"the love that is given to our fur babies is great "
- Sandi Perron
12/10/2017 12:15:23
"All of you are very amazing. You care about all the pets in the concerns that their owners have with them."
- Cheryl Brousseau
12/09/2017 18:55:07
"Everything was great, staff were all very friendly, and the price was for his visit was a lot lower than what I expected. The only thing that I would recommend would be to make Rabies Tags available for pet owners at y'alls office. I only say this because at my last vet, I would always get my dogs new Rabies Tags there and so I did't have to mail a check off to another place to get it. But other than that I am glad that I found y'all. "
- Micki Allen
12/09/2017 18:53:56
"You always provide us with excellent service. You have a great staff all the way from the front office to the back office."
- Carl Nash
12/09/2017 14:44:41
"You guys were so nice and efficient! I will coming back with my baby! I love the fact that the vet was laid back and human, not a snobby vet doctor. I love the fact that she had so much information to tell me about my newest adopted baby! The vets Assistant was amazing too! So kind and courteous and the front staff was so easy to work with I love this office! Keep up the hard work!"
- Brittany Leet
12/08/2017 18:52:44
"Always excellent service at All Paws Animal Clinic. We have been taking our pets there since 2008. Atmosphere is clean and welcoming and staff is always kind and compassionate. But most importantly, our pets have received the best care. "
- Monica Miner
12/08/2017 18:38:46
"The staff is always friendly and remember who you are and who your pet is. Dr Pattie is the best!"
- Cynthia Smith
12/07/2017 21:25:52
"Nothing bad to report - it's all good!! Pups are in good hands!!!"
- Gita Owens
12/06/2017 16:14:33
"Felt very welcomed at your clinic. the whole staff was very friendly and respectful to my dig and I."
- Laurie Welsh
12/04/2017 19:04:17
"Even thou I was an hour early, they made me feel welcome. They brought me and Max and Cappy to the exam room. Max is particularly hard to get into the carrier for the visits."
- Kenneth Bryer
12/03/2017 17:49:32
"I had an excellent experience, I called early in the morning and hot an appointment within the hour....was very pleased"
- Sharon Morella
12/01/2017 18:40:20
"Awesome job, very satisfied with the care and concern with everybody at the clinic. Dr Salvo was informative and knowledgeable. "
- Felix Pena-Cuello
11/30/2017 13:48:08
"Everyone at this office is so friendly and caring. It really shows that the staff cares about animals as they take their time and are more than happy to explain or answer questions. Thank you for making it so pleasant. "
- Clare Love
11/28/2017 17:45:29
"Greeted with smiles, Doctor was great."
- Jim Richey
11/27/2017 19:45:00
"RIco got the very best NAIL job EVER! THe technician ( Amanda?) was excellent!!! CAsey as always was full of wonderful suggestions.......It is a pleasure to walk in and know that she really cares and goes out of her way CONSISTENTLY to make you welcome. I will always be grateful to her for her special care! I learn a lot on behavior from Vicki and she has always been helpful over the years!"
- Elaine Riettie
11/24/2017 00:42:02
"Ive been coming to you guys since 2004. Im always grateful for Dr Patty you are as nice as you can be to me and I thank you for helping me care for all my Yorkies two family's worth and our Seymour. Your staff are great ladies. Thanks to them for listening to my problems always."
- Rhonda Worsena
11/19/2017 18:59:32
"The service was excellent."
- Monica Rodriguez
11/15/2017 00:20:06
"You and the staff are the best! I have total confidence in all of you. You really helped out when my leg started bleeding so that George was taken care of while I went back to the Dr's office to have my bleeding taken stopped. Please keep the coffee pot going!"
- Joseph Elbrich
11/12/2017 22:51:40
"I was very impressed with Dr Sabo.She was very caring and knowledgeable "
- Jennifer Sposato
11/12/2017 22:16:37
"I absolutely LOVE you all! Thanks again for always being there for my four legged babies over the years. We’re happy to be back in the Sunshine State. You make each visit a memorable one. "
- Megan Wheeler
11/11/2017 04:33:36
"Great staff in the front dr is amazing "
- James Vostrejs
11/10/2017 17:58:08
"I loved the customer service, the attention and the welcoming. Very happy for my pets. "
- Lina Perez
11/08/2017 23:10:14
"Dr. Salvo did a very thorough examination of my dog and provided good advice and suggestions. She also took time to discuss the situation and put my mind at ease. "
- Sharon Salazar
11/08/2017 03:15:25
"Staff is always friendly and efficient We love Dr. Patty too!!"
