"we keep coming back and back and back. with our tribe always."
- Simon Berger
10/17/2017 12:36:18
"Excellent care for a usually unhappy kitty. Dr. Patty always takes time...never feel rushed. Great staff!"
- Anita Dutton
10/17/2017 10:12:31
"Everyone is great in the office! I never have an issue! Having an aggressive dog can be challenging at times but the office always makes sure she's at ease and always takes good care of her. I had no worries with leaving my baby there when she injured her leg because I knew she would be in great hands!"
- Jasmin Caprio
10/12/2017 11:54:55
"The staff is extremely friendly and competent. So kind to my pet and me! I was especially surprised at how nice it smelled in the office and in The exam rooms. No animal odor was noticeable which made me feel that the office was kept very clean "
- Wendy Reeves
10/11/2017 16:20:47
"I love the staff up front and the Vet was awesome! They take the time to listen to my concerns about Stella. It wasn't a quick trip to surgery but another option to prevent the surgery for now. Stella is a bit snarky and they accommodated us with a trip straight to a room when it was available. I love All Paws Animal Clinic Staff!!!!!"
- Deborah Groshon
10/11/2017 15:52:31
"I have been going to Dr. Patty for several years and without a doubt the front staff are always pleasant, patient and so kind! I always feel as though my animals are the most important ones there! The front office staff always listen with sincerity and offer great advice for simple questions on general pet care. Even on the phone, the staff are so pleasant and caring. I leave the office with a good feeling that my pets got the best care."
- Manfred Schmidtke
10/09/2017 21:31:44
"Having experienced other Vetenarian practices we now know how a practice should be run. Our experience with AllPaws has been exceptional and we are clients for life. Thank you. "
- Glenn Taft
10/09/2017 15:28:21
"i think you are doing GREAT. So happy with all of you. The front desk is amazing and so helpful and kind. The doctors and assistants are the best. Highly recommend you."
- Barbara Christiansen
10/07/2017 23:34:34
"You all treat us So Well!!! Thank you 😃"
- Nanci Horsman
10/07/2017 22:42:23
"You are the BEST! I recommend your services to everyone that asks about a pet referral!!!! "
- Peter Grobman
10/07/2017 18:49:53
"Doing a great job ... my pet is getting the best care ... and the Doctors and Staff are wonderful with the pets and us."
- Joseph Aprile
10/06/2017 16:20:25
"Your staff treats our family members Babii Coco and Blue with great care and sensitivity. Thank you"
- Joseph Rios
10/04/2017 00:50:29
"I always feel so welcomed and like your staff knows and remembers my animals. I'm never waiting long and your staff is always helpful, friendly and understanding. I really appreciate that the vets offer multiple options for treatment and are upfront if one is a little more costly, and then explain the advantages and disadvantages of each. Overall I always leave feeling like you all really care about the animals! "
- Lauren Miro
10/03/2017 19:51:16
"I feel that my entire visit was extremely awesome from the super friendly and sweet staff!!! To Dr Salvo she was absolutely wonderful!!! She was very informative very friendly and gave good tips!!! I feel everyone there is an asset to the practice!!! I still love Dr Patty she always has a special place in my heart ❤️ "
- Shannon O'Malley
10/03/2017 01:16:04
"As always wonderful care "
- Jay Snyder
10/01/2017 16:21:48
"Always good. Good people."
- Judith Weed
09/30/2017 16:39:31
"Dr. Salvo is awesome. So glad I got to meet her."
- Jessica Guner
09/29/2017 23:34:36
"Love Dr. Patty and her incredible staff!"
- Renee Ferrin
09/24/2017 23:07:21
"I love how everyone at All Paws loves my kitties"
- Lainie Guthrie
09/24/2017 21:42:54
"I'm very satisfied with all paws the staff and dr's are so nice and caring you can tell they really care about your pets!!!! I'm so glad I found you,thank you all for such wonderful services."
- Donna Gordon
09/23/2017 09:46:16
"Great service, personnel, great personality "
- Scott Glance
09/23/2017 03:48:41
"The care and real concern of All Paws is outstanding. I love Dr. PADDY(hope that is The correct spelling). She is loving and kind and caring. I know she has the utmost love and respect for the animals and their owners. The whole team is great. Many thanks to Amanda who comes by and helps me with the meds. She is loving and caring. The receptionist is always sweet snd helpful also.Thanks to all of you!!"
