"It's always great!! We, Max and me, are greeted with a smile, checked in quickly and shortly thereafter taken into the examining room. Everyone is friendly, true lovers of pets and make Max feel comfortable. Dr. Patty as always a sweetheart with Max and got his shots and tested his lumps quickly and painlessly. Thank you!!!"
- Jessica Rojas
05/21/2019 16:41:51
"Its my favorite vet! Receptionist are always friendly. My Veterinarian is great. My dog had unrelenting itching and she gave her the right meds. My dog is happy and doesn't stratch any more. One happy mom!"
- Deanna Vele
05/17/2019 11:41:38
"We are very satisfied with the professionalism and courtesy from all the employees, you all are a caring team."
- Gloria/Lauren Beshara
05/17/2019 01:08:54
"I had a good experience with the staff and doctors, everything was explained about my pets visit for dental cleaning, very happy "
- Francis Mascia
05/16/2019 19:48:04
"So far so good everyone seemed so kind and really care about the animals. Dr Patty appears works really hard to come to a solution to help the pet I look forward to continuing my relationship with all paws and we still have three more animals for you to say keep up the good work everyone"
- Barbara Van Bramer
05/16/2019 18:58:13
"It was very pleasant and I felt everyone involved genuinely cared about my pet I was slightly tempted to go to Paws for Health to have her spad procedure completed due to the cost but ultimately changed my mind due to the overwhelming trust I have in Dr Patty"
- Sandra Davies
05/15/2019 18:35:40
"It was a good experience and I highly recommend this place. I love how they treated my dog."
- Alma Dietz
05/15/2019 00:20:07
"I feel like they really care about my dog..🌸"
- Judi Smith
05/12/2019 21:43:19
"From walking in to walking out.. great service. Our new puppy LOVED the staff. She wasn’t afraid or intimidated. They’re also so loving, caring, compassionate, thorough in their exams, knowledgeable.. best thing I ever did was coming here back in 2002/2003. "
- Noemi Guerrero
05/12/2019 17:46:05
"Love All Paws! Everyone is so nice and helpful! "
- Linda McGinley
05/12/2019 09:33:55
"Very friendly and attentive staff "
- Ashley Abramowski
05/11/2019 21:39:24
"Super nice people, they spend time and don’t rush which is great. Both kittens felt comfortable and so did I. Dr Woon is awesome. Can’t ask for better :)"
- Stuart Hankins
05/11/2019 14:42:22
"Everyone in the office is always so helpful and loving with our pets!"
- Sarah Bergel
05/07/2019 17:37:34
"Super good with my dog. Did your best to make sure he was happy and comfortable "
- Caitlin Cano
05/06/2019 22:25:06
"It was our first time at All Paws..The whole office staff was wonderful. Dr. Forsythe was great and we look forward to being a continuous client with All Paws. "
- Gayle Piette
05/06/2019 21:08:18
"wonderful experience! "
- David Bagwin
05/06/2019 19:54:23
"I came to get Duncan's heartworm pills and I was greeted very quickly and got the pills and on my way within 10 minutes. "
- Kathy Conner
05/06/2019 18:14:33
"5 star service ! "
- Danielle Rosa
05/04/2019 18:34:46
"I can't say much but good stuff the complete visit was very good from the time I walked in to the time I walked out. The whole staff are awesome an caring people. Thanks for the loving care you give Trace Ken"
- Ken Mahr
05/04/2019 14:08:25
"It is always a good visit. Dr. Patty is GREAT!! So is her staff!!"
- Frances Schrade
05/03/2019 23:25:52
"I value the lack of employee turn over. it is nice to see the same wonderful faces every year. that is rare in a vet's office"
- Sandi Perron
05/01/2019 18:19:43
"Everyone was very nice & helpful!"
- Cindi Toothman
04/30/2019 18:44:18
" I love all my girls at all paws clinic every time I come to the clinic each one shows such compassion, patience and caring I wouldn’t go anywhere else "
- Denise Germano
04/27/2019 18:56:39
"Everyone is super friendly and you can tell they really love animals. "
- Denise Crumm
04/24/2019 23:51:08
"As always, everyone was friendly, informative and happy to see Zowee. "
- Frances Smith
04/24/2019 18:28:03
"Great service very professional "
- Charles Coleman
04/24/2019 16:07:11
"Love the staff and they care about my pup!"
