"I am always impressed with the care my dog receives. The staff is very caring and knowledgeable. "
- Cheryl Peterson
05/13/2018 15:37:12
"I was extremely satisfied on our visit. I honestly can’t think of anything that would have made our experience any better. The staff was amazing and very friendly from the greeting I received through the exam and back out the door. The doctor was awesome. She was very caring, knowledgeable, helped with all my questions/concerns. 👍"
- Donna Strickland
05/12/2018 21:06:29
"Have been using Tri County for years great staff and great vets"
- Junior Faircloth
05/12/2018 11:33:26
"Very satisfied with services"
- Loretta Dixon
05/11/2018 17:05:36
"Very please with your service"
- Rex Brann
05/10/2018 00:11:55
"Doing great!!! Do not change a thing! Excellent!!!!!"
- Ashley Mitchell
05/08/2018 19:54:22
"We have been pleased to have you care for our pets since the 1980's."
- Danny & Meg Dawson
05/08/2018 01:32:09
"We have always had a very good experience and we thank you very much."
- Mark Leinfelder
05/07/2018 21:46:11
"Had a great visit. no long time wait. Thanks for your services!!"
- Amy Evans
05/07/2018 20:23:15
"I just walked in for a refill on heartworm meds. Front desk staff was very helpful."
- Janna Ellington
05/07/2018 16:15:40
"I have never had a bad/negative experience at Tri-County! Love all of the staff and their educational answers to all of my questions about my pets. They definitely treat my pets as if they were their own! Love this place and trust their opinions/diagnosis' "
- Lyndsey Payne
05/07/2018 13:25:12
"Excellent service, so wonderful with all of our pets. You can tell they live their jobs and taking care of your furry kids"
- Tracie Pluff-Gioia
05/05/2018 01:01:36
"Great office staff. Dr and tech very thorough! Very helpful with referral process for Opthmology check at NC State"
- Laurie Schroeder
05/04/2018 18:24:43
"We are extremely happy with Tri County Vet. We appreciate very much that the doctors travel to provide at home services so we do not have to take our large animals to the office to get their yearly exams and vaccinations. Tri County Vet Service is the best."
- Denise and Scott Funderburke
05/01/2018 15:48:33
"Doctor Wells & assistant as well as ladies at front desk were very friendly, sweet to Dusty, & thorough in explaining things and answering my questions! "
- Catressa Penland
04/25/2018 19:56:00
"Staff is always friendly and helpful, very courteous. feels like family to me!"
- Cheryl Braswell
04/06/2018 13:48:39
"All the staff that help me have been outstanding - kind, caring, competent, considerate - just plain top notch every visit - and I'm there 2 times each week. The best team approach that I have ever seen."
- Ricki Hudson
04/05/2018 02:35:29
"Always awesome! Everyone there cares for your pets as much as you do. "
- Amber Poinsett
04/05/2018 01:10:11
"You are amazing! We are so thankful that you can come out to our home were Dixie & Belle are most comfortable. Your compassion and kindness to our animals is just overwhelming."
- Craig Capps
04/04/2018 19:16:49
"You educated my boyfriend about horse teeth! A+"
- Martha Mattocks
04/04/2018 03:04:52
"Dr. Wells is awesome. I appreciated her care for Boomer and immediate care for his issue."
- Robin Harlukowicz
04/04/2018 02:39:06
"We think you're doing a great job!!! We couldnt be happier!"
- Rhonda Murray
04/04/2018 01:04:21
"Excellent service...no complaints... highly recommend"
- Laurie Mitchell
04/03/2018 17:13:35
"Great place to bring our 4 legged family members."
- Kate Massey
04/03/2018 15:47:12
"We have no complaints.We would not take Miss Bea anywhere else."
- Steve and Sheri Holt
04/01/2018 19:24:43
"I just came in to pick up OTC products for the dogs. Lori waited on me. All your staff are so pleasant. We appreciate the skill of the vets in the practice and their quick response when I call or email with questions about any of our animals."
