"Thank you for taking good care of Honey and Puper. I feel good that we can trust you with our furry loves!! "
- Wendy Hubbard
01/15/2019 14:32:24
"Everyone from the front desk, vet techs, and doctor are extremely caring and helpful. "
- Janice Momaney
01/15/2019 13:15:37
"We love Dr. Underwood and all the staff are excellent in the care of Sam and Molly. So glad we were able to have you all as our pet care experts."
- Cindy Wenzler
01/15/2019 11:46:30
"We love how caring and attentive you are."
- Seth Mellen
01/04/2019 21:02:58
"Great and very caring staff"
- Betty Niedzwiecki
12/30/2018 23:59:31
"I think this is a great veterinary hospital. I have confidence in Dr. Underwood and all the staff with the handling and care of my dog Charlie. Everyone is always friendly, polite and caring towards my dog and his health "
- Melissa Bowles
12/30/2018 12:15:53
"Every staff member we have met so far, always has a smile on their face and love what they do! It shows in the care and personal attention they give to patients and their families!! Keep up the great work!!"
- Melody Cutting
12/23/2018 19:40:19
"I have had only positive experiences. The techs are very proficient and kind to our dogs and the vet is very straightforward and honest and seems the best approach to problems."
- Melissa Delorenzo
12/21/2018 21:27:05
"More than pleased with your answers to all of our questions. Gatsby seems to like it at your office."
- Reita Wheeler
12/20/2018 00:39:01
"Very nice, thank you"
- Lauri Mcnamara
12/19/2018 15:04:41
"This was an excellent visit."
- Joel Lowsky
12/18/2018 13:43:04
"Thorough exam of our dog, clear professional advice, friendly service."
- Roark Herron
12/18/2018 12:54:06
"Great! I appreciate people opening the door for us and loading my fat cat into the car."
- Sarah Neelon
12/18/2018 10:00:09
"Doing an excellent job with Harley & Pippa 😻😻"
- Michelle Pike
12/18/2018 09:31:43
"I love you guys! I always have such a great experience when I'm there. I really feel like you care about the wellbeing of my animals and I trust your judgment. Looking forward to many years of office visits! Happy Holidays!"
- Susan Harris
12/17/2018 23:05:14
"Very happy with the care and follow up with Sadie and OTIS. Dr Underwood is great with both and staff is always helpful and delightful. "
- June Moran
12/17/2018 22:15:56
"I feel Chezzy got excellent care!"
- Celeste Lunt
12/14/2018 00:28:47
"you are super people and the animals love you people"
- Gary Sisto
12/05/2018 22:26:18
"Very friendly and caring staff. Easy to make appointments. Clean office. "
- Jennifer Worden
12/05/2018 00:45:04
"I love my vet. She is so concerned, caring and informative."
- Johanna Maguire
12/01/2018 20:12:24
"I think the world of you all! Each and everyone that we have met, are absolutely amazing...I still don’t how you do your jobs....it takes a special person, and you are, to do what you do!♥️"
- Cheri Powers
11/30/2018 22:57:52
"I only have positive, positive words for you! Great staff! Especially Dr. Underwood! Sensitivity and advise for Juniper’s current condition. And putting up with Sassafras’s sassiness! Thank you all!"
- Linda Keech
11/27/2018 01:47:58
"I always appreciate the thoroughness of the visits whether an annual physical or a medical exam. I feel listened to on behalf of my pet, and I am grateful for the information provided to me regarding the health of my pet. I never feel rushed or ignored. <3"
- Kendra Kain
09/30/2018 12:31:45
"I really liked that you all seemed to really care and love my cat as much as I do. I dont really have any bad things to say. The vet Tech was So knowledgeable and explained his care very well. The vet was so accommodating and understanding about needing him to be fixed ASAP! Just a nice place thanks!"
- Darcy Gebert
09/29/2018 14:57:35
"you are doing fine, you are available to me whenever I call. Telephone staff very efficient and professional. Thank you."
- Nancy Dodson
09/19/2018 18:20:06
"We have brought many pets to you. Neither we nor our dogs have ever had anything but a great experience,"
- Joan Dietrich
09/17/2018 15:32:49
- Kristy Goodwin
09/12/2018 18:38:52
"I always appreciate how Doctor Underwood explains things and does everything possible to make my dog feel comfortable. "
- Monica Pulci
09/12/2018 00:18:57
"Everyone is so very caring and helpful. The follow-up calls are welcoming "
- Wendy Kendrick
09/09/2018 17:46:54
"Felt I had plenty of time to talk with both providers, got solutions for the headache of slimy stools, and follow up has been terrific."
