"Great job, friendly staff, fair prices . I have recommended your office to many others. Mrs. Hewitt"
- Teresa Hewitt
04/09/2019 22:07:05
" Had a concern about pup and was told to bring him right in. I didn’t have to wait long before they took him back and doctored him. Staff is wonderful, caring and always very helpful. I couldn’t be happier with my experiences with Five Oaks. "
- Carla Famularo
04/09/2019 21:29:19
"Great experience! We had am appointment and they were quick to get us back. Dr. Stewart was great and very knowledgeable. We had lots of questions and he answered them all. He also made many suggestions. We really feel like they care about our dogs. We will definitely be recommending them to others! "
- Stewart Abrams
04/07/2019 18:49:40
"The entire staff was very nice & helpful."
- Nancy St. John
04/07/2019 00:54:20
"Everything has been great for us!!"
- Christina & Kyle Kelley
04/06/2019 14:20:57
"Luci & Rascal enjoy going to Five Oaks for their check ups. The staff always greets us friendly and makes sure our needs are taken care of. Dr Stewart is an Awesome Vet he shows his love for animals as soon as he enters the exam room. I couldn't imagine going any other place Thank you Dr Stewart an Phibe for always caring."
- Phyllis Perry
04/04/2019 11:16:44
"We're going to miss you all very much. Thank you for helping us take care o Reagan and Thatcher these last two years."
- Lowell Rickard
04/03/2019 19:56:08
"We love you guys, especially Oak! He gets so excited when we go in! Everyone is very courteous and always professional! I always feel like we’re at home! "
- Megan Wills
04/01/2019 15:36:02
"I have no complaints about my recent visit!"
- Kimberly Hill
04/01/2019 12:05:56
"You guys are the best veterinarian clinic I have ever used"
- Robert Washburn
04/01/2019 00:28:53
"The people that work there are great, I would recommend Five Oaks Animal Hospital to anyone that has pets."
- Shana Graham
03/31/2019 15:42:59
"I was surprised how busy you are and how quickly we were able to get seen. Thanks for all you do to make visiting smooth and easy."
- Chris S. Mercer
03/31/2019 15:04:33
"Honestly, I've never had a bad experience here. It's always quick service, even when it's an unplanned visit. Everyone is always helpful and professional, and really seem to care about making sure my pets are given the best care. No complaints at all, and I have recommended Five Oaks to every pet parent I know in Kinston."
- Rachel Monk
03/31/2019 14:30:26
"Excellent service! "
- Noslen Ruiz
03/29/2019 22:40:02
"I was very satisfied with the care my animals received . I would recommend Five Oaks to anyone seeking veterinary needs for thier animals. Thank you for making us feel welcome. Will definitely be back !"
- Deborah Hall
03/29/2019 19:14:41
"I am VERY impressed with the care provided and the customer service. I am looking forward to getting my little boy, Buddy's teeth cleaned in two weeks. "
- Cathy H. Kennedy
03/29/2019 00:44:07
"Staff was friendly and helpful."
- Tayma Alston
03/29/2019 00:40:08
"Staff answered our questions at front desk. Good experience staff helpful "
- Joey Huff
03/28/2019 20:31:40
"We love Five Oaks! Our dogs are even happy to go in when we get there. Everyone is friendly, and our questions are always answered. "
- Jeffrey Lippy
03/28/2019 20:28:30
"Your staff is the best! phoebe took great care of us even though extremely busy "
- Michael Jr. Wiggins
03/28/2019 17:35:45
"All the staff are very friendly and helpful. I am very comfortable with trusting them with the care of my pets."
- Kristy Long
03/28/2019 17:33:23
"Excellent experience!"
