"So happy with Downers Grove Animal Hospital! Staff are attentive, courteous & kind!"
- Kathy Bosco
12/14/2018 15:59:46
"Staff is very caring and thorough! "
- Erin Ludwick
12/08/2018 02:08:26
"I have been going to Downers Grove Animal Hospital for approximately 25 years. Every time I take my “fur babies” in for their checkup, I’m treated like family. All the techs are so caring. Alice is a treasure. All the Doctors really care about my “ babies”."
- Pam Mack
12/06/2018 16:40:05
"I always have a pleasant experience. I have no complaints."
- Theresa Piotrowski
12/06/2018 03:21:47
"All good - been with DGAH for many years for many friends..."
- Ben Cybulski
12/06/2018 01:47:31
"We have always taken our pets to the animal hospital or the merkins have owned it for years. We always recommend d g Animal Hospital to all our friends and family."
- Debbie Patrick
12/05/2018 23:35:08
"We've been taking our dogs here since 1996 and we're very happy with the care our dogs receive!"
- Carol Knopf
12/03/2018 15:24:33
"Every does a great job of making people and animals feel welcome, and welltaken care of. We have brought several generations offogs, cats, and gerbils to D.G Animal Hospital and believe we have received the best possible service in good times and bad. "
- Chris Bowen
12/01/2018 16:55:56
"Or experiences have been great so far. "
- Jennifer Kittl
11/30/2018 22:58:10
"Great job"
- Colleen Navolio
11/28/2018 03:58:47
"Staff and Doctors are all friendly and sincere. Facility is very clean. I love the new phone app to schedule appointments and earn points. 😁"
- Cindy Garza
11/27/2018 15:51:14
"Always the best of care!!"
- Connie Christofano
11/27/2018 14:33:08
"Wouldn’t trust anyone else with Rosie"
- Michelle Drennan
11/27/2018 04:53:15
"I recently had my dog, Griffin, board with you. We just moved to the area and I was very nervous about him having to get used to a new vet/boarding. You were all so awesome and answered all my crazy dog mom questions and made me feel so much better about leaving him with you for the first time! He came home with a good report and I am so relieved! He can be pretty finicky and has some anxiety issues. I have not yet scheduled him for an exam, but he will be due for vaccinations in December and I cannot wait to come back! Thank you for becoming our new trusted vet/boarding facility! "
- Krystyna Katz
11/27/2018 00:15:16
"I have been bringing my animal family for years. Your dr and staff have been helpful and friendly. Thank you. "
- Judy Hlavacek
11/26/2018 20:43:21
"Overall great experience as always!"
- Matt Stone
11/19/2018 18:57:17
"I'm Doing fine and Drake is doing so much better. He is back to being his self. He is finishing his round of antibiotics this weekend and will do a follow up visit to get a full panel blood draw to search out any unknown concerns. Keep up the excellent work that you and your staff do. It is always a pleasure. Phil and Pam Toleikis"
- Phil Toleikis
11/16/2018 18:25:26
"Everyone is great! I started coming to Downers Grove Animal Hospital from my Boss Tim Salman and have nothing but great experiences coming to Downers Grove Animal Hospital for my Rabbit Lucky. keep up the great work!"
- Mary Martino
11/13/2018 22:43:29
"I love the care Sophie gets when she comes to office"
- Juanita Kizior
11/12/2018 17:45:59
"Everything great at visit! "
- Kathy Maida
11/11/2018 16:55:41
"Excellent hospital / vet care facility . I think your facility is great "
- Diane Cevela
11/08/2018 02:50:42
"We LOVE DGAH! Dr Bob has taken care of Bandit since he was 3 months old, and is now 5! The Vet Techs are wonderful. Looking forward to many more years of great care to come!!"
- Kathy Hester
11/06/2018 17:22:47
"always excellent experience"
- Bonnie Flint
11/05/2018 21:02:51
"Downers Grove Pet Hospital is the friendliest I've ever had the pleasure to visit. The staff has always treated our dogs as if they were family. The Doctors are very knowledgeable and understanding. I wouldn't take my dog anywhere else."
