"We love you guys because you love our babies "
- Jim Winton
09/15/2020 17:35:27
"You guys are awesome."
- Sue Leone
09/13/2020 23:32:58
"Dr. Lee took time to have a very compassionate phone call with us about our aging canine. Thank you!"
- Kenny Grace
09/11/2020 19:08:21
"We have been coming to this practice for over 10 years with our dogs . Excellent care and service, the vets, technicians and staff have always been compassionate, knowledgeable and professional, everyone seems to genuinely care . Isabella C "
- Isabella Canjar
09/07/2020 23:25:54
"Everyone was friendly and helpful. The vet did a good job and explaining what each vaccine is and why it may or may not be necessary for my dog. She was helpful and not pushy."
- Callie-Laura Turner
08/30/2020 14:08:43
"I’m very impressed with physicians, staff, record keeping, online services and facilities at Neartown. Their response to COVID-19 has been well executed and they continue to provide full service safely to their clients. I’ve depended on Neartown for 30 years and 3 generations of my pet family and I continue to do so. From routine care to chronic conditions and surgery, I never hesitate to recommend Neartown Animal Clinic. "
- Ken Hoge
08/26/2020 23:18:26
"The doctor was very responsive and knew my dog and his issues. The nurse bringing Nash in and out was so sweet and he felt comfortable!"
- Heather Herrold
08/26/2020 22:04:19
"The curbside actually worked really well!!"
- Jillian Jopling
08/26/2020 18:12:16
"Great job!! Affordable prices."
- Clinton Sullivant
08/26/2020 16:12:45
"I enjoyed speaking with the Dr. last Friday very knowledgeable and understanding my situation with trying to keep costs down. Drago is my beautiful project that needs a lot of medical care with all his comorbidities and the complexity of his chronic conditions. Drago loves just hanging out with all of you!"
- Kathleen Edling
08/26/2020 15:13:18
"Great job handling appointments with covid. Also, my appointment was very smooth and I appreciated being able to hear from doctor after Abby's first check up. Overall, I had a great experience"
- Chereece Warner
08/21/2020 00:29:44
"So happy to meet our new Vet, Dr Lee! I am very pleased with Neartown Animal Clinic and its entire staff. They have always gone the extra mile to make sure everyone is well informed about upcoming appointments and procedures. The prompt follow-up calls and friendliness of everyone is to be commended. Thank you so much, stay safe! Helen K Kreller"
- Cindy Schaeffer
08/16/2020 04:51:25
"The main thing is, she seemed calm when she got home and she IS a nervous cat."
- Katie Roark
08/16/2020 01:06:38
"I was blown away with the customer service. Everyone was so nice and helpful. They made a stressful situation very pleasant. "
- Lisa McDavid
08/13/2020 23:12:22
"I only have good things to say. I was impressed with the professionalism of the staff and doctor. For Riley's first visit I wave vey happy about how thorough Dr. Hunt was about establishing a plan for going forward even discussing the next few years. I think the way you have your curbside system set up is the very best way to handle the difficult times we're in right now. My neighbors are getting a puppy next month and I recommended your office. "
- Ed Genco
08/13/2020 19:35:52
"We have nothing but high compliments for the staff! 2020 has been a year unprecedented year of challenges for almost everyone. Thank you for adapting your practice to help all of us through it! For us, that started at the end of March when we needed to put our beloved 13 1/2-year-old Scout down. You made an exception and allowed us in to be with him, you fed him ice-cream and made his farewell moments as easy on him (and us) as could have been. We were so grateful for your caring and compassion in making a tremendously difficult time as peaceful as possible. Beyond being a beloved family member, Scout was a last living link to our 20-year-old son, Dan, whom we'd lost 10 years prior to cancer. Maisie's visit to the clinic yesterday was her first. I was especially nervous as to how she would do without me being able to go in with her. We adopted Maisie a few years ago. She was to be an ESA for me (Scout had filled that role previously), but I think it's turned out more like I'm her ESP (person). My thanks to all for your patience with her. She is a sweet, fun, smart little girl, but has some psychosocial needs that make her a continuing work in progress! Again, our heartfelt thanks to all Neartown Clinic you are marvelous and we are grateful!!"
- Dawn Kenneavy
08/13/2020 17:42:16
"Very pleased with Dr. Hunt and your service."
- Ruth Simmons
08/12/2020 20:01:44
"We're the first time pup owners and everyone was very patient and helpful with explaining all the questions we had. Dana from front desk is great on the phone, Jackie & Melissa seem very knowledgeable and super helpful!! Dr.Lee is all of the above and just simply awesome! We feel very confident about our puppy, Kona's health now. THANK YOU ALL! - Frank, Lauren & KONA."
- Frank Aung
08/12/2020 19:02:56
"Very pleased with the pet care and professional approach taken by all caregivers"
- Steve Larson
08/09/2020 20:56:18
"What a great experience. Dr Lee was thorough and patient with my many inquiries. The technician and staff were also very helpful and friendly. My Bella’s health is top priority and I feel most assured she is being cared for in a Professional and loving manner."
- Anthony Bianchi
08/08/2020 15:51:56
"I really trust the doctors at Neartown to have Zen’s best interest at heart. He loves all the techs and staff at the clinic. Thank you for making the healthcare experience so pleasant for him (and me). "
- Shivali Desai
08/05/2020 19:02:51
"Your service is excellent "
- Ronald Woods
07/31/2020 22:38:17
"Everything about the visit went smoothly. Curbside service seems to be working well. All staff were very friendly and helpful. "
- Bonnie Cowling
07/31/2020 13:20:30
"Great experience. You guys kept me up to date on what was going on. Never felt pressured to do anything. Overall great service "
- Kristy Alexander
07/30/2020 17:44:03
"Dr. Lee was great!"