- Teresa Dobbins
03/26/2019 14:55:32
"We love going and get excellent care"
- Crystal S. Murphy
03/25/2019 21:01:45
"Very good quality people that take "care" of my Remington. I am very picky who tends to my dog when the need arise. My first visit I was escorted by Sara to observe the office and kennel area where Remi would stay during times when I'm working out of town and need him to be cared for. Very clean and roomy, and a good "team" of caring workers that take pride in their work and animal care. From the quality care from "doc" to the ladies working the front checking in or taking care of the paper work. I can not recall the black lady name that works front with Sara, but she ALWAYS has a great positive attitude and makes going to the vet an easy time for me, and Remi too."
- Bryan Ross
03/24/2019 21:11:52
"Everything was great staff was awesome had riley smelling sweet and like new nails were done nicely and staff seemed to really care for my boy and it showed because he was not nervous around them or afraid to go with them to be treated your people seem to love their work and it shows thanks David and Riley"
- David Hill
03/24/2019 03:38:52
"Your staff is very friendly, knowledgable and very professional. Mr. Rouse was very understanding and very quick to diagnose and treat. I would recommend anyone needing vet services to consider Five Oaks."
- Linda Register
03/23/2019 13:49:48
"Quick, professional and kind towards my dogs. They understand that one of my dogs is never excited to come to the vet. They do a great job!"
- Rachael Jones
03/22/2019 18:01:59
"I think you are doing great. I have every confidence in your treatment of our pets. Dr. Stewart was very helpful and explained in detail all options for PJ's care."
- Peggy Page
03/22/2019 15:00:30
"y’all do great work! "
- Logan Murphy
03/21/2019 18:34:10
"Nothing to improve by my visit, very good first experience with you all. "
- Brandon Thorpe
03/21/2019 12:14:07
"Customer Service and attention to my dogs is top notch when entering Five Oaks. I've always been greeted with a smile and treated as if I'm the only customer they have. I have been dealing with some skin/allergy issues with Bella and Dr. Stewart has gone above and beyond to make sure she is getting the best medical attention available...going as far as referring us to NC State Vet School to see if we can get to the bottom of her skin issues. I have been worrying him since April 2018 (probably before then). He has cared for her, prescribed special food, prescribed medicine (even though I hate meds, he was looking out for her medical issue to get her better)and answered every email that I have sent him on her condition(which was ALOT of emails and a lot of worrying him) - - As an animal lover/parent, that means the world to me!! All the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable, which makes visits to the "doctor" so much more pleasant for my "children". Thank you!!!"
- Scott & Sheree Stroud
03/21/2019 02:14:05
"You all are the absolute BEST! Everyone is pleasant, kind and helpful! Special KUDOS to Dr. Stewart who does such a great job of handling our nutsy boxer.....other vets have struggled with her as she is difficult...Dr Stewart makes it seems easy to deal with her and does an excellent job with her. All of you do! Thank you a million times over for your kindness to her and to me! Catherine Edson"
- Catherine Edson
03/20/2019 20:22:34
"Totally satisfied."
- Allen Cauley
03/20/2019 20:14:55
"You're doing great! "
- Bianca Dixon
03/20/2019 18:39:23
"As always a Great Experience. The staff are always friendly, courteous, and helpful. Dr. Stewart is always delightful to deal with anytime I take in one my K9's."
- David L. Heath
03/18/2019 18:35:59
"Only great experience’s! Staff is wonderful and loving to my fur babies."
- Elva Mozingo
03/18/2019 11:28:33
"you are doing great. no problems, Staff is excellent, they truly care. "
- Sandy Hartman
03/17/2019 23:06:24
"Always a great experience and great care of my babies. "
- Teresa Barwick
03/17/2019 17:34:18
"No comments you have always been there for me and my pets. I had and emergency and I called I really could not asked for a better crew Although my Missy did not survive but the group did all they could to help my Missy. I still feel her presence every day. Thanks again for all you do me and my pets. We love Five Oaks."
