"Very quick in and out and the staff were wonderful and super friendly :)"
- Christina Castaldo
09/27/2022 23:07:31
"keep up the good work!!!"
- Diane Coyle
09/27/2022 19:56:01
"Everything was great."
- Debra Benton
09/24/2022 21:06:10
"We have been a client for 25 yrs. Excellent Drs."
- Diana Federl
09/23/2022 23:11:39
"Dealing with my crazy dog is a challenge! But we have found a way to settle her down! Love Dr, Wehling!"
- Nina Rocus
09/22/2022 16:45:28
"Dr Sharon was gentle with Sadie and explained everything to us so we could understand her heart condition. She even brought an anatomy book so we could see what was wrong. X rays were taken she "
- Maureen Kestler
09/22/2022 13:19:58
"Very efficient and friendly/sympathetic front desk staff. Dr Sharon was informative, patient with me and gentle with my aging pet. Highly recommend!"
- Colleen Navolio
09/18/2022 16:24:32
"Always a great experience! You listen to us and make sure our dog and other dogs are safe. We appreciate you always taking such good care of him and all of our past dogs. We drive 45 minutes when there are probably 20 closer vets, but it's because we trust YOU! "
- Theresa Williams
09/18/2022 16:11:33
"Very knowledgeable staff"
- Kimberly Marin
09/18/2022 02:38:04
"You guys are very caring towards animals"
- David Swaback
09/13/2022 21:45:27
"You guys are great!"
- Rene Lesniak
09/13/2022 19:07:10
"You guys are great!"
- Nadine Pachter
09/13/2022 18:07:41
"Everything went very well no issues here"
- Aaron Giza
09/12/2022 21:07:42
"I don’t know what I’d do without DGAH—the doctors and the entire staff are so caring and kind. I couldn’t go anywhere else!"
- Ronald Butkiewicz
09/07/2022 16:40:53
"Thank for being there today and many years in the past for treating my Amber1 and now my Amber2. A special thanks to Dr. Sharon Wehling. Also the front desk staff is very helpful in processing my dog's needs."
- Charlotte Ulmanis
09/02/2022 13:52:42
"We are so happy to now be a part of the DG Animal hospital family! Everyone on the staff has been wonderful; caring and given us the highest level of care and service! Thank you all!"
- Gayle Tyriver
08/28/2022 13:28:26
"Great experience."
- Elaine Frank
08/28/2022 11:30:06
"I am so happy that I have such a terrific animal hospital, vets, and staff to help me keep my parrot Chuck healthy and happy. [Of course, he's happiest when he is willfully disobedient! :)] He's doing a great job of training ME! It was easy to make an appointment for the very next day. Thank you!"
- Carol McGrath
08/20/2022 05:12:06
"I am a long time client who continues to be extremely satisfied with the level of care my pets receive."
- Carol Getman
08/15/2022 20:52:51
"Great staff !"
- Brian Fennessey
08/15/2022 13:52:58
"So glad I came back to you!! So much better care!"
- Lisa Koubenec
08/12/2022 16:34:02
"As always, you all are doing great! "
- Jan Constance
08/12/2022 14:48:06
"It was a great experience "
- Terry McCammon
08/10/2022 20:43:46
"Dr Sharon is GREAT!!! She’s so gentle with my pups! She also speaks the truth in love, without judgment! I appreciate that a lot! "
- Michelle O'Brien
08/10/2022 19:12:25
"You’re doing great! Keep up the great work! Thank you!"
- Marty Greenberg
08/10/2022 17:17:30
"I have had nothing but great experiences I'm a new customer and so far everything has been wonderful thank you."
- Xiomara Roebuck
08/07/2022 20:26:48
"Thank you so much for taking such great care of my animals for the last fifteen years! We will miss all of you. 😊"
- Vanessa Pollock
08/05/2022 23:19:10
"Everyone is very helpful and extremely friendly. I trust Tickles care with this team of great people. Thank you"
- Melissa Zell
08/03/2022 17:16:05
"I've been coming here since 1999 with my pets and have never had a bad experience. My pets have always received the best possible care."
- Allene Kozicki
07/31/2022 02:39:31
"Great! Keep up the good work"
- Norma Johnson
07/30/2022 20:12:55
"We had a great visit at the clinic. Normally I take my cat to another veterinarian clinic however that day they were very busy with emergencies and cannot see Mittens. The local emergency hospitals around we’re also too busy to see him! Your doctor was the only doctor able and when they willing to get Mittens in to see him. Thankfully, after some medication, Mittens is doing much better. Thank you very much!"
