"I was nervous about not being able to go in but I felt very involved in the visit the entire time. Dr steel did an amazing job taking her time explaining everything. "
- Sarah Jones
01/07/2021 23:06:24
"Absolutely amazing and caring staff! So glad Kahlua was in their care, we felt so comfortable knowing she was in safe hands."
- Stephen Baker
01/07/2021 21:23:06
"I have always had a good experience. Doctors, technicians and office staff have always been caring and very helpful."
- Sara White
01/07/2021 14:57:32
"Jack (and I) had such a good first visit! He is only a few months old, and was quite nervous being in the car still. But Harley made him feel at ease when he got there. I was told he did well during his visit. Since I am not allowed to go into the office yet, the Techs came outside to assist with all my questions and was able to go through some new patient processes. And the Doctor called me to explain next steps..... super helpful!! Thank you everyone!!!! "
- Demi De Pompa
01/06/2021 13:12:16
"We had a great experience starting off with dropping Shaggy off to picking he up, spotlessly clean. The Dr, called and answered my questions on Shaggy's eyesight, ticking and all other concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend your facility to any of my friends. Joe and Michael"
- Joseph Horta
01/04/2021 20:29:01
"Friendly efficient service "
- Samantha Benoit
01/04/2021 10:12:01
"I have been very happy with the care my pets receive"
- Linda Sukowske
01/01/2021 20:15:47
"We have been taking our dogs to Arbor Pet Hospital for over 35 years. "
- Linda Yarrish
12/31/2020 20:20:23
"Honestly, I love the service you all provide. Everyone is super friendly, caring and professional. My dog got his rabies shot and without asking, the certificate, info on how to register was provided. I feel very confident and comfortable bringing my Ace in when needed. "
- Cynthia Diliddo
12/31/2020 19:12:10
"Very caring, patient and professional!"
- Heidi Melius
12/31/2020 01:22:02
"Very happy with the care of my dogs received while they were boarded with Arbor. "
- Autumn Fumosa
12/31/2020 00:34:07
"Your tech was reassuring and confident. The doctor was clear when explaining what was going on with our dog. It was an excellent6 experience"
- Robert Spector
12/28/2020 02:03:12
"The check in and check out procedure is very efficient. The doctor was also very communicative."
- Rose Alles
12/27/2020 19:48:10
"We are so happy with the care our dogs received at Arbor! I have never boarded my dogs before but I will definitely only use Arbor pet hospital if we ever need to again! And our puppy bandit who is always into something has never smelled better in his 7 months of life!! ❤️"
- Tina Garr
12/23/2020 20:41:23
"We had a great first experience. I am very happy with the service and care that Jackson received during his initial wellness check.I think I made the right choice on going to Arbor Pet Hospital. "
- Micheal McHenry
12/22/2020 22:02:46
"This is Meakas 1st vet visit he's a baby kitten and doesn't take well to other people he was calm and happy leaving the hospital so glad I found this place highly recommended"
- Mary Kovash
12/21/2020 02:11:37
"Appreciate follow-up visit on short notice to my original emergency visit, made me feel more comfortable about Caramel's health. Follow-up phone call was very helpful as well. "
- Julie Ciucevich
12/18/2020 01:58:17
"Always professional always friendly "
- Jimmy Rivera
12/17/2020 20:37:04
"Staff is helpful and friendly."
- Denise Hegeman
12/15/2020 17:13:48
"We could not have asked for better service for our little one. It warmed our hearts to hear the personal comments of your time with her. "
- Michael Jacobsen
12/13/2020 22:38:36
"I’m so happy we found this place. Excellent service, everybody is so nice and caring. Thank you!!!!"
- Melina Sedam
12/13/2020 18:42:42
"We love Dr Mogyoros and team. Timely, courteous, respectful and communicative. I really appreciate Dr M calling me to address all of my concerns since my baby, Rosie, goes inside alone due to Covid-19. Very helpful and reassuring. "
- Stephanie Allen
12/11/2020 21:10:26
"I am very please with Arbor. My dog can be very difficult at times and everyone has been so nice and patient with him."
- Carmela Petruzelli
12/11/2020 20:36:11
"The care that is provided by your clinic is outstanding "
- Bruce Brenner
12/11/2020 17:26:29
"Friendly, professional, and on time appointment. Thank you."
