"I think that the staff there took excellent care of Lily (Our cat) and we are happy to have Companion Pet Clinic of Northeast Portland be the one to provide her care when we are in need of it. "
- Debra Clayton
09/12/2017 16:49:21
"I like that it's cheaper at Companion than other vets I've been too AND the doctor we saw was very thorough in explaining what was wrong with my cat and what to do. Seemed like he really cared. Was on the phone with me for a few minutes making sure i understood everything rather than rushing through it. Very appreciated. "
- Katie Roberts
09/08/2017 23:28:07
"I've had cats for over 40 years...the doctors at this clinic are superior to any I've done business with before!"
- Tracey McAllen
08/17/2017 18:08:29
" I'm always very happy to come in the companion pet clinic and I'm treated as a friend not just as a client. The office staff are SO friendly."
- Susan Pitcher
08/16/2017 16:55:08
"I had a great experience. I really appreciate that your office helps accommodate the fact that my dog gets very anxious. The techs coming to get my dog and I and bring us through the side door instead of the front makes our visit so much better. Avoiding the front room stress for my dog makes the experience so much better for her and me. I also love how friendly the staff is. Some people even in the animal care world are not nice because my dog is a pitbull, but your staff is great. "
- Caitlin Saylor
08/15/2017 20:56:42
"The staff and Dr. Schlingman at Companion are wonderful to my dog Annie. They do so much for her to keep her comfortable in her old age. I appreciate their readiness to assist me whenever I call or email. Great clinic. Wouldn't go anywhere else. "
- Patricia Espy
08/14/2017 14:52:21
"I have always appreciated the service when I have come. Also, Gypsy (my dog) LOVES to come!"
- Kathie Cooper
08/08/2017 18:27:16
"Companion Pet Clinic did an amazing job of explaining to us exactly what needed to be done in order to properly treat Yooka and they always double checked with us first before going ahead with any medical treatment. I appreciated the time your staff took to make sure we fully understood what we were agreeing to based on the care provided."
- Christina Mullenix
07/25/2017 21:27:29
"You all are the best! Doctors, techs, front desk, everyone always greet us warmly and take such good care of Archie and Rudy. We are so lucky to have such wonderful care close to our house- Thank you!"
- Lisa Walsh
07/24/2017 16:04:49
"Love everyone there! All very knowledgeable and kind. I have five dogs and take them all there. I've recommended Companion Pet Clinic to my friends and family. "
- Mary Kemp
07/24/2017 10:39:30
"My experience was great! Marcus was well cared for and I felt like we received individual and special care once we got into the room. When we arrived, I had brought a stool sample, and was told at the front desk that it was too old (about 4 hours) and while it hadn't been refrigerated, it had been kept cool. I'm not sure if it would have been useful, but I was told to throw it out. We were able to get another sample quickly, so it wasn't a big issue, but I did feel a little awkward about throwing it out and then suddenly needing it again."
- Amber Shore
07/18/2017 15:55:21
"The office staff is wonderful---very sincere and caring. Robin, the person who treated my cat, answered all of my questions and was attentive to our needs."
- Kim Hart-Baldridge
07/17/2017 02:04:32
"I loved the vet's candidness, albeit it was hard to hear. I appreciate what you do as a clinic for pets - I truly feel like you guys do what's right for the pet and take great care in charging owners. I'm in customer service myself, and you guys are top of the market. Fantastic. "
- Cindy Chambers
06/15/2017 17:02:20
"Doing a great job, everyone is always so kind and carrying you all make it feel like it not just money your worried about I know you need to be paid, but you don't make it seem like if someone can't pay that you will make them sign over their pet, and that means a lot any other Clinic I have been to I always get that vibe, and with you I haven't so I think you mist be doing a lot right! Thank you and Thanks for making my pet's comfortable...😇"
- Tina Overholser
06/12/2017 08:38:39
"Dr. Schlingman has been the best vet for us. He is knowledgeable, spends plenty of time with us, gives good advice in dealing with an older dog, has always been responsive to our concerns. The reception staff and clinical staff are excellent; they give good customer service and are very efficient. I am very happy with our care at Companion Pet Clinic. "
- Patricia Espy
06/11/2017 13:51:28
"Appreciate the customer care over phone. Excellent & thorough communication about services offered! Speedy email response & invoice explaining services to be performed. Thank you!"
