"Yall were very friendly, caring, and informative. You took great care with us! "
- Nichole Hughes
12/09/2017 06:10:49
"Fabulous! I have a 7 month old Mi-ki puppy who I am extremely overprotective about. I have spent the past few months interviewing vets to find the right fit for her based on referrals and recommendations from friends and neighbors. I am extremely picky and I thought that I had found someplace that I was happy with; however, after a very bad experience and at my wits end, I found you by simply doing a google search "Holistic vets KC". So glad that I did! Both Dr. Brozman and Dr. Roberts immediately made me feel comfortable and spent time listening to my concerns. I feel that we have a great plan of action right now and I respect both of their opinions tremendously."
- Susan Conway
10/28/2017 15:08:41
"I was really worried about tang and your whole staff put me at ease and I don't think tang even realized she was at the vet...happy baby happy mom.. thanks again"
- Janice Dunn
10/19/2017 14:25:34
"I had a great experience and was very informed"
- Kristi Mckellar
10/05/2017 21:41:34
"I was looking for a new vet home for my boys, since moving to the Northland. Had tried one other 'big' vet- not impressed, they barely gave me the time of day and didn't do well on my boys groom. From the first phone call to your office, I felt like my business was wanted and that you cared about my boys. The groom was exactly what we wanted, so we were very happy. So glad my colleague shared her vet secret with us! We WILL be back!!"
- Kris Ross
09/13/2017 16:32:36
"I love bringing my children here! They never seem to mind too much either - definitely cry more in the car than while being treated. You guys are awesome with my cats and easy to talk to for myself. Will always return with my babies Linx and Styx!"
- Madisyn Pettit
09/13/2017 16:17:06
"I am so happy to find a local Vet for my family of 2 cats and a Pug. The customer service was great from everyone on my first visit. Looking forward to bringing in my new kitten and Pug as well. "
- Jennifer Martinez
08/01/2017 18:11:20
"The staff is always friendly and helpful and go above and beyond to make sure my experience is wonderful. Thanks for all that you do!"
- Heidi Belton
08/01/2017 16:49:26
"I really appreciate all of the personal care given to Saxon. We've never needed to come to a vet so this situation was a bit stressful. Thank you for making this process smooth and easy. All of the phone calls and updates on Saxon made his 3 night stay a bit easier. All of the staff were extremely friendly and attentive."
- Jennah Irsik
07/29/2017 01:14:21
"You guys are the only ones we would leave the dog with for boarding. Especially with Albie and his diabetes. I know they are well cared for, and if they are ill they are where they need to be."
- Brenda Hartman
07/28/2017 21:06:49
"I was very impressed with how nice everyone was and how much love and attention each of you showed my puppy. I have never had a vet or office show that much attention to one of my pets and it was nice!! "
- Tammy Jackson-McDaniel
05/24/2017 15:58:47
"You've always taken great care of Bella and will be sure to refer your services to others always."
- Rosvetta Sandusky
05/19/2017 20:21:18
"We have been through 3 groomers with are very high maintenance American Eskimo and June is by far the best! We plan and continuing to always use her."
- Robin Tarr
05/18/2017 08:47:56
"Honeygirl received the best care ever.She is my family and I really felt like they truly cared about her well being.I am so grateful that she was well taken care of and that my questions and concerns were addressed .Thankyou for putting my mind at ease. "
- Pati Alsbury
05/10/2017 11:41:28
"Friendly staff and my dog wasn't anxious around them. The waiting/reception area was very open and clean. "
- Nyla Demar
04/30/2017 13:51:30
"Everyone here is just the best! Heather immediately recognized my voice when I called to get Ace in-she was very flexible with scheduling. Dr. Amy is just the best. She stays calm, is incredibly honest and upfront, and answers all my questions and addresses my concerns. I am beyond grateful that I took the recommendation and cant imagine getting vet care anywhere else!"
- Sarah Goldsmith
04/27/2017 06:28:18
"I think that it is great that the customer service is top notch. I can walk-in and everyone knows who I am (that could be because we are there often) but it is nice to be known by the staff."
