"I really love how amazingly calm and patient the doctor was with Jax. He is always terrified to come to the vet for any reason, but I felt so glad knowing he was in good hands and being cared for well. I appreciate that the vet took the time to be extra patient and kind to Jax to help ease his anxiety. "
- Katie Manwell
04/03/2018 20:07:28
"We were so lucky to find Companion Pet, it was recommended to us in our welcome packet for our rescued pity/pointer pup-Hazel. They were on the list offering a free new puppy exam. We thought we would try it out because of its proximity to our home and so happy we did! The prices were impressive, but the attitude of every staff member that I have encountered set them over the top. To this point, they have answered every one of my questions and done so with smiles. They are so kind. They truly love what they do and who they do it for. Hazel is now 2.5 and doing great. We have also sent our daughter there with her new rescue pup."
- Michelle Keele
04/01/2018 14:37:53
" We got there, checked in and set down. We were called in about two minutes. Hardly any wait time at all. Went into our room and we were kindly treated and conversed with the nurse who was friendly and then were seen by the Doctor Who was also very friendly. I trusted both of them with the care of my pet who I love very much. We went out after being seen to the lobby and the reception was also very kind. They were accommodating to my blindness in the way that I asked for a digital copy of the receipt. It was provided and I am very satisfied. I look forward to my next visit. And I hope to stay with companion as long as I'm in Portland. "
- Joseph Jackson
03/23/2018 04:07:25
"The staff was very friendly and listened well to "my story" about my pet, Molly. I found that Dr. DeSonnier was knowledgeable and compassionate and gentle handling my dog. I left there feeling that Molly's medical needs were explained to me and that I would be able to contribute to her healing process. YES, I will go back!"
- Catherine Allord
03/13/2018 04:28:42
"I appreciate Dr. Erickson's knowledge and concern about everything regarding my cat, Stella. I would appreciate more knowledge and concern from the technician who meets with me before the vet enters. "
- Kim Hart-Baldridge
03/10/2018 01:40:32
"Everyone is very friendly & professional. They answer all of my questions and try really hard to be fair with pricing. I feel very comfortable bringing my pet to Companion."
- Vanessa Basil
03/08/2018 20:56:04
"Dr Schlingman is fantastic. He spent a lot of time helping me with my Yorkie's itching problem. He not only prescribed medication that is massively helping my dog, but he took the time to outline an entire new care routine he knew would help. Dr Schlingman not only made sure we left that appointment with immediate solutions to implement, but he also outlined a long term care plan to begin when we could afford it. We also love April. She's always been great with Evie. "
- Troy Hall
03/05/2018 15:36:34
"Busy, slow, or somewhere inbetween doesn't matter the entire staff always gos the extra mile for me and my pets. Always very knowledgeable, caring and budget concens considered. They give the same care to my fur babies they would their own. Can't get better than that."
- Cheryl Gannaway
03/01/2018 17:42:25
"As soon as I walk through the door I am greeted regardless of how busy it is. I am smiled at treated like family and I receive excellent customer service!"
- Leanne Gibbs
02/27/2018 21:39:41
"The care for my pets is great. The staff are always very nice. They make me feel like they really care. And the price is reasonale compared to many other places"
- Rhonda Richardson
02/22/2018 04:32:42
"Everyone is great. I wouldn’t change anything. I always feel like part of the family when I come in, with or without my dog."
- Tracey Mendoza
02/17/2018 03:42:33
"We've always had a wonderful experience with you all. The provided care of our beloved pets, Austin and Samson, has always been thorough, informative, and superb; which is why we have remained with your clinic throughout the lives of our pets. We wouldn't want to be anywhere else."
- Bryan Jones
02/14/2018 02:53:16