"Great service! "
- Bill Givens
03/29/2020 11:22:49
"They respected the COVID-19 and were still able to see my pet."
- Charrise Ylitalo
03/28/2020 15:38:45
"Outstanding in light if the corona virus. Praying this passes soon so we can give hugs. Be safe Dr D"
- Kathy Barron
03/26/2020 12:51:48
"All I can is everything about you guys is outstanding. Superior in all aspects of customer relations and pet care."
- Jerry Hammonds
03/21/2020 15:25:28
"One of my cats cried all the way to the clinic but not a peep on the way back home. I think that means they were fine with the exam which means that you all did a job of making them feel safe."
- Barbara Tate
03/20/2020 02:52:33
"Staff is friendly and helpful. Lobby area was clean. "
- Joyce Wilkes
03/20/2020 02:41:54
"Dr. Dougia and her staff are the best! They have taken care of our girls since we moved from NC and we are so thrilled to have found them. Always treat them as if they were their own."
- Glynn Goble
03/13/2020 18:38:45
"I love coming there with my pets. I’m always looking for ways to save money so I like that they give awards for dollars spent. I have 2 pets and it can get expensive. I feel like they know what’s best for my pets! "
- Mary Beth Powers
03/13/2020 00:51:20
"Well, as I mentioned, that was the first time Kindle has voluntarily gotten on an examination table in 8 years. The overall experience was excellent. ..but please spell his name right. :-) It is Kindle (like the Kindling for a fire) rather than Kendall. Kudos to all of you!"
- Karen Lagon
03/05/2020 01:15:04
"Love this practice ❤️"
- Christina Atnip
03/04/2020 23:51:12
"I am very happy with the care I received for my fur babies! The staff is very friendly and they make us feel right at home. "
- Ginger White
03/04/2020 15:05:03
"Our experience at Meridianville Pet Hospital was very pleasant. The staff was courteous and respectful, and a pleasure to interact with. The vet was attentive to our pet, and took her time in order to ensure she was meeting the need. "
- Lalita Doward
03/03/2020 22:45:46
"Love this vet and staff. You don't overcharge, place is always clean, and super friendly."
- Michael Drew
02/28/2020 15:18:45
"We have been bringing our Friends Of Rescue fosters to MeriPets for years and we've enjoyed our experiences so much we've decided to switch over and bring our girls here! You guys have great, friendly staff. Thanks!"
- Chris Astle
02/24/2020 13:30:51
"Everybody is very friendly and welcoming. "
- Susan Winebrenner
02/24/2020 11:57:06
"You guys are doing great, always positive, friendly and kind to the animals!!"
- Gail Whelan
02/23/2020 18:49:11
"You are on time with appointments. Your staff is friendly and kind to pet owners and pets. You explain what needs to be done, what is necessary, and what is optional. You send reminders in advance and reschedule if needed. You do everything well and at reasonable prices. Our experience has been excellent at every visit! "
- Fay & Scotty Webb
02/17/2020 22:03:30
"You guys were amazing!! So kind and loving. "
- Kasi Carroll
02/13/2020 15:31:45
"You always listen and provide excellent care and advice."
- Janice Shavor
02/13/2020 13:57:59
"Good interaction with pets and pet parents. Also, questions are answered and all relevant information is given so that if a choice has to be made, it can be made with the best interest of the pet."
- Mary Ann Ruopp
02/12/2020 20:51:26
"Like always, Dr. Dougia and her entire staff takes great care of our animals. We wouldn't know what to do without her. "
- Irmgard James
02/08/2020 15:48:07
"Wonderful staff....and service. Dr Kayla truly loves her patients....Never had a bad experience since I've been going there with my pets! "
- Paula Nesbit
02/06/2020 15:32:23
"The visit went well. The vet appeared knowledgeable. I appreciated the short wait time and the fact that no other appointments were waiting to be seen. I didn't feel rushed. The tech was also very nice. She treated us as if she knew us a long time ago :)"
- Perlita Auguste
02/06/2020 02:59:16
"Phineas enjoys coming to the office! Everyone loves on him and makes him feel comfortable no matter what procedures are being done. We appreciate you all so much for loving our animals as you care for them. "
- Miki Bowman
02/06/2020 02:07:00
"Everyone I dealt with was very nice, helpful and professional. The doctor was very sweet and gentle with my kitty. No complaints at all."
