"The technicians were great with Tiberius, I always love coming to SCAH!"
- Sarah Putney
06/14/2019 16:19:59
"Your practice is great! I appreciate the timeliness of all appointments, the helpfulness of all the techs and love Dr. Carmichael!"
- Pat Nachtrieb
06/14/2019 14:55:20
"I am so glad I brought my dog to see Dr. Carmichael. I swear she is the Mary Poppins for canines, both me and the dog were enamored with her musical sing-song like voice and demeanor. In addition, everyone from the front desk staff to the vet techs could not have been nicer. "
- Stacy Taylor
06/13/2019 14:08:05
"Everyone at Sand Creek Animal Hospital is great. So caring, and you can see the genuine love they have for animals :) Always accommodating for appointments and anything else we need! "
- Ralph Drake
06/12/2019 17:47:27
"I am very happy with Sand Creek Animal Hospital. Everyone is very nice, and informative. I also like how there are cat and dog sections. "
- Scott Carpenter
06/10/2019 23:42:28
"Your team always does such a fantastic job! I love how we are seen promptly at our appointment time, the facility is unbelievably clean and the staff are always so friendly, compassionate and helpful!"
- Elise Ravalli
06/10/2019 12:49:56
"Sand Creek Animaml Hospital never disappoints. Whether it’s ensuring the health of a new puppy or kitten, to treating an older pet, to the last day we have with our furbabies-they are always professional and compassionate."
- Courtney Manning
06/09/2019 20:26:19
"We saw Dr. Friello for the first time this visit and she was great - showed genuine interest in our pet and explained things thoroughly and clearly."
- Bridget Collins
06/09/2019 17:57:07
"All is great. Efficient, friendly, knowledgeable"
- Susan Angelo
06/09/2019 12:12:50
"Wonderful place. Wouldn’t take our cats anywhere else! "
- Mary Burt
06/08/2019 00:10:43
"Obvious all the workers love animals. Love the toys and treats used to distract her."
- Karen Kirker
06/07/2019 23:14:01
"Everyone is extremely friendly and caring, and the care plan is explained clearly."
- Kristen Corbosiero
06/07/2019 17:13:20
"My cat is very skittish and doesnt like to be picked up or handled. Everyone that helped during her appointment was respectful of her auronomy and when she had to be handled, did so with the utmost care. I'm never afraid that she is going to feel traumatized by anyone that works at SandCreek. Although, she will never live the vet, I certainly do!"
- Alyssa Murphy
06/07/2019 14:48:13
"I was so happy with my visit, we are switching to Sand Creek Animal Hospital. The vets are more attentive, experienced, and knowledgeable. Prices are reasonable... wait time is short... and they don't force treatments or services down your throat. Very happy indeed. Thank you for taking care of my Nala."
- Doris Maduka
06/06/2019 18:23:01
"We are very happy with the quality of care and expertise. Our dog was vomiting, we were offered same day and next day appointments. When we arrived she was welcomed and treated with great care. I received a call the next day with her test results and prices are reasonable. We are very happy with the staff at Sandcreek. Please keep up the great work."
- Amber Young
06/06/2019 17:38:44
"everyone is excellent from the time we walk in until the time we leave. Jessie gets a little anxious upon arrival and i love that the staff has noticed this and takes her into a room immediately. I will never be able to say enough about Dr. McDaniel. The BEST"
- Lisa Pajak
06/06/2019 15:05:39
"It is a good practice have been with them since the beginning of their business."
- Dolores Walsh
06/03/2019 22:34:27
"The staff and doctors r always there when u need them, always very professional and comforting in all situations. I recommend your Vet to all my friends:-)"
- Tiffany Springman
06/03/2019 19:43:48
"Always awesome! We've been there for everything from worms to cancer and have always been pleased with the caring approach the SCAH team takes."
