"The staff is super friendly and know my dogs well. They take my concerns seriously and answer all of my questions. I am always able to get an appointment without any issues. Their new app allows me to communicate with them for refills, questions, concerns, etc. and their response is quick!"
- Laura McDonough
04/12/2018 12:06:08
"Love you guys. Mackayla received top notch care and everyone was friendly and helpful. And we love Dr. Dougia's dog!"
- Mary Chavosky
04/11/2018 21:31:18
"At my last visit to the Meridianville Pet Hospital and all other visits I found the staff to friendly, helpful and welcoming. They were all good with my pets and genuinely like all the patients."
- Gerry Hyde
04/09/2018 23:27:27
"We always enjoy bringing out babies to your office. They get the best treatment and the staff is the best around "
- Lisa Lang
04/03/2018 13:56:24
"I was very pleased. Roxy was NOT happy to be there. She went from growling at everyone and needing a muzzle to eating treats out of their hands. "
- Kim Davidson
04/01/2018 11:35:23
"You all are amazing!"
- Carla Phillips
03/30/2018 21:33:42
"The staff is awesome and caring. Especially Miss Laura, the groomer. We won't take pur pets anywhere else."
- Amy Hall
03/30/2018 14:24:28
"Great is the word that comes to me to best describes how i feel about my Pet hospital! "
- Bob Lipscomb
03/30/2018 01:33:03
"Amazing as always!! Fantastic staff - every.single.person is so helpful and friendly! Dr. D is wonderful and caring and explains things and answers all questions ... everyone truly cares about the animals ... can't say enough good things! LOVE Meripets!!"
- Rescue Friends of Rescue
03/30/2018 00:31:51
"Excellent I love how much the staff loved on grizzly to make his visit enjoyable and not traumatic. "
- Emily Klimek
03/25/2018 21:24:13
"All experiences have been great. "
- Bill Givens
03/23/2018 10:46:04
"I just love the free birthday nail trims! THANKS!!"
- Carlton Cash
03/21/2018 12:46:09
"I feel you did an excellent job with Bama. I appreciate the quality of care given "
- Debbie Broadway
03/15/2018 13:46:00
"I absolutely love the staff and care that is given when we come to you all!"
- Darleen Harris
03/15/2018 02:00:25
"BK was treated very well. I don't have anything bad to say."
- Donna Bozee
03/13/2018 22:09:47
"So thankful for Dr. Dougia and her staff for working Roscoe in when he was really ill! I am grateful for you taking the time to listen and care for him so thoroughly. So grateful!"
- Amber Seale
03/10/2018 14:22:55
"We are very pleased with the care and loving enthusiasm our pet receives when being treated at Meripets. Dr. Dougia and all the staff are considerate, friendly and helpful."
- Susan Medina
03/10/2018 01:09:21
"Everyone is so good with my cats. The handling and the atmosphere is so cat friendly. When I voiced my nervousness about a medication another cat texted badly to I expected polite tolerance but I was met with non-judgement and empathy. That actually meant a lot to me and made me feel valued as part of my cats care team and not just their ride. Thank you."
- Kendra Kamph
03/09/2018 21:16:13
"Great! In and out in a timely manner and everyone is super friendly!"
- Michael Coffey
03/07/2018 19:33:39
"Outstanding service from beginning to end. I can't think of anyway to improve my experience. Thank you! "
- Jeff Purcell
02/22/2018 03:36:42
"I'm sure you all know it, but the Hopkins crew LOVES you guys! "
- Candice Hopkins
02/20/2018 03:32:55
"You all are doing a great job! "
- Tarina Watkins
02/18/2018 00:49:28
"You guys have been wonderful! Not only is everyone professional and knowledgeable, but personable as well. I recommend this practice to anyone who is seeking care for their pets. "
- Amanda Carmean
02/17/2018 22:17:09
"Happy as always. Feel like family. Sure do miss Jennifer though! And hate I missed Joey. "
- Amanda Howard
02/17/2018 13:38:18
"Always the best care. I am so thankful that patience is always shown because I know I am a little panicky and overprotective when it comes to my babies. "
- Jaclyn Howard
02/17/2018 13:12:05
"Our first visit was great! The staff there are extremely friendly and caring to our little fur baby. "
- Melanie Gautney
02/13/2018 04:06:28
"Both vets are wonderful! They care so much about my pets. They explain all that is going on and have taken me into the back to look at x-rays of my cat on several occasions ( he as a GI problem) to explain in detail what is going on. The passion they have for their work shows. The techs are very nice. Friendly, kind to animals--love animals, and are very good at talking with patients owners. The front desk has always been patient, kind, polite. Ive only had positive experiences."
- Rachael Martin
02/08/2018 12:57:35
"I never had good luck at finding a Vet that met my needs for my pets. They never had the love and concern that I had expected from people that took jobs to care for pets. Every since I started going to Meridianville Pet Hospital I have found the most caring people (I call my pets family) that truly love every animal that comes through that door. I have lost my Daisy May to cancer and everyone of them cried with me. I would put the life of any of my pets in the hands of Dr. D and know that they were in the best of care. They treat the animals like they are their own. And in a sense they are."
