"Hmmm. Well, gosh. I adore Dr Irish. That said...it seems there is a huge disconnect in communication between the Docs, the techs and the front desk. First, I took Pinot in to have a tech collect a first of the day urine which was suppose to be sent to IDEX...it was not. We then had to get the sample and bring it in....which was sent to IDEX. For his blood draws I was told to bring him in at 8 AM to drop him off; ...then later that day, I was called by a tech saying to bring him in at 9 AM. ( I arrived around 8:30 AM). Was escorted to an exam room....then the tech came in a bit after 9 AM to say . I was supposed to just drop him off. It seems this delayed his first blood draw and caused him to be there a bit longer than necessary. But the real issue is.....we did a blood draw and a first of the day urine test to come to or dismiss the same diagnosis....It seems that the blood draws would have been much more efficient and effective And would have been much more effective on my budget I did express my concerns to the tech... "
- Harry Scheafer
03/07/2021 17:57:53
"I expected a call from either the technician or the Veterinarian after my dog's (Pandy's) teeth had been cleaned to give me a status. I dropped her off at 0700 and when I called at about 1215 she still had her teeth cleaned. I was on hold for quite a while and when I talked to someone (again) I was told her technician was working with another animal and would get back to me. That did not happen. I had to call again and was put on hold (I understand that) and then received another call from a technician (while still on hold) telling me that Pandy could be picked up at 4:30. I had to ask if any extractions had been done or other problems had been found/noted. I would have appreciated a call from the veterinarian with an update as Paandy is 12 years old and that does present concerns for anesthesia etc."
- Pam Cashmer
03/07/2021 13:33:17
"Timely. Professional "
- Susan Winters
03/06/2021 19:50:21
"In and out in 5 minutes,"
- Gary Burk
03/06/2021 18:57:08
"It was a really busy day and I thank the team for the high quality care of my troubled cat! My only suggestion is to review the phone system - when busy, the sound to the caller is like a fax machine. Also, I’ve been put on hold for long waits which makes me feel like I was forgotten. Usually after 15 minutes I will hang up & try again. Most updated phone systems could be more effective with time/call tracking & status. "
- Vikki Riess
03/06/2021 18:36:26
"You are doing great"
- Veronica Collins
03/03/2021 19:27:16
"Your tech today was excellent, Ashley I believe was her name. She was very friendly and did her best to make friends with Callie. To be honest, I am frustrated with the continued process of drop offs. I understand the need for keeping everyone safe, I'm a nurse so I completely understand. However, it isn't working for Callie. She is an absolute mess from the minute we hit the parking lot. We setup the first appt with Dr. Irish to reduce the time Callie has to stay and we wait as long as needed in the parking lot. To hear that she got snippy when trying to remove her from the cage is frustrating to hear and only adds to the stress she feels when there. We've been long-term clients of All Care, having been there when Dr. Z was there and I'd be happy to explore other suggestions you may have. We absolutely love Dr. Irish and would hate to leave, but there are other vets who are open for appointments with owners. Unfortunately, at this time, I am unable to get the vaccine so that isn't an option for us. Thankfully Callie is young and healthy so for the most part, she is only there twice a year and hopefully by the time August comes, things will be more open. I appreciate you listening to our concerns. We really only want what's best for Callie and will happily entertain any other ideas (different time of day, etc) that we could accommodate so she doesn't have to be placed in a cage. Thank you."
- Amanda Huggins
03/03/2021 17:43:44
"The team & doctors are very committed to both the pets we bring in as well as to us the “parents”. Their attention & care is excellent, honest & straightforward. You can always reach then via phone or in person and always address our concerns. "
- Elsa Ortiz-Rivera
03/02/2021 21:18:22
"They forgot to give us his Rabies tag."
