"As always, your care for Lily was wonderful. When she was brought into the office , she was treated with such love and kindness, it eased my fears at not being able to be with her."
- Ruth Ward
04/09/2020 13:14:36
"I love how personal the care is. When I call with a question about my pup, they always remember who she is, and the team is always excited to see her when we come in! The facility is clean and welcoming, and all the staff I've met have been kind and skilled. They're even doing a good job of continuing to take care of our pets during the COVID outbreak. "
- Jasmine Landry
04/08/2020 20:06:39
"Due to COVID, we weren't able to meet with our vet. However, she did call us and gave us an update of our cats. We appreciate that she did that, as well as the follow-up call the next day with the results of the blood and urine tests. When we arrived for our cats appts., the front desk staff and techs were extremely helpful, professional and friendly. We appreciate that! We will continue to bring our cats to Sand Creek, as we appreciate their professionalism. Thank You!"
- Carol Ferlazzo
04/08/2020 19:51:52
"You are doing an excellent job! In these difficult times staff is as helpful, cheerful and efficient as always. "
- Denise Buckley
03/29/2020 23:48:44
"I love this place!! They answered all my questions with great detail!! My cat is always well taken care of there! "
- Caylee Semerad
03/29/2020 19:40:39
"During these difficult times with the Coronavirus the staff at Sand Creek animal hospital have been great. They are doing their jobs the best they can and making sure all of us are safe while they tend to our pets. I thank you for all you are doing and all you have done to make our recent visit as best as could be at this time."
- Mary Ann Kospa
03/29/2020 16:47:47
"I am very pleased with the service, the time taken to speak with me, and the staff makes me feel very comfortable "
- Donna Booth
03/28/2020 23:35:24
"The experience at SCAH is always amazing. We’ve been weigh them for over 15 years. They helped us through the life of our first dog and now we’re onto our second dog. Thoughtful patient and excellent pet care. "
- Ronald Greenberg
03/28/2020 19:11:53
"I was so impressed with the quick and professional care that Hanna Mae received. The girls picking up Hanna Mae at our car and the communication through the phone was amazing. Thank you "
- Pat Sgarlata
03/25/2020 11:00:23
"Everyone is so pleasant, great pet care and love the employees at the front."
- Joyce Vita
01/12/2020 12:47:40
"We've always been pleased with everyone and the service at SCAH!"
- Annette Keech
01/12/2020 12:37:16
"The treatment and care for our dog, Gibbs is unbelievable. From a dog who could barely walk when he was 8 due to arthritis to a dog who know runs around with his younger brothers is incredible thank you David and staff. "
- Laura Hamor
01/11/2020 19:46:52
"Love the time & care they give to u and your animal. Always very thorough and the technicians are always very friend to work with. I will continue to refer Sand creek animal hospital to everyone :)"
- Tiffany Springman
01/10/2020 23:35:39
"I think you’re doing good and u were wonderful with Shelby "
- Stacy Clancy
01/10/2020 21:33:49
"The staff is professional, knowledgeable, efficient and caring. The service is excellent! "
- Denise Buckley
01/10/2020 11:12:57
"I am very pleased with attention that my dog gets every time he is at the office."
- Nancy Fahd
01/08/2020 14:32:33
"Very knowledgeable and supportive vet and staff"
- Katie York
01/08/2020 01:46:03
"You are doing great! I was very pleased with the whole visit!"
- Traci Perrotta
01/08/2020 00:20:02
"Love the new cat cove. Always receive the best care for my pet. "
- Kristen Delaney
01/07/2020 20:36:53
"Always have a great experience. Wouldn't trust anyone else with my animals. "
- Deborah Dittmer
01/07/2020 18:40:25
"Outstanding "
- Deb Meehan
01/07/2020 17:32:01
"Always love bringing our pets to Sand Creek Animal Hospital! All of the staff is super friendly and helpful, and you can tell they all love our pets (almost as much as we love our pets!) The doctors are top-notch and make even our most anxious dog as comfortable as possible during check-ups. We trust Sand Creek Animal Hospital with all of our fur-babies!"
- Karen Southwick
01/07/2020 16:02:40
"Staff is always amazing with my little pup!! They take the time to ask questions and explain everything throughly ! "
- Amy Wilson
01/07/2020 06:15:34
"I have only had the best experiences with Sand Creek. Everyone is as always kind and most helpful."
