"You all always are very welcoming and informative on helping us care for our boys. "
- Jasmine Powell
10/19/2021 20:10:38
"The doctors and staff are always very personable and take great care of my fur baby Astro. I love the professional and excellent customer I get from everyone each time I bring my sweet boy Astro. It feels like family and I am grateful for such a great place that truly goes above and beyond to make sure their patients and customers are happy. "
- Tammy Hopson
10/18/2021 17:53:35
"Excellent! Well trained, personable and experienced staff!!"
- Mary Hobbie
10/16/2021 16:35:18
"We are very happy with the medical treatment provided to our pets. The whole team has always been very helpful and informative."
- Donna Simmons
10/15/2021 17:20:39
"I have always had an outstandingly good experience at Beaver Crossing Animal Hospital. All of the Veterinarians are excellent. I trust them 100% with my precious and beloved pets. I know they are in the best of hands which is why we have gone to Beaver Crossing Animal Hospital for over a decade. "
- Patricia Allen
10/14/2021 20:27:37
"Fantastic! Everyone was very personable and clearly loves animals. Out cats received excellent care during their visit and we were given an update post surgery (getting one fixed) so that we wouldn't worry."
- James Highers
10/14/2021 11:31:47
"For about 20years you guys have taken care of my babies. In a few cases I have adopted ones with some health problems and you have always been there for their care. I would not be able to take care for them without such good and caring support "
- Dianne Wylie
10/14/2021 03:25:01
"Everyone is sweet and kind- even when my cat isn't. ☺"
- Kathy Kelly
10/13/2021 20:48:29
"Amazing! I drive an hour to ensure my dogs get the best care. "
- Jeremy Baker
10/13/2021 20:05:11
"I love Beaver Crossing! You are all the best. "
- Brittany Jackson
10/03/2021 18:11:38
"I have had nothing but great service both visits for sugar! I trust the the advice given and all options are considered for the wellbeing of sugar but also my bank account! I can trust that everything necessary will be suggested and nothing more, that is what I look for in a vet office:) Wonderful job!!"
- Elizabeth Lomax
10/02/2021 17:12:53
"New kitten owners. The staff is lovely and warm and answers our questions with kindness. "
- Saby Brand
10/02/2021 03:22:52
"Service was excellent "
- Jack Taylor
10/01/2021 16:24:46
"You guys are the best vet I’ve ever been to, for Kitty and Knuckles. Even though I moved out to Buckhead it’s still worth it to stick with you."
- Jordan Cunningham
09/30/2021 15:03:07
"I have never had an issue using Beaver Crossing. They take their time to answer any questions. My dog LOVES to go to Beaver Crossing. He walks in like he's the king. Goes directly to the scales. Then he waits on all his kisses and rubs from all the techs. You guys spoil him. Point being you all really do care and Love our big babies."
- Doreen Heyburn
09/29/2021 15:47:46
"like always friendly helpful there all know my animals my baby's with name i trust them because there treat not only my animals like family but as to thank you "
- Daisy Irby
09/26/2021 20:39:53
"Kind to parents, listen to concerns & questions, & answer all with patience."
- Laura Massello
09/26/2021 14:58:17
"I have moved an hour away but I am so pleased with the care that Buddy receives that I am willing to make the drive. Keep up the good work! Dr. Smith and the staff are great!"
- Dorothe Harriel
09/26/2021 02:53:56
"Your staff is so nice and helpful Our babies will never go anywhere else !!!"
- Kelly Henslee
09/25/2021 01:17:14
"Great experience!"
- Joseph Pannell
09/24/2021 21:50:23
"The care of every animal is excellent. But what really stands out is the friendliness and genuine concern that the front staff consistently displays is awesome "
- Kimberlee Pinette
09/24/2021 14:16:18
"They always get a room available so that I can bring my dog straight into a room since she is not able to sit in the waiting room with other dogs. They are very patient with her and give her treats which she loves. "
- Janae Bruce
09/22/2021 16:14:34
"Your doctors and staff have taken such good care of Benny! I couldn't be happier with your services. "
- Teresa Rutledge
09/18/2021 20:38:03
"Wonderful "
- Jose Ramirez
09/16/2021 21:27:49
"You’re doing great. Always answer any questions I have and take super good care of my cats"
- Gary Girard
09/14/2021 02:22:42
"Very easy to order prescription food from app."
