"Thank you for all that you all do! Sincerely, Summer Cross "
- Summer Cross
05/14/2018 11:37:32
"I always feel like the Town and Country staff and veterinarians really care about my dog."
- Cathy Iervolino
05/12/2018 09:56:09
- Ronnie Schuyler
05/11/2018 13:18:51
"The staff are wonderful with our pets. My dog is anxious when he visits and they help calm him down. They spend the time to go over everything . "
- Diane Fanucci
05/11/2018 13:00:42
"Been bringing our dogs here for 29 years ..That says it all .. :-)"
- Richard Rinschler
05/10/2018 23:21:23
"Fabulous!!! I am very confident in the care and treatment my furry kids receive at T&C. The vets , techs and support staff are all wonderful. Warm, friendly and never ever patronizing. I recommend T&C to all friends and anyone who asks or in passing. "
- Valerie Bridges
05/10/2018 11:50:57
"We live a bit of a distance, with many veterinary practices between us, we choose to travel :-) We are always confident in the care our dogs receive. Oh...and those awesome notes on the white board....keep 'em coming ;-)"
- Mindy Vetto
05/10/2018 00:38:27
"I have had nothing but positive experience. The staff and doctors are serious about the health of each pet that comes in."
- Maryann Lecain
05/09/2018 23:41:03
"Your staff is the greatest and I have complete trust in their care."
- Diane Pope
05/08/2018 18:26:27
"Good and prompt service!!!"
- Connie Ryan
05/08/2018 13:20:16
"Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. I love that my dog is greeted and loved on by the staff. They make you feel right at home."
- Julie Beard
05/08/2018 00:53:07
"All was good! Everyone friendly and so very good to Jr. All the staff I interacted with were caring and very gentle with him"
- Janice Dibble
05/07/2018 13:25:20
"We really like Dr. Niser. We like the music you play. We feel you are the most competant clinic in Ocala. Very pleased."
- Lori Baute
05/07/2018 00:08:32
"Love your practice. I feel confident with doctors experience and knowledge. Everyone in the office is friendly, always smiling and love animals. I recommend you to all my friends and neighbors. "
- Lorraine Veralli
05/05/2018 15:45:29
"Your the only animal hospital that we would take our pets to. Your the best😃"
- Patti Dorr
05/04/2018 23:33:55
"We love you guys"
- Velvet Bonom
05/04/2018 22:29:34
"We love the kindness and care that we receive there. "
- Judy Jones
05/03/2018 21:20:42
"I take my 3 kitties to Town & country and have for years, I would never consider going elsewhere .Every one of your vets are compassionate as well as knowledgeable . The office staff is wonderful. You could not have better people working at Town & Country ."
- Carolyn Zarkosky
05/03/2018 14:00:13
"From mine and my husband's experience from bringing Ellie to Town and Country, everything and everyone has been great. Dr. Neiser always takes the time to explain everything to us and she answers all of our questions. My husband and I both are confident and trust the care Ellie has been receiving from Dr Neiser. Every Tech we have had has been very personable and knowledgeable. The girls at the front desk greet you as soon as you enter always with a smile. We have been very happy with the care Ellie has received."
- Ruth Pringle
04/30/2018 19:11:56
"We have been going to Town and Country for 10 years and have never had a bad experience there. We love Dr. Pam Niser. She has helped us get thru some bad times with our late Mindy and is now treating our new youngster,Taffy. The staff has always been extremely friendly. We are always recommending the facility to our friends."
- Nadine Hewes
04/29/2018 09:06:36
"Dr. Moore explained to me several times about my cat's problems and was very helpful in choosing my options for my cat. Thank you so much. Really liked that I was able to receive her medicine and pay my account all in the examining room."
- Phyllis Bilyeu
04/29/2018 02:25:04
"An excellent practice with all the Bells and Whistles Thank You,"
- Alan Tyler
04/28/2018 15:37:17
"Y’all are the only ones I want caring for my beloved pups. Thank you for always taking the best care of us! 💜"
- Gina Bonet
04/28/2018 10:45:06
"Everyone we dealt with couldn’t be more helpful, friendly or courteous. It’s always a pleasure going to Town and Country...even our cat, Riley, doesn’t put up a fuss when he visits there:)"
- Carol Brandes
04/27/2018 22:17:56
"Town & Country should be used as a model for how other businesses should operate, the staff and doctors are wonderful, as I always will say, I wish Dr. Neiser was my family doctor, she is thorough, listens and genuinely cares along with the staff. Rosemary, Andrew and Buddy Visney"
- Rosemary Visney
04/26/2018 12:55:47
"the staff is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. each knows what to do, and do it efficiently . they take care of the animals in a careful and friendly manner, so as to keep them as calm as possible."