- Samara Chinskey
04/23/2019 19:27:49
"You’re doing great, I bring two dogs and will soon start bringing a third. Excellent service and staff!"
- Chris Johnson
04/23/2019 09:54:15
"Have no bad comments!! Doing a good job!!"
- Diane Seavey
04/20/2019 01:47:34
"For the last 20 years we have entrusted the health of our many dogs to Dr. Patty and marvelous staff… They are professional compassionate and just all around good people.I would never… Ever… Consider taking my dogs to anyone else"
- Christopher Herbert
04/18/2019 00:28:37
"All staff very professional they care about our furry pets.. "
- Maria Bowman
04/17/2019 20:01:30
"Always a good experience when we interact with your services."
- Ruth Epstein
04/17/2019 18:40:53
"You are doing excellent. The ladies at the front and the technicians are wonderful. Always pleasant, very friendly and makes me feel comfortable and at ease with bringing my baby there."
- Avery Salkey
04/16/2019 17:28:31
"Great staff and Bonni loves Doctor Patti"
- Alan Rosenberg
04/16/2019 17:01:57
"Everyone is courteous and friendly!"
- Gerry Merar
04/16/2019 00:11:08
"I brought my dog Shelby Lynn to get a nail trim everyone there is so nice glad I picked this office"
- Jody Hollister
04/15/2019 18:27:51
"Wonderful experience with Ginny’s spay and dental. Love the staff, they are always so friendly and warm when I visit. "
- Lynsey Bruce
04/15/2019 17:44:08
"Excellent care and service"
- Joan DeVaughn
04/12/2019 18:33:35
"I appreciated the time the vet technician took to explain how the procedure went and showed that she genuinely cared."
- Shawn Och
04/12/2019 16:36:44
"Everyone is very friendly and informative. No complaints. "
- Linda Gantz
04/12/2019 04:17:06
"I can see the Vet and techs are very caring. I think it's awesome the way they sit down on the floor with my pup instead of making him get on the table and be nervous. The sensitivity and compassion of the staff is "
- Sandi Kahn
04/12/2019 00:58:17
"As you could tell from her recent visit, Prissy would rather visit your office than almost anywhere else except perhaps Dunkin’ Donuts! Dr. Patti and the entire staff have cared for Prissy superbly since she was 8 months and continue to do so today as she is more ‘mature’. IMO there is no better vet and staff anywhere. We have total confidence in the practice. "
- Allen Ball
04/10/2019 22:39:24
"I'm new and love everything about the place especially that my dogs old vet Dr Woon is there. "
- Johnny Radziul
04/10/2019 05:19:05
"Friendly knowledgable staff"
- Kim Marcenaro
04/10/2019 01:12:15
"I think you guys are great everybody’s nice your wonderful with the dog and I love coming there Dr Pattie is very very fair"
- Diane Matesky
04/09/2019 19:46:06
"Staff and professionals friendly and knowledgeable. Bit of a wait, but not excessive."
- John Bessich
04/09/2019 16:41:45
- Peter Grobman
04/08/2019 14:34:22
"very happy with everything and for being there for all my pets thank you all"
- Cindy Seagle
04/08/2019 04:47:17
"It was a good visit and I liked Dr. Patty a lot. Thank you for how you handled my cat, he can be naughty! He was good that day and that makes me happy:) Have a great day."
- Melissa Rizzo
04/07/2019 13:31:30
"I love the professionalism and care all the staff shows. They are really wonderful going an extra mile to help you out. "
- Jaya Prakash
04/07/2019 12:07:53
"Always an amazing experience! Love this compassionate Staff each and everyone of them have always gone over and above to help our dog a his parents feel that we are in the very best hands 😘"
- Donna Oellrich
04/06/2019 20:00:30
"I have nothing bad to say, its all good. Im so pleased to have tried your office for Lokis care. I feel everyone has taken the time to explain everything. Everyone is so friendly. I have nothing bad to say about the office I used to go to, but you have won me over. The office itself is so pleasant. I love all the decorations etc... it shows that you care in many ways. When people are true animal lovers, you can usually tell. Thanks< "
- Stephanie Beck
04/04/2019 18:01:08
"Have nothing but fantastic things to say about your practice. Our girl receives the BEST care when she is there and we are grateful for that! The entire Staff is wonderful. Keep up the AWESOME job!"
