"This facility is awesome! All the staff were super nice and acted truly concerned for our Hank. Thanks again! "
- Harley Mcilwain
02/05/2020 18:12:20
"Great service. Quick appointment and great staff."
- Brenna Riley
02/05/2020 17:53:32
"Everyone has been kind and very informative "
- Sharon Hardin
02/05/2020 17:39:41
"Employees are very friendly and take care of my pets needs. They treat him like he is their own. "
- Debbie Carman
02/05/2020 17:05:15
"I visited as a referral from my local vet. I appreciated the kindness and compassion while I was upset over my pet. I was thankful to have my pet attended to in a timely manner. The staff and Dr. were wonderful!"
- Kelli Mahoney
02/01/2020 03:01:50
"Lakeside is very good about getting you in quickly...correctly diagnosed and fair priced.. a local, much needed service.. I am very grateful for what they have done for my animals. In times of emergency, I know they will see them in as timely a manner as possible."
- Shannon Ruffing
01/30/2020 03:58:03
"I have always had a great experience at Lakeside. They are patient, always answer all of my questions, and very caring to my pets. "
- Kendra Pospisil
01/29/2020 22:19:11
"My visit was great. No issues! The vet we seen so overly nice and loving to Jimi!!!!"
- Dawanna Wilson
01/28/2020 18:28:12
"Dr. Verbeck is knowledgeable and informative. He did not order any major tests without checking with us first. The staff we dealt with were kind and considerate. Dr. Verbeck checked on Dobey the next day, and we will keep in touch for all the options we have to treat Dobey. "
- Ivan Cravens
01/24/2020 14:03:19
"We have needed emergency care for three of our four legged family members in the past year. The care and compassion of your staff and doctors have been exceptional. Thank you for the service and accessibility Lakeside provides. I feel confident about recommending your facility to others. My long career has been mainly in healthcare facilities and I can say the quality of service you provide easily meets and exceeds standards of care in certain (human) healthcare facilities. Again, thank you for your work and dedication to the care of the pets we love. "
- Dennis O'Connor
01/22/2020 04:24:44
"I was very happy with the way they treated Buster. They very caring."
- Susan Trotter
01/21/2020 22:34:03
"It was an amazing experience. So thankful for you guys being open on Sunday and having reasonable pricing as well. Ace is doing much better and acting more like himself already!"
- Zach Eggemeyer
01/21/2020 20:08:03
"Our ER visit was quick, the staff was wonderful and caring. This is the only place I truly trust to take care of my dog. "
- Brandie Fleming
01/17/2020 01:58:33
"Very caring, fast service excellent professionalism. The best!"
- Cindy Valier
01/15/2020 22:13:15
"All staff we had contact with were professional, kind and efficient. I like that costs are explained up front. I felt the vet and tech both were honest, knowledgeable and caring."
- Anne Discepolo
01/09/2020 19:32:29
"You all are always genuinely patient and kind with all my fur babies. I have been going to Lakeside for well over 35 years; that alone should speak volumes about my trust in all the caregivers at Lakeside. They care about my feelings as well. Thanks Lakeside keep up the good work. "
- Pam Drew
01/07/2020 19:06:22
"You guys were the best! You treated us and Avery with kindness. Very compassionate! "
- Sherri Blaney
01/07/2020 15:29:18
"Amazing care! Everything is always explained well and I never feel like I’m financially being taken advantage of."
- Brooke Pestka
01/03/2020 01:40:34
"I LOVE this clinic. Dr Verbeck is so kind, thorough, and has great integrity. I always feel he is doing the best for my dogs yet is still mindful of financial concerns. I won’t go anywhere else!"
- Stephanie Crews
12/22/2019 02:45:12
"Awesome staff - always welcoming, friendly and informative"
- Mary Clark
12/08/2019 17:22:38
"I was very happy with the service. Everyone was very helpful and answered all questions and concerns. I will most definitely bring both of my boys there again"
- Lisa Schmitt
12/07/2019 10:50:53
"You're doing great! Everyone was very friendly but also professional. They took great care of my cat on her first visit!"
- Hannah Lepird
12/06/2019 19:56:46
"I brought my pet in around 9:30 PM and was taken back to an exam room within a few minutes. The staff was very quick to get the initial check completed and get my pet back for a full examination. The vet on shift provided a clear explanation of what was happening and potential treatments."
- Jeff Bare
12/06/2019 19:14:27
"Everyone was wonderful, helpful, and knowledgeable. I felt my dog was well cared for by the staff."
