"Excellent service, clean office and professional and friendly staff. "
- Rosemary Mandarine
03/19/2019 18:53:55
"I was very impressed with the new vet. She was very sweet and gentle with my furr babies and she caught Olive's gingivitis - I will be bringing her in next week for her cleaning. I am super happy with the staff and everyone there. It is easy to see the love for animals everyone has there. "
- Christina Scinicariello
03/18/2019 11:38:51
"You were referred to us by Amber Animal Outreach. We were very pleased with our visit! Dr Patricia and the whole staff were very personable, knowledgeable and made us feel right at home! Thank You!"
- Jacquiline Barroso
03/09/2019 22:03:36
"Absolutely wonderful from the moment we walked in the door"
- Patty Andrews
03/09/2019 01:12:00
"We are so thankful for your compassion, care and positive actions regarding our pets we put in your most capable hands. Thank you for all you do"
- Patricia Reeves
03/05/2019 23:51:51
"Great job! Friendly staff!"
- Debra Hess
03/04/2019 16:58:31
"Excellent team! Always friendly, attentive and comforting. Dr. Patty and Dr. Woo are amazing and very attentive and professional. I’m so thankful I found All Paws when I moved here. Thank you so much! GG"
- Georgette George-Quinn
03/01/2019 17:38:03
"Kind, responsive, good advice and reasonable fees. "
- Marilynn McCollum
03/01/2019 11:34:25
"Chloe and I love All Paws"
- Cathy Duncan
02/28/2019 01:10:27
"You guys are the best!!"
- Karen Cornett
02/26/2019 20:15:37
"Everyone is friendly and kind to our pets. We have been coming to Dr. Patty for the last 14 years. Love the staff and service there."
- Alissa Roongrojana
02/26/2019 17:25:21
"Very friendly, concerned,caring and made us feel comfortable visiting the office!"
- Heike Heise
02/25/2019 16:25:53
"Staff is way beyond nice and always professional. "
- LuAnn Olds
02/25/2019 16:19:32
"Excellent care and service."
- Edward Zwisler
02/24/2019 23:49:47
"It was our first experience & all went well. Dr & Staff were super warm & friendly "
- Ben Rabin
02/24/2019 23:47:50
"Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Dr. Woon was thorough and informative regarding our pet’s care. "
- Emily Teeter
02/23/2019 22:36:46
"You'll get no bad from me! The service from the staff and doctors at All Paws has always been excellent! I've been taking my Sandy there to see Dr. Patty and now also with Dr. Woon for 14 years now and would never go anywhere else! It's been a privilege to have All Paws so close by my home. Five *****'s!!"
- Laura Falzarano
02/21/2019 18:11:57
"The best animal clinic! Love everyone there. Gandalf, Kalel, and Xena have always been taken great care of!! <3"
- Jazmin Garcia
02/21/2019 17:20:57
"I have been with All Paws for almost 10 years, the care that all of my furry family members have received is amazing. Everyone is compassionate. I recommend you whenever I can. God Bless all everyone at All Paws !"
- Linda Morales
02/21/2019 16:31:19
"The medical staff and personnel are very attentive to detail! Everyone is generally caring and loving to their furry patients!"
- Dolores DiNuzzo
02/19/2019 19:39:52
"The Vet Techs were wonderful with my fur baby. He needed to have blood drawn and get a vaccine and they handled him with tender loving care."
- Francine Goldberg
02/19/2019 17:33:28
"I have no complaints. You guys did a great job for us. Especially with Calypso being so noisy and anxious. "
- Joe Cuccia
02/18/2019 21:16:08
"Always pleasant service on the phone and immediate accommodations "
- Rosemary Rothman
02/18/2019 14:20:55
"Wonderful, always happy with everything Dr. Patty and the staff provides for sweet Domino"
- Ashley Degrendele
02/17/2019 14:40:40
"I was very stressed having to bring Jade in because I had her to the emergency hospital. I was made to feel comfortable because of the kindness and concern of the staff."
- Sharon Morella
02/17/2019 12:01:55
"We are pleased with the care and attention received by All Paws staff and Dr. "
- Donna Curtis
02/16/2019 13:25:17
"Doing great; professional, friendly and affordable."
- Jonathan Tenbrook
02/15/2019 17:22:41
- Brittany Bivins
02/14/2019 15:12:18
"The tech is always very sweet and she's great with my feisty cat. Always gives us suggestions on things we should try at home. Love Her!!!"