- Michael & Alice Carcich
12/10/2020 21:51:16
"I am in awe of how nice and caring everyone is. From the receptionist answering the phone to Dr. Oldenhoff and everyone in between, I feel everyone truly cares about my dog Gilmour. I can’t thank Dr. Oldenhoff enough for her patience and her very thorough care. I feel Gilmour is in really good hands and I can be at peace knowing that he is getting great care from people who put their hearts into their work. A special mention to Jackson who understood how afraid of the car Gilmour’s is and is always super kind and invites Gilmour down from the car or picks up all 55lbs of Gilmour and gently puts him in the car. I love everyone at Arbor Pet!! "
- Sorana Georgescu
12/10/2020 21:23:14
"I loved the attention and how thoughtful you are. Thank you somuch"
- Tony Ferrino
12/10/2020 21:06:46
"You continue to be a premier a Pet Hospital as far as we're concerned."
- Patrick Russo
12/09/2020 17:29:48
"Excellent help and advice from caring animal care professionals. Safe and easy experience even during pandemic protocols."
- David Silver
12/08/2020 21:03:46
"Overall first visit was excellent and felt the level of care and concern was phenomenal. Keep doing what you’re doing. "
- Thomas Brickley
12/07/2020 18:12:55
"Best vet ever. All of my dogs have always LOVED going to Arbor - that speaks volumes to me, especially now when I can't be in there with them. My Shepherd never even looks back as he trots off with a team member. :)"
- Christie Becker
12/07/2020 13:52:47
"The safety protocols in place to make sure my cat and I were treated carefully were excellent! I love this hospital as they are so compassionate and caring. They treat my beloved pets like they are their own."
- Karen Leonard
12/04/2020 17:42:52
"Love taking my puppy here everyone is so nice caring and informative"
- Brittany Berrard
12/04/2020 17:17:29
"Have been going to Arbor for 30+ years. Can’t really recall any bad experience. I like that I am always consulted prior to performing services."
- Mark & Eileen Yodanis
12/04/2020 01:20:51
"All I can say is, we are super happy with all of you. Even Racl loves you 😉"
- Claudia Schindler
12/03/2020 20:57:52
"When I call, they are all ways there for me!"
- Deborah LaPointe
12/02/2020 17:11:08
"Always friendly and always helpful, even when I can tell the office is busy. I feel confident with my dog's care at Arbor."
- Anthony Man
11/30/2020 20:15:47
"All staff was professional and friendly. Vet was excellent!"
- Anne Castro
11/29/2020 19:17:02
"Always caring. Thank you. "
- Bridgette Betteridge
11/28/2020 21:09:49
"You guys have always taken a gentle and loving approach when handling my animals! I only come here even though we moved and its a farther drive."
- Rachel Antal
11/28/2020 03:53:52
" Very happy with arbor!!! Excellent care of my dogs and they feel comfortable with the staff as well."
- John Thorpe
11/26/2020 20:23:43
"It's obvious the staff here are passionate about what they do ... they really do care for my pet like a family member! "
- Drew Haynie
11/19/2020 23:59:24
"Doctors and Staff are courteous, professional and convey concern for my dogs. Follow up calls are appreciated. They make sure you’re informed and explain all problems your dog might be experiencing."
- James McWilliams
11/18/2020 18:25:54
"Coco loves being at arbor"
- Noelia Chavez-Miller
11/18/2020 14:31:26
"Great service as usual, especially under the circumstances of the pandemic. Everyone involved is very professional and friendly."
- James Hunn
11/15/2020 21:18:42
"We love our vet!"
- Lori Schlueb
11/10/2020 03:06:05
"My family and I have been going to your office for over twenty-five years. I have never had any issues with the Doctor's or staff. I highly recommend your office to friends all the time. I would never go to any other vet. "
- Kathleen Devir
11/09/2020 22:07:08
"I think you are handling the Covid situation very well. I appeciated the clear and complete communication."
- William Johnston
11/09/2020 18:21:21
" Very friendly and caring people...because of Covid I didn’t get to meet the vet but had a long very informative conversation on the phone"
- Michele Morris
11/01/2020 20:32:59
"Very professional yet approachable and friendly staff. "
- Andie Viele
11/01/2020 08:31:50
"Very impressive first experience with your facility. I will definitely be back, and with my other 3 dos as well. Very professional, and the Vet took the time to walk me through everything. Very much appreciated the level of courtesy & respect shown. My dog was happy coming home too! "
- Joey Wynn
10/30/2020 22:42:02
"Gator’s tail starts wagging as soon as we pull into the parking lot. That’s tells me he loves to go to Arbor Pet. When the tech brought him out after his bath she mentioned that Gator’s benign lump was bigger. And next time he is here they’ll take a look at it. That lets me know that his well being is important to Arbor Pet."
