"Bella is our second fur baby to not only board with you but also to use your veterinary services. We have been pleased with the services we have received over the past 14 years."
- Bobbie Knighton
08/01/2017 23:02:49
"We feel so comfortable with the staff and care received from Town & Country! You are like a second family! "
- Andrea Richburg
08/01/2017 22:33:27
"Lilly fully expects to interact with the staff upon arrival, and she's not disappointed. This last visit she stepped on the scale then counter surface the reception desk to say HI! She loves going to her Vet, and the staff gives her the attention she loves."
- Lyn Adams
08/01/2017 17:44:22
"I love taking my dogs there and they do too. "
- Maryann Lecain
08/01/2017 17:32:52
"I was so pleasantly surprised at how well all levels of Staff bonded with my timid rescue Chihuahua. Thought I was going to have to muzzle him, but Mandy quickly won him over with love and treats! The whole staff worked well with him. What I thought was going to be a very stressful experience was actually a very nice one for both of us."
- Vicky Nelson
08/01/2017 16:59:25
"Customer service is fantastic and is nice someone calls to follow up to see how your pet is doing if they prescribe a medication or after a procedure."
- Rhonda Mack
08/01/2017 16:50:21
"Everyone has always been terrific and helpful."
- Tony Braun
08/01/2017 16:03:01
"You are all doing a great job! Dr. Culbertson has been taking care of our "fur babies" for as long as I can remember, probably twenty years or more :) No only is Dr. Culbertson a great vet, he is an awesome individual with love and compassion for his work. Would not take my "babies" anywhere else. You are all a great team making very visit a great one!"
- Bob Herbert
08/01/2017 15:04:15
"Can't say enough about the excellent care my dear Sylvestef gets when visiting, from the techs to Dr Pam Neisner."
- Elayne Lindsey
08/01/2017 14:55:06
"It was amazing. Such caring people "
- Norman Hayford
08/01/2017 14:47:37
"I am never disappointed with the staff. Everyone is very courteous and easy to talk with. I would always recommend your office to anyone looking for a place to board their pets."
- JoAnne Wells
07/16/2017 08:26:09
"You are the very best! Not only for veterinary services, but also for boarding. Ally boards with you a couple times a year and that, too is a great experience. Thank you for being there for our pups!! ❀️"
- Gina Bonet
07/12/2017 16:16:14
"Always greeted with a warm smile and welcome hello. The front desk staff is very efficient and work well during busy situations. Exam rooms are kept clean and the doctors & assistants do an amazing job."
- Lynn Morin
07/11/2017 08:27:22
"You guys are awesome!!! I drive almost 30 minutes just to come to you guys. Would not go anywhere else. "
- Susan Alcock
07/10/2017 13:34:38
"Town & Country is the best. Dr. Culbertson and crew treat us like family and love all of our animals as if they were their own. We will always be loyal to T & C."
- Robert Cole
07/10/2017 13:27:36
"Both Bernie and Carver received excellent care during their visit and stay. "
- Judy Lins
06/16/2017 21:14:39
"Dr Matt Boothe worked very hard with me to figure out was wrong with my baby, Bailee! He was very professional and even consulted with the other doctors about what was going on. He is so caring! Thank you Dr Boothe and the entire staff for the job you do! I highly recommend Town &a Country Animal Hospital!!! "
- Darlene Miller
06/16/2017 14:22:04
"Our whole experience with Town and Country from flexibility in making the appointment to finding lost Oreo in a trap in the woods was so far beyond what one receives for attention/service in ANY place in the United States today that Town & Country doctors and staff are engraved on my heart. Just a few details: 1) rescheduled first appointment within my timeframe when I could not get Oreo in a cage; 2) discovered that Oreo had a microchip by choosing to scan when I had not thought to do so; 3) giving me samples of a wipe so that Oreo not be too stresseed in the flight to Guatemala; 4) trying to not give Oreo unnecessary parasite treatment (in the end we had to treat her/USDA requirements; and most importantly 5) helping to search for Oreo when she escaped and having traps so that she actually be found. Really above and beyond any possible expectation I could have. Thank you!!!!!!!"
- Jennifer Casolo
06/15/2017 08:16:36
"Love your office and staff. Always friendly and helpful. Everyone seems to care about the animals."
- Lori Long
06/12/2017 08:25:47
"We are new to the clinic. This is our second visit. The people are so welcoming and friendly. Writing my pets name on the white board in the room was a cute special surprise. I am very happy with the service both times we have been there. I have cats so it was nice to be put in the cat room with cat pictures etc since most people have dogs, it was nice to have cat stuff too. I'm really satisfied with the service and care."
