"Very good experience. "
- PJ Gillen
04/06/2017 09:47:18
"Always get my desired date and time to appointments. I have 9 critters and all are told that they are cute and nice...haha, even when they are naughty. Super nice and very educated personnel...especially the techs. I love not sitting in a waiting room with tons of other animals."
- Sandra Richardson
04/04/2017 09:25:15
"Always have great experiences, even my dog likes seeing you guys"
- Walter Dorman
04/03/2017 17:26:03
"We feel like our Vet is part of our family! Everyone at Valley, from Dr. Frasier, to Veterinary Assistant to office staff treat Yeti like he is their most important patient. "
- Monica Marquez
04/03/2017 13:42:59
"! would say good. The appointment went well. Everything was explained and there was a follow up the nest day"
- Nancy Toler
04/03/2017 12:49:37
"It was a good experience for me and my cat. I was able to schedule the appointment around my lunch hour so I didn't have to miss work. I thought the staff was friendly and very helpful. I love that they treat him with the highest level of care. "
- Deidra Brown
04/01/2017 13:24:40
"We are very happy with the grooming that Kali receives at Valley Vet. They do a great job and they are very friendly. Thanks"
- Patty Klaus
03/31/2017 16:20:18
"We took both our dogs for the visit. They went into the examination rooms ahead of their scheduled times and their care was handled promptly and professionally. We are very pleased with the care and services you provided."
- Pam Harris
03/31/2017 15:00:44
"My senior dog, Bella, and I were treated very well. We got right in to see the vet and everyone was very kind . Thankfully, there was nothing seriously wrong with Bella and we were home within an hour. This was just fine with Bella--car rides are not her favorite things to do. The results of Bella's blood work were back the next day. Prompt, friendly, and professional treatment. Thank you all."
- Linda Tuttle
03/30/2017 18:06:25
"Great service"
- Bethany Davis
03/29/2017 12:08:35
"I love this vet. I will never go anywhere else. They are all great people!"
- Virginia Emery
03/28/2017 13:19:22
"Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Great place."
- Jenny Beck
03/28/2017 12:49:52
"I have much trust in Valley Vet in helping me take care of my dog. It's expensive at times, but I love my dog and I appreciate Valley Vet's expertise in helping me take care of him. Thank you."
- Rose Nofchissey
03/25/2017 14:11:15
"Samantha did an excellent job, my babies look so cute! I'll be bringing them back again!!"
- Tammy Lucero
03/25/2017 13:11:43
"Thank you for being so thorough and sweet with Sassy. "
- Wendi Luce
03/24/2017 20:14:40
"I love Dr. Noyes she's been so good to me and my animals. She just a great Dr. Thank you so much for everything you have done for my little babies."
- Tamara Clark
03/24/2017 15:23:22
"I love Dr. Noice, not sure if I spelled that right, but the staff,and everyone I mean everyone is A-1 plus while going thru an awful divorce the Dr let me work out a payment plan! Now who in this day an age would do that, and be sympathetic with great uderstanding. Thanks everyone! My Jynx will always go to you, along with any other pet in the future!"
- Tina Gundlach
03/23/2017 20:27:16
"Doing great - like always. Trust you with our pets. Wish our pets acted better at the clinic."
- Kevin Bahe
03/23/2017 16:01:59
"I felt like the staff LOVES Bella as much as I do! They cared for her as if she was their own. Thank you!!!"
- Yvette McKnight
03/22/2017 18:00:49
"I am so thankful you were able to get my baby in so quickly. Everyone was so kind and helpful. The office was clean and welcoming. I felt like everyone was willing to help. I am actually excited to go back. You have earned a life long customer. "
- Liz Young
03/21/2017 20:22:35
"Valley Vet has always given our pets the best vet care we could ask for. In this case, I called in with an urgent issue and they were able to work our cat in within an hour. Excellent care and very friendly staff."
- Matt Clugston
03/21/2017 09:26:45
"LOVE Valley Vet. Every single doctor there is absolutely always wonderful. I will never go anywhere else. "
- Michelle Olbert
03/20/2017 10:23:40
"I brought in two feral cats who have domesticated me. I feed and water them and they both have heated cat beds for winter because they are outdoor cats (though I think the younger one would like to be an indoor cat). One cat is 9 years old and has stayed around for about 2 years so I knew I had to get her a full wellness check and all the shots. She has a notched ear so I knew at some point she had been spade. She has a slightly deformed mouth so its hard for her to keep her long hair mat free. She was horribly matted and the groomer at Valley Vet was able to shave off the truly impossible mats and combed out the rest, without stressing the cat. The younger cat is 17 months old and in very good shape. She came to our yard when she was about 3 months old. Valley Vet has taken care of her since day one. The "cat"vet at Valley Vet is kind and gentle to the point that both cats don't flinch when they get blood drawn or shots. I recommend Valley Vet highly and I personally will never take one of my cats to another veterinarian."
