"Your Vetinary Hospital is absolutely incredible!!!! Dr. Peltier and Dr Underwood are the best vetinarians in the state, or even New England,, as far as we are concerned. Both Doctors go way above and beyond for our pets. There are no vets who take (Lucy's Special Breed) in the area yet your practice accepted Lucy when she would have died other wise died. You saved her life and continue to provide her the very best care there is to offer. Your staff, every single person, is incredibly friendly, sweet, profesional, caring, knoweldgble, compassionate and understanding. Our pets Peggy and Lucy are very much like our children. They get the very best care available anywhere in New England. Not only did you save Lucy's life but you have done so with Peggy on multiple occasions. We are extremely impressed with the follow up from the doctors and staff with each visit. At Pioneer Valley Vet Hospital its not like just taking your pet for one visit, and then your on your own. Your Hospital follows through with the patient until they are well again. You make sure you always have the medicine and special foods that our pets need in stock. Your prices are very reasonable and affordable. Your staff stays on top of Peggy's monthly medicines and calls to remind when they are do. We both have used multiple other Vets in the past and none were like this practice. We followed Dr Peltier from her last practice and there is a reason!!! Dr. Peltier is absolutely the most effective, knowledgeable, compassionate and prosseijnal Vet out there!!! Dr. Underwood is amazing as well! You have found a a very efficient, safe and effective manner to accommodate continued comprehensive treatment of our animals during this extremely difficult times of Covid 19. You provide the equivalent care and services of the top hospitals in the country like Ma General, Tufts, Lahey Clinic, Walter Reed, etc, for humans. We will be customers of your hospital for life. We highly recommend your practice to all of our friends and family. In our opinion, there is simply no Vetinary Practice out there on the market than Pioneer Valley Vetinary Hospital!!! We are forever thankful 🙏 for your practice and all that you do for our pets. Thank you for taking such amazing care of our pets!!!!!!!!!! Colin & Nikki Keefe"
- Colin Keefe
11/09/2020 18:27:38
"As ever, the staff were friendly, efficient, and communicated clearly. We love PVVH."
- Alex Bogel
10/31/2020 15:07:01
"No complaints. Your staff is courteous, professional and helpful with all concerns."
- James Howe Jr.
10/31/2020 09:31:56
"Excellent!! I couldn't be happier "
- Josh Viens
10/28/2020 22:39:34
"You were very prompt and answered my questions thoroughly!"
- Richard Rhodes
10/24/2020 17:40:11
"I feel you are doing a great job of streamlining the processes of the facility. I watched from my car while Riley was in his appointment, the acceptance of pets for their appointments, the drop off pets for day care and the delivery of product by staff to clients it was very organized and seemed to be flawless start to finish. You are doing a great job during these hard times and I appreciate the care you give to our Riley. "
- Darlene Ladabouche
10/24/2020 14:20:08
"The dogs love you guys. They get so excited to go. Whatever your doing, keep it up. Thank you. "
- Kerry Hammond
10/22/2020 14:41:53
"Given the restrictions that the pandemic has required for all of our safety and health the visit was great. Comprehensive and competent are always good."
- Christopher Worth
10/21/2020 17:22:59
"Dr. Underwood is always thorough and competent, and is never pushy about services. She completely understands that we've chosen to have an indoor/outdoor lifestyle for our cat and does not drop subtle or not-so-subtle hints that this is problematic as other vets have."
- Laura Davis
10/20/2020 16:12:08
"You are doing a wonderful job providing consistent, high-quality care during the pandemic! When anyone tells us they take their pets to a different vet, we feel so badly for them! You took care of our sweet boy Fergie and handled him, and us, with tenderness and love, right to the end. Now we have Felix and Ollie and you give them the same outstanding care! We are very appreciative of the service and heart you provide! Jennifer & Kate and the boys"
- Jennifer Wheeler
10/17/2020 15:17:56
"I really like Dr. Pelletier. She's thorough and willing to work on various remedies and not go straight to expensive tests or meds. The staff is always great - Christina, Holly, Brianna are some of Bonny's favorite people!"
- Amy Johnson
10/16/2020 00:18:18
"Sorry- nothing bad to report! Abby very much enjoyed her day camp, came out smiling. Bath and brush out was superb. She looks super! You are handling COVID requirements very well."
