"All is well. Very responsive and helpful when call and ask questions. Efficient office visits and over all happy. Especially with Dr. Carmichael,she is a wonderful vet."
- Kathryn Abbate
09/13/2017 12:47:27
"Keep doing what you are doing the service and the staff are great"
- James Rosscoe
09/12/2017 02:23:37
"Always can get an appointment fairly easy. And little to no wait time. Dr's and techs are always nice. Would be interested in more homeopathic/natural treatments -- hate to keep giving my dog pills / meds for his ailments."
- Peggy Davidson
09/11/2017 00:42:23
"All good"
- Ann McAvoy
09/11/2017 00:11:56
"Every experience I have had at Sand Creek has been wonderful and I know after leaving that my dog has received the best care possible. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, which makes me feel confident and comfortable in bringing my dog Daphnie there. "
- Erin McKelvy
09/10/2017 01:53:50
"I am very pleased! "
- Nancy Scarselletta
09/09/2017 06:15:11
"2 staff members carried my dog into the office from the lobby and also to my car afterwards. They did the exam with all of us sitting around him on the floor. It seemed like they really cared about him and trying to correctly diagnose him."
- Andrea Stork
09/08/2017 18:19:20
"Best vet I've ever been to, very knowledgeable about rabbits which is extremely hard to find in this area. Would never go anywhere else."
- MacKenzie Donaldson
09/08/2017 13:52:08
"No complaints from me. Your hours are very accessible and the staff is always friendly and helpful"
- Jaquanna Preville
09/08/2017 01:23:09
"You're doing great! I've never had a bad visit and I've been a client for 10+ years."
- Kathy Bellochio
09/06/2017 00:08:30
"Excellent "
- Lisa Mossey
09/05/2017 20:18:58
"Everyone was very nice, I only did business with front desk. I needed to refill Gillian's script."
- Aanen Nelsen, Jr.
09/05/2017 20:03:21
"You guys are the BEST! I couldn't imagine trusting Bailey to anyone else. You can always use me as a reference ---- I recommend you to all my friends and their furry kids. "
- Gynger Connolly
09/05/2017 19:28:34
"I am always very pleased when I bring Sunny in, no matter what the reason. I always recommend your office to anyone with pets."
- Kathleen Butler
09/01/2017 23:27:58
"Everyone is so friendly and nice. No complaints nor suggestions."
- Vickie McLea
08/31/2017 21:21:10
"The staff was polite and courteous. They let me know everything they were doing before they did it. I felt very comfortable with them and they treated Haggard warmly"
- Briana Link
08/31/2017 20:40:00
"Staff and Doctors are always extremely friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. "
- Jason Hayes
08/31/2017 19:28:17
"I have been a client of yours for 14+ years. In that time you have helped me say goodbye to my pug Sadie and just recently my pug Jake. You have been taking care of Zeus for the last year. You and your staff are and have always been wonderful. I have never had a bad experience. Would not change a thing "
- Lynn Bowman
08/31/2017 18:37:00
"I am very happy with everything at Sand Creek."
- Margaret Stackman
08/30/2017 01:03:42
"This was my first time there. I am impressed with the level of attention and care. Dr. McDaniel spent time with us and provided great information. I didn't feel rushed or like I couldn't ask questions. He was wonderful! I plan to make this our new Vet Hopital. I just feel good about the care provided. I know my Nico is in good hands. Thank you!"
- Jan Cozzy
08/30/2017 00:35:25
"You guys are amazing! "
- Patti Smith
08/29/2017 22:13:03
"It was great to meet Dr. Farron, the girls really loved her!"
- Dawnmarie Zakowicz
08/29/2017 17:45:47
"You always take care of my boys"
- Andrew Belschwinder
08/29/2017 16:19:11
"Visit was perfect. Oliver had not been to the vet in a very long time. He did so well. Staff were fantastic with him - and me!"
- Liz Therrien
08/29/2017 16:10:54
- Carol Moores
08/28/2017 20:36:23
"Bella is difficult and scared at the vet. The staff always helps with this and last time they even gave us a free nail cut because they thought she had a rough experience. Usually she would get turned away because people did not want to deal with her fidgets and growls while she was getting her nails cut, so we really appreciate the staff at Sand Creek Animal hospital!"
- Jaclyn Osterhout
08/27/2017 20:34:50
"Everyone at SCAH is always professional and kind. I never feel rushed with questions I have and they always take their time with my cat. I can't recommend them enough."
