"I think Sand creek Hospital is great. Always willing to help.."
- Michael Hennessey, Sr.
01/23/2018 15:26:18
"Dr. David Sonnekalb and his staff have treated my Sheriff's K9 Diesel with great results. "
- David Leffingwell
01/22/2018 14:39:00
"Every time we visit Sand Creek, my husband and I wish that our doctor's office was as enjoyable! the staff is always so warm and welcoming, wait times are basically nonexistent and the experience of the doctors is consistently impressive. We have such a sense of relief knowing that our dog June receives the best possible care. To top it off, we always receive follow-up calls after every visit to make sure she is doing well. Again--unparalleled service from a team that is obviously very passionate about what they do. "
- Sierra Kehn
01/21/2018 13:47:42
"I'm hoping Peyton lives to be over 20With your help, he just might make it."
- Mark Haft
01/20/2018 20:09:48
"Thank you for checking Dolly right away!"
- Deborah Woodard
01/20/2018 18:41:58
"Receptionists are happy and friendly, it’s very clean and technicians and assts are awesome! As always great service!"
- Tanya DeSanto
01/20/2018 14:59:48
"Excellent. Spent lots of time explaining and discussing treatment. Open and honest with diagnosis. Very down and earth and compassionate."
- Deborah Galdun
01/20/2018 06:11:11
"We're very happy with the Care our pet gets"
- Steven Mafrici
01/19/2018 03:44:13
"This year's checkup went smoothly and quickly. In the past, I've had to wait and this year we got right in. Love the treats and catnip for my furball!"
- Marie Schnitzer
01/18/2018 21:18:10
"Easy and fast med pick up! Thanks!"
- Lindsey Hunter
01/18/2018 11:10:57
"I have nothing but good things to say about how CUDDLES and myself are always treated."
- Marie Tucker
01/17/2018 20:29:32
"All good everything was excellent "
- Lori Wells
01/17/2018 13:38:46
"When I called in for an appointment I was asked if I wanted to see a particular vet. I appreciated that. When I arrived about 15 minutes late, which was unavoidable, I was concerned that I would have missed the appointment but not only were we seen but we were seen promptly. Dr. Sonnekalb got right to the issues and was very informative on his determinations. "
- Roxanne Speck
01/17/2018 12:46:57
"All staff is caring to the furbabies. I am treated with kindness and respect with every encounter"
- Cathi Lebarge
01/17/2018 11:28:31
"Very pleased with care and concern over Angels condition "
- Teresa Figueroa
01/17/2018 05:36:56
"Great service Wonderful staff Happy with care my dos get "
- Zandra Rivera
01/17/2018 01:41:53
"I am pleased with all aspects of my kitties care, especially the comfy towel used to help my furry friend not be scared!"
- Ann Marie O'Brien
01/16/2018 20:48:05
"Cotton had a great visit at Sand Creek "
- Erin Kelly
01/16/2018 18:51:40
"Great! The girls at the desk are friendly and efficient "
- Christine Zito
01/16/2018 17:29:52
"All staff are polite, caring and efficient."
- Janice Heeran
01/16/2018 16:44:04
"Dr.Sonnekalb is great. He takes his time, explains things clearly, and lets me know my options. Bella was having hip pain and walking with a limp. The dasequin he gave is helping, she has to stay on the into dose of 2 pills a day, but shes doing much better. I also know my options if she flares up again. We tried a different vet that was recommended by a couple of friends for a problem with my other dog. Multiple visits later we were still having the same issues. Switched back to Dr. Sonnekalb. Again he took his time, explained things clearly and once in his care thd problem was resolved. I won't take my dogs to anyone but Dr. Sonnekalb."
- Garry Ero
01/16/2018 16:16:16
"Your staff members are always professional, courteous and friendly both in the office and on the phone. Your office is always clean and neatly organized The doctors are compassionate"
- Donald Parshley
01/16/2018 13:16:52
- Deborah Wittig
01/16/2018 10:49:24
"We appreciate the thoughtful and generally speedy care we receive at Sandcreek."
- Douglas Kinney
01/16/2018 07:14:09
"Great! Everyone knows my dog by name when I call and Dr. McDaniel seems to genuinely care. That's pretty rare in any industry so its much appreciated!"
- Zachary Hoag
01/15/2018 14:43:25
"We have two pets being cared for at Sand Creek and are very satisfied."
- Daniel McKittrick
01/15/2018 14:38:30
"The staff at Sand Creek Animal Hospital are professional and friendly. Every visit is easy- they run on schedule, update Tusker's current status, review any needed vaccines/ testing, answers all our questions and payment is made easy while in the exam room. A copy of the office visit is provided to us during the visit for our files. "
- Deborah Butler
01/15/2018 04:02:21
"I just picked up medication for my dog"
- Carolyn Grube
01/14/2018 15:54:44
"I think Sand Creek is wonderful from the first greeting of good morning or hello to the moment one steps out of the door. How do I know this? My cat has told me so!"
