"We love you all! Always a wonderful experience. "
- Christine Ritmo
06/24/2017 20:56:47
"Sand creek is the best!! Lately my girl has not been feeling well. I have had to call after hours for advice and medication. Each time I was able to get the answers I needed and the medication was called in to my local pharmacy. I can not be happier with the care my dog receives from Dr Sonnekalb!!"
- Barbara O'Brien
06/24/2017 14:05:03
"It was our first visit with our new puppy and we were and are very pleased we have chosen your practice for little Willa. We have already scheduled an appointment for our older dog , Samantha. We look forward to our future appointments. "
- Roxanne Fitzsimmons
06/24/2017 13:43:39
"Sorry to be no help....It was all good."
- Susan Weber
06/24/2017 07:44:14
"thanks so much for always giving us a great experience!!!"
- Katie McCormack
06/23/2017 20:31:39
"Love the facility. Everyone was so nice and very knowledgeable. I am glad I chose Sand Creek Animal Hospital for my kittens care๐Ÿ˜„"
- Kelly Impellizzeri
06/23/2017 15:58:44
"It was a pleasant visit this time, the waiting room didn't have any other animals waiting to be seen, it made it easier for me. I got there early and we were called in not to long after we arrived. That was even nicer."
- Sondra Quattlebaum
06/22/2017 16:40:22
"The entire staff at Sand Creek is fantastic. Everyone is warm, welcoming, professional, and you'll never feel rushed during an appointment. They're there truly for the animals and fully invested in their health and wellness. "
- Corinne Ellis
06/22/2017 08:16:32
"Overall experience was a 5. The office is neat and clean. The staff is very friendly and professional. The doctors were very knowledgeable and compassionate."
- Darlene Farron
06/22/2017 07:44:20
"You all show how important it is to you to provide compassionate care."
- Shirley Street
06/21/2017 20:16:08
- Diana Britton
06/21/2017 18:23:40
"Love Sand Creek Animal Hospital! Very clean friendly caring people! Never a problem!"
- Peter Planz
06/21/2017 17:48:49
"I have only been comingredients to the Animal Hospital for the past 2 months, but we LOVE everything about it. The staff, the facility, the doctors, the service, everything! Even when I have my crazy puppy mom questions, everyone is always so welcoming and understanding!"
- Kate Johnson
06/21/2017 16:36:23
"I continue to be very happy with Sand Creek and Dr. Carmichael. Excellent follow up on lab work. "
- Jeff Oliver
06/16/2017 20:50:48
"As always, our yearly visit was wonderful. I continue to feel as we are a top priority and that Roxie's health and wellness is very important. Dr McDaniel and his staff take the time to explain everything so completely that I never leave with questions. I can't recommend Sand Creek AH anymore than I already do, to friends and family! Keep up the great work!"
- Jennifer Collins
06/14/2017 07:57:37
"All good"
- Bob Martin
06/13/2017 17:29:36
"I absolutely love it there! You actually care about the animals and not the money unlike other vets in the area. "
- Dan Poole
06/12/2017 09:14:23
"Great! Dr. McDaniel and his staff were great to Stella!"
- Maria Dinovo
06/11/2017 19:31:39
"I bought the wrong brand of worm meds, so I went back to exchange it the next day. NO hassle, even ordered it on line and sent to my place. Also a WOW for service."
- John Hrinda
06/11/2017 13:44:32
"You have been my vets since I got Sammy in 2002 and now for Marley and Eddie. So consistently for almost 15 years. You are the best in everyway and have recommended you to people (6 of which are currently with you.) Great job in all areas."
- Linda Swartz
06/11/2017 10:45:28
"You are doing great!!!!"
- Elizabeth Skop
06/11/2017 10:10:06
"A very nice office with welcoming staff and high quality care"
- Meg Sonnekalb
06/11/2017 08:39:30
"Every time we bring hank in is a good experience he loves to go to the office everyone treats him like he's the only dog that goes there and we love that."
- Joseph Proper
06/11/2017 05:29:22
"Words cannot express how much I love Sand Creek Animal Hospital! I know they truly have my dog's care as their foremost concern! "
- Diane Blackman
06/10/2017 20:56:35
"Friendly and caring front desk staff sets the tone. Concerned about our very nervous cat. The cat friendly practices are very helpful. Assistants and vets listen attentively and respond well to questions. We like they try to have a relationship w CT as they care for him."
