"Everyone that I have met there is always kind and helpful. They all take wonderful care of our dogs!"
- Brandy Warren
11/01/2016 15:33:41
"I always enjoy going to Town & Country Animal Hospital, whether it's for routine reasons or emergencies. Everyone is always courteous and caring! Thanks for being awesome!!"
- Robin Gray
10/31/2016 12:58:41
"We feel Bogey gets excellent care. Dr. Neizer is thorough and patient, as Bogey is not the best patient. We appreciate the techs and the lovely ladies at the front desk. Keep up the good work!! "
- Andrea Richburg
10/27/2016 19:23:50
"Very Happy...No complaints."
- Kathy Van
10/27/2016 13:50:48
"Kelly Culbertson is the BEST!!!"
- Isabel Satlow
10/26/2016 13:24:59
"Doing great, wouldn't go anywhere else."
- Lisa Jagers
10/26/2016 13:19:28
"We are pleased with the care and that is why you are our choice vet care provider!"
- Renate Anderson
10/24/2016 20:29:42
"You guys are great from the front desk and up!"
- Karen Richard
10/24/2016 07:54:21
"I feel that you all are doing a super job. I really have no complaints. The girls in the front always greet you with a smile and are very helpful. The techs are always caring with my pet. The experiences I have with the Vets have been very good. All of them explain things to me so I can understand the situation and are great about answering my concerns. They have also been very kind and gentle to my pet."
- Mary Lou Hale
10/22/2016 09:55:07
"Everyone was great as usual. We would not take Gracie any where else.🙂"
- Patti Dorr
10/21/2016 17:59:33
"I always get good service for my dogs."
- Elaine Martin
10/21/2016 16:50:52
"Wouldn't bring Boots anywhere else. Town and Country rocks, from the staff to the doctors. Thank you for being there!"
- Elizabeth Detweiler
10/18/2016 14:59:15
"Love you guys/gals! Thanks for taking care of my two fur babies - always courteous and professional over the phone and in person."
- Marsha Zarco
10/18/2016 14:50:05
"Pam Neiser has been the vet for the three dogs we have had since living in Ocala. We moved here in 2003. She is one of the most caring , gentle people I have met and that shines through in her approach and care of her patients--our furry babies. The staff is always cordial and efficient. We will be boarding Jake for the first time in his 4 years next week at T&C and are abit anxious about it. I do have to say that we would not even consider it if we did not have full confidence in your staff and your facility. "
- Kay Negron
10/14/2016 14:05:16
"Ike is an old guy and has trouble standing or sitting for long periods. I was worried about bringing him to be groomed because i thought it might be too hard on him. Jazmin assured me that she could get him done even if he had to lie down etc. , so I feel she worked with him around that and got the job done! Thanks for taking good care with the seniors!"
- Caity Peterson
10/14/2016 13:51:53
"me and my wife were both very pleased with every part of our visit. Sadie and Zach were treated with total kindness and care. I have always been pleased with your service and care. thank you for taking such good care of my "children"! "
- Peter Castro
10/14/2016 09:35:45
"very good service and care for teniny"
- Ralph Martin
10/14/2016 08:01:49
"Every one went out of their way to help us with out three dogs. Had an cancellation so we could bring them in earlier."
- Dennis Kellerman
10/08/2016 11:49:36
"Best vet in Ocala."
- Melissa Hancock
10/06/2016 05:57:27
"Pam Neizner has been My Vet for the last 13 years along with Dr Colberson & the care has always been EXCELLENT."
- Elayne Lindsey
09/30/2016 11:42:12
"Wonderful receptionists and very pleasant. Dr's and their whole team are fantastic!"
- Loretta Gutterman
09/30/2016 10:52:16
"We were very pleased with our visit there with Mitzi which we always are with Dr. Pam. She is the Greatest."
- Joan Potanko
09/30/2016 10:45:43
"Love your facility wouldn't trust my Molly with anyone else. One one wish... You took people patients I'd got there! People doctors should take lessons on prompt excellent care like you all!!!"
- James Kingsley
09/28/2016 14:18:18
"Without exception, everyone who took care of Nicky at this visit treated her like the 'special' girl she is... Not only do they understand that she is a rescue, and even though she's a big girl and what often times known as a pretty fearless breed, they know she is shy and hesitant at the vet. Princess Nickolette (one of our nicknames for her) would like to tell all her admirers that she appreciates the care she receives each and every time she comes in to T&C."
