! Thank you"
- Sandra Pitner
10/30/2020 20:13:39
"I haven't seen a vet recently, just barking zone. I would say if Sadie and Quill could talk, they would say it's the best day out of their week. They smile when I pull up in your lot!!! I think it is very easy with drop off on the side and the staff is amazing!!! "
- Teresa Roberson
10/30/2020 16:37:35
"Service was quick and professional. Ryker was well taken care of! "
- Nick Price
10/30/2020 10:45:22
"Compassionate care from the second Mark took the leash in the parking lot to the multiple trips Dr. C made to discuss treatment. I always leave feeling like we got the best care."
- Michelle Smith
10/30/2020 02:26:26
"Wonderful experience "
- Peggy Stephen
10/28/2020 19:20:51
"Professional care the staff is friendly patient and willing to assist anyway they can"
- Lee Woodfin
10/28/2020 16:13:38
"Nice that vet came out to talk to me and give me much needed information in person!"
- Rebecca Anderson
10/27/2020 21:33:02
"Your staff was wonderful! Thank you!"
- Lauren Heymann
10/27/2020 00:16:06
"You all are always very accommodating to your customers!"
- Sean and Natalie Smith
10/26/2020 19:45:04
"You guys are awesome! Friendly, professional and knowledgeable "
- Lisa Morris
10/26/2020 17:53:36
"Always courteous and take great patience with us and excellent care of our pets"
- Jacob & Jennifer Couch
10/26/2020 14:50:26
"My experience was excellent!"
- Lisa Gholson
10/25/2020 20:05:56
"Dr Wentworth took the time to explain everything. Very patient with us and our questions. Staff doing a great job with COVID restrictions. "
- Joe and Leslie Roberts
10/24/2020 17:13:45
"Love Dr Sokol and all the staff. Curb side check ups make everything so safe and easy for us. Thank you for caring about everyone "
- Brian & Katie Held
10/24/2020 14:32:27
"Blue, Max, and Zoë LOVE their docs."
- Tiffany Sirles
10/23/2020 21:50:39
"As always you guys do a fantastic job. "
- Nan Brown
10/23/2020 19:33:44
"I appreciate the extra precautions you’re taking to protect people and pets. Calling in, waiting curbside are good things. Probably extra work for staff, but a safe way to go. "
- Marianna Madden
10/23/2020 15:34:20
"Dr. Hamm has been awesome. Very caring and thoroughly explaining all treatments our Bella has gone through."
- Bobby Boutwell
10/22/2020 16:49:08
"We appreciate the friendly service we receive at Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic and the excellent care provided for our dog. Also, we like the curbside service currently in use. "
- Julio & Susan Rivera
10/22/2020 14:23:56
- Tammy & Van Holcombe
10/21/2020 17:48:10
"I feel comfortable bringing Molly to the clinic. The vets I have seen were caring and knowledgeable. The teeth clean went very well. At this point I have no complaints! Thanks for being there "
- Freddie Tezak
10/20/2020 22:10:52
"Great experience! Very friendly staff and they kept me up to date on my pets day"
- Amy Barnes
10/18/2020 19:51:58
"The vet did a great job with my dog's surgery, which was neutering my dog. The tech who met me outside to gather the paperwork was very reassuring (I was worried for my fur baby's first surgery!) and informative. My dog ended up having a bit of a difficult recovery (vomiting mostly), but I called Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic and was able to speak with a very helpful vet tech! "
- Ryan Smeltzer
10/16/2020 21:12:35
"Wonderful experience as usual. Everyone was so nice and took care of my Lucy like she was your own! Thanks to Lisa Foote for being there with Dr. Sokol to ease Lucy’s nerves. Thank you for such wonderful care!"
- Pam Autery
10/16/2020 21:09:17
"Fantastic experience! What I thought was a simple UTI turned out to be much worse, and Dr. Wentworth quickly diagnosed the issue and explained treatment options to me."
- Megan Johnson
10/16/2020 18:15:07
"The doctor prescribed the best medication for my kitty. He no longer has a fever and his cold is gone. My boy is better because of you! Thank you. "
- Melissa Rodger
10/16/2020 17:55:11
"Excellent: little wait time Staff always friendly and helpful Dr Sokol has been taking care of Zoe for about 12 years. When I moved here it was very important that I Find a compassionate, professional and communicative person. Dr Sokol and his staff are great. "
- Dorothy Little
10/14/2020 14:53:54
"No complaints. Very warm and welcoming staff every time I come in. "
- Derek Burrow
10/12/2020 19:42:19
"Nothing Bad. Only good things. Elle Jo loves Bark Zone and it helps because we can't always spend time with her every day. Just glad we got her HOT Spot fix."
- Tom Coffield
10/12/2020 19:34:07
"Excellent visit. I felt the technician and Veterinarian had Sadie and Sophie health as their focus. They were kind and gentle with both my girls. "
- Joan Rasberry
10/12/2020 14:45:25
"Just moved and chose CMAC for our difficult dogs. Y'all very very accommodating. Thank you very much."
