"Everyone was so nice and helpful. The facility was clean and orderly."
- Teri Strickland
06/30/2020 05:00:21
"We love y’all "
- Erin & Philip Tatum
06/28/2020 18:54:18
"I've almost always had a good experience with Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic. I've been going there for about 20 years with my pets and they've always been treated well. I personally like that I am recognized when I go in and they greet me by name...except for the new ones that don't know me yet...but that's OK."
- John C. Sanford
06/28/2020 17:55:35
"Very friendly & knowledgeable staff. We followed Dr. Ham to CMAC - we love her!"
- Ben Troncalli
06/28/2020 17:55:25
"I can’t think of anything that you could do to be better !thank you for your service and Josy loves you"
- Jackie Maniscalco
06/28/2020 13:57:32
"Your ENTIRE staff was AWESOME!"
- Yaminah Muhammad
06/27/2020 18:51:04
"I’m sure the back room staff is excellent, but the frontline staff is more than that. They make any visit the absolute BEST!"
- James Peek
06/27/2020 18:42:22
"We always have an awesome experience with the staff at Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic. George loves all the attention!"
- Jacki Vincent
06/27/2020 01:55:05
"The personal call from the Veterinarian doctor helped us feel our visit was personal and gave us confidence about leaving our pet there for his first visit. "
- Kevin Barnes
06/26/2020 17:46:34
"It was my first visit and I felt very welcome and my wait time was minimum."
- Tim & Cathy Ogletree
06/26/2020 17:30:44
"You’re doing great! Everyone is always so friendly and I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Christenberry. I like new system of paying in exam room & not having to wait to pay at front desk. "
- Becky Whaley
06/26/2020 11:27:46
"I drove 1 1/2 hours to see Dr. Martin because I like and trust her. So obviously I think you all are the best around. I wish I could bring my rescue dogs too. I don't have that many. "
- Lisa Pizzato
06/25/2020 19:56:14
"Dr Sokol and staff were great. Wife made an appointment, got in quick, staff was friendly and recognized our pet. Dr Sokol not only verbally gave me the steps but wrote them down for me to leave with. The only reservation I have is the fees and costs. I’m sure Caldwell Mill is probably in line with other vet offices but it sure would be helpful if discounts could be utilized when possible. There needs to be flea and tick meds along with heart worm meds more affordable, especially for customers that board, use the Md staff and groom at Caldwell Mill. Thanks"
- Buz and Cherri Ellis
06/25/2020 18:02:16
"my dog has separation anxiety and you did a great job caring for him."
- Vickie Taylor
06/24/2020 20:20:28
"The staff is always extremely nice and efficient. Even when there are a lot of patients the staff makes sure to make eye contact with anyone who hasn’t been helped yet and communicate when they will be serviced. "
- Ryan Johnson
06/24/2020 17:33:09
"We thought you were very thorough and kind at Tony’s recent exam. "
- Katherine Blight
06/24/2020 17:30:04
"Great care from all the veterinarians we have seen. Always explain things, so it is easy to understand what is going on with pets. All are kind and compassionate. Nothing bad to say, no bad experiences."
- Angie & Tommy Coker
06/24/2020 17:20:46
"Everything has been exceptional "
- Jill Byrd
06/23/2020 23:42:48
"Great care for Nessie and all our previous pets!!! Thanks Rick and Sarah Klein"
- Richard & Sarah Klein
06/23/2020 15:39:38
"Staff and Doctor are always extremely kind and considerate."
- Angela Sokol
06/22/2020 18:46:37
"I was impressed by the security measures taken to prevent any potential spread of COVID-19. Staff and vet very friendly as always. They really seem to care about their patients"
- David and Debbie Little
06/22/2020 17:55:02
"Great care, great staff, great doctor, great experience! "
- Susan and Mike Tate
06/22/2020 02:00:34
"Helpful, kind, compassionate, and friendly, on top of medical skill and dedication. What more could one ask?"
- Gay & Robert Thomas
06/21/2020 18:34:05
"Always great!"
- Jane Hampton
06/21/2020 17:49:03
"It was a great experience. You cared for our Sadie so well and everyone was friendly and supportive and thorough! Thank you!!"