- Donna & Warren Levin
09/27/2016 15:25:51
"I like all the staff at your office. Your rates are lower than many other offices in the area. I moved across town and pass several other vets on the way to your office, including ine that is less than a mile from my house. I will always bring my babies to you. I refer everyone I know to you."
- Michelle Clark
09/26/2016 06:49:01
"You guys have always done a great job with my Precious "
- Debbie Anderson
09/25/2016 17:59:02
"Service was very good. No complaints ! Looking fwd to next visit!"
- Ralph Church
09/22/2016 15:25:49
"We are very happy with the service received from Town and Country and the care they give Halo and Demi"
- Maryann Lecain
09/22/2016 14:46:32
"I appreciate that appts.are almost always within the same day when Breezy has a problem."
- Nancy VanBuren
09/21/2016 15:58:40
"Keep up the excellent job, I am very pleased with the care I am receiving for both Gizmo and Oreo. Thanks"
- Kevin Schroeder
09/21/2016 05:49:26
"I am so grateful for the help I received from your courtesy and caring staff. I believe my pet got the best care he could have gotten from everyone there. You obviously care about what you do; it's not just a "job". Many thanks for the treatment I, and my pet, got from you. "
- Tere Fischer
09/18/2016 18:15:57
- Jay Schlaks
09/18/2016 07:58:53
"The best vet hospital in Marion county "
- Bonnie Layfield
09/18/2016 06:38:58
"My dog needed an "urgent" visit. The staff was very accommodating and worked us in on a busy afternoon. All of the staff were very courteous and upbeat. "
- Lyn Brooks
09/17/2016 18:20:17
"I think my time with you says it all. Lot's of cats cared for since you opened across the street. I'll keep coming back "
- Norma Barletta
09/16/2016 20:06:31
"You and your staff have been excellent for the past 22 years !!!!!!!"
- Richard Rinschler
09/13/2016 18:35:09
"Everybody we came in contact with was courtious and very helpful. We feel very good to be associated with you folks. Different Dr;s have seen our Bella, and all were exceptional. We would gladly recommend you folks to any body with a family pet. All the Dr,s spent enough time with us so that we understood what the treatment was for. Thank You and your Dr,s. Terrance&Barbara Fleck& Bella"
- Terrance Fleck
09/11/2016 18:09:08
"Everyone is always friendly and the atmosphere is very loving and trusting."
- Addie Clow
09/11/2016 09:58:24
"You guys are the best 👍"
- Dale Nix
09/09/2016 06:41:11
"I called and was able to bring Kramer in on very short notice and the day after the bad storm., they were so accommodating and I even got to see my regular vet Dr Neisser. She is always so comforting and thorough. It means a lot to me to have such a great vet and office especially in emergencies"
- Martyne Hofle
09/05/2016 07:31:21
"No complaints! I love the care you all give to Maggie and Lizzy. "
- Lynn Morin
09/04/2016 20:23:54
"I feel at home here. Everyone is very friendly and knowledge."
- Paulette Maimone
07/01/2016 14:42:36
"Dr. Niser is the BEST! She has a very good "bed-side manner" not only for my grandpuppy Lola, but she is also very sensitive to my needs and situation."
- Barbara Day
07/01/2016 13:41:33
"I always feel Sylvester is in the best hands with Pam Neisner & the rest of staff at your facility. I always rely on their guidance for Sylvester's welfare, thank you."
- Elayne Lindsey
06/30/2016 17:17:38
"Courtesy, professionalism, obvious care for pets and their parents, attention to detail - these are just a few of the reasons why we continue to choose Town &Country as our vet of choice. Thanks for keeping our 'babies' healthy."
- Marion Marchetto
06/29/2016 17:06:54
"Was perfect Dr. Niser is very warm and absolutly Professional at her job . I really enjoyed her advise and she was very caring to my Bosley , this makes the pet very comfortable with Vet . Cant Thank her enough for her taking care of the problem with so much skill , she is my Vet of Choice at Town and Country . Staff is friendly , tech was very warm and professional ….. "
- Donna Swank
06/29/2016 15:50:57
"You guys are the best!!!!"
- Lisa Guess
06/29/2016 15:20:48
"Very professional staff"
- Doreen Dooley
06/29/2016 13:49:56
"The person who took Sam was wonderful. You can tell she cares about the dogs."