- Linda Hay
08/30/2018 18:38:42
"Great! Every staff person is kind and helpful. The staff really spent the time to make sure I had a full update on my dogs first time experience boarding and how he was doing. "
- Diane Attesi
08/29/2018 03:42:27
"Always a pleasure to work with Dr. Underwood! Her staff is very friendly and helpful."
- Christina Crocker
08/28/2018 18:17:49
"Dr. Underwood always takes as much time as is needed at each visit. She is completely honest with us, no matter how sensitive the questions. She knows that our pets are our family (and I'm speaking for all her patients, not just us). I completely trust her judgement and her skills and am so thankful she's been our vet, through good times and bad."
- Carol Cadarette
08/21/2018 20:19:45
"You are doing great, I like the readiness and knowledge of the staff. The follow up calls are helpful in keeping track of changes in my pets illness "
- Melissa Bowles
08/21/2018 17:14:10
"I love the place I tell all my friends and family members because it's hard to find someone caring about my pet the way they do . My pet's r my family . So I want them to have the best care possible so that is what you do .thank you so much.😍😍😍😍"
- Angela Davis
08/21/2018 13:40:09
"Excellent visit! I wouldn't change a thing😀"
- Kristina Streeter
08/21/2018 12:02:49
"I'm new to the practice but my experience so far has been great. Dr. Underwood and her staff are fantastic. I feel like the welfare of my pets are important and I never feel rushed. Thank you!"
- Susan Harris
08/20/2018 15:58:21
"In and out quick. They make things possable to keep our furry family member with us . Been coming here for 30 years. Wouldn’t go any where else. Lisa rocks"
- Faith Wills
08/18/2018 03:31:10
"We think Dr. Underwood does a fabulous job. She is creating a good atmosphere. Everyone is always pleasant and helpful."
- Troy Lucier
08/15/2018 00:58:07
"You’re the best! Thank you♥️"
- Cheri Powers
07/20/2018 22:41:40
"I came in to pick up some medicine for my cat son's ears. It only took a few minutes and the staff member was very kind and helpful ^_^"
- Jacqueline Heelein
07/20/2018 21:20:27
"I am able to get appointments quickly and I think the team is thorough and they seem to care about how my pet is feeling. I also appreciated the follow up call when my cat was not eating, to check on how he was doing with the treatment."
- Rebecca Bosworth-Clemens
07/13/2018 18:35:04
"As a general rule, I have no complaints. Jack...old as he is...is still a handful at the Vet's office. Everyone is always very patient with his barking and slobbering. Sometimes the wait in the exam room is a bit long, but it means you're a busy office. That is a good thing. I do often recommend you."
- Roxann Wedegartner
07/13/2018 14:28:01
"You clearly loved my cat Goofy. He was about at ease with you as a cat can get. This was the latest of maybe ten ? Visits, which is a direct measure of my trust in you all."
- Jim Loan
07/13/2018 14:26:40
"We actually met with a tech this visit. We were there to get Sophie's last few boosters for the year. Sophie adores the staff, she hasn't met a single one she didn't immediately take to. Dr Underwood's techs are as thorough and patient as she is. Even though it was just a booster visit, we didn't feel rushed at all. It was really nice to get a follow up call the next day to check on Sophie. Sorry, I don't have a single complaint :)"
- Ann Spring
07/10/2018 11:00:11
"I've been going to you since about 1992 and you're still excellent "
- Karen Desautels
07/10/2018 01:29:36
"You made our first boarding experience seamless and stress-free! I was very glad to hear Athena did so well- and she was well cared for, even a little "report card" and the end! She will be back there in about a week, for a week- and Im feeling a lot better about leaving her this time! P.S.- Im not sure what activities ya'll had her doing but boy was she tired- and bonus! her nails seems to be filed down a bit!"
- Mandi Koscinski
06/29/2018 14:17:49
"My experience from start to finish is always top notch. I have had two pets while using Pioneer Valley Vet - my cat who had to be put down and my new adopted giant dog. The staff always make me feel like my pet is their first priority and everyone from the Vets to the office manager and assistants always check to make sure I understand any medications, next steps and follow up plan. Everyone is friendly and kind and you can truly see that they love animals. "
- Diane Attesi
06/24/2018 17:11:37
"Dr. Underwood never makes me feel rushed when I bring our dog in for appointments--which is an experience I have had at other vet offices in the past. She takes the time to have a thorough and informative conversation about our dog's health, and she makes sure all of my concerns are investigated and addressed. I highly value this attentiveness and patience. I also appreciate her candor regarding important issues or concerns. Our dog is typically very stressed by vet trips, but the whole staff is kind, patient and skillful with their handling of her. I've actually noticed that our dog is less and less stressed with each visit, and I don't think it's just because of the treats!"
