"Excellent, kind,extremely pleasant!"
- Sharon Morella
11/05/2020 16:42:51
"All staff are considerate and responsive. I would recommend All Paws very highly."
- Sandra Upright
11/04/2020 17:36:01
"We never dred going to the vet with Raven, the staff and Dr patty are so friendly and caring! Raven herself even leaves with a smile from all the love and treats! "
- William Brown
11/02/2020 14:26:24
"Everything was great. Very good Covid protocols"
- Shari Cooper
10/30/2020 16:54:57
"Picked up a script, very easy and prompt service. Ladies always great and helpful"
- Sue Loriol
10/30/2020 01:48:39
"Everyone is very caring and attentive to my pets needs."
- Deedra Thompson
10/29/2020 01:16:27
"I LOVE taking my puppy there. They seem to love my puppy as much as I do. Always excellent care. "
- Susan Thompson
10/24/2020 18:56:48
"Dr patty and staff member were awesome and very caring with Maximus, who can be difficult to assess during his visits. "
- Jackie Charbonneau
10/24/2020 15:03:28
"The staff and Dr. Patty are the most caring and wonderful people!!! My dog loves going there - even during these unusual times, when I am not able to take her in for her tech appointments. She is always happy going in and coming out."
- Samara Chinskey
10/22/2020 14:28:40
"You guys are awesome! You have always been there for our two cats. Very helpful, when you say your calling you call and have the meds ready when I get there."
- Kim Webber
10/21/2020 19:52:44
"Great! Staff and Dr were very caring with my doggie and very informative and understanding of my situation. thank you "
- Rubi Cabret
10/17/2020 16:44:53
"Everything was perfect"
- Cathy Duncan
10/06/2020 17:28:30
"Best care ever"
- Russell Hampton
10/04/2020 11:48:31
"Dr. Patty and her whole team do a great job. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my pups. "
- Melinda Jordan
10/04/2020 07:39:18
"I can’t think of anything you can do to improve your practice. Our animals are always taken care of with the best of care."
- Gail Kazee
10/03/2020 23:56:38
"Dr. Patti and her staff are wonderful. I would recommend them highly!"
- Angela Nacca
10/02/2020 15:54:59
"Always a great experience visiting All Paws. Staff is fantastic and Dr. Patricia Forsythe is amazing."
- Joan DeVaughn
10/01/2020 18:15:57
"We've been with Dr. Patti and her staff 14+ years. There are other vets closer to our home but NONE COMPARE to Dr. Patti and her staff!! They are caring, friendly, knowledgeable, responsible, kind and really are committed to doing the best for my four legged member of our family. THANK YOU ALL!!!"
- Holly Ostlund
09/30/2020 00:02:32
"All the staff I had contact with were warm.and friendly. They were capable and took time to listen to my questions and answered them fully. We are happy to have found your practice!"
- Beth Ebert
09/25/2020 20:39:14
"We love All Paws and the way you treat my dog and three cats. Everyone is very personal and knows my animals. Cody, who had difficulty with a benign tumor, is doing great. Thanks to Dr Patty and her coworkers, a true godsend. Everyone is always there for my family and I appreciate each and everyone of you. "
- Anne Kern
09/25/2020 00:50:32
"I've been bringing my cats to All Paws for at least 13 years now and I have nothing but compliments to extend to this practice. Dr Patti and her staff are all very professional and so caring! "
- Kim Vaughan
09/23/2020 23:25:45
"Always professional On time appointments Friendly staff "
- Nina Cioffi
09/23/2020 21:09:46
"New puppy visit was flawless from front desk check-in, to tech, Dr.Patty, and check out. Instructions were clear, questions were answered, and the price for the visit/meds was reasonable."
- Amelia Mayernik
09/23/2020 18:47:36
"You always treat Sneekers and I as part of your family when we come in. She enjoys your clinic. We wouldn’t go anywhere else"
- Daniel Gayhardt
09/22/2020 19:59:28
"I liked how the Dr. Patty took the time and when over everything, Lab, X-rays. Princess has a sister and I would like to have everyone there to keep in tip top sharp. Thanks for everything."