- Gordy Van Guilder
10/15/2020 15:06:36
"We are so grateful to have Pioneer Valley Vet for our Bella's care. Even during the pandemic it has been easy and safe to keep her healthy! "
- Kristen Mariotti
10/14/2020 14:30:26
"As always, Dr. Underwood is fantastic. Very patient and willing to answer any questions. Kristina is a gem! Taught me how to administer fluids to my kitty and offered me a bandage when I drove the needle into my own finger! I love PVVH!"
- Susan Harris
10/14/2020 14:16:00
"You are doing great! Both my dogs have anxiety about going to the vet. While I feel bad for them and how scared they are I always know they will be well taken care of, especially now that we can’t go in with them. The staff is always very patient with them and understands they are nervous. "
- Seana Hoynoski
10/11/2020 14:10:48
"Staff are informative, friendly, and efficient. They take great care of our dog and cat. With our dog being a senior, it is helpful to know how we can help prevent potential issues that come with age. I am always given prices before services are administered without having to ask."
- Vida Cripps
10/09/2020 17:41:37
"given curbside service, all was great, visit was fast and payment easy."
- Lydia Hemphill
10/08/2020 14:17:28
"You guys have always been Awesome! Very caring and compassionate w Looch! Love You Guys!"
- Lori Lynn Wood
10/06/2020 18:14:53
"The covid setup worked great, and was safe & effective. Thanks for keeping pets happy & healthy during these trying times! I was able to get a quick, affordable appointment to ease my worries about my fur baby. Thank you for all you do."
- Kendall Lavoie
09/28/2020 19:20:47
"Despite the pandemic and the extra precautions- we have felt no lack of service or attention. I have been able to call with any questions regarding Jaxon or Gem and her latest annual visit went well. It was difficult for me not to be able to go in with her but because Holly came to greet us and take her in I felt assured that she would be safe in gentle loving hands. The phone tech intake was smooth and when Dr Pelletier called to review the visit I was pleased that my concerns were addressed and time was freely given to answer all my questions as if I had been in the office with them. I was pleased when I received a follow up call a few days later to check up on Gemini and to discuss follow questions. Kristina and Olivia in the office are always pleasant and helpful- thank you for seeing us despite the slight schedule foul up that late afternoon evening. Jax, Gem and I appreciate all of you at PVVH so much! I t was a HUGE comfort to feel that you know and care for us when I cannot be in there with them. Thank You! <3"
- Dawn Kazokas
09/15/2020 15:55:20
"Very thorough at explaining what’s happening with pets and pet meds"
- Ember Skye Kanelee
09/15/2020 14:17:47
"- Easy and safe curbside service - Seamless communication via phone before, during appointment, and after for billing - Cheerful and thorough - Phone follow up the day after - Efficient so no long waiting around"
- Sally Reid
09/12/2020 12:55:07
"Staff is so accommodating and really cares."
- Kelly Brigham Steiner
08/28/2020 15:35:49
"We just adopted a cat and brought him for his first checkup here. Everyone was friendly and caring. "
- Heather Byrd
08/28/2020 14:35:26
"I had an awesome experience with you guys! I was given clear directions and everyone I talked to on the phone was incredibly helpful! We had to wait a little longer for one appointment, but it was a totally reasonable wait. Talking one on one with each vet (I went for my dog and cat separately) was very informative and easy to do. "
- Kara McColgan
08/27/2020 20:03:53
"Bennington and Pumpkin love to visit the crew at PVVH. Well Pumpkin sleeps all the way to the Hospital and Bennington cheers loudly. ;) The staff and Doctors are always engaged and accurate. Thank you for staying open and helpIng our extended family. "
- Karen Boudreau
08/27/2020 19:46:10
"Things worked just fine given the CV workarounds"
- Jerry Lund
08/27/2020 17:12:20
"Clear communication. I was impressed how well you kept me informed during my cat’s exam as I waited in my car."
