"You are doing well, I would of like to see you applying vaccines to Holly , she is a little shy and timid, other tha. That love the place!"
- Lorena Ceccucci
08/09/2018 02:51:03
"Great service provider and Ginger enjoys her visits."
- Rex Cunningham
08/08/2018 17:21:13
"So far, so good. Your staff is great and I always get a follow up call. Mazie has out lived her litter and seems to be doing well as she goes into old age. Thanks "
- Joseph Laplante
08/08/2018 15:30:13
"At our last vet our dog needed a muzzle at every visit but she is very comfortable with all the staff at your hospital and has not even growled at anyone which tells us just how well you know how to care for animals."
- Antonette Carpenter
08/08/2018 15:07:13
"Great and friendly staff."
- George Gonzalez
08/08/2018 14:57:27
"Sunshine loves you guys!"
- Merry Phillips
08/06/2018 23:59:17
"I have only good to say, I like you very much."
- Carol Hart
08/04/2018 18:12:45
"I’m very happy with the service provided here at All Care Animal Hospital. The staff is professional and friendly. It’s so easy to make an appointment and be in and out in no time. Dr Irish is so wonderful, answers all my questions and very friendly. I’m very pleased "
- Kalena George
08/01/2018 01:40:44
"We Love ALL CARE! Dr. Irish has been very good to Oscar and Tate! Everyone at the office is always great, and even remember their name! "
- Andrew Ayers
07/27/2018 02:29:34
"Very happy with the visits to see the doctor. Sometimes the techs at the desk are so busy things get lost in the shuffle. They are all so very kind. "
- Christina Johnson
07/26/2018 22:04:14
"Every employee that I've come across is very friendly and helpful"
- Eric Dahl
07/20/2018 20:42:11
"staff is friendly and knows my dogs quirks "
- Barbara Swartwout
07/20/2018 19:00:58
"The techs could use more training but Dr.Irish is the best!"
- Katlin Kepner
07/20/2018 18:23:05
"Everyone is so kind and helpful. "
- Jeffrey Woodley
07/20/2018 17:52:50
"Excellent care, it feels like being family."
- Vanessa Rodriguez
07/20/2018 17:34:36
"No complaints "
- Jim Festa
07/19/2018 12:31:30
"Dr. Irish is the best veterinarian we have ever met. I highly recommend her to anyone I know that has pets. She is consistently friendly and professional. And my dogs love her. "
- Hope Lindroos
07/14/2018 02:53:04
"You guys are great! You obviously care about our pets which means I trust you. "
- Melissa Tolson
07/14/2018 01:00:50
"Always a good experience. Just visited to pickup some Bravecto for Sully and the front desk staff had us weigh her to make sure the dosage was right. Good thing because she put on some weight which meant we had to go up in dosage. Keep up the good work!"
- Vicky Manus
07/13/2018 03:15:14
" In 7 years, I have never been unhappy with the care you have given to Jake. It starts at the front desk with an excellent staff, to the techs and last but not least, the vets themselves. Thank you. "
- Carolyn Judd
07/13/2018 01:10:01
"I love Dr Irish. She is always so caring and willing to listen."
- Lori Sekhr
07/12/2018 23:53:21
"We were seen by the tech and then by Dr. McCain shortly after we arrived. I am very pleased with the overall care for my dog. I have used All Care for several pets and always have been treated in a caring manner. I appreciate the follow-up call to inquire about how my dog is doing after receiving shots. Dr. McCain also personally called to give information on my dog's blood draw."
- Barbara Mcguire
07/12/2018 22:21:51
"I started with All Care when Dr. Z. saw his patients at his home. One of best improvements is you are more organized. However the level of care has always been top notch. I have used all Care for over 30 Years."
- Karen Larsen
07/09/2018 16:17:42
"Every one was very nice and professional. I wouldn't change a thing!"
