"Everything is wonderful. Excel staff and doctors. Love this place. "
- Vic Burke
11/11/2019 02:53:29
"Always friendly and kind to the animals"
- Tami Rapier
11/10/2019 20:37:16
"Awesome "
- Mary Jent
11/10/2019 20:36:37
"Excellent experience! Called to see if they had anything available the following weekend and they were able to fit me in that day! They provide great care every time. Dr. Wade is nothing less than amazing to my Gryff! "
- Chelsea Siver
11/10/2019 20:28:14
"TC was due for his heart worm check. We did not have an appointment, but they were able to take care of him quickly."
- Ron Jensen
11/10/2019 15:53:57
"We always have an excellent experience when we see Dr. Niser. "
- Julie Manna
11/09/2019 01:45:16
"Would not trust our baby's care with any other vet clinic. Been treating our family members since they opened. Vets & techs are the best!"
- Lynn Haines
11/08/2019 23:11:36
"Very good. Called that day and was able to get my cat in later that day. Treated very good and were great with my cat who is uneasy around other people a lot. Thank you. "
- Michael Dupree
11/08/2019 00:01:27
"Absolutely the very best staff of any vet clinic. The entire staff is very friendly, caring and knowledgeable."
- Stephanie O'Connor
11/07/2019 23:55:37
"You guys are awesome "
- Velvet Bonom
11/07/2019 21:37:59
"Front desk staff is always friendly and accommodating. "
- Roberta Kravetz
11/07/2019 16:16:50
"I came in without an appointment and took care of me and my cat Marvin. Thank you Dr Pam Neiser ❤️ "
- Sharon Biamonte
11/04/2019 18:32:29
"no complaints you alway's help Dugan with his problem's and keep him healthy. "
- Eric Reifstech
11/03/2019 22:44:37
"Awesome staff. We live at The Shores, which is about 15 miles away. True The Shores has Veterinary clinics. We have found it’s worth the drive to Town & Country Animal Clinic. We trust this clinic with the wellbeing of our pet. "
- Luis Santiago
11/02/2019 21:35:51
"All staff and doctor were very professional and compassionate toward my pet. I’m so glad I now have them as my vet. "
- Callie Allison
11/02/2019 20:42:23
"So far my experience was good. I had a surgical consultation for hernia repair. Staff was great "
- John Terrell
11/02/2019 17:32:22
"Great. Everyone friendly, funny, laid back and competent. Bring in multiple dogs and cats for annual and it’s low stress."
- Nancy Cole
11/02/2019 00:30:19
"The staff and Veterinarians are all wonderful and caring. My elderly dog had to have a procedure and Dr.s Neiser and Moore were compassionate and very knowledgeable. My dog after the procedure is now doing well. I can't thank these two doctors and Town and Country enough!"
- Virginia Nelson
11/02/2019 00:16:33
"Everyone was friendly, helpful and competent. "
- Paul Kowalczyk
11/01/2019 19:27:06
"Great job"
- Kathy Sidella
11/01/2019 09:35:35
- Richard Woodrome
10/31/2019 22:06:03
"Very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend."
- Lisa Groseclose
10/31/2019 19:11:05
"You all take very good care of my dog. "
- Lisa Danuff
10/31/2019 18:32:04
" You are doing GREAT!"
- Gail Shuford
10/31/2019 18:13:37
"I know when I bring in Nathan, Buster and soon Oscar, that they will get individual and appropriate care for their needs. The staff knows my guys by name and greet them when we arrive. So happy we found your office. "
- Susan Zorn
10/31/2019 16:59:46
"Without fail, each and every time I have had the occasion to either call or have an in office visit, T&C staff are professional and friendly, efficient and a pleasure to deal with. "
- Linda Landers-Davis
10/31/2019 04:57:29
"All staff and doctors are kind, caring and knowledgeable. Nice and clan place too "
- Mark Damann
10/31/2019 01:02:49
"my dog is my baby. your staff has always treated us with respect and have provided excellent care. i trust you completely."