- Catherine Hawks
08/26/2020 20:47:44
"Your system with providing great animal care amongst this pandemic has been great! It seems to work smoothly and safe for clients and staff. "
- Gracie Grover
08/26/2020 15:32:06
"I’ve only just started with you after several decades with a vet in another town. I’ve come twice to you and although I’ve never actually met the vets (Covid!) I feel that they have been very thorough and knowledgeable. They have been excellent on the phone and covered absolutely everything I needed to know in both cases. I am especially glad you do birds—had to go 45 minutes away before! "
- Deborah Savage
08/08/2020 21:59:28
"I tried to think of something that could have been done better, but couldn’t. Nice job all around."
- Cynthia Carr-Kramer
08/07/2020 14:41:12
"Our pets have been patients for about 9 years and we couldn’t be happier with our experience! I just referred a coworker 😀"
- Kristina Streeter
08/06/2020 14:17:44
"We love the welcoming feeling of everyone. We have 2 houses... one in Bernardston and one in Worcester. Since we have been spending more time in Bernardston, I transferred record here for my cats. Great TLC when Orange had a scratched eye. Just adopted a dog and this is the only vet I feel comfortable going too. Willing to travel from Worcester when I am not in Bernardston."
- Michelle Morrissey
08/06/2020 00:52:08
"You always take great care of my dogs."
- Ellen Hastings
08/05/2020 17:50:58
"Organized, and professional. Needed meds, called them in and were ready when I got there. Quick and efficient "
- Andrea Platner
08/05/2020 15:34:51
"Dr. Underwood is fabulous. So patient and explains things thoroughly. "
- Susan Harris
08/04/2020 16:49:51
"I always appreciate the level of care my dogs receive. And the follow-up is always great, too."
- Melissa Delorenzo
08/04/2020 14:38:03
"Every time we make an appointment for any of our animals to been seen, we have never been disappointed. They always listen to your concerns, prompt with care, friendly, courteous, and always take the time for you and your animals. I could not fathom seeing anyone else. "
- Lisa Adams
08/03/2020 19:28:22
"Thank you so much for your care and expertise. I’m very happy with this practice - and so are my cats. :) I would include the bad, but there sincerely have not been any bad experiences with you. Or even anything that would remotely qualify. Thank you for your coronavirus safety policies. I would not feel comfortable taking my pets there if these safety protocols were not in place. Many thanks, be well, and all blessings to each of you!"
- Catherine Ulitsky
08/03/2020 10:25:25
"You are all so amazing in dealing with pets and pet owners, always so caring and very reasonable. "
- Nicole Miller
08/01/2020 14:45:22
"It was quick and efficient. "
- Mary-Beth Landy
07/31/2020 16:29:21
"Great system for the pandemic ... kitties are fine, no aftereffects from vaccines."
- Linda Hay
07/30/2020 12:09:21
"As always I and little Jack were very happy with the wonderful service we received during his Saturday visit and am very grateful to you all for seeing us on such short notice."
- Suzanne Tessier
07/27/2020 18:59:38
"I wouldn't trust my dog with anyone else. 2 hands down the best service anyone could ask for even during the hard times we are going through right now with the pandemic."
- Brandon Oldham
07/27/2020 15:13:08
"Friendly staff, you love our pets. You tell us information about our pets even we don’t like the answer. "
- Cassandra Milone
07/25/2020 17:58:30
"The staff is extremely knowledgeable and polite! My cat is my baby and it's so nice to know I can trust this facility for any of his needs. Dr Pelletier performed my boys spay surgery, and he was back to his old self the very next morning. 5 stars!"
- Gina Russo
07/22/2020 17:32:23
"I am very happy bringing my cats here. You do a great job. Thank you. "
- Christina Fisher
07/17/2020 22:44:06
"Y’all were great! The vet tech that helped Bucky and I was extremely kind and sweet to Bucky! You all were very thorough and patient with me and all my questions! And you made it very easy to follow along and understand what shots Bucky has and what he needs. My overall experience was really fantastic! Thank you all. "
- Ben Garbus
07/14/2020 17:22:20
"You all are the best which is why we stay with you, thanks for being awesome!"
- Tamara Dion
07/12/2020 18:46:18
"In light of all the extra precautions because of Covid...your system is very efficient."
- Mary K Hallaran
07/12/2020 09:46:43
"Everyone is friendly and caring!"
- Lisa Gagne
07/10/2020 17:20:49
"Everything was fine. All needs addressed and questions answered."