- Lynda Vincent
06/10/2017 21:53:02
"The staff always make me feel as if they know me well,whether in person or on the phone. They are very friendly and courteous."
- Hannah Poremba
06/10/2017 20:16:27
"Staff very efficient and friendly...nice atmosphere"
- Janice Bowers
06/10/2017 18:33:51
"Excellent Customer Service, friendly & professional staff and my dog always leaves in a perky and happy mood!"
- Barbara Deane
06/10/2017 16:21:15
"Everyone was kind and very friendly. No wait time which was a big + with 3 Doodles. I love how professional and helpful everyone is. You have the BEST STAFF....🐾🐾🐾🐾"
- Vicki Borror
06/10/2017 15:30:57
"Sophie loves her "home away from home"! We are always thankful we have a trustworthy place to care for our furry family member. Everyone from the front desk to the back of the house are super friendly and helpful, polite and most of all Sophie loves them. Thank You for being so excellent all the time. "
- Lisa Gelinas
06/06/2017 18:38:30
"Love you guys!"
- Peggy Palmer
06/06/2017 16:55:09
"Great team, very knowledgeable and friendly "
- Mary Viggiani
06/06/2017 16:08:29
"Simply the BEST! Bocephus and Lillybean love all of you, and so does their Mom!!!!!"
- Kathy Perry
06/05/2017 10:07:39
"Cared for my little boy as if he was your own. Would recommend to everyone. Very pleased πŸ™‚πŸ‘"
- Gay Seice
06/03/2017 19:21:29
"We have no complaints, our pets are always treated very well, and we are also. We are very grateful for the wonderful caring doctors we have working with our dogs. Thank you"
- Sharon Stamm
06/03/2017 16:35:44
"Don't change a thing, you ae doing a fine job!"
- Frank Sylvia
06/02/2017 13:01:33
"Town & Country is always neat and clean; the staff members are personable and professional. It's a pleasure to take both my animals there. I know their health is being monitored by people who actually care about what they're doing. One nice little touch was a personal message written to my "Mackie" on the blackboard. Mackie is a 2 year old minpin so she is still learning to read but her "mom" appreciated it!"
- Meri Garno
05/31/2017 20:46:52
"Excellent courteous service and always feel comfortable when Rylee is staying with you."
- Harvey Bohner
05/27/2017 19:36:24
"I wish Dr. C could be my Doctor. Your service is excellent! "
- Keith Fencl
05/27/2017 15:55:02
"Although we liked our previous vet I felt she never really had the time to spend with Julia and discuss any issues it was in and out as fast as u can, pills, meds, pay and out I was so amazed when dr Culbertson looked at Julia in her mouth and gave her a good ck up. All the staff is very friendly and welcoming . We will be back . We are glad u like us tks😘"
- Zoe Markos
05/26/2017 19:54:44
"Yesterday's visit was difficult. It was an evaluation on the status of an older pet that's near his end. Your staff was courteous and thoughtful. It was a good ending to an iffy situation"
- Adam Parker
05/26/2017 18:44:18
"Great service and wonderful experience for Bailey and I."
- Jerry Burttram
05/25/2017 11:36:09
"Sophie, Stella and Rambo love you all!"
- Neda Cronk
05/23/2017 20:11:06
"I am very pleased with the care my Bellamy receives w/Dr. Mills and the rest of the staff."
- Terry Scheid
05/23/2017 19:27:00
"I (and my dogs) are completely satisfied with everything about T & C. "
- Chantel Drago
05/21/2017 05:18:58
"Terri is great..great..great! Jake loves her and the rest of the staff! Dr. Neiser is one of the most knowledgeable and sensitive vets I have met. Everyone is friendly and very loving to the babies. I waited for Jake in the lobby at his last appointment and was so impressed how each human client was treated with respect and a big smile. And each fur baby was treated with love. "
- Lois Racaniello
05/20/2017 14:42:34
"We have always been pleased with the care from the front office staff, the groomers, and the doctors. Our pets have had some serious health issues and received the appropriate quality care as if they were a family member -- which, of course, they are."
- Kay Scott
05/20/2017 12:02:36
"The gals up front are always so helpful! My little Luna requires a special diet. Everytime I go there to get his food they make sure it is the correct food and typically offer a coupon for $5 off! They truly are sweet & caring people! Thank you, Town & Country! Katie Lodge."
- Katie Lodge
05/19/2017 04:21:32
"Very friendly staff wonderful customer service I would definitely recommend your services to a friend or family member"
- Philip Schwabenbauer
05/16/2017 20:20:47
"so many businesses could learn a lot from your staff..ie, how to treat customers keep it up it is a pleasure doing business with you, the dogs love it too !!"
