"Everyone is extremely sweet & capable. My cat even relaxed immediately when we walked through the door."
- Theresa Guzzardo
06/04/2021 19:21:10
"Keep on doing the good jobs. Thanks for loving Cody despite he peeing on your arm while petting him."
- Renaxl Beauchard
06/04/2021 19:14:24
"Your office always does a STELLAR job! The compassion and patience you show for your fur clients and their parents is beyond perfection. My dog is very skittish and scared but I appreciate the time the techs and Dr. Patty take to comfort her with me in the room. I'm so blessed to have found All Paws. Keep up the great work ladies!"
- Carol Ann McNeill
06/04/2021 18:39:41
"The staff at all paws is excellent. Everyone is courteous pleasant and helpful and shows concern for our pets."
- Peter Kroetsch
06/04/2021 16:22:21
"Bonni doesnt love coming to ANY Vets office, she walks in and tries to find the door out. That said, the staff is great and the Doctor was very calm and did his exam and gave us great directions. We have been coming to All Paws for five years and have told other people about how great Dr. Patti and her staff are the best."
- Alan Rosenberg
06/03/2021 19:17:24
"Always professional and friends. Love Dr.Patty and all the staff at All Paws!! I wouldn't trust my pets with any other vet."
- Maria Bowman
06/02/2021 18:29:35
"Very friendly, welcoming and efficient staff."
- Mindy White
06/02/2021 16:16:30
"I was not impressed with the doctor who filled in while Dr. Patti was away. He was quite rough. His first comment upon entering the room was "oh, a cat" which I took to mean he prefers dogs. He's probably good with them. He took KML into another room and I heard her screaming in pain. She was sedated when I brought her in. When she came back to me the abcess looked like it had been scraped or lanced. I will NOT be letting him touch her again. If Dr. Patti is unavailable I will find another vet. On my follow up visit KML saw Dr. Patti and things went much better. She's caring towards the pet and the owner!"
- Dorothy Mervine
06/01/2021 15:03:06
"Always caring. Explains everything. The best."
- Judith Weed
05/31/2021 02:55:48
"Excellent customer and family care"
- Miriam Hepburn
05/30/2021 19:53:09
"Excellent Staff and loving environment. Appreciate the follow up call to see if Wiki was ok after her shots. Amanda is a wonderful, caring vet tech!!! Would recommend to anyone looking for a reputable, caring veterinarian group"
- Janis Cohen
05/30/2021 19:23:52
"You all are doing great!!! The staff is so friendly and accommodating. Won't take Finnegan anywhere else."
- Jackie Burst
05/30/2021 18:26:14
"Everyone is very kind and professional. Really feel like my fur baby is in great hands "
- Alexsandra Shanker
05/30/2021 16:54:02
"My experience was excellent, as usual. From the welcome to our exit, all our needs were met by loving, knowledgeable people. "
- Lori Flynn
05/30/2021 16:44:32
"The over experience was good, everyone was professional and caring. The doctor made us feel comfortable and very knowledge and it was very clear of her love for animal, that she had our pet best interest .The wait time was a lil longer than expected when we first arrived we had to wait about 30 minutes, with an appointment I just expected to have a shorter wait time. "
- Ida Brewton
05/30/2021 16:41:24
"Dr Patty and her staff at All Paws Animal Clinic are top notch and caring all the way......"
- Frank Hagerman
04/14/2021 19:59:09
"Everyone has always been so helpful when I call in and ask questions. I haven't had a bad experience yet. Very happy with the service so far"
- Tonya Curry
04/14/2021 17:52:20
"Very professional service. "
- Ricardo Rengifo
04/14/2021 17:06:08
"As always the Staff was very friendly. I sometimes feel they Love My puppy as much as I do and that's important to ME."
- Susan Thompson
04/14/2021 14:25:10
"You are doing fantastic and we really appreciate your services and staff!"
- Nicole King
04/12/2021 18:15:00
"Everyone here is so kind and caring You can really tell they love animals and give outstanding care."
- James Duryee
04/10/2021 20:15:41
"Very friendly staff and Docters"
- Emily Fuentes
04/09/2021 22:04:56
"Dr. Patty/ Staff is wonderful. Can tell they truly care about the animals …..parents too lol~ Great experience. Thank You~"
- Laura Pearlman
04/09/2021 20:09:26
"It is a pleasure to take my Bella Joy to visit Dr. Patty and Amanda They treat her so well and that is the most important part to me. She will be 15 yrs old in a month and we joyfully celebrate her good health with the ones that care for her. Jill and Marc and Bella Joy "
- Jill Rodstein
04/08/2021 21:19:23
"Took my puppy to a vet who didn't correct her problem. Took her to All Paws and in one day she has improved significantly."