- Sherrill Janes
09/22/2017 13:25:03
"I had a good experience. I made an appointment for 3 dogs, and needed help in when I arrived. Everyone was very helpful, and loved my dogs."
- Hilary Tahquechi
09/21/2017 14:23:57
"Excellent care. Dr. Patty is wonderful and you can tell she really loves the animals she cares for. The staff is very friendly, and the office is nice and clean. "
- Rosemary Mandarine
09/19/2017 20:21:58
"Everyone us so kind, caring, and so helpful. When your dog is not feeling well it is like a family member being sick. Dr Patty makes them feel so much better. The staff is so helpful with making appointments, checking you in, making sure your time there is good. Thank You for all you do for our dog. "
- Andy Riblett
09/14/2017 17:28:51
"I have been going to All Paws for years and am always happy with their service. They are very nice and very informative on any issues that arise with my animals. I always recommend them to friends and family. "
- Debra Pascale
09/13/2017 20:16:49
"Everyone from the front office to the visit with Dr. Patty and staff offer exceptional service. Thank you all for helping me care for Chrissy."
- Mona Hicks
09/08/2017 18:33:16
"Amazing Staff! Always goes over and above. Love Dr Patty "
- Donna Oellrich
09/08/2017 10:28:11
"Your staff is absolutely excellent -- always cheerful and most helpful. "
- Carol Bailey
09/08/2017 09:00:32
"Thank you for providing exceptional veterinary care for my Scotties. You took the time to get us in to the office in spite of the impending hurricane warnings."
- Susan Weinstein
09/07/2017 23:48:48
"I can't say enough great things, your entire staff is helpful, knowledgeable, kind and caring"
- Pam Cook
09/01/2017 00:04:57
"Excellent says it all."
- Kathyleen Elizabeth Sherrod
08/31/2017 19:09:08
"It is evident that animals' welfare are top priority at All Paws Animal Clinc. Everyone is very friendly, quick to help, and knowledgeable. It's also very nice that you make calls to check on your patients. Thank you!"
- Debbie Arrieta
08/31/2017 19:07:48
"Love the atmosphere, and the staff are always very friendly and kind. My pups actually enjoy visiting! :)"
- Nicole King
08/31/2017 18:56:29
"I've been going to All Paws since my dog was a puppy and she will be 14 this year. Dr Patty is a great Veterinarian! All the staff at All Paws are very sweet and professional and always have been. They love pets just as much as Dr Patty does. Highly recommend All Paws! 👍"
- Debbie Scugoza
08/31/2017 18:49:14
"You did a great job and my dog also gets treated quickly and well."
- Delizia Donohue
08/26/2017 20:40:52
"All went well with our first visit. The staff and dr were very friendly, knowledge and suppportive. "
- Donna Curtis
08/25/2017 00:56:12
"We are very, very happy with all of the personnel at All Paws as well as Dr. Patti."
- Bob Boyd
08/22/2017 18:08:42
"Best care "
- Pam Fawcett
08/19/2017 18:04:41
"I have been taking my Princess to Dr Patty for 12 years and would not consider any other Dr. The whole staff treats us like family. 5 STARS."
- Lois Walser
08/19/2017 17:50:47
"I love coming to this clinic for my cats! They treat us like family!! "
- Michelle Walczak
08/18/2017 17:15:26
"Everyone is always friendly. I feel Dr Patty cares and understands how much our dogs are part of our family. She spends time talking and does not rush us in and out. "
- Barbara Zaniewski
08/17/2017 17:54:48
"My Dog always gets nervous when I pull up to the office but after a while she calms down. The people there love her and make her feel better as soon as they say hi to her. Love dr. Patti and her staff."
- Alan Rosenberg
08/16/2017 18:41:42
"The front office girls awe fantastic so is everyone else."
- Maria Leon
08/13/2017 23:38:30
"Dr. Salvo is great"
- Travis Reilly
08/11/2017 19:10:24
"Dr. Patty and Staff are fantastic. Very customer oriented and I like how they interact with suzieQ"
- Maryann Guarascio
08/10/2017 14:16:44
"The vet tech, along with Tasha, who took the time to look through the records and remind me which of Nathan's anal glands had burst years ago, was wonderful! I wish I had gotten her name, but I really appreciated the extra time that she put in with us."