- Lynne Forner
01/06/2020 21:28:28
"We love Sand Creek!"
- Sarah Goff
01/06/2020 20:45:07
"Always a fabulous experience!"
- Deborah Seeley
01/04/2020 00:31:15
"I was very impressed with the time spent on Shelby as a new patient and how everyone worked to make her feel calm. "
- Lawrence Gill
01/03/2020 19:50:10
"We have loved our experiences at Sand Creek and plan to bring all of our pets here in the future. "
- Marcus Puccioni
01/03/2020 19:31:23
"This veterinary hospital is wonderful. My rats are under Dr. McDaniels' care, and he is wonderful with them. He makes sure that they have the best care available, and answers all of my questions fully and with detail. I can't say enough to how great the care team is!"
- Hannah Dillon
12/25/2019 16:22:00
"Our diesel had a great first visit! Everything was explained well and our concerns were handled in a professional, caring manner. "
- Darcy McCutcheon
12/24/2019 18:39:44
"We have always had the best of care for our animals at Sand Creek Animal Hospital. The doctors are excellent and even call at home for follow up. They encourage you to call with any concerns or questions. Thank you for the great care Gracie gets there."
- Doris Schoonmaker
12/24/2019 18:36:25
"I was very happy with Piper’s most recent vet, so much so that I will be requesting her again. Also, the girls at the desk were wonderful. "
- Pattie Lis
12/23/2019 21:50:57
"I honestly feel you are all doing an excellent job. I couldn’t imagine how you could improve!"
- Gloria Scholetzky
12/21/2019 21:30:01
"Always helpful!! Always Prompt.. easy to talk to . And easy to reach"
- Terri Wheeler
12/21/2019 15:19:43
"Rory and Vista are the two most important things in my life. ! The staff is responsive when I contact them about needing meds, have questions or need to schedule an appointment. The doctors answer any questions I may have about treatment options and concern for their care is always evident. I only trust their care to Sand Creek Animal Hospital"
- Diane Blackman
12/21/2019 12:15:50
"Always great service !! They take the time to explain every detail and what to expect. They treat your pet like its there own pet !!"
- Holly Oropallo
12/20/2019 22:28:10
"you are the best!! You are all so caring and concern for our dogs. It is a pleasure to take the dogs to see you."
- Janis Sabatino
12/20/2019 17:31:08
"Always a pleasant experience! From the front desk to the techs and doctors. I cannot day enough good things!"
- Kathryn Riley
12/20/2019 03:42:28
"Everyone is always so friendly and accommodating it is a pleasure to go to an appointment "
- Susan Nuttall
12/19/2019 21:35:15
"We love absolutely everything about SCAH!!! We don't know what we would do with out you!!"
- Kristen Donnellan
12/19/2019 20:43:53
"You're awesome. Friendly, knowledgeable, and caring. I love that you take the time to explain things to a non- specialist. "
- Ryane Straus
12/19/2019 16:18:34
"Jarrell is terrified of the vet. He gets so anxious. The staff always treat him so nicely and he loves the chicken that you guys feed him. All of you are so patient. God bless."
- Natasha Brewer
12/19/2019 15:32:52
"Everyone at your hospital has been great to me and my (somewhat difficult) dog. Front desk staff are always friendly, helpful, attentive. All the vet techs and vet assistants I've had the pleasure of meeting have been outstanding. My dog initially saw Dr. Sonnekalb, who is fantastic, but when we began to discuss my dog's behavioral issues, he recommended I bring my dog to see Dr. Friello because her background was a better match for my dog's needs. Dr. Friello has been just wonderful in helping me navigate my dog's anxiety/aggression issues. I can't thank her enough, and I am so grateful to all of you at Sand Creek. I would not take my dog anywhere else!"
- Peter Nastasi
12/18/2019 18:56:57
"Excellent staff especially that Karen "
- Erin Kelly
12/17/2019 17:58:40
"We love the team at Sand Creek! Every time we visit Russell is beyond excited to see all of his friends, and the staff is equally as excited to see him! We feel listened to and taken care of. Everyone is extremely attentive and answers all of our questions patiently and with a smile, no matter how many we have."
