"Everyone is sweet, professional and is good at their jobs. Highly recommended"
- Joan Doyle
11/23/2020 22:53:52
"Thanks for the Excellent Care your staff continues to provide Shuma. "
- Cleve Lee
11/21/2020 20:13:25
"Great!!! :-)"
- Jeff Dott
11/21/2020 02:22:28
"They took great care with our dog he was hospitalized and doing much better. It was nice to be able to call as much as we wanted and get status reports. "
- Karen Eades
11/20/2020 21:33:54
"We appreciated the access to info whenever we called for updates on Zeus. Each person took time to thoroughly update us. Of course, we limited our calls also!"
- Courtney Moles
11/19/2020 22:29:32
"Dr Martinez is wonderful. She addressed my concerns with Heidi so well and spent time explaining her options for treatment. My only complaint, and this is with every visit, is the time and hassle of picking up my dog. It feels like I have to literally beg someone (Two phone calls and I had to literally stop someone going back in after helping someone else) to bring her out and the wait time seems ridiculous if I have been told she is ready for pickup. "
- Barbara Whiteside
11/19/2020 15:41:34
"Drop off and pickup system needs a little work. I'm sure it's difficult for you guys as well but it could be a little better. "
- Bruce Gagnon
11/18/2020 18:41:18
"Always satisfied!! Dr. Irish is amazing!"
- Guida Monteiro
11/17/2020 16:12:01
"Excellent "
- Deborah Smart
11/16/2020 22:23:23
"only problem is the dropping of and having to come back to pick up , can take up hours"
- Sandra Cummings
11/16/2020 15:15:40
"Covid has messed up everything! Including pet care. Being new, I would of appreciated a tour, looking at your facilities & meeting your staff & Dr. I understand that currently is not a option."
- Douglas Main
11/14/2020 21:51:27
"Great "
- Lane Roddenberry
11/14/2020 18:23:40
"Love Dr M!"
- Amy Macdonald
11/14/2020 15:41:26
"My experience was great since i started taking him after hours,Jammie and De greenstin is the best ,for 2 years my Taz had ear issues, every time i bring him in during office hours i felt like its all about them makeing money and upgrading and never the sane vet always asking me what is the problem i wasn't to happy, till one day i came home Blood was everywhere he had scratched his ear so bad i ran him to the emergency vet and this how i found one that cares, im not going to speak about all the money they had me spend ,all i have to say sham sham on you ."
- Mida Konian
11/14/2020 15:09:35
"Dr Irish is the best!"
- Marc Miller
11/13/2020 17:33:52
"I have no complaints, had great communication with the doctor and the tech that helped me. "
- Sandy Wilkinson
11/12/2020 20:55:10
"Doing just fine"
- Joyce Bowling
11/12/2020 20:22:45
"Please remind pet owners at time of drop off that they will call when pet is ready to go home."
- Lou Davis
11/12/2020 17:28:48
"Everyone seems very efficient as well as friendly. We are happy to have good care for our pet."
- Mary Taylor
11/11/2020 19:34:14
"Fantastic!! The people and docs are all great. I love the in-depth follow up from the vet."
- Emmett Tedesco
11/11/2020 03:17:38
"All’s great"
- Jim Olson
11/11/2020 00:02:15
"All the ladies on the phone are extremely nice and pleasant. The girls that come out to get baby girl are concerned and interested in her health. The doctor always calls me with an update of what they’re doing and what’s going on.Pricing is very affordable."
- Tracy Wade
11/10/2020 21:13:40
"I am always happy with the care that Goliath receives from your office. I know he can be difficult to deal with, but Dr. McCain always treats him well and finds the answers to our problems. "
- Judy Kern
11/10/2020 18:24:13
"I took my cat in for an emergency visit, and she ended up staying for a few days. Dr. Irish and the wonderful techs were all very communicative and answered every question I had. I was really at ease with al the info they were giving me and they were all so friendly and kind!"