- Lorraine Lasek
10/28/2020 20:08:58
"I thank the staff for being compassionate and for calling me because Kingsley was anxious to come home after surgery. Kingsley did well at home same day on surgery. He instantly fell asleep in my arms and was happy to be home with the rest of the family."
- Christina Regalado
10/28/2020 16:42:52
"You have been caring for my pets for over 11 years and i would not want anyone else :)"
- John Murphy
10/23/2020 17:05:56
"I have been trusting Arbor Pet Hospital wit my dog for some time now. I have always had trust and confident when ever I visited . I think my dog (Pebbles) feels the same."
- Robert Brizzi Jr.
10/20/2020 17:20:49
"Friendly and helpful staff and excellent doctor"
- Alan Eckstein
10/20/2020 16:51:53
"This is a difficult time. It is hard for me not to see the doctor, visit with the staff. They are all very comforting, call me before my visit, during exam and the staff follows up with instructions and questions. I work in a hospital and know the fears, therefore I trust and am comforted by the friendly and efficient staff👏🏻"
- Samantha Benoit
10/17/2020 21:16:30
"Everyone is very nice and truly cares about our pets"
- Linda Slanker
10/16/2020 14:10:11
"You're the best! :-)"
- Brent Kuenning
10/15/2020 18:35:38
"I requested a renewal of my pet's prescription, received confirmation of renewal, and scheduled a time for me to pickup the prescription. Everyone was professional and friendly. While parked outside, I called the office, paid for the prescription while on the phone and the associate brought the receipt and prescription outside to me (while I was in my car.) Very pleasant and very happy with transaction! Thank you!!"
- Hansel Outler
10/15/2020 16:03:38
"Every employee is excellent there especially Sharon"
- Shane Bader
10/12/2020 15:53:03
"The staff is always courteous and helpful. They are knowledgeable to give good service. "
- Gina St. George
10/12/2020 02:40:34
"Rachel and her staff are simply amazing and I always feel in great hands whenever I bring my two labs to them for any reason!"
- Randy Abendschein
10/11/2020 22:09:59
"During this time of Covid-19 when the procedures for taking my pet to the vet have changed so dramatically, I really appreciate the personal phone call from our veterinarian, Dr. Mogyoros. "
- Stephanie Allen
10/11/2020 21:38:33
"Very nice staff, quick responses, had answer to all my questions, even sent me pictures! Very happy with services. Loved the paper left in the bag letting me know how my baby did during the visit, Kudos for that (it was super sweet). Will recommend :) "
- Nathalie Baena
10/11/2020 01:53:06
"Excellent service. Good doctors. They care about our dogs!"
- Steven Jacobson
10/10/2020 23:31:24
"All the staff that we have encountered at Arbor have been very professional, and have treated Bear most lindly. He is genuinely happy to go to Arbor for his periodic visits. (I think it's the treats he gets)."
- Jack Hurley
10/09/2020 20:23:15
"Excellent care and superior customer service. I would not go anywhere else. The Doctors and staff are great!!!!"
- Ashley DeDon
10/09/2020 15:35:20
"This is a great animal hospital. They have cared for our various pets for more than 30 years. The staff are very caring and professional. The vets give you all the information you need to make decisions about the care of your pet. "
- Kathleen Blais
10/08/2020 23:06:39
"I am thrilled with the service I receive from Dr. Steele ! Maggie my bulldog loves her . "
- Blythe Klingman
10/07/2020 20:09:28
"Nurses/assistants are really nice and welcoming. The doctor calls to explain what’s going on and answer questions while I wait in the car. I live in Hollywood and I continue to bring my dog here because they are caring and welcoming."
- Lexus Poitier
10/07/2020 18:35:39
"I'm very happy I found Arbor Pet and wish I'd done so years ago. Everyone is so nice and very caring about my pet's well being. I won't be looking for anywhere else to go now"
- Barry Shaw
10/06/2020 15:03:56
"Visits are quick! No waiting!"
