"Absolutely the best staff ever! Caring,kind,knowledgeable. "
- Nancy O'Leary
06/17/2019 22:35:39
"Made us feel welcomed & at ease! "
- Dawn Parker
06/17/2019 14:54:30
"Nothing bad to say about any of the staff or our visit. Thanks for a great visit!"
- Laura Musselwhite
06/16/2019 23:23:18
"Excellent care of Heidi. Very prompt in keeping appointments. Little or no wait time. Thorough exam and eagerness to answer questions. Thank you for taking such good care of Heidi "
- Kathy Wakeman
06/16/2019 22:11:50
"Good job everyone. ! We will be back. "
- Barbara Sabol
06/14/2019 15:26:01
"As usual great experience with all - doctor Lydia, her technician, front desk crew including pretty girl Sassy !"
- Anic De Framond
06/13/2019 00:06:26
"Always so nice and on time..... I never feel rushed when I have questions."
- Paula Lambert
06/12/2019 15:57:38
"Sabrina does an excellent job grooming Rudy, our miniature poodle. And he is always so eager to see her when his appointment comes around. We could not be more pleased. "
- Mary Hart
06/11/2019 20:35:52
"Very positive initial visit"
- Marcus Mcfaul
06/11/2019 19:35:16
"The Vets and the staff are great. Knowledgeable and friendly. Each person there seems to truly care about your pet. Thanks for all you do."
- Reggie Rosser
06/10/2019 18:32:10
"Our visit was everything you need in a health provider; compassion, clear communication, plenty of time and a bit of humor."
- Beth Stafford
06/10/2019 14:18:13
"Everything was great!"
- Mary Florit
06/07/2019 17:33:32
"i've only had positive experiences, professional and compassionate care. keep it up"
- Laura Collatz
06/07/2019 14:28:50
"The doctors and staff at Hill Creek are the best. Dr. Cindy has been my vet for many years and I love and appreciate her professionalism, compassion, and concern for all my pets and their humans! Very knowledgeable and caring techs and staff. "
- Ruby Pope
06/07/2019 01:51:01
"Hendrick , is very comfortable when he goes to you office ,from the time he walks in to when we leave he is relaxed and feels safe. You have always been very good to him , thru the shots and all. I want to Thank You for that , "
- Gloria Rifenburgh
06/06/2019 10:44:14
"Always professional and warm "
- Dodie Mills
06/05/2019 16:13:05
"Great people and place! Felt very taken care of, and cared for."
- Shelby Kremer
06/03/2019 15:10:49
"Dr Scheidler was so understanding with Dobie who is a “terror” to handle! She worked out food amounts and ways to use canned and dry cat food. He’s way too fat. Think this new plan will work. Everyone at the clinic is super nice and helpful."
- Paulette Orwin
05/31/2019 23:06:56
"I've never had any problems. I love that the Vets know my fur babies and remember their issues and such. I feel that they really care."
- Roberta Cole
05/26/2019 04:27:52
"Staff is friendly, helpful, and very professional. "
- Hank Richardson
05/24/2019 23:03:58
"The good is: friendly and efficient front desk reception and check out. An excellent groomer. 3 wonderful, knowledgeable and most of all, caring doctors. Availability of products from special foods to supplements. Giving the feeling that we are all part of a caring, loving family whose priorities are my pets! The bad: nothing. "
- Dianne Moorefield
05/23/2019 00:38:43
"Such wonderful staff! Loved how helpful y’all were & the amount of time you took with my geriatric old porch kitty!"
- Kara Holland
05/21/2019 00:58:57
"Simply the best."
- Heinz Whitefoot
05/21/2019 00:19:09
"HCV was able to work in a visit at the last minute for my cat who was losing fur. They are great, supportive and answer all my questions. I recommend them to all my friends. "
- Karen Smith
05/20/2019 20:51:51
"Very good, and I received a call from the Vet to followup the visit MAX is recovering from his incident with the snake "
- Davis Brown
05/20/2019 20:41:50
"All aspects of the appointment were great - every interaction was great and I got in and out in a very reasonable amount of time."
