"I love your office. You are caring, knowledgeable, and very responsive. I always feel good about bringing my pets to your office."
- Cynthia Cole
01/14/2019 15:42:05
"I have been bringing my pets here for 14 years and the staff has consistently been caring and professional. "
- Carolee Eubanks
01/09/2019 02:58:03
"Love Dr. Bonnie she is excellent with my nut job dog."
- Connie Engle
01/08/2019 15:26:57
"Awesome! Go glad we found Dr. Cindy!"
- Bobby Craig
01/06/2019 13:30:09
"Dr. Lydia is terrific ! I have always had great service , and all of my questions are always answered. "
- Gloria Frank
01/05/2019 16:11:40
"I always have a great experience with everyone at Hill Creek. Very pleased with my pets care. "
- Jean McKenney
01/04/2019 19:04:02
"Nothing bad at all. The staff and doctor made me feel welcome and truly interested in zoso. I am so happy to be apart of this veterinary family!"
- Paula Lambert
01/04/2019 11:52:38
"Everything was great!! Dr. Cindy took her time and explained everything."
- Myia Pettitt
12/30/2018 14:06:03
"You provide excellent care in a comfortable and convenient environment Thank you! "
- Sue Meier
12/30/2018 13:38:05
"Every time I go to Hill Creek vet hospital I am treated with great customer service and the staff is always friendly and professional and knowledgeable about their job. Keep being the best that you are and giving my pets the awesome care they need."
- Tracy Rivera
12/29/2018 08:07:41
"Your services are always the best. I am a very happy customer."
- Susan Alston
12/26/2018 23:32:40
"You guys have been amazing! We have quite the crew and we always have a great experience! Dr. Lydia is awesome!"
- Jessica Schmaltz
12/24/2018 14:36:45
"Always great care, always thoughtful staff. "
- Nancy Adams
12/22/2018 11:53:04
"Your care is wonderful. You know me and my dog when I come in and we get friendly, knowledgeable and kind care"
- Mimsy Mason
12/22/2018 04:02:11
"Great job with a challenging dog. Jax and myself thank you."
- David Wadford
12/21/2018 21:03:33
"The team is always on time and I feel like they know what they are doing and care about my animals."
- Adrienne Lallo
12/18/2018 18:25:54
"We appreciate the good service we get at Hillcreek. It's easy to make appointments and there is hardly ever any wait period. We feel that Dr. Bonnie and her colleagues truly care about our kitty, Mira."
- Ellen Lohr - Hinkel
12/18/2018 17:28:02
"Dr. Bonnie is the most patient veterinarian I have ever met. She gets on the floor with all our pets to make them feel more comfortable. She is also an extremely talented diagnostician. "
- Kathie Young
12/17/2018 21:16:48
"I felt very good about my visit. Vet tech was great."
- Lynn Dohner
12/17/2018 20:47:54
"It’s a wonderful vet clinic!"
- Trish Hamilton
12/17/2018 20:32:22
"The professionals at Hill Creek Vet have taken care of our three pets all their lives, for a total of 28 "pet care years". We send them heartfelt thanks for their always excellent treatment of the health needs of Larry the Very Handsome Tabby Cat (15 years), Rocket the Amazing Miniature Schnauzer (11 years) and Hunter the Beautiful Brown Kitty from the Woods (2 years). We feel fortunate to have Hill Creek Veterinary Hospital to place our trust in. Thank you & happy holidays to all y'all!!!"
- Betsy Flanagan
12/13/2018 13:20:05
"There is nothing bad to be said about Hill Creek. The staff is friendly."
- Dena Graham
12/06/2018 11:01:01
"I really do not have any negative comments-all of my experiences have been good. I have had to be worked in a couple times, and my pets needs have always been met. I continue to trust my sweet Laney to Hill Creek !"
- Debbie Hall
12/06/2018 01:51:56
"Such kind and knowledgeable staff and I was so grateful they could see my baby (dog) the same day! He was so sick and Dr. Cindy Jones and her team saved his little life. "
- Kristen Morrison
12/03/2018 23:13:34
"Caring, thoughtful, professional, informative are the words I can use to describe the staff and veterinarians. Dr Cindy was fantastic with our litter of eight!"
- Susan Hoffman
12/02/2018 22:43:47
"Took great care of my puppy. Always pleased with their services."