- Belinda Newhart
04/26/2018 11:45:55
"We love all the people at T & C! You have the best customer service EVER and every one of the vets we have seen has been wonderful. Rocket and Trixie love you too!"
- Becky Myers
04/26/2018 11:11:10
"Ocho is more comfortable each time we visit. Doctors and staff are always friendly and willing to give us as much time as we need to answer questions."
- Jane Darling
04/24/2018 12:48:31
"You are doing Great! I can’t imagine how hard it must be to diagnose what is wrong with our “fur babies”, especially since they can’t tell you how they feel. You must rely on the owner to tell everything that is going on. You are Angels! "
- Darlene Miller
04/24/2018 11:13:59
"We have been in Ocala for 17 years. Dr. Culbertson has proven to have the compassion, experience, knowledge, and ability to listen that is rarely seen in any medical professional. The other doctors are good but nobody else that we have seen can compete. The staff is pleasant, knows you, and your pet by name! They are always willing to lend you a hand when and if you need it, great crew!!"
- Nancy Pace
04/23/2018 20:09:33
"Amanda, Kat, Christina very helpful and courteous always concerned about my dogs needs. Thank u girls"
- Zoe Markos
04/22/2018 15:58:30
"Staff is great! Love Dr. Mills!"
- Tammie Wade
04/22/2018 02:38:59
"I love the personal approach! Everyone greets Casey by name and makes us feel very welcome. As a result, he is much calmer than he could be, and wags constantly. Good vet care and good "pet relations"!"
- Jill Stopka
04/21/2018 20:35:08
"I know that when I bring my kids to Town and Country they will get terrific care and the staff is so courteous. They really care and want the animals’ stress to be minimal. I can count on Town and Country to give my animals the BEST possible care"
- Susan Edwards
04/21/2018 19:43:41
"I am still shaking my head in amazement at how sweet, caring, efficient, experience (s) I had there. It was a difficult move from North Carolina and leaving my Veterinarian of 10 years. I think I found my animal (and mommy) care home at Town and Country. "
- Donna Bragg
04/21/2018 13:41:26
"Everyone of the girls up front are very helpful. I really like Dr. Neisler. She is great. Thanks so much for all your help."
- Della Bruss
04/20/2018 15:49:53
"I love Dr.Neiser! She loves your pets just as you do! She hurts when you hurt. She always wants to do what is best for you and your pet! I love her! I love her! Oh, did I say I love her!!!!"
- Cheryl Anderson
04/20/2018 12:59:17
"Friendly staff, good communication, clear perspective that the pet comes first. Thank you!"
- Jennifer Garber, DVM
04/20/2018 10:01:16
"Wouldn’t go anywhere else!!"
- Donna Hintze
04/19/2018 17:05:29
"Love this place. I am so glad I found a friendly vet place."
- Heidi Ramos
04/18/2018 22:14:07
"You are all doing just fine! All the vets and support staff do their best to address my pets' needs (and those of their anxious mom!) and to make sure that all questions and concerns are answered. "
- Denise Hackworth
04/18/2018 17:38:29
"The best care ever!!!!! Thank you so much for all you do!"
- Mary Shoukry
04/16/2018 11:48:19
"Everyone is wonderful, complete confidence in Dr. Culbertson and Town & Country ! "
- Lisa Jagers
04/16/2018 11:45:44
"You all were the best for my pets! You all were there at a time when I really needed someone to keep my babies! I Thank you for your Wonderful job well done! We will miss you when we leave for Georgia Friday! Best of Luck to you all! God Bless and take care! 🤗❤️🐶🐕🐕"
- Virginia Owen
04/16/2018 01:23:45
"You do very well Idrive a long way to come there but I want the best care for my dogs and I get it at town and country .thankss for being so good to my dogs."
- Barbara Tigner
04/15/2018 02:27:14
"Been using T&C since it opened. Wouldn't go anywhere else unless UF "
- Leslie Thorne
04/14/2018 09:40:05
"I am a snowbird from IL. I have gone to the same vet for 17 years with my dogs. I purchased a puppy while here, so needed to get a vet check and then puppy shots. My husband and I loved you so much, we are going to get all of our routine work done with you!"
- Liz Hoger
04/13/2018 18:56:41
"Very pleased and like the follow up calls after Max having surgery. Very comfortable to know that you care. "
- Christine Lopez
04/13/2018 14:31:59
"You have the nicest staff! They know Chewy and me when we come in and are so loving to Chewy. We always feel welcome and get the best service!"