- Ellen Tidings
08/27/2017 16:42:59
"So far, so good. The people at the counter are very warm and friendly. "
- Tim Martin
08/26/2017 22:36:36
"Prompt attention and good care. Sensitive to special needs of my pup. Any questions answered."
- Patricia Donahue
08/26/2017 00:32:59
"I haven't really had any issues with my experience at the hospital. We're checked in, seen promptly, and Dr. McDaniel always listens to what I have to say/ask."
- Ken Rutsky
08/25/2017 17:26:52
"It was a great first visit. I feel like a first time mom all over again and they answered all my questions."
- Carmen Boardman
08/24/2017 21:01:22
"Staff is very personable and professional. "
- James Shellenberger
08/24/2017 20:09:41
"I am very impressed and grateful for the care and kindness we have received. We are first time dog owners and everything is a little scary for us. We have been treated with nothing less than compassion and understanding. Thank you for everything you have already done for us."
- Lindsey Rizzolo
08/24/2017 17:13:05
"Everytime we bring our dog here, the experience is always excellent. Everyone who works here is always pleasant."
- Liz Hufland
08/24/2017 15:29:46
"I feel Maize Mae is in the best hands at Sand Creek. Everyone always go above and beyond for my girl!!! Thank you"
- Barbara O'Brien
08/24/2017 02:04:03
"You got Kee Kat right in for his needs you call before tx and explained all the issues to us first we would not take our pets any where else! You treat your clients like family As always thank you for your excellent care"
- Claudia Panza
08/23/2017 22:21:06
"Staff appear to be very compassionate and knowledgeable. Service was very thorough. "
- Madeline Mcneil
08/23/2017 20:33:57
"We didn't have to wait long to be seen, the staff really show care when dealing with my pet. I feel at ease with the service."
- Sondra Quattlebaum
08/22/2017 20:40:42
"We had to bring our dog in for a "sick" visit. From the call to your office earlier in the day, front end staff, tech, doctor and right through to discharge. We couldn't be happier. The kindness, thoroughness and compassion.. Is OUTSTANDING! Thank you for all you do!"
- Jennifer Collins
08/22/2017 17:49:52
"Outstanding service from the phone to the front desk to the vet tech and then the Doc. Courteous, informative, friendly and professional."
- Lorraine Stevens
08/22/2017 16:44:21
"Always a great experience at our vera! They treat our fur babies with professionalism and lots of TLC."
- Lisa Romero
08/22/2017 03:34:38
"I am always impressed with the care, expertise and attentiveness which my pets and I receive at Sand Creek. This last visit for a new pet was no exception."
- Iris Broyde
08/21/2017 21:04:25
"I had a great experience. Received a friendly greeting upon walking into the office. Was seen promptly by a very knowledgable vet tech. I appreciated that my dog was kept in front with me as he received his shots. Great visit!"
- Jared Slingerland
08/21/2017 19:20:49
"Patient care is obviously very important at Sand Creek as is informing the pet owners about problems and solutions."
- Carol Kanalley
08/21/2017 19:08:10
"I absolutely love how everyone prioritizes on the animals that walk into the clinic. Sonny really enjoys going to the clinic and does not have a negative association and that means so much to me. I'm really grateful that the staff have been so kind and engaging. I also appreciate that Dr. Carmichael evaluated Sonny's situation and suggested what would be the best approach to take that would not be stress inducing. She's been extremely helpful! PS - Sonny loves the chicken treats. "
- Sulla Yu
08/20/2017 16:20:59
"Thank for all you did for my cat, you are all kind and caring , and I am grateful to you all. You are doing a great job."
- Iris Tardieu
08/20/2017 15:58:49
"You always take care of my little ones. When my Unsinkable Molly Brown passed, you were what I needed when you sent that card. That is why 2 of my closest people (soon to be 3) see you guys. To the future and thank you! -Amanda Comstock"
- Amanda Comstock
08/19/2017 20:24:16
"I love it there. Everyone is so friendly and kind to my little Barcie. I can always get in when I need to and.the vets take care of any problems."
- Gene Hughto
08/19/2017 18:50:42
"You handled my loveable furry demon cat very well.I am sorry he lacerated the vet. We have a future action plan so no one is harmed and he will be less stressed."
- Joanna Doggett
08/19/2017 17:28:11
"Your personal attention to detail is exceptional. You not only deal with pet health, you include conversation and health information about our pets with the human half of the equation. It is very comforting to us oet parents."