- Lori Mohler
08/10/2017 10:07:32
"Always friendly and ready to help and/or answer questions! "
- Roberto/Patricia Infante
08/09/2017 11:58:08
"You all take very good care of Riley, and myself, when I call for Meds or questions. Thanks!"
- Nanci Horsman
08/08/2017 19:47:09
"I was able to get appt. same day my dog got ill. He was in pain and they were so caring. Everything was explained to me and answered my questions."
- Doreen Lieberman
08/04/2017 18:37:33
"We love everyone because you are so caring, kind, very professional and always focus on what their patient needs. We are so thankful that we are part of our All Paws Family!"
- Nixie Swift
08/03/2017 00:42:48
"Price was more than quoted. I brought in quote and it was honored."
- Peter Agate
08/02/2017 21:02:26
"Brand new puppy! Staff was friendly and helpful. Office is clean"
- Holly Adams
08/02/2017 19:24:49
- Cathy Kyman
08/02/2017 18:45:10
"You guy's are awesome .... Great team! "
- Maria De La Cruz
08/02/2017 14:00:36
"All Paws Animal Clinic is the best in town. The most caring staff, they love all your Pets and treat them like their own. "
- Eileen Egan
08/01/2017 22:09:22
"All of the staff was very nice and I loved how Dr. Salvo handled my cats. Will be very happy to return in the future."
- Ashley Ullrich
08/01/2017 20:50:59
"Great crew excellent service and care truly a great vet service "
- Jay Snyder
07/28/2017 13:49:32
"The most kind and caring staff!"
- Samara Chinskey
07/26/2017 14:31:49
"Super helpful, caring and friendly staff."
- Jose Morejon
07/26/2017 06:46:39
"Awesome experience ... Dr Patty is the best!"
- Erika Anderson
07/25/2017 11:18:18
"Our first visit went very well. We will definitely be returning!"
- Corrie Blau
07/15/2017 19:57:05
"You guys are great! Thorough and caring with my pup!"
- Paige Dillistin
07/14/2017 14:29:28
"The staff is always pleasant, when you call and have a question, or when at the clinic to see the doctor or purchase product. I've been taking my dog here since she was 8 week old and now 11 yrs. I would recommend All Paws to all pet owners."
- William Simeone
07/14/2017 06:10:05
"Always responsive, polite and entertaining when I visit the clinic. Mark Parker"
- Claudia Parker
07/13/2017 08:28:17
"Really liked Dr Salvo and the tech working w her and my dog. Good demeanor and assessment skills."
- Mary Gelliarth
07/12/2017 21:29:41
"Very friendly staff . Feel very welcome . "
- Angela Vandenbrink
07/12/2017 14:24:36
"Always trust my kitty to Dr. Patty. That's why I drive from Palm Beach Gardens to Royal Palm Beach for my Fur-baby to get the best care from the great folks at All Paws Animal Clinic."
- Donna Tagg
07/11/2017 20:54:16
"The staff was great. The wait time was very short and everyone was very understanding of my pets needs and concerns."
- Darlene Ebersold
07/11/2017 07:23:04
"You guys are the best!! The care is top notch, and the follow up is always appreciated. "
- Sherlyn Vroman
07/10/2017 19:45:47
"Love you guys and how much you love our animals! It's always so nice to hear you're excited to have our dogs come in. "
- Lauren Miro
07/10/2017 19:09:40
"Love the staff! All are wonderful! Helpful, informative and super sweet! Can't say enough about them!! The Firestones"
- Kara Firestone
07/10/2017 19:04:16
"We have a highly anxious dog so everything has to be done in the room. Dr Patty is very patient about everything. Because our dog is tough things like her teeth can't be looked at. This is no fault of yours. You guys are great."
- Mary Blount
07/10/2017 18:57:20
" I am always hesitant taking my dog to a new vet but the minute I walked into your office the girls in the front could not have been sweeter . They were so kind and compassionate and then I met DR. Katrina Salvo. I thought she was wonderful . After she examined Buster she sat with me in the room and explained every single detail never made me feel rushed or that any of my questions were foolish. I love all of you and I am so happy that Buster and I are now a part of your Family . Thank you for having us ❤️"
- Denise Germano
07/09/2017 01:11:15
"Love All Paws would not trust my pets with anyone else. Always very helpful and compassionate "
- Donna Oellrich
07/07/2017 19:29:51
"Dr. Patty and the staff at All Paws are always kind, helpful and truly care about my pets. I feel like my pets get the best care possible while there. "
- Sharon Salazar
07/02/2017 07:59:00
"I love the care that Bear and Zeus get at your clinic. Dr. Salvo is very informative when answering questions and backs up her answers with actual facts not guesses. I have 2 difficult dogs but your staff is very good with them and never seem to be bothered by having to deal with them. I know we are in good hands!"