- Gail Russ
01/14/2018 14:50:41
"I had a great experience. Having not been to a vet with my fur baby in a very long time, I never felt judged. Dr. Solnucab took a great deal of time explaining the possibilities and reviewing possible options and didn't rush me at all to make what was a very difficult decision. We decided to treat and they stayed in constant communication with me during the hospitalization. I cannot say enough good things about the care we received. "
- Erica Salamida
01/14/2018 13:15:15
"You're doing great - the attention Floki gets from the staff is wonderful"
- Elizabeth Skop
01/13/2018 16:58:30
"Wonderful! Copper’s favorite parts are the receptionists and leaving out the side door. "
- Kristen Bohne
01/13/2018 05:14:08
"Great support and staff"
- Patty Rumpelt
01/13/2018 01:59:28
"Purrrfectly super ( sorry couldn't resist). Dolly and Misty are certainly not the easiest of cats to handle even after almost three years of being rescued from living life in a barn for their first several months life. But everyone at Sand Creek Animal Hospital is so caring and capable that it's a pleasure to bring them there. Keep up the good work!!!"
- Joan Sacca
01/12/2018 22:13:39
"My experience with Sand Creek Animal Hospital has always been positive."
- Valerie Bousa
01/12/2018 20:16:54
"The treatment that princess has beem awesome. They quickly determined what her illness was and they soonthed an pet parents nerves. Thank you"
- Robin Beach
01/12/2018 19:25:48
"We have always had an excellent, professional, and friendly experience at Sand Creek Animal Hospital. "
- Paul Soroko
01/12/2018 02:26:24
"Wouldn’t change a thing 😀"
- Jeuillie Keegan
01/11/2018 22:17:47
"You guys are the best!!!!!! Can't even think of anything "bad" or even "not so good" to say.........you are tops in our book!"
- Gynger Connolly
01/11/2018 15:19:17
"Doing excellent job. I am pleased."
- Kathleen Hutson
01/11/2018 04:27:01
"You are doing very good to us! I like you guys and my dog too."
- Emels Mancellari
01/11/2018 02:10:06
"Always a great experience! "
- Adrienne Haase
01/11/2018 01:22:18
"Our experience with Sand Creek animal hospital is always wonderful! The staff is so caring and knowledgeable and know who my pets are when we walk in the door. Very welcoming and excellent care!"
- Amy Novak
01/10/2018 18:44:19
"Everyone was friendly and informative. It was a good first experience. Thank you!"
- Nancy McGee
01/10/2018 16:19:32
"Great m the service and the employees are so friendly and responsive . Hans love going to the Vet:)"
- James Marco
01/10/2018 14:11:41
"Great visit always glad to see everyone"
- Mary Kruegler
01/10/2018 10:04:29
"Dr. Sonnekalb is an amazing doctor. He has tried many things to help my cats issues but in a conservative manner. He always follows up any concern with a phone call. If he states that he he will call you on a particular day he always does. My son called him with a concern about his cat and he even remembered to ask me how my son was making out. The staff is always very pleasant and most of all the facility is immaculate. "
- Doreen Wheland
01/10/2018 05:14:22
"always get the best care for my cats"
- Kathleen Sterling
01/10/2018 02:41:30
"I love the friendly , welcoming atmosphere & the short wait 😊 I was very happy with Dr Sonnekalb. He was more than happy to answer all my questions, did not make me feel rushed & explained everything to me. I also felt like he valued & welcomed my opinions which makes me feel like I will have a voice in caring for my pets. I feel like Doogie is in good hands ! I anticipate transferring all my " kids " as their appointments come up. Thank you all !"
- Colleen Graber
01/09/2018 23:39:09
"impressed with your service"
- Sharon Lyons
01/09/2018 19:18:30
"Always a good experience. As anyone who had worked on Midnight knows, going to the vet every few weeks is not her favorite thing, but you all take such great care of her when we’re there. Thank you so much!!!"
- Carol Swiderski
01/09/2018 14:58:04
"Everyone was helpful and caring"
- Jennifer Riberdy
01/09/2018 13:20:08
"You’re doing great. Everyone took great care of Adi and made it a fun experience for her. It was a very welcoming environment at every stage."
- Kristy Schupp
01/09/2018 04:05:13
"The staff members at Sand Creek are fantastic!"