- Douglas Brown
04/07/2021 16:47:07
"It was a very pleasant experience considering the fact that my cat was sick."
- Herbert Rodriguez
04/06/2021 18:48:43
"you guys are always great that is why we have bee coming 15 years"
- Michael Landsdorf
04/06/2021 18:21:34
"Everyone is super lovely and I know my cat is in good hands when I have to bring her in!"
- Gabrielle Perez
04/06/2021 16:48:49
"Super .. Dr.Patty has been our vet for over 12 years"
- Christine Campanale
04/06/2021 16:27:26
"Everyone is amazing here...."
- Joanna Reitano
04/01/2021 00:04:06
"As a new customer this visit was a 1st as to having a very good experience.. since the retirement of my original vet some years ago. I've tried several vets since then, and was always left feeling as if I was at an auction, with the cost of service constantly changing within the office visit, and not feeling satisfied with a full comprehension of meds/ or the condition of my dog. But Dr Patty gave me a very clear understanding of all the aspects with my dog, and I'm so much appreciative for her professionalism and kindness. I look forward to my dog's next visit, and recommend you highly. "
- Zanne Goldwire
03/31/2021 22:56:54
"You guys are awesome. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I can see that you really love and care for the four legged family members. 😁"
- Jana Timmins
03/30/2021 21:24:10
"I always have a great experience coming to All Paws. Dr Patty and the rest of the staff are such caring people and it shows in the way the office is run. Even my dogs love coming there. Thank you for all of the years of love and care."
- Deborah Winters
03/30/2021 18:26:33
"Having the pet treats and the interaction between staff and the pet is awesome. Trouble would need me to bring a toy next time cause she wants to play."
- Donisha Hall
03/27/2021 21:55:30
"You’re all amazing. I was telling my sister, who lives in Ohio, how this is the best vet office I’ve ever been to. Thank you for a loving my fur babies!!"
- Suzanne Hong
03/27/2021 18:00:48
"Friendly staff and wonderful doctor!"
- Andrea Rusher
03/26/2021 22:46:59
"Dr Patty & team the the best! Compassionate, attentive -I know my pup is in good hands "
- Brooke Lenz
03/24/2021 21:24:46
"Amazing first time at a vet I felt welcomed and well taken care of . I’m already looking forward to coming back ! Thank you "
- Stephann Arelus
03/23/2021 23:38:23
"Always a pleasure, always on time, like the new check out in the exam room!! Much less complicated!"
- Roxann Billingslea/Piccolo
03/20/2021 17:42:37
"We love Dr. Patti and her staff!!"
- Jeanette or John Hakimi
03/20/2021 00:32:05
"Everybody at All Paws has been wonderful. The staff has always answered all my questions when asked, and if checking with the doctors was needed, I was always informed of answers. Also, the fact that Romeo was checked on a week after meds were prescribed for his skin condition made me feel very good about your practice. You all care. Thank you "
- Sandra Upright
03/18/2021 15:46:19
"Friendly and professional staff. Safety first for all. The appointments are convenient and the service is quick. "
- Linda Rich
03/17/2021 17:14:05
"Fast, efficient visit with friendly well informed staff, as always."
- Beth Ebert
03/16/2021 16:23:05
"I feel very fortunate to have been referred to this practice by my co-worker. At 15 Layla, a teeny Yorkshire Terrier, is most definitely a geriatric dog. She has led an extremely healthy life so in November 2020 when I learned she had a mass on her spleen I felt very unsure, bordering on fearful, of what would happen next. That feeling quickly dissipated with the empathetic communication from Dr. Patty and her staff. Immediately I was informed of veterinary studies showing promising effectiveness of several supplements as well as the suggestion that specific medications be administered. I really appreciate the responsiveness when I communicate through the All Paws phone app. Everyone I interact with at the practice truly seems as though they care about the well-being of the animals themselves along with their owners. It has been 4 months since her diagnosis and thanks to the integrative suggestions of Dr. Patty, Layla has responded nicely. "
- Donna Addy
03/15/2021 18:22:11
"Was very quick and straight to the point I appreciated the timely ness"
- Jamie Graham
03/14/2021 14:28:17
"Everyone is wonderful and caring. "
- John Manuel
03/12/2021 14:34:42
"I'm very happy that I was allowed to go in with my Pet. Dr. Patty is wonderful and caring. The staff is welcoming and helpful. "
- Angela Lueke
03/09/2021 21:18:50
"Excellent. I love how every single person in there absolutely loves the animals and really cares about them"
- Elaine Beckwith
03/03/2021 02:06:28
"Very smoothly run clinic. Prompt attention."