- Dawnmarie Zakowicz
06/03/2019 17:49:32
"I have never had a bad visit. I really appreciated every thing you did for Betty in her last years . I am also looking forward to still bringing Sasha to Sand Creek Animal Hospital. "
- Robert Benoit
06/03/2019 12:25:45
"Thank you Heather for calling at 750am before you opened to fit Rudy in for an 810am appt. Rudy loves everyone there, so I’m not surprised at the lovely treatment by Dr. F. It means so much to us that you go above and beyond and care for Rudy especially when he has accidents in the middle of the night. Thanks for the peace of mind, and kind service."
- Caitlin Eddy
06/02/2019 16:02:45
"This is the best animal hospital I have ever dealt with. The staff will go out of their way to help you with anything. Highly recommend place to bring your animal for peace of mind."
- Mary Ann Kospa
06/01/2019 17:13:49
"It was great! We have a newly adopted dog and were worried about him being at the vet and other dogs but it was fine. Everyone was super nice, particularly dr Carmichael. She was phenomenal. It's a great facility, too! Thanks"
- Meg Dietsche
05/31/2019 20:09:06
"I have been very happy with the care we have received. I am impressed with the cleanliness of the location and friendliness of the staff."
- April Kearns
05/31/2019 19:54:03
"The staff is always accommodating, the doctor always listens to my questions. Nothing bad to say."
- Ken Rutsky
05/31/2019 17:04:16
"We always feel we get the best care and attention at Sand Creek."
- Cathy Diefendorf
05/30/2019 13:57:33
"As always, the staff is helpful, knowledgeable and just plain nice. The doctors too! ;)"
- Melissa Paddock
05/29/2019 12:00:45
"My dog Macy is a relatively new patient but our experiences with you folks has been very pleasant and professional. Staff is positive and pleasant and good with my elderly dog......she LOVES the cheese board, great idea!"
- Jean Strong
05/25/2019 15:50:37
"You're doing great! THe only feedback I can offer is keep doing what you are doing!"
- Patty Pinkham
05/22/2019 20:04:52
"Absolutely love it here."
- Michael Burns
05/11/2019 19:47:04
"Excellent "
- Arthur Labrecque
05/11/2019 01:21:12
"I love Sand Creek Vet. The staff and veterinarians are friendly and wonderful. Digby can be very anxious at the vet but your staff does a fantastic job making his visit as stress free as possible "
- Rebecca Mantello
05/11/2019 01:11:23
"It was very nice , you guys were very informative about the vaccines . "
- Kim Paluck
05/10/2019 00:04:43
"caring, compassionate & highly efficient -as always"
- Patricia Gadani
05/09/2019 20:47:59
"I believe that Aries & all of my fur babies are in the best hands @ Sandcreek Veterinary Hospital. Everyone is so friendly & hard working. I never feel rushed & all my questions get answered."
- Jennifer Christman
05/09/2019 19:27:00
"Everyone is friendly and caring and make people and pets feel comfortable."
- Lynn Currier
05/08/2019 20:06:13
"From appointment making to leaving an appointment, the staff at Sand Creek Animal Hospital always make it such a calm and welcoming experience. We have a cat that has feline leukemia and the veterinarians always explain things clearly and compassionately and it is very appreciated. "
- Vreneli Banks
05/08/2019 17:15:30
"We love the people there and would trust our dog with no one else"
- Jeannine Kaminski
05/07/2019 20:51:14
"Very happy . Facility is very clean and everyone is very pleasant, friendly and helpful ."
- Roxanne Fitzsimmons
05/07/2019 11:32:42
"Your staff is awesome everyone is always professional and helpful also very friendly"
- Fran Johnson
05/05/2019 23:27:18
"Everything was excellent. Everyone is always friendly and gives great advice. Facilities are always clean and welcoming "
- Maggie Palmeri
05/05/2019 13:40:04
"Staff is always so helpful and friendly!"
