"I am so grateful for your dedication to these animals. Always courteous and professional service every visit over the past 4 years. The veterinarians are knowledgeable and attentive and I feel good knowing my precious pets are under their care :-)"
- Malika Khan
06/29/2020 00:18:22
"Loved the friendly service. After getting 2 new puppies last week I liked that the vet spent 30 mins on the phone to answer my long list of questions. "
- Robert Smith
06/27/2020 19:36:13
"Overall, the experience went well. My cat was in reasonably good spirits when she came home. Your office called to check up on her afterward and to update me about the visit. The Dr. and staff were friendly and knowledgeable. I like bringing the cat into the office myself, but I understand and agree with your procedures given the pandemic circumstances."
- Rose Alles
06/22/2020 20:00:46
"You guys are doing great. Everyone person I spoke to on the phone, via email, in person was very professional and kind full of love to share with me and my pet. Just keep doing what your doing. Thank you!"
- Charlene Hyde
06/19/2020 19:01:09
"You are doing an excellent Job from Receptionist to Doctor. "
- Sharon Loyd
06/19/2020 18:23:05
"The Arbor team always takes amazing care of Chewy. It’s his home away from home."
- Amy Preston
06/17/2020 00:53:16
"I always have a good experience at Arbor. "
- Valerie Florestal
06/13/2020 18:04:21
"Everything is great! I really like the staff there."
- Suzanne Southwell
06/10/2020 20:33:21
"I am never disappointed! I consider the Arbor team to be part of our family as you have been caring for my pets for many years. The dogs clearly enjoy their visits and leave just as happy as they went in. The follow is always terrific and I'm never chasing information regarding the health and well being of our furry family members. "
- Tony George
06/10/2020 18:04:50
"I had my dog, Charlie, there in boarding last weekend and she seems like she had a fun time! Thanks for the photos of her on Saturday! And thank you for allowing me to call and check on her throughout her stay!! Thanks for taking such good care of my baby!!!"
- Sheree De Souza
06/09/2020 15:05:24
"1st time visit but I wish I had found this place before. Amazing and caring staff. From the first interaction over the phone, to email contact, to the conversation with Dr. Steel!! Not only great care and service but at a reasonable price. Thank you!!!!"
- Melina Sedam
06/08/2020 23:17:34
"I took my 2 kittens to have them spayed and from the first phone interaction, everyone has been so wonderful and friendly. They’ve been extremely safe in handling the Covid rules and regulations and have made me feel extremely comfortable. I highly recommend them and their staff. "
- Paula Matiz
06/04/2020 19:04:45
"I have been taking my pets to your office for many years and I have always had excellent care. "
- Marjorie McClain
06/01/2020 10:35:57
"I thought the entire experience was great. From first communication on Facebook to our appointment the very next day I felt at ease that Maggie was in good hands. Any concerns about having to stay in the car while she went inside without me disappeared once our vet tech came out and was very patient and helpful. The doctor called soon after and gave me plenty of time to discuss any concerns and Maggie’s health history as this was her first appointment there and we had limited medical records at the time because our vet’s office in Philadelphia is still closed due to coronavirus. I believe everything was explained to me perfectly and that we were treated beautifully. Thank you for taking such good care of Maggie. Her health, safety and comfort are my most important priorities. "
- Jim Thornton
05/31/2020 14:39:52
"You are awesome. Quick to respond to our request and even with the COVID-19, Arbor continues to assist us and others with our pets."
- Richard Ortiz
05/30/2020 23:11:07
"It's always a pleasure visiting Arbor Pet Hospital due to the caring attitude of the doctors and staff."
- John Portera
05/24/2020 14:46:30
"I love how happy Killroy is when he realizes where he's going. That means a lot!"
- Christie Becker
05/23/2020 23:18:26
"Dr. Steele is very good and very empathetic and listens to the owner. God bless her!!"
- Mark Skufca
05/21/2020 09:22:48
"The overall experience was great. From making an appointment to checking out the staff was fantastic! Dr Fumi was great, she explained everything in detail, so that I understood what was going on with my dog. "
- Denise Cataline
05/20/2020 16:10:41
"My visit was greeted with a smiling technician, Kasey who is very knowledgeable and explained everything we needed for our pet! We love Arbor"
- Autumn Fumosa
05/20/2020 02:16:15
"Wonderful office with caring vets and staff."
- Ruby Cherof
05/17/2020 23:32:43
"The Arbor Team is the best. My pooch loves them and I appreciate how they handle my pet on any visit "
- Annie Collins
05/17/2020 13:20:30
"Great job - best people!"
