"You love the dogs and cats and it shows."
- Sara Polda
12/14/2017 02:47:50
"GREAT experience. The receptionists were understanding that I had a toddler and dog with me, so they placed me in a room right away. Dr. Jon was on time and so kind and gentle with my dog. Check out was also fast. Got my dog's refill meds fast. Both my pup and daughter love the treats up front! We love Marine View Vet and all the staff they are all so good to us."
- Christina Escoto
12/09/2017 00:06:40
"I have no complaints. I have been a customer of Dr. Felts' for years and have always been satisfied with the care he provides. Everyone in the office love the animals and show it in all ways. Thank you for your continued service."
- Danice Fisher
12/06/2017 16:34:07
"I was really impressed with Dr. Randy Felt and his care for Hercules. He took the time to get down to his level and make him feel comfortable during our visit. He was knowledgeable and friendly and made sure we understood the options for Hercules' care. "
- Debbie Miles
12/05/2017 19:36:47
"Thanks for helping us to feel like family. You remember me and my fur baby when I call as welll. The care has been exceptional. I always feel that great thought and consideration go into the care of my pet. As well, my input is fully respected. The front desk is so friendly that I feel like I am visiting with my daughters . So nice! Thank you so much. "
- Rita Pfau
12/01/2017 21:40:24
"The advice to the owners and examinations(shots ,surgery...) care of dogs when boarded has been perfect for forty to fifty years . Gary and Joan Kennedy"
- Gary & Joan Kennedy
11/24/2017 22:05:35
"Dr. Cullom is very thorough and communicates very clearly with me about my cat's health issues and needs."
- Gaylen Guffy
11/19/2017 22:59:55
"Staff is very friendly, Dr Jon is very and informative and returns phone calls in a timely manner. After lab work is completed receive call explaining results."
- Barbara Friant
11/18/2017 18:04:28
"Dr Feltz is great. Very gentle with my two (cats) girls. I've never had a Vet give me a follow up phone call...greatly appreciated. Now I have a lot to absorb regarding treatment of Neko. "
- Judy Moyer
11/17/2017 05:37:33
"A Have always been very happy with the attention Maxie receives at the clinic. Both Doctors are very professional and compassionate."
- Sandy Kussman
11/15/2017 21:29:17
"Always great care and concern from the Drs. Also love the Vet Tech, I think it is Shannon but I could have her name wrong. Very good at what she does! Front desk folks are very kind and always helpful."
- Brian Horne
11/10/2017 17:59:43
"love you guys!"
- Dave Davies
10/27/2017 13:57:43
"Marine View is wonderful. We've been taking our four-legged kids there for 3-4 years - as long as we've been in Washington! Marine View staff was there for all the checkups, calmed our worries and sadly, helped three of our fur-babies cross the Rainbow Bridge. I'll never go anywhere else!"
- Dana Franco
10/26/2017 13:53:50
"Dr Jon is very caring towards his patients. Cocoa and Midnight both give him paws up, and like having him as their doctor!"
- Holly Dowsing
10/25/2017 19:28:43
"I think you do a good job. As we all know Jake can be a handful and he always seems to be happy even when it is a non pleasant procedure. "
- Rich Gedney
10/21/2017 21:07:47
"We rescued Hershey the end of March and had a couple of other vet experiences that we were not happy with. So, since Hershey does not like riding in cars, we decided we needed a veterinary hospital that was great and closer to our home for Hershey. We had driven by your facility many times, so I went on-line to read about it, along with a few others in the area. I was so impressed with everything I read about Marine View Veterinary Hospital! I like the "smallness" of the facility, as it seems to be a very "personal" kind of hospital, where Hershey will feel cared for. When we arrived, I noticed how calm he was and I could tell he was so comfortable going there for his first visit! We all loved Dr. Rebecca Johnson and we had so many questions, that we took up too much of her time! However, she was so kind to go over all our concerns, as well as her own. We know Hershey is in very good hands now, and we are so grateful to everyone there who helped with Hershey! The best part of the visit, though, was that Hershey was so comfortable and won't have to dread his future visits for care. We are so glad to have found you! Thank you!"