- Kris Ebel
07/01/2017 21:04:37
"I am very happy with your staff overall. It is a great plus to have a veteran who looks into allergies a little closer. Seems to want to have the latest information with both scientific and homeopathic. Thank you for all that you all do. Tammy"
- Tammy Fernandez
07/01/2017 18:57:16
"Always great customer service. "
- Maria Bowman
07/01/2017 17:22:43
"Y'all are doing great! Always fit us in, always call to check up after the appointment and always friendly service!"
- Michelle Ogden
07/01/2017 17:18:49
"Everyone was attentive from the moment I walked into the door with Cami. The friendliness of everyone I grately appreciate. It was wonderful that I received a text and phone call asking how she is doing. I do not have any suggestions for improvement!"
- Barbara Anderson
07/01/2017 16:41:16
"Great! We love Dr Patty and all her staff! "
- Heather Ronga
07/01/2017 10:01:14
"You are doing fantastic!! The waiting was a little long but it is way worse at other places. In all I loved my experience and I was very happy with the customer service very polite and friendly and I had an all around great experience "
- Melissa Barona
06/16/2017 22:11:14
"Love your staff, they are always so helpful, patient and professional."
- Barbara Christiansen
06/16/2017 17:32:11
"your staff is so friendly and caring, and has always taken good care of my fur babies"
- Savvy Salino
06/14/2017 06:48:28
"Everyone is very ice, very helpful, very kind to the pets. I love Dr. Patti, I am handicapped and she takes time out to come to my car and explain everything to me."
- Diane Matesky
06/10/2017 19:24:10
"Everyone is always extremely accomodating and helpful."
- Susan Weinstein
06/10/2017 15:30:01
"We know we will always get the best care! So glad you are Casey's vet."
- Marilyn and Gary Walter
06/10/2017 14:35:18
"Very friendly and professional staff. I have been taking my dogs to Dr. Patty for 13 years, and I trust her completely. Nice clean office as well. "
- Rosemary Mandarine
06/10/2017 10:48:40
"They handled Baby with great care and compassion."
- Cynthia Smith
06/09/2017 15:23:22
"Great, friendly service and much compassion for the animals! "
- Monica Miner
06/09/2017 15:17:47
"I feel everyone from the receptionists, to the techs, to the doctors really care. They understand tough situations and always do their best to accommodate you and your fur babies. "
- Noemi Guerrero
06/04/2017 12:51:19
"Friendly courteous staff Genuinely concerned and interested in helping the Samson even though he's not a very good patient "
- Connie Vanassche
06/04/2017 10:10:01
"We are more than happy with All Paws. They always remember our dogs names and are extremely helpful when we have questions about which are the best treatment for heart worm and flea medicine."
- Bob Boyd
06/03/2017 16:17:07
"Called to get advice from Dr. Patty. She called me back that day and got prescriptions ready before they closed so I could pick them up that day. Very thankful to have her for my babies."
- Dee Dee Haas
06/03/2017 06:46:39
"You are the best! Always kind and caring and everyone goes out of their way to help make things easier for the customer. We love being part of the All Paws Family!!!"
- Nixie Swift
06/02/2017 20:52:16
"My experiences have always been terrific. Chrissy has cancer and already lived well past expectations. We also have one active guide dog and two retired guide dogs all of whom get great care from you."
- Mona Hicks
05/30/2017 07:33:50
"No one is better at treating and caring for my precious Stasia, and Kyela, and Trump! "
- Kathyleen Elizabeth Sherrod
05/27/2017 19:54:50
"Great vet for my dog. Went there first 10 years ago with my cat. Wouldn't take my baby anywhere else "
- Annamaria Grieco
05/27/2017 17:05:55
"Everyone in the office is kind, caring, and always helpful. "
- Andy Riblett
05/24/2017 15:37:02