"It was a good experience and a pleasant atmosphere. We take great care of our Kitty and knowing she was care for is important to us."
- Kathryn Harper
11/05/2019 12:24:06
"I have nothing bad. Every person there is so nice and friendly and knowledgeable "
- Teresa Roberson
11/03/2019 02:42:26
"Super friendly staff and Dr Martin really cares about our pet. What a great experience."
- Jack White
11/01/2019 20:16:46
"We’re pleased w how Dr Martin and Dr christenberry have give our cats and dog personal care and attention"
- Barry & Julie Gunter
11/01/2019 01:52:12
"First visit with Enzo and it went well. "
- Joey & Kristin Whitehurst
10/30/2019 20:44:35
"I had a great experience here."
- Christina Laughlin
10/29/2019 12:41:15
"I love your bright and cheery clinic. Dr. Cleary is the best! She has taken great care of all of my pets. Great addition to your staff!"
- Doreen Cleary
10/29/2019 01:57:22
"Everyone seemed to really care about Ginger. All information was explained well."
- Kasey Hollington
10/28/2019 19:40:15
"Every experience I’ve had there has been a good one! Thank you all for your service. "
- Chris & Christine Goguen
10/28/2019 18:00:31
"really like Dr Martin and Dr Sokol and thought recent grooming for Hammy went well."
- Buz and Cherri Ellis
10/28/2019 17:54:06
"I have been going to Caldwell Mill for my animal care for almost 23 years -- with 12 pets. I only have good things to say about every single experience I have ever had with CMAC. So, thank you!"
- Lynn & Greg Schuck
10/28/2019 17:39:17
"I was very happy with the care my new kitten received and how attentive they were to my concerns and questions!"
- Ashley Rainoldi
10/24/2019 16:32:27
"First time seeing new vet, Dr. Cleary. She was great!! And, the vet tech (young man....sorry I don’t have his name) was excellent!!! Great care!!!!"
- Brenda Nola
10/24/2019 16:29:41
"I wouldn’t trust anyone else to take care of my pups. Dr. Sokol and staff members have a love for animals and their humans. Every experience I’ve had at Caldwell Mill has been exceptional. I would not use another veterinarian."
- Mary C. Rountree
10/24/2019 15:18:49
"Very pleased with our visit / boarding. "
- Craig And Brandi White
10/22/2019 13:05:42
"You must be doing everything right. Millie jumps out of the car and runs right to your front door very excited to be there. "
- Ralph Wackenhut
10/20/2019 18:17:07
"Excellent service and expertise. "
- Ernest Banker
10/20/2019 18:15:21
"I love Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic!!! The girls at the front are always do sweet and helpful, the kennel staff is always awesome and the doctors are the best!!!! "
- Patti Moultrie
10/20/2019 16:12:53
"Great visit, friendly workers and loved how the doctor called us personally to discuss the dog problems. "
10/19/2019 23:53:38
"so glad that I found this clinic when I moved here. the receptionist staff are always smiling and friendly. dr sokol is an amazing vet, he takes the time to explain whatever is going on with my dog. I know when I bring my dog in for whatever she needs I know that she will be given excellent care."
- Dorothy Little
10/19/2019 20:05:48
"I live in Leeds and tried to leave you guys, I am so spoiled by your great service and attitude couldn’t find anyone good enough."
- Linda Mingus
10/19/2019 17:13:41
"Dr Jordan and Dr Christenberry are two of the finest men I have ever known and wonderfully kind to our pets and us owners! All of the employees are friendly and helpful."
- Patsy Andrews
10/19/2019 17:06:50
"This was my first time at your clinic. The staff worked very quickly even though Patches was given a lot of tests, shots and had his nails clipped. I told the nurse on the way out that everyone was so friendly and I could tell that they loved their job. She said yes, some of us have been here for many years, then I said, "You are like Family". She agreed!"
