"Across the board......Terrific!🤗"
- Jeanie Patterson
03/01/2021 20:49:51
"Staff was super friendly and knowledgeable. "
- Raunda & Garry Atkins
03/01/2021 02:20:55
"The attention each doctor who have attended to my 2 dogs has always been thorough. I left feeling as they heard my concerns and addressed them . The doctors and doctor assistants all demonstrated high levels of empathy and medical knowledge. I left with a belief that they understood my concerns and they were doing all the could to ensure Bogey and Charley were on the path to better health "
- Cathy Mitchell
02/27/2021 18:06:30
"Molly is able to groom chase without sedation which is a blessing "
- Carol Rutherford
02/26/2021 21:28:36
"It was my first visit to the clinic. I had been with a clinic in Chelsea for 14 years. Changing was intimidating, but our visit with Dr. Andy made a difficult situation much more comfortable. "
- Vanessa Vienna
02/26/2021 20:14:06
"We love Dr. Ham!"
- Harry Mathews
02/26/2021 02:14:34
"Our experience was great! We love Dr. Martin!"
- David Beretta
02/26/2021 01:40:48
"All good! Have been to several vets over the years and this clinic and Dr. Sokol rank the highest."
- Rosemary Bolin
02/25/2021 23:20:36
"Invaluable expertise in caring for our pets. Staff is always kind and compassionate."
- Kym Klein
02/25/2021 17:44:12
"Love the care from Dr. HAM"
- Kathryn Damron
02/25/2021 02:06:52
"The service and the care for our dog was excellent. Dr Jordan was very informative to my questions. "
- Blake Norris
02/24/2021 22:43:45
"Everything is so good. Everyone seems to love their job and being there, I feel like you all care about my Gracie as much as I do. Thanks Dr. Sokol for taking such good care of her."
- Edward & Mary Lynn Tumlin
02/24/2021 04:38:11
"Great "
- John Olcott
02/23/2021 22:57:02
"Everyone we met that day was awesome and so friendly! From the front desk to back to the exam room, we look forward to bringing back our sweet puppy again! :) "
- Tiffany Walden
02/23/2021 21:52:55
"Louie loves coming here, and the staff is super professional. You can tell they really care about your pet and treat them as their own!"
- Masiey Chambless
02/23/2021 21:03:14
"My visits are always great"
- Nola Stans
02/23/2021 20:49:48
"We love CMAC!"
- Amy Strohmeier
02/23/2021 19:24:21
"We Love Andy Sokol!"
- Kara Kellner
02/23/2021 18:30:44
"I have had nothing but great out of this clinic! I appreciate them being so kind and working to help! Love them"
- Jeffrey Byrd
02/17/2021 23:43:20
"Great service"
- Linda Grainger
02/16/2021 14:12:26
"Dr. Sokol has done a great job at helping us get control of Buddy’s seizures. He explains everything succinctly so I can understand what’s going on and our options. The front desk was helpful and I was able to get an appointment quickly. The tech that helped us was very known and friendly too!"
- Heather Drown
02/15/2021 17:56:40
"Great experience."
- Debra Cummings
02/14/2021 21:43:11
"They're always so friendly and welcoming at CMAC I love going there! They make me feel assured that my dog is being taken care of in the best possible way. I love all of them!!!"
- Lourdes Ferreiro
02/14/2021 20:41:02
"BZ, Bath and Vaccine all good"
- Steve Lind
02/14/2021 18:30:14
"Andy Sokol has been wonderful to speak & text with me prior to bringing Gianna in to be seen, and when I did bring her in, he was very thorough in considering possible diagnosis options. Staff person who came out to get Gianna from my car was very sweet in coaxing Gianna to go in with her."
- Karon Brooks
02/12/2021 22:37:33
"Dr Wentworth is so amazing to work with. She has been so thorough walking us through puppy development- and has such a precious rapport with our sweet dog, who remembers her for the treats and snuggles!! "
- Meredith Kelly
02/12/2021 20:09:26
"My dogs were happy and clean."
- Cindi Glenn
02/12/2021 20:05:50
"We really enjoy bringing our pets to Caldwell Mill! Our dog, Vanellope gets so excited each time she comes"
- Danielle & Ryan Wilson
02/12/2021 17:33:05
"You are all great!!! Best vet office we have ever been with. You take time talking to us about our pets. "
- Robert & Ashley Wilks
02/12/2021 17:27:13
"Our first experience was great I have no complaints. Everyone took their time and was very helpful and had all the answers to my many questions."