- Luke Henshaw
06/15/2018 18:00:17
"I came in as a walk-in with concerns for my cat, Homer. Not only was Dr. Underwood able to see me same day, she also made time to do the procedure that day. Despite having an overloaded schedule, I did not feel like they were trying to rush me through, and really felt like the entire staff took the time to make me feel like my concerns were valid and important, starting with Olivia talking to me over the phone. I am so grateful to have found this practice."
- Sarah Cornett
06/14/2018 15:01:37
"Happy to have you as my new vet."
- Jennifer Goepp
06/13/2018 19:53:30
"I love this veterinary office. Staff know their clients, and their work. They’re helpful and very knowledgeable "
- Jane Banks
06/11/2018 01:11:44
"You are doing great as usual "
- Linda Bryant
06/10/2018 18:04:21
"Great as always. "
- Vicki St. Amand
06/09/2018 16:02:57
"Great job alll around"
- Betty Niedzwiecki
06/07/2018 20:03:34
"I think that Rockefeller is more comfortable because of the staff and it was a great visit."
- Stuart Carter
06/07/2018 14:38:21
"We are very happy with all the staff. Luna loves her visits and the staff are very loving towards her."
- Stephen Fisher
06/02/2018 06:22:33
"very understanding of animal. great treatment of animal , very understanding. willing to work with u. been going for 27 years. "
- Faith Wills
05/31/2018 22:30:31
"It is a great sign my dog loves coming to be with you. "
- Jill Cote
05/31/2018 15:46:46
"So far so good! Everyone seems to listen and care and want to work for the best for our pets so just keep it coming. ^_^ "
- Bill McGuirk
05/27/2018 11:33:08
"Your Staff is wonderful, helpful and caring!"
- Ruth Kennedy
05/23/2018 12:07:42
"So far we have been happy with the care we have received for Piper and Honey. Thank you!"
- Wendy Hubbard
05/20/2018 15:51:50
"Brewster always seems happy to go to the kennel and he comes home in fine shape."
- Joan Dietrich
05/20/2018 02:18:05
"Dr Underwood and her staff are all exceptional. Brought my dog in on an emergency and left feeling that she knew what was wrong and how to make him better. Have recommended your practice to may of my friends. Can not be more pleased with the care everyone provides."
- Sondra Putnam
05/18/2018 17:52:15
"My last visit was only to purchase more heart worm preventative, but your front office staff was very knowledgeable and helpful in getting me a discount on the price. Keep up the great work!"
- Christina Crocker
05/16/2018 14:22:23
"You're doing just fine!"
- Ronald Smith
05/15/2018 02:27:18
"you have treated all our animals with loving care, thank you"
- Gary Sisto
05/12/2018 01:33:22
"I am very satisfied with the excellent care our cats have received from Dr. Underwood. I feel that she and the staff always have been very compassionate and caring."
- Wendy Morris
05/11/2018 03:52:02
"Doing a excellent job the staff is very friendly and helpful "
- Raymond Deluca
05/08/2018 02:44:33
"You are doing great! Hannah says so, too! We left feeling good about her overall health and no questions. At 14 1/2, that's pretty special. "
- Mary Bolduc
04/26/2018 21:33:59
"I felt like my concerns were taken seriously, a plan was put in place to help my dog, and I feel confident that we have clear options on next steps if we need to proceed down that path. Plus my dogs gets a lot of love when she's there, too."
- Kathryn Dias
04/26/2018 10:40:08
"PVVH is an excellent place to bring your pets. The staff is attentive, kind, compassionate, and always willing to accommodate you."
- Dusti Dufresne
04/25/2018 22:41:41
"Amazing!! Absolutely love the staff, all are very friendly and knowledgeable"
- Tara Hopper
04/21/2018 19:14:37
"I have nothing bad to say! Max has always received excellent care whether it be his annual visit or when boarding him."
- Kim Jones
04/17/2018 19:10:16
"I really like that, even though we choose to not give certain preventive medications, the information of importance is not neglected. My questions or concerns are always treated like they are the most important even though they may be run of the mill questions or concerns. And everything is always done with a smile and a positive attitude."