- Peg Carolla
03/02/2021 23:43:50
"You always get my baby in when she is not feeling well and you take good care of of her!"
- Diane Seavey
02/28/2021 17:54:21
"I have never had a bad experience with Dr. Patty and the gang. Everyone is kind and caring and Dr. Patty is top notch. We always know that our babies are in good hands when we visit. "
- Stacy Fluegge
02/25/2021 22:49:51
"Professional, courteous, on-time, fast. Thanks."
- Rob Feliciano
02/25/2021 03:06:52
"Wonderful staff and Dr Patty is the best! :)"
- Jazmin Castaldo
02/25/2021 00:19:09
"The curbside service was professional and didn't lose any personal touch. All my questions were answered. "
- Tera Young
02/24/2021 19:58:12
"Overall Service was outstanding. Excellent COVID Safety Process. "
- Greg Dingess
02/24/2021 18:01:07
"It was a very quick and pleasant experience for both the pet and the owner! :)"
- Bryan Kingsley
02/24/2021 15:16:23
"The staff and Dr. Patty are so kind and my pup loves to see them. They are always so helpful and knowledgeable."
- Samara Chinskey
02/24/2021 00:19:27
"Everything went smoothly in spite of being on lockdown. Missing the one on one consultation with doctor"
- Pam Kiel
02/15/2021 15:50:53
"You are so good to Evee when she come in . I know she can be full of energy. Thank you for being so nice and taking care of Evee"
- Debbie Wolfe
02/11/2021 19:36:44
"Great staff "
- Roberta Glassman
02/09/2021 21:35:18
"Did curbside pick up for the service Daisy was due for. Tech came out introduced herself to Daisy and Daisy reluctantly went with her. Minutes later Daisy was returned to me and we were on our way!"
- Carolyn Friedman
02/09/2021 18:51:37
"Everything went as wel as it could under the circumstances"
- Marcia De Fren
02/05/2021 13:33:25
"When I get my dogs visit to the Vet they acknowledge that I’m there and it takes a few minutes to get into the office. The care so much about the animals that come out to see the vet. I’ve been going to All Paws for years and wouldn’t trade them for any other Vet"
- Daniel Gayhardt
02/04/2021 23:39:41
"The only news to share is that I would NEVER go anywhere else!! This is the place for the best care and follow-ups. "
- Peter Grobman
02/02/2021 17:35:43
"Always great service "
- Russell Hampton
02/02/2021 17:21:26
"Love the pick-up process for shots; very quick. Thank you for taking care of our furbabies. You guys are doing an awesome job."
- Phantira Anno
02/01/2021 00:28:41
"This was the best visit my dog has ever had. He wasn't stressed out and he was excellent after his shots."
- Suzanne Mogerman
01/30/2021 21:08:19
"I appreciate the safety measures you are taking to prevent the spread of this virus... curbside service is brilliant. And thanks Dr Patty for always calling! I wouldn’t take my babies anywhere else. "
- Kim Vaughan
01/29/2021 20:41:11
"The vet. Was very nice and explained everything about Brooklyn situation. The receptionist that took Brooklyn in and returned was very nice."
- Joyce Coppola
01/29/2021 20:36:08
- Douglas Moschiano
01/29/2021 20:16:47
"we’ve been bringing our fur babies to All Paws for almost 5 years and have always been pleased with the quality of service, not only from Dr Patty, but also from her staff. Thank you to everyone there for the warm and caring service and willingness to always answer any concerns we may have"
- Jan Benoit
01/29/2021 00:41:42
"The tech was polite and courteous. She handled Rayna with utmost care. Everything was done promptly."
- Sura Horowitz
01/28/2021 18:02:43
"My appointment was wonderful no long wait Been to other vets and the cost was extreme All Paws took care of all my pets issues and a full exam Reasonable cost. Staff kind and so pleasant Doctor went over all my pets health issues in details I was very satisfied that my pet was in good hands."