- Frances Schrade
11/07/2017 16:32:34
"Ambers Animal Outreach LOVES bringing all our rescue dogs to be evaluated and treated by All Paws Animal Clinic. The staff and doctors are the best. Always friendly, fast and efficient service. Everyone always treats us and our animals (pets) like family. We recommend everyone to your office. You always take that extra step to be friendly and go out of your way to make sure we get the best of care possible!"
- Ambers Animal Outreach
11/06/2017 12:09:42
"Everyone is amazing. They truly care about your pet and have the best care available. We've been clients for over 17 years. "
- Kami O'Sullivan
11/05/2017 17:41:25
"It is always a pleasant experience to come to the clinic the staff is always so helpful and Dr. Patty is very thorough. "
- Susan Rosenthal
11/05/2017 16:57:08
"Staff is always very attentive and professional. "
- Maryann Williams
11/05/2017 05:06:25
"As usual the office staff fit me in when they knew my concern. They are always there with smiles on there faces. Dr. Patty couldn’t have been better and explained everything to me and called me when procedure was done. I have used this clinic for years and will continue."
- Gayle Coker
11/04/2017 13:26:32
"You guys are the absolute best! Always welcoming and extremely helpful. Everyone had a smiling face and warm demeanor even on an incredibly busy day! Keep up the amazing work you all do! Definitely worth driving past at least 5 other vets to take my fur babies here. :)"
- Harrison Harward
11/03/2017 14:20:07
"I feel Dr Patty and staff understand how important our pet is to us. "
- Cathy Duncan
10/28/2017 01:37:10
"You guys are doing great. Everyone is courteous, helpful and professional."
- Betsy Cohen
10/26/2017 16:21:24
" Very good. All of the staff is knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate to us and our dog."
- Marilyn Lanflisi
10/26/2017 14:16:14
"Excellent group of people, always helping their best, treating our animals like their own"
- Manuel Vinas
10/25/2017 12:54:10
"As always, we feel we get the best care available. We love the entire staff, always feel like they truest us like friends, always remember our names as well our babies names."
- Bob Boyd
10/25/2017 03:43:31
"Everything was handled very courteously & professionally. But most importantly effectively. It actually made me cry with happiness to see Tommy to finally get some relief. I can't tell you how happy I am that I switched vets to All Paws. And I will recommend you guys to every pet Mom &Dad that I know!"
- Sheryl Tyson
10/21/2017 16:29:19
"You guys are doing fantastic always kind and pleasant. Answered all my questions and helped my Simon get better"
- Melissa Barona
10/20/2017 15:19:49
"we keep coming back and back and back. with our tribe always."
- Simon Berger
10/17/2017 12:36:18
"Excellent care for a usually unhappy kitty. Dr. Patty always takes time...never feel rushed. Great staff!"
- Anita Dutton
10/17/2017 10:12:31
"Everyone is great in the office! I never have an issue! Having an aggressive dog can be challenging at times but the office always makes sure she's at ease and always takes good care of her. I had no worries with leaving my baby there when she injured her leg because I knew she would be in great hands!"
- Jasmin Caprio
10/12/2017 11:54:55
"The staff is extremely friendly and competent. So kind to my pet and me! I was especially surprised at how nice it smelled in the office and in The exam rooms. No animal odor was noticeable which made me feel that the office was kept very clean "
- Wendy Reeves
10/11/2017 16:20:47
"I love the staff up front and the Vet was awesome! They take the time to listen to my concerns about Stella. It wasn't a quick trip to surgery but another option to prevent the surgery for now. Stella is a bit snarky and they accommodated us with a trip straight to a room when it was available. I love All Paws Animal Clinic Staff!!!!!"
- Deborah Groshon
10/11/2017 15:52:31
"I have been going to Dr. Patty for several years and without a doubt the front staff are always pleasant, patient and so kind! I always feel as though my animals are the most important ones there! The front office staff always listen with sincerity and offer great advice for simple questions on general pet care. Even on the phone, the staff are so pleasant and caring. I leave the office with a good feeling that my pets got the best care."
- Manfred Schmidtke
10/09/2017 21:31:44
"Having experienced other Vetenarian practices we now know how a practice should be run. Our experience with AllPaws has been exceptional and we are clients for life. Thank you. "
- Glenn Taft
10/09/2017 15:28:21
"i think you are doing GREAT. So happy with all of you. The front desk is amazing and so helpful and kind. The doctors and assistants are the best. Highly recommend you."