- Harry Buffardi
08/19/2017 17:13:57
"No complaints"
- Alfred Juneau
08/19/2017 16:29:22
"I really appreciate all the staff at Sand Creek. You all are very kind. I also appreciate Dr. Carmichael- she's a great veterinarian!"
- Denise Pollacek
08/19/2017 11:42:44
"My favorite thing about Sand Creek (other than the great care for my dog) is that i never wait long for my appointments. Im in and out quickly. My only criticism is the location on wolf rd is very busy with traffic, and a suggestion would be to plant shrubs, arborvite, etc to make the parking lot feel more secure and less stressful for the animals. "
- Kate Owens
08/19/2017 01:52:29
"I am so happy that I chose Sand Creek Animal Hospital. The entire staff was extremely nice and answered all of my questions and concerns. All of the ladies in the reception area were especially welcoming to me and my kittens."
- Robin Thaleb
08/18/2017 22:20:44
"As always Giada received excellent care. She loves Dr. Carmichael even if she doesn't always show it."
- Susan Jojo
08/18/2017 20:56:15
"Mandy feels very comfortable which makes the visit much more enjoyable! We trust the care she gets @ Sand Creek Vet. "
- Walter Davis
08/18/2017 19:38:33
"The receptionist (I think her name was heather) was so pleasant and she was quick to answer phones and help others. The vet techs and doctor were compassionate. I had a great experience."
- Kara Cavanaugh
08/18/2017 17:24:43
"You guys are the BEST !! Would not trust Molly's health care with anyone else."
- Frank Ravida
08/18/2017 15:50:34
"I like everyone one and I feel my kitties get great care."
- Melissa Weatherwax
08/17/2017 22:37:20
"Fantastic! You guys are the best, I wouldn't ever go elsewhere. "
- Kelly Ryan
08/17/2017 18:47:50
"Awesome! Just awesome. You saw me without an appointment, you showed compassion and understanding! Just awesome!"
- Victoria Tucker
08/17/2017 18:13:28
"Love the staff, that you extended hours, and that you always call to check up on the kids. My only wishes: Weekend availability Lower prices"
- Kimberly Hans
08/17/2017 18:10:20
"We love Sand Creek Animal Hospital! Dr Sonnekaulb is awesome and my dog Chloe is always so well behaved with him. Being a bully breed, it's hard not to be criticized, but we never feel that way with you guys! Thank you for always helping out and for giving my dog the best care. "
- Jennifer Wunsch
08/17/2017 17:56:28
"Every time we come we have an exceptional experience. "
- Caitlin Doherty
08/17/2017 14:18:04
"You guys are the best - hands down Dr. Sonnekalb is the best veterinarian I've ever seen. He takes time to explain what's happening and gives you treatment options so you at involved in the health of your fur babies."
- Melissa Paddock
08/17/2017 12:09:05
"As usual the care Bailey got was excellent. All the staff are always so helpful, caring and professional."
- Barbara LaPointe
08/17/2017 00:01:51
"The vet did only was required and did not charge additional"
- Barbara DeCotis
08/16/2017 23:23:44
"Everyone is very friendly!!! Whether you call or visit you always get great service!! The care and concern of the rntire staff is overwhelming!!! The follow through is always very helpful And done in a timely manner!!!"
- Jackie Falvey
08/16/2017 22:59:05
"Always a pleasure dealing with dr. Sonnekalb! "
- Jonathan Olson
08/16/2017 21:32:25
"We always feel like family- and you take the time to spend with us and the dog- "
- Sarah Samyn
08/16/2017 21:22:52
"The staff is top notch "
- Tim Paro
08/16/2017 20:23:24
"Like how everyone obviously likes pets and is affectionate towards them. Also like how staff take time with the exam and explain the findings and prognosis."
- Dan Haglund
08/16/2017 20:04:13
"Totally respect Dr. Watzka and ALL of the techs who take care of my furbaby Pomeranians!!!!"
- Elizabeth O'Connor
08/12/2017 02:20:53
"The best veterinary care in the calital district"
- Eugene Hulett
08/11/2017 17:10:12
"My dogs and I love Sand Creek Animal Hospital! I love the interactive approach they take! They give me the information I need and together, we make a decision in the best interest of my dogs. I also love being able to send an email if I'm concerned about something knowing I'm going to get a call or email first thing in the morning! I can not imagine taking my dogs anywhere else!"
