"We love the entire staff! Everyone is personable and caring. We recommend All Care to all of our friends."
- Brian Villa
05/22/2019 03:49:15
"As always we had a great visit"
- Patricia Salka
05/21/2019 16:22:12
"Moka was treated by both Drs McCain and Martinez on three separate visits. In addition to their medical professionalism, I appreciated the genuine care and affection they displayed with Moka."
- Peg Turner
05/17/2019 22:27:13
"Everyone took excellent care of Bonney. The only complaint would just be that it was terribly expensive. However we did use emergency care and she stayed over night for care. She is back to herself and doing great."
- Mara Folsom
05/12/2019 11:06:33
"Maggie is much better thanks to your help."
- Paul Poehlein
05/11/2019 01:13:56
"Did great"
- Manuel Martins
05/09/2019 15:33:04
"We love your staff. You are very courteous and helpful. you have always been very empathic when we are loosing a pet."
- Scott Lucas
05/08/2019 23:11:04
"I have always been very pleased wit the care our cats have received from the All Care Team. The compassion we felt from the team when we had to say goodby to our 19.5 year old Hunter was moving. Keep up the good work. I have noticed at times that the front counter staff can get involved in their own conversations when customers/clients are present. This would be an area I’d recommend taking a look at improving. "
- Leesa Burzynski
05/08/2019 22:06:35
"You always take good care of Winston and he always enjoys coming. So many of you have known him since he was just nine weeks old."
- Mary Mantey
05/08/2019 19:49:14
"All the staff here are wonderful. Very friendly and helpful for both routine and emergency visits. Dr. Irish is the best!!"
- Tara Miller
05/08/2019 17:59:39
"Prices are increasing much too quickly and too high. The front desk staff is often hurried and not friendly due to a need to do too much in a short time. I love my preferred vet, but I have started to look elsewhere due to costs and harried staff. "
- Kathleen Varga-Conrad
05/08/2019 14:55:12
"There is no reason for having to wait past appointment time when the place is totally empty. It’s gotten worse over the past year to the point we are considering leaving to practice. And it’s ridiculous to have staff come in (late) type something on the computer, leave, have to wait again, come back in type some more and leave again. We like the Vet but find the staff more interested in other things than the customer. "
- Mike Crumpton
05/08/2019 14:32:14
"Excellent care, friendly employees. The give us special care. "
- William Hurt
05/08/2019 00:34:02
"Great job every visit "
- Barbara Horne
05/07/2019 20:43:17
"Always excellent care. Have been very pleased with staff as well as Dr. McCain and Dr. Irish."
- Beth Yedweb Oliver
05/06/2019 21:25:09
"Very good! It was very convenient to be able to pick up our dog from boarding after hours. "
- Dianna Lomont
05/04/2019 19:22:21
"They did the testing necessary to get to the bottom of my dog's issues and prescribed medication and food to make her better. Very attentive and careful to understand what was happening. "
- Mary Forster
05/04/2019 19:14:51
"Dr McCain is simply wonderful. Such a caring person."
- Denise Higgins
05/04/2019 17:52:10
"I always have great service! Everyone knows me and my dogs and always greet us with a smile. You guys have been there for our best and worst moments and for that we’re truly grateful. "
- Joshua Hattabaugh
05/03/2019 21:29:54
"You are doing excellent. Dr. Irish is an excellent Veterinarian and is really on top of her patience."
- Martin Schwartz
05/01/2019 20:52:07
"Nothing bad to say. I travel 30 minutes because your staff shows not just my dog love but all the other dogs and cats and other animals love. You can tell your staff is compassionate about my four legged best friend "
- Jaime Terry
04/28/2019 20:29:29
"Doing well. The staff is always responsive, and the vets are very knowledgeable and caring."
- Wilhelmina Hirschey
04/26/2019 00:22:54
"Excellent staff (office & vets)."
- Art Roberts
04/25/2019 20:07:15
"Very poor follow-up communications between staff (passing on important information and requests). Two examples of Bad information in the records. (I had a Phone conversation with a male staff stating my concerns about poor follow-up communications and it ended with him using a term of endearment "yes honey". The way it was used sounded condescending and disrespectful, especially since I did not know him.) "
- Janice Flowers
04/23/2019 18:05:27
"I appreciate a veterinarian who provides opportunities to listen to the pet owner's concerns and then follows up on those concerns. "
- Donna Kozick
04/22/2019 01:00:26
"Never anything bad our dogs love you and we love you! You guys rock!"