- Patrice Malamis
07/30/2022 19:33:56
"I have been so impressed with the care my dog has received from Downers Grove Animal Hospital. All the staff and Dr.'s have been so caring about my dog's circumstance. I can't say enough how much I appreciate the follow-up calls and checks-in. It's been the best experience I have ever had with any vet I have used in my lifetime!"
- Ashley Wilkinson
07/28/2022 17:06:13
"Always great service and very helpful staff. Thanks "
- Diane Merrifield
07/27/2022 16:49:07
"You did a great job treating Bonkers. It turned out to be a minor problem, but I was still worried. I felt very comfortable with how he was looked after."
- Jon Griffin
07/27/2022 10:37:14
"Things went well. I was even surprised at the cost. I expected it to be higher. Everyone was friendly and speedy."
- Karen Griffin
07/25/2022 14:33:14
"I had a great experience! My parrot maybe not so much but I would assume that for pets is the same like for humans, we don’t go to a doctor happy.And of course he is my baby boy so I think I was freaking out more than he did Lol I highly recommend this place! Everybody, from our doctor to the staff, were very nice and polite! Thank you Downers Grove Animal Hospital!"
- Marcie Back
07/23/2022 02:03:35
"I came to you all because our regular vet was not able to schedule an appointment in a reasonable time. Your office was very welcoming and got Callie in and started her treatment. Dr Bob was very knowledgeable! Thank you!"
- Stephanie Evans
07/20/2022 19:51:22
"We love Dr.Max. I wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else. "
- Jodi Kariott
07/19/2022 16:56:46
"I was very satisfied with the whole experience only thing (we) did not like is the forever trains"
- Barbara Backman
07/19/2022 00:11:10
"Very friendly and make you feel like family when you’re back for a visit!"
- Daniel Aleman-Tillman
07/18/2022 02:37:07
"Excellent service. We’ve always been happy with the care and info provided "
- Colin Malgieri
07/17/2022 16:28:24
"I was impressed by the hospital! Very clean, smelled great and the service was excellent! Staff was so welcoming and friendly. Doctor was wonderful and very informative. Price was what I expected."
- Tina King
07/17/2022 00:03:32
"Everyone there was very nice. Dr. Max explained everything in detail and took time to answer our questions. We are blessed to have chosen to take Bud to you guys. We look forward to our long journey together. "
- Kimberly Marin
07/16/2022 21:15:56
"Excellent job! Thank you for taking great care of Shadow! "
- Sarah Burda
07/15/2022 18:54:59
"Lime would like to thank all of the staff for caring and asking how he’s doing. It was so much fun to watch how the gram stain was made and learning about how to better care for Lime. I also liked how Graham went into detail about how to better describe Lime’s condition. I felt that if I had to leave him at the clinic he would be just as happy as he was at home. Lime says thank you and blue also thanks you as well, he’s excited to be reunited with his spouse when he gets better. "
- Alexis Isaacson
07/15/2022 01:42:42
"You did an excellent job. So thankful to call on a Friday afternoon with a emergency bird problem and to be given a apt the next day on a Saturday. The Dr was very informative and so was the staff on explaining about the medication."
- Florence Nowaczyk
07/10/2022 22:50:46
"Hi! This is Sparky’s owner. I’m from out of town and had to find a place to quickly assess Sparky (14yrs). While I had a feeling there were no true “solutions” for his imbalanced gait and now blindness - Sparky and I were treated with compassion, understanding and integrity. From Dr. Bob (whom we were blessed to see) and Elizabeth (tech/front desk) - your compassion made our visit less heartbreaking. Thank you for all you do for every animal. God bless you!"
- Monika Skinger
07/10/2022 18:47:12
"First visit and felt very comfortable with the doctor and the rest of the staff. "
- Linda Parker
07/10/2022 00:42:21
"Didn't see the doctor. Just came for meds which were on reserve. Staff were very friendly and accommodating. They made my Sadie feel at home (she came in with me). So, all was good!"
- Linda Radtke
07/04/2022 19:30:46
"Excellent experience. I felt welcomed and that my cat was well cared for. The doctor took his time and made sure that I understood the steps I need to take in getting/keeping my cat happy and healthy."