- Sandra Peck
06/27/2020 21:46:07
"We are very satisfied with treatment of our pets and interactions with us. "
- Angela Sinclair
06/27/2020 19:26:38
"Excellent communication with Maddies Dr. Staff is professional and have very good bedside manners, which is most important to the care she receives. "
- Carlo Young
06/27/2020 17:13:44
"Everyone a Pioneer Valley Vetrinary Hospital is amazing down to the little questions that a worried mom needs to have answered and even when asked to repeat the answer. We appreciate how you are keeping yourselves and everyone around safe! The wilder family can’t express how great full we are to have you all taking care of our willow. Thank you so much!!! "
- Melissa Wilder
06/27/2020 15:38:27
"I've only had a few visits so far but I can tell you that my dog loves going to the vet and that's despite the fact that he had to go through an uncomfortable fluid infusion last year. So you're doing something right. Of course he's very treat driven and you've got great treats."
- Sarah Chapman
06/24/2020 21:20:35
"I really liked how you reorganized the process due to covid. It was easy, safe, and well run. Thank you SSSSSOOOO MUCH for getting pumpkin in that same morning. He’s sleeping comfortably. "
- Karen Boudreau
06/21/2020 15:04:49
"Excellent communication and care."
- Lydia Hemphill
06/18/2020 14:05:01
"I have been taking my cat to Pioneer valley for almost three years now and I am very satisfied with the service provided. "
- Diran Adjoyan
06/18/2020 12:09:37
"Our dogs have always received excellent care."
- Johanna Maguire
06/13/2020 10:05:44
"Great experience! Great staff! Great doctor! "
- Michael Maillet
06/10/2020 14:27:06
"Dr. Underwood is very capable and welcoming to Malibu and us. She provides good advise and clearly cares deeply about what she does and the welfare of the pets under her supervision. The staff at Pioneer have also been very attentive to Malibu and her needs."
- Roark Herron
06/08/2020 16:57:40
"All aspects outstanding!"
- Gordy Van Guilder
06/06/2020 18:33:45
"All good all the time. During this covid-19. Your care continues as always to put great care and service. I appreciate you Dr. Lisa and your staff. Love Elizabeth & Georgia "
- Elizabeth Walsh
05/31/2020 14:06:38
"Very friendly staff and know what there doing. "
- Cassandra Milone
05/26/2020 17:58:23
"It was my first experience and I was extremely pleased. Thank you."
- Christina Williams
05/25/2020 01:04:43
"I love bringing my pets here. The staff is always so helpful and pleasant to be around. "
- Juli Watt
05/23/2020 14:20:09
"Excellent. You are dealing very well with the problems presented by the pandemic "
- Peggy Wiinikainen
05/22/2020 18:16:32
"During this pandemic- everyone was so helpful, thorough and friendly, as usual! Curbside dropoff was strange, but fully trusting of everyone at PVVH! Excellent experience! "
- Doug Chouinard
05/20/2020 19:45:49
"In any normal situation, I have an great experience visiting this office. The precautions taken in response to COVID-19 help reassure safety for myself and my pets. The visit was thorough, quick, and very efficient. Staff is friendly as ever and the doctors are just as informative and caring. My dog knows when he is here and enters calmly. He typically is hesitant in different environments with people he doesn’t see often. He recognizes where he is and shows he is comfortable and trusting of Pioneer Valley Veterinary Hospital."
- Vida Cripps
05/16/2020 00:27:51
"I am very happy with the care my Freddie gets. Everyone is so nice and personable."
- Jennifer Cerreta
05/15/2020 19:50:10
"You are the best vet I have found! I have nothing to say other than you are all fantastic !"
- Victoria Anderson
05/02/2020 18:09:26
"Curbside routine was excellent "
- Barbara Polowy
04/30/2020 17:26:00
"Competent and caring"
- Greg Doyle
04/28/2020 17:17:44
"Thank you for remaining open during the quarantine. Y’all are hero’s. "
- Danielle Verplanck
04/28/2020 17:05:02
"Very appreciative that the curbside care is available during these challenging times. Thank you for helping us! "
- Kristen Mariotti
04/24/2020 17:15:27
"Even given the restrictions caused be COVID-19, the staff were very welcoming and communicated clearly. Everyone had a positive and cheerful attitude which I greatly appreciated."