- Donna Lee
02/05/2020 18:25:09
"Always Pleasant and friendly Tech's from the time I arrive to leaving. You can tell they love their jobs and the pawtients I love love Dr. D!! "
- Deborah Red
02/05/2020 17:25:48
"Great! Finally feel like I've found a veterinarian who loves my babies as much as I do!"
- Emily Imus
01/26/2020 21:56:20
"Took me in on short notice and took great care of my sick one"
- Larry Osborne
01/26/2020 16:19:33
"I was very pleased with our first experience at this office! The receptionists, the vet assistant and Dr D. Were all very nice! Glad we found you and only a mile from home!"
- Diane Crabb
01/26/2020 02:27:06
"You all are so caring and loving to my special baby! I highly recommend Meridianville Pet to anyone. "
- Kathy Sutton
01/21/2020 16:40:32
"Glad for your kind care. "
- Joan Bloomberg
01/17/2020 03:17:51
"I love this vet clinic. "
- Angela Moon
01/16/2020 19:43:35
"I feel confident the doctor lives animals and wants the best care for them."
- Willie Corlew
01/15/2020 20:10:31
"Great care! Love the new male tech! He was so personable and great with Rue. The whole staff is wonderful! "
- Amanda Howard
01/14/2020 13:10:27
"I enjoyed the visit and Sugar didn't seem to mind too much on being checked out. She was comfortable enough to fall asleep on the table. "
- Steven Green
01/14/2020 00:39:51
"Everyone is always friendly, efficient, helpful and gentle with my dog! I never have any doubt that I can trust your staff. You guys are the best!"
- Nelwyn Walles
01/10/2020 16:31:51
"No complaints whatsoever. Dr. Dougia and her staff were amazing as per usual. "
- Sara Gattis
01/07/2020 14:15:33
"Y’all are great. We feel like part of a family. "
- Austin Bailey
01/03/2020 23:45:54
"Always a good experience! The whole staff is friendly and great with our 2 dogs!!!"
- Michele Barker
01/03/2020 22:47:56
"Wonderful staff! Friendly and caring. My dog was treated with kindness and gentleness, which eased her nervousness. I am very pleased with the service I received."
- Janice Ingalls
01/03/2020 03:58:58
"Dr Dougia and her staff always go above and beyond to provide such care for our fur babies "
- Kathy Barron
12/27/2019 00:23:56
"Thank you for providing great service to my pets."
- Penny McCormick
12/23/2019 01:08:09
"Always outstanding. Wouldn't entrust Shadow and Molly's care with anyone else."
- Jerry Hammonds
12/21/2019 21:08:12
"Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I really felt that all my dogs were very well cared for!!"
- Kristen Warrington
12/18/2019 14:21:47
"Murphy boards usually once a month if not more some months. She is always eager to arrive and seems to absolutely love it there. No doubt she is receiving the best possible care when we are out of town."
- Amy Hunter
12/12/2019 17:12:32
"Excellent "
- Jennifer Douglas
12/11/2019 03:32:22
"Me and my pets love Meripets. Wonderful staff, caring and compassionate. "
- Joan Breault
12/06/2019 18:42:59
"Absolutely love this place!!! Everyone is so friendly there!!!"
- Lisa Justice
12/05/2019 03:38:35
"That was the best experience I ever had going to a vet.She took her time with my dog and also I could tell her love for animals, that impressed me! I would recommend her to anyone!!!!"
