"The staff and doctors are excellent and professional at all times.I have total trust in their care."
- Donna Pardo
12/12/2019 22:55:55
"Thank you for cutting my little Bella’s nails <3"
- Mariah Pulice
12/12/2019 17:31:35
"I was concerned about my feral cat's health and Dr. Max did all the necessary tests and reassured me that my cat was O.K. I stopped worrying about my cat after the visit with Dr. Max. "
- Roma Dybalski
12/09/2019 17:51:08
"So far so good!"
- Brandie Wilson
12/07/2019 19:08:39
"keep up the good work "
- Charlotte Ulmanis
12/05/2019 01:39:04
"Thank you for taking such good care of our cats!"
- Lee Baker
12/04/2019 21:56:37
"Thank you for all of your help with our new pet! Thank you for getting us in so quickly and for showing us how to administer his medications too! "
- Sarah Burda
12/04/2019 21:47:21
"A great staff ‘always a pleasure to deal with"
- Keith Savino
12/02/2019 12:05:26
"I think this is a great place...my cat was a patient his whole life, and I expect Cooper will be, also"
- Rori Solem
11/27/2019 00:32:16
"My first visit with Allie went very well!"
- Nina Rocus
11/25/2019 03:05:32
"Downers Grove Hospital does a great job helping take care of our beloved pets!"
- Rebecca and Anthony Doman
11/23/2019 19:33:27
"Very caring animal hospital for boarding. Everyone there is wonderful "
- Diane Cevela
11/20/2019 23:40:53
"The staff is very courteous and nice....always a pleasure to come in."
- William Neustadt
11/20/2019 20:30:22
"You all are awesome!"
- Hugh Coonrod
11/19/2019 15:57:48
"Always a great staff "
- Margo Reid
11/14/2019 03:21:56
"Great. "
- Judy Clark
11/09/2019 23:56:09
"I had the smoothest experience while visiting! The receptionist couldn’t be any kinder and more helpful"
- Nancy Gorgi
11/09/2019 17:51:41
"I have brought all our animals over the years. Always have felt the dr and staff had our best interests , explained everything so easily understood and will continue to call. Thanks to all."
- Judy Hlavacek
11/08/2019 15:50:50
"Had a wonderful first experience "
- Kathleen Donenberg
11/06/2019 16:30:55
"The ladies at the reception desk are without exception friendly, polite, and helpful. "
- Wendy Foster
10/31/2019 19:00:43
"I just had Leo’s nails trimmed. However my experience was wonderful and when he is due for another checkup I will be coming back for that appointment. "
- Lynne Solski
10/30/2019 13:38:36
"My experience was excellent as usual. I always feel like I'm visiting friends & the service I am provided is the best. Thank you to all @ DG Animal Hosp. "
- Dianne Johnson
10/29/2019 13:23:19
"In all honesty, At first I was nervous as to see how this animal hospital is as far as being caring for our dog, prices or any unnecessary items. My neighbors did recommend them to us and i gave it a shot. I will say that I could not be more happier bringing my pup to this place. Family owned which was a big plus to us, friendly and super clean. I have seen other vet offices and was beyond disappointed. DG Animal Hospital is a place to being your family pet. They are very professional and caring."
- Humza Raj
10/29/2019 00:26:24
"Was treated with care and kindness. "
- Rosalie Tristano
10/24/2019 16:44:12
"i am always greeted right away by the front desk and i never have to wait long before we see the doctor. I feel we get quality care from the vet techs and the doctors"
- Sharon Weiss
10/22/2019 18:01:46
"Always receive the best care here. "
- Ron Sussman
10/20/2019 19:07:06
"I appreciate the quickness with which I was able to get an appointment! Everyone is very helpful!"
- Virginia Barney
10/20/2019 15:13:38
"Bandit is treated very well at DGAH&BC. He goes CRAZY when I pull into the parking lot and he is very eager to get in and see Tech’s and Doctors!!"
- Kathy Hester
10/19/2019 18:29:14
"I am happy about how you have worked with me to manage Bear's Addison's Disease. "
- Cynthia McLaughlin
10/19/2019 17:52:55
"You are doing a great job, no complaints."