- Edward Dunn
11/05/2018 16:17:52
"DGAH has provided outstanding care for all of our cats and dogs for over 20 years. We have received calls after procedures to check on our pets recovery once they get home. Both the vets and staff are loving and take care of our pets!! Our appointments are usually on time, with only emergencies causing some wait time. Even at the end of our pets lives, the care and compassion of everyone has greatly pleased us. I wish we could find physicians for us that provide DGAH’s level of care. Thank you for all you have done for our family! Randy Graves"
- Randy Graves
10/31/2018 02:21:30
"Dr. Max took the time to research my dogs potential issue and explained it to me as well as offered potential treatment options that we could try. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Max and his "bedside" manner, his skill and knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond for your beloved furry family member!"
- Donna/Shannon Carey Cullen
10/26/2018 23:55:39
"All the employees know our dog and are eager to assist us. Thanks for all you do!"
- Kristen Teague
10/25/2018 19:41:19
"Dr. Bob & staff are great, Alice you are the BEST🐾❤️"
- Patty Markevicius
10/24/2018 13:35:39
"You are doing great. An extra thank you to the vet tech who provided extra needles for the syringes. Champ has become sensitive to the needles I use to Dose the medication and then injection. Now I can use separate needles and it doesn’t seem to bother him as much. "
- Lacey Leitner
10/24/2018 01:37:16
"Always a good experience. The front desk is amazing and super friendly. Sharon Wehling is fantastic- I try to request her every time now. My dogs love her. She's very thorough, knowledgeable and pays attention to detail. I reccomend her to everyone."
- Brittni Zaworski
10/23/2018 13:14:22
"We are very happy with the doctors and the staff. We've been coming here since 2003. The doctors are very knowledgeable and the staff are very friendly and capable. Everyone treats me and my dog with respect, and I appreciate that."
- Elizabeth Bucki
10/23/2018 11:54:40
"Indy is doing grrat! Thank you. "
- Marikay Menard
10/23/2018 02:06:46
"After being greeted once getting inside, Toby was weighted and we were accommodated to a exam room. Our wait for Doctor R. Merkin was about 5 minutes if that. I can see how personally Dr. R. Merkin started exam on Toby while having communication between us, both Professionally and like as a Family member. Went over exam for solution and to followed up with up to date vaccines. Toby and I will take that extra mile(s) for appointments. The behind the desk Staff and Techs are always Professional and make you feel like Family, where at times there are Q's and A's when ready to check out to complete Vet visit. And I would have to say both Toby and I always look forward to see Amanda to complete our visit. "
- Robert Dode
10/18/2018 00:35:06
"My dog Belle enjoys coming to your office where she gets lots of love. All my animals receive excellent care from the Dr and staff."
- Selma Spencer
10/17/2018 20:56:15
"Whenever I am asked for a veterinarian referral I always suggest Downers Grove Animal Hospital and Bird Clinic. "
- Susan Thurston
10/17/2018 17:47:02
"Wonderful front desk crew and techs and wonderful doctors. This hospital/office is filled with extremely kind and conscientous people. It is obvious they all love animals and treat them and me with great respect. I am a big fan!!!"
- Alene Robertson
10/15/2018 18:03:17
"I always have a great experience with Dr. Sharon. "
- Claudia Apiquian
10/15/2018 15:54:17
"Always a great experience. Keep up the great work!!!!"
- Dianne Johnson
10/06/2018 15:32:42
"Very satisfied. We love Dr. Wehling and DGAH."
- Jane York
10/06/2018 12:51:09
"We always receive excellent care here. Staff is friendly and helpful"
- Ron Sussman
10/04/2018 12:35:27
"Very pleased with everything."
- Nancy Wilson
10/04/2018 00:35:28
"I'm very pleased Everytime my boy needs some Vet Care. Whenever Meeko has an ailment of some sort I bring him in to see Dr. Bob. The care Meeko receives is outstanding and we wouldn't think of seeing another Veterinarian. Thank You!"
- Chris Eloff
10/03/2018 21:14:51
"The staff and doctors at DG Animal Hospital are wonderful!! I have been taking my dogs there for years, and I am always more than satisfied when I leave! "
- Renee Cassidy
10/03/2018 20:00:49
"Thank you for taking such great care of our cats!"