- John Stark
05/15/2017 08:27:16
"U spoil us. Ha."
- JP Patten
05/14/2017 14:35:20
"There is never anything bad, we have always been treated very professionally, and friendly."
- Donna & Warren Levin
05/14/2017 12:47:18
"Awesome Vets and staff. Very caring and compassionate. I've been a client for almost 8 years; and couldn't ask for a better animal hospital."
- Jackie Laplante
05/14/2017 08:00:16
"I have always been very pleased with my visits. Everyone is pleasant and helpful."
- Wilma Santoro
05/13/2017 15:18:38
"Keep up the good work. When someone is in with their "family member" they are going to worry."
- Chris Warren
05/13/2017 15:01:17
"I have been bringing my dogs there for about 15 years and have always had a great experience with very knowledgeable and caring staff and vets. Would highly recommend and have sent several referrals to you over the years"
- Stephanie O'Connor
05/13/2017 09:02:17
"We appreciate the care Dr. Findlay & the staff give to Scooter & Daisy. "
- Linda Barry
05/12/2017 13:21:21
"I really have no complaints . Even my grumpy cat washappy"
- Connie Krueger
05/10/2017 16:37:28
"Nothing bad to report. Awesome service and top quality veterinary care. "
- Debbie Romyns
05/10/2017 16:28:34
"Always enjoy going to Town and Country. "
- JR & Kacy Swinderman
05/10/2017 08:58:05
"You are a great veterinarian place. The front office, vet tech and my personal vet dr neiser are all wonderful. "
- Tanya Robertson
05/09/2017 12:17:36
"We regard your care with our pet Ernie as exceptional. Dr. Culberson and staff are always very courteous and willing to help no matter the situation."
- Joyce Shepler
05/09/2017 10:16:36
"The Best!!!"
- Joe Raimo
04/28/2017 12:39:54
"Outstanding, your staff stays on top of our guys and gals - keep up the good work, I need the reminders!"
- Lindsay Standley
04/27/2017 16:05:09
"Always a good experience. No complaints."
- Kathy Van
04/23/2017 13:10:46
"Thanks for your patience with Casey. I know he's a handful! Although he is extremely cute and friendly...."
- Jill Stopka
04/21/2017 15:12:05
"The receptionists are acceptional!! Everyone is very caring and know our dogs,very well"
- Susan Gutterman
04/20/2017 12:09:31
"Everyone that I have met there is always kind and helpful. They all take wonderful care of our dogs!"
- Brandy Warren
11/01/2016 15:33:41
"I always enjoy going to Town & Country Animal Hospital, whether it's for routine reasons or emergencies. Everyone is always courteous and caring! Thanks for being awesome!!"
- Robin Gray
10/31/2016 12:58:41
"We feel Bogey gets excellent care. Dr. Neizer is thorough and patient, as Bogey is not the best patient. We appreciate the techs and the lovely ladies at the front desk. Keep up the good work!! "
- Andrea Richburg
10/27/2016 19:23:50
"Very Happy...No complaints."
- Kathy Van
10/27/2016 13:50:48
"Kelly Culbertson is the BEST!!!"
- Isabel Satlow
10/26/2016 13:24:59
"Doing great, wouldn't go anywhere else."
- Lisa Jagers
10/26/2016 13:19:28
"We are pleased with the care and that is why you are our choice vet care provider!"
- Renate Anderson
10/24/2016 20:29:42
"You guys are great from the front desk and up!"
- Karen Richard
10/24/2016 07:54:21
"I feel that you all are doing a super job. I really have no complaints. The girls in the front always greet you with a smile and are very helpful. The techs are always caring with my pet. The experiences I have with the Vets have been very good. All of them explain things to me so I can understand the situation and are great about answering my concerns. They have also been very kind and gentle to my pet."
- Mary Lou Hale
10/22/2016 09:55:07
"Everyone was great as usual. We would not take Gracie any where else.πŸ™‚"
- Patti Dorr
10/21/2016 17:59:33
"I always get good service for my dogs."
- Elaine Martin
10/21/2016 16:50:52
"Wouldn't bring Boots anywhere else. Town and Country rocks, from the staff to the doctors. Thank you for being there!"
- Elizabeth Detweiler
10/18/2016 14:59:15
"Love you guys/gals! Thanks for taking care of my two fur babies - always courteous and professional over the phone and in person."