- Jim Greaves
05/17/2020 13:01:08
"I love bringing Maximus to Arbor Pet Hospital. He has been going their as a puppy and he is always taken care of. "
- Tangy Harris
05/17/2020 05:39:52
"I've been bringing my pets there since the 1980's. Ive always had great service and good trust with the doctors and staff. Due to the latest health crisis, I was amazed and impressed how quickly and efficiently the clinic adapted. Even without entering the office I felt really pleased with the care and service on my most recent visit."
- Samuel Falcone
05/16/2020 17:09:40
"I was very pleased with the attention to detail and the very friendly staff. Also, I appreciated the Doctor's time to explain a few things and answer questions by phone. "
- Mark Ward
05/03/2020 17:16:17
"I was very nervous to take my cat to the vet with everything happening with COVID-19, but Arbor made sure that everything was organized and safe for me, my family, and my kitten. Always happy with how they take care of everything. "
- Sheby Singleton
05/03/2020 00:06:39
"I feel at a time like this you have gone out of your way to help keep us all safe. I needed food for Pebbles and you brought it out to my car and put in my trunk. That is not only service but doing your part in keeping everyone safe. Thank You "
- Robert Brizzi Jr.
05/01/2020 22:15:33
"Best care imaginable under the restrictions of COVID 19. Well done to all involved."
- James Hunn
05/01/2020 20:02:30
"Great service!"
- Anthony Tedeschi
04/28/2020 21:49:55
"I love you guys! Dr. Steele is wonderful! The ladies in the office are always nice and helpful too... "
- Peggy Schronen
04/27/2020 17:05:53
" I was very pleased Ginger was taken care of right away and Dr. Steele explained everything."
- Elaine Cain
04/26/2020 12:49:48
"Professional and friendly every time we visit."
- Tony Kiser
04/24/2020 19:51:43
" Always supportive, courteous and accommodating. "
- Chris Coyne
04/24/2020 13:54:35
"In these hard times, they were good about seeing my dog... I called them when I arrived, they came promptly out to my car and got him, took him him for his shots and returned him to me out side waiting... it was all about 15 minutes and we were done. I love this vet, I even have my daughter that now brings her dog there , and she lives in Boynton Beach."
- Deborah LaPointe
04/23/2020 20:37:19
"It was really considerate that during this time you have it worked out that someone brought me Wolfgangs medication out to my car - not only safe, but sweet, kind and considerate "
- Ricky Smith
04/23/2020 18:12:52
"Treated me and my boy like we were family and clearly explained all concerns when I was a nervous wreck!"
- Randy Abendschein
04/22/2020 15:13:17
"Everything is run well and the staff is nice and helpful. "
- Allison McTigue
04/20/2020 01:03:06
"Love you guys. Can't say enough positive things about all of you at Arbor. "
- Brent Kuenning
04/18/2020 15:24:56
"I never had a bad experience with your service. Your staff has always demonstrated that they care for our dogs well being and has dealt with us in a very professional manner."
- Jack Faraci
04/17/2020 19:19:46
"I received excellent and quick care for my dog Gunther. And I was a new customer during this epidemic.❤️"
- Kathleen Sheley
04/14/2020 15:17:51
"The staff is full of friendly and caring people! "
- Brittney Malave
04/12/2020 19:11:17
"You guys are amazing. Thanks for taking such good care of my pup Connor! "
- Jeffrey Lennox
04/12/2020 18:35:47
"Dr. Steele & Buffy are an unbeatable team. They provided excellent care for my little 2 1/2 lb. dog, Jackie O. & offered me the reassurance I needed to cope with her illness. Thank heaven, she is o the mend!"
- Mary Bogenschutz
04/12/2020 17:47:52
"Very friendly and supportive staff- Dr. Steele was very nice and made sure to answer all my questions "
- Robert Murphy
04/10/2020 18:32:28
"Arbor Pet Hospital was ready and able to help patients & families when the covid-19 crisis hit South Florida! Procedures were in place and clearly communicated! Very Good Job!"
- Hansel Outler
04/09/2020 17:50:35
"It was excellent under the circumstances of what's going on in the world today. The staff was very courteous, professional and patient in providing services during the visit."
- Sandra Bragdon
04/09/2020 13:52:11
"I cannot thank everyone enough for the way you've all helped me get through this time with Saki. Everyone has been so caring and communicative and has helped to make us feel safe and cared for! "
- Brittany Lynch
04/08/2020 20:20:12
"I was referred by a friend dylan and its hard enough to find bunny savvy vets around that can help u feel important, ur pets feel safe knowledgeable and trustworthy. I found that here. Not to mention unlike other vets I did not here the vet try to push any unnecessary test or exams or meds when not needed. Honest and straight to the point. Great job found a lifelong customer. I love to rescue bunnys and if I had more space I would own my own animal farm but I know where to bring my babies moving foeard always "
- Dianelys Alvarez
04/08/2020 20:04:55
"The doctors the staff the technicians are all wonderful, they are genuinely animal lovers and take great care of our furry family members. "
- Robert Suing
03/28/2020 22:00:53
"These guys are the best! Never any issues"
- Roy Abbott
03/28/2020 15:46:21
"I just love this Place! I will not go anywhere else. Have been coming here for 20 years and always get the best advice, treatment and compassionate care. Thank you!"
