"The service and fees were good. I would definitely use your business for any future animal needs. The Vet is awesome! His energy and compassion is an absolute delight. Thank you for healing my puppies. "
- Laverne Brown
07/17/2019 02:11:22
"I am very pleased with care that your facility show our new rescue, Katy Kat. We will return in the future. Thank you"
- Amy Sutton
07/15/2019 18:45:25
"Everyone is so friendly and good with the animals. Love the doctors! Very professional care of your pets and boarding."
- Patricia Wallace
07/14/2019 23:13:54
"Great experience. Everyone was very nice and helpful."
- Cari Wade
07/14/2019 18:47:43
"Y’all are awesome"
- Laurinda Rouse
07/14/2019 17:45:11
"every one was very nice"
- Larry Hill
07/14/2019 12:30:04
"I recommend Five Oaks to all of my family and friends bc I am totally satisfied!!!!"
- Donna Smith
07/13/2019 23:31:48
"Y'all take the best care of my Max. Wouldn't trust him with anyone else"
- Susan Brizzee
07/12/2019 16:05:59
"Great customer service and very knowledgeable and friendly "
- Brenda Holmes
07/12/2019 16:01:58
"It was our first vet appt with Raven and you were excellent! Thank you for all of your care and compassion. We look forward to a long relationship as she grows!"
- Jessica Humphrey
07/12/2019 15:46:20
"As a fairly new customer, I can not say enough good things about Five Oakes. From the friendly and welcoming front desk, to the vets and techs. All are caring and seem genuinely concerned for me and my babies. And a special shout out to Dr Stewart for going the extra mile!"
- Amy Moody
07/12/2019 02:17:15
- Jenniffer Harr
06/27/2019 18:10:16
"Short initial visit with no problems to address, so I was very happy with how things went. Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. I already knew Randy and Cary, and was very pleased with them for large animal care, so that was a big part of my choice of Five Oaks, but the final decision came down to the practice being willing to make appointments. I have very little "free" time because in addition to working full time, I'm the sole caregiver for a parent with Dementia. I like not having to go sit and wait for an amount of time determined solely by how many other pet parents decided to go the same day as me."
- Carol Barwick
06/26/2019 18:11:16
"The staff is absolutely amazing! Dozer and I just love everybody there! "
- Jeffrey McCallister
06/24/2019 18:56:29
"I am so grateful for the phenomenal care that Gizmo and our other pets receive. All of the doctors and staff are fantastic!!!!!"
- Angela Haddad
06/24/2019 17:36:10
- Steve Burton
06/24/2019 14:45:26
"I’ve been pleased with my experience from there since day one. Every one there has shown nothing but caring compassion to my four legged children. When asked my opinion for the best veterinary office to go to by my friends/colleagues I ALWAYS without hesitation recommended Five Oaks. "
- Loretta Sasser
06/23/2019 19:17:55
"I really appreciate this place. Y’all are always friendly and always fast. I never feel like I’m a bother to them even though my dog’s allergies act up a lot. "
- Justin Tilghman
06/22/2019 22:16:40
"I was totally satisfied with the care and courteous Services provided. The staff there are definitely in the right vocation of their gift and passion."
- James Clinkscales
06/22/2019 00:13:00
"I was very impressed with my overall visit. The facility was clean and everyone was very friendly"
- Heather Gulyas
06/21/2019 18:45:50
"Everyone was so very friendly. "
- Nancy St. John
06/21/2019 17:34:01
"Excellent care. I don’t only choose Five Oaks because I used to work there, I choose FOAH because of the caring staff "
- Donna Wiggins
06/19/2019 20:19:55
"Had somewhat of an emergency and needed an appointment quickly. I was able to be seen the day I called and did not have to wait very long when I got there. The staff was incredibly nice and met all my needs. I’ll definitely be using this office from now on."
