"I thought we were only seeing a technician for a short appointment. We waited in the parking lot for over an hour while Patches was inside. If we had known he was seeing the vet, we would have not waited but come back when he was finished."
- Richard Godsil
07/02/2020 14:25:14
"Took 3 hours just for two injections, and ear test. Asked staff for initial immunization papers from initial vet, as I forgot them there, never received them"
- Eve Fusselman
06/30/2020 14:59:48
"We are very happy with the service and the care for Maxx and Mika. We always recommend the practice "
- Donald Kondor
06/30/2020 14:18:51
"We did not receive a notice that business has reverted back due to the spikes in cases and that we were not able to enter the building. it was not a big deal because we completely understand; we just would have appreciated a notice. We had asked that the lump on Tiana's neck be measured and to see if the doctor felt any masses on her sides between her legs. We did not hear anything back."
- Brian Villa
06/30/2020 13:57:59
"Buddy really seems to enjoy going to the vet"
- Vincent Samosky
06/28/2020 22:48:45
"Called prior to arrival to pick up product's and was hung up on. Told them days before the eye drops was not the product I needed and it was still in my bag at pick up."
- Wendy Powers
06/28/2020 14:18:49
"I had taken my dog with rash on his neck that caused severe irritation. Office advised of bloodwork but I never got a result. I paid $300 for everything Im still waiting for the doctor to provide results from the bloodwork. I was just given instructions on care not knowing what happened to him or what caused it. Very disappointed!!"
- Martha Tarazona
06/28/2020 00:01:47
"Dr. Irish is the best. Probably the main reason we have stayed with All Care. We have: had one vet say our dog would die if we did not treat, he's still here; had the wrong records pulled up while performing a checkup of my dog; failed to remove glucose sensor from my dog when that was the reason of the appointment; failed to bring all medications when bringing my dog to the parking lot. I understand the pandemic has caused problems and required operating changes; however, if you issue an appointment then it should be treated as if the customer is sitting in the exam room. I will say you do very well on follow-up calls to customers."
- Jackie Young
06/27/2020 13:13:52
"Hold time on phone is a bit long but think it's due to the Covid situation. Exceptional service AGAIN!"
- Cheryl Hunt-Morison
06/26/2020 23:47:09
"Very happy with experience."
- Teresa Kline
06/26/2020 23:30:26
"Just wanted Ashley's Anal Glands expressed. You also clipped her nails which we didn't want. This morning, her nails were bleeding because they were cut too short."
- Jean Kirk
06/25/2020 16:10:36
"I really appreciate the care you give to my Luna,, Kisses and Yuki. I love that you get us in so fast. Thank you for being our Kitties care giver"
- Victoria Woodward
06/25/2020 08:26:49
"I have nothing negative to say about my visit there. I have 4 pets and all are cared for excellently. I will recommend All Care Animal Hospital to all my family and friends."
- Vicky Mccain
06/24/2020 20:01:41
"I really appreciated the diligence and feed back regarding my dog, particularly with the constraints of the pandemic. "
- Alynne Solway
06/24/2020 15:52:57
"The initial person who checked me out was incompetent. She could not understand what I was asking her to check. Finally another took over and all was squared away. "
- Alan Tracey
06/20/2020 22:44:10
"Everything was good, but it would be nice to be given a heads up of your procedure once we are placed in the exam room. I was only told you were taking my baby to get weighed, and I was getting worried of how long she was gone, then the dr. came in providing only info. That is when I figured out she examined Bambi in the back. Over all I liked your Covid procedures. "
- Katherine White
06/18/2020 19:05:00
"From the moment I rang the doorbell and was let in, all staff and Dr Irish were welcoming to me and my fur baby. "
- Linda Forte
06/17/2020 17:24:51
"Everything went well. Everyone was very friendly and caring. "
- Jody Janos
06/17/2020 12:47:33
"We are new to the your practice but one thing I have noticed every time I have been in is that it always feel hot and stuffy inside. I understand it is Florida but the air conditioning and general air movement seem lacking especially in the treatment rooms. I was panting just as much as my dog the last time. The only other thing that I wish were different is the spending limit on Care Credit. I am used to being able to use my Care Credit for most of my visits and have it planned that way but now have to spend at least $200 to do it. I understand maybe $100 but most office visits don't end up costing $200 unless its an emergency. Other than these two small items we have been happy since we switched over to y'all! "
- Patrick Barbour
06/16/2020 20:59:49
"Skipper for some reason began to bleed rectally and I was able to get him in right away. Even though it was a weekend, he was taken in and treated very soon after we arrived. Doctor Greene and the nurses were wonderful at answering my concerns as well as keeping me updated on their findings."