- Edward Dunn
10/19/2019 16:01:23
"From entering to leaving it’s always a great experience for us! Thank you! "
- Carla Giannelli
10/19/2019 15:47:24
"We appreciate that Normy gets so much love when he’s away at “camp” with you. Keep up the good work "
- Kristen Rose
10/17/2019 13:18:26
"Simon received excellent care during his treatment for heartworm"
- Nadine Pachter
10/16/2019 17:17:49
"All the employees and vets are very professional, knowledgeable and efficient in their job. I like all the Vets, all are very meticulous in their diagnosis to determine the problem with my dog. I now only go to them for assistance with my dog. I give them a 10 out of 10 rating."
- Donna Pardo
10/14/2019 15:13:42
"Excellent experience per usual. Staff is very friendly, helpful, and informative. Scheduling/email communications are very organized and sent often enough without feeling like spam. "
- Luke Palionis
10/10/2019 19:16:36
"I was impressed from my first phone call to walking out the door after our visit. Everyone was so friendly and what a nice gesture to get Rileys records from previous vet before we arrived. Outside of the couteous staff, what struck me the most was the cleanliness . So glad I chose you."
- Joan Houdek
10/09/2019 00:54:24
"Thank you for taking Daisy's stool sample when you were closed and on your way out. You saved me a trip from Elmwood Park."
- John Blessing
10/07/2019 23:53:46
"I trust you completely with my pet family!"
- Marty Greenberg
10/07/2019 00:40:00
"You are the best! Everyone is so kind to us and our pet, and treat us with kindness and professionalism. We have been bringing our pets to you for close to forty years. Thank you for all you do!!!"
- Lawrence Hersam
10/06/2019 21:10:33
"Dr Bob is great Friendly and knowledgeable staff "
- Andrew Daly
10/06/2019 19:01:53
"We were given options on the care of Bentley. That is greatly appreciated. "
- Kathy Schwartz
10/06/2019 19:00:39
"You are doing great, keep up the good work."
- Bob Sejnost
10/06/2019 15:08:03
"I really appreciate not being felt rushed out when I have questions about my pet. I also really appreciate when the doctor tells me when things aren’t necessary to spend money on for my pet since things add up financially very quickly. Very pleasant experience. "
- Sybil Siska
10/04/2019 23:52:52
- Patricia Schroeder
10/03/2019 22:41:42
"Thanks for helping Oreo out during our first visit, it was an overall great experience! Thanks for giving us all of the extra care and love we needed that day.. he is feeling so much better & we look forward to our follow-up appointment to hear about his progress. Thank you.. Holly + Oreo"
- Holly Peterson
09/30/2019 00:33:31
"I have been coming here since we got our first shelter dog in 1998 and you saved her life. Many of the same team are still in place, which speaks to the overall culture of nurturing and care. Throughout Roxanne's life, and now with our dog Abby, you treated both dogs with love and care. And you've treated us, the dog mom and dad, with respect and patience, always. We will never go anywhere else. "
- Gary Mueller
09/27/2019 22:16:59
"I was happy that the doctor realized my cat was stressed out because of being taken to the vet and I liked that the doctor stated to examine her in her carrier to minimize stressing my kitty more."
- Roma Dybalski
09/27/2019 16:47:30
"You were very through and polite and made the visit very good. I think me and Sophie were very comfortable."
- William Neustadt
09/25/2019 13:31:54
"We appreciate the care you have provided to our pets."
- Rebecca and Anthony Doman
09/24/2019 00:11:15
"I was very pleased with my experience with Dr. Max and the staff. Clean lovely reception area. Dr. Max was so gentle with Maggie and really seemed to care. I will be coming back"
- Janine Carter
09/22/2019 00:17:31
"I was pretty happy with this visit. It didn't cost as much as I thought it was going to be. From the treatment Dr. Bob has given my Charlie, she is doing very well. Couldn't ask for anything more."