- Norma Davis
09/13/2021 14:27:30
"Your service is consistently superb. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. "
- Marjorie Vickery
09/12/2021 11:52:34
"Wonderful service with a terrific staff"
- Bernie Townsend
09/10/2021 22:06:09
"Always happy, been bringing my fur babies to you for years.. My boys are always treated kindly snd gentle. "
- Richard Burns
09/09/2021 19:19:38
"I like your doctors and receptionist in the front room."
- Jamie Murray
09/05/2021 22:11:51
"Very Professional."
- Betsy Hoag
09/04/2021 22:15:00
"We love Beaver Crossing Animal Hospital! Thankful for their care and knowledge about our pets. "
- Heidi Cembor
09/01/2021 21:21:05
"Very friendly and caring!"
- Linda Wilkins
09/01/2021 10:15:11
"Dr. Thomas is the best and all of the staff are always so nice and friendly "
- Jefferey Townsend
08/28/2021 17:35:55
- Mary Jackson
08/26/2021 18:02:55
" I love all of the Vets and Staff at Beaver Crossing. They are always kind and knowledgeable. "
- Deborah Alexander
08/26/2021 12:55:11
"You guys are the best. Everyone there takes extra good care of all our pets needs"
- Bruce Barker
08/24/2021 19:06:42
"The staff is always courteous and helpful. "
- Cynthia Deakin
08/22/2021 03:02:21
"Our dog was severely ill with pyometra infection and your hospital was able to see her quickly, diagnose her and get her into surgery immediately. Dr. Thomas saved her life. We are very grateful to the entire team for taking good care of our baby."
- Monica Pratt
08/22/2021 00:35:09
"Everything you all do is just excellent "
- Alice L. Bump
08/20/2021 15:59:13
"I love my Beaver Crossing family! They have been taking care of my dogs for at least the last 23 years. Dr. Smith and the girls in the office are very knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you! "
- Mary Matthews
08/20/2021 00:01:30
"awesome practice"
- Jane Carter
08/19/2021 14:02:30
"You make it so much easier when Emma has to see the doctor and/or when i have to board her for any reason. I know that she will get excellent care. Everyone on your staff is so friendly and so nice to me and Emma that we would be lost without you."
- Dianne Wylie
08/16/2021 01:48:38
"Had such a great experience! All the doctors were really sweet and listened to what I had to say. They all gave me good advice for my new puppy. "
- Tiffany Holly
08/13/2021 02:30:27
"Truly the best. "
- Mark Tucker
08/11/2021 22:06:28
"Love that you have an app which makes it easy to schedule appointments, look at reminders, and has the ability to send you chats. Everyone was friendly and my dog was treated gently when she was getting her vaccinations. "
- Ligia Flores
08/11/2021 16:25:01
"You guys have treated us like family from the early days with Dr. Johnson and into the present with Dr. Smith. We love you all so much and we ask God to bless you in all your endeavors. "
- Marie Baker
08/10/2021 22:57:00
"I’m very pleased. You guys did an amazing job and made my baby look and smell so good. After several attempts of trying to have my puppy groomed at Petco and being told he was too aggressive to be groomed, when I knew that wasn’t absolutely false. Seeing him run out looking new without being sedated was wonderful. You guys are stuck with us. Oh, not to mention, the customer service was awesome! "
- Alicia Hughes
08/10/2021 21:22:04
"Your office staff is amazing. We love the practice!"
- Kevin Baldwin
08/04/2021 00:01:21
"The doctor was wonderful. Very compassionate and love animals. They staff was great. Very friendly. "
- Marilyn Delcampo
08/01/2021 23:12:21