- Tanya McCaw
06/21/2020 03:50:15
"Appreciate the personal attention. "
- Art & Joyce Fleet
06/19/2020 23:27:12
"Great customer service!!!"
- Dana Owens
06/19/2020 17:20:24
"This place is absolutely amazing. I was terrified of Prince actions but they handled him with great care that put me and him at ease."
- Lawanna Foster
06/18/2020 12:40:00
"Everyone was great! From the time I walked in the door until I left through the door. I love Dr. Ham and her knowledge. Plus she’s great with my fur baby too. "
- Shannyn Averyt
06/18/2020 10:57:56
"We have had great experiences. "
- Jason & Denise Lovell
06/17/2020 21:59:52
"Everyone there seems knowledgeable, ready to help, positive outlook, and kind. "
- Gene & Donna Taylor
06/17/2020 21:57:13
"Barkley visit was wonderful with Dr. Hamm. The staff was great. "
- Tracy Graham
06/17/2020 21:36:15
"Answered all my questions, prompt service and love that your require masks! "
- John & Tracy Tracy
06/17/2020 19:26:20
- Sherry Parrish
06/16/2020 22:20:03
"Dropped in to pick up meds and to have nails clipped. Meds were ready and nails were clipped. We were good to go."
- Pat Battle
06/16/2020 05:12:09
"Both pets are well and Mr. Whiskers is responding well to the shot and ear medication."
- Hunter Cressall
06/15/2020 17:46:37
"It was a wonderful experience the staff is so kind. I drive all the way from Alabaster to come to this office because I love the staff and how they care for our pets! "
- Andrew Lowe
06/15/2020 15:05:15
"Y’all are wonderful! I live in Alabaster and gladly drive the 25 minutes to have my pets seen here. "
- Brandon & Kylie Gautney
06/14/2020 20:49:56
"Y’all do a great job and were happy to bring bear and Lily there"
- Jeff Haizlip
06/14/2020 19:13:33
"I have no suggestions for improvement. Your entire staff/team has been incredible, including grooming!"
- Ann Smith
06/13/2020 22:27:13
"I called ahead to pay for Lincoln’s Oravet and it was ready for me to pick up by the time I got there. Quick and easy refill. Thank you!"
- Dave & Susan Baird
06/13/2020 21:36:46
"You are doing awesome from the minute we walk in until we walk out...even Marti!!!"
- Vickie Holloway
06/12/2020 22:17:02
"Great experience and best care. "
- Tyler & Shannon Payne
06/12/2020 13:16:30
"Diana came out and reassured me prior to Beau’s surgery. Much appreciated! I received a text update as to Beau’s status in surgery! Dr. Christenbury was very clear and helpful concerning Beau’s condition post surgery. Beau’s soft cast is one of the best level 3 casts ever! Contoured and smooth. It has survived an active puppy! Thank you for taking excellent care of my dog!"
- Peggy Patton
06/10/2020 19:21:21
"Very pleased to get same day appointment. Jalen is doing much better. Everyone was very helpful and so nice. I have many animal clinics close by but I drive to your clinic because I know when we leave I will know that my pet got the best care. Thanks for all you do! Jeannie Adams"
- Jeannie Adams
06/10/2020 18:25:55
"We think that y'all are doing a great job. Dr. Ham takes great care of Romeo, Lexi, and Lola!!"
- Wayne & Seretha Curtis
06/10/2020 17:50:45
"The most courteous and best care!!!!"
- James Chapman
06/09/2020 14:23:57
"Everyone treated my fur babies with a lot of care. "
- Lisa Hall
06/09/2020 00:13:31
"Great care . Competent animal health care and very polite and helpful staff . You all do an exceptional job. Thanks for caring so much "
- Kevin & Fiona Ewing
06/08/2020 23:45:15
"Sophie loves coming to barking zone and everyone is always so kind and helpful. She loves walking in and everyone saying Hi sweet Sophie. Dr Christenberry is truly phenominal he saved Sophies life"
- Tom & Carol McIntyre
06/08/2020 19:52:21
"I had a drop-off appt. Misty was seen bybDr Tolbert. Unfortunately, we found out that she has a serious illness. Dr Tolbert called to explain the situation. He was very empathetic and patient as I tried to grasp what he was telling me. I called back two days later with questions. He immediately called me back and very patiently explained everything that I asked about. I could tell that he truly cares about Misty...as well as our feelings as we process everything."
