"I've been very satisfied with the vet service at Lakeside each time I use their services. "
- Laura Sweeney
12/02/2020 17:09:19
"I was completely happy with the friendly service I received! The staff was caring and informative. "
- Marie Hart
12/01/2020 17:09:42
"Everything went great! Took great care of Grim"
- Gracie Boyer
09/17/2020 18:56:27
"I felt very confident that my Lab was in the best hands when I left her I was very pleased with the care we received "
- Kim Psershy
09/17/2020 13:35:47
"Everyone has always been very thoughtful, compassionate and helpful. "
- Roger Walker
09/13/2020 18:58:46
"Great service for my buddy, getting service and communication was also good. "
- Brad Donahue
08/06/2020 03:17:19
"Glad you are continuing to safely see pets during this pandemic. I appreciate the length of time you are available. "
- Vicki Davenport
08/04/2020 14:15:15
"You’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work. "
- Andy Melvin
08/03/2020 21:23:37
"I have no complaints. I was unable to get my ill cat into my veterinarian, so I needed emergency services. You might have saved his life."
- Cheryl Broadie
08/01/2020 14:02:39
"Doing a great job and your staff is good at explaining whats happening."
- Christy Powers
07/31/2020 22:13:50
"I feel they do an excellent job taking care of animals. They take the time to talk with me about what problems my pet is having and explain the treatment plan as well as possible future things to try. i think they are doing an excellent job dealing with extra precautions for Covid so they can remain open and take care of people's pets."
- Steven Zak
07/27/2020 18:27:53
- Ruth Roy
07/25/2020 15:50:27
"we have had very good care given to our dog, each time we had her in."
- Sandra Duffield
07/22/2020 19:54:32
"Anytime that I have brought Kong there, it has been a fantastic experience. All of the people I have came in contact is helpful and caring. "
- Karen Dale
07/22/2020 09:47:58
"We were pleased with the staff and quality of service. We're grateful that you provide after hours emergency care for our community. Thank you."
- Sarah Merideth
07/21/2020 17:16:22
"First of all I want to say thank you to the staff from the first phone call to the person that brought my furbaby out to the car,thanks for all the updates and for DVM that knew what Faith needed and answering all my questions. Lakeside Veterinary Hospital is very professional and caring."
- Rita Logsdon
07/21/2020 06:49:49
"You guys are doing a great job!!! Keep up the good work!"
- Avonda Nolda
07/19/2020 22:58:34
"Everything was great. We really appreciate how you got us in so quickly and for the follow up phone call the next day. "
- Jennifer Engelland
07/18/2020 23:48:44
"Always helpful and compassionate "
- Tracy Kimmel
07/16/2020 23:15:18
"Great experience."
- Renee Edwards
07/16/2020 13:54:44
"I’ve taken both my cat and dog (who both were very ill) and you guys did an excellent job of helping them get back on their feet. Also, love the fact that you guys are available 24hrs 7 days a week!! "
- Rachel Provart
05/25/2020 17:08:18
"The detailed care plan for Woody was top notch. We really understood the medications and the instructions. You actually called to check in on Woody and when you did (here's the kicker) we could discuss the detailed care plan and medications provided! Ah, veterinary medicine practiced at a high standard. You just don't find that at other vet clinics. Thank you! "
- James Sissom
05/25/2020 03:32:04
"A great job even with the social distancing practices in force, we still felt taken care of "
- Kim Mott
05/24/2020 22:37:24
"The staff is very friendly and helpful."
- Melanie Dillow
05/22/2020 21:20:14
"I can’t say enough good things about Lakeside and it’s staff! They have always been wonderful with my animals :)"
- Shawna Austin
05/22/2020 19:25:30
"Everyone was great. All my questions were answered. "
- Tonya Howard
05/21/2020 17:56:41
"Service was great. I know you face challenges during this Covid mess, but you handled our visit very well. My dog is like a new creature since his visit to you."
- Jack Harper
05/21/2020 17:46:01
"You are always helpful, kind and willing to help our pets and us anyway you can!"
- Jon Geiger
05/19/2020 22:13:00
"Accepted Rumi as one of their own even though she was an emergency visit. Very pleased the the Techs and Vet. Thanks for treating us like one of your own."