- Carolyn Kennedy
04/23/2020 20:22:56
"U r great. You listen carefully to the problem and provide a very thoughtful and thorough solution so I feel confident Cindy will recover. I like the detailed explanation of the issue along with appropriate care I should give as follow up. "
- Sally Reid
04/22/2020 18:28:17
"I'm really happy with PVV! The doctors and staff are very nice, and I feel like a team member when it comes to my pets' care, not an onlooker. "
- Jennifer Moore
04/18/2020 15:12:36
"Very one is very friendly and when I lost Lucy you guys were so kind. I miss her deeply."
- Nancy Moriarty
04/17/2020 20:00:00
"Even though I couldn't go in I think Ello was well taken care of. She came out happy and through the phone I was will informed what was going on. Hopefully we can go in together soon."
- Sandra Habel
04/16/2020 17:15:49
"Tobey’s care is always awesome ! We are always give the best advice for her care."
- Charlyn Connolly
04/12/2020 15:54:32
"So glad we have you for the care of Myah. Even with social distancing we can rely on you and trust that you are concerned for Myah's well-being. "
- Kelly Brigham Steiner
04/12/2020 14:20:09
"You are all doing a great job givien the circumstances with what's going on now we really appreciate how you come out how your gentle with Dallas and he just loves you guys and is more than willing to go in with "the ladies" as that is how we refer to when Dallas needs to be seen. He gets so excited when it's time to go see you all and we appreciate that"
- Matthew Yoder
04/10/2020 21:19:24
"I think you’re doing everything right and I do appreciate you staying open during this crisis. Thank you "
- Donna Hathaway
04/09/2020 18:06:52
"Everyone we come into contact with at the hospital is very friendly and helpful; we always feel very comfortable with Rocky in your care."
- Sandra Duncan
04/09/2020 11:50:50
"You are all amazing! I was so worried about Jack and you were able to get him in right away..THANK YOU! ♥️"
- Cheri Powers
03/26/2020 11:48:08
"I love bringing my dogs to you. I am always informed what expenses are going to be ahead of any procedures, I am not pushed into doing anything with my dogs. I feel so comfortable with the decisions made at this office. "
- Dianne Calcari
03/25/2020 23:19:57
"Given all that's going on right now the staff was still super helpful and very pleasant"
- Juli Watt
03/25/2020 13:14:56
"Service is great and all shots explained well. Thanks for doing a great job."
- Juanita Benson
03/22/2020 15:09:23
"Everyone there was great—from the person who answered the phone, to the intake, exam, communication from the doctor, to the billing. Well done. "
- Lisa Robinson
03/21/2020 19:16:45
"Appreciated Dr Pelletier giving options and she clearly loves cats!"
- Holly Kosisky
03/16/2020 19:15:13
"All good, looking forward to our visit next week."
- Jennifer Goepp
03/15/2020 00:33:43
"Nurse and Doctor were both very kind and gentle with our little gerbil. The Doctor told stories about similar animals and things she has done for them. She kept the conversation light and open for questions we had. "
- Colleen Dumas
03/03/2020 21:25:12
"Check in was speedy and pleasant. Koda loved everyone. He gets excited when we pull into the parking lot. He is usually defensive, anxious, and takes a while to warm up to people. I have so much trust and confidence in the care he is receiving. When I picked him up there were other clients in front of me. The receptionist was sweet and addressed me by letting me know she’d be right with me. Koda was fresh and clean. I will definitely be bringing he back again. There was nothing negative about my experience."
- Vida Cripps
03/02/2020 22:21:32
"Our visit was great, I really can’t think of anything that you could do to improve our experience. "
- Frank Maleno
03/01/2020 02:51:53
"Love the time spent answering all our questions, the follow-up was much appreciated."
- Darlene Ladabouche
02/28/2020 18:41:39
"No complaints here, so far I like the service that I and my babies (pets) get. Keep up the good work."
- Sarah Rayner
02/22/2020 17:20:24
"I love the way your staff members relate to my normally very shy dog."
- Susan Space
02/22/2020 02:33:16
"Great follow up after her appointment "
- Elizabeth Antaya
02/20/2020 01:48:28