"Everyone at the hospital is awesome. Thank you for always caring for Zoe and Freya!!"
- Shantel Jensen
09/24/2022 21:09:17
"All was better than expected! Your work with Peter was so superior to the other vets he has seen that I'm happy to call you're veterinary Hospital Peters vet home. Thank you"
- Candace Ford
09/23/2022 00:44:23
"Everything was explained to me well,I feel these people at the clinic love animals as I do, I highly recommend them"
- Richard Darling
09/22/2022 20:37:08
"Nice people. Great Vet."
- Bill Sammons
09/18/2022 00:40:20
"You did great. "
- Allen Ransom
09/16/2022 06:59:35
"Completely happy and satisfied with our experience and treatment at MPH!"
- Charles Miller
09/13/2022 18:15:41
"I am absolutely pleased with every visit. I appreciate how the front desk will work with me to drop off my cats in the morning and then let me pick them up at lunch. The techs are all very friendly and helpful as is Dr. Dougia. "
- Lisa McKinney
09/13/2022 16:31:22
"We love Meridianville Pet Hospital! Although Binx is not a fan of having to visit, he receives excellent care from Dr. Dougia and her staff!"
- Camilla Osborne
09/12/2022 13:19:58
"You're doing excellent......from walking in the door and being greeted by friendly people, to the technician, and finally Dr.D. Keep doing what you're doing. It works!!!"
- Janice Ingalls
09/07/2022 23:01:34
"I have nothing bad to say about anything. Dr. Douglas and her staff are the best there is in veterinary medicine that I’ve ever come across."
- Mary Roberts
09/07/2022 20:15:36
"They treat my fur baby with love. I trust them with her life. "
- Sandra Mason
09/07/2022 17:07:19
"Everyone was nice and took good care of my dog"
- Toni Beggs
09/03/2022 20:36:45
"Can't say anything bad. Just all good. "
- Kansas Tedder
08/31/2022 16:21:08
"You have a great staff, and everyone seem very knowledgeable about anything we ask. "
- Melanie Swartz
08/29/2022 21:41:28
"So far I have found everything to good."
- Linda Cowdray
08/29/2022 20:45:39
"Great visit"
- Cindy Huet
08/27/2022 20:48:07
"Thrilled to have a vet that will see my pet when he is sick not having to wait a day or more."
- Lovell Whisenant
08/27/2022 03:26:50
"I had the best experience on my visit. Everyone from the moment I walked in, the front desk girls were friendly. I was a little early but was put into a room and didn’t have to wait but maybe 10 minutes. Dr D. was so kind, caring and compassionate and helped me understand my options for my senior cat. I have nothing negative to say about the visit. "
- Kathy Cooper
08/27/2022 00:52:48
"Appreciate you continued flexibility, not to mention your patience in all of my questions. You are beyond appreciated. "
- Joshua Chadd
08/26/2022 17:38:57
"Yall are awesome!"
- Tammy Godwin
08/24/2022 22:11:49
"Everyone is great here. Really appreciate James he is awesome. Very helpful and willing to jump in no matter what. Especially with crazy Jep and his feet. "
- Wendy Shannon
08/24/2022 16:54:03
"Dr. Dougia and her staff are kind and very attentive to Mia and Chase! Mia is somewhat shy and everyone took great care and patience with her. "
- Bill Givens
08/19/2022 20:10:05
"You guys were the best in helping Kaya get rid of that nasty tick!! She is doing so much better now. Glad you could help her when we couldn't. You guys are awesome!"
- Dawn Poch
08/16/2022 17:53:24
"Knowledgeable people, the whole staff listens to you and always finds an answer "
- David Bradford
08/11/2022 18:45:10
"We love you guys and the staff and Doc are always so friendly and take amazing care of my fur babies. "
- Kelley Yerby
08/10/2022 11:20:13
"Staff is very pleasant and are very helpful."
- Walter Wible
08/09/2022 19:13:18
"So caring, professional!!"
- Rita Lufriu
08/09/2022 17:45:53
"I can not express how thankful I am for Dr.Dougia and Staff. They have been so amazing monitoring my baby’s diabetes and pancreatitis. And helping this momma understand diabetes in dogs. Beyond blessed for everyone at Meridianville Pet Hospital. "
- Melissa Carter
08/05/2022 02:04:23
"I cannot think of a thing you need to improve on. Keep up the good work!"