- Aubrey Shine
04/04/2019 11:38:49
"I love everything about All Paws! Dr. Patty and her staff are wonderful — professional, friendly, and caring. "
- Susan Dean
04/04/2019 04:03:21
"We moved to another city but still take the drive to have Munkee under the same car e"
- Michael Bresnan
04/03/2019 20:27:56
" We just adopted our dog Brody and we brought him to your office. We are so happy Brody was so comfortable he absolutely loved the doctor. Thank you so much for taking care of us we will definitely be back"
- Sarah Damico
04/03/2019 20:23:24
"Everyone at the office was very friendly and handled my dog so well. "
- Rebecca Waddle
04/02/2019 17:58:15
"I loved that dr. Patty took the time to check and explain what was going on with Miley. I also liked that she made a suggestion to help improve the quality of her skin layers with the allergy medicine. "
- Jeremy Blanton
04/01/2019 01:12:41
"Fantastic! You answered all of our questions and helped us help our pets."
- Sienna Huebner
03/31/2019 18:10:30
"Smoochie went to Dr Woon for the first time and I am very happy with her! "
- Lori Kolfenbach
03/30/2019 23:16:55
"In all my years of bringing my dogs (many dogs) to my Vets. This has been the best. My comfort level is so so comfortable. Great job to everyone "
- Russell Hampton
03/28/2019 18:26:56
"The staff is very professional and courteous. I have been taking my dog here for many years and I am pleased with the way they take care of my dog. "
- Delizia Donohue
03/28/2019 04:14:07
"Dr Patty listened to all our concerns "
- Betsy Cohen
03/26/2019 23:55:03
- Mark Hoti
03/26/2019 21:52:42
"You guys always make us feel like family, thank you for all that you do for our fur babies ! "
- Sharon Cardona
03/26/2019 20:11:20
"Dr Patty and Taylor were great with my little guy. He is doing fine. All Paws is always there when I need them for my fur babies. You guys are wonderful!!"
- Sandy Ballantyne
03/23/2019 13:29:04
"Casey one of your employees is terrific she always helps me and my pet when we most need it. Especially because I live alone and work too late and a lot, she always has time and tries her best to fit us in. She is an amazing person and is a very caring and personable. I always have a pleasant experience dealing with her and she makes us feel like a we are very important not a number, God Bless you Casey you are truly one of a kind and we love you!!!! Thank You for doing a fantastic job and most especially for caring and your unselfishness!!!"
- Rosa Margotta
03/22/2019 20:48:48
"Excellent service, clean office and professional and friendly staff. "
- Rosemary Mandarine
03/19/2019 18:53:55
"I was very impressed with the new vet. She was very sweet and gentle with my furr babies and she caught Olive's gingivitis - I will be bringing her in next week for her cleaning. I am super happy with the staff and everyone there. It is easy to see the love for animals everyone has there. "
- Christina Scinicariello
03/18/2019 11:38:51
"You were referred to us by Amber Animal Outreach. We were very pleased with our visit! Dr Patricia and the whole staff were very personable, knowledgeable and made us feel right at home! Thank You!"
- Jacquiline Barroso
03/09/2019 22:03:36
"Absolutely wonderful from the moment we walked in the door"
- Patty Andrews
03/09/2019 01:12:00
"We are so thankful for your compassion, care and positive actions regarding our pets we put in your most capable hands. Thank you for all you do"
- Patricia Reeves
03/05/2019 23:51:51
"Great job! Friendly staff!"