- Paul O'Brien
06/10/2017 20:14:26
"Every visit is always a great experience and my dogs love the staff :) "
- Andrew Belschwinder
06/10/2017 16:42:18
"Always available at any time to help with anything and the office is a great feel to it .. keep up the good work ."
- Amy Bower
06/10/2017 16:32:14
"We absolutely love everything about SCAH. Dr. McDaniel is by far the most proficient medical professional we have both ever encountered, for humans OR animals. The staff is always super friendly and accomodating, they remember our pups, and our pups remember how nice everyone is to them. With all the jokes about pets hating vet visits, our dogs LOVE their visits. I wish we had constructive feedback to provide, but we don't! Please don't change a thing!"
- Chris Robinson
06/10/2017 14:51:44
"You're doing fantastic and I have been with the hospital for many many years and I continue to be there it's just difficult getting Smokey there"
- Richard Reynolds
06/10/2017 10:35:37
"Always great experience. Patient and gentle with our dogs, always take time to explain treatments to us. "
- Jane Ann Worlock
06/10/2017 10:26:53
"Great. Everyone is attentive, friendly, and professional."
- Anne Conway
06/07/2017 19:40:10
"We are thrilled with Dr. S and all of the staff at SCAH. We tell everyone! People at the front desk are lovely, all the time! Keep up the great work!"
- Lorraine Stevens
06/07/2017 07:57:24
"We love bring Lucy here to see the doctor and all the great staff."
- Sue Mantica
06/06/2017 21:21:48
"Everything is great. :)"
- Debbie Kenneally
06/05/2017 06:10:33
"Great experience -- warm welcoming staff"
- Judy Clow
06/05/2017 05:46:44
"All the staff, from front desk and vet techs to the Dr's like Dr. McDaniel, and Dr. Watzka always make our encounters together so personable, and really take their time with my fur baby, listen to my concerns, and making sure I fully understand any situation that should arise, and that my cat is receiving the best care possible. I could go on all day about how great you all are. Thank you Sand Creek Animal Hospital!"
- Jacqueline Brooking
06/04/2017 19:21:02
"As always staff was wonderful with Lurch and very comforting for him when he was nervous to get up on the table"
- Kristen Curran
06/04/2017 18:07:32
"We recently brought Lily our blind pitbull mix to the care of Dr. Sonnekalb who is very thorough and patient. Lily is feeling much better thank you. Also I must mention that both Dr. Carmichael and Dr. McDaniel are willing to go the extra mile to assure that our Lily gets the best care. So thank you to them as well. We couldn't be happier with your services."
- Penny Riehl-Robinson
06/04/2017 17:46:55
"No bad experiences. Love you guys. So does Bailey"
- Barbara Hill
06/04/2017 16:17:06
"The staff at Sand Creek Animal Hospital are always welcoming, friendly, efficient and professional! You are doing a great job! If anything, I worry that your excellent doctors are working too hard but am grateful you are always here for us!"
- Angela Kaufman
06/04/2017 06:51:06
"We are confident Jamie is in good hands with Dr Charmichael! "
- Kate Tumbleson
06/03/2017 22:27:58
"Everyone was polite, efficient and knowledgeable. They were very gentle with my dog. I was very comfortable discussing concerns and my opinion was respected. Very nice. "
- Joselle Gagliano
06/03/2017 19:02:12
"We are very happy with the care that Leo is getting"
- Steven Mafrici
06/02/2017 19:22:56
"So fast got in and out for a rabies shot and nail trimming "
- Brandon Cosme
06/02/2017 18:18:01
"Thanks for getting us in so quick."
- Robert McMahon
06/02/2017 17:36:05
"I always have a great experience and know Ginger gets the best care and attention."
- Kathleen Danaher
06/02/2017 10:40:19
"Same great service as always 4 years and counting for me. Just keep doing what your doing"
- Thomas Berrington
06/02/2017 10:40:18
"We would not take Blacky any where else. He has always received the best of care. He seem to like all of you."
- Gloria Wakewood
06/01/2017 18:33:08
"I feel in informed about my pet situation at all times. Both the front staff and the technicians are courteous and compassionate"
- Christine Ketchell
06/01/2017 15:03:44
"We have always received attentive and personal care from Sand Creek Animal Hospital. Everyone is so friendly and supportive to our needs and the comfort and health of our pets. "
- Peggy Connors
06/01/2017 13:11:03
"Our last visit was great as usual except for finding out Steven is leaving."