- Jayne Johannesen
06/15/2020 12:53:48
"I absolutely love, Adore,and appreciate Dr McCain n Mrs Ann. All the staff is amazing, very professional,caring,helpful n kind"
- Andrea Lock
06/14/2020 17:57:37
"When we came to pick up Shakira there was a mix up on the food you were sending home with her . Was it supposed to be feline and not dog food ? They checked and didn’t have dog food . Then they called about thirty minutes later and said they had found some canned dog food , so we didn’t get any dry to mix with the wet and we had to just give her the wet . Hopefully we can get this straightened out Monday ."
- Brenda Cawthon
06/14/2020 16:40:26
"The care for my pet was exceptional but your prices are nearly double of other vets. It becomes un-affordable and financially straining."
- Karen Silva
06/13/2020 14:44:47
"Bella had her nails trimmed. Thank you "
- Susan Winters
06/13/2020 00:02:31
"The waiting time for the return of our kitty was rather long. I also was not enamoured with the air quality in the exam room. "
- Joyce Crawford
06/12/2020 22:56:18
"I always feel rushed when there. I don’t feel like my dogs get complete care Now if they have more than one health issue it seems as though only one is addressed at a time . I feel that when I saw dr Rojas my dogs were better cared for. I do not like when my dogs are taken in the back for simple treatments. Communication is not Your strong suit. "
- Nancy Giddens
06/12/2020 03:35:24
"We brought our Siamese to hospital, due to an ER UTI...he was kept over night. during our 2 visits we spoke on the phone/" Brenda" a number of times...Brenda is a love....as well Meeting Dr. McCain and Dr. Martinez, they were swamped, at the time, took more time with us than my personal dr. spends with me!...i had a number of Vet. Techs as well, that spent an extraordinarily amount of time with us as well.....THIS SHOWS ME that this is a hospital that puts "Quality and time" "before $$"......Dr. Martinez was on her lunch break and TOOK my call,....I'M AMAZED!...(no Dr. ever does this)... as a worried mommy she took that time <3...I'm soo pleased beyond my belief <3 tyvvvm <3 Jan"
- Janice Core
06/11/2020 15:02:12
"We were there for a nail trim. The Tech that took TJ back was very nice, quick and good with TJ. Ann at the front desk is always friendly and very efficient she is definitely an asset to your business. I did have a balance forward on my bill for an emergency room visit that I paid at the time of service . I’m haven’t heard from patient billing regarding this issue yet."
- Patricia Howard
06/11/2020 11:12:56
"Everything was very good. Saw Dr. Irish for the first time and found her to be very friendly and informative."
- Marcia O'Neil
06/08/2020 19:42:46
"Was quick but instructions on whether to wait in the room after the doctor has been in and out were a little thin... just minor issue but the reception ladies are always great!"
- Avril Deluca
06/06/2020 18:22:05
"Great "
- Sharon Campbell
06/06/2020 17:59:07
"I am extremely pleased with everyone at All Care, especially Dr. Irish. I know my doggie is in caring and competent hands. The office staff and technicians are always friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. I recommend All Care to all of my pet guardian friends."
- Margaret Gray
06/05/2020 20:31:25
"Dr. Irish is so caring & kind! She really is concerned about Sammy! All the staff is friendly & accommodating every visit!"
- Deb Albritton
06/03/2020 20:19:15
"Did not feel Charlie was the main interest. I felt renewing his annual insurance was the main detail. I had to keep asking questions about the reason I brought him in and after an hour and more was sent home still needing another visit. All could have been done at the time, vaccines, etc. But, it seemed the visit was drawn out to be sure we resubscribed to the annual insurance coverage."
- Charlotte Becker
06/02/2020 18:37:56
"Your staff and Dr.Irish are the best. They handle this tough situation we are in very professional . I am pleased to come here. I have nothing negative to say. Please keep up good work for all the animals."
- Karen Skorup
06/02/2020 16:17:12
"The tech made me laugh when she reported my pit bull had "army low-crawled" to try and sneak out before his rabies shot. Thank you, All-care Team, for being so caring."
- Tracy Smoak
06/02/2020 15:20:17
"I had to call in 3 times to get BOB's insulin refilled, called - they said they would get back to me...no call for 3 days, had to call again, again the same thing, finally got a call that the insulin was ready for pick up. Should not have to call 3 times to get something done the first time. Very disappointed."
- Red Hughes
06/01/2020 20:10:54
"As always we had a great visit and appreciate very much Dr. McCain call."
