"We really appreciate you fitting us in on Monday with a 5PM appointment for Charley. The antiobotic shot and the medicine you gave had an immediate effect. He was back to his normal self within 2 to 3 hours that night. He has been eating well since then, and doing great. Everyone in the office was so nice to me when I brought him in. Everyone is so caring, and also very customer service oriented. "
- Elyn Small
04/18/2018 15:30:34
"Great experience---everyone pleasant and knowledgeable and compassionate."
- Glenn Gilbert
04/18/2018 02:54:55
"Everything was great. Staff was friendly and helpful. Made about little guy more comfortable seeing he was scared. Genuine, caring and helpful. "
- Kim Marcenaro
04/18/2018 01:06:38
"I have nothing bad to say and a lot of good to say from the time I walked through the door until I walked out it's all good .The front office staff is very friendly and so willing to help you out with any questions. They seem to get you checked in and on your way to the back in no time at all ,when you get in the back it's no time at all and there helping you out.I can't say enough about Dr.Patty from her way of explaining things to you to the Loving care she gives all the time.It is very obvious the whole staff have a big love for our four legged family members. Thank You All Ken Mahr "
- Ken Mahr
04/15/2018 17:55:46
"First the girls out front are kind and friendly. Every option is explained to you when you have a problem with your pet. Actually I should say my family member not my pet. And my fur babies are treated with kindness and respect which is why i have been a client for 15 years. "
- Jessica Covey
04/15/2018 14:19:50
"Everyone is so kind, caring and helpful."
- Andy Riblett
04/08/2018 20:08:43
" I came in for a med refill for my cat Sydney who has cancer. Sydney is doing well right now and everything is good. I feel like I have always got great service from everybody who I have talk to at All Paws I am so glad I switched to your Facility. "
- Debbie Brown
04/08/2018 02:28:00
"everyone is so friendly, and they take time to give you advise and answer questions"
- Patricia Osier
04/06/2018 12:22:46
"Was made to feel like family. Was very pleased with the attention Romeo received."
- Susan Sternberg
04/06/2018 11:09:19
"Excellent been with you for over 10 year ‘s"
- Frank Swanson
04/06/2018 05:50:43
"The staff was extremely friendly, compassionate, thourough and efficient. Dr. Holly Smith was amazing putting our Bella and myself at ease during her examination. We had recently lost our 9 year old chihuahua Louis due to an allergic reaction to his vaccinations received at a different vet. The staff and Dr. Smith were able to reassure me and put my reservations to rest. Our little Bella and myself never knew Dr. smith had even given her the shots, stealth! Thank you for such an amazing experience. "
- Travis King
04/04/2018 11:47:26
"I love All Paws, every person on staff is amazing!"
- Diane Matesky
04/04/2018 02:54:06
"The Vet was so kind and patient! Loved her!! The tech that helped set us up was very sweet and considerate. Was super helpful through the whole process!"
- Michelle Bieschke
04/04/2018 02:15:10
"All I have is praise for all staff. Doctor Patty is knowledgeable and I'm glad to have found them for my cats are in great hands."
- Susan Borger
04/03/2018 09:11:03
"My baby is Stella and she can be a bit snarky. The front staff is understanding and such a help. In my last visit Stella was seen by Dr. Smith. She was wonderful with Stella. I alway worry about taking Stella for her visits, but all the staff makes my visits easier."
- Deborah Groshon
04/02/2018 23:08:53
"I always feel very comfortable when I visit and I believe I am getting the best possible care for Bella."
- Mary Davis
04/02/2018 19:24:29
"I never leave with any unanswered questions."
- Betsy Cohen
04/01/2018 15:38:35
"Staffs great always helpful. Thanks"
- April Strength
03/30/2018 16:51:16
"Even though diesel was afraid and shy the guys made him feel very welcome like they did with my Lucy ! Thanks again diesel is a new man 😍😍"
- Lavonte Bivins
03/30/2018 14:05:50
"I love that the staff is super friendly and engaging. Vets are thorough and very nice as well. Very satisfied with All Paws. "
- Shealynd Futterer
03/24/2018 19:04:48
"Dr. Patty is the absolute BEST! No matter what is going on with my little Beamer she ALWAYS calls to check up on him and on me... Lol My doctors don’t even do that!!! She is so compassionate as well as the ENTIRE STAFF! They are always ver supportive and follow though on everything you ask of them, and I ask a lot sometimes! Thank you to all of you at All Paws for always being there for my Beam and myself We appreciate all your patience and compassion 😘❤️😘"
- Donna Oellrich
03/24/2018 15:50:55
"I think your staff is friendly and professional. They make you feel that they really love your animal and really care. "
- Delizia Donohue
03/23/2018 17:00:02
"oh wow where to begin........office was bright and cheery.........staff very friendly and eager to please and the vet at the time of my visit was great with my to cats......Amanda and scamp......"