- Taylor Vishion
12/16/2019 19:12:55
"Very happy so far"
- Tim Ryan
12/16/2019 18:45:30
"Absolutely amazing! "
- Lindsay Gravell
12/16/2019 18:18:07
"I honestly have no complaints with anyone. Everyone is so helpful and even the smallest of issues is handled in a friendly manner. Our dog was so very ill and we almost lost him. The entire staff was amazing. They call to check up on progress. Always remind us to call anytime day or night if we have any concerns or questions. They really are hands on and care about our pets as much as we do."
- Kristin Qua
12/16/2019 18:08:39
"So impressed at the care given by your staff. Very happy we made the decision to see you for our dog's needs! Thank you!"
- Sarah Sandor
12/16/2019 18:00:03
"The facility is clean, the care is informative and compassionate. The techs and the Dr.'s have always been sure to ask me if I have any questions on anything which I really appreciate and they understand my concerns and my silly questions."
- Emily Mercurio
12/12/2019 17:22:43
"You're doing a fine job. Great customer service. "
- Edward Diegel
12/11/2019 03:25:44
"Always feel heard and listened to. Love all the staff! Warm and welcoming."
- Jennifer Labella
12/10/2019 19:10:10
"Everyone is super friendly and caring. Everything is explained well and the doctors check-in."
- Kristen Corbosiero
12/10/2019 18:13:54
"The entire staff is friendly and helpful. They truly care about you pet "
- Kim DeVoe
12/08/2019 03:08:38
"The Vets and techs at Sand Creek are great. They are all genuinely concerned about our pet family members and put them at ease during procedures."
- Todd Genito
12/07/2019 23:35:30
"Staff Always helpful. Dr. F is the greatest, always very helpful."
- Sandy McGraw
12/07/2019 18:14:33
"I've been with you since 2002...keep up the great work. "
- Danielle Dengler
12/06/2019 19:14:14
"My first visit with Scruffy. Both of us were anxious! Staff was friendly, helpful, caring. Facility is very clean and comfortable. Great experience."
- Carol Giroux
12/06/2019 19:01:37
"Everyone at SCAH is awesome! Incredibly kind, knowledgeable and caring."
- Ellen Tidings
12/05/2019 21:47:12
"Convenient location, clean facilities, and friendly, knowledgeable staff!"
- Bryan McBride
12/05/2019 16:54:30
"You’re amazing!!"
- Adrienne Haase
12/05/2019 05:19:34
"As soon as you walk in the door the ladies at the front are always so kind. The techs that take care of our Benson are so sweet. They are so kind to him even though he's full of anxiety. "
- Karen Messier
12/02/2019 02:08:37
"Excellent care and courtesy despite having to deal with a very difficult patient !"
- Stephen Decker
12/02/2019 00:05:53
"Very good. Very caring, always listen and always do follow up. You provide excellent care and concern."
- Deborah Galdun
12/01/2019 22:43:56
"All staff is great and really cares everyone is always in a good mood !"
- Fran Johnson
12/01/2019 21:11:06
"I appreciate the time Dr.Friello spends with Jake and discusses his health and solutions regarding his allergies. "
- Laura Garza
11/27/2019 03:35:19
"Great staff. Love the facility."
- Arcadia Keefe
11/26/2019 21:28:50
"I want to give special Thanks to Dr. Sonnekalb and Dr McDaniel. Thanks to these Doctors Benji is doing great and is with me to celebrate the Holidays. Also Thank the office staff for being so helpful and patient with me. I will recommend this Animal hospital to everyone. Have a Great Holiday Season. Thank You all again. I will stay in touch with Benji condition."
- Gerald Barr
11/25/2019 13:17:41
"Very short wait time, they put spa towel over cat carrier to calm kitty, the vet and her assistant were very nice and sweet to kitty, overall visit was great!"
- Stacey Andrade
11/24/2019 19:00:26
"I have always been very pleased with treatment received. Never a bad experience!"
- Shannon Hallman
11/24/2019 18:34:44
"All positive, all staff are very friendly and helpful and Dr Friello is the best!!! "
- Carolyn Degonzague
11/24/2019 16:31:35
"Our visit was great. The staff are wonderful, friendly and take their time to explain things. Can't ask for better!"
