"I'm so glad I brought Chuck to you. Thank you for a great experience! He's a young bird (11 months old now) and I've had him since April 2. He keeps me hopping, too, AND he's so fast when he flutters down off his kitchen perch and heads to who knows where. He keeps me laughing, too. I'm so glad I know I can contact you anytime. My previous bird died in November and I had been so lonely without him. Chuck is the best medicine I could have."
- Carol McGrath
05/14/2022 01:34:15
"I appreciate the Doctor and staff being friendly and thorough about the entire process. They communicated everything to me very well"
- Yesenia Ponce De Leon
05/09/2022 14:49:41
"This was my first visit. Staff was friendly and welcoming to me and my pet. Dr.Bob was great in explaining his treatment for my pet. "
- Mark Burns
05/09/2022 13:09:15
"Great care "
- Tom and Mary Vitacco
05/08/2022 16:44:13
"Great job keep it up!"
- Alex Caron
05/06/2022 22:00:43
"Having been going to DGAH for 20+ years with no issues."
- Edward Rahe
05/05/2022 17:13:04
"Very thorough and caring."
- Georgianna Monnier
05/01/2022 21:11:47
"Doing Great!!!!"
- Richard Busch
05/01/2022 21:11:42
"I could never, ever say anything bad about DGAH! Everyone there is always happy and so helpful. Thank you all—doctors and staff for taking such good care of my dogs! Don’t know what I would do without you…."
- Ronald Butkiewicz
04/27/2022 16:49:55
"I'm so happy that I switched to Downers Grove Animal Hospital. I feel my babies get the best care and attention. The staff is wonderful and answer my questions so promptly. Thank you for the care you give my babies. "
- Kimberly Reilly
04/27/2022 13:07:41
"I am always pleased with the warm welcome we receive. "
- Kathrine Eldridge
04/26/2022 23:30:10
"Very good as usual. Even Odin seems to enjoy his visits. Lots of interesting smells. "
- Kathy Holub
04/22/2022 16:41:09
"Over 20 years going to this vet. Always very excellent service"
- Ken Nelson
04/20/2022 17:20:03
"Everything was fine and friendly staff! We will come back! "
- Ivea Ulozaite
04/16/2022 21:14:28
"I have nothing bad to say. We’ve trusted you with our pets for almost 30 years, we wouldn’t have stayed if you didn’t provide exceptional care for them! "
- Leah Kroeger
04/16/2022 14:07:10
"The staff was great. They were the ones who noticed Lulu was bleeding and found the problem. It was wonderful that I could leave her with them right then and the doctor could take care of her as soon as he got back even without an appointment."
- Peggy Gutzke
04/14/2022 23:00:30
"Love all the Docs & the staff! Attentive to my pet - never worry about her when she boards. "
- Kathy Bosco
04/14/2022 22:19:48
"The clinic is a friendly and bright place to visit , always clean and the staff always make one feel like the well being of my pets is their most important priority."
- Roma Dybalski
04/13/2022 19:34:43
"Dr. Max is an absolute gem, put both me and my dog Rosie at ease. The staff is friendly and very helpful."
- Laverne Heiser
04/12/2022 17:04:16
"I hope you know your shop is great!"
- Susan Thrasher
04/10/2022 22:30:12
"The office staff is wonderful and always friendly and the doctors are the best. We see Dr. Graham who has been up front and honest as to the best care for our dogs. He truly is a vet that loves animals and it shows by his knowledge and compassion. Best Vet office around. "
- Carrie Dorgan
04/08/2022 20:43:17
"Sadie's chart was confusing to the two techs who tried to read it this week to make sense of what we're doing. At one point, one tech exclaimed that I hadn't paid for a thyroid test that was run! I quickly filled her in - that the test was indicated, recommended, but never ordered, never done, thus no unpaid balance! Chart was so confusing that she went and talked to Doctor Graham about Sadie's status and what we need to do. (Also compounded by contradictory prior tests and probably the fact that we've seen 3 different Merkins :)) I indicated that this last incident with the test never called in was frustrating because I waited all day for results before calling you to inquire.. At that point, we decided to just wait and see what happens versus continuing to run tests.. We got it straightened out, I think.. Sadie is feeling well lately, her weight is good, and she received a positive lab report today indicating only level 2 kidney disease and the go-ahead to feed her a blend of kidney diet and senior over-the-counter diet that she likes. So, all and all I'm grateful that we've made good progress since beginning her partnership with your hospital. She needed help, received help, is feeling good and her quality of life has improved! We're both happy and satisfied with her care! Thank you!"