- Laurie Mckenna
07/09/2018 14:24:52
"The staff are like family. I've been going to the hospital since 2003 for all 9 of my senior Greyhounds. They are so compassionate when it is the end of days for any of my dogs, it makes the situation just that little less agonizing. All the vets listen to you and examin accordingly. The only thing I have heard from friends is the costs are somewhat high which makes it difficult for older folks to afford health care. Or, for more people to foster. It has discouraged some older folks from adopting on their fixed budgets. "
- Bernadette Hitchins
07/09/2018 13:46:00
"Received excellent care when we had an emergency with Natasha. Staff was quick to respond and they took great care of her. Thanks All Care."
- Ray Hartsell
07/09/2018 10:54:12
"No complaints. "
- Gary Lamboy
07/08/2018 17:54:23
"Have been very happy with ACAH for the past 25 years. I trust all of there caregivers with my animals."
- Jayne Johannesen
07/08/2018 04:01:53
"You were WONDERFUL! Jenna went above and beyond, helping to calm our worries immediately. The Doctor was wonderful also! She was was knowledgeable, took time to explain things (without us having to ask a bunch of questions) and was very friendly too."
- Christina Dougherty
07/07/2018 20:20:36
"I have been taking my dogs to All Care Animal Hospital since 2000 and have all the confidence in the staff there, that they will take good care of my fur kids!"
- Terry Wallace
07/07/2018 12:21:04
"Medical care by doctors and techs is always top notch. Especially enjoy how my dogs are greeted/treated by medical staff as pets of their own. The occasional billing snafu is annoying such as misapplication of correct preventative care plan percentages. Just honest mistakes possibly due to high personnel turnover. In addition to 5 dogs listed in your email, I trust you enjoy caring for my other 2 as well, Santina and Xena!! Merrill Turner"
- Peg Turner
07/06/2018 11:42:30
"The Doctors, the staff, and everyone I have had contact with over many years are truly exceptional!"
- Jeanne Guerra
07/05/2018 22:35:50
"We love Dr. Rojas. "
- Rosemary Brill
07/01/2018 00:01:29
"Very nice and good understanding between employees and customers "
- Denise Andreone-King
06/30/2018 22:29:04
"Avery time I come to the animal hospital, service is wonderful "
- Sherie Fralix
06/29/2018 23:18:29
"We love your facility and staff. We just wish you were closer to is"
- Catherine Evans
06/28/2018 21:37:36
"So far, we have had a very good experience overall. Once our Banfield plan runs out in July on our 2nd dog Willow, we will be switching her over to your practice as well."
- Melanie Wolters
06/28/2018 20:20:18
"Very thorough and caring! "
- Katherine Lucas
06/28/2018 20:15:08
"I started with Dr. Zagrocki when his practice was as in his barn. I have always been happy with the care of my animals and how friendly the staff is. I liked Dr. Zagrocki very much and am very happy now with Dr. McCain in charge. I always enjoy visiting with her when I come in."
- Sherry Breier
06/28/2018 20:02:19
"I had a great experience brought both our dogs in they got in a room as soon as we arrived. The tech and Dr Irish were wonderful. Was very attentive ask us questions also remember my dogs problem from the past visit."
- Loretta Romanyk
06/24/2018 18:04:04
"Dr Irish is caring and thorough. She answers questions clearly. My wait was short and the staff was helpful and friendly."
- Frankie Cook
06/24/2018 16:49:27
"We like that Dr. Roja's listens to our concerns and understands our fears about our Lab, Tess, receiving all her shots on the same day since our last Lab ( 5 yrs old) died exactly a week after getting all of them 2 yrs ago from multi-organ failure. Both of us felt she gave Tess a thorough exam and genuinely appears to care for her. All of the staff from the receptionist, front desk, and vets are friendly and efficient. Thank you!! "
- Ronald Scintilla
06/24/2018 10:51:28
"Employee's there are so quick, happy and obviously love animals!"
- Karleen Dawson
06/22/2018 16:51:00
"The personnel that work at the All Care Animal Hospital are always very polite and courteous. They always have a smile to offer and very friendly. I give them a big A+ for efficiency and politeness. Years back I had to put my other dog, Blackie to sleep and everyone was very comforting and concerned about our pain. GREAT TEAM!"