- Mandi Koscinski
04/16/2018 20:00:47
"My pets have been coming here for all their lives and I have never had a bad experience "
- Colleen Letourneau
04/15/2018 13:15:10
"My pet was taken in right on schedule. The technician was extremely helpful and kind."
- Mary Ann Uchneat
04/13/2018 16:02:23
"The visit was an excellent experience for both us and Buddy, from checking in at the reception desk to the exam everyone was amazing. A courteous and friendly atmosphere with a knowledgeable staff and a doctor that both my husband and I as well as our dog trusts. Now for the bad...................None whatsoever !!!!!"
- Ann Bellucci
04/13/2018 13:08:01
"The entire experience was great. Dr. Underwood and the entire staff were awesome . I really like that Dr Underwood is straight forward and does a very thorough examination."
- Peggy Gradowski
04/11/2018 01:09:47
"Staff is very focused and professional, but yet with personal, caring and attentive attitudes. I feel every one of my cats has been well-cared for during both annual visits and when needed for treatment. My questions and concerns have always been addressed promptly and fully. "
- Jeanne Closson
04/10/2018 15:04:39
"Always great !!"
- Kerri George
04/07/2018 11:36:17
"As always Dr. Underwood and her staff go above and beyond to make my Lexi’s experience the best that is possible being at the Vet. Absolutely love Dr. Underwood she is the best!"
- Nicole Kelly
04/07/2018 00:26:26
"My husband and I have taken our 2 girls, Tabitha and Samantha, here since they were 8 week old kittens. They are now five. The doctor and staff handle them with love ,care, and competence. Thank you for doing a great job!"
- Sheryl Jessica Wales
04/06/2018 11:28:44
"I love how quick i can get an appointment and how great the staff is with all my pups."
- Katherine Chmura
04/06/2018 02:48:37
"I am very grateful for the extra care given to our cat when he fell ill. We were given the attention needed and the technician was super. "
- Inge Kuhlka
04/04/2018 00:01:31
"I like coming here The wait is short, we get in quickly. And we are told what's going on "to the point". Suggestions are made for procedures and are not pushed. This is NOT a "money hungry facility!" That is what I like the most. Every vet is expensive, but 'extras' are not pushed."
- Dianne Calcari
03/31/2018 18:22:03
"Very happy with our pet care!"
- Todd Green
03/30/2018 18:07:59
"Always a pleasant visit. The girls always greet you with a smile and so helpful."
- Cynthia Hawkins
03/27/2018 10:59:54
"Great staff, great service! Wouldn’t go anywhere else"
- Patti Mazeski
03/26/2018 00:37:12
"Happy with you guys, efficient, kind, smart!"
- Nancy Dodson
03/07/2018 17:20:20
"You all are doing great no complaints 👍"
- Theresa Cahill
03/06/2018 00:12:28
"When I realized that I would have to be putting drops in my skittish dog's ears for 10 days, something he would be resisting, I was able to bring him in each day for the technicians to do the procedure. He calmed down and let them go ahead, and it certainly gave me peace of mind. (and no charge). This was above and beyond. Thank you, guys!"
- Annette Kilminster
03/02/2018 23:41:23
"The staff was very courteous and so helpful. They are very compassionate and caring. Thank you so much!"
- Dusti Dufresne
02/25/2018 00:03:47
"I love how all of the staff and vets are personable and you can tell they love animals. "
- Kara Peters
02/23/2018 02:19:11
"Never had a problem here everyone goes out of their way to help you "
- Raymond Deluca
02/23/2018 00:13:18
"I arrived a full 30 min early because I never know how long it will take me to corral my cat in his cage. I only waited about 5 minutes when they were able to see him at the earlier time. Even though I was only there to get his nails clipped, the fact that they took me early was moat appreciated!"
- Mary K Hallaran
02/22/2018 22:22:44
"Dr Bentley was awesome... she is a wonderful addition to the clinics family... Thank you for caring for Mona!"
- Susan Maloney
02/17/2018 04:31:11
"Everyone is so friendly and caring. Thanks for all you do. We are very happy."
- Andrea Carnes
02/16/2018 20:36:42
"I am and have been impressed with the care and service provided by Dr Underwood and her staff. I look forward to our new pet getting the same . Thank you Pioneer Valley Vetrerinary"
- Steve Hebert
02/15/2018 20:56:57
"Dr. Underwood and her team are always very kind, helpful and knowledgeable. I feel very comfortable with my pet in their care, thank you."
- Aubrey Prokowich
02/15/2018 20:01:40