- Debbie Rappoport
04/19/2019 16:49:15
"The doctors and techs are exceptional. The cost is prohibitive, I have considered going to affordable vet care"
- Sondra Sadler
04/18/2019 17:30:35
"Fantastic follow up. I was kept up to date with Moxxi's situation before & immediately after surgery. I appreciate the level of care. I did check the price you charges for this surgery with other local vets. Your price was highest, but since it was an emergency, I didn't have a choice. Since all went well, I have no complaints."
- Madison Brusca
04/17/2019 13:09:22
"We enjoy the "personal" experience that we experience with both Ella and Ernie. The care and compassion show to our four legged family members is very much appreciated. When the dogs hurt, we hurt, because we do not know how to "make the booboo better or illness better for them. The hands on approach and care given is greatly appreciated and soothing and calms us a bit. We have been through so much this last year with both pets, and we knew we were not alone in helping them. We are forever grateful! Greg and Sharon Jones "
- Gregory Jones
04/17/2019 11:32:07
"Excellent, I have complete trust a.d confidence with all of the doctors and ataff at All Care. They have always treated both myself and my dogs extremely well a d with the utmost courtesy. "
- Patrick Walstead
04/16/2019 13:33:00
"I love this place. They really care about your pets."
- Christine Manley
04/15/2019 22:27:31
"Besides getting great vet care at All Care, everyone on the staff is always friendly and helpful. "
- Chris Kalinowski
04/15/2019 21:49:37
"You removed Brer Dog from the examination room for his shots and blood draw, since my dog cant speak english he was unable to tell me if those services were performed. The whole process took over an hour. Overall I am still happy with the service you have provided."
- Donald Kapp
04/12/2019 21:14:21
"I am always greeted promptly and with such friendliness. All the staff from the front desk to the doctors are so helpful and genuinely kind. They’re always so great with our dog, Bear. We’re really happy and very thankful to have found them!"
- Lindsay Parker
04/10/2019 15:26:20
"Dr. McCain spent a lot of time with me and my dog. The two girls that were helping her were phenomenal and so friendly and so helpful and gave me so much good information"
- Joy Barton
04/10/2019 10:38:20
"We had an absolutely amazing experience with you guys. You helped get out girl better and on track and even called the next day to check on her. Most place just see animals as “pets”. When in reality use owners see them as family members and that’s what you guys made me feel like she was to you. Thank you so much. "
- Ashley Brooks
04/09/2019 19:50:09
"Kept informed of our pets condition after her teeth were cleaned. Recieved a follow up call the next morning checking up on her. Excellent service."
- Doreen Botzenmayer
04/09/2019 19:09:00
"Everybody on staff is great and treats Eli with loving care ."
- Debra Veit
04/07/2019 00:14:29
"Although we were in the office for an emergency visit for quite awhile, we received excellent care. Your staff is very compassionate. Brenda, in particular, was most helpful to us."
- Rebecca Scott
04/05/2019 19:17:44
"Here’s how I see it. In every business, it’s ALL about people, especially with a veterinarian practice. The people at All Care (including Baylee) are A1, period."
- Wayne Streeter
04/04/2019 21:54:43
"Everyone is very friendly and helpful and knowledgeable and if they don't know they aren't afraid to tell you and find out from someone who does."
- Jeffrey Woodley
04/01/2019 11:40:57
"A long time pet parent at this office- wonderful care of my canine(s) over the years. Staff is very friendly and caring."
- Barbara Swartwout
03/28/2019 19:36:39
"Great "
- Sherie Fralix
03/28/2019 10:44:10
"The staff and doctors are amazing and caring. Spend time with you and are very knowledgeable. I had my boy here for 14 years and now my new little girl will be here for her life"
- Donna Clark
03/28/2019 00:16:54
"Staff was great!"
- Carol Zaker
03/26/2019 22:39:35
"Wonderful visit."
- Tim Burdick
03/24/2019 01:01:18
"We have never to doubt your excellent service. No one is perfect but you are nearing OUTSTANDING."
- Robert Riley
03/21/2019 21:24:26
"We're very happy with the care Pnut is receiving at All Care since we moved here 9 months ago. Thank you to all of the staff, including the front desk staff."
- Connie Paige
03/21/2019 18:25:03
"Tenie loves coming to see all her friends at All Care. She gets so excited when we pull into the parking lot. I love the way that when we walk in everyone knows her name and comes to greet her. She receives the best treatment and when I have to board her I know that she is in a safe place."