- David Bishop
03/20/2017 10:20:44
"The people who work for Valley Vet Clinic are always very attentive to the needs of my aging dogs. They treat them with respect and answer all of my questions. "
- Marie Schumacher
03/20/2017 08:28:25
"On Saturday morning I stopped by without appointment to pick up glucosamine chews for my Bouvier. Asked for antibiotic spray for a hot spot similar to what I've treated at home on my two Bouviers. Had to be approved by vet so they asked me to pick it up on Monday. Later I got a phone call letting me know the spray was ready for pickup & I could do so through the boarding kennel---which was open whereas the clinic was closed. I appreciate their attention on this small matter. It's typical of how this clinic takes care of its clients. "
- Linda Hart
03/19/2017 19:44:43
"The caring atmosphere at Valley Vet makes me smile when I enter the office. We have been taking our dogs to Valley Vet for 25 years or more. Thank you for loving pets so much. "
- Jo Remley
03/18/2017 13:05:22
"My biggest comment is how the doctor helped my sweet pug. Other vets were treating her ears for "ear mites" for 6+ years, and this doctor knew right away that it was a yeast infection in her ear and prescribed the correct ear drops. She's already feeling better. I give these doctors AAA+++"
- Debbie Holtz
03/17/2017 15:37:22
"A very professional, loving, caring office. I am glad we switched!"
- Jimmy Miller
03/17/2017 12:59:34
"Check in and check out staff is polite and listens. Doctors have good bed side manners. I am a believer that you get what you pay for but some pricing is a little steep. I appreciate that a client is not penalized with extra charges for having an emergency during business hours. Th facility is clean and inviting."
- Melanie Garcia
03/15/2017 17:01:08
"I was pleased with the response to my dear old dog's condition, the care and concern from Dr. Fraser and staff meant a lot to me."
- Pamela Drake
03/13/2017 10:23:10
"My most recent visit was great! I'm a busy mom who works from home, so I had to bring my two girls with me (no school). We were treated like family! Dr. Woodson greeted and treated my kids like they were his own, being patient, answering questions, and even giving them informational coloring books to help keep them busy while he gave great care and attention to my dogs. On top of all that, he was training a new staff member as well! This practice is worth every penny I spend there. Thanks Valley Vet! "
- Janessa Wheat
03/12/2017 15:57:27
"Staff is great - they appear to be very caring and are super friendly. Prices are high but I guess prices are high eveywhere"
- Linda McBroome
03/12/2017 10:02:06
"It was a good experience for me as well as my dog."
- Fran Swann
03/11/2017 23:39:58
"Truman and I both loved our visit. Grooming was great. "
- Karen Broten
03/11/2017 11:39:31
"Reggie has gone to Valley Vet Clinic since his birth ten and half years ago. He loves going because everyone makes over him and he laps it all up. Reg will be going to a new home next week as I must move and cannot take him with me. Don't know where he will go for care, but I certainly want to thank everyone there for the care he has gotten over the years. Thanks again - Nora Tracy"
- Nora Tracy
03/09/2017 21:24:29
"Valley Vet Hospital is a great place! The Atmosphere is family friendly. I have always been pleased with the service I have received! Thank you!"
- Kasie Harvey
03/09/2017 12:45:39
"Thank you for fixing Sunshine's beak. She seems happier now."
- Sylvia Hammons
03/09/2017 11:50:07
"We are new to the area and new to the clinic but have not been disappointed. The staff is friendly and helpful. The Dr.'s are competent and caring. All the way around a good medical home for your pet!"
- Glynnis Maes
03/09/2017 06:23:42
"I just love all of you guys! It makes me feel good to have Doctors that care about my "guys" as much as i do! Thank you!"
- Molly Hawkinson
03/08/2017 23:03:55
"Very professional and caring, I will definitely continue to use Valley Vet, grooming and boarding for my pets need.. Very satisfied!!"
- Delilah Montoya
03/08/2017 11:38:09
"A heart full of gratitude goes out to entire Valley View crew. May their love of animals continue to guide all their actions. Thank you for sweet service for my beloved good boy Argus Barnabus Southpaw. Love. "
- Scott Otteson
03/07/2017 16:23:12
"Always receive great care when coming to see you!"
