"Everyone is so kind and complimentary when they see sweet Maddie, our 12 year old Maltese. Dr. Neiser is so kind and we love her like family. If things go as they have from the last two years, I hope and pray that we will be able to visit you and her for many many years to come. Truly yours, Judy and Don Jones "
- Judy Jones
09/13/2018 02:18:23
"You all are fabulous!!!! LOVE Dr. Nicole!!!! You were all great with Bentley. All of you show that you REALLY DO care about our fur-babies!!!! YOU ALL DESERVE RAISES!!!! lol..."
- Mary Crockett
09/12/2018 22:50:47
"Always a very pleasant experiencce! Been coming there for 13 years and theee dogs! Love Dr C and all of you!"
- Marlene Gallagher
09/11/2018 21:24:50
"We had to make an emergency visit and had called ahead to let you know we were coming - I was so impressed with what you already had in place for us on our arrival and how quickly everything moved! "
- Rebecca Corrick
09/10/2018 17:29:06
"Dr. Neiser and Jacklyn were awesome taking care of my cat Mick. The visit went much smoother (for his annual and vaccinations) than I expected. Both were kind and gentle and spent some time chatting with us, setting a tone of relaxation. "
- Pat Van Nostrand
09/09/2018 14:36:00
"Everything was great."
- Kevin Schroeder
09/07/2018 13:16:22
"Our visit was excellent "
- Ilse Goodwin
09/07/2018 02:03:43
"excellent service, friendly and knowledgable staff, fair pricing."
- Gary Mitchell
09/06/2018 23:33:15
"I’ve always had a good experience at Town & Country. I call ahead for food and meds for Sadie and they are always ready for pickup when I arrive. You really do treat myself and Sadie as if we are part of the family!"
- George Pennington
09/06/2018 21:55:42
"You have taken care of all of my dogs. I would not think of going anywhere else. Thank you"
- Myra Post
09/06/2018 19:30:40
"Great! I wish my own physicians office was this amazing."
- Leslie Stepinsky
09/05/2018 23:15:21
"Feels like Family and I need help and guidance with Jack!"
- Peter Brenner
09/04/2018 19:43:24
"I am happy with all you do, and the kindness you show us. Turbo is comfortable when he comes.. thank you Janice Osborne"
- Janice Osborne
09/04/2018 19:09:21
"Dr Moore is awesome!"
- Diane Higgins
09/04/2018 18:51:55
"The staff are very friendly and I've developed a good relationship with them. I'm in the office at least once a month, if only to pick up dog food or get nails trimmed. They are very caring. I love Dr. Neisner....she's the best and Buddy has been well treated by all the staff."
- Robert Greaves
09/04/2018 18:38:51
"Thank you so much for taking good care of Bruno Mars. Appreciate your staff very much "
- Malinda Gomillion
09/04/2018 15:47:38
"From day one my fur family has followed Dr. Kelly since he left Skylark to venture his own dreams on the future of care n LOVE of GOD'S creations. He has been thru all the wonderful times helping us to care for whatever was needed to keep my babes healthy. Thru the inevitable hard times he n his ever loving staff did what was necessary to do with the grace of GOD surrounding us all. There so much goodness in his heart and the stories i have are endless! GOD has blessed all of us whom have ever been in his shadow 🙏"
- Darleen Yawn
09/01/2018 19:03:13
"I love the personalized comments in the exam room on our visits. All the staff seems caring and considerate. We have been going to T&C for the 7 yrs we have lived in Ocala. "
- Kay Scott
09/01/2018 18:14:07
"Great Job ! Wonderful staff ! "
- Tasha Torres
08/30/2018 14:37:59
"They are the best! We feel very lucky to have such caring caretakers and staff. We are very pleased with our friends at Town and Country Animal Hospital. Thank you !!"
- Joseph Marotta
08/29/2018 18:16:17
"You all are great and rummy was well taking care of during boarding. If it wasn't for the great vets there at town and country rummy would not even be with us anymore. The staff is great, and Kat at the front desk is awesome, she even gave our rummy some special loving while we were on vacation and he was boarding. We were at ease with him there and could enjoy our vacation. I would never , ever take my pets anywhere else. Thank you all for your caring and knowledgable services."