- Brandon Smith
02/11/2021 20:26:22
"CMAC takes excellent care of my Maggie when doing her yearly check-up. The Dr. explains to me with passion about the health of my Maggie. But, not only does CMAC show extreme commitment to their patients health, they also go above and beyond on their commitment to keeping their clients and themselves safe from the spread of Covid. Their curbside service is extremely impressive!!!"
- Denise O'Rourke
02/11/2021 18:01:16
"You’re doing great. Super caring."
- Amy MacCaughelty
02/11/2021 17:19:46
"Love y'all. The staff and doctors are wonderful and caring "
- Joel & Donna Scroggins
02/10/2021 07:23:01
"Curbside service was excellent. Everyone was professional and welcoming. I've been pleased with every experience at Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic. The vet techs are fabulous."
- Penny Case
02/09/2021 06:27:13
"I had heard great "things" about Caldwell Mill Clinic and I was not disappointed when I bright my little Georgie in. I feel he was treated very well during his neuter and dental (his little mouth was such a mess). Georgie had lived on the streets of my neighborhood but on the are up past me and I never about him until I saw a neighbor's post on FB about him and I immediately told her I would take him. I was told he had been on the streets going to different homes where he was given bites of food and a bowl of water, but never a home with love and a warm bed. It breaks my heart to even think about it. A few weeks after I brought him to my home, his forever home, I found out he had been on the streets for over 5 years. 5 YEARS!!! The staff at Caldwell was very kind and loving to him and I am very grateful. I will bring Lily is soon to update her vaccinations and possibly her dental. I also added a new fur-baby to our home today (02/08/2021) a rehoming situation of a precious 8 year old miniature poodle whose name is Pip. Thank you all for what you have done for Georgie and an early thank you for Lily and Pip."
- Karen Thompson
02/09/2021 05:55:15
"We are first time fur parents and everyone at CMAC has been so friendly and helpful. Jessica and Anna were so patient in answering all of our questions in the time leading up to his appointment. Kadee was great day of with walking us through the procedure and discharge instructions. Gold stars all around :)"
- Jared Leader
02/09/2021 00:04:50
- Lori Ann Shamblin
02/08/2021 14:49:56
"I go to CMAC because I want consistent care for my pets. I want to see the same Dr each time I visit and one who will remember my pets. I have a senior who is struggling with some age related issues so good health care is essential. Dr. Sokol is always kind, caring and thorough when he see my dogs. "
- Carole Schrading
02/08/2021 14:38:47
"Dr Valodas was very informative and helped us understand what to expect from our senior dog. Thanks so much for the help. "
- Laura & Marvin Windham
02/07/2021 22:16:41
"I love this Vet practice. You always take very good care of us and our Pets. "
- Rick Bishop
02/05/2021 22:25:15
"Great! It’s always wonderful With Dr Martin! "
- David Walsh
02/05/2021 18:38:44
"Loved how I was able to park and have my pets meds brought to the car by someone with a mask on! You’re doing things right, there! Thank you "
- Joe and Sharon Marino
02/05/2021 17:59:59
"I was so thankful you were able to groom Gracie. We were scared no one was going to be able to do it. You made this very easy and pleasant for us thank you"
- Pam Davis
02/05/2021 17:48:11
"Doing great! Brianna is always so helpful and friendly as is everyone there! The communication means the world!!!! And I always receive great communication! The office is closed to the public currently (don’t blame ya one bit!!) and the wait in the car is never not ever bad! Blaise Lanzi c/o Freeway Lanzi 🙂"
- Blaise Lanzi, Jr.
02/05/2021 17:38:03
"Great, curbside is working fine, thank you for your efforts to protect your clients!"
- Lynn Zegarelli
02/05/2021 02:22:22
"Jack and I can’t wait until we are able to hug all our friends at Caldwell Mill. All through the pandemic they have gone over and above helping care for my dogs. "
- Janie Fordham
02/04/2021 22:00:55
"I have such confidence in the staff and Dr’s. I appreciate hearing all information about my babies - good and bad news- recommended treatments etc. thank you for excellent communication!!!"
- Carol Maddox
02/04/2021 21:57:19
"We always have a wonderful experience with Dr. Sokol and staff. They treat us like we are family and like our pet is theirs too. We have nothing negative to say about any experience we've had at Caldwell Mill."