- Megan Soaras
11/09/2020 23:08:09
"I’m super happy with you guys. I know you hear some smack talk on the interwebs, but who doesn’t? My pets love you and you take superlative I’ve care of them. I’ve boarded my babies with you when I could have left them home with Daddy (if that tells you anything LOL), and you are as kind to me as you are to Cash and Hollie. Never change."
- Kimberly Jones
11/09/2020 21:43:22
"We are always very satisfied with the care that Knockout receives at All Care Animal Hospital. No complaints here!"
- Patricia Mazzella
11/09/2020 21:33:06
"Was very happy with the service we received would definitely use your clinic again. When you check out the only item that you should actually think about is when giving the itemized bill add what were the results of test that were done as that would be helpful to take to there other veterinary for there records"
- Mary Wall
11/06/2020 00:51:14
"The drop off/pick up process has been good in the past. This time it wasn’t. I wanted 20 minutes to drop off and 50 minutes from the time I called at the front of the office until my dog was brought out to me. I called while I was on the way because no one had called me to tell me she was ready and at that time reminded them of prescription I needed. When I finally got my dog, the prescription wasn’t with the paperwork and I asked the person about it. She went back in but she could not find it either. I will have to call in at another time to get it"
- Erin Pendergast
11/04/2020 23:38:41
"The wait time is a little long for someone to come get your animal but other than that everything is awesome"
- Jewell Tufts
11/04/2020 16:49:28
"It’s crazy how I can go to peoples doctors and they allow everyone in at 6 feet apart. But at your office we can’t even go into the front door with our puppy. I know the virus it’s a pain in the butt but I think you could change that policy to allow one person in with their pet."
- Tom Postel
11/03/2020 21:03:01
"Dr Irish is always wonderful and Annie was very helpful"
- Tara Miller
11/02/2020 18:11:54
"It seemed longer than usual to get updated and checked out. I did understand however that a vet had called off and there were a few emergencies. We had no other issues and Dr. McCain updated us by phone. "
- Dennis Leddy
11/02/2020 17:36:58
"I have found the staff to be wonderful and caring. Calling to check on how my Morris was doing and being oh so kind."
- Linda Lockheed
11/01/2020 18:05:18
"I am so grateful for your care on my small dog. He came in sick and barely able to move. Dr. Irish is soo nice and so informative. I will tell everyone about my wonderful experience and would recommend your facility in a heartbeat. Thank you again!"
- Heather Perez
11/01/2020 13:24:07
"Everyone is so kind and helpful. You all are the best!"
- Kelly Wright
10/30/2020 11:58:23
"She's doing a lot better 😎 Thanks "
- Jade Beshires
10/24/2020 18:06:04
"I love Dr Irish. She always does a great job with my kitties. "
- Lori Sekhr
10/24/2020 15:21:58
"We came to you in an emergency and you saved my dogs life!!!! You quickly and efficiently assessed the situation and promptly took care of her. I will recommend you to all who will listen. "
- Shannon Sullivan
10/23/2020 23:18:50
"Glady when i dropped off Jody I told the girl I will be out side and I had a meeting in two hrs she said she would do there best, other people dropped off their animals almost two hrs later my wife called and wanted to know wants going on, she said she already spoke to the Dr. Iris 1/2 hr ago I am still waiting no one came out and said this is what you owe today for Jody. I rang the bell and ask when is Jody is coming out. Will be right 15 minutes goes by she said we are just working up what you owe, 10 minutes later she ask what plan do you want this year ? I told her, gave her my card 15 minute more goes by she then brings out Jody and my report and bill. 2hr and 20mimutes to have her do a check up. i missed my meeting. no I am not happy with All Care."
- John Fricker
10/22/2020 00:15:28
"Not happy about being charged for a recheck, for hookworms, for Oscar."
- Iris Kaitschuck
10/20/2020 18:34:42
"Great l love this place Bugsey and magoo love it. I have nothing bad to say. Can't wait to come in. Dr Irish and the whole staff are wonderful. "
- Karen Skorup
10/19/2020 16:31:12
"Angel is doing well no side problems."