- Patricia Salka
06/01/2020 19:56:27
"I called for Emergency on Friday evening. Was told to come right over. Pet was taken in immediately and scheduled for emergency surgery. Surgery was done shortly after and was called immediately letting me know that he was out of a successful surgery. Had some issues after picking him up on Saturday but all taken care of with 1 phone call. Wonder pet care, great staff and wonderful pet parent care..."
- Barbara Antonisen
06/01/2020 17:34:13
"The best of care is always what we receive when we come to see you. There is a reason that Pandy likes to come to see you and that reason is all of you. She knows you care about her and that means the world to me"
- Pam Cashmer
05/31/2020 11:16:26
"It's so comforting to have a pet that LOVES to go to the vet office. She is so happy the whole time. Thank everyone for a job well done."
- Cathy Hilderbrandt
05/30/2020 21:38:37
"Jamie, Autumn, and Dr. Greenstein were great as always. Very caring, quick and thorough. My one complaint was that when my dog was brought out to us, she was covered in urine on her back end and side. Needless to say, we got urine all over us when we lifted her into the car and then all over the leather seats as well. Not a happy camper. It was known that she was urinating in her kennel so checking to see if she was clean before releasing would have been the correct thing to do. We also were not made aware of all of the meds she was coming home with...we only were told about her antibiotic...ended up with steriods and 2 ear flushes. For the steriods....she is on carprofen through your office. She was given prednisone during her care with you, which I later found out should not have been done - should be 3 days between stopping carprofen and starting steriods. Just wanted someone to know that may want to check medications the pets are currently on before adding new ones. We would not have known this if I had not called Autumn to ask how to do the ear washes and I asked if it was okay to resume her meds. She was awesome at helping! Just not the normal visit, which I know is not normal times, but attention to detail still needed. :)"
- Wendy Avrett
05/30/2020 17:53:53
"I can't say anything bad about All Care, I love Dr. McCain and Dr. Irish and the staff is friendly and helpful 😀 "
- Terry & Dan Cappy
05/30/2020 17:32:10
"Dr & Staff very attentive. A little bit of back an forth over the phone since it was not in person, but not terrible. Dropping off and picking up allowed me to accomplish other tasks concurrently."
- Cynthia Schindele
05/29/2020 00:06:32
"Understand the need to limit people coming in with pets and you’re doing a great job communicating and keeping us “Moms” posted on what’s happening. Today, Brenda, Anne and Dr. we’re super."
- Dee Shields
05/28/2020 20:24:40
"Prompt service & liked the extra measures of safety during pandemic "
- Carol Kilkeary
05/28/2020 17:35:01
"My dog has a history of reactions to his vaccines. I reminded the girl at drop off. However no Benadryl was given. When I called because he was having a reaction I was told it would be considered an emergency visit. This is unacceptable!!!! I understand I can’t come into the office because of the pandemic but it’s in his chart!!!"
- Laurie & Andrew Guarraci
05/27/2020 22:36:09
"I feel that you all are doing a very good job during this crazy time. "
- Kristine Tribble
05/27/2020 19:56:56
"I greatly appreciate all you have done for my cat Buddy. I was afraid he was going to die and hated to see him suffering. I felt I didn't protect him well enough. Hope he gets totally back to enjoying life."
- James Shearer
05/25/2020 18:45:08
"I absolutely love all Care hospital are amazing lost a pet last year and they took wonderful care of our animals he was our world he was our life he was our savior all Care hospital took care of buckshot during his sick times now we have welcomed a new puppy in our lives and now they're taking care of the puppy something that Buckshot would have wanted us to do they were wonderful when we lost Buckshot they sent us cards signed by each and every one of the staff members he was even cremated by the facility they took wonderful care of our animal he's not only our animal he was our family he is dearly missed but we will continue to take our slugger there and let them take it just as much care of him as they did for buckshot"
- Bonnie Dunihue
05/23/2020 20:28:51
"We appreciated the call from Dr. Irish to let us know how our dogs were and when to expect them to be ready for us to pick them up. The curbside drop-off and pick-up is much appreciated."
- Susan Thomas
05/23/2020 18:44:06
"We are so grateful for their great care of Bear. They are always so kind and friendly and take time with him and us. "
- Lindsay Parker
05/20/2020 18:55:34
"Great facility with fantastic staff "
- Lane Roddenberry
05/19/2020 17:29:22
- Pat Litty
05/19/2020 11:14:20
"Always professional, always friendly. Max and I think Dr. McAnn is terrific. Thanks for all you do to help keep Maxwell healthy. "
- Bruce Gagnon
05/18/2020 21:59:47
"Staff friendly and Dr. Irish is amazing. "
- Lois A. Mallaber
05/18/2020 18:33:31
"You are doing great, but I would like to be able to get my dog back quicker. It took a little while before I could pick her up."