- Linda Radtke
04/07/2022 22:27:43
"You’re the best. I am a lifelong customer."
- Marty Greenberg
04/04/2022 22:26:57
"wonderful kept me informed and when I picked up Bella she was happy and wagging her tail after all she had done"
- Catherine Bossolono
04/04/2022 18:12:25
"I continue to have wonderful experiences here. "
- Andrew Simac
04/03/2022 16:31:08
"I have always been very happy with my contacts with all staff on the phone and in person. I always feel as if you truly care about my pets and helping me get/keep them healthy."
- Lisa Bishop
04/02/2022 19:14:08
"Great job"
- Aaron Giza
04/02/2022 17:11:57
"I have no complaints, except that I always gulp when I get the bill!"
- Kristi French
04/01/2022 19:42:26
"My first appointment gave me so much relief. I have spent a lot of time and money trying to get some answers about my dog's chronic illnesses and I finally feel like he is being properly cared for. I received more information and treatments in one appointment at DGAH than I have received from all other veterinary experiences combined!"
- Elizabeth South
04/01/2022 01:03:38
"I have to say every single employee has been knowledgable, honest, very kind and most of all empathetic to my needs and the needs of my dog...whom I would give up my husbands seat on the Titanic! (Husband aware)😆"
- Tiffany LaMantia
03/31/2022 16:33:26
"You always do a great job!"
- Michelle Martinez
03/30/2022 20:28:36
"Had to wait about 15 minutes past my appointment time but it was due to an emergency. Dr. Bob stuck his head in to let me know that he was running late."
- Maureen Kuehne
03/29/2022 17:47:35
"The vets and staff love our 4 legged pets as much as we do. Couldn’t ask for anything better."
- Nancy and Bruce Wance
03/27/2022 17:36:29
"we love seeing you, service and care is great, the prices for the flea and hart worm, would like to see them come down, is a wow factor when checking out Thank you "
- Douglas Swanson
03/27/2022 04:21:11
"Very clean and updated lobby. The doctor was very straight forward and informational before we made any decisions."
- Kyoko Pikhovich
03/26/2022 04:01:21
"Amber2 is always dog happy to see Doctor Wehling. Amber enjoys being a patient of your animal hospital. The staff gives Amber.love and she wants to kiss all. And our digs have been well treated at your animal hospital for almost 20 years."
- Charlotte Ulmanis
03/24/2022 00:37:44
"All the Vets and Staff are very courteous and professional. We have total confidence in their taking care of our dog."
- Donna Pardo
03/21/2022 17:44:25
"Happy first timer "
- Ross Petersen
03/06/2022 20:30:18
"Keep it up"
- Steven Schram
03/06/2022 20:27:51
"I trust you with my beloved pet Muffin's health and wellbeing. I may not be able to come as frequently as I want to but I will keep coming back for my dog."
- Aaron Ruiz
03/05/2022 21:56:09
"Everyone who works there are truly amazing, compassionate, and knowledgeable when it comes to caring for our pets. 10/10!"
- Bree Gange
03/03/2022 01:42:18
"Very happy with the experience. I'm new to the area and am looking for a vet. You did such a good job with boarding, I will definitely use you as my cats vet."
- Marybeth Otte
03/03/2022 01:28:59
"We wouldn't take our cats anywhere else! Thank you! "
- Lee Baker
03/02/2022 20:22:26
"Best vet I’ve ever been to. Everyone is so nice and knowledgeable. "
- Melissa Kindlon
02/28/2022 14:53:34
"Dr. Was very helpful, staff were very nice "
- Joseph Sullivan
02/27/2022 20:20:27
"Staff is really nice and respectful. Always get answers whether it's over the phone or in person. Have been extremely helpful with our fur babies medical needs. "
- Jennifer Bustos
02/27/2022 00:39:17
"All good Very professional"
- Gary Villasenor
02/25/2022 22:31:12
"I didn’t meet with the doctor. Just picked up food I had forgotten to call in advance. New person in training handled my issues well with Tammy’s assistance. Greeted immediately when I entered facility. Always great service here"
- Anne Garcia
02/24/2022 03:03:36
"The receptionist was very friendly and helpful. "
- Cheri Chesney
02/24/2022 00:02:03
"My furry felines always do well with Dr. Max and the entire group. My senior semi feral cat and super senior cat needed dental work. They came through like champs with the care and attention they received. Just wish it wouldn't cost so much!!!! Thanks guys. You all rock!!!"
