"We love Dr. Neisner and have great respect for her opinion on the care of our pets."
- Robert Greaves
05/12/2019 21:56:19
"Town and Country was the first vet we tried after moving here. The staff are excellent and caring, the place is always clean, and we have never had to drag our pets inside. Wouldn't think of changing vets."
- Cathy Phillips
05/12/2019 17:42:53
"Have boarded with you several times. Always pleased with service and friendly staff. "
- Janice Shaw
05/11/2019 22:19:31
"I tell everyone I know that has a pet about you all! "
- Michelle Pyle
05/11/2019 00:10:32
"very pleased with the time spent explaining all our questions. Thank you."
- Dorothy Wood
05/10/2019 23:05:17
"Dr Moore is fabulous; caring, patient and genuine."
- Dave Fleming
05/10/2019 20:08:34
"I won't take my pets anywhere else! You guys are awesome!"
- Elizabeth Worthington
05/10/2019 19:25:59
"We have always had the best care for all of our animals over the years probably at least 16 or 17 years , and many animals ! "
- Jack Hauglid
05/09/2019 22:20:22
"I was very pleased with the staff.. I know everyone cares for my dog.. and his problem was determined and treated..as well as his Annual checkup and shots.. I had an appointment already scheduled for the next week, but since I was there because of a problem that needed to be treated the Dr. Went ahead with the exam and shots so I didn’t have to come back there next week. I really appreciated that.. I love Town and Country!!!! "
- Claudia Givens
05/08/2019 04:29:18
"The staff is always incredibly kind. My pup looks forward to her visits with the vet. All of our experiences with Town & Country Animal Hospital have been great!"
- Melanie Gaboardi
05/08/2019 03:00:50
"We are so grateful for the care that our Zoey receives at your clinic. The skiiled compassionate care she receives is exceptional "
- Linda Christian
05/07/2019 10:57:20
"Great veterinary service and thank you!"
- Linda Ferreri
05/06/2019 16:55:39
"You’re all doing great!"
- Susan Snow
05/05/2019 23:15:10
"I can not express how good I feel when bringing Minnie to your office. I have been a long time patient at Town and Country. You are farther away now, but it is worth the care you give Minnie. I cannot say any thing negative about the care that has been given to any of my pets. Thank you."
- Myra Post
05/05/2019 15:57:56
"Great staff and DMV's Our pets have been patients for many years and have always received the best care and attention "
- Laurence Bridge
05/03/2019 21:50:55
"Excellent. You all are the best! "
- Nicole Trauth
05/01/2019 22:00:14
"Nice employees, very clean area. Took care of my dog like he was theirs. "
- Destiny Garcia
05/01/2019 20:06:37
"I had a tech appointment for sterling's blood draw and nails. They are very good with him and Dr Niesser called me at the end of the day to discuss his blood results. Was very pleased"
- Rhonda Winsor
05/01/2019 16:29:15
"Everyone is very friendly and efficient. Love the Doc and the assistants are so good with the dogs. Always have time to discuss any issues."
- Joan Simmons
04/30/2019 17:11:22
"The service is always excellent. Keep up the good work!"
- Jeff Ulmer
04/28/2019 21:06:54
"You guys are awesome! I live in Gainesville now but I keep bringing Luna because I’m so happy with the care you give her when we come. Thanks so much!"
- Tony Mazzanoble
04/28/2019 19:04:05
- Cynthia Rowe
04/28/2019 15:00:36
"we are always treated like we are important thank you"
- Claudette Drake
04/27/2019 17:52:46
"Friendly staff to me and my dog. Always a good experience!"
- Elizabeth Rieselman
04/26/2019 17:23:31
"I have all good things to say about Town and Country Animal Hospital. I've used their services for several years (and several pets) and have always felt valued as a customer. From the reception area to the patient rooms, I'm always impressed by the cleanliness of the facility and the caring attitude of the staff members. I will continue to bring all my animal business to this group."
- Meri Garno
04/25/2019 21:36:51
"Our cats have always been very well treated here-with lots of loving care and respect!"
- Linda Koenig
04/25/2019 21:18:33
"We always get the best of care and attention at Town & Country Animal Hospital. "
- Libby Madden
04/25/2019 16:28:39
"Excellent as usual, wouldn’t go anywhere else. "
- Donna Hintze
04/24/2019 22:06:21
"Service and expertise are great 👍"
- Pam & Jim Richardson
04/24/2019 20:24:56
"We hold all of you in high regard and thank you for the care you provide for family members!"