- Bonnie Fairbanks
07/28/2020 21:40:26
"Dr Hunt was knowledgeable, professional and down to earth. Staff was friendly and helpful. They love animals, which is surprisingly not always the case at Vets I have visited. Seem pricy, but service is quality. Highly recommend. "
- Michelle Holcomb
07/28/2020 20:25:18
"I LOVE this place! You guys are always SO friendly and SO helpful. And during COVID, I appreciate that you all immediately adapted and created a safe way to get our animals the care they need. Unbelievable! I love it!"
- Angela Koenn
07/28/2020 14:19:44
"Friendly and helpful. Dr. Lee takes time to thoroughly explain everything and shows she cares. "
- Amy Bronstad
07/26/2020 20:53:00
"handled seamlessly thanks"
- John W. Myrick
07/26/2020 11:36:30
"I think you are providing very good medical services to both dogs. I have faith in your staff and front office people."
- Tom Skeuse
07/25/2020 21:54:11
"I picked Dr. Lee as my new vet based on her brains (summa cum laude) and years of experience, including working as a vet tech here. It feels like a good fit so far! She was very attentive and sensitive to my concerns about my new kitten. And made helpful recommendations abut his care re heart worm preventive, etc."
- Nancy Higgs
07/25/2020 17:21:20
"The staff is wonderful; kind, courteous, very efficient. The curbside drop-off and pick-up works great. Seems to be less stressful for my dog. The phone consultation with Dr. Lee has been excellent, too. She answers all my questions and put my dog on a diet that seems to have solved his stomach issues. "
- Susie Rosmarin
07/23/2020 18:44:51
"the new rules during the pandemic are great and I really appreciate it. It is quick and relatively painless even in the heat! "
- Dale Leiter
07/22/2020 15:58:05
"quick and professionall- staff is great!"
- Leslye Weaver
07/16/2020 19:26:17
"I was so touched and actually brought to tears that Jarret remembered our “original” dogs when caring for our “new” dog. It’s been over ten years since Neartown helped us with Misha and Maggie passing. To have your team care for Mr.Smith now is so comforting. "
- Kari Gonzales
07/15/2020 22:48:44
"We used curbside and it was our first time at Neartown. We felt the staff was very friendly and appreciated their proper use of masks and social distancing"
- Elizabeth Fedalei
07/14/2020 11:01:01
"You guys are doing a great job providing care for our pets in the midst of the pandemic. The system you have in place seems to work really well. "
- Rhonda Smolensky
07/11/2020 20:00:39
"Brought my puppy in for first exam at Neartown. It went well and I was called by Dr Hunt to discuss the exam. I do hope that in the future when the Covid situation is over, that we go back to one on one exams in the office."
- Joannie Morby
07/10/2020 17:20:57
"Excellent staff that seem very sweet and caring. Very efficient appointment even though I have a super scared dog. No other vet was able to do anything for him except you guys! Thanks again. "
- Xerxes Mistry
07/07/2020 20:11:48
"My experience has been very positive. Caring, professionals staff. Dr. Hunt is a gem. The office is attentive to details with phone call reminders about meds. Very happy."
- Mary Vasen
07/07/2020 18:09:00
"I've been here for my pets and they are wonderful. Great people, answer all my questions, Dr. Listens to all my concerns, they never try to add unnecessary costs, very clean. Over all amazing service. "
- Maria Herrera
07/04/2020 19:11:50
"Thanks Dana & Jackie for being so kind to Cinco & me! We were both so worried about Cinco’s 1st vet visit & using the carrier & driving in the van, etc. You made sure it went well & now Cinco isn’t afraid of her carrier & loves her new healthy cat food."
- Sheila Greene
07/03/2020 18:17:21
"You guys are so awesome!!! Please keep up the good work 😁"
- Joseph McFerrin
07/03/2020 15:26:55
"Really impressed with the outstanding customer service and that I was able to be squeezed in the next day to quickly get an exam for heartworm medication for Mylo. Front desk was super friendly and understanding. Doc was really great as well. Also really nice that they followed up after just a routine visit and were patient with our scared pup. Overall, wonderful experience, although Mylo might say otherwise! :)"
- Cristane Martin
07/02/2020 17:43:41
"The care was great, and the changes due to Covid are great - very easy / smooth. Thank you for working!"
- Shelley Virene
07/01/2020 17:22:35
"I am very satisfied with Neartown! I moved to Houston in November & I’m a first town cat owner. Neartown has answered all my questions & covered all my fur balls needs. During this uncertain time with COVID-19 I think Neartown is doing a wonderful job with curbside! Thank you!"
- Eva Francavilla
06/30/2020 17:31:11
"All staff very friendly. Appreciate the steps being taken during Covid. Was able to come in without an appointment due to Rafiki's health history "
- Amber Jacobs
06/28/2020 21:52:47
"From minute one everyone was very efficient and friendly. The staff really listened to my thoughts about my cat. They asked important questions. And really seemed to care about what was going on with him. Dr.Hunt was very good at explaining the diagnosis and what course of action to take.. overall very impressed."
- Cherie Towne
06/25/2020 15:54:09
"Neartown has always been great!!really appreciate the “p/u & delivery” of Presley to vehicle. Bath is great & always a very timely call to discuss P. "
- Teresa Lafuze
06/24/2020 23:23:45
"The tech who retrieved my evil terriers from the car did a great job of handling the wild children."
- Janie Edwards
06/24/2020 17:16:27