- Janice Steimke
10/30/2019 12:34:26
"Excellent care"
- Kathy Donovan
10/29/2019 15:25:34
"I have had great experiences with bringing my pets in for appointments. Everyone is always friendly; I usually always get greeted right away when I enter the building to check in. The service is quality and timely. So far, I have never been left to just sit around and wait to get in or wait while I’m in the room with my pet. I love that there is a neat little personal greeting posted on the board welcoming my pet every-time I walk into the room. The rooms are very clean, too. Additionally, I love that the doctors and staff all seem to genuinely love animals. They are transparent when telling you what your animal needs, upfront with costs, and even helpful in trying to get you the best service based on what you can afford. You never walk out shell shocked by the cost of the office visit that you thought would be less. They share the treatment plan and estimated costs upfront and help you prioritize based on your pets needs to develop a manageable plan to get all the services your pet requires in the timeframe you can afford, without judgement. Most of all, the front office staff is amazing at getting your pet an appointment in a timely manner. Not to mention, it’s impressive to hear from the doctor and techs immediately after your visit when they call to fill you in on test results and next steps or when they just call to follow up on the status of your pets health once they have returned home. I am very happy bringing my pets here as I know they are safe and in good hands, surrounded by great people who truly care about their clients and their families. "
- Carol Hall
10/29/2019 00:23:30
"Our dog had weight and ear problems. Been to other vets without success. This vet is very knowledgeable and solved our problem. Our dog never felt or looked as good as he does now. "
- Bill Beers
10/24/2019 18:52:49
"EVERYONE was exceptional, from reception to techs to dvm....BamBam is 111 pounds and was ready to go home the minute we walked in the office. So many people assisted us with kindness and an uncanny ability to somehow get him weighed and then examined...and he was still wagging his tail at the end of the visit. Thanks to all who made his visit as pleasant as possible!!"
- Liz Dolliger
10/24/2019 15:52:02
"standout: the way the present OR status and the at home followups were outstanding"
- Alan Durfee
10/24/2019 14:50:33
"The staff greets Smokey every Monday for his bath day. Your staff treats us like family. Really enjoy bringing Smokey on Monday bath day "
- Donald Skonecki
10/24/2019 14:27:32
"I Love the vet and vet-tech Bear and Lola has on this visit! The Dr went above and beyond and found a 1 inch piece of spiral notebook spring embedded in the roof of Lola’s mouth! I have no idea how or when that got there but if she wasn’t as thorough as she was we may have missed it. The meds she prescribed for Lola’s back knees are working well and she seems much happier. They even had Bear to where he wasn’t so grumpy. Lol I even got 2 phone calls checking on Lola afterwards. Fabulous Job!!!"
- Sandra Barrentine
10/24/2019 00:33:48
"Very good no problems "
- Lori List
10/23/2019 15:05:47
"I love the personal attention our fur baby and I receive. The wait is so short and although Kacie gets nervous I know you all love the animals and your jobs. Thank you"
- Ellen Levine
10/23/2019 00:04:45
"Everyone was very friendly and professional. My cat was very well taken care of. "
- Wendy Warth
10/22/2019 22:30:08
"Love this vet. The personal touches of writing dogs names in rooms, every person I have met with seems to truly care and be happy to be helping me "
- Lauren Gibson
10/22/2019 19:58:13
"Everything is always excellent!! My parents think I misbehave but I am just making sure you guys know Romeo is in the building."
- Diana Butler
10/21/2019 19:29:33
"Dyna fares well at T and C and gets excellent care when there. "
- Carole Goetz
10/21/2019 19:07:42
"No complaints at this time - first time with puppy and the experience was very pleasant, the vet tech was great and loved everything about our vet Dr. Neisse who was very knowledgeable and great with handling our concerns with our new puppy!"
- Marilyn Gillette
10/21/2019 12:12:17
"Awesome place!! Awesome staff! Thank you"
- Elisabeth Fraser
10/20/2019 20:00:04
"Very happy with the service and care provided by Dr Nieser and the techs."
- Joe Ziino
10/20/2019 15:23:16
"Wonderful visit! The vets and staff are very caring toward their patients and their owners"
- Shirley Rice
10/19/2019 17:11:42
"No complaints. Would not go anywhere else."
- Sally Lanoue
10/19/2019 14:21:58
"Your entire staff never cease to treat us with kindness and Dr. Neiser is THE very best!"
- Carol Brandes
10/18/2019 22:16:42
"As always the best"
- Helen Young
10/18/2019 15:10:50
- Diane Ward
10/18/2019 14:41:35
"I love Dr. Moore she is very skilled and extremely knowledgeable. She is so caring and loving to my pets. She has given me an entire summer with my dieing dog with the perfect mix of medication. He lived his best life till the end. Every Vet Tech there is so friendly and knowledgeable too. A great team there. "
- AnneMarie Morgan
10/17/2019 21:02:37
"All is good. Very happy with the staff and the care. "
- Debbie Griesmeyer
10/17/2019 14:58:26
"Appreciate the reminders of her upcoming checkups."