- Lee Baker
10/03/2018 19:20:48
"Angel is a dog with a very difficult personality. Dr. Sharon, Annie & Sherrie, sling with the rest of the staff, are terrific with her. I am grateful for DG Animal Hospital. I’ve been taking my pets for the last 40 years."
- Kathy Bosco
10/03/2018 14:32:07
- David Russo
10/02/2018 00:49:40
"Was the best experience in Vet clinic, thanks. "
- Lolita Lee
10/01/2018 14:51:00
"After finding out that our dog may have had a tumor or hematoma from another vet who couldn't accommodate the surgery due to a full schedule, DG Animal Hospital made time for us to bring her in Thursday afternoon and scheduled the surgery the next morning. It ended up being a hematoma, but was told that if we had waited until Monday, she probably wouldn't have survived. We have our dog happy and healthy as a result of the care and attention she received. Forever grateful"
- Debbie Bartolomucci
10/01/2018 01:42:21
"Elmer and Moji love all of you just as much as you love them!"
- Nancy and Bruce Wance
09/29/2018 01:23:24
"Very professional "
- Betsy Heilman
09/28/2018 16:43:45
"I have always found the doctors and staff to be so warm and compassionate. I trust them 100% with my babies"
- Jean Jarvis
09/26/2018 01:10:28
"Great customer service! Everyone was super friendly and did everything they could to help calm my anxious kitty."
- Lauren Hartman
09/22/2018 13:54:51
"I always enjoy the staff and the Drs here. Our dog is a very big baby when it comes to the vet and they are always incredibly understanding and patient with him. "
- Amy Ridolfi
09/21/2018 20:23:58
"Over all the years that we have been taking our pets to DG Animal Hospital, we have always been more tahn satified with their excellent service. "
- Mark Bragen
09/21/2018 19:18:28
"I am very confident with any of the doctors and I have complete trust in their recommendations. "
- Donna Pardo
09/20/2018 14:07:55
"Everything was great. I have been bringing my dog here for many years and have never had a complaint. Staff very friendly and helpful; doctors knowledgeable and caring with my dog."
- Susan Palmer
09/20/2018 13:58:17
"Wonderful "
- Gayle Spiewak
09/18/2018 14:51:22
"I have always had excellent care for Molly. No complaints here."
- Anna Szczek
09/17/2018 23:12:38
"I’ve always had a positive experience even when the reason I’m there is not so positive. "
- April Katz
09/17/2018 23:01:50
"Dr. Bob Merkin is the best!!!"
- Judy Clark
09/11/2018 21:41:49
"The Doctors and staff take such good care of my dogs. Questions are always answered, everyone is so nice and it’s clear that everyone enjoys their job and working at DGAH. I wouldn’t trust my dogs anywhere else."
- Ronald Butkiewicz
09/10/2018 23:46:45
"Great job, love the doctors and staff. Very thorough, professional and sympathetic to behavioral problems. "
- Colleen Navolio
09/10/2018 19:33:32
"Dr. Graham was very concise. Gave me lots of info and asked specific questions. He was unruffled when I asked him to repeat things. "
- Cathy Malay
09/10/2018 16:26:13
- Diane Sowa
09/07/2018 19:05:28
"Everyone is always pleasant "
- Debbe Brunke
09/06/2018 22:41:03
"I appreciate the friendly, kind and competent staff. I know my pet is in good hands."
- Nancy Fucinato
09/06/2018 16:55:49
"clear concise discussion on mult-variate isuue set(s). calming atmosphere as opposed to vet waiting room chaos"
- Jeff White
08/31/2018 21:19:03
"With both of my cats, I've never had a bad experience at DG Animal Hospital. You guys are amazing and Benjen loves you."
- Sarah Buchheit
08/31/2018 20:04:15
"Dr. Max is truly great with our three cats. We have been clients of Downers Grove Animal Hospital for over 25 years, and we have trusted them with the care of our cats and dog. They are consistently superb with all the diverse personalities of our animals. "
- Randy Graves
08/31/2018 19:30:59
"We are always treated well. Thank you."