- Joshua Baker
04/14/2017 13:02:21
"I only have good things to say about how our fur kids are treated here! Complete confidence they are given the treatment they need."
- Barbara Harris-Jovert
04/12/2017 16:54:58
"Wonderful experience! For just relocating here and finding a new veterinarian can be worrisome. The online reviews were fantastic and they were correct! EVERYONE could not have been nicer, any more accomodating and Dash was extremely comfortable. Thank you all very much for being so welcoming!"
- Ron Hynes
04/12/2017 10:27:33
"The Boardwalk Clinic, Dr. Amy Roberts and staff have been incredible. Panda was just in for surgery and the care and follow-up were outstanding. I felt she was in the best hands possible and highly recommend her practise. "
- Roy Orth
03/11/2017 12:36:31
"Best veterinarian we have had in our dog's 13 years."
- Doug Jackson
02/28/2017 18:31:08
"I really liked everyone I interacted with and everyone was really sweet with handling and checking my pet. The people there seem like people who never get tired of animals and treat every one like they are excited to meet them. I have to give my cat ear medicine and the doctor took the time to show me a cat ear model and talk me through everything without me having to ask. Really nice staff, highly recommend!"
- Kayla Beach
01/03/2017 13:26:07
"It was great. Everyone was welcoming and really cared which is fantastic "
- Benjamin Gill
12/30/2016 13:32:36
"Love the personal connection and care you show to our pets."
- Kitty Long
09/29/2016 22:02:02
"Great first experience. I chose this practice over the others based upon Google reviews, as well as it being a holistic practice. I was intrigued with the thought of there being a chiropractor and acupuncturist on staff as Nellie ages. Heather, the receptionist has great energy. I appreciated how everyone gooed on the puppy, and shared the English Cream Golden photos of your other practitioners. Looking forward to a good experience moving forward."
- Leatha Cline
09/21/2016 13:36:47
"Dr. Roberts and her staff were so friendly and supportive when I brought in my five month old rescue puppy. Dr. Roberts did a thorough examination and took time in answering my questions. I trust and look forward to them caring for my new pet during all stages of his life. "
- Deborah Burr
09/11/2016 00:59:17
"We really appreciate all the time everyone has taken to talk to us about our Lu and her end of life care. Our last vet was fine but always made us feel rushed. We felt very welcomed and comfortable talking to everyone at your office. "
- Jessica Belman
08/31/2016 09:20:17
"Wonderful vet! She was very helpful with giving advice and recommending the right meds for our dog. We are currently traveling across country and we are drop ins. The care was outstanding."
- Stacey Famellos
08/11/2016 11:36:10
"Heather and Jamie do a great job of managing appointments, follow-up, communication and paperwork. We really appreciate that Dr. Palmer was available to cover when Dr. Roberts was away (and were thrilled to hear that he'll be on staff one day each week!) We hope you'll be able to add back some of the homeopathy and alternative practices that Dr. Faris provided."
- Robert Libove
07/24/2016 12:10:35
"We've been with your clinic for 16 years and would never go anywhere else. We LOVE the doctors and staff. You treat your "patients" like they were your own. I feel very comfortable leaving my animal in your care. Thank you for the many years of service you've provided to our family!"
- Olu Todd
07/05/2016 07:26:26
"We love going into the vet. My dogs and I are always taken care of. They have the most wonderful staff, always very helpful, smiley, and attentive. My dogs were treated with the best care as if it were their very own pets. "
- Lauren Mead
06/23/2016 14:38:39
"I have enjoyed this practice for over ten years and 5 different family members. I am always able to get a decent appointment time for my schedule. We have been through the good and the losses. All of the staff members have always been caring. I let everyone know I have complete faith in this practice. "
- Amy Blonde
06/09/2016 10:38:27
"My dogs love you all! The girls up front are always so sweet and everyone is so easy to know. My dogs can be a handful and everyone there knows just how to handle them!"
- Kourtney Cowell
06/05/2016 17:14:32
"I am thrilled that I transferred the care of my boys to ACBS. All of the staff genuinely care about their patients. Love the fact that the vets are willing to step outside the box and try new treatments that many other vets will not."
- Robyn Leonard
05/14/2016 09:54:20