- Sherry Cleaves
09/20/2020 02:29:38
"I am very pleased and very happy to be a part of your family!!"
- Dina Criss
09/17/2020 20:36:45
"You guys are doing an awesome job; please don't change anything."
- Phantira Anno
09/17/2020 19:50:22
"I had a very pleasant experience and Lillie loved every staff member and Dr.Patty. Overall I’m a very satisfied dog mom and will be sticking with your office. Thank you for making us feel comfortable and welcome. "
- Priscila De Leon
09/16/2020 18:43:34
"We LOVE you all! Everyone has always been very helpful, no matter what we need, you all make time to answer questions and eliminate any concerns! We couldn’t hope for a more caring facility to take care of all of our little fur babies! Thank you!"
- Jan Benoit
09/16/2020 18:34:06
"It was my fur baby first visit and everyone was kind to him. All my concerns were answered. Thank you."
- Simi Paul
09/04/2020 17:32:14
"Only had one visit but it was pleasant and professional, all the ladies were very nice to Boo and handled him well. Dr Patty was very open to answering any questions about Boo."
- Antonio Zuniga
09/04/2020 15:35:32
"My last dog was a patient for 15 years and I cannot remember one bad experience! Dancer has been through much trauma and I was concerned how she would be. The whole experience was excellent from beginning to end! Thank you!"
- Barbara Anderson
08/28/2020 19:40:03
"Everyone was great and very responsive to all questions."
- Judy Hatter
08/27/2020 17:38:02
"Every visit was a great experience. I have nothing to add to improve the process. "
- Fred Burkhardt
08/26/2020 17:25:01
"I’m thankful for the help I receive that allows me to bring all my 3 pets in together in one trip. It’s a time saver and I appreciated them being able to separate my dog from one of the cats since they don’t get along. "
- Raj Alexander
08/26/2020 17:01:30
"All services I receive are great!"
- Hilary Ryan
08/21/2020 13:21:46
"Everything was good "
- Melissa Camejo
08/21/2020 01:05:14
"I have only good experiences "
- Anne Beaver
08/20/2020 22:49:49
"Very pleased with every aspect of Brodie’s care. Our contact with your staff is always pleasant and professional and we have no negative comments."
- Michael Grassi
08/20/2020 20:23:14
"Everything was great!!!! "
- Carol Nelson
08/15/2020 23:46:58
"Love Dr. Patti and her staff and my Westin, Bonnie, loves them too"
- Alan Rosenberg
08/15/2020 02:27:45
"other then the protacall us pet owners have to put up with by not being allowed in with our already stressed pets....the service as usual was excellent and all party's concerned were great......especially Dr Patty..."
- Frank Hagerman
08/14/2020 18:30:47
"Excellent care of my Coco for dental care Thank you for understanding her separation anxiety "
- Janice Landis
08/14/2020 15:27:50
"Very happy with the service and the love we receive "
- Mayelexis Rodriguez
08/14/2020 14:30:24
"Everyone is always so kind and helpful. We are always able to get med refills and appointments quickly! It's a pleasure having you guys look after our fur babies!"
- Pete Hardiman
08/12/2020 18:13:55
- Suzanne Spinelli
08/08/2020 15:35:20
"Always great care and staff!"
- Ted Kabboush
08/07/2020 15:30:27
"Good phone communication from Dr Woon and her team while I waited in car after my cat was brought in for treatment. Dr Woon was very thorough and compassionate and her team expressed overall enthusiasm towards my cat."
- Robert Alson
08/06/2020 19:56:36
"Very helpful and answered all my questions"
- Marsha Haupt
08/05/2020 20:56:01
"We’re very satisfied with the care you provide. "
- Susan Steinberg
08/04/2020 17:29:39
"Each and every one of you are special. Thank you for caring as much as you do Buster and I love you all❤️"
- Denise Germano
08/01/2020 12:58:23
"I’m really impressed by the kindness and friendliness of staff Dr Woon spends an enormous amount of time speaking with you before and after she has examined your Furbaby. It’s a ways from Lantana to Royal Palm but well worth the ride"
- Cathy Phillips
07/31/2020 19:37:06
"All of the young ladies in the front are always pleasant and attentive to my Koko-Chanel "
- Nichole Gary
07/30/2020 15:36:50
"Everyone is always very nice and professional."