- Christine Parmley
02/22/2022 15:12:41
"Dr. Sharon is wonderful with our pets. We appreciated the call she gave us at the end of her day to see how the dog was doing after our visit."
- Kim Bosch
02/17/2022 19:32:22
"Doctor Max and the stuff were wonderful and we were very please that we did not see disapproval from anyone about our Pitbull."
- Shannon Reilly
02/16/2022 21:11:09
"They are very friendly. The vet listens to your concerns and the staff have always been so helpful. "
- Jessica Kennedy
02/16/2022 21:01:25
"I appreciate being advised of the cost (such as for labs) in advance and for being told the options as well as suggestions on how to proceed. There is no doubt I would pay for medical care for my pet, but knowing what to expect makes things so much easier. "
- Laura Geis
02/16/2022 03:17:15
"Every time I have been to your facility it has been absolutely wonderful. Each staff member takes the time for the owner and pet to be comfortable. "
- Bridget Lucas
02/15/2022 16:58:55
"Thank you for getting me in when Angel Dog was sick. I appreciate your entire staff."
- Kathy Bosco
02/13/2022 19:23:27
"So far so good for my first visit. Keep up the good work 👍🏻"
- Drazana Petrovic
02/12/2022 17:49:55
"I hope you know I think your shop is outstanding and plan to keep coming with Patch!"
- Susan Thrasher
02/09/2022 22:19:42
"The staff and doctors are great! They are very kind and accommodating and I feel they truly care. We have never had anything but a great experience.❤️"
- Sue Spiller
02/04/2022 00:12:11
"Dr Wehling is great. Explained everything and answered all my questions. "
- Pat Furlong
02/03/2022 00:15:49
"All good."
- Edward Rahe
02/02/2022 20:13:20
- Donna Bowling
01/30/2022 00:40:20
"Only came to pick up RXs, but everyone was so friendly and helpful. Actually got set up for an appointment right away for a wellness visit. So happy o transferred from my previous vet! "
- Katie Vela
01/28/2022 00:36:11
"Always professional and always great service. "
- Diane Merrifield
01/26/2022 19:13:10
"Greatly appreciate fitting a new client/animal into the schedule quickly. Thankfully, issue was not serious, but symptoms were concerning so that flexibility was greatly appreciated."
- John Cumbee
01/26/2022 17:26:29
"Very nice, Bailey also liked the visit."
- Bob Sejnost
01/26/2022 15:02:20
"I just stopped in to pick up a prescription for my dog. So it was a short visit. I was acknowledged and was in and out in a few minutes."
- Nina Rocus
01/24/2022 19:44:35
"This last appointment was very easy. Glad we can come inside. In and out in less time then I thought. The girls are all nice and so nice to the animals."
- Karen Martisek
01/22/2022 14:38:31
"Both of my cats have been receiving optimal care here for the last 3 years. I always get answers to the issues that come up with them or get referred to a specialist when it is out of the vets scope of practice. 10/10 would recommend."
- Tyler Bernstein
01/19/2022 20:18:40
"Oliver says Dr. Max is the best!"
- Mike Charicki
01/18/2022 18:26:57
"I was very happy with the visit and with Dr. Max. We have not met with him previously and appreciated his straight forward, no nonsense and practical approach. "
- Meghan Bechstein
01/12/2022 02:27:58
"Great job! Always attentive!"
- Leslie Smith
01/12/2022 02:18:54
"Our pets always receive top-notch care from the staff and vets at DG Animal Hospital!"
- Kristen Teague
01/11/2022 21:29:31
"Friendly and patient staff."