- Gina Murray
01/09/2018 03:45:21
"I have always had a good experience with the staff at Sand Creek Animal Hospital. I have brought several other pets to Sand Creek Animal Hospital. the service is excellent. especially the girls at the front desk. they are very helpful. I have seen several of the doctors there. Dr. watzka is my favorite. She has taken care of several of pets at the end of life and she is very compassionate. "
- Lori Greco
01/09/2018 03:14:19
"Everyone is incredibly professional and friendly. I believe Sophie is very well taken care of."
- Tracey Duesterdick
01/09/2018 03:07:52
"Compassionate and kind. Very much appreciated."
- John Wirenius
01/08/2018 23:39:36
"I have only recently began coming here with one of my cats. My experience has been wonderful. Friendly professional and knowledgeable staff. I will be bringing the rest of my animals here. "
- Kim Jeram
01/08/2018 20:58:14
"Shiloh was very well taken care of. I was impressed not only with your facility but also with the doctor."
- Marian Barasch
01/08/2018 20:27:25
"Always great pet care"
- Michael Rheingold
01/08/2018 16:53:44
"Love Sand Creek, always excellent care!"
- Judith R. Tynan
01/06/2018 11:58:29
"Dr. Dave Sonnekalb has taken care of our dogs (Duval, Blu, Max, and now Dash) for many years since all were puppies. We consider ourselves very fortunate, as we could not ask for a more knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate partner in the care of our dogs than he has been. He's like a member of our family. We trust him implicitly and rely on him with full confidence. He has helped us through some very challenging medical situations with our dogs, including most recently the treatment and passing of our beloved Blu, who had diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, a heart condition, and ultimately an aortic blood clot that led to immobility and organ failure. Without Dr. Sonnekalb's help, we know that Blu would not have lived the good, happy life that he was able to live most of the time. When we were regulating Blu after learning that he had diabetes, Dr. Sonnekalb called us regularly to check on Blu and provide advice and support. He truly has been a partner and friend. When we have needed to make tough decisions about all of our dogs, he always has been honest, compassionate, and empathetic. Happily, our last visit was to introduce our new puppy, Dash, to Dr. Sonnekalb and the team at Sand Creek. It was a great experience. Dr. Sonnekalb spent time, as he always does, making Dash feel comfortable and helping us to understand and plan next steps (in terms of vaccinations, food exercise, training, etc.). The rest of the team at Sand Creek is wonderful too. Dr. McDaniel, Dr, Carmichael, and Dr, Watzka have been very helpful with collaborations or as backups to Dr. Sonnekalb in his absence; we would like to extend a special thanks to Dr. Watzka and Dr. McDaniel for their help with Blu before he passed. Every single team member at Sand Creek is friendly, kind, and helpful. From the team up front to the vet techs in the exam rooms and in the back, we consistently have positive experiences that help to reinforce why we choose Dr. Sonnekalb and Sand Creek for the care of our animal family. With tremendous gratitude, we wish you all a very happy, healthy new year! "
- Carol Healey
01/05/2018 20:06:52
"Always genuine and caring. "
- Erica Cavanagh
01/05/2018 19:11:36
"Excellent we recommend Sand Creek to everyone!! Thank you for the excellent care and service!!"
- Marianne Williams
01/04/2018 23:04:41
"I love bringing Lucy to Sand Creek. Everyone is so nice and professional. The care you give your patients is the best in the world."
- Carol Bloom
01/04/2018 20:23:01
"Always a positive experience for our dog. Everyone is so good with her. She never has any anxiety when she is there. "
- Joseph Figler
01/04/2018 19:44:19
"I think the doctors and support staff are great at Sand Creek. You all take such a caring and personal interest in our pets. Thanks"
- Gloria Scholetzky
01/04/2018 19:36:08
"You are the best! Quick response with any questions, concerns or medication requests I've had. Sophie loves Dr. Sonnekalb and the staff. "
- Kristen Gawinski
01/04/2018 19:19:22
"The level of care that my dog receives there is second to none. The staff who interact with my dog really like dogs (if they didn't, it would be easy to spot), and the doctors are caring and knowledgeable. Dr. Carmichael has particular expertise with Labrador Retrievers like my dog, and that's very reassuring when he has any health issues. "
- Dan Lyons
01/04/2018 18:57:46
"I felt so good leaving lucy with the team. I have never taken her somewhere and left her but i knew she was in excellent hands. I will be honest that i started to get very anxious when the technician mentioned the catheter to give lucy her meds for surgery. When i had to put my senior jack russell down, i was there for the catheter. But my dog never went home with me. I didn't realize how much that moment affected me until i heard the tech say catheter while explaining the spay procedure. But they didn't do it in front of me. Instead they picked up a happu lucy and took her out pf the room, sparing me from seeing the catheter. That made me feel so much better."
- Jamie Frankenfield
01/04/2018 18:51:19
"Everything and everybody is perfect."
- Wendy Shotsky
01/04/2018 18:40:25
"Excellent Service!"