- Brian Gower
07/30/2020 14:11:48
- Bob Boyd
07/29/2020 16:26:42
"With even having to wait outside, we felt everything was taken care of and all questions we had were answered. thank you for your kindness and thorough business. We feel our cat Sophia and dog Bingo are in excellent hands."
- Elaine Sharrard
07/27/2020 15:38:13
"I’ve been using All Paws since I was 10 years old with my first dog Babi! I love this office and will honestly never use another Vet as long as I’m in Florida!"
- Emily Morrison
07/24/2020 14:23:42
"The All Paws staff has been providing Vet care to my mini Dachshund, Nathan, since he was a puppy. Everything from, neutering, to anal glands, to teeth cleaning, and everything in between. And now that my little old man baby is 14, I wouldn't trust him to anyone else. All Paws is the best! As always, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! Lori and Nathan"
- Lori Mohler
07/24/2020 10:38:42
"Even though we cannot come in with our pet, I feel that the experience with all the staff and Doctor is excellent."
- Emily Fuentes
07/23/2020 22:39:21
"You guys are wonderful and my Shelby Lynn absolutely loves all you guys ty so much for taking such good care of my baby"
- Jody Hollister
07/23/2020 16:04:09
"You're doing great. I love it that when I call, a person answers the phone!"
- Dorothy Mervine
07/22/2020 18:06:06
"I always leave there knowing my pet has been well taken care of. They answer all of my questions and make time for me whenever I call. "
- Lori Flynn
07/19/2020 17:21:37
"Dr Patty is the BEST. She has been taking care of my fur baby for 15 years. I would recommend her to anyone. She is very compassionate with her patients and treats them like her own. The help at the front desk are wonderful and always ready to help in any situation. What can I say? I LOVE ALL PAWS ANIMAL CLINIC OF ROYAL PALM BEACH, FLORIDA."
- Lois Walser
07/18/2020 21:53:45
"Everyone is so very friendly. The staff truly demonstrate a love of their work and their "patients"!"
- Sam Miloro
07/18/2020 15:11:18
"My pets feel very comfortable and receive the best of care."
- Jay Garcia
07/17/2020 15:20:43
"My dog needed her allergy shot.I called them and told them I had arrived. They asked what make and color of the car.They came out a sweet young lady with a mask.She gently took my dog in.Then I paid by credit card when she brought my baby back to the car.Great way to work safely with the virus. She was a gem.Thanks."
- Delizia Donohue
07/17/2020 14:51:42
"Being curbside, the experience was not typical. I love how the doctor called me every step of the way to keep me informed and ask how I wanted to proceed. I truly appreciate all that you did for my Sammie. Thank you"
- Jennifer Ohm
07/16/2020 17:12:22
"I travel approximately 40 mins to get my dog there. I love Dr. Patti and she really cares."
- Sheryl Tyson
07/16/2020 16:57:11
"My first time at your office was a pleasant experience. The doctor was running late and I got a call apologizing for the delay. That never happens!!! "
- Ann Kleiman
07/15/2020 19:22:55
"Everyone is great with my babies . They answer my questions with options. "
- Donna Recchia
07/11/2020 17:35:46
"Your Doing amazing always great care and helpful"
- Lisa Shaul
07/09/2020 18:10:40
"The staff is always friendly and accommodating."
- Edward Zwisler
07/09/2020 00:07:12
"I pulled up to clinic, called on phone, someone came out & got my dog. She had her yearly physical & when done, the doctor called to let me know all was well & did I have any concerns. I was Then transferred to give my credit card info & my dog was returned to me. Everyone had on masks & it was a quick & easy experience."
- Carol DelNegro
07/08/2020 20:12:46
"Great curbside service 😊"
- Wendy Stephany
07/08/2020 19:50:57
"I really felt like Tasha was being cared for as I would want her to be. During this trying times, it is difficult to not be with her during the exam. All the staff was very kind and caring especially Casey whom I spoke with a lot on the phone."