- Sandra Saucier
03/02/2021 01:40:27
"I'm doing fine. But Zoey's allergies are starting to pick up. I'm going to have to bring her in for an allergy shot. She also needs other vaccinations to be up to date. But I have one concern I do not want my dog to have an influenza shot. And the last time I dropped her off she limped for 3 weeks. She is a very strong dog I understand she is hard to deal with. I just miss the old days when I was allowed to be in the room with her. Other than that I think you guys are awesome and I appreciate everything you do."
- Debbie Rodgers
02/27/2021 17:46:36
"Capabilities of staff & doctor is amazing! It’s not only their expertise that is off the charts but their love for our fur babies is astounding! Superb, Exceptional & Awesome!"
- Cheryl Hunt-Morison
02/27/2021 14:14:28
"Your doing good considering where we are now days. I appreciate being able to get our fur baby in a timely manner with you. You all care so much and we can see that. Thank you all."
- Brenda Cawthon
02/25/2021 20:29:59
"Up until this year I have been happy with the care and customer service at All Care; Nikki, Dr. Rojas and Dr. Irish were the reason I've stayed for many years. However, customer service has really been diminished with the continued COVID restrictions. Instead of getting to speak to a doctor, I get a phone call...but usually not even a phone call. What used to be a 45 min. appointment in my day has become several hours of my waiting at home. So I have to continue with work and when the doctor calls I'm on a phone call so I only get a voicemail message. I don't get to see the breakdown of charges...ask any questions about the immunizations, etc. When I ask the desk staff I get an email 30 mins later with a breakdown of charges and they are unable to answer many questions. Yesterday my dog was there for over 4 hours. They would not tell me if his care was complete until I "decided on a package." I felt like they were holding my pet hostage until I made a decision between Gold and Platinum--ridiculous. And what was my dog doing for 4 hours? I bet he wasn't running around playing, my guess is he was in a cage just waiting. That is not the level of care or customer service I'm looking for and I'm willing to pay more if it means I get a more personal service. I understand COVID precautions...I see physicians taking them all the time. But, my dentist, dermatologist, gynecologist, family practice provider, etc. all manage to provide care in person, with safeguards. My dermatologist even does e-visits with a face-to-face zoom call so I can communicate with my provider. While I'm sure its much more convenient for the doctors and staff to not have to deal with pet owners in person, its not convenient for me, and it's not the level of service I seek. The price has remained the same but the service level has dropped. I respect your decisions as a business owner but all I can do as a consumer is choose to spend my disposable income on pet care somewhere I feel that I am getting a satisfactory level of care and service for the money. "
- Lori Smith
02/24/2021 17:26:24
"The nicest most caring staff❤️ Love Dr Irish! Love it that you call and keep us informed on our pups care and always so positive."
- Ginger Merrill
02/24/2021 00:40:05
"Not being able to come inside is annoying and feels like I am not being there for my pet. I think if everyone is wearing a mask that we should be able to at least talk to the vet"
- Leona Gardiner
02/23/2021 21:16:34
"We love dr McCain! During these no contact visits- the fact that we get a phone call as if we were inside the room makes me feel comfortable leaving the pup there. I appreciate the precautions taken "
- Kaitlin Hanley
02/23/2021 20:01:00
"I have always been treated with respect and my pets have always had excellent care. "
- Randy Mitchem
02/16/2021 11:44:21
"Knockout always receives excellent care at your office!"
- Patricia Mazzella
02/12/2021 17:41:08
"appreciate the doctor calling when I can't be with my pet"
- Deborah Smart
02/12/2021 17:35:11
"Covid has caused many changes, but I think customer service has gone down without the face to face interaction. Wait times and calling ahead make things more difficult."
- Walt Weydig
02/08/2021 01:12:04
"I just wish we could at least meet (outside) with vet or do a FaceTime (zoom) while examining out pet."
- Barbara McCollum
02/08/2021 00:52:40
"We will look for a different veterinary clinic to use for future visits because the prices are too high. "
- Dominique Ward
02/07/2021 01:07:24
"Love Dr. McCain and her low-key approach."