- Patricia Millward-Norton
03/27/2020 02:22:56
"It was not an experience I was looking for it was an emergency situation I asked the dog groomer so he suggested and he gave me the information to find you I am very thankful to him and to you because my baby who is 15 is fine and it had nothing to do with what I thought it was I am on vacation and it really made me nervous since my vet is not here but in Massachusetts I thank you very much for all your help and I will see you again before I leave"
- John LePeer
03/25/2020 22:07:31
"This is by far my favorite animal hospital. They truly care for your pets and pocket. They make suggestions and let you know all the possible routes you are able to take. The staff is super friendly and courteous. Pets are able to be seen in a timely manner and the clinic also provides a safe space for your animals while you wait! I can't stress enough about how amazing everyone and everything is here. "
- Brittney Allen
03/21/2020 15:25:31
"I believe the way this is being handled with the coronavirus is exceptional. Maggie needed to been seen and they took the time to explain everything even though we where not face to face . I highly appreciate and commend the Doctors and the staff ! "
- Blythe Klingman
03/20/2020 21:38:57
"Your doing very well. Appreciate your innovative practice of calling from the car for our dogs care. Staff is do cheerful and helpful. "
- Richard Mach
03/19/2020 18:08:48
"Skye is always excited to go to the vet. "
- Scott Favreau
03/18/2020 21:56:35
"The staff at Arbor are always amazingly helpful."
- John Portera
03/17/2020 17:55:20
"We had an excellent visit at Arbor! Dr. Oldendorff was patient and knowledgeable. She reassured all of my concerns about Chewy's health and his prognosis for recovery. Support staff was welcoming and helpful, as always. "
- Amy Preston
03/16/2020 17:25:40
"We are very happy with with the care that we get for Bea. We have never had a bad experience. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly."
- Walter Sorensen
03/13/2020 00:16:45
"It was excellent. The staff was so welcoming, and Dr. Miyamoto was awesome. We visited another animal hospital when we first adopted our dog, and am glad we found you guys. We’re comfortable in our decision to make Arbor our pet hospital. Thanks for everything"
- Rachel Levins
03/10/2020 18:48:06
"The staff has always been professional and gives our animals ( one dog & two cats) great medical care. We have been coming to Dr. M since 2005 and refer many people."
- Sharon Furtado
03/10/2020 12:14:24
"I come from Boca to come to you. Keep up the good work. I love Dr Mogyoros!"
- Kristen Hitchcock
03/09/2020 22:34:24
"Coco Beans is always happy when we drop her off and pick her up from her day boarding. It certainly helps us out as dog parents to know she receives attention and loves being there when we have to be at work."
- Noelia Chavez-Miller
03/09/2020 21:27:29
"Absolutely love this place!! We had been there two other times for very emotional events- a deceased cat and a cat that was ready to be put to sleep:( and at those times, your staff was so warm and caring to us and to those pets. We spoke highly of our experiences with you, even though they were very traumatic moments for us. When we knew that Charlie needed to be seen on this past Monday, you were able to get an appt for us quickly. From the time we arrived until we left, your staff was so incredibly friendly, concerned, caring, and explained everything so thoroughly. We felt so much better when we left and knew that Charlie had gotten THE BEST care that day!! Thank you!! "
- Sheree De Souza
03/03/2020 20:14:28
"I haven't been in for years but got Zoey less than a week before our visit. The entire staff is awesome , kind and caring just as I remember from before. Thank You Very Much "
- Tim Shaffner
03/02/2020 13:13:09
"I am new and my first visit was great...thank you for fitting us in and looking at my new guy JACKSON. Looking forward to seeing you in 3 weeks with ALL 3 of the family!!"
- Leigh Ackerman
03/01/2020 17:25:41
"Always a good experience when I take Polly to Arbor. The techs and docs are always great and helpful. We often see Dr. M and I love his demeanor and patience during our visit. "
- Alexandra Rousseau
03/01/2020 11:03:22
"The BEST care ever!!!!"