- Diane Blackman
08/10/2017 15:28:04
"We are very happy with the care provided by Sand Creek Animal Hospital staff. The front office staff are a pleasure to speak with, and actually follow thru with what they say they will do. No question or task appear burdensome. We trust the medical care provided. So grateful for you all! Thanks..."
- Deborah Butler
08/10/2017 12:14:11
"I'm always so happy with the service and the warm, friendly staff , I honestly think the practice has the customer service model nailed ! "
- Leslie Laven
08/10/2017 00:24:10
"Everyone is kind and professional. We know Lola has the best possible care."
- Kate Burns
08/09/2017 21:18:41
"Doing a great job. Wouldn't change a thing😊"
- Linda Kelleher
08/09/2017 20:38:17
"I love Sandcreek Vet. I love how great everyone is with our dog Zeus!!"
- Lauren Klercker
08/09/2017 20:26:57
"The 2 ladies that took care of Osi we great!"
- Janis Sabatino
08/09/2017 17:09:52
"My dog experiences severe anxiety when coming to the vet which is not new. However, your staff is very sensitive to it and treat her fantastic. They do not rush her to get through the exam. They are patient and kind. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you"
- Mary Lane
08/09/2017 00:48:30
"The appointment went well. My dog does not like the vet - it's the only place he really misbehaves (barks at everything and everyone!) and everyone is patient with him. Once he is up on the table, he is fine and they try to keep him calm and get through all their checks. It helps take some of the stress out of it for me :) "
- Ashley Ritz
08/08/2017 23:56:21
"To be honest you are doing great. I trusted Libby's care with you and although Libby is no longer with us she loved to come here. Murph is another story. But he does well once we are here for being a feral cat before deciding after the 2015,snowstorm decided to move in with me. "
- Anne Carroll
08/08/2017 23:28:09
"You all are very people and animal friendly, professionals, and strive for excellence. I feel confident about your recommendations for treatment and answers to all my questions!"
- Deb Shannon
08/08/2017 23:23:18
"We just came for a nail trim - quick, efficient, gentle, done!"
- Angelica Trzepacz
08/08/2017 21:18:54
- Sherrie Gepfert
08/08/2017 20:55:00
"I find that Sand Creek Animal Hospital will work with me when I cannot afford to do everything at once. They will separate the visits so that I can financially afford to get everything done which means the world to me."
- Suzanne Harmon
08/08/2017 18:48:27
"Friendly and courteous staff. "
- Linda Pinkans
08/07/2017 20:17:29
"We loved coming to your office. Everyone is always friendly amd helpful, they always knew us by name and gave our dog snuggles. "
- Laura Delavan
08/07/2017 18:51:01
"Everyone is so helpful and kind. We are so happy with our choice and know Alpha is getting the best care."
- Dennis Turner
08/05/2017 02:09:48
"Amazing service level from phone to front desk and of course the vets. Thanks!"
- Ronald Greenberg
08/04/2017 23:59:42
"I always have a good experience at your practice."
- Susan Powell
08/04/2017 21:34:03
"Nice professional people to deal with."
- John Hamm
08/04/2017 18:52:53
"You guys continuously provide stellar service and care. I was nervous about letting Maverick go to the vet with just daddy (haha) but I knew I could rest assured that he was in good hands. Thank you all for everything you do. "
- Alysia Abrams
08/04/2017 18:28:47
"Warm and friendly office"
- Rachel Stricof
08/04/2017 17:39:48
"I went in to pick up a prescription slip and a topical spray. I had a few questions on the spray and the receptionist was very friendly and helpful. I have never had a bad experience with the staff here and I feel like they really care about everyone's pets. I am always impressed with the way my fearful aggressive large dog is treated while there for vet appointments. "
- Ashley Mainville
08/04/2017 17:14:12
"You treat my babies as if they were your own. I wouldn't take them anywhere else. Everyone is always smiling and helpful and caring."
- Bonnie Horton
08/04/2017 17:13:27
"We love our vets. Whenever we call, they always squeeze us in and the next day we always receive a call checking on our dog. Just the best care anywhere!"
- Jeanne Heiserman
08/04/2017 16:57:22
"All vets I have dealt with take time to answer my questions and concerns. The minimal wait time for a visit on site is great. Not in crowded room with stressed animals. Appointments are accurate and timely. A plus to our furry pets."
- Christine Ketchell
08/04/2017 16:13:20