"Always have a professional and competent treatment by the Vet and staff."
- Walt Hennessee
06/19/2019 18:33:09
"First time puppy owner and y’all made this first visit so easy. Loki couldn’t even tell he was getting a shot! Also, I so appreciate the personal care all the staff showed (receptionist, nurse, doctor). "
- Deidre Duvall
06/17/2019 01:14:49
"Flarkin & i’s first visit was great. Thank you all. "
- Mysti Crawford
06/16/2019 20:43:47
"Great small clinic with great people! When your pets are happy to be there you know your in the right place."
- Kim Susor
06/12/2019 22:13:38
"I am very pleased with how well Lucky and Lucy are taken care of when they stay with Meridianville Pet Hospital. They love my pups and are extremely good to them."
- Robin Stewart
06/11/2019 17:22:01
"I have always been treated with kindness and compassion at this clinic."
- Donna Troup
06/10/2019 01:09:37
"I so appreciate your working us in- and taking good care of my cat. I love this vet office. They are kind, understand I need to keep within a budget-- and so superb work"
- Mary Freeman
06/08/2019 19:34:19
"Very well. You fit us in as a last minute so I thought we may be rushed through but that was not the case. You took extra great care of the little runt I found."
- Jennifer Kreusch
06/06/2019 19:02:17
"Great tech help! Very friendly and cared for our dog well 😀"
- Rob Asquith
06/02/2019 15:48:12
"Always a great experience "
- Candace Ingram
05/31/2019 20:00:22
"Everyone was polite, professional and friendly to both me and my 9 wk old puppy Mattie. ALSO CLEAN I find it’s very important that the surroundings are well maintained. "
- Jennifer Owens
05/26/2019 01:32:43
"We absolutely love the staff and Dr. D Everyone is great with my animals and with our family. I look forward to Dr. D being our vet for a long while. "
- Darleen Harris
05/24/2019 12:29:26
"You have always taken great care of me and my dogs. "
- Jerry Jackson
05/16/2019 23:38:02
"Could not ask for better!!! My two German Shepherds Niko and Jada are our world and we could not be more pleased. "
- Jaclyn Howard
05/15/2019 17:57:49
"Very gentle and loving to Miley."
- Sandra Mason
05/15/2019 17:47:08
"As always, my girl Trixie received awesome care and Dr. D was superb! I just love this place! Trixie is fully recovered from her little respiratory issue and in record time! This is why I'll never use anyone else! They got me in super fast and the care was awesome. I just love Dr. D and her staff! "
- Angela Smith
05/14/2019 17:16:33
"I love y’all. Very compassionate and friendly. "
- Sam Wood
05/07/2019 02:02:58
- Deborah Red
04/29/2019 16:58:44
"You are doing an outstanding job, thank you so much"
- Terro Jenkins
04/28/2019 14:40:29
"Awesome. I have no complaints could not ask for better service or pet care. "
- Jeff Ayscue
04/27/2019 17:57:33
"Y’all are always amazing! Everyone is friendly and we know you love the animals! "
- Rescue Friends of Rescue
04/27/2019 15:28:32
"We loved our first visit, and so did Lily! Thank you for making us feel welcome. :)"
- Holly Burns
04/24/2019 18:06:12
"Wonderful staff & wonderful vet. All knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly."
- Toni & Tobias Kelley
04/22/2019 17:24:33
"Wonderful. Nothing to add. ;-)"
- Doug Swafford
04/19/2019 20:08:57
"Great overall experience. Short wait time, kind and attentive staff."
- Rick Van Nostrand
04/19/2019 16:33:54
"We are very pleased with the office and staff of Meridianville Pet Hospital. The service is always very professional and caring! We truly appreciate the quick response in setting up an appointment to see our dogs! Thank you so...……..much for serving our community! "
- Jeff Purcell
04/19/2019 13:42:10
"Everyone is and has always done a great job. Very caring staff."
- Carolyn Reese
04/18/2019 23:22:11
"Very polite and helpful staff"
- Tyler Cooper
04/18/2019 17:19:05
"All the employees at the hospital have been very gentle when working with my fur babies. They are pleasant and kind. It was a positive experience."