- Sandy Brodie
12/02/2019 22:28:19
"Your care and service are great. No complaints! We are happy there and Murphy is never hesitant to go to the vet. All is great! Thanks. "
- Barbara Watkins
12/02/2019 03:36:04
"Great job. Very caring"
- Belinda Perry
12/01/2019 21:02:37
"Love the care here! "
- Tana Davis
11/22/2019 21:54:54
"You guys and gals are the greatest! The way staff gathered around Lucy and loved on her was heartwarming. Lucy seems to feel very comfortable, once we get her in. LOL I would HIGHLY recommend Meridianville pet hospital to any pet owner looking for veterinary care. "
- Kim Smith
11/20/2019 23:31:08
"Can’t complain of the Service, they treat Athena as part of the family. "
- Jose Manzano
11/17/2019 00:55:18
"Always so nice to know my babies are taken care or by the nicest staff ... very personal and kind ! Helpful and I couldn’t go anywhere else ever "
- Carla Lowdell
11/15/2019 21:43:05
"You guys are amazing! "
- Carol Colon
11/09/2019 17:06:24
"Excellent service and quality care was given to Richard. Thank you! "
- Jeff Ayscue
11/08/2019 11:53:41
"Doing great. Keep doing what your doing."
- Karen Brazier
11/07/2019 00:33:05
"The visit was very quick. The staff went above and beyond to get our dogs in for a quick appointment when we were in a time crunch. "
- Amber Barger
11/06/2019 20:31:48
"I was very pleased. All of the staff were so nice and helpful, from the moment I called in to ask about making an appointment. "
- Jamie Burgess
11/06/2019 17:28:57
"Our cat, Riley, has some chronic eye, ear, teeth and allergy ailments. He is only five years old, but has seen our vet often. He is always treated with loving care and given the best treatments and medicines. So much so, for the last six months we haven't found it necessary to make an appointment. The meds and advice given us has worked well. But it's always great to know that the Meridianville Pet Hospital is always there for us if a health issue comes up with Riley. "
- Susan Medina
11/05/2019 19:29:44
"I do not have any complaints. We have received excellent care with all of our furry family members. We love our Vet and her team!"
- Tina Bruce
11/05/2019 03:11:38
"We love y’all! Everyone is fantastic. Don’t know where I’d be without Doc and her crew."
- Candice Hopkins
11/03/2019 17:43:30
"Love your clinic, you are very up front and explain stuff to where I can understand it! Great staff."
- Jennifer Kreusch
10/31/2019 23:43:38
"Love y’all! The waits are always minimal and everyone is always incredibly nice!"
- Kim Lay
10/31/2019 19:07:00
"I love Meridianville Pet Hospital; friendly staff; clean; always prompt. "
- Sarah Staplemann
10/28/2019 15:48:00
"Great experience! We are so glad we chose Meridianville Pet as our new vet! "
- Brandi Gindhart
10/28/2019 11:57:47
"I know when I leave my pet with you she will be in good hands. Thanks for always being so sweet to me and my babies."
- Traci Lassiter
10/24/2019 20:58:24
"Everyone was great from the first time I emailed until we spoke on the phone and then came for the appointment. We really loved Kim and Dr. Goggia. They were so sweet and caring with our doggies. And the girls at the front desk were so personable and friendly. My daughter is going to start bringing her dog to you as well because while they have had an okay vet experience, they just aren't wowed like we are. Thank you so much!"
- Glynn Goble
10/17/2019 20:09:14
"So very happy with visit and diagnosed problem right away. Our pet is much happier and in turn makes us happy"
- June Howell
10/16/2019 21:15:49
"Very pleased with the boarding service! Our dog was extremely well cared for. When we have boarded him in the past, he typically doesn't eat much due to being homesick and missing the family, etc. The staff went above and beyond this time to make sure he was eating. He wouldn't eat out of the bowl, but would eat from a spoon if they hand fed him. Thank you so much to the staff for going above and beyond to ensure he was getting fed!"
- David Kelley
10/16/2019 21:00:50
"Friendly staff and Doctor Dougia is very professional. "
- Pat Martinez
10/13/2019 22:43:29
"You take great care of my babies and love them also and that is my main concern for them"
- Jackie Siniard
10/12/2019 19:47:03
"Like this staff and doctor. Always go the extra mile to help."
- Cliff Bentley
10/02/2019 15:09:55
"This place is amazing!!"