- Jennifer Salazar
03/07/2017 16:05:33
"Only Vet office we'll use. "
- Laura Anderson
03/07/2017 11:36:50
"Great care"
- Teri Sandoval
03/04/2017 21:31:01
"Was my first experience with my dog Prince and Dr. Woodson. The vet even sat down on the floor to introduce himself to Prince!! The front desk and office attendants were great and Dr. Woodson was so patient to explain many things concerning my buddy. Will definitely be spreading the good word on this office!! Thanks so much! M. Windsor"
- Marianne Windsor
03/04/2017 13:49:34
"Twice I have needed to take Molly Beans in for immediate care, and on both occasions, was provided with courteous service, and Molly's vet care was impeccable. The staff helped me navigate the paper work needed for her care and payment, and Dr. Fraser kept me informed from the lab work, to medication and possible outcomes, and her bedside manner on Molly's aftercare gave me the confidence she was in the best possible hands after her cancer was removed, and she kept her tail!!! I am forever grateful to Dr. Fraser and Team, and to the staff for their assistance and in caring for my companion I love so much."
- Wendy Taylor
03/03/2017 21:20:24
"My dog Maudie is very shy, she is the one you have to drag down the hall. The staff is always very kind and gentle with her. I really appreciate that!"
- Sherry Galloway
03/03/2017 12:38:18
"Valley Vet has been our vet for over 30 years. Compassionate care is how they operate. I truly believe they treat your pets like their own."
- Bryan Sanders
03/03/2017 11:30:30
"You are doing great. Marley and I always feel welcome when we come in!"
- Michelle Porter
03/02/2017 20:11:45
"Wonderful doctors and staff."
- Shannon Pettus
03/02/2017 14:40:40
"Vally vet -----N0 1"
- Roscoe Hooper
03/02/2017 14:05:15
"We always receive personal attention by the whole staff and feel very welcome. Many of the staff members will come out and visit with us and our pet while we wait for our appointment."
- Wayne Mietty
03/01/2017 22:53:38
"Valley Vet was the only veteranairy Hospital that was able to pinpoint my kitty's condition. With out any medicine the Dr was able to help my kitty with a change in her diet. Thank you so much for helping my kitty. Valley Veteranairy is the best place to take your pets. "
- Susan LeClair
03/01/2017 19:45:16
"You guys are great!!"
- Fred Greenwald
03/01/2017 19:21:38
"I love Valley Vet. And they go above and beyond to take excellent care of my babies. "
- Terri Nelson
03/01/2017 17:22:11
"Absolutely the best pet care! They love our dog as much as we do!"
- John White
03/01/2017 16:54:49
"LOVE Margie Alverez!!!"
- Gwen Zawistowski
03/01/2017 13:00:03
"I feel confident that my furry family members are being treated by competent providers. I have always had a positive experience there. I just wished you cared for large animals....sheep & horses. "
- Regina Thompson-Nelson
03/01/2017 12:42:50
"Casper is comfortable when we use your services for both the vets and groomers "
- Donna Kline
02/28/2017 22:10:11
"Have always received the best of care and compllete answers to any questions I have."
- Aubry Burgess
02/26/2017 21:31:24
"Service was excellent as always."
- Mike Carpenter
02/26/2017 15:08:24
"Everyone loves Miss Roxi and she loves them, until they cut her toenails!!!! lol Wouldnt change any of them. We always get the best of care. We love all you guys..."
- Kaye Cowan
02/26/2017 14:31:11
"Shadow and I received quality attention with competent attendants. He rested all the next day from his shots. We appreciate the use of the kitty room for exam."
- Larry Brewer
02/25/2017 19:47:01
"So far great! Can't wait for our next appointment and for the labs to come back"
- Bailey Henley
02/25/2017 15:14:07
"We love Dr, Noyes"
- Lyla Ransdell
02/25/2017 12:18:58
"Everyone from the Drs to the staff are helpful and nice all the time. "
- Tom Nagahiro
02/24/2017 19:33:59
"Jared and Dr. Frazier gave Pixie wonderful treatment. She is very shy and they made sure she was as comfortable as possible."
- Lou Mancel
02/24/2017 17:42:03
"They are very good with my dogs. They try to determine the cause if your pet has some condition that merits treatment We have had multiple pets treated here and have been satisfied with the level of care they have received. "
- Mildred Kuchera
02/24/2017 17:18:13
"I am so thankful for the professionals at Valley Veterinary Clinic. It is important for me to readily have access to top-notch health care for my beloved pet & know that I can depend on the staff there under any & all circumstances."
- Gina Morris
02/24/2017 14:23:45
"Our 11 year old Cocker spaniel has had both knees repaired in the past year. Her care from Dr. Woodson and the entire staff had been wonderful. And, Samantha, the groomer, treats both our Vickers like family. We wouldn't go anywhere else. "
- Laurie Dette
02/24/2017 14:18:08
"Great staff that continues to care for our pets health needs."
- Darcy Walters
02/24/2017 14:17:37
"Whenever I call to refill a prescription it have never had to wait. It is usually available later the same day or at the latest, the next day. Always quick. Thanks"
- Katrina Chiles
02/24/2017 12:15:33
"You 're doing well, you treated my cat nicely, were very gentle, and thorough. Thanks!"