- Jennifer Ensley
02/04/2021 17:18:40
"Excellent groomers- and so kind. Winston loves to come. "
- Julie McDougal
02/04/2021 00:06:40
"Great customer service! Professional"
- Sherry Collier
02/03/2021 23:33:57
"Yall are fantastic!!"
- Beth Bunnetto
02/03/2021 20:09:12
"Such a professional and friendly staff. I feel that George is getting the best possible care at Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic."
- Jacki Vincent
02/01/2021 19:03:45
"You’re the best! I would never trust any other veterans with my pets."
- Robert & Suzanne Cassavoy
01/31/2021 21:13:06
"Everything was honestly great minus the covid restrictions. Friendly staff and a great doctor who took the time to talk to us about our fur babies needs"
- Clinton Jordan
01/31/2021 20:40:16
"At this point, as a first time dog mom, I don’t know what I don’t know 😂 Trish answered all my questions up To this point! "
- Chris Allen
01/31/2021 20:27:37
"Molley does a fantastic job with Bentley. He looks so adorable when she is done . She is understanding and loving to my pet . "
- Edith Johnson
01/31/2021 17:50:56
"I wouldn’t trust my Chewy with anyplace else. From the front desk to the Vets and everyone else I know that my dog is in great hands. I appreciate all they do for my best friend. Thank you all for taking care of my Chewy. "
- Jan Waters
01/30/2021 16:37:49
"Wonderful people and great place to take your pet."
- Bea Ray
01/30/2021 02:38:12
"We waited in the car last time but I was not at all worried to let me CMAC staff take and see my pets without me there. They do such a great job. They show they care and are very knowledgeable. "
- Kathryn Holt
01/29/2021 17:26:53
"I had such a great experience with the Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic. The employees were very friendly and I could tell they would take good care of my dog. "
- Tanner Gamble
01/28/2021 21:09:31
"We are extremely pleased with your entire staff. Everyone is genuine, that’s means everything to us. Our fur baby is our child, we want the best care for him! "
- Heather Gedgoudas
01/28/2021 15:42:05
"very courteous and efficient"
- Loring & Debbie Muir
01/28/2021 00:46:41
"Everyone I spoke with was courteous & helpful. Great service!"
- Lisa Lindsey
01/27/2021 19:16:10
"Dr. Ham is the doctor I use the most but I have had interaction with all of the doctors there for the past 25+ years. I love y’all and always feel my pets are well taken care of!! Thank y’all so much!!"
- Betty Wiggins
01/27/2021 18:42:03
"Everyone was great! "
- Crystal Sims
01/27/2021 01:54:39
"We had a good visit. The staff and the Veterinarian took the time with us to answer all our questions and were very friendly. Our kitty seemed to like the new friends that she made and seemed comfortable with everyone. "
- Samantha Dale
01/25/2021 19:46:51
"Dr Ham has been awesome with all of our dogs but especially our German Shepherd, Kai. Kai has had digestive issues and Dr Ham diagnosed it quickly and had her on a plan to help the issue. Kai is doing great and bc of certain tweaks in her diet has put on about 8 to 10 lbs which was so needed! Everyone who works there is kind and helpful when you walk through the doors! "
- Lance and Missy Kitchens
01/25/2021 15:24:34
"Everyone is always so kind and genuine, from when I call to make my appointment, to when I pick my babies up from daycare !"
- Rachel Swain
01/25/2021 02:05:10
"You took care of Belli on short notice when he was feeling ill. Good job."
- Gary Evans
01/24/2021 19:30:47
"We love Molly!"
- Tricia Milling
01/24/2021 17:57:16
"I’m in healthcare and you guys are going above and beyond every time I’m there. "
- Tommy & Janet Wiles
01/24/2021 03:08:17
"Keep sending reminders and keep up the friendly, prompt and efficient service. "
- Tom & Martha Thompson
01/23/2021 22:06:38
"I have no problem. Everything seems to run smoothly."
- Jane Hampton
01/22/2021 17:18:23
"Visit was great. Made the information clear and very timely "
- Chris Cournoyer
01/22/2021 17:16:11
"Dr. Ham always takes the time to truly explain about test and procedures for my dog. He is old and Dr. Ham also knows what my dog means to me. I always feel great after talking with Dr. Ham. I appreciate her tremendously. I also have to comment on anyone who answers the phone. They are always so polite when answering the phone and professional. They are the first impression and they absolutely gives a great first impression. I have been happy with everything about the vet and thank you."
- Bragg Scroggins
01/22/2021 01:04:14