- Evelyn Chen
01/09/2022 19:55:31
"I was extremely impressed by the help I received from the staff. I spoke to Alice(or Allison?) on the phone multiple times the day previous to our appointment and she went above and beyond to help me. We are taking our dog to Hawaii and the process is very detailed. When I went in for our appointment the following day, the staff in office were informed about our situation and were also able to answer my questions."
- Tara Baldomero
01/08/2022 22:05:16
"The whole staff is awesome to work with! Always treated like family.....kind and courteous."
- Holly Lockwood
01/08/2022 17:56:40
"Winston always get the very best care!!"
- Greg Evans
01/08/2022 17:31:42
"Excellent care. Dr. max always answers my questions. He’s very thorough. "
- Diane Grimley
01/07/2022 22:08:29
"This is a great vet practice. I have been a loyal client for over 30 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else! Dr Martin Greenberg"
- Marty Greenberg
01/07/2022 17:32:08
"Thank you for making sure Reese was doing ok and for keeping me informed during his stay!"
- Lee Baker
01/01/2022 18:17:35
"I felt the doctor was very nice and was happy how she treated my cat."
- Betty Vicena
12/30/2021 16:15:46
"Service is always great and thorough! Caring, knowledgeable staff!!"
- Debbie Weaver
12/29/2021 22:51:16
"Great experience and communication from all team members. The only thing I would try to improve is the wait time from being placed into the room until the Dr. arrived. Snowball got a little restless and nervous. :) Great job overall!"
- Delaine Blazek
12/23/2021 20:43:05
"It’s was great! I called in the morning and was able to get an appointment and was called again to move up my appointment due to a cancellation, which was perfect "
- Renee Gutierrez
12/23/2021 17:57:38
"I appreciate it the vet calling me personally to review her lab tests I was able to directly ask questions and get answers in real time. "
- George Brown
12/23/2021 14:44:22
"A long time client, always a great experience!"
- Sandy Swaim
12/21/2021 21:06:47
"You guys are AWESOME!"
- Cindy Balek
12/19/2021 20:14:55
"Great doctor and vet hospital. "
- Tom and Mary Vitacco
12/18/2021 23:39:16
"My cat gets wonderful care. The doctors are very good, spending time to answer any and all questions. The staff is very personable and helpful. And the office smelled so good when I was there this past week. Such a pleasant experience each time I am there. "
- Melanie Concklin
12/18/2021 20:22:45
"Every vet tech and doctor has been phenomenal. My dog is a trouble maker and we have been in many times. Each time, they are great and truly care about my pup. "
- Jessica Kennedy
12/17/2021 17:21:19
"I’m very satisfied with the experiences I’ve had here. I have confidence in the doctor’s skill."
- Marilyn Cushing
12/17/2021 03:56:05
"Downers is a drive from where I live but it’s worth the drive. I’ve been to other vets and prefer Downers Grove Animal Clinic. I have also brought all my other dogs here now. The parking is convenient and safe. The office is clean, organized and pleasant. The Doctors/Staff are knowledgeable and terrific! "
- Peter Estrada
12/15/2021 23:03:46
"Great staff! Everyone went above and beyond to answer our questions and help us feel informed about what to expect with our new puppy. After only 1 visit I know we have a support system we can count on and I really appreciate that. "
- Melissa Kindlon
12/15/2021 20:23:22
"You all had a same day spot for my dog Ronnie. We ended up going two days in a row and both visits were excellent and appreciated!"
- David Rokos
12/15/2021 20:15:33
"Been going to you for 20+ years with multiple dogs. Always feel that we get great care for our dogs. Appreciate your ease of scheduling. "
- Patricia Schroeder
12/12/2021 00:20:32
"Molly has always been treated with kindness. The staff is always great. "
- Anna Szczek
12/08/2021 14:29:41
"We love DGAH ever since you saved our first dog, Roxanne, from near death. Since then, we have never gone, and will never go, anywhere else. Thank you for the care you gave Roxanne, and now Abby!"
- Gary Mueller
12/07/2021 20:16:42
"Dr. Sharon is very welcoming and treated Pierre our dog with utmost attention. "
- Noreen Hansen
12/02/2021 01:01:16
"Top notch animal hospital! The doctors and staff are great!"
- Maureen Kuehne
11/28/2021 22:27:29
- Cornelius Venhuisen
11/25/2021 14:21:36