"Your vet techs are literally the best! "
- Danielle Iseli
02/28/2021 19:13:47
"You are all doing great - whenever I call I get complete information and caring from that person, appointments are promptly kept, the vets are all thorough. I think it's wonderful how you've figured out ways to improve the parking lot method of care, but I will love being able to see you all and speak face-to-face again! I truly don't have any bad experiences to relay. Thanks!"
- Carolyn Yeats
02/28/2021 18:41:44
"Love the crew and Dr. Lee and how she explains all to us, and most importantly how they take good care of my baby. I do miss being able to go inside and talk in person. Hopefully will be able to do that soon. Thanks! "
- Andrea Saldini
02/27/2021 23:15:12
"I miss meeting the vet in person. But Dr. Johnston took plenty of time talking with me by phone, giving helpful information and answering all questions. "
- Rebecca Yorke
02/23/2021 19:50:40
"It's been about 7 months since we started bringing our baby to Neartown. What we love most about this clinic is the thorough quality of care, how proactive you are with treatment and tests, how you always consult us before making decisions that would result on huge costs, how the entire team does follow up calls and is always available for questions and treatment discussions. We first brought Sidney to Neartown because she was in pain and had an UTI that just didn't seem to ever go away. After only 2 visits, you all identified the proper antibiotics that completely healed her UTI and provided effective pain management for her slipped disc. Beyond the exceptional service and care, Sidney loves coming here--a sign that you treat the animals with so much love and care. We are always comparing the costs to how much we paid at Banfield and we are either spending the same or LESS and getting results and complete analysis of her health. Knowing that Sidney isn't just another pet coming in the door, but is a patient has made a world of difference. They say "you get what you pay for"... well our experience has been worth every penny and we are loyal to Neartown and grateful to Dr. Lee and the entire team!"
- Megan McNair
02/23/2021 17:28:47
"Very impressed and appreciative of the care Mylo receives. He HATES the vet, even when we were able to be with him for visits at our previous vet. Neartown was a new vet to us during the pandemic and it’s amazing how he’s warmed up to you all especially since it’s still curbside. Will definitely recommend! "
- Cristane Martin
02/14/2021 02:38:23
"Im very happy. Prompt and friendly ATTENTION to me and my Bella. Dr Lee is great and very glad she is looking after the most important and precious being in my life. Thank everyone. Anthony Bianchi"
- Anthony Bianchi
02/13/2021 23:51:38
"We had the best experience. From the gracious and understanding employees and follow ups to the actual Vet and her kindness. We are moved to tears by the way Neartown took care of our fur puppy. "
- Brandon Halencak
02/11/2021 20:10:44
"Exceptional! "
- Joseph Fitzgerald
02/10/2021 17:57:30
"It's a challenge for everybody in the times of this pandemic, but I'd say you've done an amazing job working through it."
- Ruth Simmons
02/08/2021 00:16:27
"I actaully like the curbside venue- runs very smoothly! The techs are doing a great job. Thanks! Leslye"
- Leslye Weaver
01/30/2021 22:44:53
"Phone peeps always personable and acts like they know who we are & pet😂👍🏻 Went over what he was here for, etc"
- Teresa Lafuze
01/27/2021 19:37:53
"Your service and your attention to detail is exemplary."
- Sherry Lott
01/27/2021 00:01:19
"Appreciate the social distancing!"
- Dale Leiter
01/24/2021 00:30:34
"I was very happy to discover that you have adapted to the pandemic with the new protocols--as a person who is at very high risk for contracting COVID, I really appreciate it! Very organized, very efficient. Thank you!"
- Ellen Breckenridge
01/23/2021 23:35:41
"The vet I spoke to was very kind and compassionate about Kikis care. I think she went above and beyond to help our baby 3 lb. Yorkie with her hurt leg. Thank you for offering care as if it were your own pet. "
- Jan Taylor
01/21/2021 03:46:12
"I love how quick I was able to get an appointment. Dr. Hunt reviewed everything my puppy needed and made recommendations. "
- Ismerai Escobedo
01/20/2021 00:54:54
"Dr. Hunt and Jarrett were amazing! Jarrett was patient and gentle with handling my pup. Dr. Hunt explained everything extremely well and made me feel so much better about my pup’s issues. "
- Olivia Reed
01/19/2021 22:27:28
"We are always grateful for your excellent service and care for our animals. We trust you fully and know that you care for our pets as if they were your own. You have friendly, professional, caring staff and doctors that have always been honest with us about our pets care and prognoses. "
- Kara Shiflett
01/17/2021 17:26:34
"Considering the restrictive guidelines imposed by the COVID protocols, Neartown has done an exceptional job in providing its usual high standard of care to customers and pets through personal interactions by the clinic's para-vets and follow-up telephone conversations/consultations with the examining veterinarians. "
- Troy King
01/14/2021 14:10:35
"Although I would love to be able to go in with my girl, the system y’all have for COVID is great! I appreciate the care y’all give and not being to pushy when making decisions about treatments. "
- Michaella Hickey
01/13/2021 23:42:02
"Staff are all wonderful with Dougal who is always terrified going for his monthly “shot”. Chelsea comes out to the car with his injection so he’s less stressed. The gentleman tech yesterday did the same fur him. Thank you "
- Shayne Singer
01/07/2021 20:51:39
"I think you all are doing a great job with the dropping off/pickup and appreciate the adjustments you made so quickly."
- Tina Reynolds
01/06/2021 18:32:44
"I have made several visits in the past year. I have found the wait times are not that bad and that my dog is picked-up and brought back in a reasonable amount of time. The phone call with the doctor to discuss what needs to be done for my dog are also very informative and I don't feel rushed. There has been no lack of communication during this pandemic. Overall, I think you have handled the situation very, very well."