- Krista Hicks
06/18/2019 08:35:22
"Staff always friendly and efficient "
- Pamela Albertson
06/17/2019 17:52:48
"We have never had a bad experience. I drive from Greenville. "
- Nancy Stokes
06/17/2019 17:32:11
"Everyone is so kind and compassionate. I have recommended this vet to several people. They are very reasonable and don't do things that aren't necessary. "
- Debra Parrish
06/17/2019 13:22:50
"I’ve always had a good experience at your office. The staff has always been AMAZING! "
- Darla Jackson
06/17/2019 11:29:09
"I was so pleased with the cleanliness, welcoming and support I got for Sir Conan! I am very thankful they were able to fit me in as a walk-in! I will be back!!"
- Valorie McCoy
06/16/2019 22:35:56
"The entire staff at 5 Oaks Animal Hospital are the Best. From the moment you walk in your greeted with smiles and the entire time our Pet was treated with the highest care. Dr. Stewart and the staff were informative, answered all questions and was the most help! I recommend this clinic to everyone. Ron Estes"
- Ron Estes
06/12/2019 19:36:07
"Every time we visit you guys I always leave understandable what is wrong with my pets and how to correct the problem. You have all been so kind and loving on my babies and that makes me appreciate you even more. "
- Marla Alphin
06/11/2019 03:04:29
"We think the world of all of you ....would not go to anyone else"
- Buck Bright
06/09/2019 22:27:09
"Honestly I have had only positive experience with you all with my little girl Trixie Socks!!"
- Cathy J Robbins
06/08/2019 22:02:45
"Y'all are fabulous "
- Tammie Jo Outlaw
06/08/2019 14:11:29
"I always love the staff and care I get at Five oaks. "
- Wesley Woolard
06/07/2019 13:28:55
"Very good!"
- Tony Howard
06/05/2019 14:52:17
"The only place that I feel good about boarding my dogs. The people are all great, never had any problems."
- Amy Yates
06/04/2019 19:27:00
"Can’t think of anything."
- Deb Grady
06/04/2019 17:30:56
"Great job, when I came in only one other person and animal there.....lobby filled up really fast....very professional and easy, quick visit!! So happy that I switched!!! Please tell Randy, Beth and Jennifer I said "Hell0". Have a great day! :) Rhonda Bright Dawson"
- Rhonda Dawson
06/03/2019 10:55:03
"Zima stayed there from Wednesday to the following Tuesday after Memorial Day. When I picked her up, she was just asking happy and healthy as she was when she was dropped off. I can't say she loves being boarded, but you can definitely tell she us well take care of. Thank you so much for taking care of our baby!"
- Michelle Stroud
06/02/2019 23:18:52
"I was very pleased with our service and care for my Lucky!!! Thank you so much!!!"
- Shannon Smith
06/01/2019 15:42:57
"I really don’t know any bad. Since you open, I have completely satisfied "
- Edward O'Neal
06/01/2019 11:47:31
"As always excellent care and treatment was provided to our fur babies while we were traveling. Staff was ever courteous as always. "
- James Turner
05/31/2019 23:35:48
"Staff appears to really care about the animals"
- Lisa Tilghman
05/31/2019 20:34:02
"Our first visit was great. I had lots of questions and had answers to them all. Bella was nervous to start with and before her visit was done she was giving Dr Rouse kisses, which he accepted. She did really well with her physical and shots given by Dr Rouse. All went smooth. Thanks."
- Raymond Tefft
05/31/2019 20:30:18
"You are doing an excellent job ! "
- Becky Berry
05/31/2019 18:59:51
"Love Five Oaks and they love and care about my pets! Great customer services!"
- Ann Harrison
05/31/2019 18:40:01
"Awesome job grooming my 17 year old cat who mattedup terribly!!!"
- Janet Skelton
05/29/2019 13:45:30
"I was very pleased with my visit from the check-in to Dr, Stewart to my check-out even though he took his time with Harley and I we were seen very quickly and we never have to wait on the vet even though i'm sure an emergency will arise one day where we will and I will totally understand. We are treated like we've been coming for years even though this has been only our second time there I am very happy to have found Doc Stewart and the staff...not that you ever want to need a vet (sick, emergency, etc) but it's wonderful to know they are there."