- Dorian Hufana
06/03/2017 16:07:13
"I've been in a few times this year with the various family dogs and each time we are treated with respect and the care that is provided is great. I had to bring in my dog who is a rescue and a bit anxious and after speaking with the front desk about my concern to get my pup in a room quickly they not only understood but helped expedite the process. We worked with Dr. Kelli and she was AMAZING!!! So caring and compassionate and gentle with my pup who has problems with new people. The amount of pet owners consistently in the waiting room just proves you all are doing a great job!"
- Erin Mathias
05/29/2017 02:06:17
" I think you're doing fabulous! You saved my beloved Jack's life for starters! And you always shows such genuine care and support for all three of my "kids". Shannon and Kayla are both top notch! "
- Susan Pitcher
05/22/2017 21:08:26
"I was treated better here than i was at my own doctor's office. Bowie was very comfortable, the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, and the facility is clean and calm. We had a great experience, I wouldn't take Bowie anywhere else. "
- Krista Reyes
05/20/2017 10:44:37
"I love Companion Pet Clinic! Excellent care and consideration for your pet. The staff is delightful and personable. (Especially thanks to Kayla). I would highly recommend this clinic to animal lovers."
- Chan Sikhamsouk
05/11/2017 12:45:36
- Alison Croll
05/10/2017 11:36:26
"From the front desk, to the vet tech, to the vet, I continue to receive excellent care for all 4 of my dogs. I am so grateful for a vet that makes it so affordable. I was spending 3 to 4 times what I spend at Companion. I think my other vet was ordering unnecessary tests for my senior dogs and pushing things that were not neede. I want the best care for my dogs but I don't want to feel like I am being taken to the cleaners ---- at Companion, I get both great care and great prices. Thank you so much! "
- Renee Dehen
05/07/2017 21:03:20
"Calling around to find a vet for our daughter's new puppy, I decided to go with Companion because the customer service I received on the phone during that initial inquiry call was so good, it made me stop, and notice. The CSR was knowledgeable, making me feel instantly confident in your care. The CSR answered all my questions quickly, and efficiently, with no wasted words, yet I never felt rushed. Later that week, when I came in with the puppy, the entire experience was a delight. All the staff were so friendly, helpful, and kind. Moreover, I was immediately impressed with our new vet too, who is obviously talented, cares deeply, and is just a delightful person. Truly."
- Jeremy Finney
04/30/2017 00:20:02
"I really like the staff at this location. They are all patient with Ellie. She gets really excited and is hyper. The staff always answers my questions with great professionalism. I haven't any negatives. "
- Livina Austin
04/25/2017 14:44:47
"The wait time was not over long. I'm the vet answered all questions. Pleasant atmosphere. Very gentle with my pet."
- Dorothy Sharaf
04/22/2017 14:24:04
"The staff at Companion Pet are all wonderful. They are very welcoming and caring. I trust them implicitly to take the best care of Rudy and Archie. I recommend them to anyone looking for compassionate and skilled care for their pets, at very affordable prices. Thank you! "
- Lisa Walsh
04/19/2017 23:11:45
"The staff is friendly and welcoming. They treat my dog respectfully and I know that they are taking good care of her when I drop her off. Dr. Schlingman is the best, I consider him "our doctor" when I come in with all my pets. "
- Patricia Espy
04/13/2017 10:22:10
"Because Uhura had mange as a pup I have great things to say about Dr. Schlingman, Dr. Ericson and Dr. Smith. They are super knowledgeable and just the nicest Drs ever. The visit was routine check ups for my Chow Spock and dobie Uhura. Dr. Schlingman recomended a new med for Spock's arthritis to replace the 3 meds he's currently on because hopefully it will be easier on his kidneys and liver in the long run. That made me very happy. I always watch and listen to what everyone is saying. It's always nice to come here because everyone is nice and caring. Also you can tell they really are a "team" and enjoy working together. I always recomend you folks and everyone knows I come with when my friend Gina when she brings Piper in."
