"Ya'll are doing an amazing job taking care of my baby,I've been telling everyone I know about ya'll,I would never change Vets as long as ya'll are opened and I would have no choice but I really hope ya'll are there for the rest of Snuggles life and if I would ever consider getting another pet ya'll would have my business for the life of that one also.Ya'll are by far the best along with Dr Perry when he still had his practice opened.I've been doing all I can to get as many people to start going to ya'll and no where's else and I will continue doing so as long as I know people who have pets.I really appreciate all ya'll do for Snuggles and also for Rambo and for working with me for the payment from Rambos visit . I'm also very happy that ya'll provide services for me to be able to have Rambos ashes,paw print,and I was very impressed when I picked him and his other items up from ya'll because ya'll take the time and money to get him a card and the other papers with the letters saying what he was doing now in heaven and when we meet again he will recognize me and come running to me etc.Thanks for being such caring and loving human beings to our loved ones and also to us as their parents;GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU'LL THAT MAKE ALL THIS POSSIBLE;I COULD NEVER THANK YA'LL ENOUGH;YA'LL ARE VERY SPECIAL AND LOVING PEOPLE AND I REALLY APPRECIATE EVERYTHING AND THANK YA'LL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR LOVING AND CARING FOR OUR BABIES AS MUCH AS WE DO.THANKS MARCIA CHERAMIE LOMBAS "
- Marcia Cheramie
09/02/2016 01:52:59
"each visit has been great so far! Everyone seems to really care about our animals and keeping them healthy and happy!"
- Lyndsie Verret
08/30/2016 11:24:54
"Friendly prompt service. Personalized service knew name of pet account without asking! "
- Gloria Estes
08/28/2016 14:32:43
"Great experience ... Called not long before you closed and was able to get a last minute appointment which I so appreciate...everyone was super sweet ... The office is very nice and clean ... Thanks for everything 🐩😀"
- Vinette Plasiance
08/26/2016 13:53:38
"Everyone is so friendly and give the best care possible. Definitely the best animal hospital I've ever been to."
- Regina Adams
08/26/2016 10:56:11
"Always a good experience to bring Dusty to Dr. Breaux. At 15, he always gets special attention, an accurate diagnosis and medication and advice that does the trick. I am confident we will be patients for a very long time, and will recommend Family Pet Animal Hospital to friends, family and fellow animal rescuers. "
- Faye Adams
08/08/2016 08:56:09
"I really enjoyed my visit and Kole seem to have liked it too. Very comfortable and cozy thank you for the new experience we looking forward to coming back soon!!!"
- Jamie Orgeron
08/05/2016 14:33:10
"Had an awesome experience with our visit, bringing in Ziggy. You have a great crew that was very helpful and friendly. Shannon and I will defiantly help you promote your business and hopefully you can stay open so close to home.. Thank you and for all you done and may God bless you with many clients.. "
- Darren Boudreaux
08/05/2016 00:47:37
"Everyone was super sweet and caring. Very patient with Bailey when she was super scared and nervous. I enjoyed my visit and will definitely be staying with this vet. (:"
- Sadie Dufrene
08/02/2016 13:23:48
"My pets and I were treated very well, all my questions were answered all the staff was great, I will be recommending my friends and family to bring their pets to you guys, thanks for the the great treatment of myself and my pets "
- Trudy Gervais
07/30/2016 18:16:02
"This clinic was amazing. I felt comfortable with the workers and they all treated my fur baby like their own. They explained everything to my understanding. I appreciate the respect and kindness received when we went in. Definitely referring Family Animal Pet Hospital to anyone who is looking for a vet! "
- Brooke Pitre
07/30/2016 10:56:15
"Awsome people working here braddock and l felt welcomed As soon at we got there and even better when we left. Thanks to Braddock new family "
- Possum (Donald) Bourgeois
07/13/2016 22:33:55
"Very nice and very caring. Also very informative. The office is soo nice and clean. We liked that very very much. But most important , everyone there was super sweet,compassionate,and very professional. I'm happy about that. It's a refreshing change for this area. Keep up the great work!!! "
- Sherry Ledet
07/13/2016 00:04:52
"Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. My dog actually loves going there and gets excited to see everyone. I trust everyone to take good care of him. "
- Shannon Trant
07/06/2016 11:19:45
"Excellent, we love it there. Glad your are close to home but better than that I love knowing Harley will let be taken care of with a team of caring people.Awesome job on her surgery. Thanks "
- Susan Griffin
07/02/2016 14:42:17
"FANTASTIC!! Everyone was very kind & patient. I had to reschedule twice due to my schedule changing, this is our first puppy and we had a lot of questions, and EVERYONE there including the girl who rescheduled my appointments REMAINED kind and patient. Dr Jenny was so sweet and explained everything we needed to know .. Talking to my daughter & I. Involved her in the visit of her puppy. After prescribing antibiotic for my puppy, she said twice " call me if you have any questions at anytime, it's no problem at all " (the weekend was in two days ). We were very pleased!!!!!!!!!! Our first visit was so exciting and we look forward to being patients there with Queen:). Thanks y'all !!!!!!!"
- Kimberly Lathers
07/02/2016 07:42:36
"Overall experience was great. The waiting room was very neat and clean, love the atmosphere. Will highly recommend this facility."
- Lisa Hebert
06/30/2016 12:03:37
"The staff is amazing!! Very friendly environment and welcoming. My vet recently retired and I switched to here. I am so glad I did. The 3 times I have been and called multiple times it has been a pleasure working with the staff!! "
- Heather Rodrigue
06/30/2016 09:18:02
"Love how comfortable the environment is. The staff is very welcoming and remembered our names"
- Kristy Rodrigue
06/30/2016 09:08:43