- Pat Cherhan
10/18/2020 00:52:56
"It would be nice if you would allow the pet owner to be in the exam room with the pet. This last visit was to pickup food and Ann was very nice and helpful."
- Terri Wainwright
10/17/2020 01:40:11
"I waited 20 minutes in the parking lot watching people who came in after me come and go. Called again and it was another 5 minutes before some came out and another 15-20 minutes before I actually received my pet. She has been there since 9 in the morning and I got her back at 2:30. The drop off and pick up could be improved."
- Ruth Morello
10/16/2020 01:45:47
"I don't like not being able to be with my dog during to visit. This last visit the doctor found a problem and it took two days to finally speak to her. I don't like just getting voice mail about my pets condition and then I have to try and get the doctor back on the phone. "
- Christina Johnson
10/15/2020 23:44:07
"Dr. Irish best vet. Sensitive & caring. "
- Douglas Maitlen
10/15/2020 00:33:50
"Brought my cat, Peanut; in for emergency care. They were right on. About a week later Peanut was back to his old self."
- Lily Novack
10/14/2020 18:10:50
"During covid-19 I understand lots of things have changed....I would have loved to meet the doctor in person and have a one on one conversation. Appointment was very limited on the drop off basis. "
- Rosa Quilantan
10/12/2020 19:57:14
"We were referred by our Vet, YGF, as an emergency for our dog, Sandi!! Everyone was so warm & accommodating, I was extremely happy with our visit!!"
- Laura Stenson
10/11/2020 19:36:31
"In spite of the communications problems created by covid-19, my 2 dogs were cared for, and Dr. Irish called my home to let me know how it went. "
- Art Roberts
10/10/2020 16:46:11
"need more face to face interactions, perhaps have the tech come with records in hand for discussions"
- Mike Sedlacik
10/10/2020 14:41:00
"I like the phone conversation with the doctor"
- Donna & Jerry Connell
10/09/2020 16:26:56
"You all were so comforting when I brought Gigi in on emergency. I thought I was going to lose her but you kept with her and pulled her thru while keeping me informed all the way. She’s home now and hopefully recovering. Thank you from the bottom of my ❤️ "
- Bernadette Hitchins
10/09/2020 16:03:06
"Sanale had her first visit and although I wasn't able to go in with her I know she received so much love."
- Kelli Morales
10/09/2020 15:44:34
"I don’t like not being able to talk to Dr Irish after the exam. When Kairi was really sick she gave me hope that Kairi would get better. She understood what Kairi meant to me, and when it came time to let Kairi go Dr Irish was there for support. She didn’t rush it. I held Kairi and Dr Irish gave the shot, I didn’t want her to be alone. They gave me time to say my goodbyes and when they came to get her the tech was gentle with her, it was one of the hardest things I had to do, but she was not in anymore pain and Kairi will always be with me. I know Dr Irish will take the same loving care of Cassandra, my new kitten. "
- Ann Obar
10/06/2020 15:25:30
"With the virus it's hard to get first hand knowledge from the doctors on their health. You did what you could but if before we give our pets over to the techs if we could have a form that we could write our concerns for our pet to the doctor I think communication would be better. "
- Rosanne Botto
10/06/2020 14:22:32
"No complaints!"
- Lynn Petz
10/05/2020 18:21:13
"Much better. Need to keep the girls working out front. I think Brenda is the one that helped me the most. "
- Bud O'Hara
10/03/2020 17:31:10
"Very professional staff. Answered all of my questions and took care of my puppies. Couldn’t ask for much more. "
- Derek Weikart
09/30/2020 19:33:54
"I appreciate the way you all cared for DaBoo. My experience with the technician who cared for DaBoo was very patient with a sweet and caring personality."