- Barbara Christiansen
10/07/2017 23:34:34
"You all treat us So Well!!! Thank you 😃"
- Nanci Horsman
10/07/2017 22:42:23
"You are the BEST! I recommend your services to everyone that asks about a pet referral!!!! "
- Peter Grobman
10/07/2017 18:49:53
"Doing a great job ... my pet is getting the best care ... and the Doctors and Staff are wonderful with the pets and us."
- Joseph Aprile
10/06/2017 16:20:25
"Your staff treats our family members Babii Coco and Blue with great care and sensitivity. Thank you"
- Joseph Rios
10/04/2017 00:50:29
"I always feel so welcomed and like your staff knows and remembers my animals. I'm never waiting long and your staff is always helpful, friendly and understanding. I really appreciate that the vets offer multiple options for treatment and are upfront if one is a little more costly, and then explain the advantages and disadvantages of each. Overall I always leave feeling like you all really care about the animals! "
- Lauren Miro
10/03/2017 19:51:16
"I feel that my entire visit was extremely awesome from the super friendly and sweet staff!!! To Dr Salvo she was absolutely wonderful!!! She was very informative very friendly and gave good tips!!! I feel everyone there is an asset to the practice!!! I still love Dr Patty she always has a special place in my heart ❤️ "
- Shannon O'Malley
10/03/2017 01:16:04
"As always wonderful care "
- Jay Snyder
10/01/2017 16:21:48
"Always good. Good people."
- Judith Weed
09/30/2017 16:39:31
"Dr. Salvo is awesome. So glad I got to meet her."
- Jessica Guner
09/29/2017 23:34:36
"Love Dr. Patty and her incredible staff!"
- Renee Ferrin
09/24/2017 23:07:21
"I love how everyone at All Paws loves my kitties"
- Lainie Guthrie
09/24/2017 21:42:54
"I'm very satisfied with all paws the staff and dr's are so nice and caring you can tell they really care about your pets!!!! I'm so glad I found you,thank you all for such wonderful services."
- Donna Gordon
09/23/2017 09:46:16
"Great service, personnel, great personality "
- Scott Glance
09/23/2017 03:48:41
"The care and real concern of All Paws is outstanding. I love Dr. PADDY(hope that is The correct spelling). She is loving and kind and caring. I know she has the utmost love and respect for the animals and their owners. The whole team is great. Many thanks to Amanda who comes by and helps me with the meds. She is loving and caring. The receptionist is always sweet snd helpful also.Thanks to all of you!!"
- Sherrill Janes
09/22/2017 13:25:03
"I had a good experience. I made an appointment for 3 dogs, and needed help in when I arrived. Everyone was very helpful, and loved my dogs."
- Hilary Tahquechi
09/21/2017 14:23:57
"Excellent care. Dr. Patty is wonderful and you can tell she really loves the animals she cares for. The staff is very friendly, and the office is nice and clean. "
- Rosemary Mandarine
09/19/2017 20:21:58
"Everyone us so kind, caring, and so helpful. When your dog is not feeling well it is like a family member being sick. Dr Patty makes them feel so much better. The staff is so helpful with making appointments, checking you in, making sure your time there is good. Thank You for all you do for our dog. "
- Andy Riblett
09/14/2017 17:28:51
"I have been going to All Paws for years and am always happy with their service. They are very nice and very informative on any issues that arise with my animals. I always recommend them to friends and family. "
- Debra Pascale
09/13/2017 20:16:49
"Everyone from the front office to the visit with Dr. Patty and staff offer exceptional service. Thank you all for helping me care for Chrissy."
- Mona Hicks
09/08/2017 18:33:16
"Amazing Staff! Always goes over and above. Love Dr Patty "
- Donna Oellrich
09/08/2017 10:28:11
"Your staff is absolutely excellent -- always cheerful and most helpful. "
- Carol Bailey
09/08/2017 09:00:32
"Thank you for providing exceptional veterinary care for my Scotties. You took the time to get us in to the office in spite of the impending hurricane warnings."
- Susan Weinstein
09/07/2017 23:48:48
"I can't say enough great things, your entire staff is helpful, knowledgeable, kind and caring"
- Pam Cook
09/01/2017 00:04:57
"Excellent says it all."
