"We are always made to feel the entire staff considers our Yorkie a part of their family. Very reassuring!"
- Sandy Smith
09/19/2021 00:23:03
"When I arrived with my pet, we went in and was greeted pleasantly and we were placed in the room waiting to see the tech first and then to be seen by the doctor. "
- Elaine Cash
09/16/2021 02:32:01
"Everything was awesome, from start to end "
- Natalie Francis
09/15/2021 02:59:05
"I felt very comfortable having you take care of Fiona. And she absolutely loved the peanut butter!"
- Amy Seaton
09/11/2021 21:28:27
"I’m totally impressed by the level of care I always receive, and that I’m always remembered . The professional treatment of my boy chief is unmatched. I’ve been to other facilities. "
- Jimmie Watters
09/10/2021 20:19:04
"Megan is always so sweet and very helpful. All the staff we have encountered are always awesome. All our interactions with Dr. D have been excellent. I recommend this office to everyone. "
- Leah Packard
09/10/2021 17:26:51
"Awesome care, beautiful clinic."
- Jeri Williams
09/09/2021 17:23:28
"I love the staff and Kayla. Very professional. My cat thought she was at the kitty spa. Lots of attention and care. Thank you all! "
- Samantha Hatchett
09/08/2021 18:43:47
"I feel that Rowdy is welcomed and well cared for each visit"
- Lillian Green
09/07/2021 11:29:33
"Very nice staff, Megan is great! "
- Julianna Randolph
09/02/2021 16:13:22
"When moving to the Meridianville are we thought it would be hard to find someone that cared for our dogs as much as Dr. Wilson. But we did with Dr Dougia and her staff. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a veterinarian."
- Pat and Bob York
09/01/2021 20:41:27
"I love they care that Sassy gets. The care and concern you have with her lets ne know you have her best interest in mind. "
- Erika Worley
08/27/2021 23:26:36
"Very timely; appointment on schedule; provided helpful comments regarding current and future dog care; did unexpected follow-up phone call to check on patient. Overall, Excellent!!"
- James Bolton
08/27/2021 20:59:27
"Always a nice clean and calming for my nervous pet Teddi.."
- Donna Dixon
08/26/2021 17:21:07
"Very warm,caring environment. Loved Dr D."
- Mary Goeke
08/25/2021 16:11:18
"I have never walked into any Vet clinic and be greeted like I am here. The young lady at the desk always calls out my dogs name like she is the only one in the office for care. Everything is always explained before any treatment is done! "
- Sharon Grissim
08/19/2021 17:49:25
"We didn’t have to wait very long when arriving for appointment and that was appreciated. Yuki was stressed but you guys did all you could to alleviate her anxiety! "
- Kathy Adkins
08/19/2021 03:58:16
"Very friendly and clean!"
- Maria Harris
08/18/2021 16:21:26
"You all do a great job thanks so much for taking care of my baby's Sam and Dixie "
- Carolyn Owens
08/17/2021 19:41:09
"I love our vet. Her staff is awesome and she is amazing!!"
- Tina Bruce
08/12/2021 01:05:20
"Very nice. Sammie had her teeth cleaned and everything went smoothly. Thank you!"
- Lisa Brackett
08/11/2021 19:43:15
"Y’all are doing great I have never had a bad experience "
- Rachelle Griffin
08/11/2021 16:19:08
"Everything went well. Everyone was very courteous and helpful."
- Tammy Hornsby
08/11/2021 00:53:11
"Wonderful visit as always!"
- Ronn Wetherall
08/10/2021 21:26:17
"Y'all are amazing. You take the time to answer all my questions and provide the assurance I need to be the best pet parent. Keep doing what you're doing!"
- Kim Lay
08/10/2021 17:47:42
"We think that you guys are great, everyone there is happy to help and seems to truly love working with the animals. "
- Bonnie Newsom
08/05/2021 20:46:58
"I love everything about Meridianville Pets hospital every single team !!! I’ve been a customer for my fur babies since 2010"
- Carla Lowdell
08/05/2021 00:03:44
"I’m always happy with the level of care my pets receive from everyone at MeriPets. I feel properly communicated with and my concerns are always handled in a timely manner. "
- Erina Galloway
08/04/2021 19:50:30
"We love being patients with your amazing staff and Vets!! Couldn’t imagine seeing anyone else!"
- Darleen Harris
08/04/2021 06:08:43
"I know I can trust my fur babies with your staff because they are all such sweet and genuine caregivers. "
- Miki Bowman
08/03/2021 22:13:04
"Always friendly and make sure we are taken care of quickly! "
- Ann Watson
07/30/2021 22:07:04
"Most friendly vet I’ve ever taken my cat to and I’m so glad I now know about y’all!!"
- Brittany Gibbs
07/29/2021 03:30:24
"We had a very good experience. "
- Gayle Croxton
07/28/2021 16:50:18
"I’m very happy with the care my four-legged babies receive. "
- Sherry Wyatt
07/27/2021 21:16:07
"Everyone is great"
- Cynthia Pratt
07/20/2021 21:52:53
"Wonderful, my dogs are in the best hands."