- Jan Ansell
04/01/2018 15:40:06
"We have relied on Tri County since 1988- 30 years! That pretty much says it. We are given appointments quickly, the technicians take time to connect with each dog, to take a careful history and to review treatment details, the veterinarians are clinically wise, meticulous in sharing information, patient with questions and "present" even when it's clear that the day is busy and demanding.. Our dogs are just well treated. The women at the desk keep many balls in the air at the same time and can tell if we're worried and need a little more."
- Val Proffitt
04/01/2018 14:12:36
"This is the only place I take my pets love the staff here!!"
- Amanda MacDonald
04/01/2018 13:38:07
"I'm always happy with the treatment my pets and I receive. Your entire staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I have nothing negative to say about you."
- Pamela & Roger Mailloux
04/01/2018 01:23:23
"I've always had good experiences at Tri-County and believe my dogs get the best care possible. Staff listens well and are friendly. I've had 2 dogs die while under care in Tri-County and received good guidance on care, help with hard decisions, and sympathy on the loss of those beloved canine family members."
- Susan Wilson
03/30/2018 23:38:44
"The service is great. Dr. Wells is the best. She is always up to date on my pets' issues."
- Ellen Stanford
03/30/2018 21:52:12
"We've always been happy with the staff and treatment at Tri-County"
- Rachel Frew
03/30/2018 21:33:45
"Dr. Davis and the technician (sorry don't know her name) were very compassionate and took that time needed to exam Lucy to make sure that she was in good health."
- Steve Ornat
03/29/2018 23:30:43
"I think you are doing good."
- Nancy Gray
03/28/2018 20:25:15
"You're doing fantastic. I was especially impressed (and thankful) that someone called me the week before Spider's surgery to discuss all of the options available (pre-surgery lab work, vaccinations, FeLV testing, etc) so that we weren't rushed to cover it the morning of his surgery!"
- Monika Caruso
03/28/2018 18:36:08
"Been coming there for 14 years. Great vets and ladies working desk. "
- Brenda Glaser
03/28/2018 16:13:59
"I think your practice is awesome. I have been bringing my pets there for years and have no complaints whatsoever. I love the friendly staff and doctors there. It's very obvious that you guys truly care about animals."
- Sherry Wimberley
03/28/2018 12:30:11
"I am very pleased with every one's excellent service whenever I come with one of my furry companions."
- Christie Conlon
03/27/2018 18:06:00
"As always we were treated with the utmost care - it's why after 10yrs I still come and recommend you to everyone"
- Gypc Andrews
03/27/2018 14:41:37
"Everyone was very friendly, helpful and easy to work with."
- Carolyn Kizer
03/27/2018 00:36:26
"we are very happy with our visits to your office , everyone is very helpful and friendly. keep up the good work."
- Sylvia Ward
03/25/2018 22:20:31
"I brought my new puppy in to set her up as a new patient. She had been scratching at her right ear and I was able to be seen right away even thought that isn't why we were there. The staff is wonderful! "
- Todd Gibson
03/25/2018 13:11:40
"The care I receive here for my horse is great. The staff is always helpful and the vets are always attentive to our needs."
- Braeburn Hilliard
03/25/2018 11:22:36
"I have had nothing but the best experience at Tri-County. Great staff and all the doctors seem to care about my animals. I especially like my pets to see Dr Davis "
- Karen Zwier
03/25/2018 10:50:23
"Dr. Wells is awesome!"
- Gerrie Dean
03/23/2018 01:52:39
"The vets are great about explaining all the options and going into detail about what is happening with your pet. Techs, assistants, receptionists and vets have all been with the clinic for years which tells me that this is a well run business."
- Ariana Wissick
03/22/2018 22:43:42
"Everyone at Tri County are wonderful! They always treat our pets as well as our family wonderful. We love it here!"
- Cindy King
03/22/2018 18:09:42
"Great. Very caring."
- Sean & Tina Satzman
03/20/2018 17:25:09
"We have had only the best of care by your office and the vets and all of our needs and concerns have been met on each visit."
- Wanda & Michael Higgins
03/19/2018 19:57:09
"Everyone one was very welcoming and very nice:) Coming back for our second puppy visit next month! "
- Dayna Tomecek
03/17/2018 00:58:05
"Everything was fine. All employees are top shelf and treat you like you are the only one there. "
- James Womble
03/14/2018 22:03:36
"Awesomeness "
- Samantha Hunter
03/13/2018 22:01:55
"We had a great experience yesterday at Molly's check-up. Staff is very helpful and friendly. Also, everything was explained in detail! We are very pleased :)"
- Angie Hall
03/13/2018 17:36:29
"Feedback was great and appreciate the understanding when trying to provide care for older dogs."