- Sherry Scaife
09/29/2020 20:31:35
"Excellent service, very professional staff. Full service clinic. Recommend them to everyone. "
- Betty Johnson
09/29/2020 14:51:39
"We are pleased with the way you always have the answer to our questions and are always welcoming no matter what time we call to make an appointment or to drop off or pick up Nala "
- Crystal Bernardo
09/29/2020 00:20:08
"The staff is so kind and very helpful. I always dread taking my two pups since we can’t go in with them at this time. Once we get there and anyone who comes to get them is soo kind and reassuring. I love it that Dr Irish calls and addresses all our concerns and takes time to explain what she did and what she needed to address and of course always let’s me know how adorable they are so of course my heart is full of joy just hearing her say that as well as who ever comes to get them and returns them. I will just feel so much better when I can be with them during their exams. I feel like I need to constantly let them know everything is ok. Of course my husband thinks I’m nuts !! 😂"
- Ginger Merrill
09/26/2020 16:57:01
"You do a good job and I am glad that I found you when we moved into the area. I like your Platinum program and discounts. "
- Walt Weydig
09/26/2020 02:25:34
"I love Dr.Irish and staff.Dr Irish is understanding of our circumstances and my dogs need.She is compassionate and caring.I won't see or deal with any other Dr there."
- Gloria Sanchez
09/25/2020 21:32:00
"excellent staff and doctors"
- Tom Gennaria
09/25/2020 20:40:21
"I was very happyo see a veterinarian within walking distance of our new home especially when we found out that you did grooming as well. The initial phone call seemed to go well as we were able to get an appointment rather quickly. Receiving a reminder call and text was nice. I do wish that one of the contacts included telling us that the service was drop off as Reacher was not happy that I was leaving him with strangers in a strange place. Wenwere not happy with the fact that he was there for 5 and a half hours and he was a little cranky. Also not sure about his not needing nails trimmed or that he wouldn't allow his glands expressed. We are in the midst of a global pandemic, so I guess things will be less than ideal. Hopefully future visits will go more smoothly. "
- Jeff Schmelz
09/25/2020 17:29:27
"Everyone was great with my dog Pooka, who can sometimes be difficult. They were very patient and understanding."
- Maura Peragine
09/25/2020 15:27:55
"All was good"
- Lyda George
09/24/2020 14:42:15
"I can not wait until we can be with Payton during he vet visits. I know that is not possible right now due to the pandemic "
- Teresa Blankenship
09/24/2020 14:40:14
"Always receive professional service "
- Chris Fox
09/23/2020 21:35:39
"Doing ok, better communication would be great. Office staff is overworked because they put you on hold for long periods of time. Find the cost of care to be much higher than other vets in this area. Pick up and drop off process could be better seems to be a lot of confusion during this process."
- Wendy Powers
09/23/2020 19:09:48
"Reception is super nice and the techs and Dr's take great care of my pet. All care animal hospital truly cares about the well being of all animals! "
- Anna Ordyk
09/19/2020 15:00:34
"Very happy with this clinic . Very receptive and work hard to get sick pets seen . Which is why I switched . Thanks appreciate you and your professionalism"
- Beth Klein
09/18/2020 19:34:44
"Thanks to everyone who answered my calls to check on Caesar!"
- Diana Lojewski
09/17/2020 23:23:14
"appreciated dr. irish calling after appt. to let me know how finney is doing. felt wait time to get him in once i rang bell and wait time to get him out was exorbitant. they hurried right out to get payment and then we waited and waited. both times after waiting a long time, i rang the bell again. i think we were forgotten. waited 15 min to get him in and 25 to get him out."
- Marcia O'Neil
09/17/2020 17:03:12
"It might help if the staff asked what color/kind of car. This would prevent going to multiple vehicles looking for the pet/owner. "
- Troy Scheet
09/16/2020 18:39:54
"I hate not being able to stay with Maddie and having a face-to-face with the Doctor. It’s really hard on Maddie to be placed in a cage — it’s hard to see she’s inside for two hours knowing she’s with the doctor or tech for a really short time."