- Judy Daly
10/17/2019 00:28:43
"Your service is excellent We were greeted and were treated so nicely From the front desk to the technician and doctor Quality of service treatment and all our questions answered I wouldn’t think of taking Samantha anywhere else "
- Carmen Bonilla
10/16/2019 20:25:10
"We love Town and Country!"
- Patricia Schafer
10/16/2019 10:21:55
"Better than before and really like the option to drop your pet and pick up"
- Claudia Saldarriaga
10/16/2019 00:46:08
- Bob Hilyard
10/15/2019 19:25:10
"Dr Leff was so caring and gave us explanations about everything we needed to know concerning our cat Curly. We feltshe really cared and that made us feel good."
- Paul Brown
10/14/2019 12:40:35
- Judy Handy
10/13/2019 20:58:06
"Dr Nizer is the best"
- Sue Parker
10/13/2019 19:03:23
"Odie is doing much better"
- Judy Gillen
10/12/2019 13:16:53
"The staff and the Veterinarians are top notch!!"
- Audrey Bowers
10/11/2019 16:27:52
"My Husband is Deaf and uses Sign Language, he had to bring Storey in with a wound without me. I had to work. Everyone was very accommodating and typed and wrote things out clearly for him. I called and asked questions too. I am very impressed how Storey was cared for ( she got 10 stitches, we still don't know what happened) and how my husband was treated. Very impressive!!! The Dr even drew a picture so my husband had a clear understanding of what was being done. Thank you all so much!"
- Lynda Vincent
10/11/2019 14:07:13
"The staff and doctors re all very nice and seems to love all the animals that come in. Love that"
- Joan Peek
10/10/2019 23:39:05
"Elizabeth loves Dr Moor. She always takes the time to explain everything in detail. She has been so dedicated to her diabetes 🙏🏻"
- Clover Lovell
10/10/2019 22:51:11
"Bruno Mars looked and smelled great. Thank you for your kind service."
- Malinda Gomillion
10/10/2019 21:15:05
"The staff at Town & Country are always friendly, helpful, and respectful. I cannot think of going anywhere else for my dogs needs."
- Kevin Melady
10/09/2019 20:43:45
"Kayne (Cain) has been apart of the Town and Country family since he was 5weeks old;soon to be 3 years old. Iv had a few emergency visits when he was young ,two of which I thought I had lost him on the drive,yet Town and Country acted immediately and assured my baby would be ok. To this day it’s unknown what he’s allergic to,yet precautions are taken. We’re unable to “wait” in the waiting room,staff assures to get a room stat,which is great. I can’t praise T&C enough for all they do. "
- Laura Quinn
10/09/2019 16:03:29
"The reception is always very clean the receptionist's are always quick to serve you and are very polite and friendly. "
- Vicky Stanton
10/08/2019 20:11:33
"Wonderful service as usual! I continue to let my friends know about Town and Country and how amazing you are!"
- Kristen Tripodi
10/07/2019 12:52:30
"Everyone is extremely pleasant and helpful."
- Janice Shaw
10/06/2019 19:36:19
"Impressed with many years of feeling welcomed and that you really love my Lucy."
- John Williams
10/06/2019 00:32:46
- Kay Negron
10/04/2019 21:36:01
"The guys were great and very respectful. Would use them again."
- Robert Greaves
10/04/2019 20:36:30
"You all have been amazing with Shelby’s care. I’m so glad I chose this as my new vet after moving into the area."
- Courtney Kolomick
10/04/2019 18:45:21
"Your facility is extremely clean which I love. Your employees are very kind and welcoming. The doctors are thorough when explaining what's going on, what needs to be done. We have been using you guys for 2 years and I cannot say I have had a "bad" experience. I also use your grooming service too. A one stop place. Makes me happy."
- Jean Gennari
10/04/2019 15:34:50
"the only place to come if you need the very best care for your pet. in an emergency your pet is seen right away, they are there. "
- Ursula Rhoades
10/03/2019 15:48:10
"Your team does a great job!!"
