"Great visit & Panzy got the treatment that she needed."
- Monica Steelreath
03/13/2020 04:23:31
- Jan Collier
03/13/2020 00:40:14
"Always friendly,prompt and helpful"
- Susan & Buddy Bunn
03/10/2020 16:47:47
"So appreciated all of the wonderful staff at Caldwell Mill! Everyone was so kind, welcoming and patient in answering questions and being mindful of my 12 week old puppy and how she was feeling at all points in the appointment. We are so thrilled to have a vet and staff that loves our girl! Special thanks to Whitney and Dr. Jordan for taking the time to answer any and all questions I had and for being so thorough and caring!!"
- Mallory Marcus
03/10/2020 05:17:09
"Dr. Martin is very professional, kind, and patient. She took her time to make sure I felt comfortable and understood where things were with Sam. "
- Bethany Bishop
03/10/2020 01:03:28
"You are doing great. Love thge Drs and techs."
- Richard Stone
03/09/2020 23:59:55
"We absolutely were amazed with the care Rufus and Riley received. From every phone call we have had, the pre-op and post-op experience was very well handled. Everyone was so professional and nice and willing to help when we walked in! So impressed with y’all!"
- Kyle Helmke
03/09/2020 23:56:34
"Awesome awesome job. I love CMAC and so does Tootsie "
- Melanie Knight
03/06/2020 22:14:07
"We always love Dr. Ham! So glad she's part of the team!"
- Stacey Jenkins
03/05/2020 19:31:45
"We love y’all....drive from Tampa to use you!"
- Wendy Jones
03/04/2020 02:21:45
"All was good. Tank and Einstein are a handful but everyone left happy. "
- Paul Gwarjanski
03/03/2020 23:50:30
"We love Caldwell Mill animal clinic and Barking Zone!"
- Melissa Garrison
03/03/2020 20:55:02
"Love Caldwell Mill!"
- Gerry Nemet
03/02/2020 18:43:06
"Ashley, my oldest dog, was in for her semi annual checkup. When Dr. Ham walked in the room, she started sweet talking to Ashley. Ashley was on the bench next to me. She stood up and acted like she was ready to go to Dr. Ham. Her tail was wagging a lot. She has never shown fear of a vet, but she has never reacted that positively. I like and trust Dr. Ham, but Ashley's reaction spoke volumes. I have always felt that Dr. Ham listened to me and tried to respond to my concerns. "
- Ona Treece
03/02/2020 01:04:25
"We are new to town and needed to get our pup in for his annual check up and a few vaccines. Your staff was extremely helpful and willing/able to help us in a very timely manner. We were blown away!"
- Kyle Dawson
03/02/2020 00:33:32
"You are the best, and Uncle Dr. Andy is the best. We couldn't be more pleased."
- Jon Lewis
03/01/2020 23:06:33
"Just came in to get Wilson some more Nexgard. Everyone was very friendly and I was in and out very quickly. "
- Brent Buzbee
03/01/2020 20:06:02
"Always happy"
- Jill and Janet Wallace
03/01/2020 18:29:14
"Everyone there is wonderful and they took great care of BUster. When it came time for him to go they were so caring and understanding and help him pass over the bridge as peacefully as possible . "
- Claire Fortunato
02/29/2020 12:06:02
"I am so excited to have you guys take care of my babies. You have only met 3 of them all totaled I have 5 cats and 1 dog. You treat them like I treat them. I thank God for you."
- Lisa Martin
02/28/2020 05:18:48
"I am happy with our services at CMAC...very caring Doctors and Staff"
- Lara Bell
02/27/2020 20:31:53
"Great experience for our dog. Caring doc and asst. "
- Judy Upton
02/27/2020 18:30:40
"Dr. Jordan did a great job examining Harry and giving us all the information we need!"
- Larkin Delk
02/26/2020 18:28:09
"We are always greeted in a friendly manner. The doctors have been great. We now use the grooming area for our Maltese. We ar3 very satisfied with our entire experience with Caldwell Mill."