- Tracy Smoak
02/06/2021 21:29:51
"Hi, first off I’d like to thank Dr. Irish for her kind voicemail. I received some news about Milo that I had suspected and yet it was still hard to hear. Her anecdote and advice are a helpful starting point moving forward. I understand that due to COVID capacity is limited and honestly learning that my dog has a terminal condition was news best taken alone due to my ugly crying. With that being said, my criticisms are that communication to the front desk is confusing, in that I talked to multiple vet techs during the four hours I was in the parking lot. I felt a little forgotten to be honest! Given the news I received and the weird circumstances we live in now I do not hold it against any one person in particular. All in all I’m thankful for being able to be seen on such short notice and I appreciate the effort and time of everyone that helped my dog Milo yesterday. I’ll call to make another appointment next week as no one followed up with me on that. Anyway, I hope sharing my experience helps the practice. Thanks again!!!!!"
- Samantha Guined
02/06/2021 21:26:20
"Dr. McCain was amazing and very detailed in checking out our older dog. The vet techs Chloe and Autumn were very loving and sweet to our boy. We got many calls throughout the day with updates. Very impressed considering our last vet left us in the parking lot and didn’t take our calls or return our messages to reschedule even when they for got us! Thank you for taking care of us and our pet. "
- Allison Liston
02/06/2021 20:18:27
"Doing very well. "
- Douglas Maitlen
02/06/2021 20:12:49
"All is good. Cant wait to get back to when I can be with my pets during their visit. "
- Jo Ellen Ginney
02/05/2021 17:52:12
"No complaints."
- Joanna Cruz
02/04/2021 20:49:11
"Everyone was great and helpful!"
- Lauren Affourtit
02/04/2021 01:10:21
"I am greatly excited for the experience I have had so far and what a great team you have "
- Dustin Kress
02/02/2021 20:47:50
"Overall, the experiences have been great. Dr. Irish is amazing! We recommend your clinic to all of our friends. The team is wonderful, professional, and personable!"
- Brian Villa
02/02/2021 18:39:44
"Excellent - just like every single time. Thank you ."
- Kimberly Jones
02/01/2021 00:54:06
"Didn’t get to talk to dr in person. "
- Bud O'Hara
01/29/2021 20:45:56
"It was great. Received a call right away and I was able to pick up my dog’s prescription food. "
- Laura Sanchez
01/26/2021 20:43:36
"As always awesome "
- Debbie Rappoport
01/24/2021 17:53:25
"Y’all were so good with Harley after the traumatic experience we had at the killer vet."
- Tina Lacey
01/23/2021 20:33:28
"I love this pet hospital and all of the staff. I trust them with my most precious gems. While I understand the staff’s need for protection from the diseases of this time. I do wish that they would allow an for an exception to the rules for parents while properly mask should be able to go in during a puppies first visit. "
- Teresa Blankenship
01/22/2021 17:49:48
"Unfortunately I had concerns and the staff refused to let me speak with Dr Irish. Her tech insisted I only deal with her. My cat was there 4 hours. If you want to know more please call me "
- Bobbie Drury
01/22/2021 02:01:08
"Am so pleased with how well you take care of Maddie. My financial situation has drastically changed and I cannot afford any high vet bills. It would be helpful if I was included in Maddie’s care (financially) before any procedures begin."
- Dee Shields
01/16/2021 02:00:59
"Awesome "
- Marsha Wright
01/15/2021 20:52:52
"You are doing fine. I just miss the in person office visit. But totally understand why that can't happen right now."
- Linda Briggs
01/14/2021 23:54:47
"Every time we come there we are always treated very well with respect and so is Nala she's taking care of by the sweetest people always very courteous and care about how she's doing and if she's been behaving just very polite and caring people"
- Crystal Bernardo
01/14/2021 20:17:38
"Staff is helpful and empathetic"
- Lawrence Pichardo
01/14/2021 00:03:41
"Murphy was seen by Dr. Martinez today. I was very pleased with her call and how in depth she went into Murphy’s condition, treatment plan, etc."
