"I Love the medical care, love, and customer service your practice provided to Tori and me! "
- Betsy Torsell
06/24/2018 22:03:24
"Thank you for an excellent visit for Jessica. Everyone was excellent! Erin was very kind and I appreciate how gentle she was with Jessica. Dr. Barbour always provides the best care and we trust her completely. Thank you for always providing such great care to our beloved dog!"
- William Young
06/22/2018 19:59:01
"You guys are Amazing!!! "
- Becky Maccini
06/22/2018 00:38:44
"To be honest and upfront with you. I love my experience with you guys. When Maddie was spade I was so worried about her and Elizabeth was so very sweet too me. Just stay the way you are now friendly and sweet."
- Polly Dupree
06/21/2018 21:19:28
"I absolutely love this vet! I love all of the employees and I especially love how the veterinarian Is with my Milo! Very helpful, sweet and informative. "
- Kristin Little
06/21/2018 14:04:37
"This was my first visit with Luna. I found that her exam was very thorough. The staff is kind, knowledgeable and very caring."
- Mary Taylor
06/20/2018 13:35:29
"I am really impressed with the follow-up phones from you after office visits checking up on how my dog is doing!"
- Veronica Norris
06/20/2018 12:26:55
"There is no other vet and staff we'd ever trust our pets to as we do Crepe Myrtle."
- Robert Weisenburn
06/20/2018 03:39:22