- Miguel Ortiz
06/21/2018 17:55:53
"You guys are doing great. The staff was wonderful, the facilities were clean and the veterinarian and vet tech were great. We did have to wait in the treatment room for 10 mins or so but I am sure you were busy."
- Mark Kamhout
06/21/2018 17:03:25
"We appreciate that we do not feel rushed during our visits and the dogs are given a thorough exam. We do feel like we wait a little long for scripts to be written so we can leave, but understand how busy this practice is. "
- Barbara Whiteside
06/14/2018 19:12:48
"Dr. Martin was friendly. (I had not met her before.) She was understanding and respectful. The office staff is always super friendly. They all take time to make sure my pet has what she needs. I will always bring my fur babies to them. I do wish that they saw small animals, like Guinea pigs. "
- Megan Ray
06/13/2018 21:55:54
"It is such a joy to know that my baby is in good hands when I leave her for boarding. She loves going to the vet and loves everyone there. Staff treats me so good and are sincere. So glad to have you all in my life."
- Cathy Hilderbrandt
06/13/2018 20:51:47
"We are very grateful for the love and care Pal receives when he is at All Care."
- Tracey Rice
06/13/2018 20:41:11
"Absolutely love how we’ve been treated there,great customer service,loving,caring atmosphere,When We lost our first pet there,due to old age and I was quite upset ,They sent me a beautiful card signed by all the employees,It meant so much to me,not to many people take the time to grieve with you.Love the compassion they show towards your pet and towards you."
- Rose Shannon
06/13/2018 20:15:20
"all has been good"
- Scott Weimer
06/13/2018 19:32:34
"Your pet (and human) care has always been exceptional in my opinion. The only "negative" I have to say is that the new reception area, while nice and big (for staff) needs to have something done to make it easier to hear for both those working behind the counter and those of us trying to hear them. It is NOT the noise from the various animals it is that the room is a serious echo chamber - it has to be hard (and stressful) on the employees."
- Pam Cashmer
06/13/2018 12:08:12
"Always a good experience!"
- Jill McDonald
06/12/2018 19:50:20
"Always great "
- Debbie Wennerstrom
06/12/2018 13:03:45
"Mitzy let Dr. Irish exam her without a party hat :)"
- Lisa Busto
06/11/2018 01:30:39
"I was very pleased with the entire visit. The doctor and staff were very friendly and knowledgeable."
- Patricia Manning
06/08/2018 22:22:23
"So busy yet everyone stayed pleasant and helpful. "
- Judy Schmidt
06/05/2018 22:02:35
"Love the staff and the care our dogs get. It sometimes fell like it becomes a bit pricey. I probably pay more for my animals health care than my entire families. Overall we are very Happy with All Care."
- Daryl Taylor-hazel
06/03/2018 04:47:31
"Dr Rojas said to call if had any problems. Show she care about Bailey,s condition. Have also appointment in two weeks for follow up."
- Kay Hill
06/01/2018 14:13:46
"You have and continue to take excellent care of all of my dogs! "
- Amy Bartek
05/29/2018 22:08:10
"I am very pleased with the care Harley receives from All Care Hospital."
- Marjorie Gaiter
05/24/2018 11:22:18
"We think the staff at All Care give excellent service and take very good care of our pet every time we go. We love it there!"
- Mara Folsom
05/22/2018 04:13:21
"Always love leaving our fur baby at your facility. He's well taken care of. Only thing is I wish the pens were more comfortable for the pets. Other than that the care is the most important thing as our guy has cushings we can vacation knowing that he is being given his medication and monitored. Also there is always a tech at the facility overnight. I especially love this in case the pet gets into distress. Have and will always recommend AllCare. "
- Rose Martinez
05/21/2018 22:02:09
"We love Dr G. We have been going to him since we first moved to Clermont in 2005. He has had a one on one relationship with all our pets."
- Dawn Stevens
05/20/2018 21:41:26
"Visit was for nail trims and Bravecta, did not have to wait and staff were very pleasant."
- Madeline Peyton
05/19/2018 23:30:34
"Dr. Irish and Jenna are great! They were very attentive to Lucy's needs. We have always had a very good experience at All Care with the treatment for Boo and Lucy."