- Jeanee Clegg
10/21/2017 16:43:55
"The staff, as well the vets are outstanding!! Most helpful and kind."
- Penne Moore
10/21/2017 16:27:56
"Always top notch! I love bringing my Dash in because I know he'll receive top notch care and loves :)"
- Bianca Thomka
10/18/2017 20:11:53
"You are doing great!! I always feel like everyone there puts Luka first.....which is just the way I want it!!"
- Linda Fry
10/18/2017 14:34:41
"The whole staff, starting with the front desk to the techs are just terrific. Caring, professional, efficient all things together that work."
- Gayle Larsen
10/08/2017 16:43:04
"Love this place and how much they care for my bulldogs. "
- Kristi Hunnex
10/05/2017 16:48:46
"Dr Felts is an outstanding veterinarian. We have been taking our many dogs to him for 30+ years. He is compassionate and caring, and stays current with the literature and treatment options. "
- Tina Miller
09/30/2017 20:20:09
"Everyone at Marine View Veterinary that I have encountered over the years has been friendly and helpful. I know my pets have been given the best of care. "
- Donna Mitchell
09/23/2017 22:36:30
"Let's just say that I have been bringing my pets to Dr Felts since 1975 . Throughout the years I have never had a complaint , nor do I foresee one . The standard of care is excellent. He and the staff are always caring and compassionate, especially when the end is near for a beloved pet."
- Celine Nichols
09/21/2017 16:22:31
"I've always been happy with the care given to my pets. Everyone there is so friendly and caring. I've been places in the past that weren't this way. I appreciate the welcome feeling when I'm there. I love how caring and knowledgeable the doctors and techs are. "
- Sharon Best
09/19/2017 18:48:20
"What counts to me is how my animals react coming to the vets office. With that being said, Lilly Anne loves Dr. Jon and she cannot wait to get inside to see the staff. CJ may not have loved coming to the office but once inside and being cared for by the staff put him at ease, well for CJ with his temperament what I saw he was at ease. He allowed the vet and staff to do things to him that others couldn't. My pets love Marine View Veterinary Hospital and that makes the world of difference to me."
- Connie Johns
09/08/2017 01:53:09
"Everyone at Marine View truly cares about each pet and person that walks through the door. You feel as though you are with family. "
- Amy Manzo
09/06/2017 19:36:46
"Marine View Vet Hospital is the best. The ladies who work at the front desk know me and my dog by name and they are always so friendly and welcoming. The vet techs and doctors are knowledgeable and great with my dog. Thanks!"
- Amy Westhoff
08/13/2017 14:52:12
"Thanks so much for helping us care for our fur family. You guys are always so accommodating, welcoming, and knowledgeable. "
- Kimberly & Tom Patamia
08/10/2017 19:55:02
"The passion for pets at Marine View is exceptional. The Dr'a and staff genuinely care about the pets. I also appreciate Dr Felts continued education around the latest treatments, he's done wonders for our cats pain management that I don't think we would have found with another vet."
- Tami Mckee
08/10/2017 14:43:41
"Amazing! I love how the doctor got down and sat on the floor to examine my puppy. It was more like playtime than an appointment!"