- Frank Hagerman
03/23/2018 15:37:08
"Your staff is great very good with the anmials and the pet owners couldn’t asked for s more caring place for your loving pets"
- Cindy Seagle
03/23/2018 14:57:21
"It is always a pleasure to take my 2 babies in to the clinic. Everyone is so nice but professional!"
- Frances Schrade
03/23/2018 14:37:12
"No complaints. Best Vet I have ever had and great staff always so helpful and friendly."
- Ronald Evatt
03/23/2018 11:41:09
"I have 3 dogs and I feel they get great care I trust Dr Patty and think the whole staff is great"
- Janet Allyn
03/23/2018 06:27:11
"Excellent care and friendly staff. Dr. Patty is great. "
- Rosemary Mandarine
03/23/2018 03:28:28
"Dr patti is the best her staff is so kind and caring "
- Lee Falk
03/09/2018 21:05:08
"Always so happy to come to your clinic. Beatrix LOVES everyone and they are always so happy to see her. Your staff is super compassionate and friendly, upfront about costs and procedures, and I can tell everyone really cares. I love All Paws!"
- Lauren Miro
03/08/2018 01:37:48
"The Office Staff is Awesome! I came in the other day to get a refill on pet products. I had several questions and they were so informative and not rushed. I was given ample time to ask whatever I needed and they made sure that I had all the information I needed before leaving! Love this place!"
- Kris Ebel
03/07/2018 16:57:20
"I have been taking my dogs to All Paws Vet Clinic for 10 years. I trust them completely. The staff and doctors are very kind. My dogs have been well cared for by the doctors. They are cost conscious and don't order tests that are not necessary or recommend products that are not needed. The priority is providing care for the animals. I recently moved and I drive an hour and 30 minutes to All Paws because I trust them so much to care for my fur babies. "
- Janie Szabad
03/07/2018 15:28:25
"I got a refill on a medication and every time I have an experience with the front desk staff, it has always been so positive and friendly"
- Manfred Schmidtke
03/07/2018 14:37:46
"You guys are awesome. You get my anxious dog in and out quickly"
- Mary Blount
03/06/2018 21:57:07
"You do a great job! Love the whole staff!!!"
- James Wilke
03/05/2018 22:41:08
"I think doctor patty is awesome she truly cares about her clients "
- Valentina Morales
03/04/2018 16:05:21
"All Paws is amazing! Always treated like family. There is NO bad at all!!!!! We always tell our friends about You..."
- Peter Grobman
03/03/2018 01:41:15
"Love Dr. Patty!"
- Tracey Silver
03/02/2018 00:27:09
"Tory and I love Dr Patty and staff."
- Cathy Duncan
03/01/2018 17:27:20
"Can’t imagine a better environment with a more professional, caring and helpful staff. Truly a Five Star group of professionals who genuinely care about their patients and ‘parents’. "
- Allen Ball
03/01/2018 17:13:24
"Always great service and care when we visit Dr. Patty's! Not one complaint! I wouldn't take my Sandy anywhere else!"
- Laura Falzarano
02/28/2018 22:10:36
"As always our visit was very nice, everyone at the clinic is always so nice."
- Maria Diaz
02/28/2018 21:30:21
"Your staff is excellent. "
- Maria Leon
02/27/2018 00:01:15
"Your staff is always amazing"
- Renee Ferrin
02/26/2018 01:16:26
"Best practice I have been to in western Palm Beach county. We tried 5 different vets before Dr. Patty was able to diagnose and treat our dog appropriately. He was better in two weeks from a problem we have been dealing with for 5+ years. THANK YOU!!"
- Mark Gadzinski
02/23/2018 20:52:48
"Excellent in every way. We are from Maryland and needed an emergency appointment. The receptionist was kind and informative on the phone. We were greeted immediately upon entering the clinic. Office staff was compassionate. The Vet dr forsythe was thorough and professional We would recommend this practice with an A+ rating"
- Beth Yarnold
02/23/2018 14:51:43
"Outstanding Patient Service ... Service Was Fast And Easy! Staff Are Very Professional And Generous! Keep Up The Good Work."
- Tomiah Duhart
02/23/2018 04:04:29
"Your office was a great experience. I will be bringing my dogs here from now on. Thank you for the excellent service!!"
- Tiffany Jarmon
02/22/2018 17:35:44
"Always love you guys !!!! "
- Linda Morales
02/20/2018 18:29:09
"I am very happy with the care at All Paws and have been bringing my pets. There for years."