- Debra Hess
03/04/2019 16:58:31
"Excellent team! Always friendly, attentive and comforting. Dr. Patty and Dr. Woo are amazing and very attentive and professional. I’m so thankful I found All Paws when I moved here. Thank you so much! GG"
- Georgette George-Quinn
03/01/2019 17:38:03
"Kind, responsive, good advice and reasonable fees. "
- Marilynn McCollum
03/01/2019 11:34:25
"Chloe and I love All Paws"
- Cathy Duncan
02/28/2019 01:10:27
"You guys are the best!!"
- Karen Cornett
02/26/2019 20:15:37
"Everyone is friendly and kind to our pets. We have been coming to Dr. Patty for the last 14 years. Love the staff and service there."
- Alissa Roongrojana
02/26/2019 17:25:21
"Very friendly, concerned,caring and made us feel comfortable visiting the office!"
- Heike Heise
02/25/2019 16:25:53
"Staff is way beyond nice and always professional. "
- LuAnn Olds
02/25/2019 16:19:32
"Excellent care and service."
- Edward Zwisler
02/24/2019 23:49:47
"It was our first experience & all went well. Dr & Staff were super warm & friendly "
- Ben Rabin
02/24/2019 23:47:50
"Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Dr. Woon was thorough and informative regarding our pet’s care. "
- Emily Teeter
02/23/2019 22:36:46
"You'll get no bad from me! The service from the staff and doctors at All Paws has always been excellent! I've been taking my Sandy there to see Dr. Patty and now also with Dr. Woon for 14 years now and would never go anywhere else! It's been a privilege to have All Paws so close by my home. Five *****'s!!"
- Laura Falzarano
02/21/2019 18:11:57
"The best animal clinic! Love everyone there. Gandalf, Kalel, and Xena have always been taken great care of!! <3"
- Jazmin Garcia
02/21/2019 17:20:57
"I have been with All Paws for almost 10 years, the care that all of my furry family members have received is amazing. Everyone is compassionate. I recommend you whenever I can. God Bless all everyone at All Paws !"
- Linda Morales
02/21/2019 16:31:19
"The medical staff and personnel are very attentive to detail! Everyone is generally caring and loving to their furry patients!"
- Dolores DiNuzzo
02/19/2019 19:39:52
"The Vet Techs were wonderful with my fur baby. He needed to have blood drawn and get a vaccine and they handled him with tender loving care."
- Francine Goldberg
02/19/2019 17:33:28
"I have no complaints. You guys did a great job for us. Especially with Calypso being so noisy and anxious. "
- Joe Cuccia
02/18/2019 21:16:08
"Always pleasant service on the phone and immediate accommodations "
- Rosemary Rothman
02/18/2019 14:20:55
"Wonderful, always happy with everything Dr. Patty and the staff provides for sweet Domino"
- Ashley Degrendele
02/17/2019 14:40:40
"I was very stressed having to bring Jade in because I had her to the emergency hospital. I was made to feel comfortable because of the kindness and concern of the staff."
- Sharon Morella
02/17/2019 12:01:55
"We are pleased with the care and attention received by All Paws staff and Dr. "
- Donna Curtis
02/16/2019 13:25:17
"Doing great; professional, friendly and affordable."
- Jonathan Tenbrook
02/15/2019 17:22:41
- Brittany Bivins
02/14/2019 15:12:18
"The tech is always very sweet and she's great with my feisty cat. Always gives us suggestions on things we should try at home. Love Her!!!"
- Veronica Olivera
02/14/2019 14:28:14
"Staff is friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. "
- Edrian Thomidis
02/14/2019 12:31:34
"The gals are wonderful as always a pleasure to bring my dog Gracie there "
- Jay Snyder
02/13/2019 20:52:59
"Couldn't ask for a better place anywhere!!! You are the Best! Nina was great with the staff (she wasn't too nervous at all). I always recommend "All Paws" to anyone that asks for a terrific place to bring their pet. "
- Peter Grobman
02/07/2019 01:27:10
"Everyone is very kind and attentive..and i love that the space is sooooo clean! and no oder! some other facilities couldn't hold a candle to your well kept office;) thanks for all you do for all our fur babies!"
- Aaron Nadeau
02/06/2019 23:05:50