"I was apprehensive about trying a new vet, but Downers Grove Animal Hospital came highly recommended and I wasn’t disappointed. I appreciate that it is privately owned and feel my pet was given excellent service. "
- Laura Geis
07/12/2021 02:51:01
"This is the best place ever!!!"
- Vianey Barreto
07/12/2021 02:48:56
"My pups and I couldn’t be happier with everyone—Doctors and Staff—at the hospital!"
- Ronald Butkiewicz
07/11/2021 17:16:11
- Jan Constance
07/11/2021 14:05:16
"My bird is 25 years old. With some swabs he found a infection in the lower part of her and so I took hole a antibiotic and she has responded wonderfully to it. She had not eaten for a day and was tired and sleeping and only drinking but by the next morning shortly after her 2nd dose she was eating and looking better. Today Saturday only two days into her antibiotic she’s almost back to normal she’s eating and chirping and walking around. I can tell she’s napping a little extra because of recovering but she’s fully eating a lot and looks great and her eyes are fully open. She’s a very active chirpy bird at age 25 so in a few more days she’ll be running back and fourth chirping away. "
- Sheri Tuskey
07/11/2021 03:24:15
"Just here for grooming this time. Sherry does a great job with Abby and she always comes home looking so cute! Abby likes her so I know she is treating her well while grooming her. "
- Gary Mueller
07/07/2021 21:08:47
"New patient, I knew they were booked so I was prepared there may be a long wait, but that was not the case. I was checked in, shown to a room & the Dr came in ASAP. I was very impressed by the front office staff and dr. I really needed to get my dog in and nobody in the surrounding area of Elmhurst was either open, willing to take us or even bothered to ask a Dr."
- Kim Brown
07/06/2021 21:06:41
"everything was fine, nice staff, great doctor "
- Douglas Swanson
07/04/2021 04:04:18
"Every personal interaction, whether with doctors or staff, is always great. Everyone is always so nice. A great bunch of people!"
- Mark Bragen
07/04/2021 00:26:09
"Every thing was fine."
- Connie Christofano
07/03/2021 16:42:01
"I could not be happier with all of my experiences with DG Animal Hospital. Bug has seen Dr. Max and Dr. Bob. Both were very thorough and caring in helping to figure out what was causing Bug to throw up so often. Dr. Bob suggested we try changing Bug's diet to Hill's z/d diet. Since I changed his diet, he rarely throws up and he has gained over a pound. I tried for a few years to figure out what was wrong with him at the last Vet practice, and they would just run tests and say he was fine. In three months after our first visit, you have figured it out! Last week I ran out of Hill's z/d dry and your office hasn't been able to get it. With Bug finally feeling well, I didn't want to risk a set back, or upsetting his tummy. Every person I have talked to on the phone has been so friendly, kind and helpful. Tammy helped me set up an order on Hill's to Home and place an order. As it turns out, they were back-ordered, too, which I didn't find out until after the weekend. I later tracked some down at PetSmart, but needed a prescription, so I called the office again. Liz helped me get a prescription and I was able to pick up food after work. I feel as if I called the office 3 or 4 times in just a few days while trying to get the food. Each person I spoke with was great."
- Lisa Bishop
07/02/2021 04:09:36
"The ladies at the front desk are always extremely helpful, friendly and responsive."
- Wendy Foster
07/01/2021 19:11:42
"My dog Amber looks forward to seeing Dr. Wehling who is Amber's doctor. And now my lovebird Sparky also gets treated by Dr. Wehling."
- Charlotte Ulmanis
06/29/2021 02:19:27
"Very friendly clinic. Great staff and doctor. Will definitely keep this place in mind for any other services i may need. Thank you "
- Heba Hamadah
06/29/2021 00:22:16
"Quick and friendly service as always!"
- Callie Costello
06/28/2021 19:19:46
"We are very happy with the service and the care we receive when we bring our dog in."
- Martin McGuire
06/22/2021 19:43:33
"Everyone there was so kind and knowledgeable. I was helped immediately and was in an out. Thank you so much!"
- Sabrina De Loera
06/21/2021 23:28:14
"I've always appreciated the staff and services here! Thank you so much for all that you do!"
- Arushi Bhardwaj
06/21/2021 18:37:43
"Great experience!!"
- Sarah Burda
06/16/2021 21:21:01
"Good doctors and very helpful staff. Keep up the good work!"