- Mike Vitale
05/19/2018 19:01:18
"Happy with care"
- Diana Taylor
05/17/2018 22:39:05
"Wonderful really couldn't be happier with everything you all do. From the moment I walk in the door being greeted to the moment I leave being thanked for coming. Keep up the friendly good work."
- Jeffrey Woodley
05/17/2018 10:31:15
"Everyone is very friendly and acommadating."
- Phylis Lennerth
05/17/2018 04:01:31
"I always receive good service and everyone genuinely cares about the animals brought in."
- Barbara Swartwout
05/16/2018 23:52:00
"We enjoy bringing our pets to your facility. We feel they get excellent care and attention. "
- Scott Lucas
05/16/2018 22:48:48
"Greg answered the phone and was very pleasant. I was able to get my dog in that day to get her nails and anal glands dealt with. I always receive good service."
- Eric Dahl
05/16/2018 13:05:42
"Great service and carisma with our pets!!!!"
- Vanessa Rodriguez
05/16/2018 10:11:17
"They staff took Willow right in and clipped her nails quickly and then returned her back to me. Good job staff. Thanks "
- Janet Moore
05/15/2018 22:49:13
"You are all doing very good but why is it that Coco has been talking since we got home Non-stop? She must be competing with me. Continue the good work. Always have a good day everyone!"
- Catlina Dietschy
05/15/2018 14:46:05
" My last visit to the office was just to pick up food. I will say, maybe there is a better way to organize the food shipments. But honestly, its not that big a deal or something great enough to fuss over. I love this office! Everyone is very nice and make me feel welcome. "
- Mindy Devora
05/14/2018 13:05:56
"As always your doctors and staff are excellent!"
- Marsha Wright
05/11/2018 19:43:08
"I think you all are awesome! My sweet girl gets taken care of really well when she’s there. Thank you!"
- Charrey Schiele
05/09/2018 02:01:43
- Caryl Amorim
05/08/2018 15:34:28
"All Care is great. The best part is that everyone who works there is friendly and helpful and kind. The great vets there is of course the biggest thing but the techs, office staff, boarding personnel - everyone is always nice. "
- Chris Kalinowski
05/07/2018 21:16:46
"Service is great everyone is nice and Dr. Rojas is very patient and caring."
- Martha Miller
05/07/2018 16:56:21
"Our dog is doing great."
- Paul Poehlein
05/07/2018 00:58:05
"The staff and Doctor were all excellent."
- Dorothy Fluker
05/07/2018 00:28:40
"Always accommodating"
- Lisa Pallotta
05/06/2018 21:00:55
"The staff are very helpful especially Ann. I always have the best experience with Doctor Martinez, she knows Meeko and Tiana really well and is very knowledgeable and helpful."
- Juliet Draheim
05/06/2018 13:40:03
"I am very happy to have a 24hr vet available to me. The latest episode with Eli scared me and it was wonderful to have help a phone call away. I was able to call during the night to check on Eli, it was a huge relief. All and all things turned out well."
- Debra Veit
05/06/2018 13:30:26
"I've always had excellent care and the last couple of times I've been in and out quickly "
- Tammy Haulk
05/06/2018 12:32:06
"Everything is great The computer does send multiple reminders but I am forgetful "
- Veronica Collins
05/06/2018 11:47:22
"No complaints. In addition to their medical expertise/skill, am impressed with the warmth that both doctors Irish and Rojas engage my dogs with. Despite what seems like high turnover, the vet techs are all competent and caring."
- Peg Turner
05/06/2018 09:34:25
"Love you guys. Keep up the good work. On the rare occasion when I have any concerns I let Tanya know right away and they are addressed. "
- Leesa Burzynski
05/06/2018 03:40:10
"Everyone is like family. Your staff are friendly and always helpful. Thank you."
- Marlene Fahey
05/06/2018 03:03:52
"My dogs have always been looked after and cared for by well trained professionals."
- Terry Wallace
05/06/2018 02:26:45
"Very Good!"
- Carol Atwood
05/06/2018 02:20:56