"Everyone was great! From the vet tech, to the vet, to the administrator at the front desk. Every visit has been very efficient (didn’t have to wait too long), affordable, and have always felt heard and well informed. So glad to have found a new vet practice I trust and can afford. "
- Sarah Scherling
05/21/2018 23:39:21
"The staff and service has always been great and we are glad we found you! We referred numerous people to your location."
- Randy Ramos
05/09/2018 21:28:30
"I found the doctor to be both genuinely caring and responsible. I appreciate that she took precautions to safeguard the health of my pet rather than proceeding with an operation that may have put him in peril. I have no complaints."
- Kathleen Kincaid
05/08/2018 18:52:14
"Every time I bring one of my dogs here, they are treated with smiles and great care. From my first visit with my handsome boy with cancer, to my fear aggressive girl, to an abused boy I rescued, all my dogs have been loved, cared for, and given the best options for all of their circumstances. You can tell the vets and techs here want the best for every animal. From making them comfortable to making their quality of life the best it can be. I have nothing but praises for everyone there. "
- Emeli Waibel
05/07/2018 03:31:55
"I absolutely l8ve your entire team! I am always greeted with a smile and hello even if it is super busy. The front desk girls are amazing and the last time I was there for pet meds Dr Smith saw me and called me by name came over and gave me a big hug. I love you guys so much!"
- Leanne Gibbs
05/04/2018 22:12:51
"I have only worked with Dr. Smith, so I cannot speak to the other veterinarians, but I absolutely love her! She is amazing! I love the entire rest of the staff as well. Everyone is always so friendly and helpful, and they were all very supportive and understanding when my dog got sick and would always get me in when I came in after he had bad nights. I would never go anywhere else. "
- Courtney Kriese
04/30/2018 15:14:26
"I really love how amazingly calm and patient the doctor was with Jax. He is always terrified to come to the vet for any reason, but I felt so glad knowing he was in good hands and being cared for well. I appreciate that the vet took the time to be extra patient and kind to Jax to help ease his anxiety. "
- Katie Manwell
04/03/2018 20:07:28
"We were so lucky to find Companion Pet, it was recommended to us in our welcome packet for our rescued pity/pointer pup-Hazel. They were on the list offering a free new puppy exam. We thought we would try it out because of its proximity to our home and so happy we did! The prices were impressive, but the attitude of every staff member that I have encountered set them over the top. To this point, they have answered every one of my questions and done so with smiles. They are so kind. They truly love what they do and who they do it for. Hazel is now 2.5 and doing great. We have also sent our daughter there with her new rescue pup."
- Michelle Keele
04/01/2018 14:37:53
" We got there, checked in and set down. We were called in about two minutes. Hardly any wait time at all. Went into our room and we were kindly treated and conversed with the nurse who was friendly and then were seen by the Doctor Who was also very friendly. I trusted both of them with the care of my pet who I love very much. We went out after being seen to the lobby and the reception was also very kind. They were accommodating to my blindness in the way that I asked for a digital copy of the receipt. It was provided and I am very satisfied. I look forward to my next visit. And I hope to stay with companion as long as I'm in Portland. "
- Joseph Jackson
03/23/2018 04:07:25