- Marsha Zarco
10/18/2016 14:50:05
"Pam Neiser has been the vet for the three dogs we have had since living in Ocala. We moved here in 2003. She is one of the most caring , gentle people I have met and that shines through in her approach and care of her patients--our furry babies. The staff is always cordial and efficient. We will be boarding Jake for the first time in his 4 years next week at T&C and are abit anxious about it. I do have to say that we would not even consider it if we did not have full confidence in your staff and your facility. "
- Kay Negron
10/14/2016 14:05:16
"Ike is an old guy and has trouble standing or sitting for long periods. I was worried about bringing him to be groomed because i thought it might be too hard on him. Jazmin assured me that she could get him done even if he had to lie down etc. , so I feel she worked with him around that and got the job done! Thanks for taking good care with the seniors!"
- Caity Peterson
10/14/2016 13:51:53
"me and my wife were both very pleased with every part of our visit. Sadie and Zach were treated with total kindness and care. I have always been pleased with your service and care. thank you for taking such good care of my "children"! "
- Peter Castro
10/14/2016 09:35:45
"very good service and care for teniny"
- Ralph Martin
10/14/2016 08:01:49
"Every one went out of their way to help us with out three dogs. Had an cancellation so we could bring them in earlier."
- Dennis Kellerman
10/08/2016 11:49:36
"Best vet in Ocala."
- Melissa Hancock
10/06/2016 05:57:27
"Pam Neizner has been My Vet for the last 13 years along with Dr Colberson & the care has always been EXCELLENT."
- Elayne Lindsey
09/30/2016 11:42:12
"Wonderful receptionists and very pleasant. Dr's and their whole team are fantastic!"
- Loretta Gutterman
09/30/2016 10:52:16
"We were very pleased with our visit there with Mitzi which we always are with Dr. Pam. She is the Greatest."
- Joan Potanko
09/30/2016 10:45:43
"Love your facility wouldn't trust my Molly with anyone else. One one wish... You took people patients I'd got there! People doctors should take lessons on prompt excellent care like you all!!!"
- James Kingsley
09/28/2016 14:18:18
"Without exception, everyone who took care of Nicky at this visit treated her like the 'special' girl she is... Not only do they understand that she is a rescue, and even though she's a big girl and what often times known as a pretty fearless breed, they know she is shy and hesitant at the vet. Princess Nickolette (one of our nicknames for her) would like to tell all her admirers that she appreciates the care she receives each and every time she comes in to T&C."
- Donna & Warren Levin
09/27/2016 15:25:51
"I like all the staff at your office. Your rates are lower than many other offices in the area. I moved across town and pass several other vets on the way to your office, including ine that is less than a mile from my house. I will always bring my babies to you. I refer everyone I know to you."
- Michelle Clark
09/26/2016 06:49:01
"You guys have always done a great job with my Precious "
- Debbie Anderson
09/25/2016 17:59:02
"Service was very good. No complaints ! Looking fwd to next visit!"
- Ralph Church
09/22/2016 15:25:49
"We are very happy with the service received from Town and Country and the care they give Halo and Demi"
- Maryann Lecain
09/22/2016 14:46:32
"I appreciate that appts.are almost always within the same day when Breezy has a problem."
- Nancy VanBuren
09/21/2016 15:58:40
"Keep up the excellent job, I am very pleased with the care I am receiving for both Gizmo and Oreo. Thanks"
- Kevin Schroeder
09/21/2016 05:49:26
"I am so grateful for the help I received from your courtesy and caring staff. I believe my pet got the best care he could have gotten from everyone there. You obviously care about what you do; it's not just a "job". Many thanks for the treatment I, and my pet, got from you. "
- Tere Fischer
09/18/2016 18:15:57
- Jay Schlaks
09/18/2016 07:58:53
"The best vet hospital in Marion county "
- Bonnie Layfield
09/18/2016 06:38:58
"My dog needed an "urgent" visit. The staff was very accommodating and worked us in on a busy afternoon. All of the staff were very courteous and upbeat. "
- Lyn Brooks
09/17/2016 18:20:17
"I think my time with you says it all. Lot's of cats cared for since you opened across the street. I'll keep coming back "
- Norma Barletta
09/16/2016 20:06:31
"You and your staff have been excellent for the past 22 years !!!!!!!"
- Richard Rinschler
09/13/2016 18:35:09
"Everybody we came in contact with was courtious and very helpful. We feel very good to be associated with you folks. Different Dr;s have seen our Bella, and all were exceptional. We would gladly recommend you folks to any body with a family pet. All the Dr,s spent enough time with us so that we understood what the treatment was for. Thank You and your Dr,s. Terrance&Barbara Fleck& Bella"
- Terrance Fleck
09/11/2016 18:09:08
"Everyone is always friendly and the atmosphere is very loving and trusting."
- Addie Clow
09/11/2016 09:58:24