"I think you all do a great job. My dogs are my babies & I would not just take them anywhere. 🤗"
- Marnye Smith
06/30/2020 12:31:04
"Excellent service by the staff and the doctor. Part of the survey was in office but that's not correct. I was met outside because of the Covid19. The staff is always friendly and courteous. I love Dr. Sharon and so does Molly. "
- Anna Szczek
06/29/2020 14:01:34
"Great experience as always. Keep up the great work "
- Aaron Giza
06/28/2020 12:13:22
"I have been coming to the DGAH since 1955; does that answer your question?????????"
- Dave White
06/28/2020 03:36:10
"Some of the questions were not applicable under the new procedures. I was happy to get in on the day I called. People are always helpful and courteous."
- John and Marcia Kannaby
06/27/2020 04:00:25
"Always more than satisfied. Great Doctors and support staff. "
- Pat Furlong
06/25/2020 23:35:00
"Uguys were great very professional! Thank u "
- Socorro Martinez
06/25/2020 17:28:49
"I have extremely pleased with the care given to my dog, Molly, over the years. She was seriously injured when she was only two and it was the care and knowledge of everyone there, that she recovered. She's now 14 and has a multitude of health issues which are due to her advance age. I know that she is in the best hands with every vet and technician."
- Cathy Larocco
06/24/2020 18:25:40
"You guys are the best! I would not take my dogs anywhere else! I recommend you all the time!"
- Tamra Ziebell
06/23/2020 23:43:24
"So fantastic especially with not being able to enter the building due to covid. Really have so much thanks and reassurance bringing our little guy here. Exceptional knowledge and care. "
- Matthew Worrell
06/21/2020 20:26:20
"Love you guys! I wouldn’t ever use another clinic. You’ve always been there for us when we needed you and you definitely saved one of our dog’s life (Rudy). I’m a doc and I can’t recommend you highly enough!! Pls feel free to fwd this recommendation."
- Marty Greenberg
06/15/2020 17:43:36
"You guys are doing great and it is nice to have an Animal Hospital like yours so close to home."
- Martin McGuire
06/08/2020 16:36:08
"I did not go into the hospital, due to the COVID 19 restrictions, but the hospital has always been very clean in the past, so I answered that question as "Excellent". The exam was much quicker than I thought, which I liked. I prefer to see the Dr., but in these times, I think this was handled very well. Thank you. "
- Mary Walsh
06/06/2020 15:32:31
"Love you guys. No issues"
- Diana Federl
06/05/2020 17:44:54
"Max is a very thourough and curtious Doctor. He answered all of my questions and made us feel comfortable. I could tell he really cared about our dog. Max is honestly the best vet I’ve dealt with, I’ve had several pets and been to a few vets, but Dr Max is the smartest and best at interfacing with people and animals."
- Michael Kucera
06/04/2020 16:43:36
"Great place, cheerful helpful staff."
- James Thompson
05/31/2020 18:21:00
"Since we are under Covid-19 quaranteen, it wasn't the normal experience but meeting outside in the parking lot was just as effective."
- Roma Dybalski
05/30/2020 17:15:13
"We appreciate your office. Everyone is caring and helpful along with professional. I feel confident and well care for by Dr Sharon W. My rating= five stars!*****"
- Adrienne Laya
05/27/2020 15:24:44
"I called in for a prescription, paid for same over the phone and then had the item delivered to my car while I waited in the parking lot. It all went very smoothly. "
- Rebecca and Anthony Doman
05/27/2020 02:00:29
"Everything was exceptional as always. Thank you, Dr. Graham Amanda Annie"
- Dianne Johnson
05/26/2020 03:13:26
"Another great visit at Downers Grove Animal Hospital. Excellent staff who care about their customers and pets (extended family members). Phone calls are answered or returned promptly (even during pandemic)."
- Pam Harris
05/24/2020 12:05:30
"During this crazy pandemic, everyone has been super nice, friendly and accommodating!"
- Carmen Adams
05/24/2020 01:39:32
"Dr. Max was great with Hamlin. I appreciate everything he did for him. He did go above and beyond for Hamlin. I am very grateful for his care to Hamlin."
- Sarah Ostarello
05/23/2020 23:41:23
"In light of this pandemic, the care and attention Bentley received was perfect. "
- Kathy Schwartz
05/22/2020 21:06:27
"So happy I brought my best friend here. He was taken care of right away and with tender loving care. Thank you everyone!!"