- Charlotte Ulmanis
08/29/2018 14:00:18
"I feel the doctors and office staff are doing an excellent job and show compassion for clients pets"
- Kathleen Hunter
08/29/2018 00:10:23
"Everyone is always so friendly and welcoming. I know all my pets are good, caring hands."
- Michelle Rivera
08/28/2018 20:18:33
"I have never had a bad experience. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Love the why they dote on my pets."
- Mark Sowa
08/24/2018 16:18:33
"Very pleased with our experience! Look forward to a long relationship. "
- Michelle Chick
08/23/2018 16:18:27
"Great staff !!"
- Brian Fennessey
08/23/2018 15:27:13
"The prescription I requested was ready to go and I was provided with prompt and friendly service. Thanks!"
- Kristen Teague
08/22/2018 20:26:05
"Everyone at the Animal Hospital is so nice. Daisy (my dog) made her entrance by promptly pooping on the floor as she walked in. Someone from the front desk immediately came around and cleaned it. I was so apologetic and she was so nice. People are always so nice here."
- Wendy Hiles
08/21/2018 21:38:41
"Downers Grove Animal Hospital is the best"
- Robert Thomas
08/21/2018 17:28:46
"I was happy with the service and care we recieved during our visit. "
- Brian Bellie
08/20/2018 19:50:01
"I always get wonderful service. The staff is very caring and the physicians are great. "
- Melanie Concklin
08/18/2018 02:58:10
"We loved it! And will be back!!"
- Marnie Neri
08/15/2018 17:27:03
"I always feel the staff and doctors truly care about my pet's welfare."
- Dawn Sullivan
08/06/2018 23:21:01
"Dr, Bob is the best! Hate the thought of his retiring."
- Diane McGovern
08/06/2018 20:38:43
"Amazing! Will be back for all future vet needs. "
- Jeff Delcorse
08/06/2018 19:00:03
"We really liked our visit because of the courteous staff and doctors. Thanks for making us feel welcome! "
- Niti Iyer
08/06/2018 18:47:06
"First time client and I was very happy with all aspects of my experience :) Thank you!"
- Julie Pardun
08/06/2018 18:43:25
"I appreciate the good care Angel receives when she is boarding."
- Kathy Bosco
07/31/2018 00:09:06
"I think you are doing great 👍"
- Janet Bradley
07/27/2018 22:27:40
"I always have a pleasant experience."
- Rebecca Wells
07/26/2018 01:56:31
"Very happy with the quality and promptness of care."
- Charlene Mohr
07/25/2018 23:48:44
"We have been coming to Downers Grove Animal Hospital for 27 years and have never been disappointed. We (including our canine companions) love the entire staff. We keep coming because the staff takes excellent care of all of our dogs (past and present) like they are the most important dogs in the world. Nancy and Bruce Wance."
- Nancy and Bruce Wance
07/25/2018 21:52:32
"For our first visit, we had no idea what to expect , especially since this is our first family dog. Everyone was very friendly and supportive! Lots of information was given and I was put at ease about calling with any questions. Thank you!"
- Carmen Adams
07/24/2018 23:42:40
"I was very pleased that the doctor was able to help Charlie. She will soon be off of the medication he gave her. Hopefully in the very near future, I can get her in for the dental work. Being on a fixed income, I don't have money to spare being that an estimate would be $400 to a $1000, but somehow I'll have to find a way. Thank you again for all you help. "
- Karen Jones
07/24/2018 19:35:46
"We love Dr. Sharon and the techs seem to really love all the animals. "
- Kim Bosch
07/23/2018 21:30:37
"All good so far!"
- Lisa Thormodsgard
07/23/2018 15:27:23
"You r helping us very much. "
- Tom and Mary Vitacco
07/23/2018 15:27:09
"Always courteous and pleasant."
- Anna Szczek
07/18/2018 21:43:09
- David Russo
07/14/2018 22:21:59
"I never have any complaints! The staff is warm and most welcoming. They always make me feel as though my dogs are the only dogs in the world and would happily spend all day with them. The doctors are care so much about animals and always take time to answer my questions (no matter how silly they may be). I’d never leave DGAH!"
- Ronald Butkiewicz
07/12/2018 19:50:35
"I feel very confident in the quality of work from all the Vetinarians."
- Donna Pardo
07/12/2018 16:31:49