- Wendy Stephany
02/20/2018 01:41:23
"Excellent service. Thank You!"
- Christopher Pimentel
02/19/2018 21:10:32
"All Paws has been treating our animals for years and we are extremely satisfied. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. "
- Kristin Malerba
02/19/2018 20:02:04
"You are all wonderful!!"
- Karen Cornett
02/18/2018 14:04:05
"Dr Patty was excellent. She was very professional, patient, and answered all our questions."
- Leonard Bayer
02/17/2018 12:59:19
" You’re very pleased with all the care and service that’s your vet office has provided us "
- Camille Romano
02/17/2018 04:40:53
"Staff is friendly and always helpful."
- Stuart Maslanik
02/15/2018 18:08:11
" I just brought my 72 pound bull terrier in for a procedure. The minute we walked through the door anxiety hit and my dog was shaking with fear. This time the girls were ready for him. There was no waiting, he went right in the back and the procedure was started ASAP. I was so grateful that they worked so fast to minimize his fear. This is by far the most caring, loving and efficient vet staff I have ever been to. Amanda you’re the best❤️❤️❤️"
- Denise Germano
02/14/2018 06:32:38
"You all take such good care of Riley. Thank you so much."
- Nanci Horsman
02/14/2018 01:58:10
"It was wonderful to be helped same day without an appointment! Catherine! You are the best ! "
- Anna Vergara
02/13/2018 11:18:24
"You are doing fantastic, love Dr. Patti, she’s the best! Very happy with everybody we come in contact with from when we walk in until we check out. All extremely knowledgeable and kind and extremely kind. We feel good about you taking care of our fur familiy because we feel you have their best interest at heart. Thank you."
- Bob Boyd
02/10/2018 06:26:21
"Best animal clinic I have ever taken a pet too. They really care and the prices are reasonable!!! Thank you "
- Eileen Cassidy
02/10/2018 04:58:15
"great customer service!"
- Joseph Sterling
02/09/2018 03:32:44
"All Paws Animal Clinic is the Best...whether I have an apt or not!!! Thank you "
- Darlene Snowball
02/02/2018 00:56:42
"Great job and compasionate"
- Lori Pezzulo
02/01/2018 14:18:15
"Great friendly people. Prompt service & excellent care for our pet."
- Angela Baker
01/30/2018 22:45:34
"Always a positive experience at the clinic. Everyone is friendly and caring which means a lot to me."
- Marilyn Lanflisi
01/28/2018 17:40:17
"THIS is my first pet so I learned a LOT from your Vet. And the staff."
- Ketan DHolakia
01/28/2018 02:54:33
"Friendly staff, well run office and caring doctor."
- John Bessich
01/27/2018 03:36:32
"You are amazing!!!! There is a reason why I drive over half an hour to get to you. Keep doing what you’re doing 😊"
- Linda Schmitt
01/25/2018 01:41:01
"Our visit was great! The doctor took her time with us. We started medication and will follow up in a few days."
- Dave Henderson
01/24/2018 11:50:21
"There is no BAD. We were under a lot of stress ,being on vacation and dealing with Emmas separation anxiety. The professionals at All Paws really helped us greatly .After a thorough exam they educated us on how to handle her anxiety . They suggested medication and behavior modification . We were extremely happy ."
- Patrick Curcione
01/23/2018 15:39:46
"The Entire Staff. at All Paw are absolutely incredible always friendly Compassionate and thoughtful! Dr Patty has been taking care of my pet for 14 years and has always been there when we need her! When ever there is a health issue or concern she always calls HERSELF to check up on him. I'm not sure she even realizes how much that means to a worried pet parent! Thank so very much to this amazing team! We couldn't do it without you!!! Tom, Donna and Beamer Oellrich "
- Donna Oellrich
01/21/2018 15:17:08
"Once again, your front office is a delight to work with. I was a bit discombobulated (spelling?) that day and Victoria was kind, understanding, flexible, and accommodating. Thank you."