- Veronica Olivera
02/14/2019 14:28:14
"Staff is friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. "
- Edrian Thomidis
02/14/2019 12:31:34
"The gals are wonderful as always a pleasure to bring my dog Gracie there "
- Jay Snyder
02/13/2019 20:52:59
"Couldn't ask for a better place anywhere!!! You are the Best! Nina was great with the staff (she wasn't too nervous at all). I always recommend "All Paws" to anyone that asks for a terrific place to bring their pet. "
- Peter Grobman
02/07/2019 01:27:10
"Everyone is very kind and attentive..and i love that the space is sooooo clean! and no oder! some other facilities couldn't hold a candle to your well kept office;) thanks for all you do for all our fur babies!"
- Aaron Nadeau
02/06/2019 23:05:50
"The front desk staff is so helpful and pleasant! This has been consistent throughout the years. When you walk in, you really feel as though they care about your pet. Dr. Patty is a very pragmatic care giver and so compassionate. I’ve been going to her for many years. Her new doctor is an absolute gem, kind and compassionate. You can tell the new doctor really cares about your pet."
- Manfred Schmidtke
02/04/2019 14:26:56
"Great customer service and incredible care for my cat. Thank you! "
- Joseph Sterling
02/03/2019 17:44:14
"Called and got an immediate appointment. Later in the day Dr Patty called with blood results. Can't ask for more "
- Larry Greener
02/03/2019 17:23:55
"Wonderful care! Compassionate and professional!"
- Tara Schaefer
02/02/2019 17:25:56
"Very friendly and showing concern over our pets. Explaining the procedures required to maintain our pets healthy, and how to administer the medication properly."
- Jay Garcia
02/02/2019 15:46:24
"There is no bad . The staff and vets at All Paws are exceptional ! Professional , knowledgeable, caring and friendly ! Wouldn’t bring our animals anywhere else ! "
- Suzanne Hasselmann
01/31/2019 22:16:16
"All of you incluythe Dr are so caring and attentive to all the care and need of our little munchkins as we call them, Chico and Coco and previously my loving Princesa. I was always grateful for all you did for my Princesa to be comfortable during her last days. "
- Rose Margaret Camacho
01/31/2019 13:36:21
"I have to say a Huge Thank you to Dr. WOON and to every person working there last Friday .. I had taken my cat Rocky to our regular vet in loxahatchee on Tues because he had bloody diarrhea and bloody vomit and had not interest in eating ...the vet did some test and gave some meds then sent us home ...I have it a day then called that vet and said he's still not eating etc.. I did not feel like they cared ...So I reached out to Dr. Woon on Facebook to find out which office she worked for she told me All Paws .. I called All Paws and knew from the moment the receptionist answered the phone that All Paws really cared.. she scheduled us with Dr. Woon that day ... Dr. Woon examined my Rocky and the bloodwork results ..she let me know that he has kidney disease and that she suspects pancreatitis...she made sure that I understood the treatment plan for his pancreatitis and also the kidney disease . She gave him some shots and sent us home with meds and special food . That same night he started eating and has been eating ever since .. all gastrointestinal symptoms have subsided . My 18 yr old boy is feeling great .. The kind of care you all give at All Paws is Priceless. I will be transferring All 5 of our dogs records and our 5 cats records to All Paws under the care of Dr. WOON.. Thank you times a million.. Sincerely, Mrs. Miele"
- Jackie Miele
01/30/2019 22:31:14
"Wonderful team, needs no Improvement!!"
- Allen Ball
01/30/2019 21:34:32
"We had a great experience, so glad we brought Sweet Pea here! The staff is kind and so helpful, we will be bringing all of our pets here from now on!"
- Lindsey Devendorf
01/30/2019 19:34:44
"Friendly. Compassionate. Great care for our tiny dog."
- Robert Torino
01/30/2019 18:59:25
"The staff and vets are awesome, always helpful and caring."
- Brad Bailey
01/29/2019 19:34:09
"You are doing great. I really like everyone at your clinic. Thank you for all you do. "
- Debbie Brown
01/29/2019 17:54:33
"I haven't yet had an unsatisfactory experience with All Paws. I always feel as though my pup is the main focus. Dr. Patty always listens to my questions and addresses my questions to the point where I am comforted by the answers. I find the Staff to be consistently wonderful to talk to - caring, attentive and helpful. "
- Sharon Cooke
01/29/2019 17:43:10
"Always very helpful and caring . The best for care for pet and owner ."