- Karen Jones
09/19/2019 22:31:21
- Machelle Keller
09/18/2019 22:35:41
"As always everyone was attentive and helpful. We always feel comfortable coming in or calling with any issues that arise with Maxwell. "
- Lori Balice
09/17/2019 20:55:21
"Always a great experience. "
- Chris Bowen
09/17/2019 20:13:27
"Doctor was Great and so was the staff....Highly satisfied.. Thank you!!"
- Ann Stamas
09/15/2019 22:30:22
"You guys are the best around!"
- Amanda Connell
09/09/2019 20:24:18
"You are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I wish I had come to you guys years ago."
- Karen Martisek
09/09/2019 16:48:46
"It was a good experience with the doctor being caring"
- Betty Vicena
09/06/2019 00:53:03
"Everyone was very helpful and thoughtful "
- Karen Santagata
09/04/2019 11:56:58
"From the first phone call to this last visit, the staff and doctors have been amazing. At times, the wait has been too long, which stressed out my sick kitty. But overall, the kindness and gentle manner in which my felines have been taken care of is amazing. As well as putting me at ease. I have recommended you to several folks! Keep up the good work!!"
- Christine Parmley
09/03/2019 22:21:31
"Doctor was very caring and answered all quetions"
- Ben Cybulski
09/03/2019 19:22:02
"the only thing that I really would like to see happen is the installation of an automatic door opener for the patrons to enter with their pets. that would be very helpful!!"
- Darlene Garay
09/03/2019 16:42:14
"Everyone is courteous and easy to deal with. They all seem to like animals and deal with them well. The location is convenient. We've been doing business with them with all our animals. "
- John and Marcia Kannaby
08/30/2019 22:37:25
"Dr. Merkin has been very honest answering all my questions about my dog and has done all he can to make him feel better. I am very happy with all the services Downers Grove Animal Hospital has provided over the years "
- Norman Casina
08/29/2019 01:29:42
"My experience every time I come, which is plenty, is great😉"
- Aimee Katz
08/26/2019 17:08:21
"Saw Dr Sharon. She was wonderful. Gave Mylo a thorough exam. Explained in detail possible causes, what to watch for. Etc. And steps to take going forward."
- Pat Furlong
08/26/2019 17:00:40
"Great care and service "
- Judy Kratville
08/26/2019 16:35:50
"It's been a pleasure being apart of the DGAH. I feel Molly is very well taken care of. :)"
- Desiree Borgh
08/23/2019 13:39:05
"I am so happy with care my dogs get at DGAH. The doctors are thorough and always take the time to answer my question. The staff goes above and beyond to make me feel as though we are the only clients they have. "
- Ronald Butkiewicz
08/21/2019 15:09:44
"The entire staff at DGAH is always so attentive and caring when we are in for an appt. Dr. Bobs bedside manner with my pups is always exceptional. "
- Terri Zebell
08/20/2019 18:46:58
"Great, I love this hospital staff and Dr's. Highly recommend. "
- Karen Grzbek
08/19/2019 15:32:39
"Great all around!"
- Kathy Bosco
08/17/2019 21:07:21
"Always quick excellent care"
- Ken Nelson
08/17/2019 16:33:30
"The Doctor asked questions and demonstrated a genuine concern and love for my dog. Thank you."
- Becky and John Lohmeier
08/14/2019 21:20:53
"Excellent front desk support and Dr. Sharon was great! Answered all my questions and my dog loved her:)"
- Kathleen Irving
08/13/2019 01:23:46
"Wonderful experience as alway!! Amanda and Tami are just AWESOME! Thank you for the professional and thorough care. "
- Anne Marie Rozak-Snyder
08/10/2019 17:38:54
"I always have a great experience at the office. "
- April Katz
08/07/2019 21:25:37
"This is one of the most efficiently run offices (and I mean animal or human) that I have ever experienced. I have been bringing my animals for about 2-3 years now and it is so nice to be greeted warmly. There is always a hello to me and the pet by name. If it is not too busy they always insist on helping to get my fat cat and heavy cage to my car upon departure. I lost the cat love of my life this past year and a beautiful card signed by all really touched my heart. Dr. Bob's expertise on diabetes gave me a much longer time with pet than I expected. What a guy! My other kitty just got his shots and he really likes Dr. Sharon. I have to admit he is partial to women and will sometimes flirt. Only thing that is not good is the maintenance work on Ogden Ave., but of course, that is not the animal hospital's fault. Ah, maybe someday it will be completed. Very happy with my choice of this office....kind and professional."