- Cathy Hilderbrandt
03/20/2019 16:05:30
"All good"
- Cheryl Hunt-Morison
03/19/2019 19:16:26
"I appreciate the care that Romeo gets from you all. Dr Martinez always takes the time needed to make sure we get a thorough exam and she follows up with information when needed. Gregg is great with follow up and follow through as well. My only issue and it is a small one is that we can be there for an hour but were only actually "seen" for about 15 minutes. By that I mean the wait time in the exam room can be long before we see anyone. But I get it, you have other patients and their needs might be more critical. Its just that the more we wait the more stressed Romeo gets and the faster we are in and out the better for him. I really appreciate your techs and front desk staff, everyone is professional and friendly and concerned about Romeo's health. Thank you! "
- Kathy Bardsley
03/19/2019 18:40:34
"I was very pleased that my dog Milo could bs seen right away, and Mark, the technician was very attentive and caring . The Vet ordered reasonable testing and prescribed medication to prevent possible infection. "
- Gretchen Brooks
03/18/2019 16:33:52
"Overall a good experience considering it was an emergency visit, however despite receiving medication for my dog I was given no diagnosis and am still waiting to find out what might have been wrong with him ( I will need the info next time I return to the USA and insure him - I leave for 6 months to the UK). "
- Colin Masterson
03/15/2019 18:55:51
"Excellent "
- Kathy Green
03/14/2019 15:55:01
"I love taking our animals there every time we go everyone is kind and friendly. It feels like home and I know the care is exceptional."
- Marsha Wright
03/13/2019 22:30:40
"no complaints, Dr. Irish is very good. "
- Pat Cherhan
03/10/2019 17:24:47
"The lobby looked great, but it had a strong odor of Lysol or some other kind of cleaning spray. I know it is a doctor's office and needs to be cleaned thoroughly, but if the odor bothers me it must be 10 times worse for the animals."
- Amelia Draper
03/09/2019 16:48:29
"Wonderful welcome desk staff"
- Katherine Lucas
03/07/2019 23:06:03
"I have been using All Care since 2000 and I wouldn't take my babies anywhere else. The staff is great! "
- Terry Wallace
03/07/2019 01:18:57
"My expectations were exceeded"
- Margaret Williams
03/06/2019 19:12:03
"I am NEVER disappointed with any service Gracie or Daisy receive, whether its medical with the doctors or boarding with the staff, they are ALWAYS very well taken care of! "
- Debbie Stedelin
03/06/2019 18:26:00
"The best vet in town. Always pros and great people working there"
- Jill McDonald
03/05/2019 20:12:36
"very caring staff, it is nice when I bring Zoey in that the staff known's her. she likes being there"
- Tom Gennaria
03/05/2019 18:19:41
"I had to surrender my pup due to lack of funds for a surgery that was needed. Within 24hrs later I called to be able to pay the emergency visit/fees seen with Dr Greenstein as well as getting the funds to take her to blue pearl in Gainesville but was told I would not be able to pay for the visit that occurred and retrieve my puppy back. This puppy helped my mother deal with her MS. It has been a tragedy to us all and to be told I could not pay for the visit and take her elsewhere for the surgery is a big disappointment. I have referred several clients to this practice but after this I will refuse to give anything but negative feed about this practice. "
- Erin Hawkins
03/05/2019 02:22:11
"Amazing job keep up the good work all way a great experience with All Care.."
- Richard Foster
03/01/2019 01:13:21
"I feel my fur babies receive excellent treatment. My only issue is the wait time for appointments. If I show up early or on time, it’s typically at least a 40 minute wait time. "
- Cynthia Schindele
02/25/2019 00:55:48
"The entire staff goes above and beyond...incredibly compassionate and helpful!"
- Kae Hovater
02/24/2019 22:28:51
"simple visit but was taken care of quick"
- Cheryl / Steve Thomas
02/23/2019 21:18:54
"Always great service, professional and caring. "
- Chris Fox
02/20/2019 18:26:23
"we love this veterinary hospital. they love our pets like we do"
- Robert Weber
02/16/2019 16:40:27
"I think you are doing an excellent job and recommend you to my neighbors. "
- Veronica Collins
02/16/2019 16:08:13
"I am very impressed with Dr. Rojas concern for my pet. And her explanation to me of the protocol of care we will follow."
- Susan Settle
02/16/2019 15:42:36
"We’ve had nothing but a good experience, and we love the care Dr Irish has shown for our dog. "
- Linda Taylor
02/16/2019 04:32:06
"Don't like waiting in a room and hearing techs joke around. I want an efficient visit that doesn't make me wait."
- Cindy and Bob Simon
02/15/2019 13:45:44
"We have no complaints about your facility or staff. We love having you take care of our animals!"