- Michael Casamassimo
07/03/2022 14:38:05
"First time here, my vet closed unexpectedly and your office came highly recommended by family friend"
- Valerie Ramirez
06/30/2022 22:09:58
"The female doctor really took the time to go over any questions we had after our cat was in the er. She was super nice and knowledgeable "
- Kelly Olsen
06/28/2022 04:49:48
"Everyone at DGAH is helpful and caring. I couldn’t be happier!"
- Ronald Butkiewicz
06/27/2022 21:19:28
"You all are exactly what is expected of an animal hospital, wonderful staff, knowledgeable and courteous and caring. Thank you."
- Donna Bowling
06/16/2022 21:19:08
"You’re doing excellent!!!! Thank you for taking care of my dog."
- Vianey Barreto
06/15/2022 18:09:54
"All the doctors & the staff are the best!"
- Kathy Bosco
06/13/2022 22:38:08
"Really great practice. Highly recommend them for your pets health!9"
- Marty Greenberg
06/11/2022 11:46:58
"Doctor was very good with my parrot. Answered all questions we had and prescribed medication we hope will help."
- Gay Essary
06/11/2022 04:58:06
"Excellent, always."
- Machelle Keller
06/09/2022 02:37:00
"The youg lady and the older lady were wonderful at the front desk. The Doctor was wonderful. Listen and explained. Went the extra mile to start figuring out what is wrong with my little Teddy. Suggested several test to see what is going on with Teddy. Answered all my questions with patience."
- Xiomara Roebuck
06/08/2022 19:18:29
"No real complaints. Prices are high, that being said, it would be nice to get a reward point for every $25 spent instead of $100, adjusting the points needed to reap the rewards. I seem to make many visits that are under $100 and I am not rewarded for them. Dr. Wehling is the bomb. As is her support staff. They do their best to fit me in as needed and Dr. Wehling always helps me over the phone if I can’t get an appointment, even if it’s to reassure me until I can get an appointment with her. She is the kindest vet in the practice and a great veterinarian. "
- Jenny Palmer
06/08/2022 17:17:55
"Downers Grove Animal Hospital is family to us. We have been going there for over 30 years and cannot see going anyplace else."
- Nancy and Bruce Wance
06/05/2022 18:55:23
- Rene Lesniak
06/05/2022 01:56:14
"I truly appreciate what a great culture you have there with the professionalism of the staff and enthusiasm for what they do. Wouldn't go anywhere else with Atlas!"
- Luke Palionis
06/03/2022 18:16:15
"Great experience and so happy you were able to get us in quickly. Thank you!!"
- Michelle Foresta
05/28/2022 16:15:42
"Excellent care and professionalism. Extremely happy with your service."
- Derek Westman
05/26/2022 11:45:20
"Everyone made me feel more calm about my cats dental procedure "
- Sophie Headrick
05/25/2022 16:40:17
"Great! Love that you greeted my dog by name."
- Patricia Schroeder
05/22/2022 17:21:09
"It’s always a good experience when I bring my dogs to downers Grove animal hospital I really don’t have anything negative to say thank you"
- Joe Ferrandino
05/20/2022 18:12:14
"I'm so glad I brought Chuck to you. Thank you for a great experience! He's a young bird (11 months old now) and I've had him since April 2. He keeps me hopping, too, AND he's so fast when he flutters down off his kitchen perch and heads to who knows where. He keeps me laughing, too. I'm so glad I know I can contact you anytime. My previous bird died in November and I had been so lonely without him. Chuck is the best medicine I could have."
- Carol McGrath
05/14/2022 01:34:15
"I appreciate the Doctor and staff being friendly and thorough about the entire process. They communicated everything to me very well"
- Yesenia Ponce De Leon
05/09/2022 14:49:41
"This was my first visit. Staff was friendly and welcoming to me and my pet. Dr.Bob was great in explaining his treatment for my pet. "
- Mark Burns
05/09/2022 13:09:15
"Great care "
- Tom and Mary Vitacco
05/08/2022 16:44:13
"Great job keep it up!"
- Alex Caron
05/06/2022 22:00:43
"Having been going to DGAH for 20+ years with no issues."
- Edward Rahe
05/05/2022 17:13:04
"Very thorough and caring."
- Georgianna Monnier
05/01/2022 21:11:47
"Doing Great!!!!"
- Richard Busch
05/01/2022 21:11:42
"I could never, ever say anything bad about DGAH! Everyone there is always happy and so helpful. Thank you all—doctors and staff for taking such good care of my dogs! Don’t know what I would do without you…."