- Lisa LaPierre
09/28/2019 18:22:16
"I would trust u w/any of my furbabies to do what u think is the right answer. Good work. I still miss my Pongo but Stella is a winner as well. Tk u all.🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾"
- Donna Schrader
09/28/2019 02:04:07
"Fantastic, great service, nice folks!"
- Mark Roberts
09/27/2019 17:45:33
"Love how Bristol is treated. Bristol loves the attention too. Thank you so much for making us a part of your family🐾❤️"
- Lesa Tucker
09/21/2019 17:05:20
"You guys are outstanding in every aspect of your clinic both in customer service and outstanding care of my beloved pets."
- Jerry Hammonds
09/21/2019 14:07:32
"Dr. Dougia and all the techs are so great with my Grizzly. He gets loved on so much every time he goes. "
- Emily Klimek
09/16/2019 15:27:08
"The care is excellent. The staff is friendly, courteous and caring. The doctor is kind and very knowledgeable, working with the pet for the best results. "
- Fay & Scotty Webb
09/15/2019 00:59:45
"Everything is always pleasant when I bring my pups to ya’ll, everyone seems to really love our pets and are caring of them and myself"
- Dyanne Barksdale
09/14/2019 23:24:15
"It was all good. Dr. Dogia knows Lucky is old and was accurate in her thought that his behavior was a result of pain. She prescribed pain and anxiety meds which immediately helped."
- Lee Maggard
09/13/2019 20:36:16
"Everyone is so friendly and very informative specially concerning the care of Mattie. I would recommend Meridianville Animal Hospital to anyone looking for a vet. I’m very pleased. "
- Jennifer Owens
09/13/2019 16:13:21
"Great loving caring folks that take very good care of your pets. "
- Saundra Martin
09/07/2019 19:24:38
"Great friendly and informative "
- Patrick Gideon
09/07/2019 19:09:31
"Friendly, caring staff, everyone seems like they’re taking care of your pet as if it were their own."
- Vicki Parsons
09/05/2019 17:21:12
"Amazing, friendly service!"
- Jennifer Shouse
09/03/2019 23:37:23
"I could not say anything bad about you guys. Everytime the doodles, Chloe and I come, you always make the visit less stressful that it has to be on the dogs. they love the p-nut butter treats!!! "
- Kelley Yerby
08/29/2019 17:41:06
"I think the office is run very well. There is very little waiting. Much care and concern for Ali's health and well being. I couldn't ask for a better clinic to take my pets to."
- Marsha Green
08/28/2019 05:12:51
"I like how you follow up, how you genuinely seem to care for my animals and don't try to sell me on expensive procedures that aren't truly necessary (i.e., teeth cleaning on an almost 16-year-old rescue dog)."
- Michael Drew
08/26/2019 16:06:06
"Always super friendly and informative!"
- Rescue Friends of Rescue
08/19/2019 21:13:17
"Always excellent visits with great care. Staff treats our pet as family. "
- Sandy Smith
08/16/2019 18:00:57
"When I call for information, I am given answers that are easy to understand and are given cheerfully. I always feel that I am treated as a valued client and my pets health is of the upmost concern to everyone. The Meridianville Pet Hospital is fantastic! "
- Mary Ann Ruopp
08/11/2019 16:59:59
"Everyone is excellent I love the staff and if course Doc"
- Christina Cain
08/07/2019 00:31:58
"We appreciate the good care Riley receives at Meripets. It is always easy to get an appointment when Riley is feeling "under the weather," and since he is our "grandkitty," we bring him in often. "
- Susan Medina
08/06/2019 17:22:02
"It was my cats’ first time visit and I was impressed by everyone in the office. I will continue to bring my cats there for any, all needs. Thankful to have found them. "
- Lisa Brackett
08/02/2019 17:30:07
"Everyone is fantastic. You can tell that you all honestly care about your patients. I always get in swiftly and get taken care of with kindness."
- Kim Lay
08/02/2019 14:33:02
"Always excellent service!"
- Claudette Gallaspy
07/30/2019 02:12:09
"No complaints.. you are all very compassionate "
- Lynn Tverberg
07/26/2019 01:14:09