- Elif Merkler
03/13/2018 14:59:37
"It was very kind for Dr. Redding to meet me at the clinic to tube my lamb on a Sunday morning and instruct me to the proper technique as it has been many years since I was a veterinary tech and needed tutoring. He was timely, efficient and professional! I felt the fee was reasonable for an emergency call. "
- Dianne Swift
03/12/2018 15:24:51
"I am very pleased with the treatment that Sady receives as well as how I am treated. She is treated with expertise and kindness. I get all my questions answered (no matter how many) and the vets and techs allow me to go with Sady when she goes back to the lab area. (Sometimes Sady needs me and sometimes it’s me that needs to be with her because I’m a “worry wart”)"
- Kathy Sturdevant
03/12/2018 02:04:43
"Very pleased with our visit from initial phone call to finish. "
- Jennifer Heinisch
03/10/2018 03:26:22
"I appreciate appointment options, punctuality and professionalism of all I encountered. "
- Christi Costigan
03/10/2018 00:40:36
"You guys are ALWAYS there to help answer all the questions I have concerning my pets. The staff is kind and caring to my pets, which means a lot to me. I’ve used Tri County for many years and plan to continue "
- Debbie Little
03/09/2018 23:02:18
"All the Staff were extremely nice. Vet Tech and Dr. Davis explained everything they were doing and why. Really nice folks. I will be back. "
- Clint Richardson
03/09/2018 22:51:47
"I called in for information which was easily obtained. I ordered meds which were ready and waiting when I went to pick them up. I was waited on in a timely and friendly manner."
- Marj. Marie
03/09/2018 21:06:33
"My pets and I are always treated with care and friendliness.... Barbara Kay Mann & Rosie dog, Sissy dog, Annie dog, George cat"
- Barbara Mann
03/07/2018 14:48:10
"Awesome customer service. Friendly staff, always can work you in and super docs!"
- Jennifer Boaz
03/07/2018 12:56:02
"Everyone was so great with coco and the doc was so patient helping explain everything to me. "
- Aime Richards
03/07/2018 03:47:16
"I am pleased with the service and care provided at Tri County."
- Pam Horner
03/07/2018 02:53:19
"I really love bringing my pets to Tri County Vet Service because the staff is attentive to me and my pets. They are kind, professional and always accommodating. "
- Deborah White
03/07/2018 02:29:59
"My pets and I are always greeted cheerfully and by name. All the staff treat my pets with tenderness and compassion."
- Jeri Adams
03/07/2018 01:48:35
"You have been taking care of our animals for almost 30 years. We thank you for all the love and care to our babies. "
- Laura Cooper
03/06/2018 04:15:35
"Love your staff & facility. Definitely high appreciation for the professional and kind attention given to all of our little ones. Thanks so much. "
- George Cumpston
03/05/2018 22:55:01
"Very well. Dog loves you. Cats only love me. We know you care and that is important "
- Clifton & Edna Parker
03/05/2018 21:52:47
"Love Tri County and there staff wish they more deals on heartworm prevention. "
- Reuben & Candee Herndon
03/05/2018 16:00:32
"I was so impressed with Dr. Wells and your staff when I brought in Lester my rooster last week. Dr. Wells made me feel very welcome, and she explained everything I needed to know in very understandable terms. I have other animals, so you definitely will see me again. I am so very happy that I found you!"
- Anna O'neal
03/04/2018 14:49:25
"I have now had and appointment with every doctor in the Practice and they are all excellent - knowledgeable, caring and attentive. The vet techs, front desk staff and business office are all equally professional but willing to go that extra to help whenever possible. Whether it is squeezing me in for a last minute appointment, or answering questions/concerns, I have never been disappointed."
- Laura Fong
03/04/2018 14:34:36
"Dr. Redding has been my veterinarian for years. I have never had a problem with Tri-County"
- Thelma Marlatt
03/04/2018 01:39:17
"It was Monkey’s first visit to your place, but she did so well. The office personnel were great as well as the vet doctor and assistants. Thank you for making her first visit so pleasant."