- Tamara Lord
12/02/2018 21:12:10
"You all are awesome!"
- Michelle Williams
12/01/2018 16:26:35
"Very professional and caring staff. We have never had a bad experience. We love Dr. Bonnie and Dr. Lydia, and their support. We never feel rushed. All of our concerns are heard, understood, and acted on. "
- Bea Kendall
11/29/2018 14:48:38
"Yall have been great every time we come. I wouldn't change a thing!"
- Jason Stewart
11/29/2018 13:51:47
"I am very happy with your services."
- Janie Roberson
11/29/2018 02:12:17
"Excellent communication and the feeling that everyone - including reception desk-cares."
- Patricia Dominguez
11/28/2018 03:42:51
"Caring Dr Bonnie explained possible causes for my cat’s concern. Blood and urine tests should help with the diagnosis "
- Miki Adams
11/27/2018 02:47:39
"Everything has been great!"
- Amy Davis
11/17/2018 00:35:53
"You saved my cat Thomas’s life when he was attacked by dogs....Dr. Bonnie treated him and even let him stay overnight which meant she had to come in that night to make sure he was ok. He ended up staying almost a week and had excellent care from Dr. Lydia and Debbie Friedman, and so many others. He survived and is doing well! "
- Dianne Moorefield
11/16/2018 22:38:28
"Dr. Cindy really cares about my cat’s well-being, following up check-ups with a personal phone call and detailed explanations. I highly recommend Hill Creek ."
- Kathy Shaffer
11/13/2018 13:21:47
"The folks at the front desk are always friendly and competent. I got an email reminding me that KitKat was due to come in for her 6 month check. And Dr Cindy was, as always kind, caring, competent and smiling."
- Stephen Hawthorne
11/13/2018 02:08:07
"We think you are the best vet for our poodle. You don’t push unnecessary tests when our puppy was in with GI issues. You did what was needed to make sure she was ok and helped us get her feeling better fast. "
- Jennifer Leviner
11/13/2018 01:24:42
"This was our first visit after being patients many years ago. We are so glad to be back as patients of Hill Creek! We were very pleased with all facets of our visit with all three of our Collies last week. Keep doing what you're doing!"
- Gregory Ungano
11/12/2018 16:55:30
"Great! You always treat me and my family with respect and caring"
- Dodie Mills
11/09/2018 03:41:10
"Great experience. I appreciate the full explanation of the procedure and follow-up. Thank you!"
- Keith Houck
11/08/2018 03:21:53
"Luke got a great haircut from Sabrina. He looks handsome!"
- Jean McKenney
11/05/2018 16:40:09
"Dr Cindy is the best. Drive from Sanford just to see her. "
- Tim Thomas
11/01/2018 23:16:32
"there isn't no better word than absolutely great.Dr cindy eased my mind and is very impressive "
- Mike Meyer
11/01/2018 20:22:44
"Everyone and everything was great!"
- Sue Cooper
10/30/2018 22:33:49
"No bad at all. Great service. Staff and Dr are so kind and loving to my pet. "
- Pete Krupp
10/29/2018 16:03:18
"everyone was very kind and helpful"
- Rex Helms
10/27/2018 14:27:28
"I am a very happy customer and would highly recommend you guys!!"
- Susan Alston
10/26/2018 23:14:49
"I have always felt that y'all have treated my pets like they are my family... which they ARE. Thank you!"
- Roberta Cole
10/26/2018 09:17:42
"I've always been pleased with your care. Really like the music you had playing yesterday. "
- Sandi Brady
10/26/2018 00:29:24
"Dr. Cindy is the Best!"
- Bart Harrison
10/25/2018 21:23:50
"Easy appts, great folks, love our vet. Cant help that we trek from Chapel Hill "
- Brian Asbill
10/25/2018 19:44:15
"A neighbor Cindy Ware recommended you - she used to take in foster dogs to help make them adoptable. After visiting you very much agree, your main interest is in healing our dog/family member, not pushing a lot of other things. Was very impressed and satisfied with your help for Skye Reed. Thank you."
- Frederick Reed
10/25/2018 17:59:08
"I have not had a bad experience in the year and a half we've been bringing our pets to Hill Creek. Treatments have been wonderful, the doctors and techs have been wonderful, and the staff has been very understanding with us as we've had a couple of missed appointments and prescription issues on my family's end. "
- Martha Nemec
10/25/2018 14:24:13
"I can not imagine improving upon the experience. The support and care of our pets over the years has always been superior to anything I have previously experienced. Please do not turn corporate. :)"
- Rhonda Craig
10/23/2018 17:54:33
"We are always welcome and we’ll cared for. I can relax when I know my pet is in excellent hands."