- Jim & Suzanne Haley
02/26/2020 00:18:14
"Great help with my two fosters Rocky and Zoe. It takes a team! "
- Leigh Anne Bishop
02/24/2020 15:30:03
"No complaints. Dr Sokol and team are always so friendly and focused on the well being of my furry kids. "
- Adie Walls
02/24/2020 15:14:23
"We love you guys! Always so welcoming, and so sweet to our 2 dogs and our cat. Thank you for all you do!"
- Lee Bozeman
02/24/2020 14:49:59
"Colby is doing great with his new smile."
- Jan and Mike Arledge
02/24/2020 13:16:09
"Ann was very helpful getting records from vet in Mississippi for new dog I am fostering. "
- Sarah Gordon
02/23/2020 23:05:23
"We love CMAC for boarding Prince. He loves playing with his friends at The Barking Zone. And this is the best place in the world for a bath. He always looks and smells amazing! The staff at the front desk is so friendly, helpful and efficient. Last but not least, very best doctors who took great care of our puppy (as well as me and my daughter) when He was so sick. "
- Carla Cohen
02/23/2020 00:33:40
"Doing great. Love Dr. Christianberry. Great staff as well. "
- Karl Hendrickson
02/21/2020 22:20:25
"Keep on doing what you are doing!"
- Seth Wiener
02/21/2020 21:38:30
"Great! Dr. Ham is just wonderful!"
- Emily Karen Reed
02/21/2020 16:28:56
"We love coming there for Halle & Tinsel's care. You guys have made great efforts to have a clean, safe, well organized environment. You do a great job caring for our fur babies. Thank you!"
- David Harris
02/20/2020 22:15:29
"Everyone was extremely helpful and polite. "
- Michelle Brewer
02/20/2020 22:00:12
" We were on vacation and Ace was running a fever. Dr Wentworth took great care of him and called me multiple times to update me. She was just wonderful. When I picked Ace up someone from boarding helped me get Ace to the car. He was telling me how Ace did and he was so kind to Ace as we went to the car, we love you buddy and we hope you’ll come back to see us, is what he was saying to him. It makes you feel so good as a pet owner to know that your pet is so loved and cared for. I would not take Ace anywhere else."
- Fran & Brock Hornsby
02/20/2020 02:51:00
"We had an excellent experience. Dr. Caitlin Cleary saw Cookie in Dr. Chrisinberrys absence. The lady who was the tech and the doctor were as nice to me and Cookie as anyone could be. Cookie is still taking her Prednisone. I have always found everyone there to be helpful and kind. Dr. Christenberry has taken care of Cookie all her life and I depend on him."
- Shirley Renshaw
02/19/2020 16:29:53
"Wonderful and friendly "
- Marissa Mercer
02/18/2020 20:43:20
"Everyone was great! The team showed care and love to my baby Xena! I loved the board with her information on it! She was very comfortable with the staff! Thanks to everyone!"
- Valecia Bendion
02/18/2020 14:20:13
"Friendly and courteous staff. "
- Katie McKinney
02/18/2020 03:23:49
"Always about the pets and could not ask for more in that regard. It’s just always so wild in the reception area!!"
- Frank & Phyllis Casey
02/18/2020 03:10:20
"Great experience from Checkin, to the tech, to the dr, everything was great. In especially love being able to take care of payment and stuff in the room instead of another stop on the way out. "
- Rob & Julia Searcy
02/18/2020 03:06:54
"This was my first visit to your clinic. I was very pleased and impressed with your clinic and your employees. Your employees were friendly, efficient and caring. Cannot think of any improvements at this time."
- Barbara Rodgers
02/18/2020 01:04:48
"Everyone from the girls at the front desk, vet techs and the vets are very caring."
- Laney Davis
02/18/2020 00:47:47
"Molly does such an amazing job with their grooming, and I feel very safe leaving my pups there for the day!"
- Doug & Nicole Watkins
02/18/2020 00:37:30
"Y’all are the BEST! It’s great knowing my fur babies are in good hands!"
- Doug Lewis
02/14/2020 21:15:29
"I was greeted with friendly faces as soon as I walked in to drop Sissy off for her appointment that morning and was immediately asked how I could be helped! Our pets are always taken very good care of here :)"
- John & Lindsey(daugh Allred
02/14/2020 04:55:30
"Very personable staff. "
- Jim Imhof
02/14/2020 03:28:20
"I have never had a bad experience at CMAC and have been bring all of our many animals for 30 years. "
- Rhonda Meadows
02/13/2020 20:59:06
"Jaz had a good experience. She connected with Dr. Cleary and her staff very well. Thanks so much!"