- Mary Walsh
06/14/2021 13:38:45
"Dr. Max was awesome with our new puppy. The experience was wonderful and I would recommend this clinic "
- Jeff Grimley
06/13/2021 23:51:54
"My brother David loves the vet and your clinic My first time. Everything all good. Instructions very good. Receptionist very patient Diane "
- Diane Krygier
06/12/2021 19:12:37
"Staff was kind and courteous "
- Cecilia Arredondo
06/10/2021 00:28:35
"Angel is a special dog with special needs. I appreciate the care she receives from the entire staff. "
- Kathy Bosco
06/07/2021 22:42:16
"All staff and Dr were friendly and patient with my anxious dog. Took their time explaining his injury and follow up care. "
- Louise Moore
06/06/2021 23:36:00
"Your front desk staff is always friendly and polite. Dr Sharon is amazing. She is thorough, and knowledgeable. I find her approachable, friendly and very capably in addressing the needs of my pet. I’m very happy with your veterinarian office. ❤️🐶"
- Adrienne Laya
06/06/2021 21:27:37
"Excellent experience. Never felt rushed, and had all my questions answered."
- Charlene Mohr
06/06/2021 17:23:03
"I recently moved to the area. I am happy to have found you guys. My first encounter with your office was great and my kitty was able to be seen on short notice for a sudden issue she was having. I will be taking both my cats to you now."
- Shannon Ebert
06/03/2021 04:07:10
"Excellent "
- Machelle Keller
06/02/2021 18:55:55
"You guys do a great job. I love the curbside drop-off/pickup. It is so convenient and my dog loves the whole staff!"
- Pete Debruin
06/02/2021 13:58:20
"I have always taken all my dogs (past & present) to Downers Grove Animal Hospital. They provide the best care possible anyone could ever ask for, for their pet. I will only always choose Downers Grove Animal Hospital to use for anything concerning my dog. As well as Dr Sharon. She is amazing!! "
- Kim Merrifield
05/27/2021 18:22:56
"Great animal hospital!"
- Greg Andrews
05/23/2021 20:27:33
"Your care of my pet is outstanding. "
- Melanie Concklin
05/21/2021 18:59:40
"The staff is top notch! Dr. Max is the best! Takes the time to explain things and resolves issues for my 15 year old pup! "
- Maureen Kuehne
05/21/2021 01:25:51
"Always friendly, efficient and knowledgeable!!"
- Susan Khalaieff
05/18/2021 18:02:06
"I was stressed out as my dog had eaten a rib bone. The doctor saw me almost immediately and took x-rays. I was shown the x-rays and we had a discussion on the best approach. I felt much more at ease after talking to the doctor. My dog is thankfully appears to be fine. Thank you so much! "
- Norma Hanson
05/14/2021 20:16:24
"Everyone at DGAH is wonderful and you all take such good care of my little fur babies. I can’t thank you enough."
- Ronald Butkiewicz
05/12/2021 16:57:10
"Thank you for taking such great care of my cats!"
- Lee Baker
05/11/2021 17:33:21
"It was a breath of fresh air to be able to have my cockatiels seen by an experienced, and knowledgeable avian veterinarian. I've dealt with a lot of exotics vets over the years. I find it is quite rare to find vets who are 100% able to adequately treat, be comfortable with, and are fully knowledgeable about avian/exotic patients. "
- Reanna Kayser
05/10/2021 15:46:15
"Great. As usual!!"
- Rita Obradovich
05/08/2021 22:17:52
"Dr.Max is very caring and explains all options and lets you decide on what is best for you and your pet. We had to put Hershey down after 13 years, and everyone was wonderful. Thanks for your care over all these years."
- Robert Vogel
05/07/2021 23:07:02
"No problems and had great care for our Reilly !"
- Kristine McGrane
05/03/2021 19:16:10
"The ladies at the desk are always friendly and helpful."
- Wendy Foster
05/02/2021 20:18:21
"It’s been 30 years that we have taken our dogs to DGAH. The staff and vets are caring and help to keep our dogs in good health, Nancy and Bruce"
- Nancy and Bruce Wance
05/02/2021 18:52:12
"Always professional and friendly."
- Julie Tyree
04/30/2021 23:45:59
"Do not let Dr. Sharon Wehling retire. She gives excellent treatment to my soft coated wheaten terrier. Thank you for having her on your staff."