- Cynthia Hibbard
04/13/2018 11:25:22
"I dropped off Hannah, my rough Collie puppy, for a bath, nails, and a few mats she had and was greeted by Linda, the groomer. She was pleasant, friendly, and knowledgeable. She listened to my concerns and assured me that she could meet them all. When I returned to pick up Hannah, she was absolutely beautiful. Her coat was shiny, her nails were cut low and they used a dremel tool on her to make her nails rounder so they would not catch on anything. I am so pleased with Linda, the doctors, and all the staff. I would not even think of going to another vet and groomer. Thanks everyone."
- Kevin Melady
04/12/2018 19:09:27
"This was the first time that Dr. Moore provided care for any one of my dogs. She was great, very thorough, very gentle and loving with Chance and took time to explain everything to me. Today, Chance is back to his same rambunctious self!!!"
- Wendy Warner
04/11/2018 03:43:35
"This is a wonderful veterinary hospital I've always been very pleased."
- Vic Burke
04/06/2018 14:23:34
"Your vets and staff are excellent. I have not had a bad experience yet "
- Lisa Bohannon
04/05/2018 23:59:22
"The medical staff has such a depth of knowledge and diagnostic skills. And this is coupled with a wonderful ability to explain and educate us about our pets. I love the whiteboard in the exam rooms! The office staff are always kind, friendly, and truly concerned or happy for us when we bring our pets in. Dr. Culbertson has truly set the "gold" standard for veterinary care."
- Marian Kilday
04/05/2018 12:34:20
"Town and Country are the best! Everyone is always wonderful. Dr. Nieser has been great. I have one dog that requires a good deal of car. I have never been disappointed in the care received! You are the best! "
- Barbara Tagert
04/05/2018 11:18:46
"The entire staff delivers awesome service, very professional and courteous always, and I am in the office almost every month, if not more to purchase special K/D food for Dakota. I am a frequent client and it's always been a highlight of my morning or afternoon to stop in. Thank you for those days. "
- Cheryl Ingraham
04/05/2018 01:06:22
"Never had any problems with staff. Dr are all great good service 😍love Town and Country"
- Donald Parker
04/04/2018 10:32:30
"I feel my Golden is getting the best care at Town and Country Animal Hospital. "
- Sal Ciarleglio
04/03/2018 20:36:48
"You provide great service, knowledge and you really care about the animals. I like that you are on the cutting edge of the latest vet care but don't push unnessary meds or tests or exams. Thank you."
- Becky Wallace
04/03/2018 18:00:42
"We are very comfortable with your services and the Doctors. Very happy to be associated with you folks!"
- Terrance Fleck
04/03/2018 14:30:04
"I don't know what I'd do without you guys! Chico was so messed up when I got him. You take such good tender loving care of him, thank you!"
- Vicky Nelson
04/02/2018 22:11:25
"We totally trust Town and Country. So grateful for you guys."
- Heren Lee
04/02/2018 16:53:15
"Very Happy that they were able help my dog in his time of need, and that he seems to be back to his old self"
- Debbie Guthrie
04/01/2018 17:33:17
"Never anything bad! Always great service and friendly people. Been going to this Vet for 21 years!"
- Linda Arthur
04/01/2018 15:38:19
"very caring doctors n staff. doctors take time to answer all my questions n concerns. "
- Pat Cooper
04/01/2018 12:10:27
"We appreciate the time and care that your staff and vets take with our Marty<3"
- Ruth O'Connell
04/01/2018 11:06:10
"Dr. Neiser is wonderful! Thanks to all the staff for helping to find the fix to a 2 year long problem. Flower is feeling so much better!!🐶"
- Gayle Contardo
04/01/2018 10:43:29
"We trust our most valuable possessions with Town & Country!"
- Laura Thurnes
03/30/2018 16:45:51
"We are very happy with our experience at Town & Country Animal Hospital! All questions were answered thoroughly and our beloved pet was treated with the utmost care. We will definitely be back! "
- Crystal Davis
03/30/2018 15:24:32
"Always have good experience, and the staff are so patient and caring. "
- Victoria Warner
03/29/2018 18:09:45
"Very pleasant & courteous service. All my questions were answered to my satisfaction. My Zoey is actually excited when we go there. "
- Jo-Ann Wayland
03/29/2018 18:06:11
"Very happy with the treatment given to our puppies. The whole staff is very courteous & knowledgeable."