- Eric Reivik
09/30/2020 21:44:44
"Everyone here is great! I prefer the in-person experience but with COVID I understand the precautions"
- Roy Abbott
09/29/2020 17:11:09
"I have always felt very comfortable with the staff at Arbor. "
- Nicole Walck
09/29/2020 16:39:26
"I feel you are doing the best job you can with curbside during this unprecedented time. "
- Heather Neiman
09/28/2020 00:16:37
"Always excellent care"
- Veronica Cartagena
09/27/2020 20:14:33
"We always appreciate the care and attention of Arbor. The staff is kind and helpful and we trust and love Dr. M. We always recommend you. "
- Carey McKearnan
09/27/2020 16:32:52
"All around excellence "
- Gloria Gordon
09/26/2020 21:28:37
"Due too COVID19 all our lives have changed! My visit was smooth & easy! I couldn't believe it. Thx from Karl the Pug & Mommy Roberta! :)"
- Roberta Stogdill
09/26/2020 00:51:33
"Great staff and prompt service "
- Robert Murphy
09/22/2020 23:22:49
"I never have had a bad experience bringing my cats to Arbor. The cats are always taken care of well. "
- Carolyn Brown
09/20/2020 20:48:26
"Everything was great!! I can't complain at all from the convenient drop off service, paying over the phone, they keep me updated on everything and never rushed the process of explaining what they found, causes, and what the next steps should be.... I will definitely be back!! Thanks Arbor Pet Hospital!!!!!"
- Erika Osgood
09/17/2020 21:48:19
"This was our first visit to Arbor Pet Hospital and we truly couldn’t have had a better experience. Our visit was in September 2020 and in the middle of a global pandemic and their safety protocols were amazing. They took the time to take great care of our two dogs and explain everything that was going on to my fiancé and I. The vet was so patient and understanding, we had lots of questions about our dog’s health (she is older now and we had a few concerns) and she took the time to answer every single one. We just moved to the area and are so happy we found a great new vet for our fur babies. "
- Toby Doebrich
09/17/2020 00:07:14
"Since 25 years I always adopt older dogs or cats because unfortunately everybody want only a puppy or kitty. Ofcourse I tried many animal hospitals, but I have to tell you, Arbor Animal Hospital is the Best. Very knowledgeable, finding quick the correct treatment, patiently listen even if I am nervous and not patient at all. They offer per estimate what is really necessary to treat your pet and also what would be a good choice as an addition. I don't feel pushed at all, the stuff is super friendly, polite and helpful in every way. I have to bring 2 more community cats for a check up...I fully trust Arbor Animal Hospital doctors and their stuff "
- Renate Kurth
09/13/2020 01:08:51
"Great, always there when I need you... very professional, and close."
- Deborah LaPointe
09/12/2020 22:14:06
"Arbor Pet Hospital. Their staff is caring, professional and I trust their veterinarians."
- Isabel Oliver
09/12/2020 20:17:28
"Great experience as always. Everyone in the office is wonderful. Thank you for always making the time for our family!!!"
- Courtney Bautista
09/11/2020 17:56:09
"Excellent! As a new patient, I felt comfortable and completely at ease. "
- Rick Buscavage
09/03/2020 13:32:58
- Bunny Cotter
09/02/2020 14:27:50
"The staff is always so caring. Our dogs can be very nervous and everyone puts them at ease. "
- Ira Klein
08/30/2020 20:13:50
"I cannot have better care for my doggies. Thank you from all of us Hannah, Tiger, and Ritter "
- Joaquin Machado
08/28/2020 20:40:17
"It was Jacks second time ever at the Hospital. Both times she surprised me how well she did..with not being properly socialized and having anxiety triggers, the staff was amazingly and took care of my Jack. Even though, she still has a long way to go but Im very confident in putting Jack in their care."
- Mink Montgomery-Brown
08/28/2020 19:30:54
"I feel overall that the quality of care is very high and I m very satisfied with my choice of healthcare for Petra "
- Tom Corbin
08/27/2020 15:20:05
"We Love You guys! Good to know the kids are in the best of care. "
- Shawn Collins
08/26/2020 19:34:15
"Very pleased. Treated beautifully. Maggie is a new patient at Arbor. So new that she’s had to go inside by herself for every visit because of the coronavirus. I didn’t even get to meet her new doctor. But her doctor was definitely sensitive about the uncertainty caused by the current circumstances because I was given a lot of time over the phone to discuss Maggie’s health while the doctor was examining her. The doctor’s demeanor alleviated my concerns and provided calm, comfort and trust. And I felt that my most precious treasure was in good and safe hands. For that I will always remain thankful. "
- Jim Thornton
08/20/2020 20:05:32
"Everyone was great. The Doctor was generous with her time."
- Gregory Parish
08/20/2020 18:54:16
"We love Arbor Pet Hospital. The staff and doctors are always very sensitive to our two pup's needs. We have been loyal clients for many years and have no intention of changing. :-) !!"
- Brent Kuenning
08/17/2020 16:09:56
"We always feel our pets are in good hands with Arbor. Thank you. "
- Robert Grandoni
08/14/2020 14:48:17
"Dr. Steele is the best."
- Layla Hinson
08/14/2020 13:07:21