- Bruce Bice
07/19/2021 11:51:54
"I have to get Missy's teeth cleaned and my current vet does not provide that service. I was very nervous about taking Missy somewhere new, but everyone was so kind and thorough that it completely put me at ease. Thank you so much!!!!!!"
- Lynn Gardner
07/17/2021 21:49:19
"I've had two visits and they have both been great. The folks I've interacted with have been great and are very knowledgeable when it comes to animals. Don't change anything."
- Shaun Degges
07/17/2021 21:37:06
- Lara Tanner
07/15/2021 19:56:27
"Great staff and very friendly. No waiting when we went. All was great"
- Pam Hillis
07/14/2021 14:17:30
"The entire staff is doing awesome thanks so much to the whole team great place and great caring and knowledgeable staff keep up the great work "
- Randy Bafford
07/08/2021 16:13:54
"The staff is fantastic! You don’t make me feel that my obsessive nature when it comes to my best boy is over the top. Even when extra help was needed to get his blood work taken, y’all were still so sweet and soothing to him. "
- Deidre Duvall
07/02/2021 23:11:34
"I think that you and your staff are top notch. You understand that some dogs are nervous when they are getting shots or blood taken and your staff is caring and careful with them."
- Barbara Levine
06/30/2021 16:33:24
"MPH has great personal care for all my pets"
- Janet Reyes
06/29/2021 02:49:46
"Doing a great job. Dr. Douglas and her staff are very friendly and caring. You can tell they love their patients. That's why we like them so much."
- Pat Martinez
06/19/2021 17:13:39
"Great, professional staff, took the up most care for my Dog. "
- John Edwards
06/18/2021 20:37:23
"I have always been pleased it bring in Nola here. She loves seeing the staff"
- Carolyn Reese
06/16/2021 23:17:13
"I’m and out quick. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. We love Dr. Dougia, she takes the time and talks to you about concerns you might have."
- Jackie Alexander
06/15/2021 22:51:03
"Excellent vet and staff! Very professional, but still with a personal touch and compassion!!! "
- Denise Schafer
06/15/2021 19:13:50
"Visit was great, I like the new location and extra space. "
- Patsy Hicks
06/15/2021 02:10:01
"We love this place. My babies have never had a bad experience. "
- Heather Glenn
06/13/2021 02:09:25
"The staff was warm and inviting. The doctor was great. I appreciate the follow-up contact after our visit."
- Eric Newby
06/10/2021 22:55:33
"Always wonderful to see the team"
- Ashley Schwegman
06/10/2021 15:39:56
"Everyone is super nice and seems to really care about the animals which means everything to me. I don't have anything bad to say and I hope I never do."
- Christa Keiffer
06/05/2021 03:10:35
"We LOVE you guys. In the past (before we found you) we felt like many vets were after the $$$ and not so much the welfare of the animal. Your team is 100% not like that at all, your reasonable price but the service isn't reduced. None of the staff minds helping however they can for the safety and well-being of any animal."
- Morgan Fahm
06/03/2021 16:29:57
"Always a great experience!"
- Patty Sisk
06/02/2021 22:29:55
"I had a great experience with the staff. They were very caring and informative. We’ll definitely be back in the future. "
- Stephanie Legge
06/01/2021 15:17:25
"Friendly staff. Quick service. "
- Melissa Bauer
05/29/2021 21:27:49
"I have nothing bad to say about you guys, simply the best!!! ❤️ "
- Kaitlyn James
05/28/2021 00:32:25
"So impressed with every aspect of the practice that I encountered. Everyone involved was extremely friendly and easy to relate to. Very impressed by the treatment my kitty received and the response to my questions and concerns. Mimi was more at ease than shes ever been at a vet appointment and that says a lot. So happy that I was referred to your practice. Dr Dougia and her staff made quite an excellent impression. Thank you."
- Denise Cooper
05/27/2021 16:28:35
"Always friendly and most importantly you care about my dog."
- Karen Wilkerson
05/25/2021 22:13:25
"The new building is beautiful and the staff as always are great."
- Penny McCormick
05/23/2021 00:34:09
"Our visit was absolutely amazing! This was our first visit and we will definitely be returning. The entire staff that Zeus and I came in contact with was so nice and welcoming. They were so gentle with my Zeus and he LOVED all the attention he was getting! Keep up the great work! :)"
- Alexus Battle
05/20/2021 19:00:44
"Couldn't get in to see our regular so Meridianville was kind enough to work us into their schedule. Therefore, we are now Meridianville customers"
- Lovell Whisenant
05/20/2021 03:25:01
"Everything is wonderful!"
- Teri Sharp
05/19/2021 23:01:17
"So nice to deal with you guys. Especially during this hard time. "
- Charrise Ylitalo
05/18/2021 16:08:43
"I have had no bad experiences. The staff is always wonderful and my pets have received great care"
- Liz Aaron
05/13/2021 16:44:28
"Excellent! Love Dr. D and her staff. So knowledgeable and always welcoming. "
- Tana Davis
05/10/2021 20:26:56
"Everyone is very helpful, no matter how busy it is, they seem patient and considerate of the pet and the owner!"