- Colleen Anderson
08/08/2017 23:14:28
"MV Veterinary is awesome! I wouldn't take my "kids" anywhere else. They are always friendly and accommodating, the vets are extremely knowledgeable, and overall you can just tell that they like what they do and take pride in that. "
- Justin Grosche
08/08/2017 17:57:08
"I am so blessed that Choco is a patient at MVVH. There have been some bumps in the road with Choco's health. From being greeted on the phone with open arms the first time he had an "episode" and we weren't patients yet , walking through the door, exam rooms and doctor phone and in person consultations exceed my expectations. I feel that Choco and I are guinely cared for and about. The professionalism, knowledge, wisdom combined with 21st century research explanations/theories and practice that I receive 100% of the time from all doctor's at MVVH actually leaves me a bit speechless. Thank you for ALL that each and everyone of you do for my Choco Baby Choco as well as for myself and boyfriend❤️"
- Kristie Stoehr
08/06/2017 04:58:28
"I was so pleased to find a knowledgeable , caring veterinary clinic for my child. I mean kitty -lol. "
- George Schnibbe
07/28/2017 13:58:05
"Wonderful! Always so patient with our dog who gets very nervous! "
- Tara Peck
07/24/2017 22:51:47
"We have nothing but excellent service, care, and positive experiences whenever we visit Marine View Veterinary Hospital (MVVH). We've been clients for nearly 40 years and could not be more pleased with our animal care experiences than we are with MVVH! Cannot find enough words to express the level of trust we have in MVVH. It is about the best equipped and staffed small animal hospital we have ever seen outside of a veterinary specialist hospital. To sum up: "They're terrific!""
- Richard Daniels
07/18/2017 15:36:49
"I would like to say you guys are wonderful you're very nice staff the doctor he is great you guys do an awesome job and Riley is as good or better than she's ever been just as happy as can be so I again I thank you guys and any more need for veterinary services for our other cats or Riley we will surely be using you keep up the great work thanks Brian"
- Bryan Bailey
07/16/2017 11:43:55
"Amazing pet care. You can tell you treat the animals like family. "
- Kyran Khan
07/12/2017 09:29:34
"Your veterinary hospital is a cut above. I am highly satisfied with the timely, comprehensive care you recently provided for my rescue dog Astro. The genuine warmth and kindness of all of your staff, as well as their professionalism, has had a strong impact on me. I am quick to share my positive experience with others. Hopefully those with pets will consider bringing their 4-legged friends your way!"
- Lori-Lee Morse
07/10/2017 00:59:17
"You've been very responsive and caring concerning my old dog. I really appreciate the care you've given all my pets since the 1970s."
- Marlene Hancock
07/09/2017 15:12:57
"We have taken our little girls to Marine View for over 20 years and feel well taken care of. Our girls seem to be important to all the office staff and especially Dr. Felts. We will and have recommended Marine View to other pet families."
- Richard Fain
05/27/2017 15:33:06
"The visit went very well. We went right in to the exam. room and only had to wait a few min. before the doctor came in. Being the first visit he took time to go over all the care recommendations. He then took Wendel back for his shots and blood draw while we went back to the office. I paid the bill and within a few minutes he was brought out back in his carrier. The whole process seemed to go very smoothly. ( I wish my doctor appt. went this well)"
- Curtis Jennings
05/23/2017 14:33:35
"I am so glad I found Marine View Animal Hospital, having moved to Des Moines 2 years ago. I have seen Dr. Felts and Dr. Jon and have total confidence in both. I feel like they really do care and want the best for my cats."
- Donna Korner
05/20/2017 14:35:07
- Robert Stern
05/05/2017 13:46:31
"Mochi and I had a great experience yesterday. Everyone was very friendly and all my questions were answered. (I was a little nervous being a new puppy parent.) Mochi also LOVES her toy - it's her first toy with a squeaker! "
- Jessica Hill
05/02/2017 12:13:40
"You guys are awesome! You're always happy to see me and Rory, and each staff member seems to take exceptionally good care of her. I'm really happy we found you all!"