- Tom Norwood
02/12/2020 20:38:11
"Love this place. Only vet I've used in almost 30 years."
- Donnie Kelly
02/11/2020 22:12:55
"No issues good communication"
- Patrice Murphy
02/11/2020 15:19:04
"We were there for a groom. Molly and her team are truly the BEST! Juju always looks precious after she is groomed, and smells wonderful. In all these years (almost 8 now!), we have never been let down! That really says something ab Molly and her staff! Mrs Walsh and Juju love you!!!!!"
- David Walsh
02/11/2020 04:29:52
"This was my first visit to your clinic. Everyone was so wonderful to me and, most importantly, to my darling Daphne. Y’all came highly recommended, and you met my expectations, beautifully."
- Pam Lane
02/11/2020 03:44:57
"We are very confident in your care for Macie. "
- Don Clayton
02/11/2020 03:20:22
"It was great!"
- Stewart Thrasher
02/11/2020 02:43:53
"Caldwell Animal Clinic is great! Everyone is so nice to me and my dog. "
- David Beretta
02/11/2020 02:15:23
"Everyone we encountered was extremely welcoming and loving to us and our fur-baby :) Thorough explanations of her procedure and medications needed. Very happy with the care we received! "
- Chris Zobrosky
02/11/2020 02:02:13
"Y’all are great! Friendly and helpful. "
- Chris Shaver
02/11/2020 01:43:46
"We love CMAC! "
- Don Chandler
02/11/2020 01:29:22
"Your entire team provides excellent care and service! We have never had a negative experience."
- Johnny Bass
02/11/2020 01:08:34
"Welcoming and genuine feeling you care about Riley. Appreciate how you communicate what's going on with him."
- Joel & Donna Scroggins
02/10/2020 18:18:23
"Overall very, very good service! Great help, and great information given by the entire team. "
- Andrew Nix
01/29/2020 22:08:44
"Wonderful! Everyone is always so friendly and kind. You are always swamped but take time with each client. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!"
- Maureen Crego
01/28/2020 21:24:49
"We had our first visit at Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic on Saturday and I was so pleased the service provided! Everyone was so nice and extremely knowledgeable. I'm so happy we found this vet!"
- Lauren Hoch
01/28/2020 00:26:25
"Molly does a fantastic job with Bentley. He always looks fantastic after being groomed and even smells wonderful. I wouldn't trust anyone else to groom him. "
- Edith Johnson
01/27/2020 14:49:07
"Great! Dr. Jordan is awesome and really cares about my dog"
- Barry & Kendall Stephenson
01/27/2020 13:34:16
"No complaints ever. Everyone is always so nice and helpful."
- Trish Tipton
01/27/2020 02:58:48
"Staff was very attentive and explored all options "
- Patrick Lozito
01/24/2020 23:04:39
"Great staff and doc's "
- John Olcott
01/24/2020 22:41:12
"love the way you make my pet and me feel special"
- Bonnie Jones
01/24/2020 16:42:12
"Everyone was so great and helpful! "
- Jeremy & Erin Campbell
01/23/2020 22:16:47
"I so very much appreciate our welcome to this practice. I never felt rushed and I appreciate the fact that Dr Christenberry examined each of my pups and talked to me as he checked each area. The techs were so knowledgeable and helpful as well. An owner can learn so much about what it important when listening to the vet. I absolutely am so happy about our move to Caldwell Mill and I look forward to the care my dogs will receive there"
- Carol Maddox
01/23/2020 19:00:00
"We love Dr Wintworth and are so thankful to have her at CMAC. She is so patient and attentive and asks lots of questions to get an overall history of pur pets. I think they might get better healthcare than we humans do. I'm extremely pleased with our care."
- Thomas & Staci Torgerson
01/23/2020 01:03:47
"Friendly staff, extremely clean facility, very professional and comfortable."
- Sue Thors
01/22/2020 23:24:42