- Kendra Allen
02/24/2017 12:02:58
"Valley Vet has helped me with numerous medical treatment, diagnosis, etc. for my loved ones. Dr. Fraser is part our pet family and we more than appriciate the time, effort and LOVE she puts into making sure we are all well taken care of. She loves are fur babies like they were her own. We are very gracious to find a Vet Clinic we can always rely on and gives it everything! Thank you Valley Vet. "
- Amber Heckler
02/24/2017 11:30:56
"Great place to take your animals. The Vets are extremely polite along with the front desk staff and vet techs. "
- Alyssia Henry
02/24/2017 10:12:51
"All the staff treat Miss Kena like she's the only one that matters! Also understanding how she hates going especially through the front. This last time to get her pedi we when went through lodging and she was very happy. 🐾🐾🐾"
- Margie Seip
02/23/2017 15:16:53
"Very friendly staff , pleasant atmosphere and clean. "
- Laurie Henry
02/23/2017 13:41:44
"Valley View Vet has been so great! They are so caring and helpful :-) I am so happy we started coming here!"
- Shanell Alleva
02/23/2017 09:51:01
"Dr. Frazer is very responsive to our older pets on going health issues. I appreciate her returning my calls discussing options with us to obtaining good care within our budget. Both of our pets are now doing well with the medications she has prescribed."
- Sandra Headrick
02/22/2017 13:09:53
"Been coming to you for 12 yrs. and I would not go anywhere else I love my vet. and the staff is wonderful."
- Laura Larson
02/22/2017 12:24:07
"You guys do a great job of caring for our babies! "
- Keith Barbeau
02/22/2017 12:14:34
"I was very satisfied with the service I received from Dr Noyes. Thank you! "
- Traci Fletcher
02/21/2017 13:41:52
"I appreciate how you take care of my dogs. They are like family to us and you guys treat them as such. When we had to let one of our lil guys go, you guys were great about letting us spend what time we needed there and did not worry about pushing the bill to get paid right there. Thank you so much for being animal people and only having people there that are just as much animal people as we are."
- Marie Sharpe
02/20/2017 07:52:20
"Overall experience was good. "
- Deanna Manwell
02/18/2017 12:19:11
"The staff is awesome! Dr. Fraser, I feel cares for my furry babies like I do. I always trust that my animals are receiving the best care :)"
- Janae Vitali
02/17/2017 15:50:34
"Missy was taking care of with love and care. She had dental work done and is doing great. It just turned out to be more work that had to be done and more expensive than we budgeted for. No more bad breath, yeah!!!"
- Arline James
02/17/2017 09:22:38
"I trust Valley Vet to give the best care to my dogs. I appreciate their welcoming and friendly staff. Tango and Lola looked great after their grooming yesterday."
- Jill Ward
02/16/2017 15:31:09
"all good, first time appt. keep up the great work. kudos to dr alvarez and her staff"
- Jacquelyn Kovach
02/16/2017 15:08:44
"All associates greeted me in a very gracious manner. The staff was timely. I was thoroughly informed of the results of the Echocardiogram. Exceptionally clean environment and caring staff. "
- Jack Mercer
02/15/2017 12:53:58
"exceptional and caring service"
- Christine Ziems
02/14/2017 12:32:31
"The staff was very friendly. Provided us with a lot of information."
- Vincent Silas
02/12/2017 19:15:55
"Always greeted with a pleasant voice. Dr is always good to explain health concerns, how to treat, what to watch for, what action to take."
- Beth Leidy
02/12/2017 14:24:05
"Always a good and caring experience for my family of 4 dogs and 1 cat"
- Sandy Lobato
02/12/2017 12:13:27
"Valley Vet is the best vet in town. They are family to us and treat us that way."
- Barbara Toward
02/11/2017 18:37:26
"Everyone was so friendly and very informative."
- Betty Schoonover
02/11/2017 15:45:16
"They have always taken good care of Mindie. Very gentle and loving towards her. A great place to take your your fur babies."
- Gloria Stewart
02/11/2017 13:12:52
"Excellent appointment for Mac! Got us right in. Very courteous and professional. Thanks Dr Darren and Dr Margie!! Ray Vickers, Sr. "
- Lynn Vickers
02/10/2017 22:17:02
"Always a great experience! My fur babies are treated so well"
- Natalie Riley
02/10/2017 17:06:55
"Doing great. The entire staff and doctors truly love the animals."
- Neva Longacre
02/10/2017 16:52:28
"My experience was a great one and my animal was very comfortable with you all! Thank you for making it a great one! "
- Marynita Manuelito
02/06/2017 13:53:51