- Bunny Cotter
02/27/2020 18:04:35
"Everyone was wonderful. Giving Hootie the best of care. Thank you"
- Linda Sukowske
02/27/2020 12:59:36
"Been there a few times and overall everything has been amazing. Everybody’s so thoughtful and compassionate especially during difficult times with my lil man Trekka "
- Kirt Janelle
02/25/2020 18:20:42
"by far the best and most personal experience we've had with a vet over the last 30 years. "
- Michael D'Alessio
02/25/2020 15:36:07
"Dr. Mogyoros and the staff are always friendly, helpful, and answer all questions. "
- Ted Limbaugh
02/24/2020 23:52:27
"ALL of the staff was amazing and I will be using them going forward. "
- Nicole Walck
02/23/2020 03:02:01
"Love coming to Arbor. All staff treat my "kids" like their own. Great job!"
- Randy Abendschein
02/22/2020 17:07:06
"LOVE Arbor. Patients for 9 yrs. Always wondeful!"
- Kevin Gibson
02/17/2020 20:53:21
"The front desk, vet techs and Vets are all so very accommodating. "
- Shane Bader
02/17/2020 19:17:46
"We had a wonderful experience. Dr. Steele was warm, informative, and delightful."
- Deatra McCoy
02/17/2020 19:02:00
"We have always been extremely pleased with your hospital services and staff. Our boys Henry and Bauer truly are our kids and every single time you make us feel very fortunate to have them in your care."
- Brent Kuenning
02/11/2020 20:00:30
"Love Arbor! Never have any issues with anything. Whoever answers the phone is always pleasant , shows concern and professional. I have taken Charly in to see Dr. M and Dr. Steele has called me twice regarding Charly. I am totally satisfied with the service and care from Arbor. My only regret is that I didn’t discover Arbor a long time ago......"
- Eileen Buzzella
02/11/2020 01:54:16
"As usual, excellent service, knowledgeable and courteous staff, attention to detail. Thanks for a great visit."
- James Hunn
02/11/2020 00:31:37
"Excellent costumer serviced , best vets in town 🙏🏽"
- David Mejia
02/10/2020 23:06:48
"friendly staff ... seem to really care about animals and enjoy their job"
- Drew Haynie
02/05/2020 16:35:35
"Everything was wonderful... We will highly recommend Arbor to friends and family!"
- Kelly Hadlock
01/27/2020 15:20:09
"Always professional and caring. "
- Erica Weston
01/26/2020 22:18:34
"Excellent experience. The tech that helped me. Sorry I forgot her name but she has tattoos was great and the secretary's greeting was very warm and inviting. 5star experience"
- Chris Jurvic
01/22/2020 18:09:11
"Arbor provides very professional and reliable care. I am impressed with the staff and facilities. Have been using for the last six years. "
- Chris Coyne
01/21/2020 20:05:14
"Arbor has been amazing to all of our pets - Clyde Von Monster, LeeAnn Rhimes Kitty, and now Col. Killroy!"
- Christie Becker
01/17/2020 18:02:35
"Best experience possible. Thank you. "
- Kal Blumberg
01/17/2020 15:53:57
"Great. Dr Steele and Sophia treated Poppy as if she were their own. "
- Peter Kadish
01/16/2020 20:55:47
"Excellent, reliable care; easy to understand explanations & personable service."
- Kenneth Kugler
01/15/2020 21:47:09
"We have taken cats here for many years. We love all your staff and how well you care for all"
- Maryann Smith
01/15/2020 15:34:58
"Overall my first impression, was the staff was very nice and polite. The overall look of the hospital looked clean and smelled nice. It didn’t smell like dogs."
- Denise Cataline
01/15/2020 01:26:34
"Everyone was pleasant. Bonus points for the friendly little black cat who kept us company during our visit!"
- Nick Cowart
01/14/2020 15:36:21
"I have had all my animals throughout my life attend Arbor as their vet. I have always had a wonderful experience and that is why my family and I continue to come there. "
- Dominique Caruso
01/14/2020 01:48:13
"Wonderful experience. Each and every time."
- Lorraine Lasek
01/12/2020 15:29:09
"Wonderful staff! Very good experience and feel very comfortable in knowing that she has an extended family that shall care so very much for her and her health."
- Louis Lauer
01/08/2020 19:39:42
"Always Superior Care and Attention from Arbor Pet Hospital"
- Noelia Chavez-Miller
01/07/2020 22:58:45
"I have been going to Arbor Pet for 24 years and have always appreciated the great care, helpful atmosphere and true concern for all pets. Always recommend them to friends!"
- Karen Schecter
01/07/2020 19:55:58
"Excellent staff, excellent care, very nice clean facility.. I have no complaints. Teresa and Heather and Dr. Steele Have gone above and beyond for me. Please thank them from me and Mimi. "
- Robert Suing
01/07/2020 19:20:11