- Kevin Scuras
12/05/2019 20:19:42
"Zoey was well taken care of and was given prompt services. The doctor listened to our concerns and answered all our questions. Very happy with our experience and so very thankful Zoey was able to be seen the same day. "
- Joe Abbott
12/05/2019 01:14:46
"They were the most caring people. They were so good with my dog and handled his emergency beautifully. Great bedside manner. I would recommend to everyone!!!"
- Tami Hefner
12/04/2019 16:21:23
"Everyone was very nice and helpful during our visit. We appreciate your help in our "emergency". Our vet (Central Animal Hospital) recommended you when we called about an open wound during their off hours."
- Mike Horn
12/03/2019 15:48:36
"I was an out-of-town client and I was very pleased with the speed and ease of service for my dog. I hope I don't have to while I am travelling, but I would definitely come again in the event that an animal of mine needed veterinary care."
- Michelle Lazorchak
12/02/2019 22:27:30
"Great job staff is very courteous and professional. It's such a comfort to know that there is twenty four hour emergency services for my dogs. My dog Darby has fevers of unknown origin and we have spent a lot of time at your facility. During my times there I have always witness kind, caring staff. "
- Richard Pisoni
12/02/2019 22:17:23
"Excellent and comforting veterinary services "
- Jan Heninger
12/02/2019 17:29:03
"I appreciate the care and treatment given to Ruby on both well check and other visits. "
- Vicki Ardrey
12/02/2019 16:21:02
"Wonderful staff! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience for our dog. "
- Arkeym Young
12/02/2019 14:28:56
"Always friendly and professional. Never had a negative experience!"
- Shelli Peterman
12/02/2019 01:16:30
"You helped us in our hour of need. Tink is hardly coughing now. Thank you."
- Roy Wise
12/01/2019 20:52:13
"Every encounter has been great. Your team has treated our pets as their own with respect and caring. Thank you for doing your job well and your profession proud."
- Dennis O'Connor
11/28/2019 15:19:17
"Great! We were an emergency visit. Everyone was courteous, kind, and caring. We even received a follow up call that evening. Will keep coming there."
- Marsha Heesch
11/25/2019 15:53:20
"We received top notch care here. So happy with how understanding the staff was with Pumpkin's fear of being there and their gentle care and help with approving topical meds for her treatment. Thank you!"
- Minnie Bandera
11/25/2019 14:38:15
"We have full trust in the care of our dog at Lakeside. The staff has always been super friendly and supportive of our needs and wishes!"
- David Russell
11/25/2019 14:27:10
"**Excellent staff** Each visit has been met with compassion and an excellent staff."
- Diana Hagan
11/24/2019 20:20:37
"Everything was great. We were in and out. And the treatment is working very well. "
- Joshua Smith
11/21/2019 21:57:03
"Every one was very kind and showed they truly cared about my pup. I can truly say that you have wonderful crew in your facility!"
- Mandi Smith
11/19/2019 04:38:34
"Doctor and staff were very friendly, caring and professional, we appreciate you being here for us."
- Kathy Boswell
11/18/2019 23:01:40
"Always perfect"
- Herb Underwood
11/18/2019 19:33:27
"Your team is always there when we need them. From services to food you are always there to help."
- James Bramlet
11/13/2019 22:54:31
"I love you guys!"
- Rick Gardner
11/13/2019 18:00:54
"Everything went well. Everyone is always very nice and personable. "
- Megan Welch
11/08/2019 19:05:32
"I have nothing but GOOD things to say about this visit with OJ. Lakeside is very compassionate and caring now and I can’t imagine taking my fur babies to any other clinic. Thank you Lakeside. -The Drew Crew "
- Pam Drew
11/07/2019 21:20:03
"Every staff member that came into contact with us was caring, professional, and spent plenty of time with us. We absolutely love Dr. Nicole Thomas. She spent SO MUCH TIME with us listening to everything that pertained to our sweet senior girl. She genuinely cares about our pup's well being. Her thoroughness has kept our sweet senior girl feeling good in her last few days on this earth. Best facility we have ever been to."
- Shayna Phillips
11/06/2019 04:33:30
"Everyone was really nice and genuinely cared about my dog. I am moving my dog's care to this facility. "
- Leisl Paligo
11/03/2019 18:50:37
"The vet tech was very thorough, patient and loving with Lexie and so was the vet. It was a scary experience for us but they did everything to reassure us that Lexie was in good hands and getting the right diagnosis and treatment right away. We are going to switch Lexie to your facility for regular veterinary care too. Great job!"
- Pamela Wilkins
11/02/2019 20:02:27
"Friendly and caring staff! I wouldn’t go anywhere else. "
- Susan Prince
11/01/2019 17:22:24
"Everyone was wonderful! We were worked in and treated as if we were life long patients and i am grateful for that!"