- Zdenka Smith
05/16/2020 20:53:01
"I was concerned that because of the Corona Virus & I wouldn’t be going in with my Misty. But the staff was as professional as they always have been. Dr Sharon called me as I waited in my van to let me know the results of her exam. So good job to the staff at Downers Grove Animal Hospital. Thank you. "
- Jerriann Husak
05/16/2020 02:40:22
" My husband and I are so pleased with the personalized care given to our Cat and Dog children! We love that our dogs get so excited when they see your staff. The service during the coronavirus pandemic is very well organized and provided in a timely manner and with that same, great, high quality care that Downers Grove Animal Hospital has always impressed us with."
- Michelle Rivera
05/15/2020 21:08:31
"I didn’t go into the hospital, but they came to my car promptly. They were very polite..and the DDS. Appointment went by quickly. All my questions were answered, and they called that evening to make sure Gatsby was doing well..they even called a few day later to check on Him. I really appreciated the calls.. I was very happy the way everything was handled.. thank you "
- Susan Karno
05/05/2020 16:32:40
"You're doing great!"
- Darlene Lunetta
05/01/2020 18:04:18
"I think you all do a great job and I am very picky about who takes care of my babies."
- Marnye Smith
05/01/2020 12:14:24
"We are grateful for the Downers Grove staff and Dr. Max for providing reliable, prompt, and helpful care to our baby, Ian."
- Nora Collins-Mandeville
04/30/2020 22:31:22
"The new system of being in the parking lot went smooth. Very easy and timely. "
- Michelle Rush
04/30/2020 17:48:57
"The whole staff is the best! Friendly and very helpful! "
- Cheyney Aguilar
04/28/2020 19:25:05
"Since I have been bringing my dog her it has always pleasant. Staff and the doctors are very good, every question I have are answered. Never I have seen a place that truly takes care of your pet and as my husky does have a lot of anxiety, they completely know how to deal with him. Glad we come here because by far it has been the BEST. Humza Raj"
- Humza Raj
04/26/2020 03:54:54
"Great experience especially, during these trying times. "
- Carrie Dorgan
04/26/2020 01:31:12
"Always the best!"
- Kathy Bosco
04/26/2020 01:25:10
"Every thing went well just as I expected."
- John and Marcia Kannaby
04/24/2020 19:59:04
"Because of not having any contact with Dr. Sharon, I'm sure Molly had a great experience. I have never had any problems with the staff or Dr. "
- Anna Szczek
04/22/2020 22:34:35
"All of the staff treats my dogs with love and respect. They remember their names and dogs are actually happy to go in!"
- Tiffany LaMantia
04/21/2020 23:25:59
"Due to Covid 19 I did not go into the office but had someone deliver the prescription to my car. All went well"
- Christine Curran
04/21/2020 18:42:46
"We're very happy with DGAH. Everyone is friendly and concerned. The techs are gently and thorough. And the doctors are helpful and realistic. We just lost Sidney and you all knew him for 15 years. He's been treated and healed and cared for. Thank you so much."
- Barbara Vaughan
04/19/2020 20:47:56
"the last visit was with Coronavirus- so, did not enter building. But service was excellent with staff coming out to car."
- Donna Pardo
04/18/2020 16:02:54
"I was extremely impressed with the doctor communication with me and made me feel even more comfortable knowing my pet was in good hands. "
- Deborah Richter
04/15/2020 20:54:48
"Our visit occurred during the stay at home order. When I called for an appointment the procedures for the visit were explained in detail. On the day of the appointment I followed the procedure as directed. Staff came out to get my pet as I was told they would. The visit was quick and efficient. My pet was brought right back to my car. We all maintained distance as required. Staff were friendly. You are doing a fantastic job during this difficult time. Thank you!!"
- Ron Sussman
04/13/2020 16:51:04
"We have been going to Dr Graham for over 20 years always the best care for our dogs and birds."
- Ken Nelson
04/11/2020 17:58:50
"Can’t imagine going anywhere else! Thank you."
- Marilyn Benuska
04/11/2020 03:01:46
"With what is going on, you and your staff were excellent. Coming to our car to bring him in and calling us with results and bringing him back. You made it so easy. Thank you to all of you for caring for Patyon. Stay safe and healthy."