- Cynthia Owens
05/17/2019 18:41:07
"Everyone is genuinely friendly and caring for my pets! I missed an appointment and showed up 30 minutes late and was still able to be seen, without even being chastized! I really appreciate the independent feel of the company and genuine concern for my pets' well being."
- Emily Gabriel
05/17/2019 16:00:00
"The fact that my dog happily lets your staff cut her nails when she won't let me near her speaks volumes."
- Joanne Janca
05/15/2019 22:07:46
"The well visit check up and grooming appointments were wonderful. As always. "
- Susan Alston
05/11/2019 22:02:11
"Very helpful getting prescription filled same day. Scrip was from another vet. "
- Kimberly Hess
05/11/2019 20:57:51
"Very good! Thank you for being friendly and down to earth. "
- Chelsea Wolfe
05/11/2019 20:47:28
"You guys are great and make it very easy to have a positive experience with Coltrane’s treatments!"
- Libba Adams
05/11/2019 17:47:13
"I was grateful that I was able to check Buddy in so quickly! The staff had me in a room, Buddy checked in, and me on my way within 10 minutes. As a busy professional who lives some distance from the vet's office, it was great to have enough time to drop him off and still get to work (and get into professional clothes) with time to spare. The Groomer Sabrina did a wonderful job giving him his first-of-the-season shave-downs. "
- Kimmel McDiarmid
05/11/2019 15:06:05
"Always an excellent job "
- Tracy Rivera
05/07/2019 17:41:16
"I brought Clifford in for his yearly checkup and to have the Dr. look at his leg since he was limping. All went well and I was completely satisfied with the visit."
- Todd Johnson
05/06/2019 18:28:30
"Great experience!"
- Debbie Cameron
05/06/2019 18:19:04
"You can tell everyone there loves animals and Dr. Lydia is just fantastic! They're thorough & thoughtful in all aspects of caring for our babies. I particularly like the guided options we recieved. In the past we've been given options with our girls' care but no direction in helping us make a decision. It can be overwhelming. This visit was great & really gave us peace of mind. "
- Justin Hernandez
05/04/2019 23:27:43
"I have only good things to say, nothing bad. Great care for our cats. "
- David Freeman
05/02/2019 12:27:12
"As usual, all was excellent."
- Marsha Derynck
05/02/2019 11:51:06
"Always pleasant on the phone and in person. We feel totally comfortable bringing our pets there "
- Patricia Rickard
05/02/2019 05:28:09
"I think your doing great alwsys a smile whenyou come in tech are great & love the vets"
- Susan Mosca
05/01/2019 21:54:41
"Wonderful care of my dear dog"
- Mimsy Mason
05/01/2019 19:57:50
"You deliver excellent care!"
- Sue Meier
04/30/2019 20:56:57
"Dr Lydia is so good with all of our dogs!"
- Alex Covington
04/29/2019 00:17:04
"The staff and Vets are compassionate and caring people. They listen and ask appropriate questions and answer any questions the client has."
- Carol Sparrow
04/28/2019 23:11:04
"As always a pleasure to come from the front staff to the vet herself. "
- Karinda Roebuck
04/27/2019 18:10:24
"We have never had cause to complain and are pleased with the provided services. "
- Ellen Lohr - Hinkel
04/24/2019 21:48:16
"The entire crew at Hill Creek has always been amazing from start to finish! "
- Bethany Everest
04/24/2019 14:15:20
"You provide the *very best* care for my dogs, my dearest friends."
- Donna Riggs
04/23/2019 18:06:53
"You were wonderful, and I feel good about Charlie and Sadie in your care."
- Lorraine Cramer
04/22/2019 19:12:48
"Hill Creek follows through with each and every issue. Thank you for your care!!"
- Kathie Young
04/22/2019 18:56:02
"You do a outstanding job with my cats. I have one that is alittle hard to handle but always do your best with him. Keep up the good work."
- Elizabeth Abbott
04/20/2019 14:04:50
"You made our experience at the vet wonderful. My dog Stormy is a nervous dog but because you guys were so loving with her she did great. So glad I found a great vet's office!"
- Shannon Oldham
04/19/2019 21:57:41
"Prompt sign-in service. Professional and courteous attention. Groomer did great job and seemed to really enjoy my pet."