- Cheryl Gannaway
04/12/2017 20:14:49
"The staff are amazing. Very attentive and caring they treated my dog as if were there own.... And help with any and all questions I have. Called the next day to check on my dog and I. Most definitely will be keeping them as my vet"
- Heather Henry
04/04/2017 14:25:30
"I love Companion Pet Clinic! All of my questions and concerns are always answered in a helpful and supportive manner and I really find that my pet gets the highest quality care and love (without unnecessary added costs)!"
- Jennifer Tappan
04/03/2017 12:06:16
"The vet was great she explained things so great i understood things and felt at ease, unlike never before, for once I was not left confused and that means a lot! She was great with my pup and had a very nice and caring attitude I've been to a few clinic's and I like companion clinic the best I felt like she honestly cared and was not just there for the money."
- Tina Overholser
03/29/2017 09:36:18
"Everything about our visit was excellent. You provided a great first impression. All of the staff were friendly and helpful. We especially liked Dr. Smith who we now consider to be our new veterinarian. She understood our needs and concerns to a "T". Thanks again to everyone, Beau, Jean, & Lily"
- Beau Frazier
03/24/2017 11:41:58
"Dr. Smith is always there to answer my questions and the service is great. This facility is small but very comfortable and I haven't had a bad experience with the employees working here. The people are very friendly and helpful."
- Elle Halverson
03/14/2017 06:05:35
"I was able to get treatment for my dog on the same day I called which was great because she needed to be treated right away due to the nature of her injury. I didn't even have to wait very long even though I didn't have a scheduled appointment. Service was very friendly and prompt."
- Susan Sands
03/08/2017 13:18:27
"I felt we were well taken care of....My concern is how my pet is treated and Sam has been treated with the upmost concern and love. We did have to wait a while but I am feeling maybe another pet needed more time as we have had our pet there and he has taken up more time than expected so ...I felt once we got in we were fine and Sam was the only one that went back with the tech and he seemed very happy when he came out. I feel their customer service is more friendly now than it had been in the past. We've been going here for a long time so customer service is good at times and not so bad at other times. What counts is the care we get. I am very happy with that."
- Darla Murray
02/16/2017 12:22:17
"From the people working the front desk, to the vet techs and the vets, everyone has been really wonderful. I don't feel rushed even when the clinic is busy, everyone takes the time to make sure my dogs are cared for, I get the instructions needed and even a follow up call. On top of all this, I am so grateful for the pricing. Having 2 senior dogs I was spending a small fortune at the vet I have gone to for over 20 yrs. While it was a hard decision to switch, I wanted to try a new vet since I take my dogs in often and it was costing me quite a bit. At Companion, they are not ordering extra tests where I am wondering........ do we really need that? I want to do what is best for my dogs and make sure they have excellent care and I feel I can do that and have it be affordable for me at Companion. I have told my sister (who now takes her new puppy to Companion) and she has told her friend who also now goes to Companion. I have one other family member who is also switching to Companion soon. So -- thank you so much for all you do and for making it affordable. I am so grateful. "
- Renee Dehen
02/15/2017 01:39:53
"Vet Smith was absolutely WONDERFUL! She made me feel like my cat was the cutest cat in the world and made both me and my husband very comfortable right off the bat. My kitty even warmed up to her after only a few minutes. I was able to get an 11 am appointment for the following day when I called late afternoon and once I was there, everyone prioritized getting me in and seen asap, while also juggling a lot of walkins which was greatly appreciated. You also can't beat the $30 wellness check and the fact that I wasn't harassed about my indoor kitty's lack of up to date vaccines and whatnot. Thank you! "
- Haley Mountain
01/21/2017 13:07:01
"We always have a good experience there. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I tell many of my clients how great Companion Pet Clinic is!! "
- Rabecka Bourdeaux
01/17/2017 09:33:28
"Overall I am very happy with my experience at Companion Pet Clinic so far. Everyone is so helpful, supportive, informative and friendly! I have no complaints."