- Mimsy Mason
10/23/2018 01:49:36
"Really good. When I call I always feel like my issue is taken seriously and resolved."
- Nancy Adams
10/23/2018 00:13:19
"Dr. Lydia and her assistant made me that they really cared about Blossom and me. DR. Lydia always seems to have a suggestion or advice that is very helpful in Blossom's care. she has agreat sense of humor too. I always enjoy our visits"
- Betty Wilson
10/22/2018 22:10:39
"We are so lucky to have you as our veterinary team. Everyone jumped in to help George on Friday and stayed after hours for us. I've had many check-ins from both the veterinarian and the vet tech to get updates on George. I wouldn't trust my animals with anyone else!"
- Jen Winkler
10/22/2018 21:56:47
"Dr Cindy is fabulous, and really knows her stuff. Always responds to my questions and concerns. I have six dogs and am a breeder, so am in the vet's office almost every week. "
- Sandy Peters
10/22/2018 21:53:27
"Everyone treats our cats so well. We hear back from you about how they are doing when they are with you and we know that you are caring for them like we would. We appreciate it and it makes it easier for us when they are with you. Thanks!!!"
- Chris Bush
10/22/2018 16:24:30
"Thank You for your excellent service"
- Matt Markie
10/15/2018 15:46:37
"the usual excellent experience. We were waited on right away and there was waiting around in some other room. Business was taken care of promptly and the staff was friendly. "
- Donald James
10/13/2018 18:17:19
"Doctor Cindy was awesome. I like how she went over Hershey's blood test results with me. She also called me personally to discuss his care. The office worked me in to see someone & I really appreciated that. Brittany at the front desk was very personable to work with. I felt like my cat & I mattered."
- Bonnie Drust
10/13/2018 17:24:03
"Roscoe loves Dr. Cindy and her amazing staff"
- Anita Spivey
10/13/2018 13:32:19
"Always very happy with our visit. . The way staff TRULY cares about Triton is what keeps us coming back!"
- Loraine Timmons
10/11/2018 01:03:48
"Dr. Lydia is awesome. Explain everything she was doing with the acupuncture so we could understand the entire process"
- Linda Trogdon
10/10/2018 12:30:13
"Nice staff. Very accessible Veterinary staff"
- Rose Mills
10/03/2018 23:05:33
"You guys are great!! Staff is always very helpful and friendly. We see Dr Cindy and she truly loves and wants the best for our babies!"
- Katie Foushee
10/03/2018 18:44:52
"We love Dr. Bonnie. She is always so thorough and so thoughtful. We wouldn't go anywhere else."
- Jaye Kreller
10/03/2018 16:03:37
"I was very happy with my visit. The vet and her assistant were very sensitive to the fact that my dog was nervous and made him feel at ease. I appreciated the vet's advice. I feel that I got the information I needed."
- Claudia Friess
10/03/2018 15:04:35
"Friendly service, caring and compassionate "
- Penny Eason
10/02/2018 12:41:42
"I always feel my pet is important to the vets and the staff, all of whom are friendly, professional, and caring; I trust them. There is not a single area in which I feel improvement is necessary."
- Mike Stano
09/30/2018 03:26:15
"Brought my dogs in for nail clipping: staff very kind, professional and welcoming!"
- Melanie Diana
09/29/2018 14:52:47
"very responsive to all requests. Caring and interested doctors and staff. The new smartphone app is really helpful and useful. Thanks for all you do!"
- Jamie Fiocco
09/26/2018 15:45:07
"Professional and friendly service. A pleasure to visit."
- David Wadford
09/24/2018 14:43:08
"We love everything about this clinic."
- Trish Hamilton
09/19/2018 19:25:07
"Great experience. They worked us in with there very busy day. "
- Malcolm Duff
09/16/2018 15:23:25
"Very pleased with the service Buddy got yesterday. The Doctor and Vet tech were great. Office staff was very nice."
- Betty White
09/12/2018 01:46:03
"Everyone was great! Roxy was definitely nervous at first but was was excited to meet new people. I think her experience was great!"