- Gene Brusko
03/29/2018 12:05:37
"Best vets ever"
- Susan Moschiano/Geelan
03/29/2018 11:44:12
"excellent staff. very polite and thorough. took care of all our needs in a very timely manner. all with a pleasant attitude, and smile."
- Peter Castro
03/28/2018 14:49:35
"Great! Tech & Dr were great , very informative, gentle with our Baby. Will be back. Thanks"
- Carol Shisler
03/28/2018 12:28:13
"I have always been extremely happy with my pet care at Town and Country. Sometimes, I even come without my dogs--I need to pick up a prescription for Latte tomorrow."
- Olivia David
03/28/2018 08:56:46
"Very pleased"
- Gery Nickell
03/27/2018 15:33:23
"I'm always happy with going to you for my Sterling. Always treated great and the whole crew are so efficient and friendly. Thank you!"
- Kay Hern
03/27/2018 12:57:43
"I am 100% satisfied with the awesome care given to my cat Mirabella. "
- Lisa Hathaway
03/26/2018 06:21:06
" My pets & I have nothing but great experiences with Town & Country Animal Hospital "
- Carol Miller
03/25/2018 17:32:53
- Lucretia VanVorst
03/25/2018 16:56:28
"We always get terrific service."
- Margi Matko
03/25/2018 15:10:50
"Greatly appreciate the personal and warm environment. "
- Lynn Marie Lusk
03/25/2018 03:45:41
"Your staff is the best... Zoey loves coming to stay and everyone is fantastic to her.... Shannon is her best friend. All I have to do is ask her if she want to go see Shannon and she runs to the door anxious to come. Thank you for taking such good care of her all these years. "
- Corinne DeVault
03/25/2018 03:32:12
"Customer service at its best and for our fur families just the same"
- Judy Rhymer
03/24/2018 22:55:43
"From a surgeon’s point of view, excellent in care, communication and follow up. Appreciate the excellent surgical skill and resulting well being of the patient. Thank you!"
- Krista Seltzer
03/24/2018 02:11:46
"The staff always makes us feel like "family". They take great care of Buddy and Abby!"
- Oral Blackmon
03/23/2018 23:32:58
"Our dog, Carlie, had sustained a left eye injury caused by a high velocity tennis ball. The staff at Town & Country was so kind and reassuring as they treated this beloved member of our family! Also, the follow up telephone call to check on Carlie's status was so much appreciated. That's why we love T&C!"
- Barbara Deane
03/23/2018 15:24:41
"I absolutely adore your staff. You are the most friendly, thoughtful knowledgeable group of folks. It does not go unnoticed. I surely appreciate you and are the only group of people I would trust with Layla's care. Many thanks!"
- Tysa Helmbrecht
03/23/2018 14:22:53
" groomer does a great job Doctor is great about helping Cari get better."
- Carol Richardson
03/23/2018 12:26:15
"Best Ocala vets"
- Fran Marino
03/23/2018 11:07:53
"Always have complete trust in the doctors and staff. Great bunch of experienced, committed and caring folks."
- Eve Shackleton
03/23/2018 08:54:57
"Staff members are friendly and welcoming without fail - to me and my animal companions. Responsive and helpful - could not ask for better service!"
- Stephanie Gordon
03/23/2018 03:19:44
"When we moved to Florida 8 years ago with our 2 dogs and 1 cat we found that Town and Country was located close to our home. We immediately began leaving our pets there during the day while we remodeled our home. And, also got appointments for their annual exams, flea meds and grooming. Because of your staff's friendliness and excellent pet care we have enjoyed out association with Town and Country. Your staff, from the front desk to the techs and Vets have been truly dedicated to helping take care of our fur babies. During the past year we lost one of our wonderful dogs as well as out kitty cat. We brought them to you for euthanasia. It was so hard on us but the care, concern and compassion from your staff during this time of grief over the loss of our precious pets helped us so much. So thanks for the great job you guys do!!!! "
- Mel Reese
03/23/2018 03:02:45
"Excellent from front to back"
- Joe Raimo
03/23/2018 02:30:01
"Recommend this office to everyone "
- Kim Self
03/23/2018 02:15:10
"Everyone is always friendly, concerned, and very thorough in examining and explaining results, treatment, etc. Dottie is very excited to visit you and that of course makes us happy."
- Susan Tomberlin
03/19/2018 15:40:41
"Very attentive and professional. They even followed up with a phone call which is getting more rare these days!"
- Rick Wagner
03/14/2018 18:15:15
"Great experience every time I come there"
- Kathy Sidella
03/08/2018 21:14:34
"I would recommend Town & Country to everyone! "
- Tammy Treadway
03/08/2018 01:34:03