- Kathyleen Elizabeth Sherrod
08/31/2017 19:09:08
"It is evident that animals' welfare are top priority at All Paws Animal Clinc. Everyone is very friendly, quick to help, and knowledgeable. It's also very nice that you make calls to check on your patients. Thank you!"
- Debbie Arrieta
08/31/2017 19:07:48
"Love the atmosphere, and the staff are always very friendly and kind. My pups actually enjoy visiting! :)"
- Nicole King
08/31/2017 18:56:29
"I've been going to All Paws since my dog was a puppy and she will be 14 this year. Dr Patty is a great Veterinarian! All the staff at All Paws are very sweet and professional and always have been. They love pets just as much as Dr Patty does. Highly recommend All Paws! 👍"
- Debbie Scugoza
08/31/2017 18:49:14
"You did a great job and my dog also gets treated quickly and well."
- Delizia Donohue
08/26/2017 20:40:52
"All went well with our first visit. The staff and dr were very friendly, knowledge and suppportive. "
- Donna Curtis
08/25/2017 00:56:12
"We are very, very happy with all of the personnel at All Paws as well as Dr. Patti."
- Bob Boyd
08/22/2017 18:08:42
"Best care "
- Pam Fawcett
08/19/2017 18:04:41
"I have been taking my Princess to Dr Patty for 12 years and would not consider any other Dr. The whole staff treats us like family. 5 STARS."
- Lois Walser
08/19/2017 17:50:47
"I love coming to this clinic for my cats! They treat us like family!! "
- Michelle Walczak
08/18/2017 17:15:26
"Everyone is always friendly. I feel Dr Patty cares and understands how much our dogs are part of our family. She spends time talking and does not rush us in and out. "
- Barbara Zaniewski
08/17/2017 17:54:48
"My Dog always gets nervous when I pull up to the office but after a while she calms down. The people there love her and make her feel better as soon as they say hi to her. Love dr. Patti and her staff."
- Alan Rosenberg
08/16/2017 18:41:42
"The front office girls awe fantastic so is everyone else."
- Maria Leon
08/13/2017 23:38:30
"Dr. Salvo is great"
- Travis Reilly
08/11/2017 19:10:24
"Dr. Patty and Staff are fantastic. Very customer oriented and I like how they interact with suzieQ"
- Maryann Guarascio
08/10/2017 14:16:44
"The vet tech, along with Tasha, who took the time to look through the records and remind me which of Nathan's anal glands had burst years ago, was wonderful! I wish I had gotten her name, but I really appreciated the extra time that she put in with us."
- Lori Mohler
08/10/2017 10:07:32
"Always friendly and ready to help and/or answer questions! "
- Roberto/Patricia Infante
08/09/2017 11:58:08
"You all take very good care of Riley, and myself, when I call for Meds or questions. Thanks!"
- Nanci Horsman
08/08/2017 19:47:09
"I was able to get appt. same day my dog got ill. He was in pain and they were so caring. Everything was explained to me and answered my questions."
- Doreen Lieberman
08/04/2017 18:37:33
"We love everyone because you are so caring, kind, very professional and always focus on what their patient needs. We are so thankful that we are part of our All Paws Family!"
- Nixie Swift
08/03/2017 00:42:48
"Price was more than quoted. I brought in quote and it was honored."
- Peter Agate
08/02/2017 21:02:26
"Brand new puppy! Staff was friendly and helpful. Office is clean"
- Holly Adams
08/02/2017 19:24:49
- Cathy Kyman
08/02/2017 18:45:10
"You guy's are awesome .... Great team! "
- Maria De La Cruz
08/02/2017 14:00:36
"All Paws Animal Clinic is the best in town. The most caring staff, they love all your Pets and treat them like their own. "
- Eileen Egan
08/01/2017 22:09:22
"All of the staff was very nice and I loved how Dr. Salvo handled my cats. Will be very happy to return in the future."
- Ashley Ullrich
08/01/2017 20:50:59
"Great crew excellent service and care truly a great vet service "
- Jay Snyder
07/28/2017 13:49:32
"The most kind and caring staff!"
- Samara Chinskey
07/26/2017 14:31:49
"Super helpful, caring and friendly staff."
- Jose Morejon
07/26/2017 06:46:39
"Awesome experience ... Dr Patty is the best!"
- Erika Anderson
07/25/2017 11:18:18
"Our first visit went very well. We will definitely be returning!"
- Corrie Blau
07/15/2017 19:57:05
"You guys are great! Thorough and caring with my pup!"
- Paige Dillistin
07/14/2017 14:29:28