- Danny & Michelle Hyde
06/08/2020 17:31:37
"Staff is knowledgeable, confident and efficient. That makes me comfortable placing my pup in their care. Additionally, the convenience of the all around services provided under one roof makes them stand out."
- Jon Robles
06/08/2020 16:02:52
"We used a different veterinarian for a year and a half when my older cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. We spent thousands there, taking her in every couple of months for blood work. I never once received a phone call asking how she was, not even when we were discussing end of life care. Dr. Wentworth called the day after I brought my cat to Caldwell Mill, just to check on her. To me, that really shows the doctors at your clinic care about their patients and owners. Very impressed. "
- Jennifer Campbell
06/07/2020 13:17:31
"Brought our cat in to board for 6 nights and you got him updated on his vaccinations and took good care of him. Check in was fast and easy. His coat looked cleaner when we picked him up than when we dropped him off. Good job."
- Gary Evans
06/06/2020 23:33:24
"We had a great experience!"
- Gabe and Julie Harris
06/06/2020 21:29:42
"We rescued a dog from the humane society that was sick. The folks at Caldwell were amazing. Happy to report that some medical love he is doing well now. "
- Curtis Woods
06/06/2020 11:19:42
"There is no bad....only good. My wife and I absolutely love Dr. Sokol!"
- John Aldridge
06/05/2020 23:25:56
"Y’all are amazing! We adore Dr. Martin and the rest of the team!"
- Kim Preskitt
06/05/2020 18:10:51
"I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Caldwell Mill! Athena is a difficult patient. Both Dr. Jordan and Dr. Sokol are great with her (and me). All of the technicians that we have had over the years have been so kind. The girls at the front desk are friendly and helpful. "
- Peggy Massey
06/04/2020 18:21:07
"Always a pleasure to bring my dogs there."
- Paige and Kevin Sullivan
06/04/2020 17:34:50
"It was a great first visit for us. The staff was quick and efficient. "
- Joseph Hopkins
06/03/2020 23:08:08
"Thanks for being so good at taking care of our pets!"
- John & Stacy Herring
06/03/2020 20:14:08
"Great service from both Sarah and Dr. Jordan. Can't wait to get my Scarlett in for her annual checkup. "
- Tom Membrino
06/03/2020 19:19:08
"Wonderful! Leia loved everyone she met. she is very friendly & the staff took time with her"
- Juli Arnwine
06/03/2020 18:47:29
"All my visits are very good. Staff is super helpful and friendly. "
- Laura Champion
06/03/2020 01:44:58
"No bad - only good!"
- Allison Jones
06/02/2020 22:39:52
"We appreciate all you do for Lulu, Y'all are the best!"
- Linda Timpson
06/02/2020 16:28:05
"Eddie and Bettie love coming to your clinic! You are great caretakers for our pups!"
- Hanna Steel Company
06/02/2020 14:36:31
"went to pick up a prescription for Wrigley and everyone could not have been any nicer."
- Scott Buzbee
06/02/2020 13:32:34
"Outstanding veterinary. Dr. Jordan is one of the best in the business."
- Jeremy Stephens
06/01/2020 14:13:39
"Our experience was better than we could have imagined. Every staff member we interacted with were friendly courteous, and professional. The visit went like clock-work. Our time there was short but Dr. Martin was thorough, understanding, knowledgeable. We trusted her diagnosis and will continue to have her care for our pet. "
- Betty & Brad Barker
05/31/2020 18:27:53
"No complaints! Service and animal care has always been excellent. "
- Luis Morales
05/30/2020 17:31:10
"Caldwell Mill was highly recommended to my by a close friend. I have a new puppy and chose to use Caldwell Mill. I am very pleased with the whole experience! Even though it was curbside service and pouring rain, each employee (including the doctor) came to my car and ensured that all my questions were answered!"
- Tina Castello
05/29/2020 14:56:44
"Stay the course"
- Monroe Pointer
05/29/2020 14:07:41
"All was good. Always is. "
- Nancy Crumpton
05/29/2020 13:47:23