"Everything was great...professional, efficient, friendly staff. "
- Donna Bozee
11/05/2018 18:54:09
"Always friendly. Care is good."
- Cliff Bentley
11/03/2018 23:52:23
"Awesome! We always look forward to coming to the vet! You guys are all great! "
- Sarah Teters
11/02/2018 20:53:32
"All in all it was a great first visit"
- Sarah Grissim
10/31/2018 02:16:51
"All the employees at MPH are great, patient, knowledgeable and caring."
- Robert Petroski
10/29/2018 14:34:46
"You are doing great. You keep me straight on the regular maintenance. And make room for the needed visit when there is a problem."
- Janice Shavor
10/24/2018 13:04:58
"Everything was fine the lady at the desk was taking care of everyone in a timely manner."
- Linda Cowdray
10/23/2018 02:24:22
"You took us as a walk-in which I appreciated very much. Very friendly and efficient!"
- Marion Stafford
10/22/2018 19:28:28
"GREAT! We got in and out very quickly. There was no wait and everyone loved on my pup the whole time we were there. My dog loves coming to see you guys. "
- Betsi Boutwell
10/17/2018 14:40:47
"Great, I feel confident my fur babies will always be taken care of . 🐶"
- Traci Lassiter
10/14/2018 01:48:14
"Staff is always very friendly "
- Kathy Newton
10/13/2018 12:26:38
"I am Soooo thankful that I decided to change vets. Everyone has been amazing and I truly feel that Tippy Toe is receiving the best care now. I tell everyone looking for a new vet!"
- Lori Hunter
10/13/2018 01:56:24
"It was fun & informative. Glad we got Jackson all fixed up!"
- Jan Tunnell
10/09/2018 15:07:58
"I have always been very pleased. I’m thankful that you are willing to work with people and what they can afford. "
- Rosemary Mitchell
10/09/2018 03:32:42
"Thank you for treating us and our dog with compassion. It meant more to us than you probably know. "
- Kenny Roland
10/06/2018 20:46:22
"Mary has quit scratching, bumps have not gone away yet. All is well.."
- Richard Moore
10/03/2018 17:10:16
"I have never had a bad visit. So thankful for yall"
- Rescue Friends of Rescue
09/29/2018 22:42:27
"It's always a pleasant experience when we bring our silly dogs in for a visit."
- Michelle Schafer
09/28/2018 00:27:04
"You guys are great, as always. The Hopkins-Webb family loves you all big time! Especially Patches. "
- Candice Hopkins
09/18/2018 13:08:07
"Always friendly and easy to talk to. Just like family when your there."
- Donna Dixon
09/16/2018 17:17:18
"You guys are doing an outstanding job"
- Terro Jenkins
09/13/2018 20:30:03
"I was very happy with my service and treatment at your office. "
- Eva Koeper
09/13/2018 12:02:58
"You guys are always outstanding!!!! Wouldn't trust my babies with anyone else!!!!!"
- Jerry Hammonds
09/12/2018 00:20:09
"Keep doing why your doing. Don’t change a thing!"
- Erica Williams
09/11/2018 02:49:06
"Service was great!"
- Karen Barker
09/10/2018 15:16:58
"Can’t say enough wonderful things about your clinic. LOVE Dr. D, LOVE the staff... y’all are amazing!"
- Meghan Clayton
09/08/2018 03:35:20
"My dog had a great experience, which means I had a great experience. You were all very professional and you understood that my dog was a bit nervous going in. I appreciate the care that went to my dog. Keep it up! Y'all are great!"
- Brianna Brubaker
09/07/2018 20:41:39
"I appreciate your help with walking Cooper out to the car."
- Bobbie Breeden
09/06/2018 22:12:54
"Always super friendly and always great with Lady and Pearl...."
- Paula Nesbit
09/06/2018 01:33:06
"I think you run a tight ship. Office visits are timely, there is no excess time waiting for the doctor...I have to say, it's nice to have your time respected. All of your staff is very kind, friendly and more than willing to assist."
- Suzanne Glover
09/05/2018 15:28:48
"Everyone is so friendly and caring about our fur babies. I love it!"
- Vicki Parsons
08/30/2018 20:51:16
"Everyone is super kind and there's a never a feeling of being rushed. Dr. D. and her staff give us their utmost attention when we are there. I trust her completely with my animals and know that she takes their best interest to heart. I'm so glad to have found them!"
- Kim Lay
08/30/2018 18:58:38
"I am very happy with the great care Bailey receives"
- Candace Ingram
08/30/2018 00:43:03
"We were very happy with our experience with you. Happy to have found you and your office. Looking forward to having you take care of our Guys."
- Faye Winter
08/24/2018 22:46:18
"Doing a great job. Friendly staff. Dr. D is patient and does not rush the visit. Great experience."
