"Our visit was a brief walk-in for old fractious kitty's nail trim. All 3 personnel we met were professional and caring. Based on my experience yesterday I've recommended your clinic on Nextdoor, esp. for those who've been clients at the recently closed Clackamas Companion clinic. Thanks for taking care of my girl's toes."
- Barbara Maxwell
12/05/2018 23:27:58
"You have the most amazing team. Especially Dr. SMITH! Excellent customer service from all! Friendly. I feel like family every time I walk through the door."
- Leanne Gibbs
11/30/2018 22:51:17
"We get the best care for both our dogs from Companion! We are greeted by a friendly staff that is always love seeing our dogs."
- Tommy Jennings
11/30/2018 18:30:14
"We love all the Doctors and staff at Companions. Kenai spends a lot of time there. We would not go anywhere else. We are so grateful for all the special care she receives ."
- Lisa Dang
11/29/2018 03:52:42
"I love that they make us feel like family. They know our names and our dogs names. They make us feel important "
- Susan Dalrymple
11/26/2018 18:05:14
"I really like that you can make appointments online - very easy. We showed up 10 minutes early and got checked int and moved to a room right away. This was the first time Violet was visiting and she isn't the friendliest cat if someone else smells like other cats. Thankfully, she's super healthy and just needed her 3yr rabies vaccine so they just took her back and did it really fast. Your vet tech is amazing (I don't know if you have more than one but we always get the young brunette woman that is just lovely). We were out of there within 30 minutes of our appointment time starting. Easy-peasy!"
- Haley Mountain
11/09/2018 18:31:40
"Kind, considerate staff. Felt heard, respected, considered. Was given affordable options to a procedure I was concerned about paying for. Lovely staff members were patient with my many questions. "
- Lauren Ferreira
10/19/2018 04:59:10
"I absolutely love all the people up there! Very friendly and thoughtful of my little Oliver. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"
- Phyllis Worley
10/17/2018 14:03:04
"I had an emergency and the staff got me in at the last minute before the weekend. I always appreciate how great this clinic is and would highly recommend it."
- Colby Westhead
10/15/2018 19:35:55
"It was nice to have a appointment and not have to wait."
- Sheri Stiles
10/13/2018 03:39:34
"Companion Pet Clinic is a godsend. They are so great with our two dogs, and they're the most affordable vets. They're not pushy about stuff you don't need, but take the care to make sure your pet is as healthy as can be. I can't imagine going anywhere else. Plus the dogs actually like going to the vet, despite both of them getting tons of shots and their uteruses removed there."
- Ben Harrison
10/13/2018 02:30:47
"I LOVE COMPANION PET UP IN N PORTLAND!! Every time I go there I see people who've worked there for a long time, and nice interesting people who work the front desk. They care!! They help and support, especially understanding and working with different people's budgets. It is hard to take care of a dog these days, expensive, what with licensing, dogfood, immunizations, etc. and I appreciate not getting gouged every time I go to the vet. I had an excellent vet in Colorado Springs too, and stayed with them for a number of years with my dog who lived 18 years. This dog I've taken to Companion Vet for going on 8 years. So yes, I am satisfied with them, or I would change. "
- Jaquelyn Anderson
10/09/2018 17:59:34
"We love Dr. Desonier! She truly cares about the pets. "
- Sandra Green
10/08/2018 23:18:03