- Tina Orsburn
05/19/2020 16:03:37
"I was so pleased, the caring and complete explanations were wonderful."
- Tracy Cockrum
05/18/2020 10:47:24
"Very caring staff!"
- David Suttle
05/17/2020 22:27:58
"Amazing. Every person we encountered was so kind and helpful. Wonderful customer service. "
- Heidi Walker
05/16/2020 23:26:09
"Very kind staff that showed genuine concern for my dog. I was very pleased with the Dr. calling me to explain matters related to my dog's health. I was very happy that they took the time to call me and ask how my dog was doing after his treatment. "
- Chris Caine
05/16/2020 00:25:39
"Always very helpful and friendly. "
- Lisa Hall
05/15/2020 23:06:22
"Your staff are friendly and compassionate. "
- Diana Sussman
05/03/2020 15:13:42
"You take are of my pet and treat her very kindly. She gets the best care. I always know shes in good hands when I bring her here. "
- Cassie Laswell
04/29/2020 20:44:49
"You guys are doing great! We love the care that our boy receives at Lakeside!"
- Austin Kearns
04/29/2020 20:11:47
"Thank you for being so helpful and kind! You made it very easy to call and be seen quickly! It was extra special that you took the time to check up on us the following day. "
- Kelly Barger
04/28/2020 21:12:18
"My experiences with Lakeside have all been excellent. "
- Michelle Reed
04/22/2020 22:20:39
"First time ever being there and they are amazing people will not go anywhere else you all are amazing"
- Rachelle Henry
04/21/2020 15:20:29
"Excellent service as always ❤️"
- Shelli Peterman
04/20/2020 17:47:51
"They were excellent in speed and thoroughness with explaining and caring for my pet when I had an emergency. I was never confused at any step of the process and the follow up was greatly appreciated. "
- Dollia Cortez
04/20/2020 15:03:35
"Every staff member was phenomenal- throrough, informative, and compassionate!"
- Alice Rickert
04/18/2020 17:26:01
"I wouldn’t change a thing or the staff."
- Valerie Moss-White
04/17/2020 23:11:14
"Friendly and compassionate and made us feel at ease"
- Robert Randolph
04/16/2020 16:37:35
"Everyone was great! They were kind, understanding, and patient. We were pretty worried and anxious, but they made us feel a little more relaxed. We are grateful to everyone there."
- Andrea Pender
04/15/2020 18:14:17
"Everything was excellent. I especially appreciated your constant, clear communication about the status of my cat, Bean, following her emergency surgery. Thank you."
- Deborah Tudor
04/13/2020 15:53:29
"I was very anxious about what was happening with Gracie, everyone their was so kind and amazing with her:) Thank you so much 🙏🏻😊 I will definitely tell everyone about you!"
- Cindy Wachter
04/13/2020 14:39:13
"Dr Ferry is the best. "
- Diana Whiteeagle-Hagan
04/13/2020 09:11:50
"Lakeside is always so caring and puts us at ease! Professional. Prompt and great follow up "
- Tracy Kimmel
04/12/2020 22:30:25
"As always I can’t say enough about the dedication of the staff at Lakeside!"
- Mary Clark
04/12/2020 18:19:41
"Even with the extra precautions needed for COVID, the entire experience was amazing. Maggie received exceptional care and the staff was very responsive and kept me posted the entire time. I appreciated everything that you did for her!"
- Diane Lazorchak
04/10/2020 01:46:14
"Absolutely amazing. The doctor explained things very well, I didn’t feel rushed. The technicians kept me updated. Awesome experience "
- Kim Kimball
04/09/2020 23:07:04
"I appreciated that the hospital was doing curbside due to concerns with the virus, and I felt that it was very easy and ran very smoothly. We were dropping Charlie off, and a technician came out to get her very quickly, and when the vet called us to let us know the results of her xrays, she was very thorough and explained everything very well. Charlie did not seem overly stressed or scared after being there for several hours, and we appreciated being able to bring her in so soon to have the radiographs done"
- Peggy Ebbs
04/09/2020 21:38:18
"I thought Shelby might have to stay 2 or 3 days in the hospital but your staff ran several tests and found out what was wrong with her and prescribed the right medications for a speedy recovery. EXCELLENT JOB!!!!"