- Susan Maerz
01/13/2021 17:45:35
"Everything went well"
- Chris Fox
01/12/2021 20:59:18
"Dominic was amazing! He answered all my questions and kept me informed and I could not be more grateful! "
- Deb Carter
01/11/2021 20:27:45
"You all did great!! Very friendly and answered all our questions, and Jazz is feeling much better!! Thank you so much!!"
- Tom Kirby
01/10/2021 20:46:34
"I feel relief as the care of our beloved Luna was in good hands. I always worry when one of the kitties need help All care animal hospital has never let me down. This group loves and appreciates the patients and family. Thank you so much"
- Victoria Woodward
01/08/2021 17:25:04
"I really love the service you give and it looks like my little Holly likes it too. Also what I really appreciate is that every time I call you I can talk to a person and not an answering machine. I am very happy with your service!"
- Gertrud Lorgus
01/07/2021 22:55:13
"Nail trim only. Timely."
- Susan Winters
01/06/2021 03:44:49
"Thank you for taking my baby in and making him feel better. I’m excited to now be a customer at your location, opposed to the other location, which made me feel that they were just in it for the money, and didn’t care about my dog. "
- Aaron Hagedorn
01/05/2021 23:29:42
"U r doing amazing. Everyone is great. I love Mrs ann and Dr mccain"
- Andrea Lock
12/31/2020 19:08:21
"Awesome "
- Sandra Saucier
12/31/2020 18:11:49
"This place is so amazing! You take care of my doggie as if she was your very own!"
- Cahren Epi
12/30/2020 17:25:37
"So glad we could bring Lucy for an emergency visit at 1:30 am on Dec. 24th, she was feeling so awful, kept going in & out, and crying at times. She is doing better now. "
- Chris Kalinowski
12/24/2020 22:09:47
"Emergency visit. Our dog has a tapeworm. They were super busy but she was treated as fast as possible. Also they took their time answering all our questions. Very helpful!!!"
- Mary Forster
12/24/2020 18:59:36
"We are very pleased with the care Maxx and Mika receive. The drop off and pick up is working smoothly. "
- Donald Kondor
12/22/2020 17:43:09
"We everyone do knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Thank you for how lovingly and gently you cared for Ozzy."
- Ed Strong
12/20/2020 02:56:20
"Everyone at All Care is excellent "
- Terry Gring
12/20/2020 02:17:03
"Service was quick and staff friendly, prices fair...."
- Ernest Phelps
12/19/2020 19:36:34
"I understand covid issues, but I will hold off on my digs annual until I can go in the room with her. I feel it is very important to be there and discuss health together. "
- Katherine Lucas
12/18/2020 19:45:01
"Wonderful response and care in an urgent situation for my cat! My only suggestion is printed post care material to take home. I feel like we're didn't get enough information upon discharge about what to expect in the recovery process. "
- Allison Jackson
12/18/2020 12:07:44
"Dr. Irish and the entire staff are more than great, they are AWESOME! Dr. Irish and her technicians kept me informed throughout the surgical process and were very, very informative and provided options along the way prior, during and after the surgery. The staff at All Care Animal Hospital are truly compassionate about their love for their profession and all of our fur babies and I believe that from every interaction that I have had with the staff that they are there for the human parents of these fur babies as well. Awesome group of people and I personally highly suggest All Care Animal Hospital to anyone that needs a veterinary doctor for their fur babies. Big Thank You to Dr. Erica Irish and the entire staff. Here is wishing all of you a very safe Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."