- Debbie Green
04/24/2019 20:19:28
"i have been using Town & Country since I moved here over 11 years ago. I have never had a bad experience in all my visits. I can not think of anything you need to improve. All the staff is exceptional. "
- Carolyn Zarkosky
04/24/2019 13:43:02
"The hospital, vets and staff were exactly what I was looking for in a primary care facility for my cat. I especially liked the separation of cat and dog exam rooms bc my cat gets stressed with dogs. Thank you!"
- Samantha Carter
04/14/2019 14:07:59
"Great bunch of compassionate and relatable folks who really care about your pets:)"
- Eve Shackleton
04/11/2019 21:06:28
"We have multiple dogs - all Airedales. We are always treated cordially, and made to feel like we are important - both the humans and our animals! "
- Charles Booher
04/11/2019 20:26:11
"Very nice practice, everyone is very caring. "
- Kathleen Ericsen
04/10/2019 19:20:58
"I have nothing but good things to say about Town and Country. I recommend it to all new pet families."
- Nadine Hewes
04/09/2019 21:05:35
"Did more than expected for her, very nice to her, explained everything to me. "
- Michael Dupree
04/06/2019 16:05:06
"I was kept informed on how Piper was doing and given great instructions for home. I drive from Citrus County (Beverly Hills) because of the care Piper received when she was a baby and needed surgery. She got exceptional care and we felt very supported through a very stressful time with a new puppy that was sick. The way she was cared for made us decide that it was worth the drive so that we could always receive that quality care. When we came for her surgery this time, we received the same caring friendly treatment. Thank you for taking such fabulous care of her."
- Christine Schwartz
04/05/2019 01:16:52
"Always a great experience"
- Stephanie O'Connor
04/05/2019 00:06:58
"Best care possible to help manage the health of our 4 pets. We love Town & Country. "
- Beverly Anderson-Seltzer
04/04/2019 20:33:09
"I am blessed finding you. I love Dr Nichole, very gentle and explanatory. Love all the vets and girls in front A+"
- Clover Lovell
04/04/2019 20:13:39
"All is great, Thank you "
- Theresa Floyd
04/04/2019 17:19:51
"Very happy with the quality of care. Feel comfortable with the compassion of staff for the pet."
- Barrie / Irene Walton
04/04/2019 12:41:00
"Great Job!!! Thanks to everyone who works here, and huge thanks to our Doctor!!!!!!"
- John David Canavan
04/04/2019 01:44:30
"Everybody was very attentive and we were seen by a(Dr) Vet. in less time than we expected. All went went well, as always. Very good service and would recommend to anybody!"
- Terrance Fleck
04/03/2019 19:23:25
"Bith my wife and I live at the Shores. We have other Veterinarians in our area. We have chosen and stayed with Town & Country. The professionalism and knowledgeable staff, is awesome "
- Luis Santiago
04/02/2019 21:04:30
"I can't think of anything that you can do to make it better. You are the best. "
- Sharyn Knecht
04/02/2019 20:42:49
"I was very pleased. Dr c is the best. My dog had surgery and he did an awesome job. We had a great recovery. He’s so careing of your pets like they are his pets. He is wonderful. "
- Cindy Herbert
04/01/2019 11:24:54
"I love how all the staff are caring and when in the room with my pet , feel so comfortable and not rushed. Everyone goes out of their way to get the information I need and overall ways impressed with the fine quality of care!!!. Love you all a d thank God for caring people like you!!!."
- Addie Clow
03/31/2019 18:35:19
"Love everyone that I have been in contact with at Town and Country"
- Barbara Copping
03/29/2019 19:38:01
"The entire staff has been great to us and Minnie. Though there are vets closer to where I live I will continue to use your services as they are professional and well received."
- Kathy Sheppard
03/29/2019 14:58:50
"The staff and doctors are all wonderful and really seem to care about my dogs. Dr. Moore is fabulous and really feel comfortable with her."
- Linda Chapman
03/28/2019 23:21:45
"Have been going to Dr. Neiser for many years, I trust her implicitly. The staff is great. "
- Deborah Menichino
03/28/2019 17:30:47
"Dr Neisser is always so compassionate, yet professional and thorough even when there is bad news to be delivered. I trust her like no other with my fur babies. Jaclyn the vet tech was very warm and reassuring during the visit"
- Martyne Hofle
03/27/2019 23:53:19
"You are amazing! Took our dog in during an emergency, despite not having been to you before. Took excellent care of our dog, too."
- Tracy Larkin
03/26/2019 17:12:41
"I was very impressed with the service of the technician and Dr. Hirmer. The tech was very courteous and explained the procedure and the doctor was excellent in explaining Toby's condition and explaining the results of the x-rays."