- Jennifer Tappan
11/20/2016 13:33:13
"I mostly enjoy Companion Pet Clinic because they are professional and sincere, skilled, educated, caring, and pick up my day when I go there with my dog. Going to the vet is a scary experience for my dog, but she survives, and doesn't dive under the chairs when I take her to Companion Pet Clinic. And I think the assistants are gaining valuable training as they work there. "
- Jaquelyn Anderson
11/12/2016 11:47:41
"I have used the Vancouver office in the past, however, this location is more central for my fosters. I run an animal rescue and love the services and low cost offered by Companion Pet. "
- Rebecca Clark Lancaster Four Dog Rescue
11/11/2016 22:55:25
"Happy that I was able to see the doctor I requested. Front staff always remembers and greets my dog. All staff was very kind and gentle with my very protective dog; he was nervous, they were great. Exam and explanations were thorough, addressed all of my additional questions."
- Heidi Frank
11/05/2016 15:16:47
"I have been bringing my dog to CPC-NE since May and have had mostly great experiences. Shannon at the front desk is amazing. She remembers my pup every time he comes in and is always super helpful. She answers all my questions and if she doesn't know, she makes an effort to find out. Dr. Smith did the procedure on my pup recently and she was great. Her "bedside" manners were wonderful, she was caring and compassionate. She even took time to explain results the next day. Sometimes doctors call, give labs, and quickly hang up. this was not the case with Dr. Smith. She made sure all questions were answers and explained everything thoroughly. "
- Bachtuyet L e
11/03/2016 23:25:03
"Love that your clinic is close to home and thankful for the great care you all provide to my two fur babies. I definitely recommend you to my friends."
- Linda Bienert
10/27/2016 16:58:57
"I was able to come in quickly even though I missed my appointment time. I was greeted at the door by name and guided through everything I needed to do. I didn't even wait very long. I felt my pet was well taken care of even though she was scared. I felt as though all of my questions were answered and all precautions were taken to ensure I wasn't paying for more than I needed. "
- Dania Sharpe
10/21/2016 14:35:46
"My vet is Dr. Smith but she had no available appointments the day I needed to see her so I went as a walk-in. Lo and behold, she made time to see us. I was enormously grateful. Wait times can be bad, but on this day, it was barely 10 minutes. All in all, an excellent experience."
- Ketzel Levine
10/13/2016 21:18:34
"We were in for the first time with our dogs Rebel and Rascal. We were very happy with the service we received for them. They have gotten way better with your help since they were not feeling well!"
- Randy Ramos
10/10/2016 19:40:34
"Shannon, Kayla, Leslie, April, Melissa, and Kendra always take wonderful care of me and my pets. They're fantastic! Dr. Erickson and Dr. Schlingman have been involved with the ongoing treatments of my pets and I trust both with the health decisions of my pets."
- Alex Clark
10/10/2016 00:06:53
"I love you guys. My gf used to take her dog to Banfield and they are just too inconsistent. They never remembered her dogs name. Was a different doctor every time. I love that everytime I bring motley in you guys are always excited to see him. He feels comfy there and so do I. "
- Matt Feffer
09/19/2016 00:28:34
"I am completely satisfied with the care that is given to Onyx. The medical staff has always been great and caring with Onyx, and the office staff has always been welcoming and friendly when we come in or call to make an appointment or have questions. I have trust in all the staff or I would not keep bringing Onyx back for any of his medical needs."
