"Always outstanding in everything."
- Jerry Hammonds
04/27/2022 16:11:32
"You are always so friendly when we walk in and your team are ome of the caring that Randy and I have seen in a while, the babies have no problem walking in. Thank you everyone wood wood xx oo❤🐕🐾🦴"
- Jackie Siniard
04/23/2022 14:30:05
"AWESOME!!!! I have no complaints. Best veterinarian and highly recommend!!!"
- Sandra Mason
04/21/2022 17:56:49
"Absolutely amazing! You provided us with great care and compassion. You are extremely knowledgeable and I feel that we are in great hands with you, your staff and the treatments that were discussed. I feel truly blessed with the fact that my fur baby is in excellent care."
- Vickie Davis
04/17/2022 20:46:13
"Bella loves all the staff at meripets. Great care and always friendly. Like family "
- Donna Dixon
04/16/2022 16:19:25
"Having to change vets isn't easy on parents of our furry (scaley and feathered!) babies or parents but I was given the information needed after my vet closed (suddenly! and without knowledge) James and the young lady behind the counter were super helpful in locating where my pups records were. Thank you so much!! "
- Shantel Jensen
04/16/2022 15:07:08
"You are doing great. Love the fact that you call to check up on our pets. The staff is friendly. Questions over the phone are provided to Dr. Dougia and she returns calls the same day with the answers. Dr. Dougia has our pets quality of life as a priority. She truly cares for our pets. You can tell the staff loves animals. They are kind and gentle with our pets."
- Pat Martinez
04/15/2022 22:29:40
"We had a great experience."
- Kim Ashby
04/13/2022 20:32:44
"We saw the fill-in vet and she was super nice and super good with Debbie, she knew exactly what it was, what she needed, and provided great care and great customer service. We missed seeing Dr. D’s smiling face, but your fill-in was very pleasant, knowledgeable, sweet with Debbie and did a great job at treating her. "
- Meghan Clayton
04/13/2022 19:01:18
"I always feel like my Yorkie (Lady) is part of the Meridianville Pet Hospital family. Always responsive to my questions and oftentimes last minute requests. "
- Sandy Smith
04/12/2022 19:35:20
"Y'all are doing great. Your receptionist was friendly and helpful. "
- James "Brian" Metz
04/11/2022 13:29:15
"My cats like it there and no one is afraid for DR D. to approach them. They do not necessarily like all that she may do but they like her. (I especially like how she loves on my Bobbsi , he is the one who gets stressed.) She has been great with their dental exams and dental work! The new office is awesome!"
- Barbara Tate
04/10/2022 22:51:38
"I appreciated Gus staying in the room with me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Gus being examined. Also Dr Dougia answered all my questions and didn’t rush out the door for the next patient. Overall, a positive experience. Thank you"
- Ellen Brosmer
04/09/2022 19:57:32
"Great caring Dr and staff. "
- June Howell
04/08/2022 19:02:08
"I had a great experience and found the front desk lady to be very helpful. She was very friendly and handled all the patients with concern."
- Amelia Bowers
04/07/2022 23:39:00
"Awesome!!!! Very considerate of my new and very excitable puppy Pyrenees/Anatolian Lilly. Thank you so much!"
- Jeri Williams
04/07/2022 10:07:39
"all good: quick service / fair prices / friendly employees"
- Melissa Bauer
04/06/2022 20:04:41
"Everyone seems to have a general care for the animals being seen"
- David Bradford
04/06/2022 00:03:04
"From reception to check-out, the visit was wonderful (though my poor dog, after getting multiple shots and a blood draw, would probably disagree :). The techs are all great with Riley, and she loves Dr. D, though it's obvious she doesn't like being in the office. Thanks for loving on my pup and taking such good care of her!"
- Kelli Johnson
03/30/2022 21:53:39
"First time experience was awesome. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! The cleanest place ever!!"
- Chandra Benson
03/30/2022 20:19:28
"You guys are great from the front office to the direct care you give our little dog. Love that we can get her medicine and stuff on line and don't have to worry about anything. Also, really like how you make sure we keep up to date with her care. Thank you!"
- Aaron Garmon
03/30/2022 16:23:07
"I am always pleased with the care Meridian Pet Hospital has cared for all four of our dogs. Everyone is always caring and compassionate as well as gentle and thorough. I'm so happy we found you!"