- Robert Duvall
03/24/2019 14:33:09
"I can’t think of any way to improve, in my option you folks are great! Thank you! Bob/ Luke"
- Bob Hilyard
03/23/2019 19:59:36
"Super as usual"
- Sharon Michaelson
03/23/2019 16:46:11
"Everyone is very friendly. "
- Judy Downer
03/22/2019 20:38:25
" Love all the veterinarians and the staff everybody is just wonderful :)"
- Carol Miller
03/22/2019 18:29:16
"All staff was super friendly and helpful. They were great with my cat, he wasn't frightened at all. Will definitely use this facility as my home vet office. Thanks,"
- Vicki Grudzinski
03/21/2019 17:44:17
"I know he's well taken care of because he doesn't balk at going in the door. Tuck loves everybody and I know the staff enjoy having him occasionally."
- Paul Pedrick
03/21/2019 16:10:51
"Everything went extremely well. We saw Dr Culbertson who as always was professional, helpful and friendly. His vet tech, not sure of name, was also very friendly, helpful as well as professional. Both plainly love animals and display that affection. wait time was short and information about our pet was given in an informative manner and aimed toward our goals. I have no negative remarks, everything surpassed what everyone would like in a veterinarian facility."
- Carol Deluca
03/20/2019 23:40:28
"My dog is a very nervous dog. He did not want to go back to do any of the testing. The staff actually did the tests in the room, where he was most comfortable. This is why I love this vet so much. They actually care about my fur babies. Thank you so much for being so accommodating "
- Jessica Simon
03/20/2019 20:24:41
"Excellent doctors and very good customer service. Love it there. "
- Mirtha Llerena
03/20/2019 20:20:23
"Love u guys. Always the best with my dogs 🐶 "
- Mari Buchanan
03/20/2019 17:11:26
"We have dealt with this Animal Hospital quite a few times. All the people who work there are the nicest, most competent people you could possibly come into contact with. We have great faith that any animal we bring there will have the best care they could get. We would recommend this Animal Hospital to anyone who needs care for their pets. "
- Joyce Sellick
03/19/2019 20:53:04
"The service is fast and friendly. Everyone there cares about your pet and it shows. Would never go anywhere else"
- Andrew Levine
03/19/2019 18:20:27
"The staff and Doctor were great and very compassionate. I felt very comfortable there. "
- Terry Smith
03/18/2019 13:34:55
"Excellent in all areas. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Excellent medical care. Thanks for all you do."
- Robin Stamey DVM
03/16/2019 00:27:11
"I had a great experience! Thank You for helping Seven with his skin problem. He is already doing so much better!!!!!"
- Elaine Truesdale
03/15/2019 20:26:36
"Dallas had dental work and cleaning etc. I was happy with the results and the care you received. I also liked the 2 phone calls I received while she was there. Happy they called to check on her that night to see how she was doing. Thank you Town and Country vets and all the Staff. Evelyn DiCapua. And of course Dallas "
- Evelyn DiCapua
03/14/2019 18:45:45
"The front desk staff is awesome. So friendly and quick. Dr. Culbertson was thorough and patient. I feel confident and comfortable with the care my dog will receive. "
- Vickie Gesner
03/10/2019 17:50:22
"Excellent! We have entrusted the medical care of our babies for over a decade."
- Lynn & Jack Haines
03/09/2019 21:28:13
"I always feel part of the family. Love the friendly atmosphere. My dogs show me that they love the attention. "
- Roberta Kravetz
03/08/2019 19:52:23
"Our Collie Sunni tore off a nail and it was bleeding profusely at 5:30 in the afternoon. With the nail hanging off and blood everywhere we were at a loss as to what to do. Knowing that Town and Country was closing at 6, we called anyway . They said bring her over and we will fit her in somehow. We got there at about 5:45 and the place was crowded and busy. We were greeted almost immediately and one of the staff came out to look at Sunni's foot . By that time the nail had broken off and was still bleeding. They took her in to stop the bleeding and trim her nails. With pain pills and antibiotics in hand we were on our way home just after 6 with one unhappy dog. Hats off to Town and Country for being there when we needed them ! We recommend them of course !"
- Wayne & Nancy Gifford
03/08/2019 18:33:54
"My visit to the Vet with Buddy is ALWAYS a wonderful experience."
- Rosemary Visney
03/07/2019 02:05:10
"Very happy with every service we have had for both of our dogs, Baxter & Bentley."
- Gene Brusko
02/03/2019 16:06:45
"Everyone is always friendly. The care is excellent."
- Ruth O'Connell
02/01/2019 16:29:24
"Everything was super,we'll be back !!"
- Richard Pier
02/01/2019 14:14:27
"Every one cares about my dog treatment and they had great follow up after the operation. Thank you very much."
