"I've found the Vet's to be very efficient and knowledgeable. The front desk staff were great on our last visit but most of the time we experience delays upwards of 20-30 minutes at checkout. We also have an unresolved charge on our account that we need to explain at every visit. The issue with it relates to the front desk staff in that we had a dog in for a dental and were also having a growth removed while under general. We were told there would be a "minor" increase in the charge to remove the mass (it was not under the skin and very easily removed). However the minor increase was $500 which we contested and have never been able to resolve. Multiple messages were left with the billing person and we never received a return call. It would be appreciated if that charge can be removed in full at this point. "
- Kimberly Sher
09/20/2019 22:02:02
"I have been so pleased since I've come to All Care. You have enough staff and waiting area that my dog and I are comfortable waiting to be seen, staff is efficient and courteous, and Dr. Rojas is a dream come true. So practical and caring! I love the "wellness package" programs too, which lower my costs and encourage me to bring my pet in quickly if I think something is wrong. I bounced around through several vet practices in the area, always slightly disappointed, until I found you."
- Libby Hanna
09/20/2019 18:31:36
"Pleased with office. They answered all my questions. They worked very well with my cat. "
- Terry Stein
09/20/2019 15:58:01
"I felt Zena received excellent treatment, but waiting for tests and results was hard."
- Elaine Pridmore
09/20/2019 15:57:26
"The staff is very friendly. There was practically no waiting time to be seen. Annabelle was treated as one of their own. We have no complaints and look forward to future visits. I would recommend this get to anyone. Neil Lubasky"
- Deborah Lubasky
09/20/2019 04:59:11
"For years you all have provided outstanding service."
- Robert Riley
09/17/2019 22:34:30
"Dr. Rojas is amazing. She provides such loving through care for my dogs and for their humans as well. Anne, Greg, and Nikki at the front desk are great. They know who we are the minute we walk in the door. I have had some difficulties with other staff that work in the reception area and dread when Anne, Greg or Nikki aren’t working. Even though not every experience has been great, Dr.Rojas has been so wonderful to us all that to me it’s worth dealing with the frustrations caused by the receptionists. "
- Melissa Orzechowski
09/13/2019 21:02:53
- Manuel Martins
09/13/2019 18:11:25
"Everyone is soooo nice! Appointments are always quick and concise. Very happy we picked All Care! "
- Stephaine Hauser
09/13/2019 15:45:27
"I was there on Wednesday to pick up meds. It was about 2:15. Anne was the only receptionist there with a trainee. The counter was full of waiting people. Anne was doing her best. Where was other help? I had been told by two different girls on Monday and Tuesday that the meds would be ready for pickup. By the time it was checked, the meds had not been pulled or directions put on them. I must have waited a good 20-25 minutes. "
- Linda Baker
09/13/2019 15:18:18
"Love this vet and all the employees. They are excellent with my babies and very accommodating to my work hours and needs "
- Mary Ella Hubbard
09/11/2019 19:39:35
"There is always so much turn over. We dropped our dogs of for boarding as we usually do and were asked would you like a bath? so we said yes, what the new employee failed to mention was that we would be charged 21.00 per bath since they were not staying for three nights. I was able to call and get the baths refunded after discussing this with someone in the front office. The reservations for both of my dogs were also made separately instead of adding a dog but that was able to be resolved as well. If you are going to have so many new employees I would say make sure they are fully trained or at least comfortable asking questions when they don't know, or even a buddy to help them even when they are on their own for a few weeks. I used to love coming in to all care, sadly ow every time I leave I look into other places, but still decide to give all care more chances. "
- James Krieger
09/11/2019 16:27:12
"Everyone was kind and helpful. "
- Veronica Collins
09/07/2019 17:25:09
"so far so good"
- Donald Kapp
09/03/2019 18:09:16
"The visit was a bit long, but the service was great. "
- Lisa Busto
09/03/2019 15:05:16
"Great service and our dog loves going there. "
- Marc Miller
08/31/2019 17:31:12
"I appreciate the technical knowledge of the veterinarians, but the staff's friendly approach and attentiveness is great. "
- Kenny Floyd
08/28/2019 17:07:48
"I trust you for the care of my 2 fur babies, no problems"
- Loretta Romanyk
08/28/2019 15:24:00
"I really like Dr. Marinez she seems to really care about my dogs. "
- Joy Doyno
08/26/2019 16:18:12
"We always receive exceptional care from your facility for Jade the Pooch."
- Chris Fox
08/22/2019 20:47:08
"GREAT !!!!!!"
- Mike Vitale
08/21/2019 14:21:07
"the scale to weigh the animals is a joke. get a new one that doesn't take forever. the animals are excited to begin with and getting them to stay still for so long is ridiculous."