- Hattie Stewart
03/17/2019 02:58:53
"Outstanding service and very attentive to my dogs as usual. Always a pleasure when we have to go in. "
- James Turner
03/16/2019 02:32:09
"Fabulous job . Anyone that can calm my Jaxxon down is A1 in my book . Thank you guys , we appreciate you "
- Shnesha Uzzell
03/15/2019 01:48:18
"We are very satisfied with the drs.and the staff ...."
- Sandra Bright
03/15/2019 00:13:02
"I was surprise how fast getting Loki's nails cut took. He was very happy and I did not hear him cry at all. I kept trying to cut them at home with no luck. The tech was very sweet and polite. I am very happy with my Pets treatment at this facility, the staff are always friendly and helpful with all of my questions and concerns. When my dog Thor stayed one weekend with you all, I was afraid because it was my first time leaving him alone. The staff took great care of him and he was very happy when I picked him up. When one of my cats disappeared, Dr. Stuart was a great comfort to me and my husband. He took the time to hear us cry for Samantha, while giving us comfort. We love the staff and recommend Five Oaks to everyone we know. "
- Yesenia Dean
03/14/2019 17:49:26
"Love the care provide. Dr Stewart is our favorite!"
- Jody Holtz-Ladaga
03/14/2019 16:34:01
"Everyone is always so pleasant and helpful. "
- Ginger Barwick
03/14/2019 00:21:01
"Your staff treats everyone with respect. "
- Patricia Upton
03/13/2019 17:08:07
"My dog, Smitty, was boarded for the weekend and it was time for all of his shots and worm test. When I dropped him off, time was taken to listen about his feeding and treat times. When I picked him up, I was checked out first, and brought his bag of things, before he was brought out, this helped me get my things together before he came out. The girl that brought him out also spent some time with us before we left and told how he did things for her during his stay. That let me know that he was talked to, and attention was given to him. I have been very pleased with Five Oaks, both times we have been. The personal attention that is given is very nice and appreciated!"
- Leslie Jones
03/13/2019 16:59:14
"Good, friendly folks in the office"
- Earl Newbern
03/10/2019 17:27:14
"We thought our visit was nice. We liked Dr Stewart he is to the point we like that. Thanks for seeing US so soon. "
- Joan Small
03/09/2019 01:14:52
"Kayne is doing well. Y’all were absolutely amazing and made us feel so welcomed. Thanks so much from bottom of my heart "
- Kimberly Winter
03/08/2019 18:43:36
"I was impressed with the doctor's communication, he told me what he was doing and what he was discerning from the examination. He was also more than willing to answer every question I asked -- in some cases, it was just cat behavior and nothing to do with the symptoms that prompted my visit."
- Dirk Griffith
03/07/2019 21:08:05
"Y'all were very helpful and I couldn't ask for a more knowledgeable personnel. I feel confident bringing my Max to your establishment. "
- Susan Brizzee
03/07/2019 15:56:11
"You do a wonderful job taking care of our animals "
- Garrett Moore
03/06/2019 21:17:17
"I love Five Oaks Animal Hospital. Staff is wonderful and the veterinarian's take very good care of my animals and always answer my questions."
- Cindy Jarman
03/06/2019 20:21:07
"Our first visit was very nice & quick "
- Angelique Early
03/06/2019 18:20:24
"Everyone is very friendly and service was great."
- Mary Pope
03/06/2019 15:29:08
"Always have been greatly satisfied when I come to your office. No complaints."
- Robin Nott
03/03/2019 17:48:43
"My experience is always great. Everyone is so nice and helpful ."
- Donna Paschal
03/02/2019 20:56:18
"Toby is part of the family there . We call Lindsey his Aunt . Thanks ever so much to all of you for truly loving animals . Some people do not love animals especially cats . "
- Becky Berry
03/02/2019 17:50:31
- Lee Cannon
03/02/2019 16:19:50
"I was so please with the lady who a swered ny question by phone and the same lady when I arrived with my 16 years old cat Jasper. The whole experience was just amazing. thanks. my daughter Charity King told me about five oats and I have to say we may be switching my dogs to here. "
- Tammy Taylor
03/02/2019 06:18:13
"Excellent "
- Crystal Ross
03/01/2019 21:43:55
"I’m so thankful for you guys. You took great care of Tippy even with her being so young! Prices were great too! Thank you guys!!"