- Joseph Holloway
12/18/2020 00:17:59
"The Dr’s & there staff are very professional at what they do . They are very kind & treat our dogs like there own. Dash & Boulder are in good hands. "
- Linda Camps
12/17/2020 20:51:11
"Last couple of times I tried getting Benny in, I was told only seeing emergencies and that would cost over $100 just for the visit. Ended up going g back to former vet in Leesburg. Yes "
- Wanda Robertson
12/17/2020 18:10:22
"Since you have gone to drop off only the quality of service has gone down hill. The wait in the parking lot is not good. The lack of feed back is terrible. It seems as if you have forgotten that we are waiting. At least when you are in the waiting room you can see what is going on. It's very frustrating. The level of care is probably the same but the care of the owner's isn't. "
- Leona Gardiner
12/15/2020 23:24:32
"Thank you for all the detailed information regarding Cookie eye condition. "
- Orlando Zayas
12/15/2020 20:08:48
"I was so happy that you squeezed in seeing Snoopy.,it does show that you care.Just cant wait to go back to the old way,so that we can go n with Pet.But thank you"
- Linda Dimaio
12/13/2020 22:09:19
"You are doing the best you can with the way things are. I miss bring DD into the office myself and seeing the Dr."
- Jean Clark
12/12/2020 22:17:37
"Was not happy the way you guys are so money hungry. Lost me has customer. And you need to train your people on how to have compassion. "
- Belinda Smith
12/11/2020 20:39:16
"Because of the current situation with covid-19 no one is allowed to go into the facility..with that said I trusted them with my family member and I know they did a wonderful and professional job. I will continue to go to Allcare. Thank you to the Doctors and staff for the great experience and care."
- Jill Adderly
12/10/2020 19:10:19
"All was fine. Good safety measures in place. Friendly as usual"
- Lisa Pallotta
12/10/2020 15:22:58
"Well I just absolutely adore Dr. Irish! It’s obvious she’s very intelligent, and she is very thorough in her examinations. The staff is very prompt, and I know it’s difficult in this strange pandemic era we are in."
- Harry Scheafer
12/09/2020 19:12:40
"I was very pleased with how Charlie pair were taken care of. Thank you"
- Charlotte Becker
12/09/2020 17:43:39
"It takes awhile for the vet asst's to come and get your pet. "
- Marcia O'Neil
12/08/2020 21:39:24
"Better than a few months ago. One suggestion; ask what color/kind of car. This prevents folks coming to the wrong car or to several cars. "
- Troy Scheet
12/08/2020 17:36:34
"Times are tough during covid. I do think the wait times for the visits have improved but still needs to be shorter "
- Richard Pastor
12/04/2020 21:32:21
"I love how responsive you are to pet Illness and emergencies. I’m happy to pay the emergency fee if it’s an emergency . Thanks so much great staff"
- Beth Klein
12/04/2020 18:01:43
"If it were my first time with the PCP, she would arrange a safe venue to at least meet face to face. Everybody was nice but I don't know anybody and anything about the facility, etc. I think it would be helpful to have the Wellness packages and prices on the website. I went to Balancit.com as suggested but found it difficult to understand what I was supposed to do with it. I am giving Misty PetMD Canine Tabs Plus Advanced Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Dogs, as previously recommended for my Bichon who was on the same diet. I saw on the news today that the National Veterinary Association .was recommending outdoor veterinary visits which sounds like a great idea so that the veterinary, the pet, the owner, and the tech can be socially distanced and still have a personal interaction."
- Dolores Thomas
12/03/2020 23:54:43
"Intake person was good. Talked with us about the different packages and we selected one. Okay with the drop off practices due to current need. Appreciated call from the Dr for a chance to talk. The big problem is we receive a call that she is ready. We arrive and notify we are here. IWe pay over the phone, yet it takes 20 minutes to have our pup brought out. Just seems this process could go a bit smoother. Kadi is sore after all her vacs today, but otherwise doing well."
- Mike Lanham
12/03/2020 22:19:19
"Always top-notch care."
- Larry Zaker
12/03/2020 18:35:55
"Brought our 13 year old baby in Monday night as an emergency. She was having a hard time breathing. Dr. McCain examined immediately and determinedshe was having conjunctiveheart faliure. After 2 days on meds and Oxygen she was able to come home. She is active today chasing lizards."