- Gerry Hyde
04/17/2019 11:11:47
"Very patient with me. I was so worried about my fur baby. Took the time to answer alll questions and never rushed me out. GREAT JOB."
- Karen Brazier
04/16/2019 15:15:17
"Your service is great! Everyone is kind and courteous, and efficient, too. "
- Fay & Scotty Webb
04/15/2019 14:05:28
"You all are great! We have no complaints. Always compassionate and quick service and our pets are comfortable coming in, even the feisty one."
- Christina Cain
04/14/2019 16:14:48
"I don't have any bad thing to say about this vet's office. I love Dr. Kayla Dougia and her staff also. Great group of working staff there."
- Elaine Cash
04/13/2019 01:06:33
"You all are doing a great job! "
- Erica Williams
04/13/2019 00:41:06
"I love Kayla and the staff. Very professional and I trust them 100%. "
- Samantha Hatchett
04/12/2019 17:28:58
"I drive twenty-five miles round trip to you because of the excellent care and caring you provide."
- Lynda Nelson
04/11/2019 16:35:24
"Love Dr. Dougia and all of her staff! They always make me feel welcomed and seem to really care. "
- Kim Lay
04/10/2019 17:22:26
"There is nothing bad to say, only PRAISE for the way you take care of our children and that is what is important to both of us. My children do not show any fear when they come to visit you for anything...........................unless mummy leaves them and I know they worry where I went, but thankfully that does not happen to often."
- Jackie Siniard
04/08/2019 19:43:08
"Did great. We were in and out in 15 minutes. "
- Amanda Orneck
04/06/2019 23:00:22
"Dr. Dougia and her staff are the best in the business, from the receptionist to the technicians, absolutely 100% professionals. Every employee at the clinic treats my pets as if they were their own."
- Adam Kettell
04/06/2019 17:14:41
"Dr. Dougia and all the staff at Meridianville Pet Hospital are wonderful. They are professional but very caring and loving to my cat, Riley, and give him the best care. Also, their service and appointment timing is always convenient for me."
- Susan Medina
04/05/2019 17:25:00
"Loved that the techs and front desk were so friendly and not rushing you. Dr Dougia is the best. She takes time to explain what needs to be done and why. She listens to you and takes your comments serious. "
- Pat Steele
04/04/2019 17:49:03
"You always provide wonderful customer service and care for our pets. We appreciate your staff very much. "
- Amy Hunter
04/03/2019 18:18:14
"Everyone was so nice and patient with our two little monsters. We are very comfortable with the doc and her team."
- Cathy Fhay
04/03/2019 17:15:19
"Dr. Dougia and the clinic staff take such good care of our kitties! We wouldn't trust them with anyone else. The doctor is very upfront and to the point and the staff is extremely compassionate. You can tell they all love animals. Doing a great job!"
- Troy Jeffcoat
03/24/2019 21:59:25
"There was so much sympathy for Moushie in her nervousness at being at the vet's office. Thanks for helping her with your special ways of comforting her while getting all of her vitals."
- Miki Bowman
03/24/2019 20:36:28
"Dr Dougia and her staff are always willing to help and take care of my furbabies. They go above and beyond to help provide top notch care. Even on short notice and emergencies."
- Kathy Barron
03/23/2019 15:54:16
"I had a great experience. I brought my dog, Lillie, in because my normal vet didn't have any appointments available. I was so happy with the experience that I will probably bring all of my pets there from now on. Lillie is usually terrified of the vet and she felt comfortable the whole time. Everyone there was super friendly and helpful. "
- Rebecca Green
03/21/2019 16:14:10
"Everything about the entire staff and vet is perfect and on point. You can feel the compassion and love for each animal that is brought in. Everyone does such a great job at making sincere connections and love for each animal. So friendly, such great vet care, Dr. D is so knowledgeable, loving to each animal, and I clearly can’t say enough good things. ;)"
- Meghan Clayton
03/20/2019 21:49:16
"Caring and professional. Most accommodating when it is necessary to get in and out. Not to speak of the saving we receive when ordering medications."