- Terry Coffin
08/29/2018 15:44:59
"So far both when I just stop for meds or a visit with the girls always great "
- Cynthia Carson
08/29/2018 14:33:04
"Our visit was great. Dr. Neiser was wonderful."
- Norman Hayford
08/25/2018 11:48:06
"Dr neiser is the best,gives good education about your pets problems,very kind and caring"
- Ann Clifford
08/24/2018 23:21:55
"We LOVE all the Doctors, Jennifer, Vet Tech, and front desk ladies. Being that I have a senior dog my visits are every two weeks for his laser treatments. Each and every time we walk in the girls at the front desk say hi to Duffy. Even when the techs pass us on their way to or back from lunch they stop to say hi to Duffy. Can't say enough good things about the care we receive."
- Deborah McCarthy
08/24/2018 21:44:15
"You are doing an awesome job! wow, imagine that, people who actually care. I thought it was the cutest thing that when me and my dog entered the room to be seen by the doc, there was a board there that read good morning cooper!! Such a nice touch..."
- Gwen Plitouke
08/24/2018 15:56:07
"We are always happy with our experience at T&C. "
- Mindy Vetto
08/23/2018 23:04:29
"Awesome vet experience . Very happy "
- Shirley Minogue
08/22/2018 20:39:04
"WOW! We chose Town and Country Animal Hospital almost 15 years ago and have never regretted that choice! Everyone working there loves animals and it shows! The three dogs we presently own and several others that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge have always enjoyed their visits there and gets lots of love every time! Bravo! Don't know why anyone would go anywhere else! Kudos to Drs. Culbertson and Neisner for their wonderful care and attitudes!"
- Cindy Stone
08/22/2018 20:27:21
"I have always received the best of service and very confident in the quality of care my dogs receive ..."
- Frank Durastanti
08/22/2018 19:36:24
"Dr. Moore and Shane are simply the best! We are all on the same page with Maddie's on-going digestive problems, proactive and responsive care and treatment plan going forward. A couple of hours after the anti-biotic was given, Maddie ate almost a full meal - and is doing better as I write. Thanks for the great care and appreciated follow-up calls, too. "
- Don Weiss
08/21/2018 23:14:20
"Our dogs pull us inside! They even know a great place Town and Country is, what more could you ask for. They, we enjoy coming to the office. We know friendly people await us and they are well taken care of."
- James Kingsley
08/21/2018 21:22:24
"We always enjoy coming in to Town & Country (even our cat, Riley, doesn't put up a fuss!). The front desk staff are always very pleasant to talk to and more than accommodating. We can't say enough about Dr. Neiser...she's the best!"
- Carol Brandes
08/20/2018 22:27:12
"Everyone was so nice and caring. The doctor was up front and caring. Very helpful. "
- Alicia Wojcicki
08/20/2018 21:58:16
"I love your staff. I have never been disappointed with anyone! Thank you for making our experience in a new town one less thing we have to worry about!🐾🐾"
- Diana Rhodes
08/20/2018 21:14:07
"Excellent service, will continue to be a customer."
- James Vaughn
08/20/2018 16:25:16
"Our experience is always wonderful when we bring our Buddy to the vet, Town and Country is consistent with excellent care for all clients and their pets every single visit. Andrew & Rosemary Visney"
- Rosemary Visney
08/19/2018 01:35:53
"We have never had a bad experience at Town & Country.......everyone there is always friendly and helpful..........Beau comes home in good shape. It is a pleasure to have such a facility close to us with the best in services. Thanks to all the staff."
- Carol White
08/18/2018 14:56:59
"Love you guys! Won’t take my furry kids anywhere else. Great care and treatment for my pets and respect and kindness for me. "
- Valerie Bridges
08/18/2018 12:41:03
"Through 18 years, Kelly has taken care of numerous dogs for me with an assortment of the worse kinds of problems. He has always been there to get me through it and I not, only value him as a veterinarian but the best caring person I know. Thank you to all the help at the front desk as for their kindness and knowledge."