- Nelwyn Walles
03/25/2022 01:32:46
"You’re doing great as always! I couldn’t possibly ask or expect more from a Veterinarian and staff than my fur children get with you. Thank you for caring and showing it💖"
- Diane Young
03/19/2022 19:14:43
"I took my maltese Chloe to see Dr. Dougia for her severe dental issues. When I arrived the staff was excellent to me and my baby. Then I met Dr. Dougia and she was the best with my fur baby. She took her time and was very loving to my baby. She was very thorough with the exam and the explanation of what needed to be done for her. We are scheduled again on March 21 for her to have a dental and I have no doubt she is going to be in the best of hands/care. I also have another maltese, Zoie, the sister to my Chloe. I will be moving both of my girls to Dr. Dougia going forward. All I can say is EXCELLENT and would highly recommend to anyone. Our pets are our family and these people seem to REALLY understand and care about our family!"
- Joyce Gray
03/19/2022 17:40:20
"The app is great and convenient and the staff is responsive when making requests. The staff is so friendly and remember our girls when I call. They are so caring and we completely trust Dr. Dougia. She has given us sound advice and was against a possible surgery we were considering because she thought it would resolve itself over time and it did! We always feel she has the best interest of our girls at heart. We loved our old vet in NC and were afraid we would struggle to find one here but Dr. Dougia's team is awesome!"
- Glynn Goble
03/17/2022 16:27:53
"Everyone at the office is SO friendly! When I take Marley and Macon for visits, I know they are with people who will give them the best care possible."
- Sandra Mayer
03/17/2022 12:53:25
"Everyone is so sweet and helpful! Dr. Kayla is the best vet we’ve ever had and we’re happy to bring our babies to Meridianville Pet Hospital. "
- Kyrie Rinehart
03/12/2022 20:49:36
"MeriPet is always the most excellent Vet ever! The staff is great and Dr. D is absolutely awesome! I have 6 cats, 5 of which are Maine Coons and she's so great with them all, very knowledgeable about cats overall but I consider her a specialist with Maine Coons! I recommend anyone with cats looking for an awesome Vet to go to Meridianville Pet Hospital for the most excellent service, the best treatment with patients and parents - they are truly the best in my opinion and I've used a few in the Huntsville area. I love you guys!"
- Angela Smith
03/11/2022 13:39:42
"Two great visits in one day with our pups. Front desk staff, techs and the doc are always friendly, respectful, and empathetic. "
- Chris Astle
03/09/2022 16:14:48
"Only good news. Keep on doing what you are doing."
- Ann Durfee
03/09/2022 03:08:20
"Rocky is so comfortable coming to see you. Never nervous! He feels the love from all Staff members."
- Maria Harris
03/07/2022 22:57:18
"Everyone did well and are always excited to see my dogs. "
- Kelsey Smith
03/07/2022 14:52:03
"This was my first visit. i actually scheduled an appt to have a rabies shot for a stray cat that found its way to my house. The staff was very polite and friendly. very pleased withe services i received "
- Renee Knox
03/06/2022 21:44:02
"The visit went very well and we got to meet Dr Rice. I have really enjoyed changing to this vet hospital."
- Tammy Hornsby
03/06/2022 16:31:13
"We are so happy to be able to see you all ! We love the staff, they are always so friendly and caring. "
- Darleen Harris
03/03/2022 17:17:58
"No issues. Have always been great service and care"
- Tracey Murphree
03/03/2022 15:52:36
"Everyone is so friendly and I love how well they took care of my baby. "
- Phyllis Brock
02/27/2022 04:28:11
"I love bringing Molly to the vet! She loves coming and everyone is so nice. I love that when we check out we can do it inside the room. It can be a struggle trying to pay while keeping her under control on the leash. Especially when someone comes inside! "
- Patty Sisk
02/22/2022 17:14:05
"The staff were very kind and understanding with my fear/reactive dog. They provided excellent care and treatment for my pet. "
- Marana Lakkaraju
02/19/2022 20:41:51
"The staff is very attentive and adapt easily to the different personalities of my pets. They are even willing to see a dog who reeks of skunk!"
- Sheri Bowlen
02/15/2022 01:17:55
"I like how you take sure good care of Sassy's needs. I also love the attention she receives when in the office. "
- Erika Worley
02/14/2022 13:25:28
"The care and experience was perfect! They were there ready to help. Thank you! "
- Jane Barnes
02/13/2022 00:31:08
"Dr. Dougia and her team are Aweome."