- Jesenia Alvarado
09/12/2018 00:47:04
"I was very pleased with our recent dealings at HCV. We saw Dr. Lydia, and I really appreciate her approach with my cats, and she always has their comfort and mental state as a top priority during visits. I also appreciate how she presents different options to solve problems. "
- Stacie Mason
09/11/2018 16:28:59
"You’re doing great, your front desk staff are wonderful. Very caring, professional, and eager to help. And I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Lydia...she’s so patient with our questions, and gives excellent care to all our pets. "
- Dianne Moorefield
09/11/2018 03:15:35
"We are happy to say are most recent visit to Hill Creek Veterinary Hospital with our 20 year old cat was met with all the attention and care we have experienced over the 10 years we have bringing our cats there. "
- Joseph Zellers
09/10/2018 18:26:27
"Dr. Cindy- Best Vet ever!"
- Elaine Kays
09/09/2018 20:00:25
"Everything clearly explained and my choices respected."
- Jo Sanders
09/09/2018 14:08:42
"My last visit was with Sabrina, for grooming for my dog. She was fantastic as was the front desk staff: friendly, helpful, courteous, and competent! "
- Betsey Downing
09/07/2018 20:36:30
"Amazing customer service by everyone!!! Dr. Lydia was very compassionate, caring, and took the time to get to know my pet. It’s very obvious she cares and is committed to providing the best customer service possible. I am very glad we found a forever vet! Thank you! "
- Jessica Hoylman
09/07/2018 18:34:51
- Anic De Framond
09/07/2018 16:55:47
"We have been very happy with Hill Creek Veterinary. Kyra’s mobility has improved dramatically since starting her accupuncture treatments. Kyra looks forward to her appointments"
- Janice Ramsay
08/28/2018 20:03:11
"I live in Sanford. I had established a relationship with a vet in Sanford for my dog and cat. I have transferred their care to Hill Creek in spite of it being a 40 minute drive. The support staff is beyond excellent. Courteous, friendly, extremely efficient and wonderfully friendly. My vet, Dr. Lydia Scheidler, combines Eastern and Western medicine which is not found at most vet offices. She listens as I bring her up-to-date on my dog's issue, listens to my concerns with empathy and discusses different approaches to solve issues. She takes as much time as is needed for my examining my aged "pup" and asks questions about how she has been feeling and acting since she saw her last. I honestly believe that I would be very hard pressed to find another veterinarian practice like Hill Creek. I give Hill Creek 5+ out of 5 stars."
- Vicki Russell
08/28/2018 19:21:45
"I'm very pleased with my experience so far, everyone is nice and helpful."
- Leslie Defrancesco
08/28/2018 19:11:41
"Great service and staff. Best Vet surgeon (Cindy) that I have found in 26 years of Breeding Maine Coon Cats. I highly recommend this Vet Practice to all people that have Pets . I have used Hill Creek Vet since the Day they opened. May have been the one of the first clients."
- Megacoon Cattery
08/25/2018 00:00:02
"I've been very pleased with the care our family receives at Hill Creek."
- Patti Liegl
08/22/2018 18:38:08
"Very responsive to needs, show real concern for our furry family members, quality care"
- Kathy Wakeman
08/21/2018 10:42:27
"Staff is wonderful!"
- Christine Villaverde
08/20/2018 19:33:58
"Hill Creek Veterinary Hospital is doing a phenomenal job of taking care of my pet. I was able to get the blood results within 20 minutes of when they drew the blood. The entire staff is friendly and kind. I live in Chapel Hill and wouldn't think of going to a different Veterinary Hospital. Hill Creek is worth the trip."
- Colleen Reese
08/19/2018 16:13:35
"Services are always Excellent !!! Very happy customer "
- Susan Alston
08/18/2018 13:02:41
"Great staff and good atmosphere! This is the only vet hospital that doesn't scare my dogs. They are petrified at other vet offices."
- Lori Love
08/17/2018 21:01:38
"Friendly, knowledgable, and caring."
- Patricia Dominguez
08/17/2018 19:34:35
"My experience with Hill Creek has always been great never any bad ones. Keep up the good work!"
- Tracy Rivera
08/17/2018 18:38:33
"Dr. Cindy treats my cat like the angel she is. And the assistant was also super kind."
- Megan Coarse
08/17/2018 18:31:18