- Kari Parson
12/31/2020 15:45:16
"Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. I always feel like Ranger & Chloe get the best possible care every time"
- Alexandra Patch
12/30/2020 20:07:26
"Y’all are terrific. I trust you implicitly with my dogs and they love being there. "
- Penny Jones
12/30/2020 04:08:15
"I was very happy with the communication I received about Ginger's health care."
- Sue Lollis
12/21/2020 15:54:38
"Move your building closer to my house! Everyone is always friendly, professional and sweet to the Roo. Thank you all."
- Robert Gleason
12/18/2020 20:51:09
"I recently moved and found Neartown Vet through a google search. Staff made it easy to transfer my pets info and get him in for a check up and meet the Vet!"
- Kathy Gambini-Melvin
12/18/2020 19:09:44
"Loved the doctor, she was amazing and thorough and incredibly helpful with Gemma's visit and informative with what steps we needed to take and all of our options."
- Rachael Britnell
10/28/2020 15:19:40
"I felt very safe with the Covid protocols. Technician was courteous and attentive. Dr. Johnston thoroughly explained procedures and patiently answered all questions. "
- Ed Clawson
10/25/2020 21:01:36
"The team has been absolutely amazing in helping us navigate this UncertAin time with Keegan. We can’t even begin to tell you how lucky we feel to work you guys. The care you put into what you do definitely shows. "
- Cassie Hoz
10/23/2020 15:31:59
"The technicians and the veterinarians are wonderful and compassionate. I have been with NAC for several years and have never had a bad experience with them. They are extremely accommodating when it comes to appointments and services. I have absolutely no complaints and feel very fortunate in being their client."
- Gillian Hanson
10/21/2020 23:15:50
"My last visit was so good. I am very grateful that Neartown has been able to implement new protocols for them to be open during the pandemic. My consult was very thorough with the doctor, it was as if I were talking to her in person. My puppy received great care and we can’t wait for the next visit. Thank you to the staff and technicians for always being on top of things and to the Dr.’s that are keeping out pets healthy and happy. Please keep up the good work. "
- Regina Garcia
10/14/2020 22:39:56
"Dr. Hunt was amazing! She gave a succinct, yet thorough summary of my pets' health and answered my questions very well. It was clear that she stays up to date on the veterinary literature which is much appreciated!"
- Stephanie Torres
10/08/2020 20:11:11
"Everyone is always so kind and personal - they treat your animals like family and it means the world to me - this vet is the BEST!"
- Christi Rawls
10/07/2020 22:16:54
"Attentive, communicate effectively and professional. "
- Candida Arvelo
10/06/2020 22:47:32
"Good availability of appointments; always prompt with medicine refills"
- Sandra Musallam
10/01/2020 03:06:31
"I am so very excited to have Neartown Animal Clinic as Riley's vet. Everyone has been very kind, helpful, and informative! Thank you!!!"
- Laura Failla
09/30/2020 16:28:08
"Well, to date I only had my pet in for a boarding examination, but so far I'm very impressed with your reception crew and the veterinarian who examined him. Your exam explanation was excellent."
- David Fiano
09/29/2020 21:14:51
"These are trying times ~ under the circumstances, yall’re doing just fine to keep operating SAFELY 👍😎"
- Miles Glaspy
09/26/2020 01:41:52
"I really appreciate the prompt response that I received from Dr. Lee and her staff members regarding the care that my cat, Prince, needed to get healthier. They did an excellent job at administering the proper medication to treat his symptoms. With this being said, he has healed well, and he is back to himself again. Thank you again, Ladies for putting my mind at ease. I genuinely appreciate your compassion. ~Stephanie Stansell "
- Stephanie Stansell
09/24/2020 14:51:18
"I love the Vet Tech who came to my car (she has come several times and I am ashamed that I do not remember her name) -- she is great with Betsy Ross and is very aware of her history. She is a great face for the practice. I love that Dr. Lee gets back to you. Yesterday I received an email with Betsy Ross's results and I appreciated that. I love your location too -- it is very convenient to our house. Betsy is the first pet that we have brought to Neartown as we lived in Seabrook for years and loved Dr. Roof at Forest Lake Animal Clinic. He recommended Neartown and we are very happy that he did! Julie Wehman"
- Julie Wehman
09/23/2020 15:34:05
"We love you guys because you love our babies "
- Jim Winton
09/15/2020 17:35:27
"You guys are awesome."
- Sue Leone
09/13/2020 23:32:58
"Dr. Lee took time to have a very compassionate phone call with us about our aging canine. Thank you!"
- Kenny Grace
09/11/2020 19:08:21
"We have been coming to this practice for over 10 years with our dogs . Excellent care and service, the vets, technicians and staff have always been compassionate, knowledgeable and professional, everyone seems to genuinely care . Isabella C "
- Isabella Canjar
09/07/2020 23:25:54
"Everyone was friendly and helpful. The vet did a good job and explaining what each vaccine is and why it may or may not be necessary for my dog. She was helpful and not pushy."
- Callie-Laura Turner
08/30/2020 14:08:43
"I’m very impressed with physicians, staff, record keeping, online services and facilities at Neartown. Their response to COVID-19 has been well executed and they continue to provide full service safely to their clients. I’ve depended on Neartown for 30 years and 3 generations of my pet family and I continue to do so. From routine care to chronic conditions and surgery, I never hesitate to recommend Neartown Animal Clinic. "
- Ken Hoge
08/26/2020 23:18:26
"The doctor was very responsive and knew my dog and his issues. The nurse bringing Nash in and out was so sweet and he felt comfortable!"
- Heather Herrold
08/26/2020 22:04:19