- Holly Nyhuis
05/17/2020 16:11:47
"Always, great service! Even though office is closed due to the coronavirus, I made an appointment to have my chihuahua's nails trimmed and to have an anal gland check done. The vet assistant came to get my pet outside and brought my pet back to our car in the parking lot once services were rendered. I was called on my cell to provide payment info and all went well, as usual! I would like to thank all the workers and doctor's at All Care Animal Hospital for their service during this stressful time that we are all going through. God bless you all! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! "
- Miguel Ortiz
05/16/2020 20:19:43
"Everyone is very pleasant and helpful. "
- Joyce Bowling
05/16/2020 18:42:47
"We absolutely love bringing our dog here. From the beginning it has been such a great experience from the staff and especially Dr. Irish, she is so nice and truly cares about the animals. "
- Brittney Borene
05/15/2020 19:28:29
"We are very disappointed in the care our dogs received yesterday. Both were healthy no major issues when We brought them in for there routine yearly and 7.5 hours later we brought them home Diva who was not limping was now limping and Ludwig couldn’t get himself up off the floor would cry and we spent all night worrying if he was going to be alright Today minimal improvement "
- Debbie Wennerstrom
05/02/2020 16:46:12
"Very happy with care of Sissy Gale and Lyla Mae!"
- Phyllis Hamilton
05/01/2020 21:06:23
"We had to wait for a while but you did several test and were very busy. All in all it went well and good news for our little baby. Thanks for caring and giving us good news."
- Joyce Barr
04/30/2020 19:34:54
"When the staff came out to get dogs they had wrong chart for Sadie and I gave them my phone number to call and they called my sons phone several times. When I got there to pick up dogs I had to wait 20 minutes to get them plus called the phone number 3 times and staff kept saying they would bring dogs right out! Also I was supposed to get an email to order trifexis for Sadie. Haven’t received it yet and even called this am to ask them to send it!"
- Julie Foster
04/28/2020 16:15:33
"Your doing great! You saved my Nina’s life."
- Diana Ocasio
04/27/2020 12:55:24
"Have never had any complaints with the service received. That staff are incredible and all the docs are amazing!"
- Sara Rich
04/24/2020 18:43:49
"My dog is getting better. It will take a while to be all better. Thank you, staff, for your help and attention to Myah’s health. "
- Bernadette Hitchins
04/22/2020 23:49:56
"With this virus it is not easy to handle the customers but over all you are doing a great job "
- John Fricker
04/22/2020 21:30:18
"Relieved that this vet made a appointment for my two cats within 24 Hours. Pleased that when I called every person was polite, although I did spend some time holding on the phone. Fair pricing. Overall I will bring my kitties here again. "
- Victoria Woodward
04/22/2020 19:55:07
"Everything was simply great no worries or concerns kept me updated Jerry came back happy"
- Jennifer Lima
04/21/2020 15:30:30
"Thank you for being so quick to take our puppy today as he needed to be seen quickly. Thank you for being so effective and safe also, allowing us to stay in our vehicles while you came out to care for him. It really was heartfelt and we appreciate such care. Thank you!"
- Alli Chamberlin
04/18/2020 22:02:55
"As usual wonderful service. Staff friendly and Dr Irish is awesome."
- Lori Sekhr
04/16/2020 22:11:15
"I know there isn’t any way around just dropping him off like that but it left him uneasy last night and today. I think he thought I was turning him in (might have happened before to him). Darn this virus. "
- Jason & Sabrina Haines
04/16/2020 20:02:23
"Ty for always taking care of Shaggie!"
- Ana Yelverton
04/14/2020 17:54:48
"Doing Fine. No way to evaluate with out face to face"
- Iris Kaitschuck
04/12/2020 21:20:39
"I consider that you have been doing an excellent job during this emergency, crisis with the COVID-19 pandemia."
- Olga Grajales
04/10/2020 11:57:28
"I know my pets are in good hands at All Care. "
- Lynda Ferguson
04/09/2020 01:51:39
"Overall well, but considering that office policies have changed due to this virus it would be nice when you call to schedule the appointment that you are informed of the changes in the way things are being done like drop off only. Showing up then finding out that you have to leave the pet and then come back might not work for some people so informing us when we make the appointment allows us to change our minds if we want to. Otherwise, the care for Bud is always good. "
- Wendy Powers
04/02/2020 19:52:27
"Maxx looks wonderful. We took advantage of the March bath special and Maxx looks wonderful. We are grateful for your care and are glad you are staying open through all of this. "
- Donald Kondor
03/27/2020 22:23:45
"I enjoy coming with my pets . staff very nice very helpful. Any questions they help you. I thought it ran very smooth today when I brought bugsy. Dr. Irish is very concerned about my pets and there health. Thank you and keep up good work."