- Charlotte Ulmanis
04/30/2021 02:30:38
"I love DGAH and have come here since 1998 when they saved the life of my new rescue dog. I will be a client for as long as I have dogs"
- Gary Mueller
04/25/2021 00:25:20
"So far so good, first visit with new puppy. Can't really make any comments"
- Laurie Grady
04/22/2021 14:13:02
"I realize that you are bound by covid rules in the state, but I'm glad to be able to come in like normal. The faster you get back to normal the better. Again, I know you have to follow rules. I've been going there forever and Dr. Sharon has always been great."
- Michelle Rush
04/21/2021 22:26:22
"This was Waffles first time, and it was an overall very good experience. Dr. Max Merkin was informative and great with Waffles."
- Michael Dziallo
04/19/2021 19:20:25
"Doc Robert was very helpful. Very caring and Brody was not afraid. "
- Janet Fascilione
04/17/2021 22:47:37
"First time visiting to establish care. Will be happy to do another survey after more visits as well. "
- Kelly Sloan
04/15/2021 16:25:28
"Wonderful staff. "
- Patrick O'Brien
04/14/2021 21:57:39
"This place is great. Everyone that works here is so nice and welcoming. They always provided plenty of information when I have questions, too. Highly recommend!"
- Lauren Hartman
04/14/2021 21:25:36
"The practice is very attentive and welcoming. They are patient with my new puppy questions and quick to return a call or guide me."
- Charlotte Davis
04/14/2021 15:15:06
"Excellent experience overall, staff is great."
- Mike Mackey
04/13/2021 20:04:03
"Awesome and very professional:)"
- Cody Dejesus
04/10/2021 22:28:58
"Everyone was very pleasant and accommodating. All my questions were answered and I am very pleased with the service! I recently switched vet practices and am so glad I did. Our cats are in good hands!"
- Linda Mazakis
04/05/2021 16:47:23
"Thanks for caring for my sweet rabbit!"
- Amy Blumstein
04/04/2021 21:45:58
"Everything was great, from the exam to all the questions Doctor answered. The staff was wonderful and very professional and friendly. The samples and dog food and discounts were a really nice surprise. I am very happy with my choice."
- Sharon Spakausky
03/30/2021 23:41:41
"Love this place! Every time I brought my budgie or my bunny the service was excellent. The doctor took her time explaining me the care of our pets!"
- Agnes Ungeityte
03/28/2021 21:34:33
- Dayrl Clark
03/28/2021 20:36:35
"Just came to pick up Heartguard and Bravecto. You made it quick and easy. That’s always nice in today’s hectic world. "
- Robert Piekarski
03/28/2021 20:21:14
"Amazing customer service when my dog had an emergency! Super accommodating to our needs and we were in and out of the office in 30 minutes! Even with sedation and removal of a fish hook!"
- Ashley Coots
03/28/2021 17:10:49
"You guys are great and we LOVE Dr Sharon"
- Carey Fanning
03/28/2021 08:31:29
"This was for a grooming appointment with Macy. It was the first time for Lucy Lou with Macy and I will definitely be bringing her again! Macy was amazing and Lucy was fluffy and clean when she was done! Macy has a great personality and loved on my Lucy immediately! I love this office. My fur baby is my girl and everyone treats her like their own! "
- Laura Skubich
03/24/2021 23:08:51
"Very very caring staff. I have NEVER had a negative experience. Even when I had to put my dog to sleep, the girls were incredible....means ALOT to me"
- Tiffany LaMantia
03/23/2021 22:38:26
"Staff is always wonderful at least the ones I deal with so far, doctors are knowledgeable and the place is very good."
- Humza Raj
03/21/2021 17:45:14
"Excellent experience, very happy with how my cat was treated!"
- Tamzin Lorek
03/19/2021 19:51:32
"Everyone is friendly and caring toward me and my pet. "
- Melanie Concklin
03/18/2021 16:24:33
"Everything was good! I love Dr Wehling! My dog is a bit high maintenance, but they handle her very well! "
- Nina Rocus
03/17/2021 17:53:51
"Excellent, as always. "
- Lori Balice
03/14/2021 23:09:28
"It is a very pleasant place to take my cat - they all are very friendly & helpful & willing to go the extra mile!"
- June Svec
03/14/2021 15:37:34
"Dr. Graham took excellent care of Bristol like he always does, got back to me right away with her results."
- Bill O'Neill
03/11/2021 21:56:45
"We arrived and called for our appointment. Someone came out and grabbed our puppy. We spoke in length with the vet and she answered all our questions. E did not have to wait too long. Due to covid, we did not see the inside, but were very happy with the precautions in place. This was our first visit and we were very satisfied. Will recommend."