- Heather Green
10/31/2019 19:45:01
"The staff at Lakeside is very professional and caring. They are very good at explaining what is happening and in outlining their care plan."
- Jay Needham
10/28/2019 21:14:21
"There was not one negative thing about your clinic. Compassion, Kindness, Understanding - your staff is awesome. Zoey is still alive because of your crew. Be proud of them."
- Jennifer Gerlock
10/28/2019 15:55:49
"I wouldn’t take my baby anywhere else. Keep up the great work! "
- Brittany Ristaino
10/22/2019 03:29:56
"I love how you all care for and care about my Ladies. You talk with us about what's going on with our girls and what we should be doing to keep then healthy and happy."
- John Carter
10/19/2019 23:34:14
"Very thorough. Listened well. Very friendly and understanding. "
- Lisa Jones
10/19/2019 17:44:35
"Everyone was courteous and very compassionate. When people bring their beloved pet to the vet they are already anxious about the outcome. Your staff showed genuine concern and eased the anxiety. Our Scylla is very I tuned to her surroundings - seeing her at easy was very comforting!"
- Moya Cook
10/18/2019 21:28:21
"I’ve never been disappointed with the care here, my pets are treated respectfully and I’m very pleased with that"
- Kristina Simulis
10/18/2019 20:54:06
"Best and most knowledgeable vet I have been to, the team here cares about animals and explain everything very well. My dog is going through kidney disease and she received excellent care overnight and they explained what to expect in her final days. "
- Shaunna Kelly
10/15/2019 19:04:59
"Everyone was very friendly and gave us excellent care. They were also open about pricing and reasonable, something that was a nice change from our last vet. Thank you!"
- Desiree Baker
10/14/2019 00:21:55
"Loved how the Vet and the Tech got on the floor with my cat to make him comfortable. "
- Mauna Bergfeld
10/12/2019 15:02:11
"You all are amazing I can't thank you enough for saving my sons cats Binx and Kiaras lives. Very nice staff. Love how you can call anytime of the day and they will give you updates on your fur babies. We appreciate the staff calling after they have came home to check on them. Thank you all so much. Highly recommended. ❤"
- Brittney Miller
10/11/2019 04:01:46
"Almost every time we have to bring in our puppy, he is suffering from a rare genetic disorder which puts his life at risk. We place his life in the hands of the veterinary staff at Lakeside Veterinary Hospital. We are happy to say with every scare our puppy gives us we know that Lakeside does everything they can to get him back home with us. Even with a short minutes notice of our emergencies they act diligently to fit us in and help us save our puppy. Thank you Lakeside Veterinary Hospital and your well trained doctors!"
- Toria Sanislo
10/10/2019 13:35:21
"I am VERY careful and picky as to who I take my Addison's dog to..you guys are the BEST! You diagnosed him and literally saved his life. I can't say enough good about you guys...THANK YOU"
- Donna White
10/10/2019 01:01:21
"I was very satisfied with the care that B received when we were there. All of the staff was very nice and showed concern."
- Janice Flaningam
10/08/2019 16:09:46
"Unfortunately, I’ve made plenty of visits in the last year to your Carbondale location, and am always pleased with the service. Everyone in every position has always been very thoughtful and compassionate. "
- Roger Walker
10/07/2019 04:53:17
"Awesome, as always! Very friendly staff who truly care about my fur-baby"
- Chelsea Price
10/06/2019 21:55:06
"I've always had good experiences "
- Caty Siefert-Pearce
10/06/2019 17:21:08
"Great experience. I feel confident I’m getting the best care possible. From the time I walked in everyone made me feel very comfortable. I didn’t feel rushed and they made sure all my concerns were addressed. "
- Dana Brewer
10/05/2019 00:46:21
"So thankful your facility was available for my puppy."
- Belinda Nadeau
10/04/2019 00:58:03
"I had an excellent experience at Lakeside Vet. They took great care of my dog and explained everything they did. Thank you."
- Ira Alters
10/03/2019 23:19:07
"I had a great experience, staff were all very nice and friendly. Thank you for taking care of Bella."
- Matthew Dammermann
10/03/2019 03:34:49
"Everyone was great with Daisy. She was very shy that day and everyone took time to try to make her as comfortable as possible. Staff took the time to explain everything and asked if I had any questions. "
- Kathy Haldeman
10/02/2019 18:59:32
"We always have a wonderful experience at Lakeside, no matter what we're there for! Every single employee is so caring and nice. I constantly recommend them to people who don't already go there."
- Shelli Peterman
10/01/2019 22:27:24
"I really appreciate the direct communication with Dr. Verbeck and the ability to call 24 hours a day if your pet is hospitalized there."