- Walt Hennessee
08/03/2022 22:51:43
"We just moved to Meridianville and on our “walk through” of our new home we stopped in to visit & make an appt for our 2 vizslas for their annual visit. The young ladies at the appt desk were so friendly & helpful we knew we made a good choice. When we had our appt everyone one again were wonderful & genuinely cares about fur babies. Very thorough exam & Dr. “D” even called us back personally with the blood work results. Thank y’all for such a great experience. "
- Deborah Mullins
08/02/2022 23:18:40
"All went very well. James, the tech, was friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Rice was kind and friendly and knowledgeable, too. Keep up the good work. ☺️"
- Lisa Brackett
08/02/2022 21:23:05
"Wonderful staff, amazing quality of care ❤️"
- Missy Nauck
07/23/2022 19:09:45
"Always a pleasant experience. Take great care of my pets"
- Donna Dixon
07/21/2022 16:24:47
"The reassurances about proper care for my itchy and nervous babies is appreciated more than you'll ever know. "
- Miki Bowman
07/20/2022 16:26:13
"All went well with Sunny's annual exam and shots. Timely visit with the vet and friendly atmosphere."
- William Capps
07/19/2022 16:26:20
"My visits here are always great. Everyone shows that they care for the animals they treat and they are always very friendly. This is a great place to take your pets. "
- Shaun Degges
07/16/2022 22:51:50
"Friendly and professional staff!"
- Cassandra Wilkins
07/16/2022 20:03:24
"Wonderful! Everyone is so kind!"
- Sherry Zoller
07/15/2022 10:46:52
"All the techs and doctors have been kind and helpful. Friendly to my kids and handle them with care. I appreciate the kindness and courtesy."
- Gerry Hyde
07/14/2022 21:15:03
"My babies are always treated so well when we are there!!!"
- Erika Worley
07/08/2022 16:55:12
"Rocky loves all the workers and gets very excited to see them. It's because they make him feel like a king!"
- Maria Harris
07/08/2022 12:33:46
"I appreciated being put into an exam room even though it was small. It got us out of the lobby. It was very busy when we arrived and I was more comfortable having Jacob away from other pets. He had been vomiting and not knowing why, I didn’t want him to expose other pets if he did have something contagious. We were moved to a regular exam room as soon as it was available. The tech really knew how to handle him."
- Amelia Bowers
07/07/2022 01:46:42
"1st visit with no complaints. The doc and staff are professional and empathetic and I think my fur babies are in good hands."
- Luznery Fletcher
07/02/2022 17:44:37
"Best Vet experience I have ever experienced. From the birth of my previous dog to her untimely death, and the care for my current pup, it doesn't get much better. Straight to the point. Best recommendations for care plans. Great staff. "
- Zac Peterson
07/02/2022 17:42:20
"Patricia Raines recommended you and we were completely pleased with our first visit as she said she was. "
- Harold Taylor
06/30/2022 22:06:28
"Everyone was very friendly and took great care of Mariah "
- Kristen Huffman
06/30/2022 19:31:51
"There truly is nothing bad t0 say about my experience and/or Meridianville Pet Hospital. Everyone was helpful, respectful, kind, caring, and attentive to us. Roxie was treated with utter care and tenderness. As long as I have Roxie, this is where we'll be coming. Not to mention the convenient location in proximity to us. That helps. :)"
- Perlita Auguste
06/30/2022 17:37:37
"My visit was excellent. I was assisted getting my 2 kennels out of my car and into the building. All the staff were welcoming and helpful. My two cats had an exam and annually required shots. My questions were answer and concerns were addressed by the vet. It was a wonderful experience in every way today. I left with two happy cats."
- Susan Buckelew
06/29/2022 20:19:38
"I really appreciate that you were able to work me in quickly with Clara. The staff was wonderful. I appreciate that you called to check on her. Great experience. Thank you!"
- Sharon Saunders
06/28/2022 16:21:53
"I was really nervous to come in and you made me AND my dog feel at ease "
- Lindsay Koppinger
06/27/2022 16:18:55
"The chat feature is excellent and handled swiftly. Picking up food is very convenient and staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. "
- Nancy Heth
06/26/2022 12:52:01
"We are completely happy with everything about Meridianville Pet Hospital - but, more importantly, Khalesi is!! 😻"
- Kay Warren
06/25/2022 17:45:23
"Great! We love the care our dogs have received!!"
- Beth Gross
06/21/2022 16:40:47
"I loved being able to message you to get meds for Toby. It was nice to chat via text and his meds were ready when I arrived."