- Jacqueline Saddlemire
01/04/2018 13:38:57
"You can tell the Doctors and and the Vet Techs love their jobs! I know my little guy is being well taken care of here."
- Lyndsay Jackson
01/04/2018 09:01:49
"Everything seems great to me and my family, we have had no issues with the service you provide. Keep up the good work."
- Chris Martinek
01/04/2018 05:29:17
"Excellent!!! All staff members are always very friendly and helpful. "
- Lori Allen
01/04/2018 00:08:38
"The waits between coming into the exam room, getting the pre-exam review completed and then the doctor arriving can be long."
- Beth Sconfienza
01/03/2018 22:22:30
"I am always greeted with a friendly smile and hello!"
- Beverly Sim
01/03/2018 22:15:03
"I switched to Sand Creek Animal Hospital because the veterinarians took the time to discuss my concerns and options with me."
- Lisa Gutheil
01/03/2018 19:58:27
- Edward Mele
01/03/2018 19:26:29
"Everyone is so friendly and helpful. It is always a pleasant experience, whether it is an office visit or a phone call."
- Theresa Ackerman
01/03/2018 18:42:10
"I really love how you're never over booked and we get seen on time. Also all the staff are professional and Dr. Sonnekalb and I view treatment and aggressiveness of care in the same way."
- Gail Snitkoff
01/03/2018 18:22:16
"The doctor was very clear and concise. The office staff were all very friendly and helpful. Thank you for helping us out even when we didn't have a chance to bring our dog in when he was sick. This follow-up appointment was very helpful."
- Carmen Diaz
01/03/2018 18:21:18
" Quite honestly, I have no complaints! The staff and the doctors are wonderful, there is never a long wait, and the in room check out and side exit are major stress relievers for pets and owners. I guess the only thing that could make the practice better, would be after hour animal emergency services. "
- Michele Polito
01/03/2018 17:48:06
"This is why we bring our pets to Sand Creek Animal Hospital. Our dog Andy had an appointment already scheduled and I called to ask whether Dr. McDaniel had time to see our other dog Kevin as well. We were able to switch our appointment time in order to have both our dogs seen. I cannot say enough positive things about this practice. "
- Peter Fisk
01/03/2018 14:39:30
"I love SAND CREEK!"
- Pamela Elliot
01/03/2018 00:46:26
"The Dr's take time while examining your pet and explain everything, so you can understand what's happening to your pet. They show ,much concern. Highly recommend Sand Creek Animal Hospital to anyone."
- Mary Ann Shade
01/02/2018 20:46:53
"I feel you are doing a awesome job "
- Elida Gross
01/02/2018 20:13:52
"Always pleasant service. My dogs really aren’t too scared to come in. Very caring doctors who always check on my fur kids!"
- Lisa Fuda
01/02/2018 19:08:32
"Always a pleasure to deal with the front line staff when picking up prescription food for my gang!"
- Donna Topolski
01/02/2018 17:49:03
"Good job"
- John Sitterly
01/02/2018 17:15:18
"Me and my dogs love Sand Creek! I can't imagine anybody else taking care of my dogs!"
- Diane Blackman
01/02/2018 17:11:11
"My pets always get excellent care at Sand Creek Animal Hospital. I always feel like they are cared about the way they should be - like family ! I have been bringing my pets since you were located on Sand Creek Road and will continue to do so. It gives me peace of mind to know you are there for me and my pets. Thank you for all the work that you do."
- Sherry Marr
01/01/2018 20:25:23
"I am always amazed at how Dr m remember s all the details if my dogs history He is so thorough and the follow through is amazing !!!!"
- Roberta Carmody
12/31/2017 22:37:12
"I can not give Sand Creek Animal Hospital enough praise. From the moment you walk through the door you feel welcome. The staff is always caring and helpful. Dr. McDaniel, as always, help with Big Fred's problem. Fred is a very happy feline."
- Alida VanDyke
12/30/2017 22:29:48
"Dr. McDaniel and his staff are outstanding doctors and very knowledgeable! I’ve been using their services for over 17 years!"
- Paul Madelone
12/30/2017 17:18:36
"We always get our questions answered, caring/friendly staff"
- Joanne Rourke
12/30/2017 16:26:33
"You folks are always friendly, polite and courteous. I always know I will get the help I need when I call or come in."
- Amy Rubino
12/30/2017 14:20:47
"Everyone is helpful and friendly!"
- Angela Pemberton
12/30/2017 13:31:56
- Reed Parvis
12/30/2017 10:45:36
"Dr’s spend plenty of time with our pets whenever they are brought in. The girls at the front desk answering endless calls are very patient & kind. No complaints at this time. "
- Samantha Charbonneau
12/30/2017 06:46:38