- Donna Pusey
06/26/2016 17:23:35
"We love and care and attention Banjo receives."
- Linda Myhre
06/26/2016 16:57:19
"Everything was great! Nice to meet Dr Neiser and my pet is feeling much better. "
- Susan Gutterman
06/26/2016 13:23:50
"Town & Country is the best vet I've had in over 30 years...great staff, clean environment, excellent vets!"
- Karin Roberts
06/26/2016 11:13:54
"I have nothing but good experiences and praises for your animal hospital. All the staff is more than friendly and accommodating. Dr. Niser is excellent. "
- Ann McNeill
06/26/2016 06:36:53
"Best vet around"
- Joyce Rosen-Osborn
06/25/2016 11:38:27
"No complaints! Very friendly and good service"
- Georgie Yates
06/24/2016 12:40:33
"Great service! I brought in my dog last minute because he was sick when I got home from work. The staff at the front desk worked me in quickly. Dr. Gould & the vet tech were great with Ferguson. Thank you!"
- Roger Sosa
06/24/2016 09:17:20
"thank you for being such a caring facility .It is easy to see why you have done so well"
- Bruce Picard
06/24/2016 05:17:18
"Bacchus is always well taken care of. I know you love him & it obviously shows by his good reports from you and how we are greeted when we arrive. Thanks for doing such a great job!"
- Jan Spielvogel
06/23/2016 16:18:54
"Dr Culbertson and I go back to his beginnings, in a small unit on the other side of hwy. 27. I think that speaks VOLUME'S. And I drive 13 miles passing 3 other vets. Sincerely, Norma "
- Norma Barletta
06/23/2016 14:29:58
"Everyone is very nice and they are gentle with my dog and I can tell they care. They are also patient when listening to my concerns and also take the time to explain things in detail. Great job. "
- Calvin Pope
06/22/2016 15:52:54
"Everyone does an excellent job, very caring staff and Doctors."
- Kevin Schroeder
06/22/2016 07:40:42
"We are very happy with Town & Country's staff."
- Eileen Spinosa
06/21/2016 15:44:42
"This is the first time Nicky hasn't been seen by Dr. Neiser (as we always ask for her). Having Crista as our tech was great as normal. Dr, Mills is so nice and I really appreciated that she took the time to read Dr. Neiser's notes on Nicky as well as gave us a couple of options to deal with the issue we brought the pooch in for. Your front desk staff were 'rock stars' as always and really make us feel like we are family when we are there."
- Donna & Warren Levin
06/19/2016 14:24:30
"I have always had a very pleasant experience at Town and Country. I would definitely not even consider to take my animal to any other place. Thank you so much"
- Theresa Camire
06/18/2016 18:49:40
"Keep up the GOOD work!"
- Shirley Rice
06/18/2016 17:58:32
"I was pleased and felt that Smudges was in caring hands."
- Linda Diaz
06/18/2016 11:35:01
"All of the staff are excellent! "
- Loretta Gutterman
06/18/2016 10:25:59
"Everyone and everything you do is awesome!"
- Tammy Brinkman
06/16/2016 14:47:37
"Great job with the dremmel. "
- Carol Toner
06/16/2016 12:41:37
"Great caring staff...."
- Frank Durastanti
06/16/2016 10:47:17
"Have always been happy with you treatment of Owners & Pets . For the past 14 yrs since I moved to Fl. Would never think of going anywhere else. John, Pepper, & Coco"
- John Vien
06/13/2016 09:04:50
"Office staff are very nice and courteous "
- Marie Riordan
06/13/2016 05:42:49
"Dixie and Trixe did just fine! They have stayed before.. Always happy!,"
- Claudia Givens
06/12/2016 16:59:13
"You guys are great. We trust you with our dogs & cat."
- Karen Hannes
06/09/2016 12:42:38
" Everyone was wonderful. We got in immediately and we're well taken care of. Thank you so much!"
- Rebecca Gideon
06/07/2016 05:24:39
"Thank you,..for taking wonderful care of my Micchio,.... T and C is the best!,... "
- Bill Volpicelli
06/05/2016 16:45:09
"I called at 615pm on wed night after not seeing improvement with my cats runny eye. I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to get me in first thing the next morning for an appt. made me feel at ease. then I am in the process of moving and had stored all of my cat carriers. I called from the parking lot with Abby on my lap and they got a room ready nearly right away so I could take her right inside. dr Neisser has been following her for some time and she always takes the extra time to explain everything, spell out treatment options and is extra loving toward abby . even though going to the vet can be traumatic for a cat, town and country always makes it as pleasant as possible"
- Martyne Hofle
06/05/2016 07:05:02
"My pets are treated like family by the staff and Drs, couldn't imagine going anywhere else!"