- Dianne Rhodes
06/18/2022 18:18:28
"They treat my fur baby like they really care. They are kind and nice to the both of us. Doctor is very thorough with my baby to ensure she is getting the best of care."
- Joyce Gray
06/17/2022 16:58:18
"My first visit with a sick geriatric cat. The doctor and the staff treated him with kindness and made him feel less anxious. The doctor spend a really long time with me and gave me a great article to read regarding a path forward in diagnosing my cat's illness. "
- Deborah Lee
06/16/2022 17:31:33
"You all did a great job "
- Carolyn Owens
06/11/2022 22:10:24
"U call r great. Stella felt loved and that makes me happy!🥰"
- Donna Schrader
06/10/2022 15:09:23
"So far everything is awesome !!"
- Lisa Sparks
06/10/2022 03:55:31
"Excellent, caring staff. They always follow up with a call to check on Rowdy after a visit."
- Lillian Green
06/08/2022 12:24:59
"You guys are great. We wouldn’t trust anyone else with our sweet fur babies."
- Pat and Bob York
06/07/2022 19:17:11
"It’s one of the best places I’ve been for my pets health, the staff and Doctor is always attentive, this is not my first pet to be taken care of by you guys Max was my first. This will always be my place of choice. Thanks ☺️ "
- Jimmie Watters
06/03/2022 16:45:44
"We as a whole family love the staff and doctors at the Meridianville Pet Hospital. Everyone work is always kind, courteous, and attentive whenever we call or come in. "
- Darleen Harris
06/02/2022 17:20:13
"My experience with Meridianville Pet Hospital has always exceeded my expectations! "
- Cindy Manley
05/27/2022 22:36:58
"GREAT, you guys give excellent customer service."
- Valorie Burwell
05/27/2022 19:53:21
"You guys are amazing! I love how thorough and attentive all the staff were. My kitty is in good hands with you all. Thank you! "
- Tanya Markham
05/26/2022 20:31:28
"It was quick, clean, and everyone was so nice!"
- Sharon Grissim
05/26/2022 17:45:51
"Everyone at meridianville pet hospital is so sweet. Our animals love them! They are every thorough in caring for our babies. "
- Hanah Buchmann
05/24/2022 01:29:51
"We love coming to visit. The staff is always polite and helpful."
- Johnita Romine
05/20/2022 03:00:52
"Great communication, very sweet to my fur baby. Thanks so much"
- Rebecca Schroeder
05/16/2022 13:41:21
"Doctor Dougia and staff are very competent and professional. I appreciate them and the facility and the relationship."
- Ricky Power
05/14/2022 19:08:52
"Y’all are great. Doc is the best vet ever, and as a lifelong pet owner, I’ve seen a few. My last visit, all the ladies in the front office were new to me, but they were nice and took care of what we needed."
- Sherry Walker
05/13/2022 22:11:30
"Yall are awesome!!"
- Tammy Godwin
05/11/2022 22:33:44
"No complaints at all. Your staff is always super friendly, and I never feel like I’m bothering them even when I know I am 😊 I really liked Dr Rice too."
- Erin Keniston
05/08/2022 00:13:03
"Everyone there is kind, compassionate and caring. The techs and doctor see the animals promptly and express an understand that not every pet parent has a big budget."
- Kim Edmunds
05/07/2022 21:50:34
" Meridianville Pet Hospital is top notch. From the moment you walk thru the door you can tell every employee and Dr. Dougia is genuine and caring about your animal. I have never been to a vet office that is as compassionate as they are. If anyone is considering taking their pet to their establishment please don’t hesitate!! They are WONDERFUL!"
- Mary Roberts
05/07/2022 19:35:18
"Always outstanding in everything."
- Jerry Hammonds
04/27/2022 16:11:32
"You are always so friendly when we walk in and your team are ome of the caring that Randy and I have seen in a while, the babies have no problem walking in. Thank you everyone wood wood xx oo❤🐕🐾🦴"
- Jackie Siniard
04/23/2022 14:30:05
"AWESOME!!!! I have no complaints. Best veterinarian and highly recommend!!!"
- Sandra Mason
04/21/2022 17:56:49
"Absolutely amazing! You provided us with great care and compassion. You are extremely knowledgeable and I feel that we are in great hands with you, your staff and the treatments that were discussed. I feel truly blessed with the fact that my fur baby is in excellent care."