- Kathy Donahue
04/18/2019 22:05:41
"You are doing great. Never even considered going anywhere else!"
- Linda Ruth
04/18/2019 18:15:04
"I feel the Staff are very caring and attentive to Rainey and any questions I have."
- Joanna Roberson
04/17/2019 22:20:04
"Overall, I loved the environment. And so did Remington! Everyone was so nice and welcoming. I will continue to bring my dog here :)"
- Kaylyn Collier
04/15/2019 14:17:40
"Thank you for being so kind and caring about our pets. Dr. Cindy has such a great personality and really cares about us AND our fur babies. Everyone in the office is so nice and helpful. "
- Melinda Cabral
04/12/2019 21:30:22
"Everybody was super nice and efficient. Thank you!"
- Anic De Framond
04/11/2019 19:14:38
"Dr Lydia was very thorough & all staff are kind & professional."
- Cinda Mentz
04/08/2019 15:25:00
"All my experiences with Hill Creek have been great!"
- Phil Booker
04/05/2019 22:26:40
"Thank you for you kindness and compassion."
- Frani McGinty
04/05/2019 15:08:58
"Aside from the fact my dogs are a bit over weight, by the way....they miss their cheese and would like to have a conversation with Doctor Cindy. Seriously, I cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of our babies. "
- Helen Frazier
04/04/2019 22:02:25
"Hill Creek Vet always goes above and beyond for our dogs, Ralphie and Olive. From the moment we walk in, to the moment we leave, we are treated with compassion and professionalism. Both Ralph and Olive enjoy going to the vet, whether it's for a check-up or "a day at the spa." We are so grateful to have found Hill Creek."
- Annalee Clark
04/04/2019 14:17:03
"As always the care and understanding that we receive when we bring our beloved pets to Hill Creek is always great. The staff is friendly and professional. Dr. Bonnie is an awesome listener and always takes the time she needs to explain and go over all of my questions. Our family is so grateful for your excellent customer service!! I would recommend your practice to all of our friends. Best regards, Claudia"
- Claudia Benesch
04/03/2019 18:30:16
"We have always had positive experiences at Hill Creek! "
- Mary Hart
04/03/2019 18:27:24
"Max has always been treated great. Always a very friendly staff ."
- Cheryl Wolfe
04/01/2019 11:11:52
"Great vet and staff! Thank you for all you do!"
- Traci Bellas
03/29/2019 23:40:53
"I was very pleased with the ladies at the front desk when I came in to purchase flea medication for my dog."
- Darlene Smith
03/27/2019 23:44:35
"You’re doing great. We love the gentle hands and voice and kindness shown to us by Dr. Lydia."
- Patricia McCann
03/27/2019 19:57:00
"Best Vet service I have ever used"
- Cole Crisco
03/25/2019 02:29:01
"Kyra loves her visits to Hill Creek. She enjoys all the pets she gets and leaves feeling relaxed after acupuncture. I couldn’t be happier."
- Janice Ramsay
03/24/2019 15:01:19
"Good ability to relate to animals, even sometimes difficult ones. Individualalized attention to owners concerns/situations."
- Jo Sanders
03/22/2019 15:09:10
"Awesome! Simply the best."
- Heinz Whitefoot
03/21/2019 17:20:59
"Was very pleased with service and care for Archie..Dr Bonnie went over everything about archie's health and wellness plan...and of course I just love Ms Hannah and her love of animals."
- Diane Ingle
03/20/2019 22:01:52
"I was able to get in right away on a Monday morning. Staff are so friendly and Dr. Lydia is just wonderful. I never feel rushed, my questions are always taken with great care . Thanks so much!"