- Carleen Gough
05/29/2019 09:28:44
"Merle loves Five Oaks. He smelled so good when I picked him up"
- Makayla Smith
05/28/2019 11:14:19
"Great experience! We got a same day appointment and received great service."
- Rachel Dawson
05/26/2019 23:22:01
"courteous staff and quick service"
- Don Hill
05/26/2019 18:08:21
"Dr. Stewart excellent and patient with our not so cooperative cat."
- Carol White
05/26/2019 16:17:39
"We live in Raleigh, but still drive back to Kinston for Rockie's care and boarding if we are going to be out of town. Five Oaks will always be who we trust to take care of ROCKIE and you'll are a part of our Family! Thanks for always taking great care of our MAN and for his Home away from Home!"
- Tanya Brinson
05/26/2019 14:41:25
"It was all good. There were no problems. Glad you found out Riley had a ear infection.. I have been putting his ear drops in"
- Donna Anderson
05/26/2019 10:37:34
"No complaints. Every staff member was very friendly to me and my dog. Very good office y’all are running!"
- Jordan Potter
05/26/2019 03:59:53
"Love all! Y’all have been great for our puppies "
- Martin Heath
05/25/2019 20:13:07
"I am very happy with everyone there and the service we get. I feel everyone there not only loves Lucky, but me also. God Bless You Myron & Lucky"
- Bruce Myron Hale
05/25/2019 17:17:03
"You are doing amazing "
- Monique Bassett
05/25/2019 16:44:14
"I could not be more pleased with services I received for Maximus, Angelica, and Mojo. The staff are friendly and helpful!"
- Linda Burton
05/24/2019 19:54:21
"Staff was very helpful and nice "
- Sheryl Hill
05/24/2019 01:10:32
"Awesome compassionate care. "
- Dina Harper
05/23/2019 21:59:28
"Staff was knowledgeable and helpful. My only concern is I never know which doctor we will see. The ones we have seen have all been very good with my dogs."
- Marion Wilson
05/23/2019 20:51:20
"We always receive the best service as pet owners and care for our pets. Everyone there goes above and beyond to exemplify true professionalism. "
- Mallory Houghton
05/23/2019 16:52:47
"Very good with jake no complaints everyone real nice and professional clean place "
- George Hare
05/23/2019 14:39:06
"I drive all the way from Richlands to see you guys. It started when I bought a pot belly as a pet but the level of service, prices and care and compassion shown to our pets and my family make the drive worth every minute. I wouldnt dare trust another with my babies! Thank you for all you do and keep up the great work♡"
- Crystal Hunt
05/22/2019 01:27:24
"everything was as usual ,just fine! "
- Jeffrey Stanley
05/21/2019 22:02:31
"Love Five Oaks! Luby really loves Five Oaks! My only complaint would be wait time on the phone. But that being said the people are great, friendly, professional and so caring!! I guess waiting on the phone is the price to pay for having a great place to care for our Luby!"
- Carolyn Whitfield
05/18/2019 14:07:14
"I bring my animals to you from New Bern. So far, I have been very pleased with the service and care of my animals. I work with a mobile veterinary service doing wellness clinics, and when we have a service we are unable to perform because of a facilities issue, you are always the first I recommend. "
- Amy Haire
05/17/2019 17:44:43
"Very friendly staff Ann Doctor Rouse was great! Clean and impressive facility."
- Wayne West
05/16/2019 15:59:58
"The Vet was awesome. My dog is very hyperactive. The Vet played with him and was very tolerant of his silly behavior. Very good experience!"
- Corey Keffer
05/13/2019 12:09:23
"We love Five Oaks! Everyone is so kind and caring! "
- Donna Pittman
05/13/2019 00:02:07
"Friendly and helpful as always"
- Donna Ramsey
05/11/2019 23:38:37
"Five Oaks has the most caring and supportive staff of any where I have ever been. Our fur babies are part of our family and deserve to be treated with the same care and dignity as human beings. This is why I go to Five Oaks. All of you are awesome! Thank you so much for all you do!"