- Doreen Botzenmayer
12/03/2020 17:12:49
"Diamond seemed to be well cared for while she was there. I think that the checkout paperwork would be helpful if more about diagnosis, medication and further steps could be included. The communication between the techs or reception area needs to be better. I waited in the parking lot for 1.5hrs to pick Diamond up, after receiving a call that she was ready. I had to call twice, and spoke to a tech in the lot, before she was finally brought out. Then, she was returned without her lead that she was dropped off with. The tech that took her in never asked me to remove it. It wasn't until I picked her up that I was told that they do not usually take the dogs with their leash. As simple as they may be, these things make a stressful situation even more so."
- Michelle Cauthorn
12/02/2020 17:41:49
"I think you are doing pretty good, the only thing I am not crazy about is the wait time outside. I know you are all busy, but when someone rings the bell, I think someone should come out quickly to take the pet inside. Your place is right next to the road and all the noise really makes it uncomfortable for the pet. I don't mind at all waiting but there should be "ALL CARE" for the pet. Otherwise everything has been very good. Thanks so much rick varley"
- Rick Varley
12/02/2020 14:49:02
"Max and Sadie were in for their 6 mos checkups. We were called several times during their visit to let us know what was going on and how they were. The discharge instructions were complete and detailed. My two little dogs came home happy, clean and ready to sleep. "
- Veronica Collins
11/28/2020 21:18:54
"Getting her medicine was easy "
- Ruthann Charles
11/26/2020 01:00:47
"Everyone is friendly and Dr. Greenstein is awesome"
- Lori Mastrantoni
11/26/2020 00:35:59
"We just moved to Clermont a month ago we weren't familiar with any animal hospitals in the area. Our small dog Lucy needed medical attention for a ear infection and after calling several animal clinics I spoke to Anna at All Care Animal Hospital who told I should bring Lucy to them after 7:00PM for emergency treatment . We were greeted by a friendly tech who told us they will take good care of Lucy and Dr McCain will treat her , we picked up Lucy a Few hours later. We were Very pleased with her medical Care. All Care Animal Hospital will Be our New Veterinarian office from now on."
- Larry Frankel
11/24/2020 21:17:59
"Everyone is sweet, professional and is good at their jobs. Highly recommended"
- Joan Doyle
11/23/2020 22:53:52
"Thanks for the Excellent Care your staff continues to provide Shuma. "
- Cleve Lee
11/21/2020 20:13:25
"Great!!! :-)"
- Jeff Dott
11/21/2020 02:22:28
"They took great care with our dog he was hospitalized and doing much better. It was nice to be able to call as much as we wanted and get status reports. "
- Karen Eades
11/20/2020 21:33:54
"We appreciated the access to info whenever we called for updates on Zeus. Each person took time to thoroughly update us. Of course, we limited our calls also!"
- Courtney Moles
11/19/2020 22:29:32
"Dr Martinez is wonderful. She addressed my concerns with Heidi so well and spent time explaining her options for treatment. My only complaint, and this is with every visit, is the time and hassle of picking up my dog. It feels like I have to literally beg someone (Two phone calls and I had to literally stop someone going back in after helping someone else) to bring her out and the wait time seems ridiculous if I have been told she is ready for pickup. "
- Barbara Whiteside
11/19/2020 15:41:34
"Drop off and pickup system needs a little work. I'm sure it's difficult for you guys as well but it could be a little better. "
- Bruce Gagnon
11/18/2020 18:41:18
"Always satisfied!! Dr. Irish is amazing!"
- Guida Monteiro
11/17/2020 16:12:01
"Excellent "
- Deborah Smart
11/16/2020 22:23:23
"only problem is the dropping of and having to come back to pick up , can take up hours"
- Sandra Cummings
11/16/2020 15:15:40
"Covid has messed up everything! Including pet care. Being new, I would of appreciated a tour, looking at your facilities & meeting your staff & Dr. I understand that currently is not a option."
- Douglas Main
11/14/2020 21:51:27
"Great "
- Lane Roddenberry
11/14/2020 18:23:40