- Pat Bruce
09/13/2016 14:56:10
"We've been coming to your clinic for the last 4+ years and have always had a good experience. I appreciate the phone calls and cards, etc. The staff was very nice and very helpful when my Miss Kitty passed away last year. Oliver loves coming there and now we have the new kitten who will be having many visits there. Thanks for all your great and hard work and care. "
- Rabecka Bourdeaux
09/04/2016 09:51:47
"Thanks to everyone who works at the Companion Pet Clinic of NE Portland for being so sweet and gentle when I brought my seriously ill elderly cat, I appreciate it especially since I am a "grandma with a cat". I realized through this experience that cats provide so much love to their people, and I think I will change my mind and get another cat next year! A cat sitting on your lap for hours at a time makes a person relaxed and feel love."
- Carolyn Wilson
09/01/2016 00:50:22
"You guys are great-your people are always friendly and genuinely care about your patients and their humans. I've moved way down to Oak Grove, and their vets that are closer, but I've trusted my fur babies to you folks for years and it's worth the drive. 😊"
- Pam Holland
08/05/2016 23:47:57
"All the staff are very caring towards my pets, they treat them like family. After a visit when shots have been given or they were sick, I can expect a phone call the following day to check on my pet. On serious issues, the doctor even calls to check on their patient. Medical doctors don't even do that. Grade a service. Thank you!"
- Katherine Quinby
08/05/2016 16:48:47
"The front end folks are so nice! All the ladies take the time to make sure all your questions are answered. They are super sweet to my Muttley too! I am always impress with Dr Erickson (spelling?) She is a great vet, and I like how understanding she is. "
- Elizabeth Rose
07/22/2016 19:28:36
"The care my dog Annie received this week at Companion Pet Clinic was excellent. The receptionist was friendly and accommodating. The vet tech was kind, patient, and respectful. I always like seeing Dr. Schlingman and that is why I request him for all my vet visits. He is practical about what treatments and tests are necessary, especially since my dog is 13. He explains everything in detail and takes time to talk to me. We had a very meaningful discussion about what to expect in Annie's twilight years. I also like the 24 hour followup call. My overall experience at Companion was excellent. "
- Patricia Espy
07/14/2016 12:21:20
"I love the clinic, you have the best doctors and everyone there is very experienced and friendly. Thanks to you all for taking good care of my babies."
- Doug Crane
07/13/2016 13:28:09
"Great experience! Kellie Smith dealt with our grumpy MacGregor with great patience. Your staff is always kind and welcoming from the minute we walk in."
- Linda Wilks
07/03/2016 13:03:13
"Dr Erickson has been caring for my pets for a long time. She's always awesome! She usually treats us as intelligent people unlike some vets we have met. The staff at the clinic are wonderful as well. Hattie rocks. The front desk people are often welcoming. They do have off days but usually great."
- Bonnie Hutchinson
07/02/2016 20:58:03
"Love the girls in the front.....they make the experience start out right. The assistants in the back are great too. They remember us and all our animals/kids. Prices are reasonable compared to other places as well. "
- Susan Dalrymple
07/02/2016 19:12:25
"Great! I had to walk in because of a sudden illness and there was virtually no wait time. Friendly staff, thorough doctors. "
- Danielle Alexander
07/02/2016 17:54:24
"I have no complaints what so ever. The care for onyx has always been excellent. The Doctors and the whole medical staff has been great. The front office staff is very friendly and helpful and knows the name of their patients and parents. [ I don't like the word owner] as they are not something you own,they are a family member. I feel that everyone is doing a great job taking care of their patients."
- Pat Bruce
07/02/2016 11:13:05
"Love Jane Erickson!!! I love that the folks at the front desk always know/remember Roxy!"
- Rosa Avelar
06/30/2016 23:44:52
"The staff was super great, they visit with you and make us feel welcome Melissa was great at explaining everything I needed to do for Par Par is all better now purring like crazy to be out of her Cone "
- Donna Hekker
06/30/2016 09:01:35