- Jim Phillips
04/09/2020 21:28:23
"Thank you for your excellent care in the midst of this shut-down and crisis! Cinnamon appreciates the care and is doing much better now."
- Sana Haque
04/09/2020 21:25:39
"Doing awesome work"
- Joyce Szeszol
04/09/2020 19:48:42
"Dr Thomas is always so caring and treats my dog Luke like he is her dog."
- Kathy Cox
04/09/2020 01:45:32
"Dr. Verbeck is outstanding. He has taken the time to go in depth about my animal’s health and concerns. It is obvious that he genuinely cares and takes the health of my animal seriously. It makes the world of a difference when your animal is not doing well to have that type of support. The rest of the team is easy to get ahold of and very helpful. A few staff members have gone out of their way to assist me with getting medications & food and relaying updates on my animal to Dr. Verbeck. I would highly recommend Lakeside and am so thankful for the entire staffs commitment to quality care. We appreciate you! "
- Ginger Golz
04/08/2020 20:03:04
"You all were fantastic with Bella. You all were very informative as to what all was going on with Bella and what course you were taking in order to help her leg heal. With everything going on right now, I am so grateful that you all were willing to help us when it came to payment. Not many places will take payment over the phone, especially with that person being in another state. I haven’t found a vet here since our move from St. Louis and I will definitely be coming back with all 3 of my pups!!!"
- Amber-Dawn Bernachi
04/08/2020 20:02:49
"Very caring attention from everyone we encountered. Thank you!!!"
- Kristen Gentry
04/03/2020 15:12:58
"You were very personable in these challenging times. You were fast in your response and had us all home in an hour."
- Bryce Williams
04/01/2020 16:07:24
"Did an outstanding job regarding the care of our dog and did a follow up call next day! They are a caring facility."
- Cynthia Cochran
03/31/2020 11:36:35
"Amazing and thorough service. "
- Crissy Robinson
03/27/2020 22:48:42
"We were so impressed by the way the Covid-19 was handled. A lot of extra work for your staff. We were so grateful that you were willing to work us in so quickly as a new patient. Every member of the staff is courteous, kind, pleasant and professional. I appreciated getting records emailed along with personal follow up phone calls! Thank you for going many extra miles!!"
- Ann McMurphy
03/27/2020 16:52:51
"Our experience was wonderful. The veterinarian and tech assistant were so kind, caring, and helpful. Our experience with your clinic was A+"
- Daniel Seegers
03/26/2020 18:37:16
"The staff does treat Norma Jean and us like family. We are completely at home there and fully confident in Dr. Verbeck and his staff."
- Christine Chance
03/26/2020 08:53:12
"The service was very good and staff seemed to really care."
- Lisa Jones
03/25/2020 00:02:50
"I would never go anywhere else! Dr. Verbeck and every person that I’ve come in contact with and perfectly professional and kind. "
- Laurie Pugh
03/24/2020 12:01:55
"I was impressed with the care & the manner in which the care was provided! Will share this experience with people I know!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!"
- Debbie Lawson
03/24/2020 03:37:23
"I was very impressed how you are handling the COVID-19 virus precautions. Everyone was super nice and very informative throughout the entire visit! It was a very positive experience. Thank you!!"
- Leslie Kniffen
03/23/2020 21:54:23
"Staff is terrific. "
- Jim Blaise
03/17/2020 22:09:27
"Very pleasant, couldn't ask for a better experience. Very kind and thoughtful. Sensitive to our situation. AND midnight was quite content which was another surprise."
- Jennifer Sillaway
03/17/2020 00:54:01
"Don't change anything! Your staff took awesome care of Ariel and myself. God bless all of you!!"
- Chad Shreves
03/13/2020 02:16:58
"Love the friendly people and great care we receive. "
- Susan Prince
03/10/2020 03:54:28
"We had an excellent experience. We felt each employee genuinely cared about our dog. "
- Natassia Beere
03/06/2020 19:23:32
"Always a good experience. My dogs and I have never met anyone there that’s been unprofessional or rude. Great staff!"
- Roger Walker
03/01/2020 02:40:51
"I am so grateful Dr. Jason Verbek was able to see us!"