- Joyce Walsh
08/17/2019 20:45:17
"All of you guys are great!!!! Thank you for taking such good care of my babies!!! "
- Joanna Ring
08/17/2019 17:11:38
"I’ve never had a negative experience during a visit. I especially appreciate the patience all staff has with me as a client."
- Johanna McCulloch
08/12/2019 01:52:45
"We love the great customer service and care you show our pets and us!"
- Scott Lucas
08/11/2019 21:38:40
"Mookie is back to his old self. I appreciated so much that your office called to check on him. Annie, especially, went above and beyond! Her kindness was wonderful. She was the only one who greeted us with a smile when we entered for our appointment. She is a very genuine person. "
- Liz Johnson
08/11/2019 20:52:07
"You are doing great. as usual, "
- Anne Nowlen
08/11/2019 19:11:28
"I love the combination of veterinary knowledge, love of animals, and kindness toward the pet parents. I also like the availability of plan options. My pets are receiving the best care available. "
- Kimberly Jones
08/10/2019 23:48:47
"The pill went from 12 dollars to 19.00 in 4 weeks not a good price at all the cashier said that is normal no way. Do not buy that at all. She did not care if we came back or not Parker has been coming their around 10 years. No respect for your customers at all"
- Susan Baker
08/09/2019 00:20:05
"Always get excellent care at All Care, day and night."
- Dave Fitch
08/08/2019 21:32:21
"Pad the bench."
- Ronald E Ney Jr
08/07/2019 17:28:54
"Great friendly service. Like the follow up call Love dr Irish"
- Debrah Smart
08/07/2019 14:45:36
"Care was Very good but thought $60 per dog for simple check was to high."
- Madeline Peyton
08/06/2019 00:18:04
"I was pleased with Alice's care on Friday. The assistant was so helpful and reviewed the care of the injury to make it clear how to care for the wound.Dr. McCain as always addressed the problem and gave the review of what would be done at the hospital as well as the care necessary at home"
- Barbara Mcguire
08/05/2019 22:47:01
"I love Dr. Irish. She takes care of all my kitties. I would go no where else"
- Lori Sekhr
08/05/2019 01:40:50
"Very professional and caring!"
- Bonny Bowyer
08/03/2019 23:22:29
"We are always happy with the care both are dogs receive there. Dr. Irish is really wonderful and so caring with the pets, never forgetting even the tiniest detail!"
- Guida Monteiro
08/03/2019 12:41:57
"Dr. Martinez and her assistant Coll and of course were very knowledgeable and were very caring and kind to us and our cat Boots."
- James Malarik
08/02/2019 18:24:11
"As always I am extremely happy with the service and care shown by the team from the front desk to Dr. McCain! "
- Marsha Wright
08/02/2019 13:22:27
"You did wonderful, Jazz is feeling so much better!! "
- Tom Kirby
08/01/2019 18:20:26
"Doing great ! I think you are expensive for pet care ."
- Jackie Stults
08/01/2019 17:13:01
"The people are wonderful caring folks. I trust them with my precious dogs."
- Barbara Horne
07/29/2019 20:04:23
"Everyone is always so caring and pleasant. We have recommended you to all of our Clermont and Minneola friends. "
- Brian Villa
07/27/2019 03:10:02
"No complaints. Everyone very friendly and caring towards the animals. "
- Gina Thompson
07/26/2019 13:53:50
"Really appreciated care of my dog for what was a medical emergency at home. Dr McCain was excellent at immediately diagnosing what was wrong with him, and starting treatment quickly. Thanks so much!!"
- Doreen Cohen
07/26/2019 00:38:26
"A monthly email about the monthly specials would be nice"
- Amelia Draper
07/26/2019 00:01:51
"Awesome. Mater loves being boarded. I think he gets spoiled"
- Jewell Tufts
07/24/2019 14:07:46
"As usual you guys are doing awesome I don’t know what I would do without you! Feel like we’re family"
- Debbie Rappoport
07/23/2019 20:15:11
"I've always had a great experience with your practice! From the front desk staff, to the vet techs, and the Doc's, everyone is friendly and I know you really care about our dogs. Keep up the good work!"
- Joshua Hattabaugh
07/23/2019 13:54:50
"Doing great. Excellent staff. Perhaps your waiting time can use a little help. I know Paco gets a little restless while waiting in the room. I do to sometimes. Lol! I recommend you always. I do have a little travel time, but you are way worth trip. "
- Ivis Osorio
07/22/2019 21:22:16
"excellent staff"
- Tom Gennaria
07/20/2019 11:14:34
"I have been purchasing royal cabin cat food for several years and the last time I came to purchase it I was initially denied the ability to buy it . I can only purchase if I bring my pet in. If the rates were not so high I’d probably do that more frequently. I’m disappointed in the policy and probably will take my pets somewhere else once Bandits yearly agreement is up"
- Diana Taylor
07/19/2019 01:50:18
"Everyone is very friendly and understand Shyla's "anxiety" at being in the exam room. I am really pleased with Dr. Rojas."