- Emily Clark
10/18/2019 19:55:13
"Great staff and very accommodating. Our dog has a lot of anxiety issues and everyone has always been sensitive to that and compassionate. We have had to put two of our dogs down over the last year and the doctors and staff could not have been more sensitive to our pain of loss. I would recommend no other place to take your pet. We have been using y'all for over 15 years. "
- Eddie & Melinda Thomas
10/18/2019 14:09:13
"Dr. Ham is the best. She spends plenty of time responding to my questions and really treats my dogs like she cares. Everyone there is so nice. Love CMAC"
- Tom & Sue Howard
10/17/2019 23:07:12
"I felt very at ease leaving Logan with you. I knew he would be taken care of very well. When I came to pick him up, he was a happy camper. He seemed like he was happy. When we got home, he picked up just like he left off. I feel like you do a great job keeping my fur baby happy and healthy while I'm away!"
- Donna Coleman
10/17/2019 14:09:00
"Staff was very friendly and helpful (we are first time pet owners). Dr. Sokol was very reassuring and knowledgeable. Overall, it was a wonderful experience! "
- Nick Price
10/17/2019 12:01:33
"Great! I love that we can board Josie and also that we can have her vet visits handled during that time. We moved further away in July 2018, but still love Caldwell Mill, Dr. Martin, Bri, Amy, and the Kennel staff that we won't go elsewhere. "
- Zeke and Jennifer Candler
10/16/2019 21:03:32
"We are very happy with the care and service"
- Roy & Beverly Moore
10/15/2019 12:54:22
"We always receive the best of care here. Everyone is very caring and compassionate. Thanks so much for all you do!!!!"
- Tom Coffield
10/14/2019 01:54:01
"Everyone is always so kind and patient with all my questions!"
- Jennifer and Jarrod Barnes
10/13/2019 04:19:18
"The whole team is good...from start to finish. Glad you’re there for us!"
- Brad Sloan
10/13/2019 02:03:17
"I love you all! Ive always received excellent care for twenty five years!"
- Anne Alexander
10/12/2019 18:42:30
"We felt so comforted by Dr Tolbert when we had to gave our Dixie put to sleep. "
- Beth Sistrunk
10/11/2019 23:04:47
"Wonderful service, even during the peak time (7am!). Friendly, attentive, efficient, and personable! Well done!"
- Sara Caitlin Godwin
10/10/2019 19:14:30
"We have always had a good experience there"
- John & Stacy Herring
10/07/2019 20:56:23
"Everyone we encountered from the moment we walked in was kind and smiling and nice."
- Gary Reynolds
10/07/2019 20:16:19
"Dr Martin and the Vet techs were all extremely nice and knowledgeable"
- Jonathan Weaver
10/06/2019 15:28:17
"Great service!"
- Vladimir Koshcheyev
10/05/2019 14:56:40
"I have had very good experiences for many years at CMAC. No complaints!"
- Johnny Whitten
10/04/2019 22:07:46
"This has been the best experience for me and my pet! Everyone that I have dealt with makes us feel welcome. "
- Bragg Scroggins
10/04/2019 21:21:41
"We moved to another part of Birmingham and another vet but learned within a year that we needed to go back to Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic! We did and are so glad! Our babies just had teeth cleaning and were treated with great care!!"
- Bev Endicott
10/04/2019 20:56:45
"Our first visit was great. We felt that we were treated very well and most importantly our dog, Astro. "
- Nicole Rojas
10/03/2019 21:08:50
"I really like CMAC. I like that I can get everything done in one location with one visit: annual health visits, prescriptions, grooming, boarding and play. With a busy schedule having everything in one location becomes more and more important. I always feel that my pets are well cared for and they always seem happy to go. "
- Sonja Purvis
10/03/2019 20:23:50
"Always friendly Quick to greet and serve Always offer help (to car with dogs or supplies)"
- Connie Hardin
10/02/2019 00:53:55
"Louie had a great experience Rita and Dr. Wentworth both were so patient with him. He'll see y'all in 6 mo. for check-up. Thank you"
- Kathy Short
10/01/2019 18:23:52
"The staff at CMAC is the best around!!!"