- Brooke Wallace
03/11/2021 20:58:29
"I was very pleased with the care all 3 of my kiddos received, and will definitely continue to use and recommend Downers Grove Animal Hospital. Dr. Max and the staff are great!"
- Janine Carter
03/05/2021 20:23:52
"We’ve been using Downers Grove Animal Hospital for 60 years, through 3 generations of Merkins, and have always been very satisfied. When asked, this is the place we recommend. Keep up the good work!"
- Susan Thurston
03/05/2021 13:37:18
"Always a great experience! loving 🥰 pet friendly staff and great Dr. Max. Bear 🐻 love you all. "
- Rebecca Augustine
03/03/2021 02:55:30
"Great "
- Joseph Sullivan
02/28/2021 23:37:34
"Dr. Sharon has been wonderful. She takes the time to ask you questions and listens to your concerns. Because of her knowledge our dog Pierre recovered from a serious digestive issue that may have been life threatening. She is highly recommended. "
- Noreen Hansen
02/28/2021 00:17:58
"We were very happy with our experience, the staff really cared about our pet. We will be recommending Downers Grove Animal Hospital to our friends and family. "
- Kathy Gullotto
02/27/2021 20:19:27
"I love Downers Grove Animal Hospital. They treat our pets like as if they were their own. The care and customer service are 2nd to none."
- Michelle Rivera
02/24/2021 13:54:35
"I brought Abby for a groom and as usual the team was kind, friendly and helpful. "
- Gary Mueller
02/24/2021 01:24:38
"Bot all the questions were appropriate as we never actually saw the hospital. This was because of the pandemic. The system set up though was workable. We felt Bentley was safe and well cared for. "
- Kathy Schwartz
02/23/2021 21:46:43
"Our dogs love the vets and staff!"
- Nancy and Bruce Wance
02/23/2021 18:44:55
"Great job as always. Wait time was longer because there was an end of life matter ahead of me. It was no problem, totally understood. "
- Colleen Navolio
02/23/2021 18:33:21
"Even with curb side service they are above and beyond in cate for my dog. Lobe everyone on staff"
- Karen Martisek
02/12/2021 17:27:11
"The last few visits have gone very well, I feel confident in the care being given and appreciate all the time taken to address my questions and concerns."
- Briana Zitek
02/08/2021 18:05:30
"Over a very good experience all questions answered little wait time perfect"
- Kanika King
02/07/2021 17:52:01
"I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else! Thanks for the great care! "
- Lee Baker
02/07/2021 17:21:19
"We love the family atmosphere the entire staff shares. "
- Kristine Clausen
02/07/2021 02:48:58
"Staff was very clear about what the covid protocol was. Dr Max answered questions and gave options for for potential treatment. Everyone was very clear about what needed to be done and then what was done."
- Peggy Gutzke
02/07/2021 01:35:18
"Downer's Grove Animal is the best! It is worth the 20-25 commute to get there. Staff is always very very friendly and helpful! They show lots of love and attention to all of their furry clients. Doctors are top notch! Explain everything about the examination and you can tell that they really care about the animals they take care of! "
- Maureen Kuehne
02/07/2021 00:20:12
"The staff and the Vet Sharon were fantastic. The kindness were really great for his first visit"
- Emily Bastian
02/03/2021 20:17:09
"Always do a great job. Thank you!"
- Rene Lesniak
01/31/2021 03:01:33
"When someone enjoys what they do, it shows. I have not met one person that was not exceptional in their position! Everyone is so very kind & considerate, but much MORE importantly, they are kind and loving to our animals. The doctors tell the truth...good or bad. THAT is very very important to me. WONDERFUL group of people...keep doing what you're doing!!!!"
- Tiffany LaMantia
01/29/2021 00:55:55
"Every contact (over the phone) has been a pleasant experience. The technicians & especially Dr. Max are patient & compassionate."
- Beth Cicuto
01/27/2021 15:20:23
"Keep up the good work"
- Tammy DeStefano
01/23/2021 23:10:26
"We are very pleased with the care we have experienced from Downers Grove Animal Hospital. We go way back to meeting Dr. Victor Merkin when we moved here from California back in 1n 1967. Then Dr Robert Merkin and more recently with DR. Graham Merkin. And through the years your staff has been exceptional."
- Connie Paddock
01/22/2021 23:08:21
"We have only had amazing experiences with DGAH! Dr. Max and the rest of the staff are professional and kind-hearted and treat both our dog Finley and cat Dolly with incredible care"
- Zach Goodman
01/20/2021 21:15:41