- Jodie Spears
07/17/2019 12:37:59
"I am currently satisfied with my services from All Care Animal hospital appointments are handled on time, whenever I have questions there is always someone there."
- Anna Sarjou
07/14/2019 11:38:42
"I am very pleased with All Care taking care of my babies. My oldest is a difficult baby and All Care is wonderful with him. The staff is always very friendly and the doctors are very informative. I’m glad I found All Care."
- Mary Ella Hubbard
07/12/2019 01:25:14
"Our visits to the office we are always greeted with positive cheerful staff including the Dr’s. When we call the office the staff is always willing to help answer our questions. We just relocated from So.Fla and We are so happy we found All Care Animal Hosptial ! Thank you for caring for our family pets. "
- Cheri Mineo
07/12/2019 01:04:33
"Every time I go to you for anything I have to spend over 100$. That’s ridiculous. !!!! It is a major chore to get a prescription for flea and tick medicine to send to pet meds. It should not cost me to get a script from the doctor "
- Bud O'Hara
07/10/2019 12:54:03
"Very good!"
- Catlina Dietschy
07/10/2019 12:33:19
"Thank you for all the info on testing for Max. Everyone is very friendly & easy to talk to. "
- Dianna Daiss
07/10/2019 03:32:09
"Everyone is awesome "
- Nicole Shefchick
07/10/2019 02:44:01
"We recently moved from Mount Dora to Groveland and wanted a veterinarian closer to home for our cat, Maverick, who has some serious issues in the past year. I first saw your sign, looked up your website and personally stopped in the office to get a feel for your facility. I needed to bring Maverick in this past week after he vomited several times and lost his appetite. All signs pointed to a flare up of his pancreatitis and this was confirmed by his exam. Mark, the vet tech, and Dr. Martin were fantastic, caring, thorough and friendly. I received a call late that evening from Dr.,McCain, who reviewed his urinalysis showing he also had a severe urinary tract infection and which medications to cease. I was contacted by the office the next morning to see how Maverick was doing. I truly appreciated the warm welcome my pet and I received as well as the flexibility in scheduling his follow up appointment. "
- Julie Grace
06/27/2019 19:45:02
"Excellent experience thus far. The staff are friendly and professional."
- Kenny Floyd
06/26/2019 14:18:20
"This was my first visit. You guys made me and my wife feel that Doobie would have top care. That made it very easy and a pleasant visit."
- Richard Morales
06/24/2019 14:54:09
"We had a very nice visit. Our dog liked it and the doctor was great and the rest of the staff was excellent as well. All of our questions were answered. Looks like our Bindi found a new vet!"
- Marc Miller
06/22/2019 17:37:35
"Dr. Irish has taken care of my two old dogs until they passed. Now I have a mix breed female dog, Maya, who has been diagnosed GAD and Separation anxiety and is on Prozac and Gabapentin. Dr. Irish referred Maya to a dog therapist who performed a thorough evaluation on Maya and prescribed these medications. The ancillary staff at your facility are very kind and has also taken gapped care pf Maya while being boarded. I am very pleased with your service. "
- Olga Grajales
06/22/2019 11:39:35
"Doing great thank you "
- Linda Briggs
06/20/2019 20:45:32
"Very compassionate group. Love this vets office!! "
- Melissa Tolson
06/18/2019 20:27:16
"We really like the staff and the vets. The staff treat Tess like she's their favorite dog every single time. She's usually nervous so the fact that they get on the floor with her to help her relax is a big plus and very appreciated. I'm sure all of their furry patients get the same care. I also like that the male tech always sends our info to Embrace in a timely manner so give him a big thanks for us!"
- Ronald Scintilla
06/18/2019 19:40:26
"After our first visit I am extremely satisfied. Everyone was personable and knowledgeable. My cat Godiva was treated well. I loved the next day check up call to make sure she was doing fine. The doctor and everyone else I encountered I couldn't be happier and relieved to find this place"
- Linda Forte
06/18/2019 19:19:22
"It’s great, I trust butters with dr rojas "
- Bobby Estrada
06/18/2019 18:39:47
"All Care is great as usual. Looking forward to the open house next weekend. "
- Chris Kalinowski
06/17/2019 13:29:59
"Every visit that I've had at All Care Animal Hospital has been very satisfactory. Everyone is very friendly, courteous, caring and professional. I would not change to another veterinarian because they are all very caring individuals and I can see how much they care about the animals that go there. Grade them an A-plus!!! Great Service!!"