- Emerson aka Chip Cox
02/27/2020 03:23:27
"This was my first time coming to the Carbondale branch & I was extremely pleased!! From the friendly staff at the front counter to the exam room tech and then to Dr. Verbeck, I don't have one complaint. They showed great care and love for my fur baby. To be honest I don't remember ever visiting a vet that displayed their care for my babies like I did at Lakeside Veterinary Hospital!! Keep up the great work! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!"
- Kelley Trout
02/26/2020 22:00:59
"Excellent care. Everybody seemed to really care about Bailey. He is doing 100% better."
- Christie McIntyre
02/25/2020 21:48:33
"Great service. Megan and Dr. Ferry are great, so was the vet tech (I do not remember her name). And as always Kat is wonderful."
- Pamela Hughes
02/23/2020 20:45:14
"Our pup is alive today because of the treatment she received at this facility. "
- Cayla Reiman
02/13/2020 19:50:50
"I had a great experience. The doctor explained things clearly."
- Jack Harper
02/11/2020 03:04:10
"This facility is awesome! All the staff were super nice and acted truly concerned for our Hank. Thanks again! "
- Harley Mcilwain
02/05/2020 18:12:20
"Great service. Quick appointment and great staff."
- Brenna Riley
02/05/2020 17:53:32
"Everyone has been kind and very informative "
- Sharon Hardin
02/05/2020 17:39:41
"Employees are very friendly and take care of my pets needs. They treat him like he is their own. "
- Debbie Carman
02/05/2020 17:05:15
"I visited as a referral from my local vet. I appreciated the kindness and compassion while I was upset over my pet. I was thankful to have my pet attended to in a timely manner. The staff and Dr. were wonderful!"
- Kelli Mahoney
02/01/2020 03:01:50
"Lakeside is very good about getting you in quickly...correctly diagnosed and fair priced.. a local, much needed service.. I am very grateful for what they have done for my animals. In times of emergency, I know they will see them in as timely a manner as possible."
- Shannon Ruffing
01/30/2020 03:58:03
"I have always had a great experience at Lakeside. They are patient, always answer all of my questions, and very caring to my pets. "
- Kendra Pospisil
01/29/2020 22:19:11
"My visit was great. No issues! The vet we seen so overly nice and loving to Jimi!!!!"
- Dawanna Wilson
01/28/2020 18:28:12
"Dr. Verbeck is knowledgeable and informative. He did not order any major tests without checking with us first. The staff we dealt with were kind and considerate. Dr. Verbeck checked on Dobey the next day, and we will keep in touch for all the options we have to treat Dobey. "
- Ivan Cravens
01/24/2020 14:03:19
"We have needed emergency care for three of our four legged family members in the past year. The care and compassion of your staff and doctors have been exceptional. Thank you for the service and accessibility Lakeside provides. I feel confident about recommending your facility to others. My long career has been mainly in healthcare facilities and I can say the quality of service you provide easily meets and exceeds standards of care in certain (human) healthcare facilities. Again, thank you for your work and dedication to the care of the pets we love. "
- Dennis O'Connor
01/22/2020 04:24:44
"I was very happy with the way they treated Buster. They very caring."
- Susan Trotter
01/21/2020 22:34:03
"It was an amazing experience. So thankful for you guys being open on Sunday and having reasonable pricing as well. Ace is doing much better and acting more like himself already!"
- Zach Eggemeyer
01/21/2020 20:08:03
"Our ER visit was quick, the staff was wonderful and caring. This is the only place I truly trust to take care of my dog. "
- Brandie Fleming
01/17/2020 01:58:33
"Very caring, fast service excellent professionalism. The best!"
- Cindy Valier
01/15/2020 22:13:15
"All staff we had contact with were professional, kind and efficient. I like that costs are explained up front. I felt the vet and tech both were honest, knowledgeable and caring."
- Anne Discepolo
01/09/2020 19:32:29
"You all are always genuinely patient and kind with all my fur babies. I have been going to Lakeside for well over 35 years; that alone should speak volumes about my trust in all the caregivers at Lakeside. They care about my feelings as well. Thanks Lakeside keep up the good work. "
- Pam Drew
01/07/2020 19:06:22
"You guys were the best! You treated us and Avery with kindness. Very compassionate! "
- Sherri Blaney
01/07/2020 15:29:18