- Vickie Davis
04/17/2022 20:46:13
"Bella loves all the staff at meripets. Great care and always friendly. Like family "
- Donna Dixon
04/16/2022 16:19:25
"Having to change vets isn't easy on parents of our furry (scaley and feathered!) babies or parents but I was given the information needed after my vet closed (suddenly! and without knowledge) James and the young lady behind the counter were super helpful in locating where my pups records were. Thank you so much!! "
- Shantel Jensen
04/16/2022 15:07:08
"You are doing great. Love the fact that you call to check up on our pets. The staff is friendly. Questions over the phone are provided to Dr. Dougia and she returns calls the same day with the answers. Dr. Dougia has our pets quality of life as a priority. She truly cares for our pets. You can tell the staff loves animals. They are kind and gentle with our pets."
- Pat Martinez
04/15/2022 22:29:40
"We had a great experience."
- Kim Ashby
04/13/2022 20:32:44
"We saw the fill-in vet and she was super nice and super good with Debbie, she knew exactly what it was, what she needed, and provided great care and great customer service. We missed seeing Dr. D’s smiling face, but your fill-in was very pleasant, knowledgeable, sweet with Debbie and did a great job at treating her. "
- Meghan Clayton
04/13/2022 19:01:18
"I always feel like my Yorkie (Lady) is part of the Meridianville Pet Hospital family. Always responsive to my questions and oftentimes last minute requests. "
- Sandy Smith
04/12/2022 19:35:20
"Y'all are doing great. Your receptionist was friendly and helpful. "
- James "Brian" Metz
04/11/2022 13:29:15
"My cats like it there and no one is afraid for DR D. to approach them. They do not necessarily like all that she may do but they like her. (I especially like how she loves on my Bobbsi , he is the one who gets stressed.) She has been great with their dental exams and dental work! The new office is awesome!"
- Barbara Tate
04/10/2022 22:51:38
"I appreciated Gus staying in the room with me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Gus being examined. Also Dr Dougia answered all my questions and didn’t rush out the door for the next patient. Overall, a positive experience. Thank you"
- Ellen Brosmer
04/09/2022 19:57:32
"Great caring Dr and staff. "
- June Howell
04/08/2022 19:02:08
"I had a great experience and found the front desk lady to be very helpful. She was very friendly and handled all the patients with concern."
- Amelia Bowers
04/07/2022 23:39:00
"Awesome!!!! Very considerate of my new and very excitable puppy Pyrenees/Anatolian Lilly. Thank you so much!"
- Jeri Williams
04/07/2022 10:07:39
"all good: quick service / fair prices / friendly employees"
- Melissa Bauer
04/06/2022 20:04:41
"Everyone seems to have a general care for the animals being seen"
- David Bradford
04/06/2022 00:03:04
"From reception to check-out, the visit was wonderful (though my poor dog, after getting multiple shots and a blood draw, would probably disagree :). The techs are all great with Riley, and she loves Dr. D, though it's obvious she doesn't like being in the office. Thanks for loving on my pup and taking such good care of her!"
- Kelli Johnson
03/30/2022 21:53:39
"First time experience was awesome. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! The cleanest place ever!!"
- Chandra Benson
03/30/2022 20:19:28
"You guys are great from the front office to the direct care you give our little dog. Love that we can get her medicine and stuff on line and don't have to worry about anything. Also, really like how you make sure we keep up to date with her care. Thank you!"
- Aaron Garmon
03/30/2022 16:23:07
"I am always pleased with the care Meridian Pet Hospital has cared for all four of our dogs. Everyone is always caring and compassionate as well as gentle and thorough. I'm so happy we found you!"
- Nelwyn Walles
03/25/2022 01:32:46
"You’re doing great as always! I couldn’t possibly ask or expect more from a Veterinarian and staff than my fur children get with you. Thank you for caring and showing it💖"
- Diane Young
03/19/2022 19:14:43
"I took my maltese Chloe to see Dr. Dougia for her severe dental issues. When I arrived the staff was excellent to me and my baby. Then I met Dr. Dougia and she was the best with my fur baby. She took her time and was very loving to my baby. She was very thorough with the exam and the explanation of what needed to be done for her. We are scheduled again on March 21 for her to have a dental and I have no doubt she is going to be in the best of hands/care. I also have another maltese, Zoie, the sister to my Chloe. I will be moving both of my girls to Dr. Dougia going forward. All I can say is EXCELLENT and would highly recommend to anyone. Our pets are our family and these people seem to REALLY understand and care about our family!"
- Joyce Gray
03/19/2022 17:40:20