- Karen Skorup
03/27/2020 21:34:12
"With the current pandemic scare & adjustments being made, we had a slight problem when we arrived to pick up some meds for my animals. I hadn't been told we would have to call (from the front door of the office) to gain assistance. Someone did come (after I knocked on the door) and assisted us with our needs."
- Art Roberts
03/27/2020 14:37:15
"Everyone there is so kind and understanding that these are our fur babies. Especially during this weird time when we are told to stay away from people as much as possible, I'm so grateful for the dedication from everyone on their team to continue caring for our pets."
- Kelsey Togger
03/26/2020 16:20:49
"This is the worst vet I've ever been to "
- Mary Bolden
03/26/2020 12:04:53
" Not necessary. Only picked up dog food😊"
- Diana Bousquet
03/24/2020 20:47:56
"We had a great experience today. I am happy to continue Tito’s treatment with All Care. "
- Danielle Burke
03/17/2020 20:49:39
"Level of service and knowledge of techs is really great. Dr. McClain is attentive, caring, and honest in her care of my dog. I do need someone to email me the information to order pet meds and food, as promised by Samantha, tech, at my appt. 3/16/20"
- Cindy and Bob Simon
03/17/2020 19:00:20
"Everyone is always helpful and friendly"
- Joyce Bowling
03/17/2020 18:00:11
"Thanks to your office my Gigi is still doing great "
- Pat Litty
03/16/2020 20:30:23
"I really don’t have any complaints. We love Dr. Irish and feel fortunate to have her care for our Mookie."
- Liz Johnson
03/10/2020 13:32:08
"Dr Martinez was great with my senior kitty. She was very gentle and thorough and made her feel calm the entire time. "
- Nikki Moore
03/10/2020 00:24:22
"Dr. Irish and the entire support staff have been excellent to both Bello and our family. We are always greeted in such a positive way and Bello is always treated extra special"
- Nancy Denapoli
03/07/2020 02:26:09
"Dr. Martin always does a great job with my pets. They have white teeth from the great dental cleaning. "
- Colleen McCain
03/06/2020 20:21:36
"The staff there is very caring and they always keep well informed all the time. Thanks"
- Rosanne Botto
03/06/2020 19:46:37
"I had a difficult time speaking to the vet regarding the diagnosis and treatment of my dog. When I brought my dog in for treatment, I was told to go on home and my dog would be examined later, and then I would be called when I could pick her up. When I came to pick up my dog, I was told that the vet was too busy to speak with me. I felt like my dog was being treated on an assembly line in a factory. The medicines that the vet prescribed for my dog were not helping after a week, and I tried to speak to the vet to give her an update on my dog's condition but again she was too busy to speak to me. I had to plead with the receptionist to have the vet call me, so I could give her an update on my dog's condition with the prescribed medications. The receptionist told me that they gave the information regarding my dog to the vet. It seems like the vets have too many animals to take care of in a certain time period and then they don't have time to explain the diagnosis and treatment plan to the owner of the animal."
- Cathy Hartman
03/06/2020 02:47:25
"My dog loves room #1 because she can wander around the room and look out the window - of course she is probably looking for an escape route, but that is only conjecture on my part. Generally everyone is pleasant and helpful whenever we are there for an appointment."
- Jay & Sandee Kosner
03/06/2020 01:50:26
"Excellent service "
- Enoch Cate
02/27/2020 22:55:01
"I have no complaints. I didn't have to wait long before staff greeted me and led me and my dogs to the exam room. Everyone treated my pets with kindness and a smile. Your prices are reasonable and were explained in understandable detail."
- Samuel Sferrazza
02/12/2020 20:51:02
"Enjoy see our visit. Staff was extremely helpful and kind. Thanks"
- Cindy Griffiths
01/22/2020 18:49:21
"We always have an excellent experience! Thank you for caring so much about our Dog! "
- Amy Santorelli
12/22/2019 23:14:46
"Expensive but worth every penny. I bought a soft cone for Sheila, but thinking she doesn’t need it. Thank you for seeing her so promptly and making her well again 😍"
- Elizabeth Morningstar
12/22/2019 19:07:18