- Miguel Ortiz
06/13/2019 17:45:37
"I like the Doctor, she is my favorite. The wait times are too lengthy at times. "
- Mary & Dick Hathaway
06/10/2019 04:36:04
"This experience was great. Everyone was helpful and extremely friendly. About 5-7 years ago I quit going to All Care because previous visits (not just one) seem to focus on “up selling “too much. I will return in the future."
- Cherie Kennell
06/09/2019 18:16:20
"I feel very comfortable with the level of care afforded to Lucky and Happy. The front staff and medical team are friendly and well trained. "
- Peter Glasz
06/06/2019 21:46:22
"my pets like it there"
- Karen Roderick
06/06/2019 19:27:14
"Always excellent service"
- Chris Fox
06/06/2019 14:14:00
"I brought my new kitten, Finnigan in on Tuesday afternoon with the sniffles, by Wednesday at 6:30 AM he was much worse, I brought him in for emergency treatment, every one responded quickly and he was well taken care of and I was able to take him home later that day. I appreciate the true caring of everyone there from the front desk, to the vets to the techs. "
- Kathy Bardsley
05/31/2019 18:13:58
- Lawrence Thomas
05/31/2019 13:55:56
- Jeri Schuur
05/28/2019 20:33:54
"The dogs were okay when I picked them up from boarding. "
- Lynn Petz
05/27/2019 02:13:19
"We always receive excellent care for Merlin and Morgana. We tend to communicate more with the more experienced staff but have no problems. I so appreciate when I call the office I always get an answer to my questions. "
- Marsha Wright
05/26/2019 00:59:52
"I am happy or I should say very happy with your outstanding service with our wonderful dog. I would find it very difficult to say you have OUTSTANDING service. Since we moved from Leesburg to Tavares it is further to Clermont. It is worth every gallon of gas."
- Robert Riley
05/25/2019 21:24:03
"Alicia was an absolute life saver! We were so worried about our boy and she made the whole process so much better! You guys are lucky to have her! She cares about pets and their parents :)"
- Stephaine Hauser
05/25/2019 17:49:02
"My dog Missy was given outstanding life saving surgery for Pyomeatra at a resonable price. The cost was all inclusive and included two days of post surgical care. She is alive and well because of your compassion and resonable costs,"
- Barbra Burch
05/24/2019 01:14:11
"As always, my baby was treated by all the staff with the greatest care and compassion. I would never go any place else for her care."
- Cathy Hilderbrandt
05/22/2019 21:21:32
"We love the entire staff! Everyone is personable and caring. We recommend All Care to all of our friends."
- Brian Villa
05/22/2019 03:49:15
"As always we had a great visit"
- Patricia Salka
05/21/2019 16:22:12
"Moka was treated by both Drs McCain and Martinez on three separate visits. In addition to their medical professionalism, I appreciated the genuine care and affection they displayed with Moka."
- Peg Turner
05/17/2019 22:27:13
"Staff is very caring and thoughtful. They love my senior dogs and help me and them feel comfortable "
- Bernadette Hitchins
05/17/2019 19:43:29
"Everyone took excellent care of Bonney. The only complaint would just be that it was terribly expensive. However we did use emergency care and she stayed over night for care. She is back to herself and doing great."
- Mara Folsom
05/12/2019 11:06:33
"Maggie is much better thanks to your help."
- Paul Poehlein
05/11/2019 01:13:56
"Did great"
- Manuel Martins
05/09/2019 15:33:04
"We love your staff. You are very courteous and helpful. you have always been very empathic when we are loosing a pet."
- Scott Lucas
05/08/2019 23:11:04
"I have always been very pleased wit the care our cats have received from the All Care Team. The compassion we felt from the team when we had to say goodby to our 19.5 year old Hunter was moving. Keep up the good work. I have noticed at times that the front counter staff can get involved in their own conversations when customers/clients are present. This would be an area I’d recommend taking a look at improving. "
- Leesa Burzynski
05/08/2019 22:06:35
"You always take good care of Winston and he always enjoys coming. So many of you have known him since he was just nine weeks old."
- Mary Mantey
05/08/2019 19:49:14
"All the staff here are wonderful. Very friendly and helpful for both routine and emergency visits. Dr. Irish is the best!!"
- Tara Miller
05/08/2019 17:59:39
"Excellent care, friendly employees. The give us special care. "
- William Hurt
05/08/2019 00:34:02
"Great job every visit "
- Barbara Horne
05/07/2019 20:43:17
"Always excellent care. Have been very pleased with staff as well as Dr. McCain and Dr. Irish."
- Beth Yedweb Oliver
05/06/2019 21:25:09