- Barry Southworth
09/30/2019 12:36:07
"I "share" my home with 3 cats and 2 energetic dogs (actually they allow me to hang out as long as I meet their expectations). Town and Country has always been there when I need them for routine care - and the inevitable emergencies. I'm always greeted with a smile; I feel welcome and comfortable. The staff actually listens and cares! Wait times are minimal and EVERYONE is helpful. A great place for pet care!!"
- Stephanie Gordon
09/29/2019 02:40:23
"very good service as always. this was an emergency and was very happy with the experience thanks again"
- Connie Ryan
09/28/2019 23:29:36
"Great! Clementine looks forward to her visits at the Town and Country."
- Susan Leigher
09/28/2019 19:40:39
"everyone is very courteous and kind. all show great patience with our dogs."
- Peter Castro
09/28/2019 14:25:38
"You are doing a wonderful job, although we live on the southeast side of town and we have several vet clinics near us they do not treat me or my baby in the friendly caring way the employees at Town and Country do. This is my forth dog that I have taken to them for all there shots and any treatment's they might need. We love the fact that you send us a reminder of any upcoming appointment and they also do a follow up call to make sure that our baby has not had any complication from the treatment he recieved. I feel they go above what they have to do. Most animals can tell when the people around them care about them and my little boy sure feels safe and secure when he goes for a visit."
- Pat Savage
09/26/2019 18:23:22
"Friendly and efficient staff, their love for animals is palpable! Very organized processes for intake, animal care, and checkout. Thank you for the ongoing care of Cheech & Chong! "
- Vicky Nelson
09/25/2019 23:27:16
"I really like Dr. Niser. She's friendly and really good with my dog. One of the things I like about Town & Country is I am never pressured to have this test and/or that test done. For example: allergy tests. My dog has some allergies, but we treat them as they come. Who or what doesn't have allergies? "
- Pam Long
09/25/2019 02:11:53
"Everyone is always so nice, friendly and professional. You all take care of Odie so well. Thank you"
- Sara Backos
09/24/2019 22:25:12
"Everyone is courteous and fast service Great place to take my dog ( family member)"
- Jerry Burttram
09/24/2019 20:15:00
"After 13 years, we wouldn’t consider using any other vet. Dr Neiser and Dr Culbertson are THE BEST!!"
- John Roesler
09/23/2019 20:08:19
"Dr. Pam is the greatest! Kind, caring, and just the best! Thanks so much!"
- Susan Moschiano/Geelan
09/23/2019 17:52:13
"I have always had a good experience at Town & Country Animal Hospital...and I wouldn't want to take my pets anywhere else. "
- Robert Duvall
09/22/2019 15:26:51
"Every single employee was GREAT. "
- Melanie Bosanic
09/21/2019 23:34:09
"I go out of my way to come to your facility because of the prompt service and hospitality. There are always helpful and caring staff and never a long wait. Thank you for your exceptional service!!!"
- Crystal White
09/21/2019 21:16:30
"We drive from Orlando to get the best vet care I've ever experienced - and my last vet was great but has retired. It's gotten to the point that I just wouldn't trust another vet to care for "The Stink" when we leave town or need medical care. Many thanks and see you all soon."
- JP Patten
09/20/2019 18:30:29
"We have been very pleased with your facility. We have used both the vet services as well as the boarding.. My girls seen very happy to go and are happy upon our return. Keep up the good work!"
- Annette Levin
09/20/2019 17:05:44
"Happy with your practice, wish you were closer to home. But always have been satisfied with the care she receives."
- George LaPlante
09/19/2019 22:24:37
"The vets are also so good explaining things"
- Monica Gervais
09/19/2019 21:32:02
"You're Doing Great. You took a lot of time to examine my Molly. You listened to me and made sure that you spoke with the specialist that she went to previously to make sure the treatment was right. I am very happy with the care my Molly received. I will also be bringing my other dog Maggie for care at your facility, when she needs it. Thank you. "
- Irene Schmoldt
09/19/2019 20:05:13
"Very pleased with Dr. Eva Hirmer and how she handled Buddy. I will request her for future visits for Buddy. DuWayne Kutz "
- DuWayne Kutz
09/17/2019 21:15:16
"Great. So far so good"
- Alan Tyler
09/17/2019 20:17:20
"Everything was just fine 😊"
- John Roberts
09/15/2019 17:48:07
"Everything was good, Allie seems to be recovering without issues. I appreciate all of the followup calls and status update calls during the procedure. Very Professional. Thanks !!"
- Charles Fritz
09/14/2019 17:48:14