- Maureen Heiden
04/10/2020 21:47:15
"All great! Thanks so much for the excellent pet care! Love Downers Grove Animal Hospital - entire staff is incredible!"
- Donna Steckel
04/09/2020 21:15:25
"You are doing great trying to continue to provide service during this difficult time. Phoebe came back from grooming looking beautiful! P. S. Please tell Dr. Bob that Phoebe misses him. She’s 18 years old and he has taken care of her since she was a kitten. "
- Susan Thurston
03/29/2020 00:16:54
"Excellent job with the virus scare and all, you handled it quite well. "
- Mike Mackey
03/28/2020 00:01:41
"Downers Grove Animal Hospital and Bird Clinic were professional, prompt service. Staff was welcoming and seemed to care about our pet. They made the difficult experience of having our sick bird more bearable. Doctor was knowledgeable, seemed to care for Deltas health."
- Irma Ordaz
03/23/2020 16:06:11
"Doing great! "
- Nina Rocus
03/22/2020 03:14:52
"Everyone was so kind and helpful. Thank you"
- Tammy DeStefano
03/21/2020 21:15:30
"You guys are great!"
- Diana Federl
03/20/2020 21:28:05
"In the 21 years that I've been bringing my pets to you I haven't had anything to complain about. The people and services are excellent. I always recommend you to my friends."
- Allene Kozicki
03/19/2020 17:50:06
"Great, as always!"
- Jan Constance
03/17/2020 21:51:39
"You are all doing a great job. I cannot think of anything that would make our experience any better."
- Mark Bragen
03/17/2020 15:30:21
"I had an excellent experience. I wouldn't trust my pets to anyone else."
- Machelle Keller
03/09/2020 23:48:59
"Everyone was very welcoming,the wait was not long at all. Gatsby and I both received attention which made us want to come back again. Thank you all Susie and Gatsby Karno"
- Susan Karno
03/06/2020 22:32:22
"It was great overall. No complaints 😬"
- Denise Santoyo
03/05/2020 18:55:52
"Great friendly place"
- Laura Czajka
03/03/2020 18:39:41
"The staff at DGAH are always friendly and they treat our Trixie as if she was family."
- Julie Tyree
03/01/2020 23:05:34
"I really love this practice. Everyone is very nice. I also like the way caregivers and patients are almost immediately taken to a private room. It really reduces stress."
- Carol Davis
03/01/2020 14:56:13
"we've been coming to DGAH for many years, and have no reason not to continue to do so. Doctors and staff are always friendly, and helpful! I recommend them to anyone looking for a good vet!"
- Diane Boland
02/26/2020 20:01:09
"I have a new pup and I’ve never had a puppy before and making the decisions for him on my own was a little frightening but the staff was more than willing to help and made me feel very comfortable and were very informative. "
- Michelle French
02/25/2020 21:24:36
"I love working with Dr. Bob. I truly believe he understands my financial situation and does his best to work with me. I'm very comfortable with his decisions."
- Karen Jones
02/23/2020 17:36:50
"I can't speak for Aby but my other dogs loved the attention they received when they walked into the building."
- Cindy Balek
02/23/2020 17:12:07
"The ladies at the desk are always extraordinarily friendly and helpful"
- Wendy Foster
02/21/2020 21:03:40
"DGAH is the best and they have great boarding facilities for your cats or dogs"
- Robert Thomas
02/19/2020 21:26:08
"I have no complaints. Dr. Sharon is awesome. Surgery went well as did Molly's recovery. I'm always treated with respect and love the friendliness of the front desk. Keep up the good work. "
- Anna Szczek
02/19/2020 18:18:18
"snswers questions with respect"
- Charlotte Ulmanis
02/18/2020 01:49:27
"I love bringing my pet to you!"
- Erin Ludwick
02/18/2020 00:43:47
"Everything was great! And it smells nice when you walk in. 😊"
- April Katz
02/13/2020 14:59:00
"I would not trust our dog Stewart with anyone else but the wonderful doctors and staff at Downers Grove Animal Hospital. They are simply the best!"
- Amanda Connell
02/11/2020 01:10:47
"The vets are always very polite and super gentle with Scout- thank you!! "
- Callie Costello
02/11/2020 01:07:47
"You all do a great job and make us feel like part of your family. Payton is doing very well and he's much happier since we did the surgery. He made it through all of that like a real trooper thanks go you guys. Keep up the great work that you do."