- Charity King
03/01/2019 20:10:50
"Diagnose and fixed problems in outstanding manner"
- Luther Byrd
03/01/2019 19:08:22
"I am very grateful to you, the way to pay for the care of rocky 😊. very good place for pets. Thak you !!!!"
- Juarez Marisela
03/01/2019 18:50:59
"I think y’all do awesome job sometimes have to wait a little longer than normal. Always smells clean and the staff is very friendly "
- Angie Pitt
02/27/2019 18:43:37
"I am so pleased to carry my pet to five oaks i love the way they treat me and my pet so friendly and the front desk always smileing with a really happy face and care about costumers"
- Rosa Bautista
02/26/2019 17:43:07
"First time here. AMAZING EXPERIENCE. LOVE DR ROUSE, he was just great. "
- Patricia Presley
02/26/2019 17:42:15
"Very kind and tried hard to help my dog. Dr. Was very informative and attentive. "
- Debra Parrish
02/25/2019 01:22:55
"You do provide the best care!!"
- Gisela/Clarence Stroud
02/24/2019 22:17:33
"This is the best vet office I have ever been too."
- Dana Spates
02/24/2019 17:35:43
"Everything was great. Very passoniate folks out there."
- Nola Cashion
02/23/2019 18:43:10
"Everything went very well."
- Garry Sholar
02/23/2019 18:00:44
- Brenda Holmes
02/22/2019 18:48:35
"Great experience. No long wait. Doctor was very kind. Everyone was very proficient. "
- Donna Kennedy
02/21/2019 18:02:26
"Since the moment I called your offices your staff was very helpful and professional. it was easy to schedule an appointment. when i walked through the door the receptionist showed care and compassion for my pet making me feel less anxious about the care the animal in my care was going to have. dropping off Panther was easy and your staff handled he amazingly with care. As soon as her surgery was over I receive a call from your office for an update. I later called to find out more about her procedure and the Veterinarian who had done the procedure spoke to me personally and was very clear about every step he took to care for Panthers health. This was by far the best experience I have had a a veterinarian clinic. Thank you."
- Western Ferals of Rescue
02/21/2019 17:38:00
"I’ve never had a bad experience there with my babies. I have 3 dogs. We do not always see the same Vet or staff each time, but absolutely satisfied with the compassionate individualized care that each one gives. "
- Loretta Sasser
02/20/2019 17:58:09
"professional caring staff that loves our Kozar"
- Barbara Sykes
02/20/2019 14:28:37
"Everything was excellent! Thank you for taking care of my 3 beautiful cats."
- Jaime Patino
02/19/2019 20:03:30
"Awesome!! All needs were met in a timely, professional manner."
- ECU Police Dept
02/19/2019 19:25:00
"Had a great experience!"
- Connie Johnson
02/18/2019 15:02:07
"I was very happy with the care my fur kid received. We felt very comfortable and welcomed. Dr. Rouse and the entire staff were kind, considerate, compassionate and very loving to Gunner."
- Michelle Hill
02/18/2019 07:08:26
"We love Five Oaks! Compassionate care that doesn’t cost a fortune. I love the email and test reminders too!! "
- Dawn Turner
02/17/2019 20:37:11
"We were extremely pleased with our boarding experience with Five Oaks again. Drop off and pick up went smoothly. Everyone is helpful, professional, and courteous. Thank you for the Christmas card and thank you for taking care of our babies!"