- Tim Jeavons
05/31/2017 06:54:20
"No complaints! Everyone I have been in contact with, from front end to the doctors, has been friendly, helpful, professional, and kind. "
- Debbie Kilmer
05/30/2017 08:38:03
"I know my pets are receiving the best care. "
- Mildred Antonecchia
05/29/2017 17:39:31
"Dr. Anne-Marie knows what she is doing. She did an outstanding job caring for my dog and he is doing so well. Thank you!"
- Debbie Kolberg
05/28/2017 20:19:04
"Always a pleasure to bring Hanna Mae to your Vet. "
- Pat Sgarlata
05/28/2017 09:49:25
"Everytime I walk in either with sassy or koda everyone is always so happy, from the front desk all the way to the vet themself and assistant. "
- Lindsay Gravell
05/27/2017 20:58:50
"Everything went very smoothly. I never have concerns over how my dog is being treated."
- Phil DiMura
05/27/2017 09:57:04
"I'm very pleased with the service provided to us. Everyone is very accommodating."
- Ernestine Venable
05/26/2017 22:11:36
"Very friendly staff. Very thorough visit. I did not feel rushed at all and all my questions were answered "
- Jodi McCall
05/26/2017 19:45:40
"I was amazed at how much care the tech took in trimming his nails. Usually people are in a hurry and we end up quiking half of ten. She took her time and was very careful trying not to and I really appreciated that. I normally would not have said anything, but since you said not to be shy about feedback, I have to say that I usually go directly into a room as soon as I arrive and I like that. We sat in the waiting area which was fine while we were the only one there, but then another woman came in and sat down and I was petrified the whole time. Not of her dog, but just worried the two dogs might not get along. I would prefer to wait 30 minutes in a room getting claustrophobia wondering if I've been forgotten, rather than to sit in the waiting area while other animals approached our personal bubble and techs are watching over the counter from the back hallway. It was jus awkward and nerve racking. I know we are by BO MEANS your only client, but I liked the ambiance of thinking we are a lot more. Haha. Again, I cannot stress how happy I am with your clinic, just giving feedback"
- Shannon Ierlan
05/25/2017 19:21:09
"Dr. McDaniel is the most compassionate vet that I have ever encountered. And I have had pets for over 30 years. His is kind and patient and cares so much about the pets in his care. The overall experience at Sand Creek is phenomenal. "
- Kristen Delaney
05/25/2017 17:56:49
"Even though we were early we were able to be seen almost right away. Vet was very thorough and considerate with our pet."
- Bridget Collins
05/25/2017 16:00:30
"Never had a bad experience at your office. Everyone is always so nice and was very happy that Amanda was still working there!!"
- Gisele Stewart
05/25/2017 15:14:34
"No complains. Great job and thanks for fitting me in since we need to have timely appointments in sink with Cornell schedule. Great job across the board. "
- Sharon Tierney
05/25/2017 15:12:45
"Overall, all of my experiences with you have been good. My questions are answered thoroughly, anytime I call everyone is pleasant and helpful, scheduling an appointment is easy... Seriously, you guys have been great! "
- Elizabeth Jakubowski
05/25/2017 15:11:59
"Novas last appointment was to address on going trouble with his ear. Dr. Carmichael and her team were amazing,patient and so warm. They cleaned his ears and educated me on where to go from there. I love that anytime we call, we can get an appointment if needed or any question answered. There is no pressure, just true care for my babies :) "
- Sabrina Carl
05/25/2017 06:41:01
"You are doing an excellent job! Brought us in the side entrance, since we explained our dog doesn't always play nicely with others. Helped with his anxiety issues and gave him lots of treats! "
- Lisa Flood
05/24/2017 15:36:27
"My parents have been with Sand Creek for many years and have always raved about the incredible staff. When we had to say goodbye to our dog, Guinness, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do but the compassion and understanding from the staff was something I'll never forget!"
- Courtney Manning
05/24/2017 07:34:14
"Very satisfied with service and staff"
- Jeuillie Keegan
05/24/2017 07:01:39
- Karen Wilks
05/24/2017 06:28:35
"I thought you handle Bailey very nice when he didn't want hi nails was piss off cat. You handled him well. "
- Sheila Glenning
05/23/2017 19:35:00
"I am very pleased with the care Smokey has been getting! Dr. McDaniel is a very thorough vet. Everyone from check in to check out is very friendly and helpful. I am very happy with the practice!"