- Sharon Cooke
01/20/2018 15:54:24
"The front desk ladies were AWESOME! so friendly and welcoming. Dr Patty was so great as well. Had us feeling comfortable and my dog feeling better right away! "
- Rebecca Tracy
01/20/2018 14:07:50
"we had used Simmons for years and were very happy with them. we moved and wanted someone closer. Our neighbor, Betty Ann Sovic recommended All Paws. We were happy for a closer Vet and got an appointment immediately which was a plus. Our visit from the front desk to seeing Dr Patty friendly nice people. Teddy, our reason to come in was treated special and happy with his visit. "
- Kathleen Edwards
01/19/2018 19:15:17
"Very informative and very professional first visit. Everyone was very nice and helpful. Loved how sweet they treated Lizzie. She is a shelter dog but they were so kind to her. "
- Yvonne Dimirco
01/18/2018 15:48:41
"I love everyone, Dr. Patti is wonderful, kind, nice, and beautiful! The staff is amazing, very, very nice! "
- Diane Matesky
01/18/2018 00:41:03
"Dr. Salvo took great care of Whiskers during our last visit. She also offered good advice on feeding for weight loss. I also appreciated the follow-up text just to make sure our cat made out well with her shot. "
- Sharon Salazar
01/17/2018 19:47:29
"Dr. Pattie and her staff are the best."
- Alan Rosenberg
01/17/2018 18:55:35
"I am so glad my sister referred me to you. I felt I had great service and love your clinic. This is so important to me because my pets are the world to me. Everyone who works there that I came in contact with, has been exceptional. Thank you for providing A+ service. "
- Debbie Brown
01/17/2018 18:54:43
"I have nothing bad to say about All Paws Animal Clinic. Everyone in that facility helped to save my puppies life. Even though the odds were stacked against him, you guys were able to save him. I would recommend your facility to any pet owner. Please don’t change a thing!"
- Nephtali Vazquez
01/17/2018 18:45:51
"Excellent first experience yesterday! "
- Sloan Kamenstein
01/17/2018 18:37:37
"I love the way you treated Yuki.. We had the best experience.. Thank you"
- Dary Navarrete
01/10/2018 01:07:12
"We were just there for dental cleaning - which was great! Your staff are always so pleasant and helpful!"
- Samara Chinskey
01/07/2018 13:55:39
"We had a great experience! Everyone from the secretaries to Dr. Patty and her assistant were friendly and knowledgeable. No improvements I can think of. "
- Shari Cooper
01/04/2018 03:30:09
"Routine visit for my maine coone mix. She did great. Very easy for her. I had my dear friend, Dr Patty. I trust her immensely with the care of my animals."
- Carolyn Friedman
01/03/2018 23:18:07
"The staff is so helpful and really care about your pet."
- Dionne Rodriguez
01/03/2018 18:27:24
"My experience with you has been great, since the moment we arrive until we leave. I feel Odey is in great care, even though he is not easy doggy to deal with. Never a complain on the contrary Thank you for the care you show towards Odey."
- Marina Martinez
01/03/2018 01:46:28
"Our experience was one if the best! Everyone was very friendly, helpful and kind! We went early and they accommodated us and took us right into a room and made us feel very welcome! They took great care of our new baby, Kiki. Thank you for everything"
- Mark Belcourt
01/03/2018 00:08:24
"I've never been to a more professional veterinarian's office. Or one with more helpful staff and knowledgeable and kind doctors. I feel that both Tommy and Charlie have received the best and most personalized care possible. My heart truly goes out to all of you for what you've done for Tommy. When I brought him there the first time I could see his suffering diminishing immediately. Thank you!!"
- Sheryl Tyson
01/02/2018 22:44:58
"It was our first time there with our new dog and we were very pleased."
- Susan Steinberg
12/31/2017 22:46:13
"Excelent customer service! The receptionist are prompt to answer the phone, always a smile and fast checkout."
- Carmen Rexach
12/30/2017 12:04:34
"I had to go to a work event, if even for a short amount of time, so I left my kitten with you, and when I came back, she was happily fed, watered and playing with toys you had provided. Best possible experience for my first vet appointment with my first kitten!"
- Sienna Huebner
12/30/2017 04:34:45
"Experience was good the staff are always very curtious."
- Anna Samson
12/30/2017 00:15:40
"Top of the line"
- Louis Rogow
12/21/2017 19:43:37
"The front desk is consistently pleasant and caring -- no matter what type/kind of animal. Even the most minor of illness, the front desk treats the customers with loving kindness. I had my dogs ears plucked and nails trimmed and the grooming team was excellent and very caring. I have been going to Dr. Patty for over 10 years and she is great vet - very knowledgeable and very caring"
- Manfred Schmidtke
12/20/2017 21:03:26
"I was very happy with my experience at All Paws"
- Debbie Bradlow
12/20/2017 21:03:23
"Always a positive experience at All Paws. Staff is fantastic, friendly, and caring."
- Joan DeVaughn
12/20/2017 18:27:09
"Had no problems. Everything was done professionally"
- Nanette Rispler
12/20/2017 16:28:37
"Love you guys!!!!"
- Therese Stewart
12/20/2017 15:44:00