- Ronald Rubinson
01/27/2021 23:16:10
"Love coming here with my fur babies! Doctor Patty is the best and she has a great staff of girls who couldn’t be friendlier. Everyone goes above and beyond to do all they can to make sure all questions are answered and my babies are taken care of. I love the follow up calls because we always forget to ask something until we left. "
- Joey Delguercio
01/23/2021 21:49:04
"I've been bringing my baby shelbylynn since I adopted her to you guys everyone is always nice and anytime I have any questions they are always happy to help Shelby loves the doctor always a great experience ty so much"
- Jody Hollister
01/21/2021 17:31:02
"Everything was good, we appreciated the curb side service."
- Larry Bowar
01/21/2021 12:45:11
"I thank your office did awesome with my last visit I love the curb side service. Thanks"
- Ken Mahr
01/18/2021 01:07:33
"Prices are grea staffv is friendly and cari would recommend this vet to all. Patricia the vet is also very nice and honest."
- Anthony Castellano
01/15/2021 22:01:57
"Drove up, called to say we had arrived, assistant said what they wanted to do & cost. She came out, took dog, performed exam & brought her back out. They then took my credit card & I spoke to doctor & that was that. Next day they called to say all tests were good. "
- Carol DelNegro
01/14/2021 20:54:11
"Every staff member at All Paws is wondering. Love all of them. They all take extra special care of our fur babies :) "
- Carl Nash
01/14/2021 17:33:39
"They took good care of my baby girl Skyy yesterday. I am hoping to receive her test results today regarding her thyroid. I appreciate the care and kindness towards my kitties and also explaining things that are going on so I have an understanding."
- Christina Scinicariello
01/12/2021 17:22:13
"Thank you for seeing us right away. You took time to really look Sophia over."
- Elaine Sharrard
01/09/2021 18:27:43
"Professional and courteous. Very thorough."
- Linda Doughty
01/06/2021 18:13:52
"I love everyone at this practice. I have never been to a vets office with this kind of staff before. Each and every one of these employees have a gift of love, compassion and kindness, especially Dr Patty and Amanda Hannah. Unfortunately I need to sedate my buddy for each nail cut he gets. I wait outside until I get the call he is OK. This is not just your average vet crew, they are FAMILY❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"
- Denise Germano
01/03/2021 06:34:40
"Everyone is polite and professional. Any concerns were always addressed. Thank you."
- Simi Paul
01/02/2021 21:25:19
"You took good care of Romeo. I should have never gone to the other vet, he was getting so sick . I`m glad I took my baby back to Dr. Patty. Thank You so much."
- Helen Reddy
01/02/2021 02:21:54
"Very nice and quick attention "
- Luis Molina
12/25/2020 01:15:35
"GREAT, everyone that works there are fantastic!"
- Bob Boyd
12/23/2020 22:16:41
"This was a Very Trying Experience for Lila. Thank you for all of your Understanding."
- Nanci Horsman
12/22/2020 22:19:41
"I'm very happy with my experience so far--fast, courteous, efficient response to my appointment request and my visit--and will continue to call Allpaws for my cat's needs."
- Mindy White
12/22/2020 21:10:44
"Nothing negative to say. Very kind and informative, same day appointment, very affordable for an emergency. We love you guys! "
- Samantha Herget
12/22/2020 17:22:23
"All Paws staff go out of there way to be helpful and Dr. Patty is great !"
- Judith Weed
12/19/2020 02:40:07
"I called and spoke to Tasha about Duncan's medication. She told me that by purchasing a 6 month supply, that I would get a discount. Our previous vet would not have said anything. This is why we are at All Paws 🐾 😍 "
- Kathy Conner
12/18/2020 19:20:13
"The entire staff is wonderful caring and they really care. I love Doctor Patty she is the best doctor ever!!! Also Cassie is so caring like it's her own Pet. Thank You for all the years of great service and my Max really appreciates it I'm sure."
- Rosa Margotta
12/16/2020 18:18:03
"Dr Patty and her crew are top notch as always"
- Frank Hagerman
12/15/2020 18:55:21
"Completely satisfied with all aspects of Charlie's recent visit with Dr. Patty and the office staff."
- Kathy Fillmann
12/14/2020 00:10:26
"Dr. Patty is just a wonderful caring vet who has a terrific staff"
- Susan Borger
12/11/2020 20:28:03
"The staff is always very friendly and professional!"
- Claudia Parker
12/10/2020 22:59:05
"friendly competent service"
- Ellen Solomon
12/09/2020 19:05:21
"Been to 4 vets, first time since August someone was able to help my cat "
- Janice Dawson
12/04/2020 22:03:31