- Marion Coffman
08/18/2018 11:37:45
"Just great!"
- Patricia Burns
08/10/2018 21:41:11
"I am always so impressed with the courteous staff and promptness getting in to a room. You are a busy practice but staff is always polite and considerate, I observe them with others as well as how I am treated."
- Bonnie McLaurin
08/09/2018 19:27:30
"Everyone is always no nice, helpful. Feel everyone is the best doctors I could ever ask for. You were great with our last puppy Otis and wonderful with Odie. Thanks everyone. "
- Sara Backos
08/08/2018 19:32:50
"Very pleased with the way my boy Spartacus is treated. I love the way his name is on the board in the exam room greeting him. Keep up the great work ❤️"
- Gay Seice
08/08/2018 18:44:21
"Neither myself or my dog never had any bad experiences. We love all the staff especially Amanda and Kat and all the vets , all showing concern for our visit Julia thanks u"
- Zoe Markos
08/08/2018 17:30:32
"I’m on oxygen. My dog had surgery and the tech offered to carry him to my car. Made it so much easier for me You called that night and I told you he was in a lot of pain so I gave pain med early. You called the next morning to be sure he was ok (much better) and then totally surprised me by calling Monday morning to be sure he was still ok. This is why you all are the best Vets we’ve ever used. Thank you!"
- Jane Bennett
08/08/2018 17:11:37
"Before Sparky's surgery, I had questions. Shane, the vet tech, called me and spent a lot of time explaining the procedure to be done and answered questions. He was very helpful. Everyone in the office is nice. Keep up the good work!"
- Deb Rivera
08/08/2018 16:25:56
"I love the positive attitude of the staff and how everyone's goal is the health of your pet. This trip was just blood work and a call back later from the Dr. I really appreciate the time given to me to be able to understand what is going on with my dog."
- Anne Roldan
08/08/2018 16:22:59
"Everyone is very welcoming, friendly, and helpful. The doctors are quite knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. I will be with this practice as long as I have pets. I would trust no other."
- Kevin Melady
08/08/2018 16:05:01
"Thanks for everything!!"
- Emily Holmes
08/08/2018 15:55:14
"We are very grateful the services that you provide and the care and love that you show the little ones thank you from the bottom of our hearts you are the best doctors for my precious Ariel"
- Pat Cooper
08/08/2018 15:55:03
"As always, our visit was wonderful. We can’t imagine trusting Teddy and Sugar to any other vet."
- John Roesler
08/08/2018 15:52:13
"You all are doing GREAT at TOWN & COUNTRY ANIMAL HOSPITAL!! I would not take my dog, Ellie, anywhere else. The care she receives at Town and Country is the best she has ever received in all aspects, from the medical to the caring from the vets and the techs. Normally we see Dr. Neiser who is the greatest, and no matter how busy they are, she takes her time to exam Ellie and answer any questions my husband and I may have. The entire staff at the hospital are very friendly and pleasant and greet you as soon as you walk in the door."
- Ruth Pringle
08/06/2018 23:59:23
"When our dog comes home happy, we're happy! Very pleased to have such a great place for our fur babies care so close to our home"
- Pauline & Jaime Jamison
08/01/2018 21:05:43
"Ava Grace loves y'all. She "purrs" whenever she rides in my car and I tell her that we're going to see Dr. Nicer!"
- Harold Schinman
08/01/2018 07:10:14
"You undoubtedly have the best front desk staff that I have ever encountered"
- Penny Lewis
07/31/2018 14:51:23
"Town n Country is the best office and has the best staff and Vets! I have been going there for over 20 years and have never been disappointed. "
- Lisa Rogers
07/29/2018 19:29:41
"Ever since we have been bringing our pets to T & C we have been extremely please. Everyone is very nice and accommodating. Those that work there seem to be happy and really care about animals. I recommend T & C all the time. Ragnar and Yazi are taken care of and treated great. It really helps especially with Yazi's anxiety when I bring her into get her nails clipped."
- Heidi Brown
07/29/2018 19:14:36
"Great. Very informative and friendly."