- Ronald Butkiewicz
04/27/2022 16:49:55
"I'm so happy that I switched to Downers Grove Animal Hospital. I feel my babies get the best care and attention. The staff is wonderful and answer my questions so promptly. Thank you for the care you give my babies. "
- Kimberly Reilly
04/27/2022 13:07:41
"I am always pleased with the warm welcome we receive. "
- Kathrine Eldridge
04/26/2022 23:30:10
"Very good as usual. Even Odin seems to enjoy his visits. Lots of interesting smells. "
- Kathy Holub
04/22/2022 16:41:09
"Over 20 years going to this vet. Always very excellent service"
- Ken Nelson
04/20/2022 17:20:03
"Everything was fine and friendly staff! We will come back! "
- Ivea Ulozaite
04/16/2022 21:14:28
"I have nothing bad to say. We’ve trusted you with our pets for almost 30 years, we wouldn’t have stayed if you didn’t provide exceptional care for them! "
- Leah Kroeger
04/16/2022 14:07:10
"The staff was great. They were the ones who noticed Lulu was bleeding and found the problem. It was wonderful that I could leave her with them right then and the doctor could take care of her as soon as he got back even without an appointment."
- Peggy Gutzke
04/14/2022 23:00:30
"Love all the Docs & the staff! Attentive to my pet - never worry about her when she boards. "
- Kathy Bosco
04/14/2022 22:19:48
"The clinic is a friendly and bright place to visit , always clean and the staff always make one feel like the well being of my pets is their most important priority."
- Roma Dybalski
04/13/2022 19:34:43
"Dr. Max is an absolute gem, put both me and my dog Rosie at ease. The staff is friendly and very helpful."
- Laverne Heiser
04/12/2022 17:04:16
"I hope you know your shop is great!"
- Susan Thrasher
04/10/2022 22:30:12
"The office staff is wonderful and always friendly and the doctors are the best. We see Dr. Graham who has been up front and honest as to the best care for our dogs. He truly is a vet that loves animals and it shows by his knowledge and compassion. Best Vet office around. "
- Carrie Dorgan
04/08/2022 20:43:17
"Sadie's chart was confusing to the two techs who tried to read it this week to make sense of what we're doing. At one point, one tech exclaimed that I hadn't paid for a thyroid test that was run! I quickly filled her in - that the test was indicated, recommended, but never ordered, never done, thus no unpaid balance! Chart was so confusing that she went and talked to Doctor Graham about Sadie's status and what we need to do. (Also compounded by contradictory prior tests and probably the fact that we've seen 3 different Merkins :)) I indicated that this last incident with the test never called in was frustrating because I waited all day for results before calling you to inquire.. At that point, we decided to just wait and see what happens versus continuing to run tests.. We got it straightened out, I think.. Sadie is feeling well lately, her weight is good, and she received a positive lab report today indicating only level 2 kidney disease and the go-ahead to feed her a blend of kidney diet and senior over-the-counter diet that she likes. So, all and all I'm grateful that we've made good progress since beginning her partnership with your hospital. She needed help, received help, is feeling good and her quality of life has improved! We're both happy and satisfied with her care! Thank you!"
- Linda Radtke
04/07/2022 22:27:43
"You’re the best. I am a lifelong customer."
- Marty Greenberg
04/04/2022 22:26:57
"wonderful kept me informed and when I picked up Bella she was happy and wagging her tail after all she had done"
- Catherine Bossolono
04/04/2022 18:12:25
"I continue to have wonderful experiences here. "
- Andrew Simac
04/03/2022 16:31:08
"I have always been very happy with my contacts with all staff on the phone and in person. I always feel as if you truly care about my pets and helping me get/keep them healthy."
- Lisa Bishop
04/02/2022 19:14:08
"Great job"
- Aaron Giza
04/02/2022 17:11:57
"I have no complaints, except that I always gulp when I get the bill!"
- Kristi French
04/01/2022 19:42:26
"My first appointment gave me so much relief. I have spent a lot of time and money trying to get some answers about my dog's chronic illnesses and I finally feel like he is being properly cared for. I received more information and treatments in one appointment at DGAH than I have received from all other veterinary experiences combined!"
- Elizabeth South
04/01/2022 01:03:38
"I have to say every single employee has been knowledgable, honest, very kind and most of all empathetic to my needs and the needs of my dog...whom I would give up my husbands seat on the Titanic! (Husband aware)😆"
- Tiffany LaMantia
03/31/2022 16:33:26
"You always do a great job!"
- Michelle Martinez
03/30/2022 20:28:36