- Angela Lueke
07/07/2020 16:15:28
"You are doing excellent! Please keep Up the good work!"
- Christopher Danley
07/03/2020 17:25:19
"Everything was perfect. I wish I could have gone inside with my pet, but I understand the situation with the pandemic. I’ve been coming to All Paws for many years and have recently returned after relocating back to Florida. I’ve never had a complaint. "
- Denisse Paz
07/02/2020 17:20:44
"Under the circumstances of the covid mess, all paws is doing an excellent job in keeping the staff, pets and owners safe. "
- Kathy Conner
07/01/2020 17:21:29
"There is no bad ! The care you provide is is professional! The staff and doctors are compassionate, caring, knowledgeable and friendly. "
- Suzanne Hasselmann
07/01/2020 16:08:58
"As always a wonderful experience! Best staff on the planet!!"
- Kara Firestone
06/27/2020 15:18:18
"Service was easy and efficient. I needed refill of meds for my dog and it was easy process "
- Anna Samson
06/25/2020 20:19:25
"Even though we all had to follow extra precautions, it was a wonderful visit and nice to see everyone. Dr. Woon and staff took their time with us and answered all of my questions. Look forward to seeing you in 6 months with Jackson!"
- Patti Gossard
06/25/2020 18:56:01
"Just picked up med for my cat. Called prior to going, and when I arrived, med was brought out to my car. I appreciate the precautions you are taking, and it was a quick and efficient transaction with all questions answered."
- Debra Commette
06/24/2020 17:41:07
"Always a Pleasant Person on your phones. Sensible and professional handling of all my needs even in the worst of times. Your staff is the Best!"
- Rhonda Worsena
06/20/2020 19:10:16
"Very polite and receptive and responsive people at All Paws. I feel welcome and comfortable with my interactions with them."
- Sandra Upright
06/20/2020 15:51:28
"Very good service, they were very patient with my animal. "
- Safari McMorris-Delisser
06/14/2020 13:26:34
"I thought you handles our virus situation very well, the staff was very kind, and I just loved the Doctor ! Very understanding and patient.."
- Susan Witkin
06/13/2020 19:06:29
"Proper precautions taken to help customers feel safe regarding the COVID-19. Always friendly and caring staff!"
- Andrea Rusher
06/10/2020 18:58:37
"I love the top service and care we receive from each professional at All Paws. Everyone is extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We trust Al Paws for our pet needs. "
- Melissa Johnson
06/09/2020 18:45:57
"I feel that the exams can be a little pricey, but not enough to stop coming here. Especially since the service is excellent and accommodating. The staff is super friendly and answers all of my many questions. Thank you for taking care of my family."
- Rachel Gillette
06/09/2020 17:22:18
"I always have a sense of calm after seeing Dr. Patti! The entire staff is very helpful and kind. I'm so glad that I found All Paws Animal Clinic. Thank You, You all are the BEST... "
- Susan Thompson
06/09/2020 16:00:40
"Staff is always accommodating and helpful "
- Richard Andrew
06/08/2020 21:01:46
"My comfort level could not be better after I leave your office. By little Buffett is so much better Thank everyone for your special care"
- Russell Hampton
06/08/2020 16:00:35
"Excellent staff "
- Ricardo Leyva
06/07/2020 12:15:47
"You all are the best. Very pleased with the care and attention my dog receives on every visit. Very happy customer."
- Joe Noto
06/06/2020 21:55:12
"Dr. Patty & Dr. Woon are great. I trust them both completely. The staff is always friendly and always professional. They have a great team there."
- Melinda Jordan
06/06/2020 12:33:52
"The staff and doctors are tremendous and delivered complete attention to the needs of my pet and myself."
- Wesley Terrell
06/05/2020 17:33:36
"I have always had a great experience and now with Covid, it is still the same amazing service. You are doing everything right"
- Paige Weiner
06/05/2020 14:41:04
"Always a good experience, fair pricing, friendly and helpful staff!"
- Carol LaBounty
06/02/2020 22:53:39
"Allpaws is the best vet place . been with you guys for years now. You are careing and loving to my fur babies. "
- Yvonne and Paige Miller
05/31/2020 15:24:04