- Pat Martinez
08/24/2018 01:06:49
"Very friendly caring staff. Clean and we feel like getting the best care. "
- June Howell
08/23/2018 13:49:34
"I always enjoy the personal and caring attitude on the part of the vet and the staff. "
- Lisa Meadows
08/22/2018 18:09:58
"Our experience was superb. The receptionist made us feel welcome, the assistant handled Bristol beautifully and the care and concern from the vet was excellent. Loved the added touch of seeing Bristol's name on the board😄"
- Lesa Tucker
08/20/2018 23:32:29
"Had an awesome visit! "
- Gwen Aaknes
08/18/2018 12:28:28
"I am a fan, you all took such good care of Clipper and Blackjack and by extension me, so happy we found you"
- Karin Moll
08/18/2018 03:26:18
"You’re doing a great job. I’m very pleased with how my dog is treated both medically and personally."
- Diane Young
08/18/2018 01:25:42
"People are so kind helpfull and continue doing excellent service for our animals we appreciate everything you do."
- Florites Battad
08/15/2018 04:03:03
"Doing great, love you all and the way you care for my fur babies! Keep up the good work. "
- Mary Ann Nayman
08/15/2018 01:16:17
"Dr. Dougia and staff are GREAT!"
- Caris Cantrell
08/09/2018 00:11:07
"I’m always happy with the level of care and personal attention we receive. "
- Erina Galloway
08/07/2018 15:57:45
"Good job. Community likes having vet in m'ville."
- Cliff Bentley
08/05/2018 00:25:55
"my experience was very satisfying."
08/04/2018 17:16:28
"We had a very nice visit. The staff was friendly and got us in and out quickly. I've never had a bad experience there."
- Marsha Green
08/04/2018 00:51:53
"We love Meridianville Pet Hospital! I’ve dropped in twice for med refills and weight checks for our girl. They are very efficient and answered any questions that I had. "
- Melanie Gautney
07/30/2018 16:39:42
"Every time my family walks in the door we are greeted with a smile. All of the staff are kind and loving to our animals. I have never had a bad visit."
- Beverly Jeffreys
07/27/2018 17:27:52
"Employees nice and courteous. Dog did well with their handling. Vet Dougia provided excellent service, as always."
- Joyce Wilkes
07/25/2018 19:18:28
"Every time I have to take my pets to the vet, I have always had a good experience. They really care about my pets wellbeing. "
- Ashley Bowar
07/25/2018 13:59:41
"The staff is wonderful!! "
- Briana Swaim
07/25/2018 01:55:10
"There isn’t a bad thing I could say!! We’re always greeted kindly and are in and out quickly and love everyone there. Best vet ever."
- Natalie Pridmore
07/24/2018 18:38:54
"Friendly knowledgeable and fun people!! "
- Karen Taylor
07/20/2018 20:39:12
"Love it that i do not have to wait at last 40 minutes for my appointment like in some other places. Appointment at 11 is 11 not 11.45! Understandable to wait longer if there is an emergency coming. That is a normal. "
- Heike Keltner
07/15/2018 19:38:57
"2 dew claws up!"
- Cassy Turner
07/13/2018 21:26:02
"Always friendly, take my concerns seriously, appointments are easy to schedule "
- Laura McDonough
07/12/2018 22:17:11
"Awesome in every area"
- Patricia Farmer
07/11/2018 12:18:39
"You guys are awesome. "
- Diana Barber
07/10/2018 12:10:02
"The care that is provided by all of the professionals at this Veterinary Clinic is second to none. They display the same care and compassion to their client's animals as if it were their own animals. They are the BEST!!!"
- Adam Kettell
07/09/2018 21:47:37
"I love bringing my furbabies to Meridianville Pet Hospital. They just walk right in without hesitation. Dr Dougia is the best. She's always prompt and takes such good care of them. "
- Ondrea Neal
07/09/2018 20:35:06
"Great, my dogs like coming to see you 🐶"
- Traci Lassiter
07/09/2018 19:28:52
"You do an outstanding job. Everyone is always friendly and very caring. Not only to our pets but to us and that truly means a lot!"
- Tracy Wilken
07/09/2018 19:26:39
- Carla Phillips
07/03/2018 08:50:51
"Always a pleasant experience working with MPH. Great and courteous staff. "
- Ronn Wetherall
06/29/2018 14:38:30
"I love how everyone eagerly rubs my belly at command and gives me treats and kisses-you have the best staff ever😍😍"
- Kayla Dougia
06/29/2018 02:01:40
"Awesome as always. "
- Jaclyn Howard
06/29/2018 00:05:02
"Always professional and knowledgeable! Love all of you there"
- Rescue Friends of Rescue
06/28/2018 22:19:21
"All my experiences with Meripets were outstanding. Just keep doing what you've been doing. "
- Amanda Carmean
06/21/2018 22:08:00
"Tippy Toe had an amazing visit! Felt like my opinions and concerns were actually appreciated instead of overlooked. Think I have found a new doctor for my fur babies 😍"
- Lori Hunter
06/16/2018 12:45:13
"I very much enjoyed my experience today. I could tell that you really care about our animals and you go above and beyond to make sure we are taken care of. We brought our childhood cat to be put down a few months ago and we had never received customer service and genuine care like we did with you all. Thank you so much and I look forward to my puppy growing in your care. "
- Sarah Atnip
06/15/2018 03:02:06
"Very friendly staff and very considerate of my pet on the first visit."