- Paula Lambert
03/20/2019 20:16:04
"The reception staff is so efficient, they make it so easy to make or reschedule appointments..Jessica, Pam, and Susan and Brittany are wonderful to work with. Then of course the vets are caring, compassionate, and quick to address any problem or question. Can’t say enough good things about Hill Creek! "
- Dianne Moorefield
03/20/2019 18:27:02
"I think it is when I call and ask ,you take time to look up things and tell me what I need to know, I don't know how you remember my dog but you do and ask how is he doing. Thank You , "
- Gloria Rifenburgh
03/20/2019 11:53:30
"Yesterday, I brought in my very sick 18 year old cat. Dr, Bonnie called me with the diagnosis, taking a great deal of time after hours to explain what was going on with WB. She was so compassionate and caring when telling me the treatment options. I know that WB will get the best possible care. In fact, Hill Creek Vets saved WB 18 years ago, when we brought her in as a very sick little kitten that showed up in our wood pile. Keeping her alive was quite the miracle."
- Kathy Shaffer
03/19/2019 20:49:12
"Great! Dr. Lydia was very warm and caring when I brought my cat Salsa in Saturday with an injured foot. I was very impressed when someone called on Monday to check on Salsa. Great place."
- Cindy Brown
03/19/2019 13:40:41
"Everyone is always friendly and thoughtful (especially with my cat - who is a DIVA!) Dr. Lydia & team always take a lot of time to listen to me and my pet care worries, and they are very patient with me and my animals! I absolutely trust that my pets are in good hands!! Thank you!"
- Marissa Ferkovich
03/18/2019 16:37:29
"Dr. Cindy is the BEST! Love her. The office staff was helpful and friendly. I drive from Sanford for my veterinary care and it is worth the trip. "
- Laura Musselwhite
03/18/2019 12:58:16
"Really appreciated the way everyone treated my pet!"
- Dorothy Cilenti
03/17/2019 15:34:27
"I could not have had a better experience anywhere. The staff were all so friendly and answered all my questions about our new furry family member. I would recommend this group to anyone!"
- Bunny Paderick
03/16/2019 19:13:13
"Dr Cindy is the best!!! She has taken care of our Basset since she was a puppy and always takes excellent care of her."
- Katie Foushee
03/11/2019 15:50:26
"Down to earth, honest and caring. Dr. Cindy listened to me and is a true advocate/ partner in my fur baby’s care."
- Lee Arnold
03/10/2019 21:11:32
"I feel the staff an doctor's are very friendly.they treat me and my dog as a individuals not just a number thanks"
- Mike Mayer
03/08/2019 01:03:56
"I feel that Dr. Lydia really cares about my Blossom and her well being. All of her advice has been right on target. I also appreciate the friendliness of all the staff and love what the groomer, Amanda I think, does to make Blossom gorgeous."
- Betty Wilson
03/08/2019 00:26:36
"I’ve have only experienced excellent care for all my pets."
- Stacey Griffin
03/07/2019 23:15:32
"Everything is great! Everyone is always very friendly, helpful and informative. I always recommend Hill Creek to my friends. "
- Jennifer Trahey
03/07/2019 02:15:52
"Always professional but friendly quality care for our fur baby Hershey!"
- Dorina Arthur
03/04/2019 18:48:13
"You are doing a great job. You know me and Annie and her health issues and always take time to be sure I understand what to do. Thanks so much. "
- Mimsy Mason
03/02/2019 15:16:01
"I have been a long time customer and I am forever grateful for the outstanding services me and my grand dog are always given. Very happy customer. "
- Susan Alston
03/01/2019 20:46:16
"Everyone in your office is very friendly. Appreciate the time and care shown our cat."
- Patricia Stucke
02/27/2019 19:49:28
"Friendly staff, caring vets. Thanks for taking such good care of my furry babies"
- Summer Ficarrotta
02/27/2019 12:55:10
"Excellent service, professional and kind!"
- Melanie Diana
02/26/2019 00:24:04
"You all have a very loving and professional system down - both me and pup felt very comfortable and cared for during our visit!"
- Eva Moss
02/25/2019 20:50:58
"Everyone is very kind and capable. We have complete confidence in you when you are taking care of our companions."
- Chris Bush
02/24/2019 16:49:43
"Love this vet! Everyone is so nice and helpful. Very prompt on call backs. I can’t say enough nice things about the doctors. They really care for your animals as if they were there own. "
- Katie Tillett
02/21/2019 01:28:02
"I like how friendly and kind the staff are with my old dog Abby. "
- Mary Linker
02/20/2019 18:41:14