- Carolyn Reese
02/01/2018 11:38:02
"I have never been more pleased with any pet clinic staff than I am with your office! EVERYONE I have ever encountered in person or on the phone has been so friendly, compassionate, and helpful! Thank you for loving our pets the way that you do!!"
- Kelly Watson
02/01/2018 02:12:14
"Great experience!"
- Lorenzo Wright
01/27/2018 14:39:38
"Since Roxy's brush with death...she is extremely well. I really appreciate the personal care given to Roxy and myself!!! Doctor and staff the best :)"
- Kim Beck
01/27/2018 14:21:07
"The whole staff is fabulous. Thanks for loving on our fur-babies!!"
- Lisa Stratton
01/25/2018 23:46:32
"Great Caring Service"
- John Hittner
01/25/2018 13:38:27
"There is no bad comments, the team does more than what is required. We appreciate the hard work and dedication you give us. I wish I was a pet:) "
- Katrina Najee
01/24/2018 13:14:47
"We love Meripets!"
- Melanie Sanderson
01/23/2018 22:34:27
"Excellent care every time. No complaints."
- Robin Head
01/23/2018 11:23:49
"You are not the closest Vet Clinic to where I live. I drive fifteen miles to get to you because I want the best care for my cats. I believe I get that care with you."
- Lynda Nelson
01/20/2018 20:49:00
"all I can say is you guys are always awesome. "
- Catherine Boyd
01/16/2018 03:27:19
"I love the friendliness of the whole staff. Beginning with scheduling an appointment through the visit itself. Dr. Dougia is very knowledgeable and you can tell how much she loves animals. "
- Irmgard James
01/14/2018 12:24:18
"Fast and always efficient. Great staff and I always trust Dr. Dougia’s opinions."
- Paul Smith
01/13/2018 03:15:03
"You all are doing great! I’ve been to a couple other vets in town before coming to MeriPets, and I couldn’t be happier with the care and attentiveness everyone gives Jackson, including grooming with Laura. If there was anything I wasn’t pleased about, I would have found another vet already. Thank you for being exactly what we need!"
- Jennifer Wiley
01/10/2018 04:52:10
"I always have a good experience when I bring in my pets and fosters. "
- Amanda Yohe
01/10/2018 03:18:49
- Jessica Lara
01/09/2018 15:55:27
"Everyone helps in dealing with the health of my pets, not just Dr Kayla. This helps so much knowing I can ask questions of anyone. And you all love my babies!"
- Miki Bowman
01/09/2018 08:25:53
"Hard to find a more caring and loving vet and staff than Dr Dougia and her staff at Meridianville Pets"
- Kathy Barron
01/09/2018 02:55:17
"Excellent as always!"
- Patty Long
01/08/2018 22:17:28
"Great to work with. Always take care of Sasha so well."
- Ben McGiboney
01/08/2018 15:53:45
"I cannot think of anything that could be better than your staff and facilities. Your the best in my book. "
- Waynette Gaither
01/07/2018 11:54:02
"Dr.Dougia and the entire staff have been exceptional. They've been very helpful through my dog's problem since I was new to canine diabetes. I truly believe my dog has the best treatment at MPH."
- Robert Petroski
01/05/2018 21:54:30
"Everyone is wonderful. caring, loving staff they take care of all our needs wouldn't take our dog anywhere else we love everyone one of you."
- Norma Cole
01/05/2018 19:05:43
"I love bringing Riley to Meridianville Pet Hospital. The staff is always loving and sweet with her, even though she inevitably wants to leave as soon as she arrives. :) The care is top-notch, and Dr. Dougia is second to none. Thanks for being so great!"
- Kelli Johnson
01/05/2018 04:39:11
"I have always been very happy. The Doctor and the entire staff have always been wonderful to me and my pups. Professional and Neighborly if that makes sense."
- Vickie Fields
01/04/2018 19:56:01
"Everything and everyone at. Friendly knowledgeable and willing to,explain everything"
- Karen Taylor
01/04/2018 00:50:24
"You guys are the best. Lucky and Lucy come back just as happy as they left when we board them. I have the utmost confidence they are being treated as well as they are when they are home."
- Robin Stewart
01/03/2018 22:41:52
"Love that I almost never have to wait. "
- Heike Keltner
01/02/2018 23:43:51
"Laura does a great job with Cookie."
- Christina Sirten
01/02/2018 16:58:38
"My son brought Bastian in for the first time. He was impressed that you were aware of how Bastian needed to be restrained for everyone's safety."
- Jackie Marr
01/01/2018 11:27:33
"One of the best groomers we have ever had."
- Richard Neal
12/30/2017 17:20:32
"You guys are the best! I won’t take my 5 dogs, 3 cats and guinea pigs anywhere else!"
- Carla Phillips
12/30/2017 14:09:57
"Very pleased with entire staff"
- Sandy Smith
12/30/2017 13:51:58
"Love brining our pets here—very caring staff!"
- Rob Asquith
12/30/2017 03:50:47
"You always treat my dog like family and put me at ease when he is or injured"
- Kathy Sutton
12/29/2017 22:25:30
"Great is the only way I can rate Meridianville Pet Hospital based on the concern, help, and care our pets have received from the staff and doctors. I am so grateful that we have this quality of facility in Meridianville."
- Bob Lipscomb
12/29/2017 21:24:50