- Tom Howell
05/02/2017 12:03:24
"Dr. Felts is an excellent vet! I have brought my dogs to him for years. He is thorough and caring and keeps updated in his field. I especially like that he will explore different treatment options for my dogs, and I feel I have a say in the matter. His experience and knowledge are obvious. After practicing all these years he is still incredibly enthusiastic about his profession and he appears to love the work and the animals he treats! His staff is courteous and efficient and everybody there is helpful and makes it a wonderful clinic to bring my pets to. "
- Tracy Greenwood
04/25/2017 22:34:48
"We have been going to Marine View Vet for well over 30 years now and wouldn't think of taking our Pets (Hannah) to any place else. Everyone has been so kind and Doctor Jon is the greatest. He takes all the time needed to conduct a thorough exam and follows up by telephone when he gets results of tests that were previously done. He also lets us know what we need to do so Hannah lives a full life (still working on that weight problem), but he has given me a few good tips. The receptionists at the front desk are friendly and easy to talk to. I had a friend move out here from Missouri and she brought her dog to Marine View and loves it to. Keep up the good work."
- Ron & Manette Beavert
04/21/2017 15:13:36
"Mocha feels very comfortable with all the staff, her vet is very patient and caring, appreciate that he takes his time with her."
- Blanca Gonzalez
04/08/2017 11:06:41
"I've always been happy with Dr. Felts and his staff. Have been taking our pets there for over 20 years."
- Sue & Kevin Hughes
03/30/2017 11:39:33
"Great! Everyone is very professional and friendly/nice. No matter where I move, I always stick with Marine View Veterinary Hospital. It's worth the time/drive out!"
- Linda Krause
03/28/2017 12:44:57
"Everything was perfect. The doctor listened to what I had to say, diagnosed the cat's injuries, called in help when needed (an excellent and caring person) and took care of Rover's "owies". The people in the reception area were professional, friendly and had chocolate available. What else could one want?"
- Jan Anderson
03/14/2017 15:17:41
"The entire staff at Marine View Veterinary Hospital is wonderful. We appreciate you all so much!"
- Francine & Carl Steuernagel
03/14/2017 14:57:34
"Explainations were very through and helpful. Always appreciate the friendly staff. Toby loves coming and all the treats! :)"
- Tim Irwin
03/08/2017 18:44:07
"Everybody is so caring and friendly. I feel that my pets are getting the best care from everyone. The doctors and techs take the time to answer questions and explain procedures and options. The people out front are always friendly which I think is very important."
- Sharon Best
03/04/2017 13:04:33
"You guys have no room to improve, everyone is so polite and well educated. I'm very lucky to have stumbled upon your business. "
- Dave Holm
02/28/2017 14:29:37
"I've been taking my pets to Marine View Veterinary Hospital since 1990. My pets have always received the highest quality of care & compassion."
- Denise & David Kenady
02/25/2017 13:46:22
"I have been going to Marine View Veterinary for many years with three cats. I have only good things to say about the care and consideration of everyone there."
- Donna Mitchell
02/22/2017 14:47:21
"You guys are doing great! After getting Hank as a puppy I started going to Marine View while living in Des Moines. Less than a year later we moved over 30 minutes away, four years later we are still making the trip to Marine View."
- Tony Fantello
02/20/2017 10:10:21
"Always greeted with a smile! Then we receive top notch care for our fur baby. Thank you!"
- Barbara Turner
02/18/2017 18:02:29
"The staff is OUTSTANDING!! I go to get Radar's Trifexis pills every 3 month and they know me by name -- with all the patients they have it amazes me. They are friendly, courteous and professional."
- Penne Moore
02/18/2017 10:29:19
"We've always been grateful for the thorough and thoughtful care that Dr. John has provided to our kitties. I feel like he has such a deep understanding with animals and has a way of keeping them calm and really "listening" to their body language. Also, he's respectful of our daily care and always has terrific additional advice that's very grounded in science. It's always been very apparent to us how devoted animals everyone at the clinic is. Thank you! We really appreciate your dedication. <3"
- Tim & Laura Lavrov
02/15/2017 15:25:36
"Feels like family when my pets and I visit!"