- Janice Shaw
07/28/2018 04:40:55
"Thank you for being so loving and caring for my little Chico!"
- Vicky Nelson
07/28/2018 02:05:46
"Hugo loves going to the vet! And I love it too. Friendly and ready to take care of the need at hand. Thanks for being outstanding! "
- Jean Schore
07/25/2018 20:30:19
"We have always taken our fur babies to Town and Country and are so pleased with every aspect of their veterinary practice. I would definitely recommend Town and Country; you won’t be sorry."
- Marla Martin
07/24/2018 22:50:11
"New to this area and have been very happy with the professional service I have received with botth of my Chihuahuas. Very happy and would recommend to anyone searching for a great office."
- Beverly Watson
07/23/2018 21:41:31
"Everyone is very sweet and helpful"
- Steed Salls
07/23/2018 20:36:52
"Always feel confident bringing Sophie in for any reason! EVERYONE is pleasant and helpful. If the staff is happy there, it translates to the pets being happy, at ease patients. Thanks for all of the excellent work--- Everyone....."
- Lisa Gelinas
07/23/2018 20:30:21
" Very happy with the care for my furry family members that we receive from the veterinarians and staff at Town and Country Animal Hospital. "
- Carol Miller
07/23/2018 19:59:37
"Miranda was extremely helpful. Amanda was great. Pam once again has stabilized my dog. I appreciate how your team is always so helpful. My dog is a very sick senior they always manage to get last minute appointments and care for her. Very satisfied as always. "
- Andrea Hungate
07/22/2018 00:42:00
"Mila loves you guys! Im glad shes does!"
- Sheila Medina
07/19/2018 14:41:45
"Very confident and professional. That’s exactly what I came there for! You know your stuff! 👌"
- Peggy Byrd
07/19/2018 00:52:47
"Dr. Culbertson's diagnostic expertise is excellent. He always explains the sometimes complicated medical condition (using his whiteboard) so you are comfortable with the decision you have to make as the owner. The medical staff are calm ( for your pet), friendly (for you), and knowledgeable. The front staff always makes us feel welcome; they also keep us up to date if there will be changes to our appointment, pricing, or medications. I love everything about that place!!!"
- Marian Kilday
07/14/2018 15:37:28
"We think Town & Country is the best. Always a good experience. Have been going there for 9 years. The best!"
- Ann Glick
07/13/2018 22:53:15
"Everything is fine with Service and Dr. Check ups"
- Elaine Martin
07/13/2018 22:37:11
"I found good reviews for you on Yelp and I was not disappointed."
- Donald Collins
07/13/2018 19:45:12
"Y’all have always been extremely friendly and I can tell your staff truly cares for my babies. It really means a lot especially with Fenris having social anxiety. On visits that it’s busier than normal y’all always let me know in a friendly & polite manner. I always tell everyone about your facility and amazing staff & doctors."
- Terra Vilberg
07/13/2018 09:03:32
"I greatly appreciate the consistency with which your staff respond to my questions and concerns. I never feel as if I’ve been lost in the shuffle as someone always responds. I’ve been a client for over 20 years and continue to appreciate excellent service- thank you!"
- Karen Jensen
07/12/2018 12:57:46
"All of the vets and techs are wonderful,,,so caring, Dr Neiser calls about our dog baby on her day off, Jake has a special relationship with his groomer, Terry. When he first started going , 5 years ago he was aggresive to everyone...4 lbs of terror, Now when we get there he is so excited to go in. Everyone at the front is so nice to him and of course he has his favorites. Dr. Culberson is great with our bird. He doesn't go as often but he is no longer stressed when he does go. "
- Lois Racaniello
07/11/2018 20:29:21
"Mandy sais no one is to care for her but Town and Country...she told me if I choose another Vet. she will choose another owner....."