- Ben Magwood
03/19/2019 00:35:01
"I absolutely, love everything about Meridianville Pet Hospital. The Doc, the employees , cleanliness, great service...All the best!!!"
- Kim Beck
03/16/2019 13:20:18
"EVERYONE associated with Meridianville Pet Hospital are outstanding in the care of my two dogs. They truly care for the health and welfare of their patients. Doctor D and the staff are outstanding professionals in their area of expertise."
- Jerry Hammonds
03/15/2019 20:07:35
"Y’all are awesome 👏 "
- Mary Ann Nayman
03/15/2019 18:42:11
"Very friendly. Nice to my pets.."
- Jim Thomas
03/15/2019 18:09:08
"I love the service you guys provide."
- Robert Petroski
03/13/2019 19:14:53
"We loved our visit and were very pleased with how the process went so smoothly. Would like to continue with you're service if we can afford it. Estimated figures we thought were a little pricey. "
- Saundra Martin
03/13/2019 15:37:35
"I think you all are great. Always kind, Always caring. I am thankful I found you for all my pet cares and needs!!"
- Monica Hornbuckle
03/12/2019 15:31:55
"Excellent interaction and communication skills that makes both the pet and the “parent” comfortable and less anxious. It’s overwhelming and frightening to get the diagnosis of feline diabetes, but Dr Dougia shows enough patience and empathy to make it less daunting. I trust her and her staff to help us manage this and take good care of our boy."
- Diane Young
03/11/2019 22:22:29
"Sadie loves coming to see you guys. You’re always considerate of my time and sweet to my pup. "
- Betsi Boutwell
03/11/2019 17:39:30
"Friendly staff, always feel welcome. Really like the reminders you send. Never had a bad experience. Would highly recommend."
- Debbie Smith
03/11/2019 17:23:34
"Y'all are always friendly-- and helpful. Also realistic on what can be done within a budget. It speaks volumes too that every time I come (and it's been for a few years!) That the same people are there - shows a great work environment which benefits the pets and pet owners . Thank you for all you do - it is deeply appreciated. "
- Mary Freeman
02/27/2019 18:24:38
"Squeezed me in to take a look at my baby girl. Always excellent care for my Cats."
- Robin Head
02/19/2019 18:28:50
"I love your staff and clinic ."
- Draven Sechrest
02/14/2019 19:54:46
"The entire staff is kind and caring - of both animals and people. Our dogs have received excellent care."
- Elizabeth (Betsy) Dewey
02/13/2019 22:57:34
"Excellent care at your facility. We are very pleased. "
- Debbie Broadway
02/13/2019 22:51:00
"I was very happy with the customer service and the doctor was great with rocky. I would definitely recommend!!!!"
- Margaret Marton
02/08/2019 19:36:27
"Great first experience. "
- Leah Packard
02/05/2019 04:18:52
"Excellent all around care! Can't think of any improvements needed!"
- Tana Davis
02/04/2019 15:01:27
"Based on our first visit, I have only good things to say! Everyone was super friendly and even more friendly to my dog, which is what I like :-) I have been looking for a personable and caring vet for a long time and I hope I have found one. "
- Gabby Walker
02/01/2019 23:36:58
"Everything was on time. The techs worked with my high maintenance cat and drew blood. She was not stressed. Everything was efficient. Great job!"
- Robin Wallace
01/26/2019 19:28:41
"We love you all! You always greet us by name. You understand Jack’s situation and are so good with him"
- Laura McDonough
01/25/2019 18:24:20
"I could not ask for a better veterinary clinic. Everyone is so caring about you furry family member and their 2 legged owners. Dr. Dougia is amazing. She takes her time during the visit. She answers all of your questions and really listens to your concerns. Thank you all for the love and attention you give our fur babies."
- Tina Bruce
01/25/2019 00:14:06
"I just love you guys. You always make the visit a great experience for my cats and dog. Huey, Charlie and Roxie appreciate you. "
- Irmgard James
01/25/2019 00:10:40
"Y'all are awesome. My dogs aren't afraid of going to the vet and you treat them as if they're your own pets."