- Bill Sammons
02/11/2022 23:40:43
"Great experience. The staff was wonderful and Dr.D was just fabulous!! I loved that each of you listened to me and genuinely seem to care. Thank you!!!"
- Heather Lane
02/10/2022 12:14:55
"Every time I visit everyone is professional and we’re always greeted with smiles. We absolutely love Meridianville Pet Hospital and it helps its super convenient! "
- Crsytal Bradley
02/09/2022 17:15:58
"No complaints. Dr D and vet tech were great. Room was clean. Bathroom was clean. They held the door for me when I was leaving as I was carrying my cat carrier which was nice. "
- Becky Ricks
02/06/2022 00:30:18
"Great staff and a wonderful doctor. "
- Patricia Perry
02/03/2022 21:24:59
"WE absolutely LOVE you guys and really appreciate what you do for us!!!!"
- Amy Player
02/02/2022 17:15:23
"A great group of people who care about you and your pet!"
- Cindy Manley
02/02/2022 12:06:03
"All of you are amazing!"
- Gail Birmingham
01/30/2022 18:52:52
"Great staff & Vet. Definitely recommend to anyone. Labrador, family, and I just relocated from NM, and I was pleased to find such a great place in Meridianville. My new vet clinic! "
- Henry Buck
01/30/2022 18:39:56
"Great service, very nice staff. "
- Tami Tanner
01/30/2022 03:59:26
"Everyone is always extremely nice and helpful to me and my babies. Also, the doctors and staff take the time to explain everything to me about the treatment that my babies get, they even call to check up on them after a visit. It's sad to say but there are some people facilities that could learn alot from the people at Meridianville Pet Hospital."
- Christa Keiffer
01/27/2022 03:57:19
"Couldn’t complain service was great "
- Wendy Shannon
01/26/2022 17:27:54
"Absolutely the most kind and caring staff ever."
- Joan Breault
01/26/2022 15:50:03
"I take my 2 dogs and cat here and every experience is good. Y'all are kind, respectful, and knowledgeable. "
- Brianna Brubaker
01/25/2022 23:05:39
"Quick and easy"
- Larry Osborne
01/25/2022 18:20:21
"Staff was all wonderful and very patient with my nervous dog. Beautiful facility too"
- Pamela Perry
01/24/2022 00:01:18
"Excellent...... Glad we are with you. Thanks for being there for us."
- Ben Magwood
01/21/2022 20:57:42
"We have no complaints with the care that Mocha receives. Everyone is friendly and professional. We love you all."
- Michelle Suggs
01/20/2022 18:17:12
"Loved our first visit! It was quick but I also got all the info I needed! We got scheduled for a surgery quickly and even though I’m nervous about it, I know our pup is in the best hands. I’m super excited to move both of our dogs to this practice. "
- Kayla Rollins
01/19/2022 20:16:47
"I am very pleased with the service and attention that is given to my pet."
- Danielle Gaylord
01/19/2022 12:12:31
"My recent experience cannot be measured as Dr. Dougeu and staff did everything possible to find out what was wrong with my baby and our appreciation cannot be measured. "
- Jackie Siniard
01/17/2022 18:59:16
"Everyone that I have had contact from this office has always been helpful, polite and kind. I would recommend the clinic to others for their pets."
- Gerry Hyde
01/15/2022 21:19:24
"Amazing is what comes to mind. Your complete staff put our family member (10 year old Shih Tzu) your first priority. I cannot thank you enough."
- Kevin Bowers
01/15/2022 17:49:03
"Always happy 😊... Bella loves her visits"
- Donna Dixon
01/14/2022 20:17:50
"I have no complaints. Staff is very friendly. Very impressed."
- Amanda Hearn
01/12/2022 11:49:34
"Everyone on staff is friendly and every helpful. All the vets are caring and every professional."
- Llyod Self
01/11/2022 21:09:55
"The whole office and the Doctor are wonderful and caring. We have no problem with the service or anyone who works there"
- Barbara Levine
01/06/2022 17:50:06
"Very caring staff. Clear, concise information and instruction. "
- Arletta Coberly
01/05/2022 23:04:46
"The staff along with the vet listens and answers all my questions, they all show great concern for my pet and provide several options for them."