- Melissa & Bret Busby
10/12/2020 12:03:20
"I am pleased with the care my dogs receive it is personal and shows love Thank y’all "
- Deanna Dupree
10/11/2020 16:56:32
"Wonderful. Thank you for making our first visit with a brand new puppy great. Thank you for being so patient with all our questions."
- Terri Coco
10/10/2020 21:36:50
"Friendly personnel and comfortable exam rooms. Treated my pets like they were their own. Overall great experience. "
- Sandra Ridgeway
10/10/2020 01:43:17
"Everyone at CMAC is friendly and helpful. It’s always a pleasure to bring our pets in. "
- Jeff & Dana Gale
10/09/2020 12:20:42
"My 12 year old cat was seriously ill. Dr. Martin was honest about his condition and explained the treatment she was going to do. She let me take him home for the night to be with him since he was deathly ill and there was the possibility he would not make it through the night. But happily I brought him back to clinic in the morning and the doctor kept a watchful eye on him. She referred him to the pet cardiologist for a more detailed diagnosis. It has been six months and although he has heart disease, he is active and back to his old self. I will never forget her kindness, empathy, honesty, and superior medical ability when caring for KittyKat. "
- Jane Martin
10/08/2020 20:52:37
"Always good experiences with the doctors "
- Steve Fleming
10/08/2020 14:36:48
"Martin loves to go to your spa day. He was terrible when it came to grooming, but Molly and her staff manage him well. Also thanks for checking out his eye while he was there for grooming. He is doing much better"
- Liz Bishop
10/06/2020 20:50:34
"I absolutely LOVE Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic! The staff is so sweet and caring. We've had some pretty poor experiences with other animal clinics in the area and I could tell my dog was super stressed. At Caldwell Mill, my dog definitely seems much happier. Very thankful for the way they treat my pup!"
- Kenora Fonseca
10/03/2020 15:23:51
"Excellent! :) Front desk ladies are always helpful & go the extra mile to make me & Maggie feel valued and like family. Barking Zone does awesome with play day!"
- Amber Hutchins
10/01/2020 18:10:02
"It’s always easy to get an appointment and Dr Andy is very caring and attentive to my cat on every visit! All the techs really show interest in him and treat him very carefully. "
- Debbie Daughtry
10/01/2020 17:53:26
"Always a great experience and great staff. "
- Sam Aldewereld
10/01/2020 15:37:20
"We leave in Grant and Bham so we appreciate having veterinarians in both places. Y’all have been so good to see Rocky when we are there. I went on Tuesday to buy the food for Rocky -he has some kidney damage-the girls in front were very helpful to me."
- Wade Sadler
10/01/2020 15:33:22
"Dr Martin has gone out of her way to take care of our Maggie Mae and her recent myasthenia diagnosis. So appreciative of her and your staff"
- Shawn & Marla Troughton
10/01/2020 15:22:21
"Caldwell Mill always does an amazing job taking care of my dogs! Everyone is always friendly and pleasant, and you can tell everyone from the doctors to the staff love animals and love taking care of them. I really appreciate the care they’ve given my two dogs!"
- Cameron & Stephanie Bailey
09/30/2020 23:44:17
"Great experience! Everyone was so nice! My dog seemed to like everyone too. "
- Amy Sharble
09/30/2020 18:28:58
"everything was great Dr. Martin addressed my concerns and educated me on what the cat is going through. "
- Jack Seyler
09/28/2020 14:00:09
"Everything was great. No concerns or issues at all. "
- Renita Rigney
09/27/2020 00:36:35
"I’ve been a long time client and love this clinic and staff. "
- Tamera Langford
09/26/2020 18:00:15
"Friendly and courteous."
- Leslie Wells
09/25/2020 22:02:17
"Love Dr Martin. She has been great with my 4 dogs. She is very diligent and thorough in taking care of my senior dogs. "
- Lajuana Logan
09/25/2020 19:23:27
"i have used this clinic with my 3 dogs for over 20 years, and really appreciate your caring treatment. dr. sokol is our favorite!"
- Rochelle Green
09/25/2020 15:39:21
"Always treated with respect and friendliness. We drive 25 mins to see y’all and don’t regret it one bit."
- Chris & Jennifer Roe
09/25/2020 14:30:20
"I always leave impressed with the overall care my pets receive, the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, and the compassion and concern shown by all the doctors! "
- Whitney Moro
09/24/2020 21:17:17
"Matt and Dr. Wentworth were wonderful with our new puppy, Lucy. We are first time puppy parents and everyone was so nice to us. "
- Nancy Prickett
09/24/2020 18:02:18
"Both my cats I were treated very well. Excellent customer service... and the techs and vet explained thoroughly what to expect before and after the procedures. I am very pleased with my experience. "
- Libby Lewis
09/24/2020 17:45:47
"Great visit! Everyone was very nice, knowledgeable and helpful. "
- Savonya Jones
09/23/2020 17:27:23