- Judith Weed
01/29/2019 03:56:20
"As always all of the office staff are GREAT! Thank you for you for your kindness, interest in my dogs and what’s best for each one, professionalisms, showing your care for my dogs.😊"
- Bob Boyd
01/28/2019 22:40:14
"I have always been treated well by the front desk ladies, and vet techs. everyone I have encountered has been friendly and helpful. I have referred several people which I don’t do lightly."
- Carol LaBounty
01/28/2019 19:18:51
"My cat had a problem and she was taken in the next day. They took care of Josie's problem. The groomer there is great with my cat. My cat doesn't even mind the dryer! "
- Cordia Gabert
01/28/2019 06:15:15
"Every visit to the clinic is a blast for me and my pup! Everybody is so friendly and helpful! Keep up the good work! :)"
- Anna Lisanti
01/28/2019 01:49:44
"Absolutely the best veterinarian's office I have taken my 4-legged babies to. I cannot express in writing how wonderful Dr. Patti and her staff are!!"
- Sheryl Tyson
01/27/2019 18:36:27
"We have never had a bad experience at All Paws. They are professional and treat our animals like family."
- Douglas Manger
01/27/2019 17:27:28
"I was very pleased with The way Dr Woon interacted with Mindi. She was very kind and playful and gave me the impression that she was confident in her diagnosis and suggestion for treatment and follow-up."
- Susan Siegel
01/27/2019 16:24:11
"Every one was so nice.I was pleased with the price and the service."
- Delizia Donohue
01/27/2019 01:28:08
"I love the homey feeling, the docs and staff!"
- Elana Trefzer
01/26/2019 20:25:46
"Thank you all for the wonderful care of our three Doodles. The experience in your clinic is exceptional, from the moment we walk in until we leave. All I can say is that your office is full of "ANGELS" and we couldn't be more pleased. We highly recommend you to everyone we speak to with animals."
- Darrie Smith
01/26/2019 18:30:24
"Great office staff always helpful and professional and kind no complaints "
- Danielle Commo
01/26/2019 09:04:01
"We love Dr. Patty. Casey and the front staff are also very friendly."
- Natasha Hagen
01/26/2019 00:33:59
"Always sweet. Always accommodating. Always polite. Always smiling. Always feel personable. "
- Milton Trabal
01/25/2019 21:06:02
"Everyone is always so kind and attentive when we come in, the office is warm and welcoming and the doctors are great. Love the staff !! "
- Sharon Cardona
01/25/2019 19:13:07
"You all are the best. Cody and I love it there"
- Anne Kern
01/25/2019 18:59:31
"I love Dr Woon...she is amazing in interaction with patients and their parents."
- Mira Woszczyna
01/25/2019 17:47:30
"Excellent care do patty and staff realize that everyone’s pet is very special "
- Lee Falk
12/07/2018 17:58:39
"The absolute BEST DOCTORS and A truly AMAZING STAFF❤️💯"
- Donna Oellrich
12/06/2018 00:59:03
"I feel my dog is taken care of very well"
- Doreen DiNatale
12/03/2018 09:25:55
"Service was great. Was able to wait in car shortly till room was ready. Was seen by Dr Patty right away. Staff was friendly and checked out quickly. "
- Raj Alexander
11/30/2018 04:55:36
"Excellent customer focus."
- Edward Zwisler
11/29/2018 04:43:54
"I’ve been going to this practice for twelve years and have never had anything but wonderful experiences. "
- Lori Flynn
11/28/2018 18:44:42
"It was a great visit. We trust the office has the best interest of the pets in mind."
- Ricardo Leyva
11/28/2018 03:35:08
"Teddy is a little scared of people, but everyone was so great with him. I was afraid he might nip, but it wasn't an issue at all since everyone there is a pro. "
- Amanda Stipek
11/26/2018 20:13:10
"Always friendly, never have to wait to be seen and my dogs love Dr. Patty and her staff!"
- Karen Cornett
11/26/2018 03:52:08
"Dr. Patti and all the staff of All Paws are the BEST! They love and treat our sweet dog as if she were their own. They are always friendly and quick to help with anything. They will make phones calls to follow up and check to see if all is ok."
- Debbie Arrieta
11/26/2018 00:27:48
"We Love & Trust you all with our puppies!!!"