- David Bradford
01/05/2022 22:37:00
"Super nice to send a get well card for Kaya. We really appreciate that!!!"
- Melissa Bauer
01/05/2022 22:12:17
"Nothing but outstanding care for my buddy Shadow."
- Jerry Hammonds
12/27/2021 21:02:21
"Great experience! We will be back!"
- Shondra Seebeck
12/23/2021 17:12:46
"I called in for an appointment and promptly received one. When we arrived, my dog received excellent attention and care. "
- Diane Marsh
12/22/2021 23:05:36
"Absolutely superb!!!! Dont change."
- Luanna Waits
12/22/2021 18:20:18
"Got my little dog in the same day I called. All our concerns were met with medication and loving care. "
- June Howell
12/21/2021 21:18:18
"Could not have been better"
- Richard Darling
12/18/2021 22:26:36
"Everything about our visit was great! Staff was caring and friendly. Thank you! "
- Erin Egyud
12/18/2021 20:14:24
"Your team is great and so kind and overall sweet to both myself and my sweet Joey. To be honest it is stressful financially to spend money at a Vet, when most of us don't even like spending money for our own health and your office makes this such a great experience that it alleviates any stress I have felt. I love my pet and he is getting what I feel is the best of care with your office and also he is treated kindly. Keep up the wonderful atmosphere and care. "
- Vicky Grammer
12/15/2021 21:25:41
"Very friendly, professional personnel work here. They obviously love the animals put in their care."
- Lillian Green
12/13/2021 14:10:25
"I love your clinic. You all are awesome. Keep up the good work!!!"
- Missy Elam
12/09/2021 19:00:07
"You are always the best and take such excellent care of my cats and quick to advise when drop offs are ready to go. We LOVE you!"
- Angela Smith
12/06/2021 19:13:14
"I was very pleased with out last visit. The dogs enjoy seeing the personnel there. they are vey patient with each dog. "
- Tammy Hornsby
12/06/2021 15:07:35
"Welcome loving caring xx Thank You!"
- Rita Lufriu
12/05/2021 22:38:42
"Dr Dougia is always thorough and cares about our cats. She is the best diagnostician we have ever been to. We love her! "
- Troy Jeffcoat
12/05/2021 01:49:32
"We love everyone that works there! Thank you for all your help with past and present animals! "
- Kyrie Rinehart
12/04/2021 22:52:04
"Great staff, clean & cozy building, and a wonderful veterinarian that we've used for many many years for all of our pets over the years!"
- Samantha Jay
12/02/2021 15:37:42
"Love being able to bring Mocha and Happy to see you all!"
- Joanna Pease
11/30/2021 17:59:01
"It has been very easy to call and speak to someone. The staff is very caring and always will be listen and help. "
- Penny McCormick
11/27/2021 00:31:36
"Awesome staff! Great people! Dr. Dougia is the best. They love our girls as if they were their own."
- Glynn Goble
11/26/2021 17:48:27
"I’m always impressed with the level of care my crew receives. "
- Erina Galloway
11/24/2021 02:53:59
"I had a great first experience yesterday and was treated with much respect and kindness. Everyone is so friendly!"
- Erin Walsh
11/19/2021 00:52:11
"Everything was great! "
- Tiffany Tucker
11/18/2021 21:06:23
"The young lady at the front desk is a joy!"
- Sharon Grissim
11/18/2021 02:18:17
"Everything went good with trading my dog Abby."
- Donnie Puett
11/17/2021 22:20:09
"Staff is always great when we visit. I appreciate the excellent care given to my fur babies. "
- Haley Bates
11/17/2021 19:14:35
"Every time we visit we’re always greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. In fact, one time the receptionist came out the door to make Muddy feel more comfortable coming inside. I have had great experiences with Meripets and I’m so proud to be part of the Meripets family! "
- Crsytal Bradley
11/11/2021 01:12:26
"Meridian pet hospital, Dr.Dougia, and all of the staff have done awesome for us. From the very first, with Baby Girl, whom they helped us face the end of her life, with Madra who has foot infections and weight issues, and with Ace, who has just passed his adorable puppy stage. There has never been a time when we've called that we weren't able to be seen. Thank you for all that you do."
- Britt Clark
11/10/2021 00:43:50
"Awesome vet, great people, highly recommend! "
- Ronn Wetherall
11/08/2021 18:12:03