- Mary Beth Champagne
05/23/2017 15:45:21
"Everything has been wonderful"
- Linda Kelleher
05/23/2017 15:12:06
"Picking up meds"
- David DiFabio
05/22/2017 20:11:31
"I am very happy with your staff!!!"
- Elizabeth Cheney
05/22/2017 10:58:35
"very pleasant , staff, we love going here "
- James Marco
05/22/2017 10:29:17
"Daisy's health issue was addressed quickly. We left with confidence that we could contact a vet if needed for further advise if a problem arrised. "
- Carolyn Grube
05/20/2017 16:31:43
"Great happy vetenary place to bring your pet. I have been bringing my cat Sherman for years. Everyone is so pleasant to talk to and very caring. "
- Megan Zandri
05/20/2017 09:48:38
"I bring all of my dogs here and are extremely happy with them. The doctors I've seen have been extremely helpful and make me feel so comfortable by being able to answer a question or concern as soon as possible. "
- Danielle Morel
05/19/2017 20:25:38
"Kind, gentle and very caring toward Mia. "
- Dona Wildove
05/19/2017 18:45:11
"Best service I've ever had at a vet!"
- Ariela Perez-Wallach
05/19/2017 16:47:59
"Dr. C is the best! Fred just loves her, even after the clipping of the toe nails ๐Ÿ˜Š"
- Carol Stroebel
05/19/2017 15:06:52
"Rocky hadn't been eating for 2 days, I left a message and received a call back with an appointment within a half hour! Doesn't get better than that. Thank you."
- Sandy Bartlett
05/19/2017 06:53:04
"I have been with you for years now and would never think of going anywhere else. Your attention to the care of my furry guys is always wonderful"
- Lynn Bowman
05/18/2017 21:00:35
- Michael Miller
05/18/2017 18:20:30
"Always a positive experience for us. Raven was treated gently,thoroughly and competently. Wait time was a little longer than usual - but that happens."
- Nora Busold
05/18/2017 13:35:51
"We've been with Sand Creek for over 12 years because the quality of care and compassion they provide to the pets and us owners is fantastic!"
- Michael Hennessey
05/17/2017 19:01:31
"You are doing great your staff is friendly and care about your pet"
- Claudia Panza
05/17/2017 16:37:51
"I was very impressed with Dr McDaniel with his complete and very detailed exam that he gave Apache I also was was impressed with the time he gave us to explain everything. Thank you"
- Dennis Beach
05/17/2017 15:39:08
"Everything went great, staff and doctor McDaniel are all so nice and friendly. They are very knowledgeable too"
- Crystal Edwards
05/17/2017 11:58:09
"Always prompt, friendly and provide great service."
- Michelle Dicarmine
05/17/2017 04:58:42
"Dr. McDaniel is a wonderful doctor and I wouldn't trust my hamsters to anyone else."
- Tracy Palma
05/16/2017 12:00:15
"Made sure Peaches check up was brought to date with the examine. Told us that this year for a lot of ticks and to be sure to check Peaches when she comes in doors. It is good that Dr McDaniel is very informative. It was a good visit."
- Judy Eads
05/14/2017 19:35:09
"The doctors and staff are always very friendly, caring and great listeners. Sand Creek vet is the best."
- Theresa O'Keefe
05/14/2017 07:45:39
"Passionate attention not rushed during the visit."
- Ronald Pianowski
05/13/2017 16:25:50
"Y'all are always so nice. I appreciated that you called to check in on my pet."
- Siobhan Shea
05/13/2017 14:35:50
"I needed Ginger's meds refilled. The girls at the front desk are excellent! Always pleasant and attentive, whether on the phone or in person., Their friendliness and caring attitudes are indicative of care and attention we always receive by the staff at Sand Creek Animal Hospital."
- Joanne Razzano
05/12/2017 08:05:24
"The technician was very helpful with me with all the questions I had about the heartworm pills I was buying for my dog."
- Gerald Crowley
05/11/2017 18:33:01
"you guys are great"
- Wendy Onderchain
05/11/2017 13:46:15
"You have all treated both my cats with the respect and care I feel they deserve."
- Aaron Betancourt
05/11/2017 12:58:10