- Lindsey Rizzolo
05/05/2019 11:05:40
"We always have a great experience with Dr Sonnekalb. The staff was very accommodating "
- Susan Nuttall
05/05/2019 10:29:03
"Your staff is great! Every visit and experience (phone call, email, etc) has been pleasant to work with your team of talented, empathetic, and honest care givers. "
- Lindsay Kulzer
05/04/2019 17:09:29
"Everyone here is so amazing from the people working the front desk, to the techs and also the vets. "
- Nick Vadney
05/04/2019 16:54:53
"If only Dr. McDaniel had a human practice too! Everyone there is awesome and we tell everyone this is the best vet in the Capital District!"
- Chris Robinson
05/03/2019 22:04:13
"I love the experience at Sand Creek. Everyone is truly so helpful and kind. The only complaint that I have is the cost. It is difficult for me to afford at times. In return I contemplate the urgency of my pets needs, which I wish I did not have to do. Otherwise, this place is amazing and I recommend it to all of my friends with furbabies. "
- Kelly O'Sullivan
05/03/2019 20:57:36
"The best vet in the Capital District. "
- Wendy Shotsky
05/01/2019 14:33:05
"An excellent veterinarian hospital with top notch Doctors!!! Would highly recommend this facility!! "
- Paul Madelone
04/30/2019 19:20:02
"SCAH is great!!!!"
- Reed Parvis
04/28/2019 15:05:01
"Staff was very accommodating when we could not make appointment due to being stuck in standstill traffic on the Northway. They squeezed us in later in the morning as our dog really needed to be seen that day."
- Veronica Pastecki
04/28/2019 11:42:49
"From office staff to techs to my vet everyone is just amazing. I am blessed that Petunia has such a wonderful group of people taking care of her."
- Alexis Murphy
04/27/2019 21:26:19
"The staff is the best!! They treat my dog like family and everyone is very knowledgeable.. they go out of their way to make sure my dog is as stress free as possible. The office is immaculate.. i would recommend highly!! 🐶🐶"
- Debbie Leo
04/27/2019 21:14:30
"Consistently superior service! "
- Kathy Bellochio
04/27/2019 19:07:24
"We have been bringing Apache to Sand Creek for quite a while., along with all of of the rest of our Car Family and the care they receive is excellent . Apache has several issues but he is doing well due to the excellent care of Dr McDaniel. Please continue the great care you provide to all the Animals that you treat. Thank you"
- Dennis Beach
04/27/2019 17:05:48
"Two words: THE BEST!"
- Karen Latta
04/26/2019 13:55:41
"You guys are the best. I wouldn’t bring my guinea pigs anywhere else!"
- Justin Graham
04/22/2019 21:40:31
"The whole experience was great, I was very pleased with the dr and nurses who answered every question I had. They were very informative. I also loved that the front desk gave my puppy a bandana with the Adaptil on it to help keep him happy. I was completely wowed and will continue to bring my puppy here for his life."
- Stephanie Boardway
04/22/2019 17:55:02
"Our family just moved to the area and we heard great things from our friend. Finally getting to meet the staff was great - so much attention to detail from the separate eating areas to the designated rooms for different animals, and the staff is so kind and ready to answer any questions. We look forward to having your office care for our kitties 💖"
- Kristin Brayman
04/21/2019 00:54:54
"We had a great experience overall. I couldn't bring my dog in or out without assistance to a medical reason and the staff helped me with a smile. The timing and friendliness with Mae was very appreciated."
- Rod Ginsburg
04/19/2019 17:26:34
"You guys are absolutely wonderful! "
- Molly O'Brien
04/18/2019 15:07:37
"Everyone on staff is amazing and super friendly! (I wish my own doctor's office was that welcoming!) My lil puppy was so scared when I arrived and one of the techs up front sprayed a handkerchief and put it on my pup to calm her down. Ryan was also very helpful and knowledgeable while we were talking to him before we met with Dr. Sonnekalb. "
- Maggie Fromm
04/18/2019 02:03:05
"Great. Its clean and roomy. The staff is very friendly "
- Kathleen Moore
04/17/2019 19:15:02
"I am pleased with the staff that took care of Oscar, he loved all the attention they gave him. "
- Sondra Quattlebaum
04/15/2019 19:18:24
"We are so glad to a vet practice like Sand Creek to bring our dog to. Whenever he has a hurt or other issue, we can always get in quickly to see the vet. The vets and vet techs are always so kind and patient with our dog, and with me and my husband. They always answer our questions and give us options. I’m a bit of a worrier, so to have such wonderful staff is so great!"