- Jennifer Wargo
06/14/2018 00:08:17
"Celina is great on the phone and provides excellent customer service. She makes us feel like it's always OK to call and that we are never an annoyance."
- Craig Whisenant
06/12/2018 02:54:17
"Every experience is always so pleasant and everyone always makes you feel like family. "
- Beth Griffin
06/12/2018 02:26:36
"Doing good, Anexity is kinda high but always is in the summer because we have to leave her alot to go to baseball/softball tournaments that are out of town, so that's her only real issue."
- Tracey Norman
06/11/2018 16:15:20
"We Think You Are Great and Our New Vet"
- Kirk Shonk
06/11/2018 12:21:20
"My experience was good. I don’t have any complaints."
- Joe Stevenson
06/10/2018 00:50:13
"All is well!"
- Rick Wilhoite
06/09/2018 02:10:57
- John (Heather) Barton
05/29/2018 11:50:02
"You are doing great! Always friendly and welcoming. "
- Gail Whelan
05/25/2018 03:29:30
"Y'all do great with my dogs! And you watch out for my pocketbook too!"
- Janice Shavor
05/24/2018 13:07:36
"Meridianville Pet Hospital provides excellent, professional, and caring services to my dogs each and every time I have visited the office. From the moment of check-in to completion of services and check-out, I come away very satisfied! Great service to the community! Thank you! "
- Jeff Purcell
05/24/2018 01:15:16
"Everyone is friendly and helpful."
- Elaine Cash
05/22/2018 02:57:18
"Great job"
- Bonnie Newsom
05/16/2018 13:46:17
"You'll are doing great with taking care of Nola. She loves coming here."
- Carolyn Reese
05/15/2018 11:16:31
"Had a fantastic experience today, was so pleased with Veterinan & caring staff. I’m excited to find a place that cares for my animals as much as I do ! I highly recommend this place! "
- Jennifer Cloud
05/11/2018 02:26:00
"I think you do an amazing job taking care of our family member. You treat Troy with the love and attention you would give your own. you start with something that is so small but means so much. The chalk board that welcomes the pet for the day with his name on it. we will remain ever so loyal to you."
- Katrina Najee
05/10/2018 15:16:15
"We love Dr. Kayla and her crew. Tug and Tink love that they can just walk for th heir visits."
- Becky McNutt
05/10/2018 01:00:06
"Great place...great people...great service. Very satisfied."
- Ben Magwood
05/07/2018 11:17:10
"I'm very happy with Dr D and staff. They seem to love animals and enjoy their work, that is important to me. They remember me and my pets and I love that, it makes the interaction during the visit much easier and enjoyable. "
- Barbara Tate
05/07/2018 04:19:24
"Will be very good when urine analysis equipment is available at the facility. I know it’s been ordered. Excellent getting my pet in to see the vet same day. Staff are all very helpful. "
- Sandy Smith
05/06/2018 19:35:06
"All good"
- Nason Snow
05/06/2018 18:53:02
"I’m very happy. Great service from all employees. "
- Susie Engles
05/06/2018 11:12:28
"Bella was in good hands, getting her nails trimmed and anal glands... and you know how nervous she can get. All was good and we enjoyed a good laugh about the aroma..lol"
- Donna Dixon
05/04/2018 15:00:25
"Dr. Dougia is a fantastic vet and her staff is phenomenal!! "
- Joany Zilke
05/02/2018 21:41:47
"You were very accommodating and helpful"
- Vicki Brigman
05/02/2018 21:36:45
"I am comfortable leaving Atlas at Meridianville Pet Hospital. The entire staff is great."
- Jimmy Barnett
05/02/2018 20:15:29
"All the staff is wonderful - even when they are extremely busy, they always make sure to acknowledge you, ‘I’ll be with you in a moment’ sort of thing. When I’ve used the app for medication refills, I usually get a call within a couple of hours that it is ready! Laura does a wonderful job grooming our Shi Tzu, but she makes sure to check to see if it’s the full groom you need for your dog, or maybe just a face trim and so forth. Great job - everybody!"
- Vicki Parsons
05/02/2018 20:09:18
"As always you take very good care of Sasha. We groom her differently at different times of the year and you always listen and she always looks great. Thanks"
- Ben McGiboney
04/30/2018 14:31:06