- Joe Comes
01/24/2019 22:25:16
"I’m always so happy with the care our cats recieve there. No complaints. You guys are also very efficient which is one of the many things I love about Meridianville Pet Hospital. Thanks!"
- Natalie Kull
01/24/2019 20:18:06
"Very happy with the care of my dog. The staff worked me in without having an appointment. The office called to follow up on her progress and to make sure the I am able to apply med as directed."
- Virginia Brown
01/24/2019 17:38:25
"Everyone is so friendly, helpful and compassionate. Thank you for all you do!"
- Carleen Barker
01/23/2019 01:08:54
"The service I received from the time I entered the door until I left was outstanding. I have never taken Lexus to a Vet that she felt more comfortable than she did here. You Guys Rock!"
- Connie Casebolt
01/17/2019 22:35:57
"Great Service!My pupperino Numero Uno loved the girls, everyonr was super friendly and knowledgable. 10/10 will recommend and visit again! Having an app, loyalty program, and friendly staff gains these girls a 5 star review!"
- Deacon Wolfwood
01/16/2019 14:43:31
" It's as you said you treat our pets like they're a part of your family there's no doubt in my mind that Troy gets the best care physically and emotionally. No matter what Pet we have we will always be part of this Pet Hospital "
- Katrina Najee
01/12/2019 16:12:02
"Everyone we encountered was absolutely wonderful! So understanding, caring, and committed to doing what's best for our pets! Dr. Dougia understood the challenges of a chronically ill cat and gave me options to figure out what is best for my old man. Edgar is already feeling like a spry young man again! Thank you!"
- Mallory Smith
01/12/2019 14:29:06
"Everyone that works there is fantastic. Never to busy to help me with my questions. "
- Ondrea Neal
01/12/2019 12:51:36
"You're the best. You fixed Bailey 's skin problems when no one else coulf"
- Candace Ingram
01/11/2019 20:52:54
"Great, thank you for caring about Bo 😊"
- Traci Lassiter
01/10/2019 21:07:56
"Everyone was very friendly and gentle with my Sophie. They handled her with kindness and were very helpful to me when we transferred her to the car upon leaving."
- Gerry Hyde
01/10/2019 11:37:26
"We love the entire staff. Care is excellent and we are always made to feel our little Yorkie Lady is very important to each of them. Couldn’t be happier with each appointment and appreciate the follow-up checking how our little girl is doing. "
- Sandy Smith
01/10/2019 00:57:41
"You get five gold stars from me."
- Lynda Nelson
01/05/2019 21:29:15
"Thank you for being so patient with our Dog Molly ! "
- Yolanda Ball
01/05/2019 19:02:12
"Dr. D and her staff are excellent and our dog is never scared!"
- David Bergeson
01/05/2019 15:42:26
"Great we are always treated like family "
- Jackie Drew
01/04/2019 04:11:55
"Every thing is excellent!"
- Carla Phillips
12/28/2018 17:18:21
"Phineas is always excited to see the staff at Meripets! "
- Miki Bowman
12/22/2018 22:13:32
"Everything was great. "
- Patrick O'Barr
12/20/2018 14:21:21
"We are very happy with the care you have given Gus. "
- Faye Winter
12/18/2018 00:12:33
"Nothing less than excellent work. Wouldn't trust the healthcare to anyone else!!!!!!"
- Jerry Hammonds
12/13/2018 16:38:45
"Doing a great job, thank you "
- Terro Jenkins
12/13/2018 02:10:45
"I’m always greeted with happy employees! Fast and friendly as well."
- Jennifer Wargo
12/13/2018 01:23:48
"I love bringing Nani to the vet! Everyone there is so nice and friendly! "
- Gwen Aaknes
12/05/2018 22:02:14
- Mike West
12/05/2018 20:22:47
"This is a wonderful veterinary office. You can tell the staff really cares about the animals and are always kind and considerate. Dr. Dougia is emphathetic and very skilled in handling all kinds of pet health issues. They really take the time to know each animal."
- Joan Breault
11/28/2018 16:29:57