- Dee Shields
09/16/2020 17:05:16
"For routine visits I like that I can drop the dogs off and not have to sit and wait for them to be looked at. I hope this continues after the virus. I like the package aspect for routine visits, I like how thorough you are and how you handle and threat my dogs. "
- Liana Wold
09/15/2020 21:02:09
"Dr Irish is amazing. I had an emergency with my furbaby and couldn't get her seen by any other Veterinarian in my area. Thank God for All Care emergency animal hospital. Everyone there was so kind and thorough with taking care of my baby. All went well thankfully. I would highly recommend All Care and Dr Irish also who is now Snow's permanent doctor. Thank you All Care!"
- Sharon Vought
09/15/2020 13:04:13
"Dr Irish and the team are pleasant and knowledgeable. It seems like there might be some lack of communication sometimes and that costs time. I don't like how long it takes for routine exam and shots. (3 hours)"
- Richard Pastor
09/12/2020 15:56:18
"We had a great experience and look forward to having you all as our forever vet 💖"
- Emmett Tedesco
09/11/2020 23:06:38
"Fast service "
- Gary Burk
09/10/2020 20:40:25
"Excellent customer service. Also thank you for calling and checking on our animals after their visit. Also the doctors calling and explaining the diagnosis is very helpful. Thank you for the caring."
- Cindy Griffiths
09/10/2020 16:44:42
"They came home happy. I know you must have treated them well! "
- Phyllis Hamilton
09/09/2020 00:55:33
"Thank you for taking care of Lucy. It was a wonderful experience and given that we were stuck at work and our daughter was having to deal with the emergency, we really appreciated the constant communication and call after to see how she is doing. "
- Judi Dipietro
09/04/2020 17:24:26
"Dr Martinez and Sabrina were very attentive and helpful "
- Carlos Viveros
09/03/2020 22:11:07
"Everything went well."
- Jennifer Folsom
09/02/2020 16:35:48
"The staff sincerely cares for your pet. They listen and keep you informed. "
- Jim Rickard
08/29/2020 22:24:46
"Dr. Iris and Annie took care of my Chase very well. Very professional in their attitude."
- Remy O'Connor
08/26/2020 18:55:35
"We always have a good experience at All Care, and so does Knockout!"
- Patricia Mazzella
08/25/2020 19:53:21
"It seems no one paid attention to the sheet I sent in with the boys. It had the cell phone number I could be reached at, but the doctor and the tech called the home number. 😣"
- Iris Kaitschuck
08/20/2020 21:27:06
"More people to answer the front door please."
- Brenda Cawthon
08/20/2020 21:13:51
"Great job!"
- Gilbert Lopez-Lugo
08/16/2020 14:40:52
"I love Dr Irish! She is awesome. Been taking care of my kitties for years. "
- Lori Sekhr
08/16/2020 01:20:38
"Exceptional as always! All personnel obviously love animals!"
- Cheryl Hunt-Morison
08/14/2020 15:44:30
"Excellent service"
- Valarie Thornton
08/10/2020 01:20:49
"I wonder if Coco got a infection from some other animal when he and Mocha were in being neuter on Thursday. They are in the house all the time and since we are sheltering for the virus no one else is in here. "
- Joyce Marshall
08/09/2020 19:00:12
"You all are compassionate and caring for the people and the dogs. Thank you for that"
- Bernadette Hitchins
08/06/2020 17:13:19
"This is the only vet I’ve ever been to. From the front desk, to the techs, and the vet(dr McCain is so sweet, to humans and my fur baby) they are all wonderful! I was nervous this last time leaving my mini Aussie without me there(covid procedures) but they called twice with updates and when i picked him up, i could tell he was well cared for and loved on. They are always thorough and communicate well with us and seem to want to give us the best deal money wise as well. Very happy with All Care, as usual! "
- Stephaine Harding
08/05/2020 15:37:30