- Rene Alldredge
10/01/2019 01:41:33
"Desk workers are always helpful and kind on the phone and in person"
- John Bistritz
10/01/2019 01:15:14
"Staff is always so sweet to our Maggie even though she seems skittish and scared ."
- Kym Widra
10/01/2019 00:56:05
"Dr. Ham is an excellent veterinarian. She is so caring and very attentive. "
- Kandise Roberts
09/29/2019 13:58:34
"Bella has stolen our heard. She is Happy playful and growing. Only getting up once at night. No crate accidents. She had a few accidents in the house. She is doing great going to potty out side. Thankyou for checking on her. We look forward to see Dr. Jordon in October. Bobbie Mitchim "
- Bobbie Mitchim
09/29/2019 12:51:53
"Everything is good "
- Andy & Beth Wilkinson
09/28/2019 17:42:16
"Your associates are always friendly and helpful. "
- Sara Forest
09/27/2019 20:06:37
"No complaints."
- Patsy Topazi
09/27/2019 03:46:22
"Great friendly staff. I was able to get in for an appointment quickly. Very attentive to my needs! "
- Leslie Wells
09/25/2019 18:23:16
"Good! Sophie’s nail are great and her ears were done well.....very nice. Thanks a bunch!"
- Sara Runner
09/24/2019 23:30:30
"My first visit was great! "
- Angel Brown
09/24/2019 14:40:10
"Molly developed an upset tummy...in layman’s terms . I was told about it and received a note from one of the vets. How special to know that my pet is really cared for. Thank you! "
- Freddie Tezak
09/24/2019 00:08:57
"I’m so happy to be back after losing Tinka 1 year ago! I love all the girls out front! They are the best."
- Jeff Huff
09/23/2019 18:52:24
"Dr. Jordan and his assistant were very welcoming and pleasant! They took their time talking with us and loving on our pup. I live in Alabaster and gladly travel the 25 mins to bring our animals to this vet. "
- Brandon & Kylie Gautney
09/20/2019 18:58:03
"Great first impression - everyone was very helpful!"
- Curtis Johnson
09/20/2019 18:39:45
"Love Caldwell Mill vet. "
- Lana Johnson
09/20/2019 18:08:48
"Cocoa Belle loves you all! She starts dancing in her seat as soon as she recognizes the turn we’re making into your parking lot! :-)"
- Kim Beverage
09/17/2019 20:58:38
"Great! This was our visit to your facility for boarding and we were very pleased with the experience - "
- Andrea Clay
09/17/2019 19:23:23
"everything was great with our beloved Blake."
- Rochelle Green
09/16/2019 19:36:45
"Everybody did a great job. The front was clean and organized. I will recommend Caldwell Clinic to all my friends."
- Joann Agee
09/15/2019 20:39:11
"Friendly team of employees and prompt service!"
- Bennett Aulbach
09/15/2019 18:36:08
"Very good care of my old fellow, at 14 he is truly a family member. He was treated with kindness and we felt good about how he was handled. We also came away feeling as if we learned more about our cat in one visit than we have over the past 14 years of his life. We appreciate your good care and the attention paid to him, and that same goodness was passed along to us. We'll be back!"
- Edward & Mary Lynn Tumlin
09/13/2019 18:14:07
"I am very please with Caldwell Mill. I feel like my Lucy is getting the best care possible. "
- Lindsay Pears
09/13/2019 18:13:45
"All good, my dogs are happy so I am happy!"
- Marti Register
09/13/2019 16:15:54
"Dr and staff were great"
- Tony Colbaugh
09/11/2019 16:25:46
"Love Caldwell Mill! They are knowledgeable & feel like an extended part of my furry family."
- Shannon White
09/11/2019 15:04:56
"You’ve always taken great care of my dogs. Also very accommodating when we show up without an appointment."
- Jason Copeland
09/11/2019 13:30:07
"Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic loves my dogs. "
- Catherine & Russ Langley
09/09/2019 22:45:21
"Dr. Sokol rocks!!! .... as does the staff! "
- Elle Williams
09/09/2019 21:07:22