- Nanci Horsman
11/25/2018 19:43:16
"Each and every time I come to clinic I get nothing but the best care. The staff are beyond helpful and the most sweetest staff especially Victoria!!! The clinic is extremely clean well managed!!! I have nothing but love for Dr Patty and I adore Dr Woon both our phenomenal vets!! Prices are affordable and every chance I get I am recommending the clinic!!! Keep doing what you all are doing!!!"
- Shannon O'Malley
11/25/2018 18:15:15
"Always friendly staff and professional services "
- Maria Bowman
11/25/2018 15:05:17
"We love this office & staff!! They all are caring & professional... they really care about our pets & call to ckeck up on them "
- Rose Murphy
11/25/2018 14:32:38
"Excellent as always great gals in the office "
- Jay Snyder
11/25/2018 12:38:35
"It was good! Dr Woon was wonderful with my puppy! "
- Cecelia Moceri
11/25/2018 11:16:02
"Everyone is so nice it’s clean Dr Pattie is the best and all the girls that work in the office a very sweet and helpful"
- Diane Matesky
11/21/2018 23:03:18
"Awesome doctor & staff. They really love pets & treat them like their own. Thank you for such great care of my kitty."
- Susan Pass
11/21/2018 02:11:10
"Dr. Patti and your staff have been awesome with Cami for her whole life! This appointment was no exception!"
- Barbara Anderson
11/18/2018 14:44:15
"Very pleased with the care Enzo gets and the call back"
- Debby Wolfenson
11/16/2018 20:31:15
"You all do a great job. We always feel our pets are treated gently and with the best care."
- Steve Fischer
11/16/2018 12:46:26
"Staff is always pleasant and helpful. Dr. Are super sweet with my dog and you can tell they really care. They are very considerate with the costs too. I love Dr. Woon and all the nurses."
- Leynise Rios
11/09/2018 21:07:25
"I couldn’t be happier that you take care of my dog Buffett great Doctors and a great hospital "
- Russell Hampton
11/08/2018 21:33:28
"All Paws Animal Clinic is AWESOME! My chunky monkey, Chasey got stung by a nasty bee on her back paw the other day. She was in a lot of pain and I needed somewhere close to take her to quick! I called and was told that I could come right over. It was a great experience from A to Z. I am so grateful to everyone for their quick, efficient and kind attention that Chasey and I received! Thank you! "
- Dottie Davant
11/02/2018 18:32:41
"Just called to pick up a refill on Rx and the staff are always so friendly and helpful. Love them!"
- Kara Firestone
11/02/2018 13:39:25
"We have been seeing Dr Patty for many years she and staff are amazing "
- Sandra Davies
10/31/2018 12:19:21
"Bringing Kalina to All Paws Animal Clinic always has a positive outcome. Dr. Patty and staff are always very polite and caring!!!"
- Darlene Snowball
10/30/2018 22:37:28
"Always a warm welcome and comforting when you’re so worried about your furry family! The staff are knowledgeable and attentive and the Doctor is amazing! Cares and pays attention to the symptoms and behavior.. I feel confident my babies are in good hands..."
- Georgette George-Quinn
10/24/2018 02:38:12
"Our visit to All Paws Animal Clinic was great. The staff was super friendly and very informative. Thank you so much for making us feel very comfortable."
- Marion Maat
10/23/2018 11:32:20
"We would never trust anyone other than your facility with Francis and Melvin"
- Christopher Herbert
10/23/2018 00:58:36
"Everyone was very nice and very helpful."
- Francine Goldberg
10/22/2018 20:46:35
"Always a great experience. Sasha is always well taken care of. Love ❤️ all of the staff!"
- Dawn Cabanas
10/18/2018 00:42:20
"My Nathan has been going to All Paws since he was a puppy, over 12 years ago. Everyone there is wonderful, and they always do their best to deal with all of Nate's issues. Tasha, Casey and Vicky are the best... and of course Dr. Patty. Thanks everyone!"
- Lori Mohler
10/17/2018 09:26:55
"Excellent great compassionate staff .the girls at the front desk are very sweet and dr patty is awesome "
- Lisa Shaul
10/17/2018 04:27:55
"We are treated like family all of the time. It is always a pleasant experience to go to visit the office. Compassionate care seems to be the motto of the office."
- Susan Weinstein
10/17/2018 01:07:15
"Other than the wait being a little long, we have no complaints about today’s visit. We were very pleased with the front desk service and Dr. Woon was wonderful. I believe we have found our new Vet and clinic for all our fur babies."
- Ivonne Diaz
10/14/2018 03:26:00