- Alene Robertson
08/05/2019 21:59:41
"The doctors and staff at DG Animal Hospital always do an excellent job. Always welcoming, caring and efficient so that each pet visit is a positive experience for both the pet and the owner."
- Dawn Sullivan
08/04/2019 15:52:03
"The ladies at the front desk are without exception very kind and polite and responsive."
- Wendy Foster
08/02/2019 00:45:59
"We have been coming to you for 22 years. We have always had excellent service. All of the staff and doctors are caring and compassionate. "
- Nadine Pachter
08/01/2019 23:07:15
"Doing great!!’ "
- Betsy Heilman
08/01/2019 22:09:21
"Everytime I come , I am greeted. I was picking up food for my cat, Sydney. I love your staff. They are all amazing and so nice!"
- Stephanie Rosasco
07/29/2019 19:38:08
"My last visit with Kayla was great! :-)"
- Sophia Karvelas
07/29/2019 18:07:16
"Always great!"
- Alice Frus
07/26/2019 12:01:50
"Dr.Graham was very helpful! He assessed and helped me and Magnolia feel much better-His recommendations for her diet and further care were so helpful. His no-bs attitude was appreciated and refreshing! Looking forward to bringing Maggie back in August for her next check up"
- Nida Nisar
07/25/2019 22:41:53
"I like your Doctors and the environment."
- Marnye Smith
07/19/2019 13:10:44
"Everyone was kind and professional . It was a very pleasant visit. "
- James and Linda Dale
07/12/2019 22:55:15
"I’m just so happy Noodles had an almost zero anxiety visit to a vet for the first time in her life! Thank you!"
- Mary Kassir
07/12/2019 19:15:02
"Everyone is very friendly. They greet your pet by name. Follow up from any testing is prompt."
- Debbe Brunke
07/12/2019 00:37:05
"Everything was terrific. The doctor was patient and thorough and answered all of our questions. And the staff was very accommodating as well. Only recommendation I have is to confirm in advance with the owner how much a test or procedure is in advance before completing it so that there are no surprises later on."
- Dana Chille
07/12/2019 00:14:20
"Recently moved to the area. Randomly choose DGAH based on a mailing that I had received. I was very happy with the facility and the doctor that we saw (Dr. Bob). We will be making this our new veterinary office. thank you! Aimee Tyler - mom to Sushi the Pekingese"
- Aimee Tyler
07/09/2019 20:31:31
"Always a great experience! "
- Yvette Kirby
06/27/2019 21:27:04
"Been going to DGAH with every cat we have and had, sick or well. Have NO reason to go anywhere else. They are kind and keep us informed."
- Mark Sowa
06/26/2019 19:23:14
"This is the most wonderful veterinary office I have been to. The staff is pleasant and caring and the cost is reasonable. I wouldn't take my babies any where else. "
- Jean Jarvis
06/26/2019 16:54:18
"You are doing a great job. All staff members are friendly and helpful "
- Cheyney Aguilar
06/25/2019 19:47:35
"Service is always excellent! I've been coming there for about 30 years!"
- Glenn Failla
06/25/2019 19:17:26
"I absolutely love Downers Grove Animal Hospital and have gone here with all of my dogs beginning when I was a kid. Dr. Bob is amazing and the care of Dr. Graham and Dr. Max are exceptional. The staff is always warm and welcoming, and never mind my silly questions. I would never take a dog anywhere else...you are like family!"
- Amanda Connell
06/23/2019 14:49:03
"Everything was excellent. Staff are always pleasant, professional, very helpful. I am very pleased with the care my pets receive from the DG Animal Hospital. "
- Chris Bowen
06/22/2019 20:26:26
"Been coming to you for years and have always been happy with the quality of care and service. "
- Karyn Cantlin
06/21/2019 17:27:18