- Connie Fleming
02/14/2017 10:25:27
"Dr John is an amazing doctor. He is extremely patient with my crazy dog. He'll get on the floor and lay there with my dog to examine him. I really appreciate his tolerance...my dog is my baby!!"
- Natalie & Doug Glenn
01/21/2017 21:08:13
"Your staff is so friendly and customer-focused. :)"
- Rebecca Alexander
01/21/2017 17:22:45
"Always outstanding care for our animals and first class client service. Office and clinical staff is consistently solicitous of client concerns and strive to make every client comfortable. Marine View Veterinary Hospital always provide a caring environment. In my opinion, Marine View has the best equipped and staffed veterinary hospital outside of a specialty clinic I have ever seen...it is truly impressive."
- Richard Daniels
01/19/2017 13:45:33
"I am greatly impressed with both the friendliness and professionalism of the MVV. Dr Jon is so good to work with and the whole team is so accepting of my interest in integrative and complimentary therapies. It is a true team effort in looking after my dear Brio and I greatly appreciate all you do for us. Kim"
- Kim Adams
01/13/2017 13:59:04
"I have always received excellent care for all my 4-legged critters for over 30 + years. Can't get any better!"
- Carl & Sherry Schaeffer
01/07/2017 17:24:06
"You guys were great with Maggie, she left in a better mood than when I brought her in. Thank you for everything you do"
- Nick Farrell
01/06/2017 14:16:54
"Very informative, supportive and empathetic!"
- Kristy Whitlatch
12/31/2016 17:06:21
"Dr. Jon is wonderful. I appreciate his attention to my dog's needs and the way he comforts my pet during exams. The front office is friendly and in top of things. Great office and one I always recommend. Thank you!"
- Jennifer & Peter Heckman
12/24/2016 12:50:48
"I have always been greeted professionally and promptly, whether on the phone or in person. I alway appreciate the extra steps the staff take to help me manage my pet's care, be it - checking on prescriptions, filling out insurance claims, or just asking how my little guy is doing. Most of all, I appreciate that I can get in to see my preferred doctor (Dr. Felts) and he always has various options to consider for addressing my concerns."
- Robert Coyner
12/18/2016 19:11:31
"I truly appreciate the kindness and friendliness of the staff. You take such good care of even me and Diavolo....even carrying him to the car for me with my current disability."
- Michelle Vaden
12/18/2016 17:21:28
"I love bringing my dog here, we always get the best care and all of the staff are so kind and caring ❤️🐾"
- Melissa Napolitano
12/18/2016 12:32:23
"I am always super impressed when taking Wrigley in. Everyone at the front desk is so friendly and helpful in calming him down when he is feeling a bit anxious. "
- Katie Lewis
12/14/2016 13:47:09
"Will be back to see Dr. Paulson. He had great bedside manner and explained everything thoroughly. "
- Alyssa Barto
12/10/2016 15:05:57
"Marine View is awesome! I always feel like the staff cares, and Dr. Jon is so good with my kitty (who gets testy when she's handled). "
- Jenna Hand
12/09/2016 18:00:05
"For almost six years now, I have had nothing but outstanding service for my pet. That includes annual exams, boarding, nail trims; virtually all services my pet has required have been handled by Marine View Veterinary Hospital. I could not be happier with the service, or the outstanding, caring staff"
- Warren Lucas
12/01/2016 01:53:28
"The staff andDrs. are great. that's why we come from Federal way to Des Moines."
- Tessa & Wayne Harris
11/30/2016 20:14:31
"Staff is friendly and very helpful, I never have to wait. "
- Angelia Liberty
11/30/2016 19:36:38
"We love everyone there. You all have provided years of great service to our furry family members! "
- Sarah Campbell
11/28/2016 19:42:26
"Always appreciate the ease with scheduling as well as your ability to get me in when an emergency arises. The caring and professionalism is tops! "
- Mathew & Marykay Metcalfe
11/20/2016 17:31:23
"Love Dr Jon! He takes the time to really care for my animals and explain everything that is going on. So glad I found Marine View Veterinary!"