- Paul Bennett
04/15/2019 18:22:15
"I absolutely love Dr Friello and the entire staff at sand creek! They were so amazing with Heath and are equally great with Zoey, you can tell they legitimately care about your pet too. I’ve recommended them to several friends and family "
- Sarah Vanhorn
04/15/2019 17:54:45
"The vet patiently took the time to diagnose my pet's problem which was not readily evident."
- Lori Mason
04/15/2019 17:49:43
"We see Dr. Carmichael for both our kitten and puppy and she is wonderful. She’s very informative and very polite and makes me feel comfortable even when I’m confused on certain things. She called herself as well to check on Reina’s incision after her spaying surgery. The rest of the office staff is very nice and efficient and Reina is always so excited to see them. The office itself is also very accommodating. Overall I’m very happy with the office and am happy with entrusting my pets care there. "
- Britany Caulford
04/15/2019 14:14:10
"I loved the atmosphere and all the staff were really nice "
- Elizabeth Freer
04/14/2019 10:11:03
"Great job. Great service. Fun positive atmosphere. Everyone treats your pet as if it's the best one in the world (he is :D) Generally don't have to wait too long. Everything is always clean. Private rooms and paying in the room helps a lot when you have a big dog who wants to say "HI" to everyone."
- Kelley Feranec
04/12/2019 17:15:46
"The experience was great. All our questions were answered and you took great care of momo"
- Joann Waidelich
04/11/2019 17:16:02
"I was referred by a parent and had an excellent experience with my cat. The staff was very kind, including the other clients that were there as well. Everyone is very knowledgable and trust worthy. I’m happy to have found a trustworthy place. "
- Billynda Brennan
04/10/2019 22:38:25
"The check-up went very smoothly. The veterinarian and tech were knowledgeable and had a great "bedside manner" when dealing with my cat. I thought all my concerns were listened to and responded to in an appropriate manner. There are other animal clinics closer to my home, but I continue to go to Sand Creek Animal Hospital because I know I am receiving the best care in the Capital Region for my cat and for me! "
- Gregory Sides
04/08/2019 12:15:11
"You are all amazing -- I've never been to a veterinary hospital like yours. If there is anything to recommend at all, it's just to warn people about the cost of the tests and other types of care you give to their pets before actually implementing them, if only to avoid sticker shock."
- Heidi Andrade
04/07/2019 02:56:10
"The last visit was great. We actually arrived about fifteen minutes early and you got us right in. I think we were actually on our way home before our scheduled appointment. That how quick and easy it was. Thanks"
- Timothy Plant
04/05/2019 17:54:35
"The care you give my little dog TC is very special. I appreciate the great care and loving "bed side manner" you have with TC. TC shows a calmness when Dr. Sonnekalb examines him. I would recommend your office to anyone who has an animal."
- Judith Christensen
04/03/2019 18:56:19
"I came in a little early, but you were able to fit me in really quickly, and I appreciate that."
- Neil Hyland
04/03/2019 17:20:53
"You are always very responsive to all questions and concerns"
- Amy Rubino
04/03/2019 01:37:19
"I couldn’t imagine taking my fur babies anywhere else. They are always profession and kind to both my dogs and me. "
- Susan Maider
04/02/2019 02:09:24
"We really enjoyed our first visit. We switched after 20 years at Shaker Vet and we felt very comfortable and welcomed at Sand Creek. Oliver was very happy too. "
- Kelly Wyland
03/30/2019 19:27:26
"I am very happy with the care at Sand Creek animal hospital. I like that you keep everything organized with reminders so it is easy to stay on top of my puppies best health. I like the attentiveness to all my questions no matter how small. I never feel rushed on an appointment and Doctors take the time to explain things. I really have no complaints st all! Also the people are nice!"