- Maureen Heiden
02/10/2020 18:09:52
"You guys are doing a great job!"
- Sara Stiegal
01/29/2020 14:29:50
"I was fortunate to get a same day appointment for Bandit’s ear infection. Dr Max and The Vet Techs took great care of Bandit "
- Kathy Hester
01/28/2020 23:08:12
"Can't say enough good things about the clinic, staff and vets"
- Nancy and Bruce Wance
01/24/2020 15:00:59
"I've been using Downers Grove Animal Hospital for pet services for more than 20 years. Nothing has happened that would cause me to solicit another provider."
- Lawrence Micklos
01/23/2020 05:32:32
"Great visit as always. The girls at the front desk are very nice, helpful, and informative and they are great with my pup.....come around to give her pets and treats. She actually enjoys going to the vet !!!"
- William Neustadt
01/20/2020 16:27:22
"Dr. Max was great with Diesel!"
- Sarah Ostarello
01/18/2020 21:30:48
"Our dog was staying in a kennel when he became very ill. A family member brought our dog into Downers Grove Animal Hospital where he was immediately seen and hospitalized. We were out of town and were kept well informed with well-times phone calls keeping us informed of our dogs health status. Our dog is not home and doing well. We can not say enough positive things about the docs and staff at this clinic!"
- Laura O'Neill
01/17/2020 12:32:55
"You guys were great I will most likely go again if I have any problems with my pets "
- Brenda Frutos
01/17/2020 00:09:01
"👍thanks dr max!"
- Jeanette Peterson
01/16/2020 21:36:52
"Always very nice. I like my dog and the staff and vets also like her and treat her like their own. Thank you Bob Sejnost"
- Bob Sejnost
01/16/2020 20:58:31
"No negative feedback. All of our experiences so far have been excellent. Thank you!"
- Emily Jurlina
01/16/2020 20:06:12
"Great as always. "
- Jamie and Andrew Wales
01/16/2020 19:50:40
"I'm very happy we decided to bring in Kato to this vet as we are new to the area. The staff was very friendly, the clinic was clean and Dr. Max was very knowledgeable and detail oriented. I like that he gave us several options and was upfront about costs for medication, procedures, etc. Overall, I'm very happy with our first visit and look forward to our follow up in a few weeks. "
- Derek Craig
01/16/2020 19:45:10
"Anela has been coming to you folks for 8 years now. She didn’t like being called a Senior, but I told her to get over it. Now, if we could just get “Senior” rates. 🙋‍♂️"
- Rick Hud
01/15/2020 00:29:21
"Your animal hospital is the best I've ever experienced. It is the most knowledgeable, polite and cleanest veterinary facility I know. That is why I've been a client for 25 years. It's a great benefit that you also serve exotics and have taken great care of all my pets over the years."
- Carol Getman
01/08/2020 18:02:44
"I am always impressed by the friendliness of the staff - both in person and on the phone. They are ALWAYS willing to seek answers to my questions. Wonderful place! "
- Virginia Barney
01/08/2020 15:58:25
"You are always wonderful!!!"
- Rene Lesniak
01/08/2020 01:40:45
"Great. Long friendship"
- Laura Czajka
01/04/2020 18:03:43
"You all are the BEST!! So glad we found you guys and we love the excellent above and beyond service you give to Cosmo and our family"
- Tracey O'Neil
01/04/2020 03:15:45
"Best, greatest, most caring Dr’s and staff in IL! Bring your animals here, they know what they are doing!"
- Karen Grzbek
01/03/2020 19:49:46
"We have had several shelter dogs and we have great service from Downers Grove Animal hospital for the last 20 years and we will continue to take our animals here. The staff and doctors are friendly and have always taken good care of our pets. "
- Bob Casey
01/03/2020 19:48:21
"The staff and the doctors do an amazing job. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I never wait and get right into a room. I also never really have to wait long to get an appointment as well. "
- Cheyney Aguilar
12/25/2019 15:35:31
"Excellent. I am very glad you became my local veterarian and literally stumbled upon you by accident when my cat was sick with a UTI. With your kind and patient guidance, my fat cat is actually losing weight at a slow but steady pace. Thank you!"
- Carol Davis
12/23/2019 15:52:43
"Our experiences here have always been very good ones, even during sad occasions. Everyone is friendly, efficient and professional "
- Ron Sussman
12/21/2019 17:49:39