- Donald Feldsine
02/01/2019 13:09:07
"The front desk staff is so great - they all greet Baylee by name and if Baylee can’t get around the front desk the ladies always come around to greet her. The vet tech was very knowledgeable and had everting prepared for the vet. The doctor listened carefully to my concerns and offered her advice which she convinced me what the right course of action should be"
- Lea Phelps
02/01/2019 02:19:43
"Stopped in unannounced near to closing time with just a question on potential latent after effects of flea bombing my house and then leaving the house sealed for 4 months. After a short wait for customers ahead of me I was greeted warmly and efficiently. The questions were answered by a vet tech, I purchased a package of Revolution for my 2 cats and I was out the door within 15 minutes of walking in. The front desk staff is very efficient and friendly and handled a waiting room of customers along with me as a walk-in with excellent composure and speed and is an excellent credit to your business operation."
- Rick Tuttle
02/01/2019 01:42:50
"Dr. Mills and staff are amazing! The BEST Animal Hospital around! "
- Jessica Lang
02/01/2019 00:52:26
"I love bringing my fur babies there for everything. We moved out of town a couple years ago but I continue to make the hour drive just so they get the best care and treatment. "
- Alana Sumner
01/31/2019 21:25:47
"I ordered my dog food and meds on the phone and it was ready and waiting for me when I got there. Can't ask for more. "
- Sharon Kerridge
01/31/2019 20:28:26
"Very happy with your kind and knowledgeable staff. Very fair prices. Always felt like my animals were handled with love and care. The whole family loved Hanks certificate of bravery for his surgery. Super cute. "
- Katherin Dancer
01/29/2019 21:06:25
"You guys are awesome, Sophie loves it there! Thanks for Everything you all do...…."
- Lisa Gelinas
01/29/2019 20:27:17
"Excellent care! I always refer clients to you when they ask about small animal care. "
- Debbie Head
01/28/2019 15:45:34
"Your staff is excellent "
- Susan Moschiano/Geelan
01/27/2019 17:08:55
"Always get excellent care for our most valuable possessions."
- Laura Thurnes
01/25/2019 16:01:11
"Love the report card when we picked them up and the picture while we we away. Thank you,"
- Rick Cundiff
01/25/2019 11:49:59
"You are doing a Fine job, we wouldn't want to take our boy Oreo anywhere else or to anyone other than Dr. Neiser"
- Maureen Cox
01/25/2019 11:45:53
"We are very happy with everyone from the girls at the check in counter to the techs who come into the room to find out why you have brought your fur baby in to see the vet. Dr. Neiser is who normally sees our little boy, she is so caring and with her helpful, caring instructions we were able to keep Buster 3 alive and comfortable longer than we thought possible. She had told us he would let us know when his to leave us had come. So when we decided it was time to get another baby there was no discussion on where we would take our baby for his shots and anything he might need done. We love that anytime our baby is sick or has to have a procedure done an employee calls to see how they are doing. Which I must say we have never had anyone from a doctor's office call to see how we are doing after any surgery. We have nothing but good things to say about a Town and Country Vets and all of your employees."
- Pat Savage
01/25/2019 01:03:00
"Toby and I had a very good visit. Everyone was very nice and made us feel welcome on our first visit to the office. I especially liked the complimentary nail trim and the ability to check out/pay in the exam room. Toby really liked the treats!!! I am glad to have found such a nice animal hospital to take my little fur baby to in the future. I have no complaints. "
- Patricia Carroll
01/23/2019 17:06:08
"Always the best!!"
- Lynn Catton
01/23/2019 16:00:25
"You guys are doing great I couldn't be more happy with Dr. Neiser & Dr Mills they are great. They both spend time with you and explain everything in detail with what's going on with you about your pet. Dr. Neiser & Dr. Mills are very caring and passionate about their jobs and I like that about both of them."
- Mark Dean
01/23/2019 13:40:22
"We drive 1 hour and 15 mins for our dog to be seen by y’all. He loves the staff, always wagging his tail going in, coming out and that’s important to us to know he feels secure, loved and safe. We toured a couple of places closer to home but the positive vibes were not there. Thank you for all you do❣️"
- Patricia Richardson
01/23/2019 04:50:49
"We have always found Town & Country to be the most excellent place for the pets we have had. Lulu has stayed there several times, and our sweet Winston, our cocker spaniel who passed away several years ago was there many times. He loved it there, and the Vets there took very good care of him. Thank you, "
- Woodruff Jones
01/20/2019 05:54:56
"The is staff is friendly and informative and very professional. What more one ask when taking their animal to the vet ? I highly recommend Town & Country Animal Hospital. "
- Ronald Goldsby
01/19/2019 13:54:43