- Joe Nucilli
03/02/2018 11:00:14
"Awesome as always "
- Deborah Hopkins
03/02/2018 02:13:52
"My visit was just to pick up a case of prescription diet feline CD canned food. I REALLY appreciate the coupons your staff uses to help with the expensive cost. Thank you!"
- Vicki Copeland
03/02/2018 00:09:05
"Super nice staff, very informative, and very supportive "
- Michael Bordeau
03/02/2018 00:06:14
"Great job"
- Carole Pope
03/01/2018 05:23:20
"Staff is always so nice. Today’s visit was just to pick up meds. "
- Kathy Martin
02/28/2018 00:08:23
"Excellent visit, service and price point"
- Shane Fletcher
02/25/2018 23:51:15
"Good "
- Gary Trent
02/23/2018 22:40:04
"I've been taking my beloved pets to Dr. Alexander since the early 80's. She is compassionate and excellent. She has performed surgery on several pets with awesome results. There is no 'bad.' I will be sad when she retires."
- Sharon Graham
02/23/2018 20:03:30
"I had my dog with another vet for three years and had fought all kinds of problems. Tri-County has had her happy and healthy within three months of first seeing them. Love this service."
- Martha Phillips
02/23/2018 16:06:14
"You're doing great!"
- N/A Niche Gardens
02/23/2018 15:53:06
"Everyone is always very pleasant, helpful, and most importantly they are good to Drusie and that makes a huge impact on an owner. When we bring our pet in knowing that they are going to be treated well and gently at a time when they are stressed it makes a big difference and everyone has always been pleasant to us (Drusie's people) as well. Everyone from the front office personnel to the techs to the doctors are always great to work with and never make you feel as if you are a hassle or they are too busy to help you. "
- Kathy Bogie
02/23/2018 13:04:53
"Just wanted to say thanks for taking care of Ruby! I love and miss you guys! Krissy"
- Krissy Szczepanski
02/22/2018 23:45:19
"I have been bringing my pets to TCV for over 10 years and the staff are kind, friendly, efficient and professional. Consistently receive excellent care"
- Jennifer Morrow
02/22/2018 23:20:38
"I haven't had any bad experience with Tri-County. Both veterinarians and technicians are excellent, especially Dr. Wells and Dr. Redding (the ones I know)."
- Isabel Barbal
02/22/2018 14:13:39
"You guys are great. All the doctors technicians and office staff are always very friendly and helpful. I t is a pleasure to have you all to help take care of all our pets"
- Elisabeth Feathers
02/22/2018 14:00:50
"We love Tri County Vet and have vowed to never take out animals any where else! Fast and friendly service always!"
- Donna Parks
02/22/2018 13:28:03
"Appt. on time. Personnel were very friendly. Very thorough in what I seen."
- Clay Cox
02/22/2018 02:16:51
"We were not just treated great, we were spoiled by the service. "
- Keith & Sherry Webster
02/22/2018 01:26:44
"I am glad for your help with roscoe, I know he is old but I want to make sure he is comfortable in his senior years!!"
- Lisa Carver
02/20/2018 18:15:29
"All good: from the vet techs to the docs and the front staff! YOu guys are the best"
- Lauren Herman
02/20/2018 01:00:33
"I have loved bringing my pet family to Tri County for years. Everyone is professional, courteous and friendly and genuinely treats the animals with care and concern. I will continue to recommend Tri County."
- Charlotte Wilkins
02/19/2018 20:34:31
"You all were wonderful! We brought our dog there because our usual vet was outrageously expensive. We will continue coming to see you and may even bring our other dog that lives in CHarlotte to see you all. Thank you! "
- Penni Stritter
02/19/2018 20:20:03
"Thorough service"
- Belinda Hardin
02/19/2018 20:11:53
"It was a routine nail trim and anal glands. It was Monday and the clinic wasn't crowded at all. Didn't have to wait long. "
- Andy & Stephanie Thurman
02/19/2018 19:53:57
"No complaints. You always do a good job for us."
- Linda Burnham
02/19/2018 16:37:58