- Scott Lucas
02/14/2019 22:45:02
"Ann at the front desk has to be one of my favorite people there. ALWAYS so nice and caring. That’s not to say that everyone isn’t doing a good job because they are and I have never had any type of problem. We’ve been using this vet’s office since 2001 at least. "
- Lois A. Mallaber
02/14/2019 18:46:07
"Bella is being monitored because of her liver enzymes are abnormal. She has tumors on both adrenal glands. She will have her third ultra sound next month to determine any changes. Last ultra sound indicated tumors shrunk a little but her liver count is still abnormal. Bella has to fast for this procedure and checked in when you open. Your staff has informed us that your practice does not know exactly what time the procedure will be performed because the doctor that's responsible for this procedure is not on your staff and you don't know exactly what time they will be at your facility. This is an inconvenience for Bella because she is fasting and may be there most of the day before procedure is performed. Bella could be home and comfortable with us rather than being stressed at your facility. I suggest you provide a window of a couple of hours for convenience of the owner and pet. "
- Susan Winters
02/13/2019 18:56:47
"Very happy with the immediacy with which my emergency was dealt with, glad Dr Greenstein is still there! "
- Beth Colsey
02/05/2019 17:58:16
"I love the fact that my Hershey gets better care from his Vet then most Florida people doctors give. Keep up the good work. Thanks "
- Alberta Tunilla
02/04/2019 03:11:55
"Dr Irish and and the tech are great. They take good care and are genuinely concerned about your fur baby. Just wish that meds and services were a little less expensive. We have been part of the All Care family since we relocated here five years ago. "
- Rose Martinez
02/02/2019 00:12:39
"Great caring service for both of us (pet parent and pet) is always what we get!"
- Pam Cashmer
01/30/2019 13:02:25
"The doctor that saw Snow was knowledgable friendly with Snow and genuinely cared about our visit. Did not rusH us or have bad attitude. The desk staff was great and great personalities. The words All Care finally shows throughout the staff."
- Celina Pearson
01/30/2019 02:31:26
"We are completely satisfied"
- Linda Borntrager
01/27/2019 19:55:14
"The entire staff is wonderful with my crazy dog."
- Barbara Swartwout
01/27/2019 12:38:34
"I know you guys have some bad review on-line but we love coming there and we have been a client for years, My Beau is my baby and everyone there always takes such good care of him. Some people are born complainers, ignore them, you guys are great."
- Joy Barton
01/26/2019 11:25:34
"My cat has been a patient with all care since we moved to Clermont in 2016. While he is in good health, he needs routine nail trimmings and the staff have always been supportive and pleasent with him. When he did have a medical emergency, they acted promptly and offered different options to help him, which it did. I recommend all care animal hospital to everyone looking for a safe & helpful place to any "fur babies" :) "
- Natalie Parkhurst
01/24/2019 19:59:43
"Great place to take my dogs. Staff is always friendly and very helpful."
- Jeffrey Woodley
01/22/2019 11:18:02
"Excellent customer care! Front desk staff is so helpful and polite!"
- Connie Paige
01/18/2019 21:41:25
"I appreciate the staff so much- everyone is friendly and caring. Dr. Martinez has been especially caring and diligent in trying to figure out what is going on with Romeo (so many things!) She reaches out to experts on his behalf and always follows up. the technicians are kind and gentle and empathetic to the animals. I feel we really get good care here. "
- Kathy Bardsley
01/18/2019 16:00:10
- Bud O'Hara
01/13/2019 21:50:57
"You are doing great. Chi/Chi is happy with the care he is given , and if ChiChi is happy , so am I. You treat him gently and with respect, not like a dumb animal, which he is not. Thank you."
- Carol Mayo
01/13/2019 00:36:13
"Great attitudes. "
- Melanie Williams
01/12/2019 19:39:19
"I am happy being a great place"
- Sherie Fralix
01/12/2019 02:42:36
"It was a good visit. "
- Mary Orapello
01/11/2019 23:41:08
"I liked it better when the treatments were given in the examining room while I was present. "
- Ruth Ann Stearns
01/10/2019 16:45:00
"It is all good. I appreciate the courtesy, caring and overall good care given to my animals at All Care Animal Hospital."
- Barbara Mcguire
01/09/2019 23:14:41
- Dorothy Burd
01/08/2019 23:51:42
"All was great Everything worked out well."
- Robert Riley
01/05/2019 22:28:22
"Service is great. Employees are knowledgeable, very friendly, efficient, helpful. Facility is beautiful, very clean and organized."
- Sandra Rodriguez
01/05/2019 03:24:59
"Everything was great"
- Donald Kapp
01/03/2019 22:56:25