- Cathy Diefendorf
03/28/2019 22:10:26
"Dexter is a very anxious dog, especially when coming to the vet. The Sand Creek Staff has gone above and beyond to make each visit as easy for Dexter as possible. We recently had a "happy" visit to help Dexter with some of his anxiety when visiting the vet. The staff went out of their way to greet Dexter and give him treats to help him become more comfortable with the environment. "
- Elizabeth Ives
03/21/2019 18:11:52
"My husband and I love Sand Creek. We went here with our senior pup until he passed, during this time the staff and Dr. Carmichael were extremely helpful and supportive. Now we are back again with our new puppy and I know we are in good hands. I love being able to call and ask questions as I need. Dr. Carmichael runs a great practice and she really cares about her clients. "
- Kelly Teufel
03/21/2019 17:44:23
"We saw Dr McDaniel and he throughly explained my concerns "
- Beverly Sim
03/20/2019 21:02:58
"The staff is, as always, kind and loving to the patients, and Dr Sonnenkalb explained every step along the way, and the diagnosis. I always feel my feline friends get first rate treatment at Sand Creek Animal Hospital!"
- John Wirenius
03/20/2019 01:56:29
"I love our vet Dr McDaniel he is great with coco and he always takes extra time to explain all of her Medications and about each Vaccination that she receives he truly makes it a great experience for coco and I . "
- Megan Moore
03/19/2019 18:21:49
"We absolutely LOVE SCAH!!! Everyone is amazing!!"
- Kristen Donnellan
03/19/2019 18:13:34
"We love Sand Creek Animal Hospital. IzzyBear always gets top care. I love how they know me and my dog when we come in. She is a special girl and it seems as though everyone knows her case. I always feel comfortable about the decisions that are made about her care. The vets and staff seem to ease my anxious mind - I appreciate that."
- Kimberly Moutray
03/18/2019 00:06:18
"Wonderful care for our pet. Very thorough in explaining and giving information on her weight. Also follow up call from Doctor on possible issues to watch out for "
- Alan Bergeron
03/16/2019 17:59:19
"I cant say enough great things about the staff. My little Benson is so scared to go to the vet. They treat him so nice. I always feel so much better with the compassion that they have for our little dog. "
- Karen Smith
03/13/2019 03:32:31
"The experience here has been like no other anywhere else. We will never go anywhere else, Dr. McDaniel is more professional and thorough than our own primary care doctor. Thank you!"
- Ryan Barbato
03/10/2019 14:03:38
"The staff is always very very nice. I am very pleased to see an entirely separate cat space now for exams with little safe spaces for them. "
- Christina Allen
03/09/2019 16:23:34
"Great caring staff& Doctors !!! Teddy loves you🐶💕"
- Julia Maxon
03/08/2019 17:14:22
"I love how welcoming you all are and how Buddy loves coming in every time. "
- Dean Malagrida
03/08/2019 15:35:52
"My dog is up in age and I have been coming here for years and feel great about the care she gets."
- Gina Nichols
03/06/2019 21:47:53
"Dr. McDaniels took a lot of time to address the issues and answer my questions. I appreciate his concern."
- Sara Kremer
03/06/2019 18:17:16
"The staff at the front desk, the technicians and Dr. McDaniel are all incredibly friendly and professional. They’re always willing to answer any questions I might have."
- John Vergare
03/06/2019 00:18:45
"Gus gets wonderful care and attention Sand Creek Animal Hospital. The staff are welcoming and friendly. The veterinary team are attentive, compassionate, and knowledgeable."
- Allisa Cronin
03/02/2019 20:51:38
"I find each interaction to be so kind and genuine. This recent unexpected surgery was handled with professionalism and a personal touch. "
- Carmella Dennin
03/01/2019 17:44:12
- Peter Biagiotti
02/20/2019 19:49:39