- Ann Watson
05/08/2021 16:53:37
"I was so pleased with your facility and staff. I know I chose the best place for my furry friend. "
- Vicky Grammer
05/04/2021 21:01:44
"I think you guys do an amazing job!! I love everyone there I have met with and I know my dog is in great hands with your team! Love the new location too :) "
- Justin Posey
05/04/2021 20:17:58
"Great experience. Staff was very friendly and accommodating to us and our small pup. Can’t express enough how happy we are that we found an amazing vet so close to our new home. "
- Coleman Sznura
04/30/2021 22:17:45
- Dixie Carr
04/29/2021 11:44:02
"Everyone is so friendly, clearly loves animals, and knows what they're doing."
- Michelle Suggs
04/28/2021 21:36:10
"I think you do a great job and appointment was on time!"
- Scott Bailey
04/24/2021 22:20:53
"It was my dog Copper's first visit with ya'll. Cricket our other dog hasn't came in. I brought Copper in to get his nails done. The staff was so friendly, and good with Copper. He is not the best dog to get his nails trimmed, but they did a wonderful job. It is going to be a pleasure coming to you in the future."
- Amanda Hearn
04/22/2021 21:55:27
"You all are great!!"
- Christy Riggins
04/21/2021 22:37:14
"My babies have always received great care with you! I am so greatfull to gave found you !"
- Nelwyn Walles
04/21/2021 20:49:22
"Keep doing what you do."
- William Ward
04/21/2021 17:10:34
"Great "
- Cynthia Pratt
04/21/2021 16:28:10
"As always our experience with Meridianville Pet Hospital was excellent at our most recent appointment. From the girls up front and the technicians to Dr Kayla we were made to feel welcome and at ease. The level of care is outstanding "
- Bonnie Newsom
04/19/2021 18:58:14
"Amber had an injury that morning and they were able to work her in with no problem. Everyone is always so kind to my dogs and to me. I appreciate everyone so much."
- Bruce Bice
04/16/2021 21:25:14
"Everyone has always been very nice and professional. "
- Erika Worley
04/16/2021 12:22:29
"The staff was super nice and friendly, and time efficient! Office was very clean. "
- Stephanie Webster
04/15/2021 18:41:20
"I believe everyone here is wonderful, talented, and helpful. And this team has been patience and loving to each of my fur babies. They are reasonably priced and I love that they are only 8 minutes away from my house."
- Khallida Edwards
04/14/2021 18:09:28
"Y’all are great all the way around "
- Rachelle Griffin
04/09/2021 19:34:10
"This pet hospital is by far the beat we have ever had! They are kind, helpful with taking our fur baby in when I am able to come. Doctor Dougia is kind and passionate about the animals she treats and explains everything, even sending information about our dogs condition for us to read and underatand. We will never go anywhere else!"
- Lisa LaPierre
04/09/2021 19:03:14
"Love the new building, excellent care as always. Thanks!"
- Ronn Wetherall
04/08/2021 16:30:30
"I love how much you all love animals and that every time Rowan comes in there, y’all always remember her! So thankful for such an amazing veterinarian office! "
- Sarah Grissim
04/07/2021 13:06:46
"It was a really good experience. Our pets seemed to be quite comfortable being there! "
- Michelle Malone
04/01/2021 17:45:48
"No complaints. Especially now that we can come in with our pets!"
- Gail Whelan
03/31/2021 14:24:09
"I love all who works here. Very friendly staff and the Dr. is awesome. Thank you for being so helpful and kind."
- Ann Moore
03/31/2021 13:59:48
"Excellent service, caring and considerate staff. Megan has superb customer service skills. Estimate closely met final bill. Dr. Kayla explained all procedures thoroughly and patiently. "
- Areletta Coberly
03/26/2021 22:33:41
"Staff has always been very nice and the Vet always listens to any of my concerns. We feel very lucky to have found another amazing vet after moving here from out of state. It was such a relief. "
- Cyrstalyn Miner
03/23/2021 17:19:39
"Great service! "
- Bill Givens
03/16/2021 17:18:13
"A+ service as usual. "
- Leah Packard
03/15/2021 15:19:57
"Excellent customer service. Online app makes setting appointments, picking up meds, etc. very easy. The staff know all of our dogs by name and know each one's "quirks" - we truly appreciate that!"
- Laura McDonough
03/14/2021 13:28:26
"My visit was very good. Everybody was very professional. "
- Steven Blackwell
03/12/2021 23:10:12
"We love being a part of the MeriPets family. They have cared for my dog Bailey since she was a puppy. Everyone is always willing to go the extra mile to meet our needs."
- Amy Wade
03/12/2021 03:13:17
"Doing great. Will come back and tell my friends."
- Larry Osborne
03/10/2021 21:25:46