- Jenifer Hart
06/04/2016 21:10:54
"The staff that greet you as you enter the office are super!! Writing my pets name on the chalk board is so special. Thank you."
- Teresa Bowers
06/04/2016 18:58:04
"I called with short notice as rusty had stopped eating. I was given an appointment for 1/2 hour later. Had minimal wait to get in to room. Staff was caring and attentive to detials, even though rusty was sometimes less that cooperative and cranky! The testing was lees costly than I was quoted. The doctor spent considerable time in explaining rusty's diagnosis and future. She had a direct and compassionate presentation even though the prognosis was not to favorable. I appreciated her concern for rusty and for my feelings."
- Scott Miller
06/02/2016 08:55:23
"You always do a great job! Love the staff!!"
- Linda Carroll
06/01/2016 21:08:49
"as always....absolute wonderful folks who take such good care of my animals, as well as patient with me too during the stressful times EVERY single person who works at Town and Country is ALWAYS so nice, and super compassionate. Thank you !"
- Lisa Bienko
06/01/2016 15:24:23
"My dogs always get excellent care at Town and Country "
- David McKay
05/29/2016 19:22:00
"Keep up the good work - I wish the experience was comparable at my physicians' !"
- Merry Bain
05/28/2016 16:46:18
"Everyone is friendly, gracious and accommodating. The Doctors are caring and I know that they all have Corky's health as their utmost priority. "
- Sharyn Pliska
05/28/2016 05:59:33
"I love coming to the office. Dr. Neisner is friendly to me and Pet, informative, and responsive to all our needs. Love the work you do in Peru. Happily donated to a great humanitarian cause! "
- Esther Schlossberg
05/27/2016 12:18:54
"Your whole office staff is wonderful"
- Scotty Reynolds
05/26/2016 16:51:23
"Love y'all. :)"
- Gina Bonet
05/26/2016 11:13:50
"You are all awesome! Love the written greeting to my pet when we enter examination room"
- Holly Patterson
05/26/2016 11:04:08
"I think you are the best vets in Ocala "
- Fran Marino
05/26/2016 09:17:59
"My fur-babies always get excellent care and everyone is so kind & considerate. Thank you!"
- Laurie Bryson
05/19/2016 19:50:04
"I always feel that my pets are treated like they are special."
- Janice Gross
05/19/2016 15:08:25
"We love Dr.. Nisner, she's tops on our list...very caring and compassionate for our Deacon. The staff are very caring and compassionate as well. They are very supportive. We wouldn't go anywhere else."
- Robert Greaves
05/18/2016 14:07:07
"I'm very pleased with Town and Country. "
- Larry Rappeport
05/18/2016 14:04:50
"I have had only good experiences with your office and staff. You have more than once been the reason that one of my pets is still alive and with a high quality of life. I have often said that I wish I could find a doctor as good and caring as my dogs vet. Thank you for all that you do!"
- Debbie Tucker
05/17/2016 16:35:11
"I appreciate that my imput during the visit was taken into consideration. Thank you very much."
- Kimberly McGill
05/14/2016 13:30:43
"Best bets in Ocala for the last 28 years...ever since you had a lil store front across the street..!😀"
- Richard Rinschler
05/14/2016 13:09:54
"I just love you guys! I've been taking my pets to you since 2007 and tell everyone how wonderful you are with 4 legged patients and how kind you are with us owners. I wouldn't take mine anywhere else. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and patient with the animals, to mention loving. I love the set up where we can pay in the room to eliminate stress on everyone. The offices have never smelled like disinfectant which we all appreciate. The artwork is soothing and invokes smiles. I have the utmost trust in you in caring for my furbabies. "
- Valerie Bridges
05/14/2016 09:47:22
"Love, love, love everyone at Town & Country. Excellent care always. "
- Karen Lebeau
05/11/2016 15:33:48
"Excellent service. The Dr. and the Tech's were very professional and explained everything to me. I was very impressed. The Dr. even called me the next day after Benji had his shots to see how was doing........ Can't say enough good things about the service. Definitely a customer for life !! "
- Catherine Gannon
05/10/2016 22:08:04