- Paul Peduto
07/11/2018 20:22:06
"Very clean facility with competent and thorough Staff in all positions. Front office Staff are courteous and efficient. Vets and techs are knowledgeable and comprehensive. My pet developed an acute problem that received prompt attention and an effective treatment plan. I have no hesitation at all regarding the Staff's capabilities to address and treat my pet's problems. "
- Sharyn Lang
07/11/2018 20:16:26
"I really have no bad feedback only GOOD! Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. The staff really goes above & beyond to make each patient feel important. They’ve always taken care of my babies with the same concern & love as we do. "
- Megan Richardson
07/10/2018 18:38:49
" Very good experience, everyone extremely nice and professional "
- Gary Manges
07/09/2018 21:05:14
"Awesome staff, kind vets. Not rushed, explain everything. Recommend highly. "
- Kelly Turner
06/29/2018 10:17:53
"Everyone was very pleasant. The tech as well as the doctor are very caring and did nicely handling and showing concern for cocoa. Once again I left there feeling confident and satisfied regarding my pooch."
- Marilyn Troglauer
06/28/2018 22:00:37
"We were very impressed and loved how we and our new baby Clementine were treated. Everyone there made us feel special but it's the extra little things they did as well that showed they truly understood our pets are family! Special mention to Kristina for my 1st impression by phone...and Dr. Nicole Moore for taking time with us and wonderful care of our little girl. "
- Joan Irick
06/28/2018 21:54:11
"It was all good. Thank you."
- Joy Summers
06/28/2018 19:29:00
"Always the best service. Immediate attention when entering. Very pleasant and courteous. Your whole staff are excellent. Dr. Moore is excellent. My Zoey is always happy to go there. LOL no matter what is done to her. Thank You !"
- Jo-Ann Wayland
06/28/2018 19:06:02
"You guys are the best!"
- Angie Chovnick
06/28/2018 18:55:40
- Diane Peterson
06/28/2018 18:48:41
"I have been going to Town And Country since Kelly opened it my animals get the best of care I am very confident in all the vets there I referred many people there and will continue to do so"
- Ellen Fahrner
06/28/2018 18:41:56
"Always get the best care and the staff show such interest in my and my cat's situation/issues."
- Victoria Warner
06/26/2018 19:18:18
"We absolutely love doctor Moore. She is friendly and caring but what really matters is her medical abilities and our last visit proves that. But the support staff is just as good at their jobs and the quality of the team and approach is what sets your business apart. We are apprehensive about the upcoming surgery but our solace is the skills of the team. And in closing JoJo says if you could quit sticking stuff in his butt that would be amazing. He’s often inappropriate. 🤔😵😇"
- Phil O'Day
06/26/2018 18:21:09
"Couldn't be any better !!!"
- Margi Matko
06/24/2018 16:22:07
"I was very impressed with Town and Country. "
- Edward Ware
06/24/2018 10:34:51
"I would never take my furbabies anywhere else, I'm very happy with the care they receive from the doctors and all the staff. "
- Vicki Hedrick
06/23/2018 21:02:03
"Always recommend you to people "
- Kim Self
06/23/2018 02:03:23
"I have been a customer for over 20 years. I have always had good service, and the staff are always friendly. I will continue to patronize Town & Country Animal Hospital and highly recommend it to my friends."
- Lori Long
06/22/2018 16:42:35
"No complaints! Great care for my dog - great staff - great vets."
- Marilyn Gillette
06/22/2018 09:23:44
"I was very pleased with the service I received for Oreo, on Monday June 18, 2018, for her 3 year rabies vaccine . 3 years ago she became very sick after having her rabies vaccine. I was extremely apprehensive and worried she would become sick again. I am happy to sy, she had no adverse reaction, and we are looking forward in her next visit on July 1, 2018, for a much needed and overdue lion cut. "
- Sally Hooks
06/21/2018 20:55:59
"EVERYONE is extremely courteous to us on every visit! We have always trusted our babies with your staff. They are the BEST!"
- Jim Speck
06/17/2018 05:07:46
"Loved it! "
- Erica Zeno
06/16/2018 02:22:44
"I have had a lot of animals over the years. Because my wife Janie and I moved to a different area of Ocala we decided to switch to Town and Country for convenience. We are thoroughly impressed. Clean, friendly and professional service. The best I have experienced in Marion County."
- Janie Henderson
06/15/2018 15:05:59