- Susan Barwick
05/11/2019 23:26:50
"very caring staff"
- Clifton Kimberlin
05/11/2019 21:38:49
"I am so happy to have you guys as my vet. My dogs ludo and leo have received the best care and the most love from you guys! Thank you for all you do 🤗"
- Saran Deans
05/10/2019 21:08:10
"Great!! Quick service. Love that I can email Dr. Stewart and he will respond quickly. "
- Brandy W. Edwards
05/10/2019 21:01:41
"Phoebe is awesome, you are lucky to have her working for you."
- Frank Falkowski
05/10/2019 20:59:52
"Great service and great price for pet care! Everyone was very understanding and wonderful!!! "
- Lina Rios
05/08/2019 20:31:17
"My Max loves all y'all. Y'all take awesome care of my big guy"
- Susan Brizzee
05/08/2019 20:12:50
"We had a wonderful visit! The staff was very nice and helpful! "
- Kara Rouse
05/08/2019 18:33:10
"Dina is doing great, she is almost back to her normal self. "
- Michael Purvis
05/08/2019 18:09:15
"Great! "
- Catherine Edwards
05/08/2019 17:25:26
"Love you all!! always great service"
- Anne Lindley
05/07/2019 01:39:32
"Yall are awesome!!!! Great customer service and so amazing with our Maci and Rocky!!! "
- Jessica Paderick
05/07/2019 00:05:15
"I love bringing Daisy to Five Oaks. Always a positive experience!"
- Paula Merritt
05/06/2019 18:12:46
"I have been taking my cats to Five Oaks for a awhile and have never had a bad experience."
- Justin McKinley
05/04/2019 20:05:44
"Outstanding as always. Doctors and staff always so companionate and caring, along with going the extra step to make sure all questions and concerns are addressed. "
- Connie Moody
05/04/2019 02:26:16
"All the staff members at Five Oaks are wonderful to work with ❤️😍"
- Donna Paschal
05/04/2019 01:01:40
"So pleased with my cat care. You all do such a good job and I am glad to have you all available too provide care for my sweet cats Pumpkin and Patches. Keep up the good work."
- Linda Jenkins
05/04/2019 00:56:39
"Always feel welcomed when I visit. Knowledgeable staff and seems to remember you and care about you and your pet."
- Shannon Schneider
04/29/2019 00:41:24
"Love these Vets and staff, they are very friendly and caring "
- Brenda Holmes
04/28/2019 00:34:32
"Everything was AWESOME! I usually use another vet in Lenoir County but I will be switching to Five Oaks!"
- Jessica Jones
04/27/2019 14:29:35
"Thus far I have had a great experience with Five Oaks and very professional care for our pet,Max."
- Bettie Hall
04/26/2019 17:55:31
"I rave about this vet to every pet owner I know! Thank you so much for taking such great care of my babies while my husband and I were on our honeymoon. We are always confident they are in good hands under your staff’s care. Phenomenal patient care and customer service. "
- Michael Gulyas
04/26/2019 14:14:48
"Wonderfully! Our pup is always taken care of when he’s there for services! "
- Katie Coverdale
04/25/2019 02:49:11
"Was referred by Dr Parker at Coastal Emergency Clinic here in Jacksonville. Absolutely amazing staff you have a customer for life in me, and I have been telling everybody about how beautiful the facility is, the amazing staff and how you are truly a family. Allowing me to visit Dozer during his stay, you are truly very family oriented. Thank you Dr Rouse, Katie, and I'm sorry didn't get everyone's names I will try next time. "
- Jeffrey McCallister
04/25/2019 00:09:24
"The appt. was ontime. the Doctor was wonderful. The asst. was wonderful. Boots had a good looking over, shots and assurances. Thank you."
- Curtis Rose
04/24/2019 20:11:42
"Awesome! The girls are always excited to be there and appear well cared for and happy when we pick them up. "
- Angela McKenzie
04/24/2019 18:16:33
"Love Five Oakes!"
- Becky Roberson
04/23/2019 23:33:08
"Very pleased with how quick we were seen. Dr. Wasnt pushy or salesman- like. Very helpful#"
- Linda Blizzard
04/23/2019 17:21:05