- Briana Anderson
11/11/2016 21:37:08
"We have been clients of Marine View Vets pretty much since it opened. We have been happy with the care our pets have received, from their first exam to end-of-life support. Both Dr. Felts and Dr. John provide detailed information which helps us to carry out their treatments and be aware of significant symptoms. We haven't me the new vet, yet."
- John Barker
11/03/2016 20:30:21
"We feel our animals are valued at your clinic and we and they love you and yur staff."
- Mika Vandeven
11/02/2016 13:47:28
"All of the people here are knowledgeable, empathetic and friendly and engage with my pet. The exam rooms are clean. I love the pet photos that pop up on their monitor and picture frame screens. Can't think of a negative"
- Sandra Higgins
10/31/2016 09:00:22
"Very friendly. I actually look forward to appointments for my pets because I learn more from doctors and staff."
- Robert Fuette
10/30/2016 23:33:49
"Always easy to get an appt. Good to see Dr. Jon. He's a great vet, very caring and a good conversationalist too. Like him a lot."
- Kip Smith
10/22/2016 00:23:02
"We have been with Marine View Veterinary Hospital for over 20 years. The care and attention we have received for our little girl (s) has always been exemplary, caring, and prompt. We could ask for nothing more, especially from Dr. Felts."
- Richard Fain
10/21/2016 16:14:41
"First visit was great. Vet was very knowledgeable and staff was very helpful and friendly! "
- Tom Howell
10/21/2016 11:13:17
"We chose MVVH for all our dogs going back to 1994! We've moved from Des Moines to NE Tacoma. No matter, the care given to each of our dogs has been so superb, I'd drive from Olympia. Caring staff that take an interest in the animal and the owner. This has been consistent over the years. I have never had a bad experience ever. 5 dogs and 22 years of caring attention. Better than great. The best! Thank you to all the staff! "
- Berta Burnham
10/15/2016 11:44:58
"I was referred by three different people, at three different times! That spoke volumes to me. My visit was great. The doctor was wonderful with my daughter and made sure we had all the information needed to care for our kitties. Thanks!! "
- Kayla Tippie
10/09/2016 11:15:18
"I have been coming to your practice for a little over a year now, and am so grateful to have found you! It's so obvious how much everyone who works there cares about all the pets who walk in the door. "
- Justin Grosche
09/08/2016 11:07:31
"I've been using MARINE View VET since 1968 so it goes to show I must certainly approve of your methods by now. Thanks for your many years of great service! "
- Claudia Peterson
09/06/2016 22:58:18
"Marine view vet has always been loving, caring, and attentive to our furry kids. We trust them to do the right things for them, value their recommendatins and care and wouldn't take them anywhere else. "
- Pam Burpee
08/04/2016 18:20:19
"Whenever we have a question regarding our furry friend, we get a prompt, courteous answer...any visits we have had have been met with professional, friendly service. And Benelli loves his doctors and techs! Very good atmosphere to handle our needs, both sick calls and well pet services. Thank you!"
- Robert & Linda Poague
08/02/2016 19:16:20
"Excellent, professional, warm, personalized care every time, we're always given options and levels of care to choose from with transparent pricing and good estimates to help us plan for costs. Cheerful, efficient staff who have been there for years."
- Valerie Rawlinson
08/01/2016 10:59:06
"I have no complaints. All of the staff is very polite and professional. Our needs are always met when dealing with Marine View Vet!"
- Brandon & Kim Hylton
07/30/2016 11:30:45
"The staff and Dr John are so attentive and truly care about our pup! He lives coming in and we love that we can trust that he is in the best care!"
- Tim Irwin
07/22/2016 14:39:44
"The expert care and camaraderie, associated with the physicians and personal here is tops. "
- Marilyn Beach
07/20/2016 18:37:10