- Cathy Hirshon
11/22/2019 22:37:17
"Excellent experience. "
- Jackie Delorm
11/21/2019 22:21:58
"Best Vet in the area!! Everyone there treat my animals like they or own. I wouldn’t take my animals anywhere else. "
- Wendy Drye
11/21/2019 00:03:57
"Great. Everyone is professional, friendly and kind. We were very happy when Jenna took our very scared cat (and us) to the peaceful Cat Cave. Dr Matt was so good with our little Casey!"
- Paul O'Brien
11/20/2019 23:58:31
"Always the best care I could ask for! Everyone at Sand Creek is amazing!"
- Brigette Grady
11/19/2019 20:15:15
"As always, your care and concern and helpfulness is above and beyond any other!"
- Jeannine Kaminski
11/19/2019 16:33:54
"Pleasant staff,knowledgeable & consideration for my concerns about my pet-follow up by Drs-amazing!"
- Cathy Kowalski
11/18/2019 17:18:37
"We are so lucky to have found an incredible business! All of the staff are professional and supportive and have made the vet a better experience for our pup."
- Mary McCarthy
11/17/2019 19:23:19
"Whenever I need anything for my dog the staff is very caring, which makes me feel comfortable."
- Sondra Quattlebaum
11/17/2019 06:33:51
"We always feel our pets are well taken care of here. The Dr.'s are patient & understanding, while offering top off the line care at all times. We have had 6 pets over the years and wouldn't take them anywhere else!"
- Patricia Gadani
11/16/2019 05:35:22
"I always find everyone on staff to be professional and caring of their patients."
- Irene Rainville
11/16/2019 01:04:39
"Everything was great from the front desk to the vet. "
- Mike Skelly
11/15/2019 15:17:02
"The staff is excellent. Dr. Carmichael is so kind, caring and thorough. The vet techs are also so loving with my dog during the exam and listen to all my concerns. The facility is very clean."
- Angela Darby
11/15/2019 00:32:10
"I appreciate the kindness, attentiveness, and professionalism of your staff. I have no concerns, and am so pleased to gave you care for my cat. I also appreciate that you offer a separate area for cats, use feliway to help their nerves, and dont keep us waiting too long while they are nervous in the lobby. Thank you for recognizing the different needs that cats have. "
- Sue Hoffman
11/15/2019 00:07:44
"Great experience as always 😊"
- Stacie Stefanowicz
11/14/2019 23:10:22
"We love Dr. Friello. She is always so kind, takes initiative, and goes above and beyond to care for us and our dog. She's the best there is! The front house staff and techs are always amazing, as well. I haven't had a bad experience yet!"
- Sarah Kozminski
11/14/2019 21:34:23
"Great visit -- such a nice place to walk into and everyone is extremely friendly."
- Jessica Joyce
11/14/2019 19:22:35
"You are doing great. Always a good experience when we are in the office. "
- Karen McCoy
11/14/2019 00:13:21
"As always, Gertie received the best care possible. Everyone took the time to comfort her and interact with her. "
- Deb Ingles
11/13/2019 17:26:39
"Yesterday was our first visit there and we are so glad we picked this place. Staff was wonderful and took their time to explain what they were doing and answered all the questions we had. "
- Navi Salooja
11/13/2019 02:47:09
- Mary Anne Rosenzweig
11/12/2019 21:42:48
"Intake was easy and everyone was friendly. "
- Ellen Roybal
11/12/2019 19:57:04
"I think the care provided has been exceptional. I am pleased that they provide chicken and cheese to keep my dog distracted during her visits. Thank you!"
- Tina Donaldson
11/10/2019 21:59:00
"Very friendly staff from the moment you walk in the door to the time you leave. They always follow up with you to check how your pet is doing. Don’t rush you in and out no matter what the visit is for. "
- Jenn Kisselback
11/10/2019 15:58:52
"Dr. Carmichael and her support/tech staff always provide wonderful and compassionate care."
- Joyce Robinson
11/10/2019 15:53:11
"I can not thank you enough for the excellent care you give my animals....past and present. I have the utmost faith in your doctors and employees. "
- Alida VanDyke
11/10/2019 00:50:57
"We love the care that this practice puts into every visit with our pets. We feel at home and so do our fur-babies."
- Karen Southwick
11/08/2019 13:20:50
"The wait time is minimal. The staff is attentive and efficient."
- Barbara Emerson
11/07/2019 01:09:56
"It was our first time there and everyone was very professional and friendly. An excellent experience."
- Debra Embree
11/04/2019 15:08:53