- Christine Chance
10/01/2019 17:12:43
"I was very happy with the care my sweet Belle received. I especially loved how they called her Miss. Belle! It just warmed my heart, you can tell they love animals. "
- Jennifer Walder
09/28/2019 23:30:02
"It really helps that the vet and tech get down with my dog to calm him. "
- Rachel Bullar
09/28/2019 17:39:06
"Great! Staff always friendly & caring. "
- Kevin Klaine
09/28/2019 14:37:59
"Lakeside is the best. Shelly LOVES everyone there! Friendly, efficient, knowledgable"
- John Washburn
09/27/2019 19:55:16
"You were are great. Thanks for helping us."
- Lance Butcher
09/27/2019 16:38:11
"The emergency staff was amazing not only with caring for Tipsy but also setting our minds at ease."
- Anita Ausec
09/25/2019 19:30:19
"No complaints! Excellent staff and vets, always helpful and kind! "
- Ashli Potter
09/25/2019 17:08:53
"Everyone cares so much "
- Lisa Cardinale-Brown
09/25/2019 15:25:56
"The reason I came to u is because I have heard nothing but good things. Spike is running and playing and having a blast. He is doing so much better!"
- Brittany Staggs
09/23/2019 20:07:40
"We were very pleased with the care and concern given to our dog. Service was above and beyond."
- Angela Porter
09/23/2019 18:49:10
"The care that my bunny and I received at Lakeside was exceptional. Dr.Thomas was extremely helpful and had wonderful bedside manner with Gilbert, as did the other technicians and even the workers at the front desk. Everyone was diligent and very caring, and I was thrilled to receive calls from Lakeside just to check in on my bunny. I will definitely be recommending Lakeside to other friends with pets in the future!"
- Gabby O`Brien
09/23/2019 18:40:13
"We have visited three times in the past two months to try and figure out what is wrong with Lola. Dr. Jason was our latest vet and he did a great job, as did the prior vets dealing with this issue. We think we are finally on the right track and have been telling everyone what great service we get from Lakeside. Fingers are crossed that we are finally looking at the solution to Lola's vomiting issue. She is already acting like her old self, so we have high hopes! Thank you for your professionalism."
- Scott Latta
09/23/2019 14:14:41
"Everyone was helpful and friendly and most of all they take good care of angel everytime she has been to see u "
- Cindy Fenton
09/22/2019 05:10:20
"Doing great! My family has been clients for years, and I have no complaints. I appreciate the compassionate and courteous service. Concern for the patients is very evident."
- Loretta Koch
09/22/2019 05:07:54
"We were really impressed with everyone at the hospital. We feel like our pets will be cared for with love and care and professionalism. Thank you to all. P Pool"
- David Pool
09/22/2019 00:12:05
"Great! Excellent service and care to both of my animals. "
- Katie Little
09/21/2019 17:29:49
"You’re the best!"
- Joan Sherwood
09/19/2019 23:01:55
"Phenomenal. All the staff (doctors, technicians, assistants, managers, and receptionists are remarkable. Always willing to help, listen, and give their all. Everyone is very knowledgeable, and go the extra mile. There is no one better than Lakeside Hospital."
- Megan Mayberry
09/19/2019 21:01:01
"As always I was attended by helpful and knowing staff. Thanks, Cheryl on behalf of Junior."
- Cheryl Pagan
09/18/2019 19:22:27
"I was very happy with the care that we got at your clinic and I was very happy to find you open on the weekend. We had an emergency and your staff was very comforting and compassionate."
- Gayla Davenport
09/18/2019 19:13:27
"My Experience has been most stratified with my pets over all care , Everyone one is kind and caring. They show great concerns about your pet and do there best to make your pet comfortable."
- Tina Cripps
09/18/2019 14:31:44
"I love everything about this place, everybody is so understanding and caring. They truly go above and beyond "
- Shawnna Kelly
09/17/2019 18:08:40
"Lakeside Vet does an amazing job being there for you! You guys answer the phone promptly and help me with any concerns I have with my pet. I can tell you guys care about animals and not the money because you always do your best to inform me on matters I have questions with. The staff is friendly and make me feel at ease even if me and my dog aren't. I feel a sense of loyalty to Lakeside Vet because of how great my experience is every time I visit."
- Catherine Dempsey
09/16/2019 17:23:55
"I greatly appreciated my entire experience for Paco's first yearly visit. I know I am needy with his previous health concerns, so I am happy the vet and tecs were accommodating to my litany of questions and requests. "
- Richard Turner
09/16/2019 15:19:29