- Angela McKenzie
12/27/2018 19:36:00
"Good job! Thanks "
- Sherry Griffin
12/27/2018 11:53:56
"I boarded my dog, Smitty, over the weekend before Christmas, and was able to pick him up before Christmas. That was a plus for me. I ordered a bath for him, he usually sheds terribly after his bath at another office. He has been so silky and clean, and hasn't shed much at all! I watched the staff with other pets while I was picking him up and saw the personal attention given to the pets and the owners and have been very much impressed. Also, there were two or more staff at the front desk when I picked him up, and the staff conversed with everyone. Very pleased! we will be back."
- Leslie Jones
12/26/2018 20:49:39
"Merry Christmas to all 🎁🎅🎊🎉 I'm so grateful to find a place like yours,in this difficult time for a dog like Sacha ,she was looking for help when I saw her deep in the woods at my back yard, that day I lost my job and walking around the back yard I saw her. We thank Mrs Ashley the nurse for the very need it gift to Sacha she's happy clean and comfortable at home.She don't need to run out in the cold for food anymore. Thank God for. Let us be a bless for Sacha and give her a home for christmass. (maybe you can implement a program for people like us ,we really don't have much but our hearts won't let us leave Sacha hungry,cold,homeless this winter, even though I knew helping Sacha was another bill for us cause, Our financial situation at this moments sucks. we help her and Its a thrue blessings for us seeing her happy. Thanks Five OAKS ANIMAL HOSPITAL. WE PRAY YOU GET BIGGER TO HELP MANY OTHERS . AaronHildaDerry(SACHA) 🎅🎁😍🔮🎈💥💢🌟💕🙏"
- Hilda Derry
12/26/2018 19:54:03
"Very accommodating with appointments! Very caring to my baby and clean. Highly recommend and have done so to my friends. It's also very convenient. "
- Debra Parrish
12/23/2018 01:11:29
"The staff is amazing and always helpful. I wouldn't want my fur babies going anywhere else."
- Melissa Parker
12/22/2018 22:13:00
"We were so thankful for how kind everyone was. Aiden greeted us at the front desk and was so kind and helped us. We enjoyed our time with the veterinarian and he was helpful not only asking questions about Dawson, but also our other pup. When we checked out we met the other receptionist that had given us a coupon at the Pink Hill parade. She was so kind and thanked us for coming today. We were very pleased with our visit and thank everyone for their kind hospitality. "
- Amy Taylor
12/22/2018 16:42:45
"Great, everyone is so helpful and knowledgeable. wouldn't take my pets anywhere else."
- Deysi Colorado
12/21/2018 23:22:05
"You guys re great"
- Edward Hill
12/21/2018 00:31:12
"Every time I bring Sam for a check or grooming, I receive the best professional help. I’m more than satisfied."
- Edward O'Neal
12/20/2018 00:06:54
"everything was fine, I have no complaints."
- Jeffrey Stanley
12/19/2018 06:02:19
"I absolutely love this place, y’all are so good to my babies & I couldn’t have any happier. I will not take my dogs anywhere else. :) "
- Kassidy Kornegay
12/18/2018 16:47:12
" We have always been pet owners and have utilized services of several veterinary facilities over the years. In comparison, Five Oaks provides the best customer service as well as compassion and care for our animals. Thank you!"
- Greg Hardy
12/18/2018 14:24:25
"Quickly got my 2 dogs what they needed and we were on our way! They are always sweet and loving towards my dogs who aren't always excited about going to the vet. Great staff and service."
- Rachael Jones
12/18/2018 13:11:22
"My visits for both my Engbulldogs are always Great, friendly staff to greet you. Dr Michael Stewart is a phenomenal Vet. He shows his passion for loving your pets even during examonations. My Luci just loves him. Thank you Phibea for always helping me on the phone. "
- Phyllis Perry
12/18/2018 04:21:27
"very good was in and in no time."
- Bonita & Charles Stanley
12/18/2018 03:38:27
"Very happy with your service. Appreciate the quick service and great care of my pet. All of my other pets will come to your facility from this time forward. Thanks, Charlie Carver "
- Charles Carver
12/18/2018 02:23:09